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This OP sold to the wrong mama.

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Negative FB

OK so this is the situation….
I sold some diapers on Spot’s not too long ago and the mama contacted me (tues) saying they were horribly made, knock offs, missing labels and more. That she was going to make everyone in the diaper world know that i was selling poor product if i didn’t make things right by giving her a full refund– and then she would send the diapers back to me. She did infact leave Neg FB on Spots.
I’m pretty darn sure they were not knock offs, all the labels were there as I still have the pics and you can see them all. The quality, in my opinion was not at all how she made them out to be, I would never sell anything without discribing it properly. She wrote me on Tues and opened a PP file to have the money refunded, but they said they wouldn’t deal with quality issues. I was in transit on tues and didn’t get her messages until wed, when i got home. I’ve written to her everyday to try and get things sorted, I said that if she really felt they were so *off* i would refund her, if she was to return them to me.
I have not heard a peep from her? I’m not sure, if she does contact me again, i would be willing to refund her> how would I know she would send them? I just really want the Neg FB gone from spots because I feel it was unfair and it is the only FB i have there Any suggestions to what i should do?

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Re: Negative FB

thanks for the help and suggestions. I was a bit peeved that she left the feedback before i got a chance to respond. The weird thing is she seemed so upset by it but now can’t even respond to me, since making these weirdo accusations and Horrible FB.
It sucks cause if i ever want to sell again on spots no one wou;d ever buy from me b/c of her unfair FB.
thanks again

So who is it? It looks like at least 5 moms are in the same boat so far and have filed with PP.

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*update*sent PP 4/10 and seller not responding now

**update 4/22** No further contact from seller since being told it would be “a few days/week” I am a pretty patient person but to not communicate with buyers who were very prompt in sending money is really not OK. What should I do now????

*update 4/15* apparently there is a family emergency which is resulting in the delays. Seller said that it should be “a few days/week” That is fine, just wish I’d been told.

I bought several items from a seller here and we communicated back & forth via PM multiple times to set up the transaction.
I sent the PP on the morning of 4/10 and now after several PM’s (which were read) I am not getting a response AND I have not received a shipping notice from PP.
What should I do?

ETA: she does have @150 positive feedbacks and 0 negatives, only a handful are within the last 6 months or so though (does that matter?)

But it really is the buyer sometimes… Just who is being hostile and inflammatory? IMO, not the seller.

Here is the OP from the buyer:

Then she leaves feedback on HC: (For a seller that has been around for about 7 years now):

When purchased: Mar 6, 2010
Item: MM Calleach on Marr Haven 8oz *free ship*
Feedback from OrganicGem: BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

Seller is a jekell and hyde, as soon as there is a problem, she is horrible to deal with.

Ended up having to file a paypal dispute because five weeks after purchase my package hadn’t arrived and she wasn’t doing anything to help. Communication substandard, expects the buyer to track down package, didn’t take action until I filed a dispute and even then she didn’t care that the package was missing, only that she ‘wasn’t responsible’ for it. I’m expecting vindictive negative feedback from her because she has been a nightmare to deal with, but I just have to be honest for future buyers.

International buyers, NEVER buy anything from her without a DC #

2010-04-14 01:16:10
stacey0402’s response: Buyer waited over 12 hours to pay for item. When she contacted me about the item not arriving I replied the same day with the Customs Form number and informed her that the package was sent First Class Int’l. Buyer emailed me again 5 days later and I replied immediately. I asked her to verify the address and she did. Buyer asked me to contact my PO and my exact response was that I didn’t think they could do anything but I would contact them. That was late Friday afternoon. I contacted the PO on Monday. I received an email from the buyer on Tuesday. I was able to read it right away, but I did not respond because I wanted to see what my options were. I had every intent of emailing her the same day. I had in every other communication with her replied immediately. Why my reply after the dispute was filed is suspicious I do not know. It was certainly not out of character.

In the dispute the buyer lied about the events, claimed I was ignoring or not responding to her and that I never provided tracking. Of course I didn’t provide tracking, I never told her I sent it Priority. She knew I sent in FCI. I did everything she asked of me up to this point and was courteous and prompt. in the face of her accusations and being called a liar and probable scammer I was understandably shaken and angry.

The Buyer has been refunded in full. The buyer is aware that her package is sitting at her local post office. Delivery was attempted over two weeks ago. I found out this information after contacting the Canadian Post on my own dime. I also spoke with the woman at the post office and she verified that a notice was left at the buyer’s address and it is presently at the PO. They will mail it back to me tomorrow.

In summary, I mailed the item in timely fashion. I responded to every single email within 6 hours. I was accused of lying and offering terrible service (for the delay between Friday afternoon and Tuesday morning even though my local PO was closed Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday). I informed the buyer that while she is well within her rights to protect herself, I am too. I have asked her to not take part in any transactions with me in the future and was told I was completely unreasonable.

2010-04-14 02:58:38

And here is her current thread:

(which for the record isn’t slander for a number of reasons, one of which being that they are true…)

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what to do when people leave retaliatory, slanderizing feedback?

Does spots on HC take care of situations like that and remove emotional, inflammatory feedback? Anyone know who I should contact on there or have any experience with a situation like this? TIA!

OrganicGem is online now

Regarding these:

OrganicGem was the buyer Negative comment
When purchased: Mar 6, 2010
Item: MM Calleach on Marr Haven 8oz *free ship*
Feedback from stacey0402: Details of this transaction can be found in my feedback. I mailed the package quickly, answered each and every email in a timely manner, and was accused of providing terrible service and being a scammer. I refunded the buyer when she filed a dispute and was able to obtain proof that the package was in fact delivered. I am out my money and my yarn. Buyer has refused to acknowledge that the package was in fact delivered. Beware, she will make you jump through hoops and will tell you what a terrible person you are if you dare to take offense or don’t drop everything to accomodate her demands immediately.
2010-04-14 08:43:24
OrganicGem’s response: This has already been dealt with. This seller is leaving vindictive feedback because after five weeks I still had not recieved my package, and after substandard communcication I was forced to open a paypal dispute. If you read her feedback she states that she contacted my post office and is having the package sent back to her because I refuse to accept her business after her horrendous behaviour. If I am a scammer I would have picked up the package and demanded my money back. I don’t have the yarn, the seller herself knows this, This seller is extremely hostile. Make sure you get a DC # this seller is mentally unstable. BUYER BEWARE
2010-04-14 08:53:30
Feedback resolution: Feedback works two ways. I stated that they will send the package back to me tomorrow, because that is their policy. I never told them anything and at any point today you could have picked it up. Let’s look at the feedback left today and decide who is calling who names and acting immature and hostile, shall we?
2010-04-14 09:38:39
OrganicGem was the seller Negative comment
When purchased: Jan 19, 2010
Item: EEEEUC Goodmama
Feedback from ShabbyChic: Seller sold a completely stained diaper. When I informed her of such, she told me it didnt matter because I got it at a fraction of the cost of new. She carried on endlessly then about refunding the diaper but not any shipping. She finally did such, but I refunded it back because I didnt want to deal with standing on line to mail it back to canada. She was vicious, hostile, rude and vulgar throughout the transaction.

A thread regarding the past behavior can be found on CDN: That thread is worth a read.

hithere, SNAP, readthis, Max&Ruby, RubysMom, MissMyMan, Teacup, Milkmaid, MarshM, (and there are a few others thrown in) You need to come back under your real name.

It’s A Snap, and Teressa Link.

We know who you are on DS, CDN, and MCN. All the IPs link back together.

Stop making new names, own up to your past, and just stay away from the forums. OK?

And of course, it is Tuesday…

When are people going to learn to wash before they mail?

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WWYD if you bought longies and discovered THIS inside? Update in OP

I just bought longies, not on DS, and noticed some loose yarn (although they were listed in EUC). I turned them inside out to see if I could pull them through and saw this on the inside, on the bum. Whatever it is, I’m not happy as these were not cheap. WWYD?

Update: I emailed the seller. She responded and said that she checked the longies “thoroughly” and that there was nothing on them when she mailed them. She offered to refund my money. I’m not sure what I want – part of me is disgusted and annoyed and just wants to return them. On the other hand, I like them. : ( Is asking for a discount inappropriate?

Click the image to open in full size.

Sara- my DH and DS Expecting #2 this summer!

That is a bit harsh! I don’t think the “no offense” disclaimer works on this one.

Have you met someone from DS in real life? (

View Poll Results: Have you met someone from DS in real life?
YES, I knew them IRL before interacting on DiaperSwappers. 8 13.56%
YES, I met them IRL after interacting on DiaperSwappers – we arranged to meet up. 27 45.76%
YES, I met them IRL after joining DiaperSwappers – we met unintentionally. 8 13.56%
NO, but I would if I had an opportunity! 15 25.42%
NO, and I would not take an opportunity to do so. 1 1.69%
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Re: Have you met someone from DS in real life?

No, and I wouldn’t take the opportunity to do so.

No offense, but many of the people I talk to here are young (immature), have too much drama in their lives, and a few need to be on meds, but I’m sure I have my idiosyncracies too.

Happy to chat; don’t want to meet IRL.

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