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I hope you all enjoy the day with your families! Gobble Gobble!

I commented on this in another thread, but figured I would comment here too.

Looks like HC is letting a lot of this happen recently.

Recent Scammers (and this is off the top of my head):

My Little Elephant





Zum Design Company

I won’t be doing my holiday shopping from DS or Hyena Cart this year, that’s for sure. I can’t afford to be out the money.

Who monitors hyenacart? Added- Etsy?

How is it that a person can open a new cart after loosing their other cart for negative feedback? I’m pretty sure the same person is still in mediation on a few boards for unfulfilled transactions as well

Get Rid of the Viruses Already damn it. I have ANOTHER one from DS now.

Re: malicious software trying to install on my computer while surfing on DS 2x today.
Posted by: Abunchofus
On: 11-22-2008 12:04 PM

it’s not fixed – it has not happened to me for several weeks now but all of a sudden it happened to me again a few minutes ago.  Please DS get this fixed.  I really love DS but it is not worth risking hundreds of dollars to come here.

I do not have this happen at any other sites I visit – only here at DS

I have a print screen if needed.  Actually here it is in case you do need it.


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Parenting Magazine advertising vibrators

I wanted to get word out that Parenting Magazine choose to advertise and promote vibrators in their November issue. I am totally disgusted by this. It was on a page where they show Mom’s must haves with new equipment or other baby related things. But this time, their Mom’s must have was a vibrator shaped like a tube of lipstick. I am frustrated enough that I canceled my subscription. I don’t want this kind of smut in my house and would love for anyone else to contact Parenting magazine to let them know the same. I can’t believe this is the direction they are choosing to take their magazine. Unbelievable…
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Re: Parenting Magazine advertising vibrators

I have to agree with all of the above. We are adults, after all, and can express that as we choose in the privacy of our own homes.

BUT This was in a parenting magazine people! What on earth does this have to do with parenting?! I too found it offensive in that context. Sexuality has nothing to do with our children. And it shouldn’t. AND why would someone need a vibrator shaped like lipstick or nailpolish anyway? Are some people in the habit of leaving vibrators on the coffee table for small children to see and inquire about?

It is smut. It’s smut because it has no business in that type of a magazine. I’m not surprised though. I noticed there was an article a few issues back about mast3rbat1on. Totally unnecessary. I find Parenting and Parent both to be a lot of bad advice and promotion of vaccines. I hardly read them anymore and won’t be renewing my subscriptions.

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Re: Parenting Magazine advertising vibrators

Wow….I am really in the minority here. I still do not believe that it should have been in Parenting. I would like to react to some of the responses that this has generated.

In regards to women’s s3xuality, I agree that all too often once you become a Mom, you are assumed to no longer be a s3xual being. I very much enjoy my s3x life with my husband, and it is very much a part of who I am. On the other hand, I would be just as taken aback if there were an advertisement in the books section of the magazine that was focused on how to improve my s3x life with my husband. What my husband and I do in private has nothing to do with my relationship with my daughter. I expect Parenting to be about how we are raising our kids, not about my s3x life.

As for the comments about “there is nothing shameful about being s3xual – I mean we all have kids right so we had to have done it at some point”. Last I checked my daughter came from having s3x with my husband, not from using a vibrator. Just because I choose not to use a vibrator, does not mean that I am not a s3xual being or having fun.

As for the usage of the word smut, I should have probably used the word indecent as in “offending against generally accepted standards of propriety or good taste”. My assumption was that this was against what would generally be accepted. As I said earlier, I am realizing I must be in the minority.

Who knew someone could find a lipstick vibrator so offensive.

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uuhh… nm…..

She poos in a brand new gm or when she leaks it all over a freshly washed and lanolized piece of wool??! Don’t these babies see these are more than just pee and poop catchers?? These are our obsessions and collections!! Save it for the prefold and pul cover please!!

Obviously kidding…. just seems as though whenever I strap a new dipe on or my wool is finally dry, I have to start all over….


Last edited by mrsott : Today at 01:52 PM. Reason: overly sensitive too literal mamas….

Yeah, because it’s funny to punch a kid. 🙂

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Returning unused yarn?

I need some insight and input, since I dont know how this is really supposed to work.

I sent some beautiful yarn off to be knitted into longies. I love the knitter I worked with…she was very very nice through the whole process!

We received our longies last week…..but not the leftover yarn. I sent 10oz. (each skein was 5oz, I sent two) and the longies only consumed about 6.5oz to complete.

I was a little baffled. It was rather expensive yarn at $23 per skein; and I had planned to stash it away and maybe work towards a scrappy hat or mittens for winter.
So, a little embarassed, I sent an email to her and just inquired as politely as possible about the remaining yarn. That was 4 days ago and she still hasn’t replied to me.

What is proper ettiquette? For those that knit, do you keep the leftovers? Is that just how it normally works?



Ok…I just checked my e-mail and see she replied late last night.

*snipped from email*

“im sorry there is some confusion about the yarn remnant. typically in the past i have kept any unused yarn unless i was asked to return it by the client. i dont really understand how you can be upset when it was your decision to ask for the yarn to be sent back to you with your longies; and why did you wait for a week to email me about this? i did not receive any emails before this one. i can return your yarn to you, but i will ask that you cover mailing costs, please.”

Uh….hmmm. Ok.

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Re: Returning unused yarn?

11/19 (evening email)

…..”i am letting you know i am mailing your yarn tomorrow. hopefully there wont be any hard feelings over this situation. i think there was just a mistake and i need to make my policies more clear for the sake of my business and my customers. i apologize for the inconvenience and please inform me when the yarn has arrived to you. thank you.”

So, it APPEARS things are going to turn out ok…though Im still foggy on who she is placing blame on at this point? All I want is my stinkin yarn back….and I DO intend to leave correct feedback.

Im thinking she’s seen this thread, since I didnt email her yet today and she suddenly volunteers to mail back my yarn without argument.

I LOVE DS mamas

I’m going to go out on a limb and ASSume this WAHM is NOT a scammer, but anyone know who it is?


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Re: Returning unused yarn?

Well…I just dont know what to make of this now.

She sent the yarn back, wound in kindof a kidney shaped ball…but its all crimpy looking and tangled.


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Re: Returning unused yarn?

Oh, at this point, its just getting almost sitcom funny. After these responses I wrote her an email. Here is what I said….

Hi ******,

“I received my returned yarn today with my regular mail. When I opened it; the condition of the yarn wasn’t in the condition I was expecting. It was poorly wound and appeared very crinkled and fuzzy.
I consulted several members of the Diaper Swappers board about this, many of whom knit themselves, and they have given me good reason to believe that this yarn has been knit and since been undone before being mailed back to me.
If this truly is the case, I am sincerely disappointed and feel upset that something I paid for was first not returned as it should have been, but that it was used for something other than what I paid for it to be.

Please clarify this situation as quickly as possible. Thank you.”

And when we got home from Trader Joe’s a while ago; this is the response I received.

“…i am not sure what level of expertise these people you are talking to have but nothing has happened with your remnant. maybe the post office was careless with the package and that is why it came to you looking not so perfect. i have had that happen with yarn roving before. they are not always careful. i do take my work seriousley and would not have been selling something made with your yarn when i was supposed to be mailing it. please do not accuse me of things i did not do. i dont know what more you are wanting. the most i can do is refund your mailing cost even though it was not in my control how the postal office handles there mailed items.
you can tell me what you feel is fair.”

I guess we could bat it around back and fourth forever. Shes going to say she didnt, Im going to say she did. At this point I don’t expect her to admit to having made any errors whatsoever…it’s clear that she finds her practices acceptable!
I am still absolutely BLOWN AWAY that I have these beautiful longies, that were done without hassle and in such a short time only to have THESE WEIRD ISSUES afterwards. STRANGE.
I dont know that Im going to persue it anymore with her. I have my yarn, and while I do think based on what you mamas have explained to me (thank you all!!!) that she used it for something, I have it back…and looking at it, I think it can still be used. Thats what matters most for me in the small sense.

But I will ABSOLUTELY be leaving appropriate feedback, both on her store and in the feedback forum. I am already trying to come up with a diplomatic approach to explaining the situation without being bitter and snarky.

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Anyone Order Raffle Tickets from Zum Design Co?

Or make a regular order from them?

If so, I am leading a police investigation on it.

The raffles were not given to families (one family was a fake), and there are over 3 dozen moms that have not received their items totaling thousands of dollars.

If you have made a purchase PLEASE Email me VIA this site or at lm.gittings @

We have a YAHOO Group and an open investigation with the police. We are pressing charges and would love to try to help everyone involved.

So, there’s another “WAHM” who has reached the level police involvement needed. WTG Zum Fraud Co.