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Seriously? Does this even need to be said? Come on. Clean your crap before you sell it.

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Cleanliness protocol

Okay, is there a protocol for how clean things should be that you send out? I recently got a pair of cream colored woolies from a mamma and I know she didn’t even wash them before she sent them to me. They are totally stretched out and filthy. I just put them into a wool bath and the water is black already. I would NEVER do this would you???

Please, if you don’t listen to ANYTHING else that we write here, listen to this:

NEVER, and I mean NEVER give ANYONE your paypal information or offer to sell something on FSOT for a friend. YOU WILL GET SCREWED.

That being said, anyone know who it is or what exactly happened?

I feel bad for the OP. I have had a WAHM do that to me and boy does it destroy your faith in people/the community.

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Completely freaking out

But Lord knows I’ll somehow out myself or someone involved so I won’t say much.

I have 2 paypal disputes against me (well, one a claim and one a dispute) and they are NOT my transactions. I know – “how they heck…??”

Want some advice? DO NOT help anyone when it comes to your money.

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Nothing wrong with the OP’s question, nothing at all… But there is something wrong with these responses from Shabbychic. What a be-otch.

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I am confused? (Tuesday?)

What is with the “Tuesday” posts? I feel like I am missing something and can’t quite gage what the posts are about in relation to it being Tuesday? Can someone clue me in??:blush:

Posted by Shabbychic

Um, It’s Tuesday. They are daily thread posts.
Posted by MomtoCarli
You know that, since you’ve been posting here.. but not all new people understand what daily threads are.. especially when there are more than one of them!
Posted by Shabbychic
OK. Settle down.

We have talked about her before. BouncyBottomsInc.

She is a dimwit, has horrible business ethics, and overall acts like a know-it-all snob; but this takes the cake.

In this thread the OP is harassed by an ebay seller who goes through lengths to buy things from her just to leave her a negative. Here are 2 of  BouncyBottomsInc‘s “enlightening” responses: (I really think she needs to re-think the entire WAHM business. She is just SHADY.)

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Re: Vindictive women on ebay!

Re: Vindictive women on ebay!

Wow, that is pretty far. But why did you leave the negative when she gave you a refund? I know it sucks for you bc you were depended on that item, but maybe she had it, then something happened to it…anything could explain her not having it. At least she gave you a refund. I just dont see why this warranted a neg. FB. Ive sold things before, and it either got torn, or misplaces, etc. and gave a refund to the person and never got neg. FB for it, this is uncalled for. I’d be upset too as a seller getting a neg. when I refunded quickly. I doubt ebay can do anything, they cant prove these 2 women even know each other, plus she bought from you in a fair auction, so she can leave whatever fb she wants too, so you may be stuck with those neg.
Originally Posted by Jubilee
Doesn’t make it right. Maybe the item was damaged or lost and couldn’t be sold.

I would not have left negative for that and I would probably find a PM back to me ending in “Merry Christmas” after I just received negative fb pretty facetious and rude. 😦

My thoughts exactly. As a seller, I’d be more than PO’d with a buyer that did this. She was giving you a taste of your own medicine in her opinion and you didnt like it. Thats probably how she feels too. Sucks for both of you bc you now have those neg.

I’d just put up their links with your story and let the rest take care of itself.

Talk about being vindictive!! This is a way to keep it going and cause more trouble for everyone involved. Not the mature way of handling things. This is the season to be forgiving and merry, not rude and vindictive. I’d let it go. You’ve reported to ebay, let them handle it and let it go. BC it could happen all over again!


Re: Vindictive women on ebay!

?? Using a second identity to give someone “a taste of their own medicine” (or getting a friend to do it, but I’m guessing it was a second account) is not the same thing as leaving honest feedback for pete’s sake! That is retaliatory, and clearly indicative of the character of that seller. The seller did bad, they should have fixed it. I’m guessing that a kind letter to the buyer, with an offer of a partial refund on the other garland would have resulted in mutual retraction. The poor buyer has a useless product that was paid for, and the seller is ultimately responsible for that.

Well that is probably different for other people. IF I as a seller, gives a refund w/o being asked for it(if something happened and I didnt have the item), and then I got a negative in return. Well, for me that transaction WOULD then be negative for me and if I were able to leave negative, I would. Its ebay’s new stupid policy that is causing so much mess with buyers and sellers. I agree that it is the seller’s responsibility to keep the item, but hey stuff happens!! This is the real world, things dont always go as they are planned, especially for busy ebay sellers. They make mistakes(afterall they are human) and such, but being mean isnt called for. And no, no one’s reaction to the situation was right, it was immature and hasty bc of anger and frustration that tends to build during the holidays. I would be the bigger one and write and apologize and ask for the negative to be changed. BC ebay isnt the FBI where they can just conclude that the OP’s neg. FB is retalitory. That is under 2 different names, so they can just go around making assumptions!

Oh- it’s okay to leave neg. retaliatory feedback using fraud, but it’s not okay for the victim of the fraud to tell others about it??? BTW- I was totally being sarcastic and not serious about this. Though I can see how it could be taken that way–I was just being flip. Though somewhat honest. While I wouldn’t buy from her to leave neg. feedback, I would avoid buying from that seller EVER. I’d boycott. So there’s no harm in putting info out there, IMO.

I understand this not buying from her. But for someone to make a mistake and then possibly be ruined by this, its really mean. Especially if she has hundreds of other positive transactions. Its hard enough to have a ebay business and people making it harder is uncalled for. And I do buy from sellers with neg. if they have tons of pos. bc there is bound to always be unhappy people….


Yeah, that is full proof.
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Re: How do you mail without scales?

:hide: I don’t weigh them. :blush: Occasionally if it’s a heavier item I will just take it to the PO to check the weight before I list it to sell. But for smaller stuff (3 pounds and under) I guesstimate. I will pick household items that I KNOW the weight of and compare one in each hand, then have DH do the same. He has no concept of weight/ measurement… but he can tell me which side is heavier :giggle:It’s our fun pre-shipment game late at night :laugh:

I often end up taking the packages to the PO while we’re out the next day, so I have them check it so I can see how much I’m off. I’m usually really close and I’ve never underestimated. As long as the buyer doesn’t get charged and there’s no issue with the transit, I’m happy. I would like to get a cheap scale soon, though.

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Baby Names: They think the name is unique but it’s really not
I have some good friends that are convinced that their name choices are soooo unique but I sometimes feel like emailing them a link to the social security baby names website where their child’s name appears in the top 10 or 25. I guess it is just eyerolling to me to hear the same name over and over and then a mom claim to me that her daughter is the only one she knows named….whatever it is.
For example: My dh’s name is Justin. I have known many “justin’s” during my lifetime. He always thought his name was so unique and my MIL swears that the entire community started copying her son’s name in 1980 when he was born AFTER she used it. Well finally my dh saw a list of the top boy names for that year and his name was on it. He was so disappointed….I couldn’t help snickering just a tad in the background because really…justin…it’s not unique. I love the name. It’s totally all-boy but do not delude yourself in to thinking that it is unique and all the other thousands of boys born in 1980 were copying you. My MIL still insists….her other children are Laura, Robyn, and Holly and she thinks those are super unique too. They are pretty but not unique IMO.
ALSO have a good friend that named her dd Haley….I know there are so many variations of the spelling but if you put all those spellings together I’m sure the name Haley however you chose to spell it is in the top girl names for the past 5 years. I think it is a darling name but if it is in the top 25 for the nation then it is not unique….right? So not trying to offend any Haley’s or Justin’s out there though. I like the names but you see the point I am getting at right?
Other moms claiming their kid’s names are unique……Olivia, Alexis, Aiden, Cade/Kade, Chloe, Riley, Madison, McKenzie, Neveah
Maybe I am just being a stinker. I don’t say anything to them but when they swear to the high heavens that the name is unique and we both know other kids amongst our own circle of friends with that name not to mention it being on the top name choices for the nation…how is that unique?

This quickly turned into a talk on pet peeves when it comes to naming kids. Boys getting girl names, girls getting boy names, creative spellings, naming dogs “people” names, etc. You want to know what my pet peeve is? People bitching about what other people name their kids. Know why? Because as stupid as the name may be to you, or as much as you don’t like certain names, it’s none of your damn business. And for good measure, I once had a girl cat named Charlie. Oh the horror!

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Not sure how to handle this…
So, I sold two Goodmama diapers on here to two separate Mamas. A friend packaged them up and shipped them for me and accidentally mixed the two of them up.

Immediately after the first Mama messaged me and said she got the wrong one, I sent a message to the other gal who responded right away that she had absolutely no problem just swapping with the other Mama (I’d reimburse shipping).

So, the first mama does what she said she would and DC shows the packaged delivered to the second Mama.

The second Mama…. not so much. Not only has the first mama not received the diaper but the second Mama is now totally ignoring my PM’s. She’s a relatively new member… only has four feedback but they were positive.

I don’t know if I just have too much faith or what. I totally would not expect someone to just keep the diaper and screw another mama out of something she fairly paid for.

So, what should I do? Obviously if I haven’t heard anything in the next couple of days, Ill have to reimburse the mama her money but what about the other mama? I know that there isn’t crap I can do through paypal but what about here…. can I leave negative feedback under those circumstances?

Am I horrible for laughing about this? Yes, it’s terrible what this other mama did, but really, shouldn’t you be taking responsibility for your own packages? And technically, this person has done nothing wrong. You can’t file a claim with paypal. You can claim she “stole” it, but hey, you sent it to her. Sounds like someone is screwed.