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09-17-2008 07:46 AM

The election and white priviledge

A must read.…te-priviledge/


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Re: The election and white priviledge

Wowwowowowowow! What a good read.


09-17-2008 08:04 AM

Re: The election and white priviledge

I got my post deleted yesterday when I cut and pasted that and was called a racist. If I say too much more I’ll be banned, but I think it was misunderstood. Just letting you know! But if you wiki the author Tim Wise, you’ll see he’s actually an antiracist activist who has spoken to many college campus audiences.
Good luck with the discussion. Wish I could participate.


09-17-2008 09:54 AM

Re: The election and white priviledge


Originally Posted by Rosie-Lily-Violet (Post 4806055)

I got my post deleted yesterday when I cut and pasted that and was called a racist. If I say too much more I’ll be banned, but I think it was misunderstood. Just letting you know! But if you wiki the author Tim Wise, you’ll see he’s actually an antiracist activist who has spoken to many college campus audiences.
Good luck with the discussion. Wish I could participate.

WOAH… Are you for real? :headscratch:


09-17-2008 09:55 AM

Re: The election and white priviledge

Huh. I was wondering why it hadn’t been posted.I’m surprised that no one really has anything to say about it… :headscratch:


09-17-2008 10:33 AM

Re: The election and white priviledge


Originally Posted by pinkflamingos77 (Post 4807475)

WOAH… Are you for real? :headscratch:

Yep, was feeling pretty lousy about being called a racist. Lots and lots of people said it! I had to go back and reread it to try and see it from that perspective, but couldn’t see it. The moderator reiterated that she felt it was “VERY racist” and that everyone else seemed to think it was too.
I hope I don’t get banned for talking about this policy. I was told if I posted anything “of similar context” I would receive a one year ban.
But I’d like to see what others make of it. I cut and pasted instead of putting a link. Maybe that was the difference? I put the whole thing in and changed the swear words to ***s.

Going out on a limb here to continue speaking… but I don’t think the author is saying that if you don’t vote for Obama, it’s because he’s black. It’s just trying to show some built in to our cultural mindset obstacles that minorities face. And I’m sure there are built in cultural mindset obstacles that women, including Palin, face.


09-17-2008 10:36 AM

Re: The election and white priviledge


Originally Posted by Rosie-Lily-Violet (Post 4807959)

Yep, was feeling pretty lousy about being called a racist. Lots and lots of people said it! I had to go back and reread it to try and see it from that perspective, but couldn’t see it. The moderator reiterated that she felt it was “VERY racist” and that everyone else seemed to think it was too.
I hope I don’t get banned for talking about this policy. I was told if I posted anything “of similar context” I would receive a one year ban.
But I’d like to see what others make of it. I cut and pasted instead of putting a link. Maybe that was the difference? I put the whole thing in and changed the swear words to ***s

that is ridiculous. I am sorry that happened. Crazy how people in the “waffle thread” can make remarks that seem racist to me and others but you post a article written by someone else and you are racist? that makes sense…not!


09-17-2008 10:53 AM

Re: The election and white priviledge


Originally Posted by Rosie-Lily-Violet (Post 4807959)

Yep, was feeling pretty lousy about being called a racist. Lots and lots of people said it! I had to go back and reread it to try and see it from that perspective, but couldn’t see it. The moderator reiterated that she felt it was “VERY racist” and that everyone else seemed to think it was too.
I hope I don’t get banned for talking about this policy. I was told if I posted anything “of similar context” I would receive a one year ban.
But I’d like to see what others make of it. I cut and pasted instead of putting a link. Maybe that was the difference? I put the whole thing in and changed the swear words to ***s.Going out on a limb here to continue speaking… but I don’t think the author is saying that if you don’t vote for Obama, it’s because he’s black. It’s just trying to show some built in to our cultural mindset obstacles that minorities face. And I’m sure there are built in cultural mindset obstacles that women, including Palin, face.

:headscratch: BUT there were a lot of things said in the Obama waffle thread and no one gave it a sideways glance?! WTH?!


09-17-2008 11:10 AM

Re: The election and white priviledge


Originally Posted by munchkinsmomma (Post 4808274)

This is the part that I took to say that if Oboma doesn’t win, it’s because of racists…”And finally, white privilege is the only thing that could possibly allow someone to become president when he has voted with George W. Bush 90 percent of the time, even as unemployment is skyrocketing, people are losing their homes, inflation is rising, and the U.S. is increasingly isolated from world opinion, just because a lot of white voters aren’t sure about that whole “change” thing. Ya know, it’s just too vague and ill-defined, unlike, say, four more years of the same, which is very concrete and certain.”

Since I plan on casting my vote with McCain/Palin, and know several other like minded people who are going to vote for them for reasons that have ZERO to do with Oboma’s skin color, it’s a bit insulting to say that if we get what we want, its just because of white priviledge.

Like I said, I think it is great that he has been able to have such a successful campaign, and that this is going to be such a close race. My problem with him is his policies, not his skin color. It just irritates me that if he loses, people are going to think it is only because he’s black.

nak, so I hope I made sense…

I see what you mean about that line. I agreed so heartily with earlier statements in it, that I overlooked this one. But you’re right. It wouldn’t be the “only reason” if McCain wins. A lot of people support other views of his.

But the author, Tim Wise, made several very valid points about white privilege in earlier points, such as how the world sees Palin’s daughter, and how it might be different if it was another 17 year old who happened to be african american. I think the article is less about the election, than an easy illustration of white privilege in our society. It’s just that we’re so focused on the election right now. Mr. Wise speaks about white privilege in many other contexts across the country in anti-racist talks.


09-17-2008 12:01 PM

Re: The election and white priviledge

This is a great article. I posted on white priviledge last week when we were talking about racism and how it is often a misused term. A few people misunderstood initially too. I think people get thrown by the word “priviledge” when really we are talking about the everyday invisible things such as turning on the tv and seeing mostly white people etc…I can’t believe someone called you racist over this Rosie-Lily-Violet. If people don’t understand why putting an image of a Black man on a waffle box is racist (given the history of such images), then I am sure they would get defensive and say that but still.

Whoa, now DS is threatening people to the point they are scared to speak on topics at all? I know I’ve seen other posts on white privilege that didn’t result in much chaos. I wonder how many others feel they can’t talk about something for fear of banning.

And they’re keeping their promises:


We’ve added someone new.  Welcome to DSDM3!

I can’t believe they are letting her have a store. I suggest EVERYONE SCAMMED goes and emails Karen appropriate feedback for her.

She opened an HC

No resolution after being scammed; is she selling on HC?

I was scammed by a completely dishonest mama a few months ago. To make a long story short, she scammed a LOT of mamas, and I don’t know if any (or very many) ever got any resolution. I wasn’t out a ton of $$ so at the time, I just chalked it up to a lesson learned and moved on.

Now I’m curious though . . . there’s a cart on HC with the *same* name that I sent my paypal payment to and she has stuff in stock. Could the same mama who has both my money and my items still be selling? If so, is there anything I can do about this?


You know what the worst part is? It isn’t just her, it is everyone who bought from this wahm.

I ASSume you ladies know who it is? Don’t make me tell you… ok since you all already know, is the selling thread.

An expensive learning experience or?…

I hate to even be posting this, but I’m really not sure if this is a transaction that needs to be ‘adjusted’ or if this is just an expensive learning experience.

On 8-16 I pm’d a WAHM to fill her last custom slot. The listing was for 12 custom dipes & doublers. Buyer picks outer fabric. They are os diapers and the price was listed as $1XX (under $200) just to try & keep this post vague. Shipping & dc were included in the price.
I asked what her turn around time was & for her pp addy.
She pm’d me back stating a turn around of 2 weeks from payment & that dipes would be cut within 2 days after payment. But that it might not take that long since she does XX/day and she may actually be able to have them out in a little over a week. (quoted specific day/ 8-25)

I pm’d her back asking to be put on the list & letting her know I’d send PP as soon as I chose my prints. I also asked specifically if all the fabric in her gallery was up to date.

That evening she responded that yes her gallery was up to date & that she also had XX print *which i didn’t choose, so it doesn’t matter*. She stated that she would begin once she got payment.

It took me until the next day to pick fabrics & send payment.. picking 12 fabrics was no easy task and I actually photo edited a pic for her, combining all the fabrics I wanted since they weren’t actually named/numbered in her gallery which made it hard for me to convey which ones I wanted. In the pic, I made big #2’s on 3 prints with this note attached:

“I’ve marked 3 prints with a #2, I would like a duplicate of these and would LOVE it if you could make the inners -dark- on the ‘second’ ones (if for the black & white *_*__* or the smaller *_*_* the inner is dark on both, that’s ok, too! although, a pink/hot pink inner on that black/white *_*_* would be cute for my girlie!) It was so hard to choose prints that I decided to do a second round of my favorites and dye them to switch things up a bit!”

She responded that she’d keep me updated & to feel free to message her if I need to. She’d try to get them out asap.

I pm’d her to check in, as there was a possibility that my dipes had gone out on the 25th, per her original pm. She had been updating her thread with pics of finished work & momma’s names, but mine never did show up on there.. not my name as a placeholder or any of my dipes.
She pm’d back saying she was ‘just about to message’ me….
She stated that all my dipes were cut except for the microfiber, b/c she had ran out of that but ordered more on the 20th. The company didn’t ship it for 7 days after she ordered (27, so the day before) but that it should be there by the 1st. She apologized and stated she could throw in some wipes with my order if I wanted.

I pm’d her back to thank her for letting me know…. and to ask if we could sub hemp fleece *which was avail on her thread as an upgrade* b/c we done use cloth dipes
I recognized that there was an additional cost on her thread to do this, and asked that if that amount would be more than the value of the wipes she was going to include, that I’d be happy to pp her the difference if she’d let me know the cost…especially if subbing would mean that my dipes might get shipped Tuesday rather than started Tuesday.

She pm’d to tell me she’d check her supply & lmk in the morning.

She pm’d me stating she couldn’t recall if she had let me know about the mf/hemp issue, but that she’d been able to use mf on all my dipes. She also told me that she had just notice that one of my prints had been cut upside down and that she tried to correct it but couldn’t & didn’t have any more of that fabric. She had one of this print that was correct, but needed me to choose an alt print so she could get the dipes out the next day.
I pm’d her back immediately upon recpt & let her know my choice.

She pm’s me with the info that she & her kids are sick and that she didn’t ship. She’s sorry but she’ll ship them tomorrow.

I pm’d her back sympathizing and threw in a comment that if the upside down dipe somehow made it in the box for a bakers’ dozen, we wouldn’t be offended….

She pm’s back to thank me for being understanding, and tells me that she can’t include the upside down one, bc it was only cut, not sewn, but that she could throw in XXX diaper instead.

I returned her pm, saying that would be really nice, not necessary, but really nice since older dd really liked that print. I let her know that the reason I was so anxious was b/c our stash is small and I have a few things I need to let go of, but I’m waiting to get these dipes before I can.

I pm’d her b/c of the upcoming weekend.. to see if the dipes had gone out yet.

She replied saying they hadn’t b/c she’d had to help a family member run errands and that she hadn’t had time. She stated they’d go out that day.

I pm’d b/c her thread had been updated (I’m still not on there, though) and asked if they had indeed gone out & for a d/c #.

She replied that they had gone out in a flat rate box but that my dc # was in the car her dh took to work that day & she’d pm me with it when he got home. and, oh, btw: “couple of the doublers don’t match because when she got to my order she didnt realize she was almost out of that fabric so they are a little different in size and everything. she said she really tries and make the doublers not to catch to poo but for additional absorbancy so in that aspect they will work fine. just not all matching.”

I pm’d asking for the dc #… again.
She pm’d back with it.

I got my dipes this week. They are really cute (print wise, which is why I picked them, lol…) but:

These are the doublers-

Very skinny & very much different sizes, some are too short to catch even pee…

I tried them on DD and some seemed to cit better than others, but I didn’t think much of it, they’re all the same dipe, right?
Well, yes & no.. there’s about a 2 inch difference between the front panel of the ‘smallest’ dipe and the front panel of the ‘largest’ dipe.. but they’re all supposed to be the same size/os

After my initial wash & dry, they began to do this:

This was evidently fixed prior to being sent:

What can I do? I tried to be patient b/c we REALLY need these dipes. I let her know in my 1st pm that these would double our stash. I feel bad b/c after I ordered, she changed her per dozen price (higher) and I feel like since she included the ‘extra’ dipe, I should just leave well enough alone..

On the other hand, besides the flaws above, my requests for dark inners on the ‘duplicate’ dipes wasn’t really honored.. the print that she said was messed up, well the 1 dipe i got in that print is seamed together in the crotch to ‘flip’ the print, though it’s not done on any of the other dipes with ‘one way’ print…some dipes feel really ‘full/fluffy’ like there’s more in them.. and seem to be more absorbent than others that it seems like dd pees right through…some snaps/stitching are ‘off’.. it looks like she just rushed right through. Thing is, other momma’s have gotten dipes & rave about them.. but I really think it’s b/c they’ve only ordered 1-2 and there isn’t such a quality difference as there is between these 12/13….

I really don’t want to return them..b/c we need them and they are super cute on the outside… I’m already out my time.. & doubt I’ll find another wahm with a deal that even comes close to what I paid, which for us was alot to begin with.

What can I do?????? She pm’d me to check that I had gotten them, but hasn’t left me feedback as a buyer yet.. I haven’t returned her pm b/c I really don’t know what to say –or ask for…


Re: An expensive learning experience or?…

re: news…

i’ve tried not to post even though it’s been a really good outlet for me & it’s been good to hear that i’m not being overly picky…

this is all part of the reason it is taking me so long to get stated on MY wahm thread (cloth grocery bags)… i would love to have my product as close to ready as it can be before i even test. during testing, i hope to get constructive feedback, fix what i need to & proceed with a great product. i’ll ask my testers to load these to the hilt, wash them more than you’d think necessary *throw them in with regular loads, whatever* etc to work out kinks. I want my bags to stack up nicely and not show obvious differences in identical sizes… etc.. I’m asking a lot of myself & my products, but that’s why people buy on here… I personally would rather support a ‘small business’/wahm than to buy from a large company… I think a lot of us know that we might be able to get ‘cheaper’ elsewhere, but knowing that you’re buying from another momma (* the unique products here*) keep you coming back..


i’m really not sure where we’re at…
i have a problem with paying for 1st quality dipes & ending up with what would be considered 2nds at best.. or ‘mended’ dipes… I just don’t think it’s fair.
I’ve stated my reasons more than once about why I’m worried to allow them to be ‘fixed’ or ‘replaced’….
so, we haven’t really made any progress….


Re: An expensive learning experience or?…

Originally Posted by mikoto127 View Post
At this point with no progress, I would just PM a mod and have them mediate. That is nuts though. You should have a full refund + return shipping, as those are NOT usable if they came apart like that after one wash!!

I have… which is why I’m not saying much on here.. apparently the mods have been discussing ‘us’ & offered mediation.. I’ve never done that, but after I asked about it, it seems that their is a sort of waiting list & a ‘room’ (thread?) for it that only admins have access to.

I really don’t want either of us to feel badly about the transaction when it’s all said & done… but like I’ve said over & over… I paid for NEW FIRST QUALITY DIPES. I should NOT have to settle for partially new/partially mended dipes. By the time the ‘replacement’ ones get to me, my time to file w/pp is up, so if for some reason they’re no better, I’m still .

I can MORE than understand her side of this, but it’s not like it was one dipe out of the dozen… it’s not like there was the one hole and that was the only problem… it’s not one short snap in… or one measured wrong.

Even aside from the fraying. Aside from the hole. Aside from the sewing coming out….. forgetting about the 2inch difference between dipes…

The snaps themselves on the outsides that you can SEE are off. They are not lined up correctly and are not placed in a consistent manner on the dipes.

The snap ins should have been scrapped & I should have gotten a message DURING production that they would be done away with & extra layers added inside. It should not have been an after thought included in the message with my dc#.

These are just 2 very obvious issues that should have been fixed before I ever got the diapers. The diaper that is mended should have been remade or partially refunded, as it had an issue before it even left her hands, which she couldn’t have fixed without thinking “hey, there’s xxxxx wrong with this dipe, let me sew it up”…

ugh. I need sleep.
this is just silly at this point.
I have been crystal clear in my communication from the get go. I have asked for a refund at least twice now in pm’s & since you’ve been reading the thread, you know that’s what’s right, regardless of your pp balance…
it’s what you’d expect if it were your purchase, it shouldn’t have to be begged for.

honest to blog.

OK, so we all read the “threats on ds” post about Mookie Doodle Designs ( and Well, it looks like birds of a feather are flocking together in her “new congo” that is coming on September 24th (per RemBran’s DS siggie)

The congo she is on will be “the Animal Crackes on Parade Congo on Hyenacart.

Well now, Hooah Babies is not following through with transactions. That is one hell of a congo to stay away from. Looks like this isn’t the first time, per her store feedback.

need some advice

I ordered a few diapers off of a HC (the mama is also on DS). Her policy is to ship within 5 business days. I ordered on 9/4 and these are in stock. I emailed her for a dc# and she never responded. I PM’ed here and she responded there was a death in her family and she would get it out that day and I would get an email with the information that it shipped. ok fine, I can understand things happen, however I would have appreciated if she told me there was a delay before I had to go hunting down a DC#. Here we are 2 days later that she could have shipped and no email for DC. Interestingly, she has been on here every day for most of the day when she could have dropped my diapers into the mail. More interestingly, she has been here stalking diapers when she could have mailed out my diapers. I guess I’m not sure what I should do. I’m thinking of asking her for a refund if she does not ship by Monday. I don’t want to be unreasonable, but I need these diapers and I think she is giving me the run around. any thoughts?

Paypal dispute question (

Gayatri 09-12-2008 12:21 PM

Paypal dispute question
I sold a dipe on FSOT. Mailed it out 8/24. Today I get an email from pp saying it is being disputed. :banghead: Turns out the member is now banned. I dig through my purse and find my DC, check that it was delivered (it was), follow the pp pages, and give them the info. Now what?
JeDeeLenae 09-12-2008 12:27 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
now, chances are, they’ll side with you since you can show proof of delivery.
ekmaurer3 09-12-2008 12:45 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
They should side with you unless it was a chargeback. In which case paypal doesnt really have any say.
melissalaurel 09-12-2008 12:49 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
Same thing is happening to me right now. Wonder if it’s the same person.
pantufla 09-12-2008 12:58 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
Me too! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 😥 I am counting on that money! 😥 :banghead:
melissalaurel 09-12-2008 01:15 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
I just love how they take the money….THEN investigate it.:banghead:
I’m out $32 + 2.60 + 2 berry plush covers. 😥 Makes me sick to my stomach. :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
pantufla 09-12-2008 01:31 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
OMG, me too, two BP. Except I sold mine with the minkee-topped snap-in soakers. 😥

I am SO changing my feedback.

n_kragh 09-12-2008 01:33 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
Me too mamas, except I’m sure I’m SOL cuz DH shipped it for me and I’m sure he didn’t get DC 😥 I hate rotten people:yuck:
pantufla 09-12-2008 01:37 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
I *got* DC but her address was “unverified” with PP. I had no idea that could even be an issue… I’m so upset right now!
mtfbwy72 09-12-2008 01:42 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
That effing witch got me too!!! She got me for 3 seperate transactions totaling $153 and DS’s 1st b-day is next week :(. I just dropped some money in my bank account which they reversed to cover the disputes!! Grrrrrrr!!! Luckily I have DC on 2 of the transactions and Insurance on one of those but one of them I don’t have the DC anymore cause it was like a month ago!! I hope paypal sees what she is doing.

She obviously got hit with a ton of disputes from buyers here and now turning around and trying to recoup her losses from sellers or maybe this was her intention all along.

I’m sick and cranky and 100 different kinds of pissed off!!!!!!

jcreedon 09-12-2008 01:49 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
I think that she got me too…..I sold her 3 berry plush with 5 minkee toppers…..I would never have sold them if I wasn’t in desperate need of money to pay for my son’s autism treatments and anti-sezuire meds and 2 weeks hospitalization. I am so sick right now that I can’t stand it. I am kicking myself…..I would rather have given them away to someone who was appreciative than have been scammed by someone who doesn’t seem to care. Why am I worried about this right now when I am trying to find a way to pay for my son’s medications???? I don’t understand people!
mtfbwy72 09-12-2008 02:01 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
I just got off the phone with paypal to find out how long disputes take to resolve and the agent said 10 days. I asked if they would look at “you know who’s” account to see what she’s been doing and was told that they DO check out the account as a whole so maybe we are all ok. I emailed the admin about this and mentioned in my dispute reply to paypal what’s been going on with this chick. You all should email the admins and let paypal know whats going on so hopfully this can get resolved quickly.

WE CANNOT LET HER GET AWAY WITH THIS!!! DC or no DC we should all get our funds put back in our accounts if we ban together.

jcreedon 09-12-2008 02:10 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
i just got off the phone with the Phoenix Police Department (I know I am grasping for straws but this money is very important for my son’s health and well-being) they said to contact and file a report. Is this something that anyone has done? Any thoughts?
chrisnsteph1022 09-12-2008 02:30 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
Please make sure everyone reads the announcement at the top of this forum. Just in case it’s applicable. :hugs:
pantufla 09-12-2008 02:43 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question

Originally Posted by chrisnsteph1022 (Post 4761839)
Please make sure everyone reads the announcement at the top of this forum. Just in case it’s applicable. :hugs:

I did, and I contacted a mod, but what good is it going to do me? :shrug: No offense, but it’s all on PayPal now. The person in question has already been banned. The best a mod can do is help me change my feedback I left for that person. But, since that person has already been banned, that’s a moot point as well… 😥

I was counting on this money.

BuggaBuggaBoutique 09-12-2008 02:59 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
jessica – my dd has an ASD as well :hugs:
BouncyBottomsInc 09-12-2008 03:29 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
Wow, this really sucks and makes me sick just reading about it! I cant believe some ppl would do things like this. I agree all of you need to get on the phone with Paypal ASAP!!!! Dont let her get away with this…fight for your money anyway you can! Call PP and keep calling until they do something about this!!! They should be able to look at her pattern and stop what she is doing! There is no way anyone could have that many disputes with so many sellers, paypal is a fool if they side with her. IF she does a chargeback or bank reversal, pp should fight it! And her cc company should be fair in this. File with that online crime thing too so that everything is on file! Good Luck mamas and praying yall get your money back…
mtfbwy72 09-12-2008 03:58 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question

Originally Posted by jcreedon (Post 4761666)
i just got off the phone with the Phoenix Police Department (I know I am grasping for straws but this money is very important for my son’s health and well-being) they said to contact and file a report. Is this something that anyone has done? Any thoughts?

The website actually is I just filed a complaint and think we all should!! Maybe someone can go after her if we all file a complaint. It only took a few minutes. I also plan to file a claim on the insurance I purchased for the package if paypal doesn’t give me my money back. Let them semd someone out to confront whoever is at this address we mailed to.
So this is what PamperedShell was up to? But remember, we wouldn’t want to out her on the T&F forum.

So here is a thread that many of you were following and emailed TDM and I about. It takes so many turns that I don’t know who/what to blog about first! Threats, scams, feedback issues and BAD behavior, all covered up by DS. Gotta love it. Of course, this thread has been deleted.

There was a TON to weed through, so I am mostly just putting in the OPs posts. Thank you to all who send us screenshots.


Posted by: MadreJoyce

INSERT SCREAM (Final Update In Post#39) It Continues #50


I know ive posted alot of these lately.. I have done alot of transactions lately- but it seems for ever so many good- I stumble upon a bad. Do people not take pride in B/S/T anymore?

Im so fed up.. Really.. Now it seems im being taken by the less likely.. A freakin well established mama here with a rating of 96! She is even a WAHM with a store ect..

Last month around the 22,23 I paid for a lot of covers.. One in particular I wanted because it was a birthday cover.. My sons birthday is the 8th! They arent here- no record of being shipped through paypal nothing. Since then ive ordered other stuff that has came from several states away & gotten here.

Literally thinking, Ok the likelyhood the mama is scamming is rare- since she is so well established with lots of feedback I try not to worry. I contact her yesturday to tell her kindly I still havent gotten them & was wondering what day/date she shipped & if she had a tracking number.

I always keep my PM’s & listings & I sent her a PM with the original PM’s regarding our transaction. So it should be very obvious who I am- since she can totally re-read everything that took place between her & I..

She writes back saying.. “send me your paypal address so I can look into it”.. So I do & then she says she needs to put her LO to bed- and she will get back to me this morning.. Well after that she still stayed online a good bit of time browsing (so it wasnt just that she left her page open) until finally signing off.. Well this morning she was online and still no word..

IM pretty upset that they arent here- but being a holiday in the middle of it- I can understand. I just want an update on the status of when she shipped, or if she shipped ect.. Im now more upset that she is running me around instead of taking 30 sec to look at her paypal account like she said & let me know..

Not to mention I really hoped Id have this stuff here by my son’s birthday so he could wear his “birthday diaper”..

I think the thing im more upset about is the poor communication..

Maybe its just me- but I expect better communication than being ran around.. Even an update to tell me she isnt sure what happened or she lost her DC or something would be better than running me around & not telling me anything at all & ignoring me.


09-03-2008, 07:03 PM #8



AMEN!! A simple reply… an update would suffice BUT the ignoring! UGH! I can’t stand that! I feel ya girl and I’m sorry you’re going through this. Hope everything gets worked out and your babe can wear his dipe.


09-03-2008, 09:38 PM #10



I PM’d again… Nothing no response..

Should I give her more time? Or is it safe to assume she is running me around- since last night she said she’d definately let me know something first thing in the morning <– according to her PM..

Should I just file or would it be too premature..

I know this is just wrong to say- but from a well established mama here to another- I totally expected more than this.. I expect this from scamming newbies… Not from someone with nearly 100 feedback. Its sick.. Very scammish..

Im so not happy & at the same time im trying to be fair.. Whats wrong with taking 30 sec (as it seriously doesnt even hardly take that long to check your paypal like you say & get back to me) Esp when I have proof you have been online since you said you needed to check your records.

Whenever a buyer has asked me about shipping- I respond promptly- there is too much scamming going on these days to leave someone hanging.. Even if I need more time to look for the DC- I at least explain that & keep them updated at least every 24hrs. & I dont make promises I cant or dont intend to keep- esp time limits ect..

UGH— Should I just file? Or wait longer?


09-04-2008, 12:10 AM



Anyways- I think ill give her tomarrow to respond before I file.. I really am trying to be fair.. I did contact admin though- something just isnt right.. esp since she promised me a few things..

#1) when i sent paypal she promised she would mail it that Monday..

#2)Then when I hadnt gotten them, she acted like she had no clue what i was talking about- even though i sent her original pm’s. & Then promised to get back to me by _____ blank time. Which she never did & has since been online only to ignore me.

Hopefully I wont have to file & getting admin involved will help.. Still even if she had lost them or not sent them but decides to- the Birthday cover will prob not be here in time for DS birthday I want the covers- but right now id really love some sort of communication instead of being ignored.


09-05-2008, 01:30 PM #20




I appreciate those of you who took the time to help me handle this..

You couldnt even imagine how weird this has gotten to put it mildly. Im not even sure how to post here and let you all know what all has gone on because my head is still spinning with fury & confusion.

Ok so the seller: for the last few days has been relatively avoiding and quiet until Admin got involved & I filed a dispute. What little bit the seller has communicated has been very conflicting & strange.

So to present a list details of whats been going on is the best I can do to help share what im dealing with…

Starting from the begining..

I see a listing for some cheap covers

I contact seller and ask for paypal addy so I can buy them

Seller responds back with paypal addy

I pay seller

Seller says it will ship that monday- 2 days later (no prob)

No communication takes place from either side

Im patient- no mail

Week 2 – still patient- no mail

Checking paypal & Sellers status here for details during week 2- I see seller is still active on DS- browsing ect- so I dont worry much

Paypal says nothing for status- no shipping status at all- no DC no “check shipment” nothing.. Just an empty transaction on Paypal.

I contact seller nicely to inform I hadnt yet recieved the package and was hoping for a nice update on the date she shipped & possibly a DC number with the intent to make sure the PO hadnt lost it.

Seller gets back to me with an excuse involving putting her LO to bed for the night (no prob btdt- i understand- but still she manages to stay on DS browsing forums for quite some time after that before logging off)- was very vague in her response told me she didnt seem to knowing what transaction I was talking about (even though I sent original PMs)- saying she would have to look it up in paypal- and would do so first thing in the morning..

Following morning- seller signs on- browses forums (even admin makes note of this) and never gets back to me.

For 24 hours I contact seller letting her know I was still waiting for an update.

Seller comes back with another vague response.. That she honestly has no clue- and keeps no record of shipments except through paypal & that she would log into her paypal to see what her status says through paypal.

She also takes the time to write a seperate PM bashing me for my post here on the transaction board claiming many conflicting things & also making up weird excuses. & Claiming it takes a long time to track a package through paypal.. Whatever..

She still at this point other than bashing me- provides me with still no info on what she did with the package or even when or if she shipped it.

Admin has been involved up to this point and was requesting we both copy our PM’s to admin as we are working this out- and she refuses to do so.

Now, at this point im being advised not only by everyone here to file but also by admin as her story is really starting to get weird.. Her actions & responses are very scammish & strange.

At admins advice I file a claim this morning. She then lashes out on me through paypal & here in PM’s on DS.

Still once again no apology or anything but an email full of excuses and very werid conflicting stories. Still no real word on when she mailed or anything yet on the status.

& Then suddenly- she updates paypal with a DC number that when tracked says it was just mailed?? The price also seems very off- too cheap for 3 thick covers. & Still doesnt proceed to explain herself to whats going on?

Finally after confronting her & wondering why now she just mails it & still provides no real explanation.. She starts to threaten me with law suits & call me names, and still everything just gets weirder.. Just because im stern (im confronting her- but never bashing her) & Im wanting a straight story on whats really happened & where my diapers are..

I have no proof that DC is even mine- esp since she isnt saying anything about it- or admitting to just shipping or even saying when she shipped. She keeps spinning webs of tales that really do not add up or make sense.

& then the threats wow..

I hope Admin can sort this out- my head is spinning, with still no reassurance she is being honest and has mailed my diapers..

Did I mention she also called me & admin liars saying even though its very obvious she has been online lately- she claims she hasnt?

& Again lets not go back and remember I needed one of those by this weekend for DS birthday.

What a nightmare..

I understand things happen- whats wrong with admitting you made a mistake or keeping communication istead of lying & threatening?

And I would have just settled for a “real” oops I forgot or misplaced them & they are now going out- Im sorry.. Instead ofbeing ran around- avoided, ignored & then played for an idiot with many conflicting stories & still no real answer, not to mention name calling, and harrassing threats.

Still hoping the diapers get here in time- but I doubt it. Im not convinced they will even get here..

O & God forbid I leave appropriate feedback- Once again threatened.



09-07-2008, 10:43 AM #33



Just wanted to update..

Seller has refused to communicate further with me- threatening me, I still havent received the package & hopefully soon Admin will be getting back with me..

Id love to leave appropriate feedback, but this mama has already made numerous threats from legal action (yea- eyeroll) to leaving me negative.. (a negative for what?- paying fast & being patient, but realizing somethings not right & standing up for myself?)


Yesterday, 04:51 PM #39



Sorry for the late update.. It took some time going back and forth to sort it all out- and reach peaceful ground again..

With admins help, We ended up resolving it (I cancelled the PP claim).. She apologized in the end- I did finally receive the diapers and I have to admit- even though the transaction itself sucked, the diapers were a good deal.. I left her positive because she did ultimately end up apologizing & I did get them. Ive been through worse.. I look at it this way-

At least im not out my money & diapers.. I was very upset with the threats & name calling, and upset with the fact she waited so long before shipping & didnt make an effort in letting me know or hardly communicating.

Ive learned to pick my battles & let it go. Im grateful I wasnt scammed ya know.

My friends tell me Im being too nice to leave her positive, perhaps she was just having a bad week or something? She did have really good feedback up to this point, and again she was nice an apologized later, plus I got the diapers finally- whats to really complain about. I dont want to look like an overdramatic ungrateful vendictive person. I just wanted to let it go- nothing that can really be done anyways right? Other than making bitterness- which I really dont want to deal with right now.

I have been scammed so much, im just greatful this didnt turn out to be scam- even though it did seem like one for a while. People make mistakes right? She handled it poorly yes.. But she did apologize.

OK, WTF, this lady leaves freaking positive feedback after being threatened in PMs, Admin does nothing about the threats, and this is a WAHM?!?!

But wait it isn’t over!!!




I have now filed a juicy apple report on this seller, I recieved the following via email. (The sender who I will not disclose for privacy and respect, gave me permission to share this with you all)

about your bad transaction with _______

yesterday I went back and forth about whether i should email you or not. You should read this:…rt/message/586

There is a lot more to the story. Eventually someone who wanted to remain anonymous sent her the money to pay _____. The “lost” money order was never found, and she never found the receipt. Who sends out a $300 money order and never even asks the person if she got it??? Or atleast holds onto the reciept>?? This all happened on the AOL boards. It was really sad. Im sure you’d never do business with her again, but I just though I’d send you this info just incase. yOu seem very understanding and I’d hate to see you get scammed. I think personally that she just decided to apologize because she found out that mods and other people were getting involved.

And Ive also recieved mulitple private messages from the seller today, and now I understand why complete feedback is important…

I would now also like to pass on the friendly advice the sender of the email gave me: When doing transactions take the time to read all the feedback even the positive, and also even taking some time to do internet research on the seller or buisness names can help. I had no idea- and now Im feeling a bit taken again.


VERY interesting. Did a little research on my own, check out: and

Now, the OP, not so smart to leave positive FB. Looks like enough people told her it was dumb, and that she learned her lesson. Just recieving your items is not enough of a reason to leave positive feedback. I’m glad to see she took it further after new threats from the seller. But what got me the most was that after reading the DS forum rules, threats are not against them… interesting.

What do you guys think? I for one found at least one person and store to add to my do not BST list. And we now see why there is so much positive feedback for scammers. Here is ANOTHER store she owns:

Because it might “poof” here is the JA report by MadreJoyce

Name of business:  Mookie Doodle Designs
Screen Name On DiaperSwappers: RemBran
Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last): Jenn (unknown last name)
E-mail address:
eBay user ID: (n/a- unknown)
Date ordered: August 23, 2008
Products/services purchased: August 23, 2008
Price paid: $15.00
Estimated turn around time: 2 days (Seller stated would ship no later than August 25, 2008)
Actual turn around time: (Received Sept 8th- postage showed mailed on the 3rd of Sept 2008)
Was product as expected? Yes
If not why?
Did you contact the person about the problem(s)? Yes
If so, how did they attempt to resolve? After not receiving any shipping information, I emailed/PM’d the seller on the 30th asking for shipping information. I received no response. I emailed again on the 1st, Finally seller responded she didnt know where the package was, when or if it shipped- she said she would look up the transaction the next day and let me know that morning. After not having received any information again, I went ahead to file with paypal in attempt to get some shipping information, since it was a birthday gift that I needed in a timely manner. Seller still didnt respond with shipping information until Sept 4th (the day after seller shipped). She gave numerous conflicting stories as to why the package wasnt to me yet. That same day, the seller- threatened me, via email/pm with legal action, if I left appropriate feedback or told anyone about the problems with our transaction. I received my item on the 8th too late for the birthday, But because I received the items, I believed I should give her the benefit of the doubt- and left positive feedback. Today however ive received multiple messages threatening from her, telling me I need to delete my thread discussing the transaction.

Today’s date: 09/11/2008

Here is the response:

Would you do business with again? ABSOLUTELY NOT

I never threatened you today at all. I have screenshots of both of
the PMs I sent to Joyce today and will forward to admin for review.

I sent a PM to you today asking you to kindly as the mods to remove
the thread from the Transaction and Feedback forum. Then I sent a
second PM explaining more in depth that she was in violation of DS
rules by posting feedback for me before the thread was removed.

According to Diaperswappers rules there is a strict no outing policy
and Joyce clearly violated that policy.

I left feedback for her first and even told her that she could leave
negative or neutral feedback to me and I wouldn’t retaliate. I told
her as long as she stated the facts that I didn’t mind at all. I
told her to mention the slow shipping and poor communication. I also
offered the olive branch by apologizing to her and offering to leave
positive feedback for her first in case she feared I would leave
negative/retaliatory feedback.

I did not realize that the thread in question was still active until
I logged on today to view it. Not only were people still replying to
it after seeing that she outed me but she responded twice herself.

There were no threats at all today. When I didn’t hear directly back
from her regarding my PMs today, I copied two admins to my PMs sent
to her and asked that the thread be removed. The admins were not
aware at all that feedback had been left before Joyce failed to
remove the thread from the board.

My PMs were quickly answered by both of the admins and the thread was

This transaction is over 3 Large used condition diaper covers.
$15PPD for three covers. The shipping was slow, yes and the
communication was poor, yes. I had intermittent power during this
transaction caused by the tropical storms/hurricanes in my county
here in Florida.

The whole thing blew way out of proportion and we both seeked the
advice of admins. We both came to an agreement and feedback was

As a business owner I take libel very seriously and if seeking legal
council over a libel issue is a threat then so be it.

The fact that the thread was deleted and positive feedback was left
speaks volumes about this whole incident.