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Too funny not to share.

Posted: September 26, 2010 by DSDM2 in Uncategorized

This is not drama, but I just laughed so hard I pissed my pants and woke DH… so I thought I would share!

Today, 10:14 AM #1
I flashed my father-in-law….mortifying

I was nursing my 9 month old last night and browsing online at the same time. She woke up and pulled off the boob and sat up. Around the same time my husband started talking so I looked over at him. When I looked back down at the screen there was my FIL’s head staring at me. Unbeknownst to me, my husband and FIL had been collaberating on setting up Skype so they could talk to the grandkids. And my husband had set our computer to “auto answer” when it was called. So my FIL sat down at his computer in his house and dialed our number (first time, he was just playing around with it) and boom – my laptop “answered” the call and showed my boob hanging right there. I was in shock. After a couple seconds of immobility, I threw the computer to the side and walked away. I couldn’t even talk for a few seconds I was so shocked. That sucked. My husband couldn’t quit laughing.

Here! We ‘old schoolers’ are Here!

Posted: September 6, 2010 by DSDM2 in Just Drama

Most of those looking back at the changes are here! But like another poster mentioned, I consider ‘old school’ to be prior to the new board (the Lee ‘sell out’ and  switch-over) all together 🙂

Man, that was a different world. Please excuse my nostalgic thoughts over it. 😉 Anyone else remember or have stories about the old board?

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anybody still around from the ‘old school’?

i left DS because i did not like a lot of the changes i saw occurring here. but i was wondering if anyone is still around from the ‘old school’?

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