Got a suggestion for us??? Please do share.

  1. Jena says:

    You’re missing the wool copying thread in the Extra fluffy Lol.

  2. silver says:

    Why can’t we log onto DS??

    Are they finally recognizing that there is malware?

  3. Jena, I couldn’t find it. is it still around?

  4. Kelolsen says:

    check this out -here’s a WAHm to avoid! she hates customers AND people LOL


  5. Kelolsen says:

    In case it gets deleted I have it. I kept it b/c I’m betting it does get deleted.

  6. Sad CDing Military Wife says:

    Another forum bites the dust. Lee Dodd recently purchased a military spouse community I was a part of 😦

  7. Kelolsen says:

    and its gone….

  8. Coltsfan says:

    Where do I go to post about a scammer? I’m not too great at finding my way around here. Could use a little help. Anyone?

  9. DSDM2 says:

    You can post it here or email me the information at

    I cannot email you back, but can respond VIA YIM or here on the blog.

  10. Coltsfan says:

    I’ve never posted here, never have had a real reason but I wanted to warn everyone so nobody has to go through what I’ve been dealing with.

    So I guess buyers beware of MommySings3 on DS.

    The story:

    Back in Sept I sent yarn, 2 skeins of MM for longies and 1 skein for shorts to Jessica aka MommySings3. I paid $56.00 dollars to her via paypal to knit the longies. Months went by with excuses as to why she hadn’t finished them up.

    Finally in March, after numerous attempts to contact her-DS, email, YIM, Facebook with no response I left negative feedback on DS for her. By this time too much time had passed to file with paypal. A couple days went by and she contacted me and refunded my $56.00 knitting fee and said she would be sending the yarn back to me right away.

    Then a admin on DS contacted me and said that Jessica said the negative feedback wasn’t for a DS transacting and she wanted it removed. We we’re in another forum together so that is partially correct, feedback was removed from DS.

    That brings us up to now. After more attempts to contact her via email, YIM and facebook for the past few months, she deletes my facebook messages when I ask for my yarn back, and I’m still yarn-less.

    I’ve honesty been more then nice about this. I’ve listened to her lies about how she is going to send it out in the morning with DC and every other fib she has told me and I really hope everyone stays away from her since it’s clear she is a round-a-bout scammer. It makes me rather sad because we we’re on a private type forum where we all knew each other pretty well and I would have considered her a online friend before all this. Friends don’t pull this shit.

    So Jessica if you read this, I really would like my yarn back, but hey I’m sure you already know that.

    To everyone else that reads this, avoid having to go through this and stay away from Mommysings3.

  11. Coltsfan says:

    Just wanted to add that I didn’t know where to post this so if it needs to be moved that’s all good 🙂

  12. Coltsfan says:

    Well I got a DC number this morning. Amazing. So hopefully it is all resolved.

  13. CJ says:

    I really hope that she had the class to email her customers first instead of just announcing on a public forum that she is closing up shop and can’t fulfill her customs list! Yikes! That is just a poor business practice.

  14. Rhonda Drage says:

    I am shocked. I have been banned from DS.
    I am apalled! That grown women would LIE about their reasoning for doing this! “You have been banned for the following reason:
    multiple usernames – phoenix_fire, godess_heather”. I am not, nor have I ever been any of these usernames. In fact, I have a pay pal receipt to one of them, for a purchase I made from them!
    I am angry! That this ‘woman’~ and I use this term loosely~ can’t even put on her big girl panties long enough to allow me to ask why! Date the ban will be lifted: Never.
    I am hurt! That I have no way of contacting anyone I am currently in transaction with, to let them know that I cannot contact them!!!! That I did not ~FARK~ them over, but have been put in the position not be able to fulfill anything with anyone on ds! So! DS is ~FARK~ing them over by banning me!
    I am in disbelief! Did anyone on here, know that the pm’s they sent to other ds members, while on ds, are read by ds “admin”?????? Is that right up there with molestation and rape? You encourage women to establish trusting, open, sometimes too honest relationships so you can go beyond what they would expect, by pilfering the pm’s they send to other momma’s, distort what they are, and denounce the member as being something they aren’t? Then BAN them so they have no way of defending themselves? What the hell? Why call it private message if it going to be reviewed by “ADMIN”? And then, when it is addressed, instead of saying “I read that message you sent so-n-so, and … They say “It has been brought to our attention”!!!!!
    And! for current DS members especially did you know that you are not allowed to ever mention a banned member, even in pm’s, even for the sake of letting a current member know that a banned member has no way of contacting them, to complete a transaction that was in process, but would like them to make contact at said members non-ds e-mail address? That this is considered something like ‘fraterinizing with the enemy”???????

    I am in tears over this crap!!! I am not a mean and hateful person!!! I would not go a half step out of my way to hurt anyone, intentionally. I am so un-accustomed to this sort of behavior, and totally blown away that I have had it thrown at me!! I go out of my way to help others. I give until it hurts and then give a little more, because sometimes I hold back on giving all I have to give, and it eats at me. If I have wronged someone, I will step up and make it right. I don’t hesitate to speak my mind, but I don’t do it at the expense of someone else. I call it for what it is, MY thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions~ and you don’t have to agree with them, they are still MINE. So when this happened~ I am lost…
    It started a few weeks ago I guess, when I went to to drop a line to a ds member about a transaction problem we were having, where she accidently put someone else’s addy on a pkg which was supposed to be sent to me. Imagine my surprise when up pops the message that this member has been banned for bad rep and multiple user accounts! So I go to her profile to get her email, no access allowed. So I go to pp retrieve her addy and email her. I didn’t ask the details of the ban, spoke only of our trans, and told her I would let anyone else she was in the midst of unfinished business with know how to reach her, if she would like. She wrote back and said she would so appreciate this, there were a couple rcvd-ty, a couple did send, and I think 3 non-descript, but please contact me. I went on ds, and proceeded to leave brief but discript messages to the 7, via pm, giving the private e-mail. Within 24 hours I received a pm telling me it had been brought to the attention… this person is banned for a reason, and not to forward this address via ds anymore or I could be banned. I apologized, stated I didn’t know it was against the rules, and that I wouldn’t repeat this action. Yesterday I received a response from one of the people I had forwarded the address to, telling how glad she was to know some wool she sent had arrived. Thank you for letting her know, she is always glad to learn when something she ships reaches it’s destination. She then wrote “Explain?” and beneath that was a copy of the original note I had sent w/ said addy on, with request to contact r/t woolies. So, I felt sorta stuck. I did a little time out with my higher power and decided to respond to the pm, with the reason I sent the message, that maybe she didn’t understand that it was the ‘new’ means of communicating with the other person, and the la-ti-ta of being warned not to repeat the ‘infraction’. I also said that I was somewhat anxious about being banned, just for having the contact with her regarding this, that I would hope not, as I enjoyed the interaction and would prefer to stay. I told her, since she already had the addy, there shouldn’t be any problem with her having contact on her own email, w/ the person.
    Within the day I was banned. So, since I did not know the any of the persons I originally pm’d, what is the likely hood they would have a problem w/ me and want me banned? About the same likelyhood that the momma I responded to yesterday would want me banned? And this brings us to the fact that the pm’s would have had to have been read by person or persons which they were not sent, in order for them to jump on them and ban me for fictitious reasons, and offer no response or recourse! I was able to recoup some addys from my pp, but the ones I had not yet shipped to were scrwd!

  15. meagan says:

    you ladies really need to comment on this

    natachaN-utbag!!! every post she makes drives me batshit crazy!!

  16. Rhonda Drage says:

    Gosh meg, guess her getting banned will end your craziness? nah, didn’t think so…
    For a compulsive cleaner, she had some really nasty floors,,, and OCD, nah, OCD could not handle all of clutter on the kitchen counters or every other flat surface in her home! Poor dh, poor beebees, I hope her daycare was just another figment of her over active imagination! Call in the guys in the funny white coats… they’ve come to take her away!

    totally J/K

  17. meagan says:

    rhonda are you calling me crazy??

  18. Rhonda Drage says:

    crazy is as crazy does- forrest d. gump’s momma


  19. meagan says:

    lol!! i love your monster by the way–crab/dinosaur/ weird thingy!!

  20. Rhonda Drage says:

    Thank you! Would like to take credit, however… I think I have yours on my fridge!!!

  21. Stephanie says:

    Any comments from the drama blog regarding the new “no edit” policy?

  22. Darlene says:

    You’ve got to get the one in off topic that is now titled Mod Mamas Please Delete! Oh, the drama!

  23. Darlene says:

    Here’s the link for the one she wants deleted

    And here’s her latest thread about how devastated she is by how she was treated. She goes on to explain, again, her situation.

  24. Darlene says:

    And *poof* they are gone…….

  25. StinkersMama says:

    Latest anti-abortion debate on DS…
    Mamas calling each other vile, wishing sterility on each other, throwing around statistics. And there is a MOD in there commenting, but she keeps editing….??
    It’s getting juicy

  26. Rella says:

    #29 – I think it’s a bunch of fake BS…. but if it’s true I feel for those poor kids….

  27. Kelolsen says:

    About the baby dying from having a dresser fall on him- this is not the first online person that I know of this happenint to. This is just a public service announcement from me. My son was very lucky. One day, he was awake and I heard him playing in his room. He was not quite 2.5 yet. I figured I’d get him in a few minutes. Then I heard a loud crash. He had pulled open all he drawers in his dresser that we were certain was a “non tippable” dresser, and it fell over- I’mnot sure if he tried to climb it or not. All I know is t hat I ran into his room and he was standing next to his dresser and crying hysterically- he was fine.

    Its not so rare an occurence, as someone had stated before. There are websites dedicated to the memory of children killed by furniture and large TVs falling over on them.

    PLEASE bolt tippable furniture to the wall! We have all t he dressers and bookcases in our kids’ rooms bolted to the wall! Other stuff is set up so if it falls over it hits the couch or a table,but will not hit the ground.

    Its worth the holes in your walls and the small expect of the brackets! You can getthem at

    Okay, off my soapbox now. I just want to spread the word b/c no family should hve to go through this easily preventable tragedy!!

  28. Kalypso says:

    What happened to the “funny or disturbing” thread?? I was about to go to first unread post when POOF!

  29. Jen says:

    Scam with Jennys Simply clean? Missing packages from the coop…still missing a month later. Audra – new owner of JSC – claims to have refunded/reshipped but nor refund arrived and no DC#’s. There were issues with Audra in a coop on another board (maybe crunchy cooperative, not sure). Horrible C/S, b*tchy responses to PM’s asking about product.

  30. Kalypso says:

    geezus — Knits on Earth banned??? “3 month Ban for Disrespecting the Admin/Mod Team” what the heck happened?

    here is a thread with a bitchy mod stepping in to prevent anyone from asking what happened to Knits on Earth, too.

  31. Kalypso says:

    in case it goes poof:

    sweet_fantasy_fox —
    Please keep the topic on track and refrain from talking about banned members or questioning the reason they were banned, I will add the reason to her sig in a minute here and she will be back soon.:thumbeup:

  32. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    scammed at least 12 mommas, probably more!

  33. Rella says:

    Wow…. She had a TON of positive FB and TONS of posts! Anyone know the story??

  34. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    I know parts. I can email what i do you to DSDM tomorrow if sh wants

  35. Rella says:

    Sucks. Wonder if she’ll follow through on the MYMN she donated to the fundraiser on Fairytale Boutique for Katie @ ENI? Probably not….

  36. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    Oh i hope she will. That sucks

  37. caellie says:

    Linds62: banned for trying to scam. 12 posts dating back to july before she posted an introduction thread preying on the sympathies of DS mamas

    Thread 1 -she says she is widowed and someone gave her a year of diaper service but she has never used CDs before:…d.php?t=863251

    Thread 2 – states she has ben cloth diapering since day 1 with prefolds and wants to buy cute AIOS:…d.php?t=800067

    Thread 3 – states she has 200 flats and uses them with a snappi and prowrap:…73#post7988073

  38. caellie says:

    oops. looks like my links don’t work but you can check the previous posts in her profile

  39. Rella says:

    Well turns out of course Amanda (Kimmanalyn chick) scammed the fundraiser too…. She bailed on the MYMN she donated and that mama was out $40 who won the auction. So what happens? I inform the mama and she contacts a DS mod. A DS mod her to tell ME that I have to refund that mama the $40 out of my own money nearly 3 weeks after the auction has ended and all money has been donated to Katie. RIDICULOUS….. The mod of course mentions that she’s sure Katie won’t mind me asking for the money back, so I have to do the ridiculously stupid and embarrassing task of emailing Katie and asking for $40 back to give to the mama because I don’t have the money to cover it. Talk about shady.

  40. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    that is insane, i cant knit or anything, but i can make diapers, if she is interested in some diapers, i’d be happy to help

  41. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    i make bows and covers too

  42. Marie says:

    Hi, I don’t know what to do here…
    I just got banned from ds for nothing…well itsays for “multiple accounts” but it is not true. The “other account” belongs to my best friend that lives beside me, and has just started using DS in the last couple of weeks.

    I am a wahm who has been on DS since May, and now have 19 pos fb, and none neg. on HC as well. I am really upset because this will ruin my business. I wasn’t even contacted by a mod to see if there was a reason for the multiple IP accounts. Is it not ok to have 2 people using the same computer for DS? My friend does not have a computer, so she comes to my house every day to use mine. She is trying to establish a business, her pattern is great and I told her she should start selling.

    We both have open transactions and now my customers and the people she has sold things to are going to think we’re scammers or somthing. I have no neg. feedback at all and this is going to ruin me!

    Please help…I cannot contact a mod because they have banned my ip from anything ds….

    I don’t know what to do. Im crying over this.

    thanks in advance…


  43. DSDM2 says:


    That is all I can tell you to try.. TBH, your story is the same as a lot of scammers, and the way your friend was bumping your FSOT posts doesn’t look good (or you were bumping hers, whatever). But you can try your card with them at that email.

  44. Marie says:

    I am NOT a scammer…I have all good feedback on ds AND hc…and on my website. And yes, I did bump a couple of my friends fsot threads and her mine, but not out of malicisousness or anything like that! we were just helping each other out, as friends and mamas do. I accessed ds through my friends mothers computer, and emailed them through their contact me form, so Im Really hoping they get back to me soon, Im so upset over this and don’t know how to get in touch with my customers who are waiting on products and trades and such…I don’t want them to think Im scamming them because I cant access ds! I hope this gets resolved or at least they only ban me for a time limit and not forever…Ive learned my lesson and will not let my friend use my system any longer or bump her threads (which I only did about twice).
    thanks for the response and the email info mama.

  45. DSDM2 says:

    FTR, we aren’t exactly “friendly” with DS. We don’t have anything to do with them other than finding and outting scammers/drama whores/ etc.

  46. Marie says:

    Oh I see! I thought this was a bolg about/with ds, I must have misunderstood…sorry everyone, and I thank you DSDM2 for the email info. you shared with me…Im hoping I can get this resolved as soon as possible for the sake of my business.

  47. Rella says:

    Just out of curiosity… What is “your business”… Who are you?


  48. DSDM2 says:

    #54.. is the link with who she is and who she claims her friend is. is her store.

  49. marie says:

    hi all! the issue is being resolved! thanks everyone 🙂

  50. DSDM2 says:

    Marie, I would highly suggest not using BBB as your abbreviation on your items as there is already a scamming WAHM who does/did use BBB as her diaper name..

  51. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    who scams with BBB as their name?

  52. marie says:

    oh yes, that was a customer of mine that was using BBB, she used that in her fb comment for me, instead of spelling out the full name, though I haven’t seen it used anywhere else since. 🙂

  53. DSDM2 says:

    Bear Bottom Britches is known in the community as BBB and Rain/Rayne Catchers.

  54. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    ah, well, there are some good WAHMs with those initals as well 😉

  55. Rannensmom says:

    This one was interesting…I breastfed and am a huge advocate…but I think she’s taking it WAY out of context and abusing her rights here.

  56. Mylilgirls says:

    Can we please add this drama/attention seeker?!?!?!

    who then posted on the same issue here…twice:

    and here:

    Not to mention the other ‘abuse’ threads she’s started…do I even need to go there????

  57. DSDM2 says:

    Mylilgirls, check out the a**hole thread. It went off topic, and is mostly about her.

  58. ew. says:

    didn’t even bother to wash a dipe… she is in THAT much of a hurry to sell it?


    “All washed in tide. some are dirty so i didnt get good pics and i did them while trying to cook dinner!”
    “1. dirty so dont know about stains lol $12ppd”
    …& then a pic of the dirty dipe.


  59. Sara says:

    Here’s a great one about a mom who doesn’t want to cd anymore due to getting the inserts dirty:

    Not sure how to do a screenshot but if you tell me how I will do it.

  60. Mylilgirls says:

    you have 2k left over after a check and are on WIC?! That chaps my ass!

  61. Mylilgirls says:

    you have 2k after a paycheck and are on WIC?!

  62. Rella says:

    Don’t even get me started on “fluffybutt”. One day I’m going to go off on her and go ahead and accept my ban. She is so messed up it’s not even funny. Serious issues there…..

    Oh, but let me not forget – “my karma is showing”

  63. readthis says:

    Does anyone know if kimanalynn is back on DS under another name? dark_dragon1978?

  64. Laura says:

    You are missing a good one here
    It just got started. Ought to be interesting.

  65. llady says:

    I don’t want to sell these custom diapers that I bought and then fucked up, but here I am posting on fsot.

  66. DSDM2 says:

    Yup, she has been back on the blog causing drama too. Look at the bottom 100 or so posts on the latest one.

  67. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    Clown hugger

    Joined: 29 Mar 2006
    Posts: 26660
    Location: When I figure it out, I will let you know.
    HC$ 127.09
    [ Donate ]

    PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:00 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    Oh, also three negative transactions don’t get your cart shut down, but three unfulfilled transactions.
    Becky —

    Becky’s Paper Creations
    my hc
    Will work for yarn and other wahm products.

  68. B says:

    Did you ever receive your order from Twinkle Baby Boutique?

  69. Stuffed says:

    “the disrespect for the mod team is getting out of hand.”

  70. Trblmkr says:

    How can you NOT do anything on the phenomenon of barefootnomadeatsfree?

    It’s high comedy & high drama all in one!

  71. Big Drama over on Diaperswappers having to do with Kookabums, Daiyo Designs and apparently several other names. Now going by growing baby greeen. Here is the thread, I think it is worth posting espescially since the etsy store still isn’t shut down here is the link.

  72. Bored bitch says:

    Yall are talking about barefootnomadeatsfree…I think she was faaarrrrrr less creeptastic than Futuremama…juss sayin’

  73. Bored bitch says:

    list after list after list….she doesn’t even have kids, no steady boyfriend, and she is on a TEEN FORUM posting the same shit she posts on DS…troll much?! H2bam is just too damn blind to see it.

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