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Why does she always poop in her GM??? (


03-28-2008 12:32 AM

Why does she always poop in her GM???

I only have one and every time I put it on her she poops! :banghead: And not just a little poop. I’m talking “let-her-rip” poops! My husband just shakes his head as I go running to the changing table shouting “She’s pooping in her Goodmama!!!” :blush: Maybe there’s something about all that squishy softness…..


03-28-2008 07:49 AM

Re: Why does she always poop in her GM???

Probably because it’s a diaper. If you want to avoid her pooping in it you could use different diapers and just lay the goodmama out for company to see. HTH 🙂


03-28-2008 12:36 PM

Re: Why does she always poop in her GM???


Originally Posted by lissa~K (Post 3158089)

Yeah but come on, you’ve never worried about a stain in your favorite diaper? I’m not into the whole goodmama craze, but even I have groaned before about a particularly nasty poopy in a nice diaper. I have certain older diapers that I don’t care as much about that I try to put on when he goes (I have a very regular baby:giggle: ) But actually I was just coming here to post how wonderfully my diapers lined with bamboo velour clean up. The sprayer takes out even the poo color! I prefer my LO to poo in those actually…:giggle:

Actually, no, I don’t worry about stains. When Presley has a sore bum I slather her in diaper cream even though it stains. When she poops I spray off the diaper and toss it in the pail. Sometimes they stain, sometimes they don’t. I don’t set them out in the sun to get the stains out.

They’re diapers. They’re made to catch pee and poop. That’s all.


03-29-2008 06:26 PM

Re: Why does she always poop in her GM???


Originally Posted by presleycaedmon (Post 3158726)

Actually, no, I don’t worry about stains. When Presley has a sore bum I slather her in diaper cream even though it stains. When she poops I spray off the diaper and toss it in the pail. Sometimes they stain, sometimes they don’t. I don’t set them out in the sun to get the stains out.

They’re diapers. They’re made to catch pee and poop. That’s all.

Unless you are using plain prefolds and covers that’s not actually all. I’d venture to say that those of you who are acting all holier than thou just because this is a Goodmama thread have some diapers in cute colors/prints that you have spent time acquiring and adoring. To many of us diapers are an extension of dressing our babies in cute clothes or whatever (although mine just wears tee shirts and woolies:giggle: ) Seriously people, give the lady a break! I think its a little bit hypocritical to belong to a cloth diapering chat board and then disparage people who are just as obsessed with them…

News Flash: DIAPERS GET POOPED IN! You don’t have to be holier than thou to know that’s what happens. And it’s more ridiculous to be screaming about your expensive diaper being pooped in on a cloth diapering board, than it is to be on a cloth diapering board saying “it’s a diaper, that’s what it’s for.”

I especially like the idea of laying them out for company to see so they don’t get pooped in. LOL


So, I have been sitting on this one for a few days, I have enjoyed reading the OP’s posts for the most part and I know that we all have bad days and can make asses of ourselves, but after this “VENT” thread (which was deleted BTW), this particular mama has made my “Do NOT B/S/T list”. Sometimes you really do need to take a step back and stay off the damned computer before you make an ass of yourself and look like a fool.

~Peach~ 03-27-2008 10:56 AM

I just need to vent

I am apparently having the worst week money wise. I’ve had my first bad transaction. I paid for the diaper on Monday. I was notified Tuesday for some reason the mama wouldn’t be able to ship thru paypal and she offered no reason for this and also told me she wouldn’t be able to get to the PO til Thursday. I said well fine refund cus I can find other things to spend my money on. So she did. Well it didn’t even send as an e check or anything, its just pending in my account when I go to look at the details. I asked her wth happened she said paypal does that always. Well I know for a fact I’ve had a partial refund go thru instantaneous so I called paypal to ask about that transaction and another transaction on my account. Apparently the mama didn’t have the money to cover the transaction in her account so I got screwed!
I am so mad as I paid in funded and I totally expected to get funded back. Now Im stuck waiting another 3-5 days for my money to get back into paypal all the while she is free to sell the stupid diaper to someone else. Im just really really angry right now about this.
Does paypal really send e checks? Or is it just because someone didn’t have funded in their account?



~Peach~ 03-27-2008 11:01 AM

Re: I just need to vent


Originally Posted by crystalkicks

Its b/c someone didnt have funded in their account!! So sorry mama!! Hopefully you get it back though!!

Oh I will I hope and Im just ticked cus for one I paid in funded paypal promptly and two I never would’ve bought had I known she wouldnt be able to ship for another 3 days. Completely avoidable had the seller been upfront. I might have been less annoyed if I hadnt had to contact her to see when she was shipping them.


~Peach~ 03-27-2008 01:26 PM

Re: I just need to vent

Its not the banks fault. Technically its hers becus she spent the funded paypal I sent her. Meaning I had paypal in my account when I did the transaction. All paypal could tell me was my money was spent and thats that.


~Peach~ 03-28-2008 12:37 AM

Re: I just need to vent


Originally Posted by Jenifer

Wow… i am going to be honest here.. give the mama a break a little bit, i am one of those mamas that doesnt have a scale and cannot ship through pp.. also, we have one car. i am VERY upfront with my buyers and i tell them, i go to the po one day/week and thats that.. i would have cut her more of a break mama.. she was being honest with you, things come up…

chances are she spent/transfered the money bc she wasnt expecting you to want a refund… and playing devils advocate here, she may have TRANSFERED the money, not spent it, generally i tranfer the pp to cover shipping costs since i cannot print out labels at home, and honestly i dont trust the PO worker picking up my packages, i like to drop them off and have them directly scanned in..

it sounds like you have had a bad day, maybe step away for a bit and reevaluate the situation and apologize to the mama.. chances are she is pretty hurt…

Im glad she is hurt cus Im POed! And I have a right to be. Mind you I paid monday and she said for some reason she couldnt ship thru paypal for my item which I dont get. Why should I give her a break? She’s not the one whos stuck waiting for the damn money to get back in her account. Oh and I dont even have the luxury of an e check it just says pending so for all I know she could clear out her account and take off with my money. Im sorry but I expect my stuff to go out within two business days or at least LMK beforehand. I had to pm her in order to get any of this out of her. So side with the person who has my money and tell me to give her a break. Ive refrained from leaving feedback but Im almost positive she sold the dipe and yet STILL I dont have my money back. So no I wont give her a break.


~Peach~ 03-28-2008 12:43 AM

Re: I just need to vent

Not only that now she has sold it to another mama and miraculously she is able to ship thru paypal to that mama.

~Peach~ 03-28-2008 12:16 PM

Re: I just need to vent


Originally Posted by Jenifer

ita mama, and honestly its SAFER to take them to the po, they scan them in (atleast mine does!) which shows PROOF that the package left your hands, kwim?

also, peach, you should but that you will only purchase from someone who will ship through pp if that is the case aswell. did you inform the mom of your “rules” for her as a seller?

everyone has lives outside of mailing diapers, i was just trying to help you see that, maybe something came up in her personal life, something she chose to keep personal… kwim? before ranting about someone i would get the whole entire story, and i would also give someone a break…

For one the original reason I am irritated is becus of the refund being pending. She spent my money so therefore couldnt ship thru paypal thereby telling me she would have to go to to the PO and couldnt get there til thursday. Now had she not spent my money and been able to ship thru paypal none of this would’ve happened. And this is my fault how? Wouldnt you be irate if you got a refund and ummmmmmmm u have no idea if its actually gonna go back into your account? Cus I guess some of yall missed that I DONT EVEN HAVE MY REFUND! NOT EVEN A STINKING E CHECK! I get if you don’t have a postal scale but cmon now its not that freaking hard to take it to the PO. I have 3 kids and a dh who works full time and I still somehow managed to get my items out within two days of a transaction.
But thats not the point. Had she shipped thru paypal everything woulda been gravy. She couldnt cus my money was already spent and now Im out a dipe and so far 33 dollars which seems to be just my luck lately.

Is 2 1/2 days after an order really considered too late to ship? And is bashing and being mean to a mama for something that is paypal’s fault really appropriate? I mean, Peachy had the nerve to be GLAD she hurt the other mama’s feelings b/c she was too impatient to wait one day extra for her to ship? Are you shitting me? This is so incredibly juvenile and rude that I think people need to see this….

20 GoodMama Diapers FS (

Momx4 03-29-2008 05:46 PM

20 GoodMama Diapers FS

These are all relatively gender neutral, but if i had to say one way or the other id say boy-ish, tho i would easily put them on my daughter as well!! My digital camera is broken so im sorry i dont have pictures. ALL diapers are brand spanking new, I made a poor financial choice and need to corect it. They havent even been washed yet.3 Animal Crackers Organic Bamboo Velour One-Size Fitted Diaper

4 Baby Blue Organic Bamboo Velour One-Size Fitted Diaper

4 Bright Blue Organic Bamboo Velour One-Size Fitted Diaper

3 Cherry Rickey Organic Bamboo Velour One-Size Fitted Diaper

3 Chocolate Brown Organic Bamboo Velour One-Size Fitted Diaper

3 Electrolyte Organic Bamboo Velour One-Size Fitted Diaper

Each Diaper is 40.00 including shipping and delivery confirmation. Paypal only, and if paid by Monday I will ship on Monday. Email me at if you want to buy.


PS – I gotta say, this really is a deal of a life time!!!

Yes, ladies. It’s really the deal of a lifetime. $800 for making a post on DiaperSwappers!! I think people are REALLY starting to think DS is full of gullible mamas… Off to post my 20 pairs of Crankypants…

She has update this post since I saved it, but she left her original complaint.

Don’t know if this is for me–Really LONG! (

JessG 03-18-2008 01:12 PM

Don’t know if this is for me–Really LONG!
I was super excited to try CDs and ordered the following:2 brand new Bum Genius
2 brand new Thirsties AIO
A prefold sample from Cotton Babies (6 Indian, 2 Super Whisper Wraps, Snappi)
A couple of prefolds and 2 Proraps from a diaperswapper mom
7 different very used AIOs and Pocket from a diaperswapper mommyI started with the used ones first. The pockets didn’t have liners, so I used a Gerber prefold (my burp rags:mrgreen: ). Both times he leaked. I realize it may be my liner, so I’m not calling it quits because of that. I tried a used AIO and it leaked too! I just changed on the of the used prefolds/proraps. No leaking, but it had only been 2 hours and I don’t like how wet his skin is from the prefolds. He’s taking a nap now with a pocket stuffed with one of the better prefolds. I haven’t used the Bum Genius yet and haven’t gotten the Thirsties yet. On a scale from 1 to 10 one being I hate CDs and 10 being I love CDs, I’m a 1 1/2 at this point. Here are some questions:1. How long can a CD be worn?
2. Do CDs start to leak when they get old?So far the only thing that I am finding positive about CDs is that they are reusable. i don’t think they’re even going to be that much cheaper for me. I only changed him 5 times a day with sposies which was only costing me about 25 bucks a month. Plus they CDs are SOOO bulky! People say they don’t want to put a sposie on their baby, well I don’t want to put a CD on mine. It looks so uncomfortable! Help me out here. Should I give the BGs and Thirsties a chance? And what about my prefold sample? I don’t even know if I should wash them or not because I don’t know if I want to try them anymore!
OK, I understand that cloth is not for everyone. They are bulkier. They are “work” because you have to wash them. BUT THEY ARE NOT WORSE B/C YOU HAVE TO USE MORE THAN 5 A DAY!!!!!Who the hell only changes a child 5 times a day?!?!?! That is one diaper about every 5hours!!!!! Disposables or not, my children get changed every 2 hours or when ever they are wet/poopy. Do people really allow their children to sit in a poop/piss filled diaper for hours at a time? Is it just me or would that be abuse at a day-care/nursing home? Maybe I am way out of line here. Maybe it is ok to let kids sit in filth? Man, I can’t even begin to imagine that diaper rash!

Being frugal is one thing, but putting a child’s health in jeopardy to save money on diapers is NOT ok.

Oh, and I wanted to add that I find it VERY amusing that her “big sister” (adopted DS sister) had to step in b/c people made comments about changing more often.

Ok, so this really isn’t drama, but it bothers me on a few different levels. Maybe I am just feeling mean today.

I don’t know about you, but this post seemed a little drama-whoreish to me as I read it last night. Not to mention that I feel the mom to be irresponsible if she can’t care for herself on a basic level, like going to bed at a reasonable hour.

I mean, really, who in hell needs their husband to make them act like an adult get off the computer and go to bed? And for that matter take a sleeping pill so that they can go to bed?

Now I haven’t any issues with needing sleeping pills or with the need to take them, but I have an issue with needing to take them b/c you want to stay up all night on a diapering forum and chat with women about nothing, or to score a goodmama diaper, and to not be able to make the decision on your own.

03-20-2008, 12:30 AM

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goodnight….NOOOOOOOOOOO… im being forced against my will lol

My husband is making me take my sleeping pill tonight…:poke: . he says staying up till 4 am on DS is not healthy. When I said, “but I toss and turn all night and keep you awake”, he replied “but that is why the doctor gave you these fancy sleeping pills.”:thumbsup:

I do horrible on sleeping pills. they knoeck me out for 2-3 days at a time. if I can wake up I seem drunk all day long.

But she said these dont have an ingredient like most others do, and I should o fine.

well he best hope so cause there is no way i can watch kids tomorrow and him at work if it does the same to me

so bye DS friends….:cry: here comes the pill :giggle: :dontgo:

IDSO:Goodmama’s-any :cry5:
On another note: Yeah Yeah Yeah… I get it… But I don’t care :thumbsup: Nothing nice to say? Please :mute:

Old03-20-2008, 12:16 PM

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Re: goodnight….NOOOOOOOOOOO… im being forced against my will lol

trazodone is the pill

I feel a lil groggy but not bad. It took me from midnight till 130 to fall asleep but apparently as soon as I did I would out like a brick.

I only took half.

It is better then the ones I took before but I still feel like I could sleep forever.

The other ones I used to take(i have tried about 5) i would cut down to a quarter tablet and stiull sleep for 2-3 days :yuck:

He says I have to take it again tonight but at 10 pm :cry5:

ah well. But I don’t think he is concerned about my sleeping,…I think he is trying to crack down on my spending.:laugh: I do most of it when I am bored in the middle of the night :giggle:

IDSO:Goodmama’s-any :cry5:
On another note: Yeah Yeah Yeah… I get it… But I don’t care :thumbsup: Nothing nice to say? Please ;mute:

Cloth Diapers against health code in Nevada? (

Hudsonsk 03-20-2008 09:21 PM

Cloth Diapers against health code in Nevada?
Ok Ladies, I need some help. My daughter will be starting daycare soon and the ladies at the front desk told me that cloth diapers were not allowed because they were against health code. I can’t find any information that backs that up so want to try and make an argument to the center director that cloth diapers are allowed as far as the state is concerned. So far I’ve found Nevada Administrative Code that says that they are allowed and must be sealed in a plastic bag and returned to the parents. Here’s what it says:NAC 432A.411 Sanitary measures for changing diapers. (NRS 432A.077)
2. Each soiled cloth diaper and any soiled clothing that may be contaminated with contagious matter must be stored in an individual plastic bag and be returned to the parents daily.

Do any of you know of another place that I can find information to plead my case? TIA!

Yasmel 03-20-2008 09:24 PM

Re: Cloth Diapers against health code in Nevada?
I am not in Canada but I went online to the site of my county’s Health Department and found their regulations for daycare centers. I printed it out just in case the daycare gave me trouble.Also I don’t know if daycare’s in Canada have accrediting agencies, if they do, go online I find their website and read their rules for cd.
bubbalooX2 03-20-2008 09:25 PM

Re: Cloth Diapers against health code in Nevada?
Nevada is not in Canada, mama :giggle:
Yasmel 03-20-2008 09:35 PM

Re: Cloth Diapers against health code in Nevada?

Originally Posted by bubbalooX2 (Post 3094851)
Nevada is not in Canada, mama :giggle:

:giggle2: Damn I can’t blame it on preg. brain because I am not preg.

OK, so this isn’t drama, or even what I’d normally post about, but I laughed so hard when I read this thread, I couldn’t NOT post it. I just had to share the funny.  Even Yasmel is laughing with us.


3-17-2008 01:43 PM

Have you ever gotten negative FB for NOTHING?
I traded with a mama, a highly coveted diaper, for another equally coveted diaper. The other person was new (zero FB), so I was going to hold her diaper until mine arrived.When it arrived, hubby said “that’s a seriously girly looking dipe. sell it so we can get another that’s not so feminine” So I put it up for auction. I really loved the diaper I had traded for it, but wasn’t going to go back on my trade agreement with the mama. So I shipped the diaper I had agreed to trade and left positive FB for the mama.Then she got her diaper and left negative FB for me because she was angry that I had auctioned the one she sent me. She accused me of making money off of her, when in fact, I could have sold the diaper I traded her for just as much. So if anything, I’m down a diaper, because I have to stalk to get another one that I can use on my boy, and she goes and leaves me crappy feedback.That just sucks! What’s a girl to do?…

Seriously? Are people that petty to leave negative feedback because they don’t like what you do with something after you get it? How childish.

  Traded Ice Cream GM & She SOLD it at auction the same day she received it.
Trade lunarain25 (9) 03-17-2008