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If you have ask, then you already know the answer. YES, it will stop people from buying.

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would this stop you from buying something?

disclaimer- PLEASE READ!!!
these are used diapers… sold AS IS… no returns will be accepted! all purchased by me from FSOT… therefore i cant tell you their past history… they have been washed in rockin green since ive got them… all the aplix has been replaced with snaps with snap pliers… all snaps may not be perfectly “smooshed” or perfectly straight, but they all function… there are going to be marks & little holes where the aplix used to be… maybe a snag or tiny hole here or there… there will likely be some “pilliness” from their lives as aplix diapers… PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS… DONT ASSUME ANYTHING… im happy to help you out… we are a smoke free, dog-friendly house (but shes downstairs at my moms & rarely encounters the diapers)… so its quite possible you may find a stray hair or two… i apologize if that happens…


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This cloth diaper video made me laugh, and I had to share.

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Trade Goes Sour! Suspended Now Back?

I did a trade over the Christmas holidays with this mama. It was a $30 worth of a trade for both sides. She messed up with her side of the trade with me and a few other mama’s. It was to the point we had to get someone to mediate. She ended up with a few negative feedbacks, from these moms, and then got suspended from the site for some months. I just now noticed she is back doing trades again, and I saw that she got a neutral because she messed up again. I’m sure the mom didn’t want to give her a negative for fear of backlash, imo. My side was never resolved, she never offered to give me $30 to pay for the items I gave her for the trade, she never offered to send them back, nor did she offer to redo the product that she made for my little one’s. I have emailed her but my email goes unanswered. I know she read it because I saw it. I also told this to the moderator who was handling this mediation, but I still haven’t heard back from this mama. I’m out $30, her product had to be trashed because it wasn’t up to par, the product wasn’t mixed throughly, the colors were blotchy, and not done properly, and it was unusable. Not only that it was shipped out almost a month later. This was also told to the moderator, I guess the mama was talking through the moderator so to speak. I don’t understand how this mama was allowed to come back on and start trading. I don’t know if the other mama’s were reimbursed or what happened with their end of the trades.

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Re: Trade Goes Sour! Suspended Now Back?

If you’re talking about the mama I think you’re talking about, I was another one of the mamas who got taken a few months ago. I ended up with unusable products (even the ones that were “redone”). I know that the neutral feedback was for a trade that was being worked out from months prior (just have to say that the buying mama was much nicer than I would have been–I felt negative feedback was completely warranted in my situation, it couldn’t have been a more negative transaction). The mama’s profile says 6 month ban, so I have no idea how she’s still trading either.

IMHO, the mamas who traded with her after all those negatives were taking a big risk, but I guess it was theirs to take.

ETA: It does look like she’s been on recently, but hasn’t posted since Feb and that’s when the feedback for those trades is from. Maybe that’s what the ban prevents–her posting and/or pming other mamas?

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