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You are right, you should have left it alone. Now you look like an ass, and a scammer. You can find the other side of the story on TF if you look 😉

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I should just let well enough alone

But I can’t. I feel like this folder is such a joke and I can’t sit on my hands hard enough to stop me from typing this post, even though I know it’s against the rules.

Not responding to a buyer’s PM about having sent the paypal does NOT mean that you are out and out ignoring her, it might just mean that you already knew that she sent it because you got an email notification about it from paypal. Telling the buyer that OF COURSE I apologized profusely only AFTER I had a paypal claim filed against me is ridiculous. I knew I was late with shipping and I was apologizing because I knew I was in the wrong. To turn my apologizing around into a reason why she should leave negative feedback is really ridiculous. Would it have been better if I hadn’t apologized for my own error at all? I had more than one transaction in the balance at the time of the one in question, and the other mama I was working with waited for a (timely) response to her PM about the shipping status. She and I agreed that priority shipping with an extra dipe thrown into her package would be fine, but the mama that you all advised filed a paypal claim just an hour after sending me a PM asking if I had a DC number. I know because I got the email notifications of both the PM and the paypal claim on my blackberry while I was driving to a job interview. If she still wanted to file a paypal claim after hearing that I had not shipped yet (which I was planning to tell her as soon as I got home), that would have been her prerogative.

And finally, ONE negative feedback that was left more than a YEAR ago out of 234 transactions is NOT “a history of this sort of thing”.


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