This OP sold to the wrong mama.

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Negative FB

OK so this is the situation….
I sold some diapers on Spot’s not too long ago and the mama contacted me (tues) saying they were horribly made, knock offs, missing labels and more. That she was going to make everyone in the diaper world know that i was selling poor product if i didn’t make things right by giving her a full refund– and then she would send the diapers back to me. She did infact leave Neg FB on Spots.
I’m pretty darn sure they were not knock offs, all the labels were there as I still have the pics and you can see them all. The quality, in my opinion was not at all how she made them out to be, I would never sell anything without discribing it properly. She wrote me on Tues and opened a PP file to have the money refunded, but they said they wouldn’t deal with quality issues. I was in transit on tues and didn’t get her messages until wed, when i got home. I’ve written to her everyday to try and get things sorted, I said that if she really felt they were so *off* i would refund her, if she was to return them to me.
I have not heard a peep from her? I’m not sure, if she does contact me again, i would be willing to refund her> how would I know she would send them? I just really want the Neg FB gone from spots because I feel it was unfair and it is the only FB i have there Any suggestions to what i should do?

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Re: Negative FB

thanks for the help and suggestions. I was a bit peeved that she left the feedback before i got a chance to respond. The weird thing is she seemed so upset by it but now can’t even respond to me, since making these weirdo accusations and Horrible FB.
It sucks cause if i ever want to sell again on spots no one wou;d ever buy from me b/c of her unfair FB.
thanks again
  1. treeindawind says:

    Happy Crazies Tuesday!

  2. Redhead says:

    makes you not want to BST anywhere with asylum escapees on the loose like this…

  3. sciencefair says:

    I read that thread and felt horribly for the OP. Sucks to sell to crazies.

    #2 I know what you mean. I have a stack of diapers I am not using I want to sell so I can get the diapers I do use repaired…and I won’t list them on DS because of all the crazies.

  4. Not Me At All says:

    I ran across this reason for banning on DS and thought it was interesting

    TOS Violation, Posting False Info, “Soap Drama”

    UN is CrunchyMama

  5. Not Me At All says:

    Correction CrunchyMomma
    ancient history but I thought the reason was one I had never seen before

  6. smartassmama says:

    I have about 8 FBs that I need to sell, but I just don’t have the energy to post them, take pictures in *just* the right light, whip out a magnifying glass to scrutinize them, strip them, and have them blessed with Holy Water, just so that I can do everything possible not to end up with someone hating me about them. I’m not using the damn things, and haven’t in 2 or 3 months. We just didn’t have enough JB inserts for them and found the KND love, so I decided I’d stop using them and sell them, rather than buy enough inserts for diapers I’m not even fond of. I don’t even know what DS has changed about FSOT rules. And I haven’t posted on CDN nearly enough to feel comfortable selling there. I think I have one FB. lol

  7. smartassmama says:

    So, thanks strange twatwafflers for scaring me off from making a few bucks.

  8. sciencefair says:

    smartassmama – I know. I am just trying to recoup the cost of the things we haven’t really used. The diapers we have used are well loved and still getting loved. The experimental diapers…well they just sit on the shelf and say “Hahahaha. You spend $20 on me and on each of my friends, suckah!”

  9. FunnyMama says:

    lolz@Holy Water

    I just listed some carriers and felt really uncomfortable calling them EUC (which they would be by my standards) b/c I know that as soon as I did it would come back to bite me in the ass

  10. sourpatchbabe says:

    4. The soap drama happened way before my youngest was born I believe. She was buying .99 soap from the clearance rack at Joanns/Michael’s and passing it off as WAHM soap for like $4 or $5 each. The whole thing got blown way out of proportion since she wouldn’t admit to it. I distinctly remember Juan having on his siggy something along the lines of: For sale, homemade soap. It’s green and I even wrote zest on it.

    It wasn’t as funny as uniporn but it still was funny.

  11. smartassmama says:

    Roflmfao at his siggy!!!! I shook the bed laughing!

    That’s great though. Wonder how she was exposed.

  12. smartassmama says:

    And uniporn – that makes me think of Carrie Prejean. Am I along the right lines?

  13. amessymama says:

    10-That is hilarious!!! Does she still post there?

  14. DSDM2 says:

    Oh I think we might have featured her here… or talked about it at the least. I think it was back in the days of the BGs wasn’t it?

  15. hot_tamale says:

    #6, it helps to get a papal blessing and exorcism for the dipes.It helps filter out the ones who want refunds,for demonic possession.And the ones who offer a buck per diaper.

  16. Not Me At All says:

    Okay so I was wading through that FG thread while the babe nursed and got to the part about whether FCOL can have a copyright of the KIOS design. What do you guys think?

  17. organicmomma says:

    Hmmm…that juliek though…I have tried to trade with her before and she’s really stingy and rude…I avoid her iso at all costs….

  18. smartassmama says:

    Holy shit.
    If I responded to an ad and told someone I was Reese Witherspoon they’d never believe me. You can’t always believe what you read, on the INTERNET. God bless her though, I hope she’s able to find her way out of that situation.

  19. smartassmama says:

    And that smacks of an existing user who signed up for a second profile because they wanted semi-anonymity.

  20. smartassmama says:

    And I think Amygamie found her way here. . .

  21. Redhead says:

    21- What I was thinking, too. Wonder how long it will take before H2BAM bans her…

  22. smartassmama says:

    Maybe she’ll have a shred of sympathy and delete the post, give her a strike, and give her the PW to that anon account.

  23. adensmama says:

    Wow if she is for real then I feel really bad for her, but then again this could be another “I’m living in a shed but not really I just like to make up crazy shit on the internet” situations.

  24. nini02 says:

    17 – I read about FCOL’s issue on Facebook, but what is the “FG thread”?

  25. Myself says:

    Who is it that posted? And why would she get a strike?

  26. Myself says:

    26 – Franklin Goose

  27. Kristen says:

    I posted a comment on the domestic violence thread. That damn thing has got me all up in a tizzy. I’m a victim of domestic violence, so I things like this very seriously. She better hope there are no holes in her story and that she is telling the truth…otherwise, I just might get myself banned.

  28. monkey says:


    If you have feedback elsewhere you can always post FSOT on CDN and link to your FB other places. The fact that you’re worried about posting a FSOT because you don’t have enough posts/feedback pretty much shows that you aren’t scamming.

  29. Redhead says:

    Unread Today, 07:56 PM #25
    Registered Users

    I’m not trying to be mean, really, its just my feelings. I would take my stuff over my son anyday. This isn’t the life I wanted for myself. Had I known it was going to be this bad I would have aborted. I would abort now if I could but he’s 13 months old…And its not his fault, I know that, and that’s why I don’t want him to have a bad life, he doesn’t deserve this, but I don’t know how to get out of all of it and him be ok. Living in a shelter of any kind just isn’t for me. I have skills I could use for employment just not in this town- and with the hours I would be working he’d be in daycare all the time and I just don’t want to deal with him. I want him to be adopted but his dad refuses.

    Ok, she is a troll.

  30. Redhead says:

    I can’t stand cedricsmom, btw. She follows me around DS and annoys me to know end…

  31. Redhead says:

    “no” not “know”.. ugh, tired. And annoyed.

  32. smartassmama says:

    Dear me,

    Why the hell isn’t pcjs on my ignore list already? Fix that.


  33. smartassmama says:

    30. I do have a screenshot linked. I don’t know why I never thought of that. I’ll do that as soon as I find some drive & energy. πŸ˜‰

  34. Redhead says:

    But why!?? She is so kind and thoughtful in this tragic situation.. a “Mother Teresa” for anonymous Diaperswappers trolls who want to abort their 13 month old sons because having “things” is much better..

  35. Kristen says:

    Oh I am so going to get a strike tonight. I can feel it.

  36. Redhead says:

    I am really REALLY having a hard time believing anything she says.
    I mean, really!
    Probably why I am sitting here laughing instead of getting angry at her posts..

  37. Redhead says:

    what does “YAGE” mean?

  38. Kristen says:

    Yet Another Grand Exit

  39. melmelly says:

    Yet Another Grand Exit.

  40. melmelly says:

    jinx Kristen!

  41. Kristen says:

    42- LOL

    I’m guessing that everyone knows who I am on DS eh? If you do, then it’s super easy to figure out who I am on CDN.

    I keep refreshing the page to see if I get a strike PM.

    C’mon ladies! Come poke the troll with me!!!

  42. cdmom says:

    As for the OP, whatever. juliek is a snotty, whiney brat. She acts so entitled. She only comes to the boards when something is wrong and she carries on about the drama. When it turns back to her, she pulls the “I’m so quiet and meek, woe is me, why are people mean” shit. She needs to really rethink things before posting.

  43. Redhead says:

    I’m there…I keep refreshing the page too.. lol

  44. Kristen says:

    A friend PM’ed me on DS and for a second I got all excited because I thought it was my strike PM. How lame am I?

  45. Redhead says:

    45- if you get one, ask H2BAM (or whatever mod it is) to please re-send your strike PM in gold letters.. as it will be more special that way for framing… πŸ˜‰

  46. amygamie says:

    Oh wow, that scared me at first seeing my name on here. I was wondering what in the world could I of done to end up here. I guess I have to post now. I had to come check here after checking up on that “abuse” thread blew up knowing it would already be up here on DODS (I did find that one on my own). I guess it is obvious I lurk here, lol? I didn’t exactly hide it when it came to the outing of RM, lol.

    I am happy and content lurking on here, as you ladies seem to find all of the scammers and find all of the people that I want to avoid on DS for me. (it really makes the forum easier for me) If I do ever decide to post on here I think though it would have to be under a different name just so I can be semi-anonymous. I would like to keep my DS account as I do like FSOT and would someday like to have enough feedback to actually participate in a co-op sometime. KWIM?

  47. Kristen says:

    46- LOL I’ve spoken to H2BAM on the phone before and I think she’s nice. :hides:

    I’ll take my strike with my head held high. =)

  48. Hexe says:

    I wonder if she is for real..
    I say troll.

  49. melmelly says:

    H2BAM should change her name on DS to happy2BScrazedloon, happy2BAstrikequeen, happy2BApowertrippin’mama, or something along those lines.

  50. Hexe says:

    Why am I in moderation?

  51. Redhead says:

    47– she never bothered me until I had a problem with another member publicly bashing me and another mama on the board.. and she didn’t do anything about it.

  52. Kristen says:

    She’s the mod over-seeing my mediation and is doing a good job given the circumstances, IMO.

  53. Kristen says:

    And the thread is closed.

  54. DSMBH says:

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    Re: Relationship Issues….
    Closing this to look into some things.

    I will tell you that the women here are very caring. Many have helped out those in bad situations. Women we don’t really know and will never even meet. However, awhile back there was a strange case. We all pitched in,tracked her down,got the police involved in that situation for the *safety* of the woman claiming to be abused. She was lying to all of us and her sleeping husband had to deal with their home being stormed by the local law enforcement. I’m not at all saying that is the situation here but you have raised concern.

    I’m worried by what I have been reading so here is the deal. You can pm me info so I can start the ball on getting you actual help OR you can ignore the offer of help and out of concern I’ll be running your IP and tracing your location and calling for someone to check in.Your choice

    FWIW,craigslist dude is a HORRIBLE idea. SO many bad things could happen to you and your son.

    Please, shoot me a pm. My mom actually has ties to several places that help women with children get their lives back on track. I’m sure we can get you help should you be willing to accept it.

  55. Hexe says:

    And there comes H2BAM to the rescue.

  56. Redhead says:

    wow, she is actually doing something!

  57. Hexe says:

    I don’t think there was anything strike worthy in the thread.

  58. Kristen says:

    See, I told you she isn’t ALL bad. That story about getting the police involved to have it turn out to be a lie made me lol a lil bit.

    Anyone else feel like this may have been Felishoe again?

  59. Hexe says:

    #58 I don’t know, doesn’t quite sound like her.

  60. melmelly says:

    Wow. I am impressed with what she wrote in that thread. For right now, I take back what I said in #48. I would like to know the outcome of what H2BAM finds with that situation, but it would probably stir up drama, so it won’t get posted. OTOH, it would be good for the result to be posted to see if there was any truth to it, or if it was the work of a troll.

  61. Myself says:

    All I can say is that I fear for that little boy (if he is real and not a story)

    Any mother who says she wishes she could abort her 13 month old just might do something to him . 😦

  62. Redhead says:

    54, I was thinking it could very well be Miss F-word…

    I really wanna know what H2BAM finds out!

  63. smartassmama says:

    Wow. Now I really want to know the story H2BAMod was talking about.
    But wait, has her name always said administrator under it? I’d swear it said moderator, but maybe I’m thinking of a different site?

    And I really actually hope it’s just someone who needed the drama in her life, so she created drama.

    I’d Luke to know how it turns put, but I doubt that’ll happen.

  64. Myself says:

    The one she talked about, the mother said something about living in a shed at night and only coming out while her DH was at work and it had no air, etc…

    And she had like 3 children or something.

    Someone tracked her down and called the police and stormed the house to find the husband sleeping, totally unaware and the wife on the computer IN the house making everything up.

    (at least that is how I remember it, don’t quote me)

  65. melmelly says:

    58-I think it was late summer/early fall when that all went down. This woman said her husband was keeping her in the shed in the backyard, but she would be able to sneak out, etc. It really stirred up some emotions in some who had been in abusive relationships, etc. Turned out to be a fake story.

  66. Kristen says:

    59/60- I’m ASSuming the threads on DS are no longer there? I could use a good read.

  67. smartassmama says:

    Whoa. . . That’s. Wow.

  68. Myself says:

    ummm, I think it was deleted but not sure and I have no search ability

  69. melmelly says:

    I won’t go to eHerpeville to look for it. I do know that it was mentioned in the comments on here. I will look for which entry it was in after I get my boys to bed.

  70. Redhead says:

    that is something my crazy relative would do… yes, people like that exist. Sad I have to be related to them! 😦

  71. turkey lurkey says:

    I just saw an add for this website on Facebook. Anyone else think it looks like the work of the RumpyCushions person?

  72. MotherMoonPads says:

    I have to say that I’m impressed with H2AM here. That thread was… really hard to read 😦 I hope that she is a troll, because I feel the same as #63.

  73. adensmama says:

    Buyer beware!!!!!

    I saw that and was like ooooh, delicious yarn! And then I saw who the seller was.

  74. Myself says:

    74 – I hope H2BaM can track her down.

    75 – Someone bought it, poor mama. (I mean the buyer not the seller)

  75. adensmama says:

    And thus….the saga continues.

    Hopefully the yarn actually makes it to the buyer and she puts it to good use. I feel sorry for it!

  76. Myself says:

    77 – You feel sorry for Yarn?

    Is this the yarn that Organic Gem said she never got but it was in actuality at her Post Office waiting for her to pick it up?

  77. adensmama says:

    lol…yeah. I like to put emotions toward inanimate objects πŸ˜€

  78. Redhead says:

    78, dunno. I thought she mailed that back to the seller…?

  79. Myself says:

    80- I believe the seller said no because Organic Gem is in Canada.

  80. smartassmama says:

    bummer. I’m gonna have to start censoring myself better & stop being myself. I just got my last warning for using “s#it” in a post about a truly stupid, stupid video. Some lame-ass reported me. :/ If I get banned I can’t look at all the purdy links here. I need to go be superficially nice.

  81. DSDM2 says:

    Organic Gem paid the seller after saying she wouldn’t and didn’t want it.

  82. Myself says:

    82- which thread.

    83 – oh okay, I get confused, so many scammers, so many stories.

  83. DSDM2 says:

    #44 really? I’ll have to go back and read.

  84. Redhead says:

    83.. why would she buy something just to re-sell? Did she make any $$ off re-selling the yarn?
    I guess, knowing how OG already is.. I don’t need to ask “why”. Just, crazy.

  85. smartassmama says:

    84. It was in the car seat forum of all places. rofl
    Some group of dipshits put out a video with a bunch of morons trying to unlatch car seats after accidents, showing that the US needs to do an overhaul on how all car seats are made. It was truly stupid.

  86. Redhead says:

    Flat Stainley hasn’t come around lately.. hmmmm…

  87. smartassmama says:

    I’m still wondering who she is. The google only brought up some paper comic?

  88. Redhead says:

    I have my suspicions.. but nothing solid yet. I guess she never Pmed you on DS?

  89. smartassmama says:

    Nah. If she did her premonitions were wrong. lol
    I didn’t expect her to anyway.

  90. Myself says:

    91 – Yeah but I was right, wasn’t I ? Or am I confusing you with someone else?

  91. smartassmama says:

    no. you were right. πŸ™‚

  92. amygamie says:

    #82/84 wow I have read that thread before and saw that post and didn’t even notice it, it must of been someone who was bitter and looking for something to report. I didn’t see anything that could of offended anyone by any of the posts.

  93. Myself says:

    94 – Yeah you wouldn’t believe what people supposedly “report”.

    Supposedly a newbie knew to “report” my PM to a moderator because it included a link to DoDS. Uh huh, yeah right, I don’t believe that one bit.

  94. amygamie says:

    #95 That is why I have only mentioned it in my outside email account just to be safey safe.

  95. Myself says:

    96 – lol, I did it on purpose

  96. Redhead says:

    What is the deal for sharing the link to this website? Just because DS is supposedly perfect or something?
    One mama sent it to me before I knew about this site.. I hope she didn’t get in trouble..

  97. smartassmama says:

    I think it’s because if they delete and/or hide the bad stuff (people getting scammed, people being trolls, people calling out trolls or scammers), then in DS land, it ceases to exist and never existed. Here there are screenshots, quotes, copy+paste, and evidence that it was there after all.

    That’s my take on it.
    I don’t think it’s to get rid of competition. Hell, there’s a thread in OT about “what other message boards to you check daily?” or something to that effect. Although, I haven’t read that one, so it might mean photography, fishing, motorcycle, car, etc. message boards that don’t compete with DS.

  98. smartassmama says:

    *SNORT!* speak of the devel, cents I just menchunned that thred.

  99. amygamie says:

    I think that is why the thread mentioned in Another One for the Do Not BST list. post #25 was scared to ask a question about making an account for The Bump. That was the site she was talking about (I was wanting to say it on here but this was before I ever posted on here) I got to see her actually mention it right before the whole thread got deleted. Is The Bump really as unmentionable on DS as DODS, or did they delete the thread because it could of brought up mention or hints of DODS?

    I wasn’t sure if she was confused with all of the other previous mentions of DODS as “the unmentionable site” and mistook The Bump to be that, or if I The Bump really is an unmentionable site as well.

  100. Myself says:

    emy_lou is a Louon – pronounced loon, the u is silent

  101. Myself says:

    ok, guess I’m not funny , gonna go hide now

  102. smartassmama says:

    It’s just not silent enough. . .

    (sorry I was gone awhile, cents my 2yr old is giving me a herd time at napping.)

  103. Myself says:

    my 1 yr, 3 yr and 4 yr all give me hard times but if I don’t have them take a nap, yeah bad things happen

  104. smartassmama says:

    Oh Lord. If she doesn’t have one the world just ends. Everything is Oh.So.Tragic. Drama out the wazoo. She’s a diva in a diaper.

    If she doesn’t get her nap, I need a couple B doubleE Rs. (ok. Last emy_Lou reference, I sware).

  105. organicmomma says:

    Ummm…ok, that woman makes me sick…If i were her husband, and she were telling me that she didn’t want our child, i’d want to smack her too….My ex-husband still to this day, 6 years later, tells me he doesn’t want our son, and guess what? I want to whack him one everytime he says it….and what’s with someone always swooping in on ds and trying to be the hero for OP’s that are RETARDED????

  106. organicmomma says:

    Not the mod, but jcpc or something her name was…

  107. Redhead says:

    108- Yeah, I think she completely fell for the troll & didn’t see any of the points we were trying to make…
    blah, whatever. Cedricsmom annoyed me at first in that thread, but she got rid of her funk or whatever it is she carries around with her towards the end…

  108. Just Peachy says:

    Talk nasty? Seriously she is the one to say shit about talking nasty? The only reason she has a bug up her ass is cus she got banned for being a troll. Otherwise she would be touting the praises of CDN.

  109. Sala says:

    You know, I was (and am) fairly uninvolved and feel ambiguous at the beginning of every pregnancy. But let me tell you, I never knew I wanted my baby so badly and was in so much pain as when I about to lose her and after I lost her just after 20 weeks. Honestly, I had no idea I was that invested (call me obtuse if you wish). I also did not feel super bonded to my first kid for at least 7-8 months, which was when I started getting more sleep (woman is not meant to survive on 2-3 hours of broken sleep a night).

    But I never ever wished I’d never had him nor did I ever look into the abandonment laws in my area. I never ever wished I’d had an abortion. I never valued stuff over my kids. This woman has to be suffering from some severe lack of investment or bonding or something if what she says is true. Or she’s one hell of a troll, sadly. I hope for the sake of any children, real or imagined, that this woman is a troll.

  110. organicmomma says:

    Ya, i was the same with my first…It took a while…I think it’s shock really…like whoa…that belongs to me…But i was NEVER like that woman….even with my husband spouting it in my ear in the background…

  111. organicmomma says:

    Any way to find updates on this sitch??? If she’s a trollie or for real?

  112. organicmomma says:

    I guess either way she’s still psychotic…. trollie, real, whatever….psychotic i say…

  113. DSMBH says:

    Isn’t this “itsasnap” ?I’m fairly new to the CD world and I mostly lurk here, but I thought this was funny


    Itsasnap? Post 12

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    Re: Cyberbulling…Mom Style
    It’s happened to me too. That’s why I don’t come on here very often anymore. When they had the blog for ds too or whatever that way, I was pretty badly flamed there too.
    ~Misty, married to the bestest man in the universe, Alt. vaxing, babywearing, breastfeeding SAHM to the 3 bestest kids
    Will trade for H20/Duo carrier or felt play food
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  114. DSMBH says:

    Just for my own clarification…. Isn’t she the “wahm” who steals people’s ideas and claims them as her own, then slams the WAHM to steal business? Please correct me if I am wrong….

  115. amygamie says:

    I never believed any bit of her story at all for a second. For someone who used to make over 100K you can safely assume they owned a couch. When you lose your job and have to move into a smaller place you do not put all of your clothing (assuming you have clothing because he alone was making 100k) and couches into storage so you can live in a crappy apartment with just a camping chair. That alone doesn’t make any sense.

    Where in the hell did a 2×2 come from anyways. I cannot see any logical reason why there would be a 2×2 in an empty crappy apartment. They have no money so they aren’t building anything, he goes to school so even more reason why there wouldn’t be a 2×2 laying around unless he brought it home just to hit her with but even then most people don’t make plans on bringing items home just to hit their wives with.

    Her parents won’t take her in even for a day just because they don’t like him even though she is supposedly being abused. So automatically shutting down logical fix #1 down so people don’t suggest it.

    She is worried about her stuff being stolen if she goes to a shelter so she is automatically shutting down logical fix #2 Oh noez don’t steal my camping chair. She quickly refuses other logical solutions so the only thing else to do would be to give sympathy to her pathetic ass sob story. Another major troll sign. She just wanted to people to hear to moan and cry and wants them to get all teary eyed with her.

    She shut down the get a job and get your stuff out of storage idea because that of course would be logical fix #3

    Her story includes a want and desire for abortion, that alone is enough to upset most any person on a parenting based board, major troll sign. She doesn’t want her kid and her stuff if more important (her stuff being a camping chair), that goes along with the abortion thing being a troll sign.

    Someone guy from craigslist is willing to drive a few hours out of his way to house her and her baby for free and he happens to be someone who was on national television but I can’t give you any details. Of course because giving that piece of information would easily unravel everything and expose your troll story. If this was real the detail of the reality show thing wouldn’t even be mentioned.

    This is her first posting with a generic name, troll sign. Any real person in that situation would be leaving out the details of wanting abortion and hating their child in their story no matter how true they may be.

    That is just the first post, how can anyone take that seriously? That is just the stuff I noticed right off the bat. I wouldn’t even pretend the story could be true. I tried to make that obvious with my first post on that thread hoping some other mamas will think twice about the story, but I didn’t want to say anything because I might get in trouble. I have received some help from another mama on DS and I was very grateful for that but really it makes me worry for people how quickly they believe this stuff and are willing to give putting themselves at risk.

  116. organicmomma says:

    Ya, she wasn’t listening to ANYTHING!! Also wouldn’t say where she lived….and ummm…#115 WHY on EARTH did that mama tweet about her son drowning in the pool? Cause she was on twitter when it happened? STUPID! I have a laptop, I can ALWAYS see all of my children, I lock the doors so they don’t run out…A pool is an attractive nuisance, it should Always have a gate that is locked…

  117. Redhead says:

    117, I skimmed over her story at first.. and posted she should get out ASAP. Then, after I got dinner on the table.. I re-read the thing and just started laughing. I know some mama’s got really upset, but to me, it was just stupid.. the whole thing.
    There were just too many critical things left out of her story. Maybe she exaggerated it in hopes she would receive more sympathy.. gosh, I don’t know. I did notice she logged in again last night.. wonder if she PMed H2BAM?

  118. organicmomma says:

    And it said she tweeted seconds after it happened…why are you not laying balling with your son at that point?? How could you type? Or do anything but cry…

  119. organicmomma says:

    I wonder if she pm’d her also…I’m surprised she logged back on…And who has a 2×2? If there was a random piece of wood laying around, i’d assume it’d be a 2×4…It was pretty dramalicious and funny, but it mostly made me want to whack her and take her son…

  120. organicmomma says:

    I would think her parents wouldn’t let her in because she’s a crazy? If they hated the bf and she was trying to leave him, why wouldn’t they let her in? Doesn’t make sense..:headscratch:

  121. smartassmama says:

    HOW did I miss that the 13mo fell in the pool? The crap hole appt has a pool? I guess she packed up the camping chair and went downstairs?

    And OMG lol @ “oh noez don’t steal my camping chair” hahahaha! I read it out loud. My 2 yr old didn’t get it, but she giggled with me. I think I might have been wrong about you. That was quite funny, & very true. Everything was a huge sign.

  122. organicmomma says:

    No, no…she didn’t have a pool..that was to who posted comment #115…If you read the article, it talks about a mom who’s son fell in the pool and drown, and she tweeted about it seconds after it happened…the story is saying we shouldn’t bully people who do things like that…

  123. Redhead says:

    didn’t Feleesheebop always come up with reasons why “i can’t do that because of whatever” on all her drama posts?
    Like, “here is a logical solution to your problem.. do XYZ”.. and F-bopper was always “No, I can’t because now there is other amazing drama thing I never mentioned in my first posting, well that is why i now can’t do your suggestion..”

    Yeah, me is thinking it waz her…

  124. Redhead says:

    124, nor should we “bully” people who want 10000s of other people murdered because their skin color or religion is different. Oh noes, not teh bulleez!

  125. organicmomma says:

    I went back and searched feli-poop a while back, and all her posts are stupid! It’s probably her…But WHY, WHY, WHY would you tell the world all that stupid crap? Does she have a son??? feli-poop?

  126. Redhead says:

    Yes.. she has 1 boy.

  127. organicmomma says:

    OH noes not the bulleez…hahaha….

  128. organicmomma says:

    Oh god, it’s so her then….has she said things like that before? Isn’t her husband gone right now???? She’s just bored, or what?

  129. amygamie says:

    It might be f-word, I looked at her blog yesterday and the last two posting are attention seeking ones and no one even responded to them. Must be depressing.

    As for twittering the drowning baby I don’t feel sorry for her being scolded on the interwebz. Anyone in their right mind who just lost their child on their own watch would be too hysterical to even be able to function let alone twitter.

  130. organicmomma says:

    she is in SOOOOO much trouble if it’s her….

  131. organicmomma says:

    she is in SOOOOO much trouble if it’s her….holy drama blog…I’m tired of being fat…then get off your computer, off your ass and do something about it….instead of being a drama mama all day…

  132. organicmomma says:

    oops, double post…and i said a$$! ha, oops…

  133. amygamie says:

    Now I feel bad for even talking about f-word. I really just wanted her to go away for her own good. Now I am worried that she is going to make a comeback, I would feel it would be somehow my fault for linking her blog to here. But then again this isn’t the first time her blog has been linked to this site.

    I didn’t even mean to check her blog yesterday it just came up as I was typing in another site and thought what the hell lets see whats new and if she really did get a babysitting job.

  134. organicmomma says:

    Is there any way to ask anonymously on her blog if it’s her thread?

  135. smartassmama says:

    I don’t think it’s her. :hides: Not sure why I don’t. I know her son isn’t 13mths though. And even though she doesn’t really have teh smartz, I think she’d know better than to do it on DS. Again. She at least pretends to like her son while she does all her extra curriculars.

  136. organicmomma says:

    What extra curriculars? Like fat surgery?

  137. amygamie says:

    #136 I don’t think that is a good idea. She might take that as stalking and then threaten to sue DS and DODS again.

  138. smartassmama says:

    Sure. Blogspot allows anon comments. But I’d bet dollars to doughnuts she’d delete the comment, deny, or both.

    “And that’s all I have to say about that.” Don’t want her toxic ass coming back, yet agin, with her “CP” accusations and 8743 & 1/2 comments for DSDM2 & Drama Mama to delete

  139. organicmomma says:

    I mean…not saying it’s a bad thing to do, but being so dramatic and save me and telling the world is a bit….umm…odd…

  140. smartassmama says:

    No. I was thinking of her “self-portraits” and drama jenga.

  141. organicmomma says:

    OK, agreed….so, what’s next?

  142. smartassmama says:

    Yeah, I think I know what you’re saying. Someone I know really well is about to have “fat surgery” for his health, to be a bigger part of his kids’ lives, & knows the change it will make in his life. I’ve seen some of the paperwork on it. It’s not easy. She probably thinks it is. With a shitty mom and inlaws she hates, who’s going to watch the kiddie?

  143. Redhead says:

    138… ROTFL .. “fat surgery”

  144. Molly says:

    There was just a story on the news tonight about a mom who was arrested and charged today with attempted murder of her 13 month old son. They had her family on the news saying that the mom kept saying she didn’t want the boy and kept trying to give him up. I don’t understand people.

  145. smartassmama says:

    Where was the story from?!

  146. Redhead says:

    146.. what what? Could this be Erin12345?

  147. organicmomma says:

    OH.MY.F’ING.GOODNESS!!!! where is this article??? where, where, where?

  148. smartassmama says:

    Because my googling finds stories only as recent as about a week ago. Maybe this is where the troll found her idea?

  149. organicmomma says:

    maybe it IS the troll…someone above said she logged on today though???

  150. Molly says:

    I don’t think it could have been her because the attempted murder happened on Friday and she was arrested today. This is the link to the story. It isn’t the same clip they just showed with the interviewer speaking to her family.

  151. smartassmama says:

    Because I’m thinking this is just someone wanting to make us feel bad for pointing out the red flags in that thread. Especially since I don’t recognize screenname Molly.

  152. smartassmama says:

    Oh ok. All I could find was that one also. I thought you were saying it was recent.

  153. organicmomma says:

    She def could have done it friday…posted her drama for pity, cause she felt guilty and got arrested today….I don’t get what you mean smartassmama….

  154. organicmomma says:

    OK, i get it!

  155. DSDM2 says:

    We don’t delete any comments. Not even Felisha’s. They are all approved and posted at my convenience.

  156. smartassmama says:

    I thoughts you guys had her on a filter?
    I didn’t mean it rudely, just that she caused extra work & irritation.

  157. DSDM2 says:

    Her posts are held in moderation until I get a chance to approve them and feel like dealing with her. All of her posts are eventually approved in their entirety, sometimes I get to it right away, sometimes it is a few days later.

  158. Redhead says:

    151— Erin12345 Erin12345 is offline
    Registered Users
    Last Activity: Yesterday 11:28 PM

  159. organicmomma says:

    UH-OH!!!!! Could be her….crap…..My comp won’t load the video….

  160. Myself says:

    First off, I just want to say how mean of everyone it is to start chatting like crazy once I leave.

    Second, off to read from 108 on. LOL

  161. smartassmama says:

    She’s 39 and her name isn’t erin.

  162. piratebaby says:

    so, what does one do when one has been banished (multiple times) from every board on the world wide web??? Why create their own of course! Just got a notice that my registration for a military spouse board was manually approved, but didn’t remember registering with this particular board. Got another email saying hey ladies let’s revive this thing!! Still suspicious… until I noticed that the address was from an owliemommy…. yep, she’s an administrator there

  163. organicmomma says:

    MAAAAYBE she got arrested today because they followed her IP address and called the cops….haha…probably not, but that would be craaaazy!

  164. organicmomma says:

    She could have made up the Erin name…:giggle:

  165. smartassmama says:

    I dunno. Like I said, I hope it’s a hoax. Its all very strange. Very very.

  166. Redhead says:

    eh… I think she was just a troll, still.

  167. angelique says:

    back to the cyberbulling mom thread. is crunch!910 one of Felisha’s other usernames? The avatar pic looks a lot like her son and I know this user has started a lot of drama threads in the past. Maybe I am out of the loop….or totally wrong but post#5 in the bully thread sounds like her

  168. Just Peachy says:

    I feel sorry for Felisha. I have a friend who has had the surgery but not til after she tried every freaking diet on the market. She had to go thru therapy and she had to have spent at least 6 months trying to get approved for the damn surgery so it isn’t as easy as omg I’m gonna get a lap band and poof it happens.

  169. redfish bluefish says:

    164 that is from november

    how scary! I sure hope she was just a troll

  170. redfish bluefish says:

    I remember the “woman in the shed” story on DS. Disturbing. Very disturbing.


  171. Redhead says:

    but what’s the most fun is trolling the trolls… πŸ˜‰ At this hobby, I am an addict!

  172. Organicmomma shut the fuck up! You’re the god damn troll!

    I haven’t been on DS. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!

    And so what if I want surgery! I want to better my fucking life, and be healthy and be a better mother for my son than my mom was for me! And stay off my fucking forum and leave me alone!

    Jesus, You’re fucking dumb.

    And whoever keeps posting on my blog linking me here.. FUCKING STOP!


  173. Why was my post deleted?!




  175. DSDM2 says:

    Trolls like felisha, the shed woman, and others really do suck. They bring the whole community down.

  176. I like how you said you don’t delete my posts but you did. lmao

    you’re a cunt. for real.

  177. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha, we do not delete ANY posts. None. Get over yourself. All we do is make sure names match.

  178. Just Peachy says:

    Well F word its not as easy as getting the surgery. You have to make lifestyle changes. Its not like poof you are cured you dumb ass.

  179. Peach, I know that, I’m not stupid.


  180. Myself says:

    Felisha, if you want to better your life. Here are some tips:

    Take your vitamins. Some key ones are Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Fish Oil, Prenatals, Iron, Probiotics

    Take your son for a walk. It is great for you and for him.

    Keep your house as clean as possible to help combat depression. (Not saying you don’t keep your house clean, just that it being messy/cluttered can lead to depression)

    Try to go to a Mom’s group in your area a few times a week.

    Make some IRL friends.

    Trade off with some military friends for some babysitting.

    Last of all, think before you post. If you don’t want us to think you are stupid, lazy and crazy, don’t act it.

    Swearing is a BIG turn off, so is the ALL CAPS THING you have going on. Proper grammar and punctuation is always nice. πŸ™‚

  181. sourpatchbabe says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention in case I become so wenchy that someone wanted to google me (I really don’t care either way). I’m either sourpatchbabe, sourpatchbaby, or sourpatch_babe online. the only email address that is hooked up to my online personnas happens to be one of the above @ a major carrier. But that’s not my real email address, it’s just a dummy one that getsautomatically forwarded to another one that gets used on my IM. And if you search me on FB by that email address, you will find a dummy account that I and some friends created so we can play farmville. Not too many people have my real email address and oh yeah, I do have a blog that I haven’t updated in eons. I should go back and update it again.

    As long as you don’t tell The Hubby where I hang out (he thinks the internet is the devil’s work and paypal is its favorite child, lol), I don’t mind what you or anyone does with that info. That’s why I made sure all my UN were the same/similar. It’s easier to trace (plus easier for me to remember them what with my forgetfulness and all).

  182. Just Peachy says:

    Eh I don’t google anyone plus you seem like an ok chick.

  183. DSDM2 says:


  184. smartassmama says:

    I didn’t know anyone googled folks here?
    Unless they started off acting like a turd.

  185. amygamie says:

    Dammit this is my fault I should of thought before linking at all, I type too fast for my own good, it doesn’t give me anytime to think twice before posting. Sorry.

  186. DSDM2 says:

    Don’t feel bad. She lurks here multiple times a day. She would have read it anyhow. And it isn’t like we didn’t already know what her new blog was. She used her screen name that she came back under.

  187. magpiedpiper says:

    Speak of the devil and (s)he doth appear.

  188. Just Peachy says:

    I am going to give you some sage advice F. I know its hard not to respond when ppl talk shit but whatever you do, DON’T. Eventually shit will die down and people will move onto other things. If you truly want people to leave you alone then you will take my advice.

  189. felishasjourney says:

    189, if you’re talking about me, That’s a lie.

    I was linked here via my blog. I would have brushed it off but people were saying I tried to kill my son for attention and that is just not right.

    And myself, thank’s for the advice. I have actually done all of those besides the last two.

    I’ve left your forums and blog. Now please, Just leave me alone so I can live my life. Stop talking about me and stop messaging me on my blog. It’s not nice and I’m tired of it. I’ve left your community and I want no part of it. I honestly don’t give a hoot anymore.

    Don’t say I tried to kill my son, And don’t make fun of me for trying to better my life. And my grammar only sucks when I’m in a heated frenzy over people messaging me on my blog about stupid stuff said here. Like I’ve said. Please, Just leave me alone!

  190. felishasjourney says:

    Make that 188

  191. DSDM2 says:

    As a matter of fact, here are her visits from yesterday and today alone:
    Junction City, Kansas, United States, 138 returning visits in 30 days

    Date Time Type WebPage
    28th April 2010 10:35:38 Page View No referring link
    Date Time Type WebPage
    28th April 2010 13:54:42 Page View No referring link
    Date Time Type WebPage
    28th April 2010 18:24:35 Page View No referring link
    Date Time Type WebPage
    28th April 2010 22:50:11 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 22:50:27 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 23:14:18 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 23:23:53 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 23:27:28 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 23:28:38 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 23:28:44 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 23:33:57 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 23:34:41 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 23:36:24 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 23:52:29 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 23:53:06 Page View No referring link
    28th April 2010 23:59:58 Page View No referring link
    29th April 2010 00:00:56 Page View No referring link
    29th April 2010 00:20:14 Page View No referring link
    29th April 2010 00:25:59 Page View No referring link
    29th April 2010 00:26:04 Page View No referring link
    29th April 2010 00:26:29 Page View No referring link
    29th April 2010 00:27:07 Page View No referring link
    29th April 2010 00:29:19 Page View No referring link
    29th April 2010 00:29:56 Page View No referring link
    29th April 2010 00:30:42 Page View No referring link
    29th April 2010 00:31:58 Page View No referring link
    magnify this user

  192. felishasjourney says:

    Yeah, Nice. But that’s a lie. And I do not live in Junction City, KS. πŸ™‚ Try again.

  193. felishasjourney says:

    Anyway, If you do not want me to be here, Fine. I’ll leave like I have been. But stop posting lies about me, and stop coming to my blog.

  194. DSDM2 says:

    The IP for that matches the IP she posts with most of the time. So I know that is her watching πŸ™‚

  195. magpiedpiper says:

    DSDM2, you know all of our IP’s would show we peep just as much. The difference I suppose, is that we don’t decry the awfulness of the blog and insist others force us to come here. (Lies! All lies!)

  196. felishasjourney says:

    Most of the time? You’re fucking stupid. Once someone’s IP changes they don’t go back to it later on. Jesus christ.

  197. DSDM2 says:

    @198 Oh, all of your IPs come up πŸ˜‰ I just find the ones that claim they don’t come here more interesting.

  198. felishasjourney says:

    Don’t ya think if I came here that much I’d of posted about this issue sooner. Jesus christ.

    APPROVE MY POSTS YOU DIRTY CUNT. or do you just like hiding behind your “power”


  199. DSDM2 says:

    IPs are funny things. For instance, Felisha has a roaming IP, and posts from different IPs at different times. Other people have static IPs, and others only use IP hiders. I love this kind of thing. People like Felisha don’t understand how IPs go back and forth, change, or are traceable. We have some people who have common IPs with their ISP, people we know are different and have matching IPs b/c of the type of server. It is all so interesting πŸ™‚

  200. felishasjourney says:

    You’re dumb because I just changed my ISP last week.

  201. felishasjourney says:

    Anyway, I’m done with your little drama blog. I’m so bored of it.

    Don’t say I tried to kill my kid for attention again and I won’t be back here.

    And don’t tell me to come here because they’re saying I’m trying to kill my kid either. That’s stupid.

  202. Just Peachy says:

    Does this mean I am gonna have to stop sitting here hitting refresh when the drama gets good just so I don’t look like I don’t have anything better to do? ROFLMAO.

  203. Just Peachy says:

    I see youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  204. DSDM2 says:

    Don’t you love when people say they are done with someone or something, but they come back over and over? πŸ˜€

  205. smartassmama says:

    LOL peachy I was thinking the same thing!

    I think I probably have two IPs, depending on what I’m using.

  206. DSDM2 says:

    You have 2 IPs that you post from πŸ™‚

  207. smartassmama says:

    That’s what I figured. ISP & then my cell provider. I totally ❀ my Droid.

  208. Erin says:

    That IP thing is cool.

  209. angelique says:

    191. wow. just wow.

    so, the “secret price” crib bedding set has made appearance number two. I am pretty sure this is the same set that was talked about awhile back.

  210. organicmomma says:

    OK, first, I wasn’t talking about felicia being the one doing…well, i was previously, but later on, i was talking about the lady that got arrested yesterday….ummm…I can’t remember her name….I was saying that they are the same people, the arrested lady and ERin…sheesh…trollie, trollie….go away, come again…NEVER, ok…

  211. Just Peachy says:

    She is stupid if she really thinks shes gonna get 250 bucks for a crib bedding set.

  212. organicmomma says:

    Ya, thats a lot! those fairies are cute though….

  213. Myself says:

    Hey DSDM2 – how many IPs do I post fun ? (yup, its a trick question)

  214. Just Peachy says:

    They are cute but not 250$ cute thats for damn sure.

  215. DSDM2 says:

    In the last 5 pages of your posts, I only see one.

  216. Not Me At All says:

    I post from 3 different computers on the same network, is that one or 3 IPs?

  217. Myself says:

    209 – Oh good. I was wondering if I only posted from one computer or not.

  218. amygamie says:

    #191 Ok I don’t feel as bad anymore. I mean I do still feel like a meanie still for not thinking first.

  219. treeindawind says:

    203-Can you imagine being in a transaction with her and all that she DOESN’T do. Every sentence seems to have a “I do NOT” in it. Very demanding and rude on top of it all. Like she is going to have people filling up her pm box to purchase all of oher overpriced items and has to weed out the people that won’t abide by her rules.

    –Sorry, vent over, that thread just irritated the crap out of me.

  220. Redhead says:

    202.. erin..? THE Erin12345? Or another…?

  221. organicmomma says:

    WoW!!!! It is irritating….

  222. organicmomma says:

    The erin12345…I’m saying she’s the lady that got arrested yesterday…we should see if she’s been on DS…

  223. organicmomma says:

    OHHHH…nm….were you asking if that’s the erin up there??? i see it now…

  224. Redhead says:

    I have a hunch. If that Erin above is DS’ Erin12345. I will explain more if she posts again. MuuuHA HA HAA..

  225. angelique says:

    213. you are right. I have done a transaction with her before that resulted in a ton of pm’s and just difficult overall. she is not a mean person or a scammer, just very difficult to work with.

  226. organicmomma says:

    218-I’m intrigued….

  227. organicmomma says:

    Erin12345 has not been on DS since she registered and wrote that thread…

  228. Redhead says:

    203, that stinkin crib set would NOT cost $40 to ship. I just mailed out a 25lb saddle for like $18 parcel post!

    She is nuts!

  229. zamgrawrz says:

    So if you have a wireless router for a laptop in the same house, does that have the same IP? I would think it would….I’m just curious now. I mostly post on my desktop though. Lol, mostly-I think I’ve posted maybe 10 times now >.<

  230. zamgrawrz says:

    Ooo and what if you post from an iPhone, but you’re in a house with a wireless thingie-is it a different IP or is it going to pick up the wireless IP?

    I should stop thinking about this, my ADD is going to tire me out.

    Also…is it just me or does the F word not look like she’s heavy in her pics? I mean…I know it doesn’t show her body but still, usually you get the feeling that someone is a bit on the heavy side from their face when they are.

  231. an AK mama says:

    222 Well she is in AK and Parcel Post to/from here takes weeks if not longer , but even priority I doubt it would cost $40. Actually I know it wouldn’t I’ve had car seats and strollers delivered priority for less than that.

  232. organicmomma says:

    I thought the same about her pic…Ooooo score one for the F-word!!!

  233. organicmomma says:

    Ooooo…i know who two of you are on DS…I think…It’s kinda fun to try and figure out who people are on here and DS…

  234. Redhead says:

    228, you know how I am? πŸ˜‰

  235. zamgrawrz says:

    Can we get in trouble for posting our DS name on here (on DS)?

  236. Redhead says:

    230..not that I know of

  237. Myself says:

    223 : puke :

  238. organicmomma says:

    I do think i know who you are redhead…you were the first one i figured out….know who i am???

  239. organicmomma says:

    heehee, I think we got into it once on shipping to canada….we both must have been bored with nothing to do…..

  240. FunnyMama says:

    I never did like Anne Geddes. I can’t imagine ever letting someone shove my little newborn in a flowerpot just for a shot for June’s calendar page.

  241. organicmomma says:


  242. Redhead says:

    234, are your initials on DS “SSS”?

  243. organicmomma says:

    I know i must have been bored, cause i could care less how much it costs to ship to canada…:giggle:

  244. organicmomma says:


  245. organicmomma says:

    Yours are TF?

  246. Redhead says:


  247. organicmomma says:

    FUN!! I have some prefolds…haha…I just saw your iso…

  248. Redhead says:

    Flat Stainley still hasn’t come back….

  249. organicmomma says:

    Who is that?

  250. amygamie says:

    #230 I don’t think so, but I still don’t feel comfortable using my DS name on here. I am fine with some people knowing but I just don’t feel that well with the vast majority knowing. I feel like it is going to get me banned on DS eventually even though I don’t think I do anything wrong there and I am not mean to anyone or at least not on purpose. But it is kinda already too late, anyone who lurks already knows I look at this site. That already will make you an enemy to some people on DS, even though they obviously look at this site too so they are just as bad. I can tell a few people on DS read this board too, and some people I am pretty sure post on here but I am not too worried about figuring out who everyone is.

    That grandma incest post makes my stomach hurt really bad, it may be all fake, I am trying to pretend it is. But since there were pictures there, my imagination had something to run wild with and it made the story all too real for me to handle. I am glad I stopped reading it after a point.

  251. organicmomma says:

    I didn’t really read it, just skimmed…but did she have the baby that old? at 73 or whatever it was?

  252. Myself says:

    246 – they have a surrogate

  253. organicmomma says:

    OH MY!

  254. Flat Stainley says:

    It is a good thing there is a surrogate too, because that direct line of incest could mess a person up. I suspect the grandson is a gold digger.

  255. Redhead says:

    242, I am selling all but a handful of my PFs. My computer bit the dust and I had to buy a new one.. 😦
    I thought I had changed my ISO? Need to check that I guess…
    Flat Stainley is someone who started posting here about a week ago.. kinda rubbed some people the wrong way and then disappeared.

    245, I’m not too worried about making enemies. Seems like if they have a problem with me being on this site, I wouldn’t want to do business with them anyway…

  256. Redhead says:

    249, You came back! I was wondering about you….

  257. Flat Stainley says:

    Awww, did ya miss me? πŸ™‚

  258. zamgrawrz says:

    Good point, I hadn’t really thought of that. Though I mostly lurk here anyway :P.

    And uh yeah…ew…I wonder how much they paid the surrogate. Cause um, I was a surrogate and I *might* be willing to do it for the right price. What that price is, I dunno, but it’d be enough to buy me a house. And even then I don’t know if I could overcome the whole moral issue. Poor kid. 😦

  259. Redhead says:

    I did. You haunted my dreams.. all night. Everytime I looked in the mirror, I saw your face… too bad I don’t know what you look like.

  260. Flat Stainley says:

    Haunted your dreams? LOL! In what way?
    I’m amused. πŸ™‚

  261. Redhead says:

    I forgot the “insert sarcasm” button with my post.. πŸ˜‰

    But seriously, I am still trying to figure out who you are!

  262. Flat Stainley says:

    I know who you are, and let me say you’ve been feeling pretty daring these last few days. Hehe. πŸ˜‰

  263. Redhead says:

    That is true.. but I kind of outed myself several times.. so not too hard to figure out who I am πŸ™‚

  264. Myself says:

    249 – I concur.

    253 – They paid 54,000 total for the pregnancy/surrogacy including the donor egg and the surrogate.

  265. organicmomma says:

    HOLY WHOA!!! still might not be enough though…just the moral aspect of it…

  266. Flat Stainley says:

    5 times that amount STILL wouldn’t be enough for me, esp. since that baby will prolly have a single dad for much of his or her life.

  267. Myself says:

    I could never be a surrogate (no one wants their child born addicted to soda) but man even that price wouldn’t convince me to do it because of the moral aspects. (Now if you start adding a few more zeros to it, like three of them, and I might consider it)

  268. Flat Stainley says:

    Yeah, I was close to being a surrogate for a lady once, but my gut said “Don’t do it!!!” so I didn’t. I might for a friend though, if it was within the next 3 years.

  269. Myself says:

    I would be a surrogate for my twin.

    By why in the next three years Flat Stainley.

  270. Redhead says:

    I have awful pregnancies and labor…I have enough time birthing children that I love, no amount of money could convince me to be a surrogate for someone else.. especially a wackadoo like that boy.

  271. Flat Stainley says:

    Because I want to get in shape again and if I were to have another pregnancy farther down the road, it would be harder on my body. The last 2 were pretty difficult as far as strengh and fitness. It is a huge sacrifice to carry a child, and for me, I think it would be too hard to do & recover well beyond that timeframe. I want to move on to other things beyond that point as well, and as my kids get older, I would have a harder time keeping up with their physical activities being pregnant.

  272. sciencefair says:

    Are things selling on DS? Cause if so I need to list some stuff over there. My paypal tree needs some compost so I can get some diaper repairs.

  273. organicmomma says:

    No, nothing is selling, not even my beautiful crocheted capris….got any fb’s, or SOS or mutt 3sr’s???

  274. zamgrawrz says:

    I did it for my best friend and still got paid a typical amount.

    Most surro’s get between $10-20k, approx. But it’d take a LOT to get me to do something like that. Ick.

    And I drink soda.

  275. Redhead says:

    I’ve had luck selling covers.. but they go pretty fast anyway (flips/thirsties)

  276. organicmomma says:

    Ya, everything i could sell quickly i use….I haven’t sold a dipe in weeks. I gave up and quit bumping…I don’t even want pp, i just want to trade them. No one ever answers my trade pm’s….but they bump their threads, and i’m like Hellooooo….I have what you need….no stains even…

  277. Flat Stainley says:

    I hate it when people PM for details on listings then ask a million Qs, only to say after like 4,000 messages “Oh sorry, DH won’t let me buy XYZ”.

  278. organicmomma says:

    At least they tell you, right? They could leave you hanging, which is even more annoying…

  279. organicmomma says:

    I don’t ask DH…we have seperate accounts…ha…

  280. Flat Stainley says:

    Yeah, I don’t ask mine either. But you do have a point. My thing is, why waste my time if you know you have to ask for permission? Why not ask him first? I think it is used as an excuse.

  281. eeek says:

    This incest thing is an actual creepy syndrome, it happens rarely but enough that it’s documented. People who find family they’ve been separated from most of their lives get overwhelmed with emotion/hormones and hook up. Google says it’s called genetic sexual attraction, if you want a strange bunch of reading.

  282. organicmomma says:

    It’s def an excuse Flat…They just changed their mind and blame it on DH cause it’s an easy out…

  283. organicmomma says:

    Anyone ever wander over to poop on cloth? I did yesterday for the first time…HOLY MEAN!!

  284. organicmomma says:

    I didn’t post, just read…

  285. sciencefair says:

    #170 I do believe you are correct.

  286. Flat Stainley says:

    I looked at that site but found it boring and uneventful. Maybe there’s been an explosion of Her Ass Mints?

  287. organicmomma says:

    It was boring and uneventful…and mostly just mean…and stupid…

  288. sciencefair says:

    I have fitteds, wool, prefolds, covers, and smartipants. Pretty much everything. We are downsizing to only pockets, and only pockets that fit well. So I need some $ for snap conversion on my BGOS. I am just too lazy to take pictures. Because I have to take pics while the kids are asleep. And usually I want to be asleep or not staging photographs then.

  289. organicmomma says:

    Mmmmm…wool…I have a serious problem…

  290. organicmomma says:

    I need some more of those velour gm’s…got any of those..

  291. organicmomma says:

    omigod!!!! my eco dollhouse from fg is here…cause i paid with cc…it came quick….

  292. organicmomma says:

    I NEED a skirtie with pleats…have one of those? I think i’m talking to myself…:hide:

  293. Myself says:

    269 – do you drink upwards of a 1 liter a day? cause I’m thinking that would be a really big issue

  294. Redhead says:

    287, I love the woolies in your etsy store! They are all too small for my youngest though.. maybe if we have another one I’ll have you custom make some for me.

    Pooponcloth has potential to be good, but it isn’t updated enough to hold my attention span.. and they focus too much on Goodmama drama. I actually liked my GMs when I had some.. πŸ˜‰

  295. Redhead says:

    also, my name is Redhead & I have a serious Dr Pepper addiction..

  296. Flat Stainley says:

    Check this out:
    I sure hope you’re not drinking diet! :hides:

  297. Redhead says:

    291- No, I never drink diet anything.. blech. The original (Dublin) Dr Pepper factory near me uses real cane sugar instead of corn syrup.. so I feel a bit better drinking those DPs. πŸ™‚

  298. Just Peachy says:

    FG is pissing me off again. I’m sure some of you read my post about my ordeal with them. Well I decided to use my credits for some diapers for newbie and well I have no idea when or if I will ever get the damn things because they NEVER FREAKING TAKE ANYTHING OUT OF STOCK! I am just about ready to throw in the towel with them. If they don’t finish at least processing my order soon, I’m just gonna order some prefolds and donate them. At least that way all the crap wasn’t for naught.

  299. Just Peachy says:

    And if anyone has nb or small girly woolies or dipes, hook me up.

  300. organicmomma says:

    294-I can make you some woolies, i also have some in stock at my etsy store…

    UMMMM…ya, about fG…did you get the email saying that if you paid with only credits you are last in line, they are sending cc purchases first….I won’t order from them again i think…

  301. organicmomma says:

    OH, and thanks redhead! I like your red valentines shoes!!!!

  302. Flat Stainley says:

    I got stuff from FG and it only took 1 month. It was all on credits. But I think the WAHM stuff ships faster than the high demand name brand stuff

  303. melmelly says:

    Diet soda gives me a headache.

    I have a dozen or so medium old style FB that I need to sell. I have been too lazy to get them all laid out and photographed.

  304. organicmomma says:

    Redhead-Gosh, any idea on how to make the color of those morel longies show up? That is not what they look like at all, it’s driving me craaaaaazy….

  305. organicmomma says:

    OH, and do you think my prices are reasonable? I wanted to ask on DS,but got in trouble for talking about my etsy store and offering DS mama’s free shipping…

  306. amessymama says:

    Organicmomma- What’s your etsy called? And what size/color are your beautiful crocheted capris you mentioned earlier?

    Oh and did you pay for the dollhouse with all CC or did you split it with your store credits?

    Sorry for the interrogation. πŸ˜€

  307. organicmomma says:

    I split, part cc, part credits…It’s called woollyboolly(should i say that here?), the capris are there…

  308. MotherMoonPads says:

    #303, I think you need more info in your listings please (like measurements)

  309. organicmomma says:

    Yep, i’m working on that one…

  310. organicmomma says:

    I added measurments…thanks!

  311. organicmomma says:

    My little sister usually writes my descriptions(except measurements)bc i’m horrible at it…But i haven’t talked to her in a while…

  312. melmelly says:

    307 – I found the best way to write my descriptions is to write out my description, look at 10+ other sellers descriptions, and then see what needs to be added, removed from my description. Just DON’T go and copy a listing from someone and use it as your own! I caught my cousin doing it with my listings. She started to sell on Etsy 15 months after I did, and a few of her listings are word-for-word from some listings I have had for awhile. Only difference was her measurements!

  313. ΕΎΓ‘ba says:

    Those knit capris are so cute. I need to measure the girl spawn!

  314. Myself says:

    Nope, I don’t drink Diet. Never have, never will. Anything with aspartame or artificial sweeteners, I can taste it and I spit it out, yuck.

  315. Flat Stainley says:

    I used to chew gum every day until I realized that most of ihas Phenylanylene in it. That stuff decays your brain.

  316. smartassmama says:

    Well, there’s an update on the crazy “I wanted to abort my baby because I’m in a shitty relationship & I want out” thread.

    Among other things,
    “When her IP was run it was realized she had another account that was active here. She only started this one to post without using her “real” name.She did not realize it was against the rules.”

    Guess I was right.

  317. smartassmama says:

    And by the way, I think the rest of her post was crap. And I’m just waiting for my PM. ugh.

  318. Myself says:

    Well I for one think that people should be told her other UN instead of them hushing it up.

  319. organicmomma says:

    I don’t get the part about the name…but who was it and why are you going to get a pm??

  320. smartassmama says:

    Me too. That won’t happen in a million years, but yeah. I won’t buy from morons, so I damn sure won’t buy from someone who wishes she’d aborted her kid, wants to drop him off with strangers, and makes shit up. What a bitch.

  321. smartassmama says:

    I skimmed my like, 4 whole posts on that thread. In my own defense, I really don’t see what I said as inflammatory or hateful (esp. in comparison). But, since Mod knows who I am here, and *obviously* reads here, I’m pretty sure some allowance will be made for banning me. gag. I’m gonna miss reading the dramas. 😦

  322. smartassmama says:

    I’m quite expecting a pm from H2BAM with my ban.

  323. Just Peachy says:

    Organicmomma I have some suggestions. Take pics in natural light. I am the suck at taking pictures but I find that my pics look alot nicer laid out in natural light so I generally photograph either on my deck or the grass (when it isn’t brown and nasty like it is currently). Also the double ruffles look awesome but I do see what looks like holes in the gusset area?

  324. amygamie says:

    I wonder who all is going to get a strike? I am sure I am going to get a strike. I knew I should of ignored the whole thread. But when the story has so many holes in it and was so suspicious from the get go, I don’t think it was such a good idea for so many DS members to jump in and help like they did, it would be different it was an established member who we all knew. It could of been someone who was really intending on taking advantage of them or hurting them.

  325. amygamie says:

    oops I mean jump in and offer help*

    (it really doesn’t take a weirdo on the internet much to figure out we are really nice and giving society that can be easily conned and lurred)

  326. Just Peachy says:

    I know Amy and its happened multiple times which is why when a story like that comes out, people are generally skeptical. There are those who are quick to offer a helping hand which I think is fantastic but I would hate for someone to think they were helping when really all it was is someone conning them.

  327. organicmomma says:

    I was trying to take them in natural light, I’ll try again tomorrow if it’s sunny. I see what you’re talking about, but i’m pretty sure there aren’t holes, i’ll have to check them out….thanks!

  328. organicmomma says:

    So, was it real then?

  329. amessymama says:

    I thought you were automatically banned when you were found to have 2 user names. I guess if you didn’t know it was “against the rules” it’s OK, then. Idiots.
    The freak was an obvious liar who needs the crap knocked out of her. πŸ™‚ Where’s my 2×2?

  330. Just Peachy says:

    So now all you gotta do is claim you didn’t know which makes it a-ok. Thats really smart!

  331. Myself says:

    Okay, will someone PLEASE out the crazy lady’s normal UN?

  332. smartassmama says:

    Oh if I knew it I would! In a heartbeat. I did a
    search for the name Erin, but (of course) that would have been a wild goose chase. As I’m sure that’s not the real name. This is about the most I’ve wanted someone outed ever.

    And also, if you see H2BAMod’s post, you’ll notice it was updated about 20 minutes after it was posted. She took out the part about how she doesn’t like that she’s seen as a power-tripping member of the admin team. Gag. I’m sure. But that was edited out because that makes it obvious she reads here.

  333. Myself says:

    328 – You should have taken a screen shot so we all could see

  334. smartassmama says:

    I know, I know. 😦

  335. amygamie says:

    I did have two user names once, but I was really new and didn’t know. I used the other one to ask a question in transaction and feedback because it would of been really obvious who the other person was and I am a scardy cat with confrontation with certain types of things, and since they never shipped my stuff I was paranoid that would cause more trouble.

    But once I found out I pm’d a mod and told them I was sorry and didn’t know, they scolded me, told me I should read up on the rules better, and they took care of it. I don’t remember what mod it was. But that was an honest mistake, and I felt bad because I did skim through the rules when I joined I just didn’t notice that part when I read them. I think it helped because I pm’s the mod myself and let them know as soon as I found out and apologized. I really did feel bad though, the mod was still mad at me.

  336. zamgrawrz says:

    I think if you didn’t know the person (and in some cases even if you do) then yeah, drinking that much soda everyday would probably be an issue.

  337. Flat Stainley says:

    AhhHahaha! Here’s another one that doesn’t quite make the cut: :p
    Why? just why?

  338. Kristen says:

    I wonder if I will get banned or just a strike. I’ve only ever received one warning for the stupid Unassisted Homebirth thread.

    H2BAM said that she would be issuing 6mo bans to anyone who’d received a warning or strike in the past for such behavior (poking trolls).

    We’ll see, I guess.

  339. nini02 says:

    LOL 333, swing and a miss!

  340. Just Peachy says:

    Really now what would possess someone to even ask if that name is offensive?

  341. Redhead says:

    H2BAM can’t say for sure if it was legit or if the OP intended on stirring up drama?


    Sounds like she is covering for someone…

  342. Flat Stainley says:

    Well, let’s see… I’m thinking of making my own line of diapers, and I’ve narrowed it down to a few names. Tell me, which one should I use?
    Little Shitterz
    Lil’ Ass Rocket Landing Strips
    Railroad Tracks
    Skids n Stripes
    Dirty Pertys

  343. Redhead says:

    how about just Skidmarkz?

  344. werd says:

    DH says:

    “TURD is not adorable in any way, shape or form… let alone with MONKEY after it” and then shakes his head and walks away.


  345. Myself says:

    How about Pee-Pee Haven?

    Or Defecation Chamber?

    Or Reusable Toilets?

  346. Redhead says:

    defecation chamber = win!

  347. werd says:

    oops, I put the wrong email in and my comment is in moderation – sorry!


    DH says:

    β€œTURD is not adorable in any way, shape or form… let alone with MONKEY after it” and then shakes his head and walks away.


  348. Flat Stainley says:

    Haha! love it!

    Baby Trollfartz

  349. zamgrawrz says:

    I like skidmarkz myself. (er…the name…not actual skidmarks. Ew.)

  350. Flat Stainley says:

    Skidmarkz, it is! Thanks for all your help, everyone. Watch for my new release coming soon, Lol.

  351. smartassmama says:

    There’s actually one (or was at least) called Assy’s. *snicker* I don’t think she did too well though.

  352. smartassmama says:

    Ever get a totally random friend request on FB? How do I nicely say”who on earth are you?”

  353. Just Peachy says:

    I just click ignore. Unless its someone I know via my mommy forums or IRL I don’t add random ppls.

  354. Myself says:

    You just say, could you please help me recall where I have met you before?

  355. sourpatchbabe says:

    If it was a gag store where I could buy something to send to my brother who thinks he’s forever 12, then I could see buying from a site with that name. If it’s a store where I’m considering buying diapers to put on my kids (or anything sensible for that matter), then heck no. Can you imagine the comments?

    Oh! What a beautiful diaper, wherever did you get it?

    It’s a turd monkey diaper original.

    So…you’re buying monkey diapers for your kids now? Geez, I knew we should’ve had you committed when you decided to give birth with no drugs. Honestly woman, you’re going to traumatize these kids.

  356. smartassmama says:

    Can you imagine the PMs you’d get if you had that in your ISO in your sig? Or the ‘wth?’s if you posted in FSOT. “Love this turd monkey, but it’s just too small. Please love the turd monkey like we did!”

  357. amessymama says:

    I’d rather see turd monkey than Cutie Poops. Isn’t that a real diaper store. Sorry if any of the mama’s here own that store but man I can’t stand that name. I can’t think of one time I ever thought “cute” went with “poop”.

    But yeah, turd monkey is stupid.

    I prefer:

    Shit Sacks
    Dumpy’s Diapers
    Crapper Wrapper
    Excremental Receptacle

  358. smartassmama says:

    Cutie Poops? That sounds like a breakfast cereal that would (grossly) have to be chocolate flavored.

    I like crapper wrapper. πŸ˜€

  359. Kelly says:

    Aww…I’ve bought a couple Cutiepoops before. She’s a very nice mama, crappy name or not.

    Ok, and am I the only one who thinks sweet fantasy fox’s profile pic is a little…um, bizarre?

  360. Erin says:

    I’m not Erin12345, just so you all know. I used to be mamaejb on DS, but am no longer active there. I live in Japan and have never been arrested! LOL

  361. Erin says:

    355- ROFL at “Excremental Receptacle”

  362. Redhead says:

    364, I thought the same thing! Wooo!

    365- Good to know πŸ™‚

    Did anyone get strikes yet?

  363. Myself says:

    367 – Not me, I have to live vicariously through everyone else.

  364. Kristen says:

    No strikes here; I got another warning, but was told if I did it again I would be banned.

  365. Redhead says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get anything as of yet.

  366. Flat Stainley says:

    362, LMAO!
    360, your monster is doing yoga.
    370, You are a Master Yogi ’cause you can levitate. πŸ™‚
    364, I think the lipstick is too dark.

    Maybe you guys won’t get banned because the mods secretly love reading what you say there vs. what you write here?

    What ever happened to the possibility of these dipes? WAHMs are missing out on some great names here!
    Poop Shackz
    Fart Mufflerz
    Urination Stationz

  367. Redhead says:

    Hmm.. what’s in a name? Especially.. a DS name…

  368. smartassmama says:

    The two that stand out to me are the girl who had cps called with allegations of illegal drug use – she has 420 in her name. And sativa, isn’t that part of the technical name for part of the cannibus plant?

  369. Flat Stainley says:

    372 I saw that the other day too. odd.
    373 I was wondering the same thing. They’re both references, I wonder if they are in context? The 420 could be a birth time for a kid, though, or a date.

  370. zamgrawrz says:


    My ds name is somewhat ironic since I’m going to nursing school…

  371. Redhead says:

    where did you see 420?

  372. monkey says:


    Sativa is also a latin word meaning “cultivated”.

    And they said taking Latin wouldn’t come in handy.

  373. smartassmama says:

    LOL. I took French. Its not been very valuable yet.

  374. kukukachoo says:

    I’ve always thought DaStinky reeked of a little reefer reference. (Say that five times real fast!) πŸ™‚

  375. Aj says:

    Holy bad spelling:
    And there ladies and gentlemen, is one of the great protectors in blue.

  376. kukukachoo says:

    380- that’s so bad it’s sad

  377. Redhead says:

    380.. Dear Lord..
    diffrent, hystrictme, ired, intance, Endomitrioes,…

  378. sourpatchbabe says:

    “She dies from lesions in her heart.”

    So is grandma like a zombie or is she like the cat who came back no matter what he did?

  379. sourpatchbabe says:

    And BTW, my monster isn’t doing yoga. He’s doing the hammer dance. It’s hammer time!

  380. Redhead says:

    Maybe she is writing a story and that is what happens in the future to ol’ granny? (she dies from lesions in her heart)

  381. zamgrawrz says:

    Spell check is hard.

  382. Just Peachy says:

    I had to close that thread out. There is nothing that pisses me off more than misspelled words.

  383. Just Peachy says:

    Ok so I opened it again, and this may be a stupid question but I didn’t think something like endometriosis could affect non reproductive organs.

  384. organicmomma says:

    I want to know if someone from DS is on here also…

  385. Redhead says:

    389? who?

  386. JustMe says:

    #388 – it’s my understanding that the endometrial cells can detach and go pretty much anywhere in the body.

  387. organicmomma says:

    What if i say and you guys just love her? She’s driving me NUTS on ds, she always fights with me, it’s kind of irritating…

  388. organicmomma says:

    She was on our Canada shipping thread fighting there too… redhead…

  389. Redhead says:

    ohh.. the flowery one?

  390. organicmomma says:

    haha, yep…

  391. Redhead says:

    she doesn’t really bother me. She is just one of those “matter-of-fact” personalities I think… I haven’t had any run-ins with her as of yet.
    IDK if she is on here though or not..

  392. organicmomma says:

    OH, ok…I sometimes feel like she follows me around and fights with me everytime i post…ha..

  393. Flat Stainley says:

    Where is that thread when I want to see it? Did it go *poof*?

  394. Redhead says:

    398, I know how you feel. There is another mama who does that to me.. kinda the same personality. No emotion, just matter-of-fact posts that are sometimes really stupid and annoy me.

  395. Redhead says:

    I meant 397.

    398, what thread?

  396. Flat Stainley says:

    Canada shipping

  397. organicmomma says:

    Ya, did you see that last one we just posted on? Right away she’s like “what’s with buyers making offers” blah, blah, blah…

  398. organicmomma says:

    Where is that canada shipping thread, prob gone, we got it locked…hahahahahaha, so funny!

  399. Kristen says:

    Where is amygamie? I just noticed that she is in Houston just like me!!!!

  400. organicmomma says:

    It’s gone i think…but this one is entertaining…the OP came back later that night and started ANOTHER thread after this got locked….

  401. Kristen says:

    402- What post? I wanna know who y’all are and be one of the cool kids. Please? Pretty please?

  402. organicmomma says:

    Where did my post just go???? Anywho…canada shipping is gone…but this one is entertaining… The OP came back on later that night and started another thread after this got locked, because she said she felt censored when they locked it…got it going all over again…

  403. organicmomma says:

    UMMM…I have posted twice now and they’re disappearing…wtf???

  404. organicmomma says:

    OK, that was my third post and it finally made it, what is going on???

  405. organicmomma says:

    canada shipping thread is gone…

  406. Kristen says:

    406- I think I figured out who you are. Woot.

  407. organicmomma says:

    haha…what r my initials? Ill tell u if ur right…

  408. Kristen says:

    Initials? Your username starts with an S. I pm’ed you…or rather, who I think you are lol.

  409. Flat Stainley says:

    organicmomma, I know who u r 2!

  410. organicmomma says:

    Sheesh, I need to hide better! heehee…

  411. yourmama says:

    There…haha…j/k I’ll change it back…

  412. organicmomma says:

    Let’s try and figure out who flat is…

  413. Flat Stainley says:

    hehe πŸ˜‰

  414. organicmomma says:

    Can we have a clue there Flats???

  415. Flat Stainley says:

    hmmmm…my ears are gauged to a double O.

  416. organicmomma says:

    Oooo…that actually may be helpful if it’s in your avi…anything else? This is fun!

  417. Flat Stainley says:

    Well, I said before I have 3 kids, I’m married to a man, some might have gathered I’m kinda queer, a ginger, and wow! That’s alot of hints.

  418. smartassmama says:

    I’m pretty lost. lol
    I think I know who about 3 people are. :p

  419. MotherMoonPads says:

    Flat, I had a dream about you the other night. DS was a cafe and we were all there sitting around chatting. You hunted me down there. It was… interesting to say the least!

  420. smartassmama says:

    speak of the devil, I point out the 420 reference and I’m post number. . . 420. Which is, by chance, the birthdate of one of my LOs.

  421. Flat Stainley says:

    I’m pretty sure I know who 8 people are, whose names are not obvious.

  422. Flat Stainley says:

    MMP-That’s funny! I hope I was nice. I am a nice pperson, and I hold no grudges. I was just kindof in shock that you post here. I’d buy you a lemonade if we met IRL. I hope you weren’t disturbed, lol.
    420-I noticed that too.

  423. MotherMoonPads says:

    I like lemonade, it’s cool πŸ™‚

    I’m probably the only one who just doesn’t care who people are on here :blush:

  424. smartassmama says:

    Have you ever had carbonated lemonade? It is tasty! Amp makes some I think. I don’t like energy drinks but I’ll down one of those fast.

  425. MotherMoonPads says:

    Is DS down or is it just my computer?

  426. Redhead says:

    flat, does your IRL name start with an “H” ?

  427. Redhead says:

    427, it is working for me

  428. Flat Stainley says:

    It’s just your puter, and no, no H.

  429. Redhead says:

    hmm, that was my only guess 😦

  430. Myself says:

    423 – OOOHHHH, You are a redhead too, that explains the “temper” lol.

    I was dreaming I knew who you were but that “dream” was wrong.

  431. organicmomma says:

    I’m a redhead too!!!

  432. amygamie says:

    What part of Houston are you in Kristen? you can pm me in DS if you don’t want to post it up here but I live in the westchase district of houston, I’m less than 15 minutes from IKEA and both Dave and Busters

  433. Redhead says:

    I’m south of Fort Worth.. y’all..

  434. smartassmama says:

    No one asked, but I live in a dang swamp. And it’s supposed to rain like there’s no tomorrow, and we might get flooding. Ugh. Spring.

  435. Redhead says:

    flat, another guess.. are you originally/currently from another country (Canada, NZ, Aus, UK…)…?

  436. organicmomma says:

    437-I don’t have permission to access that page..ha…dang it…

  437. Redhead says:

    it is in sensitive subjects

  438. Flat Stainley says:

    438 :rolleye0012:
    437 It’s just an old resurrected thread asking who smokes electic lettuce. Most people said no.

  439. Redhead says:

    441, well not very many US people refer to our hair color as “ginger”.. a lot of my Aus/NZ friends do.

  440. Myself says:

    441 – Why in the world would you roll your eyes at someone just because they asked a question and were wrong? Ugh.

  441. Flat Stainley says:

    442-It’s a reference from South Park. Have you seen the episodes where gingers take over? Cracks me up every time.
    443- It’s the code that comes up when you hover over the “whistling while looking up” smiley.

  442. Redhead says:

    Yes, I have seen it.. πŸ˜‰

  443. zamgrawrz says:

    I know who MotherMoonPads is on DS….thats about it. Rofl.

  444. redfish bluefish says:

    I’m lost and will remain lost because I refuse to venture to DS, lol

  445. DSDM2 says:

    I know who you are Flat Stanley πŸ™‚ You have a name that starts late in the alphabet, no?

  446. Redhead says:

    <– can't stand not knowing things!

  447. Just Peachy says:

    Perhaps with a W?

  448. Myself says:

    Peach – but what OTHER letters?

  449. Redhead says:

    yes, do share all the letters! lol

  450. DSDM2 says:

    let people out themselves girls. I only out straight up assholes.

  451. MotherMoonPads says:

    Is Flat Stainley a WAHM?

  452. Redhead says:

    so lost..

  453. Aj says:

    Flat, do you have 2 kids that names start with the same letter, and 1 that starts with another letter?

  454. Flat Stainley says:


  455. Redhead says:

    Flat, do you eat bananas topped with caramel and a pinch of fresh lemon sauce?
    Do you only wear red on Tuesdays? Is your nose shaped like a small legume?
    Once, when you were quite small.. did you mistake a piece of paper for a bottle of Windex? Do you like to take baths in Lady Stetson cologne?

    If you answer yes to any or all of these, I still have no idea who you are πŸ˜›

  456. Flat Stainley says:

    Once, I drank kerosene from a lamp in my sleep. I’m pretty sure that’s worse then aspartame. I had heartburn for 2 weeks.
    I wear mostly black and blue, everyday. Don’t talk about my nose. I find Light Blue by Dolche&Gabana intoxicating, but I would never bathe in any perfume, because I am allergic to most. My throat would close.
    Aj, did you have a job with Dairy Queen? Were you an electrician’s wife who divorced and moved away with a travelling Peruvian Fluteband? πŸ™‚

  457. Aj says:

    Yes. How did you know?

  458. zamgrawrz says:

    We need more dramaz.

  459. organicmomma says:

    Redhead, where’s your random question?

  460. Redhead says:

    464, I know, things are too quiet!

  461. Myself says:

    DRAMAZ, DRAMAz, DRAMaz, DRAmaz, DRamaz, Dramaz, dramaz!!!!

  462. Myself says:

    dramaz, dramaZ, dramAZ, draMAZ, drAMAZ, dRAMAZ, DRAMAZ!!!

    Okay I had my fun, lol

  463. Redhead says:


  464. petuniafarts says:

    Alright, maybe I’m just being a snarky bitch, but this chick is annoying the heck outa me w/ her posts. She already had 1 thread going that she bumped the hell outta. Seriously, just buy the freaking prefolds already, ugh. Anyway, thats my pointless random rant.

  465. petuniafarts says:

    392, I noticed that,lol. Yeah I know who you are. Man it feels creepy to write that.

  466. Aj says:

    Does anyone know the meaning behind Us4&AngelCorey’s siggy?

  467. Aj says:

    I just saw that, I just hadn’t noticed her siggy…

  468. Sala says:

    I don’t know her issues but that’s got to be one of the hardest sacrifices parents can make, to decide their child(ren) would be better off in other parents. I hope that they make the best choice for their family, regardless of what that is. It sounds like she’s having a really hard time with her pregnancy so that can’t help her stress and anxiety over everything.

  469. Just Peachy says:

    I don’t get it though. I mean I am happy she is giving her twins up rather than aborting and all that, but why get attached to the pregnancy by joining multiple due date clubs and stuff? Wouldn’t that just make it harder to give them up?

  470. Aj says:

    That’s what I was wondering Peachy, and why it was such a shock.

    I think adoption is wonderful, and would never bash a birth mother, I am just honestly baffled.

  471. Redhead says:

    It is very odd…

  472. Just Peachy says:

    No definitely not but it doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe she is one of those people who can detach so easily but I know once I start sharing my pregnancy, it is MY baby kwim?

  473. mamaofsum says:

    Hi- I was wondering if I could ask y’alls advice on something. I recently purchased some diapers from a wahm who had great hyena cart ratings. I bought some things that were “seconds” and some things that were just regular. They were all fitteds. The stitching is sort of – l guess you could say loose and a little unprofessional looking, and in all honesty if it wasn’t for the “second” pattern being upside down, you couldn’t really tell the difference between the quality. So ladies, what do you think I should do? They were pretty inexpensive, so I went ahead and washed them up and have used them for about a week. They are holding up, but I can tell I’m going to need to resurge them if I want to use them for more than a few times a week. Should I email her and say her quality is kind of lacking? Should I just leave good feedback, but note the loose stitching? Help me out please.

  474. Just Peachy says:

    I would definitely email her and let her know.

  475. Redhead says:

    Email her, base your FB on her response!

  476. Sala says:

    I joined multiple due date clubs in a fit of optimism at the beginning of my pregnancies but my natural ambiguity over my pregnancies and the fear of losing another one has caused me to withdraw somewhat from the pregnancy forums.

    On CDN, anyway, it sounds like she’s been torn about the pregnancy from the beginning and the physical effects are really whooping her butt, which can naturally dampen one’s enthusiasm or what have you. I’m not exactly the most excited pregnant woman but I’m plenty invested in my offspring and I love the little buggers a lot too. I think she is, too, just in a different way from most of us. Besides, I am not going to begrudge the woman her coping mechanisms.

    I doubt very much she is detached, I expect she is worried sick over her family and her ability to survive the pregnancy, I imagine she’s worried over her ability to cope giving her children up, I fully expect she will mourn this decision for years, if not forever, even while thinking it was the right thing for her to do at this moment in time. Sometimes we have to make hard choices. Unfortunately, it sounds like all her options were not great ones.

  477. silvaheyes says:

    I’m normally a lurker here, Hehe… Anyhow about the adoption thing. We just adopted a baby girl from a birthmom on DS (that’s how we met) and she was a part of her due date community. I think it’s mainly a way to relate to other women and to see what others are going through at the same time as you are. Plus the general support they offer whether you’re choosing adoption or not.

    As an adopting mother I personally kept my distance from the due date community she was in. I pretty much just read things without posting and stuck to the adoption forums on DS. I didn’t want to ‘crowd’ her I suppose and she was the one that was pregnant and going through everything afterall so I didn’t feel it was my place, I guess, to post there just yet.

  478. mamaofsum says:

    485- I find that awesome on so many levels.

    I’m actually adopted too, so I feel for her but I agree with 484 that she may regret the decision forever.I’m not trying to judge- I’m not in her shoes and don’t know what’s best for her, because I’m not her.

  479. tlouise says:

    473- I saw that awhile ago; did you see the posts where she’s really hoping that she’s pregnant with boys? And then as soon as she found out that they’re girls, she’s started talking about adoption.

  480. silvaheyes says:

    487 – Her thread on the adoption forum was before she found out their gender if I recall correctly.

  481. Just Peachy says:

    Ya I know she brought up adoption before she found out their genders too so I don’t think thats is reason at all. She mentioned on CDN something about her mother dying from lupus or something which was her reasoning behind giving them up for adoption.

  482. TeamB4me says:

    485- I believe I saw you and the birth mom posting in a thread- it might have been to Meaghan. ANyway, I think you are amazing and wonderful for what you did for the little one. I also think the birth mom is an amazing person for doing what she felt was best for the baby.
    As evidence by some of the scary/sad people that come out on the internet (read: I don’t want/would abort my 13 month old) I think its great to see a positive situation.
    I hope Meaghan finds the right forever family and she will be at peace with her decision.

  483. tlouise says:

    489- Oh okay, I only saw the adoption references afterward, but I didn’t follow that closely.

    I wasn’t judging that or anything, I just found it interesting. Personally, I’d be over the moon to have four little girls, so it was hard for me to understand if her reason for giving them up was that she didn’t want more girls.

    I could never, ever give a child up for adoption, but I definitely have respect for people who do. Such a painful thing to take on for the sake of your child, when there is an ‘easier way out’.

  484. adensmama says:

    I read through the post in the adoption forum and I feel so bad for her. If I have things correct she has Lupus? Anyways she said she has been in the hospital for weeks at a time, and obviously if she DOES have Lupus it’s not like it’s something you can get rid of, you have it for life and it’s really hard to control flare ups.

    I think she’s really concerned about the welfare of her family and she is trying to do what is right for the two girls she already has, as well as the twins on the way.

  485. kukukachoo says:

    seriously? i’m, like, dumbfounded by this stupid question.

  486. angelique says:

    a relative of mine is diagnosed with Lupus and it is a very hard disease. she is unable to care for her two daughters (another relative has taken them in) and gave a third child up for adoption. there are very few choices in treatment options and it is a disease that gets progressively worse with no cure. If the mom has this disease and is struggling to care for her two current children, she is doing the right thing in providing a better situation for these babies to come. what a horrible situation though for her, dad and other kids.

  487. FunnyMama says:

    Jacklen from LilOutlaws is going to be on Dr. Oz promoting breastmilk soap. How in the HELL did that happen??????

  488. FunnyMama says:

    oh, and to round out the weirdness, I found out b/c a mama on my local mommy forum posted about it

  489. Redhead says:

    495- EW!

  490. Redhead says:

    494, MY mom has Lupus. I think some cases are worse than others. And too, my mom found that natural treatments worked far better in helping the symptoms subside than the convention medications DRs gave her. It is a rough disease.. I feel bad for that mama. 😦

  491. Redhead says:

    didn’t mean to capitalize “MY”.. sorry πŸ˜‰

  492. myra says:

    #472 Weren’t they friends on the BSRB thread? I think they might have met in IRL too.

  493. angelique says:

    is breastmilk soap exactly what it sounds to be? when is she going to be on the show?

  494. organicmomma says:

    Ya, is it made of breastmilk for real? Where is she getting all this breastmilk?

  495. organicmomma says:

    I don’t see the soap on her website…

  496. Just Peachy says:

    If only she were less of a jack ass I would actually watch even though the idea of using someone else’s breast milk on my face skeeves me out.

  497. FunnyMama says:

    I think her Twitter update on the website said the 11th.

  498. adensmama says:

    I don’t mind my own breastmilk, but using someone else’s breastmilk for anything but feeding a baby is just…not my cup of tea.

    Plus I think that chick is kind of skeevy herself.

  499. Not Me At All says:

    LMAO according to Emy_Lou Veganism is a religion!

  500. FunnyMama says:

    506 – ditto on the skeevy!! If someone wanted to be really bishy they could e-mail Dr. Oz all of the skeeve she’s spread across the interwebz

  501. organicmomma says:

    Ewww..I’m a little grossed out…I wondered if it was her own breastmilk…how is she going to pump enough to keep up after the show i wonder?

  502. Redhead says:

    sorry, making soap outta breastmilk, eating placentas.. all of that is way beyond my comfort and happy zone!

  503. Just Peachy says:

    Mine too 510. I won’t say its gross for those who do that stuff but I can’t. Now if it was my own milk, that’d be a different story.

  504. organicmomma says:

    lol…eating placentas…

  505. smartassmama says:

    Maybe she’ll be explaining how to make it with your own milk? Kinda like that blog on make cheese & Yogurt from your milk? Maybe I’m too much an optimist? (Hah)
    At least we’ll know if those pictures were real.
    BTW, I’m still seeing That’s cheesy background and retouched thighs in my mind’s eye.

  506. FunnyMama says:

    yeah, I wonder if she’ll be wearing her bikini

  507. Anna says:

    513, 514- LilOutlaws is prego with twins, but I’m not betting that bikini is out of the question, lol. She’s in my BFF’s ddc on DS, so I see her posts while stalking my friend. She’s had “taking a DS” break in her siggy for about a month, all the while posting continuously.

  508. Munklettes says:

    Hmmm, just got an email from the cloth diaper foundation saying they were going to pick another winner after receiving some information about the first winner. Anyone know what that’s about?

  509. MotherMoonPads says:

    I got it too, #516 and was really confused at how they got my email from me just entering a drawing on HC?

  510. MaeghanAlyson says:

    I saw some of the references to me about the adoption issue so I thought I would share for anyone wondering. lol

    We are giving the twins up for adoption but not because they are girls. LOL I would be thrilled to have 4 girls. AND in all honestly, at the beginning of this pregnancy adoption didnt even cross my mind. After reality set in, I realized that physically I can’t handle two newborns let alone a preschooler, toddler and two new borns. Yes, I am attached to these babies as any mother would be. THis is my last pregnancy so I want to find SOME joy in it and the only way to do that is by loving these babies. Your right it is my way of coping with the stress and bedrest and my body falling apart. I will cherish this pregnancy as much as I can even though we have made this decision. We DID have names picked out but I don’t call them by their names we had because thats not realistic. πŸ™‚

    I don’t have Lupus yet anyways. My rhumetologist said I”m to early in the disease to have a true diagnosis. I do have alot of symptoms though and the last year of my life before this pregnancy has been spent in and out of the hospital. I have days where I can’t even move out of my bed. Not for lack of wanting to trust me.

    I am sad and I do have days where I’m not sure I can go through with it but I’m working on that because the last thing I want to do is hurt another family who has been wanting this for so long!

  511. Sala says:

    I’m sorry you’re facing such a decision. I can’t imagine the strength and fortitude to make such a decision much less carry it off. I hope that you are able to find peace with this decision now and all your days.

    I don’t know how _I_ would cope with two newborns much less your older (but not much older) newborns. That on top of physical limits. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with a 3yo, an 18mo old, and a nb when this baby comes and I don’t have any known illnesses.

    Please don’t feel the need to justify yourself, but I imagine you don’t have the financial resources to hire help or sufficient family willing to, that must make it all the harder. Some people judge and say they would make it happen, that they could never do it, but they’ve never come up against a situation they can’t surmount. Sometimes life just kicks you in the teeth. It takes a lot of strength to realize that you can’t do it and to ask for help. I’m sorry that you have to ask another family to take your babies so that you can care for your older kids. I hope that you have as open an adoption relationship as you want.

  512. Redhead says:

    Take care of yourself, Maeghan! Try to enjoy your LOs and get some rest πŸ™‚

  513. eeek says:

    MaeghanAlyson: you are intensely awesome, thank you. I do appreciate it.

  514. organicmomma says:

    513-You are right, that is what she’s doing…

  515. Aj says:

    Meaghan, you are giving some lucky family the greatest gift anyone can give. I think you are an amazing woman. Please don’t take it badly that I linked your story here, I was just suprised. Good luck with your journey and with your health.

  516. tlouise says:


    I think it’s awesome what you’ve done/are doing for your babies; good luck to you with everything and I hope that your health gets better {hugs}.

  517. sourpatchbabe says:

    For the ones that said in the last post that they wished there were spandex bathing suits.. Spanx has slimming bikinis

  518. DSMBH says:


  519. adensmama says:

    Victoria’s secret has “suck it in” kind of one pieces too, they are cute but the fabric is nice firm to hold in the flab!

  520. adensmama says:

    Okay, to Meaghan–please forgive me if this is like..insensitive or anything, I don’t mean it that way. Have you guys considered at all of keeping one of the babies? I don’t know if that seems worse than giving them both up or not…

    Anyways I think you are so courageous for doing what is best for your family, most people wouldn’t have the strength. Hugs to you!

  521. smartassmama says:

    Yeah great luck. I break down and buy a.suit at Old Navy, check my email, and now I learn that Spanx does suits?! fml


  522. MaeghanAlyson says:

    Thanks ladies. No offense taken. πŸ™‚

    And no I don’t want to keep just one of them. They spend 9 months growing int he womb together. I couldnt imagine seperating them when they need each other.

  523. adensmama says:

    I didn’t think of that. Hopefully you can find a great family, maybe someone you already know or a friend of a friend or something like that. Good luck mama and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes okay!

  524. MotherMoonPads says:

    Oh my goodness, $178 for a bathing suit?! (spanx)

  525. ΕΎΓ‘ba says:

    Yay for the spanx suit that will suck all my flub back in, but for $178 I want my ass back where it belongs too. I need a spanx wet suit LOL

  526. Just Peachy says:

    You know what? The spanx site pisses me off. I know skinny girls have bulges n shit but wtf on some plus size women modeling suits?

  527. Sala says:

    It would leave a bad taste in the mouths of their desired audience if they had to look at fat women. Because god knows anyone visiting that site doesn’t want to be fat, have fat, or look at fat, much less fatter women. It’s telling that their sizes only go up to 16. Not very plus in my world.

    Besides, all those women look is photoshopped all to hell. yuck. Plus they have really stupid expressions. Really, do they pay extra to get the super vapid models?

  528. Erin says:

    Ok, sorry but I have to ask about the breastmilk soap- why???? I barely had enough bm to feed my kids, why if I had “extra” would I make soap to wash myself/kids with? Ewww.

    I may have to find out what time Dr Oz comes on here to watch this.

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