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Ok so I’m not the brightest crayon in the box!

You have to love honesty.

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Ok so I’m not the brightest crayon in the box!

In the FSOT when ladies have left me positive feedback and ask for it back I would reply thinking thats what they meant.  I just now figured out the correct way to give feedback back. So if you recognize me as the dumb broad that sold you ___. I’m SS I apologize for just replying and not doing it the correct way. Please forgive me.


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Yeah, Lee, it is our imagination and we are too stupid to get it.

Who all wants to report this to the FBI? I will. I’m tired of reformatting my computers.

Ass hole.

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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

Closing thread for brief clean up of unrelated posts that provide no help to the members having a current problem or the possibility of one.


Clean up done – 53 posts deleted.




PLEASE NOTE: I am seeing a theme here as this is the second “flare up” of malware / virus issues that has been reported on DS. Through basic reasoning, I am going to take a few moments to explain what I see is taking place.

1. I have dealt with viruses on many occassions, but NONE ever “coming” from DS. I have visited this site MANY THOUSANDS of times and never seen what some of our members see.

2. While viruses are terrible, frustrating, and sneaky – there have been many things suggested in this thread that can help anyone (member of DS or not) to prevent malware infestation or viruses making their way on to your hard drive.

3. I have seen upwards of 2 dozen posts in this thread from people with no issues simply stirring the pot (those posts are now gone). It would seem that those who have a vendetta against DS are happy to jump on the “virus bandwagon” to “support” the frustrated members. That is not what this thread is for and all future posts of that nature will be deleted and you will receive a strike.

4. Some people obviously have an issue. I must say that I am not sure this comes via DS however. We cannot say that it definitely DOES NOT come through DS, but I am quite sure many of the complaints about malware / virus threats in this thread DID NOT originate with DS. I have personally cleaned up a church member’s laptop that had a similar issue with the popups coming for an antivirus program that was a virus. They had never visited DS and never heard of it. You see viruses are all over the web. Just because you see a popup of a malware / virus threat while browsing DS does not mean it “came from DS”.

5. Our company operates numerous online communities, using the same software, and working with the same ad networks. We have never had an issue like this on the other communities. This leads me to think the following:

a. Many of the mothers here at DS know very little about PC’s, protecting them, and how to avoid the sneaky attacks. To these members I say: please do not automatically assume that DS is the cause of every problem.

b. We have some DS haters that add to threads like this when they aren’t experiencing issues at all.

c. There are some truly affected members who are now confused and frustrated. I feel for these ladies and wish them much success in using the tools mentioned in this very thread (as I have done many times myself) so that they get their PC / laptop cleaned up and back to normal again.

In closing, the admin along with the ad networks continuously work to make sure evil people don’t sneak naughty ads through the network that have malware or something nasty attached to them. I know a bad apple can OCCASIONALLY slip through the cracks, but that is very rare. If you download a free quality antivirus program liks AVG, that will go a long way towards keeping your PC virus free.

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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

Originally Posted by AbbysMom1227 View Post
I just had it happen with Firefox on my desktop computer.

Me too and I have the screen shot to prove it.
I thought I was lucky but I guess not. I clicked on DS as it was loading it went right to the page(in the below picture).

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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

Oh and here are a few more threads about it:

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Has anyone heard from Michelle (Muttaqin Baby)?

I have been emailing her for a few days now with NO response. I sent my payment for a custom to her and REALLY need the diapers (we’re doing wash every day for DS right now because we keep running out) and I am not hearing back from her on shipment. I usually hear back within a day.

Just wondering if anyone has been in touch with her in the past 3-4 days?

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Re: Has anyone heard from Michelle (Muttaqin Baby)?

She emailed announcing a stocking 6 days ago if that help!!
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Re: Has anyone heard from Michelle (Muttaqin Baby)?

She was online today bumping her threads. So maybe PM her through here.

I don’t know what to say!

02-05-2009, 07:54 PM #1
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Welcome to the drama of DS 🙂
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Arrow Teen has a sex change…..


Whats your thoughts?

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Re: Teen has a sex change…..

Originally Posted by Amber5677 View Post
It’s plain and simple to me: If you’re born with a penis, you’re a male. Born with a vagina, you’re female.

I don’t have anything against these people. I love them all the same. But I don’t condone many of the things this world deems “perfectly acceptable”- “transgender” included. IMO, it’s just another way in which we as human beings have perverted God’s perfect design.

But you seem to find your “friendship” with my husband “perfectly acceptable.”
Aren’t you the poster child for Double Standard.

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Re: Teen has a sex change…..

Originally Posted by ~Peach~ View Post
WTH! The “friendship” thing is messed up. We need more details if you are willing to share. to you mama.

I’m sorry to hyjack a thread, but I’ve had enough. I don’t even care if I get repremanded for not playing nice.

Amber5677 claims to be a Christian. November 07, she came to visit me… we had been online friends since our daughters were babies (4 years). My marriage was on the rocks and my husband took to her. They talked online, on the phone, and behind my back for 8 months. All the while claiming they were doing nothing wrong…. but my husband was going to her and not me. I did counselling with my husband and they both continued to lie. In May 08, my husband left to “bring back his mother to help with the baby due in June.” But what really happenend was he met up with her. I found out when he was acting all secretive again and she texted him “I miss your arms like crazy, I have yet to spot a guy since you left that measures up to how gorgeous you are.” I left 2 weeks before Baby#3 was due.

To shorten it up, my husband still continues to converse with her. In emails, they both admitted to me that they were wrong, it was not okay and they were sorry. However, nothing has changed. They met up again just a few weeks ago, claiming they are just friends. Bull****.

I will be divorced in June. There are alot of other details, but the story and lies are so long and twisted, this is the short version. Bascially, she’s a walking hypocrite.

And Amber is pregnant too??

But I’m siding with SkyeB… (please remember she is on vacation ATM).

My main reason is that the buyer BOUGHT IT KNOWING THAT SHIPPING WAS BEING CHARGED. Also, first class and parcel post both take a month to AK, if it was that important the buyer should have bought priority shipping.

SkyeB (the seller) claims the listing was for 7oz, not 8oz, and that she didn’t claim free shipping. (I can’t seem to find the listing.) If you find the listing, I will post it here.

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Spots corner ?

First, I have a buyer leave me my first negative because she’s mad that the listing charged her shipping and that the package is on a barge in AK on the way to her. NOT MY FAULT. Anyway I’m not even upset about it. I kind of find it funny that this is even an issue. OH and the yarn hasn’t been delivered yet, so she has left Negative FB w/out even seeing the package. lol!

I would however like to block her from doing this to me again in the future. How can I block her from my future spots transactions?


Here are SKYE’s responses from the other post where the discussion began:

Submitted on 2009/03/04 at 12:35pm

Buyer left negative feedback because she was pissed off about paying shipping charges. There was no free shipping offered. She left negative feedback w/out even receiving the item. She never contacted me regarding shipping charges or being upset about the item taking a longer time to get there. Further more she never contacted me letting me know the item was shipped wrong. There was a mistake in paypal’s multiorder shipping. I selected the wrong amount. I would have been more than willing to correct the mistake but once again never was contacted.
I only have internet for another hour unless DH decides to purchase anotehr 24 hours here at Disney World. Flame me all you want.

Submitted on 2009/03/04 at 12:49pm

I forgot to add there was not any missing yarn. She DID not purchase 8 oz. I rec’d notification that she had left final negative feedback when I opened my email account.

Submitted on 2009/03/04 at 1:01pm

Ok one last thing. This is the email that she sent to me yesterday afternoon after leaving feedback:

i thought you would like to know that i finally received my yarn today. imagine my surprise when it said, right on the mailing label, that the package weighs 2lbs even. here is the picture that i took, just for you. so, now what is your reason behind sending it parcel post

Yes, I made a mistake. Obviously I wouldn’t ship it at 2lbs rather than 10 oz on purpose seeing as this charges me more money. You can see however that there is nothing in the email stating that she DID not recieve all of the yarn that she bought or anything else that she is hoping for a resolution from me. She is lying on the post on DS. Ok, I’m off to take a shower and head to the Animal kingdom today.

Submitted on 2009/03/04 at 1:05pm

when I said leaving feedback I meant leaving final feedback in the resolution section

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is my math wrong? what would you do?

on february 6, i purchased 8oz of yarn off of spot’s. i paid $3 for first class shipping. when, two weeks later i hadn’t received it, i checked the shipping notice and realized the package had been shipped parcel post instead of first class. the mama claims the package was too heavy to go first class. i finally just today received my very light package. the mama put that it weighed TWO POUNDS on the label! i am going to borrow my friend’s postal scale, so i can get an exact weight, but here is the package, the label (no names/addresses showing), and the COMPLETE contents. there was nothing but the yarn in the package.i am angry because i bought this yarn for a particular project, and because she didn’t ship in the manner stated, the yarn took A MONTH to get here, leaving me too little time for what i wanted to do.

the yarn label, showing the weight of the yarn (only 7oz, btw, not 8)

Here are the emails over the transaction:

On Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 9:55 PM, Nikki wrote to Skye:
hi, mama.  i just got the shipping notice for the happathy yarn i purchased from you, and i was wondering if you were going to refund the $3 shipping i paid, since your listing says that the yarn was $35ppd.


Sun, 8 Feb 2009 21:14:07 Skye responded to Nikki
The ppd is a mistake

NO OTHER COMMUNICATION WAS SENT OR RECEIVED UNTIL NEGATIVE FEEDBACK WAS LEFT (Yarn was not received yet): (Also, the difference in yarn amounts was NEVER discussed.) has left negative feedback for order number 20984. You can respond to this feedback via your order history page. The buyer will then have the opportunity to remove the negative comment. Both the buyer’s feedback and your response will be viewable via your feedback page.

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 09:42:54 SKYE WROTE:
Subject: did you ever stop and think?

That maybe your first email that you say you sent after you bought the yarn didn’t go through?  and that you weren’t ignored?  Did you ever stop and think that the 2nd email was answered very quickly??  Did you ever stop and think people have a life outside of the internet?  I was in the hospital for 3 days for my latest round of chemotherapy.  I come up to over 1,400 emails in my in box.  EVERYONE got short reply’s, they weren’t rude.  The reply was short and to the point.   The listing charged shipping it was not ppd.  I did not email you after the purchase and demand $3 for shipping.

If you wanted to work something out you would have emailed me and voiced your questions, instead you leave negative feedback and want to come to a resolution.  Uh no.  Once you’ve left feedback the seller has no incentive to come to a conclusion.  This situation makes me sick.  I’ve never met anyone in almost 2,000 transactions online that handles things like this.  It’s very disappointing.

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 4:08 AM, Nikki  wrote:

no, i never considered that my first email didn’t go through, since i contacted you through spots corner, and you obviously received my purchase information.  i did stop and think that people have a life outside of the internet, which is why i waited for two days, until after i received my shipping notice, before contacting you again.  yes, i did notice that my second email was answered very quickly, i am glad you didn’t add an “i’m sorry”, it might have delayed it another two seconds.

i read the listing, saw the price, stated IN THE LISTING as $35ppd.  i scrolled straight down to the buy it now button, and went straight to paypal to pay.  i didn’t realize until i was in the process of paying you (immediately upon purchase) that i was being charged a different amount than the listing stated.  since i was already in the process of paying you, i finished and then immediately contacted you.  it was a friday evening, so i fully planned on waiting until monday to contact you again if i hadn’t heard from you.

i did pay for shipping, on an item that was listed as postage paid.  i understand there was a mistake in your listing and you handled the situation poorly.  i would have sucked it up and let the $3 refund that i requested go, if you had actually shipped the yarn first class, since that is what i paid for.  you claim it was too heavy to ship first class.  you said that i should become more familiar with the usps before leaving feedback.  i am familiar with the usps.  i know that up to 14oz can be shipped first class.  i only purchased 8oz of yarn.  an envolope (or even small box!) and a label does not weigh 5oz.  YOU chose to ship my package parcel post, without contacting me first.  YOU chose to ship in a manner different than listed.  YOU are at fault for the fact that i am still waiting on yarn i purchase more than two weeks ago.  if the price for the yarn had been postage paid, as the listing stated, and YOU had chosen to ship parcel post, i wouldn’t have had much of a say in the matter, since i didn’t pay for shipping.  however, i DID pay for shipping, and i paid for first class shipping.

i truly am sorry for your illness, i cannot imagine what it is putting you and your family through.  however, you should not be using that as an excuse for poor business practices.  yes, i know that sounds cold, and i am sorry.  but you knew you were going to be receiving chemo, it’s not like it was an unexpected occurance.  if it was going to effect your ability to do business (which your email makes it sound like), then maybe you should have waited until you were recooperated before listing your items.


On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 8:43 AM, Skye wrote:

Before you read on, if you reply to me i will be deleting the message without opening it

Um no!  My illness has nothing to do with this except I get a lot of emails.  Answering  emails from people over an issue like shipping does not need to take my time.  The listing clearly charged shipping.  It was not ppd as you are stating.  Shipping was clearly marked in the listing.

Talking to you is as productive as talking to the wall.  By leaving feedback before you even receive the item you lost all bargaining power.  You used negative feedback as a means of trying to get your own way.

Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 14:02:46 -0500
Skye wrote:

You honestly think that I would ship your item Parcel post when it could ship First class.  I would take a longer way and more expensive way to get there out of spite.  Spite for what?  I had to pay almost $3 more for shipping this way.  WHY would I do that if it could ship first class.

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 2:13 PM, Nikki wrote:

that’s what i would like to know.  EIGHT OUNCES of yarn!  what did you do, send it in a concrete box?!
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 14:15:01 -0500

You are 100% right I really am out there to lose money and to make you wait longer than you have too.  WHatever.

<strong>On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 4:03 PM, Nikki wrote:

i thought you would like to know that i finally received my yarn today.  imagine my surprise when it said, right on the mailing label, that the package weighs 2lbs even.  here is the picture that i took, just for you.  so, now what is your reason behind sending it parcel post?

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what to do… what to do…

So, I’m having issues with a diaper. I’ve bought some new from them and they are coming from a different pattern/had production issues. I’ve discussed it with their CS but they say there is nothing wrong with them. I’m frustrated. Is a JAR the only way to go?

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Re: what to do… what to do…

It’s a fitted diaper. The original pattern that I thought I was buying seems to have changed. It’s bigger overall and the snap closure has moved causing the diaper to not fit smoothly.
It works, but it looks bad. I’m upset that it’s being sold as first quality and CS will not give a partial refund for something that is clearly a second.
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Re: what to do… what to do…

This sounds similar to a problem I’ve been having as well. My issue is that the snaps have been placed in a completely different spot then they used to be, much lower on the wings, such that the top of the wings folds over on itself. It just makes for a crazy fit on my lo’s. CS tells me they did not change the pattern and that the snaps are within their margin of error for handmade diapers with snaps that are set by hand. They don’t acknowledge that there is an issue and I’ve heard different people associated with said wahm give conflicting info on this problem. Since I loved the prints and wanted to keep the diapers the solution I was given was to add a second row of snaps (which isn’t really a solution as there’s no way to set a second row of snaps on the wings in the correct place since the outtermost snap is *almost* in the right place thus a 2nd row of snaps in the right place would mean setting it on top of the existing row which isn’t possible). These diapers make up 98% of our massive stash because they are perfect for us and have worked so well in the past but the most recent ‘batch’ for lack of a better word has me extremely disappointed because of the way they (don’t) fit. I don’t really have any suggestions for you though on how to handle. I just had to walk away cause the whole thing had me and and
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Re: what to do… what to do…

Originally Posted by wesevanmom View Post
Besides fixing it which doesn’t seem to be a viable option have they offered a refund or replacement?

I was told to wash the diaper 4-6 times to get the fit right. Then a week later with back and forth e-mails I was told I could return UNWASHED/UNWORN diapers for a refund.
There are no available replacements it seems.