Another Co-Op Host gone bad.

Posted: August 1, 2011 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama

At this rate, co-ops aren’t going to be happening for much longer.

~happy2Bamommy~ 08-01-2011 11:38 AM

If you were scammed by Becky/bjaneen response needed FAST!
Please contact
Amy/mOmof3I haven’t talked to Sarah/WearingTaci today on this but I’m sure she would take info as well if she is on.

You can copy all of us in on the pm if you wish by copy/pasting the following into the recipient box on the pm:

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox ; mOmof 3 ; WearingTaci ; ~happy2Bamommy~ ;

We need these details
Your name
phone number
Amount owed and rather it was for WW or shipping overage
What you got for bad product from JT (I know a few have no product at all, need to hear from you too)

Please put in the title of the pm which co-op you were a part of or rather it was shipping overage.

I am including in this complaint not only the WW and JT but anyone owed for shipping overcharges that was waiting on Becky to refund overages from Jenifer.

Becky, if you read this, I’m incredibly sorry that you abused the trust of the ladies here and have now forced our hand. Despite your promise to resolve and then your threats when you decided not to, we are moving forward in the hopes that some sort of resolution will come about.At the very least, charges will be brought against you. I can only think that your lack of contact at this point means you are unwilling to sort this out.We have to now move forward. May you find peace. Carolyn~

Since you obviously want us to post about it…

Posted: April 15, 2011 by dsddramamama2 in Just Drama

We made DS again!

TDM and I would like to clear this up a little…

#1.) His title should be “Unbeknownst to me” not unbeknown.

#2.) what we assume is the post in question in the thread. I don’t think we have featured him, he was discussed, and really, I don’t see what the issue is… most men do not stay home, cloth diaper, or sew mamacloth (hell most men don’t want to know about mama cloth or our cycles for that matter). Men on sites like DS make women nervous, there are a lot of perves out there, and being cautious doesn’t hurt anything.

#3.) Our goal of the blog (and you can post this over on DS if you want) is not to hurt people’s feelings, we started it as a joke, and it evolved. We post interesting things to talk about, and keep scamming in check. There is a lot of drama on DS, and some of the posters on the blog do take it too far, and have been told that. It is amusing that people think the blog is so bad, most of the things posted lead to finding trolls, scammers, and/or multiple user identities. We have helped DS by giving and finding multiple usernames on multiple sites, and prevented a lot of scamming and subsequent drama. Very rarely do we, the blog owners, attack people on a personal level, and those that we have, are people who have been proven to lie, cheat, or steal.

#4.) We enjoy DS (aside from the occasional viruses), participate on it regularly, and don’t cause drama on the forum… but due to the restrictions that the rules give, it is nice to have somewhere to out scammers and trolls, which is 90% of the drama on DS.

#5.) As for the miscarriage being questioned, that was not the blog owners, and was distasteful. But, we do not police comments here, and believe in leaving things up and not allowing editing.

Public Outting of DS Coop Scam…

Posted: April 2, 2011 by dsddramamama2 in Just Drama

Good for DS for not hiding it, this took a lot of time and research:

Yesterday, 08:10 PM #1
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Exclamation ATTN:All Members~PLEASE READ RE: JENIFER

We are posting a public outing of DS Member and former co-op star hostess Jenifer.
Some things have been brought to our attention and the team did some investigating.
We are not happy with what we found and feel it is our responsibility to protect our members and let you know what happened. We also removed Jenifer from Co-ops and did a mediation with her. There are 4 other packages that we know of which are missing to out of country moms and we are doing our best to track these packages. If any of these packages arrive PLEASE contact a coop mod and let them know. We got her to refund some money that we found she kept from co-ops after crunching numbers and them not adding up. We have worked hard and bettered our coop system by now having hosts fwd the emails from the companies or wahm’s directly to us in original format to the ds co-ops email address. 

We have found the following:

Jenifer states: Feb 1 posted saying order was being input into TF system and nothing was OOS and being made to order, last time took 2 weeks (last time was made same day as well)
Feb 1- posted that paypal was pending on Feb 3
Feb 3- posted saying TF said about a week (this was never stated by TF)
Feb 8- posted saying TF emailed and stated “started processing today and to expect a shipping notice in 7-10 days” and that she was going to look for helpers
Feb 18- posted saying she was going to call and see if it had shipped, told Liana the produce delivery to make our order was held up by the snowstorm
Feb 18- posted that the order was being overnighted Tuesday (she still had not paid for it yet at this point)
Feb 21- posted that her kids were sick
Feb 23- posted that the order was there. Said she couldn’t open any boxes cause her whole family was ill and puking.
Feb 28- posted that she had inventoried most items and 2 items were mislabeled and some were broken. (this is the day the order was paid for)
March 2nd- realized 3 items were missing and OOS (this is the day the order arrived)

Jenifer had no communication between 1/29 and 2/18 so the posts about emails during that time from TF are false

TF states: they do not overnight, the order would have shipped Jan 28th had it been paid for when ordered on the 27th. Jenifer emailed on 2/18 stating she would call and pay the next morning. No communication between then and 2/28 when Jenifer called and made payment. The order shipped that same day via UPS tracking number 1Z1R07090346165358 and was delivered at approx 9am on Mar 2

During the time her entire family was sick and throwing up, posted on facebook that she attended a baby shower. She also had Baltic Creations input fills while her sister visited from out of town but told participants she had a family emergency and that was why she couldn’t do them.

Stated TF had a $2000 minimum (on Jan 16 and 20th in TF thread), they fact have NO minimum and require a $300 order for free sth. Also stated during the June co-op the minimum would be $1000 (3/7 in TF thread)

Stated we could order by the half case when TF told her that was a one time thing and they did not want to do it again, therefore making DS look bad when she ordered ½ cases again

Upcharged TF pricing in Sept and Jan on the following items: [received the invoices from TF and compared to what she charged] (had liana help change prices on spreadsheet, telling her the prices had increased)
* apple rings (both times)
* roasted salted mixed nuts (sept)
* chocolate covered almonds (sept)
* cashew maple butter (sept)
* diced apples (jan)
* apricots (jan)
* tamari roasted almonds (jan)
* maple glazed cashews (jan)
* sea salt and onion cashews (jan)
* roasted salted walnuts (jan)
* chocolate covered coconut (jan)

TF mistakenly sent unsalted tomatoes rather than the salted ones that were ordered. Jen stated she checked with the mamas that ordered them and unsalted was fine. Actually the moms were never asked if that was OK, I’m assuming because the label does not indicate salted or unsalted.

Underinsured at least one TF package

Upcharged Susan0607’s TF order shipping by over $11

At least 3 orders in TF were not shipped when she states they were and were actually shipped on 3/18 after mod intervention

Put smaller orders in larger boxes with too much excess space causing item breakage and high shipping charges for oversized boxes.

4 canada packages still MIA from dharma and she will not provide customs numbers

Ship charge from dharma was 16% of cost. Asked to see invoice multiple times and it still has never been forwarded

Posted on Feb 12 in TF thread that she noticed a difference in dharma invoice vs what she collected but she doesn’t state noticing a difference in TF invoice vs collected either in Sept or Jan.

CHH usually drop ships her items and requested to do so again but Jenifer refused

Stated CHH was “almost completed” when it had in fact been completed for 2 days and kept giving the WAHM the runaround about paying for shipping

Asked by WAHM to divide insurance cost among orders, stated she would just add that into shipping cost and the participants wont know, then did not pay for that insurance cost as agreed upon until mod intervention.

Refused to allow WAHM to drop ship and therefore in stock items were delayed waiting on custom items to be made so all could be shipped to Jenifer

Charged $2.86 shipping per participant rather than the actual cost + fees (she mentioned every order was under 2oz) The cost for 2oz including dc is $1.58 plus fees $1.94

Split bulk coconut after being told it was against DS co-op rules to open food items.

Charged multiple co op fees for co ops combined in shipping to at least the following participants: (this is a sample, not all)
* Baltic Creations
* iamnaturally
* starsnlollipops
* keropisunshine23
* jaci
* rxmama

Has been asked multiple times to provide explanation, to no avail.

To summarize:
We are all very shocked and saddened at what has been discovered. Please know we take none of this lightly and even though a lot of you are very close with Jenifer, we hope you understand that we have an obligation to protect the members of DS and our actions are only furthering that objective. Please direct any questions you may have to Sweet_Fantasy_Fox, mOmof3, or IAM, naturally and we will be happy to do what we can to answer or get answers.

How does someone get raves for so long with such crappy work? Is there a back story? I heard something about the WAHM threatening to sue over feedback? Anyone have details?



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Verychicbaby rave

I bought this dress for Kairi a couple months ago

but it was a Christmas gift so I am just now about

to rave about it.

Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

I love love love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Whitney~ loving wife and devoted mama~ Alex (4-06) Destiny ( 8-07 ), Kairi ( 7-09 ), expecting in 7-11 and forever missing the one we lost (7-10 )
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Re: Verychicbaby rave



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Re: Verychicbaby rave

To adorable!!!!


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Re: Verychicbaby rave

that is so cute and so is your DD!
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Re: Verychicbaby rave

I Jenny… I have a couple dress too from her. I can’t for my daughter to wear them in the springtime although she already wearing the matching slippers right now.

It look beautiful on your daughter too.:thumbup:

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Re: Verychicbaby rave

look beautiful on your daughter. i hope the sewing is better than 99% i’ve seen on the pics in her facebook.


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Re: Verychicbaby rave

What Becky said…her FB things are horrendous.
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We are here, just not around…

Posted: January 3, 2011 by dsddramamama2 in Just Drama

But since the other post got so long, here is a new place to start chatting.

Please tell us how you really feel.

Posted: October 31, 2010 by dsddramamama2 in Just Drama

You do realize, the majority of us don’t feel that way, right?

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Halloween is … (wasnt tryto diss it see why)

…. a day for kids to have an excuse to eat bad food, an excuse for teens to cause trouble, an excuse for woman to dress like whores, and an excuse for adults to get drunk and party. 

Am I right? or am I right? lol.

Yes Im still having fun with the kids and we will be eating doughnuts cider and a few pieces of candy. But Im not going to use Halloween as an excuse for any of these things.

$12 for WHAT???

Posted: October 18, 2010 by THE Drama Mama in Now THAT was a bad transaction.

$12 PLUS shipping for this? Really? The seller needs to refund the $12.00, PLUS shipping and have the buyer FFS it.

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WWYD? Item not as described, issues…

I recently bought a diaper I’ve wanted FOREVER! The mama is new here (has less than 5 ratings but 100% feedback), so I took a chance since I can’t find another one anywhere. Everything went fine, she was very nice, and I got the diaper today. It’s a Fuzzi Bunz, and the waterproof stuff has completely come off of 80-90% of the diaper! So I can’t use it at all. I mean, I guess it could be used as a fitted. I paid $12 for it (no insert). I sent the mama a message and she’s gotten back to me quickly, offered a refund immediately, but when I asked about getting shipping back as well, she refused. Her solution is that she can refund the $12 (which I will have fees taken out for anyways) and I can send it back, or she can refund $6 (which I will also have fees taken and I can keep the diaper. I don’t really find either solution acceptable. I’m not wanting to make money off of her! I’m just wanting to be not be out anything (other than pp fees) in the end since I am not at fault. She said basically why should she double pay to ship a diaper. Um… because you sent a diaper that isn’t as described and can’t be used. I’m wanting to know if I’m in the wrong for wanting a full refund plus shipping back to her? WWYD? 

Here are pics of the diaper:

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.


I will accuse you of a couple things.

Posted: October 5, 2010 by dsddramamama2 in Just Drama

The first, your incorrect word use. I doubt you are being accused of using the diaper to go sailing.

The second, not disclosing the diapers manufacture date or style. That would be like selling (oh wait, “sailing”) an oldschool FB from years ago without telling the person, even if you did only use it once, and did buy it new. Nondisclosure is the equivalent of lying on FSOT.

I always wonder when someone jumps to the defense on such a small sale. Why the need to get your story out there? What is really going on? Why not just refund if someone is that unhappy? We are only talking a few bucks here, and the money is not rightfully yours until your buyer is happy. In the experience of the blog, it is the liar or scammer that tries to defend themselves before there is something to defend. I’m not calling her a scammer, but I am saying that it makes you go hmmm.

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Being accused of saling a bad diaper

I sold a Knickernappie os and I used this five times (i bought it brand new) and now the mom who has It says it must have bad elastic since the snapped down rise doesn’t match her other CDs. The cd was pretty much coming in brand new condition. I think the manufacturer changed the rise thus the difference. Just upset of being accused of sailing a bad cd when it was practically new. I compared my other one that was used twice and it is higher rise than a one I got off fsot but the elastic isn’t bad either. Would you refund knowing there is no way it could be bad elastic?
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Too funny not to share.

Posted: September 26, 2010 by dsddramamama2 in Uncategorized

This is not drama, but I just laughed so hard I pissed my pants and woke DH… so I thought I would share!

Today, 10:14 AM #1
I flashed my father-in-law….mortifying

I was nursing my 9 month old last night and browsing online at the same time. She woke up and pulled off the boob and sat up. Around the same time my husband started talking so I looked over at him. When I looked back down at the screen there was my FIL’s head staring at me. Unbeknownst to me, my husband and FIL had been collaberating on setting up Skype so they could talk to the grandkids. And my husband had set our computer to “auto answer” when it was called. So my FIL sat down at his computer in his house and dialed our number (first time, he was just playing around with it) and boom – my laptop “answered” the call and showed my boob hanging right there. I was in shock. After a couple seconds of immobility, I threw the computer to the side and walked away. I couldn’t even talk for a few seconds I was so shocked. That sucked. My husband couldn’t quit laughing.