That is a bit harsh! I don’t think the “no offense” disclaimer works on this one.

Have you met someone from DS in real life? (

View Poll Results: Have you met someone from DS in real life?
YES, I knew them IRL before interacting on DiaperSwappers. 8 13.56%
YES, I met them IRL after interacting on DiaperSwappers – we arranged to meet up. 27 45.76%
YES, I met them IRL after joining DiaperSwappers – we met unintentionally. 8 13.56%
NO, but I would if I had an opportunity! 15 25.42%
NO, and I would not take an opportunity to do so. 1 1.69%
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Re: Have you met someone from DS in real life?

No, and I wouldn’t take the opportunity to do so.

No offense, but many of the people I talk to here are young (immature), have too much drama in their lives, and a few need to be on meds, but I’m sure I have my idiosyncracies too.

Happy to chat; don’t want to meet IRL.

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  1. kukukachoo says:

    she really shouldn’t hold back her feelings like that- it’s not healthy 🙂

  2. smartassmama says:

    I wouldn’t wanna meet an old fuddy duddy anyhow. :p
    Neener-neener. *fingersinears*

    other than knowing her age already, my mother’s friends and church friends have a hard time believing my age when they find out. And even 5 years ago when I started my former job, it was months before age was brought up. And they were surprised too.

    Meh. I’d love to meet some like-minded mamas. Some ladies with the same parenting ideals as me. But NOT her. :p

  3. Myself says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t want to meet her IRL.

    But, I have met like three or four IRL from DS and I’m going to meet one from CDN soon and I talk to some of them on the phone.

  4. treeindawind says:

    So if we are all sad excuses for women then why in the world does she even “chat”? BTW-Her **** still stinks way up there on her high horse. Has she not ever read an encouraging post, check the generous posts over in FFS? Maybe her life is so perfect she has never lost a pregnancy, or ever had to venture over to struggles and support. YUCK!

  5. Just Peachy says:

    No big loss to the rest of us! I have met quite a few DS mamas and 1 cdn mama whom I consider one of my BFFs.

  6. naturalmamadot says:

    *smiles at jen* I sorta kinda met you on DS first though lol, then I noticed you posting on here and wondered if it could possibly be the same local mama!

    I agree though, no big loss why would anyone wanna meet a stupid bitch like her? lmao

  7. naturalmamadot says:


  8. Just Peachy says:

    Ya well we didn’t really start hanging out n chit chatting til I made the switch to CDN so 😛

  9. downy20 says:

    Oh, come on…I thought it was really funny. She does make some valid points. Also, she said many of the people that she talks to. Maybe she only talks to F*lisha and the like.

  10. FunnyMama says:

    Wow, she’s a Debbie Downer. Gotta applaud her for the honesty, though. On the flipside, they say the guilty dog always barks first…

  11. Just Peachy says:

    I thought it was he who smelt it dealt it?

  12. FunnyMama says:

    that too.

  13. whaaaa says:

    I’ve met one person off CDN and she turned out to be NUTS! Took me a month to get her to stop trying to meet up. But again, that person is also a special brand of crazy on the interwebz… I should’ve waited until I “knew” her more online before agreeing to meet her in person.

  14. naturalmamadot says:

    haha whaaa, is she a frequent poster?

  15. Wow, she sounds like a real delight.
    I’ve met a CDN mama IRL, and she was awesome. I look forward to meeting a few more soon!

  16. reallytiredmommy says:

    I think I know who I’m putting on iggy and my do not bst list!

  17. DSDM2 says:

    That special brand of crazy is all over DS and I would assume flows over to CDN.

  18. whaaaa says:

    I think she’s been banned from CDN, but so was I.

  19. cheesewhiz says:

    BAHAHA!!! While I agree that you need to be selective in meeting people IRL and DS has its fair shair of nutjobs and twats, I think I would put her in the latter category. No contest. Darn, I guess this means I’ll have to cancel my date for afternoon tea and crumpets next Tuesday with Ms. Yvonne.

  20. amessymama says:

    whaaa-You can’t leave us hanging!! If she’s been banned, you should tell us. Although, it should be kind of easy to figure out, since not too many people get banned from CDN.

    Oh was it the “B Double E R” chick?!! Or are you? 😉

  21. whaaaa says:

    What? Never heard ofo B double E R …

    I’m Tishia. Naturallia was already taken, funnily enough… whatever posts under that was not mine, iff there are any. 🙂

  22. amessymama says:

    Her SN was emmy lou. She typed “B Double E R” once, instead of typing “BEER”. Twas funny.

  23. whaaaa says:

    Was she being silly or serious when she typed that?

  24. naturalmamadot says:

    well I guess both, she was drunk posting on CDN being a total dumbfuck so she was serious but being silly because of the b double e r in her system.

  25. whaaaa says:

    Ahhh, yeah, I’ve drunk posted before. 🙂 Right now, I’m sick-posting. My whole family’s sick so I’m stuck at home, therefore, I’m cruising the internet out of boredom. Anything interesting I should check out? I found a blog called “Poop on Cloth” so I bookmarked that and this one. Anything else I overlooked?

  26. sciencefair says:

    Booo. Not to bring up old drama, but I got asked if I have any proof that saraneth was a troll on DS. TEchnically no. Booo. I guess I should let them know that I based the comment on the different dates on the photos. Plus the definition of troll. Gaah!

  27. FunnyMama says:

    who asked you, DS mods?

  28. Just Peachy says:

    Tell them to do their fucking jobs!

  29. FunnyMama says:


  30. Myself says:

    27 – who asked you?

  31. DSDM2 says:


    The object of this page is to bring together a definitive document to cover the utter sadness of the Internet troll. Usually, a troll is nothing more than a passing nuisance, but, as this page will show, they can be a worry (stalkers). However, it is almost invariably an inadequate individual who can be safely ignored.

    This page will define the activity, and help with early recognition; once acknowledged, trolls can take up residence, and, like athlete’s foot, can be difficult to shift. And when you’ve finished here, I recommend this fairly comprehensive guide to managing sad thirteen year olds loose on Mom’s computer.
    What Is A Troll?

    The term derives from “trolling”, a style of fishing which involves trailing bait through a likely spot hoping for a bite. The troll posts a message, often in response to an honest question, that is intended to upset, disrupt or simply insult the group.

    Usually, it will fail, as the troll rarely bothers to match the tone or style of the group, and usually its ignorance shows.
    Why do trolls do it?

    I believe that most trolls are sad people, living their lonely lives vicariously through those they see as strong and successful.

    Disrupting a stable newsgroup gives the illusion of power, just as for a few, stalking a strong person allows them to think they are strong, too.

    For trolls, any response is ‘recognition’; they are unable to distinguish between irritation and admiration; their ego grows directly in proportion to the response, regardless of the form or content of that response.

    Trolls, rather surprisingly, dispute this, claiming that it’s a game or joke; this merely confirms the diagnosis; how sad do you have to be to find such mind-numbingly trivial timewasting to be funny?

    Remember that trolls are cowards; they’ll usually post just enough to get an argument going, then sit back and count the responses (Yes, that’s what they do!).

    Troll – Angler or Underbridge Dweller?

    How can troll posts be recognised?

    * No Imagination – Most are frighteningly obvious; sexist comments on nurses’ groups, blasphemy on religious groups .. I kid you not.
    * Pedantic in the Extreme – Many trolls’ preparation is so thorough, that while they waste time, they appear so ludicrous from the start that they elicit sympathetic mail – the danger is that once the group takes sides, the damage is done.
    * False Identity – Because they are cowards, trolls virtually never write over their own name, and often reveal their trolliness (and lack of imagination) in the chosen ID. As so many folk these days use false ID, this is not a strong indicator on its own!
    * Crossposting – Any post that is crossposted to several groups should be viewed as suspicious, particularly if unrelated or of opposing perspective. Why would someone do that?
    * Off-topic posting – Often genuine errors, but, if from an ‘outsider’ they deserve matter-of-fact response; if genuine, a brief apposite response is simply netiquette; if it’s a troll post, you have denied it its reward.
    * Repetition of a question or statement is either a troll – or a pedant; either way, treatment as a troll is effective.
    * Missing The Point – Trolls rarely answer a direct question – they cannot, if asked to justify their twaddle – so they develop a fine line in missing the point.
    * Thick or Sad – Trolls are usually sad, lonely folk, with few social skills; they rarely make what most people would consider intelligent conversation. However, they frequently have an obsession with their IQ and feel the need to tell everyone. This is so frequent, that it is diagnostic! Somewhere on the web there must be an Intelligence Test for Trolls – rigged to always say “above 150”

    Who is at risk?

    Any newsgroup, bulletin board, forum or chatroom can attract trolls, but they don’t have the brains to attack nuclear physicists, and they are drawn to the quick response where sex, religion and race are found; so politics is easy prey.

    One troll famously tried to infiltrate a mensa group; the results read like 100 trolls and one regular, it didn’t have a chance – but it was stupid enough to persist until removed.

    When Should You Be Concerned?

    Usually, no, though fractured funny bones and occasional waves of nausea have been reported.

    When a troll become persistent and personal, you may need to consider the possibility that it has fermented into an Internet Stalker – equally pathetic, if not more so – but sometimes requiring weedkiller. Find Out More

  32. tlouise says:

    I don’t mean to incite another “CDN rocks!/CDN sucks!” marathon, but wanted to mention a site for people who don’t like CDN. It’s
    I found it a few months ago and have been highly entertained (though I don’t post there much). It started as a spin-off of and they have a board devoted to snarking on various stupid posts on MDC, along with lots of other kinds of boards.
    The mods there seem really cool, and you can actually use swear words and not have them replaced with stupid filter crap, lol.

  33. naturalmamadot says:

    that sounds grand, the filter part but every board goes down eventually. someone is all sensitive and they dont want to tell all the sensitive ppls to go fuck themselves so it starts with filters and goes on from there.

    not to mention the board doesnt sound like my type of place anyways, I love mdc except for the ridiculous moderation but I like the ppl/environment.

  34. sciencefair says:

    It was TJsomething with numbers. Not H2BAM. I told them that the photos all had different dates initially, and now the photos all show the current date and that trolls are there to stir up crap and cause drama like she was doing. They didn’t send me any reply since then. But, based on the disclaimer they got the OP to post I think they think she is a troll as well.

  35. MotherMoonPads says:

    wheres the disclaimer?

  36. Myself says:

    36 – What disclaimer?

  37. Myself says:

    38 – What is the back story to this? I seem to remember something but it isn’t ringing the bells properly.

  38. Kristen says:

    She has the Reuse Caboose WAHM thread on CDN (she’s momofpink4 over there) and she had a thread dedicated to herself here (the Is this WAHM 6 yrs old?). There was a pretty lengthy mediation (still going on) and she’s screwed over a TON of mamas with her shitty sewing and sometimes not sending anything out all together. She’s back on DS (maybe she has internet access again?) and already has 4 threads up, one being an ISO/Trades thread.

  39. Sala says:

    Well, the mama cloth she’s got pictures of don’t look nearly as crappy as the stuff she proudly posted before. Even have plastic snaps.

    The pictures are crappy though. Seriously, on the mattress protector without any staging? Why don’t these wannabe WAHMs invest in a plain white sheet and take nice pictures under good natural light and NOT with the camera on their phones? Anyone why takes crap pictures like that I have a hard time considering a professional WAHM. Part of being a WAHM is being as professional as possible, which means making your product look as appealing as possible.

    Also what does NSFW stand for in her listings? I always thought it mean not safe for work, but is there some diaper-specific term I don’t know?

  40. Just Peachy says:

    No snap flat wrap.

  41. Kristen says:

    41- She did not sew those. She got a lot of stuff in trades and then resells/trades it.

    42- She told me it stood for “Not So Flat Wrap” :shrug: At any rate, she sewed those herself. I’m pretty sure (she told me once that she sews those all the time), so I’d be willing to bet they have the same horrible seams. blech.

  42. treeindawind says:

    I posted on here in the “Is this WAHM 6 yrs. old” post a little while back. I was the one that crocheted the custom skirty for her that I got back with more dog hair on it. Then had to sell it for a lot cheaper than I would charge for a custom! She “lost” interenet at the exact time of all of these horrible transactions went down. Now she miraculously has internet back. I just hope people check her feedback before buying from her.

    WHY WHY WHY did DS let her sell on there again?!?!?!!?

  43. smartassmama says:

    Meh heh heh 🙂

    “Admin chiming in here:

    This user did just have some issues with trades. There has been mediation. I spoke with her today. She agreed that any items sold will be shipped quickly,with paypal shipping and DC. If anyone does choose to trade with her, she has agreed to ship her end of trade first to be sure her trade partner is satisified.
    Last edited by ~happy2Bamommy~; Today at 01:59 PM.”

    lol. I think h2bam is a closet DoDS follower/reader/lurker 😉

  44. Just Peachy says:

    WTF does she consider herself a super mod? She does know she gets no treats for being a brown noser right?

  45. FunnyMama says:

    When I saw super mod all I could think of was Super Grover – furry blue puppet with a giant nose, a big red cape, and some kind of unnecessary metal headgear…

  46. Sala says:

    I think H2BaM has to read this website because she certainly visits a lot of threads after they are brought up here. I don’t know about her and her life but I assume that she too has a life outside of the board and that she’s too busy to read every post on every thread in every area so sometimes depends on others to help her find the interesting threads. Big assumption, maybe, but I’ve seen a lot of threads shut down soon after they’ve been discussed here.

  47. Myself says:

    48 – don’t you mean ASSumption?

  48. Kristen says:

    Look at her feedback:

    Does it seem like the 2 pos ratings from GEM Cloth are compensating for the 2 neg that were left?

  49. JustMe says:

    #50…uh…yeah, fishy much?

  50. Sala says:

    Myself, did I say anything ASSish in assuming that she reads here? If she doesn’t, maybe she has mad skillz and or spies to tell her where the drama is coming from. I still don’t see how that makes me an ass thinking that she reads the content and comments here. If she does read here, then she does; short of making this a membership-only blog, there’s nothing to be done about it. I’m still not seeing the drama in my assumption. Feel free to elucidate, I can be kinda dense sometimes!

  51. Sala says:

    3 negatives now!

  52. FunnyMama says:

    52 – Correct me if I’m wrong, wifey, but I Myself was referring to the fact that H2BAM hands out strikes like Skittles when DS posters caplitalize the ASS when typing out that word. I know for a fact she wasn’t flaming you or trying to imply that you were being asstastic.

  53. FunnyMama says:

    omit the “I” before Myself, sorry!

  54. Sala says:

    Is that what the ASS was about? See, that went totally whizzing over my head. I’m sleep deprived, completely baby-brained these days, and hadn’t realized that people had been getting strikes for that particular stupidity. I couldn’t figure out why what I’d said this time was ASSish. While that’s a stupid reason for a strike, I guess it does attempt to poorly circumvent the no cussing rule.

  55. FunnyMama says:

    no worries, that’s why I clarified.

  56. Myself says:

    No I take the ASS in ASSumption to me that typically when you make an ASSumption you are being an ASS, but yes I did get a strike for writing ASSume.

    And then I got banned for linking to DoDS, lol Both by H2BaM, lol.

    (All this to say is that now assume looks weird to me unless it is written ASSume and I was trying to make a joke. Obviously, I wasn’t funny, sorry)

  57. Sala says:

    I wasn’t offended if you were concerned, just confused. See above re: whizzed over my head. I have used ASSumed in written conversation but generally not in reference to me, since I do attempt to use some modicum of logic when making assumptions. However, since I can be and have been wrong in the past, I welcome others to correct me if I am in fact making ASSumptions.

    Since I’d forgotten that you’d gotten a strike for ASSume (if I’d remembered, I only figured out who you were when you basically told us), I didn’t catch the joke. It’s not that it wasn’t funny, just that I didn’t make the connections that would have made it funny. All this to say: it’s fine, sorry to drag this out, I was just confused, no problems here. And with that, I think I have Easter eggs to consider dying.

  58. MajKitab says:

    the latest.. feedback for custom YPA diapers, a day after purchasing? that’s a little weird.. no?

  59. FunnyMama says:

    very odd indeed. Could it have been a previous customer who had already ordered, knew how she felt about the dipes, and went ahead with the feedback before receiving?

  60. FunnyMama says:

    those have got to be some superior dipes for $21-$27, eh?

  61. žába says:

    Even if I had ordered before and knew how I felt about the product I still wouldn’t leave feedback before I received the diapers. You just never know, right?

  62. FunnyMama says:


  63. Aj says:

    This title made me laugh:

    Babies on a plain what…bagel, burger? Or is it more like plain as in an open field?

  64. readthis says:

    Or maybe it was a customer who already had purchased from her, same kid of slot and wanted to leave feedback so she said, just purchase the slot I have up and I will restock it later. It does look fishy though.

  65. Just Peachy says:

    Awwwwwww shit wtf and I just ordered from her too. I am hoping maybe she just received the order via email and stocked the slot specifically for fb.

  66. tlouise says:

    65- The title makes me think of “Snakes on a Plane!” lol

  67. amessymama says:

    I’ve done that before. Ordered through PM, got the item then the seller made a custom listing for me to leave my review. A few times actually.

  68. smartassmama says:

    I’m a hyena cart dummy. I’ve only bought from one HC store. She’s a (different) mommy board friend of mine and I just emailed her and asked about her dipes, how to get some, etc. She asked my preferences, and I ordered 4 fitteds that day, and 3 more a few weeks later. All this stuff is Greek to me.

  69. Aj says:
    Oh my.

    I know DSDM2 doesn’t post from Sensitive Subjects, but if you can look, please do. This girl has one issue after another, I’m worried for those kids.

  70. Myself says:

    Stinkers I can’t see. Oh well.

  71. smartassmama says:

    See half of her posts I’m ok with. Then she says something dumb and I change my mind.

    Well maybe it’s less than half of her posts. She sounds very controlled by her parents, but then again, I have a lot of trouble telling my own ‘no.’

    I am worried for them too. I really hope that part of the story is just poor choice of words, but it’s hard to elaborate here.

  72. smartassmama says:

    My last comment may come off wrong. I mean some of her other, unrelated posts. Not this one. This one’s just got bad all over it.

  73. smartassmama says:

    This one’s disturbing. I just really feel sorry for a lot of her posts.

  74. adensmama says:

    Mengmommy is a very sweet person but they are a very odd family. I think her family must have been really weird and controlling and possibly abusive. I kind of “know” her in a sense because we were in a DDC together on justmommies,

  75. smartassmama says:

    I agree 76. I don’t know her, but after reading her last thread my heart just goes out to her. I feel awful for her, and for how she grew up. Thinking that was normal. That last one – those topics – just really disturb me. I think I accidentally saw my mom change her shirt when I was a preteen and that scarred me. So further is just shocking. I hope she can find someone to help her through those issues.

  76. adensmama says:

    LOL that reminds me of when I saw my grandma’s boobs by accident when I was 3!!

    I know my parents would walk from the shower to their room in a towel, or occasionally I would see my mom in her bra or something when she was getting ready, but yeah that whole thing is just weird. I have no idea why her mom would do that!

  77. MotherMoonPads says:

    #77, I think it depends on the family. I’m tandem nursing, so for my 13 year old to see me nursing or accidentally catch a glimpse of something while nursing isn’t really “shocking”.

    (I’m not touching the sexual abuse subject though. My heart goes out to her)

  78. smartassmama says:

    I agree. I don’t have older kids, but it’s normal at my house too. My mom was just super modest, so I guess it’s just extra alarming to read things like that about a 12-15 year old.

  79. adensmama says:

    #79 I don’t think nursing really counts 🙂 I wouldn’t think twice about seeing a woman nursing, it’s not sexual it’s feeding your baby. Now, your mom forcing you to take showers with her when you’re 13-14 years old?

  80. Myself says:

    I agree nursing doesn’t count. I mean unless you are nursing said 13 year old .

  81. treeindawind says:

    82-What, you don’t believe in child led weaning? lol

  82. zamgrawrz says:

    Rofl, thats my post. It was supposed to be a reference to Snakes on a Plane but I apparently fail at spelling when I’ve been up all night with a baby, haha. See what 3 years of college gets you? 😛

  83. Myself says:

    83 – Nope I don’t. As evidence by the fact that I’m weaning my one year old so I can get more sleep 😦

  84. Sala says:

    I did take showers with my mom when I was 7-10, but that was on vacations at campsites where there were pay showers; my older brother had to shower with my dad. When I was 9, I broke my arm and I needed help bathing (cast from second knuckles all the way up to my bicep. I couldn’t wash my own hair very well and my mom helped me in the bath.

    I also shower with my almost three year old, as does my husband, and said three year old sees me naked or half naked when I get dressed because I’m not modest in front of him. He also sees me nursing or pumping. There’s plenty of time to teach him situational nudity “rules”. I’m not saying we’re going to be European and stripping in front of the kids when they are 10 or 15, but at the moment he doesn’t care and neither do I.

    But yeah, the situations that poster described would and do make me uncomfortable.

  85. smartassmama says:

    Interesting. I wanna know who the seller is!

  86. amessymama says:

    I want to know too. Someone said that she can tell by her FB, who it is. I’d check but I can’t read FB anymore.

  87. smartassmama says:

    I looked but I don’t see who it would be. From her recent FB (first page of it), I saw three buyer feedbacks that mention FFS in the title/comment. I check those three for threads started and don’t find anything. But I’m not exactly Agent 99. I bet it wouldn’t be hard to find, and I’m just missing it.

  88. treeindawind says:

    *knock knock* anybody there?

  89. DSDM2 says:

    *cracks door, and peaks out*

  90. smartassmama says:

    Oh draaaamaaaa. Come out and play. I promise not to poke your trolls. . .

  91. Lisa says:

    I have been checking in all day. You ladies are too quiet hehe 🙂

  92. Just Peachy says:

    I’ve had to get my drama fix on womanuncensored’s blog. You guys should check it out. Right now we have some childless trolls ranting about shit they know nothing about.

  93. nini02 says:

    Peachy – I am reading the Old Country Buffet thing on WU right now, and I think my head is going to explode. I don’t even have words to describe some of the idiots who are commenting. Like this little gem:

    “I don’t care if your baby is hungry, keep your disgusting milk bags covered. There are other people in the restaurant and your baby is not more important than the rest of us. You don’t agree? Too bad, you’re outnumbered. If your baby gets hungry, then you should have a bottle for it with you at all times. If you were neglectful enough to not bring food for your baby, then I guess it will just have to wait until you’re in a private place. The restaurant bathroom for instance, how difficult is that? If you don’t want to go somewhere private, then tough titty, as it were. If your brat starts crying because you neglected to bring it a bottle, then you’ll just have to leave the restaurant. When you had that brat, you took on the responsibility of respecting the rest of society and its needs (including those of us who don’t like children) and we were here first. You act as if that little vagina turd you call a “miracle” gives you the right to go straight to the front of the line. Well, sister, lemme tell ya: It doesn’t, and neither I or any other member of society owe you a god damn thing because you spread your legs once too often.” ~Anonymous


  94. smartassmama says:

    I should not have read that. . .

  95. TaraC says:

    Wow that is awful and digusting. ” Vagina turd,” really? Where does that poster think THEY came from!!??

  96. jmama says:

    WTF?!?! What a shithead!

  97. Kristen says:

    95- I wonder if that poster is aware that they were once a vagina turd, too. :twitch:

  98. FunnyMama says:

    I have something that’s not drama, but kind of funny. This mama has been bumping this Medela part (asking $10ppd) every day since 11/30/2009. Lemme save you some time – that’s approximately 95 posts with that little “bump” smiley.

  99. FunnyMama says:

    re: vagina turd – that’s blatantly disgusting and obviously someone who has some deep-seated ish-YOUS.

  100. Just Peachy says:

    Nini in that instance I am soooooooooo glad that person decided not to breed. The stupidity of the forum that leach came from astounds me.

  101. Sala says:

    Wow, I wish I hadn’t read that too. Last time I checked, women have the right to breast feed where ever they and their baby are legally allowed to be in most states, regardless of what “society” or restaurant patrons think. Also, last time I checked, children were parts of society. In addition, I did bring food for my baby, it’s called my breast; I’ll feed her in a bathroom if and when these shit heads eat in a bathroom too so I don’t have to look at their hateful faces.

  102. adensmama says:

    LOL…I left the awesomest comment ever, hopefully she approves it soon 😀

  103. Just Peachy says:

    The plasagna one? I spit out my drink reading that one.

  104. Sala says:

    Anyone else having issues with CDN right now? It keeps logging me out (always when I have something lined up to post so that disappears, too) and I’m having difficulty logging in. gah!

  105. tlouise says:

    You want to see some DISGUSTING shit from childfree people? Check this one:

    It is so hateful that I wonder if these people have souls at all. It goes beyond not liking public breastfeeding, they’ve made sarcastic remarks about babies who’ve *died*.
    I think to myself “I can get if you’re not a “baby person”, but why can’t you have compassion for them as human beings?”
    It’s like they think children are some kind of alien life form, sent to make their dining experiences miserable.

  106. Just Peachy says:

    tlouise most of the dissenters on the WU blog came from that forum. Its absolutely horrid and you would think people who do not have children would have something better to do with their time than to rip on those of us who do have children or the children themselves.

  107. tlouise says:

    Peachy- what is WU?

  108. interesting... says:

    #60- I’m Tami of DnF. I saw hits on statcounter from here wanted to clear this up. That customer has purchased from me several times through emails and slots on my cart. I think she just used one of the purchased slots for feedback from a previous email order. No drama there, sorry! LOL

  109. MajKitab says:

    Aye, just looked a little odd. Thanks for clearing that up Tami.

  110. an AK mama says:

    I could be wrong, but deliberately vomiting on someone could be considered assault, no?

  111. altaem says:

    One of the posters on said this:

    It’s CF slang. If you say “baby” in your head, it sounds different than “baybee” or “baaaybe” because the latter words are purposefully exaggerated. You’ll also see words like “cunt nugget,” “crotch fruit,” and “crotch trophy” (like “trophy wife”) to describe children in general and “moo,” “mawm,” and “duh,” (dad) to describe “breeders,” which is slang for “shitty parents.”

    A lot of people who stumble upon this site do not realize that we are not talking about parents, people who actually do their job. We are just talking about “breeders.” And to save parents from being offended, parents are banned from posting in the first place. The parents who stumble upon this site either post, realize what site this is, apologize, and leave, or they just hit the “back button.” The breeders are the ones who stay here causing troubling and causing themselves unneeded heartache.

    And about children: Some people here like children, some are indifferent to children, some dislike children, and some hate children. However, serious comments about wishing pain and death upon children are not allowed here. I would say the majority of people here are upstanding citizens in real life and recognize that this site is just a rant board. The slang may be shocking, but you will see a lot of threads decrying parents who harm and/or kill children. We find slang a lot less troubling than real actions that harm real innocent people.

    Here’s a list of CF slang: Childfree Slang


    I was completely disgusted by what I was reading until I saw this. Just a different form of drama board. To each their own, I guess. Weird, though.

  112. altaem says:

    And just to clarify…I don’t agree with the things they are posting.

    Just read WU (the newbie is sick and I’m “sleeping” on the couch with him on my chest) and I have this to say – recovering from a c-section is easier than recovering from a vag delivery? Seriously? After my med-free vag deliveries I have only taken ibuprofen, and not constantly, I have been out of bed and able to walk around immediately, I can shower by myself within hours. And, hell, today I was not even two weeks PP and got to show my love to my DH in a physical way again (I wanted to 4 days PP, but he wouldn’t have it). Nobody I know who has had a c-section has recovered as quickly as I have after my deliveries. But then I don’t know anyone who has had an elective c-section either.

  113. altaem says:

    And with that I think I’m actually going to try to find sleep…

  114. smartassmama says:

    I don’t give a shit still. The person/people (though I think they/she/he lacks a component to make them an actual person) who posted the hateful vileness there is a twunt. I have a good friend who’s known since she was a teen that she doesn’t want children. I respect that. Better to know now than later. But she isn’t hateful to or about my children. She wouldn’t call them any of the names that Ass did.

    So it’s slightly better that they didn’t mean *me* but they hate parents. That’s how they say it. If they hate breeders who pawn their kids off and let them run amok here & there, then say that. I still think they’re probably at least 3 quarters assholes.

    And PP, none of this is directed at you. That cubt-face-with-mommy-issues just pissed me off. So I guess that’s kinda feeding the troll, but, meh. :/

  115. smartassmama says:

    Yeah. That’s just dumb. I know people who’ve had repeat C-Sections. They said it’s easier than their first (since they labored & pushed with the first and ended with a C), but not that it’s super easy to heal from like an easy vag. delivery. I know a couple ladies who’ve had a VBAC, and they attest to the fact that vag. is easier on them

    And my cookies are fully intact, thankyouverymuch. When I was 9 days PP my second, and not feeling like I’d even been pregnant, my husband said it felt just fine ;). No scarred Vaj-jay-jay in my house.

  116. tlouise says:

    114- I don’t buy it. Someone over there recently referred to a baby as a “shit loaf” and once (can’t remember when) saw someone refer to a dead baby as a “dead loaf”.

    Maybe there are some on the board who simply don’t desire children, but if I were them, I would never associate myself with the other hateful, horrible people on a site like that.

  117. Just Peachy says:

    Exactly 119. I mean you are judged by the company you keep so why would you keep company with someone like that if you just hate bad parents?

  118. zamgrawrz says:

    Wow, thats horrible. I agree, I have lots of friends who don’t want kids themselves and I know my aunt frankly despises children, but none would ever say anything hurtful or just plain disgusting like the crap spewed on that board. I just know not to ask those people to babysit 😛

    Also, in regards to the breastfeeding comments, I can say I’ve breastfed all 5 of my kids, I’m not shy about it, and I’ve only someone say something once. Ever. 99% of the time people don’t even notice and when they do, they don’t act grossed out or appalled. I’m willing to bet that women like those are in the vast minority and that if they’re the only ones grossed out by it, maybe they should be the ones eating in the bathroom.

    I have a feeling most of those hateful women have some serious issues. I just can’t see how you could see children in such a terrible light unless something was messed up in your own life. Nor breastfeeding for that matter…I can understand not wanting too or feeling uncomfortable around someone who is, but to think its just plain disgusting? I dunno, its just weird….

  119. zamgrawrz says:

    Oh I’ve had 2 cesareans after 4 vaginal births and I can safely say, I’ll take labor anyday over a cesarean! The recovery was sooo much harder for me and the nerve damage on my tummy sucks 😦

  120. not me at all says:

    wow…bfing after 6 month is child abuse and should be reported…bfing at all is disgusting and incestuous?

    Too bad some of these peoples parents did not feel the same way about having kids.

  121. drearina says:

    Here’s what I’ve learned about the childfree community. About 80% are normal, sane people who don’t want kids and don’t want to be inconvenienced by others kids. The other 20% are extremely loud morons who are offended that other people even THINK about having kids. Like with any group it’s the loud lunatic fringe that gets the attention.

  122. .bin. says:

    Here’s what I’ve learned about the childfree community. About 80% are normal, sane people who don’t want kids and don’t want to be inconvenienced by others kids.

    Just like mothers. lol or any other group really. It sucks when the crazies ruin it for everyone.

  123. eeek says:

    I think more people should honestly look at parenting before they choose to breed, I think it’s wonderful when people who just don’t want kids just don’t HAVE kids. More people should follow that path, and if they were honest & thoughtful more would.

    That forum is not about people who have made some life choice, though, it’s about a strange mix of fear and anger. I don’t see anything, really, that’s social or supportive, or anything else I can understand as a reason for going there. And, honestly, words do matter, the way they talk about other people is the way they think it when they walk down the street, and there’s some vile horrifying crap being spewed in there.

    I could understand a forum for childless people who, say, want to chat about how much fun they have in their masses of free time, spending their gobs of money. Or how they went backpacking through New Zealand for 2 months. Or even just have enough time in their child-free lives that they can garden & meditate and go to museums. Keep it child-free because parents always devolve into parent-y stuff, I would totally understand.

    Those people are the polar opposite of that vibe though.

    Can you imagine how odd it would be to start a forum where we all sat around & used really vile language to describe childless people? Because we are so disgusted by their lives, which in no way actually inconvenience us, any more than any other human one might come in contact with? What kind of freaks would we be to do that?

    I don’t think most childless-by-choice people are like that forum, at all. I do think that forum is mostly creepy and the few non-creepy people are kind of allowing themselves to be co-opted.

  124. kimbella says:

    I think the seller above is running a diaper flipping business!

    I think these are the diapers she bought:

  125. smartassmama says:

    You mean that the seller in the last link is the one who bought the FFS diapers from Lauren420, and is selling as brand new?

  126. kimbella says:

    No, I have a post awaiting moderation b/c I put too many links in it.

    A buyer and seller both posted questions in t&f.

    Here’s the buyer:

  127. kimbella says:

    If you look at the seller’s pb, the diapers are still there.

    That’s them pre-conversion – look how yellowed the PUL inners are. They are all white diapers!

  128. smartassmama says:

    Ah ok. Going to read now. lol

  129. kimbella says:

    The seller says they PUL worked for her, but she only had the diaper for about a week before she resold them!

  130. altaem says:

    125 & 126 I agree. It’s the crazies that make the most noise in any community.

    I do think the language is vile and inexcusable, but that will just make me not visit the site and not give it another minute of my time. It’s not worth it for me to get up in arms about their foul mindsets.

    118 – no complaining about the state of my cookies, either.

  131. adensmama says:

    Yes, Peachy that was me. I felt so GOOD writing that, I had some pent up frustration to get off my chest lol!

  132. Just Peachy says:

    I freaking love you! Your comment about kicking them in the jaw making them choke on their vomit made me LMFAO.

  133. smartassmama says:

    I just knew “A mom” was one of us!
    I love it.

  134. no one important says:

    OK, so can we say DRAMA WHORE?

    But no mention of it here: (She did delete her post about the problems they have).

    She can’t stop looking for attention can she? I know we shouldn’t give it to her, but sometimes you wonder when we are going to hear about her on the news being killed, you know?

  135. treeindawind says:

    Wow, I think I have said this before, she needs an intervention and someone needs to take her computer away asap.

  136. thismelrocks says:

    That poor girl needs a straight jacket in the psych ward.

  137. smartassmama says:

    Holy shit. They’re divorcing? Wonder whose ish-shoes caused that.

    And how is she gonna pay for that house with no job, or major marketable skills? She doesn’t even have her GED? And why the eff would you buy a house knowing your ish-shoes were so strong that you were going to divorce the other person? That’s dumb. The foreclosure rate in this country isn’t high enough already? Dumbasses.

    And her blog – “we” bought. “we” moved. “we” asked. Her son is too young to make offers on couches. She admittedly has no friends. Did hubby o’ the year go AWOL?

  138. thismelrocks says:

    I’m confused too. I so want to email her to ask what’s up. haha

  139. treeindawind says:

    Someone should create a new email account and email her pretending to care.

    Scratch that-tis evil

  140. readthis says:

    They are not divorcing

  141. readthis says:

    Sorry posting from sisters computer . So I am awaiting validation!

  142. smartassmama says:

    Hey, she said it. Not me.

    “We’re divorcing, I’m lonely, can’t make friends, and I’ve been banned from almost every internet forum there is. So I’m looking for friends on Craigslist. Call the waaaaahmbulance.”

  143. .bin. says:

    147: you know more? share?

    Did she not say “we’re divorcing”

    Can anyone CP the craigslist ad, I didn’t catch it before it deleted.

  144. smartassmama says:

    Ah-hah. Didn’t know it was deleted. She sure reads us hateful bitches a lot to hate us like she does.

    Pardon me if I have you mistaken “read this,” but aren’t you somehow connected to her? I could be totally wrong. It happens a lot. If so, sorry!

  145. knittingfool says:

    141 You said she keeps looking for attention. Well, you guys are giving it to her. Obviously SOMEONE keeps googling her her name to find any little snippet she posts and yet you all keep saying how you wish she would go away. Holy cyber stalking! Just put the sad, little creature on ignore and move on already.

  146. thismelrocks says:

    I saved the ad. 🙂

  147. treeindawind says:

    Where are all the crazies? Is there a convention going on? Where’s the drama? The quietness is scary.

  148. Myself says:

    It’s quiet cause Felisha was banned.

  149. readthis says:

    Amen 152

  150. Myself says:

    Ugh, I’m still in moderation.

    I said

    It’s quiet cause “shoes” was banned.

  151. tootrue says:

    This could get interesting with her use of the word “rediculous”

  152. Myself says:

    Wow. I wouldn’t say I am an advocate of co-sleeping, but I’m not against it either. I do co-sleep every now and then with my children but as a general “rule” I don’t because I have trouble sleeping with them there.

    I think it is awesome and convenient for those that it works for.

    Too bad, I’m banned, I could send someone else the link to DoDS, lol.

  153. Incognizable says:

    @158 What did she say?? She edited her post completely. The End.

  154. Anna says:


    ” Originally Posted by corrielainedd View Post
    No offense to all you cosleeping familys out there. But IMO it is just as stupid and wreckless as not strapping your child into their carseat! You may go their whole lives without incident, but when incident happens, its deadly!

    I was just informed, my cousin in California, her 2 month old daughter was found dead this morning. Her and her husband successfull coslept with their 3 year old son. But woke to their new baby girl suffocated.

    Please pray for them, especially for cousin Abby, as she already has problems (long time eating disorder, which is under control, and social anxiety problems).

    I pray for those of you who choose to cosleep, atleast, get a cosleeper bed thing, so the baby is safe, close, but far enough away from getting smothered.”

    But she said “no offense”, everyone!!! eyeroll.

  155. knittingfool says:

    She is talking about a dead baby here and is obviously very upset and just wants to warn others. Cut her some slack on the spelling. And I have to say that unless you are a very light sleeper (and most mothers are), baby is safer it’s own bed. Just have next to yours so you don’t have to stumble down the hall in the dark!

  156. redfish bluefish says:

    ZOMG! Just because one baby dies via co-sleeping doesn’t mean they all will. Same with cribs but baby has to sleep SOMEWHERE!

    As for Felitwat-what did the CL ad say?

    And her “new couch” post is annoying as fuck. She was whining bc she doesn’t like oak and all that BS.

  157. redfish bluefish says:

    162-shes trying to warn yet being sterotypical/judgemental at the same time. Not an effective way to win others over imo.

  158. smartassmama says:

    I absolutely love TwinKrisit’s response to her.

    I understand she’s sad about it, but if the tabled were turned, would she be so rude about it? If the baby had passed away in a crib, just like her children sleep in? Or if she herself were a co-sleeper? It’s very easy for her to bash, since they were doing the opposite of her.

    Gor some folks, there’s no other option. For some, the bedroom isn’t big enough for a crib and a bed. For some, they don’t awake enough to go fetch a baby from another room. For some, baby will NOT go to sleep by themselves, and wakes when laid down. We didn’t intend to co-sleep. But when my daughter was 5 days old, it just happened. And so it was, for the next 17 months. Her brother now cosleeps too. He can’t be placed anywhere while he’s asleep, and cannot go to sleep on his own.

  159. tootrue says:

    I’m not an advocate of co-sleeping either (not against it, it’s every parents choice) I just knew when I saw that she would get jumped on by her choice of words…I realized not long after I joined ds you can’t say anything against co sleeping, non vaxing, non circing, etc. without being attacked.

  160. startiger0607 says:

    165-you are so right, my oldest never co-slept, but my youngest..oi. The night we got home it was non stop wailing until I laid him next to me, he stayed that way for 20 month.
    166-It’s not that she is against co-sleeping, it’s her wording. If I said no offense but I think scheduled c-sections are stupid, then I would be jumped on too. Just because you don’t agree with something does not mean you can put other people down for their choice.

  161. downy20 says:

    I hate to be insensitive but this really happens way too much. Almost too much to believe. Of course, everyone is rushing to send her diapers and giving her store credits. I hate to be skeptical but it would be a good scam. It is actually a big heartwarming that there are so many moms that are jumping to help. They don’t even give a second thought to it being a lie. Boy, my heart must be made of stone.

  162. downy20 says:

    oops…that should say a “bit heartwarming”

  163. knittingfool says:

    Yeah, that was my first thought. You put 3 baskets of diapers to sun on your deck and never noticed someone happily gathering them all up. Actually 3 someones since there were three full baskets. And who would go into someone’s yard and steal used diapers? I can see expensive designer jeans going missing off the line, but diapers AND woolies from your deck? Sounds like she is getting a whole shitload of new stuff. I feel bad for all the generous donors if she is just looking for free stuff.

  164. knittingfool says:

    165 The baby didn’t just die (as in SIDS). She was suffocated by her parents as they slept. Wouldn’t have happened if she was in a crib or bassinet. My heart goes out to the parents. Can you imagine how they must feel?

  165. kitty1163 says:

    Re: Baskets of missing diapers

    That OP is a longstanding member of DS. Not a personal friend, but a buyer and a seller for sure. I’d doubt she’d make up such a crazy story for woolies and dipes.

  166. melmelly says:

    About three years ago, I posted in my DD community about a baby that had been suffocated, and I had a shit storm to deal with. So many of the women felt that I was using “scare tactics”, etc., and that I wasn’t being sensitive enough. They were completely ignoring my statement that I was a co-sleeper as well. All I was saying is that when there is a death, parents really need to make sure that they are taking every precaution to make sure it doesn’t happen to them. My BIL was one of the cops that had to respond to the call, so he saw it firsthand.

    164- She may be coming off as judgmental and stereotypical, but she may be emotional as well. So in that case, she may not even realize how her words are coming across. I won’t go to DS to read the post, so I am not defending her.

  167. smartassmama says:

    Ah crap.
    I was looking on hyena cart (1st time, btw, confused as hell) for in-stock pads and came across a name that I thought I recognized from a
    DS sig or something. So, I notice the prices are Cdn dollars, so I check her FAQ to fins out if she sells to the US.

    It doesn’t say. But I’m glad I clicked. At the bottom – “how to wash your BamBooty Baby fiapers” CRAP! That’s where I recognize Sweet Angel Baby from. From her being on here a couple weeks ago.

    There goes 5 minutes of my life.

  168. adensmama says:

    About the stolen woolies thing, I was in a DDC with that chick (her 3rd, my 2nd) and I honestly don’t think she would be the type to make up something crazy.

    Who the hell steals used diapers and wool though? It must be someone who CDs because no one else would do that!!! She should keep a record of everything she put out and pics so if anything pops up on FSOT we can kick their asses.

  169. treeindawind says:

    Ruh Roh Shaggy, this can’t possibly end well.

  170. adensmama says:

    I was just reading the woman uncensored post about the Pearls, and I notice that “To Train Up a Child” on facebook has 400 something friends, while this one has over 700 lol!

  171. naturalmamadot says:

    holy shit 176 its still up, amazing haha

  172. Myself says:


    Okay, I could be wrong but I’m 95 % sure that the blanket in those pictures is CROCHET not KNIT

    Or am I just insane?

  173. naturalmamadot says:

    I dont think your link worked lol

  174. Myself says:


    It is in Extra Fluffy and easy to find

    Title is : CALLING ALL KNITTERS!………..I need help

  175. MajKitab says:

    Every crib death IS NOT ‘just’ SIDS…
    babies can suffocate on the mattress, choke on their own spitup…

    Terribly sad a a baby’s life was lost, but no story will ever keep my children away from me at night. We sleep as a family unit because there is no safer place for my children then next to me. Honestly, the thought of making my children sleep apart from us makes me laugh.

  176. smartassmama says:

    182 – werd. And (for 171) the poster said that her cousin said that the baby suffocated. She doesn’t go into any detail, and they aren’t findings by a med. examiner. Maybe mom/dad feels terrible, and guilty, and said, “oh no. I suffocated the baby.” and not know that something else happens.

  177. smartassmama says:


  178. knittingfool says:

    182 That’s not how I meant it. This babies death was caused by her parents. What used to be called lay-over many years ago when co-sleeping was very common. That will haunt them forever. I don’t co-sleep because certain children are like rabid octopus and I spend the whole night awake getting kicked, covers pulled off, clinging to the edge of the bed.

    And apparently, laying on your newborn back when co-sleeping was common was also very common. A lot of babies died. Like I said before, I wouldn’t recommend it for sound sleepers.

  179. knittingfool says:

    Whatever the cause, it was tragic and the poster was upset, hence her post. I was mainly annoyed by the remarks about her bad spelling. Probably wasn’t a priority for her at that moment, kwim?

  180. smartassmama says:

    It wasn’t her spelling that bothered me. It was her effectively calling me rediculous, stupid, reckless, and whatever else she said.

    I understand that she’s feeling awful and sad for the family, but that doesn’t grant you a free pass to attack a large group of people.

    Further, without knowing the immediate family or any investigators, I can’t swear that the child was, or wasn’t smothered/suffocated by the mom or dad. None of us can. But grouping all of the workd’s co-sleepers as rediculous and stupid is not cool.

  181. knittingfool says:

    No, it isn’t, just like saying all the people who don’t co-sleep are ridiculous. Whatever works for you. We are all different. I don’t think she meant any offence. Sounds to me like she was grieving and just needed to vent.

  182. redfish bluefish says:

    I joined the anti-Pearls Facebook fan page btw =)

    That is all. Carry on.

  183. me says:

    You know, if they haven’t been told WHY the baby died, it could be attributed to SIDS. Guess why it was/sometimes still called Crib Death. Oh yeah…not because it is more likely to happen to co-sleepers. Just because a baby dies in the bed with a parent or parents or family or whoever doesn’t mean that they died from being suffocated or rolled over on or whatever. Unless a parent woke up on top of the baby or something and told everyone then there is no way to know the parents did anything to cause this. 😦

  184. smartassmama says:

    It’s very sad however it happened. I can’t imagine that feeling, and I wish no parent would ever have to feel that. But regardless of where the baby passed, the parents would likely blame themselves regardless.

    We all have to make choices and pray and hope to God that they’re right.

  185. Just Peachy says:

    I have to wonder if this is the person in q

  186. smartassmama says:

    Thought she said it was her cousin in California?

  187. knittingfool says:

    No, she said the baby was a girl and they had her in bed with them and woke up to find her dead. That baby was a boy. Equally scary story, though.

  188. amessymama says:

    This is just so sad.

  189. tlouise says:

    Maybe her comments weren’t the best, but I think it was rude for people to rush to defend co-sleeping in that thread. I think the proper response would be “I’m so sorry for your loss”, and then maybe start a thread about how to co-sleep in a safe(er) manner. She was probably just raw and emotional.

    I saw another thread, I think it was on DS, where someone’s own baby died as a result of co-sleeping. I think one of the responses was a flippant “Sorry about your baby, but I wouldn’t give up co-sleeping for the world”. How fucking rude.

  190. Just Peachy says:

    That is rude. I co-sleep but I’m not like a militant co sleeper. My kiddos just never liked their cribs and with my youngest she bf and it was more convenient for her to have instant access to the boobaluhs.

  191. smartassmama says:

    That’s us too though. DS is pushing a year old and still can’t go to sleep with out the boobs.

  192. thismelrocks says:

    Here is the picture link to sneaker beavers CL ad for those who wanted to see it

  193. naturalmamadot says:

    199 – my DS is almost 3 and still cant go to sleep without the boob lmao. Well, he CAN rock to sleep with his grandpa and dad and sleep during a car ride (but he wakes up during transfer unless hes in the bucket seat) but I wouldnt have it any other way, hes out at 615-630 in 5 min or under, 10 if he didnt have a super active day and sleeps for 14 hrs.
    When he falls asleep other times he wakes up wanting to nurse at night, which hes never done…not even at birth,hes restless/easily woken and it throws everything off for him.

    Obviously I would never say something that rude to a mother who lost her baby, but dont feel bad that your DS is still nursing to sleep, it works, its not harmful *shrug* 🙂

  194. žába says:

    Omg, that Teffer chick (link in 176) makes me mad.

  195. amessymama says:

    Dang! That CL ad is just scary. Is she asking for some creep to terrorize her? I know she likes her drama, but c’mon.

  196. amessymama says:

    202- She’s an idiot! Apparently the only way you can be racist is if you corresponded with Hitler and went to KKK rallies.

  197. volbaby07 says:

    Yikes. Now the F word wants to do childcare in her home?! Good grief, she can hardly care for her own child, I hope no one leaves their baby with her.

  198. leavemealone (AKA FELISHA, OWLIEMAMA, ETC) says:


    Seriously enough is enough! I am a great mother.

    My husband and I are NOT getting a divorce and I did not make that ad. One of you cunts striving for attention probably made it.

    Cyber stalking is a crime and the messages sent to me and my deployed soldier husband and mother have been sent to our local police.

    It would be wise for you ladies to leave me alone, stop stalking me, stop emailing me and stop looking for me online.

  199. adensmama says:

    Stop fucking calling attention to yourself. Maybe you should back away from the computer, or just leave the forums alone- the ones you haven’t been banned from yet anyways. If you’re not online nobody can bother you, what a novel idea!

  200. leavemealone (AKA FELISHA, OWLIEMAMA, ETC) says:

    Um I’m pretty sure putting out an ad for babysitting isn’t a forum or looking for attention.

  201. leavemealone (AKA FELISHA, OWLIEMAMA, ETC) says:

    This is the drama of diaperswappers.. so leave me out of it.

  202. Sala says:

    Dear Owliemama (also known as the name that rhymes with felicia),

    If you say you did not make the divorce post, contact craigslist – they should have a record of the email used to create the post. Or if someone puts one up and attaches your email again, ask them to ban that email address, maybe. I don’t know if they’ll do that for harassment but it couldn’t hurt to try.

    Just because you like to cause drama doesn’t mean people should try to hunt you down and hurt you. I’m sorry, if you didn’t post that Craigslist ad, that’s stalking in my book and shitty behavior no matter what you’ve done or not done or allegedly done. I don’t like you and the troubles that you create but that doesn’t mean you deserve that crap. That’s low. I don’t see you stalking people and harassing them or their families. That’s really fucking low and I think anyone who is doing that shit is more immature and twatty than anyone thing you’ve done or theoretically done.

  203. leavemealone (AKA FELISHA, OWLIEMAMA, ETC) says:

    I’m willing to bet its the same person that made the account on DS.

    Just because the usernames match doesn’t mean its me.

    Its not hard to make a fake email with the same UN to trick people. Admit its me and cause me problems.

    And whoever PMed the mods on DS and entered my real email can go fuck themselves.

    Grown women acting like little boys.

  204. naturalmamadot says:

    Actually, the second that was posted I told peach in an IM I thought it was bullshit made up for attention by someone that posts or lurks here. The biggest red flag for me was why would they need to list their email…if you reply to the post it should go right to the person that made it and there should be no need to list your email like that. Secondly it included WAY too many details, none of which would be needed if she was looking for someone to talk to because of whatever.

    I am not supporting the dumbassery she is famous for but I dont think its right to make shit up! Come on shes already proven that she can make up unbelievable bullshit ALL by herself 🙂

  205. amessymama says:

    Oooh, that’s really craptastic! And creepy! I wonder if it’s the same person that tried to e-mail her DH.

    How did the person find the ad anyway? Why were they looking? Or did they post it on CL and then post about it here? Hmmm.

  206. naturalmamadot says:

    I actually did a really quick google search, I think I just used her email and it was like 4th down…so if anyone was looking for her on new forums causing drama they would of seen that ad ASAP. I dont remember who posted it on here, but I hope they didnt make the ad.

  207. DSDM2 says:

    I am going to address Felisha ONE LAST TIME.

    You had IP matches under both UNs on DS, here, and on CDN. The email ( matched on CDN, and DS, AND YOU USED IT HERE AND ADMITTED TO WHO YOU WERE.

    There is no doubt you came back to DS and CDN under another UN. It was obvious here too, especially since you have quite a few names here.

    No one is stalking you. No one is making the fake profiles, or ads, or anything else.

    You are still looking for attention, we get it. Leave us out of it, and stay the fuck off our blog. We don’t like you, we don’t want you here, so fuck off.

  208. DSDM2 says:

    FTR, the type patterns on the CL ad match her normal form of type/speech. So it very well could be her. She has other singles ads out, or did, met her DH that way, so it isn’t out of character.

  209. leavemealone (AKA felishasjourney, FELISHA, OWLIEMAMA, ETC) says:

    The ips match because you wanted them to match.

    You are the liar I didn’t “admit” shit because I’m not going to take claim over something I didn’t do.

    I made a fake acc on CDN a LONG time ago when I was first banned and that was it. It’s well liked too. Have fun figuring that one out. I’m good with computers.. iim not dumb. If I wantwd to make a fake account here or DS I wouldn’t get caught but I don’t care enough to put the effort into it.

    Like I’ve said before. Leave me alone and ill leave you alone.

    I’m pressing charges regardless so its whatever.

  210. knittingfool says:

    Get real people. People here are actively searching her out on every forum and blog and now on craigslist. That is cyber stalking and is illegal. If she reports it to her ISP, they will track you down and your ISP will cut off your service. They may also file a report with your local police. Seriously, is it worth the few laughs you are getting at her expense? If you want her to go away, then stop looking for her. Emailing her husband and mother is really going too far as is constantly calling her the C word. Really, do you eat with that mouth? I used to find this blog amusing, but there are some seriously messed up people on here now.

  211. .bin. says:

    Pressing charges for WHAT? and against whom? you’re effing cracked.

  212. DSDM2 says:

    No, three UNAFFILIATED SITES compared notes and matched the IPs, no one was out to get you, or even “wanted them to match.”

    You are dumb. You are not smart. You don’t even have your GED. You need to brush up on your grammar, typing skills, spelling, and punctuation. You aren’t that good with computers or you wouldn’t have been in this situation.

    Press charges if you want, against whomever you want. There is nothing to press, your continued agravation of the situation will not go in your favor, nor will your continued admittance to having multiple UNs different places to troll.

  213. .bin. says:

    uhm police officer, I told these people to email my husband and they DID!

    I put nasty photos of my vag on the internet, and they LOOKED at it!

  214. DSDM2 says:

    knittingfool, all you do is google her name and these come up. I found them on both google and on swagbucks. That isn’t stalking.

  215. knittingfool says:

    Why do you keep googling her name if you want nothing to do with her? And yes, what has been going on is criminal harrassment. I just looked it up. You guys meet ALL the criteria. Is it worth it?

  216. .bin. says:

    Also re: cyberstalking being illegal, that would depend on the state/country as well as what is happening. Many states don’t have cyberstalking laws, and many wouldn’t apply anyway, so you might want to actually do some research before you post.

  217. DSDM2 says:

    I googled it a while back when trying to find out of the person posting here was the same person, and then after it was posted here. Not that I need to defend myself.

  218. leavemealone AKA felishasjourney Felisha says:

    Oh and anyone that has looked at the naked pictures will be getting in trouble because it is CHILD PORN.

    My ex put them on the computer and the shoe is not me.

    Having more than one screen name is not against the law, but cyber stalking, and identity theft is.

  219. knittingfool says:

    If the police contact WordPress and they shut this blog down, what have you achieved? Is she really worth the risk? I say move on to some entertaining drama. This one is getting scary.

  220. Just Peachy says:

    Now I wanna know what her fake name on CDN is.

  221. Just Peachy says:

    And FYI stupid thats trolling!

  222. .bin. says:

    Ok I really need stop posting, but yes knittingfool, someone can be charged with harassment in general for ‘crimes on the internet’, but FYI that can also include circumventing IP’s,etc. to continually join a forum you were banned from and have been requested to leave.

    That is also harassment, funny how that whole two way street thing works isn’t it?

  223. Just Peachy says:

    And I just wanna say I know plenty of people who are quite intelligent who do not have GEDs or HS diplomas.

  224. knittingfool says:

    I’m not defending her actions. She has been an idot. I just don’t see the point of risking losing this blog because of this rabid tracking of one immature twit who won’t or can’t follow the rules.

  225. Just Peachy says:

    Oh and F you may wanna reconsider babysitting. If they google your name the shit storm you caused in the past few months is gonna be very visible and I highly doubt anyone would hire you to watch their kids knowing what a twatwaffle you are online. But who knows maybe you will get some white trash parents who don’t give a flying fuck to answer your ad.

  226. knittingfool says:

    Make that “idiot”. I’m typing too fast.

  227. Just Peachy says:

    The blog cannot be held responsible for the actions of a few immature dumb asses. Its not like DSDM2 held them at gunpoint and told them to find more shit about her. People do that of their own accord.

  228. knittingfool says:

    The blog may be accountable for allowing the “immature dumbasses” to post about it, though.

  229. felishasjourney says:

    And before you bitch about me using a different user name I’m on my computer this time.

    People do not type as well on their phone.

    My ip was never banned from CDN. Just the UN. You guys have bragged about sending and posting child porn and that is a federal offence and all of you that have looked at it or sent it will be charged. It is a federal offence. I did not send those pictures to anyone, Nor have I ever posted them.

    Like knittingfool has said, I’m not the best person in the world but I do not deserve to be stalked. I do not deserve to have my family berated. I do not message everyone in your guy’s families and talk crap.

    I have said MANY times, Leave me alone, and i’ll leave this site alone.

    My other account on CDN has been inactive for months. I don’t remember the PW or email to get on it. Because guess what, I don’t care. But I am sick and fucking tired of getting 10 emails a day of people saying “OMG they’re talking about you again” and i know half of it is the shit talkers.

    Leave me alone.

  230. Myself says:

    knittingfool – notice the “fool” part of your name – It applies QUITE nicely for you!

  231. knittingfool says:

    nice. I stopped name-calling in the 3rd grade. If she does go ahead and contact the police, at least I won’t be one of the people they contact when they read this blog. Seriously, move on. She isn’t worth all this effort. And if she loves creating drama; she is getting it in spades from some people here.

  232. smartassmama says:

    And a couple “poor thang”s and “bless her heart”s as well.

    (Sorry DSDM2, WP gives me an error msg when I try to sign in.)

  233. tlouise says:

    I totally agree that people need to leave Felisha alone. I wince every time I see her name on here- it’s gotten so mean-spirited and vicious.
    She’s very young…even if one of your children acted like she did when they are her age, how would you want people to treat them? Call them nasty names, follow them around the internet, and berate them constantly? Or to cut them some slack and simply ignore what they feel is immature/annoying behavior?

  234. tlouise says:

    Why am I in moderation? I didn’t include links.

  235. tlouise says:

    Oooh, I said “F”‘s name, that’s why it went to moderation…here’s my post with her name out of it:

    I totally agree that people need to leave F**isha alone. I wince every time I see her name on here- it’s gotten so mean-spirited and vicious.
    She’s very young…even if one of your children acted like she did when they are her age, how would you want people to treat them? Call them nasty names, follow them around the internet, and berate them constantly? Or to cut them some slack and simply ignore what they feel is immature/annoying behavior?

  236. Just Peachy says:

    If you type her name out the way you did it goes to moderation.

  237. knittingfool says:

    Thank you tlouise. I wonder if people would be quite as nasty if they were face to face?

  238. ermynameputmeinmoderation AKA felishasjourney Felisha says:

    And before you bitch about me using a different user name I’m on my computer this time.

    People do not type as well on their phone.

    My ip was never banned from CDN. Just the UN. You guys have bragged about sending and posting child porn and that is a federal offence and all of you that have looked at it or sent it will be charged. It is a federal offence. I did not send those pictures to anyone, Nor have I ever posted them.

    Like knittingfool has said, I’m not the best person in the world but I do not deserve to be stalked. I do not deserve to have my family berated. I do not message everyone in your guy’s families and talk crap.

    I have said MANY times, Leave me alone, and i’ll leave this site alone.

    My other account on CDN has been inactive for months. I don’t remember the PW or email to get on it. Because guess what, I don’t care. But I am sick and fucking tired of getting 10 emails a day of people saying “OMG they’re talking about you again” and i know half of it is the shit talkers.

    Leave me alone.

  239. Sala says:

    I agree, tlouise. Did I enjoy her posts here or on DS? No, not really. Did I think she needed to be banned? Yes, well before she was. Do I think that people need to track and report every detail of her life, esp. if they can put a negative spin on it? No. I also think that is especially mean-spirited, no matter how stupid or annoying the girl can be.

    I mean, jesus, I was 20 once. Granted I didn’t have a kid but I was stupid at least occasionally then, too, can any and all of you haters not admit that about yourselves, too? Were all of you paragons at 20? Why can’t people live and let live? If she’s no longer on DS or CDN, what crime is the poor girl committing?

    So she’s an attention whore. That’s annoying but that doesn’t mean it’s right to tear her down at every opportunity. So she spends a lot of time on the internet, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care for her son or love him dearly. So she doesn’t always like her in-laws or maybe even her husband sometimes. Yeah, that probably also describes her and probably half of all other married women at least part of the time. So she’s undereducated and thinks really highly of her self. So freaking what? Not being the sharpest tool in the shed isn’t a freaking crime. Some of y’all are going over the line and freaking stalking and/or possibly bullying her.

  240. DSDM2 says:

    OK ladies, Felisha, I am not approving your posts. I have asked you not to post here in order to minimize your drama on this blog. I don’t want it here.

    The posting of your name has been banned for months, and I have asked people not to bother me with you.

    There is nothing more I can do. We are not responsible for what others do or post. And FTR, I think you are lying about most of it, and apparently so do others including DS. Having said that, good luck with your life. Stay away from here. We don’t want you or your drama here.

  241. ermynameputmeinmoderation AKA felishasjourney Felisha says:

    I like how you start ignoring my posts when I post about you allowing child porn.

  242. naturalmamadot says:

    Well Sala, I cant say that I have never made a mistake in my life…but I am 20 and surprisingly enough do not have my dumbfuck switch permanently stuck to the ON position. I dont find her age, ESPECIALLY since she has a child, to be any sort of excuse to be the special sort of dumb she is.

    While I could NEVER post as much as she does and still attend to my son properly, she may very well have some crazy skills im unaware of. Its not like she has a 6 yr old thats at school most of the day, then some after school activity, and next to her doing homework other times or playing independently, she has an infant that I doubt sleeps 20 out of 24 hrs in the day.

    That being said, stalking her every move? Lame, unnecessary and sometimes a little creepy. Lets find someone worth our time 🙂

  243. readthis says:

    #146 yeah that would be evil

    #207 She has the right to be online and to not be hounded

    #210 I agree 100%

    I think there are people on this blog who have too much time on their hands.

  244. DSDM2 says:


  245. ermynameputmeinmoderation AKA felishasjourney Felisha says:



  246. DSDM2 says:

    OK, Felisha, I will allow your posts. Just to show everyone the drama you are trying to stir up.

    For everyone reading them, we are not in danger of anything. There was no way to know any of the photos were child porn, none were ever posted as such or obvious.

    Felisha. STAY OFF THIS BLOG.

  247. DSDM2 says:

    Now felisha, you are banned. You will not be allowed to start anymore drama here.

  248. ermynameputmeinmoderation AKA felishasjourney Felisha says:

    Stop talking about me/STALKING me then. 🙂

    And I told you it was child porn when the link first started getting tossed around.

    Delete it from the blog if you want, (i know how you like to edit messages) but it’ll still be there for the police.

    And something will come from it because I have already went to the police.

  249. DSDM2 says:

    We don’t edit or delete anything on this blog. We change your name to let everyone know when you are posting under different UNs, but nothing else.

  250. ermynameputmeinmoderation AKA felishasjourney Felisha says:

    Viewing child porn is a serious crime. And guess what, Majority of everyone here HAS viewed it.

    AND DSDM2 if you blocked the message of me saying it was child porn when you had a huge stick stuck up your ass.. And wouldn’t allow everyone to know they were viewing child porn.. Well.. Then you’ll be in the most trouble.. and could possibly see jail time.. At least that’s what the officer told me when I called him this morning. 🙂

  251. ermynameputmeinmoderation AKA felishasjourney Felisha says:

    Yeah, That’s a lie. But I’ve known you to be a dirty liar all along. I have screen shots on my desktop of where I typed something and it turned out differently 🙂

  252. ermynameputmeinmoderation AKA felishasjourney Felisha says:

    Oh, Check out my blog post! 🙂

    I get about 100-300 views a day.. I say that’s enough to get the word out.

  253. knittingfool says:

    Well I’ve never seen any child porn here. Stop allowing her posts, stop even mentioning that she is trying to post and everyone else…stop looking for her. Then she will go away and we can get back to decent drama. This one has gone too far.

  254. knittingfool says:

    And I’m nearly out of popcorn.

  255. smartassmama says:

    Me is bummed. There’s nothing in T&F to talk about. 😦

  256. DSDM2 says:

    It has been quiet on there. Nothing “drama” worthy.

  257. smartassmama says:

    And H2BAM slacks up, and issues strikes/warnings for anyone who poked the weirdo on the “Mama wanted me to plow the fields but we went grocery shopping instead” thread.

  258. smartassmama says:

    I don’t even remember what I said to the turd. :/

  259. sciencefair says:

    Well dang it. I was hoping there was new drama. But no, its old boring drama coming back looking for attention.

    startassmama – me too. Whatever. If I got banned I would not mind. That chick is a troll. I told them I would modify my post or delete it, or they could and then a week later I get an handslap? Meh. Not worth my time.

  260. Kristen says:

    I got my first warning today from her, too.

  261. Myself says:

    what “mama wanted me to plow the field” thread? Linkage?

  262. smartassmama says:

    Oh, you know. The girl who had a homebirth and her 16yo baby-daddy had to go wake up her mama, and she looked at her non-breathing newborn and thought “Crap. I’ll never live this down. . .” That girl. I’ll see if it’s still there.

    This makes my third warning/strike/whatever you wanna call it.

    And someone earlier said that H2BAM must have a supermod complex. She does. She’s not even the one who closed the tread.

  263. smartassmama says:

    Three pages of loveliness. And 12 days ago

  264. smartassmama says:


  265. Just Peachy says:

    Dude she’s a moron. For one if she had just clarified that the baby had been born back in say October instead of the 20th (which that post was around the 20th of March) the story would’ve made more sense and no one would’ve thought twice about it.

  266. Just Peachy says:

    And fyi TwinKristi calling someone a troll is less offensive than calling someone a retard.

  267. smartassmama says:

    Yep. By the time I saw that, the thread was closed. I agree.

  268. cdc3030 says:

    Ok, so what is UP with the unique gifts crap on HC. She is still FFSing stuff, although shipping is greatly reduced. 🙂 But….why? And who in the hell is she?

    (changing subject)

  269. adensmama says:

    I’m just LOLing over the fact that Felisha is worried about someone stealing her identity. Like anyone in their right mind would want to BE her? The cyberstalking I get, whatever. Maybe people are cyberstalking her but she brought it on herself.

  270. smartassmama says:

    I’m not diggin the unique-ness. I’d prefer to head to my Walmart’s craft section all by myself 😉

  271. Myself says:

    Oh I remember that thread.

    That is the one I was banned because of.

  272. .bin. says:

    uh fisha; you might want to be careful with the accusations, since you created and distributed said child porn you fecking moron.

  273. DSDM2 says:

    please ignore her and leave her out of it. I really don’t want her or her drama here any longer.

  274. DBSBMH says:

    I just think this is funny. A thread since Nov. 30 of last year bumped 99 times for a 5$ cut Ipod Cover.

  275. ermynameputmeinmoderation AKA felishasjourney Felisha says:

    281 bin you’re a fucking idiot.

    I didn’t create OR distribute child porn.

    Jesus christ.

  276. JustMe says:

    Wow, now Momof3under3 has 4 negatives, and GEM cloth has managed to leave her 4 positives in 10 days. Durrrr….

  277. Kristen says:

    282- I know they are friends. I think that she is just posting feedback to “compensate” for the negatives. I mean, momof3under3 got 2 negs in one day and COINCIDENTALLY she also got 2 pos’s from GEM Cloth.

    I left her a negative. I would STRONGLY ADVISE you stay FAR, FAR AWAY from momof3under3. She is very shady.

  278. Hexe says:

    Ds should be made aware of that feedback, it is obvious that the gem feedback is fake.

  279. Myself says:

    What is GEM Cloth? I can’t see the feedback.

  280. Kristen says:

    Pleasant mama to work with. :o) Thanks!
    Seller ericamichelle(105) 04-12-2010
    Sweet Mama. Very quick shipping. Would B/S/T again! Thank you!
    Buyer ForeverYoung(58) 04-12-2010
    Never mailed her 1/2 of trade had to go to mediation to get my stuff back.
    Trade ajjulian(106) 04-12-2010
    Quick shipment, good comm! Love dealing with this mama.
    Buyer GEM Cloth(237) 04-10-2010
    cute soaker…just as described…fast shipping…thanks!
    Buyer staciestarsage(85) 04-09-2010
    Another great transaction, fast pymnt, good comm! would b/s/t again
    Seller GEM Cloth(237) 04-06-2010
    Horrible trade gone wrong, had to re trade items after Mods involved/mediation
    Trade Weecycled Woolies(49) 04-02-2010
    Great fabric for diapers trade. Great mama to work with. Would b/s/t again
    Trade GEM Cloth(237) 04-02-2010
    Super sweet mama to deal with, would def b/s/t again
    Seller GEM Cloth(237) 04-02-2010
    TERRIBLE trade, also in mediation, have yet to see my DRESSES! never b/s/t here!
    Trade MaxCapacity(120) 04-02-2010

    My feedback is on pg 2.

  281. amessymama says:

    280 &281 That is ridiculous and hilarious!

    This one has always annoyed the heck outta me. Originally posted 11/08 and bumped 443 times. I was shocked to see that it hasn’t been bumped since March 22. She must be on vacation.

  282. Kristen says:

    289- I’m pretty sure that’s not GEM Cloth. Nonetheless, that is some scary sewing!

  283. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    291- Correct, that’s not GEM, but it is an equally under-qualified “WAHM.” :eye twitch:

  284. smartassmama says:

    Aw 😦

    I always figured Gem was respectable. Not anymore. Le sigh

  285. žába says:

    Dooooode where’s the drama?!?

  286. altaem says:

    Damnit, I threw the silicone cover to my iPod out. You mean I could have taken pictures, posted them and then spent the next year bumping the thread to try and sell it? Surely someone would have wanted mine, it didn’t even have armband slits cut into the back…

  287. readthis says:

    I don’t think the Inspired by Mooky stuff looks bad at all and she has all positive feedback. Looks like her sewing has improved since the pad incident.

  288. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    296- No, you can see that it hasn’t. She’s just learning the art of taking photos from different angles, so it’s not all out there for all to see.

  289. Taterbug says:

    297- I would have to agree. Look at the bottom right corner of the soaker–on any of the diapers, the photo is the same for all of them. It’s twisted. If you read the feedback comments, ask yourself what they don’t say. The pics on her Etsy are so badly pixilated that they could be hiding just about anything. If you try to zoom in on anything, the pic gets smaller.

  290. DSDM2 says:

    I agree with 298, they are pretty bad still. Most of the edges don’t look smooth or even, even with the bad photos.

  291. Kristen says:

    I’m very disappointed that her sewing is not up to par. I really wanted a dry/wet bag that would hold about 10-12 dipes in it to match the diaper bag I’m planning to sew for myself. I can’t stand touching pull and zippers and I don’t quite get along, so I can’t sew it for myself.

    Anyone know of any other WAHMs out there that can sew a dry/wet bag like InspiredbyMooky offers? I want double straps too so that I can attach it to my stroller. I can provide the fabric to match my diaper bag, but not the pul.

    Spam me! My email is :creepy:

    DSDM2: Sorry if we aren’t allowed to ask for spam. *blush*

  292. Kristen says:

    Ugh. That should be pul, not pull. I swear, typing w/out coffee in my system is hazardous.

  293. Kelolsen says:

    I can’t find the anti-pearls facebook fan page! Can someone link me or tell me what ti put in the search bar? I tried every combo I could think of to find it.

  294. Kelolsen says:

    oh! found it 😉

  295. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    300- Email sent. It might hit your junk mail, though, because I included a few links. 😉

  296. eeek says:

    My favorite wetbag maker is

    I did a trade with her & she was just the coolest person to work with, and I couldn’t believe the old-school OOP fabrics she had. Her work was also impeccable. I would definitely trust her on a custom.

  297. naturalmamadot says:

    omg middle earth diapers is right by me IRL and she was the first person I ever ordered from when I got into CDing…she is amazing she is better than amazing lmao.

  298. smartassmama says:

    I’ve never really known much about the contest, even though I wish I could play. Now? Maybe not!

  299. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    308- There are multiple threads on CDN about people who haven’t received their prizes for several years, and when they email and ask questions, they’re either ignored or given the run-around with multiple excuses. With all the drama I’ve been hearing for the lest several years about it, it truly sounds to me like the ladies coordinating the GCDH are lining their pockets with some pretty nice, free stuff. Sad. I know many moms put lots of hours into it, and WAHMs donate a lot of stuff to get their name out.

  300. hithere says:

    I have ordered from Middle Earth as well. Great mama.

    The GCDH? Meh, pass.

  301. try me, i'm new! says:

    holy wow, MED has gorgeous fabrics for their bags! We’re heading towards pl’ing, have more than enough wet bags, and I’m trying to justify buying, um, three.

  302. angelique says:

    GEM is not a good WAHM? I was going to order from her….

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