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Please tell us how you really feel.

Posted: October 31, 2010 by DSDM2 in Just Drama

You do realize, the majority of us don’t feel that way, right?

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Halloween is … (wasnt tryto diss it see why)

…. a day for kids to have an excuse to eat bad food, an excuse for teens to cause trouble, an excuse for woman to dress like whores, and an excuse for adults to get drunk and party. 

Am I right? or am I right? lol.

Yes Im still having fun with the kids and we will be eating doughnuts cider and a few pieces of candy. But Im not going to use Halloween as an excuse for any of these things.

$12 for WHAT???

Posted: October 18, 2010 by THE Drama Mama in Now THAT was a bad transaction.

$12 PLUS shipping for this? Really? The seller needs to refund the $12.00, PLUS shipping and have the buyer FFS it.

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WWYD? Item not as described, issues…

I recently bought a diaper I’ve wanted FOREVER! The mama is new here (has less than 5 ratings but 100% feedback), so I took a chance since I can’t find another one anywhere. Everything went fine, she was very nice, and I got the diaper today. It’s a Fuzzi Bunz, and the waterproof stuff has completely come off of 80-90% of the diaper! So I can’t use it at all. I mean, I guess it could be used as a fitted. I paid $12 for it (no insert). I sent the mama a message and she’s gotten back to me quickly, offered a refund immediately, but when I asked about getting shipping back as well, she refused. Her solution is that she can refund the $12 (which I will have fees taken out for anyways) and I can send it back, or she can refund $6 (which I will also have fees taken and I can keep the diaper. I don’t really find either solution acceptable. I’m not wanting to make money off of her! I’m just wanting to be not be out anything (other than pp fees) in the end since I am not at fault. She said basically why should she double pay to ship a diaper. Um… because you sent a diaper that isn’t as described and can’t be used. I’m wanting to know if I’m in the wrong for wanting a full refund plus shipping back to her? WWYD? 

Here are pics of the diaper:

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.


I will accuse you of a couple things.

Posted: October 5, 2010 by DSDM2 in Just Drama

The first, your incorrect word use. I doubt you are being accused of using the diaper to go sailing.

The second, not disclosing the diapers manufacture date or style. That would be like selling (oh wait, “sailing”) an oldschool FB from years ago without telling the person, even if you did only use it once, and did buy it new. Nondisclosure is the equivalent of lying on FSOT.

I always wonder when someone jumps to the defense on such a small sale. Why the need to get your story out there? What is really going on? Why not just refund if someone is that unhappy? We are only talking a few bucks here, and the money is not rightfully yours until your buyer is happy. In the experience of the blog, it is the liar or scammer that tries to defend themselves before there is something to defend. I’m not calling her a scammer, but I am saying that it makes you go hmmm.

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Being accused of saling a bad diaper

I sold a Knickernappie os and I used this five times (i bought it brand new) and now the mom who has It says it must have bad elastic since the snapped down rise doesn’t match her other CDs. The cd was pretty much coming in brand new condition. I think the manufacturer changed the rise thus the difference. Just upset of being accused of sailing a bad cd when it was practically new. I compared my other one that was used twice and it is higher rise than a one I got off fsot but the elastic isn’t bad either. Would you refund knowing there is no way it could be bad elastic?
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