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Another Co-Op Host gone bad.

Posted: August 1, 2011 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama

At this rate, co-ops aren’t going to be happening for much longer.

~happy2Bamommy~ 08-01-2011 11:38 AM

If you were scammed by Becky/bjaneen response needed FAST!
Please contact
Amy/mOmof3I haven’t talked to Sarah/WearingTaci today on this but I’m sure she would take info as well if she is on.

You can copy all of us in on the pm if you wish by copy/pasting the following into the recipient box on the pm:

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox ; mOmof 3 ; WearingTaci ; ~happy2Bamommy~ ;

We need these details
Your name
phone number
Amount owed and rather it was for WW or shipping overage
What you got for bad product from JT (I know a few have no product at all, need to hear from you too)

Please put in the title of the pm which co-op you were a part of or rather it was shipping overage.

I am including in this complaint not only the WW and JT but anyone owed for shipping overcharges that was waiting on Becky to refund overages from Jenifer.

Becky, if you read this, I’m incredibly sorry that you abused the trust of the ladies here and have now forced our hand. Despite your promise to resolve and then your threats when you decided not to, we are moving forward in the hopes that some sort of resolution will come about.At the very least, charges will be brought against you. I can only think that your lack of contact at this point means you are unwilling to sort this out.We have to now move forward. May you find peace. Carolyn~