We know that this is not “directly” DS related, but a lot of you asked.

Charlie Banana (Winc Design) did NOT steal the idea, design, etc of  Fuzzi Bunz diapers.

Here is a recent letter written by Tereson Dupuy, CEO of Fuzzi Bunz explaining it all, and retracting her original letter to customers. (found here: http://www.theclothdiaperreport.com/2010/06/charlie-banana-new-cloth-diaper-baby.html)

On July 27, 2010 I sent my retailers an e-mail in which I said some awful things about Gaelle Wizenberg, Winc Design, and its Charlie Banana brand diaper. I am writing to say that that e-mail was the result of my letting my emotions get the better of me and the negative aspersions cast on Gaelle, Winc Design and their products are untrue. I am also writing to ask that you help me make amends by not repeating those untrue statements, and passing on a copy of this message to anyone to whom you either forwarded my message or any of the statements that were contained in the message.

The truth is that Gaelle Wizenberg is a kind person with enormous integrity. A year and a half ago when my company was struggling with insufficient volume of diapers to fill orders on a timely basis, Gaelle helped my company find a new manufacturer, get the new manufacturer up and running and in other ways. All compensation that she received from my company in return for her help was earned. While we had differences of opinion, I enjoyed a business relationship with her for about a year and, although it was my idea, I was upset when we ended our relationship after ABC last year.

I knew when we ended our business relationship that it was likely that Gaelle would begin to sell her own baby products, including diapers, through her own company and I knew that she had every right to do so. In fact, I tried unsuccessfully to get her to agree that she would not get into the business. I admit that I was really upset when I learned that her company, Winc Design, was going to launch a diaper product, under the Charlie Banana brand, that has similar features to, but is not the same as, my company’s FuzziBunz product. I was upset about the fact that our business relationship is not what it was and I felt threatened by the possibility of new competition, and, unfortunately, I let my emotions get the better of me and lashed out with my e-mail. Despite what I wrote in my e-mail, the truth is:

· I was wrong to suggest that Winc Design is simply taking our products, including hanging diapers, diaper bags, diaper totes, or wipes, and simply embroidering its logo on them.

· I was wrong to suggest that Winc Design’s products infringe on any of FuzziBunz patent rights or other intellectual property rights.

· I was wrong to suggest that Winc Design will not fully honor all of its product warranties.

· I was wrong to suggest that Gaelle Wizenberg stole my ideas, manipulated me, cheated me or lied to me, as I have no reason to believe that she has done any of those things.

Not surprisingly, my false accusations and statements have hurt Gaelle Wizenberg and Winc Design and I have personally apologized to Gaelle for my actions. She has made it clear to me that she regards such accusations seriously, and, to the extent that she learns that anyone repeats them to anyone, including especially her customers and distributors, she will have no choice but to pursue appropriate legal action to protect herself and her company.

I truly regret having “flown off the handle” by sending such a hurtful e-mail and I hope that you will help me make things right by disregarding it, and passing on this retraction to anyone to whom you forwarded my message or accusations. And please, please do not repeat my unfortunate accusations to anyone because I would hate for you to be sued for doing so. Most importantly, you are free to purchase or sell the Charlie Banana brand diapers and other products.

With Kindest Regards and Regret for Having Created Confusion,

Tereson Dupuy, CEO

FuzziBunz Diapers

A quick google search found her original email to her retailers: (From here: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:A3JaYZEh128J:www.ratherbechangingdiapers.com/2010/08/company-ripping-off-fuzzibunz-diapers.html+charlie+banana+diaper+fuzzi+bunz&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a)

It is with a truly heavy heart that I write this email. We have always strived to be a company that operated with high morals, ethics and truly do care about all of our retailers. We don’t attempt to mislead you, we are honest and we (to a fault) expect others to operate the same way in business.

We received an email today from one of our retailers about a “new product” that is being launched called “CHARLIE
BANANA” which is a very VERY similar product to our One Size Diapers made by a company called “Winc Design” that is based in Hong Kong. I would like to ask you to kindly decline the offer to sell this product….and below I will tell you why. I have never asked this before of any of our retailers and will likely never have to ask it again. Please read on for the explanation.
A year and a half ago I was approached by a woman by the name of Gaelle Wizenberg who ran a company called Winc Design. She had “big plans” for FuzziBunz – wanting to achieve “FuzziBunz world domination” as she called it. She wanted to be the exclusive distributor for the product both international and more important to her in the USA! She wanted only the BIG BOX accounts – and did not want to fool with the “little people” as she referred to the other 99.5 of my retailers. My “wahm retailers” were way too small for someone like “her” to deal with so she would “let me keep them” as she put it – whatever – there is strength in numbers, a concept she would never get. She had her eye on the big prize “Target, Walmart, Babies R Us” I allowed her to be the international distributor – although she constantly wanted the USA. And we constantly disagreed as the integrity of the product (NOT being sold in Walmart) was far more important to me than big profits.

Ms Wizenberge was not satisfied with our manufacturing (neither were we for that matter) and helped set up the product for manufacturing in China with a very reputable factory there that could handle the quantities we needed. She called herself now our “MANUFACTURER’S AGENT” and would now take 15% of what we produced for all of the ” HELP” that she was giving. As I trusted her – I agreed so we could set up manufacturing and get the quality and quantity that WE needed for all of our accounts.

Ms Wizenberg continued to inch her way into the FuzziBunz structure – during this time I (Tereson Dupuy) myself and without any help from her invented the now “One Size Diaper” using the replaceable elastic system that is now PATENT PENDING which we WILL defend once it is granted. Although people close to me told me “do not trust her – do not trust her” I listened and insisted she would never take my ideas and make her own (although honestly I thought the same). I ignored my own instincts and those of others for the sake of not wanting to “assume” anything negative. Again, I see the positive and good in people more so than the bad. I should have listened. But she was a manipulator to the highest degree so I bought into “you can trust me Tereson” mantra.

Not soon after we started manufacturing in China we started seeing problems with our PUL delaminating. As our AGENT she should have made good on that. She REFUSED to admit any fault on her part and left us stuck replacing over and over and over again bad PUL – which we continue to do and honor to this day as we DO believe in customer service and making what is wrong right. We decided at that point to go “Factory Direct” using an in house agent to take care of our account there – we have been VERY pleased with that and we eliminated the 15% agent fee and have been able to make our diapers more affordable now for our retailers.

We have also worked directly with the factory to fix the PUL problem – something that we (the factory and I) accomplished.

Shortly after ABC last year – and due to many factors that I will not go into – suffice it to say “irreconcilable differences” we (I) decided to go our different ways. I had a feeling that she would come out with her own “pocket diaper” brand and try to compete with FuzziBunz – however I did not think she would stoop so low as to copy our One Size design.

She is now making a brand IN THE SAME FACTORY that is making FuzziBunz (whole other story) and is using OUR numbered and replaceable elastic system and she is MARKETING THIS TO YOU! as the CHARLIE BANANA brand. You will also see from her a direct knock off of our hanging diaper bags, diaper totes and wipes. The factory is just embroidering her logo on the products instead of mine.

Now, to answer your question no I am not happy with the manufacturer and I am dealing with that in my own way. However the best thing that YOU can do to help is to say NO to CHARLIE BANANA! There is already so much competition amongst diaper companies in the states – but at least I can say that we are all somewhat respectful to one another not to clearly just take the product, take the manufacturer, take the pattern, take the know how, take the material sources and slap another logo on it and contact the accounts of that person and try to sell them the same product. I think Ms Wizenberg underestimates the intelligence, ethics and loyalty of our retailers.

I really am sorry to have to write and send this email. It is sad that everything that people “assumed” and “expected” about this person has come to fruition and even worse! I don’t want you to do business with this person because she blatantly and with no remorse has stolen from me but moreover because she lies, cheats and will never back up any warranty that you may bring her way. You don’t deserve that.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this email. And I would appreciate moreover, your support in this matter.

With Kindest Regards,

Tereson Dupuy, CEO

FuzziBunz Diapers

  1. dundundun says:

    So, basically she’s saying “I was a douche and now I might be sued so can everybody STILL have my back so my pockets don’t get reamed?”

  2. Redhead says:

    Dang, you beat me to it! I was just about to post this.. haha!

  3. smartassmama says:

    I think this actually makes her look worse.

  4. ladylili says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who read it that way.

  5. .bin. says:

    I think somene needs her bipolar meds checked. Douche.

  6. ladylili says:

    Is she also threatening that people who pass along HER e-mail message might get sued? How would that work?

  7. .bin. says:

    I just see that as a passive agressive shot at CB. I would hate for you to get sued (like me).

  8. eeek says:

    I have so little trust in her. She’s doing what some lawyer told her to do after she was threatened with legal action, they probably gave her an outline and she just put it in her own words and signed off. The first message- the one where you could almost FEEL her shaking in fury and crazy while she wrote it- THAT one was real. From the heart, as they say.

    And she makes it sound like Winc will sue ANYONE who re-prints Tereson’s rant. Umm, no, SHE said it. I can repeat ANYONE’S truthful words, anywhere I want, and no one can sue me. SHE is the one who committed libel. WE can repeat her creepy words anywhere we want, we’re definitely giving her credit for them, it’s all straight up.

  9. Incognizable says:

    Wow! She is full of crazy! I have never bought her products and never will. Retraction of not, this whole mess makes her and her company look really bad.

    Thanks for posting this!

  10. Incognizable says:

    *Retraction OR not

  11. dundundun says:

    8, I know right? I love how she’s all “zomg you might get sued if you share my words!” Uhm, attempting to scare people out of repeating you isn’t going to work, hun. I don’t think anyone is naive enough to think that would happen.

  12. kateri25 says:

    If she never let her crazy show in the first place (only making me want CBs more) then she would have never had to write a retraction. I totally agree that the second letter does not sound like she really means it. I think she was asking people to hide her crazy by no longer sharing it. It is a shame since I like my FBs and need to upsize them I refuse to buy them new now.

  13. ladylili says:

    Where can we read the first crazy letter?

  14. Redhead says:

    I never liked FB dipes and especially don’t now.

  15. not me at all says:

    I like FB diapers for my DS but THIS letter is a oh crap I’m gonna get sued response.

  16. reallytiredmommy says:

    Definitely an oh crap response. You could tell by the line about Gaelle making it very clear that her company wouldn’t stand for her slander.

  17. Nacho says:

    I’m glad that I’ve never actually bought FB’s…i’ve just gotten them for free. LOL.

  18. Nacho says:

    Okay, I forgot. We have bought 1! But ONLY because it was the first time I had ever been to a brick and mortar store that sold CD’s…and I really wanted to buy one in person!

  19. DSDM2 says:

    You can also find it in the OP 😉

  20. Redhead says:

    I completely skimmed the OP and didn’t see the original email there either. 😀

  21. Mommato2 says:

    I’ve got to say I agree with the PP’s that the 2nd letter is only out of a threat of being sued by CB. I don’t blame her! CB has invested a fortune (no company comes out of the gates making a “brand new” diaper in EVERY color imaginable, in different sizes, styles and all the accessories without ALOT of backing, makes you wonder why they’re sooooo confident their product will take off. Hmmmm because it’s been copied?) Can you imagine as a business have your 2nd in command, the one who knows your product inside and out, leave your company only to open their own (lets face it, it’s the same just with a minor mod to say it’s unique) copy product. Sure she should never of sent out the original email in the heat of the moment but haven’t we all lost it once in awhile when someone bites us in the ass BIG TIME!
    JMO (hope I don’t get sued for it 😉

  22. ladylili says:

    Oh, it wasn’t there when I read it the first time.

  23. DSDM2 says:

    Mommato2, it is Karma for Tereson. She did it to another company for the OS design.

  24. DSDM2 says:

    Did anyone ever find out the ending of the court case Tereson filed against Linda from HH last year?

  25. Marsha says:

    How can somebody TRUST NOW what she is saying about her cloth diapers? I will never buy FB’s… she does NOT deserve my business!

  26. werd says:

    that dude from The Real World was right, karma IS a bitch!

  27. dundundun says:

    Or in the words of Danielle Staub, “Karma’s a bitch. A big bitch. A bigger bitch than I’ll ever be.”

    Man, that woman has teh krazy.

  28. eeek says:

    No one can steal pocket diapers! Tereson DID NOT INVENT THEM, she admits that freely. If she had a leg to stand on, do you think she’d be apologizing? Tereson is one if the most paranoid, dishonest (I think the two go together) people I’ve ever seen. I just hope I get to watch karma hit her for all the REST of the times I’ve seen her screw people over with her bitch-crazy-nastiness.

  29. NoBimbo says:

    Ok, so if you are a retailer and would like to launch your own product you must hire 10 layers to carefully look at FuzziBunz design, at your new design and everything else that’s out there on the market. Even if you do that and spend a fortune in the process somebody can still come after you just because you are selling a diaper and they have money. Not only can she destroy you with her millions and army of lawyers but now we know that she can use her influence on her retailers and say “You buy from there, you can’t get my FuzziBunz products on your shelve”.
    Maybe it wasn’t spelled out quite like that but the main idea was: “are you with me or against me?”
    What she accomplished in the past 10 years was impressive and to be admired but after being in business for so long aren’t you supposed to know the ABC of professionalism? In a way it is very good that this happened. We just got a glimpse of somebody’s personality? Do we like what we see? It’s up to each of us to decide. What I saw was full blown arrogance.

  30. Incognizable says:

    @25. I don’t know what happened with the HH lawsuit, all I remember is that Linda had posted the court date and lawsuit info on her facebook page and had people RSVP to ‘virtually’ attend. Then I forgot about it and now I can’t find the date or the outcome anywhere online. It just went *poof*. Maybe they settled, I don’t know.

    In 2008 I placed a good size HH order and there was a problem with colors/sizes and Linda personally called me by phone before shipping to make it right and followed up by email days later. She was very professional and kind. Won me over 🙂

  31. Pork Slapper says:

    Bimbo – I agree with you.

    This isn’t her first rodeo. A mistake? Sure. This was a colossal fuck-up on her part. She obviously thinks she’s untouchable. I hope she gets her BSC checked.

  32. lurking says:

    I read the fist letter when she send it out and I thought it was super ridiculous to send something like that to retailers. Retailers are free to buy/sell whatever they want and if CB is going to give them $$ , heyyyy go for it!! Is their business they sell whatever they want.
    I am glad I don’t like her diapers and I don’t own any.
    Like PP mentioned, she needs her meds adjusted…to a higher dose of course!!

  33. eeek says:

    And for about the hundredth time, I’ll say how glad I am that this blog exists- places where Tereson’s original letter was posted seem to be getting rid of it (I clicked around to see what comments were popping up). This place & google cache keep things honest, though….

  34. Redhead says:

    Is there any place that “outs” the Spots scammers?
    I would really love to have a list of people to be wary of on there, I nearly bought from 2 that have had issues in the past.
    The FB system on there seems a bit difficult to follow, but I am new to HC.

  35. DSDM2 says:

    You can check in the HC forums, and you can leave FB there too. But there isn’t anywhere like DODS for it.

  36. NoBimbo says:

    She’s got a lot of followers ready to jump when she tells them to do so. People are scared to loose her business because it is good one. But it’s not the only one out there. Yes, she has the reputation and history for her diapers, they sell well. It is a good product and customers like it. Does this give her the right to impose more rules to the retailers in addition to the ones she already has in place?
    It is easy to impose rules when retailers pay upfront for the products.
    In the first email Tereson made this statement:
    ” She had her eye on the big prize “Target, Walmart, Babies R Us” ”
    It looks like the big prize landed on her lap already so Gaelle must have done a pretty good job for her, after all. Target and Babies R Us have been selling FuzziBunz for a while now.
    Walmart will probably be next.

  37. Because I Said So says:

    She bullies her retailers horribly, and always has. She imposes restrictions as to what brands can be carried and what can’t, she sets her retailer order requirements so high that most retailers can’t afford to stock them, retailers fight with her over warranty issues, and she even allows some sellers to sell under MSRP. All of these hurt the WAHMs, just as much as selling the diapers at Walmart or Target will.

  38. mommaton says:

    I have only got fb for free and I don’t see how they are os- they don’t have rise snaps and they don’t fit my dd well at all. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t pay for them becuase I’d be mad if I did. I love my bg’s though. And Kawaii’s are my favorite becuase we’re still on the bottom rise snap at 15 months. 🙂

  39. Marsha says:

    How can somebody like her ask the retailers to… “maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty, professionalism, responsibility, and business ethics in promoting and selling the Products…” Who should respect this first? Who should give the example?! How can you name this?

  40. Sala says:

    Congrats, Peachy!

  41. Flat Stainley says:

    40-you done took the words outta my mouth.

    Tereson considers the cloth diaper market to be hers. She looks at potential consumers as her turf, and it doesn’t surprise me that she bullies retailers the way she does with her “rules”. Little does she know that people are free to shop and spend their money where they wil. Showing her crazy isn’t going to get her more revenue. She is driving people away.

  42. Flat Stainley says:

    Sala, did she have her baby?

  43. MotherMoonPads says:

    So, I found out this weekend that my friend wasn’t the only one that was scammed by SingleMomof3WannaCD
    This mama got taken by her too. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1010551
    Sounds like she is doing this all over the net.

  44. treeindawind says:

    45-Hahaha, I wonder if all the “but I was drunk” excuses have been used yet? Like, that just may be a new one.

  45. Sala says:

    43, I believe she did, posted on CDN on the pregnancy forum.

  46. Just Peachy says:

    Thank you ladies! Yes I finally popped her out LOL. Aya Marie was born on 8/8 at 6:23am weighing in at 6lbs 5oz and measuring 21.5 inches long.

  47. mommygrizzly says:

    48 – WTG, she’s a long one!

  48. sourpatchbabe says:

    anyone have any info on this seller http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1045989. man, a girl leaves for a few days doing the monster with two backs and a whole host of drama pops up.

  49. Just Peachy says:

    Heck ya she is! I about shit myself when they said the length. I was sure she was gonna be shorter because I never felt that squished feeling when she was in utero.

  50. DSDM2 says:

    I don’t know who the seller is, but I am guessing an older Beco is the item? Or another carrier.

  51. DSDM2 says:

    Congrats to you Peach!

  52. sourpatchbabe says:

    And congrats peach. Now go post some NB fluffiness, I need to get my NB in cloth fix.

  53. Flat Stainley says:

    Congratulations, Peach! My 3 were all 21.5″ long too. 🙂

  54. smartassmama says:

    Congrats Peach! I bet that was a surprise to hear! 🙂

  55. iken says:

    #50, 52: I was reading through that yesterday, and I believe that it might be a carseat. She had recently posted that it was time to updgrade to a new carset. Either that, or it was a carrier coming from another country, as she paid $25 for shipping. I also don’t know of any carrier accessories that would be $20 to buy.

  56. HiMyNameIs says:

    Hi, lurker here. This, however, is too juicy not to comment on. I don’t any FB, but I am now considering buying some CB. The letters are all kinds of dumb, but especially since she just provided free publicity for CB. “This product is a new and improved version of mine!”
    I hope this sets a good example for WAHMs what can happen when you lose your cool and make inflamitory remarks against fellow WAHM’s work.

  57. dundundun says:

    I remember reading somewhere about a momma who bought a bumbo (or something like it) with the tray, and one small piece that held it all together was missing and it was 15 or so bucks to replace. That was my first impression of this post as well, but a bumbo wouldn’t have any parts that could hold a smell so I don’t know.

  58. Aj says:

    Congratulations on the baby, Peachy!

  59. mommygrizzly says:

    just because I’m completely amazed that “this is how we roll…”

    08-07-2010, 09:31 PM #5

    Maverick’s Mama
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    Re: Does sex count as spending time together?
    I voted no…sex is technically “time together” but I’m usually lost in my thoughts during that time pretending I’m somewhere else. Its not QUALITY time together. In our house though, when we have sex its a favor to him. And I usually only do it on the grounds that he does me a favor in return (non-sexual)…usually something along the lines of cleaning the kitchen.

    It sounds terrible I’m sure, but that’s just how we roll.

    Kelsey!! Mama to Maverick born 04/05/09, a cloth diapering, but otherwise not THAT green kind of mommy http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/kelseyeb1986 http://www.irazoo.com/ReferedNewUser.aspx?Refby=kelseyeb1986

  60. mommygrizzly says:

    not sure why my comments are in limbo now…

  61. amessymama says:

    It has to be a car seat. I don’t think someone would pay $25 to ship a used Bumbo when they cost about that much new.

    Congrats Peachy!!!

  62. DocsNemesis says:

    congrats peach!

  63. smartassmama says:

    I’m gonna guess it’s a car seat with a missing base/boot or maybe a harness, or one of those things that positions a seat belt for a booster. Her son just turned four, so it may be one of those things. Which car seats have snap on covers other than the Radian?

  64. mommaton says:

    Anyone else smell a troll?


    And just for you Redhead, I C&P

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    Feedback Score: 0 reviews Am I the only one?


    I’m new to DS. I came here to learn a bit about CD before deciding to give it a try. I have gotten a lot on info about CD, but I’m a bit confused about a lot of the “other” stuff I’m reading. I just read a thread about the profits of big pharma and the ills of the US healthcare system, for example. I don’t like paying a lot for insurance, medication, doctors, etc., but I understand capitalism and the law of supply and demand. I am happy with the system in the US and that’s why we stay here (I’m a dual national and could live in Ireland with national health). From what I’ve read it seems a lot of people here don’t like this system and would move (if they could) to more socialist countries. Am I reading these posts correctly? Are people really so disgruntled with the US system? I love that people can come here, get an education, and make something of themselves. I do get that people fall on hard times, and need government help, but it also seems that there’s a lack of personal responsibility when people choose not to get an education, have a lot of kids, or spend more than they make. Maybe I’m just too much in the minority here and DS is not a good fit for me.

    This is one of her threads…another is called “Please don’t flame me but…” I smell troll

  65. mommaton says:


  66. Too True says:

    IDK #64…she doesn’t seem particularly trollish to me after reading all her posts but I’m not an expert 😉
    She says she has dual citizenship here and in Ireland so maybe she’s just European? lol, we will see.

  67. magpie says:

    There was an AMBY or amby like swing sleeper on spots a while ago. My first thoughts went to that. That would be pretty pricy to ship.

  68. mommaton says:

    I guess what makes her trollish to me is that fact that she started a thread after reading a certain healthcare thread, which was not about healthcare at all but about 1 mom’s frustration because the medicine her daughter needed was more than $100 and she couldn’t afford it.
    She has to start a thread that insults anyone that can’t afford healthcare and wants to vent about it, and then pass judgement on people as they pop out too many kids, live well beyond their means, and don’t bother to become educated, as if all of this is done by choice. I guess that’s my whole problem with the thread and what makes her seem trollish to me. She came in saying she wanted info about cloth diapers yet she comes into the hot topics and stirs up a whole different pot.

    Maybe it is because she from another country…I dunno…

  69. sourpatchbabe says:

    I thought Amby or a similar thing as well. But if it is a sleeper of some sort, the seller is one nasty yucky ho to have her child’s bed reek of smoke and gunked up food particles/stains.

  70. sourpatchbabe says:

    Is it ho or hoe? I can never figure it out.

  71. Just another mom says:

    Maybe it’s a high chair of some kind?

  72. DocsNemesis says:

    I think its ho. Hoe is the garden thang.

  73. mommy grizzly says:

    Have you all seen the video MaeganAlyson made for her twins adoption? Absolutely amazing.

  74. mommy grizzly says:

    This limbo thing is SUPER annoying.

  75. mommy grizzly says:

    is the link to the video

  76. mommy grizzly says:

    Hey, I had to change my email so I didn’t keep getting sent to limbo land and it got me a new monster.

  77. silvaheyes says:

    Yup.. I thought it was awesome. I wish we would have taken pictures with our birthparents.

  78. magpie says:

    I am in total awe of Maeghan! That is beautiful.

  79. angelique says:

    that was so precious.

  80. sourpatchbabe says:

    So sad and beautiful at the same time. And 78, your monster looks like a grape jolly rancher.

  81. BugsMom says:

    It looks like they pulled the Amby though due to safety. I don’t think they’d still be selling parts to it.

    I’d really like to know what it is too though.

    PS- I posted on here before, but don’t remember the name I used. Sorry!

  82. mommy grizzly says:

    82 – HAHA, you are just jealous. Better than the red guitar pick on a spring that I had before.

    I had to work with DSDM2 to fix my stuff, my old email addy kept sending my comments to spam. Changing my email addy seemed to work. So, I will now be one with my grape now and later (since it’s more square and less rectangular) and rejoice that I can be seen without mod assistance.

  83. mommy grizzly says:

    Yeah, mamaton, I agree with you that the ‘just joining and shit disturbing’ is very troll like. I mean, seriously, not even 10 posts and you go out of your way to post on the few super controversial topics that the whole forum has?

  84. Flat Stainley says:

    Ho, hoe, it’s all dirty. 😀

    I vote carseat.

    And that video of MaeganAlyson’s made me cry. That is some tough stuff to go through. 😦

  85. mommy grizzly says:

    OMG, I love Papa Johns 2 for Tuesdays. I get yummy food that I don’t have to cook and it costs about the same as a trip to McDs!

  86. Flat Stainley says:

    I hasn’t had my suppers yet! Can I has some?

  87. mommy grizzly says:

    I got Hawaiian for the chillens and Veggie minus tomaters with chicken. Take your pick. I’ll email it to you!

  88. mommy grizzly says:

    So, Flat, you are my son’s favorite book. I have to get that out because I think it every time I see your name.

  89. Flat Stainley says:

    Haha, I’ll take Veggie minus tomaters with chicken. But WHY did you leave out the best part!? Don’t you know tomatos are the BEST food in the entire world? 😉

  90. Flat Stainley says:

    Oh really? I think it’s a cool story too. DD did a study for it way back yonder in grade 1. I’ll have to dig it out again soon for the younger 2. 🙂

  91. mommy grizzly says:

    Up here, Papa Johns tomaters taste nasty when they are baked. Normally, I’m a straight veggie lovers girl, but DH thinks baby needs more meat so I modified.

  92. Flat Stainley says:

    Oh, okay. I’ll let it slide this time. Nothing like nasty tomatos. Speaking of tomatos, I don’t think I’ve watered mine in a week. They are falling over, too. They’re about 4.5 feet tall already! Good thing it hasn’t been hot lately.

  93. mommy grizzly says:

    Yeah, it was in the combined K/1 that he discovered Flat. He wanted me to flatten him. I obviously had an issue with that.

  94. mommy grizzly says:

    Where in the world are you, Carmen Sandy Eggo??

  95. Flat Stainley says:

    Bootiful British Columbia.

  96. Flat Stainley says:

    How bout you?

  97. mommy grizzly says:

    I’ve thought about growing stuff up here but honestly, it’s too much work because of the SUPER short growing season. Well, that, and I don’t want to argue with the RAIN we’ve had this season before winter.

  98. mommy grizzly says:

    South Central Awaska. We’ve driven thru BC, it’s fricken awesome. Some places are almost as beautiful as Awaska, and I dont say that lightly.

  99. mommy grizzly says:

    We drive the AlCan every 2 years or so. Sort of a hobby of ours. It’s so much fun!

  100. Flat Stainley says:


  101. Flat Stainley says:

    Well, I must succumb to my daughter’s wishes to get on the puter. She is 14 tomorrow, even though technically, the blog says it’s the 11th already. It’s not the 11th here yet, lol.

  102. mommy grizzly says:

    The last time we drove it, I was 36-37 weeks preg, and DH is pretty set against us making that kind of drive again that late in pregnancy. I cant blame him, I looked like I walking on tree trunks with all my water retention.

  103. mommy grizzly says:


  104. Flat Stainley says:

    On my iPhone now.
    Driving long-distance anywhere that late in pregnancy would be enough to put ME on edge, n/m my husband. How did youever manage? If you’re still there, LOL.

  105. CJ says:

    Congrats Peach!

  106. CJ says:

    Flat, you are in BC too? Small world! I am in Alberia right now but am heading home to the sunshine in a couple of days.

  107. MeMA says:

    Oh my miss Fuzzi Bunz seems to have dug herself a hole. Wonder what she will do when she gets sued for stealing her OS design?

  108. mommy grizzly says:

    I am here. Was trying to chase people to their proper pillows. We drove 2 vehicles, DH drove a truck with dogs and DS1 and I drove a minivan with DD and DS2. I just drove, stopped, walked when I needed to but nothing would help the retention of water. Well, except delivery, which happened 16 days after we arrived.

  109. sourpatchbabe says:

    I ain’t jealous, a little hungry maybe but not jealous. And I likes me some Hawaiian with bacon instead of ham.

  110. mommy grizzly says:

    111- HA! DH LOVES him some bacon. I think if he could marry it, I’d be out of a job. I’ll email you the last piece of the Hawaiian though. The chillens didnt think I fed them this month and ate damn near the whole thing.

  111. CJ says:


  112. mommy grizzly says:

    ok so nobody commented on my earlier C/P cause it got stuck in limbo and I think people missed it.

    Seriously, people, it’s worth commenting on.

    Mostly, WTF would a man want to be married to a woman with this kind of a mentality about sexuality.

  113. mommy grizzly says:

    just because I’m completely amazed that “this is how we roll…”

    08-07-2010, 09:31 PM #5

    Maverick’s Mama
    Registered Users

    Join Date: Nov 2009
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    Feedback Score: 4 reviews, 100%
    Re: Does sex count as spending time together?
    I voted no…sex is technically “time together” but I’m usually lost in my thoughts during that time pretending I’m somewhere else. Its not QUALITY time together. In our house though, when we have sex its a favor to him. And I usually only do it on the grounds that he does me a favor in return (non-sexual)…usually something along the lines of cleaning the kitchen.

    It sounds terrible I’m sure, but that’s just how we roll.

    Kelsey!! Mama to Maverick born 04/05/09, a cloth diapering, but otherwise not THAT green kind of mommy http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ kelseyeb1986 http://www.irazoo.com/ReferedNewUser.aspx?Refby= kelseyeb1986

  114. mommy grizzly says:

    Ugh, limbo again. that’s really starting to annoy me. Ok, here’s the jist.

    Mavericks Mom has serious issues with having sex. Like, going so far as to say she will only have sex with her DH as a favor to him if he does a favor for her like cleaning the kitchen. She can’t stay with herself in the moment and wishes she were elsewhere and thinks about other things just waiting and wishing for it to be over.

    Seriously? And then she says, “that’s how we roll.”


  115. CJ says:

    114: was that the, “I only have sex as a favour to him, It isn’t quality time” comment from DS?
    I just read the whole thread in one sit so I missed a bunch! That is just crazy talk!
    I can’t imagine not being passionate about my husband. I know that a lot of marriages lose that passion and end up being more of a platonic friendship than anything else, but sex as a favour? If the passion is gone, fine. But don’t compare sex to cleaning the kitchen!

  116. mommy grizzly says:

    116 – Roger that. I tried to copy her post a second time but it got stuck in limbo again. Check post 61.

    Seriously, if you cant stand to have your husband touch you in a sexual way, set him free so he can find someone who can stand him.

  117. CJ says:

    Does it sound like her husband is aware of how she feels or does she hide it? The kitchen cleaning comment makes it seem like he knows but I just don’t get that.

  118. mommy grizzly says:

    I cant imagine he is totally oblivious to the fact that she is not sexually interested, but, wow. For her to come out, on a public forum and say that. That’s some serious dysfunction in that thar home.

  119. dundundun says:

    Poor guy.

    I mean, I’m not gonna lie. If DF just randomly mops the floor or cleans the kitchen without being promptly it definitely gets me a little more in the mood but I don’t REQUIRE it.

    I think I’ll try that tonight just to see what he says. “Babbbbbyyyy… if you vacuum the living room I’ll give you some bootitasticalness!”

  120. MaeghanAlyson says:

    So I looked at my video and saw that my view count jumped up. Now i see why! lol Thank you everyone!

    And I just had to say Congrats on the baby Peach!!!! 🙂

  121. Justanothermom says:

    114, well, if that is the only reason he married her then I could understand your comment, but I’m hoping he married her for more then to just have sex with her. Sounds like they need some serious counseling, but I think saying “WTF would a man want to be married to a woman with this kind of a mentality about sexuality” Is just plain over the top and very mean. Have a bit of empathy, it might do you well. And besides, what? You have no hangups or issues?

  122. Justanothermom says:

    122 The video was beautiful. There were a couple spots where it went to fast for me to read the whole text, but that didn’t matter.

  123. smartassmama says:

    Maeghan the video was beautiful! I teared up, it was lovely! You are very strong, and talented 🙂

  124. kateri25 says:

    Maeghan the video is BEAUTIFUL. You are an amazing woman, what a wonderful thing you did. Man I am going to cry all over again thinking of your video.

  125. smartassmama says:

    I’m gonna be the only one I’m sure, so I’ll get ready to be flogged. But I’ve given favors for favors before. As in, if he does the dishes I’ll give a little. Or if I’m not in a mood, but he is, I’ll barter getting able to sleep in on Saturday morning or something. That’s my currency. Sometimes I’m not into doing it, or anything associated with *it* but he really wants to. So in return he does something to make my life a smidge easier. Sometimes he’s so gung-ho that he happily agrees. Sometimes he’s a little put out that he has to wash dishes for me to, well, put out. Meh. Works for us. That’s not to say that it’s a business transaction every time we have sex or oral. It’s not like that all the time. It’s just when I’m worn down and not so interested.

    I think her issues are with him as a person. I think she feels really stuck, and doesn’t really like him as a person. So of course she has to think about Eric Dane when they sleep together. Ok, the Eric Dane part is all me :wub: lol
    But the more I think about it, the more I feel sorry for her. Because I do still think that she is this Erin character and it’s a sad situation if she is. She has some personality traits and an arguing side that clash with me, so we don’t get along. But in the back of my head I still think she’s the person being beat with the 2×4. I could be completely wrong, or she could have made it all up. But I don’t think so. So I really worry for her kid.

  126. JustMe says:

    Is it just me (haha, punny), or is there a lot of extra hostility on DS right now? It seems like anything anyone posts, someone has to jump in and jump all over the OP for some reason. Like the person who asked if you could send a picture with a stamp on it as a postcard, and someone jumped on her and told her how it was dumb to send a pic of your kid with your address through the mail…uh…she never said the picture was of her kid. :headscratch:

    Or how about this lovely thread?


    Why don’t they take all that energy and focus it on actually trying to educate people who MISuse car seats instead of jumping all over people who FF at 2.5? (Not that the OP was very tactful either, the whole thing is just getting more ridiculous by the second).

  127. Flat Stainley says:

    I saw a thread last night that had me doing the :headscratch: It was one about dolls on etsy, kinda silly, but I guess the OP thought people were judging her.

    On the bartering for sex issue, I have a friend who is building a house right now. She says if she wants oak cabinets or certain moulding or windows with murrets (I think they’re called) she gets extra frisky with her DH and BAM, extras on the house, lol. I think if a couple is open about it and the hubs knows she’s not in the mood, but is willing to compromise then, whatever. But secrets are no good. It’s a recipie for resentment.

    CJ, I have been wanting to ask you this for a while now. Are you the CJ that sells that rash cream? If you are, I pink sparkly ♥ it!

    Mamagrizzly, I meant to tell you that when I see your name, I think about the grizzly bear my stepdad shot when I was a kid. Wow did that thing stink! Not that you do, just sayin. Hehe 😉

  128. Kirsty says:

    Ooooo Flat, I think I’m onto ya! My 2 year old’s ability to connect the dots is usually better than mine but I think I may have figured you out!

  129. DocsNemesis says:

    I’m in Seattle 😮 We’re going up to BC soon, my fiance hasn’t ever been to Canadia.

    So the sex thing. I can totally understand occasionally not wanting to do stuff for whatever reason. And I would barter too on those occasions, haha. But to never enjoy it? Yeah theres a problem. I was like that with my ex…and I have a deep seeded hatred/resentment of him. Its sad 😦

  130. Redhead says:

    I know who Flat is! 😉 Me & her..We’re like, totally awesome buds! 😀

  131. CJ says:

    Flat, I’m not CJ’s better butter cream or whatever it is called. I wish I was though…..I have heard that it is great!
    My initial’s aren’t actually CJ but that is what my uncle called me when I was little. When I first posted on here I was still on DS and didn’t want to use the same username for fear of mods being nasty. After I posted a couple of times I realized that I really didn’t care, but I didn’t want to change usernames at that point.
    Where are you in BC? Or are you incognito?

  132. CJ says:

    Redhead, are you Canadian too? I picture you as a southern belle. 🙂

  133. Kirsty says:

    Way to burst my bubble, Redhead.

  134. DocsNemesis says:


  135. CJ says:

    Whaaaaat? lol

  136. DocsNemesis says:

    Oh btw, I’m totally excited. I won yardage of Heather Ross’ VW buses and found a bunch of other fat quarters to match so I think I might actually try to make my dd’s crib set. Finally.

    I lerrrrrrve splitty’s (VW buses, the 50’s and early 60’s version), its my dream car. lol

  137. DocsNemesis says:

    Fried pickles? My fiance is making me some right now…sorry….excited about that too. 😀 Its a southern thang, I’ve been hooked since I tried them in SC.

  138. CJ says:

    Deep fried? LOL
    I love pickles but I’m not sure about the fried thing.

  139. CJ says:

    Oh, and VW bus fabric would make a super cute crib set!

  140. Just Peachy says:

    I couldn’t not post. Not to start drama but she is RETARDED. I rarely ever use that word but I seriously wanna face palm that idiot so badly.

  141. Redhead says:

    Nope, not in Canada. I’m in Texas.. 🙂
    We’re ‘net friends though, me and Flat.

  142. Kirsty says:

    Who’s retarded? Heather Ross? I’m so lost…

  143. Redhead says:

    142-I think she means Mavericks Mom..

  144. Just Peachy says:

    LMFAO no not Heather Ross. That aidensmom twit.

  145. Redhead says:

    OH! I didn’t even see that thread..

  146. DocsNemesis says:

    Nope, the carseat lady. She posted right after I did 😛

    And yeah, definitely an antagonistic post or she wouldn’t have said it the way she did. It just annoyed me seeing someone saying that nothing bad can ever happen when you ERF either. Its totally unrealistic to say something like that.

  147. Just Peachy says:

    Exactly my point Docs. I know its safer but I am not naive enough to believe that my child will definitely be unscathed because she is rfing.

  148. CJ says:

    Was there a C&P of the car seat post?

  149. CJ says:

    My almost 3yo is RF. he is a tiny peanut of a thing. I am not naive enough to believe that he is in a magic bubble though. There are some collisions that ae just not survivable. There is no way around that. We can only do our best with what we have, beyond that, cross your fingers and pray for the best.

  150. mommy grizzly says:

    When I just had my 2 oldest, I was in a accident. I rear ended a sedan and I was in a Jeep. I smashed that rear end bad. I was SO thankful they didn’t have kids (it was an older couple). If they had, RF or FF, they’d have been dead. I had my 2 kids in the jeep with me and could not have been more thankful for a solid metal body. That’s a big reason I drive an Excursion now, I want the most space between my kids and anybody that might hit us and a metal body to absorb the impact.

  151. mommy grizzly says:

    Flat — I probably do stink, just not in a dead griz sort of way!

  152. Nacho says:

    Redhead is totally a southern belle. Except she doesn’t have big Texas poofy hair…but I can’t figure out why.


  153. mommy grizzly says:

    About the MM post, I am not sayin I’ve never givin in to husband’s persuasion in exchange or that it is bad when people do. I know that I have what he wants and if using it gets me what I want, we are both happy!

    That being said, it’s incredibly dysfunctional to have that be the only way you will be intimate with your mate and then to go so far as to announce it on a public forum.

    I agree with smart ass (ha!) that she probably doesn’t like DH very much, I have been there too and I got out and never looked back. Staying isn’t fair to anybody. That’s why I suggested she should let him go so they could both find someone that is more fitting to them both. I feel sorry for her in SO many ways.

  154. mommy grizzly says:

    I am so lucky, I have all 4 of my chillens ‘nuggilng in my bed with me right now. They are watching Backyardigans on iTunes on half of my laptop screen.

  155. CJ says:

    A split screen? I need that!

  156. Redhead says:

    I don’t feel sorry for MM. She knows she can leave her DH- yet she chooses to sit on a forum complaining (drama whore, anyone?). She is an adult, she needs to act like one- especially for the sake of her son.

    But really, after the Erin post I don’t think I believe much of anything that she says, I think it is all attention seeking.

  157. Redhead says:

    Nacho, I am going to come see you about my hair issue. Maybe you can give me the big Texas hair that I have always lacked! 😉

  158. mommy grizzly says:

    My younger boys are seriously addicted to Backyardigans, Little Einstein’s and Little Bear. I had them all on my iTouch but the 3 year old gave it a bath and it worked marginally, then for good measure, the 19 month old drowned it in a cup of Daddy’s apple cider. So, now, I have to share my lappy top with them. My DH gave me so much crap because I took my lappy top camping. I didn’t even use it, I used my iphone for everything. I couldn’t use it. The kids wouldn’t let me!

  159. mommy grizzly says:

    Man, I wanna see big Texas hair on Redhead!

  160. CJ says:

    I like those shows. The characters are all nice, there is no name calling or nastiness in them.
    We were in Crappy Tire near the little electronics section and they had Little Bear on. I overheard a mom telling her kids that. “Little Bear is stupid.” WTH? Who tells their preschoolers that anything is stupid? Especially a cartoon about a bear who cares about his friends and likes to use his imagination. I guess no violence or cursing = stupid.

  161. mommy grizzly says:

    CJ — I TOTALLY AGREE. WAY more than just ITA. I bought every episode because I’m super picky about what my kids are allowed to watch. Well, that, and I can only stand to listen to the same episode so many times, so the variety was really for me more than the kids.

    That being said, I honestly don’t even like my kids playing with kids that watch some of the shows I don’t like. I don’t know if it’s the parenting (or lack there of) or the influence of the shows they watch but I seem to have issues with the behavior of the kids that watch a lot of the shows I think are inappropriate.

    We don’t have cable for the same reason. There are just some things my kids don’t need to have implanted in their subconscious.

    I HATE spongebob.

  162. Amygamie says:

    Ooo what part of Texas are you in RedHead?

  163. angelique says:

    126. the car seat mamas know their stuff. not very smart to post in there basically saying “see I did it a different way and we turned out fine”. yeah thats your choice to RF/FF but still, very snarky to post. Really was that going to end in any other way but drama?

  164. sourpatchbabe says:

    Dang CJ, I can never look at your monster and not get the same mental image. My mind is in the gutter big time, why oh why can’t your monster be a bit more flaccid?

  165. sourpatchbabe says:

    But no one has ever answered my question, WHY is little bear always so nakey? Every other bear in the show is wearing clothes (and I think his grandparents are some sort of old skool religion since grandma wears a head veil). You’d think that they’d at least put some clothing on him when grandma comes over.

  166. hrm's mom says:

    uggh I cannot stand phineas and ferb and sponge bob. My DD loves little einstiens but than stupid disney channel change the morning line up for the summer and put phineas and ferb on earlier and earlier and took off almost all the toddler friendly shows. We have been watching PBS but I really am not a fan of Sesame Street. At any rate i just wanted to say I totally agree with you mommy grizzly about kids and the programs they watch.

  167. CJ says:

    LOL sourpatch. I have the winking, waving penis monster. At least it is a friendly penis monster.

  168. Redhead says:

    Amy, I am about an hour south of Fort Worth. You’re near Houston, right?

  169. mommy grizzly says:

    Maybe CJ needs to change her email addy to get a new monster, too. LOL

  170. sourpatchbabe says:

    I don’t know CJ… the fact that his umn, balls are on the side is creepy.

  171. CJ says:

    I have wondered about little bear and his nakedness before. I wonder if it is just their way of saying that kids are innocent, so let them be free and don’t worry about conforming to society’s need to be so “decent” at a young age.

    There is the one little bear story where he is cold and asks his mom to make all of the outdoor clothes. Then he realizes that his fur coat is all he needs. I don’t know if there is a show of that one, bt we have the book. (From when I was a kid. Little Bear is OLD!)

  172. CJ says:

    His balls are on the side? What? I don’t know where my glasses are, I can’t see that!

  173. sourpatchbabe says:

    You call them hands, I call them balls. Potayto potahto lol

  174. CJ says:

    LOL! Okay, waving/flapping in the wind. Same thing I guess. Precisely why I do not enjoy male strippers. A little too much happy waving for my liking.

  175. mommy grizzly says:

    165 – they actually do an episode where little bear gets outside clothes on. His mom is sewing and he just wants some attention so he keeps coming in saying he is cold. She gives him a hat, jacket and snowpants. He comes in again and says he’s cold and she says, “Do you want a fur coat, too?” he gets all excited and she takes his clothes back off. He asks where the fur coat is and about that time it dawns on him that it’s HIS fur coat, goes back outside and that’s that.

    I think that the setting is supposed to be ages ago and it was very typical for older women to wear things that covered their hair, not for religious purposes but because it was both the style and kept their hair from getting all mussed since hygiene wasn’t stellar. Also, little bear isn’t the only animal not dressed, the theme goes the younger ones don’t wear clothes but the adults do. Probably so you can tell them apart since there are both male and female adult bears but only one little bear.

  176. mommy grizzly says:

    Jinx, CJ.

    For you mamas that are picky about what your kids watch, I totally hate giving money to the man but I really do suggest the buying episodes on Itunes. It ties up your computer but, I have a computer set up with a TV as a monitor so the kids can watch itunes on the TV too. It really is worth it. It let us get rid of cable completely and the kids get to pick which episode they watch instead of having to watch what happens to be on.

    Before Nick JR went on their own channel, my older 2 were watching something and we were bathing the baby upstairs. It was turning to 6 pm when they went from Nick JR to teen nick. Anyway, my kids got to see 2 teenage boys kissing on some teen soap drama show. I was like, ok, that’s so not cool. Anyway, with this, I don’t have to worry. The cost is about $2 an episode unless you buy the whole season at once (there is usually a season discount) so just buy a little at a time until you get all you want. It has bought me invaluable quiet time I’d have not gotten otherwise.

  177. CJ says:

    We love Treehouse here, but we are moving and won’t have satellite anymore and our local cable company doesn’t offer it. They have family channel but I need to look into that. I have a feeling that it isn’t all great for little ones.
    My older son loves the shows like bakugan and pokemon. I can’t stand those shows. At 8 though, he knows what language and behaviour is appropriate. He is a smart kid and knows how to filter out what is right and wrong from those shows. Unfortunately my little one does not have that filter yet and he started using the word “hate” this week which is not cool. I guess he has been picking up words like that from hearing his brothers shows so we are now having to cut those out.

    I am considering just not getting tv now and stocking up on kids DVDs instead. Then I just need a way to watch my shows. I need my NCIS.

  178. mommy grizzly says:

    CJ – I get netflix and Bones and NCIS myself into oblivion, when I don’t have to worry about kids seeing it. Obviously, I am a little more equiped to deal with adult content and violence than the little people are but my house is an open floor plan where the family TV is, so, I would never get to watch my shows when I had cable anyway.

    I save SO much money by not having to pay for the stupid channels I never watched. We live in a rural area so don’t have a ton of choices for providers and the only group that had the channels I watched put my cable plan at $140 a month! That gave me nearly 100 channels I would never watch. YEAH RIGHT! Anyway, we buy whatever DVDs we want, IL buy the kids a lot of movies and we are NEVER at a loss for nothing to watch. Plus, I was amazed at how much more time we had without the TV being on all the time.

  179. MotherMoonPads says:

    Phineas & Ferb give my 2 year old REALLY bad ideas. Can’t wait until he realizes that he really can’t be like them & build a rollercoaster in the backyard!

  180. CJ says:

    I will have to see if we can get netflix here. I didn’t realize that they have television shows through that. Is it the current episodes?
    I’m lucky that my boys go to bed at 7 during the school year so I get to watch my shows in peace without worrying about little ears listening in.

  181. anAKmama says:

    I’m one of those awful parents who lets their kids watch Spongebob. I don’t care for him myself, he’s annoying, but other than that I don’t find anything objectionable about it. I think it’s pretty silly that some people wouldn’t let their kid play with mine because of that. It’s not as if my kid acts like spongebob. But whatever.

    We also love Yo Gabba Gabba, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Backyardigans, Little Einsteins, 64 Zoo Lane (which isn’t on anymore 😦 ), Ms Spider’s Sunny Patch, Dragon Tales, Jack’s Big Music Show, Bob the Builder, etc.

    The ones I fine irritating and/or objectional? Oobie, Franklin the Whiny Turtlle, Caillou, Dora, Diego, Kai Lan, Olivia the Narcissistic Pig, Max and Bossy Ruby… I’m sure there are more.

  182. sourpatchbabe says:

    But, but, dora has babywearing, twin homebirth, latchkey kids, and illegal immigration! How can you NOT like that show?! Oh Noes..

  183. CJ says:

    That is my only issue with her. The yelling drives me nuts.

    I let the boys watch spongebob too. I’m bad. I don’t really like him but he doesn’t really do anything bad. He is just an annoying kid.

    Do you guys get that Toy Castle ballet show? It is on CBC here. I don’t know why but that one drives me up the wall.

  184. anAKmama says:

    Bahahaha, it’s the voice. I can’t handle the voice. (And yet I tolerate Spongebob, I guess I’m just odd)

  185. anAKmama says:

    Oh! I forgot to add Fresh Beat Band to my HATE list. And Elmo era Sesame Street. We have some old school Sesame Street on DVD that rocks.

  186. mommy grizzly says:

    I dont fault other people for letting their kids watch Spongebob. Your kid, your choice. I just don’t like it and don’t let my kids watch it. I think, beyond it being so fricken annoying I want to stab my eyes with a fork, it has a lot of mature jokes and euphemisms that are just completely inappropriate for my children. My kids have seen it before and after they watched it, the older 2 agreed that it was stupid and they enforce the no spongebob rule on their own. My husband and I don’t OK shows just because they ‘aren’t that bad’. If they don’t have a good quality about them, our kids don’t need to watch them. They have HUNDREDS of appropriate pixar and disney movies (and others, too) on DVD and iTunes that have great qualities about them. They don’t need fillers of other shows that have no positive qualities. I will qualify this by saying, not all Pixar or Disney movies are quality either. We evaluate everything on an individual basis.

  187. mommy grizzly says:

    I think that Fresh Beat Band has an episode at the end of a Backyardigans DVD I got #3. OMG, even he says, TURN THIS OFF! SOOO FKN ANNOYING!

    I don’t get why it would fit at the end of a Backyardigans DVD anyway. ugh. STUPID STUPID.

  188. melmelly says:

    We have 64 Zoo Lane, but it’s on at midnight!

    I do object to some shows for my boys, but I can’t really say much right now since they are currently watching Star Wars – Return of the Jedi. It is foggy and cold here. We had swimming lessons earlier, so we are all a little cold. I blame my BIL for that mind corruption! He is a SW FANATIC, fanatic in lowercase won’t work for my point, and he collects figurines, all the novels, games, has his picture taken with random people on the street dressed like Obi-Wan in London, or the Storm Trooper guy in Tokyo, etc.

    However, I do object to my kids playing with other kids (at the park, for an example) whose parents just let them run around and wreck havoc on everyone and everything. I want my boys to have manners in a park as well. My cousin was here last month with her three kids. The oldest was running around bossing other kids around, rough housing a little rougher than he should have been…and he is only 6! My cousin was off in Lala Land because she was too busy following her 20mo old daughter around. She could have taken a moment to tell him to stop, slow down, or whatever was needed at that time.

  189. sourpatchbabe says:

    My list of can’t stand cartoons is somewhere in DS. I can’t stand the fresh beat band either, never really got into the whole adult pretending to be teens/kid entertainer show thing. I hate the wiggles with the passion of a thousand suns. But oddly enough, the imagination movers and the upside down show don’t bother me as much. Maybe it’s because I am kind of like that with my own kids. I’m the kind of adult that never grows up and you can find in the greeting card aisle in walmart opening up all the musical cards and dancing away with my kids (have done it on more than one occasion. I can relate to the crazy adult humans in those two shows but not in the others.

  190. anAKmama says:

    And I don’t fault anyone for not letting their kids watch it. 😀 It does kind of make me sad though, that someone would not want their kid to play with mine because of it. But it’s not worth arguing about. 😉

    I guess there are some “mature” jokes and innuendos, but they go right over my kids’ head. I guess I figure they’re there to keep it from being so boring for parents. I notice the same thing in lots of kids’ movies and TV shows. Including most Disney/Pixar movies. Of course I can’t think of any right now to prove my point.

    Oh, and Spongebob does have one good quality IMO. It entertains my kids for long enough that I can get some housework done without a child climbing up my leg. 😉

  191. dundundun says:

    As someone who is practically obsessed with turtles, it is super hard for me to admit that…

    Franklin is a douche.

    Like, really. He likes, cheats, steals, and is mean to all of his friends. Eff that, dude. I mean, I know it’s to show kids that you’re not supposed to behave that way but meh. Douchey mcdoucherson.

  192. CJ says:

    It drives me nuts that the wiggles don’t wear PFDs in their boat. That is on the ad on treehouse. That bugs me more than cartoon kids in inappropriate child restraints in the car. 😛

  193. mommy grizzly says:

    I rejoiced the day my kids picked the LE over the Wiggles.

    190 – Don’t feel bad, I let my kids watch Lord of the Rings, ALL 6 of the Star Wars and DH lets them watch a bunch of other adultish movies. There is no hiding the fact that there is violence and battle type fighting in those movies and we feel like we cant hide the reality of that from our kids. Shit, my older kids were like 4 and 5 before they saw a picture of my husband without a weapon. What we do not like is the bickering, calling names and adult type jokes in animation which makes it seem (to the kids) that it’s not going to hurt when they hit someone.

    I’d rather the kids want to be a Jedi than an idiotic yellow sponge.

  194. dundundun says:

    likes = lies.

  195. mommy grizzly says:

    192 – I didn’t say I dont let my kids ever play with kids that got to watch SB. My point was that I think there is a relationship between parenting and the types of shows kids are allowed to watch and sometimes that relationship is negative. My nieces watch SB and my kids play with them all the time. My neighbors kid has very little supervision and watches whatever he wants and I discourage my kids from spending any length of time with him because nothing good every happens.

    I suppose it came out harsher than I meant, again, I evaluate all the situations and shows on an individual basis. I am sure you actively parent your kids and that means a lot more than what you let them watch or not.

  196. CJ says:

    LOL grizz.

    Yes, when the chidren start wanting to be a sponge, or a turtle or a taking bear then I think it is time to turn of the television. I love TV but we all need to know where to draw the line between watching tv and being absorbed by it.
    I remember my little sister waking up in the middle of the night, having a nightmare. When my dad came into the room, she was convinced that he was Mario. The next day, our nintendo was gone.

  197. mommy grizzly says:

    192 — your post made me laugh so hard I almost peed.

  198. CJ says:

    *turn OFF the television, not of.

  199. sourpatchbabe says:

    Dang CJ, you never told us your father was a short potbellied italian guy with a handlebar mustache and a penchant for overalls and ‘shrooms…

  200. mommy grizzly says:

    198 — ITA!

  201. mommy grizzly says:

    I suddenly want spaghetti and to meet CJ’s Dad.

  202. CJ says:

    Definitely not Italian, but now I want pasketti too.

  203. mommy grizzly says:

    192 – ITA about using whatever works to get stuff done. That why I stocked up my iTunes. I also agree about some disney/pixar movies.

    Where in AK are you?? Don’t answer if you don’t to. I’m in the Valley.

  204. anAKmama says:

    197 – Ahh, ok that makes sense. Yeah, I don’t like my kid playing with kids whose parents are that way either. I don’t let my kid watch/do whatever he wants. I just don’t find SB objectionable. But that’s just me.

    If my kid said he wanted to be a sponge though, SB would go off. lol. Oobie made our banned list when my very articulate 3 year old (he’s 5 now) started talking like Oobie.

  205. anAKmama says:

    205 – I’m a Valley girl too. Born and raised. Right now we’re living just north of Palmer. I sure wish we could have some more nice weather before fall hits full force. This “summer” has been lame.

  206. mommy grizzly says:

    do you know who I am on DS?

  207. anAKmama says:

    Nope, I quit going there after I had to reformat my computer. Are you on CDN?

  208. mommy grizzly says:

    No. Lemme sign up.

  209. anAKmama says:

    I’m Spring on there. There are a few other AK ladies there too.

  210. mommy grizzly says:

    Ok, GrizzlyMommy is me.

  211. DocsNemesis says:

    My mom always let me watch whatever I wanted, just gave me warnings like “this might be scary/gross/etc” so I’ve mostly adapted that same idea. I do have limits, but my kids watch pretty much anything I do. My 10 and 7 year olds like to watch Bones with me, hehe. If it brings up a question, I answer it. My younger 3 pretty much ignore anything that isn’t a cartoon anyway, lol. That and we don’t have cable either so they are limited to Netflix.

    Oh and I’m actually pretty strict otherwise. They all have chores, they all have boundaries (like no food outside the kitchen…grrrr….), they all get punished if they’re bad, and since they’re constantly over at friends houses they must not be that bad, lol. I do think it depends on the kid though. My two girls (who are 7 and almost 5) can watch horror movies with no problems, my 10 year old son can’t. It gives him nightmares so we avoid them. Poor bub!

  212. hrm's mom says:

    I still think some kids act the way the characters do on those cartoons. Oh and Caliou is so darn whiny my DD is not allowed to watch him either!! We only just started letting her watch TV when she turned 2 before she never really showed an interest. I guess I really wanted to keep it more to shows I felt comfortable letting her watch, which is my choice. I also understand that not all children who watch those shows act like the characters I suppose it is all in how the parents are raising them and what the parents are allowing them to do, but my nephews who watch those shows act just like the crazy characters and it is so annoying!!!

  213. anAKmama says:

    PMd ya over there Grizzly 😀

  214. mommy grizzly says:

    My older 2 watch Bones sometimes, but some episodes are too much. I guess the difference I see is between animated and dramatized. It’s really just my choices for my kids, other people can do as they please with their kids as long as it doesn’t affect us negatively.

  215. smartassmama says:

    Sourpatchbabe, your monster makes me think of Roseanne doing aerobics in gray sweatpants! lol No clue why.

    Spongebob gets on my nerves. The kids have seen it at my grandmother’s, but they don’t even know it exists here. lol

    I’m not a Dora fan. We have enough language issues, that I don’t really need either of mine speaking one I don’t know. We don’t even watch Nick here though. Not a morals issue, or being snobby, I just don’t care to. I’m fine with Phineas and Ferb though. And the Disney sitcoms. Someone (cough – husband) has gotten my daughter in love with Sprout. It’s fine, just SO many commercials.

    Other than that though, we’re a big PBS family. There’s only a couple shows on our PBS stations that I’m not fond of. In fact, I told my kids that Barney kills baby birds in hopes that the oldest wouldn’t want to watch him. It’s awful of me, but he grinds my gears.

  216. mommy grizzly says:

    217 — LMFAO! killing baby birds is what keeps him purple!

    I may be evil, but I can only stand so much and my kids realize that if they watch something that overly annoys me, I’ll make them turn it off. Not that they can’t watch it when Daddy is around or if I’m in a different room, but if I have to hear cartoons, it will be ones that don’t make me want to kill baby birds.

  217. anAKmama says:

    I used to watch CSI and Law & Order SVU with my older DS in the room. But when he started actually paying attention and asking questions that had to stop.

  218. sourpatchbabe says:

    217, my monster reminds me of the time when I looked like one of those Save The Children Foundation infomercials (if you saw a picture of me 14 down, you’d want to send me .27 cents a day too). Big old buck teeth, scrawny arms/legs, pot belly, and looking like a boy. And yes, I walked to the store barefoot. I found a roach inside one of my tennis shoes and would only wear shoes if forced into them. Nothing like sticking your foot in your shoe first thing in the morning and having a roach walk up your leg.

  219. DocsNemesis says:

    Yeah, SVU I could see being a bit over the top, esp since they deal with sexual assault sooo much (I mean, thats the point of the show right?). So far I haven’t had any issues with Bones though, and I’ve seen every episode up to season 5.

    So is it bad that I used to watch South Park with my 5-7 year old sister? I’m a bad big sister. lol.

  220. mommy grizzly says:

    How old are your kids, Docs?

    South Park was horrible. GAG. Bad big sister.

  221. sourpatchbabe says:

    Guess I was a bad sister too. I used to watch The Simpsons, South Park, and La Femme Nikita with my little brothers.

    But then again I used to read a comic book titled Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

  222. DocsNemesis says:

    10, 7, almost 5, 2, and 6 months. The 7 year old will be 8 in Oct.

    And haha, I still watch South Park, just when the kids aren’t here or are in bed. My sister turned out ok though 😛

  223. not me at all says:

    BTW I have found out that the smokey nasty item was an co-sleeper. It was not the right “version” that the seller claimed it was and missing a piece.

  224. sourpatchbabe says:

    Nasty yucky seller! Who has bits of gunky food and smoke smell where their very young child sleeps?

  225. sourpatchbabe says:

    Although maybe the seller originally confused the cosleeper with a mini fridge or bedside table?

  226. anAKmama says:

    My 5 year old loves The Simpsons. :hide: And King of the Hill. That’s it on the adult cartoons he’s allowed to watch. DH and I won’t even watch Family Guy, South ark, etc.

  227. anAKmama says:

    Uh, Park, not ark.

  228. CJ says:

    I won’t watch Family Guy either. It looks really crass just from the commercials that they show. And I think that I have watched one episode of South Park and it just wasn’t my style of humour.

  229. CJ says:

    Okay, who wants to hear my idiot of the day story? I have at least one per day and I just can’t hold them in!

    I stopped to get gas this afternoon. The gas station has 3 islands, totaling 6 pumps. I pull in and am the only vehicle there. Before I can even turn off the ignition another van pulls in…..right behind me! I got out to fuel up and the guy gives me a funny look. He had his window open so I mention that I haven’t fueled yet. He looks at me with a very confused expression and continues to sit there waiting for me. A couple minutes later it finally clicks and he goes to another pump. 2 pumps now full, 4 left.
    A few seconds later a HUGE truck pulls in behind me. He stops and waits for me to finish. I swear I gave him the, “What the heck are you doing?” look very clearly a few times and nodded my head towards the empty islands but apparently he doesn’t understand logic. He actually sat there and waited for me to fill up and pay so that he could use that pump. I just don’t get it. He was also driving what sounds like a diesel and fueling at a regular pump so I’m sure he will have fun driving that home.

  230. mommy grizzly says:

    CJ – Did the pump you were using have a green handled pump?

    I hate playing devils advocate, but, he could have been filling up gas cans or something. If it was his truck, I cannot imagine him putting the wrong fuel in it. I mean, just the price difference alone! I drive a diesel. There may not have been other pumps that worked for him. I’ve had to wait at empty gas stations, too, because the only person there happened to be getting unleaded at the only pump that had the diesel pump attached.

    Or, he could have just been a total fkn idiot.

  231. CJ says:

    LOL. No there wasn’t a diesel pump attached. That was the first thing that DH asked me. “You didn’t put diesel in the van did you?” Our diesel pumps here are usually bright yellow.
    He could very well have been filling gas cans. I thought of that too. I just didn’t understand why 2 vehicles in a row pulled in behind me and waited when there were numerous identical pumps open.

  232. mommy grizzly says:

    CJ, you are OBVIOUSLY just too sexy for your own good. MILF, much?

  233. CJ says:

    ROFL! That is so not it. I am the most conservative person around here. If they want T&A, it’s not coming from me I can guarantee that.

    I now have 3 theories.

    1. They both have some sort of OCD and need to fill up at a certain pump number which I happened to be at.

    2. They are both having issues at home and needed an excuse to delay going home for the day. They are bad liars and I provided the, “I got stuck behind this stupid woman at the gas station” excuse for them so that they could be honest.

    3. They are both aliens in disguise and are not sure of how things work around here so they were just following my lead.

  234. mommy grizzly says:

    LMFAO, I like 3 the best. Men in Black.

    There are other ones, but your’s are much more LOL. No, really though, when I’m an idiot and forget my CC at home, there are only 2 pumps I can use out of 36 at my gas station. They let me pump and pay vs prepay because the prepay limit is $125 and that does not fill my tank. If they let me pump, I get a full tank and they get $30-60 more dollars depending on the price on tap for my alcoholic truck. So, I get to look like the idiot alien until someone finishes at the pump I need. There would be 6 but 4 are unleaded only.

  235. sourpatchbabe says:

    OR they could be disguised aliens with wifey issues and a bad case of OCD?

  236. CJ says:

    Yes sourpatch! All 3 combined, love it!

    grizzly, that is a HUGE tank on your truck. Wow!
    We have to prepay in BC too but I am in Alberta now and they don’t have to here. It took a little getting used to. The first time that I went to fill up it was an old pump without the swipe, so I went inside to give her my card. She looked at me like I had two heads. “No honey, you need to fill up first. Just make sure that you come back to pay, okay?”

  237. mommy grizzly says:

    CJ – LMAO, I ran into that too, when we drove the AlCan the first time. I tried to pay with travelers cheques (that’s what we had!) and people were like, oh no, you fill then pay. I’m like, seriously? I can drive faster than you can run!

    Yeah, I have almost a 50 gal tank. She be a sursty beasty! But, I get like 22 MPG so it can easily last me 800+ miles if I’m not having to leave it running to warm up. Gas versions of my truck are lucky to get 12-14 MPG, so, I really don’t mind so much. She’s 4×4 and hauls all my kids, crap and hasn’t met anything I cant tow with it. Curb weight empty is almost 10,000 lbs so anybody hitting me will get the worse side of the crash. I actually got rear ended while I was PARKED in the Bank drive thru. Small little sub compact said she didn’t see me? Really not sure how she could miss me but she left some gold paint on my tow hitch and it took her whole bumper off. I just laughed and went on my with my transaction. It hardly shook my truck.

  238. CJ says:

    Does all of the US have the prepay law? Ours just came into effect a couple of years ago with WCB regulations to protect gas station workers. Someone tried to gas and go and the kid that was working tried to stop them. He held onto the car and was dragged to his death. 😦

  239. melmelly says:

    We can’t pump our own gas here in Oregon. It sucks sometimes, but it’s nice in the winter/fall/spring when the rain is dumping. I feel bad for the attendants though. 😦

    Some gas stations make you prepay before the pump can start.

    The Fred Meyer gas station I go to makes you pay with cash after the fill, or however much you want is done. Or they take your CC before the pump starts for, and either put in a set amount, or fill.

    Confusing as heck!

  240. mommy grizzly says:

    New Jersey and OR are the only 2 states I know of with mandatory gas attendant laws. Most other places it is just their policy to prepay before you fill up. It is because of all of the drive offs and major loss of income. It is not a law anywhere in the US that I know of, though.

  241. CJ says:

    You aren’t allowed to pump your own gas? That is weird! I would feel so strange having someone pump my gas all the time.
    I always pay with my interac card too so the whole cash or credit thing would throw me off. I like being able to pay with interac right on the pump and not having to go in to the counter.

  242. mommy grizzly says:

    Whats interac? In the US we have one card that can be run as cash or credit that is attached to a checking account. It just depends on preference and which system the card gets run through, one costs the merchant, the other might cost the customer (depending on their bank.)

  243. melmelly says:

    I am right on 101, and on the border with CA, so we are always getting tourists that try to pump their own gas. It’s funny to watch an attendant get into an argument with some middle-age man that is cockier than hell.

    Freight truck drivers are allowed to pump their own gas because they are usually at a different gas station, or if you have a commercial driver’s license, which looks a little different than a regular DL.

    NJ and OR are the only two states that have the law. The gas station that is across the street from the gift shop at Pebble Beach golf course has an attendant, and the gas was $2-3+ more a gallon. IIRC, it was a “full-serve” station. That was back in 2003 when we were living in Salinas, Ca.

  244. melmelly says:

    Yeah, we can’t pump our own. I was so used to it because I grew up always watching and waiting for our turn. Then my DH and I lived in CA for a little over two years, so I had to learn how to pump my own. It took about 5-6 months to get out of the habit, and about 2 years or so to not get annoyed with how long it was taking.

    Very few places make us go inside here in my town. If I were to go over to the Valley, on I-5, more places would make me go inside to pay. That takes longer than paying at the pump!

  245. CJ says:

    Interac is the system that they use here for electronic payments. It is a card that is attached to your bank accounts. You use it to pay for items and use the same card at your bank. Probably the same as what you have but called something different.
    Ours isn’t used as credit though. You need to put in your PIN number at the terminal and select the account to pull from each time that you use it. If the money isn’t there the sale won’t process.

  246. melmelly says:


    That’s from 2003, but it is still fairly accurate. I also forgot that motorcyclists also get to pump their own gas. However, gas is much cheaper here in my town, than the town over the border in CA (30minutes away) where you pump your own. It can vary from $.30-.50 MORE a gallon down there.

  247. melmelly says:

    So it the Interac card like a debit card?

  248. mommy grizzly says:

    CJ, That’s pretty much how our debit system works, but most have a visa or mastercard logo on them and can be used as a credit card also, not requiring a pin but a signature instead.

  249. CJ says:

    Yes, it is a debit card but only from your chequing or savings account.

  250. Flat Stainley says:

    Wow. I missed alot! All caught up now.
    CJ, I bet you were parked in the Trucks/Vans spot at the gas station and those 2 people were just trying to comply with where they should be filling up. Some stations designate vehicles based on size. Were they both in larger vehicles?

    So gross on the co-smoker. Poor baby!

    Every time I am asked to read Dora as a bedtime story, I say “OLA!!! I’M DOORRRRRA! I can’t stand her yelling annoying crap. I wish the baby jaguar would rip her and her Deigo up and feed them to Calliou. I can just see him protesting: “But Mommy, I don’t like brains!”
    Mommy: “Now Calliou, eat your brains, it will put hair on your chest.”
    Calliou: “”But Mooooommmmy, I need hair on my head! When will I get some? All my other friends have hair.”

    Shabby, I got some really nice wool in the mail today. Thankyou! 😀

  251. sourpatchbabe says:

    Flat, you made me laugh so hard boogers came out of my nose!

  252. CJ says:

    ROFLMAO Flat! That was a good laugh to wake up to.

    Good moooooorning everyone!
    It’s DQ miracle treat day today in Canada so go gorge yourselves in some Blizzards in the name of children’s hospitals. 🙂
    We get to hit the road today and do the first half of our drive home. I’m so excited!

  253. Amygamie says:

    Redhead that is cool, your always free to come and visit if you are ever in the area.

    254- Don’t talk about DQ it makes me sad. We live in Texas, we are supposed to have an overabundance of DQs but for some reason we only have one in our area. It looks like it is in violation of every single health code out there so I don’t go. I could use a small snickers blizzard… so yummy!

  254. Amygamie says:

    My monster reminds me of the orange runts. Only mine is the one that is on the floor board of the backseat of a van that has children YKWIM. The piece of hard candy on the floorboard that has hair stuck to it next to the smooshed gold fish crackers and the lonely lego piece.

  255. smartassmama says:

    Oh my Amy, that’s perfect! It does. Or perhaps a dirty Cheeto. But Runts are cooler.

    And DQ – not fair! Our DQ situation is a sad story. We had one over in the ghetto. It was probably low on its health score too. But it changed ownership and the new owners were dillweeds who ran the business into the ground (not that it was 5 star before) and didn’t pay their franchise royalty fees. So now our lovely town has a Dairy Cream. It’s the ghettoist looking place ever. I got a chicken strip basket their ONCE after it changed. It was disgusting. I’m not going to try the ice cream. It makes me sad to think of all the lovely Blizzard flavors out there that I can’t have. 😦

  256. Redhead says:

    Amy, we have 3 CLEAN and awesome DQs within 5-30 mins of me. I think you need to pay ME a visit and we’ll get blizzards! 🙂

  257. anAKmama says:

    We have a fairly new DQ about 5 minutes away. But I don’t like Blizzards. I do love their banana splits though.

  258. Kirsty says:

    Oooooo, I have a DQ right beside my work and I just so happen to work tonight! Maybe if it wasn’t raining freaking buckets (AGAIN) I would be in the mood for a little ice cream. I hate this freaking province!

  259. CJ says:

    Our DQ shut down last year. I am hoping that we can find one between Edmonton and Calgary today. There must be a few along the highway. Maybe we should hit up all of them in an effort to store up some winter fat.

  260. Kirsty says:

    CJ- there’s one in Lethbridge.

  261. Kirsty says:

    Ooops, I mean Red Deer. Duuh.

  262. CJ says:

    Thanks Kirsty! Gasoline Alley maybe? That would be a perfect place to stop.

  263. mylilgirls says:

    Momma grizzly you crack me up! I’m in super rural MT and drive a diesel excursion. I despise when the tourists MUST fill up their little cars at the only pump that has unleaded and diesel even though there’s 8 other unleaded pumps available. What’s worse is when I’m idling behind motorcycles and they don’t move down one. Ahhhhhhh! Tourists!

  264. Amygamie says:

    258- that sounds tempting but with our family being a one car family and the fact that I have just barely gotten over my phobia of driving I doubt I could brave the freeway for a while. I would be the slowpoke in the far right lane that everyone is yelling at and calling an idiot, lol. Hows about you drop one off here? JK But if your ever down here I’ll host ya along with any other decent mamas. I am looking for a reason to go to Dave and Busters, every Wednesday night is everything half price. I have been dying to go do something now that I have meh energies back.

  265. Redhead says:

    Amy, msg me on CDN. I think we’re heading south for a vacation sometime in the next month or so, I would love to stop by and meet you! 🙂

    I’d bring you a Blizzard but.. thinking it will have melted or been eaten by the time I get to you..haha 😉

  266. mommy grizzly says:

    265 – Ain’t that the truth! How many little girls do you have? any of them newbies? wanna trade one for a boy?

  267. mommy grizzly says:

    does anybody have the Addi Click set? What about the KnitPicks interchangeable set? Anybody use both? Who likes which better??

  268. Amygamie says:

    I don’t have either of those but I have had my denis interchangeable knitting needle kit for quiet a while now I ❤ it. It is only about $50


  269. EM says:

    I think I forgot my email for this site, I hope I don’t get stuck in limbo.

    CJ-My 3 yo Mr. Man hopped up on the couch and determined that your monster looks like a tree. We can all sigh in relief-your monster is a tree.

    And, mmmmm. DQ. We live in the land of DQ-you can spit in any direction and hit a Dairy Queen or three. There are a few perks about living in this particular city.

  270. Flat Stainley says:

    All I have are bamboo circular sets I ordered off of Ebay for cheap. I was wanting to go in on the Addi co-op but I didn’t because I was so lost looking at their stuff and I thought I should hold off until I know I’m going to stick with knitting.
    Sourpatch, cover your blizzard next time! No need to snort your brains into it! Eeeew! 😀
    I’d participate in the Blizzard treat day, but I had 1 piece of DQ cake yesterday and gave myself a tummy ache. Ice cream is not nice to me. 😦

    Amy- I went on a road trip with Runts candies about 17 years ago. We stocked up on Runts and I kept using the banana shaped ones as walrus teeth. Kind of tricky to get 2 in properly, but try 4! We were so wired on sugar we were giddy. Your squished Skittle reminded me of that. 🙂

  271. Flat Stainley says:

    EM, WHAT in Tarnation is in your monster’s mouth!? Or… did it just stop at DQ and steal a banana out of someone’s banana split?

  272. melmelly says:

    DQ! Yum! We might have to make a run in a little bit for some ice cream. My boys love cherry dilly bars, but they just aren’t the same for me without the belly button.

    The previous owners of our home were the first owners of DQ here in our town. They have both passed away now, but we have heard lots of stories about them from the chimney cleaner, as well as a person who used to clean the house for them. I vaguely remember them. The husband didn’t have a safe in the office. Instead he had it in the closet in his BEDROOM! Yeah, that was fun taking that thing out when we were painting the house.

    The current owners moved here from Texas and are the nicest people.

  273. Amygamie says:

    OMG how did I forget DQs icecream cake?! They are the best. I have been dying to get him a DQ ice cream cake because he has never had an ice cream cake before. If your gonna try something new, you minus well start it out with a bang. After next paycheck though we are going out to Olive Garden because he has never been there and says that the salad can’t be THAT good. Oh yes it is!

  274. Redhead says:

    I LOVE Olive Garden’s salad!!

  275. smartassmama says:

    My husband is not allowed to have pasta (or bread or rice) so Olive Garden is pretty much outta our league now. :/ If there were one here, I would just eat it myself, with the kids, or my sister or friend. But it’s an hour drive. So we found a Thai restaurant/sushi bar. Thai lights my ass & mouth on fire, but it’s crAzy tasty! So neener-neener at you and your Olive Garden. With their delicious stuffed mushrooms, and their delectable pasta dishes. . . drool.

  276. Redhead says:

    Well, I’d pick Thai over Olive Garden. My favorite restaurant is this itsy-bitsy Thai place about 1 hour away. They only have like 4 tables in there but the food is SO GOOD

  277. Flat Stainley says:

    I would DIE for a vegetarian Thai noodle salad from Milestone’s right now. SOOOO DELICIOUS!

  278. sourpatchbabe says:

    Thai food kicks butt. I don’t like eating at olive garden because they keep shoving all that salad and breadsticks and I get stuffed.

  279. mommy grizzly says:

    Olive Garden tastes SOO good but I am allergic to something in it because EVERY time I eat it, I end up with a HORRIBLE migraine and throwing up for days. Every time. No matter which one I go to. No matter what state I am in. Its crazy annoying. I crave it so bad, think, “oh, it will be different this time!” and I’m always kicking my own ass when it’s not.

    No matter though, no such in Alaska!

  280. MeMA says:

    Its the MSG. It dose it to me too~

  281. TeamB4me says:

    I totally fail at searching here. Can someone clue me into the drama (past/present) surrounding Equivocal? Just um curious….

  282. mommy grizzly says:

    Wow, thanks. I knew I was allergic to MSG but I had no idea OG used it. I have to get MSG free chinese food but sometimes I forget to tell them and it doesn’t make me sick nearly as bad as OG does. They must use A LOT!

  283. melmelly says:


    Not MSG, but some other “flavor enhancer”.

  284. mommy grizzly says:

    Oh, I’m sure. I think I read somewhere that people that are sensitive to MSG are more likely to be sensitive to other flavor enhancers. That would explain why Olive Garden hits me harder than Chinese food.

  285. CJ says:

    Yay, I’m a tree! Woohoo! Thank you to 3yo Mr Man. 🙂

    We made it to our hotel for the night and did not see a DQ all day. I am bummed. I am hoping that we will find one tomorrow to have blizzards and I can just donate extra moolah to their charity.

    On the upside, this hotel room has 2 king sized beds so I may actually get to sleep without being climbed on by kiddos tonight!

  286. melmelly says:

    I have never had a problem with OG, but did with one of our Chinese places here in town. The other Chinese place doesn’t use it, and I don’t have any problems from there, except for water retention from all the soy sauce. That’s fun!

  287. melmelly says:

    It would be interesting to know what kind of a “flavor enhancer” it is, so you know what it is that is affecting you when you eat there, and if there is anything you can eat that it isn’t in. My mom can’t eat burgers from places that char-broil them because it gives her massive intestinal cramping.

  288. DocsNemesis says:

    My fav place to eat is Golden Corral…but for regular restaurants, its a toss up between Claim Jumpers and Red Robbins. I really can’t argue with unlimited fries….but Claim Jumpers desserts are tdf.

  289. mommy grizzly says:

    When we lived in SC we went to GC all the time. Never heard of Clam Jumpers but we still eat at Red Robin all the time, there are 2 locally.

    We have a GC local to, but the price is fucking insane. I can go to dinner at a 5 star fish and steak house for what it costs us to get the buffet at GC on the weekends. For real, it’s a $60 dinner and GC just ain’t $60 good!

  290. mommy grizzly says:

    Ok so I’m almost 13 weeks. Will someone make the next 5-6 weeks go by in a flash so I can know if I’m getting PINK or ::pout:: another blue?!?

    OR: anybody that is approx the same DD as me that produces blonds with super blue eyes is welcome to trade. Wait, scratch that, since I cant buy a redhead, I’d take a blond or a redhead. She’s just gotta grow up to pee sitting down.

  291. Redhead says:

    Mommy Grizzly, how many kids do you have? I think someone already asked you this and I forgot…

    I have 3 girls. 🙂

  292. mommy grizzly says:

    the one I’m baking is #5, oldest is a she child and other 3 are he childs. We are hoping for another she child, obviously.

  293. Just Peachy says:

    OMFG i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee red robin! Their banzai burgers are the best!

  294. mommy grizzly says:

    I’ve been all about their french onion soup and BLTAs this pregnancy. We are going there on the 16th because it’s DD 9th birthday. I swear, I need a big box to stop the growing. UGH!

  295. smartassmama says:

    I have never been in a Red Robin.
    And we lost our Golden Corral in the late 80s.
    I’d kill for a Cracker Barrel to land here.
    Would beat the pants off our piss-poor Applebees.

  296. mommy grizzly says:

    My 3rd kids first meal out was at Cracker Barrel. There was one just down the street from the hospital and we went there when he was 38 hours old. I miss Cracker Barrel.

    Where are you, 297? I was going to call you SAM but, realized, that’s a name in and of itself and wasn’t sure if you would realize I meant you?!

  297. smartassmama says:

    You can call me Abbie since it’s easier. 🙂
    I’m in the middle of freakin nowhere. I’m two hours from Memphis TN, and 3 hours from Nashville. I basically live in a swamp. It’s technically a micropolis.

  298. mommy grizzly says:

    Oh that just sounds heavenly, if you are a crocagator or an allidile. I am SOOO not about swamps. I HATE humidity. *pats self* It matts my fur!

  299. smartassmama says:

    I think it got to 102 today. My fur was totally matted!
    We don’t have swamp critters though, but the area is just really murky, dirty, and bOring.

  300. mommy grizzly says:


    It rained most of the day here and stayed at about 60. This summer has been VERY rainy and it’s STILL not the level of humidity we had to deal with in South Carolina. I love Alaska.

  301. anAKmama says:

    Oh God I love Olive Garden. I’ve seriously considered taking a weekend trip to Seattle JUST for OGs breadsticks. I get headaches from MSG, so it must be something else they use, because their food doesn’t bother me.

    Now I’m craving OG. Haven’t had it in like 10 years.

  302. mommy grizzly says:

    303 — we should run away together to SEA when DH gets back home for good. OMG, the SHOPPING! Though, you are on your own for OG.

  303. Mommy Grizzly says:

    DH got his perm profile so the process has officially started to get him retarded, I mean, retired.

  304. smartassmama says:

    military I assume?

  305. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yup. Army. He is Infantry and broken. Though, I cant complain. A full retirement by 31 ain’t shabby.

  306. Flat Stainley says:

    Our family calls Red Robin “The Birthday Barn”, Every time we go there, at least 1 table has the staff come and sing because it’s somebody’s birthday; sometimes there are 6 tables that have the staff sing. It’s a gong show! I find myself thinking it’s the Twilight Zone of births.

  307. melmelly says:

    All of this Red Robin and Olive Garden talk has got me wanting to take a little road trip to the Valley to have some good eats – and that is 2.5hrs one way. Our “big name chains” include: Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, and KFC/Taco Bell. Our town sucks for good food now. Our favorite Mexican restaurant closed back in January, but they still have one 30 minutes away.

    It was nice when we lived in Salinas because we lived right behind an Olive Garden. I can make their bruschetta almost exactly the same. Except I use a ciabatta roll and sprinkle whatever type of parmesan, roman, or asiago cheese I have on the slices, and bake it for a few minutes. I might need to fix that tomorrow night!

  308. Mommy Grizzly says:

    And you will make it ‘flavor additive’ free and email me some, right 309??

  309. melmelly says:

    I could give you the recipe if you want! It’s super easy, and addicting. AND FLAVOR ADDITIVE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I will type it out tomorrow. It’s 1:45am and we have swimming lessons at 11 and 11:30. I am still up because I have been canning peaches. YUMMY!

  310. kateri25 says:

    y’all make me want real food, I too live in the boonies and our chain sit down restaurant is Applebees. At least my drive can be as little as 45 mins to good food. However for some odd reason we did get a mom and pop Thai/Sushi place that is off the chain.

  311. DocsNemesis says:

    Ya’ll can come visit me if you come to Seattle. I has a couch! lol

    I guess I’m weird, I hate the weather here. I miss the heat and humidity of SC! I think its more because I want AC though…..:P

  312. Redhead says:

    I will trade my TX house for yours in Seattle! I LOVE dreary weather

  313. Flat Stainley says:

    Oooh Seattle? You’re not that far from me.

  314. anon says:

    220: The same thing happened to me when I was 8! (Roach in the shoe.) For a long, long, time I made my little brother stick his hands in my shoes to check for roaches before I would put them on. He’s a good brother. 🙂

  315. reallytiredmommy says:

    I know we’re on restaurants but someone mentioned shows that throw in jokes for the adults: Word girl on pbs! I love that show and so do the kids.

  316. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Docs and Flat, I will have to look you up when/if we have to go to Ft Lewis for the retirement med board review. We can all have a DATE!!

  317. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Man, everywhere I go, I start out my first 100 posts by adding flames to a smoldering fire. Ugh, the level of ignorance for some is just to much for me to keep my mouth shut.

  318. sissy hankshaw says:

    meh, working in restaurants has ruined me for chain restaurants. I’m never satisfied in them, although I’ve never been to a red robin.

    I don’t understand the dislike for spongebob personally. It does have mature jokes mixed in but they’re never really inappropriate for children. The jokes are clever enough to entertain me when I take a few minutes to watch. There is nothing bad about the show though, his voice is annoying and the jokes can be gross at times but the moral of the cartoon is good. I wouldn’t call it educational though.

  319. DocsNemesis says:

    So I just got a bag of yarn and I swear there was a pube in there. Either that or someone’s facial hair. I’m going to pretend it was the latter.

  320. Flat Stainley says:

    Well, I got some yarn a while back that looked like it had a pot leaf in it. That or catnip…

  321. sassy1 says:

    my intial thought after reading the aplogy letter, and then readign the initial trash talk email/ letter was nothing short of *oh…someone has threatened her with a lawsuit*. How transparent and sad.

    I have to be honest here in that this leaves a seriously bad taste in my mouth. The backbiting of the wahm world has chased so many good decent honest wahm’s out of the business that it begs to be addressed. Sadly it takes someone who actually has the $ to stand up to issues like this.

    I don’t feel sorry for the FB owner, I’ve been a long time Fb fan for years and honestly after this I’m over her and her products (which change every 5 minutes) for good. I’l never forget how about 18 months ago she posted on a couple of the boards asking how us mama’s how we would feel if her products were manufactured in CHINA…really? Right in the middle of the economy collapsing, with lots of moms and dads out of work and having a hard time making ends meet, your going to post on a public forum asking THAT kind of question?

    I don’t feel one bit sorry for her and good for this Gaelle whoever for having the kahoonah’s to stand up to her.

  322. diaperswapperssucks says:

    tereson has a reputation for being a little nutty. this is not the first of her doing this kind of thing.

  323. MeMA says:

    I feel worse for the poor WAHM that Terreson ripped off to begin with. Thats the sad part. Her husband had been laid off and her diaper business was all they had for income and Terreson stole her design and didn’t blink an eye! Karma, it will bite you in the ass eventually!

  324. Jazz says:

    I am sorry but I saw a charlie banana and I said oooh fuzzi bunz has prints now. I don’t blame Tereson for what she said either time and I think that basically Charlie Bananas thinks anyone who thinks she rips off fuzzi bunz can be sued just for saying it. Free Speech People.

  325. diaperqueen says:

    Oh please. Tereson is the queen of copying – how do you think she got started? I really am turned off by Tereson and her emails and also how she favors her bigger retailers more than the WAHMs retailers she has. She gives them perks, free diapers and even works for them to help their biz. So, who is calling the pot kettle there Tereson? If you’re partner went off and re-designed your diaper and came out with her own and it’s doing really good already than I only have one word for you – karma is a bitch.

  326. Redhead says:

    Fuzzi Bunz has had prints for a while now, right?

  327. MeMA says:

    FuzziBunz has always been a crappy diaper, I have never liked them and when they did have prints they were stupid looking. Seriously. I hope the mama from Evolution sues them both and gets tons of money. Some one needs to teach Tereson a lesson! Stealing not right!

  328. Holly says:

    Now Im no big fan of FB- have never gotten on with the diapers, but I have to be honest and say that I do think Charlie Banana have crossed the line here with their design. Seriously, it acts like FB, look likes FB…regardless on the previous actions of Tereson, there is no one on the planet who wouldnt be really upset by this design rip off.
    Someone posted earlier about Tereson asking how her customers would feel with their dipes being made in China – well don’t the CB’s come from Hong Kong?
    Sorry, but this whole thing has left a sour taste in my mouth. I wont be buying CB. (oops am I going to get sued for saying that…..)

  329. MeMA says:

    Who cares what CB did? Really Terreson stole the design from the Evolution mama to begin with. Terreson also stole the pocket design too. She can’t come up with her own stuff so she steals from WAHMs. FB is the one who should be sued here.

  330. DSDM2 says:

    330, you won’t get sued. Terreson will for spreading her lies about CB.

    She deserves what she gets, it is in her karma.

  331. MeMA says:

    I have heard some horror stories about Terreson. Like she went nuts and ended up in a loonie bin and that she got mad at her daughter one day and flung the poor kids laptop in the pool. Lady sounds like some kinda crazy to me.

  332. […] was pretty excited to try a Charlie Banana because even the label is cute, but after learning about Tereson Dupuy accusing Charlie Banana of trademark infringement (and then retracting it in a way that sounds like she only took back her fighting words for legal […]

  333. MeMA says:

    Evolution Diapers got their patent! http://evolutiondiapers.com/blog/ OMG this is going to be huge drama now!!!!!!!!!! I hope the mama sues them for every last cent they have!

  334. abbie says:

    I just recently heard of this brand. Yes, after I got an ample stash I moved under a rock. :giggle:
    So, thanks. Because now I’m gonna want to buy some! Gah! Haha

  335. MeMA says:

    You know you want to buys some, LOL! Fall off that wagon! Just kidding.

  336. MeMA says:

    They got it! Evolution Diapers has their patent!!!! http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1151047&page=14

  337. Emma Braford says:

    Wow! That first email is so unprofessional. Unfortunately, once words are out of your mouth they can’t be out back in. Good for her for trying to apologize but in my opinion the damage is done.

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