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Is this what we get from WAHMs now-a-days? I mean is this really the best they can do? I’m appalled to know that this is being sold as professional work.This alone is enough to keep me off HC.


Really unhappy with HC transaction – posted by MattysMom

Okay mamas – I got screwed. I ordered a pair of fleece longies on HC and the transaction was annoying to begin with. It took longer than it was supposed to, all communication was initiated by me, and I kinda felt like I was getting the run around. However, had the product I got been great, I’d have been fine with it.

I got my package from her this morning and instead of just having a pair of longies, there was a pair of longies, a soaker, and a t-shirt to match. I was ecstatic for about 10 seconds. Then I looked at what she’d sent.

This is the front and back of the longies.

And no, it’s not a bad pic. The legs are at least 2 inches different in length.

The soaker

Again, not a bad pic. They’re very uneven.

I don’t know if this picture shows it, but the cuff is stitched all wadded up.

I didn’t even bother with pics of the t-shirt. It’s a very tiny, badly washed and dryed wonky blue t-shirt (wrong shade of blue for Gator colors) that has an unhemmed, raw cut out of a Gator with the same fleece material she made the pants out of sewn somewhere under the left armpit.

What do I do? I know she included the extra stuff cause the longies are crap – but all the extra stuff is crap too!!!



Now that takes some balls… This is an easy one to figure out ladies… not much sleuthing needed:

She buys an item (actually multiple items from multiple sellers), gets it, uses it for 2 months and THEN does a bank charge back? This is a new scam everyone… I say watch for it right before Christmas… it is a GREAT way to have a free holiday…

chrisnsteph1022 posted: [B]Apparently DC doesn’t mean crap

Because even though I had DC on 3 packages (to the same person) and they showed as delivered, paypal still ruled in her favor and took $230.30 from me this morning after she claimed fraud on over $500 in transactions. Several others were involved, too. This just sucks. I’m SO mad right now.

Hey mamas (and dads) THE Drama Mama and I now have YAHOO IDs that we will be available for chat at. I won’t promise that we will be there all the time, but you now can try to catch us with live chat, or can IM us your story ideas. We have our email available still too. We just wanted to give you ladies more opportunities to talk to us.

I am DSDM2 on YIM

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Netsirk 08-22-2008 07:15 AM

Refunding questions… *ETA*
I bought a diaper off of spots recently and just received it. But…there’s a hole right in the middle-front of the diaper. It’s very noticable…something I noticed the second I opened up the diaper. 😥 WDYT I should do? The seller stated in the auction that this diaper was “brand new but washed in preparation for use” but “never used”.

I paid a pretty penny for this diaper too ($70:hide:). I emailed the mama yesterday early afternoon but I haven’t heard from her yet so I emailed again this morning. I asked her for a refund, instead of having to send it off to get fixed and wait for it. It’s not worth that hassle to me. So…would she refund me the entire cost I paid for it, plus the shipping I paid? Or would I get a refund for only the highest bid amount? I would think the entire amount plus shipping especially since I’m going to have to send it back to her…and it’s her fault for not noticing b/c I thought I was buying a “brand new” diaper, as stated in her description. So I’m actually out a few dollars for the paypal fees I will incur when she refunds me and also the few dollars I have to use to send it back to her. Also…when does she refund me? Before I send it back or after she receives it?

Sorry for all the dumb questions, but this is the first time I have had a problem w/ a diaper I have received so I don’t know what the correct procedure for refunding is. :thumbsup:


ETA: Now the seller is telling me that those holes had to have happened during transit b/c it wasn’t like that when she sent it and she won’t refund. Are you kidding me?!?!?! What do I do now?

ETA about my hole-in-diaper: After seller refusing any kind of refund, I filed a dispute through paypal. After communicating through paypal, I escalated the dispute to a claim b/c it was clear that no resolution was going to be reached. The Claim was quickly closed. WTH??? This is what paypals reasoning is: “We’re unable to decide this claim in your favor at this time. PayPal’s Buyer Complaint Policy applies to the shipment of goods but not to disputes about merchandise quality.” So I am supposed to be out all together?!?!?! What can I do????

Ouch!  See what happens when you pay too much for a diaper? No refund, no recourse, and now you’re the 2nd owner and even the maker doesn’t stand behind the product. Oh well, live and learn, but I highly doubt you’ll ever get close to $70 for that thing now.

OK, who did it?

A story about my husband pertaining to bathroom (potential TMI, but I’ll be careful) (

Meri 07-10-2008 09:51 AM

A story about my husband pertaining to bathroom (potential TMI, but I’ll be careful)
I use toilet paper, but when I have to REALLY go to the bathroom, I grab a cloth wipe, bring it with me, wet it, and do my business, use toilet paper, then use the wet wipe and toss the wipe into the diaper pail. I find that I feel much cleaner.

Now, I can count the number of times in my adult life that I’ve left a mark on my undies on one hand.. but still I feel cleaner. And, well, I keep finding marks in hubby’s undies. So, I suggested that he grab a wet wipe while using the bathroom for number 2. He did it once when there was no TP in the bathroom (couldn’t see him going out to the storage closet to get more… ) and said it worked out for him–who wouldn’t want OBV instead of Charmin?

Well, today I was separating laundry and commented on the marks. He got all angry with me and said, “I DO NOT EVER WANT TO DISCUSS THIS AGAIN!” Grrr! He left for work.:headscratch:

Well, his mother is coming to visit and I called her to discuss her travel plans. I was still separating the laundry and mentioned it to her. She said, “Well, my husband says it’s about the hair on his back side… but I told him I just wouldn’t wash his underwear anymore. Yuck!”

So she and I had a discussion about how we don’t hesitate to wet a wipe (or a papertowel if out) if I don’t feel so clean after wiping. We had a laugh about how men are silly.

Well, I guess my husband forgot something because I looked up and he was listening to my conversation with his mother. HE WAS SO MAD AT ME! Then he went on to say he’d rather have to itch his tush than wet a paper towel in the bathroom at work where someone might SEE him and think he was weird.

Man, men are WEIRD! :frying pan:

Now really, is this the kind of thing you post about your DH on the internet? Oh yeah, I forgot, this is the chick that was horrified by her sister’s ugly diapers being washed with her pretties.

I also commented on the other blog post.

Here’s the deal:

1. I don’t give a damn about Sam and DiaperTraders.
2. If you get scammed on DT, it’s your own damn fault at this point.
3. Whether Sam and Carol have any legal rights regarding this doesn’t concern me, I don’t have time to deal with it, and really, it’s just not that important to me. I’ve got kids, and better things to do than worry about petty legal squabbles.

So, let’s just leave it at that.

Really, let’s just move on, and keep this about DS drama.  Sam & DT are a load of drama and crazy that I don’t have time to be bothered with.