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She entered into a trade with a mama and has NOT kept her end of the bargain. It’s been 3 weeks!!! She’s not answering PMs and she is avoiding this mama like the plague. (Obviously no negative feedback has been left yet, even though there’s no communication and no traded item received. oy vey)

MayLily79 wrote:

I have sent you over 2 messages, your online and you are ignoring my pm’s. I traded you over 3 weeks ago and still haven’t recieved my dryer sheets, nor have you pm’d me back!!! What is going on????

Looks like another trade gone sour? And one more possible scammer roaming DS.


The thread got deleted. What a shame!

Hey mamas!

Got something you want to see here? Send us links (or better yet screen shots or C&P, just in case it gets deleted; not that anyone there would do something like that….)

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Lets get the word out about scammers and talk about some of the drama of DS.
Pam221 posted about getting screwed. Here’s her story.

Bummer , its happened to me too and the seller is STILL on here even tho I’ve contacted a mod about it ….She just started using a different paypal acct and I even caught her by making another DS acct and saying I wanted to buy something from her …Karmas a ***** though I guess . Boy I wish we were allowed to out people cause it really gets me fired up when shes online buying stuff when she didnt give me my money

It only took a short trip to Pam’s feedback to see it was mommabug42006. She hasn’t scammed anyone else since then, but who’s to say she won’t and just create a new paypal account?

With all the crap there right now, there’s bound to be a new post soon. Keep checking!