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Trade Goes Sour! Suspended Now Back?

I did a trade over the Christmas holidays with this mama. It was a $30 worth of a trade for both sides. She messed up with her side of the trade with me and a few other mama’s. It was to the point we had to get someone to mediate. She ended up with a few negative feedbacks, from these moms, and then got suspended from the site for some months. I just now noticed she is back doing trades again, and I saw that she got a neutral because she messed up again. I’m sure the mom didn’t want to give her a negative for fear of backlash, imo. My side was never resolved, she never offered to give me $30 to pay for the items I gave her for the trade, she never offered to send them back, nor did she offer to redo the product that she made for my little one’s. I have emailed her but my email goes unanswered. I know she read it because I saw it. I also told this to the moderator who was handling this mediation, but I still haven’t heard back from this mama. I’m out $30, her product had to be trashed because it wasn’t up to par, the product wasn’t mixed throughly, the colors were blotchy, and not done properly, and it was unusable. Not only that it was shipped out almost a month later. This was also told to the moderator, I guess the mama was talking through the moderator so to speak. I don’t understand how this mama was allowed to come back on and start trading. I don’t know if the other mama’s were reimbursed or what happened with their end of the trades.

__________________, that’s how I get for

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Re: Trade Goes Sour! Suspended Now Back?

If you’re talking about the mama I think you’re talking about, I was another one of the mamas who got taken a few months ago. I ended up with unusable products (even the ones that were “redone”). I know that the neutral feedback was for a trade that was being worked out from months prior (just have to say that the buying mama was much nicer than I would have been–I felt negative feedback was completely warranted in my situation, it couldn’t have been a more negative transaction). The mama’s profile says 6 month ban, so I have no idea how she’s still trading either.

IMHO, the mamas who traded with her after all those negatives were taking a big risk, but I guess it was theirs to take.

ETA: It does look like she’s been on recently, but hasn’t posted since Feb and that’s when the feedback for those trades is from. Maybe that’s what the ban prevents–her posting and/or pming other mamas?

Trudy, mom to Ella (5), Egan (3), and Nico (1)


  1. Kris says:

    Any ideas who this is?

  2. kukukachoo says:

    loverbugsmommy, i believe.

  3. Not Me At All says:

    Asher06 was FINALLY banned

  4. .bin. says:

    loverbugs siggy seriously pisses me off.

    “Banned, Tried to work things out in mediation.Negatives still left. 6 month ban.”

    Does it not seem to anyone else as if they are blaming the people who got scammed for leaving negatives? wtf.

  5. Lolanae says:

    5 – WTF. It does seem like they are blamming the scammed for not liking the mediation and still leaving a negative.

  6. kukukachoo says:

    I take it to mean that even though she went through mediation, she wouldn’t make good and negatives remain ON HER which is why she is now banned. I don’t think it is worded clearly enough though.

  7. Kimbella says:

    I still want to know why karaintx hasn’t been banned or have a b/s/t warning or something. She’s gotten 3 negatives and 3 neutrals in the past year! Poor ratings were for slow shipping, items not as described, selling the same item to 2 people, etc.

    She’s even started a thread recently in t&f.
    Why has no mod noticed her FB?!

  8. altaem says:

    I wondered that about karantix when she linked me to her FSOT post once…no, I didn’t buy.

    And I think I might scratch my eyeballs out if I have to read “I seen” one more time today…

  9. altaem says:

    Sorry, karaintx not karantix.

  10. Kimbella says:

    I actually did buy from her a while back. I think she only had one neg at the time. The transaction went fine for me, and she was really nice.

    I just don’t understand why anyone with 6 neg/neutral ratings is not banned.

  11. .bin. says:

    Peoples personal finances usually don’t annoy me, but honestly.. you have three kids, pregnant with number four, you aren’t working, and neither is your husband and you’re ordering pro-activ and worrying about where to buy Aveda products?

    priorities people.

  12. FunnyMama says:

    12 – that annoys the hell out of me, when I read threads like “We’re tight with money b/c we have no real income but I just bought an $800 purebred goldendoodle that requires specialty brand dog food and biweekly grooming sessions.”

  13. Just Peachy says:

    Common sense dictates if ya ain’t got the money don’t spend it. Plus its a well known fact how shady Pro Activ is with their subscriptions.

  14. myra says:

    Her replies are as annoying as her jacked up priorities.

  15. FunnyMama says:

    I will admit that I’m going to try to find some Aveda samples…

  16. smartassmama says:

    I haven’t clicked the link, yet somehow I know exactly who you’re talking about. There are other things about her that nag at one of my soapboxes, but it ain’t worth getting in a tizzy about right now. But, yeah. Priorities! I’m kinda surprised you can use proactiv while preggo.

  17. smartassmama says:

    Whoops! I was wrong. Different person, same sentiment though.

  18. DSMBH says:

    had to do this… you can yell at me if you’d like…

  19. adensmama says:

    People who have “no money” always seem to come up with the most interesting ways of spending it!

    I tell you what, if we were living on one person’s unemployment alone I would be FREAKING out. And we only have two kids!

  20. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    oh no she didn’t….at least its not baby carriers…yet

  21. DSDM2 says:

    LOL! That is too funny. We knew it was coming.

  22. organicmomma says:

    oh, gag….she’s taking over etsy too…soooo….I posted this thread yesterday about paypal not actually depositing my money, and asking how long it should take AFTER pp says the transaction was completed… and how when i first opened my account with them, there would be random withdrawls that i didn’t do…and guess what??? DAT DA DA…it’s gone…

  23. Not Me At All says:

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    Re: The goose, post here if you have RECIEVED anything
    As far as the chatter goes I’ll leave that up to the OP of the thread for now ladies. If she only wants to hear from mamas as the fluff arrives then that is how it will need to be
    Wee one #5 is on the way!
    SOMEONE PLEASE sell me girly NB mutt fitteds!! I suck at pouncing fast enough on FSOT
    ISO: Woolies,fitteds,GMD prefolds and more! Try me!
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    Since when does the OP of a thread get to dictate the content of the thread???

  24. sciencefair says:

    19 – Is this her ‘original’ thing? My grandma had one of these in the 80s.

  25. altaem says:

    24 – if the OP can’t spell, they shouldn’t get to decide anything. “I” before “E” except after “C”, people.

    Grammar and spelling are really bothering me the last couple of days.

  26. DSMBH says:

    25- That is so funny that you say this… I swear to you My Grandma has something to this effect to carry her bingo stuff in :ha:

  27. amessymama says:

    28-I am so going to apply!! All my life, I’ve dreamed of having Site Supporter status!!! :swoon:

    I notice that they didn’t mention that being banned disqualifies you!! So I just may have a shot!!

    Wish me luck!!!


  28. treeindawind says:

    Ah man, she edited it. It was written very well. Did anyone get a chance to see it?

  29. smartassmama says:

    What was it?

    I’m not even completely sure what Franklin Goose is. But from everything I’ve read, I’m not missing anything great.

  30. amessymama says:

    No, what did she say?

  31. angelique says:

    #28 what is a site supporter?

  32. Redhead says:

    28, I would apply for kicks but my post count isn’t high enough 😦

  33. treeindawind says:

    She just said things like when does enough become enough with the DS moderators always locking threads. When are we as grown adults going to be able to carry on an adult conversation freely without being censored, especially if there is no vulgar language etc. Not word for word, but you get the idea.

    She just commented on the mods closing the FG threads being excessive. It was written very well and very tactful, but she removed it almost immediately I am sure because she was afraid of being banned, which is understandable.

  34. Redhead says:

    23 why was your thread removed?

  35. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    28- As soon as my 6-month ban for poking the troll is up in August, I’m applying to be a mod. LMFBO!

  36. organicmomma says:

    idk redhead, probably for saying that pay pal was sketchy…

  37. Redhead says:

    39 That is stupid.. why would they remove for that reason?!
    Do they have ties to PP or something? Crazy..

    DSDM2- do you have email? I wanna ask a question off the board. Heh heh.. secrets secrets!

  38. DSDM2 says:

    DSDM2 is my yahoo IM name 🙂 Use that.

  39. Redhead says:

    Ok, sent you a request 😉

  40. sourpatchbabe says:

    Why would someone pay ten dollars to do what one of those free bags that they got at the supermarket does? Or better yet, if they want something more durable why can’t they buy a .99 cent reusable bag at the store and use that? Makes no sense to me..

  41. iken says:

    This thread in Parenting is getting good.

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    Mad at daycare, LO not gaining weight
    My LO is 3 months old and we started fulltime daycare about 2.5 weeks ago. He is EBF and been gaining weight FANTASTICALLY. He is 18.5lbs. I know, he’s a chunky monkey.

    The problem is that I weighed him at home shortly after starting daycare and he weighed 18.5lbs and now, almost 2 weeks later, he still weighs 18.5lbs.

    He doesn’t need to gain at the stellar rate that he was, but I believe that he should have still shown some weight gain.

    During the day, I pump about 20oz but he only eats ~10oz at daycare acts starving when I pick him up. Today he only ate 9oz. On the weekends he nurses so that I feel very drained, so if he was with me I know we would be eating more.

    And he was pooping ~4x per day, but the last couple of days he has only pooped 1x per day or not at all. Is it normal for an EBF baby to have this frequency of BM’s at this age?

    I’m livid and his daycare is not listening to me. I think I have found him somewhere new to go, but I can’t start until mid-june. I took him to the ped today to get an offical weight on the record. I’m considering filing a complaint with the state. What do you think?

  42. Lolanae says:

    44 – Oh my. I know my daughter’s weight stabilized around 3 months. 18.5lbs is a good weight for that age. Hell I know friends who’s 1 year olds didn’t weigh that much. I do think she’s over reacting some. I know even at age two, my daughter will want me if I’ve been away for awhile. She doesn’t nurse anymore, but she wants snuggles.

  43. smartassmama says:

    45, my daughter (2) weighed around 19lbs at 15 months. My son (1) weighed that much at 3 months! All kids are different. But I’m not going to post there.

  44. Just Peachy says:

    I honestly don’t think she is overreacting about certain things. His weight yes because hes healthy and growing and although he may not be gaining weight he is probably growing in length. The idea that the daycare center may not be feeding my child when he/she is hungry is enough for me to go nuts.

  45. Redhead says:

    I don’t get why he is in daycare? I mean, didn’t she also say that she told the daycare she would stay up there with him to help him get adjusted to the place and help with his feedings and all?
    So.. why doesn’t she just keep him at home if she is so flexible anyway? confused..

  46. myra says:

    I think there’s a big difference between saying that she can come to the daycare and help him get adjusted and saying that she can quit work entirely. I don’t know her situation, and I don’t know why she’s WOH, but I wouldn’t assume that she’s in a position to SAH just because she said she could spend time there.

    Kudos to her for continuing to BF after going back to work. She appears to be a FTM, and we all know they never overreact to anything. Please. It looks like some jumped on that thread just to make the poor girl feel guilty (yeah Ajane, I’m talking about you).

  47. Redhead says:

    another buyer for the do not B/S/T list….


  48. nu says:

    I know that my LO didn’t drink as much when he was w/daddy when I was at work. He was a nursling…but prefered his momma to the bottle.

    I didn’t read the thread…is she saying that aren’t feeding him?

  49. Myself says:

    50 – Which is shammy the buyer or seller?

  50. Redhead says:


  51. monkey says:


    Dude, my kid didn’t weigh 18.5 lbs until he was like 10 months. Isn’t that kind of heavy for a 3 month old? I thought the average weight for that age was closer to 13-14 pounds? I know all babies are different (my son is chronically underweight like his father), but I wouldn’t be concerned over a 3 months old weighing almost 19 pounds.

  52. monkey says:

    And because I’m unclear, I’m not saying that’s he weighs “too much”, I’m just saying that seems like a healthy weight to me for his age.

  53. Just Peachy says:

    I think she is more concerned that he isn’t seeming to gain weight still and is not mobile which is when babies seem to slow down on weight gain.

  54. KTWB says:

    My youngest had triple chins at 3 months. I don’t remember what he weighed, just that he was wearing 9 month clothing at that time. Stories like this made me afraid to go back to school and put my son in daycare. We ended up finding a program that would help me pay my mom to watch my kids so yay 🙂

  55. angelique says:

    57. sounds like a great program. Daycare is not that scary when you do your homework. I thought the OP was over reacting in that daycare thread. They were feeding him, just not enough according to her. He had only been there two weeks and having new caregivers and being put on the bottle, no nursing all day is a big adjustment for a little guy. Sounds like a typical first time mom freaking out after everything is not perfect but whatever.

  56. MotherMoonPads says:

    Happy Mother’s Day DramaMamas 🙂

  57. Redhead says:

    thank you, MMP! To you as well ..and the other dramaMamas!

  58. smartassmama says:

    Thank you MMP & redhead! Y’all are the first to tell me that today. It’s 10:45 & my husband’s sleeping in. Happy day for me.

    Happy mother’s day, fellow drama mamas!

  59. organicmomma says:

    OMG..complain, complain….

    Isn’t there a rule you can only have one thread in the first place?

  60. smartassmama says:

    I think that only applies to fsot – only one listing per category.

    I commiserate. My husband’s being a total shit today.

  61. organicmomma says:

    look at post number 27 in the first thread…sheeeeesh..give the guy a break…

  62. organicmomma says:

    ya, it sucks that guys are being a jerk on mother’s day, but does she really have to have 2 threads complaining about it? I mean they’re men, we should already know what will happen on mother’s day…

  63. organicmomma says:

    I really want to post “ugh” on that second thread, i won’t, but it’s taking everything i have not to. My husband got me flowers, candy and a card…


  64. Just Peachy says:

    I havent gotten anything cept a happy mothers day from dh but hes working today so Im giving him a lil leeway. Happy Moms day to everyone!

  65. MotherMoonPads says:

    I’m sorry, Smartassmama. My dh hasn’t always been good with these things, but apparently I’m “training” him well, lol!

    He was so cute this morning. He surprised me with a bamboo plant and a card (he bought me a patio set last weekend).

  66. Sala says:

    Is it bad of me to want to just say “If you want something, LET HIM KNOW! If you are hurt, LET HIM KNOW! He’s not going to read your freaking mind, you know he isn’t, he never has before!” Stop bitching and do something about it!

    I mean, I got diddly squat my first mother’s day and I let my husband know (granted, after the fact because I was too hurt to say anything that Sunday). I was extremely hurt. I mean, his mother got a freaking card and I got jack. I was NOT happy. And you know, he hasn’t forgotten since. Granted, it’s only been a few years, but still.

    This year he go me flowers on Friday and I know there are cards in the works from the kids and from him.

    Happy mom day to all the other moms and moms-to-be!

  67. organicmomma says:

    I agree. Just tell him, you are married and have children because you love eachother, right? I’m sure he’d be happy to do something for you. But complaining and posting all over DS about it is kind of rediculous, i bet HE’D be hurt if he found that out!

  68. smartassmama says:

    Mine is in the world’s grumpiest mood ever. He hasn’t eaten in over 24hrs, has surgery on Tuesday, so I know he’s in a grumpy mood due to not only nerves, but now because he’s starving. He’s been a dick for weeks, so (understandably) it’s gotten worse due to the liquid diet. Grr. He’s unbearable, he knows it, and he really hasn’t made much effort to not be. An hour and a half after he got up he told me Happy Mother’s Day. That was nice. I’ve come to expect a shitty attitude from him lately, but he could at least have picked up his underwear or something for me. 😛

  69. angelique says:

    I don’t know….my DH was a complete jerk leading up to Mother’s Day. Everybody needs some place to vent. Believe me, I have laid out for my husband step by step would I would like or need from him about various issues and he still doesn’t get it.

  70. MotherMoonPads says:

    This thread pisses me off. What is so wrong with saying I’d rather support a WAHM than buy made in China diapers?

  71. Just Peachy says:
    China is notorious for using child labor as well as not paying their workers a fair wage so really you aren’t do those Chinese WOHMs any favors IMO.

  72. monkey says:


    Peachy, I just left a message to that effect. I’m really into human rights/fair trade and while people are free to make the decision about where to buy their products, I think it’s only fair to give them all the information.

  73. Anna says:

    mmeneely posted “It’s more efficient for the company to make profit on someone who’s making $2hr than it is for them to pay someone $9hr, right?”

    Am I the only one interpreting that as if she’s saying it’s a GOOD THING for companies to pay their workers crumbs so that they can make a profit?! Ugh. She irritates me to no end, and now she has 3 negatives.. shouldn’t she be banned?!

  74. monkey says:


    And if I had “Transaction Issues Arising” under my avatar I would be ashamed to show my face.

  75. dirtyj says:

    The eye for an eye comment in the second MD thread was ridiculous. Nice relationship you must have there.

  76. Redhead says:

    mmeneely posted on 3/16.. I don’t thinks he has been online lately… yeah, not since 4/19.

  77. Redhead says:

    * “think she”.. gosh, can’t type this morning!

  78. Redhead says:

    Hello “cryptic one”.. !! Can you give me that info? 🙂

  79. sciencefair says:

    Yep! Sanity over on CDN does it. The board is switching servers though…so yeah can’t do much. But now you know who I am.

  80. Redhead says:

    Ok, I haven’t been to CDN yet, guess I should sign up after they switch servers?

  81. organicmomma says:

    OH GOD!!! it finally happened to me, someone complaining about their diapers, saying the elastic is shot and they are unusable and the velcro doesn’t stick. shit!!!!!! Wonder how that happened on their way to someone else. Hmmm…

  82. MotherMoonPads says:

    I have no clue who this is, but I giggled at her honesty 🙂

  83. organicmomma says:

    haha, that was really funny!

  84. Redhead says:

    who is the buyer?

  85. silvaheyes says:

    lol, She outed herself.. bpure8 (for whenever they delete it)

  86. silvaheyes says:

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    I feel to “out myself” here as she is not being completely honest. If I’m not suppose to do that then so be it, If I get banned from DS then so be it, I feel I need to set the record straight!

    Staciestarsage said , “I have offered to completely pay for the elastic to get repaired and she’s not interested that’s why i’m a bit sketched… ”

    She only offered to do that after she accused me in a PM that I was trying to play the switcheroo on her (Not her exact words but I took it that way)! I became offended and just wanted the deal through! I didn’t want to deal with this person any longer through elastic repair.

    Second! I never said it was “SHOT” I said it was Very loose and “ALMOST SHOT”

    Third! She said, “She said she’s printing a label and sending them back. I again offered to replace the elastic and she’s not having it. OH, and she said the velcro doesn’t stick either…. ”

    I Never told her I Printed out the Label! I told her I was getting ready to and was waiting on a confirmation of her Last name since the ones she used in Paypal and sent on the package were not the same!

    Fourth! I was not answering her because I was driving to a friends house to get the cover so I could compare! She’s been using GB for the last 3 months and has used that cover multiple times Then took the photo and sent it to her.

    Fifth and last! She said, “SOOOOOOO….she told me she only had 1 other grobaby cover, a blue one with white stripes, now she just sent me a pic of 2 white grobaby covers….”

    I Said!! “I have a very small 15 month old 14 lb daughter. I have 1 other grobaby cover in blue stripe that fits her wonderfully. The Other prints you sent will fit her great.” But she didn’t dare to fix it here.. But she did acknowledge it to me in a PM by saying. “Yes, well, i’ll wait for the moderator.”

    Last of all… I am dumb founded how everyone here can take one persons side of the story and make a judgement call. If this gets me kicked off the boards, so be it!

  87. Redhead says:

    haha… “mods cannot read our pms”… oh….hhahahhahaha

  88. Redhead says:

    Registered Users

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    Re: UH-OH! What should I do? help, quick please!
    Mamas—This REALLY needs to be handled by a mod and NOW!!! Please don’t let this go any further it’s just going to be too upsetting for both of you and it’s not worth it!

    Mods cannot read our pms.
    Married to My Beloved for 12 years! SAHM to N(10) A(9) A(4) E(1)

  89. smartassmama says:


    4LittleNorskes likes wool. . . Over her eyes.

    And I try to convey my tone with punctuation, smilies, & emotes. But Bpure8 was! Screaming! At me!! A lot!!
    I get that she’s probably overly excited though. I think its just a simple case of buyer & seller both not knowing there’s a difference. I just don’t think Gro is popular and widely used & discussed enough for that to be common knowledge. I didn’t know.

  90. me says:

    They don’t look shot to me. They look like they were just made to different sizes.

  91. Sala says:

    On the thread about buying WAHM dipes vs US/CA dipe vs. chinese dipes: this was a whole lot rude.
    Yesterday, 11:23 PM #25


    Join Date: Apr 2008
    Posts: 8,153

    Re: China Diapers

    ~cut quotes~
    Yes, money is an issue for alot of ppl, but that doesn’t mean WAHMs are overcharging. Money can be managed, and even if you bought 50 full price GMs, it’s still cheaper than sposies. Perhaps if money is so much an issue they can’t afford to stock up on $15 a piece WAHM or just NA made diapers 1 @ a time while they’re pregnant, then… they need to learn to better manage what’s going in between their legs. WAHMs are very accomodating and so is FSOT . . . or better yet, learn to make your own, and then you’ll prolly have a whole new respect for WAHM made.

  92. Redhead says:

    95, yeah, kind of a jaw dropper there!

  93. organicmomma says:

    God, that was awful! She ended up getting 20 dollars for the 2 covers. Ugh…I don’t want those stupid “shot” elastic covers…she’s just a psycho and was probably in trouble with DH for spending 105 dollars…

  94. organicmomma says:

    I really want to tell her to just keep the stupid diapers…Now i have to go through taking pictures, draggin the kids to post and selling them all over again just because she doesn’t like a different pattern. That elastic is clearly not shot…I got a PM from a mod saying that she thinks it’s shot

  95. Redhead says:

    LOL which mod?

  96. organicmomma says:


    So, is there anything i can do if those dipes get here and there is nothing wrong with them, besides resell them? Can i get her in trouble, or leave her negative fb?

  97. silvaheyes says:

    I don’t think there is anything you can do besides leave feedback. :/

  98. organicmomma says:

    neutral or negative…assuming there is nothing wrong with the dipes…and then what if she does it to me even though i did my part to fix my end of the deal…

  99. Redhead says:

    My guess is she’ll leave you neutral or negative FB if you leave it for her… so if it were me, I wouldn’t leave any FB.

  100. organicmomma says:

    Well, the way i see it, i fixed my part of the deal and satisfied her, if she leaves me negative or neutral feedback, i could probably get it removed…

  101. silvaheyes says:

    I’d probably leave negative if you get the diapers back and they’re fine.. I’d consider it buyers remorse and if that is the case she could have just resold them herself. *shrugs*

    The mods SHOULDN’T let her leave you negative feedback considering you did what she wanted in the end.. But we all know how that goes sometimes.. So I guess it is up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

  102. organicmomma says:

    I’m going to give the dipes away ffs, i don’t even want to deal with them!

  103. organicmomma says:

    Ha, i PM’d her telling her that if the dipes were fine i’d leave appropriate feedback, that she is satisfied and i however am not..I regret that one…oh well…can i block her like on facebook?

  104. organicmomma says:

    OMG…LOOK!!! another white grobaby magically, i thought she only had the blue stripe one…

  105. organicmomma says:

    OK, i figured it out. That message vanished, she must have ignored me also, can i find out who has me on ignore? The message is in my sent, but not in unconfirmed or confirmed messages. That is funny, I’ve never seen that before…

  106. Redhead says:

    is she on your FB? If so, just type her name in under the block setting..

  107. sciencefair says:

    That was you OM? I am so sorry woman. If I didn’t think it would get you in trouble I would say list them and state the elastic is not shot, this is the newer larger version of the shell and that you have already paid someone to return it to you once you will not give a refund for this item again.

    But they would smack you for that.

  108. sciencefair says:

    Oh and I love DoDS because I can find out who to put on my iggy list. The only people I have on iggy are ones I don’t want to BST with.

  109. Lolanae says:

    Anyone notice GM HC has two negative FBs?

  110. DSDM2 says:

    They actually have 4.

  111. Sala says:

    AJ, those are sad posts. I know some dads are seemingly incompetent or ignorant because they can’t be bothered and some because their wives won’t let them do anything because “they do it all wrong.” Either way, I find it sad.

    I especially think the dad who thinks his kid is stupid is horrifying. Did she not know of his negativity before she chose to spawn with him? I would slap my husband upside the head if he were to say or think such things about my kids and would expect him to do the same to me. That kid is going to grow up with shitty self-esteem and/or have a crappy relationship with his father.

  112. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    She’s been in business since 2008, but somehow she never learned this wasn’t sale-worthy?

  113. Sala says:

    For those who don’t go to DS, the first post AJ refers to is this one:

    Yesterday, 09:55 PM #15

    Registered Users

    Re: Does your DH…
    Originally Posted by army_princess
    “I almost never leave DH alone with DS for long….mostly because DH gets frustrated with DS and not being able to understand him.”

    Sort of this, for us. I will leave DS2 with DH because there are times when I need MY break from him. And those times when I need the break are when I’m most worried about leaving him with DH. DH thinks DS is retarded (yeah, 4 year olds who read better than nearly-6 year olds but are a little ‘off’ are totally retarded). DS2 is sick tonight with a fever, and DH is declaring that the child is stupid (and being dead serious, he was acting like this was just another nail in the coffin) because “he’s dehydrating himself and he won’t drink any water.” Because ‘normal’ kids never do that, I guess.

    There are times when I am completely convinced DS2 does not like DH one bit, and then he suddenly surprises me when he goes to play with DH.

    And she wonders why the kid doesn’t seem like his dad most of the time. It’s called self-preservation – does she really think her son doesn’t understand what his dad thinks of him? But sometimes the desire for acceptance, love and recognition overrides it. Poor kid.

  114. Sala says:

    DftN, can we say holy uneven cutting and what’s with the elastic in the leg holes? Has she even tried to cover a diaper with that ‘pattern’? I can’t imagine even sposies wouldn’t be showing left right and center with that thing. Wow. I don’t pretend I’m much of a seamstress but I would be ashamed to try to sell that.

  115. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Yeah, um, BULL CRAP! They’ve been proven liars about that numerous times, and yet they always play the same game: deny, deny, deny! Even the Admin at CDN admit they CAN read PMs, but under no circumstances do they EVER do so.

  116. Redhead says:

    120.. she and H2BAM both said that in that thread.. after one of us posted on here that they can ACTUALLY read them…
    teehee secrets!

  117. žába says:

    Gah that statement -link in #120- makes me want to go pm someone links to here and CDN and see how long it takes them to whack me with the naughty stick.

  118. kimbella says:

    Diaper flipper again:


    would this stop you from buying something?


    disclaimer- PLEASE READ!!!
    these are used diapers… sold AS IS… no returns will be accepted! all purchased by me from FSOT… therefore i cant tell you their past history… they have been washed in rockin green since ive got them… all the aplix has been replaced with snaps with snap pliers… all snaps may not be perfectly “smooshed” or perfectly straight, but they all function… there are going to be marks & little holes where the aplix used to be… maybe a snag or tiny hole here or there… there will likely be some “pilliness” from their lives as aplix diapers… PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS… DONT ASSUME ANYTHING… im happy to help you out… we are a smoke free, dog-friendly house (but shes downstairs at my moms & rarely encounters the diapers)… so its quite possible you may find a stray hair or two… i apologize if that happens…

    People in the thread aren’t realizing that the OP has that in HER own fsot threads.

    I also noticed that she’s trying to sell the same nasty, flipped diapers on

  119. Redhead says:

    124 I posted that too.. in the newest thread on here.. hehe..

    She bought some of my old BGs (I think the ones she is trying to sell) and isn’t hardly making any $$ on them.. maybe $1 at the most? Sad, I don’t know why she is putting all the time into them..

  120. kimbella says:

    Ha! I didn’t realize there was a new post! The flipper really p!sses me off! There were two t&f posts about her in the same week because the PUL was bad in the diapers they bought from her. One buyer ended up leaving her a pos and the other a neutral.

    I really want to point that out in her current t&f post!

  121. Kelolsen says:

    Wow, Sala that post is crazy…

    and yes, I”m continually amazed by the men some women will willingly marry and have more than one child with. My DH always says ” there are so many truly nice men out there who would LOVE to be married and have children, but so many women are choosing dumbasses who never put them and the kids first and then they complain about it”.

  122. Erin says:

    #113- I’m no fan of GM, but one of those negatives was just ridiculous. Ordered on the 15th, received on the 23rd and claimed it was “too long for shipping”. Really? 8 days(including a weekend) is too long? Sheesh.

    I wish HC would let you leave a neutral.

  123. Erin says:

    Anyone know what’s up with CDN? I haven’t been able to get on for a few days now. Updating the server?

  124. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    129- Moved to a new server. They did the change-over yesterday, but there were so many glitches with it this morning, that they shut it back down to figure out the kinks with the new server.

  125. Erin says:


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