If you have ask, then you already know the answer. YES, it will stop people from buying.


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would this stop you from buying something?

disclaimer- PLEASE READ!!!
these are used diapers… sold AS IS… no returns will be accepted! all purchased by me from FSOT… therefore i cant tell you their past history… they have been washed in rockin green since ive got them… all the aplix has been replaced with snaps with snap pliers… all snaps may not be perfectly “smooshed” or perfectly straight, but they all function… there are going to be marks & little holes where the aplix used to be… maybe a snag or tiny hole here or there… there will likely be some “pilliness” from their lives as aplix diapers… PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS… DONT ASSUME ANYTHING… im happy to help you out… we are a smoke free, dog-friendly house (but shes downstairs at my moms & rarely encounters the diapers)… so its quite possible you may find a stray hair or two… i apologize if that happens…


Amy-SAHM to Mariya Adysen (11-28-07) & Austin Chase (06-30-09)

I am very passionate about extended rear facing!

  1. piratebaby says:

    Isn’t that the same poster that was bitching about her dh and not getting anything for Mother’s Day?

  2. Redhead says:

    I don’t think so? Idk.. didn’t look at that thread very closely..

  3. monkey says:

    I guess my feeling is if your diapers are in the shape that needs that long/strict of a disclaimer then you should FFS them. I feel like once a diaper has been through more than one owner, had alterations (aplix to snaps) etc. they’re pretty much FFS material. Unless they’re like the best diapers ever.

  4. zosiasmama says:

    I agree monkey, once we are done all of mine will be FFS’d. There just is no point in trying to sell stuff that has been that used and went through so much repair.

  5. monkey says:


    I gave all of mine away if we weren’t using them. I never had a very big stash (international shipping is killer) so everything was heavily used.

  6. zosiasmama says:

    Same for us. I am finally getting ready to toss the prefolds I got and have been using for the last 4 years, they are so trashed.

  7. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    What ever happened to describing and photographing each diaper for sale so people actually KNOW what they’re buying? I’ve always been a fan of full-disclosure sales. Anything else just seems like some one trying to pull one over on you and unload some crap diapers. People might think, “Well, they were cheap, so I feel bad complaining,” but fail to remember they PAID REAL MONEY for them, and have every right to know what they’re buying and be satisfied that the diaper that arrives meets those conditions. There should never be a need for a ‘disclaimer’ in FSOT posts. That just screams of shirking responsibility.

  8. Kristen says:

    7- ITA. I don’t mind buying used diapers (in fact, I own 2 that were bought new, that’s it) but that long of a disclaimer would make me nervous. I’d rather read through a long fsot with lots of pics of flaws than just take someone’s word for it.

    Most of my dipes were in EUC or Like New condition when I got them, so I plan on selling them once we are done (except the ones with stains which will be FFS) in VGUC, but I also have a somewhat large rotation (42 bsrbs :err: ).

  9. organicmomma says:

    After what i went through a couple days ago, I don’t mind this disclaimer. i would have had a differant view on it before what happened to me happened, and I would NOT purchase her diapers. I do think though that she was a bit bishy about it. We all know there are crazy buyers, and she was probably trying to protect herself, but she should have said it nicer…something like….I’ve done my best to describe these diapers, but I am only human…ha..

  10. Kelolsen says:

    Any diaper that I have that has a hole or has been altered in any way- like converted to snaps, elastic replaced, etc is usually FFS when purchased with another item – or like $2 with purchase of another item or just FFS – I agree.. if they are that bad off, they aren’t really worth anything. A cloth diaper doesn’t last forever!

  11. cdmom says:

    if you buy a bg and have it made to snaps and then sell it, why should it be ffs even if it has the little holes from where the velcro was and then taken off. the disclaimer she made is a good idea because everyone wants everything for free and then if you dont say every single little tiny eensy weensy thing that is wrong with every diaper like a fuzz ball on some aplix then they go and file with paypal and write about it in transaction and feedback and come here and talk about how they got a 45 dolalr embroidered diaper for $1.75 including shipping and it had a fuzz ball on it so it should be free.

  12. Sala says:

    I put this on the last post then realized that it had a whole post to the subject.

    I found it amusing that the woman who was asking about (her own) extensive warnings got a positive response from the woman trying to sell a used crib bedding set for several hundred dollars and who did not disclose that this hard-to-find set is so hard because it’s made to fit European cribs and wouldn’t fit North American cribs. She had extensive and strange warnings too on her FSOT stuff. Much chatter on CDN over this woman and her “$500” crib set that she “hired a translator to buy.”



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    Re: would this stop you from buying something?
    wow, the momma is just being honest and doesn’t want picky buyers who don’t bother to read descriptions from buying her diapers. i know how she feels!

  13. Redhead says:

    11, next time lets use periods and commas.. Are you Ame0312?

  14. Redhead says:

    UGH! Did you know Lierre is posting in M2M complaining about how hard her life is and we need to send her free stuff? Man, I can’t stand her.

  15. Redhead says:

    Let me get my violin out for a dramatic song…

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    Username: lierre.bebe

    I am married mom of 3 who is slowly recovering from the past 2 years of severe financial strain, homelessness, joblessness, several debt collectors, 2 serious car wrecks (not our fault), and a severe heartbreaking housefire. And thanking God everyday that my kids haven’t hardly blinked an eye at any of it! i live for those smiles =)

    24mths – 2T girly wintergear (snowsuits, wool, etc)
    Boys sz 10 jeans – my son’s jeans are now 2in too short =(
    size 32D underwire padded bras that actually fit, sigh =(

    Monkey Farts detergent
    Cloth wipes solution that actually smells good and not like an “earth” store, lol
    Nighttime diapers to fit 8 year old without leaking, again BIG sigh
    Kids wool socks – shoes sizes boys 13/1 & 2/3 and infant girl sz 5/6
    Padraig shoes for my kids
    Blueberry inserts
    Diaper Change Pocket Diapers
    Pink Toile themed items
    Bamboo or “green” themed items for a bathroom
    A trustworthy babysitter
    Ghost Whisperer seasons, i don’t have any
    24yrold Non-Vaccinating Anti-Circumcision Pre-Med who Co-sleeps CDs & Breastfeeds and have since I was 16. Married for 8yrs to my love at first sight I’ve loved for 14yrs Mom to 3 Natural born waterbabies: Michael 8, Aiden 6, and Ivy 14 mths SEE MY ISO: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/…d.php?t=976748

  16. Redhead says:

    WHOA WHOA… nighttime “diapers” for an 8 year old???!?!
    I just saw that! WTH

  17. Sala says:

    It’s possible he is autistic or has any number of other conditions in which potty training or night training is difficult or impossible. Let’s please not judge the mom on her kid’s ability to hold his bladder. Even if he’s slow to night train with no issues, that means nothing other than he’s slow to night train. There’s a wealth of other stuff we could pick at; leave her kid out of it, please.

  18. Redhead says:

    Not trying to be mean to her kid. Just is another odd thing in all the rest of the issues that follow her around.

  19. piratebaby says:

    Why on earth does she need nb dipes???

  20. Redhead says:

    “Please no prefolds, cotton, or poor quality diapers these diaper need to last for a while through multiple babies.”

    I have PFs that have lasted thru 3 children and are still fine..

  21. DSDM2 says:

    I was going to say, I think prefolds are more durable then most pul diapers. Most pul won’t last through more than 1-2 kids. Hell, my first set of NB PFs have been through multiple babies and are now mama cloth.

  22. žába says:

    Woah that family is a whole lotta fertile – BIL, mom, sister all having babies. And it’s kid #11 for mom Yikes!

  23. coffeehoar says:

    So she wants handouts/help, but gets to be a snob about what she wants? In #15 she mentions wanting bamboo/green bathroom products… It’s sad that she’s had house fires and auto accidents, but when if she’s struggling that much (and depending on her brother who can’t afford his own soon-to-be baby) you do what you can with inexpensive dollar store stuff until you are back on your feet. Beggars cannot be choosers. If people, out of the kindness of their hearts, offer you something and it isn’t “pink toile themed” then, by golly, say THANK YOU!

  24. treeindawind says:

    What’s that old saying again?……

    Oh yeah, beggars can’t be choosers! lmao didn’t she go to elementary school?

    I wonder if she was so broke for the past few years and almost homeless, how could she afford to hire a translator to buy that $500 crib bedding? I smell something fishy.

  25. treeindawind says:

    lol 24- Great minds think alike!

  26. coffeehoar says:

    26LOL~ That’s because we obviously have some screws in correctly. My dad bought me the crib he wanted to buy w/ our first. Not the one I wanted, but we couldn’t afford one. 10 years later, it’s in my fourth (and last) kid’s room. I learned to love it, and while we could have afforded a new one by the second kid, it didn’t make sense when we had a perfectly good crib. If I wanted something specific that was out of our budget, I learned how to make it myself or do without.

    I think she’s one of those people who reads on these parenting sites the threads about the mamas who are able to afford all kinds of custom wool, themed sets and nurseries and then sees the stuff that’s FFS and put the two together in her head with a huge dollop of greed. Or self-importance. Or something. She’s a snob w/o money and feels entitled… it’s through all of her threads and it drives me batty.

  27. sciencefair says:

    Don’t get me started on that chick. 27 you said it best, a snob without money.

  28. sciencefair says:

    Oh and her comment about not wanting WAHM diapers either. WTH. Its like saying: please I would like free stuff. Name brand nice stuff I can sell on another site please. If you see it on DS it will be FFS. Otherwise you can assume I gave it away.

  29. Just Peachy says:

    Thats really tacky if you ask me. I mean I get wanting help but seriously to be that picky?

  30. cdmom says:

    13 you are new around this part of town. Periods and commas mean jack its all about whos the nastiest. you are doing a slam bammin job climbing the ranks, what i said is right, damn complainers always wanting fee stuff for some lint.

  31. Just Peachy says:

    While I will give you that there are people like that out there 31, those diapers she bought on the cheap for the sole purpose of fixing them up to resell them. Thereby she has not even used them and does not know if they will even be functional hence the disclaimer. Its shady as hell.

  32. Redhead says:

    31- it makes your post really difficult for me to read/understand without punctuation… and I haven’t seen too many people be “the nastiest” on this site, your last post excluded of course.

    As far as Lierre Bebe goes.. how did she get $500 crib bedding if they are broke? I think she has money..maybe she isn’t a millionaire or anything.. but I would say she is far from poor. I think she is just greedy and stingy and wants more high-quality items FFS or for nearly nothing. Maybe they are missionaries.. haha.. so many “missionaries” these days are just mooching off everyone…
    If you’re desperate like truly desperate people are, you’re not going to be picky like that… I mean, saying “please no unusable diapers” is one thing and understandable.. but saying something like “oh please, I would like them to be OBV with a side of Hemp and embellished with Amy Butler fabrics…or brand-newsy Bum Genius please!”.. is a bit much is you’re really in need.

  33. cdmom says:

    read between the lines firecrotch

  34. Martha Stewart says:

    I rarely post on here but I have to say that post really irritated the hell out of me. If someone is truly SOOOO desperate that they have to beg for free stuff then they are not going to be picky and would be grateful for any offers regardless. My first reaction was that this entire post was shady and though I don’t know a motive, something was just off about the whole thing. Stinky!

  35. Redhead says:

    “Firecrotch”… oh, ha ha ha. What a knee slapper!

  36. coffeehoar says:

    34~ Step off, you look like an idiot.

  37. Sala says:

    Since I sometimes like to play Devil’s advocate, may I suggest that Lierre is trying to get diapers that might appeal to her BIL’s girlfriend or SO who is not really into the whole cloth diaper thing. Unlikely, but just a thought.

    And dayum, 11 kids? Maybe I’m too western world, only need 2 kids or something, but that’s kind of creepy and wrong to me, especially if the whole family has their hand out for handouts and freebies.

  38. coffeehoar says:

    Totally possible, Sala. But if she’d not spend on having a bamboo themed bathroom, she wouldn’t need her brother’s support, and he would be able to support his own baby and buy the diapers they need/want. Her thought process is totally backward.

  39. Redhead says:

    Oh, I guess it is in her siggy I posted above in the M2M ISO.. oh well.

  40. theinvisible says:

    Is lierre the same that was given a ton of goodmamas after a housefire? Then the same goodmamas were seen for sale on her local craigslist? Does anyone else remember this?

  41. nu says:

    I’m just shaking my head….I must be strange because I surely wouldn’t post an ISO saying I need the stuff basically free, and ONLY this or that brand.

    When we were in despereate $$$ times when I was pregnant with LO, I was grateful for anything! I’m still grateful for anything that people give me. (not saying I’m rolling in the money, I’m certainly far from it).

  42. piratebaby says:

    yep, that’s her. She’s also been trying to unload the Anne Geddes crib set and clothes too. She posts on our local military b/s/t board, but then totally bashed the military community on PoC bc military families get more than her’s does. A real peach.

  43. nu says:

    43—-I remember something about this….but I thought it was the person couldn’t use them??? I know it was in the drama blog…but don’t remember any specifics.

    Anyone else?

  44. nu says:

    Wait….she’s the same person with the crib bedding a few weeks/month or so ago? The one about being $500 and European?

  45. Erin says:

    So, did she get the super awesome expensive crib bedding after the fire? Maybe she hired the translator with the insurance money?

  46. piratebaby says:

    The story is her/dh/3 kids moved from FL to interior Alaska with her parents (and 10 siblings??), no job prospects, housing, etc. Her dh got in a wreck and totaled their car, they drive 800 miles roundtrip to Anchorage to get a new one, the next day their house burns to the ground. They live in a schoolbus with their 3 kids for a while, then someone offers them a ‘dry’ cabin to live in ie no running water, water has to be brought in in containers (not uncommon around here). She stocks up on 100+ GMs, along with 100s of other cd’s that are donated. She then tries to sell the GMs for $30 ea, plus $5 for each insert. She couldn’t even use cd’s bc they had no water to wash them, but still bought them, most mamas sold them to her cheap bc of her circumstances.

    She came on PoC and bitched about how no one up here would help her family, that the military gets preference, that we shouldn’t get a seperate housing allowance. She was pissed about having to pay deposits, 1st/last mos rent, etc and how the military got everything and her family just got crap.

    and is anyone else annoyed by the ‘pre-med’ in her siggy?? how on earth is she pre-med??

  47. piratebaby says:

    oh and all the $$$$ things were in storage in FL and sent up with her kids’ xmas gifts by her BIL. Although it would cost her $50 (hahaha) to ship it from here, so he must have paid at least $500 in shipping for all the name brand crap she always has for sale!

  48. monkey says:


    ITA. A few months back I sent a mama who needed help some stuff (friend of a friend). I told her before I sent it that it was all pretty heavily used, but totally functional and that some of the clothes were stained (DS had reflux so ALL of his newborn/infant onesies were stained). I also sent her some wipes I had made myself by hand (looked like total crap, I suck at sewing). I mean it was NOT great stuff by any stretch of the imagination. She sent me the SWEETEST email, thanking me like I had sent her solid gold diapers.

    People who are truly in need are NOT picky and are super appreciative.

  49. Redhead says:

    49) ugh, what a sob story! I hope someone points her to this page so she’ll get upset and leave DS.. hopefully, the whole interwebz for a while.

    Oh, the pre med was a headscratcher for me too. Maybe she reads WebMD and that makes her Pre-med..? I’ve seen it before!

  50. Sala says:

    Ok, I’m done with playing devil’s advocate.

    Wow, talk about a gold-plated sense of entitlement.

    Jesus, if you’re that desperate, you don’t give a damn. And you don’t put conditions on everything. I’m not desperate, I can buy my kids new clothes and diapers and everything, but I like handmedowns and I’m very grateful when we get handmedowns. Thrilled when it’s stuff we can use. Ecstatic when it’s in excellent condition. And if it’s stuff we can’t or won’t use, I still say thank you and pass it on.

    I’m sorry, but if you move 8000 miles without a job or a plan or even any money, then you are a freaking idiot and deserve what you get. Morons. wah wah wah, we’re too stupid to get jobs and pay for our own kids and my relatives are too stupid not to breed, give us more stuff that you spent your hard-earned money on, but only the nice stuff! We’re too good for your shitty average stuff!

  51. coffeehoar says:

    I hope she does see this and realizes her elitist begging attitude is beyond tacky. She sounds like a real beyotch.

  52. sourpatchbabe says:

    How come it’s fine and dandy for her to trade her homemade inserts but no one better dare suggest she take their homemade stuff? Does her sewing machine have magical powers that get passed on to the items she makes? This woman annoys me to no end. She reminds me of something my mom is fond of saying, not sure how it translates properly in English though. Something along the lines of “if you walk with your head held high to look down at other people, you’re gonna have dog crap on your shoes.”

  53. Hexe says:

    She sure has a lot of things to trade and sell and is also constantly looking for things for her kids. She can’t be poor. Who saves their cloth diapers from a fire? Or how could she get that many diapers to trade and sell? They probably all live of the tax payer, her mom has eleven kids but has to move in with her son? She lives with her BIL? Get a job and stop having children, your family spread their genes allready plenty.

  54. mamaton says:

    Barf- I want this and I want that- and then my family is so poor- give us free stuff…makes me wanna barf all over her face! This bothers me- and WHY DOES SHE HAVE 2 ISO- can she not put her poor, poor, poor me on on the same page as her I WANT IT ALL one?! Jeez…

  55. Redhead says:

    57, she actually has 3 ISOs.
    1 in M2M, 2 in ISO (one for her and one for her brother, I think)

  56. DSDM2 says:

    Hey everyone, we are so poor that I need some $100 yarn. Does anyone want to donate it to me? I don’t want the cheaper stuff, just the HTF good stuff.

  57. Hexe says:

    Couldn’t she give her baby things to her brother, diapers and bedding. I hope that family stops breeding, non of them can support themselves and still they keep on having kids.

  58. mamaton says:

    I was just looking at her started threads- and I’m very surprised that she got away with being so rude to an admin like she did in her bedding thread.

    Another question- if she’s been almost homeless and broke for the past couple of years- how is it that she’s had enough $ to buy so much from FSOT? (95 buys out of 103 feedbacks) and that’s not since Feb. 2010- something is not adding up- if I am broke and almost homeless- I don’t go spend who knows how much on fluff…

    I’m new to this site btw…found it the other night- and I must say I’m enjoying it even more than DS!

  59. Redhead says:

    If I am nearing to be broke and homeless, I ain’t spending no $$ interwebz, for one thing!
    60, IDK, sometimes I wonder how much of her story is true and how much is made up so she can get FFS items.

    She’s just a moocher with a good story that some others aren’t quick enough to catch onto. Lets hope people gets teh smartz around DS and stop giving her stuff. Well, what I just said was kinda impossible …so….. 😉

  60. Hexe says:

    #61 Exactly. Who buys cloth diapers when you are broke, homeless or when your house has just been on fire. And they traveled from FL to Alaska with their child in cloth? Her stories do not make sense. I think she is playing a lot of people.

  61. mamaton says:

    She reminds me of my aunt, who will always have money for cigarettes and casino- but poor poor her, her lights are about to get turned off, and she doesn’t have money to pay the gas bill, and so on and so forth, and I don’t answer when she calls, no do any of her brothers or sisters because it’s always the same thing- can you help ME, not can I help YOU. She’s a professional con artist- and makes damn good money getting someone to feel sorry for her, just like this girl.

  62. Just Peachy says:

    Someone give me Dashing Dachs 😛

  63. Hexe says:

    I want some nice yarn, please. We did not have a house fire, but I am afraid of fires. Oh and when you sent the yarn, I could really need some nip gm’s, but it is not that I want something for free, I can help you with shipping.

  64. Sala says:

    But not all of the shipping because I live in Alaska and it costs me $20 to send anything and I only have like $8 in paypal.

  65. smartassmama says:

    I need a damn babysitter. One who has that magical mommy aura, so that my one year old will let her hold him. So that I can get things done. Namely, visiting my husband in the hospital for more than an hour. I miss him.


    And also some Blueberry minkee bamboo Velour pockets. They’re great for O/N.

  66. sourpatchbabe says:

    @ 63, I flew from FL to HI with a child in cloth. We stayed in a hotel almost three weeks and not once did I had to use sposies so it is doable. Now, from that being doable to my believing that she actually did it I can’t cross that boulder. Too many things don’t add up.

  67. Munklettes says:

    I just figured out how to turn off the mobile site. I haz teh dumz.

  68. mamaton says:

    From the DS facebook page- she’s on there asking about bg’s and saying that she’s got tons of liners and inserts to sell- why doesn’t she use those for her brother’s kid?

    Porschea Dozier lmk if I have anything you would trade for. my ds name is lierre.bebe

    did anyone else get the irony of her name- LIErre (liar) bebe

  69. organicmomma says:

    Wait, wait, her siggy said pre-med…wtf?

  70. organicmomma says:

    She is making me sick…and so is #34…..

  71. organicmomma says:

    I also find it sickening how in her iso…she is beating around the bush…basically asking for ppl to lower their prices…”oh, that is just out of my price range.”

  72. organicmomma says:

    OH, and her mood is sick too? My god…

  73. piratebaby says:

    24yrold Non-Vaccinating Anti-Circumcision Pre-Med who Co-sleeps CDs & Breastfeeds and have since I was 16. Married for 8yrs to my love at first sight I’ve loved for 14yrs Mom to 3 Natural born waterbabies: Michael 8, Aiden 6, and Ivy 14 mths

  74. organicmomma says:

    How do I report this? I’m angry…


    Read all the responses…she should be banned…

  75. me says:

    Didn’t something say that was from 2005?
    So she hired a translator to buy a then 3yo set that came from another country because she has never heard of freetranslator. Then she is trying to place a translator fee on the set as value added to it. Then she insists she doesn’t know who said that it was a Euro size even though they said it TO HER and that a person representing the company is lying.
    What the HELL is wrong with her?

  76. organicmomma says:

    “I do not restate descriptions in emails, unless a description has changed” wtf…why would it change, and if you want a sale and someone is asking why tf would you not “restate” Why does she have all these “nice things” but not a fing ruler or money or anything…and is a pre-med student…

  77. organicmomma says:

    Look at this..post 3 and 8 i think it was…


  78. melmelly says:

    DSDM2: Is the cdmom in #’s 11, 31, and 34 the same cdmom we have had commenting on previous posts?
    I have a friend that really likes the nice and expensive stuff. It kind of makes me sick because she is always complaining about no money. Yet she still shops at Whole Foods ALL.THE.TIME. Seriously, last year she went and dropped $65 on SIX ITEMS! I could have bought six similar items for under $20 at a store like Target, Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, etc. But no, she needed her Dr Haushka shampoo, a wooden wide-toothed comb, and whatever else it she bought. Then a week later she was whining and crying that they had NO MONEY for the rest of the month and OMGZ U GUISE!!! She was going to starve. So several of her online friends sent her money via paypal.

    Kinda drives me bonkers. I have heard her use the excuse that it is because she is bipolar, and has ocd and adhd.

  79. melmelly says:

    77 – I finally ventured to the land of the eHerpes and I read that thread. How damn hard is it to go and borrow one from someone, or even go to JoAnn’s and buy one for $1! And yes, there is one in Fairbanks – I looked on the website.

  80. treeindawind says:


    If you look here on 5-01 was when she posted the ISO for her BIL, just about 40 minutes before she had replied to a FSOT ad about wanting to purchase a teething necklace, 2 Goodmama’s, and GM wipes. All three were from different FSOT ads, so she was actively cruising FSOT.

    So she has the $$$ to buy those things but only $8 in PayPal and is not able to help her BIL out herself?

    Then if you scroll down just a little bit further, she is bumping one of her FSOT ads “so she can get some things on her amazon wish list”. Yep on 5-01 too and only a couple of hours before.

  81. punktart says:

    Through a very unfortunate series of event, we lost about 3/4 of my DD stash a few months ago. It’s people like this lierre bitch that made me feel horrible asking for help, so I never did. I kept my head up, bought a bag of receiving blankets at the thirft store, bleached the hell out of them and put them under Gerber vinyl pants, until I was able to piece a small stash together. Thankfully, grobaby was clearancing so I was able to get a small stash for around $100, with some good coupon codes and free shipping. I still get teary when I think of everything we lost, but you suck it up and move on!

    If I could piece together a decent stash, I’m sure this woman could for her family. She needs to quit wallowing in pity and just DO something. /vent

  82. DSDM2 says:

    81.) She has 6 total posts in 2 threads.

  83. kimbella says:

    Yep, definitely RW – look at the name of this pic in RW’s flickr:

  84. Hexe says:

    I wish we could see pictures of this custom order. Uneven dye on the interlock happened to me a couple of times. I hate it when the WAHM’s dye the finished product instead of the interlock before sewing. And who did send her the email?

  85. kimbella says:

    Look at RW’s flickr. All the ones named Melody are from this order.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/25791890@N03/page2/ The Melody pics start towards the bottom of pg 2.

  86. kimbella says:

    I think this t&f is about SweetPeaBoutique: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=985599

    Kelsey is on SPB’s customs list on HC.

  87. kimbella says:

    91: Def about SPB: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=969762

    Registered Users

    I’m getting 6 Imagine prefolds embellished from sweet pea boutique soon, and I’m SOOO excited. Help me get even more excited and antsy for mine to come by showing me yours!!

  88. kimbella says:

    Here is the c&p from the t&f post in 91:

    Registered Users

    I got 6 of my own prefolds embellished by a really sweet mama. She was really helpful and her turnaround was reasonable, but when I got these in the mail I have to say I am less than impressed. 2 of the 6 are stitched together in the middle, as if she was running out of fabric and decided to mend two together. I hate being so picky, but it looks really unprofessional! One of them is not the fabric I picked, and 2 of them have an uneven hem line. They were done on MY own prefolds, so its not like I can return them, but honestly I feel like I should get a partial refund or something…IDK maybe I’m just overreacting..what do you think?

    Update: The WAHM said that she is not going to offer a refund, and that people do this all the time when the fabric cut is not large enough She will however refund $7 (the cost of it was $8 something) for the one prefold with the wrong fabric.

  89. organicmomma says:

    Hey punktart-Do you still need dipes? I have a bunch i was going to get rid of that are in good shape. PM me if you know who i am…hehehe..

  90. organicmomma says:

    Her crib sheet post was taken down…

  91. organicmomma says:

    Unless I’m not allowed to access it for some other reason…

  92. Munklettes says:

    I’ve purchased lots of embellished pf’s, and they never came with pieced together fabric. If they had, I would have gotten a refund!

  93. organicmomma says:

    I have seen embellished prefolds pieced together in the middle. Just one seam right in the middle. It’s so the fabric is the right way on the bum and the front when LO is wearing it…

  94. organicmomma says:

    OK, nm that gnome one is not down the middle…

  95. Sala says:

    For $8 a prefold, they better be perfect annd those aren’t perfect. I understand why some people piece in the middle but it’s one thing when you match up, align the fabric, and put the pieces so the print is rightside up when on the kid. That custom didn’t on either count. And what the hell is up with using the wrong fabric? There is NO excuse for that and that is a full refund right there. Plus some off for shipping.

  96. Sala says:

    This is the C&P from 84, purportedly Rainbow Waters.

    Yesterday, 09:29 PM #1

    Join Date: Sep 2009
    Location: Elizabeth, NJ

    What would you do if your custom order was bad?
    Hi mamas i received a custom order i placed a while ago and I am really upset, almost in tears when i opened them this morning

    What would you do if wahm:

    dyed colors were wrong?
    dye job looked faded and uneven?
    black spots in dye job?

    shirts arrived stained?
    shirts had incorrect design?

    ontop of all this the transaction was a nightmare, no responses for days at a time. Promised pictures never ontime if at all, shipped late with an excuse that just didnt make sense. She was suppose to ship friday before 5pm and she contacted me at 5:05pm to let me know she couldnt mail them because she forgot she already had something planned but she still had a bunch of shirts to finish hemming and shorts to hemming, then she didnt mail till the following day after 5pm anyway….

    I dont mean to be picky but this was a very pricy order over $400 and i just feel like it was thrown together and even to send stained items is ridiculous and faded uneven dye jobs was just mind boggling. Oh she also didnt mention till right before she was finally shipping that one of the shirts were made incoreectly by her associate and wondered if i still wanted them or she could exchange for another fabric to replace this one. I just feel like I was given the run around, what would you do?

  97. angelique says:

    I don’t understand why lierrebebe would continue to have kids if they are supposedly homeless, jobless, etc. Why would you bring a child into that circumstance? Okay maybe it was a surprise baby but she does not sound legit at all. Where is she getting all this stuff to sell and trade? craziness.

  98. Sala says:

    Worse yet, she had someone email her telling her to not be dramarific. That’s shitty behavior and possibly just threatening to boot. Not cool.


    Join Date: Sep 2009
    Location: Elizabeth, NJ

    Re: What would you do if your custom order was bad?
    Would you believe i was sent an email by someone i dont even know telling me to stop starting drama and just send back the items! She claims to have been there (obv an associate) when all the items were made and there were no problems…

    why would i lie…if you received something you were soooo excited about for so long would you be happy to have them finally? I was soooo excited i even took pictures of the whole thing so i can post a thread about my wonderful new fluffy’s

    I dont think i was asking for anything more then exactly what i paid for…ugh what a headache. I fell like i was being attacked for letting her know i wasnt happy. Im just gonna drop it all, its seriously depressing.

  99. Redhead says:

    77) did you report that thread? Because it is gone.. hmm.

  100. Redhead says:

    103- that is seriously messed up. An “associate” is watching out & threatening for the WAHM now?

  101. Taterbug says:

    103- Unless this “associate” had access to all communication between buyer and WAHM, she doesn’t actually know that everything was fine. A dye job might be “fine” but if it isn’t the colors that the buyer asked for, it isn’t OK. Even if stitching is perfect, if the design isn’t what was asked and paid for, it isn’t OK. Faded and uneven may be subjective, but stains, wrong colors and wrong design are not.

    Either the OP is exaggerating, or the WAHM lets her friends fight her battles for her. Since RW has had problems with customs before, I’m betting on the latter. If that is the case, the “associate” is probably going to regret that e-mail. Sure would be nice to see some pics of the finished product for confirmation.

  102. Sala says:

    105 – I know, right? I don’t care who it is or if it’s done with or without the knowledge of the WAHM, that reflects even more poorly on the CS and professionalism (or lack thereof) of the WAHM. I don’t understand how some WAHM’s seem to forget that they are small business owners, even if they don’t have all the licensing yet in some cases.

    It’s a business, the customer is right and even if the customer is not all right, you should try to do right by them within reason. You don’t ignore them, you don’t tell them they’re wrong, you don’t ignore bad workmanship, you don’t have crappy communication, you follow through on promises, and you don’t accept crappy subcontracting on their behalf. And you especially don’t have or allow others to threaten them.

    OMG, there are no words for how negative a feedback I would give.

  103. organicmomma says:

    So, has anyone else seen that lierre.bebe deleted all her posts this morning saying she’ll be reposting in a few days? She also put up another iso this morning…

  104. kukukachoo says:

    lierre.bebe just seems really hopelessly wacky to me. i’m thinking she is like… mucho kookoo

  105. Redhead says:

    AND she is entering all kinds of FFS lottos! Stupid moocher..
    I think I am going to post something and get a strike soon.. ugh. SO mad right now.

  106. organicmomma says:

    Ok, can’t we just contact someone and say…hey, this girl is sketchy? I mean ds should be happy to have this website…we call out all the scammers. they deleted her crib sheet thread, so they must have some kind of idea…I’m going to go read her pity party she is probably writing in her ffs posts…

  107. organicmomma says:

    So then, I assume she deleted all her sale threads so if someone checked she didn’t have all these things for sale while she’s trying to get ffs items…

  108. Redhead says:

    Oh look everyone, did you know that Lierre is now a moderator on DS for Alaskan shipping standards?

    Oh. And it is perfectly fine for her to charge you $40 to ship her crib bedding (which would probably be around $15) because that is *really* how much it costs? USPS.com & Paypal are wrong about Alaskan shipping quotes? (???)

    05-11-2010, 10:43 PM #4
    lierre.bebe’s Avatar
    Alaskan Mama

    Join Date: Mar 2009
    Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
    Posts: 554
    Ratings: 146
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood:
    Feedback Score: 146 reviews, 100%

    Re: PLEASE READ! Paypal fees,payments,delivery confirmation & MULTIPLE THREADS!
    I would like to ad a note to the part about DC & Shipping if I can?

    When shipping FROM Alaska (not to) only 2 out of every 3 packages I mail actually get scanned. That 1 of 3 package will arrive at your doorstep without ever having been scanned.

    That being said DO NOT count on shipping estimates even for priority shipping! I once had a priority box with DC take 6 WEEKS to arrive in Seattle, WA from Fairbanks, AK. The DC was NEVER scanned the entire time. When this happens all that I can say is that when a package is shipped it can go air, land, or sea and we have no control over that. Packages also ALWAYS get stuck in Anchorage, AK for a few days for anthrax testing and then they get stuck again in Seattle, WA. Oddly enough its FASTER for me to ship to anywhere in Canada than to the lower 48 =(

    Also its higher to ship FROM here but NOT to here and online rates do not apply to AK shipping rates. So when you see an Alaska momma with slightly higher prices than normal or not including shipping, give her a break cause she’s losing out BIG TIME on her sales to give you a deal.

  109. organicmomma says:


  110. Redhead says:

    She is a piece of work, that is for sure.

  111. piratebaby says:

    omg she is sooo full of shit. My friend is always shipping packages from here (Fairbanks) to Oklahoma, and they always get there within a wk. Yes, if it is sent parcel post or media mail then it can take up to 6 wks, but that’s usually during peak times like Christmas. I’ve ordered things and had them within 3 days sometimes, 7 days is the longest I’ve ever waited and that’s when the NE/plains were being hammered by blizzards.

    And I have never ever ever heard of packages being held in Seattle/Anchorage for anthrax testing!! We’re on a military installation and our packages all arrive very quickly, no extra testing required!

  112. piratebaby says:

    Just remembered, I mailed a $10 flat rate priority box to my sister in Seattle right around Christmas, it was only $10 + ins and it got there in 4 days, would have been sooner but I missed the morning pick up by 10 mins.

  113. organicmomma says:

    The crib set is still up in mixed diaper lots..

  114. IHopeSo says:

    New here, Hi!

    Seen this yet? Just waiting for it to get noticed…


  115. punktart says:

    94, Thank you for your offer, but I was able to get what we needed for DD. I wasn’t asking for anything, just wanted to point out that if this bitch would try a little, you can build a pretty decent stash for not a lot of money.

  116. Redhead says:

    I don’t know even she even needs a stash. She just wants FFS designer diapers.

  117. sourpatchbabe says:

    Aw man, they deleted the crib thread. And I posted some questions I wanted her to answer. Now I’ll never know if the set would fit my standard sized crib or not. Not that I have anything against Anne Geddes but to me I would be traumatizing my newborn if all he gets to see in bed is pictures of other babies being attacked and tortured by flowers and common household items.

  118. kimbella says:

    SPB’s getting in on the action!


    lets clarify a few facts….

    1. i have been nothing more than accomdating to you. we have at least 15 emails going back and forth trying to work this out.

    2. you have the cost of your product wrong. you choose to ship them to me, i charged $7 each for the fabric cost and embellishing ( i have many HTF fabrics, of which you choose) and shipping back to you $42 + $6 ship.

    3. i offered several resolutions…. to refund the wrong fabric, yes i said i picked the wrong one. that would be $7. i offered to PAY to have that one and the other 2 that u do not like shipped back to me and for me to replace or repair however you would like and i would ship them back to you, all costs on me. you declined this.

    4. now you have been threatining to leave me negative feedback when i have asked you a few times to please clarify all the details of this transaction.

    5. i have never been nor am i now being short and unapologetic to you, so i find it unfair for you to say that.

    6.ironically you told me you are in another problem transaction with another vendor… maybe all WAHM’s are just bad guys?

    7. i will not leave retalitory feedback as i have told u in previous emails, but i can leave accurate and factual feedback of this transaction, or emails and this thread.

    8. i have emailed a moderator as of this morning to get involved in this so we can get this all worked out for both of us.

    9. please let me know what else you would like from me? i have done nothing more than try to make your happy yet you continue to drag my name through the mud. i just dont know what else to do for you mama….

  119. kimbella says:

    More from SPB – just trying to get it all c&p before it goes *poof*

    Registered Users
    Originally Posted by Little Bugs Boutique
    Ummmm you’re not allowed to out yourself in this forum.

    thank you for the threat in the previous post of your. i am concerned about my feedback and have done everything i can as u can see in the above thread.

    i have also been around here on ds for quite a while, and although i didnt want to out myself.. im sorry but im not going to sit back when a mod was contacted over 6 hours ago and has not responded, while more lies and accusations are told.

    theres one basic fact… theres always 2 sides to a story! be informed.

  120. organicmomma says:

    OK, those prefolds were crappy. dumb..and the crib thread is gone bc i outed her last night by posting on her thread saying how she was contradicting herself… 🙂

  121. organicmomma says:

    Oh, and the crib set is still in her iha, where i want to post again asking for measurments…

  122. Munklettes says:

    did anyone get screenshots of the pf’s? The thread went poof, and I didn’t get to see it.

  123. Sala says:

    Regarding Lierre: Crap happens. It happens to all of us. There’s not a one of us who couldn’t tell of losing jobs, being unemployed, fires, accidents, loved ones ill, loved ones dying, etc. etc. BUT! There’s a big difference between putting one’s hand out for a helping hand up and putting it out for a hand-out. Whatever she’s been through, she’s taking advantage of people’s sense of decency. Shame on her. You don’t troll the FSOT boards and buy item after item if you have no money.

    You also don’t put conditions on help. We were in a car accident some years ago, we didn’t have another vehicle nor could we immediately buy one. Our friends loaned us their 20+ year old beater truck that looked like it had been in a battle with a flight of meteorites and lost. I couldn’t see over the hood. The seat was no longer adjustable. All of the interior dash plastic was gone. I could see the road through holes in the flooring between my feet. It steered like a drunken moose on iceskates. It was truly a horrible beast of a truck.

    And I was so incredibly grateful that I cried with happiness to have that truck. I sat on two pillows and put more behind me. I did not say, no thanks, our other friend has since offered to loan me their Miata, I’d rather have that since your truck is a piece of crap. I paid their gas to bring it to me, I paid the registration while I had it, I paid to have the mirror replaced when it was broken by another driver driving by. I was so very grateful and still am.

    What a parasite. But I’m sure we have her all wrong. It’s not her fault she has minimum standards and is never wrong.

  124. organicmomma says:

    Gosh, this woman annoys me to no end…even her avi annoys me…http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=986097&page=2

  125. Kelly says:

    I had a very pricey RW custom done recently and the dye job was as that poster described—colors were wrong and it was super blotchy and uneven. The stitching on one of the shirts was loose and a really odd color choice for the fabric and communication was awful as well. Wouldn’t respond for days, sent it almost 2 weeks later than promised.

  126. Redhead says:

    She’s got the whole “myspace profile pic” thing down!

  127. organicmomma says:

    LOL..did you read where it said we should start a diaperswappers gang…god, she’s dumb!

  128. Redhead says:

    She acts like she is 13 and hormonal.

  129. coffeehoar says:

    130~ rawr. I’m hot and too dangerous for you, grrrr.


  130. organicmomma says:

    somethin’…get my other message i sent you about my awful day and those stupid shot elastic dipes?

  131. altaem says:

    There’s a mod right now with a profile pic that makes me laugh…

  132. organicmomma says:


  133. organicmomma says:

    137-I know who you’re talking about!

  134. Sala says:

    The one with the sunglasses? Or does she just look silly to only me?

  135. silvaheyes says:

    Has anyone seen this thread? http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=983403

    Kind of fucked up if you ask me.. How does the admin think that is reasonable?

  136. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    141- Garbage. I cannot read the retaliatory feedback from the seller, but judging by the comments about it within the post, attacking one’s character IS NEVER allowed in feedback. The FB strictly relates to the transaction. Admin is tripping over their own words here. Some one needs to grab their own rule book and smack them with it.

  137. ~*~Momma~*~ says:


  138. Redhead says:

    Which mod is handling that case?

  139. reallytiredmommy says:

    Did anyone see what Skittle’s going through with a seller? It’s crazy over there!

  140. Sala says:

    That’s bad. IMO, as a seller, you can only leave negative feedback for the buyer under limited circumstances – didn’t pay. Didn’t pay quickly and wouldn’t reply to communication, chargeback on CC, filed with paypal without allowing reasonable time for delivery and with seller having great communication, that sort of thing.

    Not cool on the mods part to say that they will change both to neutral or positive but will not allow one-sided negative. What did she do to deserve a negative or neutral feedback, didn’t bend over far enough to get fully shafted? In what screwed up world can they call the end-result a positive situation for the buyer?

  141. organicmomma says:

    What about the buyer lying about the condition of the dipes they received and you were forced to refund them?

  142. Sala says:

    Depends if the photographic proof on both sides supports that there were issues that were not disclosed. It’s a tricky one. In your case, it’s annoying that there were two versions and y’all didn’t know that to say anything first. You got screwed, but then again, so did she in one sense (if she expected all the same thing). Sucky situation all around.

  143. organicmomma says:

    Ya, sucky. That money i refunded her overdrew my account(which I understand may be my fault for not checking) and I got charged 100 dollars in fines. Her diapers cost 100 dollars so, lost the diapers, the money…everything…

  144. werd says:

    101 – I had the transaction FROM HELL with that buyer. I haven’t read the post and I’m not discounting her side, but seriously, she is a NUT!!!! Worst transaction EVER!!!

  145. organicmomma says:

    she was freaking out, i was freaking out, and I didn’t think to check…ugh…

  146. werd says:

    103 – given what I know about the buyer in dealing with her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is embellishing a bit on the “ZOMG someone emailed me and told me shut up!!” stuff. Seriously. I cannot express to you how whacked that woman is.

  147. Redhead says:

    153, don’t get too excited. You know she’ll be back with a bigger sob story and bigger list requesting FFS diamonds, pearls and gold plated diapers.

  148. Redhead says:

    152, Thanks for telling me that.. guess I’ll watch out for her.

  149. werd says:

    yeah… I took her order for a custom and she Pmed me almost every day, several times a day, changing her mind about fabrics, asking me weird questions, and generally tweaking out about every little thing. I got REALLY uncomfortable and decided to refund her the deposit and tell her I wasn’t comfortable and that she should try just a few of the product before committing to a HUGE expensive order… and she just TWEEEEEEEEAKED.

    She PMed me one night all freaking out on me and threatening to leave me bad feedback if I didn’t make her stuff, and then the next day she was all complimenting me and my work and literally BEGGING me all day to take her order. It was the strangest transaction I have EVER encountered.

  150. organicmomma says:

    That is strange, but did you see those prefolds? The crab one was ok, but the gnome one was rediculous. Wierd!!

  151. smartassmama says:

    That gnome was ug.ly.
    Not just the stitching, the print reminded me of that creepy gnome show from Nickelodeon in the 80s.

  152. magpiedpiper says:

    What?! 158, you’re trippin’ because David the Gnome was the best EVAR.

  153. smartassmama says:

    I’ll admit I was a weird kid. I preferred Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right, Sally. 😉 I was not a normal child.

  154. altaem says:

    140 – yes, the sunglasses and something’s up with the way she’s pursing her mouth, IIRC. Every time I look at it, I pause and go hmmm. Weird. And not flattering weird, either.

  155. coffeehoar says:

    Anyone have pics of the prefolds? I can’t even imagine it.

  156. reallytiredmommy says:

    They were very interesting to say the least. Wonky stitching on the gnome one. Too bad the seller outed herself!

  157. Kimbella says:

    Prefold pics:

  158. Aj says:

    Oh my, someone needs a sewing class! I never thought SPB’s stuff was good anyways. Remember when she first started she was just sewing squares of fabric onto gerber onesies? She went on my do not buy list a long time ago.

  159. amessymama says:

    That gnome prefold is hideous! How could anyone think that is OK to send out?

    Back to begging for free stuff. I came across this post in the Franklin Goose thread:

    “man i need more cloth for mama but i dont have anymore credits or money to buy more, UGH!!!!!!! PM me if you can help me!! anyone”

    This just baffles me. How can anyone do that? Do they have no pride? I can understand the M2M thing, because you also offer to give stuff away in there too, I think. But to just beg for stuff on a random thread? Klassy.

    I saw another one (also in in FG thread) a couple of weeks ago where someone mentioned something about needing diapers. She wasn’t asking, just mentioning (or hinting). Someone said she had some she could have FFS. Someone jumps on and says, “if she doesn’t want them, I do!”


  160. altaem says:

    The prefolds are pretty bad, and I’d be pissed if I paid $7 for that. I always :headscratch: at SPB’s stuff b/c (like AJ said) most of the time it just looks like a square or circle (or lately, hearts!) of fabric sewed onto a shirt. That’s not creativity. And she charges $20 or so for a shirt – that’s nuts! In contrast, I was looking at Carolyn’s etsy (plainjaymes) and her stuff is beautiful and completely handmade and her shirts are only $16.

  161. altaem says:

    And gbryndi makes me laugh. She just spent $10 on buttons from Tessa Ann, and now she’s having custom buttons made to match the Hannah Montana theme better. But she can’t afford mama cloth or diapers? I know she traded for the yarn for the sweater she made her daughter, but come on…does your 5yo seriously care that much? The way she was talking about it if she didn’t get the right buttons was like her daughter was the dictator and was gonna be pissed if the sweater didn’t have the right buttons. She actually commented that without the buttons her daughters birthday would be ruined.

  162. altaem says:


  163. smartassmama says:

    Where does she live that she needs a sweater in May!? It hit 88F yesterday! I thought she was near my neck of the woods. But I’m wrong a lot.

    I liked her at first. Then it was clear that periods, commas, and dictionaries were her Nemesis. And I quit caring.

  164. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    well, to be fair, it was in the 90’s all last week, and this week hasnt been above 60 here

  165. smartassmama says:

    Yeah. This weather sucks. Either my grandmother needs to get my cousins to get her pool working or it just needs to be November.

  166. altaem says:

    My bad, it wasn’t a sweater. It’s a knit tank, made of wool. Cute pattern, too: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=984511

  167. smartassmama says:

    That’s actually pretty cute. I need to learn to knit like nobody’s business.

  168. amessymama says:

    I think she needs to take off that ribbon around the bottom, it makes it look kind of cheap and tacky. I love the ones pictured on the Ravelry page though.

  169. Aj says:

    That’s adorable, the skirt’s a little short though.

  170. altaem says:

    I don’t like the ribbon, either! But you can’t say that in someone’s S&T thread…

  171. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    165- Exactly. I’ve never been impressed by her work, in fact, quite the opposite.

  172. altaem says:

    I didn’t see the action shots until now. The skirt is way too short…especially for a 5yo.

  173. altaem says:

    That kids dance thing is on GMA this morning, anyone see it?

  174. monkey says:

    I went and looked at the RW’s pics and man, you really can see splotchy, uneven dye in some of the pics.

  175. amessymama says:

    180-I just watched the clip. I had to stop though, I could not listen to that incredibly stupid father say it was “taken out of context” one more time.
    So, if we had been at the show we wouldn’t have seen the girls dancing like that? Really? The fact that millions of people are now watching makes it seem sick and inappropriate? Uhhhh, no, it was sick and inappropriate the minute an ADULT decided it was OK to choreograph that dance for little girls and the parents went along with it.

  176. amessymama says:

    Another thing about that dance stuff! I hate when people defend it by saying that people who are upset are imposing their adult view onto the children.

    It’s obvious to me adult view were already imposed on those little girls. Or else they wouldn’t be dancing like that!

  177. organicmomma says:

    So, I made this trade with a mama, and she made me refund her some money. Anyways, She makes me refund her this money without even sending out my package…wtf????????? So, she gets her trade, has me refund her bc it’s not up to her par and mine isn’t even in the mail yet? I’ve had it!

  178. altaem says:

    182/183 – agree completely.

    184 – wtf? I don’t get it. I would definitely wait until you get her items to do any refund…

  179. Redhead says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t have refunded until the package was back in my hands. But anyway, she needs to ship it ASAP.

  180. organicmomma says:

    Um. Ya. I should have known she didn’t ship, because when she pm’d me to complain, she said i don’t want to raise too big of a stink because you didn’t get your end of the trade yet..I was like wtf, how does she know that? Then she said, well, these diapers are unusable to me, my daughter is 7 weeks old and they are for 12 pound babies, so if you want me to send them back to you, I will if you pay shipping. She also sent me this super detailed shipping report, and i was like whoa, that’s detailed, and she’s like well, at least you know your stuff is on the way…OK, but it ISNT…and what i was getting from her was a mother’s day gift for myself..she supposidly sent on the 10th priority, and when i checked today, it said…the sender informed us of this package, but it however was not received and we have no information, please check later….OMFG!!!!!

  181. Redhead says:

    I don’t get the “my daughter is 7 weeks old and they are for 12lb babies”? Wouldn’t her daughter be able to grow into them even if they are a bit large?
    I’d never ship something back because it is a bit larger than what I need at the time.. unless my child was already PLing.

  182. organicmomma says:

    Yes she would…I’m almost in f*cking tears right now…wtf is wrong with people..ugh, I want to contact a mod, but i am waiting for her to pm me back….she better send me fing paypal…How dare her ask me to refund her 5 dollars knowing the package was sitting there…

  183. organicmomma says:

    God, anyone else want to F*ck me over for the week?

  184. Just Peachy says:

    Maybe she has a huge baby already? Idk but it sounds fishy.

  185. altaem says:

    I have a 14 pound 6 week old sleeping on my chest right now – just sayin’. If they’re too big, baby could grow into them so that’s a crap excuse. Up to 12 pounds and now too small is a different issue.

    She does need to ship, NOW.

  186. organicmomma says:

    I know, and now i can’t get onto DS for some reason.

  187. Mokey says:

    Is DS down for anyone else? Not loading at all for me :/

  188. organicmomma says:

    Obviously she wanted to send them back because she didn’t ship my package, but knowing that, and then asking me to pay the return shipping…ugh, i could smack her…

  189. altaem says:

    So is she not shipping your package, or was there some other part of the trade? Sounds like remorse to me. And it sucks b/c if she’s not even going to mail her end, then who knows if her end was fair for the trade?

  190. altaem says:

    I can’t get on DS right now either.

  191. organicmomma says:

    She told me the package was shipped. That was on the 10th. I checked the number she gave me today, seeing as she had “shipped” priority and it was never sent. So she thinks that I think the package has shipped…

  192. organicmomma says:

    There was no money involved in this trade, except for the 5 dollars I sent her…

  193. altaem says:

    Well, you do know they don’t have to scan until they deliver, blah, blah, blah. But I’d PM her and clarify that it did actually go in the mail. When did you ship?

  194. organicmomma says:

    she made me some things from her store(well, i guess she didn’t), and I sent her diapers..

  195. altaem says:

    And what does she expect you to do if you receive your items? Pay her for those?

  196. organicmomma says:

    Ya, I guess, I did pm to see if she shipped, but she knew that i hadn’t got my package, and she sent priority on the 10th. I shipped on Monday? She got them two days ago…

  197. organicmomma says:

    No, i’m not supposed to pay, i sent her diapers and rockin’ green, it was a trade….I also only charged 10 for the rockin’ green, which was how much I paid to ship…Banging head now…

  198. organicmomma says:

    This is what i get when i track it:

    The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on May 10, 2010 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

    She supposidly shipped with priority and i didn’t, but she got her package and I didn’t get mine….

  199. amessymama says:

    I’m not understanding this whole trade, so I have a couple of questions. 😀

    The diapers that she decided to get from you did not fit her baby, so she asked for money?

    Is the money going to somehow make the diapers bigger or smaller?

    What diapers were these?

    Did you have the proper size listed?

    What is her store?

  200. amessymama says:

    Oh and I shipped something priority and another thing FC last week. The FC tracked and updated and got there fast. The priority said “The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified….” until the day she received it and it took a while for it to get there. So your package may be on its way.

  201. magpiedpiper says:

    So did you already refund her? Why would you do that without either her end of the trade or your package in hand?

  202. sciencefair says:

    OK I have not finished reading the comments…in fact I am not even half way there, but shipping in flat rate boxes does not cost more from Alaska. They also should take 3 days from there to me in the middle of nowhere midwest.

    6 weeks is total BS. I am getting all upset about this. (now off to read the rest of the comments)

  203. organicmomma says:

    OK, the diapers she got from me, one had shot back elastic…so, she asked for money…after asking for money, she said..well, if you pay for shipping, i will just send these back to you because they are unusable because I have a 7 week old and they don’t fit her yet…

    I did have the proper size listed, and i saw a thread by her saying that she had 7 total of these on the way, they were thirsties fab fitteds.

    No, the money i refunded her did not go to fix the back elastic, it was simply to make her happy and get off my case. She stated “i don’t want to raise too big of a stink because you haven’t gotten your half of the trade”

    If you pm me, i’ll tell you the store!

    Lastly, I must have some sort of problem spotting bad elastic… 🙂

  204. organicmomma says:

    OH, i sent her 3 thirsties and a BSWW for 20 dollars worth of stuff from her store and also rockin’ green for another 10 worth of stuff from her store.. So, it was just one of the thirsties that had bad back elastic, but she wanted to return everything after i saw in one of her posts she had used the rockin’ green…but wanted to return it only if i paid shipping.

  205. sciencefair says:

    209 that totally sucks. I would make her send pics and contact a mod. She sounds like a total pill.

  206. amessymama says:

    So, she is sending everything but the Rockin Green back to you? And she is still sending you the same stuff from her store?

    Are you on CDN? I can’t PM on DS.

  207. organicmomma says:

    Ya, I don’t care about the 5 bucks, ya know? I just want my half of the trade…grrrr…it was the trade i was super excited to get…

  208. organicmomma says:

    I told her i didn’t want any of it back, i just wanted my end of the trade. So, the measley 5 dollars satisfied her.

  209. Redhead says:

    208, don’t question the almighty authority of Lierre.Bebe! She _knows_ and we obviously _don’t_. It is perfectly honest and legit that she was asking $40 PARCEL shipping for her crib blanket set…. :sarcasm:
    All those Anne Geddes woodland baby fairies must weigh 35lbs or more…such a deal! Too bad I am fresh outta PP cash-ola..

  210. organicmomma says:

    Oops, i’m organicmomma on CDN…I’ve never used the site, but have an account for some reason…

  211. organicmomma says:

    Maybe i can’t get pm’s there yet? You can email me at organicmomma@hotmail.com

  212. too true says:

    I’d love to know what store that is….sounds strange to me!

  213. amessymama says:

    You should come over to CDN too, it’s great! A little slow right now while they work out the kinks of moving to a new server. When it speeds back up, I’ll PM ya. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want. I was just curious.

    Can someone please tell me what the retaliatory feedback said, that was left for Skittles? I can’t read FB either. I’m glad she decided to keep the negative, though. That way everyone gets to see what a loon the seller was.

  214. Redhead says:

    Ungrateful & Impatient. USPS needs to resolve your issue, waste of my time & $
    Rating Already Submitted Report Bad Rating
    Seller pinkgonegreen(19) 05-11-2010

  215. amessymama says:

    Holy crap! What a sweetheart she is.

    I cannot believe DS allowed that to stay!! Idiots!

  216. Redhead says:

    I know, I am pretty ticked at the Mods.. considering pulling all my FSOT listings now.

  217. laura says:

    Totally OT but I wanted to report I picked up the eherps at DS again last night – I have been staying away but I had an FSOT thread to delete, seriously was there maybe 30 minutes emptying my PM box and such. Gahhh! anyway spent my morning running my antispyware and what not. Whatever it was turned off my firewall and this morning when I woke up I had 43 pop ups *sigh*

  218. mamaton says:

    130- how sad is it that I KNEW who you were talking about before I even looked at the thread- I’m in TOTAL AGREEMENT.

    131- LMAO

  219. žába says:

    Why is goodmama all the sudden all overmy facebook? I added them like a year ago and now out of know where I have like 10 post in 2 days when I probably haven’t had 1/2 that many in the past year total.

  220. bittymomma says:

    I have never posted before- though I have to say I’ve read this blog for quite some time- anyway I wanted to post because I have at least half-dozen diapers (more once I unpack my houe) that I no longer need or never liked much (I soooo am not a pocket/pin/snappi/OS person) and if someone truly needs them, please let me know and I will be happy to ship. I HATE dealing with FSOT on any site though I have very good feedback on both CD sites. I’d rather just get them out of the way, kwim? In a few days I was going to donate them to Miracle Diapers. Anyway, sorry for the long random butt-in post, but please mamas, if you are truly in need let me know (CAN you let me know via this site? I’m not sure if it has a PM feature lol)

  221. Sala says:

    That’s so crappy. One of the few things they’ve mostly been good at is NOT allowing retaliatory feedback to stay. This is completely a crappy and horrible decision. What, did the seller sleep with one of the mods or something? How can they defend that decision?

  222. Redhead says:

    227, that is sweet of you. I hope someone takes you up on your offer 🙂

    228- I agree. Can’t believe they are letting that stay.

  223. organicmomma says:

    Bittymomma-that is so nice of you! We could really use them, due to the situation(s) i’ve dealt with in the past week. ugh. It sucks! I’ve pretty much had my bank account drained, been screwed with and lost all my dipes I was getting rid of…then again, i don’t want to ask for handouts either…

  224. organicmomma says:

    Some of the dipes i got rid of still fit my daughters, I’d rather have the dipes at this point than anything else. But, ugh…nevermind!!! Don’t want to be lierre bebe…hehe

  225. organicmomma says:

    I also hate dealing with FSOT, I gave away the grobabies today, and some fitteds I made, and a few other things to a local mama in need!

  226. bittymomma says:

    Organicmomma, let me know the best way to get in touch with you, I’m on both DS and CDN if that helps (not this name). Sadly a LOT of my stash is still packed and waiting for house construction to finish in June but I’ve accumulated and tried quite a bit while I’ve been waiting. What goes around comes around, I’ve had some help recently in my life 🙂

  227. KTWB says:

    Hey organicmama, I have dipes we aren’t using and I’m too lazy to sell. If you let me know the size(s) you need, I can get them to you by the end of next week. I’m Daggit89 on CDN if you wanna pm me. And if you like prefolds, I have 6 toddler size, unbleached, that we don’t used.

  228. organicmomma says:

    Ok bittymama…thanks! You can email me at organicmomma@hotmail.com Then I’ll tell you my ds name to email me there…Gotta keep it on the down low..hehe..

  229. KTWB says:

    Also maybe try freecycle. I know here ppl give away diapers all the time, and tomorrow I’m getting some gDiapers for my SIL off there. LMK 🙂

  230. organicmomma says:

    I pm’d you on cdn! My first pm there! Freecycle and craigslist here aren’t the best. There aren’t too many Cding mama’s here…

  231. organicmomma says:

    Bittymomma-I’m using my account at CDN finally! YAY! I’m organicmomma there!

  232. felishasjourney says:

    I ordered from sweet pea botuque and while she was VERY nice she was VERY late and the stitching was HORRIBLE and she didn’t even sew on one of the eyes on the design. I could take pictures but it’s done and over with.. been a few months.

    Oh, and it was SO stiff my son could only wear it once or twice because it covered his face.

  233. bittymomma says:

    Ok I will PM you on CDN!

    I wish our freecycle or Craigslist had cloth listings- I check pretty often- sigh, I really wish it was more mainstream. We do have TWO stores here that carry bumGenius though! (though in a city as large as mine that’s kind of sad actually. Heh)

  234. Redhead says:

    130- her posts were deleted! Hahaha

  235. Redhead says:

    166- she just joined the TTC forum.. 😦
    If they can’t afford mamacloth, why is she trying for another child?

  236. Kirsty says:

    166/168- maybe she’s so broke from the 12 or 14 skeins of Sugarbubbie she just pick up off a co-op? That shit ain’t cheap.
    221- Maybe she used to be a mod? It wouldn’t be the first time they padded the account of a former mod, would it?

  237. Just Peachy says:

    Well she can sell me the SB so she can get some damn mama pads and quit begging for hand outs.

  238. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha, please stay off the blog. We keep asking. Everytime you come here, you bring drama that we don’t need.

  239. Redhead says:

    245, sad that she keeps posting here. Is she really that desperate for conversation?

  240. organicmomma says:

    Wait, wait, which post was felisha?

  241. organicmomma says:

    Oop, I see it now..

  242. silvaheyes says:

    It must just be a crappy week in the FSOT world. I bought two diapers that were supposed to be OS and they are Larges.. On top of that the seller mailed them off two weeks after I paid her. I paid on April 27th and she mailed them on the May 13th and I got them today.

    Another one of my purchases was clothes and two of the items had stains on them which weren’t disclosed so now I have to try to get that out and if I can’t, I’ll message the seller but she is a nice mama so I’m not worried about her as much as the one above that can’t seem to be bothered to respond to me or get her stuff out in a timely manner.

  243. silvaheyes says:

    lol.. ~happy2Bamommy~ closed the Skittles thread.


    Join Date: Apr 2006
    Posts: 10,090
    Ratings: 345
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood:
    Feedback Score: 345 reviews, 100% Re: Items from package missing


    I was not the mod/admin who made the choice on feedback. I was however, forwarded pm’s from both parties and was able to read both sides to this transaction.

    I do believe that “outing” has happened due to the fact that feedback has been left. Often, threads are removed as soon as feedback is left. We missed this and now anyone following is sure to see the “outed” member. I do want to remind everyone that there is usually two sides to a story when two people have been involved in the story

    Since this transaction seems to have reached a standstill (can’t say it is ideal or either party) I do not think this thread needs to keep going and it will be removed I believe due to the outing that has taken place.

  244. KTWB says:

    And it’s H2BAM to the rescue yet again.

  245. altaem says:

    If they’re going to leave the feedback, they need to let everyone “hear” both sides. CDN does this for big issues, no? I’m a member there but haven’t started posting yet…maybe I should.

  246. Sala says:

    Yeah, that’s not cool. Skittles just got stranded with a big fat negative and no thread to explain her side. That’s fucked up. Way to strand an upstanding member.

  247. Kristen says:

    I need a favor. Can anyone point me in the direction to find the threads on here that involved Us4&AngelCorey?

  248. DSDM2 says:

    What do you need? She had multiple UNs on HC, shipping and problems under multiple names on Ebay, and a lot of shady ethical stuff.

  249. Kristen says:

    Well, she was a friend of mine and I was just curious about all the background story. Not trying to stir up old drama, I’m just nosey. 🙂

  250. DSDM2 says:

    Her UNs on Spots (all 3) were Annasmommy2/Us4&AngelCorey/Mccurrygaill

    We called her out on it. She also has multiple UNs on ebay, and negatives there too.

  251. Kristen says:

    Thanks. 🙂

  252. Redhead says:

    Y’all..AmyGamie lost her precious little boy 😦 Please keep them in your prayers.. it is so sad. 😦

  253. bittymomma says:

    259- I’m sobbing right now. Her baby was bigger than my DS when he was born. Those pics just flat out did something to me 😦 What a nightmare she has to deal with.

  254. KTWB says:

    Oh no 😦 I can’t imagine that pain. Praying for her and her family. Those pictures made me bawl.

  255. Just Peachy says:

    Amy I am sure you probably don’t read here now because of all the trauma you have been thru but I wanted to say my thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. If you need anything at all please do not hesitate to contact me angel_eyed_temptress@yahoo.com.

  256. reallytiredmommy says:

    I feel so sad for skittle. She just tested a product for me and was totally awesome! And I saw a thread about her lo being sick. She totally didn’t need this. Seriously makes me rethink buying on ds if they are now allowing retalitory feedback to stick. And what’s up with the two sides to every story crap? Skittle has how much fb? Like a hundred? And the seller has like 19?

  257. Sala says:

    I’m terribly sorry for Amy’s loss. We lost a babe a couple years ago and the pain is just unbelievable. I’m happy they managed to stabilize her but so sorry that the baby was not able to withstand her eclampsia and sudden labor.

  258. Redhead says:

    263, the seller probably bought the mod off. It doesn’t make sense otherwise.

  259. monkey says:


    Oh that poor mama! My heart is breaking for her. That pic of the father and baby is so sad. I don’t know her at all, but my heart just aches for any mama who loses a child.

  260. MotherMoonPads says:

    What’s going on with CDN? I’ve barely been able to get on the past week?

  261. mylilgirls says:

    Hi all….I’ve been out of touch for a while and don’t have home internet anymore just my phone. We finished our house (it’s 100% off grid) and got moved and settled. Forgive my phone typos.

    Just wanted to say that I know the person that left skittle the neg FB irl and she could be described as ‘off’. Don’t know anything about the transaction but I feel bad for skittle.

  262. Redhead says:


    Ok, I don’t know the story of which she is speaking, but the OP is a little off to me.. well, more than a little.

  263. noisybean says:

    I’m about to go take a nap right now. Of course I am going to unlock all the doors, turn the stove on and stick a ladder outside that goes up to the roof. I’ll make sure to lock the medicines up though, wouldn’t want to seem irresponsible.

  264. žába says:

    By her logic, the mama would never be able to sleep, go to the bathroom, take a shower. Hell, leaving the room would be out of the question, minds well move into a studio apartment.

  265. Sala says:

    What a sad sad person to have to kick a grieving mother to make herself feel good.

  266. Redhead says:

    273, she admits she leaves her kids in another room for 5 mins to switch laundry and they have torn the place apart by the time she gets back. Sounds like a chaotic home.

  267. myra says:

    Napping while your children nap is as irresponsible as not buckling them in the car? Wow, the OP is a special kind of stupid.

  268. monkey says:

    What about SIDS? Is a parent responsible because they were asleep when a child dies from SIDS? Yes, the window obviously should have been locked… but mommies get exhausted too. What about a mom who has a 3 year old and a newborn? She’s pretty well-screwed if she can’t nap when her child does.


    I never leave my child in a room alone if he’s awake, I must be a MUCH better parent than she is (wish I had an eyeroll smiley here). Of course I never leave him alone in a room because he is a destructive force of nature.

  269. Sala says:

    The nap thread has been locked. Why do I have a feeling I’m going to get a warning?

  270. try me, i'm new! says:

    yo, is anyone here able to get on CDN tonight? I was on earlier and it was slooooooowwwww, so I tried to clear cookies and now can’t get on at.all.

  271. Sala says:

    It was down for a while, all I got was database errors.

  272. monkey says:


    I was able to get on and mentioned it to admin. Hopefully it’ll be straightened out soon… it’s killing me!

  273. Sala says:

    And now the nap thread appears to be gone. Too bad. I wanted to show my husband my righteous post of head-slapping.

  274. ladybugith says:

    What story was the OP of the nap thread referencing/blaming the mother for?

  275. Sala says:

    In a nutshell, the mom took naps when her child or children were sleeping. recently, her three yearold fell out the window and died. A horrible accident, but OP basically was calling her a bad mother and that it wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t been napping, because she, OP, would never dream of napping (napping being for lazy, inattentive, and bad mothers, you see). Then she asked if others napped when their kids were napping because she just couldn’t imagine that good moms did that.

    I might be coloring it a bit but that’s really how it read. She was blaming the mother for her child’s death and using it to make herself feel like a better mother, IMO.

  276. coffeehoar says:

    Yup, and she also said the other board she was on flamed her for writing a post like that, and she doesn’t care if it happens again, she’s “curious” (her own words).

  277. KTWB says:

    Holy bejeezus. I must be an incredibly irresponsible parent because when my youngest was born, you bet I was napping when my oldest was! I also leave them to play with each other in their room while I make dinner. Then again, I know their room is the safest in the house and it’s just a few steps away from the kitchen. That OP is a nut.

  278. altaem says:

    I have a 3yo, an almost 2yo and a newborn. If I didn’t occasionally nap when they do, I’d probably have to be committed. Didn’t the OP of that thread ever hear the old adage “sleep when the baby sleeps”? She’s a loon.

  279. Just Peachy says:

    Well I guess I am about to be a horrible parent because I fully intend on napping with newb and Saedra. But I know my child and I know what precautions to take (ie put a baby gate up so she cant get out of the living room).

  280. summamma says:

    Does “napping” with your husband while the baby’s sleeping send you straight to hell too? Because mama likes her naps.

    The OP of the thread is waaaaaay over the top!

  281. Sala says:

    Well, I don’t know the lady who lost her child and she probably thought she had adequate safeguards up. Bottom line, though, is that accidents happen, any time, any place, whether you’re right there or in another room. And it’s never nice to play “I’m a better mom than her because ______” when the mom in question has just lost a child, all to puff yourself up and make yourself off to be a better martyr, I mean mom.

    I mean, there’s a mom on CDN whose older son accidently ran her two year old son over with the lawn mower this weekend and severed one of his feet. Dad was right there next to the mower, bent over to pick up a stick, younger kid dashed out and somehow catastrophe happened. The dad was right there. It happened anyway.

    I can hear the thread right now – “I’d never take my eyes off my child. I gave that up with wearing white pants, going to nice restaurants, and having a stain-free couch.” —> the latter sentence is something the OP had said that she gave up, in addition to naps, to be a mom. Because she’s that selfless or something.

  282. altaem says:

    289 – exactly.

    Oh, and I just took a shower when all 3 kids surprised me with a nap. *gasp*…a shower! Was I supposed to give those up, too? I already don’t get to be by myself in the bathroom alone EVER (unless, of course, they nap).

  283. mamaton says:

    That nap thread really pissed me off. If I don’t sleep with dd sleeps- I don’t sleep as I work night shift. It just makes you wonder what kind of parent she REALLY is…and the fact that she leaves her kids alone for 5 minutes and the house is torn up- means that she’s got some crazy hellians in her home. Then she got all defensive when another mama said she should probably disipline her kids more if they are tearing the house up after 5 minutes…sorry my 1 yo doesn’t “tear the living room up” after 5 minutes or 50 minutes because she knows what she can and can’t get into.

  284. altaem says:

    I don’t know what words I would use, but “tear up” may not be it. The kids play area is what is supposed to be the formal dining room, and is connected to our family room (which, I guess, is supposed to be the living room). The whole area can go from clean and tidy to a disaster in a couple minutes if I dare lock the door to the bathroom or run upstairs by myself. This is because my children are experts at emptying their toybox, though, and the diaper bins, and the blanket pile, floor pillows. It’s all stuff they’re allowed to touch, so I don’t “worry” when I leave the room…but it still makes it look like a tornado came through.

  285. monkey says:


    I know what you mean. My little is really good about not touching things that are off limits… but anything else is fair game! In his defense though, he really is playing not messing up for the sake of messing up.

    But it’s like, I turn my back and his entire toy farm, all of his dinosaurs and cars and 10 books are pulled out.

  286. eeek says:

    If parents aren’t allowed to sleep while children are sleeping, well, we’d die. Trying to categorize one’s own sleeping at night as fine while others sleeping in the day is endangering their children is moronic. She heard a story where a child died, and she tried very hard to tell herself she was such a good mom her own children were immune to accidents. Good luck with that.

    CDN hasn’t worked for me for days & days, sometimes I get the board but it’ll take minutes to get anything to load, now there’s not even that again.

  287. Kimbella says:

    296: nubunz?

    http://www.nubunz.com/ There is a retreat message on the website.

  288. Redhead says:

    Those are crappy diapers. I bought some and it was nothing but leaks and snap issues.

  289. zosiasmama says:

    Just a note about CDN, the move to the new server caused over 4000 errors, poor Mel is drowning in the fix. She is now getting some help and they hope that soon the bugs will all be worked out and we can go back to life as normal!

  290. Sala says:

    Oh, thank god. It’s been frustrating but I know it’s got to be harder for them – I’m just going through withdrawals but it’s only frustrating here, not aggravating and overwhelming. I know she’s not paid but sometimes you just need more hands and more time to throw at a problem.

  291. DSDM2 says:


  292. iken says:

    Beware of yasminRN21 on DS. She was just banned from TBW under her 3rd username, and is now trying to sell stuff at DS. Her other usernames are at TBW were lilig and minagal26. She had 5 negs and 1 neutral out of 29 feedbacks under the lilig username.

  293. mylilgirls says:

    Visited the nubunz site for giggles and grins. She has a disclaimer at the bottom of the home page saying that she gets over 1000 emails a week and can’t always answer everyone so it makes some people mad. Nothing like an announcement on your home page website screaming that you’re in over your head and will likely have poor customer service.

    On the nap thing, if sleeping during the day while your kid sleeps makes you a bad parent, what the hell does her family do at night? I can’t follow her logic.

  294. bittymomma says:

    Organicmomma, if you read this, I did get your addy but I haven’t been able to get on CDN to tell you so! We’re having some major issues here (GERD, possible surgery for the babe :(, planning to fly cross country in 2 days) but I’m doing my hardest to get it all together.

  295. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    303- Disclaimers just scream irresponsibility, IMO. HELLO! ANSWERING EMAIL WHEN YOU HAVE AN ONLINE BUSINESS IS YOUR JOB! There’s NO excuse for “I can’t always answer everyone.”

  296. smartassmama says:

    I feel bad for this mama. What a shitty situation, and I’d like to smack her landlord for her:


    And Kason’s Mommy – No matter what the OP does, she will never be found guilty of “defermation of character,” unless perhaps she makes the landlords’ character squishy and mushy, but even in that interpretation you are wrong.

  297. JustMe says:

    Interesting. wonder how long this’ll take to get caught.


  298. KTWB says:

    “And Kason’s Mommy – No matter what the OP does, she will never be found guilty of “defermation of character,” unless perhaps she makes the landlords’ character squishy and mushy, but even in that interpretation you are wrong.”

    Exactly! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how she read anything that could be construed as defamation. Made me :headscratch: and look up the definition of defamation. Sad to say (or not so sad actually) Kason’s Mommy, there was absolutely nothing in that thread that was defamation.

  299. adensmama says:

    Ummm, huge WTF?


    Is she talking about DOM PERIGNON? Or is this “Domperidone” some kind of medication that I have never heard of? Just…wtf.

  300. smartassmama says:

    It’s a galactagog (& I’m pretty sure I misspelled that).
    I thought the very same thing when I read about it. For a while. It’s for milk production, but I don’t think you can get it by script in the US. Could be wrong on the last part tho.

  301. slugwaterbug says:

    lol, it’s a medication that increases milk supply 😉

  302. adensmama says:

    Oh my gosh okay! LOL I was seriously like….are you asking to trade for alcohol on a cloth diaper board???

  303. Sala says:

    307: it’s already been removed by a mod, god forbid you say something disparaging about the mods. But it’s a messed up situation all around.

    Re: domperidone. It’s a drug which has as a side effect increased milk production in lactating women and sometimes inducing lactation in non-lactating women. Doctors will proscribe it but no normal pharmacy will give it to you. You have to get it compounded in the US for $$$$$; Big Pharma doesn’t care and the FDA hasn’t cleared it for general use, much less use in lactating women. Not much of a market, after all, where’s the money to be made?

    Most people get domperidone via online pharmacies from Canada. It has fewer side effects than the other widely proscribed milk increasing drug, Reglan. I know way too much about increasing milk supply. Wish I didn’t.

  304. KTWB says:

    Totally OT, but how do you say your name Sala? Like say lah? My cousin just had a baby and named her Selah so I was curious 🙂

  305. smartassmama says:

    One of my best friend’s maiden name was Selah, like See-luh.

  306. Sala says:

    315: I pronounce it Sah-lah.

  307. Sala says:

    oop, that was directed at KTWB in 314. Too little sleep has blown my short-term memory.

  308. mylilgirls says:

    I have diapers I need to ffs if anyone wants them. It will be a med frb full of AI2S and a few fitteds. Almost all girls but a few gn. Everything will fit 15lbs and up and mostly tall skinny babies and toddlers. All of these were made by me. Most have tags. My biz was willow buns before I closed. If you want them or know someone that does you can PM me at ds or CDN. User name on both is Mt_ranch_mom. I don’t visit the sites anymore but a PM will be emailed to me and if you include your email addy I can email you directly back and send pics of the mini stash.

    I can’t deal with the headache of listing these right now but they are sitting unused and that’s silly when someone else can use them :).

  309. amessymama says:

    There’s a little girl in my DS’s class named Selah. Such a beautiful name!!

    318-That’s sweet! I wish I needed them. 🙂

  310. smartassmama says:

    I have to say something about mommyto3beautifulbabies, & I am on my last leg strike wise: I would suggest not giving out safety information on a topic you know nothing about. Just this morning you thought FFing an infant was fine, so shut up and do more than two hours of research before opening your yapper. I admit, I’m no tech. It’s not a feasible process at the moment. But when a child’s safety is in question/on the line, I don’t profess to know everything. :/ you irritate me with your newfound smartz.

    Ok. That’s all!

  311. treeindawind says:

    320-what are you referring to? I am lost.

  312. smartassmama says:

    http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=991299 (and some others, http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?p=10304667#post10304667 where she blatantly states her ignorance). In the next post, she says that they remained FFing when they moved to her new car. Then she later goes on to say that she did turn them RFing in her new car. Backpedalling because she realizes she’s defending stupid actions to a group of moms who have heard all the excuses and know better.

    And three hours later she’s an expert, suggesting stuff. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?p=10305524#post10305524 and wanting to write a safety blog http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=991373

    Link overload. Sorry 🙂 she’s innundated that sub-forum in just a few hours, with posts that run the gamut from stupid uneducated illegal car seat use, to “I’m working towards my MA in Special Education, so I’m better than you,” to “I’m so educated 3hrs later that I should start a blog.

    My beef is, I guess, that s lot of folks come there to ask questions about what seat they should buy for this child, in this car, or for links on safety information, etc. They might also not be up-to-speed on the laws or best practice or (especially) what is medically the safest for their LO. And to one who doesn’t frequent there, they might see her 20-something posts there and think she knows what she’s talking about and that soaking seat straps, flammable gawdy covers, and FFing infants is ok. 😦

  313. smartassmama says:

    It’s in moderation because of the links, but it’ll be there in a little while probably.

  314. sciencefair says:

    318 tried to pm you.

  315. sciencefair says:

    318 here is my email rebecca342(at)gmail(dot)com you can’t receive messages at either place.

  316. mylilgirls says:

    324- had no idea my inbox at ds was full. Can’t log on via my phone so I’m emailing you now. I have lots of diapers at varying sizes to go around so if anyone interested you can email me at mbmpanther(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  317. treeindawind says:

    Where’s the dramaz?

  318. Just Peachy says:

    Break up the link so we can see it before it goes poof!

  319. smartassmama says:

    Oh, it won’t go poof. It wasn’t twatty, just stupid.

    smartassmama says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    May 21, 2010 at 6:27 pm
    http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t= 991299 (and some others, http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?p=10304667#post1030 4667 where she blatantly states her ignorance). In the next post, she says that they remained FFing when they moved to her new car. Then she later goes on to say that she did turn them RFing in her new car. Backpedalling because she realizes she’s defending stupid actions to a group of moms who have heard all the excuses and know better.

    And three hours later she’s an expert, suggesting stuff. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?p=10305524#post1030 5524 and wanting to write a safety blog http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t= 991373

    Link overload. Sorry she’s innundated that sub-forum in just a few hours, with posts that run the gamut from stupid uneducated illegal car seat use, to “I’m working towards my MA in Special Education, so I’m better than you,” to “I’m so educated 3hrs later that I should start a blog.

    My beef is, I guess, that s lot of folks come there to ask questions about what seat they should buy for this child, in this car, or for links on safety information, etc. They might also not be up-to-speed on the laws or best practice or (especially) what is medically the safest for their LO. And to one who doesn’t frequent there, they might see her 20-something posts there and think she knows what she’s talking about and that soaking seat straps, flammable gawdy covers, and FFing infants is ok.

  320. smartassmama says:

    Well hell. I tried, did it wrong, and it happened again. 😉 lol her UN is mommyto3beautifulbabes. From 5am til I guess noon she’s blown up All things Carseats. Goes all the way from being severely ignorant on legal use, to wanting to write a blog an hand out advice a few hours later.

  321. Just Peachy says:

    The idiocy it burns!!!!!!!!!!

  322. angelique says:

    she IS posting in all the car seat threads like crazy and posting responses, commenting and quoting EVERY mama…..she clogging up the board and I am already sick of her. The vibe is all holier-than-thou. I HATE when newbies have an answer to everything especially when other mamas clearly have her cornered in her stupidity.

  323. discursive says:

    Not particularly on topic, but I just noticed that gbryndi’s daughter’s name is *TexyAnn*…wtf?

  324. tlouise says:

    Oh shoot, sorry, I used the wrong screen name for my last comment. I get so confused with all these different websites, lol…

  325. chrissyb says:

    mommyto3beautifulbabes is full of shit. She claims she has 3 kids rear facing in an escape, I call BS. I had an escape and there is no way in hell she could fit a rear facing seat behind the driver and still drive. Unless she is 4 ft tall. For that matter the only way she is going to fit three across rear facing is with something like a radian and aint no way in hell she could drive with a radian behind the driver. Depending on the seat its nearly impossible to fit 3 across at all. My guess is she back pedaled because she wanted to be one of the “cool kids” on the car seat forum. She obviously posted to stir the pot. I am not terribly passionate about car seats, I keep my kids safe and let others be (except once in awhile when you have to say something). But its irritating to me that someone who obviously knows nothing wants to be a guru. Get a life.

  326. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    334- No dog in this fight, just sayin’: My sister and BIL have an Escape. They have an 18-month-old and a special needs 3-year-old RFing in basic Cosco seats in their Escape, and often have my other nephew with them in his full-size carseat. FWIW, My sister is not a small chick, and my BIL is a larger man and 6’3″. She’s an ignorant piece of work, that’s for sure, and she’s showing her own trail of lies very clearly, but it IS possible to have three carseats in an Escape with average-size people.

  327. BabyBrain says:

    Another “quick delete this, before someone disagrees with me”


    She’s already on my DO NOT BST with ever again list. I had a very similar experience with her, that took months to resolve.

  328. chrissyb says:

    335 yes the three cas seats is possible, though a tight squeeze, I have managed it barely, but do they have 3 rear facing? And is one of the rear facing seats behind the driver?

  329. smartassmama says:

    Naw. They have an under 1yo RFing finally, a 23mo RFing, both in a Maxi Cosi Priori, which is apparently bulky. Her 7yo is seat belt only, because of the Prioris. I think he’s on the driver’s side.

    I think I ❤ Hailey's Mommy (think that's the right UN) for finally giving her "forget about the laws!" last night. Lol

  330. chrissyb says:

    hmm, I have a priori in DH’s car and don’t think its bulky at all. If I had to guess I would say its a couple inches narower than the marathon, and a good deal more compact, easily fits behind the passenger seat rear facing in a subaro hatchback.

  331. Just Peachy says:

    I fit 3 across in an escape though not rfing. I had 1 in a turbo booster, 1 in a cosco booster, and 1 rfing in a scenera and had no issues. Now rfing 3 across I can see that being an issue.

  332. Redhead says:

    SillyBreanna has a do not BST under her avi.. & one negative.

    I knew that was coming..

  333. melmelly says:

    I have a Mazda Tribute(same as the Escape) and there is no way I can get three seats back there, FF or RF, and have it be safe. I tried installing my nephew’s seat RF in the middle last summer, and a FF behind the passenger seat. But by the time I got over to put the booster seat in behind the driver seat, I couldn’t get the door shut.

  334. DSDM2 says:

    I had 3 in an escort (hatchback) at one point. You have to make a choice on skinny seats to do it though.

  335. MotherMoonPads says:

    #342, What’s the story there? I wanted one of her dresses.

  336. organicmomma says:

    337- For some reason i super avoid that mama…I’ve never had any interactions with her, but she annoys me for some reason…

  337. altaem says:

    Anyone here? Just posted a question in T&F, but I need an answer (so I can weigh packages and get quotes)…figured you ladies might have one. Would it be okay to mail a can of formula in a polymailer?

    One opinion (and my fear) is that it would get crushed.

  338. adensmama says:

    Yeah you can get 3 across in most vehicles with the right seat choices, but I’m sorry having 3 rear facing….not really. Unless one is in an infant seat behind the driver. I have a Honda CRV and I have two rear facing Radian 80SLs and the front passenger seat is scooted pretty far forward to fit it. It’s uncomfortable for long periods of time and it would be hard for anyone to drive with that behind the driver’s seat unless they were very short.

  339. adensmama says:

    #347 I would not do that, it would probably bust open during transit. Better to use a small box or cut another box down to fit it.

  340. smartassmama says:

    She doesn’t have 3 RFing. She has two that she claims are (I’m betting only one is) & a 7yo who she admits isn’t in a booster because he’s chubby, then because the door wont shut with a booster there, she can’t get one narrow enough, now all of a sudden he IS in a booster. I think shed full of crap & teh kiss-ass.

  341. smartassmama says:

    Me neither. I’d have the same worry. Something hard but breakable like a can I’d feel more safe putting in a box.

  342. amessymama says:

    The car seat chick reminds me a little bit of shoe/crotch chick.

  343. chrissyb says:

    350- exactly, saying what she thinks people want to hear. yuck. At least own what you do. My 5 year old is in a backless booster, I made the choice for lots of reasons, but I own it, its mine. Flame away!

  344. Redhead says:

    352, I was thinking the SAME thing! Wonder if it is her, back from ban-land?

  345. Redhead says:

    345, IDK the story. She just annoys me and was always posting in T&F about issues (not always hers, but her advice was usually stupid)… plus she can’t spell or use proper grammar, so that just bugs that crap outta me.
    You know, if someone wants to be a WAHM .. some nicely written sentences would be a big plus for their business.. instead of “lol i made this it is cute i luv the colors anyway buy it ok lolol !!!!”…

  346. altaem says:

    Thanks for the opinions – I was thinking the same thing in terms of it getting crushed.

    355 – I actually laughed out loud at your pretend quote…WAHMs that type like that annoy me also. If you can’t take the time to spell out “you” or “your” (among many others), I’m probably not gonna buy.

  347. smartassmama says:

    Y’all. There are actually people on the Pregnancy board, who’re old enough to have babies, in 2010, who think that the gender of your baby is based on how many males are in your DH’s family! Like, they look at it like eye color? Bat-shit crazy. Biology class? Simple genetics? Health class even!

    I’m going to bed. My thinker hurts now. Maybe I’ll even do the deed. My husband comes from a very small family, so maybe our chances of conceiving at all are slim.

  348. Just Peachy says:

    Adensmama I was just going to say that. Admittedly I have 2 in boosters but I fit 3 across in my tiny focus just fine and have for a while whether its FFing or RFing. I actually had an easier time turning Saedra back RFing when we borrowed FIL’s escape for a trip out of town.

  349. silvaheyes says:

    357 – The gender is based upon the sperm/father so it makes sense to look at how many males or females are within the father’s family. 😛

  350. sourpatchbabe says:

    Not really, it’s based on which sperm made it there first; x or y and how close to ovulation they were doing the horizontal hello. Now, the only way that a thing like that would occur is if there is some sort of hereditary disease that is passed on via the Y chromosone that affects the sperm. My grandmother had twelve children. Of those, only three were girls. Her husband came from a farm family where they had more girls than boys. Almost all her male children (my uncles) have more girls than boys.

    It could all be explained by one thing. The men in the family all get horny about the same time of the month which coincides with the wife’s ovulation to produce more boys than girls.

  351. sourpatchbabe says:

    shoop, that’s what happens when I type while a two year old is using me as a train track. My grandfather’s parents had more boys than girls. My grandmother and grandfather had more boys than girls. Their boys had more girls than boys.

  352. me says:

    I think that they mean if it is a pattern over multiple generations to have mostly boys or mostly girls then it is assumed that familys men mainly makes XX or XY sperm.

  353. Kelolsen says:

    I have an Escape and no way can I fit 3 car seats. NOt even a little bit. Granted, one of our seats is a Regent, but I have a Regent behind the driver seat and a Marathon behind the passenger seat and there is maybe 10″ of space between them. The latches on an Escape are nicely in the middle of the seats, so you can’t keep the seats way over to the side. I can’t ev en put a small child between the car seats, much less a third car seat!

  354. Kelolsen says:

    its common for military pilots (like jet pilots) toh ave mostly girls when they are flyng alot- something funky about the altitude and how it affects their sperm. Its often a joke that they don’t get to have any sons until they are grounded for a while.

  355. BabyBrain says:

    346- OM – Mine was a trade gone bad. It took me 2 months of PMing her every day to get my money back (we opted that over returning and “losing” my diapers, too). I kept getting excuse after excuse from her. I shoulda left a negative, but just didnt leave any feedback at all.

  356. BabyBrain says:

    364 – Oh, good point. I need to get my DH to reenlist and become a pilot this time. LOL All boys here for me.

  357. MotherMoonPads says:

    I thought you could fit 3 across in virtually any car with the *right* carseats (such as Radians?)

  358. Just Peachy says:

    MMP you can but Kel I can see why cus Britax seats are ginormous.

  359. Kris says:

    364- DH fed me the same line about satcom guys and radiation, but look how that one worked out for me… LOL

  360. zamgrawrz says:

    Its really really really rare for a guy to produce more of one type of sperm than the other, at least enough to make a difference. I don’t really get thinking that because your dh has 8 brothers, that means you’re having a boy. At all. Heck, my ex had all brothers and had 2 girls with me and my fiance has all males all the way down the line, but we had a girl as well.

    Really think it has more to do with timing/position/sperm survival. Like…if a guys spermies die easy, then having a girl might not happen as easily since they can’t be up there hanging around for an egg to pop out and say harro.

    And omg, I feel so bad for Amy 😦 I can’t imagine losing a child…her story totally hit home for me too as I had the exact same thing happen (pre-e and then HELLP insanely fast) and at the same gestation. I didn’t realize how lucky I was that my son is fine until now 😦 That poor poor mama-and any others that’ve lost their LO’s.

  361. kukukachoo says:

    sorta OT but sorta not…..i learned recently that if you have had a boy, then your chances of having more boys thereafter is higher. apparantly, those male fetuses leave behind some hormone or do something (can’t remember exactly) that makes the environment from that point on less “desirable” for female sperms.

  362. Munklettes says:

    Don’t tell me that, kukukachoo! I have three boys! lol

  363. kukukachoo says:

    uh-oh 🙂 sorry!

  364. piratebaby says:

    The best way to have a girl is to not want to do it, give in, then end up with a surprise baby…. Boys 1 and 2 were both planned pg, baby #3 was a total oopsy (I didn’t even want to do it that night!), got a bfp on ds2’s 6 mo bday. Lo and behold it turned out it was a girl. Fast forward 3 yrs and we decide to try for another girl, do everything we’re supposed to for a girl…and get our 3rd boy. Dh says if we had another oopsy baby it would be a girl, but I’m DONE!

  365. smartassmama says:

    LOL. My daughter was made on my lunch break. ROFL
    My son, we’re not positive. I was BFing my 6mo DD and I’d maybe had one or two AFs, but my cycle came back because being at work, I wasn’t able to feed on her schedule and I’m not the best pumper. So Walmart helped me make my children.

  366. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    lol! well i have 3 girls and bean #4 is due in october…we’ll see….

  367. MotherMoonPads says:

    Momma, are you find out what you’re having? 🙂

  368. Redhead says:

    376, We have 3 girls, too. A boy would be nice, but for the sake of practicality ( though I admit…sometimes my mindset is way too practical!:) ) if/when we ever have another, I am thinking of leaning towards a girl again…just for that reason! I grew up with 3 younger brothers and 1 sister, brothers are super fun though. 🙂

  369. BabyBrain says:

    372 Munklettes – all boys for me, too!

  370. sourpatchbabe says:

    mommyto3beautifulbabes is now saying that her son threatens her with CPS if she tries to get him to eat. WTH kind of parent lets themselves be put in what amounts to a hostage situation with their own kid?

  371. Just Peachy says:

    Well shit I wonder if the same applies for girls because Im on my 4th girl now.

  372. amessymama says:

    380-I’m pretty sure she’s just a stupid, lying, drama loving troll.

  373. amessymama says:

    I wish I could go poke her. 😦

  374. kukukachoo says:

    381- no, wherever it was that i read it (can’t for the life of me find it now) said it only applied to the boys.

  375. BabyBrain says:

    382 – My thoughts exactly.
    And now after she’s already shown us that she’s a suck ass mama, now all of a sudden she’s ‘so scared’ that her DD moved the clip on her carseat. WTF?

  376. BabyBrain says:

    384- not exactly what I wanted to hear. lol

  377. BabyBrain says:

    And for someone suuposedly getting a masters degree, she has some serious punctuation and grammar issues.

  378. zamgrawrz says:

    Well for me, my boys were both definitely conceived ON my O day. My first was an oops from a one night stand with a friend so no doubt there. My second boy was planned and we tried for a boy using Shuttles.

    My girls were conceived without trying…first was after a D&C so no idea when I conceived, second was planned but we weren’t trying for anything so we were just doing stuff every night. Third one was another oops, this time on the pill. I have a lot of oops. Oh and I had a girl with my surrogacy but that was via IVF so I don’t think that counts 😛

    I do know of a family with 14 kids though and all but one are boys. O_o

  379. Jacky says:

    I have a 2001 Escape and it most certainly is possible to do three across. I have done many, many combos, but you have to use seatbelts, not LATCH. I also had a Radian behind my drivers seat and I am 5’9″ tall. I currently have a Marathon rf in the middle, a Scenera ff outboard and another Marathon FF outboard. A Radian makes 3 across easy. I am a car seat tech, so I know they were in right. All that aside, I just bought a Scenera cover from momto3beautifulbabes. It went fine aside from the fact that she called it a Graco cover until I pointed out that it said Cosco right on it.

  380. žába says:

    371 – that’s funny, because it makes me think of how my son always pees on the toilet seat. Making it an undesirable place for females. LOL

  381. sourpatchbabe says:

    390 I just choked on my spit your post was so funny. My boys are only allowed to use ONE toilet in the house and no more. I can’t stand all that ickyness all over the place. And I’ve heard a few times from mamas that pulled up the bathroom tiles around the toilet that there was a very definite pee stink under the tiles. That the pee soaks through the tiles and that makes it harder to get the pee stink out of the bathrooms. ugh!

  382. chrissyb says:

    Yeah, DS has his own bathroom, ick. It stinks so bad, and it gets cleaned daily. If I had it to do again, I would teach him to go sitting down for sure. He is very flighty, and he little is a bit crooked. Makes for a messy situation lol.

  383. kukukachoo says:

    that’s why the boys in this house sit when they are at home!

  384. žába says:

    I clean his bathroom at least once a day and I swear it just always smells like pee. The kid pees every were! I wish he would sit and pee, but alas, he learned to stand and pee at school and wont sit back down now. Some times he sneaks in my bathroom, and I sit down with out looking -Yuck yuck yuck!

  385. smartassmama says:

    The color combo is pretty cute. Cuter than the apple themed one in my kitchen. But mine was all of $2.50 @ WalHell. It’s a keeper.

  386. žába says:

    Nope, still fugly IMO.

  387. zosiasmama says:

    Someone on CDN mentioned today that they got hit with another virus at DS today. Just a warning ladies!

  388. Toaster says:

    In the navy there are certain rates, Fire Controlman is one of them, that due to the radiation they are around it kills off or weakens the boy spermies and they are much much more likely to have a girl. I’d never heard of it applying to pilots before, but it kinda makes sense. Women can handle more G-force than men so maybe the boy swimmies can’t hack the speed. 🙂

  389. BabyBrain says:

    395 – oh gawd! I see the other one is still in stock, too. What a shocker.

  390. organicmomma says:

    Yep…I had a virus…but mcafee caught it…

  391. Redhead says:

    395- she needs to get better pictures. I wouldn’t buy from her based off her pics.. BUT especially knowing everything else I do.

  392. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    MMP- I want to be surprised, but I don’t know if i can hold out, lol! I’m 19 weeks now..so…we’ll see, lol

  393. organicmomma says:

    OK, I am so f-ing annoyed with people not answering pm’s on cdn and ds…I’m trying to find for a mama about to have a baby bumgenius 3.0 in zinnia, clementine and ribbit without inserts…maybe light pink..well crap, any color, but mostly those listed above….anyone got these?

    this one chick says i want to trade your capris for bg 3.0’s I pm and say ok…what cha got…I get 3 other offers on the capris, but i really need these dipes for the mama…so, I wait and wait, seeing she’s not answering my PM’s…she finally answers today saying…oh sorry…someone is coming to look at these tomorrow…geez wtf?

  394. smartassmama says:

    So, random thought. I was reading annolder thread and the thought hit me – could ‘Erin’ have been Rebelsmommy? I don’t remembe. Anyone bringing her up. And she’s not been active in a while. And that shithead she’s with looks abusive. Just a thought.

  395. sciencefair says:

    Organicmomma – I have all of the above, but they are all at a WAHMs getting snap converted. Does she want aplix only?

  396. Redhead says:

    405, Maybe? I think she (RM) loves her son though ( but yes, her parenting choices are seriously off).. and “Erin” obviously did not care for her son at all. But, people can act to get what they want.
    I hope Erin’s son gets help. I don’t give a crap about the mom, after what she wrote saying she wished she could “abort him now”.. but I do hope the son ends up OK and in a loving home. 😦

    404, I sold all of my BGs. 😦 If I see any good deals, I’ll let you on on FB.

  397. scissorattack says:

    Lurker here finally coming out to ask for some help…

  398. Redhead says:

    Boo hoo. Delete my post because someone laughed in a comment and I think they were laughing at ME!!!

    What is the deal with that attitude? I have seen it twice today, 2 different people on 2 different posts. You put a “laughing” icon after your comment (even though you’re laughing at yourself. not the OP!) and the OP freaks out & gets all highschool emo on you..

  399. Redhead says:

    I think every post I make today on DS.. I am going to put a laughing icon in it.. just to be a turd.

  400. me says:

    “…gets all high school emo on you”


  401. Redhead says:

    Here’s the other one..
    Post #2823, then in 2839 she gets grouchy because someone PMed her for her credits AFTER she said “I’m debating canceling everything, getting my money back, and forgetting the whole thing.”
    Where’s my dark room and emo poetry so I can go cry, oh woe is me!

  402. Flat Stainley says:

    411. I saw that too and thought, well it is TW Tuesday!

  403. flippin out says:

    has anyone ordered from First Gear on HC?

  404. Flat Stainley says:

    I don’t normally post gossip but this makes me want to cry! Yes! Go to the police AND the ER! Get away from that guy too!


  405. MotherMoonPads says:

    What feedback would you leave if a seller didn’t ship until 9 days after printing the label & telling you they shipped your package?

  406. melmelly says:

    MMP, I would leave a negative. They tell you they shipped, but they didn’t. They were lying. So (-)!!

  407. angelique says:

    415. did you get the items? were they in the condition like you expected? did you pm the seller and call her out on the shipping issue? i wouldn’t just out and out give a negative for late shipping but i guess it would depend on the whole situation.

  408. MotherMoonPads says:

    I haven’t gotten it yet. It was a tester. I received an email on the 15th stating my item had shipped and also giving me the DC. I noticed there was no movement at all with the DC (which can be totally normal of course, since it’s delivery confirmation, not tracking) AND another mama on the tester thread stating her item hadn’t shipped. I PM’d the WAHM 9 days after it supposedly shipped, who told me “it’s on the way, I’ll PM you the tracking number in a bit”.

    Delivery confirmation number shows it was accepted at the post office yesterday, on the 24th. So she printed the label on the 15th, but dropped it off on the 24th.

  409. magpiedpiper says:

    I normally would not side with mommy2kaitlyn (chick is right up there with Nattybatty) but wow did the OP over react to a simple giggle smiley!

  410. magpiedpiper says:

    Oh, I just saw the “gossip” thread posted above was started by her. I don’t believe it. She’s nutty.

  411. smartassmama says:

    Why would your ex fix you supper? Isn’t that the point of not being married to each other? As much as I hope he’s not poisoning her, I can’t move past ‘why’s your ex cooking for you?!’ I don’t know if this is her ex husband, or just an ex-live-in baby daddy, and I don’t have an ex spouse, so I know it’s different, but if an ex-boyfriend gave me food, I’d throw it in the trash. If an ex was hungry I’d tell him to piss up a rope. They’re exes for a reason. That’s just strange. If your any level of broken up, there’s reason for it. Make yourself a sandwich.

  412. Redhead says:

    414, I thought I last read that she wasn’t with her ex anymore?

  413. punktart says:

    418: Was it a tester for felted soap? I still haven’t gotten mine either and it’s been over 2 weeks. No communication or DC# . I filed with PP Friday and she hasn’t even responded to that. Just wondering if it was the same mama.

  414. magpiedpiper says:

    Who knows. SHE’S just strange, so of course her situation would be as well. For instance, she dragged out this weird, long thing a year or so ago where she insisted she was pregnant despite multiple ultrasounds, hpts, blood test, doctors etc saying otherwise IIRC.

  415. treeindawind says:

    418-MMP, was the tester for the photo pendant? I have been having an issue with that and it is right around the same dates. LMK!

  416. summamma says:

    Okay Mamas- Piper’s Closet- how’s their quality? Buy a bunch or avoid like the plague?

  417. MotherMoonPads says:

    It was a wrap, and in all fairness the price I paid couldn’t have hardly covered material & shipping.

  418. Aj says:

    is what confuses me about mommy2kaitlyn.

    Was she married when she was sleeping around?

  419. me says:

    429- She was separated at the time.
    She tried to work it out with her DH one last time and it didn’t happen.

  420. Aj says:

    Ah, I see. She’s a busy one, eh?

  421. scissorattack says:

    Just wanted to say that my first comment is still in moderation but I no longer need any help. Thanks anyway!

    427- I’ve wondered that too!

  422. Redhead says:

    429, good grief.. that chick has some security issues.

  423. DSDM2 says:

    I approved it the other night, scroll up some 🙂

  424. .bin. says:

    re: 429

    The guy she was sleeping with was also her “best friend” who was in an exclusive(possibly married?) relationship, but everyone seemed to cheer her on in getting him and getting pregnant.

    yay you fcked a dude in a relationship while still in one yourself! Congratulations!

  425. Hexe says:

    Troll? Pregnant with triplets on birthcontrol, they are all in one sac and she immediately needs diapers? But money is tight.


  426. Kit says:

    I lurk everywhere, but the chick referred to in 436..
    Anyone notice that her ISO has burned videos as a possible trade for what she wants? Kinda illegal, and rather stupid to post about, IMO.

  427. Aj says:

    She’s either really lucky or a troll…I’m leaning toward troll.

    Here she says she wants twins, and wow, 10 days later she’s pregnant with triplets. She better play the lotto tonight!

  428. Hexe says:

    #437 I am leaning towards troll as well, just joined, only looked at FSOT, changed her iso now…. so fishy
    Looks like she is looking for attention and some free diapers, clothes, etc.

  429. Funneh says:

    Nottobeabitch, but I seriously doubt the intelligence of anybody who has had a child (read: knows better) and wishes for multiples. My twins are an awesome blessing and I love them more than I thought it was possible to love, but the plain fact is there is a lot you cannot do/a lot you cannot give your babies at ages/stages where they need full attention in an area because there are two of them with those exact same needs and demands. Embrace it when it happens, man, but I wouldn’t wish it on anybody; it is HARD.

  430. Just Peachy says:

    I say lucky too because she got pregnant supposedly while the depo was still working. Thats almost completely impossible since depo is notorious for causing fertility problems as it is.

  431. Hexe says:

    And then three, sharing a sac…. just a bit too much.
    Under these circumstances every other mother would be worried to death. Last thing on my mind would be building a stash now.

  432. Redhead says:

    For someone who is tight on funds.. she certainly has one of the LONGEST ISO lists I have seen.. Lierre.Bebe a close second.

  433. Hexe says:

    #442 that was my point, she just came to ds and opened a huge iso, and the other post is ‘Iam having triplets’ any help would be great, I don’t have pp. Give me your stuff.

  434. Redhead says:

    Convenient that she didn’t post the date on the U/S picture.

  435. angelique says:

    oh yeah, troll all the way. She supposedly has three kids under six with three more on the way and is excited?! no threads about worry to carry three, adding to the family, finances, nothing? getting pregnant so quickly with triplets while on birth control? no way is she legit. especially not when she is all about shopping.

  436. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    omg! post it!

  437. Hexe says:

    I tried to find it as well, great google job. Post it, these kids are baking since 2001.

  438. Redhead says:

    Just posted.

  439. Hexe says:

    In what thread did you post? She has two.

  440. Just Peachy says:

    The huge update one. I know who you iz nowwwwwwww

  441. Redhead says:

    Haha 🙂

  442. Redhead says:

    wonder if I’d get in trouble posting it on both her threads?

  443. Hexe says:

    Why would you? Having some fun with her would be interesting before outing her. Something around those lines, funny, I had the same ultrasound picture with my triplets in 2001…

  444. Just Peachy says:

    Whats even sadder is shes from Michigan 😦 I hate when the trolls come from my home state.

  445. Hexe says:

    Lol, I hope people will not b/s/t with her. I am sure they would be waiting forever for their stuff, like being pregnent since 2001.

  446. Redhead says:

    Do you think it is the Felipoo person? I know she was recently banned (again) from CDN.. about time for another appearance. 😉

  447. Hexe says:

    I dunno…… maybe. We would have to get her on here to find out.

  448. organicmomma says:

    OK, so that “triplets” mama tried to trade me burned dora movies for my daughters birthday told me to check out her iso, but when i saw that she had an iso only i thought SCAM and didn’t reply…

  449. organicmomma says:

    i reported her ISO thread…just so no one would trade with her…

  450. organicmomma says:

    and get scamerooed…

  451. Redhead says:

    I want her to come online and try to explain why she stole that picture, what fun it would be…

  452. Hexe says:

    That’s what I was thinking, now they will just ban her and we will be fun free.

  453. Redhead says:

    Hexe.. did you post in that thread? If so, I think I know who you are.. and I once got very annoyed with you, but now you’re cool. 😀
    Or maybe I am completely mixed up.

  454. Redhead says:

    Her name is Christine Wise.. does that ring a bell with anyone?

  455. Redhead says:

    Oh, they had a redneck wedding!! And breed reptiles!

    Things just keep getting better and better!

  456. sourpatchbabe says:

    You would think that if she was actually pregnant she would not have put girl clothes nb-9month in her available for trade list. Anyone who has no money will put their child into whatever clothes they can find that fit, regardless of the gender (I know that my oldest boy has worn pink hello kitty onesies and that was after being gifted a ton of baby clothes). Posts like this makes me wish I had an address book of everyone on DS. I would like to go over to her house and give her a piece of my mind (and fists) for doing that. Heck, I think I’ll go for my first strike. What she did is totally uncool.

  457. Redhead says:

    ROFL.. “floating sack of poop” ..!!! That is too good to get a strike! 🙂

  458. treeindawind says:

    Here is another pic of them, same people as pp mentioned #469 http://flint.craigslist.org/pet/1756804766.html

  459. Redhead says:


  460. treeindawind says:

    In this link is a small pic of the same woman (click on it, it will get bigger), same lady, same username etc.


    Ok, and now I am done lol.

  461. Redhead says:

    well, I guess she isn’t Felitart!

  462. treeindawind says:

    Honestly, blaming it on Felishoo gives her way too much credit!

  463. magpiedpiper says:

    Wow, what a low life piece of crap she is. Good job to you all getting her caught so quickly.

  464. Just Peachy says:

    She is from Flint? That explains alot no offense to any of the other good decent mamas who happen to live there.

  465. Just Peachy says:

    I wanna marry sourpatch_babe now.

  466. sourpatchbabe says:

    471, I actually TRIED to be mean in the post but I couldn’t. My fingers would not let me type what I wanted to (could be either I’m too chicken to actually say what she deserved or I’m too chicken to get a strike. Probably a little of both).

    480. LOL

  467. sourpatchbabe says:

    Although mentally I was shaking my fist at her, that’s the most violent act I can do since motherhood has made me a sissy. Seriously, I used to be able to read all Stephen King and watch tons of horror movies without flinching. The moment the pee stick turned positive anything higher than PG13 freaks me out and gives me nightmares. Almost made the kidlets shake their fists also.

  468. BabyBrain says:

    She’s a heartless bitch.

    Woohoo for y’all outing her.

  469. BabyBrain says:

    lol sourpatch. I’ve actually gotten MEANER since becoming a mama. And well being in the Army prolly didn’t help….

    I’d totally love to hear her explanation. But she’s probably not coming back now is she? 😥

  470. Just Peachy says:

    Of course not. I have a half a mind to track her ass down and smack her upside her fucking head. Its bad enough around here without having to worry about lying thieving despicable cunt bags like her.

  471. Redhead says:

    The people on the reptile/fauna board are reporting her for tax evasion & even calling CPS on her. I didn’t read through the 100+ pages of info, but they are fired up over there.

  472. kachinabetta says:

    Of course us reptile folks are fired up, they stole thousands of dollars that were raised by members for a grieving widow and her three young children.

    I appreciate you guys giving us a heads up on the newest scam!

  473. Hexe says:

    Argh, as allways, ds just lockes one of the threads, without looking into it. No explanation, nothing.
    Redhead, great detective work. I googled her as well, will read your links now.

  474. Just Peachy says:

    Hello to the faunaclassifieds.com folks. I hope you guys nail her ass to the wall!

  475. visitingreptilekeeper says:

    Hello, ladies! I’m a visitor from Faunaclassifieds, the reptile site.

    Here’s the short story of Christina Wise, down from 100+ pages.

    A longtime member had two strokes, was in the hospital, then passed away, leaving behind a widow and 3 children.

    Christina Wise — the same woman who’s stealing ultrasound images and posting them on your board — started a series of auctions to raise funds for medical, then funeral, expenses for this family.

    They collected well over $5000. They sent the widow about 1500 of it, and … the rest just sort of vanished. Then it was discovered they’d spent it on THEIR power bills, an expensive trip to the scammer’s husband’s aunt’s funeral (way overpriced hotel bills), computer stuff, reptiles, and then the kicker? Her husband was apparently also using it to buy drugs. … and they DO have 4 children, as she has claimed.

    Attempts were made to collect the remaining funds, have them turn over animals they owed money on, etc, to a trusted board member and moderator. They claimed “oh, the police came up and told us to not hand over anything”. (This was proven a lie within hours, no officer ever came out.)

    A lot of members who donated money, goods, etc, are filing suits of various kinds. CPS and the IRS may also be involved at this point.

    It’s a MESS.

    I’m glad you guys caught her before she did a whole lot of harm. Best of luck!

  476. Hexe says:

    I wonder if we should post on that Fauna board, letting them know what she did on ds.

  477. Lisa Curtis says:

    Yes you should. They are VERY bad people. I for one thank everyone for letting us know about these hateful people!

  478. tree critter says:

    One of the fauna folks here, so glad you’ve got the word spreading even more on this piece of trash human. I hope she likes the look of prison clothes because eventually I see bars in her future!!

  479. Hexe says:

    I see it has been done.

  480. organicmomma says:

    HOly whoa…you mama’s are good sluether’s…..god, what a bitch! Looked like lil outlaws made have traded with her…that’s only who posted in the iso though…how the hell did you find out her name?

  481. zosiasmama says:

    Can someone clue me in…what is the UN of the person being talked about? I want to check and see if she has joined CDN.

  482. Redhead says:

    492- Cwise87.

  483. Redhead says:

    Way ahead of you 490! 🙂 I sent screen shots to the person who is trying to get the police involved.. haha, I’m such an informant. 😉

  484. FaunaMama says:

    I’d like to thank you for bringing your story over to fauna. Christina Wise and her husband Jeff took advantage of a grieving widow and her three children for thousands of dollars. The reptile community has compiled records of tax evasion, check fraud and grand theft (not to mention being the lowest of scum). Wheels are in motion to have them arrested on ALL these charges. They already have criminal records for drunk driving, possession of drugs and resisting arrest so they should be going ‘away’ for awhile.
    Again, thank you for keeping an eye out. These two don’t deserve the kind hearted help you offer on your site. Nice work!! Have a great day!

  485. Redhead says:

    SHE IS ONLINE (DS), Cwise87!!! Get this party rollin’ … woo hoo

  486. Redhead says:

    ugh, she is deleting all her posts. Admin took a a couple.. but she is removing them as well.

  487. FaunaMama says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention…if anyone wants photos of the “happy couple”, just let me know…
    apparently, their wedding made the news too… http://www.mlive.com/grandblanc/index.ssf/2009/06/grand_blanc_township_redneckth.html

  488. Redhead says:

    FaunaMama, I am assuming you’re from the Fauna board.. 🙂 Welcome!
    Do you know how many “actual” children Christina has? I think her previous posts said she had a 5yr old girl and 3 yr old boy.. and then a 1 yr old? Can’t remember.

  489. LoboGfx says:

    # 488

    Thanks we are working hard, I will have to ask, if you also post on some other forums, look for her, help us to passing the word… Thank you in advance! People from FC will appreciate the help

    Sadly one of our friends in Fauna Classifieds, pass away =(… she took that opportunity to run a fundraiser and “help” Chuck’s Family… Something really sad =(. Scamming people is one thing.. but using a that poor family doesnt have a name

  490. eeek says:

    I’m so proud of you all ;), it’s dramablog at it’s best when the evil thieves get their crap tied in one big knot for all to see here. I’ve missed this sort of thing, lol…

  491. me says:

    Finally someone who actually has done something wrong to jump on and break out sleuthing skillz!

    I am rather surprised that no one has mentioned he was 29 when she was 17 yet.
    Not that it is necessarily a huge deal but that normally would have been noted by now.

  492. me says:

    BTW-HI to the Fauna person/people and I hope your info will get them. i only got through the first few pages but that’s disgusting.

  493. smartassmama says:

    Among everything else wrong with these people, I found it comical that despite the theme wedding, that trash wore white – despite having a 26yo man’s child when she was 15/16. Ironically, the paper’s piece never mentioned them having 3 kids, which kinda makes me leary of the “3 under 6” BS, not that it matters when everything else was a scam.

  494. me says:

    I thought something said they’d been together for four years before the wedding? Maybe I read something the wrong way.

  495. smartassmama says:

    Dunno. I was going off the fact that she claims they have 3 kids, 6 & under and got married last year when she was 21.

    But JHC! God bless that lawn mower! I’m a big girl too, but that’s a heavy demand for small yard equipment.

    FaunaMama. I hope these people get totally busted, and soon. Maybe they’ll be ordered to pay restitution to that poor lady & her kids. That’s so sad.

  496. too true says:

    #498 OMG on that wedding, I feel nauseous…

  497. zamgrawrz says:

    Oh wow, what a c-word. People like that just…ew.

    And yeah, I know its fake, but srsly…I was a surrogate and had 3 stick around at first. They weren’t even mine, but just the prospect of a triplet pregnancy had me freaking out! The other two stopped growing early on though, about 6 and 8 weeks, which is apparently really common. I must say I was relieved. lol

  498. smartassmama says:

    And since I’m sick & feeling nit-picky, her “graphic design” is shitty. Honestly. It looks like a neon bar sign, illustrated on Paintbrush.

  499. zamgrawrz says:


  500. smartassmama says:

    Did you read the real family’s story? They were on no drugs or supplements, and had been trying for 2 weeks. Miraculous. My heart hurts for them, especially with their pain exploited like this.

    Wish I could find that bitch on Facebook, refer her here. & we could duke it out with her!

  501. sciencefair says:

    Go Redhead with the sleuthing! I saw the ISO thread this morning with your posting the photo she poached, but I was dealing with my own spawn and not able to check back here until now.

  502. Redhead says:

    Her FB– http://www.facebook.com/people/Christina-Marie-Wise/1133672791

    Oh BTW- her husband was arrested for playing a robbery joke while he was in the bank on April Fools.. that thread is over at faunaclassifieds. Sound like charming people who I can’t wait to know better and give all my goodies to!

  503. Aj says:

    Someone should contact the newspaper that ran 2 stories about their “Redneck Wedding”, methinks this is much better news.

  504. Hexe says:

    Did ds allready delete everything? I don’t understand why they don’t out the scammer and explain to their members. They just delete like it has never happened.
    Hope this family gets arrested, seems all they do is scamming. I hope they do not have children irl.

  505. Redhead says:

    514, yep, everything is gone. I sent the info to Alabamamom or whatever her name is, she then forwarded it to everyone else and H2BAM decided to shut it all down while they investigate.

  506. Hexe says:

    Funny enough they just delete her iso and triplets threads, but don’t ban her. And no explanation. These people are criminals, ds members deserve to know and being protected.

  507. Redhead says:

    H2BAM said they normally don’t do anything about people scamming at other places, but they are considering putting her on restrictive access with something in her AVI.

    i think she needs to be banned AND an explanation post written up.. Christina/Christine will only go to another board and do the same thing.

  508. Hexe says:

    I agree, she is not just a scammer, the couple are criminals. We don’t even know if they have any children. It was so obvious that she wants to scam people on ds since her only posts are about getting stuff and play on the sympathy of people. I don’t understand, people get banned on ds for not agreeing with someone else and being upfront about it, but yet again, the scammer (and she could have not been more obvious) gets protection. Since ds knows that she was lying about her pregnancy and that there is no doubt about that, they should inform their members, out her and ban her. I don’t understand what they are waiting for.

  509. sciencefair says:

    DS likes to wait until the crap hits the fan and everyone gets coated with it before doing anything. Once 30+ long time DS members have given diapers for illegal DVD trades or gotten NOTHING in response to the trade, then they will ban. But it will only be temp ban so she can come back in 6 motnhs and be full term pregnant with triplets…or have lost them and do a boo hoo story.

    And I have only read part of the fauna thread you linked to, but dang that is seriously messed up.

  510. FaunaMama says:

    Sorry it took so long, I was out shopping for my grandson’s birthday. Bot, I can spend some money! LOL

    Christina has 4 children, only one fathered by Jeff. I am not 100%, but I believe out of the 4 kids, there are 3 fathers.

    The arrest on April Fools was indeed a joke. It never happened. It was a page they made on their own site to resemble a news site.

    I won’t say how I know this little bit….but soon after she was married, she was found in…let’s say…a compromising position with several…several!!..men. Jeff allowed this to support his drug habit. So apparently, she’s a #$%^ too 😦 Those poor kids!

  511. FaunaMama says:

    Here is a video of Jeff…ahem…graphic content….He lost a bet at fauna….

  512. DSDM2 says:

    A bunch of Fauna posts were just approved. Sorry for the delay ladies. First posts always get held up. You should be good to post now.

  513. organicmomma says:

    omg…i’m dying…how stupid!!!! haahahahaha!

  514. organicmomma says:

    Like I said before, DS should be thankful for us and this site…we shouldn’t have to “hide” from them…

  515. organicmomma says:

    Anyone find her on CDN yet???

  516. organicmomma says:

    she is online on DS…wtf????

  517. organicmomma says:

    she logged off now, i think we ran her out…someone should reallly sleuth CDN…redhead..that’d be you…

  518. Redhead says:

    532, I’ll try. I find CDN hard to navigate though 😦

  519. Redhead says:


    Blog post on Christine and Jeff Wise.. shares the whole story if anyone was wondering what the big scam was over on Fauna…

  520. zamgrawrz says:

    Wow…I totally didn’t need to watch that while I was eating little smokies. LOL

  521. Flat Stainley says:

    Looks like she’s back on again saying her account was hacked and the mods are looking into it. She says that site was all fake! :barf:

  522. FaunaMama says:

    Flat Stainley, she said that over at fauna too. These two really need a big wake up call!

  523. Flat Stainley says:

    I think she’s saying she never posted in the Fauna site? Yet all the grammatical errors are symmetrical with her quote in the stormcellar blog in #534. I never ‘seen’ such a twit in my life!

  524. Flat Stainley says:

    She says “Actually when she first threatened me saying I needed to give her more money or she would ruin my business.” Ummm, I think if someone took off with that much ca$h that was meant for my family, I’d have something to say about it as well. I love that Razzie joined in to leave a rating. Who’s that, I wonder?

  525. FaunaMama says:

    Do you have a link to that thread? I can’t seem to find it

  526. Flat Stainley says:

    Oooh, TF, you’re gonna get a strike! You got balls, girl! Awesome work 😉

  527. sciencefair says:

    Yeah TF, nice one. Flat Stanley are you one of the posters that have been posting in that thread several times? I tihnk I know who you are

  528. Redhead says:

    Can I get that strike gold plated? 😉

  529. zamgrawrz says:

    I totally knew that was Redhead. /flex

    And really, her account was hacked and that whole website is fake? Rofl, I’ve never seen such a lame attempt at covering up ones lies.

    I hope that they get what’s coming to them.

  530. FaunaMama says:

    Thanks!! 🙂

  531. Flat Stainley says:

    543 pm me 😉

  532. smartassmama says:

    What site is “fake?” The fauna board? Or the site from which she stole the picture of someone’s 3 angel babies?

  533. Redhead says:

    549, it’s all phony hackers trying to ruin her reputation!!
    Oh noes, who will thehackers strike next?!

  534. sciencefair says:

    and now i sit hitting refresh until the thread goes *poof*

  535. zamgrawrz says:

    No idea 548. She hasn’t come back to clarify yet….I hope she does.

  536. Kristen says:

    550- me too lol

  537. Redhead says:

    Flat! I know who you are… finally.. now I will buy myself icecream to celebrate my victory 😉

  538. sciencefair says:

    548 Excuse you!

  539. FaunaMama says:

    She probably won’t post again. At least, I don’t think she is THAT stupid. Although…….

  540. Flat Stainley says:

    553… :ROFL: I thought you’ve known for weeks! We post in alot of the same threads. 😉

  541. Redhead says:

    sourpatch, you’re cracking me up..

  542. Redhead says:

    sourpatch_babe’s Avatar
    Registered Users

    Re: Is it me? What is with all the back outs?
    Why don’t you just go back to the putrid excuse of a rock you crawled out of and leave us the heck alone? Newsflash Mrs. Wise, you were caught. You were not able to pull the wool over the eyes of this community to the extent that you did on the fauna board. No matter what your excuse may be, NO ONE in this board is going to want to give you free expensive things to fund your drug habit so back off. Go annoy some other internet community. Although I have to warn you, you have bitten off more than you can chew. Wherever you go, people will follow. Whatever scam you try to pull, it will be found out until there is enough evidence to put your sorry behind in jail.

    Get the fridge away from here you floating sack of poop! God, doody heads like you annoy the fridge out of me.

  543. magpiedpiper says:

    Sourpatch I am dying over your use of the term “doody heads”!! I don’t remember the last time I heard anyone say that. LOL

  544. sciencefair says:

    I want to know why she thinks someone would hack her account then make stuff up. LIke a massive ISO thread. I mean WTH.

  545. sciencefair says:

    doody heads? flying sack of poo? LOL!

  546. Redhead says:

    560, I was a member of another board years ago, and there was a very similar person who did the same thing.
    She didn’t scam anyone out of money (at least on that board) she just made up excuses about being hacked every.single.time. she got in trouble for fighting on the board or posting crap, it was rather hilarious.

  547. sourpatchbabe says:

    I told ya’ll I couldn’t really be mean. I tried but couldn’t (I think I’ll eventually turn into one of the Orbitz gum commercial ladies) although last night I seriously considered flying over to Flint and giving her what have you.

  548. smartassmama says:

    554 huh?

    And I am loving the doody head use 🙂

    I doubt she’ll even halfway try to defend her deplorable actions.

  549. zamgrawrz says:

    LMAO, that post is win!!! Wait, do normal people use that term or only gamers….jeeze I’m a nerd.

  550. sourpatchbabe says:

    Except when election season comes up. I can be vicious during that time.

  551. sourpatchbabe says:

    565 I don’t know about gamers, but you reminded me of the Epic Fail posts so maybe not total nerd. Just add “epic” in front and most people will get what you mean if you feel self conscious.

  552. zamgrawrz says:

    K, good to know. Epic win it is.

    My user ID on here is nerdy too…arg, I played WoW for way too long. I’m hopeless.

  553. Just Peachy says:

    Flint ain’t far from me just saying…

  554. Flat Stainley says:

    Oh, boo hoo! She ran away again! I guess all the confrontation got to be too much for her. Now that she’s logged off, maybe someone will *hack* her again. What is her poor sick life coming to?

  555. zamgrawrz says:

    Isn’t Flint one of those *dying* towns? I remember seeing houses for sale there for like $15k.

  556. sourpatchbabe says:

    Maybe the rest of the community is trying to get away from them? You know what they say, the stupid it burns.

  557. iken says:

    Awesome work ladies!

  558. zamgrawrz says:

    That must be it!!

  559. sourpatchbabe says:

    OMG I so did not word 572 correctly. Knowing that I should have put the comma in a different spot and put a colon in that sentence is going to haunt me the rest of the day.

    grf! I shake my fist!

  560. Flat Stainley says:

    I just would like to say that THIS SITE is why lots of mamas won’t be scammed on DS in the near future by Miss Hacker Pants. While everyone is over on DS saying DS rocks, we need a big ol DODS rocks smiley with a sign on DS to give credit where it is due. Thanks to all the ladies who helped bring a scammer into the light. Now if we could all line up and throw shitwater on her for being such a creep, I’d feel a whole lot better.

  561. Redhead says:

    Well, Dog the Bounty hunter wants to hire me, but I’m committed to DODS. 😀

  562. me says:

    Those poor parents. I’m sure they’re going to see where a million hits are coming from all of a sudden today. 😦

    I am also wondering what exactly was “hacked”
    Is she trying to claim she isn’t the same person or that she didn’t post the triplet post or what?
    Any of those are super obvious to figure out as huge lies and I can’t think of anything else.

  563. Redhead says:

    WOO HOOO SHE IS __BANNED__!! Yay DS moderators!!!

  564. me says:

    Now that’s something I never thought I’d see here!

  565. drearina says:

    But you guis teh whole interwebz was hacked against her!!! It’s all a fake!!! Like in the matrix!!

    I cannot believe this whole thing, I feel so bad for the folks she scammed over on the other board. I’m grateful she was caught on DS before she scammed (or scammed too many) there.

  566. sourpatchbabe says:

    578 I sent them an email telling them what happened. It would not be an altogether bad thing if they either put watermarks on the scans or removed them altogether after knowing what this woman has done. Who knows if someone else has scammed other people the same way? Although I am hopeful for humanity that this woman and her mayum are just the burnt remains of what was left of the gene pool after all the kids peed in the water. I refuse to believe that there may be more people out there with that sick mind.

  567. Redhead says:

    582, I was about to msg them myself, thanks for sending them a note.

  568. sourpatchbabe says:

    How long do you think it’ll be before they’ll ban my thread? I made a reference to this board in it.. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?p=10355766#post10355766

  569. Redhead says:

    581, LOL. It must’ve been the Matrix! We’re stuck in it, help help..

  570. sourpatchbabe says:

    585 but but but, I accidentally ate both pills! What do I do now?

  571. Redhead says:

    Hmm.. eat the bug too?! LOL

  572. sourpatchbabe says:

    I don’t think Maverick’s Mama has a sense of humor.

  573. Redhead says:

    Gah, what a stick in the mud. “Earth to Matilda, it’s not like we’re actually calling the earth.. hello hello” (Zoolander quote, for those who haven’t seen it)..;)

  574. smartassmama says:

    Maverick’s Mama has always gotten on my freaking nerves.

    “Shame on you for outing a scammer. You should have let her take people. So she was exploiting the pain and loss of another family? Big deal. Let her be.” gag.

  575. Redhead says:

    too bad she can’t apply to be a MOD, she’d be a real winner! :sarcasm:

  576. Redhead says:

    On a totally different note, I got my yarn from EdensMomma. I won 1 skein and bought 2 others.. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! 😀

    Ok, back to the scammer topic.

  577. Flat Stainley says:

    I went to check my mailbox for fluff today and it was wide open. 😦 Some bastard keeps breaking in. I think I will get it sent to the PO so I don’t have to stalk the mail lady. I kind of secretly hope they got my parcel and were all dissappointed to see craft supplies in there that they can do nothing with. Ha!

    So did I read it right that the troll of the day filed a chargeback on something from someone on the fauna site? Anybody have a link?

  578. Redhead says:


    She filed a chargeback to Maggie, the woman that they originally scammed. Really vile of Christina. Really.

  579. Flat Stainley says:

    :jawdrop: That is low! I think she’s looking forward to life in jail, because after today, that just sealed the cell. She deserves it. Anyone will be able to see through her crap and the dates of these posts, along with her posts on the fauna site & DS, she should get put away for awhile, I hope. Although, if I were the judge, I might spare her the time in favor of using her head as a gavel pad.

  580. sciencefair says:

    Wow. That low is on a whole other level. Its like, Hi there is PLENTY of evidence against you. Let’s screw the woman that just lost her husband MORE.


    Can we get back to poo on longies or felitwat? This topic is just sad.

  581. Redhead says:

    Anyone who lives close to Christina (Flint, Michigan) – Fauna members are asking you to please contact your news stations and get the word out on Christina and Jeff Wise.

    I’m in Texas, so I hope they don’t come here.. because I would make their life slightly more difficult.

  582. bittymomma says:

    I feel so horrible for Maggie- my dh is military and we’ve had to make arraignements for “if”, I can’t imagine if that “if” were to happen 😦 Does anyone know if someone is still collecting for her? Sounds like her PP is frozen right now due to this BS but I’d really love to send something to help her out.

  583. zamgrawrz says:

    O.M.G. That is beyond reprehensible. I really hope that Paypal doesn’t give it back! And I also really really hope that the law catches up with this woman. She deserves every bit of jail time she gets. Sick.

    I wonder if any sort of attempt has been made to help the mama out that had her proceeds stolen. Maybe someone can arrange something through Hyenacart or something for her? You know, someone with a known good reputation who WON’T rip everyone off. (and no, I’m not voluteering-I barely even have any feedback on DS, haha)

  584. Flat Stainley says:

    She should open a new PP account so she can’t be messed with again.

  585. Redhead says:

    599, The members of Fauna have posted her PP addy for donations, but I agree with Flat; she needs to change her account addy before anyone sends anything more, or Christina can try to get it back.

  586. me says:

    C sent the money that actually was given as goods so she’d get hit with fees on top of all of that?

    What the hell?

  587. me says:

    Wait I read that wrong. i thought it was a PP dispute.

    Wow. Truly sick. I wonder what the reason given to the bank was?

  588. smartassmama says:

    Hmm. Now we have her email address. . .

  589. smartassmama says:

    Maybe a “Shit head of the day” email series is in order.
    Or some craigslist postings for a good time. Although, from the “compromising position” with several men, it sounds like it would actually just boost business.

  590. smartassmama says:

    And party in my mouth? deleted. :/

  591. Redhead says:

    Probably “miss mature” Maverick’s Mommy reported it.

  592. Redhead says:

    The other thread is locked… wonder who is getting strikes in a bit!

  593. bittymomma says:

    I’m going to go check right now. No one should have to go through that- the poor woman thought she could rest easy financially for a few months and instead has to deal with all this bs on top of grieving. That is so far from ok. I don’t even know these people or live anywhere near them and I’m in a rotten mood because of them.

  594. Flat Stainley says:

    How long ago did this fauna crap go down?

  595. Flat Stainley says:

    Redhead, if they give anyone strikes for that, its BS & we should lobby to change the forum name to DiaperSwipers.

  596. Redhead says:

    They outed the Wise’s the beginning of May (ironic, she joined DS right after that!). The charity auctions happened in April.. I believe.

  597. zamgrawrz says:

    Sounds like April

  598. Redhead says:

    Well, H2BAM Pmed me- thanking me for the info, but I didn’t get a strike or warning. Goshdarnit.. I was getting all excited since that was the first time I got bold on DS..hhahaha! 😉

  599. Flat Stainley says:

    Well wasn’t there something in place like what the co-ops do on DS to say it was for a charity event? Putting ‘such and such’ and ‘auction’ in the subject line, etc? I hope PayPal sees through the scam.

  600. Just Peachy says:

    I need links ppl backing this up. I am contacting Fox 2 news hall of shame, problem solvers, and channel 4 news in hopes one of them goes after these vile pieces of shit. Hell if I werent 7 mos prego I would personally like to deliver a piece of my mind no i mean fist to their fucking faces. People like them make me absolutely fucking sick and I wanna vomit just at the thought of them getting away with this.

  601. sourpatchbabe says:

    Aw man, that was the most use of the word doody head that I’ve heard/read all decade! I thought I was really making some progress on bringing the word back to regular use. Must’ve been my mention of uniporn since it’s against DS rules.

  602. sourpatchbabe says:

    It’s one thing to post in a thread that gets deleted, and another to get your thread deleted. I feel so special now…

  603. sourpatchbabe says:

    cherry popping special.

  604. Flat Stainley says:

    Okay… she’s on again. If she’s banned, then WTF?!

  605. Redhead says:

    Whoa! How did that happen?

  606. Redhead says:

    I wonder if DS mods sign into her account to change her avi and stuff? She better really be banned..

  607. StormRose says:

    A facebook group has been started if you’d like to stay up to date (besides the Fauna posting) of what’s going on, and help support Maggie and the Fauna members who are doing their best to take these people down.


    I’d also like to join everyone else from Fauna and thank you all for getting involved and helping to shed more light on the situation. You guys are awesome! 🙂

  608. Flat Stainley says:

    622. That was probably it. They were probably just changing her ISO/FSOT links.

  609. Redhead says:

    Fauna members have a FB page with any info you may need to go to the news- http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=125254460837671&v=wall&ref=mf#!/group.php?gid=125254460837671

    Join, spread the word!

  610. sourpatchbabe says:

    How come no one told me that Rebelsmommy came back? She’s asking for prayers for her son who was bit by their family dog. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=996094

  611. Redhead says:

    Oh Gag. I feel terrible for her son (more so than I already did), but really.. Chronica or whatever that dog was named, it slept in their bed with them every night & she would brag and brag about how awesome that dog was- kinda like how she brags and brags about her lame, doody-head DH.
    I don’t like it how she came on saying “oh, whaa, I am not welcome here and people say mean nasty things about me but look how wonderful I am- the CPS worker said I saved my sons life”.. Yeah. Why would she even add that? Like any other parent would sit back and say “Oh Fido, now you need to stop being so naughty, don’t bite my son like that.. silly doggy!”. :angry eyes:
    And then she goes on to say her DH wants ANOTHER dog! More bragging, again.

    I am in a foul mood this morning. It isn’t getting better!

  612. Redhead says:

    Oh look, Sourpatch… Maverick’s Mama DOES have a sense of humor- she thinks it is funny when children smoke!

    Notice how she adds ” its not America, most of the world has MUCH lower standards in parenting than we do…”

    That right. America is the #1 Nation in Awesome parenting skillz.. didn’t you know?

  613. magpiedpiper says:


    And I couldn’t even comment on the Rebelsmommy post. That poor baby. He is my daughter’s age. OMG I would certainly not be posting pics and bragging about my awesome super hero mommy skillz to people on the internet so soon after.
    And I’m sorry, but if her husband was the one physically restraining the dog and who hauled it off and got it outside, then how was SHE more awesome than him at saving her kid? What?

  614. sourpatchbabe says:

    Yeah I saw that and ignored it. I mean, I don’t go around laughing and pointing out how hilarious it looks when I see people in other countries drive around with 25 small children in a two door car.

    Besides, a little lung cancer and tracheotomy at age 10 never hurt anyone. BRB, my eyes rolled all the way to the back of my head and I have to go poke them or something.

  615. magpiedpiper says:

    Ugh, I just can’t get over how sick it is to brag about how you saved your kid. Maybe I am way off base here, but wouldn’t you feel awful that you had a pet that did that to your kid? Even if it came out of nowhere, totally unprovoked. Wouldn’t you still feel guilty – isn’t that part of mommy guilt? I mean, crap, I have felt guilty when my kid tripped over our rug and hit her head, like maybe I shouldn’t have had a rug there. It doesn’t make sense, but when keeping our kids safe and happy is paramount it seems to be a pretty normal response.

  616. Nosy Nelly says:

    Strange that the dog was put down right away – usually there is a 10-14 day quarantine to make sure the dog isn’t showing signs of rabies. Generally the only way to get around that is to have the brain sent to the Health Unit for testing which is quite pricey.

    BUT, poor baby! Our 3 y/o retriever bit our adult neighbour on her foot in the fall hard enough to break the skin, so we had her put down after the quarantine period was over. I was the bad guy as no one else wanted to, but *I* couldn’t trust her anymore. I couldn’t imagine if she’d bitten one of our kids….. 😦

    My cousin was bit on the face by a Bichon when he was 10 and had to have reconstructive surgery on his nose and mouth. He’s still got major scars at 32.

  617. Just Peachy says:

    I thought they had to put em down within a certain amount of time because the rabies vaccine is only effective within like 24-72 hrs.
    Honestly for as big of a douchebag as I think she is, I feel sorry for her and her son. No parent should ever have to go thru that and her “bragging” seems more like its a mask for the fact she feels like she fucked up. We have all been there done that haven’t we, were we thought we were doing everything to keep our kids safe and then BAM shit happens?

  618. amygamie says:

    I’m really curious to know what breed of dog it was they had

  619. aekitty says:

    Just have to say, breed doesn’t matter so much, unless it’s one that is notorious for going nuts after a while (dalmatians, dobermans, etc).

    Sorry, gotta stick up for the ‘agressive’ dog breeds that are agressive mainly because they are encouraged to be so. Love on the rotts and pit bulls and they’re normally sweethearts. More dangerous if they do flip, but not as prone to it as some others.

  620. smartassmama says:

    Pit, iirc. They aren’t all bad, but looking at the guy, knowing of his lovely personality traits, I have doubts that he didn’t at least try to raise her aggressive. But it could have happened with a lab, dalmation, etc. My grandmother has a bitchass Chihuahua that hates everyone. She lives outside because she’s tried to bite my kids, me, little cousins, etc. So even though she’s too small to do much damage, the intent is there.

    Those pictures are just awful. Regardless of how lowly I think of her and her bf or whatever, I feel so bad for that little boy. Those pictures. 😦 she named off his facial wounds but his left hand is all bandaged. I hope it’s not badly damaged. I feel awful for him. But this is not the time to look into any other animal. Its the time to make sure priority number one is healed. I’m sure cat hair + healing wounds don’t mix well.

    I personally wonder where she copied & pasted from. And why We should have heard already. I googled his name but didn’t find ant news stories.

  621. Redhead says:

    632, I do think her bragging is a mask. More like, “don’t judge me, look at this awesome thing I did instead”. Still though, I think it also reeks of immaturity and lack of responsibility. I’m not saying she could have prevented the accident (like you said- we ALL have those 2 second accidents we all wish we could prevent) just, I don’t see most mom’s coming on and saying “My kid fell and skinned his knee, so if it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t have a bandaid on his owie”. KWIM?

    633, it was some sort of Bully breed. I am not prejudice against them, but she had already stated it was dog aggressive before (and in her recent post)- I prefer my pets to be totally non aggressive towards anything. BTW- It is good to see you back AmyGamie, you have been in my thoughts & prayers!! :hugs:

  622. Redhead says:

    634, maybe she pasted from her FB or myspace? I dunno..

  623. busybee says:

    I don’t think the dog got his hands. I think they put those hospital sliipers over his hands to keep him from touching his face. Poor baby :*(

  624. amygamie says:

    #635 Thanks 🙂


    #14 I was waiting for a post like that. Now we wait to see to see who is the first to answer why that is. Is it going to be rebelsmommy herself or someone else who fills this poster in? :\

  625. smartassmama says:

    That makes sense. Didn’t think of that.

    God bless him. He’s not much older than my little boy, and about the same size. Even though he’s being a bully today I just held him and rocked him (while he screamed and smacked me). I can’t imagine. We have one dog. A boston terrier, who’s of enough advanced weight. That she barely gets excited for anything other than the ice dispenser.

  626. smartassmama says:

    Glad you’re back Amy. I hope you & your DH are doing well. I’m so sorry for your loss hun ((((hugs)))).

  627. amygamie says:

    It’s ok. I am still waiting to get his hospital pictures. You would think over two weeks would be enough time for them. It is really hard not having a proper picture of him to have during all of this.

  628. Redhead says:

    I so badly want to say why she left DS. But I think that might come across as rude/unfeeling on her post.. hmm.

  629. Flat Stainley says:

    I am happy to see you’re back, too Amy. My family was very touched by your story and we pray for you all.

    Here’s a pic of her dog:
    It’s so sad! I know Rebelsmommy defended her breed of dog previously and said its how you treat a dog that makes it viscious, but I think this is a very sad example of how a well-loved dog can get the ‘fight or flight’ defense on, and maybe her son brought his hand up or something as he was walking to his parents, that the dog mistook for a threat? So, so heartbreaking!

  630. Flat Stainley says:

    I’ve been doing some more digging, and I think I confused her with someone else. It looks like her dog was showing some signs of developing aggression once her baby started walking, which she tried to curb with training…

  631. zamgrawrz says:

    I agree, she sounds like she feels guilty and she’s trying to hide it. Though, I doubt I’d be on here the day after my kid got attacked posting pics and such either. Maybe because I’m not a praying woman? I dunno…

    Regardless though, those pics made me get teary eyed. Poor baby, I hope he heals quickly. I know I’d feel terrible…heck, I cried when my dd got bit by one of our bunnies. And it was her fault (I told her to keep her fingers out of there as she’d just finished her french fries and they’d try to eat her fingers…she didn’t listen :P).

    I think I’ll be waiting a long while before getting any dogs….

  632. Myself says:

    Okay I’m gonna be the bad guy and a beoytch. If her husband had been bit by a dog on the hand, there would be a mark in that picture. Also, if he had hit the dog 20 times there would also be a mark on him, and at the least claw marks.

    Either I’m stupid or I’m just not seeing them.

    It just reeks to me of negligence but I could be wrong.

  633. Aj says:

    How old is this person?
    Seriously. It never ceases to amaze me the things people don’t know about their own bodies.

  634. Flat Stainley says:

    A dog like that is not going to let go, since they get lock jaw. It said he’d been hitting him on the head & neck and the dog wasn’t phased. I hate to think how many of those strikes might have made things worse for Rebel, but how else do you get a dog off? The dog’s teeth were in the boy’s face, remember that the father was trying to stop the attack, he wasn’t being attacked.

  635. Flat Stainley says:

    I want to post that if she wears super absorbency, it’ll drain the pool and she’ll gain the weight in water.

  636. Redhead says:

    650, lol

  637. Myself says:

    I still don’t buy it, but I don’t know enough about dogs to refute.

  638. Redhead says:

    646, Maybe it is just me, but if my child had been attacked, taking pictures of the ordeal would have been the last thing on my mind! She said CPS was involved. Is it standard for CPS to get involved in a dog bite case?

  639. amygamie says:

    #647 I went back to check the pictures too and now that is starting to bother me too :\ But it does look like he had a black eye that is healing and a cut underneath it.

    I also can’t stop staring at how gross the carpet is in the first picture. I know this is about the baby and what a horrible thing that tragic thing that has happened to him, but the germophobic side of me is being a dick. I am having a hard time not being distracted by the dirty carpet. :\

  640. sourpatchbabe says:

    647 I thought of that too. I mean, she says he got bit but there are hardly any marks. I don’t know, I keep hoping that she’s making it all up for attention just because I wouldn’t want to wish a vicious dog attack on a small child. Although the whole therapist is aiding her with the kid’s nightmares things also has me confused. If the child got bit on the 25 and had extensive surgery, wouldn’t he be all hopped up on pain medication? Do people usually have nightmares while on pain killers? And I seriously doubt that anyone in any sort of field would recommend getting a pet so soon while the injuries are still bad enough to require hospitalization. And would CPS have concluded their investigation so soon after visiting the house and seeing all the swastikas?

    I do hope I’m wrong though and she’s not making it all up. Gah! I just had a horrible thought, what if the kid’s face was messed up due to something the parents did (like a broken beer bottle to the head) and then blamed the dog for it?

  641. magpiedpiper says:

    Based on that previous post she wrote about the dog becoming aggressive once her kid started walking, then this did NOT come out of nowhere. That dog should not have been around her kid if it was showing aggression to him. I mean, crap, the dog growls if you touch it in the face or paws? What 16 month old is able to refrain from touching a dog’s face or making sudden moves?

    And I agree, the carpet in that pic – minus the blood – is not something I would want my toddler playing on. Ew.

  642. MotherMoonPads says:

    #649, lock jaw is a myth 🙂

  643. Sala says:

    Yeah if the dog doesn’t voluntarily release the muscles, you basically will need to pry said dog’s mouth open with a stick or a screwdriver or something else. Those dogs have enormous jaw muscles – this is in fact what they were bred to do, not let go of other animals until told to.

  644. sourpatchbabe says:

    We used to have that carpeting. It is dinghy and disgusting from the get go (I married into it when it was four years old but I saw pictures of it brand new and it looked identical), I called it carpetcrap. No matter how many times I vacuumed or had The Hubby wash the carpet it still looked like someone grabbed handfuls of dirt and rubbed it in the rug. Not that I’m excusing her, but I know what it’s like to have rugs that you clean thoroughly and have the rug show no improvement.

  645. Flat Stainley says:

    Okay, so lock jaw is a myth? Then why do people have such a hard time getting these types of dogs to let go? The uberjaws I guess… I can tell you this. If my dog ever did that to one of my kids and DH was there to see it, and his punches weren’t working, he would take the dogs back legs and snap them like a wishbone.

  646. sourpatchbabe says:

    Strike my previous post, I was thinking of my crap colored rug when I posted. Hers is actually a lighter color than mine used to be (more like light tan). Crap, that is dingy and disgusting! Sorry no excuse here, just a case of mistaken carpet fibers.

  647. Redhead says:

    I noticed the carpet too. Blech. And, I don’t know.. I just don’t see bite marks on the baby’s face… it looks like scratches/cuts. I’ve been bit by a dog twice, and it left distinctive teeth marks.

  648. zamgrawrz says:

    CPS getting involved is a little odd, though perhaps they were called in as standard procedure-or to make sure he wasn’t being left alone when the dog attacked. I’ve taken my kids to the hospital with odd injuries before though and was actually surprised that no one questioned it. Now, a social worker being called in I could easily see, but a social worker doesn’t mean they work for CPS. Oh and I don’t think hate mongering on its own is reason enough for CPS to stay involved.

    @Amy-ITA, except that my carpet looks like that. >.< Well, sort of….all the stains we have are old and won't come out with the carpet cleaner, but I also have 5 kids and I've been living here for 5 years or so. Having said that, I'd never take a pic of my carpet and post it ANYWHERE though. (except Flickr, but thats for family so IDC, lol)

    I hope my apt manager lets us put in Pergo. *giggle*

  649. silvaheyes says:

    Flat – Lockjaw is a myth.. Also the proper way to break up a dog fight or attack is to grab the back legs and pull. You should never grab their collars as it’s a good way to get bit.

    I feel sorry for this little boy, especially if the dog was showing aggression before this. 😦 There are usually always SOME kind of sign and ignoring it only makes it worse.

  650. amygamie says:

    Yeah my carpet is apartment carpet that should of been replaced before we moved in so we have some pretty crappy carpet too. But stains aside there are what looks like to be fibers, paper pieces, and actual pieces of crud scattered around the junk laying around everywhere (right now I really shouldn’t be talking 🙂 ). Vacuums may not be able to salvage crappy carpet but it sure as hell can get paper and dirt pieces off of the floor.

    I think the lock jaw thing is true I remember when I was really little my brother got bit my a snapping turtle and the turtle wouldn’t release his finger and my brother came home crying with a turtle on his bleeding finger and my dad had to cut the turtle’s head off because it wouldn’t let go of his finger for nothing even then it was still hard to get the turtle off. His finger was so mangled. That was just a turtle, imagine a pit.

    #655 Glad I am not the only one who has been skeptical and thinking these things. I was trying not to think those things but I can’t help it. I just get a bad vibe off of the whole thing.

  651. Flat Stainley says:

    My DD was bit on the face and she got some scratches that looked like that. Its from the teeth grazing across the skin, but not puncturing it.
    The carpet is probably gross from the dog going in and out all the time. One of the reasons we won’t keep a large dog.
    I know where we live, if someone calls in a bite to a child’s head, they automatically recommend a followup to the ER, since it is so close to the brain, they like to check for possibility of infection. I don’t know about CPS though, I would think they’d follow up.

  652. silvaheyes says:

    665 – A turtle is a bit different than a dog. 😛

    There have been studies that a pit bull’s jaw is no different than any other breed of dogs.

  653. Redhead says:

    Water works too, for the dog to remove it’s teeth off water it is biting, just spray with a hose or dump a bucket of cold water on their head. Of course, I’m sure she didn’t have time to run for the hose.. but punching a dog really doesn’t do anything but make them bite harder.

    I used to work for a “doggy fitness camp”.. we had to break up a couple of fights the water way.

  654. Flat Stainley says:

    Water makes way more sense. I heard when I was a kid that you should take a lighter to the dog’s nose, but that’s kind of mean, not to mention unpractical if the dog is also biting you.

  655. zamgrawrz says:

    Amy, I hereby excuse you from any and all housework.

    Plus again, its not like you’re taking pictures of your carpet and posting them on the interwebz for everyone to see.

  656. MotherMoonPads says:

    #660-it’s their sheer determination that makes them hold on tight.

    You use a breaking stick to get a pitbull to stop biting (we used to have pitbulls) http://www.pbrc.net/breaksticks.html

  657. Redhead says:

    So, one more question. If the dog was biting the child and wouldn’t let go (like RM said).. would there still be all the scratches?
    Eh, the situation is just weird to me all around.

  658. zamgrawrz says:

    Btw, I hadn’t noticed the previous post of hers about the dog showing aggression. I may be a bad word here but seriously…if a dog was showing even a hint of aggression towards my kids OR myself, that dog would be gone in a heartbeat. Her dog showed aggression towards HER and she didn’t think it’d be a problem? And then she starts getting aggressive towards her son on top of that? No wonder she seems guilt ridden…she should be. I know I would be.

    I still hope that poor little guy heals quickly.

  659. Myself says:

    What I’m saying, is that somewhere there is negligence. If an animal is being aggressive to your child, that is IMO child endangerment which WOULD be reason to get CPS involved.

    And CPS does not close cases that quickly. My friend had a totally baseless accusation made against her by a teenager and the only things wrong were they didn’t have a gate on the stairs and her son co-slept and they left the investigation open for 45 days and went back a number of times.

  660. Myself says:

    Oh and if a pit bull has lock jaw and the husband got bitten, then by theory he would have a MUCH worse injury.

    Argh, it just doesn’t add up.

    I believe the child was bitten and that is it.

  661. Flat Stainley says:

    # 671- That was interesting, I’ve never heard of it. There was a little 3 yo boy close to our city that was mauled to death by pitties. But his brother found him and the parents were druggies. Those parents were extremely negligent and the father ended up being beaten over it, and in the end, the father died of his injuries, too.

  662. Sala says:

    I think it’s possible and plausible for a dog to try to get a good mouthful more than once, causing scratches and less critical wounds. The worst wounds are when the dog latches on and starts to thrash his head, I would think.

    Dogs almost always go for the faces and heads of kids, too.

  663. Myself says:

    676 – who was he beaten by – the father that is?

  664. Flat Stainley says:

    The father was beaten by a bunch of guys who knew him but thought he was responsible for the boy’s death. They were more like acquaintances, and since it was a group of guys who did it, I don’t think too many of them were punished badly. I think one did a bit of jail time, but no more than 2 years? I can ask DH since he knows more of the details, but that will have to wait about 4 hours. I think the father was kicked in the head and that he died of swelling.

  665. Redhead says:

    Not to change the subject.. kinda. but anyway- One of our puppies died today. 😦 I’m so depressed. It was a reaction to his first vaccination, which makes me feel totally guilty– since we don’t normally do vaccines. 😦

  666. Flat Stainley says:

    Awww, poor little guy. 😦

  667. Redhead says:

    Oh look, now mama’s are posting on the board that RM isn’t unwelcome on DS and that she has a good head on her shoulders & gives good advice.. where’s my puke bucket?

  668. smartassmama says:

    682 – I stole it because mine got full. Yes, I feel awful for that little boy, but I also feel awful for the fact that his parents are hateful bigots.

    And this “we.” “We’ve” had her for 8 years. No, unless she and man of the year were dating when princess was 11, that dog was the main lady in his life. Then came mama. That made for jealousy. Then they had a baby. That’s a lot for a possessive female dog.

    I Just hope the rest of his healing goes well. 😦

  669. BabyBrain says:

    lmao…which one of you savvy ladies did this?



  670. Redhead says:

    684- it was one of the Fauna mama’s who did that. I posted on their board that one of our mods would most likely delete it because of how things are over on DS..and there was an uproar on Fauna about that. So my guess is, one of our mods saw the uproar(supposedly they were in contact with Fauna mods over Christina) and let the FB stay.

  671. ESMommy says:

    Leaving lurker status for my soapbox…

    #673 ITA – I am very much a dog lover but how could you possibly think that a dog showing aggression towards people is safe to have around children?

    If she was training her dog, she wasn’t doing it properly. Any dog trainer worth their salt would tell her to get her darn dog off the bed – especially if it showed signs of aggression. Allowing dogs on furniture gives them an elevated perception of their place in the pack. That is dog training 101.

    I feel terrible for her ds and wish him a speedy recovery.

  672. Redhead says:

    Welcome ESMommy. 🙂 Completely agree with you.

  673. amygamie says:

    #670 I just realized I have posted pictures of my carpet up for the whole interwebz to see. Before my preeclampsia/ HELLP thing all started I had a thread about my apartment and I posted pictures of my carpet up. I already took them down but I think they are still on my computer. At least though I can take a picture of my carpet at any random time without having to whip out the vacuum first.

  674. zamgrawrz says:

    Lol, I have to whip out the vacuum cleaner first. At least if I didn’t vacuum in the last 30 minutes. 😀

  675. amygamie says:

    I dunno carpet filth is just one of those things that gives me the heeby jeebies. That and having to have really clean counters. But if you were to look at my bathroom mirrors that would be another story 🙂

  676. smartassmama says:

    I just want to set elsaraw straight so.bad.

  677. Aj says:

    691, it’s so not worth it. Do you even know who elsaraw is? Some lame-o trying to bond with another loser because both of their kids got bit by Rover–don’t waste your ban on this. 🙂

  678. Redhead says:


  679. smartassmama says:

    Nope. Not a clue. lol
    But I’m not going to.

    Wonder if strikes wear off? When I was a WOHM my employer worked off a points system and they were forgiven after 6-12 months.

    And you’re spot on. I’ve had my two already. :-O
    that’s why I save my rants for here, and barely touch the charged threads.

  680. Redhead says:

    DocsNemesis’s Avatar
    Registered Users

    Re: Positive thoughts for my son PLEASE (explicit pics)
    Originally Posted by TangerineFlamingo View Post
    Why she left had nothing to do with her dog. And, she chose to leave on her own, nobody forced her to.

    That aside, I do hope little Rebel heals quickly and without any complications. It is very painful to see a LO hurting, especially when it is your own… I’m sure RebelsMommy is exhausted through this whole ordeal.

    Yeah, what she said…her leaving had nothing to do with this. Like she said, we just make uneducated assumptions about people. <.< I don't think anyone wants to say what happened, as it'd probably lead to a strike, but I don't think we're the uneducated ones. Just sayin.
    Cari-Loving my fiance Scott -mama to Eriq, Lile, Paikea, Kaidyn, and Mieke, born 2/9/10!

  681. sourpatchbabe says:

    I saw that and wanted to post something but I’ve been too fresh lately and they might start catching on to me. I did spent about ten minutes trying to figure out the pronunciation of her third child. I think the other names are nobrainers to pronounce (especially Kaidyn) but the other one has me stumped. It doesn’t help that I read everything with an accent if I don’t know how its supposed to go. That’s going to bother me for a while until I figure it out…

  682. Redhead says:

    I think it is “Mikey”

  683. Redhead says:

    Sourpatch, where are you originally from? Accents intrigue me! 🙂

  684. sourpatchbabe says:

    697, it’s Paikea the one I can’t figure out.

    698, I’m Hispanic and cannot for the life of me do the “th” sound in thigh or the “ch” sound in beach. They always come out sounding like tie and bitch. Although since coming to Hawaii I’m finding it super easy to pronounce street names cuz the accent helps me to read them properly.

  685. me says:

    It is like Pie-keeya if she pronounces it the way most Americans would.

  686. Redhead says:

    Gah I’m dumb, I am skeining wool as I read, kinda skimming the pages.
    Well, DocNemesis apparently reads this board, maybe she’ll post how to pronounce the name, I have no clue either!

  687. sourpatchbabe says:

    I’m from an island in the Greater Antilles that is both a great tourist destination and a 3rd world country. In the past, our previous dictator have placed armed guards on the border perimeter who were ordered to shoot anything that moved. Thankfully we don’t do that anymore. That person was ambushed and shot while in his car a la Louise and Clyde.

  688. zamgrawrz says:

    Bet you pronounced Kaidyn wrong too. 😛 lol

    Its Pie-Kay-Uh. Its Maori. We mostly call her Pai though.

    And the little ones name is pronounced Mee-Kuh. Its German. My fiance is German 🙂

    What can I say, I like unique names. At least its not TexyA…er nm…

  689. monkey says:


    Agreed. The first time my dog was in any way aggressive to my child he’d be out of here. Jack will let our son rub him on the nose and touch his paws but we are still teaching DS NOT too. And my dog is seriously the nicest dog ever. As I type this my 70lb dog is asleep in my lap snoring… Jack worships our son (follows him around, sleeps in his room, whines if we shut DS’s door) and I STILL monitor them carefully and constantly.

  690. Redhead says:

    703.. Yeah, that TexyA.. name makes me reach for my puke bucket. Well, so does a lot of posts from the mom of TexyA.. too.

  691. Redhead says:

    Oh, 703, I am German too.. but I didn’t recognize the name ..(again, not really paying attention to what I am reading ATM).. haha 🙂

  692. zamgrawrz says:

    So my fiance made pasta salad for dinner and then dumped a whole can of peas in it. Its a little overly pealicious. No really, I take a bite and I get one piece of pasta and about 57 peas. >.<

    Ok, back to dog bites and weird names. Oh, and Kaidyn is pronounced like its spelled-Kai Dyn…not Kae. I've cursed all of my children with wonky names.

  693. zamgrawrz says:

    Apparently its pretty popular in Germany, though its originally a Swedish name I believe. Maybe. I don’t know. I have babybrain.

  694. sourpatchbabe says:

    I figured I had Kaidyn right. That’s one of the top names if/when The Hubby decides to open up his loins to me once more and we get a girl.

  695. Redhead says:

    709, all my DH does is beg for me let him make me another baby! I think when my DD gets out of her terrible twos stage, maybe then…maybe.

  696. smartassmama says:

    Our current baby situation is, I have Mirena, but keep having this feeling like I should POAS. Like the little preggo warning signs from my first pregnancy are all there. But it’s near impossible, even though I’ve read a couple stories about it. AND we’re not really in that place right now. I do not have insurance, & would have to go on TennCare (state Medicaid) and most people see that as prime chance to flame someone. 😦 I’d love a 3rd, but we just can’t right now.

  697. Redhead says:

    I’d love another baby. I just have awful pregnancies (HG, anemia). Not fun. I want to adopt, but hubby is still researching that idea. So for now, we wait.

  698. smartassmama says:

    I’m overweight and have a history of depression, so I’m not a candidate for surrogacy. I’d consider it if not for the reasons that count me out, because I (:hides:) love being pregnant. I’m a happy preggo, and unlike my regular low self-esteem, I love the pregnant look on me. I’ll have to wait until we’re better off though.

  699. Redhead says:

    stringbean02 is REALLY proud of her “1000 100% positive” ebay feedback.. I have seen it 2 or 3 times tonight!

  700. Just Peachy says:

    HG sucks 😦
    And I love the name Paikea.
    I am completely lost on the Texya thing? Whos the mom?

  701. Redhead says:

    715– Gbryndi.

  702. Just Peachy says:

    Is that the one who’s hubby cheated and she wasn’t gonna get tested?

  703. smartassmama says:

    OT, but I wish MrsLiberty would find her way here. I think I like her!

  704. zamgrawrz says:

    Yeah, I think so? Her dd’s name is TexyAnn.

  705. Redhead says:

    haha.. they removed our posts.

    Cheesy mods.

  706. sourpatchbabe says:

    See, I keep trying to pronounce the TexyAnn name but it keeps sounding like taxi Anne. Darn accent again! Although random capital letters in the middle of a name annoy me. If the name was meant to have random capitalization/punctuation, it would’ve been spelled that way from the beginning. But then again, I’ve known a Zoo Bear, a Female, a George Georgeson, and a Michael Michaelson.

  707. smartassmama says:

    721 – I used to have an employee named Allister McAllister. He said his parets were huge potheads and thought it’d be funny.

    720 – yeah but, we should all be just as fuckin excited about her having to go to work at Sbarro (or whatever it’s called) the night her son comes home from the ICU. I wouldn’t want to put him down. My son is fine and seeing that thread brings back those pictures, and I just want to lay here next to mine.

  708. Redhead says:

    I don’t get why people can say stuff about why she left (the ones who don’t know) … and others can’t (us who do know).
    It’s NOT like we got on there and said “well let me spell it out for ya! RM is a proud internet stripper/camwhore, married to a sleazy, bad tattoo artist/neo nazi hater.. and she has a myspace for her sweet son, attempting to make him appear as a pimp/total player. So yeah, we found this info, she outed HERSELF on DS and then complained we made her leave.. there’s your story”!

    and no, I couldn’t leave my baby WHO JUST GOT OUT OF ICU to go work at a pizza parlor and be happy about it.

  709. sourpatchbabe says:

    Alls I know is that barro is mud in Spanish. And she does have history of doing kinky things for money. Just sayin’

  710. aekitty says:

    So, if I can ask, was it the combination of everything on RM that explains the hate, or racism, or camwhoreing, or what?

    ~being nibby~

  711. chrissyb says:

    I had Mirena for a year and pretty much had first trimester preg synptoms constantly, yuck. Midwife said it was sitting too low and irritating my cervix causing problems. After AF dissapeared I was constantly testing cause it was sooooo bad. And IMO going on your states medicaid program for a pregnancy is not a bad thing. If you don’t have group coverage maternity insurace is completly unattainable for most. And the cost of having a baby is out of control. All preg women and all children should have health insurance. You could also see if a hospital in your area offers free or reduced care. I had no insurance for DD, my prenatal care was $3000, my hospital bill (non medicated labor, 24 hour stat) was over $10000. But the hospital had a reduced care cost program for anyone without insurance, so our bill was discounted by 80%.

    All this to say if you really want another, don’t let lack of insurance stop you. Now back to your regularly schedualed drama………

  712. DSDM2 says:

    SmartAss, I have never heard of people being 100% happy with it IRL. Most have is removed early.

  713. DSDM2 says:

    The FaceBook page for Fauna isn’t working for me. Just to let you ladies know.

  714. BabyBrain says:

    724 – yeah, I’d be telling Sbarro to kiss it.

  715. BabyBrain says:

    I’m newish to DS – knew I didn’t like RM. Couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I know why.

  716. BabyBrain says:

    oh and her DH looks like a thug.

  717. Redhead says:

    the FB fauna page got removed because FB said it violated TOU.

  718. BabyBrain says:

    734 – WTF? Seriously? There are some nasty and offensive FB pages out there. Its like they – FB, DS, etc – are paving the way for scumbags like her.

  719. Redhead says:

    727, RM is an internet stripper. She has a myspace for her son where her “son” is “bragging” about the fact that he sucks on the boobs of a Playboy bunny. Though, she doesn’t work for PB. She works for Livejasmin.
    Originally she had listed some stripper shoes on DS for sale, that was talked about here on DODS, and then her FB/myspace pages were posted.
    And her husband’s was posted.. who collects and supports nazi/Hitler/white supremacy paraphernalia and idealism, has a swastika flag hanging in what looked to be the baby room. He gave RM a tattoo that says “I love my race” in italian.
    RM also posted skanky camwhore pics in the bikini thread on DS.

  720. zosiasmama says:

    I can’t get those links to the Fauna FB page to go to the group. Can someone just post the group name?

  721. Redhead says:

    735, I know. I’ve seen ones wishing for Obama’s death, wishing for soldiers to die.. wishing for anyone not the race of the person who created the group to die….and lots more- FB doesn’t remove those. The Fauna page just had the story of how Christina and Jeff scammed Maggie and FB said it was hate speech and removed it.

  722. Redhead says:

    here is a summary of the Wise couple scam, this was what was on the FB page and then removed.

  723. smartassmama says:

    728/729 – I know a couple people from a mommy board who’ve had it, then had it removed. My OB has it and is a fan. A friend of a friend has it and gets random spotting, but is OK with it.

    My problem is, I’m a POAS addict normally. Biggest complement to mirena is that I have no period, no cramps, etc. I’m sure That’s also due to very frequent BFing.

    So, no period, no way to time anything, POAS habit beforehand, and really want another equals a constant thought of “was that a kick?” LOL
    And I had maternity coverage through work with my first. Ended up being over $4000. Still paying her off. With my second, I swallowed my pride and applied for Medicaid. Every bit of my care & delivery were free. It’s so much less stressful too. So it would be easy to have another that way. But I let it slip once on my DueIn at SheKnows that I was on TennCare. In a thread with my beautiful 4d scans, and a woman tore into my ass morally, ethically, & politically. It was nasty, but opened my eyes to how a lot of the public saw me but were afraid to say.


    That really blows goats that they removed the FB page! Way to promote & allow scammers. Let’s all wonder who clicked ‘report.’ :eyesrollout:

  724. Sala says:

    I didn’t care for the whorishness of the pics RM posted of herself in the bikini thread, since they were borrowed from her work. I don’t have a problem with her night job. My biggest problem is that she doesn’t see anything wrong with her Nazi-supporting husband or teaching her son to think those things, too. And there was something about it looked like they were gauging her kid’s ears. It was just a general “Hey, we’re white trash and super proud of it, look how ignorant we are, yay!”

    Smartassmama – there are always going to be a few that rip on others if they need a little help occasionally. But I will bet you that push comes to shove, they’d be first in line for a hand out if something happened. Medical care being as expensive as it is, I don’t know how anyone can afford it without excellent insurance. My last delivery was over $20,000 for a standard vaginal delivery, no epidural, no nothing. That’s not counting any of the U/Ss, tests, or prenatal care.

    I just had an amnio and all of the things associated with that – scan, genetic screening, etc, was $3200. Or that’s what they billed the insurance. If I didn’t have insurance, I’d be looking to get over my fear of home-births, I think, because we currently would never qualify for state care.

  725. aekitty says:

    Someone seriously had the nerve to get on you over medicaid? That’s just ridiculous. Not all of us have the option of doing all of it on our own with no assistance.

    My kiddo had 10 days in a childrens hospital that was ‘partly’ covered by medicaid (big out of state issue, etc, etc). Long story short, after medicaid and most of the actual hospital fees being waived I still owe close to $4000 on testing, ambulance, etc. I’d hate to have seen the actual bill.

    Rather have the state pay for babies and medical than a lot of other crap they waste money on.

  726. aekitty says:

    Redhead & Sala:
    I was just wondering if the camwhore thing was the main issue or if it was just ‘added’ as icing on the cake. Money is money, after all, and if you’re comfy with playing on your cam for it, who am I to say anything? Then again, I also say prostitution should be legal and regulated, too. If you can do it/are comfortable with it, and it provides for your kid, I’m fine with anything that doesn’t actually affect anyone else. Just was confusing me why the camwhore part would be an issue, basically 🙂

    The rest of it, though, yeah, I can pretty much agree with. Well past not right.

  727. Sala says:

    I had an issue with the photos she posted because they were not appropriate to the thread they were in. It was a “Hey, post a pic of you in your swimsuit, don’t be shy” thread if I remember correctly, not “Who can look the sluttiest, hubba hubba.”

    I don’t have a problem with the porn – I don’t like it so I choose not to look at it but there is a need for porn – we’re always finding ancient porn so it’s been around for millenia. It isn’t going away, no matter what. I wish it was less objectifying and more real but that’s neither here nor there. Shocker, most real women aren’t sticks with balloons on their chests! Nor do we all want to have wild sex with any old ugly man who comes along, plus his 3 bestest buds!

    I also think that prostitution should be legalized – we can’t control it by outlawing it, might as well make it safe for the sex workers and their johns and tax the hell out of it, too.

    It might be distasteful to me, but a job’s a job. It’s not the camwhore thing in an of itself. I would just prefer that she not push her need for over-sexualizing everything onto her son. Sex should be a private matter, not a matter of general discourse and should not be part of everything you do. I’m a bit of a prude, I guess. But I don’t think the “playboy bunny tits” thing is appropriate.

    She might say that’s because I’m just jealous because I don’t look like her, I don’t know, it’s possible. That’s not it at all; I know my worth is more than my looks. I’m going to teach my children that it’s about who you are, not how you look. Can you imagine what a daughter of hers would think about herself? It’s not the kind of self-confidence I want my kids to have.

  728. Sala says:

    that should read, “I don’t know, it’s possible she might say that.” Because I’m not jealous of her looks. I don’t want to look like that.

  729. chrissyb says:

    Thats too bad that someone gave you crap like that. But really, for those of us that do not qualify for group insurance there is no other way. I have a private health insurance plan and looked into a maternity rider. It would have been around $800 a month, and must be in effect for 3 months before you get preggers. Who the heck can afford that?!?!?!?! So your what do these people who gave you a hard time expect you to do? Don’t have kids? Go bankrupt? I applied for our states version of medicare for dd’s pregnancy, but missed the cutoff for income by less than $100. I would have used it for sure. And both my kids were on our states healthy kids (medicaid) for a year, its tough to swallow sometimes but medical care is so costly, and kids should never go without. We still qualify for discounted healthcare coverage for our kids, it is way cheeper than individual coverage, it is good coverage, and I use it proudly.

    I have a huge problem with some of the people in this country who claim dissability get social security and medicaid for reasons such as being obese. Or mild depression. Or any of another million reasons that are bogus. Thats really what drains the system.

  730. smartassmama says:

    Yep. I posted a thread with my 30w 4d photos. I was so excited to see his face! I got Congrats, and ‘aww’s, then she started in on me. I did have a lit of friends come to my behalf and knock her down a peg (my Jan08 girls are tight knit). But it was very hurtful. Then wlillie says a few months ago that if a parent doesn’t plan out conception, pregnancy, birth, & college fund, and has to go on state insurance, that they should give their child up for adoption. I lost my head.

  731. smartassmama says:

    Oh. And my MIL is the epitome of the person you’re talking about. She is the sponge of all sponges. Seeing her face makes me want to punch it. Then she speaks. Ugh. And she’s very proud to be on everything possible too.

  732. zamgrawrz says:

    Haha, really now. I’ve used Medicaid for all but one of my births, I’ve had no choice…Home Depot doesn’t exactly have uber medical coverage. Most of my kids weren’t planned either-I’m just way too fertile. But, I owned up to my responsibilities and made the best of it. That makes me a bad parent? Really?

    I don’t get people like that…I really don’t…

  733. smartassmama says:

    I know. Our county govt. doesn’t have good coverage at all. To include me & the kids my DH would do good to earn $200 a month.

  734. zamgrawrz says:

    Oh and we’re on HUD atm. We aren’t working because we’re in school (looking for part time work though…friggin childcare is using up ALL of my loans), my kids have Medicaid (we don’t qualify unless we get cash assistance and we don’t want it), we get food stamps, etc.

    I know some people that totally look down on us for it too. I don’t really care. We’re in school to better ourselves and get out of that minimum wage bracket. We’d like to buy a house someday.

    Yeah, we could work our butts off and try to work full time, go to school full time, and take care of 5 kids, but I’d rather not set myself up for failure. Nursing school is hard enough without adding that stuff in! lol

  735. MaeghanAlyson says:

    I think its funny how alot of people are so quick to judge without considering the circumstances. How can people be so narrow minded? The only kind of insurance I can get is medicaid. Not even when my hsuband was working at the bank was I allowed on the insurance due to my previous medical history. NO ONE will give me insurance but medicaid. I already have way to many medical bills. No way was I going to try and go through this pregnancy w/o it. If taking care of my health makes me a bad parent then so be it. lol

  736. BabyBrain says:

    Well it’s a heck of alot better for the healthcare industry for an uninsured person to be on Medicaid than have no insurance at all, rack up huge bills, and never be able to pay. Im sure any doc and hospital would rather have SOME payment from Medicaid than nothing from me. lol

    I had my first baby on Medicaid. Second on insurance. Third, which was 15 years later – started on Medicaid, then we moved for DHs job, and he put me on his insurance. I was embarrassed when I went to the health dept to get Medicaid. The caseworker said, “YOU are the people who the system was designed for. You are who we WANT to give it to.” Both DH and I were in the military. He’s a police officer. We’ve always worked, paid our taxes, yada yada. I felt alot better after talking to her.
    We all PAY INTO that system, why not use it when we need to???

  737. Redhead says:

    aekitty, I think RM is degrading herself.. and proud of it. I personally don’t think it (livejasmin) is something to brag about. If someone needs to do that to provide for their family- seriously, go ahead, (If I had to, I would do it!) but really.. do you need to come on a Mommy forum boasting that you’re a lingerie model or have a personal page linked to DS that shares how slutty you can be? No. I don’t like it how she attempts to convince us it is amazing that she can “do” webcam sex- anyone with $20 can pick up a webcam and stick it on their computer.. unzip their britches & get paid.
    She could at least have a little decency or humbleness.. it’s not like she works for Playboy, as she has claimed before.

    She has a lot of pride, which is fine. Just be prideful about things worthwhile.

  738. aekitty says:

    Not saying bragging about it like an accomplishment is a good thing, or posting skank pics on public, and family related, forums is acceptable. Which is why I was asking for further info, the fact that someone is a camwhore alone just didn’t seem like a legit reason, that’s all 🙂

    Camwhores can make good money, but there’s a time and place for mentioning everything, I just wasn’t sure if it was some of the amazing detective work I’ve seen ya’ll manage that outted this, or if it was something she’d done all on her own.

  739. Sala says:

    I think it was some of A and some of B. She mentioned that fishnets were highly sought in her “line of work” on a FSOT page. Then there was a link to her facebook or photo page I think. And then people googled her names and came up with the camsex link. And she’s alluded to her job before, not sure if she out and out said I have sex for money on line.

  740. me says:

    She actually has sex? I thought she just looked pretty, stripped and played with herself.
    I didn’t hang on her site long enough to notice I guess lol!

  741. Sala says:

    I have no idea. Perhaps it’s just posing, maybe it’s diddling herself but the latter qualifies as sex for me. Less disturbing than having sex with other people, yes, but sex nonetheless. I suspect there may be some aspect of the viewers/subscribers (is this what they are called?) telling her what they want to see but I could be wrong. I have no clue how her site works and I’m going off what I’ve seen in TV shows (not always known for accuracy, after all).

  742. Redhead says:

    Yeah, she pretty much said enough for us to do one quick search out of curiosity and it was all there.. well, I don’t think any of us were expecting to see the racist crap and stuff though.

    When I first saw her siggy, I was like “wow, a model! Cool!”.. but then I realized she wasn’t really a model like I was expecting.

  743. organicmomma says:

    wait,i want to see this, she posted that on DS?…haha..oh, and ick….


  744. Redhead says:

    I was just reading that OM. So nasty!

  745. zamgrawrz says:


  746. Flat Stainley says:

    Makes me want to get a spoon and a big tub of unrefridgerated mayo. :Blech:

  747. Sala says:

    Mayo might not go bad in the pantry but you couldn’t convince me to leave it at room temperature for any length of time after opening. Not even with agar test plates proving that mayo in the pantry is no different than mayo from the fridge.

    I’m sorry, that’s just wrong.

  748. Redhead says:

    I used of know this one mom who would give her 2 yr old son a jar of mayo and a piece of bread for a snack. The memory of watching him stick his whole hand in the jar and scooping out the mayo is literally making me gag right here. I couldn’t eat mayo for probably 5 yrs after that.

  749. Redhead says:

    *use TO know.. ugh.

  750. Flat Stainley says:

    My oldest brother, used to make peanut butter and mayo sandwiches on a daily basis. eeeeewwwwww.

  751. Flat Stainley says:

    and that comma should not be there, lol.

  752. Redhead says:

    My mom eats sliced banana and mayonnaise sandwiches. I have never had the guts to try one.. but she raves about them.

  753. Sala says:

    My second college roommate would make mayo sandwiches. Just mayo from the jar and bread, the mayo like a quarter inch thick. She was Dutch. Now, I’ve been to the Netherlands and the Dutch do like their mayo (OMG fresh fries with dutch mayo, mmmmm). But the mayo there tastes a lot better than Best Foods/Hellmans; I gotta think it was just her.

  754. Flat Stainley says:

    I’ve seen those shows where people have eating/sleep disorders and they dip things like raw bacon in their mayo and eat it. Then they wonder why they are gaining so much weight, until somebody takes a video of them and they see what they’ve been eating.

  755. zamgrawrz says:

    I said “ew, peanut butter and mayo” and my fiance said “what, thats yummy”

  756. smartassmama says:

    Anyone know what’s up with this user’s signature? http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/member.php?u=15613


  757. Sala says:

    Um, no idea. She didn’t post anything for three months, there, from Thanksgiving to late Feb. Maybe that’s why?

  758. BabyBrain says:

    773 – I saw her siggy the other day and wondered. Thought you ladies prolly knew the scoop.
    Maybe since she dropped off the board for 5ish months, people ‘assumed’.

  759. BabyBrain says:

    I keep thinking about poor-excuse-for-a-human-being ole Christina Wise.

    I hope a big tornado comes along and drops her trailer on her fat ass. Then I hope she burns in hell with a mason jar full of icy cold well water just a couple inches out of reach of her greedy, grubbin sausage fingers. All while reptiles are biting her nipples.

  760. sourpatchbabe says:

    She is one of the opinionated mamas in the board (especially in the N&CE, but then again who isn’t opinionated in that forum) so maybe she’s gotten a few PMs asking her what happened and decided to put something in her siggy? Although I don’t understand why if she started posting again in Feb, now in May she’s putting that in her siggy. I don’t remember her siggy saying that earlier.

  761. mamaton says:

    RM is stupid…and I knew there was a reason I didn’t like her. I saw her post about her being “eaten alive by clothes”…and the pics show her dirty house and all the mess everywhere.

    Other topic: I’ve had my mirena almost a year and I have no AF…has me ATTS and I hate it. I am getting it removed in Jan (maybe) when dh and I start ttc again. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either.

  762. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    On the Mirena topic, my best friend, as well as several other women I’ve spoken to on Mirena, were actually getting pregnant nearly every month, but due to the Mirena, their bodies weren’t allowing the egg to implant properly for continued growth. It wasn’t PREVENTING pregnancy, merely making the uterus a hostile environment. They were essentially having a miscarriage every single month, which was the cause of the first trimester pg symptoms all the time. There was a significant enough number of women experiencing this, that I will never have a Mirena. I just couldn’t imagine being one of them.

  763. smartassmama says:

    ATTS? help a sister out? 😀

    After.getting, I’ve seen different personal experiences like that, so I’ve thought about it, & I’m not 100%, but I think I want it out. Just don’t have the extra cash to go get it removed.

  764. Redhead says:

    780, addicted to the stick. 😉

  765. me says:

    Yeah preventing implantation is one of the ways it prevents you having a baby in most cases. Some people obviously still get pregnant and some even have a baby lasting a while longer or to full term but thinning the lining is a way it works.

    I don’t see any siggy at all 773. She’s posted here before when she got banned. I assume it is about that?

  766. Flat Stainley says:

    779- :Holy Sheep!:
    780- There’s a thread on DS somewhere about mamas removing their own. Not saying its for everyone, maybe it could cause scarring, but it’s been done.
    What is PCOS? I’ve been seeing that around lots lately.

  767. zamgrawrz says:

    779, ick…that makes me never want one either. My luck, I’d be one of those.

    On the topic of birth control, I’m on the mini pill and its annoying as heck. I keep spotting every other day, ALL the time. I’m only 3.5 months post partum and I’m EBF, but I can’t have another one…I’ll actually get kicked out of my house as we’re at the max allowable people. That and I think I’d go nuts if I had another one. lol

    I hope the spotting gets better 😦

  768. Flat Stainley says:

    Yeah, me neither. What did her siggy say?

  769. me says:

    780- If you can reach your strings, just pull slowly. If you can feel but can’t get a grip, get your DH to pull slowly. All done! 🙂 You might spot or start a period soon after.

  770. zamgrawrz says:

    Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome. I supposedly have that but all I have is the polycystic ovaries….nothing else. And I only know that because I was an egg donor. Otherwise, I’d have no idea 😛

  771. me says:

    783-Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.
    It means you have cysts on your ovaries and likely a whole host of other problems around your body from facial hair due to excess testosterone to wacky cycles that last for months.

  772. magpiedpiper says:

    PCOS can be pretty painful too for some when the cysts pop. It is different than cramping – for me it feels like a hot, burning pain on one or both sides of the pelvic area ranging from just uncomfortable to needing to curl up and lie in bed for awhile.

  773. Flat Stainley says:

    hmmm, I think that is what my friend said she might have. Her periods last for like 18 days! Then its gone for a week and then she has it again. She has a bit more facial hair than most, too. Normally she’s on Depo, but she recently went off because her maternal clock is pounding and she’s going to try to get pregnant via a sperm donor so she can have a kid on her own.

  774. Lori says:

    779 – I had a chemical pg on the Mirena. And it’s the most likely cause of my other two M/C and fertility problems. WOOT for Mirena. 😦
    Then, my strings disappeared, the DR fished for it for an hour in office, STILL couldn’t retrieve it, and I then had to be taken to surgery the next day to have it removed for fear of perforation. WOOTx2.

    Smartassmama – Howdy from another TN lady 🙂 I was on Tenncare for my first LO.

  775. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    791- That’s so sad to hear. We’ve just decided to continue with NFP and barriers when necessary, and if another surprise falls into our laps, then it was meant to be. There are just too many awful side-affects, and too many heart-breaking stories about things like this on various BCs, that we’ve chosen to keep it natural and chemical-free. If that means we have a larger family and have to budget a bit tighter, then so be it, but for now, that’s our decision.

  776. smartassmama says:

    I think he’s felt a string once. He’s very skeeved at the idea of removing it for me. My fingers & hands are hopelessly small, and I’ve never felt a thing. It sounds like it would quite hurt too. Add to that, after a year, I think AF may be near? TMI – brownish stuff on my tp. So I might wait to go digging around up there.

    Hi Lori! I think I know which Lori you are. 😉 I usually find myself agreeing with you too. I’m on the other end of the state, far from all the other TN DS mamas. I’m pretty sure after reading all this that I want to be rid of it.

  777. me says:

    793-It isn’t going to hurt any less for a doctor or nurse to do it. They don’t give anesthetic or anything. They insert a speculum, look for strings, grab it and pull.

  778. Lori says:

    793 – I’m not hiding! I couldn’t come up with any better SN, so I’m Mommykeller0107 over there & on CDN (pretty sure I’m in lurker status at CDN though).

    I would think it may be *slightly* more comfortable during or right after a period just because the cervix is a bit more open? Either way, if you have it taken out or go fishing, definitely take some tylenol or motrin before hand! It shouldn’t necessarily hurt if you can find the strings & get a good grip, at least it will be less painful than it was going in.
    – I’m surprised they’re going to charge you for removal? Had they been able to get mine out the manual way, it would’ve just been the copay for the visit, but no extra charge. I didn’t think they would charge if you saw the same doctor / office who put it in. (May be different for each office though. It sucks that they’re trying to charge you for it!)

    I thought it was the Bees Knees when I went to get it, but if I had known then what I know now, I would’ve bypassed it completely. It’s just not compatible with my body what-so-ever!

  779. Redhead says:

    792, we do the same. NFP with barriers. I haven’t had even one surprise pregnancy! 🙂 Works great for us 🙂

  780. smartassmama says:

    795 I always notice you because of some of our shared opinions, & because the picture of your hubby in your av pic looks SO much like a guy I used to work with, it’s unreal.

    I never had any pain with it, even going in. They used some kind of clotting goop in me afterwards, so I had THE strangest stuff coming out of me for a couple days. Other than that, easy peasy. No side effects that I’ve noticed. No period. It does fine with my body. It’s my head that’s the problem. I’m a worrier.

    I’m not sure how much it would cost honestly. I guess I should call Tuesday. I have no copay, since I’m uninsured. I was dropped (from TC) when DS was a few months old. I’m not sure if I’d be charged just an office visit, a yearly pelvic, an in-office procedure, all of the above. . . I guess I should find out.

  781. too true says:

    I don’t see a siggy either, anyone remember what it said?

  782. Lori says:

    797 – Sucks about the TC.. It would be worth checking into the cost, but you sound like one of the lucky ones as far as side effects go! A lot of people have it with no issues what so ever, but I’m not lucky like that! 😀

  783. Redhead says:

    The siggy said something like “Thanks for not banning me”..

  784. kukukachoo says:

    i saw her siggy this morning- it said “not banned, thank you”.

  785. me says:

    Maybe they didn’t take it out of her siggy so she did it herself?

  786. Myself says:

    Who are you all talking about?

  787. verucasalt says:

    Oh, the places my evil mind goes when I think of the nasty things I could say to RM about what happen to her son. I feel horrible for the baby, and I mean heartbroken, tears in my eyes HORRIBLE, but MAN I don’t feel a THING for her or her husband, since I have a feeling the whole thing was probably their fault.

    To post pictures of the bloody carpet is just GROSS, and pictures of your son getting a chest xray while he cries, what trash she is. I hope every nurse and doctor who cares for their son is of some “other” race. Wouldn’t that just be a kick in the ass for them.

  788. kitty1163 says:

    Removing a Mirena shouldn’t cost a thing. You paid to have it put it in or insurance did.

    And Deviate: I thought you were pg? Or am I confusing you?

  789. smartassmama says:

    Awesome point. Never thought of that, Veruca. I hope the surgeon is Indian, and the nurses black & Asian. I hope they meet a wonderful Hispanic hospitalist, and I hope their therapist is, heaven forbid, mixed. I hope they don’t see a single professional whitey there, & I hope they’re all super nice and overly educated.

    My DH had major surgery lately (he’s the good friend I mentioned having ‘fat surgery’ when it came up via someone’s blog a few weeks back). His surgeon was a ‘nice white fella’ and this pleased his honky old fart grandad when he met him. Then he saw the Italian anesthesiologist, & that was ok. Then the Indian med student introduced himself. He was so sweet, but I don’t remember the rude effin comment he had for that guy. The fact that a lot of the doctors we met were women, and one awesome nurse was a man, that peeved him, heh heh heh. But he was eat up with the jackass-ness when DH’s care partner, who helped with lots of stuff and was super nice to him, was a black lady. But this guy isn’t a klansman. Not a skin head. Just your (sadly) run of the mill, almost 80 yr old southern fool. Who somehow voted Obama despite his hatred for ‘the coloreds.’ He will have to stop referencing color altogether in front of my kids when they’re old enough to notice a difference. That’s one of my biggest pet peeved in the world: hatred for no reason.

    Soooo. Didn’t mean for that to get so long, just to say I really hope that Rebel’s care staff had every color of the rainbow. Hope you could hear We Are the World in the distance. Maybe he’ll grow up without the hate. Maybe he’ll get to middle school and decide he’d rather be called Greg 🙂

  790. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    805- I am. I apologize if I implied otherwise.

  791. zamgrawrz says:

    Well, they are in Cali. I haven’t been to that specific area, but I’ve been to LA a couple of times and Palo Alto about a dozen times and I can safely say that there were a lot of non-whites.

    I ran into a sexist old bastard when I worked at Home Depot…he didn’t like a woman telling how to work his sprinkler timer (I read the instructions on the box, ohnoes!)-so I called a man to come help. Who happened to be my friend, the flaming homo. 😀

  792. Flat Stainley says:

    808 That’s awesome!
    When DH and I were shopping at Michael’s for flower girl baskets (we had 3 flower girls do a ballet style sprinkling of petals), we needed help looking for baskets. We got the biggest flamer boy there was, complete with stereotypical lisp when we asked for help. He was trying to clarify what we needed, and we said something small, satin & boxy, not the wide-based wicker baskets he had led us to… He was trying to agree and said “Yeah, you don’t want a big…gaping…hole” to which we all burst out laughing and his face went beat red. It made our day, it was so funny.

  793. organicmomma says:

    Hey MaeghanAlyson just wondering if you have found homes for your LO’s yet? How is your pregnancy? Feeling better at all?

  794. smartassmama says:

    Sadface. Maverick’s Mama, who thinks the smoking baby’s a hootin riot, thinks “Most of the people on this website [DS] are really uptight.” Yeah. I’m sure that’s where the problem lies.

  795. smartassmama says:

    Why am I awaiting moderation?

  796. mamaton says:

    PCOS- painful when the cysts burst -very.

    Mirena- I’d take mime out myself but the stupid lady cut the strings so short that they have to remove it because even dh can’t feel them so I don’t have the option to take it out myself.

  797. smartassmama says:

    Well, I’ll admit that I went for it and tried to see what I could feel, standing, foot on toilet, etc. I’m ashamed to say that I need to Google image search a scientific diagram to know where I need to be feeling. And I’m also downloading a pdf on this NFP stuff, to see if I can wrap my busy head around it. :/

  798. Just Peachy says:

    NFP is not too difficult but I know alot of NFPers who have had oopsies. But generally thats because they don’t follow NFP exclusively during ovulation (I know I didn’t hence me being preggers).

  799. smartassmama says:

    The one drawback would be my tendency to hope for an oopsie, might just cause one, accidentally on purpose, of course.

  800. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    814- Our son was technically not an Oops. I know exactly when he was conceived, and it was with a barrier. Yep, we’re that 0.01% that can conceive that way. LOL This baby, well, we knew it was possible that I was going to ovulate late(even though I never do), but we just crossed our fingers that it was an anovulatory cycle and hopped in the shower. :-X

  801. Redhead says:

    Wait.. WHAT?!

    See post #10. I like Prid5’s answer in #18.

  802. Lori says:

    817- That’s just sad.

  803. Redhead says:

    I love how Maverick’s Mama’s story “evolves”..
    They couldn’t get in the back yard, so they shot it, and later- they WENT in the back yard through a gate and the dog charged them, so the police shot it..

    I’d go say something, but in this situation I think it is more funny to watch her try to get out of the whole she dug herself.

  804. Sala says:

    The whole thread is sad. I know the annoyance of dogs barking all night long and the neighbors not doing anything about it. In our case they were neglecting the animal terribly, too.

    But suggesting that you steal or poison the animal is not acceptable. I don’t care how frustrated you are, that is criminal. Calling it rehoming doesn’t make it not stealing. Feeding it chocolate or ibuprofen with the hopes that it becomes ill or dies is poisoning and is beyond cruel. The animal is someone else’s property, that’s not cool at any time. And if someone does any of those things, I certainly hope that the police come after that person, too.

  805. Redhead says:

    820, Seriously, I can’t believe some people suggested poisoning it or stealing it (Rehoming).

    I don’t know, if it kept barking all night and was keeping us awake- and the owners/ACO wouldn’t help with the situation, I’d probably buy a big bag of juicy bones and toss one over every night to hopefully, keep the dog busy & quiet. Some owners are weird though, and they might get mad if someone else was feeding their dog, even if it wasn’t anything harmful.

  806. smartassmama says:

    I don’t get why people think that saying “Fido. Hush. It’s 8:30. Johnny next door is trying to sleep,” is going to make a bit of damn difference to Fido. We have an inside dog. She doesn’t bark. I guess Bostons don’t really care to bark? My parents’ Boston doesn’t either.

    I agree, I’m sure it’s annoying as all hell. I just don’t know anything feasible that can be done about it.

    As for “They came and shot someone’s pet. yay!” I want to just kick her in the twat. Honestly, she’s become a huge PITA. She reminds me of someone else. And ” Its called noise ordinances hun, dunno if you all have those in Canada or not, but here we have them.” Oh dear Lord. Insert the reply I’d give if I knew I could get away with it:

    Nope. No noise ordinances in Canada. You know Canada is exempt from noise. Once it hits a certain decibel, the maple leaves just absorb it. Itz majic. It’s kind of a trade off though – they don’t have noise but (being as it isn’t America) they have low parenting standards. Their preschoolers smoke & roll blunts. That’s how they roll.

  807. smartassmama says:

    822- That actually sounds like a good idea! Keep them busy long enough to get deep asleep, then, who cares!

  808. coffeehoar says:

    I just told Maverick’s Mama she’s disgusting. She needs a mighty clam kick.

  809. Amygamie says:

    Wow, beforehand there was something about her that really bugged me about her but I forgot what it was. I don’t even remember what it was but now there is the dog thing on top of what the other thing was.

  810. Amygamie says:

    OK I looked back at her other post, she is blunt about how she feels and can be crude about certain things that other people get upset about. She needs to be careful so she doesn’t get a strike and other people don’t get strikes by responding.

  811. eeek says:

    Maverick’s mama makes me sad. She’s so like the f-word, with even less self-esteem. Those skinhead-chasers all have such a pitiful vibe; they get off on being loved by someone who hates everyone, it makes them feel special for once. And do you think she picked her porn career, or was she told to do it?

    She liked the hugs & pats from telling DS about her son’s injuries. As a clear sign of how twisted she is, she’s OK with all attention, negative or positive. Now she’s just trolling for anything. She knows how people will take those statements.

    I just wish to god she hadn’t brought a child into her creepy world.

  812. Redhead says:

    825- Maverick’s Mommy isn’t Rebel’s Mommy (or mrs F).. but yeah, they all are trolls.

  813. eeek says:

    hehe, yeah, sorry, they blended in my mind for a moment… rebel’s mommy is the one I meant.

  814. treeindawind says:

    At least she had the balls to say it (I myself don’t). I completely agree with her!



  815. Flat Stainley says:

    Stealing people’s animals is low. If they’re a nuisance, tell the offending neighbour, for shit’s sake. Our old neighbours took it upon themselves to decide that our cat, whom we fed regularily and let outdoors daily was being neglected. They removed her collar and tag and reported her as a stray to the SPCA. When the SPCA knocked on our door and asked us if we knew where our cat was, I was livid! The guy knew she wore a collar, since it was spring and she was shedding her winter coat. She had mats around where her collar had been so he knew it had been stolen. Even with weekly brushing this spring, she still gets big mats. I was so pissed because these lovely neighbours of mine accepted a $300 bicycle and a $40 lock we gave to their daughter, but they couldn’t even walk 2 townhouse doors over to say ‘Hey, your cat is bugging us. Can you please keep her inside?’ People like that make me want to eat glass.

    Woah, this got long. My point is if you don’t open your mouth to let out some sounds, you’re voice is just a fart in the wind and the nuisance dog’s verbal diarreha is gonna make the biggest stink.

  816. .bin. says:

    uh.. am I the only one creeped out by bpures response in the ‘how did you meet your SO” thread?
    just the first line:

    “I was 14, He was 22.”

  817. silvaheyes says:

    Wow.. I seriously hope Maverick’s Mommy is full of crap and they didn’t shoot the dog. Our neighbors dog almost got shot by animal control but this was a bit different. The dog roamed the neighborhood and was an unaltered male and very aggressive. I had to call animal control and the police dept. MANY times because he’d charge at me under my own carport when I was pregnant with my daughter. Anyway, The animal control guy came out one day and got out of his truck to see about catching the dog and the dog came at him. He had his gun out and ready to shoot but a guy further down the street was in his line of fire so obviously he didn’t make the shot and the dog ran off. Situations like that I can understand possibly shooting a dog but not just because it is barking in someones backyard. I mean the dog was contained!

    Flat – What they did was shitty indeed. I couldn’t do that to an animal. We go to the owners first and then proceed from there if we have to.. BUT the cat shouldn’t have been let out unattended to in the first place honestly. They do have leash laws and to me cats are not exempt.

  818. mamaton says:

    LOL 817 I just came to post that. Mavs mom is just stupid, and I’d iggy her if I didn’t want to see what stupid think came out next…

  819. žába says:

    773- She has had that in her sig for while, I think since she got un-banned. I know I saw it a few months ago.

  820. Flat Stainley says:

    831- I know, but we were caught between a rock and a hard place. I gave the cat to my DD for her 7th birthday before I even met DH. Along comes DH, who is majorly allergic to cats. It was damage control, IMO. Trying not to break DD’s heart by getting rid of the cat, and trying to keep DH’s sinuses inside of his face. We dealt with that one by confining her to DD’s room for the next 8 months we lived there. She was miserable! The cat is much happier now that we live on an acerage and she can roam outdoors and kill mice. She comes in when it is cold, but only into her kennel so she’s not leaving fluff and dander everywhere. Such is life when family dynamics change.

  821. Redhead says:

    WearingTaci didn’t have to delete that thread, what a load of crap. She could have just removed the PP addy or something if it violated rules. —> :{ (my angry face!)

  822. mamaton says:

    830- she is mormon 😀 j/k…in all seriousness that may be the reason though…

  823. .bin. says:

    Could be, but then hubbys two best friends are mormon, and they are neither creepy, nor pedophiles.

  824. Redhead says:

    Flat, we had neighbors like that. I won’t post everything they did to us during the 2 yrs we lived there, but right before we moved, we had adopted a goldendoodle mix puppy (Orla)from a rescue.
    The neighbors DD (she was 15) wanted the puppy for her own (she wanted every.single.pet of ours) & would come over to the fence – dig underneath to pull Orla under & take her home (I saw her once & told her to stop- or I’d call the PD!)…
    Well, I was gone for about 4 hours one day, came home and Orla (the puppy) was gone & there was a hole at the fence. We went to ask our neighbors if she was there & they wouldn’t answer the door.
    I called AC that night- left a msg saying our puppy was missing. The next morning, I was in the front yard calling Orla as our neighbors RAN out the door with something golden/fluffy wrapped in towels (Orla)- jumped in their car and drove off.
    15 mins later, AC called me and said that our puppy had been found (they lied, said ACO had found her) and I would need to pay a $65 impound fee.
    When I got there – I told them I knew she had been stolen & dropped off, so I wasn’t paying the fee. They refused to show me the “pick up” report listing where she had been found & the time she was picked up (because it didn’t exist).
    They also claimed to have re-vaccinated her (without my permission) & wouldn’t release her to me without the$65 fee- no matter how badly I fought with them. My guess is that my neighbors had reported “finding a stray puppy” (which was the law in that city) & ACO called them to bring her in the next morning after they got my msg.
    So there, not only were our neighbors screwed up- so was ACO. (and that is only one story I have about BOTH of them!)

  825. Redhead says:

    837, Is she like ghetto trash in a ghetto neighborhood or something? II saw another post where she was complaining about creepers living near her..
    She has a cute baby though, makes me sad that she is his Mom.

  826. Redhead says:

    Oh, and isn’t Bpure the one who started the diaper drama with Staciestarsage?

  827. Redhead says:

    Hey everyone, Maverick’s Mommy has a 13 month old son.. could she be the elusive “Erin”?

  828. mamaton says:

    Her next door neighbors got raided…so yep probably so.

  829. smartassmama says:

    Yeah. Did she say that she lived in a crappy appt. complex or something?

  830. Redhead says:


    Well, “Erin” said her son was 13 mos when she wrote the post in April. MM’s son would have just turned 13 mos this month…IDK, still could be.

  831. smartassmama says:

    wow I’m surprised that still exists.

  832. Redhead says:

    “Erin” was good at evolving stories, too.

  833. mamaton says:

    I didn’t see this drama…but I’m now enjoying the whole “poke the troll” read… lmao

  834. sourpatchbabe says:

    I honestly don’t understand the whole “dogs will die if you feed them people food” in this country (I’m not trying to be snarky at all, I’m truly confused). I didn’t even know dog/cat food was sold until I came to this country. All dogs we’ve ever had and every dog I’ve ever heard of/seen in my country ate table scraps and they were healthy happy dogs. And dogs throughout history were fed people food and thrived. I wonder if it has something to do with all the stuff that is in food nowadays that wasn’t in the past that affects dogs. It would make sense as where I lived we usually ate fruits/veggies that were just picked that day and had organic fertilizers (coffee grinds/eggshells for one) and the meats were usually killed the same day too. But then again, the only time a pet ever visited a vet there was if the owners were trying to get it out of the country. Who knows how unhealthy they truly were.

    If that’s the case, that pets need special foods now because people food is toxic to them; what in the world are we doing eating people food too?

  835. silvaheyes says:

    849 – A dog has different nutritional needs than a human does. Along with some foods being poisonous to them and not us.

  836. Redhead says:

    a lot of commercial dog food is just crap- fillers/corn/processed animal by-products & etc.

    I make my own doggy food, barley/veggies/rice/ etc. I don’t support commercial animal processing anymore, and that goes for what my pets eat, too. Plus, I think they look way healthier eating good whole food than that yucky “Old Roy”.. haha 😉

  837. Sala says:

    849 – ibuprofen and chocolate are poisonous/toxic to dogs, as are onions. Even macadamia nuts and apparently grapes and raisins can be dangerous.

  838. smartassmama says:

    & garlic.

    I’ve been told (by the vet, that sells Science diet – perhaps motive? dunno) that we should never ever give them people food. I’ll still give people food, but I do make sure that there’s nothing harmful in it – macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, and a couple other things I’m forgetting? I gave my dog a leftover roast that I forgot to put away (doh). I looked at it, knowing how delicious it was, and couldn’t waste the money I’d spent on supper. It ended up costing me over $50 when I had to take the puking/pooping dog to the vet. ugh.

  839. silvaheyes says:

    Garlic isn’t poisonous to dogs to my knowledge.

    We feed premium dog foods and not just whatever we can find at the grocery store. lol It does make a big difference and is SO much more healthy for them. I’d go with an all raw diet if you could afford it but it’s out of the budget atm.

  840. Redhead says:

    Most vets aren’t pro “homemade” dog food. There are a few- homeopathic/natural vets, but the standard is like the standard for DRs. They don’t research anything that isn’t in their textbook.

    Garlic in high quantities can be harmful ( it is a blood thinner) but in smaller amounts.. it is actually very helpful for removing internal parasites, bacterial infections and if you feed it regularly — it will prevent fleas, ticks and mosquitoes from biting. 🙂

  841. silvaheyes says:

    Vets aren’t actually required to take any classes in nutrition besides what is in their books (what science diet puts in there).

    So I take what mine says about nutrition with a grain of salt. Hehe.

  842. me says:

    Of course you can’t feed a dog people food! Duh, they would just die because all of the dog food companies are what kept all of the dogs alive for centuries. Only the best by products and fillers for Spot!

  843. Flat Stainley says:

    Redhead, that is a bunch of crap! What ever did you do to keep that little bugger from stealing your pets again? Put in an electric fence? Hehe. The nerve of them to make you worry all night about YOUR animal who was rightfully fenced in! Grrrrr.

    😦 I think I accidentally poisioned my dog with grapes. I didn’t know they were bad for her until it was too late. She had major health problems after that and I ended up having to put her to sleep. I always gave her fruit as a treat. She liked watermelon, bananas, pears and apples. I’ve heard that garlic was good for them too. The dog we have now gets nothing but dog food and the occasional scrap of meat. When she was a puppy, we made her her own food. Red River cereal, grated carrots, lean ground beef, my DH started adding beans to bulk her up. That was craptastic! Too much fibre!

  844. Redhead says:

    858- she pulled that last stunt a week before we moved. I just kept the dog inside until we were out of that place. We still own the house, but once it sells I hope it goes to someone much more awful than they were (maybe a college frat group!?).. for payback. They made our life miserable while we were there.

  845. Flat Stainley says:

    859- Makes me kinda glad that we live out in the farmlands. I once had a shitfight with a construction worker at my last place. They were such turd mongers!

  846. piratebaby says:

    kinda funny about not feeding dogs ppl food, with all the commercials now about how they contain meat and veggies. Honestly it makes me kind of sad that cats/dogs in this country probably get more nutritional food on a regular basis than most people in the world do.

  847. zamgrawrz says:

    We used to breed dalmations. Back yard breeding, except my dogs were both bred for show, they just ended up being my sweet doggies, they both had perfect temperments, and I only bred her once a year.

    Anyway, one particular litter was smart and figured out they could dig a hole under the fence and get out (we let them run around in the fenced in area on nice days). When I went out to check on them, they were ALL gone-except mama, who was looking rather frantic. So we set out to find them, found them quickly, all seemed fine.

    Come to find out at a vet visit, this a-hole nextdoor kicked 3 of the puppies and broke their ribs. I know it was him because he was all pissy when I asked if he’d seen them, talking about how they attacked him (really, 6 week old dalmation puppies attacked? rofl) and I better not let them out again or he’d kill them. No joke.

    Some people are just messed up in the head. Poor puppies 😦

  848. aekitty says:

    I think I’ve given most everything on that ‘do not feed’ list to a dog at one point or another. Well, except macadamia nuts, anyway. They were all fine. Not saying it’s a good idea, but if it hits the floor it’s for whichever critter is nearby.

  849. Flat Stainley says:

    Awww, poor babies. Were they okay? Did they need surgery or did they heal on their own?

    We were broken into when I was a teen. The guys who did it kicked our dog around. It turned him racist, since he didn’t have any other interaction with people of that race prior to his attack, he associated the bad experience with others who were that race. (We figured out & confirmed who it was at a later time.)

  850. Redhead says:

    gah, all she does is complain about her DH..

  851. organicmomma says:

    She’s always complaining about everything! That’s the one complaining on mother’s day…and then started another thread the same day asking people how they were going to rip their DH’s off on father’s day…

  852. adensmama says:

    Okay, I just had to say that from afar (and I need to get new glasses no joke) I totally thought this was David Bowie in Labrynth.


  853. Redhead says:


  854. treeindawind says:

    867-LORD! I haven’t laughed so hard all week! I’m dying over here.

  855. Sala says:

    I’m so glad my idea of a hairdo from that era was pig tails.

  856. Sala says:

    make that “in that era” not “from that era”

  857. sourpatchbabe says:

    boo freaking hoo, the husband will be gone out of town frequently in a paid for hotel and she won’t see much of him and he wants to take a job to be away from them more. It’s probably the deployment bitchiness talking but get real woman, at least he ain’t getting shot at and you will SEE him frequently. My 29 month old son has only lived in the same house as his dad for 8 months (not all at one time).

    When her children start confusing anyone dressed like the UPS man (or driving the UPS truck) with their daddy, then she can complain. Has she stopped to think that maybe, just maybe her husband is NOT wanting to be around her? I mean, if we got to see all that complaining about the stupid mother’s day thread can you imagine what he had to put up with for days afterwards? The poor man is probably on pins and needles wondering if she’s gonna pour boiling oil down his ear for father’s day.

  858. sourpatchbabe says:

    Sorry, bad math on my part, that should be 9 months. From 0-5 months and then again from 15 to 19 months. The Hubby should be home from this deployment around the time that Ducky turns 32 months. Hopefully he can stay with us for a full year before he has to deploy again so that he can have a relationship with his kid.

  859. sourpatchbabe says:

    857, that’s my problem too. I mean, only in the US and European countries do people buy separate food for their pets. Most other countries the people can’t afford it and give them table scraps and those dogs lived. And history has shown that lots of those pets were adored and pampered (Egyptian pharaohs and their cats for one, kings/queens and their dogs).

    I bet the problem is that the human food that is widely available nowadays is not nutritionally sound (genetically modified foods and all) and therefore can affect the animals if that’s all they eat. Sort of like how back in the day no one took vitamins but instead got their nutrients via food. And now even with a varied diet people are encouraged to take vitamins and supplements because the food isn’t as good as it was back in the day.

  860. too true says:

    Good grief! Is this mama 15? Because that’s how she’s acting!

  861. Just Peachy says:

    Sounds like she needs and a b double e r

  862. Just Peachy says:

    I w ould so drop my hubby like a bad habit if I found out he was hanging around some lil trollop who was putting th emoves on him ESPECIALLY if he was spending the nite at her house for ANY reason.

  863. smurfmeat says:

    My favorite part was when she said the “little whore” likes to “sit on his lap and crap.” Haha. Ew!

  864. monkey says:


    My story starts, “I was 16 he was 25″… granted we didn’t start dating until I was over 18.

    But yeah… 14 and 22, definitely creepy.

  865. Sala says:

    Back in the day, an old boyfriend of mine swore up and down that his little female ‘friend’ who liked to sit in his lap was just being friendly. Uh huh. I didn’t like it one bit, either. I sure as hell wouldn’t have liked him spending nights around her drunk, with or without her father. She was “too young,” he said.

    I remember being 18, I remember liking older guys. I don’t remember sitting in the lap of anyone I wasn’t flirting with. He was purposefully being blind if he thought that was friendly. Shocker that’s who he started to date after he dumped me. Was anyone surprised? Not a one.

    I didn’t have kids with the guy, though. I am also very thankful that he dumped me because after him I started dating my now-husband.

    878: They are both being immature but I would not let my husband spend nights away from my family like that. If he did, I can’t see why I’d stay. The guy’s first allegiance is clearly to himself and to having fun, not to the well-being and happiness of his family (including his wife). He doesn’t give a crap about his wife. Yes, she’s immature but so is he.

  866. žába says:

    Arrgghhh, I would run away and work on an oil rig for 12 days and then run away and go camping on my days off if I had to deal with her too. She can’t string two thoughts together in a coherent manner, b double e r or not (well I can only hope not so early in the morning, but who knows?!).

  867. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    880- LMFBO. I was going to say that it sounds like she’s already had a few too many.
    No, she’s not 15, but those kinds of posts are typical of her. Isn’t she banned from CDN because of crazy drunken crap she did on there?

  868. Redhead says:

    878, my favorite.. “I know he isnt any petafile ”
    “I had to call my mother the other day to ask how old I was cuz I really couldnt remember cuz I never talk about myself anymore. ”


  869. Sala says:

    I’m not saying the poster is any kind of saint, I wouldn’t want to be married to her, either. But the way they are both acting, I can’t see why it’s in anyone’s favor to stay together.

    I don’t know. I think some women become nagging harpies because they feel they have lost all active control over their lives. I can see this in her relationship. He does what he wants, he doesn’t listen to what she wants. He’s basically uninvolved in his family’s life and nothing she can say changes that. It’s not like if she said nothing he’d stop or if she asked him nicely he’d stop. She harps because it makes her feel a little better for a while. It’s a nasty cycle.

  870. žába says:

    Oh, and I have to say, I can not stand the constant “cuz”. Cuz this cuz that, because is a word you can feel free to use it at any time.

  871. MotherMoonPads says:

    Flat Stainley do you sell vintage clothing?

  872. Redhead says:

    Haha, no. That is me 🙂

  873. MotherMoonPads says:

    Darn, I thought I figured it out, lol!

  874. zamgrawrz says:

    857, The puppies were fine. Their ribs had already started to heal when we took them in so nothing had to be done, but still….poor pups!

  875. Flat Stainley says:

    871 & 872- Picture, if you will, a miniature schnauzer, voicing his displeasure; in his most aggressive Napoleonic voice, he shouts:
    “Aaaahva, Aaaahvaaaa! (Insert inhaling pig snorts here) Aaaaaahvaaah, Aaaahvaahh!!!”
    …All the while, standing next to the calm, drooling chocolate doberman as they watch the poor, innocent ethnic couple walk down the street.

    890- LMAO! That was adorable! I thought you knew a few weeks ago too. 😀

    893- Glad to hear they were okay. Still, what a jerk!

    OMG Redhead! The “did you suck back a bottle of grandpa’s cough syrup?” Aaaahahahaha! Dying here. snort. 🙂

  876. Redhead says:

    894, I had to ask! She sounded DRUNK!

  877. Flat Stainley says:

    She deleted most of her posts. I only caught part of the story, due to the quote.

  878. MotherMoonPads says:

    #894 I still have NO idea who you are 🙂 you *could* be nice and PM me and let the cat out of the bag… (worth a shot asking, right?!)

  879. zamgrawrz says:

    I still have no idea who most of you are. I’m just too ditzy.

    I only caught part of that too because she deleted most of it by the time I saw, but wow…the little bit that I did see is real mature. Totally.

    I don’t get people in drama filled relationships. I mean, I’ve had a little drama in mine but we never started cursing at each other and calling each other names. I just don’t understand how that helps? And some people take it even further…like my cousins bf who told her she should go kill herself, among other things, when he split up with her…and now they’re back together? Grrr, some people just don’t learn.

  880. too true says:

    Buyer bought a hat for the weekend and now wants to return it?? I wouldn’t refund! http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=998822

  881. Sala says:

    She wants to return a freaking $5 hat? That mysteriously fit before the weekend and now doesn’t?

    I wouldn’t refund either. I’d tell her to sell it. Or shove it.

  882. Flat Stainley says:

    The mama cloth thread was put back up.

  883. Redhead says:

    901- I saw that! I guess enough people complained?

  884. Flat Stainley says:

    Yeah, deleting that thread was synonymous to the Grinch stuffing the tree up Cindy Lou Who’s chimney.

  885. Sala says:

    Which thread again? Link?

  886. MotherMoonPads says:

    Thanks for linking that #905, I hadn’t seen it!

  887. Flat Stainley says:

    906, no problem. 😀

  888. piratebaby says:

    why was it deleted?

  889. mamaton says:

    908- because a mod decided that since mama’s were OFFERING their service she must have been asking for it- when all she wanted was some advice on how to get started…

    or in shorter terms because they were being a b!tch…

  890. Sala says:

    It’s not like she was asking for help (at least in the first little bit I’ve read so far). Or money. Or fabric. Or anything.

  891. Flat Stainley says:

    My guess is a mod skimmed it and pressed that allmighty hide button. I’m glad its back.

  892. Sala says:

    Ok, I did see one place where she suggested that moms who wanted to help could donate pp to help with shipping. I did not see a pp addy anywhere so it’s not like here’s my addy, please send me money.

  893. Sala says:

    MC for orphans doesn’t tug my heartstrings but I’m glad the moms who want to help out have their thread back. I mean, can’t the mod who pulled it go find some puppies to kick instead?

  894. Flat Stainley says:

    LOL. Kicking puppies and punching kittens, too. Who was it that said that? I can’t remember.
    I think its good since the girls won’t have to miss school every time AF comes. It has a ripple effect, all the way down to the economy when it happens.

  895. smartassmama says:

    I really oughtta just unsubscribe from that thread.

  896. Sala says:

    Maybe I’m just old and cranky but I want to smack both people in that post with a wooden spoon.

  897. smartassmama says:

    I have a big wooden fork that would totally do the job. Snotty little shit.

  898. Redhead says:

    her daughters name is “Consequence”? What the crap?! Ugh…

  899. Flat Stainley says:

    919-What!? Where did you read that?

  900. Sala says:



    Grow up, slow down, learn some grammar and punctuation. Please.

    I just have to wonder why women choose these losers to have children with. Do they wander up the the rack of “deadbeat SOs” and say, yes, please! I mean, c’mon.

  901. Redhead says:

    Yeah, she has her name posted in other threads too. I thought I was just reading it wrong (made my brain HURT!) and that her name was “Constance”.. but no.

  902. Redhead says:

    I can’t STAND Saraneth. Her posts grate on me like fingernails scratching a chalk board. I hate how she writes- everything is satire or feeble attempts to be “coy”– apparently she thinks that is cute?

    She probably has a stupid blog somewhere where she only writes in lowercase letters and paints a picture of a perfect life that in reality is far from it. And WTH, what kind of name is “Consequence” ?? That poor child.

  903. Flat Stainley says:

    Yeah, Consequence is the outcome of something…IMO, something negative. It has a sad kind of ring to it. I’m hoping its just a puter name she gave her LO.

    922-That avi pic bothers me. I mean, I post partially nude pics of my kid, but the important parts are covered. I think that pic shows her parts a bit muchly. Poor girl.

    Has anybody noticed that the majority of the mamas posted about here that tend to grate people’s nerves are young and pretty immature? Every time it happens, I think about how people love to hate on a pretty girl like Brittney Spears and yet another scapegoat is born into cyberspace. I’m so glad I wasn’t on the net when I was a young mama. 😉 Sigh. To be young again.

  904. sissy hankshaw says:

    I usually just read through these but felt the need to say good job ladies!! This especially pissed me off for some reason. I lost 2 sweet babies last year that were in the same sac and to think someone would use another mommies angels this way is despicable. There’s nothing worse than the death of a child or husband. The fact that she used both of those tragedies for money I think earns her a special place in hell.

    ok, that is all. carry on.

  905. Redhead says:

    I don’t know Flat. I am 27 now, but had my first at 19, I don’t think I was THAT immature.. like what I see on DS sometimes.

  906. Flat Stainley says:

    Redhead, once I called out a bus driver in public for calling me a stupid teen mom. I said “Excuse ME sir! I am an adult and just because I LOOK young doesn’t mean I am a stupid person. Shame on YOU for being so judgemental! News flash! YOU were a kid once too, you know, and someone had to put up with your racket.” …That was about the worst of it, and my kid wasn’t even being that bad. She was pitching a fit for not being allowed to eat on the bus, so I was being judged for enforcing their lame rules. I had my first at 20, but I do admit I went through an emotional stage. I agree it wasn’t as bad, but I think it takes practice to get good at using the “kill switch” that so many of these mamas don’t seem to know exists.

  907. mamaton says:

    If saraeth is having SUCH a hard time dealing with her dd…why the hell is she TTC again? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

  908. Sala says:

    I was just thinking that all of the posts that piss me off tend to be holier than thou, know it all teens or 22y.o.s. and that maybe it’s the fact I’m a crochety old 30-cough year old.

    I was probably really annoying at that age but at least I didn’t really inflict it on hundreds or thousands of internet strangers. And I didn’t pretend I knew everything there was to know about kids or childbirth or

  909. Redhead says:

    929. Yes, her posts are definitely holier-than-thou, and make it sound like labor and delivery is a big joke.
    I’m glad she had an “awesome” unassisted HB- but if I had done that, I wouldn’t be here typing today due to severe post-delivery hemorrhage. Not EVERYONE can do what she did (if her story is even true) and not everyone should try to.

  910. Redhead says:

    Flat, your story made me laugh. 😀 I guess I was never that bold.. lol

  911. zamgrawrz says:

    According to her facebook its Brynja Thompson-Capone-Zeman? I’m confused….

  912. Aj says:

    919, her daughter’s name is Brynja. She is a very smart and funny woman, and it kinda sickens me how all of you have jumped on this her. This board is supposed to help out scammers, not for us to be a bunch of gossips.

  913. žába says:

    I’m not sure which is better Consequence or Brynja. Was is with people and the funky doodle names? I get wanting to be unique, but really the kid has to live with the name, through school, through finding a job. :sigh: I guess I am just boring and old fashioned.

  914. zamgrawrz says:

    I dunno, all of my kids have unusual names….they all have meaning to me and I hope to them one day. Having a normal name doesn’t mean you’ll like it. Heck, I HATE my name and its pretty normal. I guess I just don’t like being normal. lol.

  915. Redhead says:

    933, this board is called “the Drama of Diaperswappers”.. Last time I looked, drama didn’t ONLY mean “to help out scammers” (and by that statement, I am slightly confused, why would we help scammers? :headscratch:) And anyway, I’m sure you’ve gossiped on here about others.. sounds like you’re friends with her and these postings rubbed you the wrong way.

    I personally find her quite annoying, but I’m glad she has other friends.

  916. Redhead says:

    Oh BTW, since you know her daughter’s real name, is there a reason she calls her “Consequence”? I still think that is kinda sad- even for a “nickname”.

  917. organicmomma says:

    921-OMG and she’s trying for another? It took everything I had to not post that in that thread…grrr…

  918. organicmomma says:

    921-OMG and she’s trying for another? It took everything I had to not post that in that thread…grrr….

  919. organicmomma says:

    Oops, double post…sorry and 933…this IS called the drama of diaperswappers, and did you not just read her post about taping her baby to a wall and jumping out a window? Supposed to be funny?! Well, I would never say something like that…

  920. Just Peachy says:

    I thought Saraneth had a boy and why TTC so young and whilst living with parents? Shes like 18 right?

  921. Aj says:

    I said this is a place to help ‘out’ scammers, as in bring their scamming activities to light.

    I’m sure I have gossiped about people here, I’m the one who originally linked this particular birth story here. I just don’t find her annoying, nor do I find her ‘dramariffic.’

    I think the people I gossip most about are those who put their children in danger or who pretty much fail at life. I don’t see Tyler doing either of these things. Maybe it’s because she and I share a similar sense of humor, I don’t know.

    No matter if I’m friends with her or not (fwiw, I’ve never met her irl), if I see someone being wrongly persecuted I will say something. I don’t think she deserves it.

  922. Redhead says:

    Um, her name is “Tyler”?

  923. Aj says:

    Yes, her name is Tyler. Is there something strange about that? I know more girls named Tyler than boys. :shrug:

  924. Redhead says:

    I don’t know any girls named Tyler. Only guys- and a city nearby.

  925. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Somebody’s a day late for Twatwaffle Tuesday: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=999840

    IMO, the seller did everything right, sending the fabric to the address listed on PayPal. If the buyer screwed up and didn’t change her address in PayPal, then that’s her fault, and she’ll have to wait it out for the package forwarding. That is, however, assuming it was her PayPal account in the first place and she actually ends up with the fabric. Sounds like some one is not playing honestly, on top of scraping what sounds like a decent mama trying to give some one a deal.

  926. smartassmama says:

    To me it is pretty odd. I’d guess I’ve known or met at least 20 Tyler’s in my life, none of them female. Maybe it’s a regional thing?

    So who is the “Sara” then? Did she make up a name to use? Why would you call your kid ‘Consequence’ even in jest? It’s kind of hateful. Like, two degrees from “stupid mistake after too much vodka.” My kids grate my nerves sometimes, but I wouldn’t tape them to a wall, think of it, or especially admit it to a room full of strangers.

    I guess I just find her completely obnoxious. Can she type one serious sentence? She just seems like she doesn’t get enough attention from her parents, so she bedazzles on the interwebz.

    My main irritation is that she’s living with her mama, maybe her teenage boyfriend, and trying to bring yet another life into the world, just to want to tape it to the wall? My grandparents helped out a lot in my upbringing – watching me, ‘baby sitting,’ a meal quite often, but my parents were my parents. When the lives that you are responsible for are a lot to take care of, you don’t add extras. That’s why my parents waited 7 years to have another child. That’s why we’re going to wait a while before having number 3. I think it’s terribly irresponsible, and not fair to the children. Move out and be an adult.

    Everytime I see a “I’m so tired of living with my parents/inlaws while TTC” I scream (in my head) ‘Then don’t!’

  927. Redhead says:

    946, the buyer sounds really awful. I hope she gets negative FB from this- seller did everything right, as far as the post goes.

  928. Flat Stainley says:

    947- That post about taping her kid to the wall rubbed me wrong too.
    I waited 9.5 years to have another kid after my first, and yes, I felt like I could pull my hair out at times, but there was NO WAY I would’ve brought another kid onto the scene under the circumstances I was in as a single mom.

  929. Anna says:

    946- If I were the seller, I’d be PISSED. She sold two yards of fabric for $16, and it took over $10 to ship?! That’s a huge loss, even if the fabric didn’t cost her a lot to begin with.

  930. sourpatchbabe says:

    947, the only time that I don’t want to scream that to people is when they clearly state that their parents/inlaws are the ones living with them. At least in those cases the couple TTC is “seemingly” responsible enough to be able to provide a roof for parents/inlaws. But sometimes even those people make you wonder.

  931. Sala says:

    That’s a horrible position that seller has found herself in.

    I sometimes would like to tape my children to the wall. But not seriously. Mostly I would like a soundproof barrier between me and them at times. I certainly don’t brag about it. It seems a personal failing that I don’t love to be around the beasts all the time.

  932. organicmomma says:

    942-putting her kids in danger, like duct taping them to a wall??? Is that what you mean? That is soooo hilarious!

  933. Redhead says:

    It just her sarcastic-with-a-hint-of-apathy attitude that annoys me. I supposed TTC with said teenage BF while living with her parents is a result of her character as well.. just, if she is smart and wonderful like Aj said, then there is something big that I am completely missing.

    Sometimes my children really try my nerves, but I’d never casually mention it on a world-wide forum and be like, “oh, no biggie, yeah, she is stuck to the wall right now as I eat my doughnuts & coffee. I taped her mouth too, couldn’t stand the noise anymore”. Say that to the wrong person and CPS will be paying you a visit.

  934. Redhead says:

    and too, being a mother- I would hope that would bring a sense of compassion and love out of someone. Children aren’t dogs.
    When my dogs run away, and I have to chase them down 13 blocks during 21-degree temps outside, yes, I’ll say “I am SO selling you to the chinese buffet!”– in sarcasm. But, I wouldn’t say that about my child, ever.

  935. kukukachoo says:

    My daughter’s name is Tyler Rose. That’s all. Thank you.

  936. smartassmama says:

    Wow. I think that that seller did everything she should have done. I mean, I guess maybe she could have said, “I know you want it sent to X address, but I’m not going to send it to any address other than one listed on your PP invoice.” But I wouldn’t have sent it anywhere other than an address from PP. How’s she to know that account even belongs to the buyer that way.

  937. Sala says:

    I’ve had lots of stuff sent to my MIL. It’s not that hard to add a new address to paypal. No idea if it’s a confirmed vs. unconfirmed address, though, nor what makes it confirmed. But I always make sure that the seller knows it’s going to my MIL and if they have a problem with sending it there, NP, send it to me and I will deal with getting it to her.

  938. Aj says:

    Well, if you all would like to keep digging on her, so be it. From one drama mama to another I’m telling you that you are completely off base. I won’t have any part of it though.

    That poor seller, I wonder who the crazy buyer is?

  939. sourpatchbabe says:

    I think that what makes an address confirmed is if it’s matched to whatever debit/credit card/bank account that is linked to pp. Which would make an unconfirmed address one that is in pp but is not matched to a card.

  940. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    962- Exactly. We just moved, and until we closed our old bank account the PP was attached to, the new account (and attached address) was not the default, therefore unconfirmed. Now that they’re the default, I’m “confirmed” again, even though I’ve had this same account for the last 6 years. It’s an aspect of protection, both for the buyers, sellers, and account holders, and if the buyer in this situation had an OUNCE of common sense and decency, she would realize that the seller was actually PROTECTING her(the buyer) by sending it to the address listed on PP. If the entire situation really is as the seller presented, the buyer is off her rocker, and I need to know who it is so she can be on my block list.

  941. mamaton says:

    961- then leave it alone- but I think that you’re way off base…maybe not the best judge of character? Guess not if ur taking up for the teenage drama mama that lives with her mom/teenage bf and is ttc a second baby. She’s a real winner!

  942. sourpatchbabe says:

    963, I better go and check to see if my address shows as confirmed as I have like eleventeen addresses on there.

  943. sourpatchbabe says:

    Weird, I have my home address showing up as unconfirmed but when I go to add/edit address it shows as confirmed. When I go to add/edit credit card it shows my home address as the billing address…weird..

  944. smartassmama says:

    I think mine has 3 addresses. One in my name, two in DH’s. One of his is listed as “Highway” & the other is “hwy.” They both work, but are listed separately. I have had sellers send me items, paid in my name with my address selected, but sent to his name. Nothing like sending something cute and squishy to the ultra-feminine name Frank. lol

  945. chrissyb says:

    The Tyler chick also mentions in a post that she told her BF to get a job if he wants her to see a doc, so he can pay. Sooooooooo 18 (maybe) JOBLESS, living with parents, have a 6 month old and TTC another. Brilliant. Oh, but we should give them the benefit of the doubt right, maybe they are independantly wealthy??

    And if you scroll through the facebook photo album linked on DS a couple of things jumped out at me. Photos of mom and baby laying on an uncovered matress on the floor. Photos of mom/baby and dad/baby with a very messy kitchen with beer cans sitting right behind them. That screams trashy to me. At least remove the beer cans from the background of the photos of you and your children! And lots of bad co sleeping pics, pillows and fluffy blankets etc. They need to grow up before they make more poor babies. Not doubting they love the one they have, but learn to make good choices people. I am not putting down teen moms, many do it and do it well, but this girl needs a reality check.

    And can I say twinkristi drives me batty?!?! She is forever reposting her whoa is me story about being a 16 year old and having twins, and how awesome am I. Blah, blah, blah.

  946. Sala says:

    I have twinkristi on ignore, I can’t stand her inflexible black and white world view. Anyone who thinks differently than her is dead wrong (possible misguided or worse).

    But I can’t blame her for telling her story. It’s her story after all and having twins so early has got to be quite formative. Mind you, I’m tired of the story but I can’t blame her for telling it. She can’t beat Nattybatty’smom for dead-horsing.

  947. Redhead says:

    968, Twinkristi drives me insane. Every post of hers has to tell some long story of “when this happened to me”.. not only is it her twin story, she shares *any* story, unrelated or not to the topic at hand.

  948. treeindawind says:

    How is this even the same person?


    Then I went to go find that pic in the bikini thread and it just disappeared! It was there up until a month or so ago! How conveinient it’s gone now. I’m sure everyone remembers what it looked like!

  949. Redhead says:

    971, how old her her DD? Because the 2nd picture says 2004…

  950. Redhead says:

    NVM, it is in her siggy.

  951. treeindawind says:

    Her siggie says she had a child in ’04. There is just so much variation between all three pics that there is no way there wasn’t any photoshoping or retouching to the bikini shot. She is pale now and in the prego pic but the bikini one she was so tan she looked like a different nationality. Who is that tan after giving birth 6 weeks before?

  952. Sala says:

    Someone who has a bottle of spray tan or access to a spray booth. If she’s done modeling, she knows the tricks.

  953. Redhead says:

    That preggo picture is on the “Jax Digital Photography” site.
    Look in the models category.. it is several pages back.

  954. zamgrawrz says:

    Wait, so if that is her…she went all the way to Jacksonville to have pics taken? Because thats where that photographer is located…

  955. MotherMoonPads says:

    Kookabears is at it again. Feel free to tell me how stupid I was taking the chance on a $10 wrap, but really I thought how can you screw up a stretchy wrap? Guess you can. At least I got mine though, the other testers just seem to be out their money.

  956. treeindawind says:

    978-I purchased the snap elastic adjuster (to add to fitteds to make them last longer or to use as trainers) testers she did about a month or so back. Well, I paid for them and never got them.

  957. petuniafarts says:

    Hey ladies, I lurk here sometimes. This is just wrong and I know some of you are good detectives and such.


  958. Just Peachy says:

    Could it be babymealpacas? Or tpintsch?

  959. Redhead says:

    Someone on the thread mentioned there was only 1 rare MM colorway on Spots at the moment. But me being a total yarn noob, I have no idea which colorway that is..

  960. Just Peachy says:

    Copper patina most likely. And that would be tpintsch.

  961. smartassmama says:

    That’s just wrong. And sounds so, premeditated.

  962. Flat Stainley says:

    984-I have no idea how to do a successful search for something that specific on Spots. I’m floundering. I tried Mosaic Moon, and the 2 that you mentioned, nothing!

    It is low if she did that to the seller. What’s so wrong with geting a real job? 😦

  963. magpiedpiper says:

    It looks like she already deleted the spots listing for the copper patina? It didn’t come up the second time I searched for it.
    I do still have the spots page up though and her photobucket which has the pics.

    And if it is the same person, based on her recent comment on HC about needing to sell her stash for financial reasons and the info about the county sheriff’s sale this month that came up when googling her name (ie due to property being sold for mortgage or default judgments), then that may explain the shady circumstances.

  964. Just Peachy says:

    It must have been her then! I can haz cookiez?

  965. Flat Stainley says:

    So what’s so wrong with filing for bankruptcy if she’s in such dire straits? At least she’s not hurting others who are trying to feed & dress their kids.

  966. Flat Stainley says:

    988- Thanks… The absence is rather incriminating, wouldn’t you say?

  967. Just Peachy says:

    Flat she is not saying that but she is saying th is has probably been on going hence the reason why she ripped off the OP. Nothing wrong with filing bankruptcy but that does not give you an excuse to scam ppl.

  968. Just Peachy says:

    Flat yup I agree. I was looking at it then I decided to refresh to see if it was in fact deleted and lo and behold it was. Didnt realize cestari was a rare base altho for that particular colorway it may be.

  969. Flat Stainley says:

    992-Maybe it read wrong. What I meant was shouldn’t the scammer be filing for bankruptcy if she’s having issues with her house? Or was it the scammee that was having the financial issues? I’m really confused now.

  970. Flat Stainley says:

    And I was just thinking of venturing off DS for more wool… Now I’m really scared, since I have no idea of who it could be…

  971. Redhead says:

    It’s not the copper patina, she said it is still listed on Spots. She said the “base was rare”..

  972. Kimbella says:

    It does look like tpintsch bought 2 skeins of Copper Patina on cestari fine from a MM co-op: http://hyenacart.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=134439&start=0&sid=8f36d5d94c6ef4c4a2b802949a752d71

  973. magpiedpiper says:

    I wasn’t saying that someone is a bad person if they have to file for bankruptcy/have their home forclosed on etc, but just that it seems to go hand in hand with the stash sell-off.

    It may not even be her (tpintsch) though, she was just brought up as very possibly being the scammer. And I am not yarn smart so I have no idea what yarn is being referred to or who it is.

  974. JustMe says:

    Denelle – I saw that (Kookabear). Big hugs!

  975. Redhead says:

    I haven’t seen anything positive from Kookabears. 😦

  976. Redhead says:

    1001- ? I don’t see a picture?

  977. cdmom says:

    its just the thumbnail pic look there i guess

  978. MotherMoonPads says:

    Thanks #999. Gotta chalk it up to wanting a good deal to just be a good deal (basically trading pics of the product in use for the product at cost) and a learning experience I guess. Should have known the wrap would suck after reading about her diapers 😦

  979. Flat Stainley says:

    1001- Did you mean the wool scammer is nikkiof5 ?

  980. Flat Stainley says:

    because she has triplets, and 9 kids total. I could see her having to buy extra wool to get matching for 3 babies. If that’s the case, then the wool could have been bought in advance and maybe now she’s selling it since the other wool never showed up…?

  981. zamgrawrz says:

    Is that really a rare base though? I mean, I guess I don’t often see 1 ply, assuming thats what this is…

    I was sort of thinking it was something like marr haven or BBR or something. Actually I don’t know if MM has ever even used BBR…but I know she used to dye MH before they stopped making the natural.

    On a side note, I bought my first thing from Spots a couple weeks ago and ended up being happier than I thought I would be, so it isn’t always bad. I liked the way they looked on the screen but now that I have them, I’m pretty sure I got a pair of Birthday Girl capri’s (in a med/lg) for $25. Not bad!

  982. Flat Stainley says:

    1007-Nice! I am going to start my boy’s first wool stash soon, with some help…I shrank his first pair of longies after only being worn once. I went kind of crazy on wool yarn recently…Waiting for it to arrive. Any good pattern recommendations for longies or board shorts?

  983. zamgrawrz says:

    I use my own (after trying like 32947347 free patterns out there) but for free ones, I like pimpmylongies and if I were to buy one, I’d probably get Woolywonders pattern. I like wide legs 😀 There’s so many patterns out there though…

    And I understand about the wool yarn thing. I always make myself use up what I have before buying more…but then I found the joy of coops…

  984. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Um, yeah…. Uraguayan Merino. Not rare. It’s PureWool, both single- and 3-ply. Unless I’m missing something here…

  985. Flat Stainley says:

    I like wide legs too. Have you tried that Woolywonders pattern? I don’t mind buying one, since it can have a good part in what the end result looks like. 🙂

  986. zamgrawrz says:

    Nope, I have yet to buy a knitting pattern, except for the SMSS gift wrap romper that I just bought like…3 days ago. But they look a lot like what I make myself. I use the gusset technique that pimpmylongies uses, but I do the waist ribbed like most longies and I add extra rows to my gusset, which results in wider legs. I did it by accident the first time but I liked the way the legs looked so I keep doing it. Anyway, I’ve been tempted to buy the Woolywonders one, but I’ve already got something that works for so…..

    I should really get back to knitting that romper. I feel guilty buying it, doing 4 rows, and then forgetting about it. lol

  987. Flat Stainley says:

    1012-Sometimes I do that with projects. I try really hard to finish what I start though. Where can I find the Wollywonders pattern? Is it on HC? I gave up on HC since I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I ended up joining Raverly and saving some links to my favorites so I can get a pattern. Gotta take care of that soon.

  988. zamgrawrz says:


    I’d read through the info first too, as her technique is a bit different from what I’m used to 🙂

  989. tpintsch says:

    I just wanted to clear my name a little bit. We did have to file for bankruptcy, to save our home. (it is a very long story). But I am not in any way a scammer. I did have to back out of a co-op, and I am so very sorry that I had to do that, but groceries were more important at the moment. I don’t have the time to read who was scamming who. But it wasn’t me. I just listed and sold the Copper Patina that I received from the HC coop. And it is packed up and ready for shipping.

  990. KESMom says:

    Are you following this (regarding crankypants knockoffs)? http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1000291

    Post #49 made me LOL. Is that bragging? Crocs and UGGS? Really? VeryChic, ha!

  991. Just Peachy says:

    I had to check them out and they look very nice but seriously if you are gonna do stripes to sell DO EM FUCKING RIGHT! Those stripes look like shit if you look closely at the pics.

  992. Just Peachy says:

    tpintsch, I am sorry that happened to you. I just wanted to say that and also say as well its always bad idea to delete your Spots listings right after you sell. It sets off alarm bells when sellers immediately delete something they have sold me. Whats the harm in leaving it up?

  993. tpintsch says:

    Understood. I only deleted the listing because it sold and I like keeping my listings organized. But if, as you say, it sets off alarm bells than I will leave it up for months if that’s what it takes.

    I’d like to add though, that in addition to having to file for bankruptcy, and then having to sell all of my yarn, seeing my personal business called out here, and being called a scammer on top of it really put the cherry on top of my shit sundae. Thanks you guys :thumbsup:

  994. MotherMoonPads says:

    Oh I didn’t know that Peachy! I’ll start leaving mine up now too 🙂

  995. kukukachoo says:

    1017- why do the stripes look bad? i don’t have the eye apparently…is it b/c you can see where the colors change in a row? that’s so ballsy to blatantly copy even the colors. yuck.

  996. kukukachoo says:

    is this the same person copying crankies? i think it is.


  997. Just Peachy says:

    Yes you can see the color change plus the jogging of the stripes looks weird and it looks like she has no idea how to weave in the ends.

  998. Just Peachy says:

    tpintsch I am really sorry for that. I should never have assumed it was you and for that I apologize for adding to the stress you are presumably going thru.

  999. zamgrawrz says:

    I dunno, I don’t think it is. Her knitting looks better and her designs look different from crankys to some extent. And ITA, the ones on spots have horrible stripes. Seriously, is it that hard to google “how to knit stripes” and “how to weave in ends?” That’s how I learned 😛

  1000. Kimbella says:

    That etsy person is also copying work by Jesse Michener, “The Freelance Mama”.


  1001. shabbychic says:

    Jesse gave permission for those pants to be copied.

  1002. Kimbella says:

    Oh, okay! I thought she had only given a couple of people permission to copy them – I didn’t realize anyone could. My bad! 🙂

  1003. shabbychic says:

    She gave Lisa permission to have that knitter copy those pants. I dont know who else you are referring to.

  1004. amessymama says:

    Dude!! I need to get permission for those pants to be copied, they are adorable!!!

  1005. Flat Stainley says:

    zamgrawrz, thanks for the link! I think I will buy one from there. Then I’ll be set after I get some circular needles from the craft store and I’ll just have to wait for my wool to get here. 😀

  1006. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    The thing that bugs be about that whole ‘copyright’ issue is that people pick and choose whom it’s okay to copy, and whom it is not. Fuzzi Bunz has a copyright on pocket diapers, and yet thousands of people have found a way to skirt the copyright, and the hugely general consensus is that Tereson is an idiot for trying to copyright the pocket diaper. People are running to Amy’s defense, by why not Tereson’s? Remember when people were hating on Piddle Poddles and the other serged OS velour fitted-makers came out, because they were ‘copying’ GM? People are over it now, and many of those makers are probably more popular than GMs, because of the quality they have maintained, while GM has tanked in their initial success. There are numerous stories like this, just in the CD world.
    Over the last four years I have created scores of original patterns, and have perfected several enough to sell. I don’t have the money, nor do I care to try to copyright these patterns, because like several people pointed out, it’s useless. I have had multiple people buy my items, then begin selling the same thing(or something eerily similar), but because I am far lesser-known than Amy, no one is going to give a hoot. The money I make on my store goes directly back into store supplies, like yarn, fabric, wool wash, etc, and CDing items for my own kids, gifts for friends, and so-on. I don’t make a living off of it, nor do I try.
    That said, I’ve seen multiple people say, “It’s unethical because of Amy’s hard work to develop what she did, and people are trying to rip her off.” I agree that it’s unfair to rip off a WAHM’s hard work and creativity, instead of using your own brain power and coming up with something original yourself, but it irritates me that only the hard work of certain WAHMs seems to matter. I spent my entire summer last year, plus hundreds of dollars in wool developing a knit pattern for my woolies. They are unique, and combine the best of everything I’ve ever needed in woolies. What do you know, there’s an HC who just started doing woolies the EXACT same way, even describing them the same way. I was SO upset, but because I am a very little-known WAHM, no one will notice. They may even see her stuff and say, “Wow, what a neat and unique idea,” when it was clear from the original wording of her listings (I have since changed mine) that she was blatantly copying me. I’m sure she saw my woolies and thought the same thing: “I like those. I’m sure *I* could make those,” so she did.
    My entire tirade is all to say this: It sucks when it happens to us WAHMs, but it’s part of capitalism.

  1007. Flat Stainley says:


  1008. mamaton says:

    1032-thanks for the post- it was my exact thoughts on the matter- except I’m not a WAHM…

  1009. zamgrawrz says:

    Ooo now I wish I knew who you were….I want to see what you mean. I’m nosey like that.

    And np Flat 😀 Now back to knitting my romper. I procrastinate way too much.

  1010. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    LOL. I thought all the regulars here knew who I was. I don’t exactly hide it. 😉

  1011. zamgrawrz says:

    Yeah, I’m a noob though. And slow.

  1012. coffeehoar says:

    Deviate~ you’ve developed a great attitude about it. Pick and choose the issues you want to fight and just let the rest go.

    The honest truth? I’ll never, ever be able to justify the $80 for a pair of Crankies, period. I’m also not good enough to knit jogless stripes. But the style is damned cute, and if I could find a knock off good enough and cheap enough, so be it. My heart goes out to WAHM’s trying to feed THEIR families, but $80 for a pair of knit pants are hard to justify, regardless of the work and supplies that go into them.

  1013. coffeehoar says:

    *is* hard to justify.

  1014. zamgrawrz says:

    Stripes in the round:
    (This only works if you have a minimum of 2 rows per stripe)

    Knit 1 round of the new color.
    When faced with the first stitch of the second round: pick up a loop of the first color from the preceding row and place it on the left needle. Knit together both the first stitch of the new color *and* the picked up stitch of the previous row.
    Continue knitting around.

    I’ve used this on single stripes too. Its super easy and works pretty well 🙂

  1015. mamaton says:

    Can we get spell check? Or possibly correct capitalization/punctuation?


  1016. Redhead says:

    1041, I posted another one of her threads earlier in the week. It’s pathetic.

  1017. Just Peachy says:

    The stationary jog is the technique I use. I have found with the travelling jog you can see where it travels at and with the stationary its generally on the inside of the legs (i do stripey legs generally) where its not going to be seen.

  1018. Redhead says:

    Anyone else notice Lierre.Bebe hasn’t updated since 5/25 and that was to say she is only responding to emails sent to her Gmail account? (she says it is because she doesn’t have internet access…)

    I wonder if someone sent her here when we were discussing her scamming habits.

  1019. Flat Stainley says:

    That looks like a great knitting site. I added it to my favorites too. I take it a ‘jog’ is like the step you see sometimes when the color leaves off onto another color? I haven’t knitted much, but if my MIL complains that I bought too much wool, I’ll have to try myself or hire someone. Last thing I knitted was a dishcloth and it took me 3 days, lol. It was really tight though, and I had no feedback or help.

  1020. Just Peachy says:

    Yup Flat thats exactly what it is. Trust me you get faster once you get more used to it.

  1021. coffeehoar says:

    Flat, I think we all started on the three-day washcloth! 🙂

    Thanks for the tuts! I just have to get back at the knitting. I had to tink three projects in a row that just were not working for me and it’s left me with some knitting ennui. I have far too many skeins of yarn giving me the stink eye right now.

    1041~ I’m intriguiged that she can spell “prior” but “suger” escapes her. Dude.

  1022. sourpatchbabe says:

    I had to read it several times to make sure that she meant sugar. I thought she was referring to a serger or something like that.

  1023. mindy says:

    Has anyone invited this lady here or to CDN yet? She says she wants to say it all. Since people can’t decide for themselves on DS it would be good to get it all out somewhere.

  1024. coffeehoar says:

    1049~ I hope she finds her way over here or there. She needs to be able to out that scammer…. That woman, to quote another brilliant mama on here, is a douche canoe to scam so brazenly.

  1025. DSDM2 says:

    I think the seller is Nikkiof5, or at least that was the link posted above, and now her listing is pulled from spots and her PB account is suddenly private.

  1026. Flat Stainley says:

    1051- That’s just what i was checking up on. I hope someone can clarify that.

  1027. zamgrawrz says:


  1028. zamgrawrz says:

    So what was it that Nikkiof5 had up again? I know it was 1ply but I can’t remember the colorway. Was it Dragon’s Lair?

  1029. amessymama says:

    Nikkiof5 is all over spots’. I see her listings all the time, hopefully I never bought anything from her. If it’s true that she is the scammer, of course.

    Even if the seller refunded her $50, couldn’t the scammer still file with PP for the entire amount since there was no DC? She could potentially end up with $150 and yarn to sell. Skank!

  1030. amessymama says:

    Someone really needs to direct the seller here! She wants to out her sooo bad, but she’s not familiar with the acronyms people are using. ie. JAR, CDN.

    If I wasn’t banned, I would PM her and link her to every possible site I could think of.

    DId you see that the scammer offered to send her the $50 back? Guilty!!

  1031. zamgrawrz says: