Please tell us how you really feel.

Posted: October 31, 2010 by DSDM2 in Just Drama

You do realize, the majority of us don’t feel that way, right?

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Halloween is … (wasnt tryto diss it see why)

…. a day for kids to have an excuse to eat bad food, an excuse for teens to cause trouble, an excuse for woman to dress like whores, and an excuse for adults to get drunk and party. 

Am I right? or am I right? lol.

Yes Im still having fun with the kids and we will be eating doughnuts cider and a few pieces of candy. But Im not going to use Halloween as an excuse for any of these things.

  1. Redhead says:

    SAM- your comment on that thread cracked me up πŸ˜€ β™₯

  2. kukukachoo says:

    People like the OP are much scarier than anything about Halloween.

  3. reallytiredmommy says:

    Well we will probably be just chilling and watching movies but not by choice. Our dumb area had trick or treat thursday so my kids have been on a sugar rush since then lol!

  4. norrahsmommy says:

    Gotta love it…

  5. smartassmama says:

    I loved norrahsmommy’s!
    And Stephanie’s cracked me up too.

  6. reallytiredmommy says: I don’t know why but the fact that the dh got on under a&esmommy’s user name and blasted everyone who replied to her thread really really scares me. I just got a strange feeling after reading the post but didnt want to say anything back in fear of getting a strike.

  7. MamaE says:

    According to the DH, he spent a lot of money on “bum genousous”. LOL!! Maybe he should have have bought himself a dictionary instead.

  8. MamaE says:

    *oops, I got a little ‘have’ crazy…

  9. amessymama says:

    Are we sure that is the DH and not just the OP having MPDLD (multi personality drama llama disorder)? They have the same posting style. Although, I’ve noticed way too many people do not know how to capitalize the first letter of the beginning word in a sentence, so who knows.

  10. reallytiredmommy says:

    The thought did strike my mind with all of the craziness over there lately.

  11. Flat Stainley says:

    LOL! DH#1 now has his own account. It will be interesting to see how many posts he makes.

  12. norrahsmommy says:

    if that post was her dh he sounds like a douche.

  13. iken says:

    3yo constantly “exploring her body”
    My 3yo DD has recently figured out that touching her private area feels good. She is constantly lying down and sort of humping. She doesn’t want to eat, play, or watch TV, just touch herself. I’d been ignoring it, but it continues to get worse and worse. Yesterday I told her she needed to go into her room to do that and she spent the vast majority of the day in there.

    I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want her to think that feeling pleasure is a bad thing, but at the same time, she can’t do it 24/7.

    What do I DO?!?!

    And now, the dumbest answer ever!!!

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    Re: 3yo constantly “exploring her body”
    Not much help here… we do feel it is a sin so we wouldn’t handle it the way others have suggested, but good vibes coming from me that you can get this behavior under control.
    God loving wife to D CDing, ECing, planning to ERF, non-vaxing, crunchy mommy to M (9/

  14. Julie says:

    I left a response on the “Halloween is” thread, and a mod deleted it. I simply asked, “I am curious why posts related to sex are deleted because this is a family friendly forum, yet it is okay for people (mods included) to talk about women dressing like whores on halloween. Contradiction much?”

    Yea, deleted. A mod wrote me and said she “trashed it.” Imagine that.

    Imagine that.

  15. smartassmama says:

    Oh come on. I’m not buying that that was her husband. i have doubt that a husband, new to parenting boards, would get the acronyms.

    and the choice of his user name is comical. Like he’s the number 1 husband evaaa! or he’s her first husband, there’ll be a #2 later if he keeps up the dictatorship. I do not know if i could have made it through BFing my oldest without my husband’s support. I feel bad for her.

  16. Mommy Grizzly says:

    That post gets better and better. Holy TRUE COLORS. She’s a big ol’ fucking idiot, and if she wants to try to pawn her idiocy off on being sarcastic, she can try. I don’t read sarcasm, and I know the difference… I read judgmental idiot.

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    Re: Halloween is … (wasnt tryto diss it see why)
    Originally Posted by Fleece Be With You
    I don’t necessarily celebrate Halloween the same way other people do, but I don’t have a problem with “conventional” halloween. I love the dressing up part, and all the emphasis on fun fall stuff and harvest, etc. I have no problems with candy, although I can’t eat most of it due to allergies.

    The history of Halloween going back to the 1400s was actually a Catholic holiday. It may have been something else to Pagans before that, but I’m not terribly up to speed on Pagan holidays, I apologize. Anyway, the Catholic holiday was called All Saints Eve, as it was the day before All Saints Day. All Saints Day is when the Catholics atone for all of their sins in the past year, so many of them used the night before as a day to commit their very worst sins (prostitution, drunkenness, rape, murder, etc.). There were many people who had a problem with this idea (as well as several other types of corruption in the Catholic church) and declared it to be against what the Bible said, including Martin Luther, so in 1517 the Protestant Reformation began. This is when the church split, and Catholics and Protestants began to define their beliefs differently, all still under the general heading of Christianity.

    I celebrate Reformation Day, the day that my beliefs were outlined in contrast to the beliefs of the Catholic church. The Catholic church did make some significant changes of their own after that, and unless I am mistaken All Saints Eve is no longer the major issue it was back then. We still celebrate the change of the seasons, pumpkin patches, even dressing up for fun, but without any of the idea of sinning with the hope of penance in the morning.
    thanks for the information. It reminds me of a conversation a friend and I had.

    me:what religon are you?

    friend: Catholic

    me: really? your not a very good one

    friend: WHAT? why do you say that?

    me: well you do drugs, take bc, have had several abortions, have a baby and your not married, you go to stores and steal stuff, and you lie ALOT.

    friend: well all I have to do is pray for forgiveness and go to mass and all my sins are forgiven.

    β™₯Rachaelβ™₯ Nature loven SAH Mama too 3 beautiful children. And Im one of those moms that tries her best to keep her kids healthy and safe.

  17. dundundun says:

    14, That must be Deva exploring new boards since her reborn fun got smashed into a billion pieces.

  18. werd says:

    holy crap, she is SO wrong on the origin of Halloween!!!

  19. smartassmama says:

    I never would have guessed Deva. Duh! Makes some sense, but I think her grandparents need to invest in some net nanny.

    I went to that website, and it’s pretty bad when even the crazies call you crazy. So many of them have pregnancy tickers & ultrasound photos in their sigs. I wonder if they’re actually pregnant people, or if they’re buying new dolls And they lifted the pictures from Google.

  20. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #16- Wow I am Catholic and there is just about nothing correct on that post. It’s just not even worth it to bother trying to explain it so I am just going to move on. I was going to post on it,but she clearly knows everything !!!!

  21. Mommy Grizzly says:

    The origin post was someone else, the idiot was just quoting it, c/p to wordpress loses the close quote. The part I was mostly mentioning, but did not want to edit the post, was her classification of a “good Catholic” and her position of judgement.

  22. Redhead says:

    As someone who observes Reformation Day, she is totally wrong.
    Yeah, she got a few names right BUT hasn’t a clue on the real meaning or history behind it, whether it she is talking about Halloween or Reformation day.. psh.

  23. Redhead says:

    Wow! And how she talks to her “friend”???! Wow. Ugh, people like her give Christians such a bad name.

  24. amessymama says:

    14-Someone needs to link her to this Munchkin.*S%3F&GUID=18734bba1210a0268364c884ffdc15e9&itemid=300418165288&ff4=263602_304642#ht_6347wt_907

    Tell to start out with this one and when she grows up she can go ahead and have an actual child.

  25. amessymama says:

    Aww, man I hate when links put me in moderation!

    Why do some links do that and others don’t? This was an ebay link, fwiw. Does WP assume it’s spam or something?

  26. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Today, 08:00 PM #94

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    Re: Halloween is … (wasnt tryto diss it see why)

    I wasnt saying all Catholics are like that at all wow did you get me wrong lol. What I meant was she is noo Catholic it takes dedication to be Catholic like going to church and what not. Im not religious at all and I am usually the one who is judged. Im a poor white trash fat mama with 3 too many kids. But I can deal with it, sorry that you cant.
    β™₯Rachaelβ™₯ thinking I need to watch what I say I offend way to many people when I open my mouth

  27. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Now, she’s trying to back track and notice the change in her siggy??

    Even in her back tracking, she makes herself look a fool.

    “I’m not religious at all but I am totally in a position to judge others with their religion and religious relationships because I am usually the one that is judged so I can judge anybody I want.”

    Cliff-notes by MG.

  28. smartassmama says:

    I read it as, her friend claims to be Catholic, she admits to these things that the OP doesn’t agree with, so she calls her a bad person. Friend says, “Oh, I’m Catholic, so I just go to confession and everything is gravy.” and the OP finds issue with that. Am I getting it? I can see how that would rub Catholic readers the wrong way! Not everyone does things the same way her “friend” does. And good grief, if she disagrees with the crap her friend does, why are they friends? She’s just a weirdo.

  29. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Pretty much, SAM, except I read a lot of like snideness in asking, “What religion are you?”

    Not that the question cannot be posed in a completely innocent way, but, that whole conversation was bullshit.

    I’d feel that way even if I were not Catholic.

    I just find it incredibly noteworthy that between when she posted the repeat of the conversation knocking her “Catholic” friend and the one where she realizes she’s holding her ass in her hands, she changes her siggy the way she did.

  30. Redhead says:

    She isn’t religious yet says that dressing up “whorish” is sinning and celebrates (her version of) Reformation day?
    Sense: She makes none.

  31. amessymama says:

    Methinks she just wants to start drama. And I think that conversation with her friend never really happened. She even made a fancy, schmancy siggy so that everyone would go and search her posts to see how offensive she is.

    “LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!! I may be a complete idiot but random internet people are reading my words!!! I feel speshul.”-Rachael

  32. smartassmama says:

    Ooooh, I missed the sig change. Nifty. Is that her way of repenting?

    Love that her new av is candles. Wonder what they are symbolic for.

  33. nu says:

    I always thought RJ was a few fries short of a happy meal.

  34. Goomba'sMom says:

    Ok, I’m outing myself as the one the OP quoted so I can clear a couple things up. Redhead, the one talking about Reformation day (me) is not the same person as the OP. I know the info I posted was really simplified, and never claimed it was the “origin” of Halloween, in fact I mentioned that I know nothing about the pagan side of it. I do not claim to be a historian, I just thought a little info might be interesting info for some of the people on DS who don’t know about the Protestant Reformation. I probably should have been more clear in that last paragraph that I was talking about how I personally deal with Halloween/Reformation Day, not how everyone celebrates. I do know a good deal more about the Reformation, but was typing one handed while nursing, so that was all I could get out. We celebrated with my church that evening, no costumes, just a bible history study and good fellowship with friends.

    I really love reading this blog, I hope I’m still welcome even if I occasionally fuel the drama fire πŸ™‚

  35. Mommy Grizzly says:

    35 – While I disagree with a lot of what you said, for me at least, what you had to say was such a non-issue in the whole drama of that thread.

    I’z got no issues with you making your opinions and points known even if they are ill informed sometimes. Just don’t go showing your ass like RJ and so many others unless you want us to deal with you as we see fit. πŸ˜‰

    RJ – tomorrow is Tuesday. Please come out and play with us. We love us some fat ass, white trash females with too many kids. Though, I doubt we will need any of those passe points to give us fuel.

  36. smartassmama says:

    Hells yes. I am proof that we love some fat white trash chicks with too many kids! Bring on the fried chicken, free sex, and a case of Bud Light.

  37. Redhead says:

    Ha, well I am stupid! πŸ˜‰ I didn’t even notice she had quoted someone, but I didn’t go to the actual thread…just saw the post on here.
    In my defense, it was late and I was skimming πŸ™‚

  38. Mommy Grizzly says:

    35 and 37. Part of that is my fault, I did not want to edit the post because I didn’t want it to go poof and have the OP suggest I changed it. However, in C/P to wordpress, it made the fact that the OP quoted someone else much less obvious. Sorry.

    And Redhead is a big ol’ white trash fibber. She just likes to make excuses for the fact that she can’t read… πŸ˜‰

  39. Mommy Grizzly says:

    And I can’t count, obviously, I don’t have enough fingers — I meant 35 and 38.

  40. Goomba'sMom says:

    Haha thanks Mama Grizz. I have no plans to show my white ass anytime in the near future, so I think I’m safe πŸ˜‰

    No prob Redhead, if I had read it the same way you did, I probably would have been similarly up in arms about “my” holiday getting disrespected πŸ˜‰

  41. Redhead says:

    I kin reed jest fine. eet iz spellun witch i hav a problum wit.

  42. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, you can read. Just have trouble sounding out the hard words like… Quote and Copyright…


  43. Redhead says:

    especially Copyright!

  44. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I can’t believe everyone doesn’t know that copyright means you are SUPPOSED to copy it, right?

  45. Redhead says:

    Or even, that you can copyright something that isn’t copyrightable! Now that is speshul! πŸ™‚

  46. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’ve got the biggest balls of them all!

  47. theinvisible says:

    She obviously made that up. No Catholic would ever say that. Ever. It is telling that she used such fuckery to justify her view. She is a complete moron and hope she finds her way over here.

  48. Flat Stainley says:

    Sourpatch, please enlighten me as to the rampant mention of elite parentism involving nippled nuts, and why you don’t have time to search for them?

  49. dundundun says:

    I’m not sure if you ladies are aware…

    .. but buttered popcorn flavored jelly bellies are basically the bees knees.

  50. Syrinx says:

    dun cubed, I’m so glad they work for you. That particular flavor makes me gag. I think the texture and flavor are just all wrong together, but I’m glad they make you feel better! I will save them all for you next time I get a bag.

  51. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #50- how are you feeling? I am guessing the baby likes buttered popcorn jelly beans, at least you know they have good taste.

  52. amessymama says:

    50-Really?! I always imagined that they tasted the same as what a dirty, sweaty sock might taste like. But I’m glad you like them. πŸ˜€

  53. dundundun says:

    52, today was a rough one. I would have spent the entire day beside the porcelain prince had my girls not had well visits this morning.

    Greasy, crap-filled food is what eases the nausea but I’m so damn nauseous that I don’t want to go near food of ANY kind with a 10 foot pole.. much less greasy food. I did have some baked macNcheese tonight, though.

    I think that’s why the buttered popcorn jelly bellies work. They “fake” the buttery greasiness but instead are tiny lumps of sugary goodness.

    51, WERD.

  54. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Mommy grizzly- Just wanted to say you are awesome on that thread. I tried so many times to post clear ,concise, explanations of what I was saying,but I get upset by the ridiculousness and sound like a fool(so much for not posting on it). Especially after laura someone announced that she found humor in ALL that was said and that stand up comics are sarcastic . What the heck does that have to do with anything??? But anyways my hat off to you. And I think the the siggy change was to rub it in everyone’s face,if she was really being careful about what he was says,she would have edited or deleted the post.

  55. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Mommy grizzly- Just wanted to say you are awesome on that thread. I tried so many times to post clear ,concise, explanations of what I was saying,but I get upset by the ridiculousness and sound like a fool(so much for not posting on it). Especially after laura someone announced that she found humor in ALL that was said and that stand up comics are sarcastic . What the heck does that have to do with anything??? But anyways my hat off to you. And I think the the siggy change was to rub it in everyone’s face,if she was really being careful about what he was says,she would have edited or deleted the post. Just drama and she sucked me in.

  56. Mommy Grizzly says:


    Put no weight into the idiots that flock together. Some people find Jackass and Punk’d funny too…

    I have never found the hilarity in spouting ignorance and laughing at it.

    What the OP was saying was NOT sarcasm, which made those backing her up because they love sarcasm, quite comical. I have lived in both NNY and SC. I have to say I am not surprised that 2 people taking opposing positions against me are from those 2 places. This is NOT me judging NNY and SC residents or making a generalizing statement. This is me saying that it does not surprise me that those 2 places produce such ignorant people.

    Anybody follow the Miss Teen SC with her US Americans and like suchas?

  57. sunshine74 says:

    Ok, I usually just lurk here and see what you guys are saying about me (or not) but I can’t stop myself with this…

    Crunch, WTF are you thinking???? And, Michelle M, WTF is wrong with you???

    I have to stop myself from commenting, since I already have 1 (STUPID) strike, but seriously?????

  58. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Oh yeah, she’s another one. When will DS fill their quota of Crazy?

    I saw that a while ago and opted against commenting. IDK, it’s pretty obvious DH and I DTD since I’m carrying his 5th spawn but none of mine have played with their sinful spots in any way that I’ve ever noticed and I would since they are ALWAYS around me. I don’t have any good advice to offer on how to stop it, except maybe to not give her so much time to do it. However, my children are not sinners. They can’t be, even if they were to do such a horrible thing. We are Catholic so I just send them to confession and it’s like it never happened! πŸ™‚

  59. sunshine74 says:

    Oh, I like that! My baby touches the living daylightsout of herself, but I send her to confession and its all good. Can I post that? LOL I wonder what Crunch would think of that, but I don’t want to hijack the OP’s thread. (Momma Grizz, Im not trying to mock you, I sincerely like that its that easy in Catholisism)

  60. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, we Catholics have the “easy button” religion. There is NO such thing as Catholic guilt that we have to battle… LOL!

    Go ahead, post it, if I do I’ll turn myself into DS Catholic police.

    It amazes me how many people are sooo misinformed about Catholic beliefs and religious practices.

  61. smartassmama says:

    I almost want to storm in with “woohoo! Just got done sinning. The Duracell’s made me do it. They must be the official batteries of hell. Endorsed by tha debil.”

  62. Mommy Grizzly says:

    In all reality, it is NOT that easy in Catholicism. I assure you. Confessional does not completely wipe away sins like they never happened. The whole thing is oversimplified and misunderstood. We do not have a free ride to do as we please, we just believe that because we have an understanding God, that when we confess and do our penance, that we can maintain with our head high and realize that we are not perfect. It is sort of therapeutic.

    We could totally be like Baptists and drink, fornicate, beat our wives and act a fool every day and make up for it by going to church all day Sunday and have fellowship on Wednesday night and REALLY see the way to Heaven. :goodvibes:

  63. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #58- Darn sinning children!!! lol I am taking my 8 month old to confession tomorrow morning first thing. Today he slapped me and he likes to touch himself when I change a poopy diaper I am sure that makes him even more sinful.I am on to him now and this whole time I thought he didn’t know better. I was such a sucker!

  64. smartassmama says:


    You forgot to mention how we don’t recognize our fellow Baptists at the liquor store on Saturday nights, but we shake hands during the meet & greet on Sunday.

  65. reallytiredmommy says:

    My oldest dd will be going to confession this year for the first time. Can I tell her that? Lol. Being a newer Catholic I hate all the misconceptions but then again I used to have them too. Some churches still preach that us evil Catholics are going to hell like my old church did. I quit reading the Halloween thread when it started going south.

  66. reallytiredmommy says:

    Oh that was to 59 I go to post and there are like seven more responses!

  67. sunshine74 says:

    Anyone else keep gettin the 404 message from DS tonight? Typed out a great response and nada

  68. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Have at it, RTM.

  69. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #61- I am already the Catholic police and my signature makes some people crazy ,my only regret is that I can’t get the word Catholic any bigger or bolder. But for what it is worth crunch has done her fair share of snide nastiness to Catholics in the past and I have called her on it every.single.time. and she never responds. If you are going to talk crap fine but OWN UP to it and don’t run and hide. If you don’t know what you are talking about then just shut up.

  70. Mommy Grizzly says:

    70 – send me a friend request. IDK who you are.

    It’s funny and really a sign of true ignorance when people start talking shit and then hide because they don’t actually know enough about the subject they are talking shit about to have a discussion with merits.

  71. sunshine74 says:

    Yeah I commented and am probably gonna get “in trouble” but whatever. Don’t tell me my baby is sinning everytime her little hands stray below her BG

  72. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #66- There are so many misconceptions about our faith, and that is just how it is and if no one asks they won’t know but so often they just say stupid things and then just don’t care to know the truth. I used to try to explain and I never got anything back except well “so and so said that and that’s good enough for me” . I know we comments were made about Baptists or Muslims everyone would be all over it but those Catholics it’s fine to say whatever you want! Oh and my all time favorite comment was a thread awhile ago where I learned that there is some debate in the Catholic Church if we are Christian or not and some Catholic leaders didn’t consider themselves Catholic. The level of STUPIDITY was so amazing I had no words for that! I wish I could remember the name of the guy who started our religion I think it started with a” Ch” but who knows.

  73. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #71- ok

  74. slugwaterbug says:

    does anyone contribute to the spotted box? do you get lots of business from contributing?

  75. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #73 -Typo – it should have said some Catholic leaders don’t consider themselves Christian.I need an edit

  76. Mommy Grizzly says:

    You mean, that silly guy… Jesus Christ? There is a lot of obliviousness that makes me laugh. Others cannot know the history of their OWN church foundation without RECOGNIZING that it almost exclusively stemmed from someone that had issues with Catholic doctrine and stemmed off. Martin Luther? “His theology challenged the authority of the pope of the Roman Catholic Church by teaching that the Bible is the only source of divinely revealed knowledge[2] and opposed sacerdotalism by considering all baptized Christians to be a holy priesthood.[3] Those who identify with Luther’s teachings are called Lutherans.” (wiki)

    From his revolt came the Lutheran, Calvinist, Anabaptist, Arminian, Baptist, Methodist, Adventist, Evangelical, Holiness, and Pentecostal religions. (wiki)

    But, everybody knows Catholics aren’t Christian. We worship da debil.

  77. smartassmama says:

    Yeah, I don’t know much of anything about Catholicism, but I don’t pretend to either. And wth? Why would someone not realize that Catholic is a Christian denomination? Umm, like that rock they’re living in. How can you grow up in a country where the vast majority are Christian or at least raised to be, and not know at least a few things about it? Like, the fact that different denominations are all still worshiping the same guy.

    On behalf of the non-Catholics, I apologize for the stupidity.

  78. Redhead says:

    75, I thought about it, but haven’t tried it so far.

  79. reallytiredmommy says:

    I just use the cop out of Well all that stuff happened before Vatican II. But seriously a good deal of other denominations are operating under an understanding of Catholicism that is outdated, like my old church. A good deal of things changed for the better in the 1960’s like the priest now facing the congregation and the mass being read in English and not Latin. And acceptance of other christian denominations as our brothers and sisters.

  80. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #77-Maybe him but Chuckee Chesse also starts with a ch . Hum hard choice. But we will go with your answer.

    #78- No apology necessary

    #80- We go to a Church that does the Mass in Latin and the priest is turned away from us. I prefer it the other way but dh really likes it and the kids are learning Latin so it’s fine with me.

  81. MOMWITHMANY says:

    REDHEAD- Are you getting storms yet/ It is just kicking up over here and they are supposed to be BAD. It sucks just waiting for them to hit. I always remember right before they hit how much I really wish we had a storm shelter.

  82. Redhead says:

    I don’t know if they will reach this far north.. we could use the rain though!

  83. sunshine74 says:

    Also, I wanted to say, to any of you who had issues with my WAHM thread,questioned my sewing/cutting skills, etc, PM me on DS and I will sew you a custom raglan for your LO for 5ppd(US only), so you can see that I CAN sew and shut your mouths πŸ™‚ Use shutyourmouth in the subject line.

  84. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Nobody that I saw, myself included, made fun of your ability to sew. It was your fine print and inability to cut straight that we made fun of. πŸ™‚

  85. Flat Stainley says:


  86. sunshine74 says:

    Well, I think I took care of my fine print, and my pics of my “crooked” wipes are gone. But I would still like to offer Momma Grizz or anyone else a raglan cause I would love to see “shutyourmouth” in my subject line πŸ™‚

  87. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #84- I don’t doubt you can sew ,I was just confused by your policies. You said if you send an item that is unusable you will try your best to make it right by your standards, but why would you as a wahm be sending an item in the first place that is unusable and as the customer it needs to be made right by my standards not yours. I truly do understand how differcult it is to please people and that is why I am not a wahm. I just feel when you are a wahm you have to strive for 100% every time and it was just strange to see that I should expect uneven items, imperfections, and that it was considered normal.

  88. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #83-I don’t know pretty much half the state and some parts of OK are under a severe thunderstorm watch til 5:30 am. I bet you will see rain.

  89. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Not sayin I worship da debil or anything, but, I signed on to CDN and there were 6664 unread messages. Maybe I should have waited another 5 min or so. πŸ˜‰

  90. sunshine74 says:

    88-I never said I “would make it right by my standards” and if you double-check, you will see that I have changed my “fine print”

  91. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #90- Catholics don’t worship the devil ,we worship statues and false idols oh and Mary. Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to my graven images.

  92. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #91- Great,glad you got it all worked out. I love to sew and it is great that there are people who can live up to wahm standards ,but I am not that person.

  93. Mommy Grizzly says:

    We made fun of you before you changed your fine print, 91. It’s great if you’ve fixed it, but, you are defending yourself a bit late. It’s cool, if you get someone to buy your stuff and they are happy with it, that’s awesome. We were just pointing out what we saw as flaws.

    Now, on to important things. I got FLUFFY today — lots of pretty color string!

  94. sunshine74 says:

    Oh, its ok, I totally understand. Some people just feel the need to point out other people’s shortcomings in order to feel better about themselves. To each their own! πŸ™‚

  95. Mommy Grizzly says:

    If you were making those and put them in a “Look at what I did for my kids!” I’d have patted your back.

    You are selling them as first quality items and they are not. Damn straight I’ll point out the short comings. You don’t have to give my opinion a second though, even though it’s held by many. I already said if you can find someone to pay your price and is happy with the items you send them, that’s awesome. It takes all kinds of sellers and buyers.

    FWIW, a rotary cutter and a mat with a plastic ruler or ripping your flannel would go a long way in helping you get straight lines on things like wipeys.

  96. Flat Stainley says:

    …and some people feel the need to warn others about others’ shortcomings in order to save them the PITA and a waste of their hard-earned money, but to each their own on how they wish to spend it. Now, on to more important things: MommyG, what did you get? πŸ™‚

  97. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I never thought about a ruler ,duh I bet that makes it easier I always have a hard time keeping the rotary straight after the first little while. I probably try to cut too much at once anyways but I am going to try that.

  98. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I got my 4 oz of Songs of Snow and Clouds on WW Cestari and 8 oz of Patience on 3 ply Merino from … a time to dye. 8 oz of Cowboy on Organic Merino all from Stitches Under the Sun. 8 oz colorway and 2 oz trim in Blue Goblin on Cestari Superfine, and 8 oz of Woodland on Montana Targhee from Mosaic Moon. πŸ˜€

  99. Mommy Grizzly says:

    96 should totally say thought, not though. I was distracted by the sinfully orgasmic excitement I got when DS walked in from the mailbox with all my pretty colored string. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned….

  100. Redhead says:

    sunshine74, if that was supposed to be an insult towards us, you better read up when you yourself were poking at the “masturbating 3yr old” thread.
    JUST sayin’.

  101. Redhead says:

    MG, I thought *I* was a yarn ho. But clearly you have surpassed me! πŸ™‚

  102. dundundun says:

    95, how does pointing out the flaws in a product being sold for money equal someone attempting to feel better about themselves?

    So, if I bought an insert from FLIP and it was all crooked and aesthetically displeasing and I made it known to the company that I was unhappy it would equal me being all “Neener! I hate Cottonbabies and am totally jiving off of their hardship right now!” That’s absurd.

    Constructive criticism. Learn you some.

  103. smartassmama says:

    that girl is a damn troll. Two accounts, and she likes to just pose questions and answer others’ in such a way to call everyone else disgusting or perverse.

  104. Redhead says:

    She needs to get banned already (um, again!!), seriously she is just pious and annoying as hell.

  105. lil'mama says:

    Crunch is a weirdo. She says in the kissing thread that she was not raised religiously but kissing baby’s lips is disgusting (and she will raise her son to believe that mouth kissing is only for married adults) and toddlers touching their own bodies is sinful. Maybe her mom was sexually abused or something? I have seen women on boards who have crazy strict rules about bodies and touching even among parents and grandparents and usually they are that way because of their own childhood abuse.

  106. lil'mama says:

    Also, all this Catholic talk has “Every sperm is sacred” stuck in my head.
    We’re Protestant and we have the freedom to use condoms…but I’m pregnant with #5. People have actually asked us if we were Catholic before, like no one would choose to have that many kids just because.

    (FTR, I don’t judge the Catholic church, don’t think the Pope is the Antichrist and accept them as fellow believers)

  107. Snickerdoodle says:

    104 I remember a thread on Mothering a while back about kissing your child on the lips versus cheeks.

    I especially remember because my daughters stepmom got on there and posted about how she doesn’t believe in kissing her kids on the mouth and its ONLY for consenting adults.

    And then shortly after that my six year old daughter told me she only wanted cheek kisses… hmmmm….

  108. Flat Stainley says:

    Everybody knows that if you kiss your kids on the lips, they’ll be asking for the whoreish Hallowe’en costumes berore you know it! πŸ˜‰

  109. Flat Stainley says:


  110. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #109- yup lip kissing is the gateway and from there it’s whorish costumes and eating junk!
    But no worries I always wear gloves whenever I hold my baby I don’t want to risk anything *shudder*

  111. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #104- This thread just makes me sad that she would even try to imply that kissing or being kissed by your kids is wrong. If you don’t enjoy being kissed on the lips ,then I see nothing wrong with not doing it,but she makes it seem so wrong and that is not fair.

  112. smartassmama says:

    Pshaw. I put my bebe on the nightstand.

  113. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I keep having babies to raise them as sacrifices to da debil I worship as a good Catholic.

    Da debil I worship does not like ’em once they start getting growed up. He doesn’t hurt them, much, just leaves 3 marks across their backs.

  114. werd says:

    holy sexually repressed beeyotch, batman!!

  115. werd says:

    holy sexually repressed beeyotch, batman!

  116. werd says:

    am I in moderation for some reason?

  117. smartassmama says:

    What? I thought you religious folk had a lot of kids so the olders could raise the youngers? A la Duggars?

    I had it all wrong? Dang.

  118. smartassmama says:

    I see two posts from ya werd. Did you happen to use someone’s first name that’s filtered?

  119. reallytiredmommy says:

    Okay I feel really dumb but I keep seeing people post werd on the boards. What does it mean?

  120. smartassmama says:

    It’s just like, “word.” I agree. If I had to guess, I’d say it is derived from the early 90s “word to yo mutha!”

  121. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Well you got it right for me ,I keep having kids so that they can raise their brothers and sisters which of course creates more people to raise . Damn catch 22!

  122. dundundun says:

    Whatevz, I keep havin’ em for the gubment cheese.

  123. norrahsmommy says:

    That good ole gubment cheese. The block style not the slices= drool

  124. Syrinx says:

    Ya know, I’ve gotten the impression that crunch was raised in a bit of a sexually repressed household with a mother who may have been abused herself. It seems like she’s just now figuring out that she’s “different” in that regard and is trying to figure out how to deal with it while still being herself. This seems to be a common theme for her. At least she’s figuring it out.

  125. reallytiredmommy says:

    Wow. We were raised to give mom and dad a peck on the lips. Guess we were sexually abused and didn’t know it!

  126. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Who considers bad staining to be like new condition?

  127. Mommy Grizzly says:

    OMG, I found one she didn’t say GOD BLESS! at the end of. See, she doesn’t really mean it!

    10-26-2010, 12:08 PM #595

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    Re: S/O kinda- Is EVERYTHING besides fruits, veggies and water unhealthy?
    SO, what are the requirements to be in the commune?

    Do I lose points because I let my 8 month old have a few nibbles of a cookie?

    Or about the fact that sometimes my 5 yr old won’t eat anything other than peanut butter sandwiches?

    Oh, and we co-sleep, and until starting solids we EBF. Does that help my case at all?

    Mamma to three great little men!
    Can’t find a decent nursing bra, but have a great fitting bra that you WISH came in a nursing style? Contact Sandy_Dandy for professional quality conversions!

  128. Redhead says:

    128, not me!

  129. melmelly says:

    Grizz, she may be lurking here and go back and put it in just out of spite! LOL

  130. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’m sure, which is why I copied and pasted instead of linked so it will live in ALL eternity as proof. πŸ™‚

  131. melmelly says:

    Ah! Good thinking! I can’t think straight, or even think straight lately.

  132. melmelly says:

    Whoa! That made no sense! I blame my sickness on it.

  133. melmelly says:

    Did I kill this ded?

    I think I was trying to say that I sometimes haven’t been able to see straight. All this coughing has made me light-headed. I actually felt like I had the drunken spins on Monday morning. I freaked out and thought I would get pulled over for drunk driving when I was taking DS#1 to school. Fortunately, I was normal by the time we had to leave. If I wouldn’t have been feeling normal, my mom was nearby and she could have taken him.

  134. Snickerdoodle says:

    Melmelly -sorry you are feeling bad. I have been really sick and dizzy too these past few days. My lightheadedness is from ears though, not coughing. I hope you feel better very soon!

  135. Redhead says:

    I hope the DR takes care of you today Mel!

  136. dundundun says:

    Mel, hope you’re on the mend soon! Tell the Dr to give you the strongest, knocked-outedness (new words, ftw!) he has πŸ™‚

  137. Redhead says:

    I could just mail her the rest of this bottle of Bacardi 151..

  138. Redhead says:

    why do we want to avoid the round greenish person who goes well with sushi?
    *cough cough*
    I noticed she had opened shop again.. curious.

  139. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Her stitching is wonky. She’s all over. Around mid month, October, she was posting all about how her DH F-ed up their budget and she had a sale on her workings. I didn’t see that she got much business but who knows, people could have just been PMing her instead of posting on her thread.

    She is all colors of annoying though, IMO.

    I should refrain from talking about how imprecise her stitching is since I don’t want to give the impression that I feel good about myself only when I can tear other people down for selling crap at first quality prices. I mean, since this is doDS, I can only voice my opinion if it is not honest or hurts anybodies little feelers!

  140. dundundun says:

    Redhead, DF’s best friend got me a fifth of Absolut Citron for my birthday since he’s not aware of the fetus in my belly. I could send that too!

    I’m watching I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant. Chick had a baby in August of 07, then had her mystery baby in July of 08. I know how that feels! Cept, uh, I knew I was pregnant.

  141. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’m not c/p a SS topic, but, would I be the only person finding it IRONIC that Mavericks Mama is the VERY first person to post advice to a DS mama asking for advice on abusive relationships? Hmm… interesting read.

  142. mommato2 says:

    OK, I am totally mostly a lurker, I don’t post very often, and this is really OT……

    but I want to have a sleuthing hoody or a riding hood sweater made for my DD. I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about knitting or yarn. She would need a 2T and I was leaning toward a RHS but I think that I will need something like 16oz of yarn total to do that…???? Does that sound right? So now I am thinking of just doing a SH. I was thinking of using a superwash, but i really have no idea. I want the yarn to have muted pinks, purples, and greens in it.

    Can someone give me some advice? Where to get yarn, how much I will need, and maybe someone to knit it for me?? Thank you times a million πŸ™‚

  143. Mommy Grizzly says:

    If you are looking to have it made, custom, you really shouldn’t have to concern yourself too much with knowing about the yarn. If you get yourself a good knitter, she should be able to boil it down for you, pretty easily.

    A lot of knitters have MYMN slots that might be in a colorway that makes you happy. The first place you should start is going onto the website of the pattern seller and see who the licensed knitters are and start contacting them for quotes.

    A RHS is significantly more feminine than a SH, so, it’d be personal preference for you. Because of the amount of knitting that would go into a project, I’d def. stick with a recommended or licensed knitter rather than someone that just says, I can do that! But, maybe that’s just me.

  144. melmelly says:

    I’m about ready to leave for the doctor and I hope I get some good meds. I really think this is pneumonia because I have everything but ONE of the symptoms. It’s a half hour drive to the doctor, and then they will probably send me to the hospital for a chest x-ray. My mom is helping out with the kiddos. DH is supposed to go to the U of O game this weekend, and the kiddos to my parents for one night. We’ll see how much rest I get.

    I wish I could say I have been drinking Bacardi or Citron! It would give me a decent excuse for feeling like I have the drunken spins!

  145. Mommy Grizzly says:

    GL, Melly. PT your way.

  146. melmelly says:

    Thanks, Grizz! muah!

  147. smartassmama says:

    Hope the doc figures out what’s going on, and gets you something to fix it! I thought my husband was just being a whiner, but turns out he has a sinus infection and double ear infections. Well, he’s still a whiner, but with a legitimate reason. πŸ™‚

    Hope ya get better!

  148. Mommy Grizzly says:

    LOL, SAM!

  149. mommato2 says:

    Thanks MommGrizzly! I went to the SugarBubbie website and did not see anything about licensed knitters, but I will look into it some more. I really appreciate your help!

  150. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Licensed Knitters of Green Strings/SugarBubbie patterns.

  151. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #149- Isn’t that the truth about men. I love my dh but he is the biggest baby when he is sick. It always amazes me how a perfectly normal person can turn into a whining baby once he gets a head cold. He needs to sleep all day and is pretty sure he’s dying. lol

  152. Kirsty says:

    According to the pattern you would need about 14oz of Dk weight to make a size 2t-4 sweater. The exact total would depend on your dd’s size (obviously).

  153. smartassmama says:

    My children are driving me crazy. The sliming noses, the extra-offended cries because we are out of red Flavorice popsicles, the multiple poops. I’m going nuts. I’m feeling like that scene of The Incredibles, with Kari, the baby sitter. Seen it?

    That is all.

  154. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Seen it? I LIVE it. My youngest is Jack-Jack. ODS thinks he’s Dash, DD is a blond, meaner version of the sister and then I have an extra that thinks he should get to do what he wants because he doesn’t want to do what he’s told. AND it’s 32 (American) degrees outside and blowing snow so sending them outside isn’t really an option.

    I feel your pain, SAM. Go get’chu more red popsicles. Duh!

  155. smartassmama says:

    And my daughter always wants to eat things while I’m cooking. She’s just two and a half, but it’s starting to get really rude.

    And if only it were that simple. . . We have some, but they’re that bottom-feeder kind that come as Koolaid-y type stuff, you freeze em. You’d think color wouldn’t matter to an 18mo with limited vocab, but it does. “reh. ReH!” He’s like a mini-caveman.

    Supper is almost done, thank God. They better eat it up, but probably won’t. 😦

  156. dundundun says:

    smartass… so, so, so, so sorry. Hope the kids eat well and then crash for you. We had an equally stressful day around here today.

    It was one of those ‘totally failed as a parent’ days. It was bad.

    DD2 ended it by shitting in the tub which is her favorite effing past time. Seriously, I’m tired of it. I don’t bathe her if she doesn’t poop twice a day because if she hasn’t it’s inevitable that she will let loose in the tub. Well, considering I had to change a massive poopy diaper before placing her in the tub I figured we were good to go. Negative. She let another huge one loose.

    I hate to be all TMI about my lovely daughters bowels but, seriously? Does anyone have ANY suggestions on how to stop this? She had mega huge issues with constipation when she was an infant so I didn’t care when she let loose in the tub but now that those issues are resolved it’s getting freaking ridiculous.

    PLEASE, suggestions? She’ll be 16mos on the 11th, for reference.

  157. melmelly says:

    Is she cutting some molars? My boys both would get nasty poops when cutting them around 15-17 months. DS#1 got a horrible rash from the acidity of the poops.

  158. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #158- My ds went through that, it sucks so bad. It’s usually the warm,relaxing water that opens them up. Something to try is a rice pack heated up and have them hold that around their tummy (obviously make sure it is not too hot,but wrapped in a towel should be fine). Sometimes that will help them go, ds would watch his favorite show only when he would do that or we would read stories. Also his gastroenteritis said to give him a teaspoon of mylanta to soften his stool and that seemed to help keep him cleaned out. I feel so bad for you I know how hard that can be and it’s terrible because the more stooped up they get the worse it makes it and it is just a cycle.

  159. Mommy Grizzly says:

    In 4 kids, I’ve only had a floater once, and it totally surprised the kid it came out of and he was running around screaming, making waves so it was “chasing” him around the tub which made the whole scene worse. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even catch him to calm him down.

    I would think that making it like a instant “no more bath” might work. 16 months old isn’t old enough to like punish but they definitely get it when things are taken away. If you are super hands on with her bath, don’t let her squat. I redirect my kids back to sitting on their bums, if she’s sitting directly on the tub floor when she poops, I’m really out of ideas and maybe you need to go Planet 51 on her and invest in a cork.

  160. dundundun says:

    I’ve totally debated the cork idea.

    She won’t sit in the tub. No way, no how. Since the moment she could pull up she’s been a ‘stander’. I bathe the kids together to save time so that adds even more pieces to the puzzle so it’s just a big cluster-fudge. She might sit for 1 minute total during bath time and she quite often manages to poop while sitting there, too.

    I’m just sick and tired of disinfecting the tub and whatever toys are in there with her EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

  161. iken says:

    at 128, I think this is the seller she is referring to. You can kind of see the staining in her pics, but she doesn’t mention it in her description. Stains do not equal like new condition.

  162. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Thought about taking her in the shower with you? I tag team tubby time with my kids too, at least, until they are old enough that it’s no longer appropriate. The older 2 take showers, sometimes the ODS and MDS shower together. DD helps me if I take baby into the shower, she’ll take him when I’m done so she can dress him and I can finish my own showering requirements. If she cant take him, he just hangs out in the tub by my feet. I’d suggest trying that a few times to see if no tubby time for her is enough of a punishment to make her stop. Otherwise, it may be cork time!

  163. dundundun says:

    Thanks, girls.

    I think I’ll try the warm rice pack and shower thing. One of them will hopefully work. Both good ideas!

  164. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #161- you description reminded my of caddy shack with the snickers bar in the water and the jaws

  165. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #163- You can see the stains,but I don’t think it’s her because she said that there were only pictures of the outsides. I never checked to see if she added pictures of the stains.

  166. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yea, pretty much!

    We have only had a couple of times with accidents like that, because we do a lot of nakie time when we potty train.

    Once, ODS started peeing and got his stream DIRECTLY in DHs shoe. DH was yelling to get him to stop, which made him cry and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stop him. Every ODS gets DH his boots, I ask DH if he wants them with or without the wet toes.

    Another time, another one of the boys was squatting and playing and screamed! I went to see and he’s doing the “something is gunna get me” dance next to the pile of oops. Thankfully, all the kids are quick learners and they don’t like to be ‘messy’ so we don’t have to deal with a lot of these kinds of messes.

  167. iken says:

    #167 She posted in the thread that she would take the cherry, yellow, pumpkin, and iceland. The pic is of a red Bottombumper, and she said she bought 4.

  168. Flat Stainley says:

    I would try giving your girl a warm pack, sitting on a potty with a snack while you read a story before bath time. If she doesn’t go then, get her to shower with you. We do gather in the shower too, and it saves on time if you are not wanting to sit around supervising, or if you ever get to the monsoon stage.

  169. Flat Stainley says:

    Sorry, I should have refreshed at 164!

  170. Flat Stainley says:

    Every single time DS ‘s diaper or trainers comes off, he says “Noh nooooooh!” It is hilarious.

  171. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #168- Wet toes,that’s great the kids are always sticking things in dh’s boots(marbles,legos,barbies) I will tell him to be grateful because he could find something else.

    #155& 158- Sorry you guys had such tough days,I hope your little ones are resting peacefully and you get some deserved time off.

  172. JustMe says:

    Speaking of potty training woes, 24 month old DD pooped on the floor the other day. Less than a foot in front of her potty. After refusing to sit on the potty. :GAH:

  173. Mommy Grizzly says:

    174 – Wow, that was pretty CRAPPY of her!

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

  174. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Holy bad wahm work! The yellow one, with black thread. If your stitching is going to be that crazy, don’t use a contrasting thread!

  175. melmelly says:

    Any of you see the JAR this morning? The buyer listed all the convos and included the sellers address and phone number! I thought that was a no-no.

  176. Syrinx says:

    When did the “FSOT seller” label appear under our user names on DS? I thought we had to join some secret society where we had to give up super private information and be approved as good enough to sell. You know, like this:

  177. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I just started noticing it last night/this morning. They were talking about it being effective on the 1st, but couldn’t make it work in time. That badge says they are official FSOT sellers and DS won’t mod FSOT transactions that are not with a badge holder. It’s just to sell/trade, not buy.

  178. Syrinx says:

    179. That was my feeble attempt at humor. I must need to go practice it some more.
    The FSOT group requirements and implementation seem to change on a daily basis, so it was a little startling to see it actually take effect after all of the announcements, back tracking, and delays. Did they finally get their act together or do a bunch of us now just have a cute little sign under our names now? That’s the real question.

  179. Mommy Grizzly says:

    No, 180, I can just be very literal.

  180. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #181- I saw that today under my name, I tried to apply and it said I had already joined and I tried to put I was grandfathered in but it wouldn’t let me. Then today it just showed up,but several people were saying that they were approved with less than 20 feedbacks and didn’t receive a phone call. I think the computer may be approving everyone.

  181. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Redhead- I got your balls today and all I can say is YUM!!!!!! They are too nice for ds to play with, I can’t wait to get others scents too.

  182. Syrinx says:

    MOMWITHMANY, I hadn’t noticed any with under 20 fbs with it under their name. That lil decoration doesn’t mean squat then does it? But I already feel safer and protected from scammers just having that cute little sign there. (sarcasm on the last)

  183. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #184- I don’t know there is a thread about it in transactions and someone had posted that they got approved without getting a call and I thought I had seen others saying that too,but there are so many threads in so many places it may have been the same one. I don’t really see how knowing you live at your address is going to stop you from scamming but I guess it’s good they are at least trying.Here is thread I saw I guess they are verifying other ways according to ~happy2bamommy~.

  184. Redhead says:

    183- I am glad you like them! They hold up pretty well, your kiddos should be able to play with them just fine. πŸ˜€

  185. norrahsmommy says:

    Question- If you had some pockets that were sitting around, but had some PUL issues, but ok elastic/aplix, would you ffs them or just toss them out? I’ve got 3 bgos and a few HH that have PUL issues, but I don’t know what to do with them and we don’t use them.

  186. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I personally would toss them, ffs is great but so often people are such jerks about it I just stopped doing it. But if you have the patience then it would be great for someone. You can buy the camping spray at walmart and rewaterproof them if you want to use them.

  187. Berserk Llama Syndrome says:

    181 – Here is someone with ZERO feedback who has the FSOT Seller badge. No feedback and 30 whole posts.

  188. Berserk Llama Syndrome says:

    Oops, I mean 182

  189. dundundun says:

    Well, that’s BS that they have the badge and all but uhm, seriously? Best.Handle.Ever.

  190. Berserk Llama Syndrome says:

    191 – Me?

  191. Berserk Llama Syndrome says:

    It is a real condition. I read some story where a woman was attacked by a llama and it was mentioned that the cause was the condition known as Berserk Llama Syndrome.

  192. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #191- How’s your dd doing today? I feel so bad I was pregnant when ds was going through it and keeping my lunch down was hard enough but the smell of cleaning the tub was toooo much.

  193. dundundun says:

    192, yours is pretty awesome too but I was actually referring to “fwhitechu.” I read that as EFF WIT YOU! Like, “Sell me some bogus shit and imma EFF WIT YOU!”

    Yeah, I dunno. It was just the first thing I thought.

  194. dundundun says:

    194, she’s pretty good today. I’m not bathing them tonight (today has been bottom-feeder-all-the-way day!) so I won’t have to worry with it this evening.

    This poop thing has been going on for months so I don’t really expect it to stop any time soon. I’m going to try the shower thing in the morning.

    She did throw up 3 times today, though. Randomly. Liquid only. She does have GERD but it has been almost nonexistent other than the small spit-up I might encounter a few times a week. Maybe she’s getting sick? No fever, not fussy, etc.

    I think kid is just broke.

    BUT, her gastroenterologist said months ago that some of her spitting up might be caused by constipation because once she gets “too full” it gives her stomach contents no place to go. So, I’m starting to think that even though she’s going to the bathroom more consistently, her constipation issues are still very much present?

    Looks like we’ll be busting some Dr appointments next week.

    How’d you like THAT novel? πŸ˜‰

  195. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #189- That is just total crap. Seriously it has to be automatic because there is no way she could just now have 30 posts and already be approved. She posted at 1:30 and that was her 30th post so she applied and got approved in like an hour after that. I don’t think so! What is the point if you aren’t really going to check?

  196. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #196- I could have written the novel myself. My ds was given all the same dx and we went through lots of testing and all kinds of guesses. He is 9 now and we give him miralax daily and it does help,but it dos effect his life greatly. They said as he grows it may improve but it is hard for him to deal with it and have a normal life with his friends.

  197. Snickerdoodle says:

    194- my DD has GERD also. And it in the past few days has been all of a sudden after months with no spitting up happening again. Its weird.

    About the FSOT seller thing, I appreciate that they are trying to make the FSOT a better safer place but what is the point of that little badge? I see that badge under someones name with 0 feedback and I STILL won’t be buying anything from them. Sorry.

    And I thought I remembered them saying everyone even people with feedback over 20 would have to apply so EVERYONES name and address would be in the super secret data base but now people are being added automatically so that doesn’t seem fair either. I am not down. Not that it matters since I never sell on DS anyway… But I have done trades that now technically I can’t do so that kinda sucks. <— less than 20 FB and doesn't want to go through the approval process.

  198. norrahsmommy says:

    I don’t normally sell, and I’ve got the little badge. I have Stephanie on my fb friends list and my phone number is available to my friends so that maybe what H2BAM was talking about? I know that my info is not hard to find at all. I don’t really care if I have it or not, usually I only buy, but I guess it’ll be handy when I want to FFS stuff.

  199. DSDM2 says:

    I don’t think Stephanie is a mod anymore. I think she stepped down according to the confessions thread.

    But your phone number, and address should be on file with PP, and H2BAM can track that way if you scam someone, not to mention Google is a wonderful thing.

  200. Redhead says:

    Yeah, Steph isn’t market as a mod or admin anymore.

  201. Redhead says:

    MARKED! not Market!

  202. smartassmama says:

    I’ll probably be the minority in saying this, but I have always been just fine with Michelle M. I haven’t found her to be abrasive, and I honestly never got anything bad from her “God Bless.” I do wonder with the hell she doesn’t include it in her signature instead, and I used to read it as a more exasperated, irritated, or sarcastic “God Bless,” like as a substitute for Dangit or *gasp* Dammit. But she’s started to cross that line to be like any other holy roller, acting almost better than anyone else who doesn’t raise their kids the same way. The thread about the boy who dressed as Daphne for Halloween has got me changing my mind, sadly. Just the way she’s wording her feelings about it. Comes off holier than thou, for lack of better expression.

    And I just realized recently that Aunt_Freya & Carrie (something like that) are partners. Never noticed that.

  203. smartassmama says:

    *why the hell* not with.
    With the heck was I typing? lol

  204. silver says:

    #182, not approving everyone because I was denied for only providing my PO Box. They requested a physical address and I said I felt that it would be using poor judgment to provide it online to people I’ve never met – as a single mother of two small children in the middle of nowhere. I received a response stating that the people who will have my information can be trusted, and that I will not be approved until I provide my physical address.

  205. dundundun says:

    Has a mod addressed why some people with 0 feedback are getting approved?

  206. norrahsmommy says:

    SAM, I’ve always wondered why she didn’t put it in her siggy as well, but she doesn’t put it on every post because she doesn’t put it if she doesn’t mean it. She said that on the one troll thread a while back. I think the mom of said 5yo boy rocks my socks! I don’t care how other people raise their kids, as long as they aren’t abusing them. Sometimes people forget that forcing religion on a child borders on abuse though, in some cases, and I’m not saying that Michelle_M is like that, just saying that it can be that way if you aren’t careful.

  207. norrahsmommy says:

    Guess I should have put periods instead of commas a few more places. I got comma happy this morning. lol

  208. Syrinx says:

    206. 😦
    207. My guess is that those people have actually applied and submitted their info and gotten a call as opposed to being grandfathered in.

  209. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #197 & 207- I asked about all this on ask the pros I guess people are getting approved on the same day that they are applying, so if you get 30 posts and it has been 30 days you can get approved quick, I wish our tax return was like that.

  210. lil'mama says:

    Yes, finally! A certain redneck mama slipped up and typed a “g” on the end of a word. Which proves she is just a poseur.

  211. theinvisible says:

    Re: DS seller certification
    Has anyone read the privacy policy? Is there one? Mailing lists can be sold- over and over again. I’ll bet people who have provided their addresses start getting pampers and huggies coupons in the mail in about eight weeks. No thanks.

  212. shabbychic says:

    OK, so I know I am coming into this late in the game, I have been busy listing my inch of yarn and all ; but whats the FSOT seller thing on DS. I’m confused. I know its been discussed a million times, but I have glossed over it, as my need for DS and the bullshit is over. So, someone break it down for me please. Thanks.

  213. not me at all says:

    If you have 20 feedbacks you automatically get your “badge” to sell. If you don’t you have to give them info like addy, pp addy and phone number and they verify your identity. I think that’s all.

  214. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #214- I saw that, I wish that MG shouldn’t be so shy and indecisive. LOL

  215. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #216- I guess there are different ways to verify your identity they can call you or mail you a post card,butI know that H2BAM also said that she is also using other ways on the internet too so some don’t need a call or card.

  216. Redhead says:

    Mrs Rusty FTW!!!!

    Today, 05:56 PM #42

    Registered Users

    Join Date: Dec 2009
    Location: New England
    Posts: 2,015
    Ratings: 15
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood:
    Re: she thinks I owe her money
    OK Um I don’t think wearing the shirt whether it was a girls shirt or not then returning it is honest. IMO it’s shady and stealing. If you had a problem with it “being a girls shirt” you as mom shouldn’t have allowed the ILs to put it on your DS and insisted it was returned unworn.

    If she owes you money just deduct it and set clear expectations in case something like this ever happens again

    IMO you and your MIL are being petty. Your MIL for making itemized bills and you’re being petty for basically it sounds like your pissed that you were not in a photo. It was 4 Generations of your ILs side of the family not a big deal that they didn’t ask you to be in it.
    My cousins did a 4 generations picture and didn’t include their spouses. It’s not that uncommon.

    I think you and your DH need some serious counseling and it’s completely absurd that he lives with his parents and you and DS live with your family. I understand why you don’t live there (I remember some crazy thread about them keeping your kid from you) but your husband need to get his priorities in check and like a man and a father and be with you both. I would never be OK with my DH living with the ILs instead of me& LO and I sure as heck would not be facilitating his selfishness.
    Also it seems like this has been going on for a very long time. What kind of surgery was it?

  217. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse here, but I didn’t notice a conclusion to the issue: Anybody know who the HootHootBaby actually is? Suddenly the siggy and avatar are blank, and the UN is bolded in posts as well as the profile like it is with banned members, but it doesn’t say the user is banned….

    Also, pardon my ignorance, but what does her “Location” mean? Is that a common locale phrase? I could have sworn I saw another user this evening with the exact same wording.

  218. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Mobile so I can’t see numbers but the post about where the jayhawkers roam is Kansas.

  219. adensmama says:

    Dude, that “she thinks I owe her money” and “your masturbating child is a sinner” chick is just a fucking piece of work. I tell ya what. She got called out for being a complete hypocrite, she was upset (of course) but she lies and makes up shit and backtracks- not even bothering to edit her OP lol! And I love how she pulls out the “you people are following me around and attacking me for my beliefs!” complete BS stupid bitch. Ugh. I just want to throat punch her.

    That is all.

  220. megs2486 says:

    AND….it’s gone.

  221. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, Harmony to the rescue from all of those mean people that call the poor me mentality and hypocrisy for what it is!

  222. Mrs. Rusty says:

    @ 219~ Redhead I was coming here to post the link to that entire thread. Glad I’m not the only one who thought that. Her response to my post wasn’t even worth the time to type.

  223. smartassmama says:

    Yeah, this is going to be really petty, but I’m pissed because I had typed a reply. lol

    And lovebeingamommy##### is full of crap. The one who said she’d bought a shirt at walmart from a cashier, the same cashier took her photos, then same person returned the shirt for her. Walmart Portrait Studios are independently owned. They just lease little cubby holes at the front of the store. That’s like me saying a bought a tire from a fella in TLE/auto, then rented a car from him at Enterprise.

    Ok. Pettiness over.

    Crunch needs to look into government housing. Not just reduced rent, but really, subsidized housing. The projects even. In some towns they’re not that bad. I’d live in a van down by the river if I had to.

  224. amessymama says:

    225- LOL I was thinking the same thing about that walmart cashier. That was one VERY busy employee.

    I didn’t realize that Crunch was the same person that asked advice on living in her mom’s kennel. That sounds like absolute hell!! Is it just a one room shack? They all sleep in the living room! Maybe the pets get the bedrooms. I think I can smell it from here.

  225. amessymama says:

    I think living in a homeless shelter would be a vacation from the dump she’s currently living in.

  226. Mommy Grizzly says:

    AND she said her husband could not qualify for disability. She said he applied and got denied because his disability is not permanent. That’s total and complete bullship because when you go to the Social Security website to apply for disability, one of the FIRST questions asked is, are you permanently disabled or will your disability last for longer than 12 months. If his dr is so sure he’s going to be needing multiple surgeries, he’s unable to work, AND he is in such a state that he needs more care than his wife can provide for him, there is almost NO reason why he should not qualify for social security disability. Well, except maybe that she might be suggesting she’s doing a lot of stuff to improve her situation but isn’t. IDK.

    Couldn’t PAY me to be married to a guy that gets me pregnant, leaves me to go back and live with his mom, pay his separate bills, doesn’t provide a place for me to live and makes me live with my crazy Mom and deal with MIL issues in a damn hovel. Holy sheep, yeah, not enough money in the damn world.

  227. amessymama says:

    She works 45 hours a week and can’t afford an apartment or a room even! Does make $2 an hour or something?

    She’s probably just some board housewife who lives comfortably with her family in a middle class neighborhood and just makes up this crap for giggles. Like the “locked in a shed” chick.

  228. magpiedpiper says:

    I think she is entirely real. Her photobucket and FB accounts are very real, and they all overlap with her two DS usernames. It’s been pointed out a long time ago that they were one and the same. I guess she just hopes no one remembers her back story? I feel bad that her cute LO has to live in such a sad situation. I bet he misses his daddy, and he has to live in a house full of animals that get the bedrooms while the people sleep in the living room.

  229. mom2js says:

    #220, she had another profile and she “found” it thanks to the DS mods, so they probably closed that account.

  230. mom2js says:

    Oh and she is from kansas and the jayhawks is a sports thing… i think NAK

  231. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Kansas University mascot is the Jayhawk.

  232. adensmama says:

    I am just really confused about her husband and the whole foot surgery thing. She says that he has to have 12 surgeries on his feet to basically re-build the arches? WTF? Did he not have this problem when they got married/had a child together? I know flat feet can be painful but does he REALLY have to have surgery on them? Can’t he get a damn wheelchair and still work?

    Her mom’s house sounds like my worst friggin nightmare. I am not an animal person, it doesn’t help that I’m allergic to both cats and dogs. But I simply cannot STAND walking into a person’s house and smelling “animal” all over it. The hair, the slobber, the poop….cat litter and pet food smells, they just make me want to vomit. Was she seriously asking about living in the moms kennel?! Oh and she “has” to pay a $600 vet bill this month, no wonder she can’t afford an apartment. DUH LADY, get a clue!

  233. adensmama says:

    Okay she lives in Defiance, OH according to her Cafemom profile. I could be wrong but I’m PRETTY sure the cost of living is not terribly high around there? I could see if she lived in Cali or even the east coast in a major city, but jeez. I could rent a nice 1 bedroom apartment where I live for $600/month.

  234. adensmama says:

    Okay check this out. Her and her DH became “spiritually married” LOL! She really does love to think that she’s the only one NOT sinning on DS apparently! I’m sure I was a “sinner” for getting pregnant and having sex before I was actually married, but not her! No way! I bet the holy spirit got her pregnant too πŸ˜€

    (Posted by Crunch!910 in the “16 and pregnant” thread)

    “I couldn’t be on hormonal BC, but this was us, kind of. I REFUSED to have sex while in highschool or before marriage. Only after highschool and after DH and I became spiritually married did that happen. And because we were not financially stable and I was still in college, and I was still a teenager technically, we were very strict about FAM. (However, my body pulled a trick on me, and now we have DS!) To me… I just NEVER understood how girls could think it wouldn’t happen to them.

    Honestly, I think there are a GREAT amount of girls out there that realize that they MIGHT get pregnant, but they just don’t care. I have a teenage friend like that.. I’ve been trying to talk sense into her for a long time now. She’s going off birth control because she gained 50 lbs on it, but she’s unwilling to practice FAM. She says.. I’m not PLANNING a pregnancy, but she’s not going to prevent either. (and her boyfriend refuses to wear condoms, allergic to latex, won’t buy non-latex). THANKFULLY, he broke up with her (he’s a jerk) so no sex, therefore no baby!

    Teenagers… well.. I’m just glad I was never really much of one of those.. I, too, was that rare 1% of very responsible, respectful, mature, wise teens. Lol.”

  235. Redhead says:

    So are they even legally married? Or is “spiritual marriage” why she lives on place and he lives another?

  236. dundundun says:

    I won’t ever take one freakin’ morsel of God-spewing love that erupts from her mouth seriously.

    I mean, I didn’t before, but still.

  237. adensmama says:

    I *think* they are legally married now (?) but her excuse for being able to have sex before they were legally married was that she was “spiritually” married. And of course her son won’t be a bastard child either then!

    Well heck, doesn’t that mean any high school age couple can declare themselves spiritually married and go at it?

    I am not Christian and don’t share her beliefs AT ALL, but she makes all Christians look bad.

  238. try me, i'm new! says:

    #237 – Defiance OH is NOT expensive to live in. Even in the most expensive part of the state, columbus, you can find decent housing for $500-$600/month, and crap housing for $350. Now, that decent housing wouldn’t be awesome, would be older, run down a bit, and not the nicest neighborhood, but not the worst hovel in the worst neighborhood, either. and once you factor in section 8 prices….yeah. that’s a buncha crap that she can’t get housing. AND there is an organization called maps, material assistance something…they give people in need free furniture. like, they will furnish your apartment for you. for free. she stays in that situation either b/c it’s not as bad as she makes it out to be, or she’s too lazy to change it.

    and that 1% of teens being decent…..gag me. I teach teens. The vast majority are respectful, nice, sweet kids. Really. Sure, they’re teens, so there will be a level of crap to be expected, but I’ve only met a few that had few if any redeeming qualities.

    as for “spiritually married” and all, I had a friend in HS who was a super duper holy roller. toted a bible around school, witnessed to anyone who would listen, told us all how we were going to hell (i should mention here she was more of a friend of a friend…) and yet even she was doing the deed with her bf. She explained it away by saying they were going to get married, so it would all be ok in the end. they did end up getting married….a month after hs ended. but still. don’t tell me imma go to hell b/c I don’t go to church when you do go, know better, and still do the nasty.

  239. adensmama says:

    #242 that’s exactly what I thought. I know housing is pretty darn reasonable in most parts of the Midwest and South. We own a 3 bed/2 bath house and pay less than $1K per month…either she’s conveniently leaving something out or she’s making up shit or SOMEThing.

    She is just strange. Her whole family sounds like a piece of work, too bad her kid has to grow up in that kind of environment.

  240. try me, i'm new! says:

    so…anyone else NOT apply to the seller group at DS and be included anyway? Not that I’m complaining, I more than meet the requirements to be grandfathered in, but it just strikes me as odd. I went there for the first time in forever to apply, started reading the announcements to figure out how to do it, and then realized my UN had the little signy thingie under it. I didn’t think it was automatic.

  241. Flat Stainley says:

    Okay, it looks like Angelique345 is back on the hunt for more diapers. I wonder if she is also Jacksmom716, who is posting in a FFS thread asking for specific donations of AIOs & covers? I hope a mod will cross reference the IPs. I think I smell a scammer.

  242. werd says:

    244, I got grandfathered in automatically! I wasn’t go to apply if I had to share all that info, so problem solved!

  243. werd says:

    GAH, *going* not go. I despise typos!!

  244. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I totally thought that it was a super big no no to ask for donations? I mean, they actually closed down the b.milk thread and when people complained they said, forum liability and asking for donations were the 2 reasons why.

    Even if she’s NOT scamming, she’s still breaking the rules by asking for donations. Where’s a Nun with a ruler when you need one??

  245. norrahsmommy says:

    244- Me, I didn’t apply or give them any info. My info is pretty easy to find in the first place though, I guess.

  246. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #244- They said that the techs are going through when they have time and approving the people who meet the requirements to be grandfathered in.

  247. try me, i'm new! says:

    ok, so it must be a thing they’re doing. convenient, a little creepy, but i’m glad it’ll be so easy for me to list. now i have to get off my ass and take some actual pictures. we are totally done with diapers and they annoy me crapping up my nightstand.

  248. adensmama says:

    Thank goodness because I’m too lazy to do their little “application” thingie or whatever the heck they’re doing for FSOT now. I have over 100 positive FB so…yeah. I just checked and I’m in too.

  249. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Yeah a lot of people are getting approved within hours of applying and I *think* most of the ones who could be grandfathered in already are. I have no idea how many members there are but for that much accomplish in 6 days is pretty impressive. I thought it would take a lot longer and so far there seems to be no delays.

  250. magpiedpiper says:

    Stumbled on that book tonight and noticed the similarity. Just thought it was interesting, I guess.

  251. sourpatchbabe says:

    238, what the heck is wrong with her? I say that she’s not really married at all, still lives with mommy, didn’t graduate HS let alone college, and was probably kicked out of the house when she got pregnant but let back in on a provisional basis. She probably works a minimum wage job long enough to pay mom for room and board and the “payment” to the MIL is nothing more than childcare fees because her mom refuses to watch the child for free. I mean, her MIL is charging her for pedialyte for God’s sake. How the heck does a “foot surgery” weeks and weeks prior mess up an adult’s stomach so bad that they need to drink pedialyte?

  252. sourpatchbabe says:

    Forgot to add that when my sister was kicked out of the house and then let back in HS, she had to sleep on the couch because she had to work her way up to getting her room back. That’s why I think she got kicked out for the pregnancy and is now back on a probational period.

  253. reallytiredmommy says:

    To whoever was asking about didiability you are usually rejected the first time. Stupid I know but my dad works with people who have it. You usually have to hire a lawyer to get approved. That’s why there are so many disability lawyers. Most people dont know this and give up. I would tell Crunch but she probably wouldnt listen.

  254. reallytiredmommy says:

    disability nak

  255. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Crunch was suggesting that he has not even applied because he’d not get it.

    Getting denied the first time is not a guarantee. It depends on the disability and what kind of evidence there is to back it up. Disabled Veterans that apply for SSDI almost always get it because they have the backing of the medical records from the service and the disability rating from the VA to back up their position.

    I found it REALLY funny that Crunch said he tried to join the Military when they first found out she was pregnant. She did not say as much but she suggested that they already knew he had medical issues and she eluded that they were going to try to get it passed the MEPS but they caught on and he was unable to enlist. Laughable.

  256. reallytiredmommy says:

    Oh and where I live in Ohio there is plenty of subsidized housing thats in pretty good areas. Just saying

  257. mamatocuties says:

    Who is FrozenBooty on Spots? I need some longies but I am scared to order since it might be the lady with the frozen kid.

  258. melmelly says:

    I’m sorry…



  259. mamatocuties says:

    Thats what I thought, too. πŸ˜‰

  260. adensmama says:

    #259 omg…her husband must be as smart as she is! I love how it’s the grand old solution to everything to just have your DH (or baby daddy) join the military if you get knocked up or are otherwise in financial ruin. People just don’t realize that you are giving the government complete and total control over your life, for insanely low pay. Then you get all these junior enlisted who are getting in trouble or doing stupid crap because they didn’t really realize what they were getting themselves into, mentally/physically/emotionally. And they get into worse debt than they were before- because they can go buy a brand new $30,000 car since the dealers or credit lenders KNOW full well that they will get in huge trouble if they don’t pay for it.
    Do I really even need to say how the story ends? Okay, well usually the small town girlfriend starts looking less and less attractive to Pvt Schmuckatelli, and he starts messing around. She has already kept the 50 lbs she gained from the first pregnancy, so the solution obviously is to have another kid. And another one…and another and so on. Enough to where she feels like she’s trapped him indefinitely. Baby daddy is busy being an asshole, gets a DUI or does drugs, gets kicked out. No unemployment or disability or GI Bill for him, so he ends up back in Schmuckville, OH where he works a dead end job. She either goes with him and eats McDonalds all day in their gross 2 bedroom apartment, or lives with her crazy ass mom where all the people sleep in the living room while the dogs each have their own bedroom. Cigarettes and pet dander abound. The children fight over the scraps left in the KFC bucket and somehow World of Warcraft becomes an important part of everyone’s lives.
    The years come and go, until one day, the daughter gets pregnant at 17! She thought that the Holy Spirit wouldn’t get her pregnant since she wasn’t married yet! What to do!? Her parents helpfully suggest the baby daddy join the Army….

  261. Amber says:

    @261 – I remember seeing that name in Extra fluffy, and it wasn’t the same person as the one with the frozen diaper on her kid.

  262. Smartassmama says:

    Patooty (or similar) is the one who froze her daughter’s butt. She must have been too busy thinking about Rubies to remember to change her, up in the land where coffee freezes mid air & there’s nothing comparable to AAA or a wrecker.
    Frozen booty, if memory serves, lives in TN or TX and if your child’s butt froze in either of those – something’s wrong. I used to think my butt would freeze on metal bleachers of football playoffs, but thankfully I wasn’t peeing myself.
    Frozen booty just has an unfortunate U/N.

    And omg, pvt Shmuckatelli?! Bahahahaha

  263. adensmama says:

    Haha you’ve never heard of Pvt. Schmukatelli? He’s a total fuck up πŸ˜‰

  264. Snickerdoodle says:

    Is DS getting hacked again? Or downloading viruses?

    I tried to go to DS and it popped up a window after a minute or two of trying to load and said I was trying to open a file called “forum display” and how did I want to open it or save it. YIKES.

    Then when I tried later it told me it was a 404 bad request.

  265. dundundun says:

    There’s a horrific backdrop now.. that’s all I’ve noticed.

  266. reallytiredmommy says:
    Does someone know who this WAHM is? When a dipe was sent back to her for repair she SUPERGLUED the torn pul back together and refused to refund shipping costs for the buyer! I really do not want to buy from her!

  267. smartassmama says:

    Could it be Thirsties?
    She mentions that you can’t go far without seeing raves, and that she herself has raved for them several times. I searched her started threads and that’s the only repeat thread. But that doesn’t take into account just posting in someone else’s thread. They do have a lot of very popular prints right now though, like she mentioned. And they do snaps now as well.
    I’ve heard of people having bad experience with repairs and stuff there, though my experience was quite good.

  268. smartassmama says:

    Could it be Thirsties?
    She mentions that you can’t go far without seeing raves, and that she herself has raved for them several times. I searched her started threads and that’s the only repeat thread. But that doesn’t take into account just posting in someone else’s thread. They do have a lot of very popular prints right now though, like she mentioned. And they do snaps now as well.
    I’ve heard of people having bad experience with repairs and stuff there, though my experience was quite good.

  269. Snickerdoodle says:

    Yes the backdrop is horrific. Its weird, I don’t know why that happened.

    270-I know Im SOOOO curious as to who that WAHM is. I can’t find any clues though. Stupid DS and their no outing rule. *pout*

  270. smartassmama says:

    Sorry! I filled in the right name with the wrong email address. Ooops!

  271. smartassmama says:

    I don’t see a backdrop. What’s it look like?

  272. Kimbella says:

    270: Could it be Fishnoodles?

  273. Snickerdoodle says:

    275- For me its V8!!!! V8!!!!! DON”T YOU WANT SOME V8? !!!!!! and then a bunch of other ads. Need to get firefox and adblock one of these days….

  274. iken says:

    I also think it is Fishnoodles.

  275. smartassmama says:

    I’ve never seen a fishnoodle.
    That sounds dirty. *giggle*

  276. dundundun says:

    279, I have.

    They are those long, curly turds that hang out of goldfish.

  277. smartassmama says:

    EEEw yes. That’s why when all my fish died in middle school I was done with them. yuck.

    Anyone else annoyed by elioraimmanuel? I’ve only barely noticed her before, I think she’s come back with a fervor though. Is it supposed to be Eli or Immanuel? Like she was trying to decide on a name? That’s how I read it, and her posts are just over the top religious. She makes Michelle look like a party girl, injecting bible verses, and “You should fast” everywhere. It’s obnoxious. Maybe I’m alone.

  278. Snickerdoodle says:

    281- LOL at the image of Michelle being a party girl! I totally know what you mean though. Have you been reading the boycott Amazon thread? she is popping up in that one too.

  279. Goomba'sMom says:

    281, I was thinking the SAME thing! She is very annoying, one of those people who gives Christians the reputation of beating people over the head with bibles. I am a Christian, but she was even making me uncomfortable.

    A huge LOL at Michelle being a party girl, although she actually is pretty fun to hang out with IRL. Yes, I really do know her, she is a very sweet person, very outspoken but still really nice.

  280. smartassmama says:

    Really, I like Michelle for the most part. She’s not nearly as pushy as some people I’ve encountered, both online and IRL. I do think that she’s very genuine. I’ve only been put off with her once that I remember.
    But that other person could inject God into anything, and not even sly about it.
    “What’s for dinner? I can’t decide between chilli or fried chicken?”
    -“I think you should pray about it, then fast.”

  281. sourpatchbabe says:

    284, that’s the ultimate diet plan lol.

    Does anyone know who the seller is here those look so YUCKY!

  282. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    285- I believe it’s in response to Kristin’s ISO. She has one up for interlock pants. Can’t find any other clues and no responses to her thread, so it could have taken place completely in PMs. I, too, am curious, though.

  283. smartassmama says:

    287 – Really? She thinks that masturbation is so awful yet her son was conceived out of wedlock? What a hypocrite.

  284. dundundun says:

    It’s Friday night and the other half is out of town for the second weekend in a row and I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove it.

    I’d punch the seller in the FACE if I got that item. It’s stained worse than a heavily soiled diaper.

  285. norrahsmommy says:

    Can someone do me a favor and rep me on CDN so that it will turn green again? (I hope it turns green again)

  286. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Uh oh. Who or who all did you piss off to lose all your rep?

  287. norrahsmommy says:

    I lost it back in the summer…because of posting that I don’t have a problem being a bitch and dinging a car if they park so close to me that I have to climb over the console to get in.

  288. smartassmama says:

    Anyone have a feeling this person isn’t from Ohio, isn’t a military wife, and her daughter Bella isn’t actually human? I’m thinking the Deva loo-loo returned.

  289. norrahsmommy says:

    293- no matches found. Hmmm

  290. smartassmama says:

    well crap. I must have copied the wrong thing. But her name is BellasMommy (or similar), and she joined this month.

  291. mom2js says:

    I tried to respond to this twice, but I can’t word it right at all….

  292. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    297- She has one hulkish 2-year-old if she put the couch in front of the door and he was able to slide it across the tile and away from the door. Seriously? If that story is true in the first place, I dare say it’s embellished a bit so she doesn’t get flamed or feel so guilty about a crappy decision.

  293. magpiedpiper says:

    I don’t know, I have seen my almost 2 year old dd shove our couch on the wood floors enough to get by it, and tile would have even less give. She’s stubborn and has that low center of gravity. However, there are options besides a permanent lock to keep the door closed.

  294. magpiedpiper says:

    Wait, tile would have MORE give is what I meant, since the surface is slicker and more even probably.

  295. Syrinx says:

    297. I have a novel idea: If you know your kids are prone to attempting to leave your home, then supervise them properly and teach them not to. It’s not rocket science.

  296. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    301- Unreasonable. I contemplated suggesting the same thing too the mom who posted in T&F that her toddlers needed attention, but she was busy browsing NB diapers… but I’m attempting to keep my snark at bay these days. πŸ˜‰

  297. norrahsmommy says:

    296- I think you’re right.

    297- I love how she got all “you’re being rude and judgmental on frenchie. Seriously- you posted that you left your kids alone KNOWING that your older can open the door, don’t get mad when someone tells you that you could take them with you. The excuse about being an army wife doesn’t fly. There are hundreds of army wives that do it by themselves EVERY DAY and don’t use it as an excuse when something happens.

  298. dundundun says:


    I have a 1 and 2 year old and I’d NEVER leave them downstairs to roam the house while I showered. That age range can do a lot of damage during a five minute shower.. no matter how freaking child proof the house is. I’d be more worried about what they could possibly do to each other. My kids can be total assholes to one another.

    I get my fatass up in the morning when they start to stir in their rooms and knock my shower out so I don’t have to worry about it.

  299. sourpatchbabe says:

    I’m sorry but there are quite a LOT of moms that have to do it solo and they manage to both keep themselves relatively stench free and the kids alive. If you can’t brings the kids with you when you shower then she should wait until they’re asleep. That’s what 99% of the other single moms out there do anyways. My kid’s safety is more important than having a squeaky clean coochie. Don’t get me wrong, clean coochies are nice too but not nice enough to risk my child’s life. And what kind of parent of two under two doesn’t even own a baby gate? A bunch of women on the interwebz shouldn’t be educating a parent of two that there are safety locks that can be installed in doors. Heck, everywhere I go that is frequented by kids (pedi’s office, CYS on base, etc) has signs and posters advising people of safety measures they can take.

  300. Flat Stainley says:

    It is rather trollish, isn’t it? Maybe that’s Deva too.
    OT 305, but what’s the backstory on the nut nipples?

  301. sourpatchbabe says:

    We were making fun of ourselves. Good moms give their children almond/soy/coconut milk. Milk comes from breasts through the nipples so really elite moms milk their nuts to get that precious milk for their offspring.Of course, those are the same mothers that sell all their designer jeans and stop getting their hair done in order to buy their kids $500 carseats.

  302. smartassmama says:

    Check out Ms. Blocklist’s posts. You know she’s not gonna clarify though. She’s got us all on Block. lol

  303. Syrinx says:

    So it’s ok to post about Amazon’s pedophilia snafu in the OT section where everyone can see it, but delphinium gets a strike in the News and Current Events Section (made opt in because a couple of mothers got their panties in a wad over seeing the thread titles back a while) because she posts a NEWS article about raising kids in a culture that is imbued with porn? The logic is mind boggling!

  304. smartassmama says:

    Well that’s ridiculous. Various links are posted daily. gets edited out, but it’s been discussed in Parenting, and that’s not even opt-in. Some people have their overly sensitive, overly prudish granny panties on too tight.

  305. dundundun says:

    I’m going to get a bracelet that’s labeled WWDSD.

    That way, I can claim it as my religion. It works perfectly considering a lot of religions have more double standards than they can count so we might as well go ahead and give DS what it wants.

  306. JustMe says:

    Something tells me she didn’t really pay $20…maybe it’s the sticker residue on the price tag? ;oP

  307. smartassmama says:

    The Golden Rule of DS: If you can’t agree with the OP and kiss ass, don’t say anything at all.

  308. smartassmama says:

    312 – Yeah, She should’ve scraped at that a little longer.

  309. dundundun says:

    I’m pretty sure Miles is a member of another parenting forum I frequent. I don’t think she posts there anymore, though.

  310. JustMe says:

    Okay, little things are entertaining me today, but…

    She boycotted the library for late fees??? seriously?

    Makes me wonder what the PO lady’s side of the story was.

  311. sourpatchbabe says:

    she boycotted the library for late fees on free items. What kind of free items does the library give out that must be returned back to them? It makes no sense! Besides, most libraries charge like a nickel or a dime per day for late fees.

  312. Anna says:

    317- Depends on what library she goes to, but mine charges anywhere from $.25 to $1.50 per day, per item. :/ Really sucks if you forget you have them, and they don’t send out the reminder emails as requested!

  313. sourpatchbabe says:

    But still, she said that the late fees were on FREE items from the library! I can’t wrap my head around getting something free from the library that must be returned to them.

  314. amessymama says:

    She said that the postal lady told her that a FRE was only $3. Aren’t they $4.80? I think she is exaggerating about everything else too.

  315. Flat Stainley says:

    307-Thanks for the cliffnotes. πŸ˜€ Haha! I get MY almond milk from the nut bank. (AKA grocery store)

  316. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #317& 319- I think she was talking about the library books. They are free but they charge fees if they are late.

  317. sourpatchbabe says:

    That’s stupid! Late fees are mostly the only way libraries get to stay open with all the budget cuts going around. And it’s not like they get all the books for free, a lot of those books the library buys plus they have to replace the copies that get lost/damaged.

  318. Redhead says:

    Miles has a history around the CDing scene, and not a pretty one either.

  319. Aj says:

    So, what do you ladies think, really too big or buyers remorse?

    Oh and she called out the knitter:

    I’m guessing buyers remorse.

  320. smartassmama says:

    322 – That’s how I read it too. It’s a stupid way of thinking though. Of course she’d have a late fee on it, she kept it longer than she should have. It doesn’t matter what it is.

  321. smartassmama says:

    325 – That’s terribly adorable. I love the colors.
    I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t send measurements for something like that? I’m hesitant to buy one-piece items off of a store rack because of how length varies in small children. Rompers are cute, but unless they’re custom is can become luck whether or not it will fit the legs and the torso.

    And the baby is 3 months old. Why would you buy 6mo?

  322. reallytiredmommy says:

    Im avoiding the library but only because my kids racked up too many fines that I cant pay When they are more responsible and I have the money we will go back. But I dont fault them for fining us for late items. They have to replace non returned books somehow. And I supported their recent levy too.

  323. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #323- It never ceases to amaze me that people actually think things are free just because they didn’t have to pay for them. Some people actually think that the publishers just give them the books ,as if all they have to say is it’s for the library and they will say how many hundred free copies do you want. I know the person who buys the books for our library and it amazes me how little money they get. I guess it’s like at the hospital when they say take this ,take that because it’s free ,then you see they charged your insurance company ,unfortunately not much is really free anymore.

  324. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #325- That is so beautiful I love the colorway. I don’t know what happened but I would love to have these for pj’s for ds,but they are out of my price range.

  325. sourpatchbabe says:

    I call buyer’s remorse. What kind of child does she have that is already wearing 6month sized clothing but this is too big for her? I guarantee you that if she had a baby shower she was given clothing that was 3-6 and 6-9 months (even if it’s just onesies). She should know what size her child is and yes, it does make more sense buying something a little bigger than your child’s size when they’re at a growing stage but to bash the maker because the item you APPROVED and WANTED bigger sized is actually big on your child is ridiculous.

  326. eeek says:

    Why in the world would you go to the trouble of having something custom knit and not personalize the size to what you need?

  327. memyselfandi says:

    I think it’s annoying when people post stuff like ‘doesn’t fit, what to do?’ well, it’s diaperswappers, sell it, trade it, duh. I feel like those are spam kind of posts, just hoping someone will offer them money for it after many people gush about its’ cuteness.

    I wish her luck in trying to sell it though. Seems like everyone expects it to be basically FFS now.

    I am guessing the pattern is something like nb, 3 months, 6 months, etc. Obviously for a 3.5 month old, she’d suggest a 6 month size. I also call buyer’s remorse.

  328. sourpatchbabe says:

    If the patterns run like that and she wanted to be able to use it THIS winter, she should’ve gotten the 3month size one. Yeah, she may not fit into it for too long but its the only one guaranteed to fit better right now.

  329. mamatocuties says:

    I always buy wool too big so I can use it longer. I just cuff it, no problem at all. Wool is very forgiving on sizing unlike some other items. I don’t think the sizing is really the problem at all.

  330. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #333- That was what I was thinking too, I don’t really understand the point of posting about it,other than to get ideas of what to do. But it”s wool so she can cuff it,save it,or sell it, none of those are hard to figure out. I thought maybe she was just trying to give it more traffic than the fsot,or maybe she was hoping the wahm would see it and offer a refund???

  331. audlovesm5 says:

    312 Late to the party, but did you notice the pictures are from 2008? Yeah, that was an after Christmas, sale purchase, in 2007. haha

  332. Redhead says:

    I don’t know where she lives, but even in Texas we still have winter weather in late March. Her baby has time to grow into it, she just is being a whiner.

  333. magpiedpiper says:

    This person’s avi creeps me out…

  334. Smartassmama says:

    I will apologize in advance if i’m wrong, but that REALLY looks like a reborn doll.

  335. iken says:

    I’m with #333 and #336. She is trying to get someone to buy it from her–kind of like the threads that always start with “why is fsot so slow…”

  336. norrahsmommy says:

    339 & 340- I agree. Creepy.

    I think the strike against her (delphium) has more to do with her throwing a fit about Stephanie’s post on what to wear to the club than anything else.

  337. MotherMoonPads says:

    I can’t believe no one commented on the awesome Elmo pants featured on HC today.

  338. Syrinx says:

    339/340 It looks like a sleeping baby taken with lighting that is “off” to me.

    342. Meh. Steph’s thread happened on the 13th. Delphinium posted her thread on the 15th. So, what? Some mod was “punishing” her for being rude in a different thread? Honestly, I don’t get it. Delphinium was pretty much told that Steph’s subject was aok since there weren’t any rules being broken. She didn’t break any rules in the N&CE section, so I still don’t see the connection. No rules broken either way.

    Personally, someone posting raunchy outfits and saying they are going to a swingers club is less appealing to me than discussing how to protect our kids in a culture of porn.

  339. dundundun says:


    So, every person who has responded in that thread doesn’t realize that the entire story is fabricated to plug that brand of diapers?

    It’s like one of those infomercials with the terrible actors who are far too animated yet manage to have monotone dialogue.

  340. Leah says:

    346- or like on the Truman Show when he starts to get suspicious of his wife’s product placement quotes. “Who are you talking to?!” lol

  341. dundundun says:

    You just gave me an awesome reply to it. Preesh.

  342. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    343- I saw them. I looked at the store. And I wondered if it was the felted-wool-wheel-chair-blanket-diapers chick operating under a slightly different name. LOL

  343. Snickerdoodle says:

    346- I really wondered about that thread because it seemed fabricated to get CD moms up in arms instantly but it sounded almost unbelievable. Then the second thread that mentions the store she is buying from at least twice is a little weird.

    But wow what an elaborate set up to plug a store. Clever though, not going to be deleted or marked as spam.

  344. Snickerdoodle says:

    LOL I just read bay’n’laces post “product placement ftw” AWESOME!!!!!!!

  345. Kirsty says:

    342- I don’t know that that situation alone was why but I’m sure it doesn’t help her that she is completely antagonistic to everyone about everything. She picks shit with everyone about everything.

  346. smartassmama says:

    Personally, I LOVED the spanking LBJ got for the “I wouldn’t be caught dead” comment. someone fired back about her gawdy encrusted license plate holder and i laughed right out loud!

  347. eeek says:

    I absolutely don’t believe product placement lady is real. It reminds me of that story some needy-for-attention DS-er posted a while back, about how some other CDer made fun of her at the park for not having all GMs.

    They both are about the same quality of liar, they need to not write fiction as they obviously don’t understand character motivation.I mean, really, like that shit happens. And, well, all you experienced moms… don’t you just get the SOUND of a lie from it? An edgy quality, made up as she’s going along?

    And the fact that she keeps on with the product placement- and like 10% of her total posts were in this thread-just the icing on the cake.

    Attentions seeking liars always freak me out, I worry they’ll go all Munchausen by proxy if they love sympathy so much they’ll create fake drama to get it. I’d say she’s more likely a spammer, though….

  348. moxy says:

    354 I remember that thread. I’ve never laughed so hard, reading something online. Good stuff. for anybody that missed it.

  349. Smartassmama says:

    I could kick my own ass right now.
    Found a good deal on something I’m really happy to buy, they aren’t taken, I’ve got the money now, and then I look at her feedback.

    One negative, a year ago, and the rest have been positive. I’m irritated with myself for not looking before I got interested, and because I’m trying to rationalize buying them anyway. She’s an authorized seller or whatnot.

  350. kimbella says:

    SAM, what’s the neg for? And, how much other FB does the seller have? I take that into account too.

  351. smartassmama says:

    It was for apparently not shipping, not responding to messages, the buyer had to escalate, then the item was finally received.
    That was in October of 09, nothing but positives since, many glowing. Almost an entire page of positives since that one negative, and she didn’t leave any on the buyer.

  352. dundundun says:

    Uh oh. Crunch lost her spot in the kennel.

  353. amessymama says:

    359-Oh my lord! Crunch is obviously not the alpha female in that pack.

    That is seriously disturbing. Like, is it real? Are there some people that really treat their animals better than their children? I really don’t want to know the answer to that. 😦 I want to think she is making this all up for drama, but I think it’s real. Sickening!

    I kind of feel sorry for her. But at least she is being forced to do the smarter thing and MOVE the freak out of the kennel.

  354. Smartassmama says:

    Is there a reason Mr Wonderful can’t babysit his own son? I understand he has medical issues, but is he bed bound?

  355. amessymama says:

    I know! Unlike the Army, I’m pretty sure you don’t get rejected from parenting by having flat feet.

  356. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #356- That totally made my day, the mental image I have now is just too funny. But if you ever want someone elses a$$ to practice on first let me know ,because I have a list .lol

  357. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I have never gotten along with her but I do feel bad she does seem to have a lot of drama no matter which way she turns. I hope for the sake of her ds that things calm down and he can have peaceful family life.

  358. Mrs. Rusty says:

    Am I the only one that thought it was odd that she was kicking and beating a dog for fighting with another dog. Hmmm get my baby out of harms way, Nah lets just piss off this already hostile animal some more. She then in another post will say she and her mom are these awesome dog trainers and Ceasar Milan is abusive…WTF?
    I think it’s weird how everyone apparently treats her like crap and she doesn’t think she’s to blame for any of it.
    It’s about damn time her and her DH got a place of their own with their DS. I wonder now what kind of drama she will dream up.

  359. adensmama says:

    Hahaha she got kicked out of the kennel!
    So NOW she can get an apartment? Even though money will be tight….

    Time to stop freeloading and leaving your child in an abusive care situation because you don’t feel like womaning up and taking care of your own family instead of a bunch of nasty dogs.

    Did you guys read the part about “grandma” leaving the kid in the pack n play screaming for hours on end? In my imagination he’s surrounded by dog hair/feces and being fed big macs on a daily basis. Although that might not be too far off.

  360. Kirsty says:

    365- YES! The’s exactly what I thought. How can such a perfect, pillar of morality be so surrounded by such POS people? And she suspects that her mother is neglecting her son yet it’s only AFTER this fight that she starts to look for more suitable options (that interestingly enough includes her POS in-laws who charge her for unauthorized clothing purchases and pedialyte.) And now Virgin Mobile is joining in on the assault. Oh woe!

  361. dundundun says:

    367, that’s what I don’t understand. She makes it seem as though her mother shouldn’t be caring for a fly, much less humans and dogs. Why wait this long to do something about it? “I have no other choice” really isn’t an option in this situation. I’m sorry, but it’s your responsibility as a mother to find another choice when it concerns the well being of your child.

  362. norrahsmommy says:

    352- Guess I should have worded that better. I was thinking that it was her complaining about everything and being argumentative in general that may have just added to their frustration. (I pulled the Steph thread out because it was prime example of her stuff) She does like to get into it with any and everyone.

  363. norrahsmommy says:

    Sorry right name wrong email. oops

  364. adensmama says:

    #368 OMG so true! And since she’s so awesome and super religious has she considered asking Jesus for a better babysitter? It couldn’t hurt!

    I have been in a situation where I couldn’t trust the person watching DD- and in this case it was her father, my exH. I came home from work one day and he was sleeping (had stayed up all night playing WoW) and my 2 month old DD had rolled off the bed and was screaming at the top of her lungs caught between the bed and the wall. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had come home just a bit later.
    But did I sit around and pretend to be super awesome while staying in a potentially dangerous situation with my child? NO! I made him join the Army, and divorced him. And she went to daycare because I trusted her home daycare provider not to kill her while I was at work.

    So yeah I have no pity for this idiot, the only victim in this situation is her baby son.

  365. sourpatchbabe says:

    I’ve known a few people who’ve gotten childcare assistance money, their application process went into their finances and bank account balances. How is she thinking she would get assistance money when they “may” have to dip into their savings? And saving for the future be darned, if my child is in a bad situation I wouldn’t be sitting on savings account money when it could be used to pay for a sitter.

    And now her husband has gone from being a bedridden ill person who has to eat pedialyte and needs 24/7 caregivers (the whole reason his parents flew there from FL) to being able to hobble around and watch a young child? Something’s rotten here…

  366. Kirsty says:

    Exactly her son is the victim not her. Quite frankly her mom could have 10 rabid dogs and smoke crack along with her cigarettes… it’s her home! You don’t like it? Stop being a victim and git the frick out! She’s awfully entitled for someone who doesn’t have her own pot to piss in.

  367. Redhead says:

    Has anyone ever ordered with Kimmie’s Lunar Charts on HC?
    I placed an order 25 days ago for a 6 month calendar and it still isn’t shipped.
    First it was email issues supposedly, then she ran out of PP labels and “shipped” it (it never showed and she didn’t have DC) and now there is still no chart here. I didn’t buy a 5 month chart, I bought a 6 month chart…but by the time it gets here (if it comes) it is only gonna be 5 months worth. 😦

  368. chickychicky says:

    So I haven’t been to DS in MONTHS. I go there, click on THIS thread.

    Is it just me or is this the girl from last year who’s been banned twice. You know the one. She was studying to be a vet tech and said it was 10 times harder than being a nurse. Her mother was a smoker, couldn’t take her kid to school with her, had to drive an hour each way. They were living with her BFs grama who she hated. No way was she letting her BF join the military. I know I’m jogging some memories. She was certifiable.

    Anyway, her son is named Milo and he was born in Sept 09. Siggy line looks similar to what I’ve seen in the past. I think her name was Tara or something like that. I used to have her photobucket bookmarked but can’t find it anymore. I know there was a lengthy post here regarding her dislike of the military. Someone might dig it up, I think it was in July 09.

    Anyway, pretty sure it’s her. I mean, who didn’t see this coming a mile away. Does someone have her old threads bookmarked?

  369. chickychicky says:

    ha ha #358, I see someone beat me to it.

    I’m sure it’s her

  370. aDivasMommy says:

    I have, Redhead. Although, that was uhh, 2 years ago?

  371. chickychicky says:

    Not Tara…Tessa was her name. Here is an old TDDS post about her

  372. chickychicky says:

    I’m totally manic posting now. Found her photobucket.

    Totally busted, here’s the Coonhound…and the Cocker.!cpZZ1QQtppZZ16

    And the kid’s name is Mason, not Milo. I’m screwed in the head these days. Memory not workin so well. All that vodka I drink

  373. JustMe says:

    Is this person seriously complaining about the fact that they would “only” be saving $500/month? And was naming the types of cars (among other things) really necessary? *eyeroll*

  374. Redhead says:

    376, is this time frame normal? Her page says it ships in 3 days..

  375. sourpatchbabe says:

    Geez, poor lady. If only on her husband’s income alone they can pay bills and save $500, how much money are they saving now with her earning 80k a year? The only way her post could be any more condescending was if she posted that on the thrifty forum.

  376. magpie says:

    What is going on with the Zoobie coop on DS? She said that Jodi, from CC, hacked into the spreadsheet and deleted a lot of orders??

    Jodi isn’t offering this coop on her board so why would she do that? If it comes out that she did, I guess my days of CC coops are over!

  377. magpie says:

    NM…looks like she just ran this one a short while ago.

  378. smartassmama says:

    she’s very much the same person. In fact, her photobucket accounts overlap, she’s used both as Crunch, etc. I reported it to admin, gave them a LOT of proof on it, and it looked like she would be banned. She posted a YAGE/thank you for educating me but I must go thread in all things car seats, then admin rushed in and said she could stay. Maybe if someone who isn’t a smartass reports her? give it a try!! Her holoer than thou-ness kills me. Masturbation, even as a child, is a sin, even though they conceived waaaay out of wedlock.

  379. dundundun says:

    Tessa and Crunch are the same person!?!?!??!??!?

    Wow. The internetz really do house some crazy.

    So, Tessa considers the military to be signing over your soul, but Crunch’s husband can’t go because his feet are flat?

    Crunch’s next post will be about how her hobbled husband stepped on a baby toy with his bad foot, collapsed to the floor in too much pain to move, while watching his son put himself directly in harms way but he was in SO.MUCH.PAIN that he couldn’t react so now she has to turn back to her batshiat crazy mother to watch her son in the kennel.

    Seriously… give it a few weeks. This, of course, will come after we get about 4.5 posts about how the place of their own falls through.

  380. Smartassmama says:

    see the edit line of the OP & the last post. The OP had a “boo-hoo, I hate to go” yage in it, but it was edited out and told that her account is fine.
    Because youbcan have two accounts if you like, as long as your first account is banned and you pretend you didn’t know that violated TOS.

    When you burn bridges, deal with it. I know I have, so I understand I’m on block (mostly by kaleidoscope eyes, people who like F, and those who support the racist girl, but who cares. I’m not gonna go make another account just to mend them.

  381. Kirsty says:

    380- I totally creeped her photos. The only thing missing in her wedding photos is the actual shotgun.

    381- Tells you a lot about her character that she feels the need to brag about her stuff and things to a bunch of anonymous people on the net. You can’t woo people with your charm so ya better whip out the big guns… the audi! Her and Mrs. Pimp-My-Escalade would get along famously I’m sure.

  382. chickychicky says:

    #389…Well it sure as hell ain’t the teeth that are the only thing missin if you know what I mean.

  383. aDivasMommy says:

    No, it doesn’t seem normal. But, I got mine when she emailed them instead of mailing. Maybe shoot her an email or something to ask? I have no idea why it would take so long.

  384. aDivasMommy says:

    [Is it bad, that I don’t go on DS anymore… because I don’t like all the ads? And, I’m not a DS lover enough to become a Site Supporter again. Haha.]

  385. Kirsty says:

    384- My days of co-ops at CC are over either way. I have yet to have a single good co-op experience there yet. Terrible.

  386. chickychicky says:

    I quit going to DS back in May. Shit like Tessa turned me off and I was sick of the holier than thou, woe is me, my life sucks posts over there. Pull yourself up by the fracking bootstraps and do something about it if you don’t like your life, DUH

  387. smartassmama says:

    Dammit I wish I knew how to buy from co-ops. I feel like a monkey with a Blue-ray when I browse them – nice stuff, but I don’t have a clue how to do it. I just ain’t up with the jargon.

  388. melmelly says:

    Am I looking at the pics in the PB account right? Crunch/Tessa/whatever name she uses next, has a twin sister? Think she might pull a fast one and say that it’s her twin on the other account?

  389. Jenifer says:

    zoobie co-op.
    jodi “got different pricing than me” (if you believe that..)
    and for whaterver reason, prob because she was mad at me she went in and edited my google order at midnight . here is the screenshot, she is an asshat.

    JLeninger had NO business editing my spreadsheet.

  390. chickychicky says:


    Ya, I think she has a twin. But the sister doesn’t have a kid, plus too many other coinkydinks. But it seems as though admin knows her M.O. and don’t give a flying frack. This is the reason I left DS. Well that and stupid penis enhancement ads. She has scammy scammerson written all over her.

  391. BootsieGirl (AKA Rella, who is trying to hide her name) says:

    It’s about time Jodi gets exposed for the shady shit-bag she is. The people that buy from her coops, have got to be completely stupid. Why on earth would they pay so much more knowing she is screwing them? They aren’t saving anything, while she is lining her pockets. Pure and utter stupidity. She literally has her own little bitches sucking up and kissing her ass. LMAO

  392. Incognizable says:

    Jodi is full of shit if she thinks that people will buy her “I’m not opted in to co-ops on ds defense” You don’t have to be opted into co-op’s to see the spreadsheet and fuck with it.

    My sister piggybacked an order onto my co-op order a while back. I sent her the link to the spreadsheet and she was able to verify her order under my name and she is not a NOT a member on DS.

    I call bullshit!

  393. Jen says:

    It doesnt suprise me that Jodi did that! Thats why I refuse to buy from coops there (they are always more expensive than they should be) and I refuse to let my products be offered in a coop there anymore either, because I dont want my customers to be ripped off.

    ***I havent posted in a while, so my name might be idfferent

  394. Redhead says:

    who is rella/bootsie girl? WTF?

  395. Redhead says:

    How could she hack the spreadsheet? Is there not any private login info?

  396. Jen says:

    redhead – it was made public so that coop participants could add and edit their own orders.

  397. Jen says:

    I guess technically she didnt hack anything but she did go in and delete a bunch of orders and add items to peoples orders that they didnt want.

  398. BootsieGirl (AKA Rella, who is trying to hide her name) says:

    WHO is Rella?

  399. Incognizable says:

    I think the she or someone very close to her fucked with the spreadsheet because they are angry that DS got a better deal. Notice how she has since called and emailed the zoobie rep, in an effort to draw attention and mess up the DS co-op. Very very spiteful.

  400. adensmama says:

    Dude, WTF is Jodi doing editing their spreadsheet…I have known that CC was corrupted for a long time but this is just pure insanity.

    A lot of those co-ops don’t even fill anymore when people actually get SMART and see that they can get it cheaper on Amazon plus free 2 day shipping. As opposed to paying super high coop fees/shipping and waiting around for months.

  401. Redhead says:

    Wowzers. Glad I stayed away from that mess.

  402. Kirsty says:

    It is the worst run co-op board I have seen yet. I’m finishing up with purewool and NOT going back. One more pain in the ass transaction with them. I also noticed that she’s selling some DD on FSOT at almost double retail. Must be nice to secure it on co-ops because you host it and then make crazy profit on selling it. That’s just all kinds of bad form.

  403. Me, me, and me some more says:

    I don’t know, DS co-ops don’t always go well, and to be honest, Jenifer left herself open to this one with the poor running of it. I have been a member of CC for a while, and Jodi is always fair to me.

  404. Jenifer says:

    poor running of it??? who would ever thing someone would be so VINDICTIVE and NASTY to go delete orders??! lol. you must not know me to think that i poorly run co-ops. We have ran quite a few via an open spreadsheet for people to add thier own orders. I am one of the most efficient co-op hosts on DS. afterall it doesnt take me three months to ship co-op goods. and we dont charge 5.00 co-op fees πŸ™‚

  405. Me, me, and me some more says:

    and you look like quite the bitch posting here on the drama blog like this.

  406. melmelly says:

    WOW! I wonder who Me, me, and me some more is. Jodi?

  407. melmelly says:

    Damnit! I ran out of popcorn! Can we pause this drama for about an hour and a half? That way I can run down to the theater and get some real butter popcorn before the Harry Potter rush wipes it out. I needz my poppycornz for teh dramaz!!!


  408. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Me, me me. Really? WTF leg do you think you have to stand on while jumping someones shit for bringing DIAPER SWAPPERS DRAMA to the DIAPER SWAPPERS DRAMA BLOG???

    So what if you are in Jodi’s ass and think she is fair. That hardly puts you in a position to come on here and call someone a bitch, Bitch.

  409. melmelly says:

    Damn! I was looking for “like” under your comment, MG.

  410. MomOf3isMe says:

    I was reading the co-op thread, and it was totally obvious that something like this could happen. Jennifer, obviously you frequent here, are you too thick to think it could happen to you? Stuff like that happens all the time on DS, people screw with each other.

    I like Jodi, never have had issues, and likewise have never had issues with co-ops on DS since the whole babylegs debacle. I don’t think Jodi did it. I really don’t.

  411. Flat Stainley says:

    418-Me too! LOL!

  412. Redhead says:

    likes 417. β™₯

  413. dundundun says:

    Mah gurl crush on TEH GRIZZ just got even bigger.

  414. Redhead says:

    Back off, she’z mine! RAWR

  415. Flat Stainley says:

    422- Back off, SHE’S MINE! β™₯

  416. melmelly says:

    419-Just because people screw with each other on DS, does that make it right?

    Is it okay for someone to go in and mess with the totals on a co-op that isn’t being run by them?

    I sure as hell don’t think so.

  417. dundundun says:

    Oh, YOU WANNA GO!?! BRING IT. My kids were DEMONZZZZZZ today and I have a lot of pent up frustration just begging to be let loose.

    Just don’t punch mah tummy, peaz. Baby no likey.

  418. Flat Stainley says:

    423, we can share.

  419. dundundun says:

    So you two can share and I get left high and dry.

    No love, homies. No love.

  420. Redhead says:

    Ok, a 4 way with Grizz?

  421. melmelly says:

    I want in on that, RH+FS+MG! Maybe some CJ, too!

  422. MomOf3isMe says:

    I didn’t say that. I said I don’t think Jodi did it, and we all know how easy it is to edit screen shots. People have tried on here before and the DSDMs set them straight.

  423. Mommy Grizzly says:

    There is totally enough of me to go around. πŸ˜‰ *sexy eyebrows*

  424. melmelly says:


  425. sourpatchbabe says:

    So you’re saying that it’s Jenifer’s fault that Jodi went asshat on everyone and messed up the orders ON PURPOSE?

  426. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Ya we all know how easy it is to fake a screen shot. Ask redhead. Thing is, that takes a serious sociopath to want to bring that kind of attention onto themselves. Jennifer has a lot on her plate and I just do not see that kind of sociopathic behavior coming from her.

    Sociopaths create long histories of bs and drama. They don’t wake up one say and say, “um, I’m bored today and I wanna become an ass hat. That really sounds fun!”

  427. MomOf3isMe says:

    No, but she should have kept control of the spreadsheet.

    I don’t think either of them are lying, I think someone is trying to screw with them both or something.

  428. Redhead says:

    That is true. I had someone use a fake SS against me and lots of stupidz fell for it.

    I’d never leave a spreadsheet open to the public like that, you’re just asking for trouble.

  429. Jenifer says:

    1-ive been here maybe twice before this. MAYBE.
    2-i have far too many honorable IRL commitments to fudge my name and screenshots.
    3-i had to google how to even TAKE a screenshot.
    4-i saw jleninger27 as the last person to edit my spreadsheet and cried. because i am far to honest to be so hateful and hurtful to another human being.

    i came here to post the link of the screenshot because i was asked to. ive got far too many things to do that listen to nonsense and drama… or start some. one day the jodi asskissers will see her for what she is. a scammer.

  430. Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy says:

    Jenifer, I am not calling you a liar, but you are not making yourself look very innocent or like the victim here. Think about that before you post and bring drama all over like this. Not all DSers will trust you after this even if you aren’t in the wrong. It really hurts a rep, both yours and Jodi’s. I like you both, so this is just wrong. So was your bullshit on FB today.

  431. melmelly says:

    WTF? So we have three different ‘former’ lurkers now posting to bash on this Jenifer? Or is it all the same person?

  432. Jenifer says:

    AND i had way more to do today than fix a spreadsheet because someone logged in “as jodi” but ya know probably not her.. decided to jumble my stuff. Ive also got far more to do then figure out how to fake a screenshot. my time is far more important than wasting it on useless drama.

    if she didnt do it, stop deleting the posts people make on your board questioning you. bitch.

  433. DSDM2 says:

    440- 3 different IPs, and one has posted in the past more then once.

  434. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Me thinks that Momof3isme and Me, me and me some more smell of the same stench. So, either they frequent the same cesspool or they be the same me. I’m just saying.

  435. DSDM2 says:

    There is a poster above though who came back under a different name, we edited that.

  436. Kirsty says:

    I can’t think of a single reason that Jenifer would create havoc on her own co-op. I can think of a few reasons why Jodi would like to mix it up, however. Maybe if she ran a tighter ship round CC she wouldn’t have to entice participants by screwing with DS.

    And, get over yourself- we all look like bitches. That’s the look we goes for round here.

  437. Jenifer says:

    i have no desire to look like a victim. not sure why i even need to look like one? i could care less about gaining sympathy. i hate liars and dishonesty.

  438. melmelly says:

    But could the IP’s be different if they were posting from a phone, or two? And a computer?

  439. DSDM2 says:

    Technically. But locations are very different and not linking to cell providers. But by that theory, we can claim you are all Jodi or Jenifer πŸ˜‰

  440. Jenifer says:

    and to clarify. i came her eto post the screenshots because i was asked to. since a post was made before about it.

    was i pissed? absolutely? did i delete mutal friends with jodi on facebook? yep. my facebook-my choice? but really-feel free to delete me too. im ok with that.

  441. melmelly says:

    I was just curious about the location.

    However, I know my computer IP has come up as putting my in the Coeur D’Alene, ID area. Sometimes Boise, or Spokane. In all actuality, I am on the So. Oregon Coast.

    I don’t know where my cell phone has me located.

  442. melmelly says:

    Hellooooooo from my phone!

    Where is this IP placing me?

  443. Redhead says:

    If Jodi was stupid enough to screw up the coop using her own name, then she is not bright enough to use an IP scrambler.

    It is very possible for her to send friends/minions over here to support her.

  444. DSDM2 says:

    No city, but it tells me your mobile provider, and has hits all over the west coast.

  445. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Kind of like Bouncing Woolies. Shawna doesn’t actually step in the shit but she thinks nothing if walking over the people she throws in the shit to protect her shoes.

  446. Kirsty says:

    Like one of the other super, genius hosts from cc.

  447. melmelly says:

    Duh. Why didn’t I think of that? It’s happened before in your case, so yeah. Ditzy blonde moment! Hallo!

  448. melmelly says:


  449. MomOf3isMe says:

    RH, I just don’t think Jodi would risk it. And if she was going to, she is smart enough to cover her ass.

  450. melmelly says:

    458- But is jleninger27 or whatever, her name she has used? How could that be faked when going in and editing a spreadsheet on googledocs?

    Last I checked, it can’t be faked.

  451. Redhead says:

    You can’t edit screenshots without them looking edited.

  452. melmelly says:

    RH, isn’t that because once the screenshot has been taken, the image becomes a little pixelated?

  453. Redhead says:

    Yeah, and it will darken the white parts a bit to the settings on your monitor.. I guess if you spent several hours on one you could edit it, but it would take a lot of work and a high-quality photo software.. (and the knowledge to use it).

  454. aDivasMommy says:

    Oi. Don’t use CC either. Thank goodness.
    Especially since I got royally screwed with one of their coops… πŸ˜€

  455. adensmama says:

    The spreadsheet was edited in the middle of the night right? Maybe she thought that nobody would see her editing it.
    Things have gone way downhill since the whole “ZOMG pay us back for all those back pp fees!” debacle.

  456. Jenifer says:

    yes. the spreadsheet was edited around midnight. the same time that she posted a LOT of money in yarn and prefolds for sale on DS. and posted on the wall of CC on facebook.

  457. Incognizable says:

    @465 Coincidence? I think NOT! There was a thread on CDN about this mess and Jodi was reportedly ‘reading’ the thread but did not comment. Shady, shady!

  458. Amber says:

    Wasn’t there a thread a while back where a bunch of people were waiting on items from a certain HC store/WAHM, and then finally received them after pretty much pestering that said WAHM.

    I finally received the item I had been waiting on. (two days ago)… except the interlock longies have streaks and spots all over them. I’ve since emailed her telling her about it, and haven’t heard back. I paid for them on September 16th, so I can’t do anything through paypal right?

    It’s nice to see her posting on DS though… while ignoring me. NOT.

  459. adensmama says:

    #468 was it Rainbow Waters? I know a ton of people were complaining about getting items months too late to the point where they didn’t even fit anymore…

  460. sourpatchbabe says:

    dundundun, you hit the nail on the head. Crunch said that the place fell through. Even with her working two jobs at 40+ hours a week she still doesn’t make enough money to pay for the place. And all the other places charge pet deposits.

    I have an idea! If your kid is living in a crappy situation and you are having to pay someone to feed and clothe your husband, get rid of the dog so you can afford a place for your kid. Don’t get me wrong, pets are wonderful things but if it comes down to the kid or the dog, the kid is going to win hands down. I don’t care if it’s Lassie or Rin-Tin-Tin, or even one of the poker playing dogs, my kids come first.

  461. sourpatchbabe says:

    awww poor crunch, she feels like people are attacking her husband for not taking care of his kid. Shame on all of us for thinking that having flat feet is not an impediment to watching your kid.

  462. Redhead says:

    Crunch is a troll who seriously needs to get off the ‘net and get a life. That is all.

  463. adensmama says:

    Oh didn’t you know? Her dogs are her FAMILY and she would NEVER be SO irresponsible as to get RID of them! How could you get RID of a family member?
    I hope CPS takes her kid and then she can continue to happily live in filth with her dogs. And her gross mom and her mom’s dogs too. And probably every other dog in the neighborhood and the surrounding counties.

    I think the landlord didn’t want her because he knows her or he knows her mom, and he knows they’re super gross and they have a ton of gross animals in their nasty ass house. That’s what I think.

  464. amessymama says:

    NASTY!!! Did you guys read the thread linked (I think by minniebees) that described her mom’s house. The cats have 2 of the bedrooms and since they crap or pee all over the place, they keep them in there.

    She has 2 older brothers that also live at home!!

    She doesn’t give her son baths often because the bathtub is too dirty. Ummm, clean it!!!

    She seriously needs to consider the 5 star accommodations that the homeless shelter provides.

  465. adensmama says:

    EEEEEW. I had a feeling she was gross, but it’s probably worse than I can even imagine 😦

  466. dundundun says:

    I’ve not read them on purpose. Reading firsthand what she allows her son to be exposed to would probably affect me the same way hearing about child abuse in the news does. Infuriating.

  467. adensmama says:

    Posting it here so everyone can see and in case she realizes how nasty she is and decides to delete it:

    Crunch!910 on 9/23/2010
    We are sleeping in the living room. He’s in a playpen as far away from the TV as I can get him. There’s a fan above him on a side table to help give him white noise and keep it cool(no air conditioning). I’m sleeping on a mattress on the floor. My mom is on the couch. The TV blares until 11 pm or later.. sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have to turn it off. There are times she lets me turn it off and instead I put on the radio for noise so he can’t hear all the commotion in the rest of the house. Everyone is very loud here, and I have two older adult brothers that still live at home. The bathtub is not always clean to give him a bath in, so h e gets about 2 baths a week here, one or two a week if I take him to visit his daddy and use their bathtub. So there’s NO regular routine involving a nightly bath.

    We weaned him off a pacifier beginning at 3ish months old. He was completely off it by 5 months old. We did it intentionally because I did NOT want a screaming 2 year old wanting his pacifier in the middle of the day. Lol.

    I don’t know if I should just let him have however many bottles in teh night he needs and worry about it later.. instead of trying to take it away when all this is going on with having no routine at all… maybe I should just wait. But in the meanwhile, waiting isn’t all that much better for him, because he STILL has bad sleeping habits that can’t be healthy for him.

    I guess I’ll keep watering down the formula, but give him as many as he needs? till hopefully it is just water, and then he won’t want any?

  468. adensmama says:

    This is what she posted in the previous page on the same thread:

    There’s nothing wrong with giving him that many bottles at night? He pees through diapers, even disposables. And I just assumed it was TOO many.

    He’s always fought sleep. He doesn’t tend to go down until 10 pm, sometimes later. Last night he went down before 9pm, which was strange but a pleasant surprise, until he was up half the night. He’s not good with routine. He fights it, so keeping him on one is almost impossible. Also, DH’s family don’t abide by my wishes and give him 2 naps a day, and the days he stays with them, that night he’s up until closer to 11pm. So he’s definitely missing structure and routine as far as naptime and how many.
    Crunch!910 on 9/23/2010
    He does have a runny nose and has been sick, but this isn’t a new thing. His horrible sleep habits, night waking and NEEDing a bottle to sleep is nothing new.

    I’ve been trying to slowly water down the formula for over a week or more. If I give him 6 oz, I only put in two scoops. Next week I’m only putting in one scoop.. but sometimes he notices and just throws it away and screams.

  469. adensmama says:

    Geez, ya think he might have a runny nose because he’s living in filth? Ya think he might have terrible sleeping habits because he’s sleeping in the same room with several other adults and a blaring TV/Radio all night?

  470. smartassmama says:

    Someone needs to call A&E on that filthbag.

    My husband’s take? “Exactly how fuckin flat are his feet? Are they inverted?”
    And, “Oh my God, I just, the stupid is too much.

  471. sourpatchbabe says:

    smartass, I like your husband!

  472. smartassmama says:

    He said his grandfather has half a foot on one side and just 4 toes on the other and “I can’t keep that bastard off a ladder.”

    He works with a man who shot his own foot once, and eats potted meat on Suzy Qs, yet his smelly ass has a job.

    I will say I must thank y’all for striking up a conversation that has me laughing so hard with the DH who’s been a stick in the mud for a week. πŸ˜€

  473. smartassmama says:

    I will say though, I know it’s a medical condition. A high school friend of mine had issues with very flat feet. I believe when I hear/read that they hurt. But you can find a way to take care of your own child.

    And I don’t know who mentioned it, but someone said that being disabled, he might find it easier to get a job. That does make sense.

  474. Redhead says:

    lol SAM!

  475. sourpatchbabe says:

    She was offended that I posted these two links on her thread. and Both of these show people with disabilities that are far worse than flat feet and have overcome them. The first link is a man with one leg and a woman with one arm doing a beautiful ballet and the second link goes to a christian man with no arms or feet (well, he has one teeny foot) giving his testimony but it has videoshots of him swimming, cooking, walking his dog, using the computer, and more things. If an armless and legless man can do all that, a flat footed man with full use of both arms is well able to keep a toddler from ingesting rat poison.

  476. smartassmama says:

    Something told me that the second link was one of the ones you posted. HE is inspirational! That is a hard hand he was dealt, but he can do so many things that most people would just give up on with half of his physical limitations. I thought about watching the two links, but didn’t because I didn’t feel like tearing up. πŸ™‚ It’s amazing though.

  477. adensmama says:

    Listen, her DH doesn’t have time to be inspirational. I mean really, what would the dogs and cats think?!

  478. smartassmama says:

    Where did she sleep when she lived there like, last year? They got married when she was just a couple months from delivering. Her son’s just a little over a year old. Did she move out and then they adopted half an ark? 5 of her mom’s cats, at least 2 dogs I’ve read about (the blind cocker and the attacking dog), PLUS her dog and her cats (so at least 2). So that’s *at least* 10 animals, though I’m sure there are more.

    And her dog is like 11, and she’s 19 or 20. That dog lived with her parents most of its life. It can stay there. When I got married my boxer was 4. He stayed there and I bought his food until they told me not to worry anymore, but he stayed there because it was home. It would have been dangerous for me to bring him here, to have him try to find his way home to his little buddy dog.

  479. sourpatchbabe says:

    Don’t forget about the dog that she/her sister/her mom gave away last december that she mentioned.

  480. sourpatchbabe says:

    and I want to know why does her father get to have a room all to himself and her mom has to sleep on the couch every night. Somehow, I picture her whole family being first cousins on both sides of her family tree.

  481. sourpatchbabe says:

    482, since he obviously doesn’t have a problem with his feet hurting when he’s laying down (or he wouldn’t have been in a position to make the kid in the first place) he should talk to rebelsmommy to see if he can get a gig over at her job. I mean, they could use the same bed she sleeps on in the living room next to the baby and still make tons of money.

  482. smartassmama says:

    They could call the site Whoreders.


  483. chickiechickie says:

    UGH. I came back just to see if there was any Crunch update. Really when you look up “Hillbilly” in the dictionary there is a picture of her family. I can just see the filth she is living in. Why can’t she just clean the freaking bathtub? Gross gross gross. Shit, we have three kids, three dogs and a cat living in 1200 square feet and I manage to keep the house clean. I mean not perfection but 9 days out of 10 I’m ready for unexpected guests. (but why is it they never come unless it is the 1 day out of ten?). I also run a busy home business and work at home late nights. I was up till 4:30am today and up again at 7:30 to get the kids up for school. I still manage to keep my house presentable and cook supper every night.

    They’re aboso-fucking-lutely disgusting and the father is a poor excuse for a human being. There is no reason that if he isn’t working that he can’t at least watch the kid. They had no business having a kid in the first place. She wonders why he fights routine…um…because you don’t live in an environment conducive to having a routine.

    Nimrod. Brain dead redneck assholes is what the whole lot of them are.

  484. chickiechickie says:



    She has EVERY right to be pissed.

    Honestly the part where she says “She said she’d do them for nothing if I bought the supplies” raises a red flag with me. That would right there would make me think she is going to take my money and run, unless she was someone I knew well and from the sound of it that isn’t the case.

  485. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    492- I have no idea but MAN, what a crappy situation. Where are the super-sleuths?!

  486. MotherMoonPads says:

    #494, I thought that too. 40 diapers is a TON to do for free!

  487. Amber says:

    #468 – Yep, my custom was with Rainbow waters… I still haven’t heard from her. I’ll never order anything from there again.

  488. Redhead says:

    DANG! She needs to be outed! Who is it?

  489. smartassmama says:

    What other WAHM has been banned for non-transaction stuff?

  490. amessymama says:

    I just don’t understand how someone could trust someone enough to send them $500 worth of fabric so they could make 40 diapers for free. Who in their right mind would even offer to do that? Maybe there was a misunderstanding somewhere? I’m trying not to sound like I’m blaming the victim, but I sure as heck wouldn’t do it. Being cynical is a good thing.

    497-Oh and doesn’t Rainbow Waters do this all. the. time. Sorry you got involved in that.

  491. Amber says:

    #500 – From her HC store, there was only 1 feedback that was questionable.. the rest seemed just fine. I didn’t know she was on DS and had less than good feedback on there… blah.

  492. smartassmama says:

    Someone mentioned Tessa’s twin sister – from Facebook it does look like she has a kid,is unmarried, and is agnostic. So, how’s that for night & day?

  493. smartassmama says:

    Well, I’m not sure. That might be someone else’s daughter. Anyhow, it looks like they have a younger sister as well. That is just no way to live.

  494. smartassmama says:

    Jeebus. Mom is an animal fanatic. In one hour she posted 30 animal rescue links. I bet her friends have her on hide. I know I post weird stuff, but not 30 in an hour. She admits she needs a job and is fat though.

    Ok. Done now. πŸ˜€

  495. chickiechickie says:

    Can you share the facebook? I don’t know her last name so don’t know how to find the FB. And who leaves their privacy settings wide open?

  496. amessymama says:

    Weird. I posted to Crunch’s thread but I don’t see my posts. Did anyone else have their posts removed? I’m assuming that’s what happened, although I have no idea why. I was even being nice.

  497. dundundun says:

    500, I had the same initial reaction.

    I do hope it works out for her, though. That’s quite the shituation.

  498. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    A couple mama’s on the T&F thread have figured out who the scamming WAHM is- Anyone here able to figure it out and spill the beans? πŸ˜›

  499. Smartassmama says:

    I’m not gonna post her name, but her first screen name on DS was something like, Tessa_Tewks09, or similar. So I googled “Tessa Tewks” and her state. The first google result is from circle of moms, has her whole name there, and then you can get to her FB page.

    That and I found it on the PC & I’m laying down with DS on my iPod. lol I have trouble using the regular FB page on my phone & iPod.

  500. Smartassmama says:

    Not a clue. I figure if a known WAHM got banned it would’ve been featured here. And I don’t remember that.

    Damn the no outing policy. And she isn’t a member. Sometimes I have half a mind to message the OP & ask them who they’re talking about. That is way too much to volunteer yourself to do, and then to just let it sit?

  501. Flat Stainley says:

    Her name is Melissa Reese and her hyena cart is://

  502. eeek says:

    That store is inactive, though it does have a gallery of half-assededness. What a suckhole. She should be furious, but she should never have gotten in this situation. Swirl dyed…40 diapers…12 dresses…. that is a crap ton of work, who’d do it for free?

  503. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Methinks this twatwafflery needs it’s own post. Purity4Grace is almost as ridiculously notorious as OleFlute!

  504. Redhead says:

    I thought it might be her. I am in a trade with her at the moment, lovely!

  505. Flat Stainley says:

    The store is inactive, but her scamming is running full force, if the OP of the thread is being truthful. The scammer’s UN on DS is magbtrfly and before that she was purity4grace.

  506. Redhead says:

    She is on the military wives congo

  507. adensmama says:

    Okay, I’m sorry but NOBODY does 40 diapers and 12 dresses for free. By themselves. With no help.

    Maybe she is a scammer, but why would you be dumb enough to fall for something like that in the first place? It’s not like she was even an established, well known name like Rainbow Waters.

  508. Chrijodo says:

    I’m the idiot that fell for her scam :blush: I no NOTHING about craft stuff so i didn’t know how labor intensive it was.. She and I met on DS in the Due date groups. Became “friends” and when I found out I was having twins and then found out they were girls she offered to do this for me “out of the goodness of her heart. I guess I should have known better but this is the first time in 5 years of being on DS that I’ve ever had a bad transaction (guess it was time to cash in on my good luck). Lesson learned I guess.

  509. Flat Stainley says:

    No, but her HC page is adorable. I looked at it and thought it presented nicely, aside from being unstocked. Everyone’s going to be stalking it now.

  510. adensmama says:

    Crunch is so frackin stupid I can’t even stand it. She is always picking out these little inconsequential things to care about so she can gloss over what is really going on. “I’m being attacked for x, I’m being attacked for y, blah blah blah.”

    I would put her on my ignore list but wouldn’t it be so much nicer if she just went away completely…
    (as in got banned, I know, not likely but still)

  511. Redhead says:

    Adensmom, you only get banned for making sense and being logical. Be stupid & gross all you like, you’ll be a DSer forever!

  512. mamk4 says:

    anyone else notice that melissa aka magbtrfly aka purity4grace’s location states rimrock AZ when she actually lives in twentynine palms, CA..

  513. memyselfandi says:

    Rainbow Waters is doing a co-op on Crunchy right now….I’d suggest sizing up AND ordering shorts, b/c it will probably be next summer before they are done….LOL! Oh, and they will be great quality of course:P

  514. smartassmama says:

    I just wanted to say, I β™₯ Minniebees.

  515. kukukachoo says:

    517- i kinda thought the same thing, but then again they were in the same due date club and became “friends”. so- i could see how she’d put trust in someone she felt connected to in that way. after reading all the info, it sounds like she planned the scam from day one though.

  516. Chrijodo says:

    We had talked on the phone more than once, talked on IM for hours at a time for quite a while. I thought she was a friend. That’s what is the worst part of the whole situation the fact that I considered her a friend and she most likely planned this the entire time we were talking 😦 I know she tried to talk more than one other momma into trades or deals. I was the only one dumb enough to fall for it.

  517. adensmama says:

    #521 You’d think I would have figured that out by now. Sigh….I’ll never learn!

    #523 OMG I saw that and I was like HUH?? Because I specifically remember Jodi saying that she wouldn’t do one again because last time everyone was unhappy, it took forever and the work was shoddy.

    Lindsay does some really cute sewing but there is no way in heck I would get in on that co-op.

  518. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    526- She went after KristinC, too, which makes me think she preys on moms of multiples because A) They’re more open to help because they NEED it more so they’re more apt to accept help from well-meaning “strangers”, and B) The sheer volume of money/goods to be taken in a scam would be greater with minimal work simply because of the extra babies. Sick, sick, sick.

  519. CJ says:

    Chrijodo, have you heard anything from HC Support yet about this?

  520. Chrijodo says:

    528- I never even thought of that. That makes it even worse. I was seriously a mark from the beginning and pure exhaustion and preemie babies made me too stupid to see her for what she was.

  521. Chrijodo says:

    CJ– Other than the auto response about the open ticket and how to track the status of it using the number they gave the ticket.. nope. But I just sent it yesterday afternoon and it’s thanksgiving weekend so I don’t really expect to hear anything until Monday.

  522. Kirsty says:

    Mama Grizz you’re awesome in that thread! Stupid no outing policy.

  523. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    I wonder if any of the “Unpaper Products” shown on her FB page were made from Cheli’s supplies.

  524. Rannensmom says:

    I’m late in the game but wanted to say that my flat-footed husband has 2 jobs, takes classes online, does laundry, dishes, helps care for our dogs and is a wickedly awesome and active father to our 4 year old….so I seriously don’t get the no job, in bed, can’t even watch the kid thing

  525. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Just gotta remind people to use the information that they have already been provided. πŸ™‚

    If they can’t figure it out from what I posted, someone needs to remind them which of their GOD given holes they are supposed to be breathing through.

  526. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Let’s see if they figure out THAT hint. πŸ˜‰

  527. DoubleRainbow says:

    Ooh, somebody just posted a link to the thread on DownInTheForest’s fb page and she responded
    “Let me explain this in more detail under the discussion tab! πŸ™‚ ”

    Dammit, I need to get stuff done, I can’t sit here in front of the computer refreshing facebook and waiting for the drama to unfold!!

  528. Chrijodo says:

    I can’t see that thread at all.. Guess she didn’t want me having a chance to make sure people know the truth. Police report has been filed. She threatened me and I’m done.

  529. Elise says:

    Hahaha..took me a bit, but I finally figured it out.

  530. amessymama says:

    I don’t know how to do a screen shot but here’s a C/P from FB
    The mama who is accusing me of not sending her stuff to her left out some very large details. So I’d like to set the facts straight here. Let me remind everyone that I offered to make her everything for free! πŸ™‚

    This mama and I grew very close over the DS community, we were both pregnant at the same time. She cried out to the DS community and here on Facebook after she delivered her twin girls that she was financially burdened and none of her cloth diapers were accomodating her and her twins needs. I offered to make her some diapers. I told her I’d make them for free so long as she sent me the fabrics and supplies to make them. Not all the supplies, just the fabrics, dyes and snaps. She did. We agreed that I would work on her diapers and dresses that she asked me if I could make for her and I’d start the diapers in the fall. Well I had my baby. My c-section wiped me out longer than anticpated and I contacted this mama to let her know that since these diapers wouldn’t fit the girls till later on when they were 20lbs or more that would it be okay with her if I started them in October and get them to her after the holiday? She was okay with this. I told her I would send them to her after the holiday. She told me she didn’t need the dresses till Spring! We agreed they would get done before then and I would have them to her in time for Spring.

    I’ve made many things for this mama and have held my end of the trade each time. She’s gotten stuff made by me before and was happy about our trade. She even posted on the diapering forum on DS a rave about my items. This mama has also taken from others after crying out that she was financially burdened and taken brand new things from others who felt bad for her and wanted to help her and turned around to sell the things she got from others to help her rather than paying it forward to someone else less fortunate, she gets stuff and resells it to pocket the cash.

    The other evening this mama messaged me asking when her diapers would be sent to her. I was confused. I thought we had agreed that her diapers would be made for her and sent to her after the holiday and that she didn’t need her dresses till the Spring time. She got upset. She said she was growing impatient. So I suggested that I would send back her materials to her when she paid the shipping and she could have someone else make it all for her if she needed it sooner. She did not want me to do this. She said it would be too expensive to have it all shipped back to her. I explained to her that I did not have time in the charity work that I was doing for a family in my schedule to start immediately working on her stuff for her. She got very upset with me, demanded that I send her items back to her or make her stuff for her that she waited long enough. An hour went by and the mama contacted me again explaining to me she was just impatient and has to learn to be more patient. I ate my holiday dinner and rushed aside my other plans to sit and work on getting her diapers cut and prepped. The mama messaged me again demanding me to send her items to her. I explained to her that I would do that but I just cut all her stuff and that if she wanted her diapers done I would gladly continue to make them for her and work on them during all my free time since she wanted them RIGHT NOW!

    Remember I’m working for free here….

    The next thing I know I’m being reported for stealing from this gal. I was being accused for scamming her. No one is keeping her things from her. Our family has reached out to this individual, bought her things for her girls, made her pretty things for her family that she wouldn’t be able to afford like most individuals. We were doing her a favor, why on earth would we want to scam this person and her precious family.

    I did not take customs in front of this gal’s order. I took customs and planned charity items to make and sew because this invidividual did not need her items till after the holiday.

    To address the outfits…I advised the mom that the fabric she wanted me to make her outfits from was not real stable fabric. The outfits turned out beautifully, but after she washed them she reported that the snaps pulled right through the thin fabric. That is why I advised her that the fabric was not real good fabric to begin with to make her outfits from but she wanted them made from it anyways and I told her before she got them to hand wash them. She didn’t share that I paid for half of that fabric to help her out because she told me she couldn’t afford it all herself. πŸ™‚

    To address the ban on diaperswapper…3 years ago my spouse was returning home from a deployment..I posted in my signature “Please do not disturb, hubby has returned from deployment”…I also place a smilie face with two happy faces in a bubble bath together and I was asked to remove the smilie because it was inappropiate. I gladly removed it but was banned.

    I am sorry all of you are hearing awful rumors about my business. I am sorry if this concerns many of you. I have not scammed anyone and have no problems answering or addressing any of your concerns. I have nothing to hide here. πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

  531. DoubleRainbow says:

    I was just coming back to copy and paste too πŸ™‚ Interesting to hear her “side” of the story but sounds like she is leaving out some details too…

  532. chloecat says:

    i’m not sure if i already have a username for here or not?? sorry if i come up with 2 names, it’s been a while since i last posted. anyways, i posted to the scammer WAHM’s facebook. my quote is below incase she deletes it!

    “you’ve got some seriously overinflated balls!! all i have to say is Karma–MAY SHE BITE YOU IN THE ASS”

  533. amessymama says:

    Just a few!

    How did the “poor” mama come up with $500 to buy supplies?

  534. Chrijodo says:

    Oh dear god.. if anyone would like to see the messages and conversations I’ll gladly send them. She’s a crack pot. I ordered the supplies in JULY because she said she was going to get to them as soon as the stuff got there so the could get the hard part of swirl dying and cutting out of the way before her daughter was born in September. My girls were born in August. Her daughter was born in September. The diapers are supposed to fit babies 15-30 lbs my daughters are 10 lbs now. I NEVER WASHED THE FABRIC for the jumpers.. simply went to try them on my daughter and one broke. These were the fabric SHE suggested I get. As for splitting the cost. We originally bought the fabric together so she could have some fabric to make for daughter. She kept 4 of the jumpers and I got 6 because she misinformed me about the amount of supplies she needed and didn’t have enough for her daughter tohave any jumpers that way. I felt so bad for all the time she put in that I offered to “pay her” with the interlock wool I’d bought (2 yards.. approx 50 dollars in value) because I felt bad asking her to do so much work even though she’d OFFERED. I received the 6 jumpers (out of the 10 orginally planned for) in the end of October. I paid shipping for them on October 22nd and she sent them parcel post. I contacted her on Thanksgiving day to find out a status of my order because my husband was asking about the status as it had been MONTHS. We spoke through messenger on FB (will be glad to post the convo) and she said I could pay to have it shipped back but that she was really looking forward to working on them. I wrote her that evening and told her I would just like to have it shipped back because my husband was all over me. She told me that she had my fabric soaking in soda ash now and would work on the diapers this coming weekend since her husband would be home. I ask her to just let the fabric dry after the soda ash and she told me “Nope. I’m sorry Cheli I’m making your diapers you asked me to make you. Fabric is cut already and in the middle of the prepping process. I’m going to get them done. πŸ™‚ ” then she wrote me later that night informing me that a well known fabric seller WAHM had shorted me 2 of every fabric and now she would only be able to make me 24 diapers out the original 40 I ordered. She informed me she contacted the retailer to see about getting the fabric shipped to her (she threatened the momma numerous times) and I contacted the momma as well to find out if there was any way. However 17 yards of fabric is very different from 11 yards and weighs tons less than it too. The package from this momma was 18 lbs when it was shipped to her. When I called her on this fact she told me to stop contacting her and threatened to charge me for her work “I don’t know if she will or won’t I do know I will not order from her again. She’s messed up every order I’ve placed with her this year.

    I am sorry you are upset about this. Let me remind you I am working for you for free.

    I’d appreciate for now that you stop emailing me so I can work stress free. I’ll keep you updated. I am going to work on your diapers but I am not going to slave drive on them till they are done, I hope you understand this. I have other obligations as well. I agreed to work on them for free and if you want them done this second I am going to have to bill you for my work.

    I never asked for diapers from ANYONE but some wonderful mommas from my due date group pitched in to send me 7 Lil Joey’s for the girls which I used until they were peeing through them. Then i sold the diapers for funds to get diapers off the FSOT boards that the girls COULD fit. I was unaware that the gifts they sent came with rules. I was under the impression they were sent to me as gifts and that once I was done with them they were mine to do what I wished.

    I have no idea what gift for my sweet girls she’s talking about as I can’t even get her to send me the items I asked her to make let alone supposed items she’s bought them.

    As for her ban. According DS under her signature in Purity4Grace she was banned for harassing a moderator. She was then banned under magsbtrfly for being a permenantly banned member.

    She’s a trip.
    I didn’t disclose all aspects of this issue on DS because I was afraid it was reveal who she was and didn’t want to get myself in trouble for outting.

  535. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I cannot faking believe there are STILL people saying “who is it someone PM me!” Omg! the stupidity. It burns.

  536. Chrijodo says:

    If someone wants to post that under that discussion thread that she’s deleting comments she doesn’t care for from.. have at it πŸ˜‰

  537. Elise says:

    @545 – LOL!!! The DRAMA post should have totally given it away… πŸ˜‰

  538. aDivasMommy says:

    Ugh, what a way to come on to FB and find out that a momma I did a transaction with is a scammer. Chrijodo- I really hope you get your money back. She is a horrible person to work with. 😦 I’ve been in a transaction with her and she was constantly harassing me to finish her order. I mean a message every few hours asking for updates.
    I really hope it works out for you. 😦 That just stinks. 😦

  539. dundundun says:

    Well, I’m just glad to see so many people stepping forward to bring her horrible CS to light.

    It’s going to be hard for her to bounce back from this one no matter how many smilies she includes in her explanations.

  540. DoubleRainbow says:

    Aaaand the discussion is gone from fb! *poof*

  541. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    ….Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s gone. She deleted the Facebook Discussion, as well as my questions for her on her main page. Shucks. And I thought she was being all forthcoming and stuff.

  542. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    DSDM2 must be on vacation for the holidays. Lucky. She’s missing a doozy. πŸ˜›

  543. Tammy says:

    She deleted that facebook discussion. I wonder why she hasn’t deleted the coments of the main page yet? Are they being listed to fast for her to keep up?

  544. DoubleRainbow says:

    It cracks me up that people still can’t find this site from all the clues… should I just post this link? Nah, better not…

  545. Chrijodo says:

    WOW Double Rainbow that is the coolest thing EVER! Can I post it??? LOL

  546. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Doooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

  547. DoubleRainbow says:

    LOL I love “Let Me Google That For You” Very handy in many situations… Feel free to post it, I’m too scared to post anything on DS LOL

  548. Tammy says:

    Wow, how did you do that?

  549. mmspirit7 says:

    I commented on the fabric thing why wouldn’t she as a wahm check and make sure it was all there the moment she got it cover her ass. I thought all wahms did this

  550. Tammy says:

    I read her facebook page. She had the fabric for a long time and never checked it until recently but then she says that this store has a owner that never gets the order right anyway. I wonder if the owner will say something about this.

  551. MotherMoonPads says:

    Anyone have the discussion responses saved?

  552. DoubleRainbow says:

    I think I got screenshots of most if not all of the discussion page as it was going on

  553. Chrijodo says:

    I would love to see the screen shots as i was unable to see the thread some reason.

  554. MotherMoonPads says:

    #557, can you PM it to me please? I am MotherMoonPads on DS & CDN.

  555. DoubleRainbow says:

    Doesn’t look like a got a screenshot of her whole original discussion post, but it’s copy/pasted above. I got all the responses though – including where she said “You are all right! I am very wrong for helping this individual! Her stuff is in the mail πŸ™‚ ”

    I just don’t know how to post screenshots :blush:

  556. DoubleRainbow says:

    MMP I’ll pm you

  557. MotherMoonPads says:

    That works. I was just curious to what her exact wording about the fabric being in the mail was. Thank you!

  558. Kirsty says:

    I have the reasoning skills of a gorilla but if she was consistently shorts yardage from the fabric retailer, wouldn’t that make it all the more reasonable to check the fabric upon delivery? Every time I go through McDonalds drive thru they always forget something. Every time! So I always check my bag before I drive away. No sense in getting all the way home before realizing there’s a problem. Wouldn’t the same logic apply? Check the freakin fabric delivery so if there’s a shortage (as there supposedly always is) to have the retailer sort the issue out immediately. Duh.

  559. mmspirit7 says:

    her status on fb is calling house wives wenches how nice

  560. Sky says:

    Lurked for half forever without ever posting on here – but WOW. I so hope she gets the fabric back. And I couldn’t agree more # 563, I had tons of orders screwed up from that store and I checked them as SOON as they entered my house. Yeah she made them right eventually but it was a hassle, a wait, and I checked them as soon as they got in my door. BUT the invoice she sent always matched what I got, it just didn’t match what I posted as wanting. And the store was never updated to reflect out of stock, so I emailed her replacements that never got put on the invoice. If the original buyer has the invoice, I’d bank a LOT of money that it’s right.

  561. CJ says:

    Lori N Keller, where are you? That was great!

  562. Goomba'sMom says:

    Can I just say that I love her mad math skillz? She never said a thing about measuring the fabric, just cutting it out and realizing she was short. She apparently has teh stoopidz and doesn’t realize that some patterns require a wider amount of fabric than others, therefore you will get LESS diaper cuts out of the same piece of fabric. She was never shorted any fabric, she just doesn’t understand simple physics.

  563. Goomba'sMom says:

    Those mamas who can’t figure out who it is will feel REALLY silly when (if?) they find this place. I know I found the site by an accidental swagbucks search, but with the crazy hints being dropped, I’m shocked there are people who haven’t found it yet.

  564. Redhead says:

    LOL- the hints on DS are killing me!

  565. Lori says:

    Hoping this is the right email…. Sorry DSDM(2) if it’s not!

    565- I’m here πŸ™‚

  566. CJ says:

    Lori! So why has she left your post up and deleted everything else? This woman is nutso!

  567. CJ says:

    Oh, now it is gone too.

  568. Someone says:

    I think the problem is that this is all in the comments of a totally unrelated post. I knew about this site and was surprised this incident wasn’t on here, until I finally realized it started nearly 500 comments in on another post!

  569. Lori says:

    Who knows. Now you can’t post on the wall anymore.
    She IM’d me on FB and told me not to talk about what I haven’t seen, and that she wanted so many times to tell me to screw off because of my ‘whiny posts’ on FB… but because she was nice, she didn’t. She instead decided to make snarky comments, followed by little giggles and passive-aggressive hearts and such, while basically telling me to shut my mouth and grow up.

    I hate that she went beyond being a total douche canoe to being a scammer.

  570. CJ says:

    LOL. The next generation of the douche canoe!

  571. Chrijodo says:

    Douche Canoe. *giggle* I love you Lori. What’d you say to her that was left up on FB for a while (that is now down because NOTHING from last night is showing on her page)

  572. Chrijodo says:

    571– I have the invoice and so does the fabric momma.

  573. Lisa says:

    I found this site easy enough but assumed it would have a separate thread. I’m not very forum-savvy. I did scroll through 100 or so posts, but figured I was missing out until Lori posted what # to start on. I also did search for her screen names and name on this site. Just saying-I got the clues but was still unable to find specifically where to go once I found it.

    This situation makes me sick. As a Christian wife and mother, it is truly disgusting how she is constantly thanking God and spouting off Bible verses. I don’t think God gives us people to take advantage of and scam in order to help us provide for our families. I really pray so doesn’t escape prosecution or some sort of punishment because no mom needs any more stress and drama than the kind that having kids brings. It’s truly unconscionable for one mom to do this to another.

    I really liked her…until she got banned. Another Momma showed me that she’d been banned previously under her Purity4Grace screen name (BTW-I am gagging on that name) and I thought the entire situation was just bizarre and I didn’t trust her after that. It makes me wonder what is true about her. I no longer believe anything at all.

    As far as her husband saying to f off, who knows what bizarre story and lies she’s told him. I would love to contact him somehow and just ask if he knows about this or would be as horrified as the rest of us?

  574. Tammy says:

    someone that is going to tell someone else to f off probably doesn’t care to know the whole story. even if he did care, chances that he would actually fix the situation are slim. what husband is going to go behind his wife’s back to figure out the problem and send someone’s fabric back and risk he wife being p-oed to the fullest extent?

  575. Tammy says:

    purity4grace….ugh. i feel sick to my stomach. PURITY???? yeah right times 100. after calling her customers and friends (ex-customers and ex-friends) retarded and w3nches and all that. i don’t think a “pure” person would do that or someone truly seeking purity.

    so she erased everything that happened yesterday off her facebook. she was just having a great time telling off everyone including her old friends from DS due date club. telling off the girl that runs the fabric shop where she was “shorted” or so she says. telling off anyone that even asked her the simple question of where is the fabric, are you returning it, why are you scamming, and so on.

    i hope she loses a ton of business over this mess up. i think that she did lose some because of all the people that have seen this. unfortunately there are some who have not.

  576. MotherMoonPads says:

    I knew I should have stayed up longer last night. Not surprised to find everything deleted this morning. All I have is the page where she asked me if I was Jesus (eyeroll).

    I hope this woman gets what is coming to her. Karma always holds true.

    You can still post here though, just an FYI πŸ˜‰

  577. Redhead says:

    If you can’t post on her wall, you have been banned from her page. I can still post there.

  578. Redhead says:

    Well, MMP, why don’t you just unleash your Holy wrath on her, you know, since you are the Son of God and everything… πŸ˜‰

  579. Chrijodo says:

    Redhead– *giggle* I just about choked on my coffee

  580. screenname says:

    Would it be totally out of line for me to post the rant from Tessa’s original thread here on her DS thread? The one where I told her to move to a bigger city and found apartments for her so they could find work?

  581. Redhead says:

    591-I don’t know what good it would do, aside from getting you marked as bannable.

  582. MotherMoonPads says:

    #589, I’m too busy making my holy pads. I’m still a little :twitch: about that one.

  583. Lori says:

    MMP, I’ve been meaning to buy some of those holy pads from you. Could you shoot me a mesage on FB when you have a spare moment for an order? πŸ˜€ Gotta have some of that Jesus cloth. It turns AF into wine, right? or Does that just work with water?

  584. Jamie says:

    Lori, that is sacrilicious!! You guys have me cracking up over here!

  585. Chrijodo says:

    OMG Lori I love you

  586. smartassmama says:

    I know it’s OT, but I’ll ask anyway. – what was bad in this thread? It’s not unheard of for me to be dense. So maybe I’m missing it? ktmelody closed it because of language? the worst thing I saw was the word “cruddy.”

  587. Lori says:

    Glad I could make you laugh, girls πŸ™‚

  588. Sky says:

    #594 I laughed so hard I snorted. DH just rolled his eyes cause I’m *still* reading this and the DS thread. But I’m dying to know now, did she get busted over the charity scam?

  589. DoubleRainbow says:

    hahaha “turns AF into wine”!! awesome…

  590. Chrijodo says:

    599.. she got caught in another lie about it, yes.

  591. Redhead says:

    601, did you see what the screenshots were?

  592. Chrijodo says:

    Yep… proof that the account collecting money for that little girl is in fact going directly to her e-mail account not to an account for the girl despite what she is claiming in messages

  593. Redhead says:

    What has the fundraiser people said about this?

  594. Chrijodo says:

    I’m not sure as I’m not the one in contact with them. They are looking to it though

  595. Sky says:

    That explains why there’s been “no interest” so far!

  596. aDivasMommy says:

    Hey, I just wanted to post this…
    C/P from her PERSONAL FB.
    Someone wrote this to her: Hey there Melissa!!! Just got your message – some people couldn’t be happy if you gave them the world – they would nag and whine about not getting the moon and stars too!!! You are a wonderful woman and I think that you are doing such a wonderful job! Love you!

    [Uhh.. someone clearly didn’t give all the facts. :)]

  597. Sky says:

    OK what the heck is her myspace?

  598. Amber says:

    and the thread is closed…..

  599. freckleface says:

    If you google her DS un you can find a myspace under the same name. It was down towards the bottom of the results page, I think. I mean it is such a random UN to use really, what are the odds that it is a different person? Also, I am really annoyed at the no outing policy on DS and it’s bullshit that they’ve closed the thread now. All to what, protect the scammer? idgi.

  600. Chrijodo says:

    I figured it was going to be closed soon. The myspace isn’t hers it’s a friend of hers or something I’m not really sure.

  601. Tammy says:

    yup thread is gone ….. guess she was outed? was she?

  602. Amber says:

    was it deleted as well?

  603. Chrijodo says:

    She said it was locked because I’m in contact with an admin and there has been more than enough discussion about what I should do.

  604. skcsarah says:

    #607. I think that’s supposed to be the mother of the little girl that has the brain tumor.

  605. Tammy says:

    oh i cant see the ds thread so i guess that means it is deleted….not just closed

    how many views did it have tho?

  606. mama2myangels09 says:

    And it got yanked

  607. Tammy says:

    someone siad her info and problem had threads running on 7 different sites….wow.

  608. Chrijodo says:

    WOW really? I’ve only been on DS and here That’s crazy

  609. aDivasMommy says:

    And, POOF it’s gone from DS. :/ That person has my addy, and I would have loved to know who/what has my addy. Because as soon as it went Poof, I was getting ready to go back to PM someone. Can someone help? 😦

  610. amessymama says:

    607-It was probably HER that posted that, using one of her many personalities.

  611. aDivasMommy says:

    618- Ahahahahaha!

  612. Sky says:

    I didn’t see that she was outed but there was so much info on there especially about the charity I’m not surprised it went away. Got up to 59 pages of postings, not sure how many views.

  613. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #597- It looks like the mods removed all the posts they were talking about. Near The end “pike mommy” says she’s sorry her pp upset her but she stands by her words ,but she has no previous post. And someone else references another post that doesn’t exist too. Kind of hard to imagine that a thread abut that can get so heated. lol Honestly for me I could care less who you tell and in what order.

  614. Boris says:

    (used same e-mail but I don’t really want my DS name here if I can help it)
    597 & 624~ Pikemommy told the OP she was acting immature and junior high about the whole situation and the OP went batty swearing and typing in all caps calling her names and pissed Pikemommy said something negative and she didn’t want any negativity.
    Not sure why Pikemommy edited her original post since she hit the nail right on the head.

  615. amessymama says:

    625-Well, I guess we now know why the OP’s friend no longer likes her. πŸ˜€

  616. Lori says:

    I wouldn’t call her a friend. She completely belittled quite a few ladies, and tried to turn a few against another. THat doesn’t really shout friend material to me.

  617. Lori says:

    Bah. I just got myself confused and commented on the wrong thread.
    Sorry for the baby brain. It’s mush today.

    626 – ITA with you about that one.

  618. Tammy says:

    comment on the wacko wahm that stole $750 worth of stuff…..just saw her fb and she deleted at least 13 people off her fan page. so who got deleted? lol! how are we gonna know what her sales and new products are if she deletes her fans? we still want to buy from her! (insert eyeroll here)

  619. Tammy says:

    peeped into her HC store where nothing is quite stocked yet…she is working on a grand opening for fall but guess that never happened. saw that there were 10 shoppers on there same as me so guess people are still curious as to what in the world she was thinking by getting into this drama fest. but she did say that she wants her customers to have a positive experience. which she obviously is not capable of buying since i heard of 4 mamas that are currently not at all happy with her selling/trading techniques

  620. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #625- Oh ok I see now it wasn’t the mods she edited her post. Sorry not sure how I missed that. It really makes no sense to me why anyone would get upset about that,but the whole bff thing isn’t really my cu of tea. I have lots of really great friends but we are all so busy with our families that keeping track of who knows first just wouldn’t even matter at all. I would have put that it was highschoolish too . I was really surprised by how many people said they would be upset too.

  621. Anastasia says:

    I had a run in with purity4grace on DS almost two years ago now. She’s a nutjob.

  622. aDivasMommy says:

    630- She is a pain when she is the buyer as well. *sigh* The harassment was terrible. I haven’t really been to her store lately, but I’m still on her FB friend list and fan page. For sheer curiosity, of course.

  623. Pork Slapper says:

    Utterly random, but do you know where decent cloth diaper co-ops exist? Is DS a good place to go? Or, are there co-ops elsewhere? Yahoo group? MDC? I’m clueless. Thanks.

  624. Tammy says:

    how can a crazy person keep a business going? she does have over 100 fans and seems to have been around for awhile. a few years i guess. how do you do that?

    comment on the poster mad about her bff telling everyone else about the engagement = don’t you guys think it was mean of her friend to say that her little boy was second choice to be ring bearer. that seems not cool to me. why say that at all?

    i havent read all the thread. so what is the gist of it? i read the op and some comments. people think she should just get over it and stop tallying who told who first? i would be mad if my bff told people first but family is very different because i would expect that family be told first and THEN friends so really the op was told only second to that one friend. i think she was secretly more mad about her son not being asked and that other girl being told first more so than the fact that the family was told before her and a month after the fact.

  625. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    634- has great co-ops. πŸ™‚

  626. Redhead says:

    Porky, Co-op Mania is run very nicely.

  627. Redhead says:

    aDivasMommy, have you been added to the secret FB group yet? I’d like to hear your story, if I haven’t already…trying to figure out who you are.

  628. Pork Slapper says:

    636 & 637 – Thank you, I will check them both out.

  629. Chrijodo says:

    After being blocked from here personal and business pages she still insist on harassing me through messages. Received this morning at 2am:

    Cheli please read the copied and pasted information below.

    “Defamation, sometimes called “defamation of character”, is spoken or written words that falsely and negatively reflect on a living person’s reputation. Slander is generally spoken defamation, while ‘libel’ is written. Blogs or social networks in which defamatory statements are written or recorded present several potential sources of liability and recovery for the person whose character was defamed. In cases where the defamation is proved, damages are presumed and often enforced with liberality.”;

    I will be contacting you via certified mail to let you know that you have 7 days from the time of reciept of my certified letter to pay the actual shipping on your package, including the delivery confirmation fee, restricted registered mail fee, and insurance on your package. If you do not pay this in that time frame I will consider this matter closed. If you are to go to my husband’s command or anyone else like you and others did to little Delaney’s family, the deal is null and I will void it as it’s libel.

    If your deflamitory comments that you posted all over the web everywhere against me and my friend Melanie Gadsden are not removed within this same timeframe, I am going to file an injunction against you and every site that has the comments published.

    I will send you a quote for your package after I go to the post office and a copy of the certified letter. I am sending you in the letter the exact information I’ve posted here, and I will also send this email and a copy of the certified letter and proof of certified mail to my local police department and the police officer I spoke to today in regards to this situation.


  630. dundundun says:

    Well, that’s a classic case of “I know I’m about to be in some serious shit so let me get the legal ball rolling before everyone else does.”

  631. Chrijodo says:

    Sent at 10pm last night from Melissa:

    The applicable COD fee must be paid in addition to the correct postage and the fees for other services requested. The amount to be collected or the amount of insurance coverage desired, whichever is higher, determines the COD fee. The fees for COD service include insurance against loss, rifling, or damage to the article or failure to receive a postal money order or the recipient’s check. Postal liability for failure to receive the recipient’s check or a postal money order is limited to loss in transit.

    COD fee is in addition to postage and other fees, and is charged per piece. For Express Mail COD shipments valued at $100 or less, the COD fee is based on the amount to be collected. See Notice 123β€”Price List.

    Cheli the people we spoke to at our police department advised us to send your stuff back to us when you paid shipping. I did not know that for COD you pay the fee and postage up front to the po and then when they deliver the package to you you pay them in order to receive your package and then they pay me. I am sorry I was very wrongly advised about COD.

    We are both in the same position. ((blush)) and I know I said I turned your package over to the police both DH and I were very angry at you for giving out our telephone # and address. But I do not have the shipping to pay to mail your package to you nor do I feel that it’s my responsiblity to pay it for you and neither do the police.

    I will certainly hold onto this box until you are able to pay the shipping. None of the items have been given away or used to make any other items outside of what we were going to make for you. I know you’re very angry with me and wish that I do not contact you, but it’s very important that I do to let you know about the shipping.

    Hopefully we can work this out together civially. Because unless we go bat to bat in court…we are both SOL. Your police department told me there was nothing they could do over state lines. My police department is telling me that it is outside of what they are able to touch because it’s not a matter they deal with. Our military police don’t even handle these issues since I am not a military member. Plus, they really don’t care. And DH’s command could really care less. Everyone is telling me to work it out with you. So I think that’s what we need to do.


  632. aDivasMommy says:

    638- Nope. I haven’t. I will share as soon as I get the kiddo on the bus. πŸ˜€

  633. skcsarah says:

    yup… we’re all slowly being deleted and blocked.

    wth, Cheli? one moment she’s spouting off about defamation and the next she’s sugar sweet? it wasn’t YOU that was doing any defamation or contacting the charity… that was very clear on the thread on DS.

  634. Jen says:

    634 – most of DS coops are run pretty well. As with any large board there have been a few issues, but they are few and far between.

  635. Chrijodo says:

    Sarah.. she was sugary sweet and then defamation according to the time line so what happened in the space of 4 hours in which I wasn’t even on line is beyond me.

  636. amessymama says:

    Dude, this chick is literally insane!!

  637. Syrinx says:

    Someone please tell me what a “deflamitory comment” is. I keep thinking of the joke my mother told me about “Defeat of deduct went under defense before detail.”

  638. Syrinx says:

    646. She sounds like my ex husband. When he’s not getting his way, he’s all super sweet until it’s clear that I am not bending to his ways. Then he pulls out “the big guns” and quotes things and uses big words he doesn’t really know the meaning to in an effort to scare me into compliance. He gives ultimatums as well and sends me certified mail that doesn’t actually hold any weight in a court of law.

  639. amessymama says:

    But..but…it’s CERTIFIED!!!! That makes it super, duper, important.

  640. Chrijodo says:

    Syrinx.. I’m cracking up over that joke.

  641. Lori says:

    She’s ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. If she’s going to ship it to you, make her take pictures of everything in the box, then make sure you have pictures of everything as you take it out of the box.

  642. aDivasMommy says:

    Redhead- My DS/CDN username is JaylasMommy.

    I ‘sold’ her two of my crocheted dollies as testers. [keep that in mind. BOTH dollies were testers…] Obviously, they were already discounted a massive amount. Like 40% or more. I had her pay a deposit to secure her spot in my list of customs. Then when it was her turn, she asked me how much she had paid. When I told her, she tried saying “I thought I paid more.” Which would mean the rest of the payment would have been less. Thank you Paypal. Anyway, during the space of time her’s took… Mind you, each item takes about 30 hours to complete. At most. She asked me to make the dollies and let her see them before she paid the rest of the payment. I told her I couldn’t do that and have her back out of paying for 2 custom items. She paid a few days later, but was really nasty about how WAHMs should always do what the customer wants… or that customs always take the payment after completion of product. I explained what MY policies were [or were going to be. Again, I was still in tester phase] and that if she didn’t like it, I would move to the next person. We went back and forth until I got my way. As soon as I started her items, a week or two later I was being harassed for how ‘slow’ I was going. My listing said ONE dollie would take 1-2 weeks from starting time. *shrugs* I guess she forgot she ordered 2 and it would take twice as long. She got her items relatively quickly, IMO… I don’t think a message every day asking what was up with her custom was needed either.

  643. aDivasMommy says:

    The transaction wasn’t entirely bad. Mostly the harassing emails/messages, snobby responses, and almost rude way of going about the whole thing by telling me how ALL WAHMs work was the worst part. A few weeks later, she asked for another doll. I told her the full price, and she told me it was rude of me to ask her to pay more for something she’d already paid less for… Was I really wrong for asking her to pay full price on an item that was OUT of testing phase? I didn’t think so.

  644. werd says:

    WOW. I think Melanissa (its her celebrity couple name with her alter ego) needs some bipolar meds. I’m off of mine because I’m pregnant, should I offer her my bottle?!

    On a positive note, I’ve been on the phone with Sprint Tech Support for almost 2 hours, so focusing on reading all this crazy shit has at least stopped me from verbally assaulting an obnoxious techie. Thanks!

  645. CJ says:

    654: No, you weren’t wrong to ask her to pay full price. It wasn’t a tester and shouldn’t be treated as one. Her behaviour certainly didn’t earn special discounts that some would offer to a good repeat customer either.

  646. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Hos dare you charge her for ANYTHING. Don’t you realize WHO she is? You should have been feeling special that she was even willing to do business with you. I mean, how dare you suggest you require payment for your work. You should have been sending HER money for being willing to take your product!

    READ: comment dripping with self entitled sarcasm.

  647. Tammy says:

    Her messages to C are always so long-winded, confusing, full of mood swings, and big words that she doesn’t fully know the meaning of. Then she throws around legal terms and then says let’s play nice and deal with this in a mature way. I’m so glad that her name and personlity disorders are getting out there for hundreds to know about. I hope her business goes down the tubes if she is going to treat people this way. Sounds like this is what she has done for a few years so highly unlikely she will change her ways. Just send the dang stuff back mama. I’m guessing you are reading this thread………. SEND IT BACK!!! Stop harassing C and deleting people and running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Package all the dang stuff up and send it today. Stop the madness.

  648. Tammy says:

    hey she took that link off her fb from the hc that she USED to belong to…heard they kicked her off.

  649. JustMe says:

    Because I know…you ladies….are sticklers for….grammer….and stuff…….

    (and if you can ignore all the …………… it’s a cute story)

  650. Tammy says:

    syrinx, lol about your crazy ex-husband. sounds just like this wahm. certified mail means that the crazies are right because Judge Judy would side with them if they sent it certified mail….and so would Jerry Springer! lol!

  651. werd says:

    660 that story… made me… tear up. I’m very…. hormonal………. today.

    (William Shatner’s voice pops into my head when I read things with too many elipses)

  652. kukukachoo says:

    ok, seriously, if it were me in melanissa’s shoes- and i was telling the truth- i’d for sure be finding a way to pay that shipping and pack that shit up and send it back so damn fast it would make everyone’s head spin. i’d be wanting everyone to just to shut the fuck up and i’d be willing to shell out shipping to save my name! there’s no way that chick is being honest. no way.

  653. skcsarah says:

    she keeps saying on another board, “as soon as she pays the shipping, I’ll send it back.” why in the world does she think she can be trusted with more money?

  654. Lori says:

    664 – other board?

  655. skcsarah says:


  656. sourpatchbabe says:

    666 every time I see that board’s name I think of grey poupon mustard, lol.

  657. Chrijodo says:

    I will never look at mustard the same again LOL

  658. kukukachoo says:

    sooooooooooo….wonder why there was never a new thread started for this? who owns poop on cloth?

  659. MOMWITHMANY says:

    We have a lot of really ,really bad things going on right now so I may be extra stupid,but I didn’t even understand the message sent at 2am. Apparently if you just say the word certified several times it makes you sound professional. I can only assume that she has never filed an injunction against anyone or she wouldn’t threaten anyone with it. It’s not like calling and ordering a pizza and if she doesn’t have enough money for shipping how is she going to pay for lawyers fees several times over? Know what you are talking about before you say it people. I do feel bad for the mama who is missing her fabric it sounds like such a mess.

  660. Tammy says:

    are you allowed to put a link of where she is posting?

    also how come separate threads are not started on each topic….that’s just not the way this board runs?

    yeah i would not want to send lots of money to her and wait to get it shipped back.

  661. Lori says:

    So… Cheli… what is this bottomfeeder stuff?

  662. Tammy says:

    what does bottomfeeder mean?

  663. aDivasMommy says:

    MG- I literally snorted reading that.

    And, urbandictionary describes bottom feeder as a loser who profits from the fortunes of others. A low or despicable person.

    Lol! PERFECT!

  664. Lori says:

    The context it was used in, I’m asuming they meant scum of the earth who needs assisatance, is on welfare, unmarried, etc, etc, etc.

    But I don’t know where it came from.

  665. Lori says:


  666. Tammy says:

    i would say that wahm is a bottom feeder

    really? the scum of the earth is someone not married? wow, we are truly out of touch if we think it is the worst sin known to be unmarried. welcome to the victorian era.

    needs assistance/on welfare….wic is totally different from welfare and state assistance. wic is just for food items for children and bfeeding moms. wic isn’t going to pay for diapers which is what cheli was hoping this wahm would make with the materials providedl.

  667. Chrijodo says:

    Lori– from some one who doesn’t like me very much? LOL I have no idea what they are talking about. I do get WIC but hey, paying for formula is insanely expensive.. especially when the girls need 26 dollar a can (22 to 26 depending) formula and there are 2 babies. So yes I use WIC. And as for being married.. LOL we got married in Knoxville, TN on November 10th, 2005. Anyone willing to take the time can check into if they wish, I have a marriage cert I will gladly show anyone. And I figured 750 for diapers that would last from about 6 months to PLing was a damn good price for twins but apparently not

  668. Lori says:

    Pretty sure I’d do WIC too, if we qualified and needed that much formula.

    I wish you were still in Knox so i could help you with the reports & stuff!

  669. Chrijodo says:

    We didn’t qualify when it was just the boys but the twins put us over the edge (thank God)

    I wish I was there for more reasons than one.

  670. skcsarah says:

    we had to have WIC for formula for my last two. I even kept track of how much we had used and how often we had to pick it up. it was still anywhere from $75-$100 per month for the brand they paid for. I never would have been able to afford that at the time.

  671. dundundun says:

    We’re on WIC. I’m not ashamed. I left my job when DD2 was born. There was no way in heck I was putting her in daycare while she was in her harness. Once we ate up our savings, we couldn’t afford for me to go back to work. Funny how that works, huh?

    I already get snide comments for falling pregnant while on WIC. I do feel kind of shitty about that one.

  672. eeek says:

    What’s up with the new JAR, saying someone innocent is being implicated?

  673. Chrijodo says:

    I believed at the time that the innocent person was the same as the one who scammed me when in fact they are not the same person using an alias but the innocent is a friend of the scammer. So I recanted the addition of her name because I was wrong. However, the scammer has used the first name Melanie in the past

  674. skcsarah says:

    I may have found another alias… how do you know?

  675. chickiechickie says:


    Now ‘m crying. Thanks.

  676. Lori says:

    685 – Someone can run the IP addy possibly? I’m not really sure.

  677. piratebaby says:

    I like how the bunny story lady was able to tell it without being preachy. She was truly thankful to the ladies that took the time to help her get another bunny for her dd, not pawning it off on some higher power (esp since her dh is a pastor). It was very sweet, if a bit difficult to read!

  678. volbaby07 says:

    I just noticed that Down in the Forest has on her FB that she’s stocking Dec 3 at Bitty Fluff. Tell me that’s not true anymore.

  679. MotherMoonPads says:

    #689, she will not be stocking at Bitty Fluff.

  680. amessymama says:

    That POC stuff is just too annoying now, I had to stop reading it. Who is that insane “Good” person? She seems way more unstable than Melissa. I have a feeling that whatever she’s typing, she’s also screaming it aloud, all alone, in her room at the institution.

    Maybe she’s one of Melissa’s even crazier personality.

  681. skcsarah says:

    #691 ha. I was thinking the same thing. another Melissa or Melanie. it really doesn’t matter who said what where to whom. the bottom line is the same… send the box back.

  682. Myself says:

    Melanie really pissed me off with the comment –

    “Why would your child be in diapers for 5 years even if special needs isn’t that almost abuse?”

  683. CJ says:

    693: Didn’t you know that preventing your child from soiling himself is abusive? :eyeroll: There are some people who will make it all the way through their adult life, always using diapers. It’s reality and it might not be pretty but it is what it is. Some people just aren’t mature enough to deal with that I guess.

  684. skcsarah says:

    she’s just so hurtful and spiteful. and then she sits there and wonders why everyone thinks she doesn’t even have the fabric anymore. it’s effecting everyone that knew her, no matter how much she screams it’s just between her and Cheli.

  685. Myself says:

    My son is 3 years 8 months 9 days old, he is STILL in diapers, he does both pee and poop on potty but has numerous accidents and absolutely refused to wear underwear.

    I can pretty much guarantee he won’t reach five and not be potty trained but if he isn’t, oh well, it won’t kill him and I’m not going to force the issue (tried before and failed, badly)

  686. dundundun says:

    Or, GOD FORBID, your children are spaced in such a way that you’ve had one in diapers constantly for five years.

  687. Myself says:

    LOL, I’ve had children in diapers for 8 years and change. At times I’ve had three children in diapers. Thankfully only two right now.

  688. dundundun says:

    If my oldest doesn’t train by June I’ll have 3 in diapers. Changing diapers doesn’t even phase me anymore. It’s as normal as breathing.

  689. Chrijodo says:

    My comment that I’ve been cloth diapering for 5 years is because I have a child who will be 5 in February. He Potty trained at 3 1/2. At that point I had my 2nd son in diapers. And now I have my daughters and my 2nd son in diapers. So therefore I have been CDing for 5 years. I thought that would was pretty easy to get *shrug*

  690. dundundun says:

    Yeah, we all thought so Cheli.

  691. Tammy says:

    who is that person named good on that other site? she IS crazy….coming to melissa’s defense and lamblasting cheli all the while make no sense and no legitimate points. she’s just plain out stupid. sounds like she had a personal thing against cheli long before this transaction. jealous that cheli has twins probably lol!

  692. Kirsty says:

    702- I don’t understand why anyone is still responding to it. Maybe if it is ignored it will stfu but right now it is getting the attention that it clearly lacks from it’s personal life. I recommend Cheli looks at her facebook friends list and digs out the biggest loser- my guess that’ll be “Good”. I’m assuming that’s where It came from and I assume that’s why It doesn’t want to share it’s real name.

  693. Chrijodo says:

    Kristy– because people love drama *shrug* I stopped going over there because the conversation was deteriorating rapidly. I was notified that the pictures were posted over there (although she didn’t send them to me) and contacted Melissa directly to discuss it. I’ve already done just what you suggested and cleaned out my friends list. If that doesn’t help, I’ll par down more.

  694. werd says:

    703 – couldn’t agree more!

    and ZOMGZ, I attempted to go on WIC for my ebil unplanned pregnancy!!! FOR SHAME!! Did I mention I paid into taxes for 8 years and my DH has been paying into taxes for the last 12 years? How dare we try to get WIC!!!! We are SUCH bottom feeders!

  695. aDivasMommy says:

    Oh, you bottom feeders. I guess everyone thinks that the only way to get pregnant is if you actually try. Guess they don’t understand about life’s little ‘surprises’… I guess I am a horrible person because I used cloth diapers and got WIC as a single mom. *sigh*

    Cheli- I think this has all gotten too far out of hand. I really think now it’s just people trying to pry all the negative hate from Melissa and turning it onto you. Especially since, according to Good, if you’re on Cheli’s side, we’re up your butt. I guess if we support thievery and scamming we’re fine.

  696. magpiedpiper says:

    My guess is that Good on POC is Snatch. It’s just the sort of thing she likes to do, and we haven’t heard from her for awhile.

  697. werd says:

    706 – don’t worry, I’m worse! I was, at one point, *gasp* unmarried, *pass out* using DISPOSABLE DIAPERS, and *RAGEPUKE* feeding with formula, all while on WIC.

  698. aDivasMommy says:

    706- When my DD was smaller I did that too! After I couldn’t breastfeed exclusively. We are so horrible!

  699. aDivasMommy says:

    Err, 708.

  700. werd says:

    Bottom Feeders UNITE in scumbagdom!

  701. Chrijodo says:

    This is never going to end

  702. Goomba'sMom says:

    Oh good grief. I couldn’t even get through that JAR rebuttal, the lack of coherent sentences boggles my mind.

  703. melmelly says:

    Cheli, what is keeping you from contacting FedEx and paying for the items to be sent to you?

    This is getting to be too much of a drama shitfest and you aren’t helping it by not looking into ways to help Melissa get your stuff to you.

    UGH! Solve your crap with her. I was leaning to your side because I have been scammed myself before, but this is getting ridiculous.

  704. melmelly says:

    Goomba, a lot of the sentences look like they may have gotten jumbled up in editing in the first JAR.

  705. Chrijodo says:

    melmelly– I asked for a detailed list of the items to cover us both and she refuses. I asked for the weight and box diminsions and she doesn’t have diminisions and weighed on a bathroom scale. What exactly am I supposed to use to look up shipping?

  706. Mommy Grizzly says:

    As more and more information is becoming public, the dirtier both sides are looking.

    Really, Cheli, you have done a lot to perpetuate a drama shit storm and not done a lot to minimize the damages to your side. I am by no means rallying to anybodies defense but for the love of cloth diapers. The time has come to Stfu and make some adult decisions. You don’t need to discuss every out of place hair any longer, just figure out shipping and call it a day.

    I have been hearing positive resolutions suggested to you on no less then 3 different forums and all you have done in reply is give excuses. So. Take the bgp out of their drawer and resolve this so we can have our email boxes back, mmmk

  707. ktwb says:

    Wow that rebuttal made my head hurt. I couldn’t finish it.

  708. iken says:

    #708 ROTFLMAO!!!!!

  709. Redhead says:

    Yeah this whining OMGZ MAH STUFF IZ STOLEN has pretty much done me in for the weekend.
    Move on.

  710. Lori says:

    I tried to read through that.. but it made my head spin.

  711. Tammy says:

    did you all see that post about the mama whining about her son not having paper towels for a week in the school bathroom? they have that hand sanitizer stuff so i don’t know why she is all up in arms about this. why doesn’t she get some passion for a school issue that really maters….drugs, guns, teen pregnancy, bullying be darned as long as my son doesn’t have to wipe his hands on his pants.

  712. sourpatchbabe says:

    Again! What the heck?

  713. amessymama says:

    Well, it worked. She got someone to “fix” it for her. She says it’s the generosity of the board, I think it’s just someone who wanted her to shut up about the stupid romper.

    Gotta say though, her baby is super adorable. Big romper and all.

  714. Amber says:

    It worked… thank god. The whining coming from her was horrible. Did she even contact the original knitter about anything?

  715. hrm's mom says:

    722 I was wondering if the child or mother in this ever touch their pants, I mean wouldn’t they be gross if your hands were wet or not. Honestly I think there should be some paper towels but she is going all crazy about germs. Even if he washes his hands the next thing he touches is likely all germy so…

  716. Kirsty says:

    723- I wouldn’t touch that romper with a 10 foot pole. It’s totally adorable but something gives me the feeling that she is hard-to-please.

    726- Cotton Babies?

    728- If she’s worried about his germy pants I wonder how she’s not at all phased about how filthy the bathroom doorknob is.

  717. Tanya says:

    #326- not a diaper company. It’s one of those deal-a minute/hour/day type sites like mamabargains I’m guessing, that was running a sale on fuzzibunz.

  718. hrm's mom says:

    um HP is not EBIL, this reminds me of this church my sisters boss rents out to run her daycare in. At Halloween they told them they could not put up any decorations of ghosts or Black cats. Why? Because according to the pastor there was a study done in Europe that found that all black cats are possessed by evil spirits and that all ghosts are evil spirits. Um what cats were they asking about this to find out if they were evil or not. However they could have witches because they are not real, weird.

  719. Amber says:

    #729 – Exactly. I’m sure she has made it on a few “do not knit for” lists…

  720. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #723- I guess I just don’t see the issue . I saw the picture and yes it is big,but over here that would be a good thing. We would just cuff it and use it. I bought some snuggle suits and purposely got them huge so that we could use them for at least two seasons. We ended up not using them because we moved,but they were even bigger than that romper.I showed the picture to dh and he aid ” that’s good, lots of room to grow”. lol

  721. audlovesm5 says:

    I personally didn’t think it looked all that big. I mean, when a baby is just lying around, things always look big. Once she gets to moving around more, and standing; it will fit better. I don’t know. She’s only going to grow….and quickly at that!

  722. dundundun says:

    I have to cuff 98% of my kids clothes regardless of what it is so it probably wouldn’t be a big deal to me.

    Dang shorties.

  723. Kirsty says:

    If I were going to spend that kind of money on something I would want to get my money out of it- meaning I would want it to be big and use it until the buttons were popping. I knit everything for my kids on the larger size for exactly that purpose. I’m guessing she wanted this to be one of those – buy a ridiculously expensive, professionally knit item, knit with wool dyed by a trendy dyer, take a couple of photos and then sell the piece to recoup some costs and fund the next piece for DS photo- ops and Ooooos and Ahhhhhhs- item as opposed to a functional one. It’s all about Keeping up with the Jones’ ’round Extra Fluffy ya know.

  724. MOMWITHMANY says:

    For $120 it better fit forever and do But I will say if money was no object I would love to have tons of those they are so cute. How I wish I could knit.

  725. aDivasMommy says:

    737- ITA. And giggled when reading that.

  726. kimbella says:

    I think I accidentally found Kristinc’s nasty longies seller.

    Here’s Kristinc’s original thread:

    Here is the seller, irisheyes’s, thread:

  727. dundundun says:

    Look at how nasty the rug is that the longies are laying on.

    I have two toddlers, my carpet is THE GROSS but I definitely don’t take pics of it πŸ˜‰

  728. Chrijodo says:

    Kimbella– I believe you are correct. Poor Kristin I hope they come clean for her 😦

  729. melmelly says:

    The longies don’t look bad in that pic. The only nasty spot is on the left cuff, right on the edge. It looks the same in Kristinc’s pic. The rest of the nastiness…like the splashes of food or whatever? I don’t see them in the sellers pics.

  730. kimbella says:

    I’m thinking the seller washed them after Kristin returned them.

  731. adensmama says:

    OMG my carpet is super nasty too, but I never take pictures on it either lol! I told DH at tax time we ARE getting either hardwood floors or new, stain resistant carpet :L

  732. mmspirit7 says:

    ouch that’s a lot

  733. Aj says:

    I can definitely see $200 for a knitted hoodie, depending on the size, and espcially if it is lined–I think $300 is pushing it.

    Where has DSDM2 been?

  734. iken says:

    Why would a ds user talk about her divorce, yet discuss beginning another IVF cycle in her blog. This doesn’t make sense to me.

  735. dundundun says:

    Must be the same momma that posted in SS.

    I’m surprised she received so much support regarding her decision.

  736. Smartassmama says:

    Yeah. Definitely check SS. She’s got at least three threads. Name used to be Mrs[lastname], but changed it with the shit with her husband. I’ve not commented, because I’m not sure how I even feel. Definitely don’t envy the choices she has, that’s for sure.

  737. Redhead says:

    746, I kinda have a hard time feeling sorry for her when she missed the PP window. Buyers! KEEP UP WITH YOUR TIME FRAME FOR PP DISPUTES!
    I constantly keep track of mine when something is late, not worth the risk, esp with a high dollar amount like that!

  738. JustMe says:

    Totally OT, but can I just say that I seriously do not appreciate a customer trying to rip me off, then leaving nasty feedback when I don’t let her get away with it. Grrrr.

  739. Myself says:

    748 – yeah, for a sleuthing hoodie, it is close to 80-120 depending on yardage, plus at minimum 80-100 in yarn depending on if you got it at coop prices

    753 – sorry that happened to you

  740. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Wow I had no idea hoodies could be that much,but I guess when the raw materials are so expensive to start out it adds up quick.

  741. smartassmama says:

    Well paint me blue and call me a duck. Crunch is actually moving.

  742. sourpatchbabe says:

    NO! Really? For realsies?

  743. smartassmama says:

    clusterfuck. She confuses me.

  744. dundundun says:

    I feel terrible for her children.

    I have a hard time feeling bad for her. It’s like “Hey, let me admit that I continue to make stupid decisions regarding my parents so that you guys can rub my back and tell me it’ll be okay.”

    You knew your parents were batshiat crazy so why in the hell would you leave the kids alone with them. These situations make me RAGEY.

  745. thewalkingdead says:

    I just don’t understand why she would hand over her kids to those crazies and then come online and complain about it…and THEN ask if she should call the cops on her mother for bathing her 7 year old daughter and feign sexual molestation. If there were any doubts, she should of gone to the ER. Simple as pie. She’s an idiot.

  746. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I read that and just had no idea what to say. I really hope for the sake of her kids that they do move and break all ties with them. What I didn’t understand was when someone is banging on your doors, screaming and threatening to hurt you why would you take the time to write a post about it asking if you should call the police? I don’t care who it is ,if you are acting crazy and dangerous with my kids around ,you better believe I am calling the cops.

  747. thewalkingdead says:

    If I read correctly, she taped and papered her windows shut?!

  748. Smartassmama says:

    Orange blaze hat, stat!

    Check out the DS facebook post. Wonder how long before they delete my comment. lol

  749. amessymama says:

    758-I think it’s best for all involved that the children get taken and put with a sane family. That woman is mean, she’s just using her children as game pieces in the game of (My Crazy) Life.

  750. norrahsmommy says:

    How much would you pay someone to felt sweaters and make longies (3-4 sweaters worth) for each pair? I’m wondering if this mama is going to get a fair deal. I *could* do it but I am not very good with my machine yet and I have a serger but I’m not really very good with it either and I only have 1 needle for it atm.

  751. norrahsmommy says:

    OR how much would you charge to do that for someone?

  752. MOMWITHMANY says:

    The visitation for twins thread in ss is just so sad. Unless there was abuse I would just stay married rather than go through all that. I know not all divorces are as crazy as some people are describing but it still seems like a huge mess and then if the embryo transfer is successful it will be even more confusion.

  753. thewalkingdead says:

    @768 – I feel sort of bad for the OP. She kinda seems like a tyrant, but she reminds me of myself so I can’t judge. I do however, feel bad for her twins especially if the embryos stick. Waiting a few months to do the cycle wouldn’t hurt a danged thing.

  754. JustMe says:

    Someone just posted on FB that another WAHM had gone bad. Anyone know what that’s about?

  755. mmspirit7 says:

    i know who they are taking about but cant give u more than that

  756. mmspirit7 says:

    yet at least

  757. mamak4 says:

    Ummm yes…i am late to the game but that is the seller. Watch out…she is a PSYCHO. I spent 3 hours washing those nasty longies on 3 separate occasions….there are still stains ALL OVER THEM!!!!! Inside and out!!! Stains that WIILL NOT come out. And she was the rudest most psycho seller i have ever had the pleasure of meeting aside from the late and great Melissa.

  758. Chrijodo says:

    MamaK– YIKES well I’m sorry you had such a bad transaction with her.

  759. not me at all says:

    posts like this make my eyes bleed…along with the homeschooling Moms who post things like “im buzy planning for tamarro”

    Is spell check really THAT hard to use?

  760. dundundun says:

    Jesus. I’m guilty of throwinz teh netspeak in my sentences to be silly but holy balls, batman.

    That’s asinine. IDK! MY BFF, JILL!?

  761. sourpatchbabe says:

    I know what you mean. Notice how she doesn’t seem to realize that she’s getting more than $300 in SSI. While I feel sad for her DS for being sick enough to qualify for SSI at his age, it is not the government’s job to support her four children. If $300 less for foodstamps is enough to make or break a family don’t have that many kids. Right now I would love more kids but we can’t afford them and probably never will. I’d rather have two happy kids for whom I can provide for than more kids that have to live off the government’s dime.

  762. DoubleRainbow says:

    Ugh that just makes me mad, I used to work in public housing and you would not BELIEVE how many people came in all pissed off because they started getting SSI and their rent went up! Hello, it’s INCOME-BASED rent! They would get all mad because their rent went from like $50/month to $100/month. And a lot of places they didn’t even have to pay utilities. It’s CRAZY how much assistance you can get, but there is NO reason to complain that you aren’t getting enough.

    Not bashing people who have to be on gov’t assistance, but a MAJORITY don’t “need” it, it’s just easier when the gov’t pays for everything.

  763. Redhead says:

    My trade with Melissa went fine. Excellent in fact, so I am trading with her again.

  764. Chrijodo says:

    That’s great Redhead πŸ™‚ So glad it went well for you.

    Still waiting for my package here. But hopefully it’ll get here soon πŸ™‚

  765. Redhead says:

    The mail has been slow – I guess because of all the Christmas packages going out.

  766. Chrijodo says:

    Definitely, Christmas always slows down the mail services. Today was the expected delivery date according to the PO so hopefully tomorrow or Monday. She does pretty work doesn’t she?

  767. Snickerdoodle says:

    Yep the mail has been super slow! Its been driving me nuts but I think it’s just the time of year. πŸ™‚

  768. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #785- That is just crazy! It would never occur to me to go after the manufacturer and certainly not the retailer over an allergy. My ds is allergic to micro fleece in FB’s, so I stopped using them . I should have sued the diaper lady I bought them from and the company because how dare they make a product my son is allergic too. I could understand if the diapers were used and the seller sold them knowing they were full of staph or some very contagious disease and purposely kept it hidden.

  769. smartassmama says:

    Check out the OP in the link in 755. Can you spell entitled?
    And she’s had two negatives and is in some kind of situation with H2BAM.

  770. norrahsmommy says:

    Does anyone else find it SUPER annoying that NannyD’s posts are all edited and gone except for the ones people quoted. Guess I’m getting to used to CDN and the no edit buttons.

  771. amessymama says:

    I’m just glad they’re gone. I couldn’t read them anyway. So your not a fan of the whole paragraph thing. Fine, don’t hit enter. But you could at least use the space bar now and again!!! The spacebar is a must, if you want me to read your drivel.

  772. MOMWITHMANY says:

    There is no link in #755, did you mean #758?

  773. smartassmama says:

    Probably. I can’t read.

  774. sourpatchbabe says:

    for an illiterate, you sure can read lol

  775. not me at all says:

    Are you supporting Lee and don’t even know it? I heard this through the grapevine…

    Never buy ANYTHING from Amazon that is linked on Diaperswappers. They have some kind of bot installed so that any link (ever see a link ending in chrisficti-20? That’s the form for referral links with amazon) automatically turns into a referral link for Lee so you are unknowingly supporting him.

    Apparently any and all amazon links (even if someone puts their OWN link there reverts to Lees)

  776. mmspirit7 says:

    Sigh I feel I have been ripped off and by a mama that had good feed back. How long would you wait for a parcel post package? is waiting till now sine the 23 of nov long enough (and that’s mailing a week late after giving me my husband forgot it)

    I have filed but I really feel as if I am not going to get these much need diapers I bought on spots on 11/15 maybe I should wait a little longer

  777. not me at all says:

    Parcel POst can take FOREVER this time of year. No DC?

  778. mmspirit7 says:

    nope no dc. I have a little time left I have filed I just haven’t moved to the next step I don’t know why someone would send parcel when they are sending a week later during the holidays. I am ticked to be honest and so is dh

  779. not me at all says:

    Funny how they don’t read PMs BUT yesterday a friend PMd me to let me know she got a strike for being “rude” so she was laying low to avoid being banned. I messaged her that I had some advice but to email me and I’d tell her (I invited her to CDN) This morning I sign in to find I have been “warned” for being “disrespectful to the team” in a thread from WEEKS ago. Coincidence? Yeah right.

  780. sourpatchbabe says:

    I wonder how they do it since there have to be tons and tons of PMs sent daily. Maybe they’re like the secret service and certain words alert their systems or do they have a “hit list” of people that they monitor?

  781. Redhead says:

    They were probably watching “not me”s friend & her outgoing PMs since she got a strike.
    I am sure they have tabs on the more outspoken members.

  782. Redhead says:

    I am supposed to be unbanned on the 12th on Jan. Wonder if they will really lift it.

  783. dundundun says:

    Did anyone read the “zomg my sister is in JAIL and NOT allowed to nurse!” thread?

    The OP has already edited her entries. What’d I miss?

  784. dundundun says:

    Wait, no. THE OP didn’t edit all her comments… someone else did. I’m confused as to who/what that person was offering the conversation?

  785. not me at all says:

    Redhead I am sure both myself and my friend are are DSs Watch list LOL

    Dun the editing person was some other relative of the jailed girl. I did not read before the edit though.

  786. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #802- I read them before the edit,but honestly I can’t figure out why she edited things, it was weird what she kept and edited. I tried really hard to understand the posts but most of nannyd’s made no sense. I still can’t figure out if they were sisters or friends and if nannyd was the mother of both and then someone kept talking about adoptive parents. But again no idea who was adopted when and was the dad of who was. I don’t know I feel bad it sounds like a horrible place to be in but I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I am also surprised they arrested her for non -payment so quickly. My dad works in child support and it takes years to get arrest warrants and even then it is usually not acted on.

  787. sourpatchbabe says:

    As I understand it, nannyd is the mother of the poster. The “sister” that is in jail is a family friend who was adopted by a couple in a town three hours away. This couple banded together along with the woman’s ex to take her older child from her. The “sister” considers the OP and nannyd her family now as she has been disowned by those she once called parents. And the sister went on to have a second child when she could barely pay her child support and her other bills so that she fell even more behind when she stopped working after she had the eight month old child (at $200 a month, to be in arreas for 5k she had to have been behind for much longer than the age of the youngest).

  788. dundundun says:

    Shew, I’m all caught up now. LOL

    I got bored during nap time and read all 17 pages. Loser is me.

    I’m more amazed at how many women were like “ZOMG BREAST FEEDING MOTHERS SHOULD NOT BE TREATED THIS WAY!” Alrighty.

  789. Smartassmama says:

    I know.
    The justice system isn’t to blame for the kid not being able to BF from his/her mom, the mother is for breaking the law. It’s not like she’s being falsely accused because she matches the description of someone who brokevthe law, she did.
    And I don’t buy the story, I don’t think that’s all there is. I think the non-payment has been for a while.

  790. dundundun says:


    I wonder if her reply is an “eff y’all whores, I’m not scared to admit I’m guilty of this” kind of smite-y reply, or if she’s just that dunce.

    I’m still too busy laughing about the iguana homebirth.

  791. eeek says:

    Yeah, I worked in child support for years, that’s a huge lie. lie, lie, lie. And, I didn’t read the majority of that thread, I think the good bits were edited, but I bet crazy sister would have been on welfare, which would have stopped any support actions in their tracks.

    Also, all they ever ask is someone pay, they would NEVER have arrested someone who had paid in recent months and in the quoted bits I saw they said she was paying. Contempt is difficult to get together, takes months, and if I decided to do contempt on someone who was PAYING (not that the county attorneys would have agreed to it), if I brought a paying person in, who had no job, a judge would be liable to be so insanely pissed they’d fine my agency, and of course immediately let the person go.

    They should have gone with some other lie, if they thought the truth was too icky to bring up.

  792. not me at all says:

    I hope this does not come across as horribly callous but I just saw a post from a mother on DS that lost her son suddenly yesterday. I swear if something happened to my child there is NO WAY I’d be able to post online much less care about diaperswappers. It’s just weird to me…

  793. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Wow I am glad I didn’t see that post,how sad. I don’t know maybe it’s familiar and she is just looking for things that are normal right now. Or maybe putting it in writing makes it more real for her. I can’t even imagine what I would do, I think I would just be so lost I wouldn’t even get out of bed let alone on the computer. I guess if it helps you get through it that’s all that matters. But I would think a website about babies would be the last place I would go.

  794. dundundun says:

    Judging by her UN she has a store, so maybe she figured she would get some support and kind words during her rough time.

    *shudder* I wish I wouldn’t have read it. Breaks my heart.

  795. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Yes I saw it too just now and even though I knew what it was about and that I shouldn’t read it, I did it’s just so sad! It looks like she just wants people to know and offer a hug. It’s great how many people have responded. I hope that it helps,how horrible I can’t imagine her pain.

  796. memyselfandi says:

    #812…..I feel horrible for thinking it, but I also sense something sort of “off” about it all.

  797. Aj says:

    Is anyone else worried about DSDM2?

    She hasn’t made a post in 2 months, this is the first time since the blog has been started.

  798. Smartassmama says:

    I was thinking of posting the same thing. I know she also uses yahoo IM, but I only have that on my laptop, which I don’t use much.

    I think there may be one or two people here who know who either she or The Drama Mama are. I don’t remember who it is though. Maybe they could PM her on DS or CDN? Someone mentioned the same thing a week or two ago, and she never got on. It’s kind of worrying me, but I don’t know who to be worried about, ya know?

  799. Smartassmama says:

    On the thread where she lost her two year old – that one confuses me. I didn’t know a space heater would cause a child to overheat to that extent? But I do understand that everyone grieves differently.

    So I’ve only read the OP and about 10 responses. So I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but there’s a fund raiser through a facebook app for him. They’re halfway there.

  800. dundundun says:

    A friend of mine is a detective and felt the need to tell me about a super, super sad story involving a space heater and two toddlers. It’s definitely possible 😦

  801. adensmama says:

    I just read that and came over here to see if there was any more info…I have a 2 year old son and now I’m completely paranoid, not that I wasn’t before :,(

    I know bad things can happen with space heaters, how close would it have to be to overheat like that? So, so scary, I don’t even want to think about it, the poor mama must be just miserable right now :(((((

  802. Leah says:

    I’ve never posted here but have been reading for about a month. About the mom who was on DS after her baby died: unless you’re in that situation you never know WHAT you’d do. It seems totally asinine and crazy to go on a message board after a tragedy like that but sometimes your brain just needs to “shut off” and maybe that was her way. Grief like that is a crazy road.

  803. Smartassmama says:

    Someone dug up a thread posted by a banned member, ~Ryleigh’s Momma~. Sounds familiar, anyone know why?

  804. Redhead says:

    There are 3 people I suspect as being DSDM2.. all of them are swamped right now with things at home, so that could be why the blog hasn’t been updated.

    Of course I could be totally wrong on my guesses.

  805. JJ says:

    speaking of knit~it~good. she posted on facebook not long before her son passed that he was throwing up. i wonder if it was something that could have been treated/prevented. seems too much of a coincidence that she sai he was puking all over and then he passes away in his sleep. maybe a trip to the ER should have happened.

  806. DoubleRainbow says:

    Can somebody link to the story of how her son died? I saw the original post but haven’t seen anything about how it happened. Something to do with a space heater? So sad…

  807. adensmama says:

    I don’t think even the parents know yet, usually it takes a while to get full results from an autopsy. All I’ve seen posted is that they believe he may have overheated.

  808. dmeg says:

    Part of me wonders if no new posts is a subtle hint that they aren’t going to be continuing the blog, but want to leave all the past info up for people to see. I can totally see where it would be easier to just walk away than to deal with people who were upset about it not being handed off to a new Drama Mama and continued. Eh, whatever I guess. Sad not to have a good place to out scammers though 😦

  809. Boris says:

    I wonder how hot it was in this child’s room to think it overheated? Also, isn’t a bit premature to post what caused his passing if not sure?

  810. adensmama says:

    No, I think she is just upset and grieving and still trying to process what happened. I’m sure she’s still in shock.

  811. Boris says:

    So sad and utterly heartbreaking to loose a child. I can even imagine what that poor family must be going through

  812. coffeehoar says:

    The post about the two year has me in a cold sweat. This week my two year old had croup so badly I was taking him to the ER, and en route he choked while coughing. I looked and saw him turning blue, stopped in the middle of an intersection, pounded 911 on my cell phone, and pulled him out of his car seat. I had NO clue what to do… He almost died. Without oxygen for 3 minutes. By some chance, an off duty sherrif pulled over, thinking I was having car trouble, and started CPR. He saved his life.

    When I got home from the hospital with my now fine toddler, I read that post. It just makes me wonder, why her little boy? Mine was spared, but hers wasn’t, and it’s just so tragic.

  813. amessymama says:

    833-I’m so glad your little boy is OK and I’m so sorry you both had to experience that! :hugs: You must be an emotional wreck right now. :morehugs:

    I’m sure Sawyer’s mom is asking that same question, “Why my little boy?” I wish that question didn’t ever need to be asked. 😦

  814. Boris says:

    @ 833~ OMG, that had to of been beyond scary. So glad you baby is OK

  815. adensmama says:

    I have a 2 year old son and I’m hugging him extra tight lately 😦 This makes me feel so guilty for all the times I’ve lost my temper with my kids.

  816. hrm's mom says:

    we uses a heater in our DD room and we have been checking much more than normal to make sure she is not too hot, as that has happened before. ours has a thermostat but sometimes DD messes with it when it is off and turns it way up. I have been known not to check the temp setting not anymore, I check every time I turn it on. I feel just terrible about this poor woman’s Baby.

  817. JustMe says:

    Yay, it worked. I think the seller was outed but the post was deleted? Anybody?

  818. Goomba'sMom says:

    833, oh wow that must have been terrifying!!! My 15 month old had croup last week too, it was awful. So thankful that our ER trip was less eventful than yours, glad your little one is ok!

    I am so sad for Sawyer’s family too, I cried reading that post, I just can’t imagine how they must feel. To lose a child at all is beyond awful, to lose one at Christmastime, just heartwrenching to even think about.

  819. DoubleRainbow says:

    JustMe – THANK YOU!! I was just coming here to post that and see if anybody knew who the seller was! She sounds like a total space cadet…

  820. Aj says:

    Ha ha, someone totally posted the link for this website on DS πŸ™‚

  821. amessymama says:

    843-I saw that. lol I wonder if any comments will be posted since DSDM doesn’t seem to be around to let new posters in.

    And dude, that is one crazy situation. I can’t believe the lunacy of the seller and the other buyer.

  822. MotherMoonPads says:

    #845, that link brings me to my FB feed?

  823. lilmamibella says:

    The seller has deleted her discussion. She makes it sound like everything should be okay since I got the doll. I don’t even have the doll yet. The lady sent it yesterday! She said she’d give a shipping refund whenever she has the money.

  824. DoubleRainbow says:

    Did everything get deleted from the “dolly” maker’s facebook page? It was there at first but I didn’t have time to read it and now it’s gone 😦 Can somebody fill me in on what happened?

  825. Thud says:

    Way late here but out if all of this drama what shocks me most is that people still buy from Rainbow Waters. Srsly.

  826. JustMe says:

    I’m glad to say I had a big hand in this. Had to gloat somewhere. LOL. I asked for a coupon code, got yelled at by a mod, quoted back to them their own rules which did NOT say it wasn’t allowed, and today I see this. *snicker*

  827. werd says:

    ooh, that Rural Mamma Dolls whackadoodle doesn’t live too far from me. ROAD TRIP?!?!

  828. lilmamibella says:

    Why shouldn’t people buy from Rainbow Waters? What did I miss?

  829. melmelly says:

    Rainbow Waters has had her share of JAR’s filed against her.

  830. Redhead says:

    I have SS’s of the Rural Doll drama on FB. πŸ˜€

  831. .bin. says:

    Has still no one heard from DSDM? Hope she is ok.

  832. sourpatchbabe says:

    Apparently you’re supposed to give positive FB for receiving craptastic FFS onesies because they are, after all, free.

  833. Just Peachy says:

    Oh so this means no one can try to sell formula coupons on there? WOOT!

  834. smurfmeat says:

    857 – Eww!

    I guess the lesson is: Don’t complain about free shit! Literally.

  835. twiddling*thumbs says:

    I miss DSDM… I can’t believe the FFS poop doesn’t have it’s own thread! LOL!

    And the Rural Mamma drama, what a weirdo!

  836. JB says:

    Hey why doesn’t someone make a new site “The Drama of Diaperswappers round 2”

  837. mamatocuties says:

    I hope DSDM is OK. It is weird there aren’t any updates. I ❀ this blog, I would be sad to see it go!

  838. Redhead says:

    If anyone is in the know on the GreenQuestQuiz drama, I would sure like to know what is up.

  839. Snickerdoodle says:

    Id sure like to know what the GreenQuestQuiz drama IS. πŸ™‚

  840. Snickerdoodle says:

    Thanks! That does look interesting to know the behind the scenes on that one.

  841. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #863- What doesn’t everyone need maternity woolies for their one year old?
    lol seriously those were a good laugh, I am guessing who ever knit them got distracted when they got to the waist and just kept knitting.

  842. Syrinx says:

    I just lost any and all respect I had for harmoni247.

  843. amessymama says:


  844. Syrinx says:

    I think it’s possible to take breastfeeding a little too seriously. That says a lot coming from me.

  845. Redhead says:

    She’d rather have an abortion than have to stop breastfeeding? WOW.

  846. Kelle says:

    Who’s going to start the new scam/dram site since this one is DOA?
    Poop on cloth is just a bunch of whiny twats bitching about Goodmama.
    And…. this blog is obviously dead, eh? Hello ello??
    I have yarn dirt I need to spill, where do I go?

  847. MOMWITHMANY says:

    WOW I can’t believe that!

  848. sourpatchbabe says:

    Wow, unbelievable!

  849. Just Peachy says:

    wow just wow. She does realize there are other options out there to provide breastmilk for your baby right? I means its a huge thing right now with milksharing and what not.

  850. Syrinx says:

    It really just boggles my mind that the style of parenting is more important than actually being one. *boggles*

  851. sourpatchbabe says:

    How old is her kid anyways? He looks old enough in her pics to not need BM as his only source of nourishment. SMH, some people are just outrageously out there.

  852. smurfmeat says:

    So, is there a new drama site somewhere? My kids are too old for diapers anymore but I haven’t outgrown being entertained by the drama.

  853. Smartassmama says:

    Isn’t SundaeSprinkles the chick with the crazy abusive next door neighbor parents, who she is terriied of? But lets them watch he kids anyway?and mom bathed the daughter even though she didn’t need help? “Help! Should uncalled the police!?!?” lady? She and her husband were supposed to move asap, now they’re divorcing?

  854. Smartassmama says:

    So, that should be “should I call” not uncalled? Dumb thumbs.

  855. mom2js says:

    875 here is the knitter, I posted this but my comment is awaiting moderation….
    Custom listing

    Right click the photo look in properties it takes you to the album

  856. iken says:

    Wow, the pink longies in the second like are pretty kittyass wompous!

  857. iken says:

    AHHHHHH!! So much drama in the diaper world!

  858. BffMama says:

    Happy New Year friends!

  859. sourpatchbabe says:

    Hauoli Maka Hiki Hou to all you guys!

  860. Crystal says:

    Does anyone live near Hoover, AL that I can send to get the yarn that slturner has stolen from me 😦

    I sent her yarn for a YYMN Beginning of Nov, she sent me a message 12-8 that she was done with one leg and would be shipping them out soon. Now she has stopped responding to me at all and I’m not sure the police would even bother with $20 worth of yarn but I want my yarn dang it!

  861. Crystal says:

    Does anyone live near Hoover, AL that I can send to get the yarn that slturner has stolen from me 😦

    I sent her yarn for a YYMN Beginning of Nov, she sent me a message 12-8 that she was done with one leg and would be shipping them out soon. Now she has stopped responding to me at all and I’m not sure the police would even bother with $20 worth of yarn but I want my yarn dang it!

    Sorry if this double posts, my post with link went into moderation and with DSDMs being MIA I didn’t know if it would post

  862. not me at all says:

    okay so who is the crappy seamstress in the CDN thread?

  863. amessymama says:

    Has anyone ever had a dress made by VeryChicBaby? If so, how was the quality?


  864. Smartassmama says:

    I’m probably gonna look like a jackass for mentioning it, but I know I can’t be alone.

    There’s a post in Sensitive Subjects. By someone who’s childless and posts all these ‘what-ifs’ and ‘someday’ questions, and talks about what she’s gonna do with her kids. When she has them. And how she’ll congratulate and sing her [future!] MIL’s praises if she marries an intact man. Because she doesn’t have a husband yet either. Ok, now you know who I’m talking about. πŸ™‚ I would normally like her, but whatever.
    The newest thread she started there, does it not smack of “I have a ‘friend’ who’s under 18 and needs _____. Help me help my ‘friend’ please. My ‘friend’ needs help!”

  865. Boris says:

    @894~ She actually drives me friggin’ bat-shit from most of posts. She doesn’t get flamed much IMO because she follows the DS status quo but she posts in some places like the pregnancy forum, the brest feeding forum, and parenting fourum. It’s not like she’s a nurse, dula, MW, or even a DCP.

  866. Redhead says:

    894, I can’t see that section so can you msg me on Fb who it is?

  867. iken says:

    at amessymama: I don’t have a dress but I do have some wool shoes from her. The elastic in one of them came unsewn after the 4th or 5th time my son wore them. I remember that I purchased them from Etsy. She didn’t take paypal, so I had to mail her money.

  868. Smartassmama says:

    895 – well, now I’m starting to think she doesn’t have a diploma or the ability to vote.

    I don’t mind Redhead. It’s MyLovely. Her av is black & white, a hand with a heart drawn on it. She likes to be provacative & thought provoking, but she also loves pressing buttons. She’s a ‘nanny.’

    I’m not skeeved by the other users who don’t have kids, because they’re usually married & TTC. This girl is single. She’s the “someday mommy.”

  869. amessymama says:

    @ iken-That stinks! Did you contact her about the elastic? How was her customer service?

    Also has anyone else ordered anything (not just dresses) from her? Her reviews are many and positive but the pictures of the dresses she’s made seem sub-par, so it really confuses me.

    Anyone else? Come on out and share. πŸ˜€

  870. iken says:

    No, I bought them over a year ago and it will be pretty easy to fix myself. I see the occasional “rave” for her in Extra Fluffy, but it is kind of a giant clique there.

  871. sourpatchbabe says:

    I want to know how if her “friend” is out of town with the family how the sister was able to spill her guts without being overheard and how the “friend” was able to call mylovely and give her all that info without being overheard either. Every time we’ve gone out of town with the family for holidays it seems as though we can’t even blink without bumping into someone and we never have a second alone. And her excuse of “I make it a point NOT to google anything related to abortion” seems wimpy. Maybe she doesn’t want mommy/daddy to walk in the room while she’s looking up things on abortion.

  872. sunshine74 says:

    I traded VeryChicBaby for a pair of OBV soft-soled shoes for my DD. She refuses to wear them because the inside seams/seam allowances werent trimmed and the leather hurts/bothers her toes. I had to go through them before she even wore them and tie off all the seams. The shoes are also slightly different sizes/shapes. It took her over a month to make them. I never said anything and didn’t leave fb, but if I had paid the $18 price for them I wouldve asked fo a FULL refund.

  873. Redhead says:

    Sunshine! πŸ˜€ Where have you been all my life??

  874. Syrinx says:

    I’ve been thinking MyLovely is a bit trollish with her “makes you go hmm” type posts when she doesn’t even have a boyfriend, but the SS one confirms it. Woo, all mysterious like and yet so detailed at the same time. It’s not her issue to be concerned with. Period.

  875. Tammy says:

    If you got poor quality shoes, you should have left negative feedback. Just saying, that it would help the rest of us out there if negatives were left when they needed to be. So many people say they should have left a negative or the transaction was negative yet the WAHM reputation remains spotless. I’m not WAHM bashing but it seems that when any drama or even a question comes up about anyone that someone has to say how they got crappy workmanship…but then they say the didn’t leave negative. Why not?

  876. sunshine74 says:

    You missed me, Redhead? πŸ˜€ I didnt leave negative cause I never contacted the WAHM about it and really just didnt feel like dealing with it.

  877. Boris says:

    904~ ITA. I’ve always thought she was trollish but she gets a lot of ass kisses on DS because she’s queen of the crunchy

    Smartass~ Hmmm I didn’t think she even had as much contact with children as a nanny. I thought she was “full time student” student of what I have no idea

  878. DSDM2 says:

    We just saw this on DS, new post about it. If you have details and info, post it there.

  879. harmoni247 says:

    872 – My son was 7 months…I don’t really care about having pps respect….I don’t even know her….but I will confess something….I was going to put it on ds but didn’t want to start another abortion thread. I’m a hypocrite. I will absolutely defend abortion because logically, I don’t view an embryo as a baby. As I said in the thread…it can’t possibly have the makings of a personhood yet. But during the week of abortion threads…after I posted this and even while I was posting in news and current events, I had a pregnancy scare….I thought about abortion and what I had posted….I thought about everything it would change in our family and I did NOT want to be pregnant…but I really thought I was. Anyways, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even really consider an abortion as an option. It just didn’t feel right and there’s just no way. Im obviously a hypocrite. I’m not pregnant, so I didn’t even have to worry about it after all. But I still don’t know how I feel about abortion. I can’t reconcile what I advocate for and how I feel. I don’t trust feelings, I trust logic. But I still wouldn’t do it myself, and I realize that is a gaping hole in what I defend. So, do with it what you will….I’m probably a horrible mom in your eyes, but came across this blog and thought I’d let you know the truth after the thread locked. I’m a horrible horrible person who can’t make my mind up and defends something even I though I feel its wrong. I’m aware. So, go ahead…rip me a new one. Tell me how I’m backtracking or lying or whatever else you need to say. I’ve spoke my peace and admitted my hypocrisy….I give you permission to judge all you want and make a million opinions on my character without ever meeting me. πŸ™‚

    BTW, If you’re all on ds anyways, why don’t you just post your opinions there? Am I missing something?

  880. smartassmama says:

    Because you can’t post your opinion there. Unless your opinion has sunshine, glitter, & unicorn farts coming out of it. There’s so much censoring going on.

  881. Curious says:

    911- Do you really need to bring all this BS up again? I for one am tired of it. Let’s move on to more important things.

  882. abbie says:

    There are only 911 posts. Who were you referring to?

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