Paypal dispute question (

Gayatri 09-12-2008 12:21 PM

Paypal dispute question
I sold a dipe on FSOT. Mailed it out 8/24. Today I get an email from pp saying it is being disputed. :banghead: Turns out the member is now banned. I dig through my purse and find my DC, check that it was delivered (it was), follow the pp pages, and give them the info. Now what?
JeDeeLenae 09-12-2008 12:27 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
now, chances are, they’ll side with you since you can show proof of delivery.
ekmaurer3 09-12-2008 12:45 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
They should side with you unless it was a chargeback. In which case paypal doesnt really have any say.
melissalaurel 09-12-2008 12:49 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
Same thing is happening to me right now. Wonder if it’s the same person.
pantufla 09-12-2008 12:58 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
Me too! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 😥 I am counting on that money! 😥 :banghead:
melissalaurel 09-12-2008 01:15 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
I just love how they take the money….THEN investigate it.:banghead:
I’m out $32 + 2.60 + 2 berry plush covers. 😥 Makes me sick to my stomach. :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
pantufla 09-12-2008 01:31 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
OMG, me too, two BP. Except I sold mine with the minkee-topped snap-in soakers. 😥

I am SO changing my feedback.

n_kragh 09-12-2008 01:33 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
Me too mamas, except I’m sure I’m SOL cuz DH shipped it for me and I’m sure he didn’t get DC 😥 I hate rotten people:yuck:
pantufla 09-12-2008 01:37 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
I *got* DC but her address was “unverified” with PP. I had no idea that could even be an issue… I’m so upset right now!
mtfbwy72 09-12-2008 01:42 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
That effing witch got me too!!! She got me for 3 seperate transactions totaling $153 and DS’s 1st b-day is next week :(. I just dropped some money in my bank account which they reversed to cover the disputes!! Grrrrrrr!!! Luckily I have DC on 2 of the transactions and Insurance on one of those but one of them I don’t have the DC anymore cause it was like a month ago!! I hope paypal sees what she is doing.

She obviously got hit with a ton of disputes from buyers here and now turning around and trying to recoup her losses from sellers or maybe this was her intention all along.

I’m sick and cranky and 100 different kinds of pissed off!!!!!!

jcreedon 09-12-2008 01:49 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
I think that she got me too…..I sold her 3 berry plush with 5 minkee toppers…..I would never have sold them if I wasn’t in desperate need of money to pay for my son’s autism treatments and anti-sezuire meds and 2 weeks hospitalization. I am so sick right now that I can’t stand it. I am kicking myself…..I would rather have given them away to someone who was appreciative than have been scammed by someone who doesn’t seem to care. Why am I worried about this right now when I am trying to find a way to pay for my son’s medications???? I don’t understand people!
mtfbwy72 09-12-2008 02:01 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
I just got off the phone with paypal to find out how long disputes take to resolve and the agent said 10 days. I asked if they would look at “you know who’s” account to see what she’s been doing and was told that they DO check out the account as a whole so maybe we are all ok. I emailed the admin about this and mentioned in my dispute reply to paypal what’s been going on with this chick. You all should email the admins and let paypal know whats going on so hopfully this can get resolved quickly.

WE CANNOT LET HER GET AWAY WITH THIS!!! DC or no DC we should all get our funds put back in our accounts if we ban together.

jcreedon 09-12-2008 02:10 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
i just got off the phone with the Phoenix Police Department (I know I am grasping for straws but this money is very important for my son’s health and well-being) they said to contact and file a report. Is this something that anyone has done? Any thoughts?
chrisnsteph1022 09-12-2008 02:30 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
Please make sure everyone reads the announcement at the top of this forum. Just in case it’s applicable. :hugs:
pantufla 09-12-2008 02:43 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question

Originally Posted by chrisnsteph1022 (Post 4761839)
Please make sure everyone reads the announcement at the top of this forum. Just in case it’s applicable. :hugs:

I did, and I contacted a mod, but what good is it going to do me? :shrug: No offense, but it’s all on PayPal now. The person in question has already been banned. The best a mod can do is help me change my feedback I left for that person. But, since that person has already been banned, that’s a moot point as well… 😥

I was counting on this money.

BuggaBuggaBoutique 09-12-2008 02:59 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
jessica – my dd has an ASD as well :hugs:
BouncyBottomsInc 09-12-2008 03:29 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question
Wow, this really sucks and makes me sick just reading about it! I cant believe some ppl would do things like this. I agree all of you need to get on the phone with Paypal ASAP!!!! Dont let her get away with this…fight for your money anyway you can! Call PP and keep calling until they do something about this!!! They should be able to look at her pattern and stop what she is doing! There is no way anyone could have that many disputes with so many sellers, paypal is a fool if they side with her. IF she does a chargeback or bank reversal, pp should fight it! And her cc company should be fair in this. File with that online crime thing too so that everything is on file! Good Luck mamas and praying yall get your money back…
mtfbwy72 09-12-2008 03:58 PM

Re: Paypal dispute question

Originally Posted by jcreedon (Post 4761666)
i just got off the phone with the Phoenix Police Department (I know I am grasping for straws but this money is very important for my son’s health and well-being) they said to contact and file a report. Is this something that anyone has done? Any thoughts?

The website actually is I just filed a complaint and think we all should!! Maybe someone can go after her if we all file a complaint. It only took a few minutes. I also plan to file a claim on the insurance I purchased for the package if paypal doesn’t give me my money back. Let them semd someone out to confront whoever is at this address we mailed to.
So this is what PamperedShell was up to? But remember, we wouldn’t want to out her on the T&F forum.
  1. cdmd1023 says:

    lol….what a way to get a few dipes. people suck.

  2. who cares says:

    What a horrible, horrible person.

  3. who cares says:

    My monster agrees.

  4. who cares says:

    I think I just found her phone number. Google is crazy.

  5. o4eduk8ed says:

    Nasty business, indeed.

  6. AshleyB says:

    That is beyond terrible. What a cunt!

  7. haha says:

    Oh. My. God.

  8. skyeb says:

    She scammed me as well yesterday. I came home from a dr’s appt to have a message from pp telling me about the dispute. I went back and checked the DC number and found it had been delivered weeks ago. Apparently this mama likes to scam people going through hard times. I’ve been undergoing chemo treatments, surgery. In the last month I’ve spent more time in the hospital away from babies than at home. This situation makes me sick.

  9. Jenn says:

    she posted pictures of a bunch of berry plush on her for sale thread didn’t she?…check it and see if any of those are yours and see if it holds some weight as proof for PP.
    This sucks and good luck gals.

  10. Madre says:

    What a horrible person…poor mamas

  11. veganthug says:

    This is beyond nasty.

    I can’t believe this.

    But any money she does get will just go back to the people who she originally fucked over, right? I mean.. if those claims are closed & she owes money, she wont get a penny of this right?

    I’m shocked the police department wont do anything, this is well over 500 dollars of scamming, maybe even a 1000??

    She committed a FELONY

    ” Grand theft is a felony crime in the United States defined as the theft of objects exceeding a certain monetary value.

    Grand theft is committed when the money, labor, real or personal property stolen is valued at more than $400. Grand Theft can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony and is punishable by up to one year in county jail or 16 months in state prison, depending on the value of the goods stolen.

    It is usually distinguished from petty theft where the value of the item taken is substantially lower in value. However, this distinction is not always the case. In the United States, for example, the theft of an automobile is usually considered Grand theft even if the vehicle is a salvage or scrap vehicle having no value or a very small value.

    In the United States, the value necessary for a crime to rise from Petty to Grand theft can be as low as $100 depending on the jurisdiction, but is usually $200 or $1000. For instance, if property is in excess of a certain amount, then the charge would be raised to Grand Theft”

    I think every single person who was fucked over by her should get together & ALL call the police, one after another, to make them take BIG notice.

  12. sassy1 says:

    omg that woman has no soul.

    I am so sorry mamas, that is the worst 😦

  13. mtothec says:

    I’m seriously tempted to call her and just ask her why. I’m sure she’ll hang up though. I’m not sure I want to get charged for harassment though.

  14. Kate says:

    okay so she first sold the same dipes to multiple mamas and have their money. They file claims but there is no money in the account now she is disputing all the dipes she bought to get money to cover the first round of people. Soshe has al that money plus the diapers and now she is going after the money she spent on the diapers. What a bitch!

  15. alison says:

    turn karmic wheel, turn…

  16. thewhiteninja says:

    what trash.

  17. What a wanker says:

    What an f’in b!! How cold and nasty to be stealing like this from mom’s. I’m sorry to everyone who is going through this.

  18. not tellin says:

    dude i am SO glad she never got back to me about the BPs i was selling, i would not want to be dealing with this shit! Im so sorry to everyone who is having to go through this bull..

  19. AshleyB says:

    #14, she may have 2 different PP accounts if she planned this…so now that she’s gotten the $$, she may spend it AGAIN!

  20. umm anisa says:

    oh my God, she is sick. stealing TWICE from mamas!!!
    she needs to be burned at the steak

  21. veganthug says:

    Steak?? Don’t you mean STAKE. Sorry, pet peeve. LOL

    I feel so awful for these mamas scammed! #19, how sick, she probably did that. Sounds like she knew what she was up to.

  22. Madre says:

    I want some steak

  23. Kali Ma says:

    I don’t want steak but I sure could go for some cookie dough ice cream.

    And I agree that bitch should be burned at the stake for her scamming ways.

  24. skyeb says:

    after talking w/paypal again yesterday my money was refunded to my account. There is hope for the others that were scammed as well.

  25. not tellin says:

    mmmmm steak…

  26. Kaymadmom says:

    So…she lives in the Phoenix area (home of Luke Air Force Base) and was once interested in an Air Force diaper. If her dh is military she’ going to cause him a world of hurt. I googled her and found her phone number…then I googled her phone number and found out her full name. Somebody should find out if her dh is military and get them involved 😉

  27. amyvolskd says:

    How in the world did I get by with her not scamming me. I was reading this thinking her username sounded familiar and sure enough she purchased from me. She sent me some strange pm’s after she purchased but that was it.

  28. PSUpdate says:

    If anyone has had PP finally fix thier problem with pamperedshell (refund), please contact a MOD on DS right away. I know pamperedshell is finally starting to release some of the funds, and pay people back, but there were over 50 mamas involved, and it would be nice to have an accurate head count as to how many have had thier issue resolved, and who still hasnt…so I can pursue her further. Thank you mamas!

  29. Backyardiganmom says:

    I was one she “bought ” diapers from too.
    Here is my blog with links;

    Plus search her name in Google and Craigslist. Wow she’d better run! Some of these mamas are ruthless LOL1

  30. Michelle Hidalgo says:

    I just wanted to let everyoen know, I never disputed anything I bought from anyone. Paypal is investigating my whole account and is the one whom is putting all transactions I did on hold. I never, and would never dispute for the diapers I bought, and received. Feel free to call paypal and verify this information. Sorry for the inconvenience but I just wanted to set everything strait.

  31. jale says:

    actually it doesnt matter if everyone called PP to “verify” they wont tell them anything- its under their Privacy thing. (sorry its late here, cant think of the name). I can say that in your semi defense PP at one time put a boat load of transactions of mine on hold when i did not tell them to.. BUT you HAVE to work with them to get it resolved, dont sit around and do nothing. PLUS- if you hit “cancel” (its that magical button in the transactions page on PP) it will release the funds back to the buyers and the disputes will be dropped. People will still be POd at you but not as Pod as if you sat around and waited. Trust me i know first hand.

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