So here is a thread that many of you were following and emailed TDM and I about. It takes so many turns that I don’t know who/what to blog about first! Threats, scams, feedback issues and BAD behavior, all covered up by DS. Gotta love it. Of course, this thread has been deleted.

There was a TON to weed through, so I am mostly just putting in the OPs posts. Thank you to all who send us screenshots.


Posted by: MadreJoyce

INSERT SCREAM (Final Update In Post#39) It Continues #50


I know ive posted alot of these lately.. I have done alot of transactions lately- but it seems for ever so many good- I stumble upon a bad. Do people not take pride in B/S/T anymore?

Im so fed up.. Really.. Now it seems im being taken by the less likely.. A freakin well established mama here with a rating of 96! She is even a WAHM with a store ect..

Last month around the 22,23 I paid for a lot of covers.. One in particular I wanted because it was a birthday cover.. My sons birthday is the 8th! They arent here- no record of being shipped through paypal nothing. Since then ive ordered other stuff that has came from several states away & gotten here.

Literally thinking, Ok the likelyhood the mama is scamming is rare- since she is so well established with lots of feedback I try not to worry. I contact her yesturday to tell her kindly I still havent gotten them & was wondering what day/date she shipped & if she had a tracking number.

I always keep my PM’s & listings & I sent her a PM with the original PM’s regarding our transaction. So it should be very obvious who I am- since she can totally re-read everything that took place between her & I..

She writes back saying.. “send me your paypal address so I can look into it”.. So I do & then she says she needs to put her LO to bed- and she will get back to me this morning.. Well after that she still stayed online a good bit of time browsing (so it wasnt just that she left her page open) until finally signing off.. Well this morning she was online and still no word..

IM pretty upset that they arent here- but being a holiday in the middle of it- I can understand. I just want an update on the status of when she shipped, or if she shipped ect.. Im now more upset that she is running me around instead of taking 30 sec to look at her paypal account like she said & let me know..

Not to mention I really hoped Id have this stuff here by my son’s birthday so he could wear his “birthday diaper”..

I think the thing im more upset about is the poor communication..

Maybe its just me- but I expect better communication than being ran around.. Even an update to tell me she isnt sure what happened or she lost her DC or something would be better than running me around & not telling me anything at all & ignoring me.


09-03-2008, 07:03 PM #8



AMEN!! A simple reply… an update would suffice BUT the ignoring! UGH! I can’t stand that! I feel ya girl and I’m sorry you’re going through this. Hope everything gets worked out and your babe can wear his dipe.


09-03-2008, 09:38 PM #10



I PM’d again… Nothing no response..

Should I give her more time? Or is it safe to assume she is running me around- since last night she said she’d definately let me know something first thing in the morning <– according to her PM..

Should I just file or would it be too premature..

I know this is just wrong to say- but from a well established mama here to another- I totally expected more than this.. I expect this from scamming newbies… Not from someone with nearly 100 feedback. Its sick.. Very scammish..

Im so not happy & at the same time im trying to be fair.. Whats wrong with taking 30 sec (as it seriously doesnt even hardly take that long to check your paypal like you say & get back to me) Esp when I have proof you have been online since you said you needed to check your records.

Whenever a buyer has asked me about shipping- I respond promptly- there is too much scamming going on these days to leave someone hanging.. Even if I need more time to look for the DC- I at least explain that & keep them updated at least every 24hrs. & I dont make promises I cant or dont intend to keep- esp time limits ect..

UGH— Should I just file? Or wait longer?


09-04-2008, 12:10 AM



Anyways- I think ill give her tomarrow to respond before I file.. I really am trying to be fair.. I did contact admin though- something just isnt right.. esp since she promised me a few things..

#1) when i sent paypal she promised she would mail it that Monday..

#2)Then when I hadnt gotten them, she acted like she had no clue what i was talking about- even though i sent her original pm’s. & Then promised to get back to me by _____ blank time. Which she never did & has since been online only to ignore me.

Hopefully I wont have to file & getting admin involved will help.. Still even if she had lost them or not sent them but decides to- the Birthday cover will prob not be here in time for DS birthday I want the covers- but right now id really love some sort of communication instead of being ignored.


09-05-2008, 01:30 PM #20




I appreciate those of you who took the time to help me handle this..

You couldnt even imagine how weird this has gotten to put it mildly. Im not even sure how to post here and let you all know what all has gone on because my head is still spinning with fury & confusion.

Ok so the seller: for the last few days has been relatively avoiding and quiet until Admin got involved & I filed a dispute. What little bit the seller has communicated has been very conflicting & strange.

So to present a list details of whats been going on is the best I can do to help share what im dealing with…

Starting from the begining..

I see a listing for some cheap covers

I contact seller and ask for paypal addy so I can buy them

Seller responds back with paypal addy

I pay seller

Seller says it will ship that monday- 2 days later (no prob)

No communication takes place from either side

Im patient- no mail

Week 2 – still patient- no mail

Checking paypal & Sellers status here for details during week 2- I see seller is still active on DS- browsing ect- so I dont worry much

Paypal says nothing for status- no shipping status at all- no DC no “check shipment” nothing.. Just an empty transaction on Paypal.

I contact seller nicely to inform I hadnt yet recieved the package and was hoping for a nice update on the date she shipped & possibly a DC number with the intent to make sure the PO hadnt lost it.

Seller gets back to me with an excuse involving putting her LO to bed for the night (no prob btdt- i understand- but still she manages to stay on DS browsing forums for quite some time after that before logging off)- was very vague in her response told me she didnt seem to knowing what transaction I was talking about (even though I sent original PMs)- saying she would have to look it up in paypal- and would do so first thing in the morning..

Following morning- seller signs on- browses forums (even admin makes note of this) and never gets back to me.

For 24 hours I contact seller letting her know I was still waiting for an update.

Seller comes back with another vague response.. That she honestly has no clue- and keeps no record of shipments except through paypal & that she would log into her paypal to see what her status says through paypal.

She also takes the time to write a seperate PM bashing me for my post here on the transaction board claiming many conflicting things & also making up weird excuses. & Claiming it takes a long time to track a package through paypal.. Whatever..

She still at this point other than bashing me- provides me with still no info on what she did with the package or even when or if she shipped it.

Admin has been involved up to this point and was requesting we both copy our PM’s to admin as we are working this out- and she refuses to do so.

Now, at this point im being advised not only by everyone here to file but also by admin as her story is really starting to get weird.. Her actions & responses are very scammish & strange.

At admins advice I file a claim this morning. She then lashes out on me through paypal & here in PM’s on DS.

Still once again no apology or anything but an email full of excuses and very werid conflicting stories. Still no real word on when she mailed or anything yet on the status.

& Then suddenly- she updates paypal with a DC number that when tracked says it was just mailed?? The price also seems very off- too cheap for 3 thick covers. & Still doesnt proceed to explain herself to whats going on?

Finally after confronting her & wondering why now she just mails it & still provides no real explanation.. She starts to threaten me with law suits & call me names, and still everything just gets weirder.. Just because im stern (im confronting her- but never bashing her) & Im wanting a straight story on whats really happened & where my diapers are..

I have no proof that DC is even mine- esp since she isnt saying anything about it- or admitting to just shipping or even saying when she shipped. She keeps spinning webs of tales that really do not add up or make sense.

& then the threats wow..

I hope Admin can sort this out- my head is spinning, with still no reassurance she is being honest and has mailed my diapers..

Did I mention she also called me & admin liars saying even though its very obvious she has been online lately- she claims she hasnt?

& Again lets not go back and remember I needed one of those by this weekend for DS birthday.

What a nightmare..

I understand things happen- whats wrong with admitting you made a mistake or keeping communication istead of lying & threatening?

And I would have just settled for a “real” oops I forgot or misplaced them & they are now going out- Im sorry.. Instead ofbeing ran around- avoided, ignored & then played for an idiot with many conflicting stories & still no real answer, not to mention name calling, and harrassing threats.

Still hoping the diapers get here in time- but I doubt it. Im not convinced they will even get here..

O & God forbid I leave appropriate feedback- Once again threatened.



09-07-2008, 10:43 AM #33



Just wanted to update..

Seller has refused to communicate further with me- threatening me, I still havent received the package & hopefully soon Admin will be getting back with me..

Id love to leave appropriate feedback, but this mama has already made numerous threats from legal action (yea- eyeroll) to leaving me negative.. (a negative for what?- paying fast & being patient, but realizing somethings not right & standing up for myself?)


Yesterday, 04:51 PM #39



Sorry for the late update.. It took some time going back and forth to sort it all out- and reach peaceful ground again..

With admins help, We ended up resolving it (I cancelled the PP claim).. She apologized in the end- I did finally receive the diapers and I have to admit- even though the transaction itself sucked, the diapers were a good deal.. I left her positive because she did ultimately end up apologizing & I did get them. Ive been through worse.. I look at it this way-

At least im not out my money & diapers.. I was very upset with the threats & name calling, and upset with the fact she waited so long before shipping & didnt make an effort in letting me know or hardly communicating.

Ive learned to pick my battles & let it go. Im grateful I wasnt scammed ya know.

My friends tell me Im being too nice to leave her positive, perhaps she was just having a bad week or something? She did have really good feedback up to this point, and again she was nice an apologized later, plus I got the diapers finally- whats to really complain about. I dont want to look like an overdramatic ungrateful vendictive person. I just wanted to let it go- nothing that can really be done anyways right? Other than making bitterness- which I really dont want to deal with right now.

I have been scammed so much, im just greatful this didnt turn out to be scam- even though it did seem like one for a while. People make mistakes right? She handled it poorly yes.. But she did apologize.

OK, WTF, this lady leaves freaking positive feedback after being threatened in PMs, Admin does nothing about the threats, and this is a WAHM?!?!

But wait it isn’t over!!!




I have now filed a juicy apple report on this seller, I recieved the following via email. (The sender who I will not disclose for privacy and respect, gave me permission to share this with you all)

about your bad transaction with _______

yesterday I went back and forth about whether i should email you or not. You should read this:…rt/message/586

There is a lot more to the story. Eventually someone who wanted to remain anonymous sent her the money to pay _____. The “lost” money order was never found, and she never found the receipt. Who sends out a $300 money order and never even asks the person if she got it??? Or atleast holds onto the reciept>?? This all happened on the AOL boards. It was really sad. Im sure you’d never do business with her again, but I just though I’d send you this info just incase. yOu seem very understanding and I’d hate to see you get scammed. I think personally that she just decided to apologize because she found out that mods and other people were getting involved.

And Ive also recieved mulitple private messages from the seller today, and now I understand why complete feedback is important…

I would now also like to pass on the friendly advice the sender of the email gave me: When doing transactions take the time to read all the feedback even the positive, and also even taking some time to do internet research on the seller or buisness names can help. I had no idea- and now Im feeling a bit taken again.


VERY interesting. Did a little research on my own, check out: and

Now, the OP, not so smart to leave positive FB. Looks like enough people told her it was dumb, and that she learned her lesson. Just recieving your items is not enough of a reason to leave positive feedback. I’m glad to see she took it further after new threats from the seller. But what got me the most was that after reading the DS forum rules, threats are not against them… interesting.

What do you guys think? I for one found at least one person and store to add to my do not BST list. And we now see why there is so much positive feedback for scammers. Here is ANOTHER store she owns:

Because it might “poof” here is the JA report by MadreJoyce

Name of business:  Mookie Doodle Designs
Screen Name On DiaperSwappers: RemBran
Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last): Jenn (unknown last name)
E-mail address:
eBay user ID: (n/a- unknown)
Date ordered: August 23, 2008
Products/services purchased: August 23, 2008
Price paid: $15.00
Estimated turn around time: 2 days (Seller stated would ship no later than August 25, 2008)
Actual turn around time: (Received Sept 8th- postage showed mailed on the 3rd of Sept 2008)
Was product as expected? Yes
If not why?
Did you contact the person about the problem(s)? Yes
If so, how did they attempt to resolve? After not receiving any shipping information, I emailed/PM’d the seller on the 30th asking for shipping information. I received no response. I emailed again on the 1st, Finally seller responded she didnt know where the package was, when or if it shipped- she said she would look up the transaction the next day and let me know that morning. After not having received any information again, I went ahead to file with paypal in attempt to get some shipping information, since it was a birthday gift that I needed in a timely manner. Seller still didnt respond with shipping information until Sept 4th (the day after seller shipped). She gave numerous conflicting stories as to why the package wasnt to me yet. That same day, the seller- threatened me, via email/pm with legal action, if I left appropriate feedback or told anyone about the problems with our transaction. I received my item on the 8th too late for the birthday, But because I received the items, I believed I should give her the benefit of the doubt- and left positive feedback. Today however ive received multiple messages threatening from her, telling me I need to delete my thread discussing the transaction.

Today’s date: 09/11/2008

Here is the response:

Would you do business with again? ABSOLUTELY NOT

I never threatened you today at all. I have screenshots of both of
the PMs I sent to Joyce today and will forward to admin for review.

I sent a PM to you today asking you to kindly as the mods to remove
the thread from the Transaction and Feedback forum. Then I sent a
second PM explaining more in depth that she was in violation of DS
rules by posting feedback for me before the thread was removed.

According to Diaperswappers rules there is a strict no outing policy
and Joyce clearly violated that policy.

I left feedback for her first and even told her that she could leave
negative or neutral feedback to me and I wouldn’t retaliate. I told
her as long as she stated the facts that I didn’t mind at all. I
told her to mention the slow shipping and poor communication. I also
offered the olive branch by apologizing to her and offering to leave
positive feedback for her first in case she feared I would leave
negative/retaliatory feedback.

I did not realize that the thread in question was still active until
I logged on today to view it. Not only were people still replying to
it after seeing that she outed me but she responded twice herself.

There were no threats at all today. When I didn’t hear directly back
from her regarding my PMs today, I copied two admins to my PMs sent
to her and asked that the thread be removed. The admins were not
aware at all that feedback had been left before Joyce failed to
remove the thread from the board.

My PMs were quickly answered by both of the admins and the thread was

This transaction is over 3 Large used condition diaper covers.
$15PPD for three covers. The shipping was slow, yes and the
communication was poor, yes. I had intermittent power during this
transaction caused by the tropical storms/hurricanes in my county
here in Florida.

The whole thing blew way out of proportion and we both seeked the
advice of admins. We both came to an agreement and feedback was

As a business owner I take libel very seriously and if seeking legal
council over a libel issue is a threat then so be it.

The fact that the thread was deleted and positive feedback was left
speaks volumes about this whole incident.

  1. givepeasachance says:

    I still can’t believe that after being screwed with and threatened that she would leave a positive. I have no sympathy for any negative transactions she has after this. By leaving that positive she set up more people to get screwed.

  2. matildasmum says:

    I’m tired of hearing “DS has been over run with scammers lately. Whine Whine Whine” – ESPECIALLY when the system in place (which, of course, isn’t perfect but what is?) isn’t used properly.

  3. Nicki says:

    People are afraid of retalitory feedback on DS. Therefore, the scammers have many positives. Yikes.

    P.S. Did she have the negative taken away because it was retalitory?

  4. Nicki says:

    Yep looks like she got a new positive feedback from the seller. Weird. It’s so strange that she has sooo many positives and all of a sudden this happens. I wish the system was like ebay. Would weed out a lot of scammers.

  5. umm anisa says:

    this really crazy. positive feedback after all of that is just wrong. she shouldh have asked an admin to change her fb to neg or AT LEAST NEUTRAL.
    and why isnt this wahm banned for threats!!! the admins should out her

  6. DSDM2 says:

    I agree with all of you! The feedback was dumb. At least she was smart enough to see it and leave a JA report.

    But why are the threats by Mookie Doodle ok? That is my question.

  7. umm anisa says:

    btw she is online now, and she has 110 +’s now

  8. DSDM2 says:

    From what I have heard, Jen (Mookie Doodle Designs/ Sew Savy) threatened JA and had another JA report removed.

  9. Frazzled says:

    I would not hesitate to leave a negative. I too have no sympathy for someone who is threatened and goes through all of this BS to only leave positive feedback. It makes no sense. Geez, at least a neutral but not a stinking positive. GAH!

  10. Frazzled says:

    My monster looks constipated. Maybe I politely request a new one? Don’t make me file negative, err, positive feedback.

  11. Me, Myself, and I says:

    So, you are telling me, you can threaten members of DS with legal action to make sure you get appropriate FB? And there is no recourse? The wahm needs her ass outted and then banned.

    Do you think that might have been why the OP left positive? But after more threats changed her mind?

    Anyone else ever order from the WAHM?

  12. cdmd1023 says:

    who is it? (the seller)

  13. JustPeachy says:

    How crazy! I would’ve left negative feedback regardless of the fact the diapers were received. That WAHM is a nut job!

  14. DSDM2 says:

    Looks like she pulled her HC? or HC did?

  15. JustPeachy says:

    And how said is it to set up a fundraiser for someone then not send the money. What a sick sad person she is.

  16. DSDM2 says:

    #16, it doesn’t get much lower. That is beyond sick.

  17. DSDM2 says:

    #11 that is possible. People bully a lot and “empty threats” of law suits happen all the time, and are effective on some people. (Not on us obviously LOL) but that may very well have been why she gave positive. Makes you think.

  18. Frazzled says:

    Ooh, the drama continues…she just posted the response by the WAHM on Juicy Apple.

  19. Frazzled says:

    Ha, I like how she says more than once, “there were no threats TODAY”.

  20. DSDM2 says:

    She sounds wacked! Geeze.

  21. DSDM2 says:

    I’m sure as hell not buying something from someone who threatens people!

  22. o4eduk8ed says:

    22, I caught that, too. Not denying previous days’ threats. Nice.

  23. I don’t need to prove myself or explain further to Rembran.. Her actions and responses speak for itself.. I believe she is a great liar.

    I am not a lawyer, the threat of a lawsiut scares the crap out of me and I addressed it with DS more than once.

    I love how the story behind why she refused to communicate and ship keeps changing.. One min she claims she has too many transactions to know what she doing with them and cant hardly keep up with the shipping on them..

    Then the next min she is saying she has an illness which prevents her from being able to function normally & handle just 1 transaction. Esp since it makes her very forgetful ect..

    Then she blames the hurricane- which happened after she said she would ship..
    It just goes on and on..

    Its too bad she has DS admin believing her crap..

    The positive feedback I left was a mistake.. I wasnt thinking clearly as I had been told by DS that the seller was truly sorry that it got out of hand.. “dont ya just love that” the Admin saw all the threats and nastiness, name calling, bashing ect from this seller- and just called it “out of hand”.. I never threatened her, nor called her names, or anything. Just sternly told her I wanted either my money, the diapers or something and it actually took Filing to Paypal before she would even respond with a straight answer or ship! As soon as I filed, She actually then told me never to contact her again regarding the transaction or else… Else what? (I still had no clue where my diapers or my money was at this point or what was even going on) Bipolar maybe?

    Seriously beware of this seller!

    She made nice with me only temporarily in order to save her tail on DS- before flipping her mood back to the nasty heinous scam she is.
    I tried time and time again to be nice and patient with her, and instead of her leaving it alone- she did contact me multiple times today- hence “the straw that broke the camels back”.. I’m done being patient and nice.. I think this seller is a nutcase!

  24. umm anisa says:

    i would go to the mods like she did. multiple pms isharrassent, i have seen people banned for that.

    maybe they’re off their banning kick>? 😀

  25. cdmd1023 says:

    wow madre, that sucks!!!!

  26. Me, Myself, and I says:

    Looks like she is in a new congo with:

    Terri of RAD*RAGEOUS! and The Mad Hatter
    Jacklen of lil Outlaws
    Kayti of Hooah Babies
    Sarah of A to Z Creations
    Pam of Puddin Babies
    Tammy of Paint Me a Rainbow
    Maggie of Sweet Pea Boutique
    Lisa of Toothless Grinz

    I’m guessing that would be the GranolaChicksRing? Man, I wouldn’t want to be associated with her anymore. I hope they take their reputations seriously.

  27. I Like Truth says:

    What a whack job! Who would want to buy from somebody who threatens to sue for libel over feedback? Maybe she drank the kool aid over at diapertraders LOL

  28. JustPeachy says:

    OT is Tammy the mama who set up a fundraiser for her friend who was having her kids taken away by CPS?

  29. JustPeachy says:

    C&P from JA Report
    “I sent a PM to you today asking you to kindly as the mods to remove
    the thread from the Transaction and Feedback forum. Then I sent a
    second PM explaining more in depth that she was in violation of DS
    rules by posting feedback for me before the thread was removed.

    According to Diaperswappers rules there is a strict no outing policy
    and Joyce clearly violated that policy.”

    Did the rules change or can you not leave feedback if you have a thread about a troublesome transaction up on the T&F forum?

  30. Me, Myself, and I says:

    From what I saw, she never outted Jenn/Rembran, I followed that thread closely b/c I was curious as to who it was.

    Her second PM “explaining more in depth that she was in violation of DS rules by posting feedback for me before the thread was removed” is a threat of giving MadreJoyce a strike or banning IMO.

  31. Me, Myself, and I says:

    I wanted to add that I have ALL the posts for that thread, including the last one that was posted within minutes of it being pulled. I’m SURE she wasn’t outted.

  32. DSDM2 says:

    “Me, Myself, and I Says: September 12, 2008 at 1:30 am e

    Looks like she is in a new congo with:

    Terri of RAD*RAGEOUS! and The Mad Hatter
    Jacklen of lil Outlaws
    Kayti of Hooah Babies
    Sarah of A to Z Creations
    Pam of Puddin Babies
    Tammy of Paint Me a Rainbow
    Maggie of Sweet Pea Boutique
    Lisa of Toothless Grinz

    I’m guessing that would be the GranolaChicksRing? Man, I wouldn’t want to be associated with her anymore. I hope they take their reputations seriously.”

    Good detective work!

  33. JustPeachy says:

    #31 but is it truly against there rules? I mean no outing but I always assumed it was basically you can’t come right out and say who it is. If the rule is you can’t leave feedback before deleting threads about the person in question then thats reason enough for EVERYONE to leave DS. Mods have always told us that there are other ways of figuring out who it is aside from directly saying who it was and feedback is the only way I know of to figure out who to avoid.

  34. DSDM2 says:

    There are a ton of threads with “I left FB” in the T&F Forum.

  35. cdmd1023 says:

    yeah, not against the rules, you still have to find the person.

  36. DSDM2 says:

    The congo she is on will be “the Animal Crackes on Parade Congo on Hyenacart.”

  37. Stacey says:

    I’m really shocked and saddened that someone can get away with sending pms threatening a lawsuit over feedback. What a mess.

  38. DSDM2 says:

    Well, I saw proof that Jenn/ Rembran / Mookie Doodle Designs shared PMs from the OP.

    Wonder *which* PMs, not the threats I would guess 😀

  39. umm anisa says:

    i dont see how any wham would want to jion a congo with her. i saw the other JA post about her running a “fundraiser” and pocketing the money

    if i am not mistaken was that the same “fundraiser” where mama’s bid and paid for thier stuff and never recieved their items?

  40. AshleyB says:

    That’s disgusting. And, I really like Little Outlaw’s stuff…so I hope she doesn’t associate herself with RemBran 😦

  41. Just Saying says:

    The raffle to which is being referred to was one for Jayme at Apple Pie Baby when her daughter was born prematurely ( I think 25 weeks). A raffle was started to raise money for her and her family since they were driving back and forth from the hospital quite a bit. Jenn of MookieDoodle was supposed to send Jayme a MO for around 300$ (after the raffle ended),but it never got there. Jenn also never presented a receipt or reason why it didn’t make it. Someone stepped up and paid the amount to Jayme for Jenn. To this day,only Jenn know how she spent that money.

  42. say what? says:

    Am I the only one who read this and by page 2 of 5 pages of madre joyce’s ramblings thought, “jeez, this joyce chick has a LOT of time on her hands…and thought THAT was the drama”?!! Seriously, why not just leave negative fb, neutral fb or no fb at all, and call it a day (or, actually, a whole one second)? It’s just $20 and some diapers. Yes it sucks, but there are more interesting things happening, turn on cnn or the weather channel, or hang out with your kids, or friends – and log off diaperswappers.
    More fun, creative and to-the-point drama in the future, please! Example – GMLovah post, a real classic.

  43. Kali Ma says:

    #41 Or Kayti at Hooah Babies, she is such a sweet mama.

    That seriously has to be the most messed up thing I’ve read at this blog. To do a fundraiser like that and just keep the money. 😦

  44. Say What,
    You claim you read everything, and want to attck me for being overdramatic.. Im sitting here wondering if you read anything at all.. Since if you read you would have realized that I wasnt starting drama with her. I contacted her numereous times to find out where my diapers were. She never would respond or her response would be something like “im not sure ill have to check paypal in the morning and get back to you in the mornning” then id not hear anything for days. And like how would paypal know if you havent even shipped them or keyed it in. I checked paypal religiously no shipping info was ever entered.
    Then suddenly she attacks me because I filed and posted on DS what was going on to ask for advice- suddenly then also the diapers ship as well. Still not in time and still 2 weeks later than I had originally been told they would ship.
    So where was that starting drama?
    The fact I stood up and called her out?
    Gee im the one who left her nice feedback in order to drop it and move on..
    She’s the one who decided to contact me mulitple times after the transaction was over to whine and harrass.
    Get your story straight before you “open mouth & insert foot”.

  45. Had I not contacted the seller- I would have lost my money & diapers.. She had not even shipped until I filed a claim. That was the only thing that got her attention- that & admin at DS.

  46. mamapixie says:

    But, that transaction in no way, shape or form deserved a positive feedback. I don’t care if you did get the covers, it warranted a negative, or neutral at best. Especially after she threatened you.

    However, thanks to your comments, I do have her on ignore so I never attempt to buy from her.

  47. I know now that I shouldn’t have left positive feedback. Between the mods telling me that I got my stuff, her threats, and then her FB, I just was feeling like maybe I was wrong and left it. After everyone started explaining, I see how stupid that was, and after her continued threats, I have contacted the Mods to try to get my FB changed. I am sorry for putting others in a position to be scammed.

  48. matildasmum says:

    Those bigass siggys are so freaking annoying.

  49. DSDM2 says:

    IMO, so are the women, lol. They are in defend the scammer/bitch mode. I hope that the other wahms pull out of the congo for their sake.

  50. givepeasachance says:

    I guess the “defend the scammer” game isn’t confined to DS.

  51. DSDM2 says:

    or DT 😀 LOL.

  52. DSDM2 says:


  53. Crystal says:

    hahahaha kinda ironic those girls are saying us over here have way too much time on our hands yet they sit there and waste the time that they have better things to do with talking about it. Do you need my user names on the boards?

  54. not tellin says:

    I can kind of see why MadreJoyce would have left not negative feedback… I would not leave neg if i DID receive the items, in the expected condition, i would leave neutral, because i think negative should be for those who definitely scam. neutral is a difficult but completely transaction and positive for good transactions. But thats JMO.

  55. Kelolsen says:

    not touching that congo w/ one red cent of my money! Added that congo name to my personal “do not b/s/t list!”

  56. I just want to say that once again, DS has proved to allow scammers..
    I sent Admin all the proof they would need to see how much she has scammed people out of (links to reports on Juicy Apple ect), her latest babblings online (in her AOL community) and her friends all claiming they saw PM’s she shared (which was confirmed against DS rules) and yet somehow she still lives on DS..

    **Shakes head**

    & For Admin to allow the threats and name calling.. Isnt bashing against the rules?

    Or what about Trolling?? On AOL alone she admits to camping out on my profile to see who I was PMing all day long and preceeded to attack and harrass them.

    When Is DS gonna wake up? What else does she have to do before being banned?

    All i was told yesturday was… they changed feedback for me- and we are supposed to have each other on the “ignore list” o yea- thats gonna solve a whole lot..

    Lets count how many rules & shady behavior RemBran has successfully played out in this mess? Yet she is still allowed.. hmmmm
    Maybe this is why so many scammers love DS- they make it easy..

    ***off soapbox***

  57. JustPeachy says:

    DS has a double standard when it comes to who to ban. Its become very obvious these past few months.
    I just cannot get over how she would threaten to sue for libel. Its technically not libel unless its untrue if I am not mistaken.

  58. not tellin says:

    Peachy- shes probably counting on people NOT knowing that you cant sue for libel if its true! She thinks if she throws out big words like “lawyer” and “libel”, then people will back down and be scared, much like Joyce did (and i think many would).

  59. JustPeachy says:

    Well the cats out of the bag now not tellin! Its not libel/slander unless its untrue and from what I have read from Joyce’s and her posts everything is true.
    But now Im a little unnerved that JA removed her other fb due to threats. Time to grow some cajones and put that probably well deserved fb back up!

  60. DSDM2 says:

    From another post: Sounds awful familiar doesn’t it?

    Jenny Says: October 1, 2008 at 4:17 pm e

    (This is from the aol cloth diaper board – a customer, who tried to give mookie the benefit of the doubt posted this)

    Just looking for opinions on this matter. I ordered from a WAHM about 6 weeks ago, under the understanding the order would take a while since it was during a sale and also custom. 2 weeks later I added a couple things to the order. There have been a couple discrepancies in her emails to me and her Yahoo group about my order. She said it was starting one week, then 2 weeks later again said she’d be starting it. OK so anyway I have emailed her a total of 2 times asking about the status of the order. 2 times in 6 weeks. Doesn’t seem like a lot, to me anyway. A shipping label was printed last Thursday for my stuff. I was told it would ship over the weekend though. (I know all post offices are different but I know at mine you have to ship the item on the date specified on the PP shipping label.)

    OK so I filed with PP on the 45th day just to protect myself. Just in case, KWIM? So I get an email from her, seriously like minutes later, (mind you I sent her an email earlier in the day before I filed and it went unanswered) basically saying she understood my filing but if I don’t trust her I shouldn’t order from her, saying I was “hounding” her because I kept checking up on it, and also because a couple months ago I ordered from her and after a couple weeks went by I emailed her once asking about the status of the order not realizing one of the items I ordered was custom and not in stock. We were remaining very cordial through these emails, etc, but when I tried to explain as I did with PP that $45 is a lot of money and I wanted to protect myself, she replied saying this “And I understand that $45 is a lot of money for you but for me that’s a small order. Most of the orders coming in now for me are all $100+. :/ That’s why I say there’s no reason I’d keep your money.”

    That seriously pissed me off. WTH? I mean it wasn’t a $5 or $10 order. It is $45. Actually it is way more than that, it is well over $95 worth of stuff now because of the stuff I added on the 2 weeks later and stuff she owed me from something else. In any case she told me she would no longer accept any custom orders from me in the future because I hounded her these 2 times. I explained to her yet again that with the last order I emailed her only once not realizing I had a custom on there and once she told me that I did not email her again. This order I emailed 2 times in 6 weeks. I did not consider it hounding. Do you ladies think I was being a pain in the ass? Anyway I told her I would no longer be ordering from her custom or in stock in the future so this would never happen again. I am bummed about that because I like her products too but at this point whatever, if a WAHM pretty much tells you your order is meaningless to her why even support her at all?

    I think I pretty much covered it all. So was I wrong for filing? I mean yes she was in contact with me through emails and general emails to her Yahoo group, but a few times she said a few different things that just didn’t add up, and well I wanted to protect myself is all. So be honest was I wrong? Would you have filed if you were me?

    **Wanna hear something funny? She just escalated the dispute to a claim because she wishes to have no further contact from me. Unreal. My package was delayed because she has a chronic illness, because all her customers know by now to expect a longer turn aroundtime, because she ran out of supplies, because I added to the order uhhhh 4 freaking weeks ago. If I wasn’t so annoyed right now I would be laughing.

    ***Yeah yeah everybody say it at once, told you so. It’s Jennifer, Mookie Doodle. And I really didn’t sharing or not would have made a ton of difference since not many people here have her on their would order from list. But anyway that’s it, it’s her. I know all that’s gone on surrounding her but I try to give everyone a fair shot and not make judgements, etc. Stupid me.

    And I want to clear something else up since I was vague with my original post since I wasn’t going to “out” her. I originally ordered $45 worth of tarts. Then I won the Martha auction and won a bunch of stuff from her in there that she offered for the auction, and in addition I choose to get my $50 GC from the auction from her too, so as you can see it was well over $45 worth of stuff I am waiting on. But she had to go and make a point about my measly $45 order. @@ Well I hope she sits and spins on her $100+ orders from this point on.

  61. DSDM2 says:

    Looks like she made the JA Report AGAIN. Nice.

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