Another Co-Op Host gone bad.

Posted: August 1, 2011 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama

At this rate, co-ops aren’t going to be happening for much longer.

~happy2Bamommy~ 08-01-2011 11:38 AM

If you were scammed by Becky/bjaneen response needed FAST!
Please contact
Amy/mOmof3I haven’t talked to Sarah/WearingTaci today on this but I’m sure she would take info as well if she is on.

You can copy all of us in on the pm if you wish by copy/pasting the following into the recipient box on the pm:

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox ; mOmof 3 ; WearingTaci ; ~happy2Bamommy~ ;

We need these details
Your name
phone number
Amount owed and rather it was for WW or shipping overage
What you got for bad product from JT (I know a few have no product at all, need to hear from you too)

Please put in the title of the pm which co-op you were a part of or rather it was shipping overage.

I am including in this complaint not only the WW and JT but anyone owed for shipping overcharges that was waiting on Becky to refund overages from Jenifer.

Becky, if you read this, I’m incredibly sorry that you abused the trust of the ladies here and have now forced our hand. Despite your promise to resolve and then your threats when you decided not to, we are moving forward in the hopes that some sort of resolution will come about.At the very least, charges will be brought against you. I can only think that your lack of contact at this point means you are unwilling to sort this out.We have to now move forward. May you find peace. Carolyn~

  1. abbie says:

    I’m surprised they’re just now starting a thread like this.

  2. I don’t think they have much choice. There has to be some appearance that the co-ops are safe.

  3. abbie says:

    Yeah, I guess so. I’ve followed that really long thread for a while now. Makes a person less trusting.

  4. Abbie says:

    Whoa! I just logged in on a PC and boy do things look different here!

    I know it’s off topic, but has anyone else noticed the self-quote in NakedBabyToes’ sig? odd.

  5. nina says:

    @abbie. What’s the long

  6. sourpatchbaby says:

    Her man-abs are freaky.

  7. Sala says:

    So did shortcake2386 have a good excuse about the diapers she said she never received and later was trying to sell? Because I find DS’ supposed willingness to stand behind the trustworthiness of their coop hostesses lacking if they’re allowing her to not only sell her crap in a coop but allow her to host other coops. or at least I assume the thread titled “Moothergoosdesigns- mama cloth” in the coops section is a thread selling her stuff.

  8. Buggy says:

    I’ve participated in DS co-ops before but I’m not sure that I will anymore. I have read through the threads to try to figure out what exactly is going on, but the mods seem to cover everything up so well it’s hard to get an idea of what really happened. What I can gather is that Becky was 1) switching out JT merchandise for old stuff from her own stock and 2) made off with $710. What happened to make her do this? They keep talking about somethin?g in her siggy and her avi, what did that say exactly? Was it related to this or a separate falling out What pushed her off the deep end so to speak? I just find it hard to believe that someone would just up and screw a bunch of women out of their money. Jennifer at least needed money. Apparently Becky doesn’t even need the money, so what was her motivation exactly, yk?

  9. kimbella says:

    According to H2BAM, she had a good excuse. If it was ever made public, I missed it.

    It seemed strange that she listed the diapers with detailed pics, and then edited her listing to remove those pics after the original seller posted in t&f. That’s pretty incriminating there, and I don’t know how she could have explained that.

  10. nina says:

    Im really interested to know the reasoning too. @sala

  11. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Sala- It all went down-err, came out on WAHM Feedback on FB. Here’s the scoop, you decide what you believe:

  12. kimbella says:

    Thanks DFTN! I hadn’t seen all of that. It all still seems fishy. The way she edited out the pics of the inners and the time frame that she edited them out, in correlation to the original seller’s t&f thread, just add up too much.

    Also, her past drama wasn’t just her using white thread on colored fabric. It was her using white thread and having poor sewing skills. Then, when all that blew up, she came on this blog pretending to be someone else (her sister? or a customer? I can’t remember). But, one of the dsdms ran her IP, and proved that it was shortcake herself making comments here and not her sister/customer. That is way more questionalbe behavior than simply using white thread.

  13. awkward turtle says:

    Those FB links on Shortcake aren’t working…

  14. Apple says:

    I need a link to the new bottomfeeder forum. It got deleted from the DS threads. Global something or other.

  15. gg says:

    I’m liking the new site design 🙂

  16. Finch says:


  17. Aj says:

    So what’s the whole story that everyone else seems to know about photomikeys ban that I am apparently not privy to?

  18. abbie says:

    I think he just had strikes, and got his third one. He even admitted the YAGE was to get asspats and find out how many women love him.

  19. iken says:

    Juicy drama alert, regarding Growing Baby Green. It starts to get interesting right around page 7.

  20. Tammy says:

    I didn’t think there was a whole story. Was there? I thought he was told just too many times to knock off his attitude. I think he was trying to see how many women agree with him and was trying to get some sympathy and stir more drama before he left. it just seemed immature in a way. it was a little lame I thought.

  21. Aj says:

    Ah, boring. In the YAGE SFF mentioned something about him being in moderation with other people & then his comment about having another account, I just wondered if there was more to the story.

  22. Kirsie says:

    I wondered about the second username comment as well. But from what I can tell he was being creepy and a douche bag all at the same time. So instead of taking his ball and going home like a big boy, he decided to make a thread all of his own just to demonstrate just what kind of creepy, douche bag he is capable of being. If the other forum he was advertising for is so super-duper and ds is a steaming pile, then f’king beat it and go already.

  23. gg says:

    That Wildflower Whimsy blog post is kind of terrifying. She tells her children the “wicked” stole money to feed them? For that matter, there are a LOT of other routes I would take before I let my children go hungry including shameless begging, food banks, shelters, YMCA, find another job…

  24. Aj says:

    So, I think I’ve just reached THAT point on DS 🙂 I just cannot read the posts without feeling cynical & thinking that most of the people on there are just complete idiots.

  25. Tammy says:

    the wildflower whimsy blog link doesn’t work anymore. post got pulled maybe? what was that all about? i missed that one.

  26. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    @Tammy- Yes, she deleted it. She felt she was being mocked for her sincerity and hard-ship when people called her bluff and pointed out the gaping holes in her story.

  27. Tammy says:

    Wow, the “teaher wrote on my son’s bookbag” thread is still going. Are that many people interested in this thread? It seems so long for such a simple topic?

  28. Apple says:

    It looks like KTmelody is no longer a mod. Nothing about it under her username.

  29. youwho says:

    Uh oh OUTING! Piper’s Closet…. something weird going on!

  30. freckleface says:

    Where did everyone go?

  31. dramallama says:

    I think everyone is heading over to parents global….way better forum and the admin isn’t a complete douche.

  32. Anyone know what the real deal is with Jodi? Scammer or busy mom?

  33. freckleface says:

    pajamma gramma (sp?), I believe.

  34. misty says:

    Its Closet on Queen Creek

  35. So what happened to this blog? Where is everyone going to dish on DS?

  36. Not Me At All says:

    So I guess this blog is officially dead.

  37. AugustBabies says:

    I know, right? And does anyone know if is the same Sanity who we all know and love as being batshit crazy? Now un-banned? Or new person? I haz a confused? 😦

  38. misty says:

    Why doesn’t someone start a new one?

  39. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    @August- I did realize she was ever banned from DS. She’s definitely a unique character. She uses the same username and info everywhere, so I don’t think she’s trying to hide it.

  40. DeviateFromTheNorm says:


  41. Melly says:

    She was banned from CDN because her knitting sucked on a pair of longies and she couldn’t take the criticism and fix her problem(s).

  42. Melly says:

    Oops. That was the wrong email address. Haven’t used that one in years!

  43. Tammy says:

    bummer…no new news.

  44. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    @MMP- Late to the game, I know, but I never check in any more.
    As far as I can it’s this one:

    -She both knits and crochets
    -She appears to use the Sheepy Pants pattern
    -She has some decent looking work, but also some obviously fugly stuff
    -She has a customs list posted
    -The complaint thread was started on the 12th and that was the day this WAHM went through and did a bunch of edits on her WAHM Wares thread.

    …And that concludes me sleuthy suspicions. 😛

  45. Snickerdoodle says:

    Anyone want to help a girl out?

    Who is this WAHM?

  46. noisybean says:

    Its Boutique Bella Bambini.

  47. youwho says:

    BLECH to the wahm mom ^ (above)! Hope L J gets her money back! It’s one thing to not send/finish a item, but to then publicly ‘trash’ talk your customer on FB is disgusting.

  48. Snickerdoodle says:

    @noisybean. THANK YOU! I was looking into some baby carriers and didn’t want to inadvertently order from the WAHM L J is having trouble with.

  49. Snickerdoodle says:

    Well looks like she outed herself. Hope the thread doesn’t vanish.

  50. A.Riot says:

    She more than likely did it hoping it would vanish. I’ve often wondered how she’s able to get work done while she’s playing on a BWing FB group all day. No wonder things are taking so long to finish. Wonder who UndahCovah is and what dirt they know.

  51. dill pickle says:

    So, where is everyone dishing out about DD now?

  52. youwho says:

    I’d like to know too… it certainly isn’t as if there is a lack of drama there right now.

  53. Snickerdoodle says:

    The drama blog got a quickly deleted shout out on DS today, so I had to come and say Hi to all the bored and disappointed lurkers over here. 🙂

  54. werd says:

    The blog got linked on DS and made me miss this place :c

  55. smartassmama says:

    So it’s been over a year and people are still butt hurt? Sounds a lot like another group that people try to instigate.

  56. BffMama says:

    I don’t even know if I can remember my password from here but I sure do miss everyone from back in the day!

  57. Hopelessly addicted to DS says:

    How does no one see through her? If there were ever a troll, it is her! My goodness!

  58. kimbella says:

    Shortcake/MotherGooseDesigns is still sewing poorly.

  59. Chrissyb says:

    I was googling for a just tomatoes co op, and now I remember why I stopped going to Ds for co ops 2 years ago. Wish I had known about bjaneen, I did JT with her and thought the shipping was high. Oh well, anyone know of a decent co op or group buy group? Crunchy cooperative seems to be gone too.

  60. smartassmama says:

    I miss this place.

    Anyone else get weird vibes from escapethevillage in the last 6 months or so?

  61. Aj says:

    I miss you guys!

  62. Aj says:

    Oh, and apparently Inspired by Finn is selling fake amber…just sayin’

  63. Kimbella says:

    Hasn’t IBF always sold both fake and real? I think there were issues about that years ago. (Or at least there was some issue with IBF years ago) I don’t know if she’s knowingly doing it or if she’s getting fake stuff from her suppliers.

  64. Aj says:

    There was some recent FB drama on their page–it’s since been deleted. So, it’s very recent. True or not? I’m not sure.

  65. Kimbella says:

    I just saw some of the IBF facebook page. Well, what wasn’t deleted anyway. It seems that enough people are having issues to make their concerns somewhat valid.

  66. smartassmama says:

    I don’t really have an opinion either way, but the one who began all the hoopla by cooking her necklace, nylon cord included, on the stove eye is justsomedumbchickvee. She’s banned now, but was quite dramatic when she was there.

  67. Aj says:

    I was wondering who it was!!! Yeah, she was an idiot.

  68. Aj says:

    Oh, & off topic question…you know all those threads that were started about a DS member whose posts are so confusing? Who are they talking about? Is it abunchoflemons?

  69. smartassmama says:

    AJ, I’m pretty sure that’s who it is. She’s totally oblivious. I agree, I don’t have the patience to read most of what she types. But I feel bad that others who aren’t so difficult to understand get hurt over it. There is a big difference in repeatedly misspelling a set if words because it’s not your strong suit, and typing with your face.

  70. smartassmama says:

    Hopelessly addicted to DS from Feb 28, good luck ever convincing anyone at DS that she’s anything other than a sweet, misunderstood, bullied, former bad girl turned angel. I really don’t think she’s a troll, though. She and her kids exist. We used to be Facebook friends. She’s something but she’s not a fake. If her situation is genuine, I feel horrible for her kids and what their parents have put them through.

  71. Aj says:

    Ha! I’ve been thinking that forever, but everyone seems to think she’s awesome.

  72. Kimbella says:

    I have no idea if anyone is still reading here to see this, but I just got a malware warning for DS. It was the only window/tab I had open. Watch your backs if you go there!

  73. Kimbella says:

    ^^ Nm, I figured it out.

    Wahm is TeachinAuntie on DS. Her store name is MamaGoetsch Creations.

    Some of the missing items are on her fb page – pics state they are going to Australia:

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