I got an email from a reader. It looks like she is back on DS under yet ANOTHER name!


This mama purchased a Goodmama from her on Spots, but she had no idea who she was until she saw the PayPal receipt — Tanja Pipkins. Her username on Spots is onemomtotwo@yahoo.com. Her username on Diaper Swappers is onemomto2…

She is ISO and Selling GMs and in the Cranky Chat. Her siggie says “mom to J and wife to W” Jona and Will, right? Hmmm. Military wife, husband back from deployment… Her name is “T” according  to her 2nd DS post…

So, do the mods know/realize? Was her ban lifted? We need to warn other mamas!

For referance: here is her old thread: https://thedramaofdiaperswappers.wordpress.com/2008/05/21/talk-about-inflating-prices-for-profit-and-being-a-bh-about-it/

  1. Kali Ma says:

    Oh, hell no. That bitch makes me sick.

  2. DSDM2 says:

    People need to start reporting her to admin/mods.

  3. mysterymommy says:


    I just did.

  4. Lisa_M says:

    YIKES! I PMed a mod (she isn’t online right now though), that is way TOO many similarities. Even her typing was the same!

  5. maree9304 says:

    OMG she lives here in my town!

  6. matildasmum says:

    Nice detective work!

  7. DSDM2 says:

    Thank the mama that sent the email! I just found the similarities.

  8. Rika says:

    and she’s banned!

  9. mysterymommy says:

    She is banned!!!!

  10. barbles says:

    She just moved to Texas. I’m positive she figured everyone forgot about her. She does tell an exciting tale in her LJ though.

  11. givepeasachance says:

    el jay link please?

  12. sara says:

    I didn’t know she moved to Texas.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Riiiight. It was ALLLLL over not getting a deal on a GM. Uh huh. She can just keep telling herself that if that’s what it takes to make her feel better. Get over it already!

  14. Crazy Mama says:

    Who recently purchased from her and saw her name on the receipt? Did you pay by CC? I’d soooooo do a chargeback, and donate the diaper to a mama in need 😉

  15. trolltastic says:

    She is such a bitch. I hope to God that she is just some fake single lonely person, because most of the things she says don’t add up. My husband is an officer in the military(higher up and better paid than her dh) and I could never afford to buy thousands of dollars of worth of diapers.

  16. Madre says:

    she’s a moron. she made it way too easy.

  17. JustPeachy says:

    Wow so because Steph called her a bitch that makes it ok for her to mock her infertility????? How sad.

  18. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t even call her a bitch until AFTER her comment about my ability to have kids, so she just added that part to make it sound better I suppose.

  19. Frankenberry says:

    Can I just say I’m so glad I found this site!


  20. JustPeachy says:

    Even so I don’t feel that justifies the comment that she made. There are just somethings that we as females know to not make fun of and that would be one of those things.

  21. AshleyB says:

    I like how in her LJ, she refers to it as a Life Journal, instead of Live Journal.

  22. pickled tink says:

    *I* like how in her LJ comments, she keeps saying “laugh” at things she’s said.

  23. JustAMama says:

    Ewww she lives kinda close.. driving distance, though it’s a day’s drive. We go to that aquarium a lot, went for our honeymoon. Going back in November.. Creepy to think I could run into her one day.. Yuck.

  24. Stacy says:

    Does anyone know where DT went?? I tried to go there today out of sheer boredom, and got a 404 error??

  25. DSDM2 says:

    #25, nope, and don’t care. Scammers R Us can close down, and we would all be happier.

  26. Me says:

    Goddammit – I knew I should’ve left that page up yesterday when I was reading it. Now the dumb bitch went and deleted everything. Now I can’t read her moaning and pissing about her “lazy” husband. I think if I were him and saw that LJ, I’d be pissed!

  27. Me says:

    August 22nd, 2008
    Landed in Texas
    Aug. 22nd, 2008 at 10:06 PM

    So, we got to Texas.

    We *almost* didn’t made it all the way 😦 (Maybe more at a later time)

    On our way from Florida we stoped at Kyles’s and Nicole’s in New Orleans. They are subletting from a friend who lives in the Musician Village. Let’s say it was interresting… The Musician Village / whole neighbourhood thing that was.

    When we got closer and closer I thought that there where gang graffities on the houses. Nicole then told me that those where the markings of rescue troups marking how many people where found in each house, if injured or dead. Creepy.
    It was pretty strange to drive thru New Orleans and to see all the damage that is still present from “the storm”. That is how locals call it. The storm.

    We are in Corpus Christi now. For now. More like for the next few years…. Cry.
    Why can’t Will have a job in an area of the country with 4 seasons?
    I mean, we lived in Las Vegas (awefull climate IMO), then I stayed with his dad and stepmom in Florida (even worse then Las Vegas) and now we are in super humid Texas.
    What happened to moving to Wisconsin?…

    Live comes at you fast sometimes I guess.

    Enough crying for tonight. Doesn’t make sense to anybody who doesn’t know me anyways. It doesn;t even make sense to people who know me because how could anybody understand me if I don’t understand myself most of the time?
    Now it realy is enough for tonight…

    Jonas is still laying sick in bed. He is sleeping for now but will wake up any second and discover that I am not in bed with him. Poop guy. He has never been this sick before. Meaning sleeping all day and just cuddeling and not getting inot trouble. Today is day 4 and he is still misserable. Hopefully he is good enough tomorrow to get out of the house for a few moments. Just a quick round thru the Texas State Aquarium. He realy likes it there and it is walking distance.

    Good night now. Tomorrow I will try to get the hang of LJ. Maybe. If I find the time and energy…

    Good night everyone.

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    Quicky for right now 🙂
    Aug. 24th, 2008 at 11:35 AM

    Lunch is cooking and Will just called, letting em know that he is on his way home.
    Jonas is still taking a nap and I was on the search for some 1400 callorie diets online. Buying jeans yesterday was realy depressing. Actualy depressing enough this time around to be willing to change something.
    What happened between October 2005 (being that hot chick guys would stop their car for on Parkavenue, weighting 115lbs and always groomed to the T) and now (still 5,8 but 165lbs, in dear need of a pedicure and size 10).
    Gotta find a healthy middle thingy soon. Just not happy.
    I promise myself to never ever buy a pair of jeans (or any pair of pants for that matter) in size 10 ever again.

    Off to finish lunch and getting ready for family time!

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  28. haha says:

    I’ll have to check at home but I’m pretty sure I still have the page open. The husband ranting was horrible though!

  29. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Ladies…neautral commenting here. Please all read and think about what is being said. 1st…if you have never met this person or dealt with them personally…and you have never once made a mistake or said one wrong thing in your life…I invite you to all to ask your child to go outside and find the largest stone to throw at this Tanja person’s head! Now go! Did you find your large stone?? Ok…great! Now if you have never said one thing mean or rude or hurtful to someone or havent done anything wrong in your life…I invite you to start throwing your stones right now! Go ahead! Why don’t I see stones flying around? Interesting.

    No one in this forum or post thread is perfect! Two wrongs don’t make a right. Can’t get upset for one more or the other over hurt feelings and harsh words. One person saying one thing to the other mama does not make the other person any better or worse because of something meaner being said. They are “both” wrong!!!!

    Those of you who have bought diapers from this gal…you got your diaper or diapers right? Nothing wrong with them correct?! How then can you accuse this person of being scammed? Are you accusing them of being scammed because you have gathered around here and based your ill feelings towards this person based on “one” person’s negative experience with this person and now all of you feel the need to accuse this person in general of being scammed? And so maybe your dear friend at DS was upset and hurt by what this other gal said and was shorted a few cents…?? That’s not being scammed IMO….she got her diaper! If you called me a bitch too I would have a real hard time being nice back…it takes a perfect person to be nice back after someone says something not so nice to me. But all of those ladies out there who have paid more than over retail for your GM’s by this particular lady..knew the price when you bought them correct? YOu weren’t complaining when your fluff came in the mail were you? Betcha you weren’t until you came onto the forums and heard one person’s opinion over this gal and decided to form your very own about them.

    Now…your children are they in your lap? Or are they sitting in the other room playing by themselves right now? Those dear children that were given for us to cuddle and teach and you are sitting in your chairs all day gossiping and being stewed over stories and gossip when there is so much little time in the day and you are allowing yourselves to sit and waste it away by sitting on here talking about someone you barely even know or havent even dealt with! Talk about unrighteous ladies. C’mon! The way you deal with little things like this is how our children will deal with them when they get older and as they grow up! Stop wasting your days sitting in front of the computer being upset over something so ridiculous! Grow up we aren’t acting like mature adults!

    Some of you are military wives….you all should know your spouses are overseas or at home working real hard to fight greater wars on the other side of the world and you are sitting here trying to fight a war over??? Diapers? or nothing really? something someone said because they got hurt about? Really should we not all be more concerned over greater ordeals than things like this? This is a little ridiculous and I know there is not ONE person in this room whom hasnt sat stalked and sold a diaper for more than the retail value new! Don’t even go there and claim you havent ever done this. There is probably more than one person on here that has done that…so if you are one of them and you are sitting here talking about others whom have done it STEP AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTERS because if you have and are sitting here talking about others and how much they upset you because they sell those pretty diapers for more than what they are sold on the GM site I double dare you to take your stone! That’s right the same one your little one picked up outside for you to throw at Tanja and just hand it back to your child and invite them to hit you in the face with that stone as hard as they can!!! Yep I said it! Do it! You’re not perfect! And you telling your child to throw that stone at your face is just as pathetic as what you are teaching them with the way you are sitting on your bums day in and day out bickering and spatting and GLOATING over diapers….your kids are what you teach them! We all need to GROW UP!

    This whole situation get over!! Get over it! Stop the gossiping stop the crying and carrying on and stop wasting precious precious time over these little things. They aren’t that big as you project them all out to be! The more you all sit and talk about them the bigger they become! We’re all getting sucked into another world of wasting our time on stupid things rather than taking our precious time and applying it to our children and families!

    My tips for CD mamas…..diapers are not for gloating over! If you are addicted and can’t stay away from gossip and buying diapers my suggestion to you is STAY AWAY FROM FSOT FORUMS unless you “need” something in particular buy only what you need and get OFF the computer! If you dont like something someone is doing..leave it alone! Don’t feed into all this stuff don’t be a drama llama! We sound so ridiculous and stupid doing! We are all wonderful mothers and our children are watching and learning but if we arent paying mind to them and doing this stuff instead they arent watching and learning they are being neglected and not spent well precious time with! Go take care of your children!! Diapers are fun but if they are causing more than just “fun” in your life than you have to get away from your computer and stop buying them and be thankful for what you have already!

    WHO CARES IF OTHERS HAVE 1000000000 dollars to spend on diapers…dont worry about how they spend their money or what they do with their diapers! Worry about yourselves! We need to stop this! It’s nonesense! GROW UP LADIES!

  30. Me says:

    along with foxfans and sawfans, too!

  31. Me says:

    oops, that last post goes with one in moderation – all of Scamanthas and Carolesbians’ sites are down. 🙂

  32. JustPeachy says:

    She sounds very shallow. Since when is being a size 10 a bad thing???

  33. kiwi says:

    Hey Colonel’s Wife…..why don’t you just go back to wearing your husband’s rank, mmmkay?

  34. Frazzled says:

    The ironic thing to me Colonel’s Wife (love the name btw) is that you spent FAR more time writing that post than most of the women spend on here in a day. Seriously, I have never seen a post so freaking long on here; especially one with the nerve to tell other women to go play with their children while you compose the next novel masterpiece in your own home.

  35. spoofer says:

    my kids are napping. Should I go stare at them?

  36. JustPeachy says:

    I don’t spend all day on here. I come on here sporadically through out the day. It helps break up the mundane.
    BTW Colonel’s Wife how would you react if someone said its a good thing you couldn’t have kids (if you were having fertility problems). I bet your head would explode and calling Tanja a bitch was far nicer then I would’ve called her *hint* begins with the letter C.

  37. Erin says:


    Do you know the whole Tanja story? I think not, or you would not be defending her. She was really NOT a nice person at all.

    Also, Peach- I can totally understand how depressing being a size 10 would be if you used to be a size 4.

  38. Rika says:

    Comment #30 needs cliff notes, please.

    Not all of us have the time to sit and read all that.

  39. Stephanie says:

    -basically, we’re not taking care of our kids because we spend 20-30 minutes on here in the course of a whole day
    -we need to get our kids to throw rocks at us
    -tanja had every right to say what she did because she was called a bitch (obviously #30 didn’t read the comment about calling her a bitch AFTER she made that comment)
    -tanja’s not a scammer (um, not sure who said she was…)
    -#30 obviously didn’t read the initial blog post about the situation because she doesn’t seem to have a clue what the whole story is and in the time it took her to write that long-ass post, she could’ve read the whole post and comments
    I think that’s about it. Oh yeah, and make sure your kid takes the rocks back outside after pelting you with them.

  40. JustPeachy says:

    #41 it wasnt our kids throwing rocks at us it was our kids throwing rocks at Tanja. :P. Is it sad I actually paid attention??????

  41. Stephanie says:

    #42-obviously you didn’t pay attention well enough. LOL. First, we throw them at Tanja. THEN, we have our kids throw them at US. Get it right!

  42. trolltastic says:

    #30, the worst kind of military wife, the one that wears rank!
    Also, while you were typing out that novel, where in the hell were your children? on your lap while you preached up and down about how morally wrong we are?
    i love it when people on the internet, that clearly use chat forums tell others to step away from the computer.

  43. boredboredbored says:

    ::::::looking for some rocks….:::::::::

  44. boredboredbored says:

    oh yeah…colonel’s wife…
    I Hope you don’t fall too far off that high horse.

  45. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Thanks for all the replies. My children were at school when I came on here and typed my “novel”. I’m glad you were all able to come back with some real positive. :0) Ladies have a blessed weekend! It’s suppose to be real nice outside go enjoy your families!!

  46. trolltastic says:

    Its nice to assume that all of us don’t have kids in school, or get online when our kids are sleeping.
    If you have school age kids, why do you care abuot diapers any way? Sounds like you are the one that needs to get off the computer.

  47. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Not once did I assume anything…I think you have all made assumptions towards me. :0)

    I have a nice group of military mamas who have never tried CDing and I have been buying them diapers to try on their new babies bums. It’s fun!

    Have a great day!

  48. justsaying says:

    Am I the only one that can see that “Colonel’swife” is obviously Tanja? And puhlease, you are so not a Colonel’s wife, and if you are, God help our country.

  49. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    I am not tanja…:0) Sorry to disappoint you.

  50. givepeasachance says:

    Yo. Get it straight bitch. I throw my bb in the pack n play and make sure to top him off with some Benedryl so he sleeps real good like. When he wakes up I throw some foods in there to shut him up. DH does all the cooking and cleaning around these parts. I have to make sure I’m on the internetz catching up on the dramaz. We already got the rock thing going on here. I read once that rocks cure crying, so my bb eats lots of those!

  51. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    That was cute mama! :0)

  52. A Mom says:

    The whole rock reference was in regards to “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” aka “Those in glass houses…” And like we haven’t heard the “go play with your kids” line before? Really, go read a little bit before you come in with your podium and try to teach us anything. Your ignorance is showing and your fake compassion/zen-attempt makes me want to hurl.


  53. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    There is not an ounce of kindness in this room….would you even know what compassion is if it smacked you in the middle of the forehead? Everyone’s constant bitterness in this forum is just as negative as someone showing ignorance to another mama over here infertility. Every word that comes from another individual’s mouth that post right here is negative. One rude comment is no lesser rude than another…Those whom speak harsh words in this room are just as bad as Tanja for saying unkind words to the other mama.

    By no means am I standing on a podium…I’m sharing with you nice ladies that your mean and self righteous words sound really ridiculous and I’m sure that’s not how you behave around your children and spouses..then maybe again you do? And that is a shame. :0(

    Is everyone having a great day?!! What a wonderful Friday it is!! Hopefully the weather will stay this way all weekend. :0) Enjoy!

  54. Erin says:

    If you don’t like what you read here, then STOP reading!

  55. JustPeachy says:

    I show kindness to those who deserve it. Someone who openly tells someone theres a reason they can’t have kids does not deserve kindness. And thats not the only problem is she doesn’t see what she did as wrong. Its one of those unwritten rule things that we as women don’t mock.

  56. cdmd1023 says:

    seriously, why are you here then?

  57. justsaying says:

    You are clearly not a native English speaker. Which again leads meto believe you are Tanja. Or you are just really stupid.

  58. boredboredbored says:

    what a drama whore

  59. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    JustPeachy if you are the gal that this Tanja person said those mean and hurtful things too…I am sorry for you that she said those mean and hurtful things to you that is not a nice thing to say to anyone, but why do you waste your time staying upset about something like that? The fact that you come here and explict your being upset about something like that continues to only fuel the fire for yourself and keep the topic being talked about for longer periods of time by the public. Those are just not things you tell the whole world…although I am glad you’ve found somewhere to vent with other understanding mamas. That’s always good to have but to do it on a public forum online is leaving yourself open to having others other than this Tanja person to just come on here and start saying mean and hateful things to hurt you even more.

    On another bright note…I apologize for my typos…but I am very English and from the US and born and raised here and no where outside of this country. I do not know what you are speaking of on this Tanja gal and not clearly being of a native English speaker…maybe a few of you are a little confused and think I am this Tanja gal but I am really not who you think I am. :0)

    I hope you are all enjoying your evening! I’ve enjoyed thus far being apart of this forum today and hearing from some of you fine ladies.

    All of you have a great evening. :0)

  60. JustPeachy says:

    #61 obviously you just don’t get it. I think that is the equivalent of a huge slap in the face when someone says something like that to you.
    And I agree with pp that you probably are Tanja as you like her don’t seem to get why people do not like Tanja in the first place.

  61. smurfmeat says:

    “but I am very English and from the US and born and raised here and no where outside of this country”

    hahahah… just reading this sentence alone speaks volumes. You are very english?


  62. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Of course I can only imagine, and yes I would be upset as well but when do you stop talking about it? What are you accomplishing by extending the topic about this Tanja gal for days and months and whom knows maybe you’ll talk about this all the way through next year!

    Nope not Tanja. I am just a total stranger to this forum just joining in and enjoying meet some nice mamas. :0)

  63. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    oops there’s another typo…;0) apologies.

  64. trolltastic says:

    This is funny. Keep going!
    Have a super splendid evening! Kisses and Hugs and baby Jesus too!

  65. Rika says:

    It’s not just your typos, it’s your forced vernacular. The more you type, the more it’s apparent.

    Btw, thank you Stephanie for the cliff notes. (#41)

  66. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    :0) I don’t think Tanja is a site supporter on DS…correct me if I’m wrong though since I don’t know that lady…but I could have sworn you all said she was banned from DS. I am not.

  67. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    And may I add JustPeachy I think you are a Moderator on DS…I’m good friends with a few of the mods there…;0)

  68. JustPeachy says:

    Me a mod?????? On what planet are you living?
    And whoopee for you that you have mod friends *sarcasm*

  69. jeruco says:

    what? peach is not a mod on DS? far from it.
    I don think she would ever want to be a mod.

  70. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Ok my misunderstanding I thought one of you ladies were a mod on DS. :0) My apologies.

  71. jeruco says:

    Stephanie is mod. She is the one Tanja said the crap to

  72. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Thanks for clearing that up mama. :0)

  73. AshleyB says:

    JustPeachy is ~Peach~ on DS…NOT a mod. Glad you have mod friends though!

  74. not tellin says:

    WHY is it that everyone’s response is to tell us to go spend time with our kids? I just dont understand why EVERY SINGLE DRAMA WHORE picks that line? Im starting to think they’re all the SAME drama whore.

  75. sara says:

    ah I wondered if she would be back. She is not very sneaky, is she? The drama gets pretty lame sometimes, but if it bothers you so much, why the hell do you come here?

  76. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Ladies my name is Michelle. :0) I am not Tanja.

  77. givepeasachance says:

    The Colonel sure has lots of time to post on here. I guess we aren’t the only ones neglecting our kidlets. Pot, meet kettle.

  78. mf says:

    comment 66 just about made me pee. so funny!

  79. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Evening ladies. I hope you had a great Saturday! We had a wonderful Sabbath. :0) Hope everyone is doing well. The children are down for the count and I just thought I’d pop in and say hello.

  80. jale says:

    LMAO to #52.
    Colonel’sWife- can i ask a legit question? Why exactly do you post here/this topic? If youre not the poster they are talking about and have so far said nothing really related- why are you even responding to the ladies? It may seem you are trying to stand up for someone, but who and why? Why are you assuming we are ignoring our child(ren) in some way? can we bottle feeding/nursing mothers not feed our children in our laps or highchairs? can we not have siblings/friends/family they are playing with? maybe someone is pregnant and has no children– WHO THE CRAP CARES! Mind your own beeswax when it comes to another persons child(ren)- that should be the #1 rule in parenting.

  81. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Why are you trying so hard to defend yourselves? No one is stating that you are bad parents. But there is certainly more to talk about then someone else all the time. :0)

    Have a beautiful afternoon ladies!

  82. What a wanker says:

    Umm, they are talking about Tanja because she is the subject of this blog entry becuase she came back onto DS under a different name. DUH! I’m not sure why you don’t get it, but whatever. What are they supposed to talk about when replying to this blog entry? Cheese and crackers?

  83. What a wanker says:

    OMG! I just noticed! The reply on this were dying out at post #80, but for some weird reason, the Colonel’s Wife just couldn’t allow that to happen and had to post #81! What a freakazoid! Get a grip! If you want people to start talking about this, maybe you should take your own advise and move on chickapoo!

  84. Jonasmommy says:


    Keep them coming!

    We had a wonderfull day at the beach and now I am having fun reading all this BS.

    Please, give me more of your retarded name calling and “she is such a scammer, b***h and what not else….

    Thank godness I don’t talk like that and teach Jonas how to be a good little boy.
    Whoever uses potty mouth like that online should not be around others anyways.

    And no worries, my husband knows about evry rant I write about him online. We laugh about them together.
    There is not a single thing I say about him to others I have not said to his face before. That is the difference between you folks and me.
    I tell people to their faces what I think about them.

    I will never support people going buying babys in other countrys. There are way to many kids in this country who need a family and loving parent.
    Oh wait, if it is to hard and takes to much time and effort to adopt inside the US you alwasy have the otion of traveling to other countrys and buy a child. I totaly forgot…

    Specialy funny if parents who claim to be oh so religious and righteous are goint to buy kids out of the country. If someone would be oh so religious and would want to do a good thing by adopting why not adopt one of the many kids abandoned and in need of a new home in this country?

    And yes, god has a reason why there are some women unable to bare children. You guys always jump and claim that god has a reason for everything else. Why exclude a womans reproductive organs from gods reasoning?

    Have a wonderfull night!

    Now go on and give me more enteratining stuff to read over the next few days…

    Off to work on a sibbling for Jonas.

  85. Stephanie says:

    Tanja, you really are ignorant.

    1. International adoption can be more difficult and definitely more expensive than domestic. The wait for China adoptions is 4-5 YEARS right now. So it’s NOT the ‘easy’ way out.

    2. It’s illegal to ‘buy babys’ (by the way, when you make it plural, drop the ‘y’ and add ‘ies’-babies). You pay for legal and facilitator services, NOT the babies. That comes after you get them home and continues for at least 18 years, just like bio babies.

    3. Not sure what religion has to do with this.

    4. Since when are US babies more deserving than all other babies? Are you really that bigoted that you think American babies deserve a home more than Asian/African/whatever else babies? Especially when at least American babies have foster homes that aren’t 3rd world orphanage conditions.

    5. Go crawl back in your hole and continue teaching Jonas that cursing is horrible, but degrading and insulting others is perfectly fine. I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a fine young man. He may hate non-Americans and think it’s ok to insult others constantly, but at least he won’t ever say bitch!

  86. Stephanie says:

    Oh, and to save you some work, here’s the definition of a bigot:
    “A bigot is a person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, or identities differing from his or her own, and bigotry is the corresponding state of mind. Bigot is often used as a pejorative term against a person who is obstinately devoted to prejudices even when these views are challenged or proven to be false or not universally applicable or acceptable.”

  87. Jonasmommy says:


    that is my opinion.

    Of course any other (opinion) the your own is ignorant in your eyes.

    We all know that English is not my first language, not even my second or third, but thank you for pointing out my typos 🙂

    Funny how you never ever admitted to having called me a b***h back when we got into an argument, but now you admit to having called me one. Of course “after she did what she did”…

    I always stand behind what I say and have said.
    You should try that sometimes. It is called honesty.
    You where pissed off because you did not get what you wanted and filed PP over 2cents I did not even know you sended in the first place.
    Very grown up and mature!

    If you can’t take some of your own medicine (someone making mean remarks towards you when it was you who started making mean remarks) then why open your mouth in the firt place?

    But I understand that you now have to go on and cry some more about how moraly correct you acted in the whole ordeal and how mean and bad I was for telling you what I did.

    To this day I feel the same way about what I said. That is how I feel about people who can’t have children.

    Oh, and I did not know that you adopted in China? Last I remember it was in some other Asian country then China where they oviously have orphanages as well. Otherways where would they keep children untill they get adopted out to other countrys?
    So telling me that you did such a great thing by adopting children in other countrys because they don’t have foster homes might make you feel better, but is not realy the case.

    Friends of mine went to Brasil and found a little newborn babygirl by the side of the road in a shoebox, left to die like garbage. They took her home to Switzerland and she is now a very happy little girl. That right there is saving a baby that nobody wanted and that would have otherways ended up dead. You where just the next american in line for yours.

    I hope it feels good to be a part of the foreign adoption tourism and industry!

  88. DSDM2 says:

    JonasMommy, I have to say this, and I want to make sure you understand what I am saying…

    You are a ignorant bigoted CUNT.

    You don’t have a clue.

  89. JustPeachy says:

    Tanja quit acting like a self righteous bitch. You are no better then anyone else on here and nothing Stephanie says was worthy of saying that to her. NOTHING! That was hitting way below the belt and IRL circumstances liable to get you socked in the face.

  90. Stephanie says:

    I never said I adopted from China. I adopted PROUDLY from Vietnam. Vietnam is no longer open to US adoptions, so I was giving a RELEVANT international adoption example, since China is still a viable option right now.

    You really think this is all about 2 cents and not getting what I wanted? Are you really that shallow and ignorant that you can’t see the big picture? Maybe you should read the first blog entry again and read my detailed story there to understand what happened. Because you obviously didn’t if you still think this is about a diaper.

    “To this day I feel the same way about what I said. That is how I feel about people who can’t have children.”

    I think with that comment, that says a LOT about you and your character and I know you just made a lot more enemies than you could ever dream of.

    Oh, and unless you’ve been to a third-world country orphanage, you have NO clue how horrible it is. Are there horrible foster homes in the US? I’m sure there are. This isn’t a pissing contest to see who has the worst circumstances. But who are you to say the baby in a foster home (who probably isn’t even available for adoption, because MOST babies in foster care are NOT up for adoption-the system tries to work with families to get the babies back with their birth parents) is more worthy and deserving than the baby in an orphange in Ethiopia, or Vietnam, or China, or any other country?

    Maybe, just maybe, one day you’ll realize that we live in a world where SOME people care about people in all countries, not just the one we live in.

  91. Alli says:

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents to this. Yes, God does have reasons for everything. I believe that 100%, and I would even include this situation in that statement. I don’t claim to know God’s reasons, as that would be way too arrogant for me, but I do have an idea. Maybe it was because her babies were waiting for her in Vietnam.

  92. Stephanie says:

    One more thing, regarding this:
    “Funny how you never ever admitted to having called me a b***h back when we got into an argument, but now you admit to having called me one. Of course “after she did what she did”…”

    I never called you a bitch until you made the comment. And then kept going on and on about how right you were on the blog. After all that, yep, I called it like I saw it. You were and still are a bitch. And trust me, it’s VERY rare that I call anyone that. It’s a special honor I reserve for the worst of the worst.

  93. DSDM2 says:

    Well, I have never used the term CUNT on this blog. But Tanja earned it 100%. It is well deserved.

  94. Stephanie says:

    Alli, you’re absolutely right. I just posted somewhere else this comment:
    I wasn’t trying to be amazing, or trying to get kudos. Just trying to become a mother and never thought babies in other countries were less worthy of a mother. And certainly never thought God was trying to tell me I shouldn’t be a mother because I couldn’t conceive naturally. I think He was just trying to tell me there was something else out there that was better for me. And He was right. Their names are Dylan and Maddie”

  95. I *heart* Sarcasm says:


    So because some women suffer from infertility (which is completely a by product of all the chemicals we are exposed to constantly), “god” doesn’t deem them fit to be mothers?

    This must mean you think the mother who is having more kids to get a bigger welfare check while she is shooting up in the other room has been chosen by this same wise, all knowing “god” as worthy of being a mother.

    Get fucking clue.

    Even if I believed in a god, that makes not a fucking bit of sense. Oh wait, I forgot for a moment we aren’t dealing with a rational person. We’re dealing with a delusional, ignorant twat who took it upon herself to pass judgment on another human being. Correct me if I am wrong (I’m not), but isn’t passing judgment on others AGAINST the neat little rules this same “god” has set for you?

    So let me correct myself and call it like it is. You are an delusional, ignorant, hypocritical twat.

  96. Jonasmommy says:

    if I am a “delusional, ignorant and hypocritical twat” who passes judgment upon others, what does that make you?

    Give me a break. This is to funny.

  97. DSDM2 says:

    Tanja, I have never judged anyone. I evaluate actions and words. I watch and evaluate what I see.

    I have deducted from my evaluations that you are a cunt and bitch. You are NOT christian, and whatever “god” you are assuming feels that way, is not a true god, but just a figment of YOUR imagination.

    Mother Teresa had no biological children. Was that a punishment? Or was it because there was more for her to do in the “bigger picture”.

    YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT FOR GOING BACK TO DIAPER SWAPPERS UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME. I capsed that just incase you wanted to avoid that issue again. DS agrees with us. You were banned for being an cunt muffin.

  98. trolltastic says:

    “Oh, and I did not know that you adopted in China? Last I remember it was in some other Asian country then China where they oviously have orphanages as well. Otherways where would they keep children untill they get adopted out to other countrys?
    So telling me that you did such a great thing by adopting children in other countrys because they don’t have foster homes might make you feel better, but is not realy the case.”

    Are you the stupidest asshole ever?
    Do you KNOW what orphanages are like in other countries? They are normally given bottles until they are like 3 and left in cribs all day.
    Yeah, that sounds like a GREAT life.
    I hope to God your uterus just falls out in some freak accident and CPS takes your kid away, because you are a horrible, horrible person.
    Notice how since Tanja started posting, “Colonels” wife is no where to be found?
    Get a grip, bitch. Obviously, if your husband was stupid enough to marry you, he will never be an officer.

  99. DSDM2 says:

    And FTR, it is “too funny” not “to funny”.

    And FTR I too speak 3 languages fluently and 1 semi fluently.

    (Your English is NOT fluent.)

  100. trolltastic says:

    Oh, and if English is your first language, you are even an bigger idiot than I thought.

  101. DSDM2 says:

    #100, right now the IPs don’ match.

  102. trolltastic says:

    Damn. And she isn’t smart enough to know how to set up different IP’s.
    Has to be someone she knows and they like her, for whatever reason.

  103. haha says:

    I’m so totally horrified that you chose to use religion for why god makes women infertile…yet your such a total cow about it. Would god have turned away someone in need because they were a different color, or religion? Hell no.

    There are a TON of kids everywhere that need homes. Why are you having biological kids when you could be adopting them and saving a few of them? That in itself seems selfish that you can preach about how kids in the US need homes but your going to ignore that to have your own biological children.

    It’s one thing to adopt from other countries because you want an exotic child…it’s another thing when you do it for the love of the child…and wanting to rescue them.

    And who knows maybe Stephanies kids will grow up, work for the peace corps really make a difference in their birth country. Maybe that’s why they were brought to Stephanie. As you say God always has a plan.

  104. I *heart* Sarcasm says:

    if I am a “delusional, ignorant and hypocritical twat” who passes judgment upon others, what does that make you?

    Give me a break. This is to funny.”

    Seeing as how the consensus agrees, it makes me right.

    Don’t bring “god” into something where it has no place. You have fucked up opinions and that is that. Don’t try to use something that is meant to bring peace and happiness to people to degrade and inflict pain on another others. I always knew you were an imbecile, but even I am a bit surprised at the levels to the levels which you have stooped. You are no better than anyone else on this planet, and if your treatment of people is an indication, you are far inferior.

  105. I *heart* Sarcasm says:

    * inflict pain on others… that “another” snuck in there.

  106. I *heart* Sarcasm says:

    dude, I has the dumbs. *surprised at the levels to which…*

    I keep picking up straggler phrases/words

  107. dazed says:

    I have stayed out of this one until now, but I have to say it…

    jonasmommy is the most fucked-up, psycho, disgusting excuse for a mother and a person that I have ever encountered on the internet. The fact that she is proud of it makes me want to vomit. Karma is a bitch, and that stupid, elitist cunt has it coming.

    Stephanie, I am so sorry that you have been subjected to this vile woman and the filth that spews from her mouth, and your children are far more blessed than poor little Jonas. I hope to God that Tanja is never able to have another child, EVER!

  108. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Good Morning ladies!

    I had to catch up on the thread. Wow alot has gone on since I posted last.

    I tried to tell you all that I was not in any relations connected to Tanja. (blushes) I’m glad you have figured that out by now on your own..I was going to mention earlier since this site saves IPS it was an amazement to me that no one had looked into any sooner. Now you all know! :0) There is no connection. ;0) Glad that’s cleared up.

    I’d like to direct us all back to comment #91

    Tanja quit acting like a self righteous bitch. You are no better then anyone else on here and nothing Stephanie says was worthy of saying that to her. NOTHING! That was hitting way below the belt and IRL circumstances liable to get you socked in the face.”

    That is right…no one is better than anyone else on here…so in that case there is nothing more for anyone to say!

    Have a marvelous Monday ladies!


  109. Stephanie says:

    dazed-it’s ok. Her first comment months ago, back when I *thought* she was my friend, hurt. A lot. But I got past it and saw her for who she truly is. So it doesn’t bother me now.

    She’s obviously grasping at straws to try to insult me and my infertility and she’s getting frustrated that it’s not making me as mad as she was trying for. I wouldn’t change what I went through to have my babies for anything in the world. They are truly a blessing to me and I never regret for one second that I adopted them when and where I did.

  110. DSDM2 says:

    Karma baby. karma.

  111. JustPeachy says:

    You said it DSDM2. Never have I known of someone more deserving of the cunt title then Tanja.

  112. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Hi ladies…

    If no one is better than anyone else in here I guess we are all cunts! That’s a new one to me. :0)

    Hope you all had a great day! Time sure does fly while you’re enjoying your kiddos.

    Hope you all have a great night. Rest well. ;0)

  113. Molly says:

    Colonel’sWife do you realize what an idiot you sound like? Please stop talking ….you annoy me.

  114. TheColonel'sWifetoTheMarineCorps says:

    Sound alot like you guys don’t I??


  115. A Mom says:


    Oh my….you think you sound like us? Ahhhh…please.stop.can’t.breathe.laughing.too.hard

    Here…(handing you the troll-scooby-snacks) You’ve gotten your treat for the night.

    Woke the baby up from laughing so hard at your post (116). Just wanted to be sure we all know where the kids are…someone is keeping track.

  116. TheColonel’sWifetoTheMarineCorps (NAME EDITED B/c FAKE NAME WAS USED) says:

    No seriously you all sound like a bunch of retards!

  117. TheColonel’sWifetoTheMarineCorps (NAME EDITED B/c FAKE NAME WAS USED) was arealgoodmama says:

    :0) That was my husband!

  118. JustPeachy says:

    Well then your husband’s as much of a dumb ass as you are.

  119. TheColonel’sWifetoTheMarineCorps (NAME EDITED B/c FAKE NAME WAS USED) was arealgoodmama says:

    your mouth doesnt bother me one bit. You are welcome to call me any name you would like.

  120. maree9304 says:

    Suuure it was your husband. yeaaaah..

  121. Hayley says:

    Dude does it not bother anyone that Tanja wrote this in the same freaking sentence?

    “Please, give me more of your retarded name calling and “she is such a scammer, b***h and what not else….

    Thank godness I don’t talk like that and teach Jonas how to be a good little boy.
    Whoever uses potty mouth like that online should not be around others anyways.”

    Yeah that right there is some fucked up shit.

    and to the other chic sticking up for her, WTH is wrong with you? And WTH does the military have to do with any of this? Maybe you should go spend time with your kids instead of posting to this thread every.fucking.day telling us how wonderful your Officer life style is mkaythxbuhbye!

    If one more person throws out the Retard word again I swear to God I am gonna go bat shit crazy on some stupid fucking bitches.

  122. Hayley says:

    Maree it was her sisters, cousins, mothers, brother. DUH!

  123. sheepthrills says:

    Colonel’sWife, did you even notice what kind of blog you are ON? This is a drama blog. Dedicated to posting publicly all the stupid, rude, and even illegal things that happen on Diaperswappers since DS tries to keep it hidden. We don’t come here to talk about how wonderful all God’s creatures are, sorry.

    You don’t like it? Go start your own ‘sunshine rainbows happy day we’re all equal and speshul and preshus’ blog. I think it’s a great idea!

    You have nothing to contribute here, and are only succeeding in making yourself (and your ‘husband’) look very, very stupid. I feel very sorry for your children. The amount of time you have spent posting your ridiculousness on here is more time than I spend online in a day, and I only have one child. I think your ‘better than you’ act is just that…an act. And don’t pretend you’re not pulling a ‘better than you’ act. Or would you like us to all bow down right now and kiss your perfect mother perfect wife ass? Will that appease you?

    I digress. Please fuck off now, and go have your blessed time-flyin’ day somewhere else.

  124. boom1128 says:

    so you think people that adopt out of the country are baby buyers? wow, that is so incredibly ignorant. children in need are children in need no matter the country they come from. my cousin adopted her son from russia. at 18 months old he couldn’t talk or walk, his life had been laying in a crib. he is thriving now. my cousin had a biological child and chose to adopt her second. they didn’t buy him, they rescued him and gave him a wonderful loving home where he is very happy and healthy. anyone can be a mother. crackheads can be mothers. it takes a special person to do what my cousin and stephanie and many other women do. i don’t think god makes undeserving people infertile, i think he choses the right child for each mother and sometimes that child comes from far away.

    you are a truly stupid and disgusting person.

  125. Addiesmommy says:

    Jonas Mommy, you are an idiot who doesn’t deserve the children you have let alone more. The shit you spew about international adoption is just that…SHIT. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

  126. cdmd1023 says:

    Tanja-YOU ARE A BITCH! Get a life and learn a bit more before you open your mouth again. Pleae do us all a favor and go back to that dark hole you came from, because anyone who has such disturbing views about our world does not have the right to live in it. You are the exact person I teach my children not too be, close minded, ignorant, and cold. Please please, get yourself some help.

  127. JustPeachy says:

    Wow Tanja actually did something nice for someone for FREE????? Color me shocked!

  128. E says:

    #130, what else was she going to do with all those boxes of GM’s? No one who knows who she is will buy from her. Although she did offload a few under her fake user name on DS, now she can’t do that either. Might as well give one away for free, they weren’t going anywhere otherwise.

  129. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    eeekk…Im trying desperately to catch up here because i lost it for a while but #30 killed me with that 2 page rant *thumbsdown*
    Maybe Ill try again another day! Oh and reading her journal entry…spell check works.

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