Who is Lee Dodd? That seems to be a common question on DiaperSwappers.com

Really, from what I see, Lee Dodd is a money hungry ass who is taking control of moms all over.

I would love it if someone would PLEASE email me information about him and allow me to post it here. I will give you credit and post what you write in its entirety.

My email is DSDramaMama2@hotmail.com

So far I have come up with these. But that is about it. These links show what a money hungry ass hole he really is and how he is making us believe we need to support the site so that we don’t “have” to have porn ads all over.



  1. LeesAWanker says:

    Lee Dodd, I don’t know a whole lot about him but you know how people buy houses and flip them for money? That’s what he does with forums. Him and that Schoemaker guy run the Elite Retreat. I read a blog where it said that it costs 5,000 buckaroos to go to one and another 500 to attend a dinner with Lee and his crew.

  2. theboardbitch says:

    I can tell you why he is running the board… it is an old 80’s song title….

    Money, money, money, money!

  3. Lees a Jerk says:

    is a “hack” what I think it is?


  4. Lees a Jerk says:

    There are so many retreat and interview links…it’s hard to find anything else….

  5. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Very interesting.

    Keep it coming ladies. Let’s show how low he actually is. 🙂

  6. Nina Bruja says:

    As a person who just found this site a few days ago, I am in awe over the magnitude of drama involved on acloth diapering board I innocently stumbled upon a few months ago, before I was even cloth diapering!

    Personally, I think if everyone at DS knew about this board, DS would lose 90% of it’s members.

  7. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Unfortunately we are not allowed to be named at DS. All links to us are promptly deleted.

    You can try putting it in your siggie though…

  8. Kristina-Prawn* says:

    Do I smell books burning? Don’t any of the sheeples notice all the stuff being deleted? Or do they just think the Great Lee is “protecting” them from all the evil bad stuff in the big bad world?

    Are people really THAT dumb? I swear, it’s like they are on qualudes or something? Is DS a cult now? Seems like it is. David Karesh anyone??

    Henry Hale: I fear the presence of the outsiders will attract those of whom we do not speak.
    Female Elder #2: But if you talk about those of whom we do not speak, have you not spoken of that about which we do not talk.
    Henry Hale: Do not speak of that of about which we talk of not speaking… about.

  9. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Kristina, pretty amazing isn’t it? Many of those moms are brainwashed by our society and by Lee into thinking he is “protecting” them by taking away freedoms…

    hmm sounds like our current administration in the white house, no?

  10. Green~Mammy says:


    Doesn’t Jeremy Schoemaker have something to do with Evilbay?

  11. anonymom says:


    WOnder if he has done this at DS…certain members sound like they would make great “rats”

  12. Green~Mammy says:

    This is about his Elite Retreat one of the speakers was Jeremy Schoemaker. He is connected with Evilbay in some way isn’t he? (by he I mean J.S.)

  13. anonymom says:


    Interesting…his blog advocates using other forums to recruit new members.

  14. The Bored Bitch says:

    Lessons learned:

    Lee wants you to nark on your friends.

    Lee wants you to recruit from other forums but wont allow other forums to recruit from his boards.

    His rules only apply to those around him. Not to himself.


  15. LOLz I only read a few articles the other day. I’ll have to come back to these!!

    So weird.. religion and diapers… hmmm They must be isolated niche that guaranty lots of hits.. like he says in that one interview!

  16. Does anyone know if he is really a pastor?

  17. The Bored Bitch says:

    So if someone were to google Lee Dodd, would this blog come up?

  18. Mommato5sf says:

    It does, We are on page two in google results!!

  19. The Bored Bitch says:

    I wonder if we were to use his full name in each post, if it wouldnt bump that higher in the google listings?

  20. Nina Bruja says:

    FTR, I’ve never went on the off-topic forum until a few days ago and it was because I read one of the short lived posts’ glaringly dramatic subject titles in the “last post” section when you’re looking at all the forums on the main page…so I do think a lot of mamas that go there are totally oblivious to that any of this even happened rather than everyone over there being a sheeplolz (funny.)

    It seems there’s also probably a bunch of people that are mainly from another forum that utilize the FSOT for their businesses. I think all of this is fine, but of course every one of us who goes there, even if it’s for our own benefit *mostly*, is still supporting the site a little bit (unintentionally or otherwise.)

  21. Nina Bruja says:

    “I wonder if we were to use his full name in each post, if it wouldnt bump that higher in the google listings?”

    Who, you mean Lee Dodd? The big LD. ddoD eeL?

  22. Lees a Jerk says:

    This is sooo funny!


    Scroll to the bottom to read this one!!!!

    Basically, bushido means “the way of the warrior“. It is broken down into 7 (maybe my favorite number) traits:

    Gi – Rectitude
    Yū – Courage
    Jin – Benevolence
    Rei – Respect
    Makoto – Honesty
    Meiyo – Honor
    Chūgi – Loyalty
    Definitely some of the traits I aim to portray in my business, thus Business Bushido was born!

  23. The Bored Bitch says:

    Yup, Lee Dodd would be the one.

  24. Jena/lilyfish says:

    Man. I have to admit, it pisses me off that a douchenozzle like Lee is up to his ears in money and I am desperately scrabbling about just to scrape by.

    How to MONETIZE community-style forums.. is his game. It makes me sick and it makes me feel really sad… DS was my haven.

    I asked him kindly why onlygirl, green~mammy, and soggygranolamom were banned — he said basically tried to tell me that those two had said things so awful that the mods had to delete them, and that is why I could not see any inflammatory posts by them. Yeah… okay.

    Guess I won’t make the “TRUSTED” members clique. Rut roh.

  25. julia says:

    green- I was just about to post all of those links 😉

  26. Green~Mammy says:

    Cool I am an untrustworthy person posting subversive things. What an egomaniac he is guess his own words are awful through his own admission.

  27. julia says:

    Is that what he told you green~Mammy?

  28. what on earth says:

    Just got this in my email, normally just lurk here and don’t comment, but thought y’all might enjoy this one!

    I have received an email letting us know we (DiaperSwappers) are part
    of a major voting process taking place right now for the Glam Network
    Awards 2008 and this voting will continue through April 10, 2008.

    We are asking that you vote for DiaperSwappers in the Lifestyle
    category and that you do it once a day, every day until April 10th when voting
    is closed. This, in conjunction with our other efforts, will help us
    to win this voting contest and receive some special recognition for DS.

    What are the prizes?
    * 10 $25 Gift Certificates to a DS mama’s WAHM store or Amazon.com
    * 10 One Year Site Supporter Membership

    Contest Rules & Details:

    Each vote & post will earn you one entry! The more entries you rack
    up, the better your chances of winning one of the 20 prizes!


    DS Administration

  29. Green~Mammy says:

    No I never cared to ask I frankly don’t give a flying rats fart what he thinks of me. I was just parapharsing a few others that have asked.

  30. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    I just got that email too! Interesting we are not allowed to link ANYTHING or “spam” in any way, but Lee Dodd can spam us all he wants.

  31. theboardbitch says:

    you can’t spam their board but they can spam your inbox! how stupid!

  32. ~sarah~ says:

    Here’s a lovely little forum that Lee Dodd is Admin at:


    Just gives me warm fuzzies to know that he’s making $50,000+ a month off of mothers and babies…and not too humble to brag about it. What a great guy!

  33. I think he owns that forum the earners one. He wons admin fusion too. And those religious ones. I think the last I heard there where 7 or 8.

  34. http://www.earnersforum.com/t18027/

    wtf?? Selling people personal info??? “dumps” refer to data base dumps.. meaning stored data. SSN numbers??


  35. HOLY HIT!

    Selling people card info all over that site!! WOW!


  36. lilgamoma says:


    omg, I love this one..I gotta quote from it…

    – For starters, if you don’t like people, Lee says running forums is not for you.
    – Lee said running forums is very fun and can be extremely profitable.

  37. lilgamoma says:

    And here’s the DS domain info.

    DS is hosted through godaddy.com
    Escalate Media LP

    PO BOX 801
    Wills Point, Texas 75169
    United States

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Created on: 28-Jul-05
    Expires on: 28-Jul-08
    Last Updated on: 21-May-07

    Administrative Contact:
    Media, Escalate whois@escalatemedia.com
    Escalate Media LP
    PO BOX 801
    Wills Point, Texas 75169
    United States

    Technical Contact:
    Media, Escalate whois@escalatemedia.com
    Escalate Media LP
    PO BOX 801
    Wills Point, Texas 75169
    United States

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Escalate Media LP is owned by who else?~Lee

    Domain Name: elook.org


    Registrar: Go Daddy Software, Inc. (R91-LROR)

    Expiration Date: 2009-05-21 23:13:45
    Creation Date: 2003-05-21 23:13:45
    Last Update Date: 2007-02-11 00:23:35

    Name Servers:

    Registrant Contact Information:
    Name: Lee Dodd
    Organization: Eat My Flames
    Address 1: 281 VZCR 3418
    City: Wills Point
    State: Texas
    Zip: 75169
    Country: US
    Phone: +1.9038736070

    Administrative Contact Information:
    Name: Lee Dodd
    Organization: Eat My Flames
    Address 1: 281 VZCR 3418
    City: Wills Point
    State: Texas
    Zip: 75169
    Country: US
    Phone: +1.9038736070

    Technical Contact Information:
    Name: Lee Dodd
    Organization: Eat My Flames
    Address 1: 281 VZCR 3418
    City: Wills Point
    State: Texas
    Zip: 75169
    Country: US
    Phone: +1.9038736070

    Not sure why the email didn’t copy/paste there, but it’s on the link and right here… lee@sprintusers.com

  38. WOW.. just wow is all I can say! 😮

  39. The Bored Bitch says:

    MM.com is a busy little bee.

    I like it.

  40. douchebagsayswhat? says:

    Wow! Awesome sleuthing there MM.com 🙂

  41. I just cant believe the sell stolen identities there!! Good lord.. Taht has to be illegal!

  42. questioning?? says:

    Hey I am DS right now and there is a blinky??? Ad thingy at the top of the page that changes often. Well there is an ad for mormons.org???? About LDS?? It says click here for a free book of mormon. Now its gone.

  43. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    that is VERY interesting considering Lee Dodd’s stance on Mormons and LDS.

  44. questioning?? says:

    I know thats what I thought!!! But I can’t find it again to take a screen shot my comp is not agreeing with me lately.

  45. LOL I took a screen shot one day of the MM ad on top of DS.. Cant ban his own profit! LOL I pay for the good keywords so if he blocks my ad.. he blocks a lot of other good targeted ones.. mwhahaha


  46. Oooh BTW, with google you have no way of knowing what ads will appear but if you see one you don’t like you can block it. but it will block other similar ones too.

  47. The Bored Bitch says:

    You have cause to be concerned over #38.


    Selling UK CVV with cheap Price(2$)

    Price list : 2$/cc
    If buy over 200 : 1.5$/cc
    Bin list : depend to bin (3$-8$)

    Read more (visit here) : viethacker.com
    Y!m : vh.seller

    Sell dumps sell CC Cvv2 Sell fullz info!!

    my email:

    gcotton.info @ gmail.com
    ken.lee.info @ gmail.com

    who in this theme… i offer my dumps for real carders , all dumps… and track2 , i have some dumps with full cardholder info \( ZIP ,… can always pay for 1-2 dumps or speak with me on … read my conditions…. don’t TEST , BANKLOGINS , ATM SKIMMERS … ETC \( I SELL DUMPS AND CVVS ONLY \) don’t ask TEST … WMZ . we replace bad dumps \( PICK UP , STOLEN CARDS only …

    It is illegal for people to store your credit card CVV numbers.

    Surely Lee knows this. Why is he allowing this on his site?

  48. If you browse that site.. those types of posts for selling stolen info ARE EVERYWHERE!!

  49. Green~Mammy says:

    What the fark!

  50. Screen shots anyone?

  51. actually a pdf scan of that site would be best.. see that it gets turned into the authorities. 😮

  52. douchebagsayswhat? says:

    Oh my hell!!! And you’d think people would WANT to know this stuff. And I can see why Lee does NOT want this posted over there. Christian my ass. I’ve got more Christian in my left pinky toe than he has in his whole body.

  53. douchebagsayswhat? says:

    How do you pdf scan?

  54. Birdie says:

    What the hell is with this picture? That’s the stupidest pose in the history of bad photography poses. Senior Pictures Gone Bad. But oops! Lee didn’t even graduate from high school. Guess he was feeling slighted when all his friends were exchanging photos, so he took himself over to Sears to he would have some pictures to trade, too. How sweet.

  55. https://createpdf.adobe.com/

    sign up and they give you 5 free scans. This will give you a permanent copy of the whole page in its entirety. It will also catch links on the page a certain level deep. Its been awhile since Ive used it. Its pretty amazing LOL.

    REally great for copyright stuff! 🙂

  56. ~Peach~ says:

    It is illegal to sell anyones identifying info ie SSN, CC#, ANYTHING! I’d highly suggest reporting this info to the FBI and let the bureaucrats handle it. Thats fucking ridiculous.
    I became a site supporter fairly recently. Am I going to have to worry about my paypal info being stolen?

  57. anonymom says:


    According to this he makes $4,000 to $6,000 a day and estimates his worth at $5-10 MILLION!

    He also has 1 full time employee and 4 part time employees.

  58. livinnaturally says:

    Sounds like he’s too damn cheap to actually pay people to even help. That mustang payment must be pretty expensive!! Meanwhile moms that could use the money are being used as pawns to help him make money. Kinda reminds you of the corporations who ship jobs overseas in order to pay someone .50 an hour instead of paying their employees $15 an hour. How many people detest shit like that???

  59. Me says:

    I would bet that is an inflated amount. Part of his business is convincing others how profitable running a forum is. So he has to make sure it looks like big money.

  60. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Peach, I would worry, esp. after seeing/reading all of this. It seems like Lee Dodd is more than willing to let people do things on his sites that are illegal and wrong. Who is to say Lee Dodd isn’t able to hack into your paypal after reading that they hack PMs and stuff.

  61. Heather@MM.com says:

    OMG, I don’t even know where to begin. He is one shady mo-fo. If half the DSers only knew.
    The trusted group. I can see many of the dsers being that one *cough* Taraboomdea * cough* That is just wrong and to admit it is just stupid.

    Oh and I wonder if we used his tips for forum recruiting can we get punished. After all we are just following his tips.

    Selling peoples information and actually promoting and selling the “dumps” OMG!!! That is so illegal.

    I can’t believe this crap. Did Momma Jo do her homework on this guy before she sold or did she just see $$ and that’s it.

  62. Heather@MM.com says:

    “Peach, I would worry, esp. after seeing/reading all of this. It seems like Lee Dodd is more than willing to let people do things on his sites that are illegal and wrong. Who is to say Lee Dodd isn’t able to hack into your paypal after reading that they hack PMs and stuff.”

    He probably put together a group that goes through and reads PM’s and copies the pay pal addies. I wouldn’t doubt that.

  63. Heather@MM.com says:


    Contests?????? That’s what he just did on DS. I got an email. He is doing it to drive traffic back to his site. WHAT A DICK!!!!! He doesn’t care about the members or the site, just his wallet.

  64. livinnaturally says:


    Is it just me or does his wife look not to happy?? Kinda that WTF am I doing married to this POS look. He’s also kind of a fat f*cker isn’t he???

  65. ~Peach~ says:

    If any of my information gets stolen Lee can kiss his millions goodbye! I don’t have tons of money for people to be stealing my info but Ill go broke just to ruin him so help me god!

  66. I'm Just Saying..... says:

    “s it just me or does his wife look not to happy?? Kinda that WTF am I doing married to this POS look. He’s also kind of a fat f*cker isn’t he???”

    I think it’s more important to discuss the “kind” of person he is than what he looks like. I am also fat, but that isn’t someone anyone could use as a weapon in this kind of fight. These kind of comments don’t help our fight.

    His personality is the thing we need to focus on and that is really, all we need, got more than enough ammunition there.

  67. Me says:

    I’m confused about the info selling posts – it looks like it’s just random spam. Am I missing something?

  68. Another Mama says:

    Lee Dodd is an ass.

  69. Hmmmmmm says:

    “- Lee says that two of the more important things he looks for is traffic and incoming links. He stresses that PageRank is not on the top of his list.”

    Did you know that when you are at DT, BG’s etc that everytime you link to DS you are helping DS look good?

    That at one point I know for fact that the number of links coming JUST from Batgirls.com was so high it was unbelieveable. So thanks to the BG’s for the good looks of DS prior to Lee coming and now after he’s come in and become owner.

    That’s all…..

  70. smart-one says:

    Hi. I am a member of a site that I believe this Lee Dodd guy just purchased. What do I need to look out for? Will he start admin-ing the site and making new rules?
    Can someone fill me in on him? I was never a member of DS.com. Thank you!

  71. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Hi smart-one, judging from what happened at diaperswappers, there are a number of things to look out for.

    First he brought in ads. And in those ads were porn, and other graphic/unwanted material. Many of us believe that the spyware and viruses we are getting are coming from those ads and the site.

    Then we got the option of becoming a site supporter so that you can block the ads from your computer. If you don’t pay the site supporter fees, well you get to see porn ads, hear screaming ads that wake the kids, etc.

    Our forum is now so heavily moderated and has so many rules that you get banned for asking questions, people are banned for false reasons, and there are so many rules that you are afraid to speak up.

    I’m sure some other moms will chime in as to what has happened.

    It has even gone as far as people who are openly LDS and talk about their religion are banned.

  72. We can really only say what’s happened at DS. We don’t know if he has a set way of doing things or not.

  73. smart-one says:

    Thank you answering the questions. I haven’t had the inclination to visit the rest of his sites, but has this been a majority of what he has done to other mothering sites?
    Some lady named JaniceJ came onto our site today telling us to take our discussions about the site being sold to pm’s. Apparently, she works for Lee Dodd.
    Are you aware of a JaniceJ or a woman named Janice?
    Im just curious as to how the selling of ds.com went down because we (on our forum) were left in complete darkness until after it sold and now this Janice chick is there helping to admin.

  74. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    I don’t recognize a Janice, but a Juan. Maybe he is in disguise?

    And as soon as he took over, we had to stop questioning/talking about things. Even PMs were being “reported”

  75. smart-one says:

    Well, we were told this morning that our board was sold, even though most people already knew it because godaddy.com provides public info. When people started questioning it, JaniceJ came on and told all of us to take it to pm’s. A bunch spoke up and said we wouldn’t do that. I guess that the site is not going to change at all and JaniceJ is in charge of the “woman’s interest” groups that Lee Dodd owns. But, I do not believe that. I think it’s going to be a slow process because a lot of the girls on there are like hawks.

  76. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Just remember that you all can be banned for not following the newly implemented “orders” or rules.

    But Lee “flips” websites. He takes them, boosts their attendance/hits and sells them off.

    Let us know how it goes mama.

  77. smart-one says:

    Well, its going like crap. Already people’s posts are being edited when someone mentions his name or his company. I am just disgusted with how he runs his “business” and I am just disgusted that I am letting this get to me. I should be spending time with my family but instead, I am dealing with this. And this JaniceJ chick….the one who is supposedly in charge of the womens interest groups is not Juan M of ds.com. Interesting.

  78. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    I hate to say it, but that is how it started with Lee Dodd on Diaperswappers too. We were promised no porn, no ads, etc. Then he changed his mind. They there were server issues and to pay for the server, more ads, and there are STILL server issues.

    We are so moderated that we can’t even ask questions without being checked into. And there are rumors that they are reading private messages (which is 100% possible).

  79. Just Wondering says:

    Hi, Just curious when he aquired DS ?? I used to post there and had always enjoyed it. Was reading alot on this site and that site and it does NOT seem so “at home” anymore 😦
    I’m aware of the new aquasition (sp?) of the new site and how people are reacting…
    So I’m curious when he bought DS.

  80. Lisa0315 says:

    Lee Dodd purchased Christian Forums and has inflicted his vision for the site on the members. If you disagree with his rules, then you are banned from the site. All he cares about is the number of google ads. We are not allowed to ask questions or to make any kind of negative comment about how the site has deteriorated. It is no longer Christian Forums but Nazi Forums.

  81. DSDM2 says:

    Lisa, right now the ads on the other site of his are causing Trojan viruses and other problems. Please be on a look out for it! Check out latest blogs, there are 2 about it.

  82. Illuminati Origin says:

    What Lisa said = correct.
    Lee Dodd = pustulent OOZE

  83. no one really says:

    smart-one said: <>

    JaniceJ is likely Janice James, Lee Dodd’s Marketing Manager and a paid employee.

  84. an AK mama says:

    #60 OMG he looks JUST like the douchenozzle of a loan officer who made my family’s life hell for the last 4 months. Now I hate him even more!

  85. mom24babes says:

    You know, Lee bought a website a year or 2 ago that I used to frequent at quite a bit. Babyuniversity.com Janice was the only one we got to “know” at first, then there was this other chick and her UN is kdalise They changed the forum skin and it looks like Easter crapped everywhere. Most of us aren’t there much anymore, someone in the bunch started another site for us to go to.

  86. theinvisible says:

    Can I be the first to say….we told you so!

  87. me says:

    93- Yeah, I saw threads linked about how DS people were lying, etc. Right.

    Seriously-how the heck could their former owner have sold to Lee thinking that he would run it like her?
    Did she poof after selling like Jo too?
    Is that what happens? Sell to him and get out of the way as to not be a fly in his way?

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