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Don’t ‘cha think? You REALLY think you have room to talk about Shady WAHMs? Really? Seeing as this is name #5 (or is it 6?) on DS, at least 5 on HC, and at least 5 on CDN. Talk about being shady. It’s A Snap is really a shady WAHM who shouldn’t be open or selling anywhere. She was banned from multiple names for both buying and selling on HC this week too. Including Rags and Rebels.

Here is a short list of her running emails:

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Re: Kookabums going slow….

If admin doesn’t do something about her, what is to keep ALL shady WAHM’s from starting to do business like this? Advertise here but don’t actually sell here. That way when you get bad feedback here there are no repercussions. Crazy.

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(ETA We found this VIA photobucket photos on both accounts)

Here are 2 of her many appearances here: