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I couldn’t help but laugh about this.

WOW!! (



03-01-2008 05:23 PM


OK………….nothing like buying something from someone on here, just to have them refund your money because they can get more for it elsewhere! So…………..not fair! I paid for this item!!! :banghead:




03-01-2008 05:27 PM

Re: WOW!!

AND………….can i add, i sold this item to this person in the first place and she offered it back to me………accepted my money, then refunded because she can get $20 more for it somewhere else!!!!:banghead:



03-01-2008 05:30 PM

Re: WOW!!

AND…………can i also add that i sold 2 diapers lastnight to give this mama the pp she needed quickly to buy something……………and to get back this diaper that was mine in the firstplace! Granted it is only a diaper…………….but, still!!



03-01-2008 05:34 PM

Re: WOW!!

You do not have to tell me mama!! I paid her just a couple dollars more then she paid me for it, cuz i wanted it back. These darn GM’s…………see what they are doing to people!! They rather have the almighty dollar in their greedy little hands!

Goodmamas turning people into greedy badmamas… It’s just funny.

marymom 02-25-2008 04:56 PM

i feel the need to speak my mind
i am not trying to start any drama but i must post what’s bothering me. i get the feeling that people are buying these hard to get GM’s just to resell them for profit. now i know that they can do whatever they please with their own items but COME ON!!! brand new it pack diapers being auctioned off just moments after receiving them?!?!?!? it is wrong imo!!! there are mamas that are really wanting to buy them to use them but this isn’t happening because others are greedy!!! shame, shame, shame!!! :nono:let the flaming begin. :bagoverhead:btw, i love my 15 GM’s and wish everyone could own at least 1. :mrgreen:
Wow, you’ve got 15 GMs.  You could always balance out the market a bit by selling some of yours for $30.
felix23 02-25-2008 09:18 PM

Re: i feel the need to speak my mind
If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it. I really don’t see what the big deal is.If I went to a yardsale and bought an item for $1 but then later found out that I could sell it for much, much more, I would do it in a heart-beat. It is the same thing with GMs. People are buying them for one price and realizing that they can sell them for much, much more. An item will only sell for as much as someone is willing to pay.
Ding, ding, ding.  If no one was buying, the prices wouldn’t be so high.  People want to pay a bunch for the diaper, that’s their prerogative.
wyckhurst 02-25-2008 11:43 PM

Re: i feel the need to speak my mind
It’s a free market and I can’t control what people do with their property, which is what the diapers are after they buy them.Price policing in forums has always bothered me. I know people who have been afraid to sell diapers they bought used because they couldn’t remember how much they paid and they were afraid someone would give them grief over their prices. (That wasn’t even in DS, so I am not speaking about any specific situation from here.) However! I had NO IDEA this would happen. When I put the auctions up on HC last week I did it for fun and variety. I did every kind of sale on HC for spice and interest. I thought *maybe* they would go up to $45. MAYBE. It seems like ever since I did those auctions, there have been a million of them go up. Honestly it completely blows my mind.The truth is, we don’t know everyone’s story or why they are selling. I do know that a lot of people who bought Wish Boxes knew they were going to have to sell some of what they got, but I also know none of them thought they would get more than retail for them 10 weeks ago.

It’s also true that people who have the money to spend/have more money than time will pay a premium for something they want and do not have the time to stalk. We can’t really regulate that at all. It’s a free economy.

However, how each of us feel about things being sold over retail obviously varies from person to person. I guess we can marvel in our differences because everyone has a different perspective.

I admit it made my eyes pop out to see these diapers we work so feverishly to produce being resold at a high profit, but also, it’s a compliment to our product and the brand I have worked so hard to build. And like has been said, it does increase the market value. I mean, at least you know if it doesn’t work for you that you can resell it without losing money, and that means a lot to someone who doesn’t want to risk a lot when they try a new diaper.

Honestly and truly my real plea is not so much to stop auctioning the diapers, but I would LOVE for my business to not be constantly associated with drama. I don’t know how to get around that, however. But if anyone is wondering what Suzanne really wants, that is it. I know so, SO many of you have worked hard to avoid the “goodmama drama”, like making friendly faqs, keeping peace in threads, patiently answering questions, ignoring trolling, etc. I appreciate it so much. I really do.

Okay back to changing the photos on the site. Maybe it would be something new to talk about. :goodvibes:

Now, if your leader can’t persuade you, who knows what will.

Could there have been enough of it today?

If it’s not loving it, it’s hating it, or mad that the cart crashed. Whatever it was about, it was annoying! I’m talking almost 20 threads about Goodmamas today!!!

So what’s the long and short of it?

Goodmama has not stocked, but there are mamas up at the crack of dawn, stalking. They keep refreshing, waiting and waiting. Goodmama says, “knock it off.” People stop refreshing. Then they start it again. They talk and chit chat. Talk about how they’re prepared to get a Goodmama this time. Someone mentioned sitting up for 20 hours!!! On and off with her partner.

Meanwhile, people start threads, looking for others that aren’t into the craze of Goodmama. It, as usual, turns ugly. Goodmama lovers jump in to defend the madness. Don’t want to be called crazy, and whatnot. And the usual back and forth goes. Eventually the thread is overpowered by Goodmama threads again.

“Look what I got.” “I got a switchbox.” “Server crashed!” “I’m mad, I got nothing.”

I really could care less either way, but it DOES look crazy. If people were talking about Diet Coke, you would think it was nuts to stalk the vending machine for that Diet Coke. However, I’ve come up with 2 rules that might help people out:

  1. Don’t like Goodmamas, don’t go to the threads.
  2. Don’t like mamas that don’t like Goodmamas, don’t go to their thread.

You can live peacefully together without being total poopy heads.P.S., no threads this time… there were too many to list. I’m sure they’re not hard to find though.