Since you obviously want us to post about it…

Posted: April 15, 2011 by DSDM2 in Just Drama

We made DS again!

TDM and I would like to clear this up a little…

#1.) His title should be “Unbeknownst to me” not unbeknown.

#2.) what we assume is the post in question in the thread. I don’t think we have featured him, he was discussed, and really, I don’t see what the issue is… most men do not stay home, cloth diaper, or sew mamacloth (hell most men don’t want to know about mama cloth or our cycles for that matter). Men on sites like DS make women nervous, there are a lot of perves out there, and being cautious doesn’t hurt anything.

#3.) Our goal of the blog (and you can post this over on DS if you want) is not to hurt people’s feelings, we started it as a joke, and it evolved. We post interesting things to talk about, and keep scamming in check. There is a lot of drama on DS, and some of the posters on the blog do take it too far, and have been told that. It is amusing that people think the blog is so bad, most of the things posted lead to finding trolls, scammers, and/or multiple user identities. We have helped DS by giving and finding multiple usernames on multiple sites, and prevented a lot of scamming and subsequent drama. Very rarely do we, the blog owners, attack people on a personal level, and those that we have, are people who have been proven to lie, cheat, or steal.

#4.) We enjoy DS (aside from the occasional viruses), participate on it regularly, and don’t cause drama on the forum… but due to the restrictions that the rules give, it is nice to have somewhere to out scammers and trolls, which is 90% of the drama on DS.

#5.) As for the miscarriage being questioned, that was not the blog owners, and was distasteful. But, we do not police comments here, and believe in leaving things up and not allowing editing.

  1. kukukachoo says:

    i’m confused. where’s the drama blog post he is referring to in his OP?

  2. kukukachoo says:

    Ahhhhhh, found it at post 21.

  3. Abbie says:

    When was #5?

  4. dundundun says:

    “I am kind of surprised you can see my avi,I thought for sure I was one of the 800,000,0000 million people you had on ignore,well I probably will be now.”

    I lol’d. Hard.

  5. Abbie says:

    That was the best post I’ve seen in a long time!

  6. abbie says:

    :wave: hi Tessa!

  7. BicLighter says:

    Okay, I’ve had enough. I’m damned tired of reading this site and not knowing enough backstory. Either write the full circumstances of every dramatic instance or stop being interesting.

    You guys need to spill all or nothing here, not in between. Shit or get off the pot, so to speak. Some of us have commitments to avoid.

  8. abbie says:

    I wonder if y’all have had any noticeable increase in hits since yesterday.

  9. abbie says:

    What backstory in particular are you thirsty for, Bic?

    10th – she calls it a shame. I own any jackass thing I’ve said. I’ve even apologized for some. She just pisses off masses and makes a new profile.

  10. Tammy says:

    Yeah, I read that thread that clothdiaperingdaddy started. PERSONALLY, I believe him to be fairly harmless and at times, entertaining but he does cross a line calling people “hot mamas” and accepting and giving compliments that imo are inappropriate. I just get the feeling that he is a little over-familiar with women. Great if him and his wife have a good relationship but men that I have met like this irl are often just a little too flirtatious for there own good. I have personally have conversations with other moms that have brought up this guy to me and told me that they gave him the creeps. Obviously I am not alone though he has done nothing yet that is report worthy to the mods or to his wife. Obviously she sees his posts and is fine with his words….don’t know if she reads his pms though.

  11. Tammy says:

    oops correction….he gives THEM the creeps. (lol!)

  12. Tammy says:

    I think some moms are turned off by this blog because of the use of foul language and a few moms on here that get vicious and pointed and go back and forth. These offended moms don’t realize that THAT happens on DS all the time too….but the foul language is deleted and the hot threads are locked or pulled off. Some of them should be whereas imo some should not. But the mods there are policing what is said (and rightly so on some topics) and either editing or removing some things. There IS drama on DS all the time…just these moms are newer, slower to realize it is happening, or avoid the hot topics. So the comments of all the moms over here being vengeful and hateful are not accurate…the same moms here are often ALSO on DS. Some of them are nice and some not nice.

  13. AugustBabies says:

    Ok so you’re on a cloth diapering/mommy board….and you’re a man….WHY do you post a shirtless/nekky picture of yourself as your avi? Why?? a.) why is it allowed when women aren’t allowed to show too much cleavage, and b.) WHY?! would he want to do that? Why isn’t his wife annoyed and/or embarrassed? @12– I agree. The whole package (the “hot mamas”, the shirtless pic, the whole damn thing) is just too much. I mean sure, to each their own but it’s just too much bs for me.

  14. MOMWITHMANY says:

    That was really funny, I am glad it got to stay. Poor crunch she has been so victimized, I mean all she does is say ,rude ,offensive,hurtful things and then people talk about her. How unfair! I am going to get some “mental assistance” so I can learn to be nice to people who are mean.

  15. AugustBabies says:

    LOL oh you sad peeps, you all need mental therapy or assistance! *angrysmiley*

  16. mamak4 says:

    The clothdiaperingdaddy guy is super creepy. The over-usage of smileys makes me want to gouge my eyes out. I think he is either a woman or some creepy older sicko who gets his jollies out of young “mamas” fawning over some pic of a latino dude. Have we even ever seen a pic of his “wife”? I think someone asked to see one and the post was ignored yet he was quick to throw his pic up there. I just get a really creepy vibe from that whole situation.

  17. leslie says:

    I agree with ^18. The whole thing is creepy and off. I’m really shocked that so many posters jumped to his defense when he has less than 200 posts. The constant use of “mamas” and the avi picture is just odd (as well as the above mentioned things). It also strikes me as odd that you would post about this site on there. He obviously loves the attention, and now he gets basically an entire thread dedicated to him on here.

  18. Kirsty says:

    I may need therapy or “assistance”, but I’m fairly certain she could use a dictionary.

  19. not me at all says:

    I think the avi pic is inappropriate as well.

  20. audlovesm5 says:

    LMAO….that’s all I’ve got over here!

  21. HRM's mom says:

    why does everyone always think this blog is so “shocking”? Most of the “shocking” stuff I have read has been on DS so that just really makes no sense to me, however I do sometimes think people on here get a little “OMG I can’t believe they just said that” but hey we all say things we may not really mean.

  22. HRM's mom says:

    oh and I already had some mental health help and it had nothing to do with this blog, lol. I guess real life makes me all crazy.

  23. amessymama says:

    That guy didn’t really creep me out too much. Although, that may have something to do with the fact that this is the first time I’ve ever even noticed him.

    But after this post here:


    I do find him somewhat creepy. I mean, what kind of dude posts that crying smily guy? I doubt it’s a dude at all. It’s probably just some crazy chick who is posting as her husband.

  24. Just Peachy says:

    and after going thru his post history, im gonna agree with “hes creepy”. It really annoys me that he misspells simple words but Im extremely anal about spelling.

  25. I am me says:

    LMAO @ #8.

  26. I am me says:

    I think he is a freaking weirdo. Seriously. I know it’s midly insignificant but his mood is “flirty” and even his picture is weird. It’s like a myspace picture gone stupid, is that even possible?

  27. I am me says:

    oops *mildly* just woke up.

  28. AugustBabies says:

    Oh I think he’s legit as far as being an actual man and being Jenny3AZbabies’s husband. There’s been other threads about posters’ husbands who like to read DS. The difference with him is he jumped right in feet first, tore his shirt off and tried to make it a party! At this point I think he just likes the attention that being one of the few dads on a mommy board will give you. And I imagine his wife doesn’t mind the attention etiher or she’d be more annoyed. It’s just gone a little too far in some peoples minds. If you insist on staying AT LEAST please put your shirt back on for the love of God.

  29. memyselfandi says:

    ITA with August Babies….trying to make FB friends as well…with the shirtless avi. He posted on the hot husbands thread as well…which kind of made me think he was a woman. But with seeing his spelling, maybe he just didn’t understand that it was a thread for the wives to show off their men…not a place for men to post pics of themselves. All screams sketchy to me. If I were his wife I would be worried….

    Maybe he just needs attention…who knows.

  30. AugustBabies says:

    Wait, he posted HIMSELF to the hot husbands thread?! LOL

  31. abbie says:

    ITA with 30.
    And whoever called it a MySpace pic, ROFL. He needs to make a new one in his bathroom mirror, tub in the background, with his duckface on.

    His picture doesn’t bother me though. It’s not like you can see much, It’s dark. When it was just kaleidescopeeyes whining I was determined that my next av would be shirtless Elliot Stabler, to blow dude out of the water. But since it bothers yall I’ll keep El to myself. 😉

    This guy doesn’t bother me too much though, just screams for attention.

  32. leslie says:

    It’s not that having his shirt off is offensive, it’s just *why* would you put it there in the first place. I read back through some of his posts and if my husband was ever on DS (which he wouldn’t ever be anyways), I certainly wouldn’t find it appropriate to be referring to other women as “hot mamas”. And the extreme use of smilies and atrocious grammar just annoys the crap out of me.

  33. JustPeachy says:

    Awwww shoot she closed the thread. On a scale of 1- 10 the last two posts were meh.

  34. DSDM2 says:

    I ignore his posts mostly because the grammar and begging for attention bother me, (not to mention, I am there to talk with other moms, not dads), I think I may have only commented in a handful of his posts. If my husband was using the grammar he uses, he would no longer be my husband. I can’t handle the “stupidz” that people portray when they text or are online. For God Sakes, at least use the English language semi-properly.

    And I wouldn’t be OK with my husband flirting that much online.

    Then again, that is why my husband and I work well together, (among other things), neither of us are stupid (or would it be ignorant?) nor do we solicit the other sex online.

    But, whatever works for the two of them.

  35. DSDM2 says:

    Peach, She closed it most likely because it was slowly turning into a “us vs them” thread and since most of us are some of them, that gets ugly quick. At least she left it up 😀

  36. moxy says:

    33 – I saw Stabler shirtless for the first time recently, in the episode where he’s in the hospital after getting shot. Yowzers!

  37. mamak4 says:

    Honestly why in the HELL would this dude who is just new to sewing want to sew nursing covers or mama cloth….it just screams TROLL

    “So I started by getting a pattern for nursing covers some of them came out good I chose some fabric that i liked, so i made a giraffe one and a snow one out of fleece, and a rock star looking one out of cotton. So after i got done with them my wife doesn’t even use them she just lest it all go free , So once i am allowed to, i guess i will be trying to trade them sense i have no use for them(when I am allowed to). Any one have any good ideas for something useful that’s not so hard to make. Thanks Mamas
    p.s. i can not get them to upload pics so i attached my photobucket “

  38. coffeehoar says:

    Oh oh oh! Me! I need mental help and/or assistance! Is she offering???

    I saw one post by that guy and thought he was pretty pathetic. I avoid posts by him because I have no need to feed into his desperation for attention, but he doesn’t creep me out.

  39. coffeehoar says:

    39. Awesome… I could visualize how some dude carefully considered my needs for absorbancy and contours while using his mama cloth (or daddy cloth?).

  40. Rain Cloud says:

    I wonder of this is the same guy whose blog was called Dad Gone Mad who called his spouse Hot Wife. His blog disappeared and it was found out that he was sending creepy pictures of himself to other women on forums. Interesting.

  41. BicLighter says:

    39- I’m pretty sure men have been analyzing textiles for centuries. He’s hardly the first male who’s considered what kind of materials are better for menstruation. Nearly all commercially available personal products were originally created by men, and it’s not like biological functions are mysterious to them, especially when they’re married and possibly grew up with a sister or two.

    He’s just such an attention whore. It’s like he wants to jump up and down shouting “Ooh! Ooh! I can use a sewing machine! Behold the male using a sewing machine!” It’s like a female mechanic walking into a garage and expecting everyone to fawn over the fact she has both a vagina and a way with a wrench. Nobody cares. Your gender doesn’t make you special, so please get over yourself.

  42. BicLighter says:

    Oops, not 39. I meant to respond to 41.

  43. AugustBabies says:

    ^^ I agree, it HAS to be an attention thing. And with all the fawning he’s getting from some of these ladies, he’s got to be in hog heaven. I get the impression (which I ackowledge could be wrong, as I don’t know these people IRL) that the wife is not only ok with his behavior, but digs it. She has him listed on her siggy as her “Latin Lover” and I’ve watched them reply to eachother on a couple different threads calling eachother “baby”. That’s just waaaaay beyond my own comfort zone. My husband and I have been active on two online forums together over the years and nobody even knew we were married. But ya know, different strokes or whatever.

    I’m also curious if works outside the home, or is she the primary breadwinner?

  44. JustPeachy says:

    My husband and I belong to a forum but no one outside of those who know us personally knows we are married to each other.

  45. dundundun says:

    38 – He did a full frontal when he played an inmate on Oz.

    There are no words.

  46. Abbie says:

    I was too young to watch Oz when it was on. I did not yet have the Stabler luv. I think the best episode looks wise was when he was under cover and Benson played his hooker. I’m a big fan of SVU, obviously.

  47. kattayanna_mom says:

    #10 funny thing is most or many of the posters/responders here are either from DS or used to post on DS. Some use the same SN while others don’t.
    But she did not know that until I sent her a PM saying so.

  48. not me at all says:

    Photomikey also makes me want to scream. That is all.

  49. adensmama says:

    Yeah that dude is totally creepy. Some of it is because he’s a dude, but even if he were a woman I would stay far away from him because he’s annoying. And attention seeking. And can’t spell or use proper English at all.

    I am also anti Photomikey. That dude just annoys the piss out of me.

  50. Snickerdoodle says:

    And the manila envelope debate rages on… (well its actually NOT UP FOR DEBATE) According to the mods but…

  51. Snickerdoodle says:

    51- that will teach me to post links before reading everyone elses!

    I wonder if that counts as mod bashing and a “bannable offense” It had seemed like lately the DS mods were cool with being questioned and cool with discussion and a much more open less fear of being banned atmosphere was being fostered. Now with the latest comment from one of the mods on the manila envelope thread that seems to be swept away.

  52. Abbie says:

    Cookie, just wanted to say that I love that your monster is festive. He’s the Easter monster.

  53. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #49- Baloney, Crunch can pretend whatever she wants but she knows and I am sure she has been on here more than a few times (skimming ,of course). She loves to play the victim while going out of her way to be mean and nasty to others,it gets old fast!

  54. Snickerdoodle says:

    55- LOL I never noticed that my monster had bunny ears before! Bring on the festivities! 🙂

  55. Tammy says:

    The manilla envelope thing seems so out of hand for a tiny thing. I mean let people ship how they want and then let them be responsible for it. How many mediations are the mods doing for people who use those envelopes and then something happens and THEN it is required to go to mediation if they cannot come to an understanding between the 2 of them. I can’t imagine a seller saying tough luck to a buyer when a diaper is halfway hanging out of an untaped envelope. Normally I just don’t have bad experiences with buying and selling online so this micro managing and babysitting of every single detail is so annoying. One mom complains and all of a sudden a rule emerges. Then some mamas counter-complain and the rule is taken back. Shouldn’t a rule be made because a rule is needed and then not taken back no matter the complaining? If you take it back, it’s almost like a public announcement that you couldn’t stick to your guns and if the DS members howl loud enough, we will get our way. It’s setting a bad precedent for future rules.

    Now off to use my cheap envelopes because I REFUSE to buy polymailers and don’t eat enough cereal to ship out items in cereal boxes every week….lol! just kidding!

  56. kittyn says:

    Wow. Really. that much drama over manila envelopes?

    Any transaction through paypal says shipping issues, and the purchase of insurance, is the sellers responsibility, so…where was the issue to start with?

  57. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I don’t see it as babysitting. If they have the rule,it makes less need for mods and mediation(obviously assuming people follow it). It’s great to say let the seller use whatever and be responsible for it but actually making that happen is a huge production. If it’s standard procedure to use poly mailer there is less chance that something will happen and it just saves everyone the trouble.

  58. AugustBabies says:

    Well looks like they’ve amended the rule a bit due to the backlash. Which I think is a cool thing for them to do. I’m in the camp of I understand why they want the rule, but the implementation of it was too micro management-y.

  59. Tammy says:

    I don’t think that DS should be implementing a rule that the post office does not implement. THEY will accept a package like that and you would think that if it was enough of a problem for them on insurance issues or whatnot that they would say no….but they don’t. Also, it’s acceptable on ebay as well. It just seems too much for DS to say that it’s this big problem and needs a rule if even the post office and ebay don’t have a problem with it. Yes, polymailers would be nice but they cost money too and it’s not for DS to tell people what packaging material they HAVE to use. If the post office will take it, I’m fine with it.

  60. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I have one PO that is so strict about what they will take,they have refused items they didn’t feel were taped enough(they were plastered with tape) and I have another one that will take anything at all and I mean ANYTHING! So for me the argument of if it’s good enough for the PO it’s good enough for me is pointless depending on where you go.

  61. Aj says:

    Is anyone else as confused as I?

    Two posts within 4 hours of one another, one seeking advice on live-in help, the other stating she & her husband are in dire financial straits on the verge of losing their home.

    I’m confused–which is it lady?

  62. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #63- She says she is going back to work which is what her husband wants and I think she is hoping the nanny would be cheaper than day care. Her husband said that they should find “reasonably priced” daycare and she was thinking that wouldn’t be possible for 4 kids and still have money left after paying daycare. So it sounds like she is hoping to find someone who could live there while she goes back to work full time.Maybe a college student who would watch the kids for less because they get free room and board. I don’t know I could be wrong ,but that was how I understood it. It kind of makes sense to me ,if you can find the right person it could help both her and the nanny out.

  63. dundundun says:

    65, I agree. I don’t think she sounds nearly as horrible as everyone is making her out to be. It sounds like she knows what she needs to do and is mostly willing, but that her husband is making her way harder than it should be.

  64. Tammy says:

    The suggestion of cereal boxes though was not a great one. Cereal boxes CAN be flimsy and not taped properly as well. It seems that if DS has a problem with envelopes that the concept of taping up a thin box is not a great one either…you still can send one out improperly taped and that cardboard is much thinner than regular. I have received cereal boxes that were all smashed and squished. They are not meant to be individually mailed and cannot withstand rain and being kicked around by the post office. It just seemed inconsistent to say no envelopes but then suggest that people rig up there own boxes out of items that ALSO are not meant to be used in that way.

    I say it is all or nothing. You can suggest suitable packaging materials but you either allow it all and hold the sellers responsible OR you say that everyone has to use polymailers/flat rate boxes EVERY time. One mama’s well taped envelope might make it through the system whereas another mama’s poorly taped, thin cereal box may not. It’s really not fair to start adding all these “do’s and don’ts” to DS.

  65. Tammy says:

    And don’t you all think it is just immature to add a “friend me on Facebook” link in your siggy? (not applying to WAHM pages) It’s like “Hey all you random strangers, want to be friends? I’ll be friends with you if you will be friends with me. You can see photos of my kids and family, know where I live, what I do, see my status updates, and basically know way too much about a perfect stranger but hey, I’m willing to take that risk to up my friend’s numbers!” Seems a little like junior high to me.

  66. I'm Convinced says:

    Meh, I’m not convinced he ISN’T gay or at least bisexual. And nope, it has nothing to do with the fact he sews (my Dh does, too.) or the fact he is into CDing and MC, etc. Really it’s just a vibe I get from his entire personality. I’m convinced he will eventually come out of the closet. Doesn’t really bother me a bit, he’s obviously a great daddy.

    I also wonder if his wife might be that “dominating, unaffectionate, strictly business & no play” type that doesn’t give him enough attention, hence why he is obviously so attention starved.

    Really though, he didn’t technically “make the DS drama blog.” Readers brought him into a discussion, though comments. He wasn’t featured on this blog… not to be technical or anything. 😉

  67. not me at all says:

    Ok photomikey is REALLY creeping me out in the circ threads.

  68. DSDM2 says:

    Envelopes go through the machines and boxes do not. That is the issue. The machines are not meant for fluff, they are meant for paper items. IF you package in a box, then the package is treated with more ‘care’ (even a cereal box). Technically if the package is less than an inch think, you shouldn’t be shipping VIA paypal according to my PO.

  69. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #70- Where the heck are you seeing these people? I have seen 2 posts period on all my time on ds from photo mikey and clothdiapering daddy other than the “how to make yourself miserable” and of course the drama post I never see him either. Not that I am complaining, I absolutely can’t have a civil conversation about circing so it’s better I miss them anyways,but how do I not see all these things?

  70. abbie says:

    You lucky freakin duck! He lives on the parenting board. He loves to be a douche on many topics, specifically vaxxing and circing. He’s the reason I have held back from starting any threads in parenting. He’s just a jackass for the sake of jackassery. And I reeeeally hope this is him.

    You lucky freakin duck! He lives on the parenting board. He loves to be a douche on many topics, specifically vaxxing and circing. He’s the reason I have held back from starting any threads in parenting. He’s just a jackass for the sake of jackassery. And I reeeeally hope this is him.

    Because if so, why the Hell is he on diaperswappers?

  71. abbie says:

    Well, maybe not that last part, because that’s an older profile so maybe he found his true love on the internet and had another kid. But I lol’d when I saw that nonetheless.

  72. Abbie says:

    Wow, fail there. I have no clue why what I wrote was doubled?

  73. .bin. says:

    from a post on NWO from SS…

    “I would probably say a prayer and shoot them then shoot myself so I didn’t have to deal with any of us being tortured.”

    w. t. f. Don’t post online about how you will kill your kids if a government takeover happens, fyi.

  74. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #74-Wow,he seems like reason enough never to go to parenting again. Some of his things are just mean. I rarely go to parenting because it gets so heated and stirring pot when things are already so tense seems like he gets pleasure upsetting others.

    #76- I saw the that and didn’t read the post I had no idea what they were talking about. I will skip it for sure now!!! I have no words for that kind of logic.

  75. JustMe says:

    Re: Packaging. I HATE it when people use food packaging. You send me a cereal or mac n cheese box, and my house and hands are now contaminated with gluten, so I have to wash whatever the item is as well as my hands and anything else that might have come into content with all of that. Imagine if I used a peanut butter cereal box to send something to someone who’s child is severely allergic to PB!

  76. not me at all says:

    I just Hate it when People insist on Typing like This. Of Course it’s Better tHaN THiS.

    Why would you capitalize random words?

  77. moxy says:

    80 – I know. Makes no sense at all and drives me nuts too. It’s not like it’s easier to type that way either.

  78. Kimbella says:

    79 – Could it be Ragababe? Those diapers seem to fit the buyer’s description.

  79. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #80- I was just thinking that,it makes no sense, I was trying to see if there was a pattern to it or for emphasis but it just seems random. Maybe her caps lock was going on and off by itself. That whole thread is driving me crazy,it amazes me how many supposedly educated people have no idea how the meds they take work. If you don’t care then great,but don’t post about something you have no idea what you are talking about.

  80. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Loved this one, now your child can be Hannibal lector.

  81. JustPeachy says:

    At the risk of being flamed I totally need one of those for my 4 year old. Darn girl loses her paci on a regular basis and has a panic attack about it.

  82. mamatocuties says:

    I went to read that thread and got the DS virus page. Ugh.

  83. not me at all says:

    I am Just going to have To Block the Mama that writes like This. It Seriously makes my Brain hurt to Read it. LOL

  84. Aj says:

    Peach, yours isn’t the only one.

  85. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I stopped reading that thread after mamas said they would MAKE their dd’s take plan b and they could thank them later when they have a life instead of a baby. I was just done after that,so much for pro-CHOICE!!!!

  86. Don't Ask, Don't Tell says:

    Is plan B the morning after pill? If so, it delays ovulation and doesn’t harm an implanted fetus… but then, I haven’t read the thread.

  87. sourpatchbaby says:

    91 the problem is that if the egg was fertilized but not implanted yet, plan B would prevent the implantation from happening. This is what makes the pill such a hot topic depending on whether the person considers pregnancy to start at fertilization or implantation.

  88. Toaster says:

    Just wanted to get this out there. Scammer was outed on etsy and esty suspended the one that outed her but still has the store up that is selling the mass produced non handmade items.

  89. JustPeachy says:

    Lame. Im so glad I dont frequent etsy.

  90. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #92-Exactly and some don’t consider an fertilized but not implanted egg a child so for them there is no issue with it and that is obviously a personal decision. I won’t quote any thing from ss out of respect for the posters but what I object to is that some said their daughter would HAVE to take it.It just scares me that anyone regardless of age would be FORCED to do something against their beliefs.I haven’t been back ,maybe they were just exaggerating but it didn’t seem like it. I couldn’t be nice anymore so I left.

  91. BicLighter says:

    Re 90: As a mom of a daughter, and someone who has taken Plan B (and a Catholic for Choice, for what it’s worth) I can get behind that sentiment. Even if the Plan B stopped a fertilized egg from implanting, there was a 50% chance of that happening anyway. Plan B is a hormonal birth control, nothing more. If someone has the belief that pregnancy begins at the moment an egg is fertilized, and that all pregnancy is to be revered, it stands to reason that same woman should weep solemnly for every other menstrual period.

    Of course many people do not believe in hormonal birth control for that very reason, but it smacks of misogyny led by being uninformed. I don’t know the intention of the women claiming they would force their daughters to take Plan B. But personally, I would claim it on a message board as hyperbole. I certainly would not hold her down and force a pill down her throat, but if she refused the offer based on the idea it’s killing a baby it would suggest she was ignorant of conception. And no young woman should be.

    I’m going to get off this soap box now!

  92. try me, i'm new! says:

    anyone getting an odd message at cdn?

  93. Too True says:

    Yes! I was just coming here to find out what the deal is! It says “hacked by something or other” and there’s a guy playing the sax!

  94. Rannensmom says:

    Try me-I am. From what I gathered on google, its a group of hackers that go forum to forum

  95. try me, i'm new! says:

    yep, just googled them myself. thankfully, I have the volume turned off and missed the sax. so….this must have just happened.

  96. AugustBabies says:

    Sorry I’m trying to catch up on posts. #79 and #83– definitely RagaBabe. Without a doubt.

  97. AugustBabies says:

    @ #96, quote: “If someone has the belief that pregnancy begins at the moment an egg is fertilized, and that all pregnancy is to be revered, it stands to reason that same woman should weep solemnly for every other menstrual period.”

    Bic, I don’t want to get into a debate, but I’m not sure of your logic here. Fertilized eggs aren’t normally released during a woman’s menstrual cycle, right? I thought they were implanted and thus starts a pregnancy; and it’s an UNfertilized egg that is released during a period.

  98. Kimbella says:
    At the time I guessed that she was talking about ADG.
    Looks like I was right – see aqua longies at bottom of listing. But, shouldn’t she disclose that they were redyed and felted in her listing? And, were they worn once or twice? In her t&f post, she states twice. In her fsot listing, it’s once.

  99. MOMWITHMANY says:

    102- Exactly, I thought it was a jab at me,but honestly it just doesn’t matter. I don’t cry at every cycle,I have no problems with a cycle not resulting in pregnancy and I completely support the use of NFP if it is necessary. For me the issue is a fertilized egg not being able to implant due to CONTRACEPTIVE means. Obviously there are fertilized eggs that don’t implant naturally,my concern is when steps are taken to prevent it from happening. But again this is my personal belief ,if you don’t see a fertilized egg as a child then it doesn’t matter. I am not familiar with Catholics for choice except that it is NOT accepted or approved by the Vatican so I can’t speak to that at all.

  100. AugustBabies says:

    @MOMWITHMANY- I’m Catholic too…good to know I’m not the only one here. 😀 I’m not sure I understand Catholics for Choice or what their canonical standing within the Church, but I know this isn’t the forum to discuss it in any case. Off to do some googling….

  101. MOMWITHMANY says:

    105- There’s quite a few of us on here, always good to meet another! And you are right this isn’t the spot for discussions on these things. Bic, I am bdhutier on DS (in case you didn’t know) if you ever want to pm me.

  102. Kimbella says:

    Hey! I’m a Catholic NFPer too! Nice to “meet” more of the same. 😀

  103. sourpatchbaby says:

    Who is this mama who is trying to scam this poor lady?

  104. Amy Estrada says:

    alicia9178 Feedback was left. H2BAM quoted her post so it proved she posted all diapers for $120.

  105. werd says:

    108 according to the FB she left, the scammer is alicia9178

    this is the original thread:

  106. not me at all says:

    So has DS just given up on the whole outing of Jenifer thing?

  107. DSDM2 says:

    No idea, has anyone asked for more info in the thread?

  108. not me at all says:

    Update from today:

    Just a small update- I cant keep putting off this investigation and I dont see myself being able to come back to it in the near future. Anyone who is owed a refund from TF will be getting it within the next few days and then I will be off this case. If you feel you were overcharged in a coop, shipping or otherwise, Jenifer is open to you emailing her through her DS profile to discuss a resolution.

    So yeah apparently DS is putting it all the ppl who got screwed by her now. NICE.

  109. abbie says:

    Question: I had an order in for a co-op recently, very excited about the item. We had some unexpected expenses come up, and then I realized that payment was due on a Tuesday, not Thursday (payday). I regretfully withdrew my order & received a pm from a very sweet mama offering to front my payment for me! No profit, just paid for them and I paid her for the items and shipping when she got them. I got the items today and they’re great. So, do I/can I treat this like a regular fsot and leave her appropriate feedback? I’m floored by the generosity and want to give some kind of public thank you. So would feedback be ok?

  110. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    me too #107

  111. MOMWITHMANY says:

    # 114- I have sent things to people for free ,no transaction on their part and I have always gotten feedback. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be ok,it’s still feedback for that person and the way they do business.

  112. Flat Stainley says:

    So, this is not DS related but I was pleasantly surprised to see that on the FFS section of HC that Dr. Miriam Stoppard’s Menopause book is no longer listed. I am praying it was raptured for the menopausal ladies that were saved. Ya think? Seeing that listing for over a year has really put a bee in my MMPs.

  113. melmelly says:

    I wub ewe, Flat Stainley!

  114. Flat Stainley says:

    Wub ewe too, melmelly. 🙂

  115. Kimbella says:

    What is up with people not fully disclosing info about items they’re selling?!

    Original T&F thread about messed up overalls and shorties by Katidids on etsy:

    Spots overalls thread (notice the poor knitting is NOT mentioned): Some poor sucker bought those! 😦

    DS listing for shorties (again, no mention of horrible knitting):

  116. Flat Stainley says:

    I wondered about who would end up with those when she said she’d listed them. Sad selling ethics but whelp, you gotta move it on out, right? 😦 hence, the reason she didn’t list them on DS. She even had such a clear conscience about it that there is no trace of them in her thread. Don’t you just love that about certain sellers?

  117. Kimbella says:

    She did have the shorties listed in her thread on DS. She deleted them and marked the thread as sold after her T&F thread was bumped. She wanted $30ppd for the shorties with no mention of the sad knitting – I have a screen shot.

    Doesn’t look like she was taking too much of a loss. 😦

    I also would like to know how the knitter has so many + feedbacks.

  118. AugustBabies says:

    @113– For some reason I can’t locate the original Jenifer Outing thread on DS. I can’t believe that post you quoted. WTH?? They were doing so well, and now it’s like….well, this has become too hard to deal with, so anyone else who is out money is on their own? I’m not trying ot be mean– there could be more to it. It could be Jenifer is a total BEAR to deal with, or that that “I’ve been scammed by her!” claims are coming out of the woodwork. If just one mod (volunteer mod, at that) is handling all that, I can get why she’s fed up. But I don’t like how they posted that, and how it was worded. I can think of a few possible better ways it could have been handled…

  119. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #123- I couldn’t find any info on the Jennifer situation either. I thought maybe that statement wasn’t on ds but another site talking about it. The whole thing seems like a huge mess.

  120. Kirsty says:

    If I went to Walmart and the clerk purposely gave me change for a $10 when I gave her a $50, I would fully expect that Wal-mart would take the reigns and make sure that that clerk made it right. However, I’m not surprised in the slightest that DS is washing their hands of it. They don’t take any responsibility for it whatsoever in spite of the fact that they gave her the full accessibility no accountability. There is no way in Hades I will ever do another Co-op there.

  121. Flat Stainley says:

    Looks like Edward Cullen is shopping on DS:

  122. sourpatchbaby says:

    sweet baby jesus on a squid! I’m pretty sure that purple one at the top had fresh blood on it! WTH?! I would be absolutely mortified to post things like that even if they were FFS. $20 for 12 ultra stained MC is too much money. Way too much.

  123. Flat Stainley says:

    I was also rather horrified to see those.

  124. kimbella says:

    Eww! That one does look like it hasn’t been washed! Who would buy those?

  125. Too True says:

    I think I’m feeling a little queasy after looking at that….

  126. Oh I thought that was the dude who posted the thread! My bad.

  127. AugustBabies says:

    ^^ That’s a shame, I’ve always liked HHB diapers. Those were the first fitteds I ever bought. Are you sure that’s the brand, kim? And the Elbees? OMG that’s a lot of money to lose! I don’t understand the poster’s comment about how paypal couldn’t help her because of how she paid. How does that work?

  128. AugustBabies says:

    Not me– links aren’t working. 😦 So they’ve deleted the Jenifer thread?

  129. Tammy says:

    Yucky on that mama cloth! I get the same feeling when I see condoms for sale on fsot even though the mc is actually much yuckier if you think about it. Sun that mama cloth and maybe use some stain remover. That is so gross. Or have people message you for a photo if they want to see one.

    Anything else going on around here? Not much drama this summer, huh? ha ha ha! No interesting trolls lately, no wahms doing horrible deeds, no mamas getting high and mighty with their bizarre life choices, no scammers….other than someone that was answering iso’s WITHOUT a fsot badge. And people were actually buying things and getting scammed.

    Good grief people. Use your brains! You are buying from someone that is no approved and does not have feedback. You can hardly blame scammers from coming to ds when you have people that fall for that kind of thing over and over and over.

  130. kimbella says:

    135: It was definitely HHB. There are pics of the diapers in the buyers PB, and HHB commented on some of them.

  131. kimbella says:

    There was some drama about homebirths between apurkeyp vs cinderella, JennTheMomma, and songbird516 and maybe a few others. apurkeyp is now banned for 3 mos because of it.

  132. Abbie says:

    um. wow.

    read from this post on:

    Jenifer sent the refund money to Becky (BJaneen/IAMNaturally). Becky was supposed to distribute. Becky didn’t. And now. . .


  133. Abbie says:

    And see post 79 on:

    Now I really wonder what was in her signature. Hrmmm.

  134. Abbie says:

    And last post, promise. This is H2BAM’s response before locking the WW thread where Becky apparently lost her marbles?

    “Stop everybody.Just stop.

    I’m trying to figure out what to do. Attitude toward DS and Becky too isn’t going to help this second.

    Give me a few hours to try to figure this out.Then,if I can’t, I’ll do what I can to help everyone file locally this will be considered theft by her local PD. I’m not sure what to do. I’m really needing a few minutes to wrap my head around this.

    I’ve helped enough cases like this out that I know what channels to take locally to Becky. Let me actually talk to her and try to get to the bottom of this first please. She may be upset at the team but I just can’t believe she would do this to mamas here. I just can’t. I’m scared I’m wrong.

    I’m locking this while I dig a bit.”

    I don’t get the first line & didn’t pick up attitude towards DS, but toward Becky (justifiable imo). But honestly, I think she’s the person for it. She has a knack for stopping the scams and helping people get back whatever they can when they’re wronged.

  135. Abbie that would be me although I believe my comments were deleted. IDK what to think. I spent last night actually crying. Yes crying over fucking string!!!! This was like the 3rd coop in a month that I got screwed on (I was part of the creatively ewe fiasco and had another coop were i was unhappy with the end product)

  136. Just Peachy says:

    Since my comments are being sent to moderation cus I logged in thru my fb account Im reposting
    Abbie that would be me although I believe my comments were deleted. IDK what to think. I spent last night actually crying. Yes crying over fucking string!!!! This was like the 3rd coop in a month that I got screwed on (I was part of the creatively ewe fiasco and had another coop were i was unhappy with the end product). Im sick about this. Not only do I have personal shit going on I have to deal with another person making off with my money

  137. abbie says:

    They must’ve been deleting them fast, because I didn’t see them until the ones you made later last night.
    they closed one of the threads because other people were posting and she accused them of just stirring the pot. I have to wonder if that was me, but I never stirred.

    and I would be pissed if I were you, too. you’re out money and the trust that you had in her. I haven’t been screwed over in a group buy there, but each time I worry a little more.

  138. memyselfandi says:

    Wow, I am shocked!

    I remember bjaneen (Becky’s) signature recently saying that she had just separated from her dh, and was taking a break or something. I’ve done a few co-ops through her, and when I messed up on the pricing through Frontier, she’d always adjust it, and let me know that I put down a higher wrong amount, etc. It is hard to figure out that catalog sometimes. Anyways, I never got a scamming vibe from her.

  139. Just Peachy says:

    She did end up refunding us thank goodness but the stuff about her keeping money from Jenifer had me nervous. I seriously hope thats not true

  140. kimbella says:

    Here is the original seller’s fsot thread:

    Here is the buyer’s new fsot thread, selling the diapers she claimed to have never received:

    The buyer is shortcake2386 / MotherGoose Designs

  141. abbie says:

    Oh no. That looks really bad. And she’s a very present member too. That makes it worse, when it’s a newb it doesn’t feel as, personal? to everyone else. Yikes. I wonder how this will go down.

  142. abbie says:

    well it got a little bit more interesting.

    I would hope it isn’t true, but it looks bad.

  143. MamaE says:

    It does look really bad, I agree. The first listing tells what material the inners are made of, and the second listing says the exact same thing (all have flannel inners except for the royal blue, which is fleece). Also, the first listing shows the inside puppy print on the baby blue diaper, and you can kind of see on the second listing that the inside looks the same. Plus – why didn’t the Mama (Shortcake) show pictures of the insides of the diapers? – trying to hide something, perhaps?

  144. moxy says:

    Shortcake has been on here before with issues. Can’t remember where though.

  145. kimbella says:

    She did have pics of the inners but edited to remove them.

    She also had the nerve to post in the T&F thread!

  146. kimbella says:

    Maybe I’m thinking of someone else, but wasn’t Shortcake the wahm who made some green velour boxers and used white thread and sewed them very poorly. Then when her buyer complained, she flipped out and her sister? rushed to her defense?

    Or am I thinking of someone else?

  147. moxy says:

    Yes, that’s her.

  148. kelolsen/shopaholic says:

    Shortcake made an XL (with measurements I gave her) trainer for my 42lb 3yo and when it arrived, it was the tiniest thing ever. I put it away and it doesn’t even fit my current 3yo, who is a 30lb peanut. I was floored that she actually sent it to me. I was too naive back then to do an ything about it.

  149. AugustBabies says:

    Ok let me see if I have this straight, since I’m late checking in and a lot of the threads posted above are already gone. Becky – (aka IAMNaturally), the mod who helped investigate and clean up the whole Jenifer mess – is now accused of stealing money that Jenifer sent her to repay the people who were originally ripped off during the co-op?? And now she’s banned because of it? Is that what happened?? Holy cow.

  150. Myself says:

    AugustBabies –

    Yes that is correct

  151. Sala says:

    No, it’s not IAMNaturally. It’s Becky, BJaneen.

  152. abbie says:

    Same person. I think she changed it, then changed it back.

  153. Sala says:

    Well, she was banned as Bjaneen. I missed the name change.

  154. Tammy says:

    I still don’t know what VNP is and don’t care to know. Oh well.

    So I wonder how that shortcake situation turned out. I wonder what the logical explanation was that the mod mentioned.

  155. Erica says:

    Deviate, what is this link for? Facebook links never work for me for some reason.

  156. kimbella says:

    So, shortcake re-payed for the diapers, but what was her believeable explanation (accd to H2BAM in the DS thread)?

  157. Not Me At All says:

    So Becky is unbanned with NO explanation.

  158. thismelrocks says:

    So what did MamaStick post that got her banned. I read it was something she linked in her blog. Anyone?

  159. kitty1163 says:

    She was unbanned so that they can deal with the Wildflower Whimsy mess. She was the original coop host for that.

  160. smartassmama says:

    She posted either a post or a thread, now deleted, that basically said to follow the link to her blog, where she gives a big middle finger to some mods I think, but mostly the stuck up ‘perfect’ snobs on DS. H2bam actually responded about some of the issues and is looking into what was probably a ban that shouldn’t have happened (on another member). It is worth the read though! I happen to really like her style, and just mamastick in general.

  161. Sala says:

    where’s her blog?

  162. MotherMoonPads says:

    Anyone know who the WAHM is?

  163. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    177- Did you see the JAR? 99% sure it’s the same deal or else the stories are eerily similar. It’s more Elbee drama.

  164. iken says:

    At 177, that appears to be about Bagshot Row Bamboo.

    Facebook fan page.

  165. Freckleface says:

    it’s definitely bsrb. elbee still has an open hc and the jar said she only bought 2 dipes, not a few.

  166. sourpatchbaby says:

    Dang, now crunchy is wishing her friend would miscarry her twins or they’d be taken away from her. If this is a real person she’s talking about and not a made up story, I hope the girl runs far away from her! NO ONE needs that kind of person around them.

    I pray and hope she gets called on and they do something about this! When I first found out, I always said the best thign that could happen to those poor, poor babies would be 1)miscarriage or 2) adoption or they get taken away. Unfortunately, none of the above will probably happen. I just feel so miserable for those poor, poor babies

  167. Syrinx says:

    Looks like barefootnomadeatsfree is about to get busted.

  168. smartassmama says:

    I guess anytime I have doubts I should just not mention it. Because that persona never made sense to me. And I’m glad H2bam tossed out the IP card. Bahaha! And lookie, she hasn’t been back.
    And maybe I’m just uber hormonal, but I’m glad it is fake. The thought of my 2 and 3 year old not having anything personal and comforting to call their own makes me near tears. Yeah, hormones…

    And why on earth would someone so earthy eat McDonald’s? And I’m pretty sure feeding your kids strangers’ garbage is terribly risky behavior.

  169. Serina1979 says:

    Yeah she drove e crazy! Always acted so perfect ugh! I have seen freegans but how would you be sure you were eating vegan if you are eating from the trash on occasion? I was about to put her on iggy before I saw that thread.

  170. Freckleface says:

    what happened? I missed it all.

  171. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    me too 186

  172. smurfmeat says:

    What about adding another DramaMama to keep the drama flowing on the blog? (Not suggesting myself).

  173. kimbella says:

    See comment #120 above.

    Now she’s having issues with diapers she sold.

  174. Just Peachy says:

    I would just like to take this opportunity to tell **Edited out full name to “max” ** to go fuck herself. And if you consider me trash what do you consider yourself? You definitely are not at all classy stooping so low as to comment on my homelife of which you know very little about. With that carryon 🙂

  175. tootrue says:

    I was wondering if this would carry on over here….

  176. Just Peachy says:

    Ya well since it got locked and Im not risking getting banned over her no class ass hell ya it would. That was fucking low of her. Sorry shes so desperate for interwebz friends that she is gonna shove her nose so far up M***edited name out**’s ass and be a raging cunt. I have friends who have met her and said shes not like that at all and I never expected her to stoop that low. But then again she is a cunt so whatever.

  177. Sala says:

    Peachy, if you think that the above is showing how non-trashy you are, think again.

  178. Just Peachy says:

    I dont give a shit what you think of me honestly. Think of how you would feel if someone said that to you. And now you can fuck off too

  179. Sala says:

    I would laugh because it’s not true. I’m a lot of things, some perhaps not so nice, but trashy isn’t one of them.

    Also, I find that comments that hurt the worst are either so far off base it isn’t funny or there’s truth to them. From where I sit, I have to think it’s the latter. I’m sorry you have (or had, I do hope that it’s behind you now) a crappy home life. She shouldn’t have said it, it was rude. Absolutely rude, I’m pretty sure no one is willing to contest that. But the way you came back and attacked full-bore?

    If you are hurt there are better ways to express your anger and hurt without looking like the thing you’re accused of. I’m not saying you suck it up and take it but there are better ways to say, “That was rude. Please don’t use what you think you know of my home life against me as that is low and I thought you were better than that.” You don’t have to suck it up but neither do you need to be more than rude to defend yourself.

  180. theinvisible says:

    You know, the posts speak for themselves. No matter what the back story is, what was said to JP was pretty much indefensible. It was brutal and vicious and imo a low blow. Anyone who reads that who doesn’t already have an alliance or friendship (like me) will probably come to the same conclusion. I am actually very surprised that someone who I’ve always thought of as a fairly nice person would chop someone up like that on a public forum.

  181. DSDM2 says:

    OK, peachy, you have overstepped yourself here. I am coming out of retirement to respond to you and be honest.

    I need a few minutes to get my thoughts together before I post, but I promise, all of you will want to hear what I have to say.

    ETA for those who don’t know, it is in regard to this thread:

  182. Sala says:

    No one is defending what M. said. No one at all. If they did, I’d say they were wrong to do so. I’m certainly not saying M. wasn’t rude or that what she said wasn’t low because I think it was. She did apologize for it. But the counter attack was beyond the pale and went too far.

  183. That Mom says:

    In regards to Peachy/Max drama: Could someone screenshot what went down at least? I don’t wanna get cooties from DS and I’m out of the loop.

  184. whateva says:

    maybe it was rude but there was never evr a more disgusting mouth than ole peach. she was getting what was coming to her no doubt. She is vile, putrid a piece of trash and if she cant take it she shouldnt of dished it out all this tiem. Truth hurts peachy.

  185. DSDM2 says:

    Peachy, darling…

    I’m saddened to say it is no longer Tuesday, but really wish it were for this.

    You are a low class, trashy, know-it-all who thinks she is better than everyone else.

    What Max and M posted on DS are 100% true.

    #1.) HC has gone down hill and sucks.
    #2.) You post your shit all over, we all know your husband is an abuser, you refuse to leave, and so on and so forth.

    As to point one, I am posting a few examples on what is wrong with HC, but the real issue is that since there are so many of these shitty store owning women are coming up and selling “WAHM” products at low quality, that people have come to expect the shitty quality items as ok since a “mom” made them. WAHM products should be professional. We have said it time and again, just because you own a sewing machine, a pair of needles, or some thread does not mean you should be a WAHM. HC has more shitty work than good these days.

    Case and point: (who sells on congos, but has been all over the interwbz as shitty)

    I randomly was looking at stores to give examples, and only searched for about 10 minutes to find these gems.

    WAHM quality should be better than target or walmart; HC used to have professional women only, now it is a crap-shoot.

    Now. #2.


    WTF is wrong with you? What is so sad in your life that you need to run around the entire of the interwebz attacking M, Max, and making fun of everyone who is a better person than you? Who are you to do this? You are nobody. Absolutely a nobody.

    You are a sad sad woman who has such a bad life that she is jealous of people who don’t. The two people you picked out are not people I know, but I do know them from the boards. They are two people who make lives beautiful and do things for others. M takes photos for NILMDTS, Max has donated to numerous people on DS and CDN. M has given over and over to fund to help people on the boards, sent things to moms in need.

    Yes, both women are blunt. Maybe to the point of being a bit rude. But neither holds a candle to you.

    You think that it is appropriate to post their full names all over the blog? You think that you are a better person for the name calling and craptastic behavior you are displaying? What have you done today to make the lives of someone else better or to help someone on the boards?

    I am only going to say this once.

    You need to grow up, leave your husband, stop hanging around on the computer, take care of your kids, and do something with your life.

    You don’t have to be white trash forever.

  186. wxyz says:

    OH SNAP.

  187. theinvisible says:

    Oh snap is right. I guess back story counts for a lot after all.

  188. .bin. says:

    Is the locked thread still on DS? missing so much of this story.

  189. Just Peachy says:

    I didnt post my shit all over but thanks for outting yourself Sam. The only place I posted anything was on CDN. And i dont leave for my own reasons which you should know given the fact Ive posted on CDN. I dont care if you think Im trash. Its not a big secret what her name is. Its all over her photos everywhere. Hmmmmm. And I yimed you to remove it because I posted it because I was angry. Imagine if someone posted something you shared on another board such as your husband is secretly gay and someone went to another forum and used that against you. Two wrongs dont make a right I agree.
    And figures you would defend Meg. Anything to keep your shitty as board in the money. Why not change the name to hookersnation since thats essentially what you are doing. With that I bid my final adieu.

  190. Kristen says:

    205- Last time I checked, it was still locked.

  191. Sam says:

    WTF are you talking about Peach? Outing myself?

  192. Sam says:

    For the record, I am NOT the drama Mama, one, two or three. Never have been. You’re not im’ing with me.

  193. Kristen says:


  194. amessymama says:

    205-The locked thread is still there, it’s linked in post #198. The specific comment that peach is taking offense to is right here

  195. smartassmama says:

    What was/is the name of the thread?

  196. amessymama says:

    212- What is there a lack of on HC???

  197. iken says:

    I just can’t figure out why Max felt the need to post in that thread in the first place, considering she had one post in April and one in December.

  198. wxyz says:

    someway i dobt thats the “final adieu”. we can wish it though

  199. Sala says:

    Final adieu for CDN, Peachy is now banned.

  200. wxyz says:

    im not on cdn but i know ahes been drgging her drama around for years so I am not suprised. what goes around comes around and this is a relly good example of it

  201. abbie says:

    1. I apologize that WordPress auto inserted the name I used to use here. Im not trying to be sneaky.
    2. I feel like such a dunce. I thought she was being crafty with someone else’s name, and I read 13 whole pages on cdn about the dramatic mom who gave up her twins, thinking it was somewhere in there! Woooo! Don’t I feel like an idiot!

  202. Messy says:

    ***TOTALLY OT!!!*** But DSDM2, I looked at the HC links you posted and for the most part, I guess I don’t get it. Like Wasabi Mommi, what could that store do to be better? Her stuff looks nice to me… Same with the Hats. I think some of the hats are adorable… Maybe that is because I make my kids some cheesy hats? LOL But honestly, I am not getting it.

  203. BFFMama says:

    Dude, I don’t want the eherps but I’m totally wanting to know the comment that was linked about that peach was upset about. Anyone?

  204. BFFMama says:

    Flippin typo. Should say: I’m totally wanting to know the comment that was linked ABOVE that peach was upset about.

  205. Sala says:

    For one, Wasabi is a drama whore and anything you can do, she can do better. Secondly, she put up some crap up for sale as soon as it came off her machine after she taught herself to sew, we’re talking not even seconds quality.

  206. Sala says:

    The post that Peachy got pissed (and rightfully so) at was this:

    “You like to find me wherever I post, don’t you. You are simply trash my dear. Why don’t you run along now. Find a decent man who won’t beat your ***.”

    M. has since acknowledged that it was wrong and low and apologized.

  207. BFFMama says:

    Thanks Sala. Wowzers!

  208. Messy says:

    Ok, I have never ordered from any of the people linked, so I did not know. Not knowing that Wasabi was new, I would have expected the same quality as MMP (for instance). I wish there was a “background” form that the sellers filled out for their “about me” page that told how long they had been doing this and their background information in relation to their production. But then I suppose they would just lie :sigh:

  209. Aj says:

    Bwhahahah, leave it to Meg to get the drama rolling again–never fails!

  210. You guys are making me miss being all up in the drama…

  211. Tammy says:

    Wasabi is not that new. Though anytime that I have interacted with her, it is a pain in the rear. I would never buy from her.

  212. Don't Ask, Don't Tell says:

    WasabiMommi has horrible products! You can zoom in and see that her pads are completely not symmetrical, some of the pads line up on the backing, some don’t, her sewing doesn’t look very neat, and she has those “I’m broke so I am going to slap together some shit for money” sales and never will have money to refund or help. I agree with DSDM2 that people are too nice and don’t expect good quality anymore. AS for peachy/Jenn… is anyone really surprised? She is a bitch whereever she posts.

  213. Sala says:

    Wow, Equivocal changed her user name to MW69842 and now she’s banned. I wonder why it took them so long.

  214. Aj says:

    She probably asked for the ban herself, at least that’s what she said in her last rant.

  215. maddtosh says:

    Anyone have anymore info on whats up with Riley-Madison??

  216. Anna says:

    I saw that and wondered if maybe the admins changed her name and pw so she can’t log back in?

  217. abbie says:

    According to someone who has her on FB, she asked the site owner to delete her? And instead he changed her name to something random and banned it. BUT not her ip. So if she wants to come back, she’s able. Eyeroll.

  218. HRM's mom says:

    I was reading that thread and wondered wth she wanted from everyone, I honestly thought she was looking for someone to give her money, I mean everything was I can’t do that and I tried that so what else is there. Frankly she was blowing things up because I am guessing her Landlord sent her a letter saying pay or we will evict you but here in MI you have to go to court for that and than you still get time to pay them first. Perhaps that is part of her sickness but I fear for her little girl with no one else to make sure she is ok on a daily basis.

  219. rainbow says:

    This will likely get locked sooner rather than later, but really ajane? You didn’t see how that might turn out badly?

  220. abbie says:

    I wonder what it’s like to be that uppity and oblivious, all at the same time. I’m starting to think she really does not realize that she comes off as a pretentious string of cuss words. Lots of them.

  221. rainbow says:

    I don’t get it at all either. In her OP it really did sound like she’s calling out her oldest niece about her eating and berating her BIL and SIL for not “fixing” their picky kid. Who cares if she is picky? I was so so picky as a kid, and I’m not now. She needs to get over herself.

  222. memyselfandi says:

    am I the only one not feeling sorry for luvsviola, no longer having her dear foster son? I remember her siggy long ago, saying he had a ton of health issues(basically trying to make herself look like a martyr for taking him on), his birth mom took heroin when pregnant, he was born prematurely, etc.

    here she whines that they aren’t giving him back to her:

    and then here she talks about letting him cry it out, and how it didn’t work b/c he’d cry till he threw up. I am not a fan of CIO for any baby, but esp. one with needs like that, just extra cruel IMO, and it’s not even your child. hopefully, his other home is better to him:(

  223. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    239 & 240- She faked her own suicide last week in an attempt to get out of fessing up to A LOT of scamming and issues.

  224. amessymama says:

    Holy freakin’ cow! How did she actually do it? Did her “husband” post on the board about it?

  225. AugustBabies says:

    Messy– well, the WoolieBoolieBums wares look very amateurish….that’s not the kind of wool I want to spend money on, you kwim? If I used wool, that is. And Night Owl Knits look like a really obvious CrankyPants (sp?) rip-off. The others admittedly didn’t look to bad, but nothing that blew me away either.

    Drama Mamas– please come out of retirement! Is it because DS is supposedly a virus pit? You know, IME most big forums that have ads also have virus issues.The rumors of DS being a virus pit are, I think, greatly exaggerated at this point. Partly due to the persistent rumors and reminders about it on a certain *other* cloth diapering board that is eating it’s bitter forum-self alive and losing members and seems to feel like trashing DS at every opportunity is a good strategy to combat this. Anyhow, if you have good spyware and antivirus on your PC, it *should* alert you if there are any threats on the page. I don’t even know if this is the reason why yall are saying you’re retired….but whatever the reason, please don’t! The drama is still there. It NEVER STOPS. We need you, drama blog. *sniffle*

  226. Anna says:

    Memyselfandi- did you even read the first post you linked?? The bio father smokes with te baby in his arms, doesn’t hook up his feeding tube, and is a convicted rapist. I’m no fan of CiO either, but luvsviola seems like a genuine person and despite differences in parenting style, her home would be a million times safer for that baby.

  227. memyselfandi says:

    Anna….doesn’t look like that anymore if you read the OP. He is with another foster mom, thankfully. And besides, if that were truly the case, I don’t think child services would leave baby with him. And how would she know this anyway, do you think she is allowed to go to cousin’s house and observe what he does with baby? Would they know that she let the baby cry until he vomited? Don’t think so. Again, I hope that the new mom treats him better and does not allow that to happen to him:(

  228. AugustBabies says:

    I’ve always gotten pretty good vibes from luvsviola. The letting the baby cry until he throws up thing is no good, but that’s the only bad thing I’ve ever seen her post. Not that I’ve been stalking her or anything. LOL

  229. AugustBabies says:

    @239, 240 & 241: I LOVE H2BAM mod note on her edited post: “edit to add back in what OP tried to delete ’cause someone trying to make people think they died in order to get out of resolving issues, just flies all over me in a really bad way.”

  230. knittingfool says:

    Just noticed that It’s A Snap is back on HC as of this month. Nothing for sale yet, but how the hell did that happen?

  231. Wow, that’s a blast from the past.

  232. tootrue says:

    Check out the last picture…We could see the crappy sewing if it were actually in focus…oy! Fitting name though, all thats crap!

  233. Yes, the Drama is there, but DS isn’t half as censored as it used to be, in my opinion. Threads get locked instead of going poof, and with my kids getting older, I just don’t have the time to keep up with the kids, DS, and the blog. I’ll see what I can do.

  234. Sala says:

    tootrue says:
    July 25, 2011 at 12:56 pm
    “Check out the last picture…We could see the crappy sewing if it were actually in focus…oy! Fitting name though, all thats crap!

    I’m not sure about how horrible the sewing is, but take a gander of her cutting in this sample! Talk about uneven!

    These leggings aren’t even the same length! . Psssst, when making baby legs from striped socks, it’s really easy to make them the same length. All you have to do is count the stripes! I am shocked that that easy task which my preschooler would be able to do handily was beyond her.

  235. Not Me At All says:

    Photomikey has been banned. But here is his last thread taking shots at DS and the Mamas there

  236. Tammy says:

    thread is gone btw. guess some mamas got snarky and started taking shots at the mods. as usual.

  237. Not Me At All says:


    same thread different link still wondering who the WAHM is

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