Public Outting of DS Coop Scam…

Posted: April 2, 2011 by DSDM2 in Just Drama

Good for DS for not hiding it, this took a lot of time and research:

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Exclamation ATTN:All Members~PLEASE READ RE: JENIFER

We are posting a public outing of DS Member and former co-op star hostess Jenifer.
Some things have been brought to our attention and the team did some investigating.
We are not happy with what we found and feel it is our responsibility to protect our members and let you know what happened. We also removed Jenifer from Co-ops and did a mediation with her. There are 4 other packages that we know of which are missing to out of country moms and we are doing our best to track these packages. If any of these packages arrive PLEASE contact a coop mod and let them know. We got her to refund some money that we found she kept from co-ops after crunching numbers and them not adding up. We have worked hard and bettered our coop system by now having hosts fwd the emails from the companies or wahm’s directly to us in original format to the ds co-ops email address. 

We have found the following:

Jenifer states: Feb 1 posted saying order was being input into TF system and nothing was OOS and being made to order, last time took 2 weeks (last time was made same day as well)
Feb 1- posted that paypal was pending on Feb 3
Feb 3- posted saying TF said about a week (this was never stated by TF)
Feb 8- posted saying TF emailed and stated “started processing today and to expect a shipping notice in 7-10 days” and that she was going to look for helpers
Feb 18- posted saying she was going to call and see if it had shipped, told Liana the produce delivery to make our order was held up by the snowstorm
Feb 18- posted that the order was being overnighted Tuesday (she still had not paid for it yet at this point)
Feb 21- posted that her kids were sick
Feb 23- posted that the order was there. Said she couldn’t open any boxes cause her whole family was ill and puking.
Feb 28- posted that she had inventoried most items and 2 items were mislabeled and some were broken. (this is the day the order was paid for)
March 2nd- realized 3 items were missing and OOS (this is the day the order arrived)

Jenifer had no communication between 1/29 and 2/18 so the posts about emails during that time from TF are false

TF states: they do not overnight, the order would have shipped Jan 28th had it been paid for when ordered on the 27th. Jenifer emailed on 2/18 stating she would call and pay the next morning. No communication between then and 2/28 when Jenifer called and made payment. The order shipped that same day via UPS tracking number 1Z1R07090346165358 and was delivered at approx 9am on Mar 2

During the time her entire family was sick and throwing up, posted on facebook that she attended a baby shower. She also had Baltic Creations input fills while her sister visited from out of town but told participants she had a family emergency and that was why she couldn’t do them.

Stated TF had a $2000 minimum (on Jan 16 and 20th in TF thread), they fact have NO minimum and require a $300 order for free sth. Also stated during the June co-op the minimum would be $1000 (3/7 in TF thread)

Stated we could order by the half case when TF told her that was a one time thing and they did not want to do it again, therefore making DS look bad when she ordered ½ cases again

Upcharged TF pricing in Sept and Jan on the following items: [received the invoices from TF and compared to what she charged] (had liana help change prices on spreadsheet, telling her the prices had increased)
* apple rings (both times)
* roasted salted mixed nuts (sept)
* chocolate covered almonds (sept)
* cashew maple butter (sept)
* diced apples (jan)
* apricots (jan)
* tamari roasted almonds (jan)
* maple glazed cashews (jan)
* sea salt and onion cashews (jan)
* roasted salted walnuts (jan)
* chocolate covered coconut (jan)

TF mistakenly sent unsalted tomatoes rather than the salted ones that were ordered. Jen stated she checked with the mamas that ordered them and unsalted was fine. Actually the moms were never asked if that was OK, I’m assuming because the label does not indicate salted or unsalted.

Underinsured at least one TF package

Upcharged Susan0607’s TF order shipping by over $11

At least 3 orders in TF were not shipped when she states they were and were actually shipped on 3/18 after mod intervention

Put smaller orders in larger boxes with too much excess space causing item breakage and high shipping charges for oversized boxes.

4 canada packages still MIA from dharma and she will not provide customs numbers

Ship charge from dharma was 16% of cost. Asked to see invoice multiple times and it still has never been forwarded

Posted on Feb 12 in TF thread that she noticed a difference in dharma invoice vs what she collected but she doesn’t state noticing a difference in TF invoice vs collected either in Sept or Jan.

CHH usually drop ships her items and requested to do so again but Jenifer refused

Stated CHH was “almost completed” when it had in fact been completed for 2 days and kept giving the WAHM the runaround about paying for shipping

Asked by WAHM to divide insurance cost among orders, stated she would just add that into shipping cost and the participants wont know, then did not pay for that insurance cost as agreed upon until mod intervention.

Refused to allow WAHM to drop ship and therefore in stock items were delayed waiting on custom items to be made so all could be shipped to Jenifer

Charged $2.86 shipping per participant rather than the actual cost + fees (she mentioned every order was under 2oz) The cost for 2oz including dc is $1.58 plus fees $1.94

Split bulk coconut after being told it was against DS co-op rules to open food items.

Charged multiple co op fees for co ops combined in shipping to at least the following participants: (this is a sample, not all)
* Baltic Creations
* iamnaturally
* starsnlollipops
* keropisunshine23
* jaci
* rxmama

Has been asked multiple times to provide explanation, to no avail.

To summarize:
We are all very shocked and saddened at what has been discovered. Please know we take none of this lightly and even though a lot of you are very close with Jenifer, we hope you understand that we have an obligation to protect the members of DS and our actions are only furthering that objective. Please direct any questions you may have to Sweet_Fantasy_Fox, mOmof3, or IAM, naturally and we will be happy to do what we can to answer or get answers.

  1. theone says:

    Yep it took a shit ton of time, and she is still lying about it and trying to justify why she took and kept $4000 for over a month. Strangely enough, she posts on facebook on Feb 28 that she received her tax return that day- same day the TF bill was paid. Wonder what she bought with other peoples money….

  2. Tired says:

    What makes someone with over 600 positive feedback do this? Was it really intentional or did she have something going on in her life that made her flakier than usual? Not excusing it AT ALL, just thinking out loud about what might have happened.

  3. moxy says:

    It sounds like there shouldn’t have been over 600 positive feedback–that they’re should have been a number of negatives in there, but appropriate feedback wasn’t left quite a few times. Then we wouldn’t have been questioning this the same way, kwim?

  4. AugustBabies says:

    Tired, I thought the same thing when I saw her feedback score. Amazing. Either she’s been just REALLY GOOD con this whole time or something snapped recently and she really thought she needed the $$ and could get away with it. That’s all I can think of. Great work by the DS mods though…

  5. DSDM2 says:

    It is really easy for people to take a little here and there, and then when they don’t get caught, they take a little more, and a little more. These people might steal for years in such small amounts (a few bucks each on shipping over 50 people in 6 months) and then escalate.

    I find this all very interesting after her trying to blame Jodi for all that other shit though.

  6. Hexe says:

    The feedback feature is not used by most people the way it should be. Jenifer was also kind of like the coop goddess to many. I wonder what would have happened if someone would have complaint openly or questioned her actions. Has anyone heard from her or has facebook contact to her, I would like to know what she has to say. Still, find it quite pathetic that some people will talk about what happened to them now and the same people left positive feedback. Never received my items but it was a positive transaction, thanks Jenifer! Pathetic! I hope people learn from this!

  7. onlyonepost says:

    jenifer did answer a few questions on squirmieworm, but that’s it. Still no answer as to the missing for a month 4k, the overages, etc.

  8. DSDM2 says:

    Hexe, if people questioned her, they would have been blamed for things like Jodi was… I am starting to wonder how much of that Jenifer made up… really I wondered then, and now I really am wondering.

    Buyers are nicer in coops than with regular sellers, (wait to file, understanding about missing items, etc) because other people have their money in it too. You trust coop hosts more than normal sellers, and you take those risks. Until someone complains (which obviously someone has) and the research is done, you don’t know how bad things really are with a hostess.

  9. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I really have a hard time when someone says my dh is beating me and is so horrible that I am going to sell my stuff and run away before he kills me. Then complain that they can never get a spotted box and the bsrb’s are all gone from the stockings,but at least she got some customs in the works with her. I couldn’t care less what you spend your money on but don’t post on a public forum that your husband is abusing you and is a threat to your kids while you are moaning about not being able to catch all the stockings. I know several mamas who tried to help her find shelters and offered money/support in real life it’s just disgusting to me. Buy a new Cadillac while on food stamps or use your tax return to go to the Bahamas while they foreclose on your house. NOT MY BUSINESS and I don’t care but you aren’t allowed to put in your children in danger while you buy things. I am going to put her on ignore it’s just breaks my heart thinking about her little ones. Some of the stories mamas shared on that thread was devastating and to think of her lo’s going through that s unbelievable,but at least she has custom bsrb’s.

  10. JustPeachy says:

    She had some shipping issues in the past but Steph said she had a miscarriage recently so maybe thats what set it off? Doesn’t excuse it at all but maybe she went on a shopping spree with the money as a way to deal with the grief. Still she shouldnt have ripped ppl off with shipping and fees.

  11. DSDM2 says:

    It went beyond that issue, this reaches back much further than her loss, according to the posts on TSW and DS. She has been scamming for a long time, but it just recently came to the surface.

  12. DSDM2 says: = TSW (where she ran other co-ops)

  13. notsurprised says:

    Her supposed miscarriage happened after all the lies. Look at shortcakes post jenifer collected donations to pay a toymaker and then never paid him.

  14. AugustBabies says:

    I can’t see anything on that squirmieworm site. Click on board index and it says it has no forums. Do you have to be registered?

  15. DSDM2 says:

    You have to register.

    Pretty much, it is the same as the DS threads, people are sympathetic, but upset. She came in there to “defend” herself, in one post, then YAGEd. She failed to address a lot of the issues, and her “defense” contradicts the emails sent from manufactures she accused of things.

  16. adensmama says:

    I’m not surprised. It’s SOOOOO easy to scam people when you’re doing a co-op. I mean really! Who is going to question how much of a discount you are getting? Who is going to be the first one to speak up and say where the crap is our stuff? No one wants to be the one to get attacked when everyone’s like “ZOMG how can you be so rude to the co-op host, she has a life and a family and is taking her valuable time to do this for us!”

    FTR I am pretty sure that Jodi from CC inflates the prices of most or all of her co-ops to make extra money. I have seen a few that have been on DS and CC and the CC ones are always more expensive. Usually I will find one I would love to take part in but then when I add up all the extra fees and shipping the discount is only a couple $$ and hardly worth the wait.

  17. MrsLovewell says:

    Did you ladies see the threat emails someone is sending Liana (Baltic Creations)?

  18. Hexe says:

    MOMWITHMANy who are you talking about?

  19. Hexe says:

    MOMWITHMANY, who are you talking about?

  20. MrsLovewell says:

    Hexe, I just assumed she was talking about Jenifer?

  21. MrsLovewell says:

    Where are all the ladies that are usually on here talking about scammers?! Jenifer scammed all these people. Doesn’t that get under your skin? I know a lot of ladies on here have been scammed on DS or elsewhere before. Where are all the mamas today that are usually talking it up on this site?!

  22. abbie says:

    For one, DS is actually letting people talk about it there. unless the wool is over my eyes, my guess is that’s the number one reason. I tried to post a comment yesterday but I was in the middle of the middle of nowhere and lost signal and rather than retype it I forgot to come back. lol

    but a lot of us, at least me, like full ability to talk, vent, bitch about this stuff. we might even pick apart someone’s grammar or make fun of stupid choices and poke trolls or possible trolls. I would think harassment was below most of us, especially on behalf of someone ripping off and scheming. believe it or not, we aren’t all monsters. 🙂

  23. Hexe says:

    I did not know all that stuff about Jenifer!
    This site hasn’t seen much traffic in weeks. It is probably discussed elsewhere.

  24. theone says:

    Some things are changing they said. DS mods are going to be price checking everything before it is posted, and if there are questions as to price/discount/ship cost etc participants are being encourage to ask, either the host in the thread, or in PM, or to a mod.

  25. MrsLovewell says:

    That makes a little more sense Abbie, I didn’t think about people actual being able to vent on DS about it! 😛

  26. abbie says:

    Honestly I like it. I’d much rather be informed there than just multiple pages of “oh that’s so sad.”

    I never did a co-op that was hers, thankfully. I never really saw many of her posts that I recollect. She’s the one with the av BFing outside looking away from the camera, right?

  27. Amber says:

    #18 – Yes… who?

  28. Amber says:

    #25 – Ditto. Thankfully, I’ve never participated in any of her co-ops.. But, yes. Her avi was her bf’ing outside.

  29. abbie says:

    Dangit, I’ll subscribe to these comments yet…

  30. abbie says:

    Ya know, anyone with an inkling of a guess as to who the emailer is can totally shoot me a pm because I am SOOOO clueless. hehe

  31. MrsLovewell says:

    Oh, I know the avi you’re talking about now…that’s strange. Her pic on TSW looks TOTALLY different :/ She’s wearing a baby on her back in that one. I guess she dyed her hair?

  32. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Sorry I should have been more clear. I wasn’t talking about Jenifer thankfully I haven’t dealt with her. I was talking about kelly someone with a bunch of numbers in her name. She started the “Am I a DS regular thread?” Be right back with the name.

  33. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Original thread:
    spotted box:
    Two bsrb threads:
    This scares me so much ,she is talking about leaving her kids for 3 days with the man she was going to run away from:
    You can search there is so much more stuff it’s amazing I am just so worried about her little ones. I wish I didn’t get so wrapped up in these things. I just hope she was looking for attention.

  34. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I just posted links to threads and info on her and nothing is showing up. But when I try to resubmit it says I already posted it. Can anyone else see it? My name and email are right why won’t it show up?

  35. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Original thread:
    spotted box:
    Two bsrb threads:
    This scares me so much ,she is talking about leaving her kids for 3 days with the man she was going to run away from:
    You can search there is so much more stuff it’s amazing I am just so worried about her little ones. I wish I didn’t get so wrapped up in these things.

  36. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Whatever it won’t let me post it, her name is kellyanne6212003. Original thread:
    spotted box:
    This scares me so much ,she is talking about leaving her kids for 3 days with the man she was going to run away from:
    You can search there is so much more stuff it’s amazing I am just so worried about her little ones.kellyanne6212003.

  37. JustPeachy says:

    MOMWITHMANY, its not so easy to leave. Sure ppl are offering to help her leave but what then? IDK how many kids she has but I know someone who is in a similar situation had offers from many ppl to help her leave and she hasnt yet because as long as she stays and keeps things kosher, the kids will be taken care of. The only difference is her husband doesn’t beat her hes just emotionally and financially abusive.

  38. JustPeachy says:

    Links are put into moderation MOM

  39. abbie says:

    Her avatar is very purple? I think I remember who you mean. Is she the one that had a post about it then went MIA for a week until a mod called her PD for a well check? or is that a different person?

  40. Amber says:

    Is it kellyann6212003? I found her while searching for “custom bsrb”…

  41. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Yes that’s her. And I totally agree that it’s not easy to leave especially when she’s pregnant. But why would you be buying custom diapers and stalking things. If you have the money to buy you have the money to save in case you NEED to get away. There has been some editing to the posts but in one she mentions that it’s not safe, don’t know if it’s still there.The situation she was describing sounded horrible. And later she talks about buying disposables for when her dh watches the kids for three days while she’s in the hospital. My only concern is for her kids she is free to do whatever she wants. I am just not to going to read her posts anymore.

  42. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #36- Yes her avi is purple but I think the welfare check was someone else.Wasn’t that like a year ago,I vaguely remember that one.

  43. Amber says:

    Now apparently she is “gonna kill her mailman”… 🙄

  44. soulwish says:

    adensmama – you may think Jodi inflates her prices but she keeps the original contact information with each of her co-ops and requires all of the CC hosts to do the same and forward them to her for verification as well as to cover our asses. A lot of times co-ops are requested and run despite the fees eating up the savings – it sucks but some people find a couple dollars savings worth the wait. Jodi tries not to run any co-ops that don’t save the participants 20% AFTER the fees/shipping – but sometimes the demand outweighs that lack of discount.

  45. JustMe says:

    A lot of times, men who are abusive will try to “make up” for it by buying things or letting their wife buy things. (Partially out of guilt, and partially so they don’t tell) I have seen it time after time. That doesn’t mean she could just take money and run without fearing the repercussions. She may also just be running up debt on those things.

  46. JustPeachy says:

    Very true. Who knows if thats money from a joint bank account. If she did leave he would probably come after her for that money. He sounds a lot like my friend’s husband.

  47. MOMWITHMANY says:

    According to her posts, she does fear repercussions and was very scared of what he might do to her and anyone who helps her.Which to me is all the more reason to leave.So I definitely understand what you are saying and of course it is so easy for me to judge her while I know I am safe and don’t know her life. I guess I also see the other side too though and people were willing to help her and if you won’t do it for you then do it for your kids. As far as the money I obviously have no idea what their finances are but if she could sell stuff and keep the money for a storage unit then she at least has the control over some of the money. I normally don’t get caught up in this stuff. Hopefully everyone is safe and there’s nothing I can do anyways.

  48. sourpatchbaby says:

    Maybe she’s trying to spend his money on expensive things that she knows she’ll be able to get good resale value once she is able to move out? I know that my father practically counted every penny my mom spent, that way he knew if she tried to squirrel money away. It’s different if she’s going to the ATM and taking out $20 every few days/weeks and has no explanation of what she did with the cash than spending $50 via paypal buying a diaper (that she may not be using but hiding away so that it’ll still be new when she sells it).

  49. sourpatchbaby says:

    Also, you never truly know what is going through their minds. My father was a very violent man and took my older sister from my mom and kept her for over a month telling my mom that she’d never see her ever again. There was no police/family/anyone that was able to help her at all. But you’d think that after she had been allowed to keep her child again she’d have cut all ties with him but she went on to have four more children with him and at least 2 abortions more (that I know of).

  50. JustPeachy says:

    I will say its extremely hard to leave when there are children involved especially if you have nothing to fall back on and no job lined up. Who knows if she even has any family to help her out.

  51. Tammy says:

    Looks like Cloth Diaper Foundation is being VERY selective about what comments they choose to post regarding the volunteers taking donated diapers for their own stashes.I tried to post a comment a few days ago and it was “in moderation” probably never to be seen again.

  52. abbie says:

    That is so shady. I’ve never been in a place to either receive or donate, but if I do donate, it will not be there.

  53. DSDM2 says:

    With all the CDF drama from it being Miracle Diapers, I wouldn’t donate there either. Donate personally to someone, it will mean more (and your stash won’t be picked through or stolen).

  54. not me at all says:

    I am still astounded that it never occurred to anyone there that donors might have an issue with volunteers picking their own stash MONTHS in advance.

    I am also astounded at the women defending Jenifer when it is CLEAR she was stealing and lying.

  55. amessymama says:

    I’ll bet you all of my freshly made chocolate chip cookies that she is actually Melissa, Melanie, or both. She sounds exactly the same, she just can’t use the same foul language that she does on her blog.

    I guess there are other people out there like that creature, so it could be someone else. But I’m gonna go with Melissa/Melanie.

    I wonder if she used her Scentsy “donation for sick kids” money to buy that car seat?

  56. abbie says:

    Oh my lord. She’s dumb as shit. And that’s not even touching on the issue at hand.

  57. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Ok wow! I don’t need to say anything else she is just doing a wonderful job all by herself. But it was interesting to me because in every post she mentioned that they had no money or money was so tight. Honestly this makes me feel much better I really think this just shows she is full of baloney!!!! But I did love the part where she says it is irresponsible to not circumcise your son.In all my years I have never heard that,who knew ! She’s coming off ignore,she puts on quite the show.

    To the mamas who commented ,I totally understand what you are saying and I appreciate your point of view. Thankfully domestic violence is not something I have experienced and I can’t imagine how hard it would be to leave. I just took issue with what I saw as not adding up. But I do understand that in cases of domestic abuse it is not so cut and dry and easy to walk away.

  58. AugustBabies says:

    @ 17– Yeah, at least one of Jen’s “friends” has, allegedly, e-mailed her telling her to “leave Jen alone or else!”

    But I have to say that I’m really turned off by some of Baltic Creation’s posts in the thesquirmieworm thread. Granted, I know there are things going on behind the scenes that I’m not privvy to, and I don’t know if any of that is bleeding over onto the public forum or what. But BC is getting all huffy and YAGE-y now in her posts. I went back and re-read her posts and AND the posts she was replying to and I still don’t really understand what she’s getting so defensive about.

  59. MOMWITHMANY says: this screams spam to me ,but so far no one else sees it I guess. Using your full name and only post in the otd but it’s an intro and he never says anything specific about the site. I could post that on any site,but it’s weird so far they aren’t spaming anything.

  60. BalticCreations says:

    59. I got over upset because I read Summer’s post wrong. I had emails from people also saying they were reading it the same way as I was. But Summer and I have been emailing back and fourth behind the scenes and all is well now. Disregard my being upset on there. It was simply a miscommunication 🙂

  61. BalticCreations says:

    oh and the exact emails from Jen’s “friends” were

    Sunday, April 3, 2011 8:57 PM
    “isten lay off jenifer or there will be big trouble!”


    Monday, April 4, 2011 5:50 AM
    “ow your outing me on the board Mwahhahaha Well Jen might be being nice only reporting you, your DS mod friends and all ds hosts as frauds to paypal and all of your co-op buisnesses, me I get a little more
    personal then that. One last warning. BACK OFF JEN!”

  62. abbie says:

    I’m dying wondering who that’s thought to be. I have a guess, but It’s not a good one.

  63. BalticCreations says:

    I honestly think Jenifer sent them hersefl!

  64. Tammy says:

    Yeah, that kellyann certainly is taking over the boards with her drama….reminds me of that certain other CRAZY women. No one matches up to her though.

  65. Tammy says:

    What is this a gang threat or something? Some poorly constructed threat sent on the behalf of a thief. Surprised that anyone is even friends with Jennifer now. I mean who does that? Watches a friend steal money from lots of other people on a parenting board and then comes to her defense?

  66. abbie says:

    I never thought about it being her. Makes more sense than someone defending her.

  67. AugustBabies says:

    Thanks for the clarification, BC. 😉 And yeah…the thought that it might be Jen herself crossed my mind too….hence the “friends” reference. Although we have no proof so it could just be some goofballs thinking they’re being all good and loyal to Jen. But it’s just kinda fishy to me. I can’t imagine sending PMs like THAT, even if it was my IRL best friend who was being dissed or talked bad about online ya kwim? In fact, I can’t imagine sending PMs like that EVER….that’s just, unreal. It reads like it’s a couple of 12 year-olds trying to sound tough.

  68. MOMWITHMANY says:

    68- That made me laugh, I do have a 12 year old and you are right those are the kind of threats she uses. I love the scary stop it or else, so terrifying.

  69. sourpatchbaby says:

    Who the heck is this MelindaMoccia lady and why is she sticking up for Jenifer?
    Originally Posted by MelindaMoccia View Post
    This is nuts…I have never ever ever had a problem with jenifer…I just recently did a co-op with her and there was problem with my order, she has gone out of her way to help me correct the order, even after this smear campaign, when she could have just said screw it. The worst part about all of this is that she can’t even get on here to defend herself, while all these people (some who have not even been involved in co-ops, or even involved with jenifer) make their assumptions. I really think the mods should have dealt with this privately…the fact that it is all over the internet on multiple boards is completely tactless. I don’t think that it should have gone this far at all. In the professional world, like the company I work for, matters like this are kept confidential. Lets say my co-worker steals from the register, my manager finds out and she gets fired…in no way shape or form is it any of our customers business, or mine. Was it necessary to start all this drama? Legally she could hire a lawyer and sue Diaperswappers for defamation, liable and slander if she felt the need to. This is exactly why this matter should have stayed private.

  70. AugustBabies says:

    Wow. Jen sure has some loyal friends it seems….

    And I feel bad about jumping to the conclusion that the dumb threatening messages are actually from her. They very well could be….and it wouldn’t surprise me be….but I also remember that I myself had a really bad experience on a board once (nothing like scamming or stealing though….this was more of a personal thing), and someone who I love actually registered and posted to defend me. And of course, people were saying that it was really me posting. That was super-annoying and frustrating, because there was nothing I could do about and any attempt to correct them was seen as being defensive = guilty. Not a fun situation to be in. Just saying.

  71. AugustBabies says:

    (up above I meant to say that it wouldn’t surprise me)

  72. noneyabiz says:

    Latest info on the Jenifer thread:
    New Information 4/8 regarding Nov Shoes Zoo:

    I sent an e-mail to Shoes Zoos on April 7th, mentioning that Jenifer was no longer co-oping but that we would still love to do coops. I asked for her pricing regarding larger coops.

    She said her current pricing is 25% off buy it now price and the shipping is $0.5/pair.

    She also mentioned that when Jenifer placed the order, she wasn’t able to pay right away because of a few e-checks. Shoes Zoo sent the shoes without payment to Jenifer right away so that participants could get them in time for Christmas, expecting Jenifer to pay asap. The total still owed to Shoes Zoo is $951.

    The actual e-mail has been forwarded to DS mods and Annie was given contact information for DS mods so that they can assist her.

    In a follow-up e-mail from Annie she confirmed Jen’s coop pricing for November to be:
    Discount: 20% for 20-100 Pairs, 25% for 100+Pairs
    There is only one shipping fee for one shippment: $4.50.

    Jenifer was charging ten cents per shoe for shipping to host. (Plus Duty Tax in the last coop)

    That means if she placed an order for 150 shoes she received $15.00 for shipping and $25.50 for Duty Tax. Ship to host was only $4.50, so she made $11.50 on shipping.

    We will need to continue to look into Duty Tax. Since Jenifer did not use a spreadsheet we will need to spend more time looking into how many shoes were ordered, but we are hoping to get an invoice from the vendor.

    New Information 4/8 regarding Kumon:

    I e-mailed Kumon on 4/7 to see if they would share with her whether or not Jenifer had paid for the Kumon order since a few members chose not to cancel their order placed with Jenifer. Kumon responded back by sending the e-mail communication with Jenifer regarding this entire coop.

    Payments were due 2/25

    On 2/28 there were a few payments still due, Jaci and Jenifer worked on getting those payments in.

    No updates between 2/28 and 3/7.

    When a participant inquired regarding when they will be shipped Jenifer replied:
    Originally Posted by Jenifer
    i have not, i will email today and ask for our ETA
    I have the e-mails between Kumon and Jenifer. Jenifer e-mailed them on January 24th to request updated information. The next e-mail between them is on March 7th when Jenifer actually places the order.

    On March 8th, Jenifer is sent an invoice for the order yet on March 9th, Jenifer posted this:
    Originally Posted by Jenifer
    i just got an email back! she is working up an invoice for me! they have been swamped with orders! hooray! once i get it ill make sure our prices match hers and then trans the pp. when it clears in 3-4 days ill pay it yay!
    On March 10th, Kumon sends Jenifer another e-mail asking her to confirm their order and payment. On March 11th, Jenifer responds to them saying:

    ” awesome! okay i am going to collect our payments and i will contact you as soon as they clear from paypal into my bank acct so i can give you my CC info.”

    On March 15th, Kumon e-mails Jenifer again as a follow-up.

    On March 16th, Jenifer asks to change the order because one person didn’t pay and that she would call with cc to pay.

    On March 18th, Jenifer received e-mails from Kumon asking her to call them. Jenifer e-mailed them to let them know that she had lost her baby and that the co-owner of TSW had asked all non-local orders to be dropped. She asked to resend the order.

    On April 2nd, Jenifer sent an e-mail asking if Kumon had gotten the order she sent on 3/23.

    Kumon responds they did not get the order.

    Jenifer resent the order 4/5 and was invoiced the same day. As of the morning of 4/8 the order is still not paid for.

  73. melmelly says:

    What a cluster!

  74. Kirsty says:

    Ok, I’ll probably get a cap in my ass for this, but the heck is the point of Co-op Mods if this has been going on for what appears to be a year and no one was the wiser? She had the upcharges of shipping right on the spreadsheets. And owing a grand to a vendor for 5 months and the mods had no idea? Do they not oversee the hosts or do they just operate on blind trust. What a shitshow.

  75. BalticCreations says:

    @68 you’re welcome. She (or whomever sent them if it’s not her) actually emailed my pp email address using a anonymous email program. They came From: “Free Email Service” So they completely hid who they were. Which makes me think it was her even more so. Her friends have no problem saying what they feel ya know? Not to mention she watches what is said but will not reply about it…Just odd to me.

    @75 I became a host on DS when this was unfolding so I could help fix issues with the Tierra Farms. But they have added all kinds of things hosts have to verify now to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. She hid this really well. We all trusted her!

  76. BalticCreations says:

    odd it deleted the email well the site is info at send-email dot org

  77. Incognizable says:

    What a fuckin’ hot mess!! It just keeps growing bigger and bigger. More co-op drama? Dude a few cents or a few dollars can be overlooked but WTF hundreds of dollars! How about no?

    Reminds me of the crunchy co-op shit, how the fuck can you not account for hundreds of dollars . Bad bad accounting on all parts. And yes I blame the head DS co-op mod for not keeping better tabs on the hosts. This makes me very leary of ALL co-ops now.

    I think Jenifer is really sorry..Sorry she got caught cause her play money is now gone, boo 😦

    I thought MelindaMoccia was interested in being a co-op host on DS. I’m sure I read her post asking about the requirements.

    Note to self: avoid her co-ops if she becomes one 😉

  78. Incognizable says:

    Oh and just to add, MelindaMoccia’s example of the register theft is so off base, I think she is plain stupid! Insert foot in mouth.

    This theft happened on a public board! Jenifer does not deserve any privacy or protection. Period. Jenifer…stole,stole, lied, stole, stole, lied, stole some more for months! It was not a one time deal. It is unclear how much profit she made from possibly hundreds of people who trusted her with their money.

    Co-ops will never be the same.

  79. Too True says:

    MelindaMoccia is a flake, I would NEVER do a co-op through her…twice she has ordered from me. I took the time to go through help her pick everything out write up a detailed total and invoice only to never hear from her again…I stopped doing CC over a year ago when I had a bad experience and then I realized I wasn’t really saving money. I just got approved co-op hostess at DS but I think this whole situation has kind of turned me sour 😦

  80. Kirsty says:

    76- Well that’s all well and good in hindsight but what was the role of the Co-op and Swaps mods *prior* to this debacle if not to oversee the goings on in Co-ops and Swaps? I 100% percent blame Jenifer for her shady behaviour- she acted like a douche no doubt about it. But the powers that be on the mod team need to be accountable for it happening for so long. Or do I have their role on the board all wrong?

  81. Abbie says:

    Her register example was also a bad analogy because everyone would know. I was a supervisor at a large store for a while. If you got canned for theft of money or items, everybody knew, especially when you got the walk of shane with the police out the door.

  82. Abbie says:

    Shame. Stupid autocorrect. Stupid thumb. :blush:

  83. BalticCreations says:

    81. I’m pretty sure it was a different mod team when this all started (thinking back to when she first started hosting). The mod team that is now in place jut formed (many stepped down) so they’re picking up pieces and fixing what they can with the hand they’ve been dealt. I think they’re doing an awesome job! Anyone can agree it going on so long was an oversight that shouldn’t have happened. 😦 But the current mods shouldn’t be blamed for something they had no control over, ya know?

  84. Jacky says:

    That kellyann chick is on my DDC and I honestly think she is a few bricks shy. I mean, I think she seriously had no clue how that used car seat thread would go. Her spelling makes me want to claw my eyes out. She’s nice enough, I guess, but just not all there or something.

  85. theone says:

    @81- yes I agree that is the role of the mod team and the current mod team for co-ops is price checking and forcing hosts to verify everything- pricing, ship cost, discounts, host incentives, and also weeding out hosts and participants that do not follow the requirements.

    @84- yes the current mod team has not been together long, about 2 months only.

  86. wxyz says:

    peach’s on cdn agin. You know how she nevr posts there. ROFLMAO.

  87. Tammy says:

    It is honestly ridiculous how this even happened. It really is. Unacceptable and while Jennifer is the one to blame, there are others that are at fault as well. I don’t know exactly how the coop pecking order goes but unless Jennifer was at the tippy top of the pyramid, how was it that no one was at all doubting her word EVER? No one of all the people involved ever brought it to anyone’s attention and none of the vendors that worked with her ever had a problem???

    How did it come about that she was found out? Sounds like she actually was a pretty smart woman to do all of this and no one know for a long time. So sad that she built up all this trust and it came crashing down on her.

  88. AugustBabies says:

    Incognizable- you mention something about Crunchy Co-ops and a rip-off of some sort? Is this the forum Crunchy Co-ops? Just wondering if you could link me to details or give me a quick cliff notes on whether this place is reputable or not, because I was thinking of joining one of their open co-ops now. Never been on that site before though.

  89. Incognizable says:

    @89, bad bad accounting on Crunchy. I can’t remember how to search here on the blog, there is a section where it was discussed. Short version, over the summer of 2010 the CC owner/hosts claimed that they had thousands of dollars worth of fees taken out of their paypal accounts behind thier backs by paypal. It was done a little at a time but still money was gone.

    Only they didn’t notice it for many months. Then a nice email was sent to members that if they did not pay Jodi back her fees they would be banned from the site. Later an apology was sent.

    Hard to believe that one would not notice hundreds/thousands of $ either entering or exiting their paypal account.

  90. Incognizable says:

    I bet many here can say that CC is reputable, that’s cool, but me personally, I was just turned off by the whole fiasco over the summer.

  91. theone says:

    Jodi charged me 17.35 for cereal marshmallows that I never received. After that I never went back.

  92. Kirsty says:

    81- To me, that’s shift in moderators is neither here nor there. In a year not a single moderator bothered to look over any of her co-ops. Even peruse the spreadsheets. If they had they would have seen that she was substantially over-charging shipping. Maybe my expectations are too high but I am of the opinion that when you’re dealing with thousands of dollars of other people’s money- both vendor and participants- in addition to the reputation of the board, you need to be very diligent with supervision and maintenance. Jenifer is the only one responsible for her behaviour but I’d like to see DS apologize for giving her the free-reighn to do so.

  93. Kirsty says:

    I also won’t co-op on CC anymore. There have been issues with every single one of them I’ve participated in (I did a sugarbubbie on that was all kinds of a shitshow!) I was up charged shipping costs as well. I think I’m going to retire from board-run co-ops entirely.

  94. maya says:

    good for the mods on ds for doing all that work. i hope the money stolen is returned and there is some kind of accounting system set up to keep it from happening again.

    maybe crunchy coop’s could use the same system to avoid “missing” money from paypal. then the hosts wouldn’t be “shorted” doing coops.

    i mean… especially now with the i.r.s. rules changing so that if you receive more then irrc, 20.000 dollars via the internet, even for a coop, you have to report it,

  95. JustPeachy says:

    I didnt say never wxyz and I see I have a fan. So glad I could entertain you once again.

  96. JustPeachy says:

    And the whole threat thing is stupid. But I would report it to the police regardless. Fight fire with fire and lets see how she likes it when she gets charges of fraud, theft, and threats to do bodily harm (which Im reading that as).

  97. BalticCreations says:

    I was thinking the same thing Peachy. I found a website to report these things to too. So I’ll be forwarding them on over 🙂

  98. Curious says:

    56-Don’t you think it would be best to let sleeping dogs lay. Because from what I have seen when you don’t let them be they bite!

  99. Jen says:

    # 95 – do you have more info about the new irs law? or anything you can link me to? trying to find stuff on their site is impossible!

  100. Kimbella says:

    Just a heads up. I’m pretty sure a virus tried to download on my computer last night while I was on DS. It was the only internet window open. 😦

  101. maya says:


    i do. i can’t find it right now, its on this computer but so is the book being written. so i’ll have to come back to it.

  102. AugustBabies says:

    Thanks for the Crunchy info. Oh Kimbella– which antivirus do you use?

  103. Amygamie says:

    Microsoft is now offering their own free virus protection. It’s not bad, it never hurts to have a back up virus protection.

  104. AugustBabies says:

    Did you guys see this? I thought all mentions of the drama blog were erased on DS? Interesting they’ve left this up. FWIW I’m sure the OP is a nice person or whatever but the shirtless thing is kind of inappropriate IMO. Not in the best taste. Especially because his wife is right there on the forum. This is diaperswappers, not the cover of a dimestore romance novel kwim?

  105. Abbie says:

    I’m surprised too. Maybe they’ve decided that if they allow things to be said and open there, there is no need to be here? I mean, the co-op stuff should show them that. Even Happy2baMommy has participated in the thread earlier.

    I’m not bothered by the picture. It’s a big love fest for him there, but it’s not like a bunch of mom’s aren’t jokingly the same way. As long as his wife is fine with it, it’s not like it’s his penis. Mom2LBJ has her upsidedown stomach and half covered chest in her av. I’d rather see his. KaleidoscopeEyes just has an avatar vendetta.

  106. DSDM2 says:

    It already has a post up 😉 Go to the home page.

  107. Abbie says:

    I didn’t notice the email until after I replied. sorry 🙂

  108. not me at all says:

    I guess DS has just given up on this Huh?

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