I will accuse you of a couple things.

Posted: October 5, 2010 by DSDM2 in Just Drama

The first, your incorrect word use. I doubt you are being accused of using the diaper to go sailing.

The second, not disclosing the diapers manufacture date or style. That would be like selling (oh wait, “sailing”) an oldschool FB from years ago without telling the person, even if you did only use it once, and did buy it new. Nondisclosure is the equivalent of lying on FSOT.

I always wonder when someone jumps to the defense on such a small sale. Why the need to get your story out there? What is really going on? Why not just refund if someone is that unhappy? We are only talking a few bucks here, and the money is not rightfully yours until your buyer is happy. In the experience of the blog, it is the liar or scammer that tries to defend themselves before there is something to defend. I’m not calling her a scammer, but I am saying that it makes you go hmmm.


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Being accused of saling a bad diaper

I sold a Knickernappie os and I used this five times (i bought it brand new) and now the mom who has It says it must have bad elastic since the snapped down rise doesn’t match her other CDs. The cd was pretty much coming in brand new condition. I think the manufacturer changed the rise thus the difference. Just upset of being accused of sailing a bad cd when it was practically new. I compared my other one that was used twice and it is higher rise than a one I got off fsot but the elastic isn’t bad either. Would you refund knowing there is no way it could be bad elastic?
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  1. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Seriously, her post gives Army wives a bad name. This Army wife, at least, knows context, punctuation, grammar, capitalization and proper paragraph structure.

  2. Snickerdoodle says:

    Maybe she posted something because these threads are related?


    Like wackifamily is actually talking about her? I have no idea though.

  3. norrahsmommy says:

    Well the elastic on her FSOT post looks more used than 5 times but that’s jmo- I guess if it were stretched out while on the baby it *could* be stretched out, but yeah, hmmm for sure.

    AND my lag is not happening now, maybe it’s once there are x amount of comments that it slows down?

  4. Snickerdoodle says:

    oh never mind. she is talking about missing pul and stained gussets. Not the same thing.

  5. Flat Stainley says:

    Well, maybe she did use the dipe to go sailing! That would explain ALOT.

  6. kateri25 says:

    OMG Flat I just LOL. My hubby does not get how y’all are so interesting to me.

  7. dundundun says:

    I’d think you would need at least TWO OS dipes to go sailing.

  8. ~*~Momma~*~ says:


  9. Mommy Grizzly says:

    7 — I agree, 2 for sailing. 1 for surfing.

  10. Flat Stainley says:

    See, I was basing the equipment choices on utilizing a gassy baby while tacking. Just dip said gassy baby in water and let er rip! CDs are better for the environment in SO MANY WAYS. πŸ˜‰

  11. dundundun says:

    No, no. My children have lethal gas. The fish wouldn’t stand a chance.

  12. Flat Stainley says:

    But that’s where the struggling fisherman come in with their nets! See? It’s a win-win situation. If you don’t mind a little “pooaire” on your fish. Hehe

  13. Redhead says:

    Flat, you’re killing me here.. OMG.

  14. Flat Stainley says:

    13-I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.
    14-How do you get such amazing pics? All mine turn out looking like the fisherman filleted them right there.

  15. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Flat, Redhead. I got it figured out. Operation TARNISHED Rubies.

  16. Redhead says:


    Flat. I have a new camera which cost me $1800 (and THAT is the USED price!!).. even though I am not a photographer, it makes my shoddy work look nice. I β™₯ it. πŸ™‚

  17. Flat Stainley says:

    Go operation TARNISHED RUBIES!!! love it! β™₯
    Well, now I don’t feel so bad, but really how can you call your balls shoddy? I can’t wait to smell them!

  18. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I wanna roll Redhead’s balls in my hands…

  19. Flat Stainley says:

    I wanna feel the warm fuzz between my fingers. πŸ˜€

  20. Snickerdoodle says:

    I have to admit! I was eying Redhead’s balls with some serious lust just a few minutes ago. πŸ™‚

  21. Flat Stainley says:

    Her balls are so big and round!

  22. Mommy Grizzly says:

    AND they know how to make girl childs. How many do you think I need to get some of my own?

  23. Snickerdoodle says:

    And PInk! At least the ones I was drooling over. πŸ™‚

  24. Redhead says:

    I love the pink ones! and pink is not even a color I usually like!

  25. melmelly says:

    What about blue? I love me some blue balls!

    Tarnished Rubies? As in the de Soliel? Y’all leavin’ me out? What’s that shiz?

  26. Mommy Grizzly says:

    You were off being a responsible adult, again, Melly. You know we ALWAYS catch you up.

    Yes, there were no affirmative votes for de Soliel though looks like Tarnished Rubies is about unanimous. You affirm?

  27. melmelly says:

    DH is dragging his feet, but I will affirm with a soft yes right now.

  28. melmelly says:

    And remember, my cousin lives down there! (the one opening the drive-thru coffe stands)

  29. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Dates are not set in stone so if they don’t work, we have some time before we have to commit.

  30. Mommy Grizzly says:

    cool, I’d forgotten.

  31. melmelly says:

    Just a word to “The Wise”, I like to feed the camel a strawberry daiquiri in the early morning hours, like around 2-3am.

  32. melmelly says:

    Yeah, that responsible adult stuff…I was having the boys haircut and my phone kept going off, but DS1 was playing Battleship on it. Someone in the shop asked if two women in there were “facebooking each other”, because she recognized all the dings.

  33. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I am planning this between quiver-refills so I’m game for a daiquiri or 5.

  34. melmelly says:

    excuse any typos.

    iz trrd

  35. Mommy Grizzly says:

    No, nobody YOU know where FBing. That’s what my phone sounded like during my ultrasound!

  36. melmelly says:

    A daiquiri with your french toast before we hit up the spa for massages and facials?

  37. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Fruit in the morning. From a blender. Almost a smoothie, ‘eh?

  38. melmelly says:

    It was so funny though! A couple of little old ladies, like great-grandmas were texting people!

  39. Flat Stainley says:

    I want to try hot rocks.

  40. melmelly says:

    It IS a SMOOTHIE, just with an extra ingredient…that’s all. πŸ˜‰

  41. Flat Stainley says:

    Smoothies, eh?

  42. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It IS a smoothie, minus dairy plus a little lick’er!

  43. melmelly says:

    I just found a chocolate champagne facial! 50 minutes, $120-140!

  44. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I am looking for a place with an awesome spa, and I stink we should consider non-diy/homemade tattoos, for those who are into that kind of thing.

  45. melmelly says:

    Flat, get on Yahoo!

  46. melmelly says:

    Hells YEAH!

    Sorry. Is that too trashy?

  47. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Is that something like a golden shower? Cause if it is, I’ll have to insist you all go on without me. πŸ˜‰

  48. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It’s not trashy as long as we don’t get them on our boobs and a few other limitations…

  49. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Winter, get on FB, peeze?

  50. norrahsmommy says:

    So, I gave a strange OT kinda question.

    Can bm be sour- like from my boobs and no good? I don’t have a fever or anything but dd nursed at bedtime and woke up about 1.5 hours later puking and it was milk but sourish. Could it be my milk or just her tummy that’s sour? I just got pp af back and was told that it can mess with milk but I don’t know how true that is.

  51. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It was probably from her belly. Your breast milk wouldn’t be sour straight from your breast.

  52. norrahsmommy says:

    Redhead- That yarn is super pretty!

  53. norrahsmommy says:

    I didn’t think so but thought I’d double check and make sure I wasn’t defective or something.

  54. smartassmama says:

    Oh! BM=breast milk. Phew! I wondered why you would wonder if poop were sour. Another vote for upset tummy though. That used to happen to my son. A lot. Yucky too.

    Redhead’s balls are perfection. Anytime someone comes over, I make them feel & smell them. I’ve now used them on different types of laundry and I’m very pleased! Can you feedback right on etsy? Or just post it on Facebook?

  55. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Milk needs air and bacteria to sour, it cant do it without both, and unless you ARE defective, your nommies should be air tight even if there is a bacteria, which should give you a fever.

  56. norrahsmommy says:

    Thanks for making me feel better. πŸ™‚

    I need to raise some $ before I can get a set of Redheads balls…maybe I’ll go sail some stuff *snickers*

  57. Flat Stainley says:

    Haha πŸ™‚

  58. smartassmama says:

    Good point Grizz. I never thought about it that way.

    You should definitely buy some norrahsmommy. Sail whatcha have too. Maybe start up an advise column, charge mama’s 99 sense for your advise. πŸ˜‰

  59. norrahsmommy says:

    Well if I charged 99 sense I’d still be broke. LMAO

  60. not me at all says:

    Hi all, please check out this link!


    All auction to benifit a three year old boy who just lost his Mom to cancer.

  61. mom2js says:

    Hmmmm, I keep seeing a certain HC mama pop up in transaction issues. I had a custom with her a long time ago and we worked out all of our porblems. At the time she promised she was changing the way she took customs so these things wouldn’t happen again. I was just reading a thread and I know it is about her. I have talked to at least 3 people in the past about her HC. Yet her feedback last I checked is still good.

  62. Redhead says:

    62- I contacted the woman on FB about donating. Thanks for the link πŸ™‚

  63. smartassmama says:

    THat is so sad. I wish I had the means to donate, or some wares to auction or something. How sad for that family, I just can’t imagine.

  64. kateri25 says:

    norrahsmommy BM looks like that when it comes back out, my DD doesn’t like it when I drink diet Pepsi (yet I am addicted) so I see it often, not a biggie I just wipe it up and keep going. I thought my BM was sour at first too.

  65. melmelly says:

    I couldn’t even drink Pepsi that often when I was BF’ing! DS#2 didn’t like it, and neither did I! I would be awake all.night.long.

    Pepsi and I have a better relationship right now…until Grizz and Flat come in and tell you otherwise! πŸ˜‰

  66. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Grizz isn’t saying a word. Word.

  67. melmelly says:

    LOL! I could care less because it was pretty damn funny! He is still laughing about it!

  68. melmelly says:

    He left for work at 5am and he was like, “I can’t believe you did that last night! HAHAHA!”

  69. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Well, if he hadn’ta been trying to be such a jerk-hole… it’s all his fault! πŸ˜‰

  70. melmelly says:

    Ha! He really wants to get those season tickets, so this is a perfect trade-off!

    It was the “housekeeping” part that got him saying, “Yeah, right!” Then I lost it!

  71. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, housekeeping always makes me wanna say, “yeah, right!” too!

  72. melmelly says:

    Housekeeping always makes me find stuff I could be sailing.

    So where do people come up with that? She isn’t the first one, that’s for sure! Do they get it from people saying they go garage-saling? Which isn’t even a word.

    The improper use of sell/sale/sold grates on me as much as see/seen/saw.

    You don’t say “I seen it.” or “I saled it.” GAH! “I saw it.” and “I sold it.”

    Seriously people, go back to school and get educated because you make yourself look stupid.

  73. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Oh, I love it when I see “up for sell is this awesome thingamabobber.”

  74. melmelly says:

    Whenever I hear someone use see/seen/saw/sale/sold/sell improperly, I automatically think about the woman that lives near my parents. She dropped out of school in the 9th grade and isn’t very bright.

  75. Redhead says:

    hay ladees, i dun saw u chating on hear an wuz wunderin wut u waz talkin bout. i luv shopin at them their garage sells .. do u think they got any eck-spin-siv wool fer sail theyre?

  76. Mommy Grizzly says:

    OMG, Redhead, you seriously play that roll entirely too well. Did you pop out your teeth for the occasion?

  77. Redhead says:

    Of course. I got my overalls & wife beater shirt on too. YEP!

    You are aware that I have lived in Texas entirely too long, correct? After 17 yrs here, I think I could fit in as a local if I wanted to.

  78. Redhead says:

    notice- “if I wanted to”.. so far I am not corrupted!

  79. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Sounds like someone needs a change of scenery!

  80. melmelly says:

    AND that is why my maternal grandmother’s family left Texas! My MIL’s side, eh, they back and forth between TX and Seattle area.

  81. melmelly says:

    OMG! The new bG prints! Cute, but for a diaper? What do all of you think?

    I think they are okay, but I am not really into that kind of a print on a baby bum. It would look better on a tote bag.

  82. Mommy Grizzly says:

    So, I was reading something about this woman who has a total history of pleading “poor folk, pity me!” only now, she’s talking about buying new BG just for new colors when not even 4 days ago she was claiming she was unable to afford even FSOT diapers.

    I don’t even know why I let people like that annoy me but holy cow she does. I totally do not care about what people can and cannot afford, I understand when there is more money than month. But, don’t complain about not being able to provide for your family and then fund your ridiculous name brand addiction while asking for pity.

  83. melmelly says:

    And obviously I am multi-tasking too much and am making typos! I meant to say that my MIL’s family has gone back and forth from TX to Seattle. It’s like they pick up their stupid in one place and then drop it off in another.

    We also have a few towns here in So Oregon/No Cal that are known for their stupid too.

  84. Redhead says:

    I don’t like the new prints. They look too mature for a baby diaper. Looks like a print I would buy for luggage or canvas shoes..

  85. melmelly says:

    I was too, Grizz! I wonder if it is the same person. Hmm…

  86. melmelly says:

    LUGGAGE! YES! I can totally see it on luggage.

    They almost look “too designer”, like for uber hip mama’s in NYC or something. Definitely wouldn’t be a Pacific Northwest trend, unless you are some uber trendy mama that WOHM in a big city.

  87. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’m sure it was if it sparked your wanting to look at BG.

    I, for one, just cannot justify spending that much on a mediocre, commercially available diaper. It would be an entirely different thing if there were something special about it. I guess it is like naming your daughter Jennifer in the 80’s. Yeah, its a nice enough name but everybody and their sister is named Jennifer.

    I like things a little more, well, unique!

  88. Snickerdoodle says:

    I dont know, at first I was disappointed but I think they are growing on me. I keep seeing that the red and white is green and white and I am staring and staring and staring and I can’t SEE any green! Does anybody else?

    If I had the money to burn I would get the red, the black and white and the dark blue. But I don’t so probably won’t get any of them. We do mostly covers and PFs/ Flats so I wish they had come out with their Flips in these prints. I probably would have gotten some when I could.

    79- my dh was born and raised in Texas. But in Dallas. I was raised in NY (upstate) so I get called a Yankee by his family a lot. πŸ™‚

  89. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Dude, people in the south are so entirely too stuck on that fucking yankee thing.

    Born and raised in Alaska. Moved to NY because of the Army. THEN moved to SC and I got called a yankee by EVERYBODY.

    Seriously? My state could not have been LESS a part of that whole “argument” and I’m not claiming any ties to NY or their politics. Seriously, I couldn’t wait to leave EITHER state.

  90. Snickerdoodle says:

    Hah hah yeah people are crazy in the South. I had no idea they actually called the Civil War “The War of Northern Aggression” til I moved here.

    And I can’t tell you how many confederate flags I see around here. scary.

    Where in NY were you Grizz?

  91. Mommy Grizzly says:

    WAY north. Watertown. Ft. Drum.

  92. Snickerdoodle says:

    I have been to Watertown. My best friends Grandma lived up there and we took a few trips up there. I grew up in Rochester NY and also Arkansas.

    my mom lives in NY and my dad in AR. I spent quite a few years going back and forth between the two states every couple of years but then I had to go and marry a southern man who can’ t stand cold and no sun so I am stuck in the south for the foreseeable future! ( like the rest of my life..) That is cool though, he is worth the sacrifice.

    I do LOVE cold weather though. Too much sunshine depresses me. πŸ˜€

  93. Snickerdoodle says:

    If I could edit I would go back and change the sentence of ” I do LOVE cold weather though. ” To I do LOVE cold and GLOOMY weather though.”

  94. dundundun says:

    I’ll be the odd man out. I *like* the bg’s. But like and buy are two different words.

  95. DSDM2 says:

    I ❀ Watertown. We stay there whenever we go to Canada. It is usually our stopping point for the night and we go to Canada in the morning after.

  96. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Watertown isn’t that bad. My issues were more with the entire state itself, laws specific to NY that affected us negatively. Things that would not affect most people.

    Specifically, the DMV rules against allowing military spouses to maintain drivers licenses from their home state, trying to tax non-resident military wages at resident rates even when another state was claimed, causing double taxation issues, their weapons restrictions that created significant costs to somehow store personal firearms in other states for the duration of our assignment.

    That doesn’t even touch on the insane deployment schedules of the post and the ignorance of most of the locals as to the significant roll that the post plays in the existence of the area. Watertown would not be what it is without Ft Drum, and that irritates a lot of locals. There were more than a few businesses that got into trouble because they had 2 price scales, a civilian local price and a much higher military price.

    It all just got really old, really quickly. DH was stationed there 9 years. I was ecstatic to get orders out of there.

  97. IHopeSo says:

    Okay, I may be way late posting this but… MM is saying others are crazy??? Post #37

  98. dundundun says:

    Which post spawned the ignore post? I’m too lazy to go find it myself.

  99. Redhead says:

    Aww, this one is speshul. Especially after she/mm/ERIN12345 described the classy home establishment she was subjecting HER child to…

    Maverick’s Mama
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    Re: My first ignore!
    Originally Posted by Piper’s Closet
    i have ignored my soon to be sister in-law on facebook cause every post once an hour is about her headaches, her ibs, her blah blah hurting, her tremors, oh and how she can’t take anxiety medicine. it’s really funny how the doctors just can not figure out what wrong with her. Maybe it some weird disease with md online info posted, with the occasional how much she just loves my brother in law crap and how great he takes care of her…
    LOL I deleted a girl on my FB who I’ve known forever for very similar reasons last week. She posted updates about once an hour about her cysts in her armpits (complete with photos mind you) and then she would post the next hour about her “urine soaked” carpet from her two untrained beasts…even though she’s got a crawling baby and is pregnant. I don’t even want to think about her poor baby crawling in that mess. I tried to tell her that the dogs seemed to be a bigger issue than she had time for and she bashed me for even suggesting she get rid of the dogs because they are ‘family’…sorry hun, but when CPS shows up and sees your kid crawling in urine saturated carpet you’re gonna have to figure out real quick who you’re real family is, not a risk I would take. And then she would post about buying nose rings with her welfare…yeah deleted and blocked. I can only take so many FB heart attacks a day.

    Kelsey!! Mama to Maverick born 04/05/09, a cloth diapering, but otherwise not THAT green kind of mommy

  100. mom2js says:

    After posting what I did this monring #63 this pops up…

    The thread is about exactly who I thought.

  101. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Redhead – I wonder if she posts on FB about her infant trying to run away from home? That’d be another something special to be proud of!

  102. Redhead says:

    Doesn’t Kelsey live on welfare herself? I don’t remember her saying she worked, and we all know her DH left his $100k-a-year job to become a student..

  103. Redhead says:

    103, who is the wahm?

  104. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Somethin interesting…

    If her husband is a student, going to school on grants and VA (because she said he had been in the AF) they would not qualify for welfare unless she is lying to the gvnt about his income or lying about them being together.

  105. mom2js says:

    Rainbow waters

    Let me say the quality is great, I loved the items I got from her, but the turnaround was twice as long as stated and some of the items I got were smaller than would fit my LO. I really thought she was going to make changes but it looks like it hasn’t…and I really would have loved another custom with her 😦

  106. Redhead says:

    I thought RW too. Sad.. this happens too much with her.

  107. mom2js says:

    109 I agree too much. I didn’t leave feedback because I really thought this was worked out. She even changed her siggy and took out the part saying she was open for customs, saying she would be catching up and this would never happen again. Not to mention I didn’t know where to leave feedback since we did the transaction all through email, not DS.

  108. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    yes, red is red/green, none of them have white but black:


  109. Mommy Grizzly says:

    UGH! I know you mean well, but seriously, as a customer, I would want to know if there were issues even if those issues got worked out!

  110. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Dude, Winter, I need you on yahoo. Pwease?

  111. mom2js says:

    112 you are right, and seeing that nothing changed I’m feeling really bad about not leaving the feedback, she seemd so sincere and in the end I was left feeling bad for her… no more, I have learned my lesson.

  112. melmelly says:

    Alrighty Fall! I will be there in a minute. Helping DS1 with his homework.

  113. Mommy Grizzly says:

    That’s awesome, 114, that’s all one can ask!

    I just hate hearing, yeah, that happened to me but I didn’t tell anyone cause I thought it was a one time thing… Except there are 300 1 time things!

  114. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Sank you. I need help with my homework, too!

  115. Amber says:

    I have an open custom with Rainbow waters as well right now… I’m hoping to get my stuff before my son grows out of the items i’m waiting on.

  116. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Might want to keep an eye on your 45 days… It would be unfortunate for you to get screwed by someone, even if they have the best of intentions.

  117. norrahsmommy says:

    I don’t like the bg prints at all.

    I don’t remember if MM has said anything about being on welfare but I haven’t been following her posts too closely.

  118. Snickerdoodle says:

    Why was this thread locked?

    To me its obviously a joke. Maybe because its making fun of BG’s new prints so it could be seen as company bashing?


  119. dundundun says:

    I LOL’d so hard.

  120. Snickerdoodle says:

    I LOL’d at the post and then I LOL’d even more at the people who were like ” Is this SPAM?” “Maybe her account was hacked. “

  121. chrissyb says:

    I think its funny that people actually thought it was real!

  122. norrahsmommy says:

    LMAO at IRL diapers…

    I’m guessing that *peanut* has blessed the blog with her presence as she posted something in the confessions thread about people talking poop about her on other forums, after yet another poop story. Maybe she’ll stop posting about her poop now.

  123. DSDM2 says:

    She might be reading, but hasn’t posted.

  124. smartassmama says:

    On the ignore user issue, I get as annoyed by photomikey. I only ever see him in vacation topics, so.I wonder if he has motives, other than just being a parent, kwim? He’s usually a dick.


    Someone poses a question to delphinium, and he answers it in a way that makes them look like they are one in the same. Not saying they definitely are, just odd.

  125. smartassmama says:

    Well, not only vax threads, but mostly.

  126. Flat Stainley says:

    With a name like ‘Photo’Mikey, I am leary of his intentions, especiaslly since he mainly posts in vacation threads. Is he trolling for bikini pics/little kid pics? I also noticed since SAM posted that he has quite an arrogant, condescending attitude. For someone who clashes so badly with other members, it makes me do a :headscratch: as WTH he is doing on DS. I smell creep. :runs and hides:

  127. Flat Stainley says:

    as *to* WTH he is doing on DS.

  128. smartassmama says:

    I so covet escaping the real world that the idea of vacation right now makes mama jealous. So I haven’t noticed one of those in a while, much less him in them. Anyhow, I’ve seen him be very condescending to some of the sweetest moms there, then there’s the vax stuff. I don’t mind someone having differing views than me. That happens. He’s just so overbearing. But you put it best: arrogant.

  129. Flat Stainley says:

    Yeah, he irritates the shizzle out of my whizzle. yo.

  130. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’m getting a vacation next year. Late summer/fallish. I’m so excited. Vegas, baby! I can’t go until I have this belly critter and I don’t want to go anywhere hot in the summer so, I wait for the weather to cool.

  131. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Anybody else having issues with FB? its giving me server failed to load pages from my iphone and computers.

  132. smartassmama says:

    Yes! My husband just asked me.the same thing. I thought it was just my phone app.

  133. sourpatchbabe says:

    I can’t stand photomikey’s posts either. It’s like look at me, I’m on my awesome throne of awesomeness and all you lowly peons that don’t agree with me have all lost your mind to bubonic plague. I likes my crazies with a bit more flavorful drama.

  134. sourpatchbabe says:

    facebook can kiss my cellulite pockmarked and stretchmark striped arse right now.

  135. sourpatchbabe says:

    It’s working now.

  136. smartassmama says:

    I think your threats whipped them into shape.

  137. sourpatchbabe says:

    Yeah, not even I will look at my backside. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, lol.

  138. Flat Stainley says:

    LOL Sourpatch!

  139. Mommy Grizzly says:

    SPB, is that why your monster has such a weird stance? πŸ˜‰

  140. Flat Stainley says:

    She likes to go to the Y M C A!

  141. sourpatchbabe says:

    Nah, my monster is doing the hammer dance!

  142. melmelly says:

    STOP! Hammertime!

  143. Snickerdoodle says:

    145- I was just about to type that EXACT thing! You beat me to it.

  144. melmelly says:

    When I was in 7th grade, I was on the junior high dance team. Our song was “U Can’t Touch This”.

  145. norrahsmommy says:

    Just checking the lag issue from my desktop- not happening here so maybe I need to clean up my netbook and see if that helps. πŸ™‚

    I used to ❀ Hammer- for about 10 minutes then I came to my senses. πŸ˜€

  146. smartassmama says:

    So there’s this thread in the Parenting forum that mentions not liking her BOB in the title, because it’s too big. Now logic told me that they were talking about strollers. But my dirty mind read battery operated boyfriend. Am I the only one here with the dirty mind of a 14yo boy?

  147. Redhead says:

    149, my guess it is about Franklin Goose.

  148. Redhead says:

    Oh NVM. I was thinking of another thread.

  149. Redhead says:

    Maybe it was Steph_Reynolds.. she has a do not B/S/T under her avi & I think H2BAM is the one who is working that case.

  150. smartassmama says:


    Is this in re to the thread y’all were talking about yesterday? the “IRL” diapers? lol

  151. not me at all says:

    150 ME TOO! LOL

  152. norrahsmommy says:

    154-yeah that’s what it’s about.

  153. sourpatchbabe says:

    150 me too.

  154. Mommy Grizzly says:


    I’m making these when Big Daddy comes home. He’s gunna :wub: me!

  155. amessymama says:

    This was referenced in the link from 154 but I thought it deserved to be highlighted.


    I feel very sorry for this woman. She’d have to “literally” fear for her life if she were to buy the new BG prints because they look “African”. She says her DH would literally kill her, which I understand means actually, really, truly, kill her. I think someone needs to put her in touch with a domestic violence shelter.

    I wonder if he’s always had that violent streak or if just manifested itself due to the possibility of his kid wearing african looking diapers. I think a mental evaluation is in order.


  156. amessymama says:

    OK, this person must have a punctuation allergy. Do you think her throat swells up when she uses a period or a comma?


  157. Redhead says:

    Ugh, her floors look nasty in that pic, Amessy.

  158. smartassmama says:

    159 – I saw that quoted in her post today. I cannot believe that people have apparently used restraint on her. I only read the first 2 pages (80 posts) after she said that African prints on shit catchers would make her husband want to murder her. And then in today’s thread, no one touches it. I’m quite surprised.

  159. smartassmama says:

    Yep. Frenchy is allergic to making sense altogether.

  160. Snickerdoodle says:

    158- those look SOOOO good!

    159- I totally cringed when I read that post. I can only assume that because she said her dh said it and not to flame her that they are leaving it alone.

    160- all her posts are that way. She gives ravers/ex ravers like myself a bad name. πŸ˜€

  161. norrahsmommy says:

    Holy WOW, that’s a sentence in need of some serious punctuation!

  162. myra says:

    I guess people were too busy bitching about the prints to flame her and her racist-ass husband.

  163. amessymama says:

    I had to hold myself back from posting a response to that idiot. I promised myself that, after my ban was up, I would no longer allow my insightful and eloquent words to be carelessly trashed by TPTB. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes it is soooo hard though!!

    Except for FSOT, I will use them for that. When my ban was up, I decided to go ahead and list some things that had been sitting, untouched, for weeks at CDN. I kid you not, within 2 minutes they were sold. TWO minutes!!

  164. smartassmama says:

    TPTB? I’m not feeling smart today. I can’t think of nuthin. πŸ™‚

  165. smartassmama says:


  166. amessymama says:

    The powers that be. πŸ™‚

  167. smartassmama says:

    oh ok. duh

  168. Berserk Llama Syndrom says:

    Holy shit people. Happy2Bamommy called out crazy Tiffany on her bullshit.

  169. Berserk Llama Syndrome says:

    I will try and take screen shots because I think it is going poof.

  170. rainbow says:

    I know that some of the mods and admin from DS read this blog, so I just wanted to give a little shout-out to happy2Bamommy. Thanks for doing something that I am sure a lot of people on DS thought about doing, and for being brave and owning up to it too.

    http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1087826 (The thread is now locked, I imagine it may poof soon – but I don’t know how to save it.)

  171. DSDM2 says:

    I think it is good that she called. The grape vine says 5 people called after that last bout of non-med/etc shit.

  172. rainbow says:

    I think it’s GREAT she called! Wow, 5 callers. Guess Tiff could be suing a lot of people…

  173. melmelly says:

    ” (I did suspect you, as when I questioned a few people, neither were willing to out you.)”

    So was she just saying earlier that the CPS worker had told her who the caller was to bait H2BAM or Steph, or whoever else she thought it may have been?

    Or am I reading too much into it?

  174. Hexe says:

    I am so tired of the Tiffany ds shit, but I also think that mods have been far to involved. It is time for a banning for her own sake. And mods should act behind the scenes and not giving out even more info about a member. For Christs sake this is a diaper swapping site not a who has sex with whom site.

  175. rainbow says:

    179 – I don’t think you’re reading too much into it. I think she was definitely hoping to have someone “confess.”

  176. melmelly says:

    But then we wouldn’t have any drama to gossip about!!! πŸ˜‰

  177. DSDM2 says:

    I think she was baiting too. I think she outright lied about them telling her anything.

  178. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I am new to this site, but I just wanted to say that I am so happy that she called. It’s so sad seeing the posts from Equivocal in OTD and Sensitive Subjects obsessing over why ViThiMom won’t be her friend anymore and both of them pretending that they are NOT talking about each other.It is really obvious she needs help and I hope she can get it for her and her dd.

  179. shelbell says:

    Glad H2BM called too.

  180. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’d have done it if I had access to the information necessary. While it’s sort of funny to watch people self-destruct, it’s not at all amusing when they drag innocents down with them. Especially, youngish children.

  181. CJ says:

    Hi ladies! I am not even going to try to catch up on the last week.
    DH has gone back to work so I am back to being married to the computer.

  182. Mommy Grizzly says:

    We rock this club, CJ!

  183. dundundun says:

    My name is Tiffany too, woot.

  184. DSDM2 says:

    Welcome back CJ. Today’s drama starts at 173 or so πŸ™‚

  185. Mommy Grizzly says:

    If the linky doesn’t work, I got a screen shot.

  186. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I really hope that H2BaM doesn’t lose her “position” over this as she said. DS tries so hard to protect scammers and trolls I hope they will stand by people when they reach out to help people too.

  187. reallytiredmommy says:

    I’m lost DS is not loading for me. Someone at DS called CPS on someone?

  188. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Loony Tiff (equivocal) had CPS called on her by H2BaM because of her general insanity and obvious danger to herself.

  189. dundundun says:

    I’m surprised that Tiff didn’t flip her script after H2BAM outed herself.

  190. CJ says:

    Holy poop! That is beyond the normal “there is poop on my dipe from FSOT” drama.

  191. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I imagine Tiff was squirming in her computer chair realizing how close to home all her public drama queen behavior is getting.

  192. Redhead says:

    I agree with Hexe.

  193. Kirsty says:

    172- I’m *guessing* Rainbow Waters. Still digging.

  194. Stephanie says:

    Tiffany assumed it was me and I wouldn’t tell her who it was, so she resorted to threats. In the past day, she’s threatened to sue, file a restraining order, and call CPS on me ‘so I know how it feels to have a false report filed.’ No false report was filed on her. It was all accurate from what I’ve heard. No one accused her of abusing her daughter-just being unstable and self-destructing to a point that her daughter could be affected. It’s really a sad situation and I do wish her well. I just can’t be involved in it anymore. I hope this is a wake-up call for her to get better help. Or at least to stop posting such things on a public forum full of mandated reporters.

  195. Snickerdoodle says:

    HI CJ! I was wondering where you had been! πŸ™‚ Nice to “see” ya!

  196. Snickerdoodle says:

    200- It is such a sad situation. I wonder what will happen with H2BAM. Hopefully nothing.

  197. norrahsmommy says:

    Dang, I’m sick for a day and I miss all the good drama! Tiffant knew she was talking about Stephanie and had no idea it was H2BAM, but bless her heart- she outted herself and called to report something that definately needed to be reported.

  198. DSDM2 says:

    My guess is that Tiff-a-loon will try to sue Happy, but she has no case.

    There were no less then 5 reporters, all of whom called based on Tiff-a-loon’s words. Maybe she should think twice about how she acts and what she posts on a public board. What she posted showed her daughter in danger and of being neglected, a lawyer will tell her that mandated reporters would have been forced to report that.

    I hope her daycare provider (who is on DS) saw it all, and that she reported, otherwise she is in danger of having her license taken away.

  199. norrahsmommy says:

    Did we really need another food stamps thread?

  200. Redhead says:

    What I don’t get (and maybe I actually DO “get it”- because Tiff is so crazy, along with other DS posters too) is why so many women on DS post their craziness, dirty house pictures & general neglect issues and think that everyone will turn a blind eye to it?

    I didn’t see all of Tiff’s crazy, but before I was booted off DS I had seen a few things that made me steer clear of her.

    Speaking of which, the confessions thread itself, whether it is freeing to post in or not, is a prime example of how willing people are to put their lives/lunacy out in public. I don’t think the thread should be done away with, but I do believe -several- posters in there warranted a call to CPS or the authorities.

  201. mom2js says:

    172 that is rainbow waters

  202. Snickerdoodle says:

    FINALLY went and checked out the confessions thread and now I FINALLY know what the hell is going on with all these random posts about “liking it on the counter” or on the kitchen table.

    Hallelujah I was so confused especially as my guy friends started saying they hated it in the lost and found. I don’t know about these breast cancer awareness things on fb they have lately.

    But if I hadn’t read the confessions thread I probably would have never known so Yay confessions thread! πŸ˜€

    But seriously that is a hard thread to read.

    I think I’m going to stop reading it and go back to believing that everyone around me is striving to be a good person. I like all the sand down here. πŸ™‚

  203. MotherMoonPads says:

    So, I have a question.

    I bought something Sep 2 with a gift certificate I won in a FB giveaway and then some PP$$ too. The estimated turnaround time was 2 weeks. I still don’t have it. the WAHM has been posting that she has had some health issues, she did close her Etsy store to get caught up too.

    But now she’s doing a giveaway on her blog? Shouldn’t she be getting caught up on her orders instead of promoting and doing a giveaway?

  204. Hexe says:

    Isn’t it part of Tiffanys illness to seek attention by posting this stuff? I f the mods want to help her they should ban her for her own good. I doubt that everything Tiff posts is true, she is an attention seeker. Steph, I understand that you want nothing to do with her anymore, but sleeping with her and posting about it certainly did not help the situation. You knew that she was emotionaly unstable. If you want to distance yourself do so, stop responding completely, stay away from her business and do not involve others. I don’t understand why ds mods will not ban her but air her dirty laundry so that every member can discuss the Tiffany case. That sure doesn’t help an emotionaly unstable person. Ignoring and baning would be a first step to help Tiffany.

  205. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #185 -Whoa I think I missed something. Who slept with who and then posted about it?

  206. DSDM2 says:

    I think it is part of her illness. Depression and BPD suffers are often like that.

  207. CJ says:

    MMP, have you emailed her to get an update?

  208. MotherMoonPads says:

    Of course, CJ πŸ™‚ I sent her a message on October 1st, she said she would be caught up by the end of the month. It’s not something I need until Christmas anyways.

    FWIW I got another update after I posted this and she said mine will be out next week.

  209. CJ says:

    LOL, had to ask!

    Good to hear that you received a good update from her. πŸ™‚

  210. Redhead says:

    Hexe, you are so awesome. Lets run away together and then post all our dirty secrets on DS.. wanna? πŸ˜‰

  211. dundundun says:

    PICTURES or it didn’t happen.

  212. smartassmama says:

    I think I’ll post, posing as the jealous ex-lover. ;);)

    I think it’s a generally shitty situation to be in, for everyone. I will humbly admit that for once, I’m siding with H2BAM. I bet that was hard. And I actually do hope that she doesn’t get in any trouble from higher ups on the board. Of all the stupid things that people say “You should call CPS for that!” or “I’m gonna call CPS because my neighbor yelled at her kid.” blah, blah, but this was an instance where something needed to be said, someone needed to be called. I never knew that her babysitter was a member on DS and now knowing that, I agree that person should have called. More than anyone, that person interacts with her daily. She of all people should have known.

    Of all the posts I have read from/about her, I’ve always worried about her and her daughter. I hope she will do what’s best, and I really hope that her team of doctors will, for God’s sake, find something that works for the girl!

  213. JustMe says:

    MMP – I hope she follows through! How frustrating!

  214. amessymama says:

    Does anyone else find it incredibly irritating when some titles a post,

    “Can a mod contact me please?”

    Do they not know that you can contact a mod yourself? Stupid people. What their post is really saying is, “I love secrets and drama and I have BOTH!!”

  215. norrahsmommy says:

    lol Messy- so true.

  216. lil'mama says:

    Anyone else notice that Tiff’s posts in the confessions thread have been all rainbows and sunshine today?

  217. Hexe says:

    Redhead, I am sure we would not have to post our dirty secrets on ds, the mods would take care of that. But only to help us and for our well being.

  218. smartassmama says:

    This one just sucks! http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1088729

    Ok, bad pun.
    I feel bad for the OP. I hope the seller refunds. It’s not hard to figure her out either.

  219. Hexe says:

    This seller sucks. I would like to out her. I bet she found the pump somewhere and is selling it to make some profit. She is a liar and a scammer. Disgusting.

  220. smartassmama says:

    I just wonder if the 1997 is actually when it was made, or when it was patented. Though selling a pump with no suction in itself is bad enough.

  221. mom2js says:

    That is just awful 😦

  222. Munklettes says:

    If I still had my pump, I’d send it to her for free, but I gave it to my SIL. How awful 😦

  223. dundundun says:

    I’d send her mine but considering I got a BFP today I do believe I’ll need it.

  224. Redhead says:

    Congrats Dundun!!! πŸ™‚ ENGAGED and another BABY!! You’re a lucky lady πŸ˜€

  225. dundundun says:

    Or just batshit crazy πŸ˜‰

    LOL, thanks!

  226. iken says:

    Ha, I was just going to post that!

  227. DSMBH says:

    and HTBAM’s response….

    ~happy2Bamommy~’s Avatar

    Join Date: Apr 2006
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    Ratings: 356
    Feedback: 100%
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    Feedback Score: 356 reviews, 100%

    Re: Why can I not deactivate or delete my account?
    I believe you have already pm’d on this correct?
    We can’t remove accounts period. Even with a “user requested ban” your profile will still be on here

    I won’t comment much here on the feedback as I think that was gone over as well. If you didn’t get the pm on the feedback JLMK Basically, retaliatory feedback is not allowed
    ~Please Help Support the Fight Against Blood Cancer!
    Light The Night 2010~Team Danae the Explorer!

  228. Kirsty says:

    I feel bad for her too but she’s not being 100% honest either. I messaged her with a quick heads up if the seller was going to be a bitch and no refund her she wasn’t completely up shit creek. The suction comes from a separate piston which is purchased in a separate kit with tubes and the breastshields. EIther the piston is pooched or one of the tubes are but if she replaces this kit she’ll be good to go if worse comes to worse. I also let her know that she won’t be able to find a lactina with warranty because Medela replaced the lactina with the Symphony YEARS ago so she’d be best to hunt out on of those if a warranty was important to her. She messaged me back that her husband suggested manually testing the piston and tubes and there was no suction so she knew that the problem is with the kit not the actual pump. Don’t get me wrong- the seller is a liar and a cheat but she’s not the buyer isn’t giving the straight up goods either.

  229. Flat Stainley says:

    224- Check that thread again, okay? IDK the OP, but it seems amiss to me. Isn’t the quote by OP in reference to what paypal decided on a claim? It isn’t reading right to me.

  230. Redhead says:



    Is it just me, or is there some really.. really uneven cuts there?

  231. MOMWITHMANY says:

    According to her “fine print” the items are all hand made so any flaws are part of the process. I had no idea hand made had to be so crooked.lol

  232. smartassmama says:

    237 – when I posted, the thread was much shorter. That part wasn’t there. All I gathered from the PayPal quote was that they only do claims on items never sent. They don’t touch “item not as described” unless it’s eBay. Unless I’m not reading it closely enough? I can be a little oblivious sometimes, so it wouldn’t surprise me. lol

  233. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I love the part where she says, in her not so fine print, “If you feel that your purchased item is flawed to the point of dysfunctional, you may return it for a refund, shipping at your expense. If I have misrepresented an item, I will do my best to make it right for you.”

    So, if she fucks up so bad you can’t use the item, you are out return shipping to her. If, on the other hand, she fucks up in telling you what you are supposed to be getting, she’ll ‘do her best’ to make it right. Sounds like it’ll cost you regardless of how bad she fucks up. That’s not the kind of risk I’d want to take.

    And, my god, my 9 year old DD can sew straighter seams and ‘handcut’ better squares!

  234. Redhead says:


  235. Redhead says:

    Agh! My U/N was wrong again. Sorry DSDM2.

  236. smartassmama says:

    There’s an update on that CPS call thread. . .

  237. smartassmama says:

    Handcut? Why on earth wouldn’t you just use a rotary cutter? It’s much easier, especially for really geometric stuff.

  238. MotherMoonPads says:

    Rotary cutters are scary. I hand cut all of my stuff.

  239. smartassmama says:

    I hand cut some stuff, but I’m not coordinated enough not to make a mess of it. All the things you sew look great! I just do it for the fun & not for anyone to really see though.

  240. smartassmama says:

    Did anyone see what Tiffany said that had to be edited out by SFF?

  241. Mommy Grizzly says:

    If you are cutting shapes other than ones with straight edges, rotary cutters suck. However, with a minimum investment (about the same as a quality pair of scissors…) rotary cutters make cutting repeat squarish shapes a cinch. She could still add rounded edges with scissors, but seriously. She isn’t/can’t get a straight edge cut with scissors or her the help of her interlock machine so I really feel sorry for her customers.

  242. dundundun says:

    248, I don’t know but I honestly don’t think that thread should have been re-opened. I understand this momma needs help, but by posting further about it publicly it seems to me it’s only paving the way for another possible meltdown of sorts.

    I commend H2BAM and I understand that she has to look our for herself as well as Tiffany and her daughter… but this is going to snowball. If I were unstable I’m sure it wouldn’t help at all to have dozens of women discussing my crazy on a forum. Then again, she made her crazy public all on her own so I guess it’s a lose/lose situation.

    I totally hate it for all the women who are being attacked because they were concerned about another person well being. It’s a sad situation all around.

  243. smartassmama says:

    I am very surprised it was reopened, but considering how many people she would have to pm to ask, “hey will you sign?” I can kind of see why she posted? I do see it being closed again soon. It’s sad. I know she’s in a bad place, but I really am worried that seeing everything said about her (even in a caring way) there & here will have a negative effect. I was just wondering what the edited part was. I figured it out though. It was just pointing fingers at the identity of DSDM2. surprise surprise. . .

  244. Stephanie says:

    Even after all she’s done and said to me, I’m still concerned for her. I’m worried about her mental state, especially now.

  245. werd says:

    I just snarfed on my Chobani when TalkinBoutMyGirl talked to Meg like she was a clueless newbie. Teehee

  246. Snickerdoodle says:

    252- This Tiffany stuff hits really close to home for me because like I have said earlier, she reminds me of my mother in what she is going through and doing. Only, I was lucky enough to be 13/14 when all of this really started for my mom. (I am pleased to report that after 15 years of therapy and consistent meds, she is MUCH better now) It still affected me greatly and caused me unbelievable stress and distress in my life.

    I can’t imagine how a 3 year old would be doing in that situation. I really really hope that somehow Tiffany gets the help that she needs.

    253- I know totally! I haven’t been around long but I read lots of old threads and even I knew that Meg has been around for a long time.

  247. thewitch says:

    WTH is wrong with *peanut*? More and more I think she’s a little cracked.


  248. lil'mama says:

    My mom and sister are both bipolar with other major issues and I see the same patterns emerge every time. Attention seeking drama to the point of threatening suicide, going off meds and stirring up stuff until they realize how seriously screwed up they sound or someone calls them out and then the drama is all because of other people, they don’t like drama or need drama, they are really very, very happy and life is awesome.

    None of this is said in judgment, I know it is a mental illness and I do not take suicide threats lightly at anytime but it gets so old, especially when they are not following their doctors orders or being honest with their therapists. Children shouldn’t have to watch their parents downward spiral and then be caught up in the hopefulness of the crazy “good days” that follow.

  249. shabbychic says:

    I think peaNUT should come right on over here.

  250. not me at all says:

    Makes me want to hurl Meg has to run in and hand slap everyone YUCK!!!

  251. shabbychic says:

    Oh please. Go hurl.

  252. DSDM2 says:

    Ladies this isn’t the meg show. Move on.

    Hand slapping over.

  253. Redhead says:

    Goes to show Tiff is honestly mental. None of those women are being cruel to her, and she is threatening them all with lawsuits. Sad and disturbing.

  254. Syrinx says:

    262. I’m seriously enjoying the reporting income “debate.” Apparently, us cc users are evil for forcing servers to claim their tips as they should be doing in the first place.

  255. dundundun says:

    LOL, I’m only on the second or third page. Bethany commented that the condition of the high chairs is “out of her control.”

    Wouldn’t a GOOD server bring a high chair and wipe it down once she realized she was waiting on a family with a toddler?

    Just sayin’.

    I’m sure she’s a good waitress and all but it seems to me that she’s making an awful lot of rules that do nothing but make her job less and less like a job.

  256. smartassmama says:

    I have not yet been able to get over her saying BFing past 5/6 months is just dirty. So I roll my eyes at most everything she says.

    It has been an eye opening thread, though. I’ve learned stuff from it. Both that the typical %age of an acceptable tip has gone up, and that I should be reading economic journals. :p

    I’ve never worked in food service of any type, so all I know is what my mother has told me, as she was a waitress in the 80’s. Things have changed. My customer service job hell came as a gift of Walmart. As much as I hated it, I would choose it over depending on tips or not.

  257. Syrinx says:

    264. Don’t you know it’s the host’s/hostess’s job to bring the high chair when patrons are seated? And the bus boy is the one responsible for cleaning them? Obviously, high chairs are out of her control! Whatever were you thinking?

    And on the picking up after your kids. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been busy attempting to clean up after my tots in a restaraunt when an embarrassed looking server approaches me to tell me not to do so-that it’s THEIR job. Of course, this is usually at Chinese or Mexican places.

  258. Snickerdoodle says:

    I get that she says the waitress doesn’t control the cooks, the food etc but it makes a big difference when the server comes over and says ” the cooks cooked your burger wrong, we are re doing it, it will take an extra ten minutes” or even ” I messed up Im sorry, I forgot to put your order in but I have now and your food will be out in a few minutes.” Communication is KEY for me with servers.

    I was a hostess/server for 3 years before I had my second daughter and I am rolling my eyes at a lot of things this woman has to say. Sounds like she is getting burned out. Which is totally understandable. It’s a tough draining business if you really do it right.

  259. smartassmama says:

    Just in case anyone cares to know, Tiffany & Ingrid (newmommy13) are doing their own fair share of talking crap on Facebook. That’s what *peanut* was talking about yesterday, the “behind my back” stuff. I don’t agree with her placement of the sentiment, but that’s who she was referring to.

  260. smartassmama says:

    The much hated blog is, at least, public. I never once bashed you, called you the names other people have, and I’ve always cared.

    When I outed you for talking crap about others, I did it because they didn’t know. I don’t think Lisa even posts here, but you still feel the need to repeatedly try to out her as someone that she is not.

    The people who did contact the authorities did it because they were concerned. They did it because the last time the authorities were contacted on your behalf, it was quite justified and needed, and would have turned out unwell if they hadn’t. So, as angry as you may be, one day maybe you’ll realize that no one called out of hate. If they hated/didn’t like you, they would have let you self-destruct. In the beginning, it’s shocking to read everything that you vent. Then, people really feel bad for you. We really care, and panic about things that you say. It’s worrisome. It’s scary to read. Throw a child in the mix, and people worry extra.

    Go ahead and delete me. It will be hard.

  261. smartassmama says:

    Not sure why I’m all of a sudden in moderation? If it helps, I’ll change my ‘name’ to my first name. I’m not hard to find, and I’ll no long be the ‘mole’ because I deleted her myself. Again, I’ve never said or done anything to any of those doing the talking/being talked about. Neither Tiffany, Ingrid, Peanut, Lisa, anyone. I just think it’s more fair when someone has the opportunity to defend themselves.

  262. Flat Stainley says:

    268-Oh? Too bad there are other places for facts to be clarified. πŸ˜‰

  263. smartassmama says:

    yep. πŸ˜€

  264. DSDM2 says:

    What did I miss smartass?

  265. DSDM2 says:

    and I am not sure why you ended up in moderation.

  266. DSDM2 says:

    Actually smartass, I do know, shoot me a yIM

  267. smartassmama says:

    I don’t have it. I’ll have to reinstall, then I will. Same screenname, right?

  268. smartassmama says:

    273 – wow. I hope the other moms get their money back.

  269. magpiedpiper says:

    Thread poofed while I was typing, but…

    Unread Today, 08:43 PM #1
    Maverick’s Mama’s Avatar
    Maverick’s Mama
    Registered Users

    Join Date: Nov 2009
    Posts: 2,279
    Ratings: 4
    Feedback: 83%
    Feedback Score: 4 reviews, 83%

    I Need A Mod
    A couple months ago I paid for a FFS diaper and went in rounds with the woman trying to get her to send it. She never sent it after NUMEROUS attempts of me trying to work with her and so I finally told her I was going to leave negative the next day if I didn’t hear back from her with a DC#. Next day I don’t hear anything so I go ahead and leave negative. The day AFTER I left the negative she PM’ed me saying she had sent me a refund AND the diaper. Well I did receive the refund, but never the diaper and I left the negative in place because she lied to me so many times about shipping it and was SHADY the entire time and wasted my time.

    Well now, months later, I log in and she has left me a negative in retaliation. I did nothing wrong, excuse me for expecting her to send the diaper in a reasonable amount of time (this went on for MONTHS before I left a negative). MONTHS that I was patient with her, giving her shady self the benefit of the doubt. I was more than nice to her and I don’t deserve a negative at all.

    I have all sorts of proof that she lied to me. How do I go about getting this negative off my ratings and will she get in trouble for leaving retaliatory? She should.

    Kelsey!! Mama to Maverick born 04/05/09, a cloth diapering, but otherwise not THAT green kind of mommy http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/kelseyeb1986 [url]http://zoombucks.com/join.php?ref=kelseyeb1986[url]

    A poster agreed it was awful, then MM said seller was a “shady witch”

    FB left by MM on 8/20 –
    ” LIED about shipping item. WASTED time. FLAKEY.AVOIDS answering PMs.”
    FFS diaper seller was woolmebaby –
    FB she left MM on 10/10 states:
    “Got full refund, the ffs diaper + left me negative feedback, claims no diaper…”

  270. iken says:

    At 273, I warned H2BAM when she first popped up over here, after being banned at TBW under 4 different user names. It didn’t take long for the scamming to begin.

  271. amelie says:

    I’m a lurker and kinda want to stay that way, but I wanted to see what you ladies think of Disneygurl coming back to ask for girly spam?


  272. Munklettes says:

    Oh, my, did you see her TTC ticker? It’s almost three years away.

  273. smartassmama says:

    I want to PM each person and tell them all about her crazy ass! I know everybody needs a dollar, but if they sell to her they need to ship using a fake return address.

    And that TTC ticker is just, wow! She has allotted herself just under three years to find a man, trick him into marrying her, and get herself pregnant. Bless his future heart. And God bless that baby if she has a boy. That is almost as terrifying.

  274. Anna says:

    OMG she has a negative already! Anyone who gets a negative the first transaction needs to be banned from b/s/t.

    I think Disneygurl lives in my area.. she posted a bunch of “flag these” from the Kansas City CL a few weeks ago, freaks me out that she could be close to me!

  275. smartassmama says:

    I don’t know that I’ve ever wanted to high-five someone so much as I do right now. This gave me a hardcore laugh. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showpost.php?p=11434921&postcount=310

    It’s in that damn waitress thread, but it really has nothing to do with waitressing. More to do with giving pcjs a piece of her mind.

  276. dundundun says:


    I’m rollin’.

    I really need to dedicate some time to reading that entire thread.

  277. smartassmama says:

    That’s pretty impossible. lol

    But if you must, you should fix a few boxes of Mac n Cheese to busy your kids while you try.

  278. MOMWITHMANY says:

    You mamas are so great with your detective work and I was wondering do you think this is legit? It is really bothering me and I would like to help but it just seems off. I feel so bad for her little ones ,dh says it may jut be to get some drama for herself. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1091079

  279. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Anybody with half a brain knows she’s in a bad situation, for her to come on to a public forum and ask WWYD? is just a cry for attention. Almost every time I’ve read or heard of a post like that it is exaggerated or just a troll. Seriously, refer her to local help groups, give her a positive line and keep your wallet and closets closed. That’s my advise.

  280. smartassmama says:

    I saw her original post, and the first 3 or 4 replies. It’s a very sad situation. I can’t imagine staying in a situation like that, but I also can’t imagine having to leave one either. I haven’t read too far into it yet though.

  281. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #293-Yea that’s what dh said too. I know that there was a thread here about a similar situation and several mamas tried to help and it was a total fraud. It just breaks my heart to think of that little boy crying bcause he was watching his mom get hurt.

  282. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #292- I feel the same way ,but I just think it’s strange that he is so controlling yet she lives by herself. I understand anything is possible,but it seems strange that he is so violent and restrictive and yet she has her own place.

  283. smartassmama says:

    The Erin12345 fiasco? That’s where my mind went after the first few sentences. But I think that “Erin” only has the one son. This woman has an older daughter I think. It’s a crappy, crappy situation either way. I feel bad for her. A restraining order is the best thing she can do right now.

  284. MOMWITHMANY says:

    I don’t remember the name but I think so. In the end the police were called and supposedly she was being held captive in a shed in Texas with her kids and her husband was posting threatening things on ds and pming mamas. But when the police showed up her dh was sleeping and the whole thing was made up.

  285. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It IS sad, but, it’s also a situation she’s made for herself. She has been informed of what is available for her (restraining orders, leaving him) and information is the best weapon. I just really hesitate to buy that someone can come on to a public forum and post about her abusive boyfriend — if she has the freedom to type the length of that post without him interfering, she can get into contact with a domestic violence shelter.

    It totally sucks that she is allowing her children to be exposed to the effects of HER bad decision, but, that’s her reality. We can call CPS, but, honestly, if the BF isn’t in the house, CPS probably wont even investigate him. Anyway, it’s just my opinion that if she REALLY wanted help, she could get it. The question then becomes, what does she really think she is going to get for herself by posting on a forum…

    that answer comes back to attention. Either because she made it up to troll or because she ex exaggerated the situation cause she wants free stuff. Maybe I’m just jaded but, that’s my take on it all…

  286. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Thank you Mommy Grizzly, that does make a lot of sense. Dh is a cop and he agreed that going public when you can just get away is usually a cry for attention(he’s a cop).But either way she got great advice so if it is real hopefully she will take it and make a better life for her kids. You ladies just amaze me with your ability to cut through the crap and figure out what is legit. I am so glad I found this site and it is great to actually know who them scammers are. Thanks dsdm I always check here before I buy and it had saved me from buying from a scammer.

  287. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Sorry for the repeat info I wasn’t paying attention. Did I mention my husband is a cop? LOL

  288. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Hey, 299, I have been hearing this rumor that your husband is a cop… is that true?

  289. MOMWITHMANY says:

    Yes ,but ssshhhh I am keeping it a secret. roflmbo I am trying to sew and type and I am not doing either one very well right now.

  290. dundundun says:

    I came over as fast as my little fingers could make it once I heard a rumor that someone’s husband is A COP!

  291. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It’s true, Dun! I heard it from Tweety herself!

  292. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Peachy, peachy, where ever you are, I ❀ the wool you sent me. Thank you again.

  293. Redhead says:

    dsdm2, I sent you something on Yahoo last night. Not sure if you were online or rec’d it, but I have a couple of questions over what we were discussing before.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  294. DSDM2 says:

    I didn’t get it, shoot it over again.

  295. werd says:

    I have to tell people online because I can’t tell people IRL yet. Dude, I’m fricken pregnant!

  296. Snickerdoodle says:

    307- Congratulations!!!! πŸ™‚ It is so hard not to tell people IRL isn’t it?

  297. werd says:

    omg yes, I am a huge blabber mouth! I had to tell my parents because I was supposed to go for a scope today and my mom was going to watch the kids. We are waiting for my husband’s parents to get home to tell them, then I can blow up my facebook with BFP pics. I think I am still in shock.

  298. smartassmama says:

    Congrats Werd! Awesome! How far?

  299. dundundun says:

    Congrats, werd!

  300. Flat Stainley says:

    Congratulations, werd! How many will it be with this little babe?

  301. werd says:

    I got my BFP last night and my period is like 2 days late. This is baby # 3 for us!

  302. dundundun says:

    werd, we might be due date buddies!

    I got my BFP on the 9th, a few days before my missed period. My EDD is 6.18.

  303. MotherMoonPads says:

    Congratulations Werd! (it’s all because of your pads, you know! πŸ™‚ )

  304. JustMe says:

    Congrats to Dun and Werd!! HH9M!

  305. reallytiredmommy says:

    Comment 26:
    Cause we all need to sell our designer jeans or houses or whatever and buy our kids 500 dollar carseats!

  306. dundundun says:

    Holy shit.

    It TOTALLY sucks to sale a designer pair of jeans and ONLY GET $30 for them. OH THE HORROR.

    My jeans don’t even cost half that brand new. I love you, Ross. You are my roll dog. Cheap, rikity clothes that look amazing on me, FTW!

    People like that make me sad. She needs to hang out with that chick from Real Housewives. *sings*.. Money can’t buy ya class! Elegance is learrrrrrrrrrrrrned, my friends. Eleganace is learrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRNnnnnEEED!

  307. smartassmama says:

    I thought about linking that one.
    she needs to pull the stick out. why on earth would you pay five hundred bucks for a basic seat, in terms of features snd weight and height limits? because they make racing seats. ok. but in the thread she started, she admits she didnt know about erf and best practice when she bought them, and is on the market again. so i will give it to her for doing the reading now, true. but cheapy? rickety? way to win peeps over.

    what if all someone can afford is a forty/fifty dollar scenera? what if that is all they can afford by not buying jeans, nails, and they hurr did? if you use it right and it installs, good for you.

    i havent had a hair cut, even a trim, in over a year. my only splurges are my wooly worm eye brows waxxed, and not nearly often enough. and i like a lemonade amp energy drink at the grocery store. lol high class livin yall.

    sorry for the crappy typing. my phone will not let me use the caps or alt button. eye roll.

  308. Trinity says:

    Where does she get $500 from? I have never seen them retail for more than $300.

    And honestly, Recaro makes good seats -we still use some of ours- but I think there are better carseats on the market now. Either way, no reason to be snobby about it. As long as a carseat is right for your car, installed correctly and is a good fit for your child -and not expired!- who cares what brand it is?

  309. smartassmama says:

    Exactly 320. I think they’ve come out with some higher limit seats, which is great, but I’m guessing that they are like a niche seat, along the lines of Britax. They used to be ground-breaking, others caught up, and the name is what costs so much. And now that others have caught up, they’re raising their bar. I think every time she replied she stuck her foot in farther.

  310. Carla G says:

    LOL The only $500 car seats I know of are Britax Multi-techs that are not even sold in the US. People import them. I happen to be a carseat geek. Recaros and britax run around $300, but you can get them MUCH cheaper. You can get them for half or more off on a good online sale. I own 3 Britax, but I am in no way a Britax snob and thing they are the greatest thing on earth. yes, they are very good carseats and i love them, but there are plenty of other carseats jsut as good and better. I actually bought a scenera when I was waiting for one carseat to arrive that I ordered online. It is a “cheap” seat as in it’s inexpensive, doesn’t have all the fancy stuff, super plush cover, ect. However, it’s jsut as safe and I saw no problems using it…. if I would have been able to get it installed. It was a pain to get in my car, so much that I returned it. It jsut wasn’t compatible with my car… even the $300 seats run into this issue.

    I’m pregnant and my baby on the way won’t be getting a Britax because I can get a just as good if not better carseat for half the price of Britax. πŸ™‚

    bottom line is they ALL pass the same regulations.

  311. reallytiredmommy says:

    Well basically telling everyone they are not good parents if they dont buy those seats is pretty ballsy. I hope she goes back and reads what she wrote. Maybe she was having a bad day but still…

  312. dundundun says:


    Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial or video that shows me (slowly!!!) how to incorporate my tail into my project? Knittinghelp.com only has a small project demo and she does it too fast for me to follow.

    DF is even sitting here with me trying to figure it out. God, love him.

  313. dundundun says:

    I’m referring to the long-tail cast on.

  314. Mommy Grizzly says:

    you mean, the loose end, like how to weave it in so that you cannot tell it was there?

  315. dundundun says:

    Lemme see if I can word this correct with my n00b self…

    I have the two strings from my long tail cast on. In one of her demo vids, she shows how to do the first few knit stitches with BOTH strands to work the tail into the piece. Then after three stitches she drops the tail and just uses the working yarn. I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

  316. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Oh, ok, I get what you are asking now…

    it’s really a lot easier than you are probably making it out to be. Do you have FB or YIM?

  317. dundundun says:

    I have FB.. will you be around tomorrow? I’ve put it away for the night.

    I think I’m actually doing it right, but I think I’m casting on too tightly so I can’t maneuver very well. Hell, it took me almost 2 weeks JUST to cast on 100% correctly. LOL.

  318. Itchy says:

    159- sarcasm, I seriously doubt she was serious.

    162- no one has called her out on it because others agreed. Most are too afraid to post it, but quite a few did. I would not buy them for the exact same reason- that doesn’t make me a racist. Even if I was a racist, who gives a shit? I won’t buy a diaper with the red/white maple leaf on it either but that doesn’t mean I hate Canadians. She also has stated that her husband would flip if she bought some football team diaper that he opposed… that racist bastard *roll eyes*

  319. Mommy Grizzly says:

    yeah, even if I’m not in front of my computer, it goes to my phone so just message me and I’ll talk you through whatever you need.

  320. sourpatchbabe says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling that ms I’m-better-than-you has never stepped foot in TJ Maxx or any store that is not purely designer? I have a hard time picturing someone with that kind of attitude over a carseat actually wearing clothes or buying anything that didn’t come from a high end department store.

  321. mom2js says:

    Just when I was thinking somebody should spam disneygurl some dool clothing they do!!

    Did anyone see the weehuggers thread the other night? I have never used those diapers but I felt so bad for that WAHM, the thread was deleted.

  322. mom2js says:

    that should be *doll clothes

  323. iken says:

    at 333, I have a screen shot of that original post. The OP is a graphic designer and didn’t care much for the Weehuggers logo.

  324. smartassmama says:

    Not liking a design because it isn’t your style doesn’t make you a racist. A Canadian who doesn’t want American flags on everything isn’t a racist. But “They look African. My husband would literally kill me.” That does sound racist. And who cares if someone is a racist – people who think racism is despicable. People who might otherwise buy from a user. Just ask Rebel’s Mommy. She’s a woman who devotes herself to a racist idiot. People found out and she headed for the hills. I won’t be chatty on the internet with someone whose bookmarks also include the kkk. It’s 2010 and there’s no reason for such ignorance. Call me petty for thatb if you will, but I won’t knowingly contribute to that.

    And I highly doubt it was sarcasm. She prefaced it with asking for people not to flame her, said he’d literally kill her. I’m not a fan of the prints either. I’m not even a fan of bg. But she wasn’t sarcastic.

  325. smartassmama says:

    I missed the stuff about Weehuggers.

    Love that someone suggested doll clothes – for her DOLL! And another users at least warned her against hoarding and storing up diapers for 4 years. Though I don’t think shot elastic would be a real problem on fake doodoo.

  326. Pork Slapper says:

    #260 – I have to laugh that this board mocks the censorship at DS yet you’re trying to steer the conversation away from any remote Meg bashing? *chuckle*

    #336 – I agree. The tone of that post was not joke, joke, haha, just kidding.

  327. smartassmama says:

    338 – and I find it telling that the post in question had the nasty part edited out not too long before “itchy” posted here. Yet it was up for almost a week. . . I think Jsmith has an itch.

  328. Snickerdoodle says:

    339- I agree. Also Jsmith has referenced this blog on DS before.

  329. smartassmama says:

    That is true! The leg warmers thing.

  330. Redhead says:

    Hi Porky, old buddy old pal. It wasn’t because it was “Meg bashing” that she wanted it to stop. It was drama on here that needed to be avoided because it was dumb. Kinda like how I don’t care for you and you don’t care me for me πŸ˜€

    I missed the Weehuggers thing.

    Dundundun, don’t feel bad, It took me over 2 weeks to learn to cast on, then I had to re-learn once I started purling because I was doing it wrong.
    I FINALLY figured it out, and it is way easy.

  331. Redhead says:

    333, I am sure QC did that in jest. She haz brainz, and knows all about Disneygurl.

  332. Mommy Grizzly says:

    338 – This board, what it stands for and who it mocks has nothing to do with the hand slapping of people that start crap with Meg.

    Nobody on here wants to read the petty arguing and bickering that goes on between Meg and her haters. Really. I have to hear enough bickering IRL between kids, it is best not to be continued online by grown women.

    And, FWIW, Meg makes waves in pretty much every place she posts, most of us are a part of several other boards that she posts on and the constant chaos that surrounds her is ridiculous. It is absolutely DSDM2s place, being her blog and all, to tell the offending and annoying parties to STFU.

  333. Redhead says:

    MG, have I told you today how much you rock my socks? πŸ˜‰

    BTW, my bags came for my hot chocolate mix, so over the weekend I will get busy creating you something full of WIN.

  334. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I don’t know how to tell you all this, but, I think Redhead has a crush on me.. :blush:

    I love me some chocowit!

  335. Redhead says:

    I am attracted to Redheads with a mind of their own!

  336. dundundun says:

    You must totally wanna bone me too! I haz the red.

  337. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I am the reddest head of them all, just look at my monster!

  338. Redhead says:

    It is final then. All redheads must meet up with me — we will fornicate skankily– and then you turn into non-medicated crazies on DS later when I tell you that I just want to be friends.
    Ok? I have hot chocolate to sip! πŸ˜‰

  339. dundundun says:

    I’m already non-medicated thanks to this thing in my belly. Still wanna bone me?

  340. Snickerdoodle says:


    I have red too! πŸ™‚ But I’m too emotionally fragile to do the whole fornicate and then just be friends thing.

  341. Flat Stainley says:

    LOL @ fornicate skankily!

  342. amessymama says:

    I’ll join you all with the redheadedness but I’ll have to pass on the fornicating skankily. πŸ˜€

  343. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I don’t really want to fornicate with you, Redhead, I just wanna felt your balls and nipple on your chocolate. πŸ˜‰

  344. Redhead says:

    Felt my STOLEN idea balls, you mean?

    Of course Dundundun, I will still bone you. πŸ˜›

  345. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Crime adds a little extra sumtin, I tell you. Though, I’d like to PELT the person you supposedly STOLE the idea from with some balls, and other fast moving projectiles..

  346. smartassmama says:

    Somebody’s got ball envy.

  347. dundundun says:



  348. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, SAM, this chick totally invented wool, the spherical shape, the word YARN, all things colorful AND has the special liberty of freedom of speech that only benefits her, everyone else needs to know their place, STFU and just take her mouth.

  349. smartassmama says:

    I’m curious about this whole deal. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1091909

    Don’t know who the buyer is, don’t know how much of the seller’s OP to believe. Just, curious. πŸ™‚

  350. smartassmama says:

    360 – and she pees scented essential oils. Because you know she stole that idea to scent the balls too!

    I searched out that FB page a day or two after that woman apparently had some sort of emotional blowout and lost her marbles? Then she posted a pretty, colorful, apology on her site to “E” & “M.” Wonder who that M was πŸ˜‰
    She spent every second of the next day flooding her Wall with giveaways, “Flash” I think is what she called it? I had to click the see more link at the bottom about 15 times to get to 24 hours prior. Something shook her up, but I just couldn’t keep clicking. I was afraid it would rub off.

  351. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, farking nutcase.

    361 – I’d have to say, regardless of my feedback on DS, if I got 100 emails from someone over a weekend I COULDN’T EVEN MAIL DURING, asking the SAME QUESTION, I’d surely be refunding the PP and NOT following through with mailing the package.

    Seriously? That’s just insanity jumping on the crazy train. What is WRONG with some people???

  352. smartassmama says:

    Did y’all hear that PP is now going to have an “Item significantly not as described” policy!

  353. Snickerdoodle says:

    I don’t know. I noticed the OP had a feedback score of two. She had feedback from two sellers saying that she had great fast payment yet when I clicked on feedback left for others she had left nothing for either of those two sellers.

    This doesn’t’ really have anything to do with her post but I can’t stand it when people don’t leave feedback. Especially if they are buying from someone! It almost seems rude to me.

    So I already feel less kindly towards her.

  354. Redhead says:

    362, did you see the bogus emails she posted that were from “me” to her customer?
    That happened Wednesday morning, AFTER her apology. :/

  355. smartassmama says:

    I was searching new uploads on YouTube and that bozo has a new video up. She’s blocked me from commenting though. ROFLMAO!
    Have you ever heard her pronounce Hollisterluva? That part made me giggle.

  356. smartassmama says:

    366 – No, I didn’t see those. I was just there long enough to see if I was in the right place or not.

  357. DSDM2 says:

    Meg AND NotMeAtAll were both ‘slapped’ as you put it. I don’t and didn’t side with either one, but I am tired of the shit that comes every time Meg posts or is mentioned. Since her return, she hasn’t been drama on DS, and therefore isn’t drama here.. I told them both to stop and move on.

  358. itchy says:

    She took it off her post because I pm’d her about it, told her that some on here were offended, saw it as a racial comment and thought she was serious about DH. She responded by WHAT?! and said she was off to take it down then, did not mean it that way.

  359. Pork Slapper says:

    #342 – I don’t know you to dislike you; I simply disliked how you handled a situation.

    #344 – You’re right in that, it is her board to say β€œstop”. I’m also completely free to point out the hypocrisy! πŸ™‚

    #361 – Yeah, I’m going to guess the “100” was a _slight_ exaggeration.

    #369 – Noted and understood.

  360. reallytiredmommy says:

    Oh man I looked up disneygurl’s thread. I didn’t even know you could have
    -1 feedback. Seriously though I hope she gets some help. Most people that into reborns are empty nesters.

  361. Amygamie says:

    Ok want to see something very disturbing about the reborn doll girl? Your gonna freak out.


  362. Amygamie says:

    make sure to check out her wedding registry as well :/

  363. melmelly says:

    Oh WOW! Ladies, we have ourselves a DS crazy that has taken delusional to whole new level! Pretty soon Disneygurl is going to be talking about building her own Cinderella castle to live in.

    WHOA nelly!

  364. sourpatchbabe says:

    Oh my God! That girl has gone off the deep end this time…

  365. sourpatchbabe says:

    Stupid question of the day, I can tell that she’s into the Twilight stuff but since I’ve never seen/read it all I know is that there are vampires and werewolves in there. Don’t know what species her fiancee is but wouldn’t the sunlight be bad for him if he’s a vampire? And I don’t know about her, but wet dog smell is so not in. How’s she gonna get him in the water?

  366. dundundun says:

    Uhm… is that supposed to be fanfiction or is she seriously expecting people to believe that shoddy copy and paste and cliche engagement story?

    I know she’s a deeply troubled girl. I actually don’t feel anything but pain when her name comes up.

  367. smartassmama says:

    Oh shit! That’s funny and skeeeeery at the same time. I bet he has no freaking clue they’re engaged. I thought she went to Disney w/ the fam.

    And Emily Post be darned. That registry?! Holy Crap!

  368. smartassmama says:

    Check out her Facebook page. Guess what she’s wanting to get her degrees in?

  369. Amygamie says:

    check out her new videos on youtube. I have been following them ever since I was first linked up with them which has led me to find adults that behave like this.

    Anyways In her video called new free stuff she talks about how she went to a charity place and snatched up a bunch of “free” stuff, I mean expensive stuff like a brand new papasan baby bouncer and packs of pamper swaddlers. It has bugged me ever since I saw that that she stole from a charity so my husband emailed the charity and gave the the link so she won’t be emptying the shelves of a charity, it is hard enough as it is to keep shelves in charities full.

    In her video today she found a pacifer on the ground and took it home with her :/ I am watching her videos waiting for the day she will get caught.She is hiding two dolls a pack n play three carseats a bouncer seat a butt load of clothing bottle pacifers, two dolls and a boppy and her grandma inspects her room. It is only a matter of time.

  370. Mommy Grizzly says:

    OMG, if she can GET a job, that’s a hospital inviting her to steal a baby!

  371. Amygamie says:

    the video where she gets stuff from a charity

    and this lady here is an adult reborn “mom” that sometimes “nurses” her reborn doll named sam. They have scheduled feedings. http://www.youtube.com/user/KrissyS84#p/u/3/jKQ2JtVhOdk

  372. Mommy Grizzly says:

    If the Tiff fiasco had not just happened, I’m not sure I could believe someone could get to 63 posts of absolute crazy without getting booted from DS.

  373. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Anybody else notice, she doesn’t have any mention of her relationship status on her FB? She is obviously not soo mentally ill that she does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. I mean, she doesn’t bring things in she knows she will get in trouble for when her grandpa is home, she does not post her ‘engagement’ status on her Facebook where her family and IRL friends (if they exist?) can see. The fact that she has almost 900 friends though, says she’ll add just about anybody. Hmm. It’s sad. Not, I wish I could help you sad, more like, I feel sorry you are you kind of sad.

  374. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Amy – do you enter drawings? If you do, there’s one I’d like to tell you about, it came across my FB feed and I thought of you, immediately.

  375. Amygamie says:

    Ooooo I do enter drawings I just never come across them because I usually don’t read blogs (cause when I do find a good one I forget to bookmark it) or store’s facebook pages. link me up or pm me at cdn πŸ™‚

  376. Mommy Grizzly says:

    kdokey, sent at CDN.

  377. reallytiredmommy says:

    OMG she’s going into nursing? Newborn nursing? I hope someone gets her some help really soon.

  378. dundundun says:

    I feel horrible for watching these videos but it’s almost like I’m a student in psychology and this is a case study.

    I understand that some people are very, very involved in their reborn babies and honestly love and care for them as an actual child. The video I’m watching now is some random video where she’s positioning the baby on some random “set-up” that she threw some Twilight paraphernalia on to act as a backdrop and she’s all pushing the baby’s head all the way back and slamming it’s legs into the dresser and all just being rough with it.

  379. reallytiredmommy says:

    Um she said she was going back to the charity to get more free stuff. It really bothers me that she is stealing from needy babies and mommas.

  380. Amygamie says:

    @350 Redhead how do you not have a title on CDN?! You say PIMP worthy things all the time.

  381. Mommy Grizzly says:

    She obviously doesn’t get the Title Fairy’s attention. She’s been pretty DL on CDN that I’ve seen…

    I got my Title like 3 days in and I’m farking tied to an idiot. Our titles came from me talking back to her. Serves me right. I need to get to smackin some asses to get a new and improved title!

  382. reallytiredmommy says:

    Call out the title fairy! Then tell her youreaally love her and dont like her sister Tinkerbell. And that you think Tinkerbell is a —–. Worked for me once.

  383. Redhead says:

    So I seriously have a cousin-in-law who decided to have hot pink and blue for her colors.. and had a castle cake. She also was in love with my DH.


  384. Redhead says:

    Amy, I am not really active on CDN so I don’t think I have a title yet.
    I get kinda lost in all the inside jokes there, so I just haven’t posted much. I’ll try to be better πŸ™‚

    BTW- I have been thinking of you lately, hope you’re doing well. β™₯

  385. Tired says:

    Oh my goodness, I think the new car seat she got at the garage sale must be expired. It’s a three point harness. Her “baby” really shouldn’t have an old car seat like that. Who’s going to tell her.

    OK, going back to watch more on You Tube. It’s a little like driving by a car accident. I just can’t stop myself from looking!

    Giggle…she bought a shirt that says I love my daddy and said she doesn’t really like what it says because they don’t really have a daddy.

  386. shabbychic says:

    Morning. πŸ™‚

  387. Amygamie says:

    Oh believe me I am doing A LOT better now. So far it has been a week of no signs of the Complex Post Traumatic Stress disorder I actually healed myself medication free which is pretty awesome considering most people can’t even do that with outside help. Deep alpha meditation, perfectly boring healthy diet and educating myself is what really made the most difference. It feels amazing just to feel normal again. Beforehand I was like prisoner to the CPTSD it controlled my entire life. Now I just gotta find an MFM that I feel 100% comfortable with and get all my tests done and go through the gritty before we officially start to TTC next year. I’m starting to feel baby #2 is actually possible.

  388. Amygamie says:

    @392 if she is planning on going back to the charity they should know who she is. It is a small charity and they have been informed of her, what she is doing, been linked up the her video, and have been given her first and last name. It is up to them on how they want to handle it. I wish they would email my husband back just so we know for sure they read the email and are aware of this they were emails Friday at lunch time so it might be next week until they read it I am hoping she doesn’t go back there to “score some more free baby haul” beforehand. I am sure there are plenty of families in Kansas city that actually need that stuff.

  389. 400- SO happy to hear you’re doing so well, considering. I think of you often.

  390. Kirsty says:

    396- are those like her gang colours?

    400- You are so freaking strong! You really are amazing.

  391. Aj says:

    Boo, I don’t know why the links didn’t work 😦

  392. Aj says:

    Forget it, I suck at linking today.

  393. MOMWITHMANY says:

    It really makes you wonder what their dh’s(if they have one) have to say about it. If dh walked in on me making a video of how I breastfeed my DOLL he would be holding me down until the men in white jackets could get there. Plus that stuff can’t be cheap, I can’t imagine anyone being ok with money being spent on an doll.

  394. dundundun says:

    Honestly, if your hobby involves rearing a doll then hey.. go for it. If that’s what you choose to do with your hard earned money so bed it. If you want to make videos to share on youtube then go for it.

    My issue is the same as everyone elses…

    Don’t take free items that you don’t need. Your “reborn” doll can sleep in a dresser drawer. I suppose one could argue that “my baby deserves what ALL babies deserve” and to that I say stop slinging it around like it’s silly puddy. Her dolls seriously have broken necks and dislocated appendages.

  395. CJ says:

    Congratulations Werd and dundundun! That is so exciting!

    Redhead, I think I need to dye my hair. πŸ˜‰

  396. adensmama says:

    I just have to say that *peanut* is on my DS shitlist along with that crazy ass Michelle chick who says “God Bless!” at the end of every.single.post.

  397. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, on my shitlist is Jonahsmommy or something… she whines about needing to sell her wool cause her husband is unemployed, then, when asked for her PP info, she wont reply. She’s done this 3 different times to 2 dods moms. Seriously, I’ve got money, you need money. Why ignore me when you need what I’ve got??

  398. forsnizzle says:

    408- lmao… my DH would do the EXACT same!

  399. Redhead says:

    I saw one video today where the reborn baby had real crap in its diaper. Real. How did that happen. I shudder to think.

  400. CJ says:

    That is sick.

  401. MOMWITHMANY says:

    #409- I agree about the charity and great catch Amy. That is one charity she can’t steal from again and hopefully they will share the info with others . I have no issues with hobbies and I agree your money your choice what you spend it on. But at least the videos I saw it doesn’t seem to be a hobby. Several of them seemed to consider them real. But if you know the truth and are just pretending,have at it.

  402. screenname says:

    So, did anyone else see her future photography blog?

  403. smartassmama says:

    I shutter to think how that poop got there.

    Looks like she started up a blog and forgot about it. Probably a good thing if her photography is anything like her videography.

    My hard drive spiraled into that click of doom (tries to restart the computer, then clicks and tries again – over and over), so we lost all the pictures and videos from the last 3 gd years. I’m so upset about it. 😦 We’re going to check the computer place in town this week to find out if anything is salvageable.

    But my first Swag search in a long time – “diaper swappers drama” earned me 50 SB!! So thank you DoDS!

  404. Redhead says:

    Look at this. DisneyGurl/Crazyoverpink92 was arrested for juvenile retail fraud:

  405. werd says:

    414 omg i saw that – she actually has a video on “how to make poop”! She melts Hershey’s chocolate in a diaper, in her microwave. Weird.

    Man, I’d be a much happier mama if my kids butts smelled like chocolate!!!

  406. CJ says:

    The chocolate bars in the diaper game is one baby shower ritual that I always try to avoid. The idea a smelling and tasting the inside of a diaper makes me gag, even if I know that it is chocolate.

  407. Amygamie says:

    Oh wow, so stealing isn’t new to her at all then. You would think getting caught once already would make her think more. In the where she talks about buying her pack n play from the consignment store she new that the accessory kit and the pack n play where sold separately. She put both on the counter and the teller didn’t notice that the accessory kit was $25 and sold separately from the pack n play because they are matching so he only charged her for the price of just the pack n play. So she got it the accessory kit for free and she knew it was wrong but she kept her mouth shut. That really rubs me the wrong way. :/

  408. Flat Stainley says:

    412- Wasn’t that Judesmommy? Nothing like a carrot dangling in your face and all the dangler can do is pull up just before you bite.

  409. Mommy Grizzly says:

    423 – That’s it, sorry, super distracted lately. Yeah, I hate not getting my carrots.

  410. Ribbit says:

    Wow. That makes me really angry! (stealing from charity for a doll). Someone said Kansas City, but I thought she was from Farmington, MI?

  411. Mommy Grizzly says:

    after she graduated high school, she moved to stay with her grandparents in KC.

  412. Just Peachy says:

    Does anyone have names of the charities she has stolen from?

  413. Just Peachy says:

    I am referring to Deva of course.

  414. Amygamie says:

    The one my DH emailed was The Clothes Closet in clay county . That is the only charity we know of. They never got back to us… so I dunno.

    It is kinda scary how much information she puts out on the internet. Google her name and you can find her cell phone number, her brothers and grandparents names what schools she goes to and whatnot. :/

  415. anon says:

    I know a couple of people who are involved with the Clothes Closet. I’ll give them a heads up to check the email. They are older people, so they may not be very email-oriented.

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