Here! We ‘old schoolers’ are Here!

Posted: September 6, 2010 by DSDM2 in Just Drama

Most of those looking back at the changes are here! But like another poster mentioned, I consider ‘old school’ to be prior to the new board (the Lee ‘sell out’ and  switch-over) all together 🙂

Man, that was a different world. Please excuse my nostalgic thoughts over it. 😉 Anyone else remember or have stories about the old board?

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anybody still around from the ‘old school’?

i left DS because i did not like a lot of the changes i saw occurring here. but i was wondering if anyone is still around from the ‘old school’?

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  1. shelbell says:

    I looked at the cancerousmango in her siggy and wow, I wonder if she’s really still with him?

  2. Redhead says:

    Oh boy.. people in that thread mentioned several “other boards”!!! There better be some hand slappin’! 😉

  3. Just Peachy says:

    LMFAO I was just gonna post OH NOEZ do not speak of MDC as its a competing board LOL

  4. reallytiredmommy says:

    Okay so I keep hearing about this Lee from people. Who is he?

  5. Just Peachy says:

    Lee is the person who now owns DS and has turned it into the shit hole it is today.

  6. Redhead says:

    what kind of dude runs a diapering forum? I mean.. really!

  7. CJ says:

    I recognize her avatar picture.

    When I was on DS I thought that Lee was a woman for the longest time because I could not fathom a guy having interest in a diapering board either!

  8. reallytiredmommy says:

    But why did a guy decide to buy a diapering board?

  9. CJ says:

    Because the advertising makes money for him. It is nothing but a financial investment.

  10. smartassmama says:

    He’s only in it for the money. The money from the obnoxious ads and the viruses that they put on ladies’ computers.

    I don’t know anything from then though. I’m not old school. 😦 And I wonder who that cancerousmango is?

  11. Redhead says:

    LOL Cj!!! I thought Lee was a chick too! Especially when she.. I mean he.. sent out that lovin-scoopful bike contest thing.

  12. DocsNemesis says:

    Cancerousmango just sounds gross. It put a very unpleasant image in my head.

  13. smartassmama says:

    Ok, I read. I’m guessing he’s the uniporn guy?

  14. reallytiredmommy says:

    Ewww he’s creepy looking! I wonder whatever possessed him to think hey I should buy a diapering board! That will make me lots of money!

  15. Redhead says:

    Oh lookie, he lives in Texas. I should pay him a visit. Oh, and what’s this? He seems to be a Reformed Christian. There ladies is the answer to all your questions of him being a douche.

    In saying that, please note I am not putting Christians down.. as I am one. But the whole reformed church scene is what I have an issue with, mainly because I was heavily involved for many years and know how high & mighty/hypocritical that group of people can be.

  16. treeindawind says:

    I was around when the board changed over. I remember the huge stink too. I think I originally joined at the end of 2005? ds was born in june 05 and I found DS when he was about 6 mos I think? I left for 2 years and forgot my old username etc.

    I am not much of a poster though.

  17. reallytiredmommy says:

    I kinda understand what you mean about some of the reformed christians. I’m a catholic and some of them like to condemn me to the very hot place. So that’s when everything became unicorns and rainbows there! I mostly go for wahm and fsot but tend to go to cdn for the other stuff.

  18. reallytiredmommy says:

    Okay I just read the discussion here about him and some other links. Seems he thinks Catholics and Jewish people are evil? Nice.

  19. WTH says:

    Don’t forget his issues with LDS and Mormons. Wasn’t that on here too?

  20. reallytiredmommy says:

    Funny considering there are many of us mormon, Catholic and Jewish moms on the site and it’s right in our siggies!

  21. Snickerdoodle says:

    Wow I had no idea a guy owned a cloth diapering forum! And I’m not trying to be sexist but that strikes me as odd… and it looks like he is younger than me! Not that that is really saying all that much… 😛

    And I was raised Mormon but am no longer a practicing Mormon. That is crazy stuff in that link up there!

  22. Redhead says:

    When I get unbanned, I think my religion in my siggy will be the Illuminati or something..

  23. smartassmama says:

    Someone mentioned being accosted with people making fun of her religion, referencing a “flying spaghetti monster in the sky” the other day. A couple days ago my husband referenced that same flying spaghetti monster as a joke the other day. I think it must be part of someone’s comedy routine. George Carlin maybe? Anyhow, I might include that in my sig next time I change it. :p j/k

  24. smartassmama says:

    Damn, how bout I repeat myself a lot? In my defense, the boy dumped my lunch in my lap mid-sentence :/

  25. reallytiredmommy says:

    Wonder what he thinks of all the atheists and humanists on the board?

  26. CJ says:

    I was just on facebook reading a message and the ad on the side of the page made my eyes bug out. Humping unicorns with a rainbow that looks like it is coming out of the bum of one of them!
    How do I post a screen shot? This needs to be the new DS logo!

  27. imasupernova says:

    Belly Button troll is back…apparently will be short lived though.

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    Re: Any of your kids have outie belly buttons (Mark 2)
    Hey ladies, let’s just try to forget about this creep and move on with our daily lives, shall we?? She’s banned now, and that’s all that matters right??
    Last edited by rmeyer0011; Today at 11:49 AM.

  28. werd says:

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a parody on religion – it was created by a grad student as a satire to protest the Kansas Board of Education’s decision to cirumvent the theory of evolution being taught in classrooms, by implementing another sort of religion/science hybrid creation story.

  29. treeindawind says:

    I was reading an old thread and noticed this mama had deleted all her posts. Anyone know why by any chance?

  30. DSDM2 says:

    Can you link us to a particular post?

  31. angelique says:

    so what made the old board so awesome?

  32. Redhead says:

    I know her. Will ask her on FB what is up.

  33. imasupernova says:

    WOW she is working on all 1, 311 posts!

  34. treeindawind says:

    Yeah, I think she is in the process of deleting them all right now?

  35. Redhead says:

    I’ll let her explain. She msgd me on FB, everything is cool. 🙂

  36. tat2mommy says:

    Hi Everyone! Aww I didn’t even know anyone would notice 🙂 Yea that smoking around kids thread got me feeling all kinds of crappiness about my mommyhood. My mom watches DS all week and he goes to her house where they all freaking smoke. I just let that thread wad my panties and deleted everything while I was mad…damn that seems nutzo, but it is what it is. I am still there tho (lurkin)…and here…and CDN…LOL

  37. treeindawind says:

    41-That makes sense. I have had those same moments where I wanted to delete all my posts too. Luckily I’m too lazy to go through with it. DS can be full of the twatwaffle mommy wars that try to make other mothers feel better about themselves but knocking others.

  38. Kimbella says:

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    I love this board so much – why cant everyone on it just be honest? Geesh. I have had the worst luck lately.
    I have gotten scammed out of money twice in the last month and now I have another mama saying I misrepresented something even though I *know* I didnt. I took tons if pics and identified any flaws as clear as possible.

    And ya know what – it is always the buyers/seller with little feedback. I really want to help the newb mamas and give them the benifit of the doubt. I mean we all started with no feedback. But I just cant handle this.

    And people are finding all of these ways to cheat the system. Im not sure why PP thinks that a DC # means that you got what you ordered.

    I added it up and I have lost over $40 on FSOT in just sells/buys gone wrong. That dosent seem like much, but it is quite a bit to someone on a super tight budget like we are.

    So – I am thinking that I am just done with FSOT. Or maybe I will only buy and sell to mamas that I ¨know¨. It just seems like this Transactions thread has gotten worse and worse over the last 2 years.

  39. Kimbella says:

    Then one of her buyers and the buyer’s sister begin posting in her thread:

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    Just so we all know here you totally misrepresented the diaper you are referring too, that is my sister and i was with her when she responded to your post to get it, you stated it as being brand new only prepped with one tiny hole from the prepping and it is stained and has a few different holes from “wear”, she may be a newbie but she is one of the most honest people i know and you are trying to say that she switched with another diaper, people like you shouldn’t be allowed on DS. Just becacuse shes new doesn’t mean she can’t tell the difference from a new diaper from an old worn out one. She deserves to be refunded with shipping both ways included.

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    WOW, this is pathetic! You have no clue who I am and you have to come on here to get pity for me being truthful! Maybe you should be truthful and stop lying about your diapers. I am not on here to rip people off and you don’t have to worry about this “newbie” purchasing much on here anymore because if the majority of the people are like you, I want nothing to do with it.

    The only thing truthful here is that if you as a seller have been having multiple problems with buyers you should look at yourself, not at others! Assuming there is a higher chance of you misleading your buyers then people going around trying to “scam” you. I am a mother of a 2 yo and 2mo and have better things to do then deal with people like you! I thought we could resolve this like adults!

  40. DocsNemesis says:

    Haha…”Please delete”

    Cause that always works. Right?

  41. DocsNemesis says:

    Oh nm, I didn’t think about the fact that she outed herself, so it actually will be deleted.

  42. Redhead says:

    I don’t think the OP outed herself.. it was the buyer who outed.

  43. Redhead says:

    and why is a co-op moderator policing the T/FB section?

  44. CJ says:

    Has ebay revised their policy on used diapers? If they were new I may pay over $100 for shipping, but not used. 😛

  45. lisanjason says:

    haha. I am a lurker on this board and never thought I would see one of my own posts on here. Love it.
    And that mod got involved because none of the others would. Guess they were busy or just not answering requests.

  46. Redhead says:

    Good grief!
    I was just looking at cameras and someone wanted $48 to ship 1 camera within the US (digital, it would fit in a med FRB) ..and then they UPPED the shipping to $80!
    No wonder they don’t have any bids!

  47. Redhead says:

    Oh, and that didn’t even include insurance!

  48. CJ says:

    Redhead, I could ship it to you for half that and I live in Canada, home of outrageous shipping costs!

    What camera are you looking at buying?

  49. DocsNemesis says:

    Jeeze. Is charging super high shipping not against Ebay’s TOS?

    oo that reminds me, wonder what I can get for my old camera…thanks Redhead! Haha.

  50. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Exorbitant shipping costs are against Evilbays TOS. It’s under the classification of circumventing evilbays fees.

  51. try me, i'm new! says:

    the high ship costs on ebay are fee scams – sellers have to pay final value fees on their auctions, but not on the “shipping” costs. So they’ll do a buy it now listing for, like $2 for an item worth $100, but ship will be $98. they pay fees on the $2 and the rest, aside from what it costs to actually ship, is not charged any fees, at least by ebay. it’s totally against ebay rules and a seller can be suspended for doing it.

  52. CJ says:

    Yes, it is against the TOS. You can report them through the listing for over-inflated shipping and handling fees.

  53. try me, i'm new! says:

    #55 – if it’s film, the answer is not much. I just bought a niiiiiice film camera for a student for a whopping $9. 10 years ago when I was in school that camera would have been over $150.

  54. DocsNemesis says:

    Nah, its digital. Its a Nikon Coolpix P1-it still sells on Amazon for $499. My apartment is uber dark though and I couldn’t get very good pics with it in here and it doesn’t like to zoom in on super close detail, like knitting. Its really nice for other general pics though…I dunno, I thought I’d keep it for a pocket camera but I keep grabbing our new one instead, lol.

  55. Redhead says:

    Cj, I am looking at a Canon 5d.. they are running $950-$1300 on ebay atm.

  56. CJ says:

    Wow, that is quite a variation in prices.

  57. Redhead says:

    Well $950 would be the really used ones.

  58. mamatocuties says:

    i would never buy a diaper from a man that looks as creepy as him. Or let him see my kid in a diaper.WTH is a dude doing hanging around a bunch of ladies talking about kids bums for?

  59. EmpressPurl says:

    Simply due to the fact that he is Lee Dodd, Kahn of the DouchLords, Destroyer of the Operating System! 😉

  60. RainCloud says:

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster is REAL!

  61. sourpatchbabe says:

    Fudgesicle sticks! What the heck is going on with all the zofran spam in DS?

  62. mom2js says:

    Looks like Peanut is yageing and deleting all her posts.

  63. DSDM2 says:

    I’m not surprised. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Peanut.

  64. Redhead says:

    Isn’t she the rich snob?

  65. smartassmama says:

    i never figured out what she meant by people being mean to her. i only ever saw people being nice.

  66. smartassmama says:

    Nah. At least, never came off snobby to me. She not the one with Caddy emblems And high dollar shoes in her av, if that’s what you mean.
    it used to be a picture of her son,as an infant. Really cute picture. I think she’s either a photographer or a lawyer. Her answers on a legal question about copyright made me think the second.

  67. Redhead says:

    Oh.. ok. Wonder who was mean to her?

  68. mom2js says:

    Redhead, she is the one that posted the *sob* my life is so hard I spend 2 hours a day floating around my pool thread.

  69. mom2js says:

    A breadtfeeding thread got heated and somebody posted *snort* and *ROTFL* after her posts and she got upset.

  70. mom2js says:


  71. DocsNemesis says:

    She was in the anti-circ thread too. I dunno if anyone offended her there though, I stopped reading about 8 pages in.

  72. smartassmama says:

    OOOoooh. I missed that she was the pool floater too.

  73. mom2js says:

    79 it is gone already.

  74. Flat Stainley says:

    Darnit! Now I wanna know what she thought of the man she thought was gay. Did anyone see it?

  75. mommato2 says:

    I didn’t see it before she edited it. I was hoping that someone else did. I was intrigued by the “I was very buzzed” part.

  76. Kirsty says:

    See ya Peanut- time to get back to cleaning that palatial home of yours.

  77. mommato2 says:

    Whoever posted the drama llama in the confessions thread is my FAVE right now!!!

  78. tat2mommy says:

    79-Dammit! I came straight here when I saw it is edited…was hoping someone got a screenshot 😦

  79. DocsNemesis says:

    I happened to see the link about 2 minutes after it was posted and it was already edited/deleted. 😦 Booooo!

  80. DSDM2 says:

    She called everyone “classy” “ladies” in the Confessions thread. How many times did she yage? 3 or 4?

  81. not me at all says:

    yay! About time!

  82. mom2js says:

    87 more than that, last night she had a yage in every thread that was recent!

  83. mom2js says:

    And I don’t mean every thread, but all the ones she was already posting in, plus a few others, lol.

  84. shabbychic says:

    Good Evening and Happy New Year.


  85. Flat Stainley says:

    91-LOL! Too girly!

  86. CJ says:

    Meg and the yarn again. Dangerous!

    That bulky alpaca from the last lot is now a cozy warm cowl. 🙂

  87. Flat Stainley says:

    93-nice! I have enough to keep me busy for awhile anyways. I’m getting the hang of knitting though!

  88. CJ says:

    Bulky + Crochet = The fastest project EVER!

    Oh, and Shanah tovah ve metukah, Meg!

  89. DocsNemesis says:

    Eek! I got pickling cucumbers today! I GET TO MAKE PICKLES!!!!!!!

  90. Flat Stainley says:

    Hmmm, I’ll keep that in mind for the new year. Crochet is next on my list of things to learn.

  91. CJ says:


  92. Flat Stainley says:

    96-LUCKYYYY! I LOVE pickles! Are you paying attention to the moon? My grandparents always did and their pickles were so much better on a good moon. I don’t know the details though.

  93. CJ says:

    Crochet is very easy Flat.

  94. CJ says:

    Pickles by the moon? Very interesting.

  95. CJ says:

    I just googled it. It isn’t just the canning process, there is a whole lay out for gardening in general according to the lunar phases.

  96. Flat Stainley says:

    Cool link! So, when the moon is decreasing in the fourth quarter, make pickles. Sounds like knitting! Crunchy!

  97. smartassmama says:

    My husband’s granddad does everything by the moon. He freaked when my husband had surgery out of the right moon phase, thought he would bleed out or something. I thought DH was making it up at first, but then I realized that his granddad really buys into all that stuff. It’s the little symbols at the bottom of random free calenders. No clue how to explain it.

    And pickles. . . I love dill pickles.

  98. DocsNemesis says:

    I’m impatient, I’m making them tomorrow! 😛

    Winter, the longies are super cute!

  99. CJ says:

    Longies? What longies? Where? Woman you can’t tease like that. Pictures!

  100. Flat Stainley says:

    Well, where can I see a pic of your cowl? 😀

  101. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I can’t get the stupid pictures to upload in my photobucket, I’m working on it!!! SS!

  102. Mommy Grizzly says:

    CJ, do you have Facebook????

  103. Flat Stainley says:

    Just saw Yosamite Bear on Tosh.0. Apparently he was not high the day he filmed the original double rainbows clip.

  104. Mommy Grizzly says:

    To believe that would mean that you have to believe that the guy is being honest. I’m not so sure I do.

  105. MotherMoonPads says:

    Is DS down?

  106. Just Peachy says:

    110 OMFG I watched that too LOL. I was like wtf you are a firefighter and a cage fighter?????? How the fuck does that work?

  107. CJ says:

    Flat, are you on Rav? Here is the cowl.

    Grizz, yes I am on facebook (all day every day. lol) Username for facebook is the same as the Rav one.

  108. Snickerdoodle says:

    68 and various others- It drives me NUTS when people go through and delete all their posts! Another large heavily moderated board I am on has a rule that they don’t allow people to delete their posts because if you post it, you should stand by it. I love that they have that rule. Their mods willa also lock posts but never completely delete them either.

    I hate it when I am reading an older thread and I come across a post with nothing but a period in it and then everyone is responding to it and you have NO IDEA what was said!

    Anyway, just my rant for the day. 😀

  109. mom2js says:

    115 that is the only reason I noticed she was yageing. I was trying to follow the breastfeeding thread which was already confusing since the first half was missing and then a bunch of … posts. I agree you say it you stand by it!

  110. smartassmama says:

    I hate that too 155.
    That’s why if someone posts something off the wall or controversial, or their crazy really sticks out, I quote it.

  111. Flat Stainley says:

    113- Maybe his cage fighting act has pyrotechnics in it? :shrug:
    He ate pot brownies when he went to see Alice in Wonderland and cried when he saw the queen. LOL

  112. treeindawind says:

    I just joined Rav a few weeks ago. Can anyone explain to me how to purchase a pattern that isn’t free? I don’t see a “buy now” button or anything. I searched for almost an hour one night trying to figure out how to get the pattern……………

  113. Flat Stainley says:

    119-I have no idea, but I would love to know too.

  114. Redhead says:

    I joined Rav a few weeks ago and that site is overwhelming! I don’t know how anything works!

  115. shabbychic says:

    I had to search for the buy button this morning. What’s the link and I’l look.

  116. mommato2 says:

    119- On most patterns there is an “available for download” link or a “buy it now”, but on some patterns you have to read in the description and it will tell where to purchase it at.

  117. Snickerdoodle says:

    116 Yes it does get confusing.

    117 Thank YOU! That is a good idea. Sometimes when people delete their posts I will just keep reading and hoping that someone quoted them. A lot of times I get lucky. 🙂

    I also love the term Yageing. Kinda reminds me of Rageing or raging. 🙂

  118. smartassmama says:

    I do too. Every now and then I work it into conversation with my husband. As in, “Take out the trash or there will be a classic YAGE and you’ll be left trying to decide what to make for supper.” He almost always looks at me very strangely.

  119. Mommy Grizzly says:

    CJ, I added you on Rav and FB.

  120. tat2mommy says:

    115-I deleted all my crap…just didn’t want to be associated with that site anymore. I am also a part of the “other” board and love their no edit rule…although I am a perfectionist at spelling correctly and it bugs the shit outta me to not be able to fix it. Anyway…doesn’t really matter I never said anything crazy, or quotable, or probly even interesting.

  121. Mama says:

    Lee is a business owner who owns many websites as his income. it’s a business to him. the ads generate money. I’m sure he has no interest in seeing our children in cloth diapers. It’s not creepy in the least that a guy owns the site. He bought the forum after it was already established. It MIGHT be creepy if he created the forum and it was his one and only forum. However, him purchasing diaperswappers was simply a business move. I was on another board when he bought that board. Tons of moms were upset because the forum went from a WAHM to a business owner. Nothing really changed much about the board other than the ownership. However, moms got their panties in a bunch and ran away. I think it’s pretty silly.

  122. iken says:

    karaintx, at it again!

    She already has 2 negative and 4 neutral feedbacks. I see a different item that she is “testing” every week. I think she needs to take a step back from trying to be a wahm. Here is the C&P:

    Old Today, 10:16 AM #1
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    Feedback Score: 195 reviews, 99%

    Question a wahm custom wwyd?? more babble talk/need advice. HELP?
    i am just talking more than anything.

    i recieved a PM for an item i make from a mama. she wanted a custom, gave me the info, i gave her PP and she paid pretty quickly. everything was peachy keen, i made her item within my 2 weeks turn around ‘custom’ period (the timefrane that i give myself + customers).

    i sent her a pic of the item, and she wanted one thing changed up.
    because of my one mistake i refunded her shipping. i try to go ABOVE AND BEYOND for my customers and thought that this was ok.

    luckily i still had it (was sitting in my mailbox waiting to be picked up by usps). ran out, up-packed, changed said flaw, re took pics, + repacked barely made it out to the mailbox for the mail lady to pick up for the day.

    i send her a new pic, and get back a msg about how everything is wrong. i couldn’t get one thing right, and she wanted me to make the item bigger (i use a copyright pattern for the said item, so i CAN NOT change the sizing or anything. its against copyright of the original pattern owner) and how i basically messed the whole order up. she said that her son wouldn’t like it, and that she wanted me to refund her ENTIRE purchase price.

    i told her that because it was in transit she would have to mark ‘return to sender’ and when i had the item back in my hands i would refund her for the item.
    i have been off of DS + the computer for the past few days getting ready for a craft show that I have tomorrow. I got online today, and she said that she got the package, DH wrote RETURN TO SENDER with sharpie, and that she was peeved because its usually ‘her luck’ that these sort of things don’t work out.
    I don’t know what to do to make her happy. I am SO afraid of a negative because of it even though I have tried + tried with her. I took care of everything that I knew of on my end with the transaction and totally don’t wanna get screwed by this. I will refund her + have refunded if the transaction called for it in the past.
    Pretty quick too as I can do it from DHs phone through PP.

    Thanks for listening mamas….
    Stella Grace Boutique is opening back up Sept 15th!
    4***8***12***16***20***24***28******36***betsy jane
    Be my Facebook FAN! Test a ring sling please!

  123. tat2mommy says:

    I don’t get why she posted that…seems all worked out now. Guess she wants to go ahead and get her side out before the neg. FB pops up in her account. I bought from her before…a custom photo pendant. I sent her 3 pics to choose the best for the product and weeks went by without receiving it. I contacted her to let her know…so she offered to make another and send it. She ended up making 2 more and sending them…they were awesome.

  124. Snickerdoodle says:

    127- I can understand not wanting personal bits of yourself on a board you are not a part of anymore. My nosey self is still exasperated when I find blank posts though! LOL

    I just stick to the main diaper chatter forum and don’t post in any of the other areas. Am I the only paranoid person who worries that what I post about myself and my life could affect a possible trade or sale on the FSOT? Since that is mainly what I use DS for, I think about that almost every time I post.

    How much of a weirdo am I? 😀

  125. mom2js says:

    Yeah, I agree if it was personal like stories about my LOs or pictures I would delete, but not every single post.

  126. Flat Stainley says:

    After I read the belly button thread (and finished puking from the thought of such a sicko trolling navel pics of babies) I deleted a bunch of my Photobucket pics, but not entire posts. I like to think that some of the shit I type gets read.

  127. tat2mommy says:

    130-I totally know what you mean though…it irritates me on the juicy stuff too! lol Hell I didn’t even think anyone would notice my crap gone, until *gasp* I made the drama blog!! LMAO! My mom (ceelynncee) still can’t believe *I* made the blog. 😛

  128. tat2mommy says:

    ughh…made it into the blog dammit. this day is scrreewed

  129. DocsNemesis says:

    So, would you be getting worried if you paid for diapers on the first, she didn’t do DC via paypal, and you have yet to see them? She was super quick when I emailed her asking about them a few days ago and said she has DC numbers there but never sent it to me. She said she shipped the day after I paid…even with the holiday it seems like a long time…

  130. Snickerdoodle says:

    132 Yeah I was reading the flats thread. Re reading I should say and I noticed a bunch of deleted posts in there which I eventually figured out based on others comments about the cute babe, were edited out because they had posted a picture of their baby. That is SUPER ICKY to even think about.

    134-thanks for the clarification! I was a bit confused. You do feel kinda famous or something when you make it into the blog huh? 🙂

    135- I had something similar happen with one of my exchanges recently. She said she didn’t know how to do DC via pay pal, she never sent me the DC number, she shipped 2 days later than she said she would, and it took more than a week to get them. However, she sent me an extra insert to make up for the late shipping and I finally received my package and it all worked out.

    With the Holiday maybe it did screw things up… I would be getting worried though, it’s just my nature. 🙂

  131. Snickerdoodle says:

    Clarification on the SUPER ICKY. Not super icky that people deleted their pics but super icky to think about someone getting their jollies off on baby belly buttons!

  132. Redhead says:

    I have had Priority take 10 days before. Mail is just really weird at times.

  133. DocsNemesis says:

    Ok, I won’t freak out yet. Hopefully they’ll be there today.

  134. reallytiredmommy says:

    I wondered why all peanut’s post now had a period instead. She was getting kinda mean to people on the bf thread though.

  135. Kirsty says:

    142- she’s a real sweetheart, ain’t she. Way to bash the crap out of someone who is optimistic in spite of being in a low income bracket.

  136. DSDM2 says:

    Jonah Baby is the idiot in that one.

    She doesn’t live on her own, she has no idea what REAL expenses will be. Right now she doesn’t foot the entire electric, water, gas bills, rent, or any real expenses to maintain or fix a home… Her child isn’t eating yet, which will add about a third to her food expenses, I’m guessing there is no health insurance, dental care, etc. I’m guessing that she isn’t having to spend $40 a pair on shoes b/c her kid has wide feet or to buy nice work clothes for a professional job.

    When mommy and daddy are done paying for it all, and caring for them like children, then she will understand why it is near impossible in most areas of the country to live comfortably or “make it” well on minimum wage.

    $15,080 a year before taxes (min wage if you don’t miss a day all year) is almost impossible to make work, hell, $30k a year will still leave people able to get financial assistance from the government.

  137. Kirsty says:

    Shabbychic, you’re killing me! I’m trying to be responsible and through my current stash before buying more but I’m dying for that hookwink package!

  138. Kirsty says:

    Those posts that drip with “lol”‘s and attack by smilie get my goat. And the is no mention in her post as to whether or not she pays for any household expenses. Just b/c they live with his mother doesn’t mean they necessarily leech off her. There are better ways of getting a point across than posts like that. It’s school yard bully-ish.

  139. Kirsty says:

    Oh and she has 2 kids- one of them is 3. At least according to her siggy.

  140. DSDM2 says:

    She listed her expenses. I don’t think anyone was harsh or out of line, I think Jonah Baby was actually being rude and judgmental.

  141. Just Peachy says:

    I copied the responses because drama but ya Jonah Baby’s tone struck me. Its not about being optimistic. She was being a jack ass in assuming shit. I know when I lived with my parents hell I thought 20 bucks an hour was a lot and wondered why my friends who had houses n stuff bitched about being broke. Now I see why. Owning your own home is work.

  142. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I GOT FLUFFY! Thanks, Peachy!

  143. Flat Stainley says:

    What did ya get, MaGrizz?

  144. Mommy Grizzly says:

    go check my Rav stash. I’m posting it in there with pics.

  145. Flat Stainley says:


  146. CJ says:

    Nice stash Grizz!

  147. Flat Stainley says:

    Gorgeous! CJ, do you have pics up? I need to check!

  148. CJ says:

    PIcs of what?

  149. Flat Stainley says:

    wooly lovliness of stashed stuff. I saw your projects, they’re awesome.

  150. CJ says:

    What? Raves aren’t cool when you’re 30? Crap!

  151. CJ says:

    Flat, I’m trying to get photos onto Rav but I am using yarn faster than I can catalogue it. I guess that is good. 🙂

  152. MeMA says:

    You all missed the old school stuff in 2004 (hmm, was that when it happened?) when we found out sickos were stealing kids pics in diapers and posting them on kiddy porn sites. Its was horrible, the WAHM’s sites were hit the hardest. Thats Why I NEVER post pics of my kids on websites. EVER! The guy the bought DS just makes me think of this, icky!!!

  153. CJ says:

    I heard about that. Yuck! I was in between kiddos then. I didn’t find DS until 2007.

  154. Redhead says:

    That is awful. It makes me wonder if even Facebook is safe. I try to be careful about who I add.. but still. 😦

  155. Tired says:

    Happy Saturday!

    Does anyone know what store this is about?

  156. lil'mama says:

    Well, I am just heartbroken. Not only did Peanut leave but she deleted her quick and easy donut recipe!!! **profuse tears**

  157. sourpatchbabe says:

    They’re going to work on the electric on base and will turn electricity off sometime between 8am and 4pm. I feel like I’m waiting for the cable guy.

  158. Redhead says:

    Not only is she stupid, but she is a jerk about it too.

    Today, 11:48 AM #9
    TwinMommaplus2’s Avatar
    Registered Users

    Join Date: Jul 2010
    Location: CA
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    My Mood:

    Re: Help me word this better to help buyer understand
    I HAVE ALWAYS done it this way paypal gives these options: (‘goods’ is automtically marked if you dont change it)
    – goods
    -ebay items

    and a ‘personal tab’ with these options (of which the default is ‘gift’) if I do nothing with this tab it will automatically be marked ‘gift’

    -payment owed
    -cash advance
    -living expense
    And I have ALWAYS marked ‘other’ considering this is not a gift, unless people are giving away there stuff? In that case, Im am owed some cha-ching

    I NEVER marked payment owed – lets not be shady hun.
    I did EXACTLY what the rules state, so great for getting clairification, I hope this helps YOU better understand what needs to be done.
    Planning on &
    Working on becoming a crunchy momma

  159. lil'mama says:

    She is going to have a major head/wall moment when she realizes what everyone else is trying to tell her.

  160. themystery says:

    #168 I’m pretty sure it’s Crybabies Boutique. I don’t know how she still has a Paypal account, she’s had TONS of claims against her.

  161. Syrinx says:

    170. I get the impression that she thinks she HAS to fill in under both tabs and doesn’t realize that when she clicks over to the personal tab that she is making a choice between the two tabs. She needs pp to add a few dummy proof steps for her.
    ex Is this a purchase or personal transaction?
    o purchase
    o personal
    (click one choice and pp loads a new page)
    You selected purchase. Please select one of the following designations:
    o goods
    o services
    o ebay items

  162. sourpatchbabe says:

    Yeah but once every single poster in the thread plus the mod all said that she was doing it wrong and that the buyer was correct in refunding and asking for payment the correct way you’d think she would understand. I like the idea that another poster had of making a stickied tutorial on how to send payment through paypal. Maybe once she sees it she will get it.

  163. Syrinx says:

    You’d think, but she seems to already have the idea in her head of how it “really” happens so she’s not going to get it unless someone draws her a picture and explains that those two tabs are mutually exclusive. Even seeing the right steps is likely to cause her to think, “But they never clicked on the personal tab to fill it in! A step has been MISSED!”

  164. coffeehoar says:

    Buyer hits BIN on an accidental listing of $4 (says $42 in title) and wants seller to “honor” the wrong price for 10 oz. of yarn so she can “knit her dead cat a sweater” and is giving seller a total guilt trip. facepalm.

  165. coffeehoar says:

    172~ she totally knows she’s wrong now, no one is that stupid (I hope), she just isn’t going to admit it because she’s on bitch mode.

  166. Redhead says:

    I want to troll the dead cat person. Oh pleeeassse!

  167. coffeehoar says:

    It was on Spots, mom23kids was seller… you’d be able to ID dead cat sweater lady if anyone could!

  168. reallytiredmommy says:

    I want to know in case she tries to buy anything from me! That thread had me in hysterics! Hubby couldnt figure out why I was laughing so hard!

  169. CJ says:

    She wants to knit a sweater for her dead cat? What am I missing here? Please tell me she didn’t have the cat stuffed.

  170. coffeehoar says:

    CJ, you aren’t missing anything… she’s off her rocker. She apparently was going to order the yarn, wait for it to ship, knit the sweater, and THEN bury the cat. Hopefully it’s cold where she’s at????

    I thought we were supposed to use the cat fur to spin yarn to knit sweaters for ourselves. I had it all wrong, apparently.

  171. CJ says:

    And 10oz for a cat sweater? That is one fat kitty. Hello Garfield!

  172. sourpatchbabe says:

    Maybe she was planning on stuffing the cat with the remainder yarn?

  173. norrahsmommy says:

    *DSDM I changed my sn to match ds….AKA mommaton*

    OK, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here…I’ve been reading when I can at work but my computer is slower than hell so I can’t read too much without freezing.

    Happy Dance for *Peanut*’s YAGE…hse was getting on my nerves more and more.

    This cat thread is cracking me up. That I don’t normally agree with anything she posts out of principle but H2BAM has it spot on with the “return email”.

    *Greedily* wondering if she’s still got the yarn and will do a local pickup so that I can have someone can make us some longies.

  174. norrahsmommy says:

    awww….suck in moderation

    So, anyuone seen any good movies (new or old) lately?

  175. Snickerdoodle says:

    The dead cat sweater had me ROLLING last night! Man! Good stuff.

    But I have to point out this thread and the PURE irony of it being on a board like DiaperSWAPPERS.

    Why the hell would you be on a board where the main purpose is to trade diapers if you can’t use “used” diapers? I thought that was one of the main points of CD that helps with the environment etc. Not only are we not filling up the landfill but we are passing down diapers and using them more than once.

    The post above truly confuses me, but I am NOT a germaphobe so maybe I just don’t get it. 🙂

  176. smartassmama says:

    I think that’s a case of “my shit don’t stink,” only it’s about her kids’ butts compared to the neighbors’. My only concern would be if the neighbor washed them according to my standards. It’s just pee & poop. It all boils down to yesterday’s lunch!

  177. Snickerdoodle says:

    191- LOL Totally! And although I’m not a germaphobe I would wash the diapers when I got them back, even if my friend had washed them, because I like to control what touches my baby’s butt. 😀

    But otherwise… what is the big deal? I was also surprised by the people that agreed with her and said they would just give the dipes away. AND yell at her dh for loaning them to her friend.

    But oh well, I have only ever bought ONE diaper new ; all my other’s were bought used so maybe my perception is skewed. 😀

  178. Flat Stainley says:

    191- I agree with you 100% – as long as it boils down to yesterdat’s lunch and not today’s. 😉

  179. Flat Stainley says:


  180. CJ says:

    I don’t understand germaphobes. Do they never use a public restroom, touch the door handle of a store, or eat out at a restaurant? Heaven forbid they use a fork that someone else has had in their mouth!

  181. Redhead says:

    How sad! I am so glad nothing else caught fire though.. scary!

    hugs to you, MMP! 😦

  182. CJ says:

    Oh my goodness! How scary! Thank goodness she caught them in time.

  183. Carla says:

    I am a germaphobe and I am on diaperswappers. I do not buy/use used diapers. I only purchase brand new. I am on diaperswappers because I like talking to other mom’s with cloth diapering interest and to gain knowledge when I first started 2 1/2 years ago. I have sold a diaper here and there, also. Not everyone on the site buys used diapers, despite the title of the site.

    And yes, I am officially diagnosed with OCG (germaphobia). I have gone to therapy, but am not “cured”. There is no such thing, only behaviour modification.

    i generally do not use a public restroom unless it is last resort. I avoid them if AT ALL possible. This goes for my children, too. I keep a travel potty in the van if they have to go, but try to stay close to home. Public bathrooms are like kryptonite for me. I think of all the poop, pee, and blood that has been in there and could still be lingering. I have gone into a Sears bathroom and seen poop smeared on the stall walls. YUCK!

    As for restaurants, I do not avoid them. They don’t bother me too much. I know the dishes are washed very well in giant dishwashers with very high heat. I just make sure my kids don’t feel under the table since people tend to stick their gum under there. So, yeah, I am fine eating out at most places.

    And no, I am not the poster in that thread. I just happen to know how she feels. However, if it was a friend, it wouldn’t bother me. I would be fine letting my friend or family member use my diapers and I would use them after.

    By the way, germaphobia is not something we “like” and can control for the most part. With therapy, you can learn to minimize the anxiety caused by the OCD, but there is no such thing as a cure or “getting over it”. Trust me, I’d give anything to have my carefree days back. It’s like living in your own personal hell.

  184. Carla says:

    oh, and I try to avoid door handles. I carry hand sanitizer gel and sanitizing wipes with me at all times. I am never without them. 😉 When I must touch, I must wipe my hands. Alcohol 65% is my best friend.

  185. JustMe says:

    I confess, I’m a bit of a germophobe. I will only use new diapers (I have no qualms about selling them, it just grosses me out to think about using them myself). That said, I also don’t buy used clothing. I just can’t do it. All I can think about is what might have gotten on the clothes that I don’t know about. Totally different with my family and close friends, or plastic/hard things that can be disinfected/bleached and stuff. But soft items and clothing, I just have a mental block about.

    FTR, I do use public restrooms, but I cover the seat (with a seat cover or TP), wash my hands well, and open the door with the paper towel I used to dry with (if one is available). I also always try to disinfect shopping cart handles and such, but that’s only because of DD. I’ve gotten worse since having her. Other things don’t bother me at all (other door handle’s, etc), just bathrooms and anywhere that little munchkins spread their snot, slobber, puke, etc.

  186. Just Peachy says:

    And I just lost all respect for you norrahsmommy. I hope to god you don’t have any pets.

  187. Redhead says:

    It is lovely “Olivia’s Momma” to the rescue again. You know, the one who is bosom-budz with our favorite racist-nazi-‘netwhore..?

  188. MotherMoonPads says:

    #196, It stinks. There’s no way else to say it than that. I finally went through the basket tonight and some of my favorite not DIY dipes are in there (like my Dilley Dalley! Grrr).

  189. Snickerdoodle says:

    Wow that thread IS getting heated.

    200- that is so funny. I do all the same things you do with the public restroom and the shopping carts, and the door handle with the paper towel. If another baby plays with my babies toys I wipe that toy down with disinfecting wipes before letting my baby play with it. I am very very aware of germs like that. But when it comes to used clothes and stuff…

    Most of mine and my kids wardrobe is bought used and yeah diapers. Almost every single one of them was bought used.

    I guess I endow my washing machine with magic powers or something. 😛

    It’s funny how there can be such an interesting contradiction with me. I guess I didn’t even think about it. Maybe I am a “part time” germaphobe. :p

  190. Snickerdoodle says:

    203-I am so sorry about your diapers! And um holy cow scary too! I’m glad everyone is all right. Sucks about your dipes though. 😦

  191. sunshine74 says:

    Yup, its me again. Who am I rescuing again, TF?

  192. DocsNemesis says:

    Wasn’t SativaStarr talked about on here for something? I just noticed she had her 4th after a complete ubruption at 31 weeks. Poor little guy! 😦

  193. Just Peachy says:

    I think she was cus she smoked pot during her pregnancies and had 3 (well now 4) premies.

  194. Redhead says:

    Go away Sunshine.

  195. sunshine74 says:

    thats the best you can do? Come on now…

  196. Redhead says:

    Nah, you’re not worth my time in writing rants at the moment. 😀
    Sorry, maybe next time.

    I noticed you joined CDN though.

  197. sunshine74 says:

    yeah, that was a while ago. havent been there much. Its nice to know you noticed 😛 I feel special now.

  198. Redhead says:

    Well I am a stalker you know. I notice everything… muuhahahaa!

  199. CJ says:

    Redhead, you can stalk me if you like. Every girl needs to feel speshul and wanted. 😛

  200. Redhead says:

    I will stalk you CJ. Just let me know who you are on CDN… ♥

  201. CJ says:

    Did you see my Rav link? I am the same username on CDN. I don’t post very often though. I feel lost in general chat there. I am a car seat dork so I post in that section once in a while.

  202. smartassmama says:

    me too, CJ! I try to post there on CDN also, but it doesn’t move as fast as the one on DS does. I also feel lost in the general chat. Like I’m the new kid, transferred mid Senior yr, trying weakly to fit in. I do read a lot of the threads, but I don’t know anyone. Feel weird replying.

  203. CJ says:

    You just described me exactly. I don’t post at all on DS anymore. The only time that I go there is when one of you posts a link that sounds just too good to pass up.

  204. Aj says:

    Peach, I’m with you.

  205. DSDM2 says:

    Ladies, please remember to use the same UN each time 🙂 Otherwise you get stuck in moderation.

  206. Snickerdoodle says:

    Huh, when I posted last night 202 was 200 and 200’s post didn’t exist.

    So I was addressing Just me when I was referencing 200 which is now 202.

    the new 200-I can understand being on DS for informational purposes. I just thought it was kind of funny and ironic. 🙂 Im not really a fan of public restrooms myself.

    I guess I just feel differently about cloth because I can wash it in my blisteringly hot water. Out and about its hard to do that to every surface I touch. 🙂 So all I can do there is wash my hands a lot! And yes hand sanitizer is with me everywhere I go.

    But… someone on that thread said they wouldn’t buy used menstrual pads or used underwear and I have to concur on that one so maybe I am just a big hypocrite. 😀

  207. MamaE says:

    I made a post about my DH’s car being spray painted. Someone painted a big FUCK YOU in neon orange paint. Anyway, in my post I refered to the word as “**** YOU”. And almost right away I got a PM from a Mod regarding my language. And the mod so nicely edited my post to say “my DH’s car has a big ole bad word written on it.”

    Because apparently we’re all 6 years old and can’t handle seeing “**** YOU”. Give me a FUCKING break.

  208. Snickerdoodle says:

    Also 200- I am sorry you suffer. 😦 My Dh is OCD and I know what a battle certain things are for him every day. He is getting better and he works on it all the time but yeah I don’t think he will ever be completely over it.

    Thanks for sharing from your perspective. 🙂

  209. CJ says:

    Snickerdoodle, I wouldn’t buy used pads or undies for myself either. Diapers seem different to me, even though they can both be sanitized. I think it is just the voice in the back of my head saying you don’t know where that last woman’s crotch has been. Babies are “clean” in that manner.

  210. Redhead says:

    ohh noez!! change your language!! As I am sheltered and never have heard a “big ole bad word” in my life!

  211. norrahsmommy says:

    Nope Peachy I don’t have/want animals. We don’t have room for them in our yard and I honestly don’t want to clean up after one. Thinking about touching dog poop grosses me out and most of the time I have enough to worry about keeping dd clean and our house clean and myself clean without having to worry about a dog . To me a dog is in the same category as a cow/horse. Shelter, food, water, brushing, room to walk/run but I don’t want a cow in my house and I don’t want a dog in there. I don’t think that it’s right to tie him up all the time but if he’s aggressive to others then I can see why they would want to keep him on a leash, especially with “helpful neighbors” coming into their yard all the time. I have had plenty of pets as a child/teen (dogs, horses, cows, pigs, cats) that were allowed to be free in our yard, but when the neighbor kids started teasing one dog, he became agressive so we tied him up because I’d rather he have plenty of room to run on a leash (he had about 30 feet of leash) and not have to worry about him jumping the fence and tearing up a kid that thought it was funny to tease him. FTR I didn’t have to clean up after him by picking it up-we used a shovel for his and the horses poop. I did love him and pet/brush/clean him daily, but I don’t think of him as a family member- he was a pet and an animal and treated accordingly. He had fresh food/water/table scraps daily, along with treats and care but he was a pet. PERIOD. A PET. Not my “baby” or “child” or whatever. I didn’t let him “kiss” me because he licked his asshole and on occasion ate poop, which is what ANIMALS do- not humans. I would have been PISSED if my neighbors called Animal Control on me because of the fact that I didn’t bring my dog in. He had a shelter (a really nice one that my dad and I built) with hay and a pillow and blanket so that he wasn’t on the ground. He still dug holes- because that’s what dogs do- they dig holes, they lick themselves, they on occasion eat poop, they fight with other dogs because of dominance, they have the ability to hurt/kill children for reasons unknown from jealousy to the simple fact that they are smaller than them. This woman said that they have a husky- that breed of dog is MADE for the frigid temperature- his coat is made to provide him heat and warmth in the middle of a snow storm. This woman is sounding more upset about the fact that they let him bark instead of bringing him inside to “quiet” him. Dogs bark- you can’t control when they bark (without shock collars, pain, ect) and I wouldn’t put a shock collar on a dog to quiet him because they are supposed to bark. I guess my whole point to even posting there is that they are not doing anything “wrong” with their pet if they feed him, water him, and give him shelter-which OP said they do. Just because the shelter is not what she thinks it should be doesn’t make it not a shelter. Just becasue they don’t feed him how she thinks he should be fed or water him how she thinks he should be watered doesn’t make them bad people or animal owners. We don’t know why he was put outside- he could have snipped at one of his masters, or growled at the baby or any number of tings. Instead of putting him down for showing signs of aggression they could have decided that they loved him enough to keep him alive and just not let him inside again. They don’t have to inform her of their reasoning because she’s asking- it’s really not her business. If I were them I’d probably file a compaint of trespassing because she has no business coming into the yard whether they there or not unless she’s invited there.

    I don’t agree with people letting their animals lick all over them and their kids because I think it’s disgusting, but if that’s what you do then that’s your business. Just like I don’t agree that animals should be inside because I think it’s gross but if you want your pet inside then that’s your business. I am not going to call the authorities because I don’t agree with it because it’s not business of mine what you do with your animals, unless your animal hurts/bites someone then they are your business and your responsibility not mine.

  212. Snickerdoodle says:

    CJ- yeah you have a point there. I mean that is the way I feel too. Womans crotch versus baby crotch… 😀

    And yeah… dog rant. I love my dog. (even though I am more of a cat person) And yeah she totally eats her poop sometimes. That reminds me, I need to go give her a bath while the baby is napping.

  213. thewitch says:

    I’ve had my own issues with this person, but what was this about?

  214. Redhead says:

    230- huh.. weird. I have never noticed the OP before.

  215. coffeehoar says:

    Deleted already, screenshot or summary????

  216. CJ says:

    Redhead, did you add me on Rav?

  217. Redhead says:

    Err, no. I haven’t been on. You can add me though- I have trouble navigating Rav sometimes… 😉

    I’m SisterEncarnacion there, same as CDN. 🙂

  218. CJ says:

    Hmmmm….someone just added me and I don’t know who it is! lol
    I’ll add you now.

  219. DocsNemesis says:

    So…still no diapers and no return email after 3 days, no DC number….grrrrrrr. How long do I have to file with paypal? I’ll wait a bit longer but I don’t want to wait too long….I paid on the first.

  220. CJ says:

    You have 45 days to file with pp.

  221. DocsNemesis says:

    Ok cool, plenty of time then 😀 I’ve never had to file before. I really just hope they show up.

  222. thewitch says:

    232- it was already deleted when I saw it. Something shady going on.

  223. Redhead says:

    It was something about fabric and an auction and the OP having a “need”.. I guess she got donations? Idk. I think her name was Rikki.

  224. MotherMoonPads says:

    #230, it’s a DSD thing. The OP screwed some women over on a fabric co-op and instead of making it right for them, she is apparently selling off excess fabric. It’s in the co-op section of DSD.

    There’s apparently a huge backstory about her husband (or fiance) forcing her to leave their house with her children and not being able to send out the fabric. There was a fundraiser helping her. Just a few days ago though, she got back together with him and now there are a bunch of pissed off women.

    Or at least that’s what I’m understanding about the story. She was a friend of mine on FB up until a few days ago (not sure why? I’m not sure how I know her) when someone called her out on her page and she deleted everyone and her posts.

  225. MotherMoonPads says:

    DSD post-they actually changed their charity auction policy over her it seems 😦

  226. coffeehoar says:

    Lordy, someone needs to start making panties for women with large cajones for attempting to pull stuff like that.

  227. smartassmama says:

    Wow. The girl with 420 in her name thinks raves are cool! whodathunkit!

    Ok sorry. That was judgy. :ducks&hides:

  228. Dutchie says:

    First time commenter, long time lurker. Rikki was the owner of that collab HC group that Snap was in like a year ago that ripped people off…..

  229. Flat Stainley says:

    235- Was it me? 🙂
    Redhead, I’m going to add you!

  230. coffeehoar says:

    244… I was following that, too, and it was everything I could do not to ask her to attend a rave where they sell punctuation. Also, she totally set up her post to be, “I’m totally responsible, I did everything right, I have all my bases covered, but people think I’m ROTTEN because of this… I want asspats please!”

  231. Flat Stainley says:

    The whole ‘leave your dog outside and neglect it because it’s just an animal’ thing is weak. So weak, I think people who do it need one of these:
    Maybe then, the blood flow to the brain would increase, hence supporting the thinking process. Maybe then, they’ll figure out what compassion is! Maybe then, we’ll also have a solution for World Peace. Get your support hat today! LOL

  232. smartassmama says:

    OMG yes! Apparently she raved all through middle & high school and couldn’t make it to English class. Reading her posts make my eyes hurt. I understanf it isn’t everyone’s strong suit, but good grief.

  233. Flat Stainley says:

    Apparently “He Wears Cloth” has a new UN and is a WAHM?

  234. Flat Stainley says:

    OH! Here’s the infomercial for the weak hat!

  235. coffeehoar says:

    Shabby, every time I try to follow a yummy yarn link from you it always says, “query failed” and won’t let me see. 😦

  236. smartassmama says:

    a WAHM, but she must not be a good one. Check out that feedback! Ouch!

  237. shabbychic says:

    Nooo, why? Try again. I listed lots of yarn, you can search under Madelinetosh.

  238. Redhead says:

    coffee- if you “refresh” your browser after getting on her listings page, it will show. I have the same issue but refreshing it works.

  239. CJ says:

    245: No, it wasn’t you. I have you figured out. 😉 I *think* that it may be Peach. ???

    Shabby’s link doesn’t work for me half the time either but I just hit refresh and then it is dangerous, erm I mean good.

  240. CJ says:

    Redhead beat me to it. 😛

  241. Flat Stainley says:

    I think Redhead needs an intervention, lol. What did she get?

  242. Just Peachy says:

    Yup CJ it was me 🙂 Sorry for being creepy LOL

  243. CJ says:

    Not creepy at all Peach. Just trying to put some names to the yarn!

  244. Just Peachy says:

    Well I will commend you for that norrahsmommy.
    I don’t have pets because I cannot care for them properly but if I grew up in a household with cats. They were a part of my family just as any other animal that graced our lives was. I don’t do dogs because they require a lot more care than cats IMO.
    As for the spots thing it happens to me alot too. I think its a glitch but if u refresh it should show right up.

  245. Just Peachy says:

    If i???? How dumb am I? I meant I grew up in a household full of pets. The stupid it burnzzzzzzzz

  246. DocsNemesis says:

    I never get creepy friend invites 😦

  247. Flat Stainley says:

    Docs, consider yourself lucky. I’m still trying to figure out who friended me the other day. Kinda weird.

  248. CJ says:

    Are you on Rav Docs? I can send you a creepy friend request if you like!

  249. Flat Stainley says:

    lol, CJ!

  250. Just Peachy says:

    docs did i miss your rav name?

  251. Flat Stainley says:

    Peachy, I creeped CJ’s RAV friends, but I couldn’t tell who you were. I’ve got you narrowed down to two. You’re in the US, right?

  252. CJ says:

    LOL! I don’t have many rav friends; I’m a loner. This one should be easy.

  253. DocsNemesis says:

    I’m Cupcakerific on rav. Its lame though 😛

  254. CJ says:

    Okay, Docs is up to speed on the creepy messages now. 😛

  255. Carla says:

    me, the germaphobe, has 2 dogs. I’ve had them for 10 years, long before my germaphobia got triggered. My “trigger” happened when I was working in a vet clinic and pregnant. The things I saw in the vet clinic make my skin crawl. pets are filthy at times and require lots of care. Still, our dogs are a part of our family and I don’t shun them because of my disorder. i tell ya, I will never own another pet once these dogs go to doggy heaven. I love dogs, but I just can’t handle the ick factor anymore.

  256. Redhead says:

    I didn’t BUY anything this time! So tempting though, but I have a big Purewool order coming and while it can’t compare to Shabby’s stuff, it will have to do.

    I have decided all my family is getting knitted or crochet items for Christmas, hence the larger purewool order. I gotta get BUSY 😀

  257. smartassmama says:

    redhead – do you sell your scented balls on etsy? 😀 I’ve seen you have many, & they’re purdy!
    Then tonight i saw you ordered more wool.

  258. Redhead says:

    Yes, I will FB you the link 🙂 I am not going to be making anymore yarn balls after I use up my batch here. From now on I will be making them from wool batting 😀

  259. Flat Stainley says:

    Readhead, is the batting faster or better?

    Here Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly…

  260. CJ says:

    Where is that Grizz?

  261. Flat Stainley says:

    She posted on my wall an hour ago. 🙂
    You’re here! Whatchya doin?

  262. CJ says:

    I should be sleeping but I am watching Hoarders for the first time. OMG! I am hooked. These people are nuts!

  263. Flat Stainley says:

    OMG! That show motivates me to clean! Gross!

  264. CJ says:

    I do not enjoy cleaning at all but this is just disgusting.

  265. Flat Stainley says:

    Like, um, throw out your garbage, already? Yuck! It’s totally an illness.

  266. CJ says:

    The last house was so bad. There was 3 feet of cat feces, dead cats buried in it. Then they found a corner piled high with plastic bags full of human waste. I guess the water had gone in the house so they were just going in bags and tossing them in the corner. I can’t imagine filming that show without vomiting.

  267. Flat Stainley says:

    Ew I know !I saw that one. So sad! And gross! I think the trailer park boys have better sanitation with their pi$$ jugs.

  268. CJ says:

    LOL. I think I have only watched a few minutes of the Trailer Park Boys. The language was too much for me and my virgin ears.

  269. Flat Stainley says:

    Yes, they’re like tradesmen, Very coarse.
    But the mentality is laughable.

  270. CJ says:

    I think the show idea itself is brilliant. DH enjoys it.

  271. Flat Stainley says:

    Yes, we’re always re-enacting scenes from it. Like today, I told my husband “Randy, that was really nice of you to get Trin a new bike today.” Because he got a “free” one from the side of the road. and he said “Yeah, I know. I like to do fatherly good things and stuff.”

  272. Flat Stainley says:

    It’s funny to pretend we’re from the trailer park. LOL

  273. Flat Stainley says:

    That was RIKKI, not Randy, LOL!
    We don’t watch it all that often.

  274. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’ve been busy with the kids, class and KNITTING… I’m around though.

  275. aDivasMommy says:

    ❤ I love this site. lol. Really opened my eyes to the world of DS. To which I am slowly weaning myself from.

  276. Just Peachy says:

    yup flat im from the US 😉

  277. Carla says:

    I feel so sorry for hoarders. it’s a mental illness (much like my OCD) that they can’t help. getting rid of things, even trash, can cause severe anxiety attacks. Your body goes through a chemical reaction. Your heart starts pumping fast, your body temperature rises. You feel faint. You feel like you are going to explode. It’s an extremely difficult thing to deal with physically. There is usually a trigger and it starts off very slowing. You form a bond with an object and the longer you have it, the stronger the bond. It really is a mental illness that takes time and therapy to overcome. Thankfully, this is one mental disorder I do not have.

  278. MotherMoonPads says:

    #280, 281, the more I watch that show, the more I have to purge my house. DH laughs at me and tells me there isn’t going to be anything left if I keep watching it! I feel really badly for some of the people on there though.

  279. Redhead says:

    See, watching hoarders just makes me depressed! I feel so disgusted with them that I am too upset to clean. I watch things like home decorating shows or look in Martha Stewart/Coastal Living magazines and I clean/purge after that! 🙂

  280. smartassmama says:

    I haven’t seen the episode you guys are talking about (yet), but I did see the one with all the cat carcasses last week. They removed over 36 cats, dead fucking cats. WTF? I’m totally sympathetic to a lot of them. But that lady, no. No I was not! Nasty!

  281. DocsNemesis says:

    Yeah, my mom is a hoarder. Its sad but I really have little sympathy, at least for her. She refuses to even admit its a problem, let alone seek help. I think being forced to move all of her stuff as a kid, twice, never being able to have friends over, and having to steal foodstamps to buy myself food because she spent them all on soda kind of ruined any sympathy I had….

    I’m the total opposite now. I’m not a clean nut but I go through stuff all the time. I can’t hang on to stuff. It drives me nuts.

  282. DocsNemesis says:

    Oh and, I found out the chick I’m waiting for diapers from owns a knitting business. I hope that means maybe I’ll get my stuff? Her communication is so lacking though, blarg. And who owns a business and doesn’t send through pp??

  283. CJ says:

    I don’t always send through pp. If I am having printer issues or run out of ink it is easier and quicker for me to go to the PO than to drag the kiddos in to the store for a new cartridge. lol

  284. Snickerdoodle says:

    I’m a packrat and my dh is a packrat times 10! We actually have a storage space that we rent by the month because DH CAN’T get rid of stuff. He has issues. so many boxes are from his high school years and he has taken them to every home he has been in since he moved out. I think his issues stem from growing up in the same house his entire life and not having to move ’til he was 18 when his parents got a divorce. (they were waiting for him to grow up before they got a divorce which I think causes issues too but that is a whole other topic.

    Anyway, I have a hard time getting rid of stuff and it seems like every time I do three months down the road I find a use for whatever I got rid of and I’m kicking myself! I just get so attached to things. I have lived in 46 different places and counting. 32 of those were by the time I was 8. So I think I have issues too. 😀 Anyway, no dead cats here though! Just annoying clutter.

    300- hopefully the fact that she has her own business means those diapers on their way! 🙂 But I keep reading all this crazy stuff about WAHMS not sending dipes and stuff so who knows? I hope you get them soon!

  285. CJ says:

    I am a packrat by nature too and get that from my mom. She keeps everything. They also have a storage unit for junk. DH is breaking me of my packrat ways though. He grew up moving from one side of the world to the other every few years so keeping junk was not an option. I am finally good about just throwing out crap that is not needed, or taking it to the thrift shop if it could be of use to someone else.
    I still like to keep things that mean something to me, but I’m not just going to toss them on the floor like trash. That I do not understand. These people on the show feel that their items are valuable, yet they are just strewn about and not cared for. I do feel bad for the people that have this obsessive need to keep things. It is obviously a mental illness, not just a simple quirk.

  286. not me at all says:

    “I don’t care what the Mom thinks I am giving this strangers child my BM.”

    Uhhhhhhh NO!

  287. smartassmama says:

    She’s the exact same person who will not donate her blood, because God says not to. She will not accept donor blood, because God says not to. (She also thinks that everyone should birth at home.) YET it’s ok for her to donate other bodily fluids to another child, and for that child to accept them?

    Even if I don’t agree with her religious interpretation, I know there is a whole religion of people who feel that way, so I accept it. But if you’re going to feel that way, feel it 100%.

  288. DocsNemesis says:

    Really? I’m pro homebirth for those who chose it-heck, I’ve had a homebirth-but really?? If I hadn’t had my son in the hospital, we’d likely both be dead. (HELLP and I wasn’t even close to being in labor, while my body was shutting down.)

  289. Redhead says:

    not me at all, I think I know who you are now 😉

  290. CJ says:

    I think it is very kind of her to offer the milk for the baby but the daycare provider really does need to abide by the mother’s wishes on what she wants the baby to eat. If the daycare lady feels that the baby is malnourished and being neglected she needs to contact the appropriate authorities. I am sure that daycares have processes laid out for things like this and it really isn’t the OP’s place to get involved at all, other than offering to help if the help is wanted.

  291. Snickerdoodle says:

    OH my Gosh I would be LIVID if someone gave my baby their breastmilk without my knowledge and consent. And if the daycare provider allowed it! Damn!

    I know the mom was just trying to help but that is SOOOOO not ok to me! My dd had severe dairy allergies where I had to cut out all forms of dairy including Casein, things found in processed food, any form of dairy at all. It sucked.

    So to feed another baby when you don’t know the allergy history, plus it being a bodily fluid that just squicks me out.

    I would be soooo mad if I was the mom and found out.

    I hope that the Daycare provider talked to the mom in a serious way and they got SOMETHING resolved at this point.

  292. not me at all says:

    LOL Redhead! I only hide in plain view!

  293. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Does anybody know who I am? I lost my name tag.

  294. Redhead says:

    if I remember to, I will message who I think you are (not me at all) on CDN. 🙂

  295. iken says:

    How is this person not banned yet? 9 Neutrals and 5 negatives.

    iTrader Profile Recent Ratings Contact Info
    Feedback Score:
    Positive Feedback: 67
    Members who left positive:
    Members who left negative: 72
    Total positive feedback: 72
    Submit Feedback For ~*CDMandy*~

    Past Month Past 6 Months Past 12 Months
    Positive 0 46 72
    Neutral 0 8 9
    Negative 3 5 5

  296. Mommy Grizzly says:

    and 3 in the last month!

  297. not me at all says:

    Redhead I’ll be watching for it!

  298. DSDM2 says:

    iken if there is a Do NOT BST under her name, they might have her in mediation. PM admin over there to get details.

  299. Redhead says:

    OK “not me at all”.. if I repped the right person, LMK 🙂

  300. not me at all says:

    Yep! You got me! You get another sluethy star! LOL

  301. smartassmama says:

    Wow. Someone posted in OT that they just want to send free diapers to people, just as a surprise, for free! How nice is that!
    There is one, “me me me” post that just sticks out though. 😦

  302. Mmspirit7 says:

    Sigh Hoarders I love and hate that show many may remember why.

    but I love it because it reminds me to keep going and keep working to get over my illness that I never wanted.


    I haven’t the read the thread about free diapers but I think it’s sweet but I didn’t want to see a bunch of memememe posts. and I can’t think of a ds member to suggest right now

  303. smartassmama says:

    The only person that came to mind was the neighbor of that woman who flipped about her husband loaning them out. lol If anyone, she would know an address to give!

  304. DocsNemesis says:

    Yeah, there are a lot of mememe posts. I understand needing stuff though…I dunno…I have mixed feelings about it. She wanted to surprise people though, thats not really a surprise.

    I really hope the people I know who might be able to use them end up not needing them though…

  305. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I haven’t read the thread but…

    nothing says “SURPRISE!” like a box of used diapers!

  306. DocsNemesis says:

    Eh, I’d be happy with a surprise of diapers, used or new 🙂 I don’t need them at all though, lol. I just couldn’t care less if they’re used.

  307. CJ says:

    Quiet here tonight. Where are the trolls hiding?

  308. melmelly says:

    Come out, come out where ever you are! It IS Tuesday after all!

  309. DocsNemesis says:

    Here! Oh wait, I’m a night elf. (harhar-little nerd humor for ya.)

  310. Mommy Grizzly says:

    OMG! *faint* Are you back from the DEAD, melly!?!?!!!?

  311. melmelly says:

    Kinda, Grizz. School started last week and it has been hectic as hell!

  312. Mommy Grizzly says:

    your yahoo messenger got hacked, ‘you’ kept messaging me spam so I put you on ignore till I could tell you to fix it.

  313. melmelly says:

    Awww man. Are you serious? That sucks. I have used it that one night and then I logged out. Figures.

  314. CJ says:

    Oooh! It is Tuesday isn’t it? K, who is serving up the twatwaffles?

  315. melmelly says:

    I know one in real life, but it is of the Bridezilla variety. That is one of the reasons why I haven’t been around much. Been reading the blog when I can. I have left it open and refreshed when I need to sit and take a break for a few minutes.

  316. melmelly says:

    So how do I undo the hacking of my YIM?

  317. CJ says:

    I wonder if changing your passwords would be enough or do you need to contact their support team? I know nothing about computers.

  318. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’d think just change your password. I’ll let you know if I keep getting spammed by you. I was going to email but thought you might not get it depending on if yahoo was the only account that got hacked… you know?

  319. melmelly says:

    Okay. I am going to change my PW right now. Let me know if it happens again.

  320. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Obviously, CJ, since you LET your son water them. Computer=pet?? 😉

  321. Mommy Grizzly says:

    did you just sign in?

  322. melmelly says:

    Yes. I was changing my password.

  323. DocsNemesis says:

    Yay! Got an email back about the diapers…she said she sent them priority but can’t find the DC number. She said if they aren’t here in a few days, she’ll just refund me. Should I maybe check the post office? I have no idea why they’d still have them there but just in case? I don’t want a refund, I want my diapers. 😛

  324. CJ says:

    Yes Grizz. We keep computers for pets here. Much easier to clean up after, they don’t bark in the night and I don’t have to take them for walks in the rain. 😛

    That is great Docs! I would ask the PO. Maybe the address was smudged and they couldn’t figure out where to deliver it. It can’t hurt to ask.

  325. Snickerdoodle says:

    342- I don’t know… the “vet” bills for computer pets… man! They can be expensive pets to maintain. 🙂

    341- Yay! I hope you get your diapers any minute now! Im glad the seller got back to you. When people don’t respond to emails or pms it really makes me worry.

  326. not me at all says:

    oH noez NOT TIME OUT! How dare they put a three year old in time out. RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNN!!!

  327. coffeehoar says:

    I’m the rotten mother that puts her barely two year old in time out. I’ve become his favorite punching bag when he’s frustrated, and while we work on expressing his emotions appropriately, I won’t tolerate being kicked and slapped all day.

    Some kids have the temperment where time out isn’t necissary. And then there’s mine.

    Have I ever mentioned (a billion times) how much I hate the lables that parenting styles get? They always seem to be passive-agressive attacks on the rest of the styles of parenting. Maybe I’m just sensitive, but “Gentle Parenting” almost claims that other approaches to discipline must involve duct tape and soap-in-a-sock.

  328. CJ says:

    Is she joking? The first part of that post almost sounds sarcastic.

    I am another mean mom who has been using time-outs since DS was about 18 months. He just gets so worked up, the only way for him to calm down is to put him in a room on his own. He knows that he is allowed to leave the room at any point when he is ready to act appropriately, but it is still time out.

  329. Mommy Grizzly says:

    There are some days my kids have seemed to LIVE in time out. Time out is a great solution for over stimulation. No amount of redirection is going to change behavior if a kid is over stimulated. In fact, redirection is just another form of stimulation, which usually results in hitting and kicking. Kids cannot protect themselves from overstimulation, so, it’s up to us, as parents, to see it and allow the kids a quiet place to center themselves.

    This is no judgement on anybody, well, except the idiot poster that was standing alone when the music stopped on that thread. Time out is not bad. It is a parenting tool that some kids need and some parents embrace.

    FWIW, I have 4 kids and none of them have ever hit me, I wouldn’t tolerate it for a second.

  330. CJ says:

    My little guy is a hitter. Usually when he is over tired and just doesn’t know how to react to a situation. That results in time out.
    My older son never hit or really acted out at all. He didn’t need time out. Now if he gets over worked by something and is getting emotional he will give himself a time out to get away from the situation.

  331. Snickerdoodle says:

    I used to work in a daycare that didn’t allow time out but some kids NEED to get away from the stimulation that is making them act out in the first place.

    We got around that by having “quiet time with books” in the “book corner”. I don’t really understand how time out got such a bad rap. I think its good to get away from stimulation and take a break and if you are older, think about a better choice you could have made.

    CJ -my oldest daughter will give herself a time out too. Of course, she is an introvert and sometimes needs to get away from everything, especially if she is getting emotional. I understand, Im an introvert as well.

  332. lil'mama says:

    I just wanted to pop in and see if one of you sweet mamas would suggest *me* for some of those Free Diaper Surprises. We’re really poor and I’m due with #5 in January and I’m trying to build up a stash. Just make sure you tell the generous mama that we can only use organic and wool, k? Thanx! ❤

  333. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Wow. um. yeah.

    My oldest boy doesn’t do super well in chaos and he puts himself in time out, also.

    As for you being an introvert, Snickerdoodle, of course you are! How could you be anything else with the soft squishy inside you have, but that’s what makes you so de-wish-ious!

  334. CJ says:

    lil’mama I think I just snorted at your post. I hope it was meant to be a joke!

  335. lil'mama says:

    352- It was. Maybe I should have used a “/sarcasm” at the end since y’all don’t really know me. 😉

  336. Mommy Grizzly says:

    LOL, CJ!

    They can’t be sending her diapers, cause I’m still waiting on the windfall since I complained about my diapers being stolen from my clothes line.

  337. kateri25 says:

    lil’ mama’s post made me giggle too, also hoping she was being sarcastic.

    I have time outs here. I use them for myself all the time otherwise I can be not a nice momma. But really with my DS he often puts himself to sleep cause he was acting out due to being tired. I didn’t read the thread as I get the nasty ickies even lurking there.

  338. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I have a mac and don’t seem to be as easily infected by the DS cooties, so, here you go.

    Most of the posts were supportive of OP, saying that the kid was just having a hard time because he’s an only child and hasn’t been around a lot of kids so sharing is a new thing for him. Most people said he’ll get used to it and even the OP said she was putting a lot of words in the schools mouth, they were not hard on her it was more of an FYI phone call that her son was having issues.


    Yesterday, 08:40 PM #8

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    Re: First day of Nursery School not so great
    Holy Cow! Time outs for a three year old! How horrible! I would find a new school. My dd’s preschool never puts kids in time outs and never uses any negative consequences. The one my older dd went to was the same. They know that redirecting and teaching and modelling are the best bets. Your son is not a bully. Those teachers don’t know how to teach a three year old!

    Run away from that school!!!
    Kathy, Liberal, semi-crunchy Obamamama to DDs E and P
    Proud to announce that E is fully potty trained now! Woohoo!

    At which point, the OP said… wait a second, I think you misunderstood my vent and the school is really just removing him from the situation and gently correcting his behavior by volunteering other coping mechanisms, you really have the wrong idea, I was just venting.

    IMO, delphinium is an idiot and the fact that she her siggy says she wears her idiocy proudly!

  339. melmelly says:

    I kinda got into it with delphinium last year over some crap. I can’t remember what it was, but it was DUMB. Was it the living off-grid stuff? She had a total holier than thou attitude and it made me want to pick all the petals off a delphinium!

  340. melmelly says:

    And I am only here for a few minutes. I will be back for dinner, so have such juicy drama simmering in the drama kettle for me! 🙂

  341. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Melly is a violent little flower. Venus Fly Trap, maybe?

  342. lil'mama says:

    I majorly got into it with Delphinium in the Green Forum because I apparently cannot claim the green label with the perfect lifestyle. I will give her one thing, once she states her opinion she will not back down.

  343. melmelly says:

    LOL Grizz! I actually have TWO of them sitting on top of our entertainment center. They belong to the boys.

  344. Mommy Grizzly says:

    That is actually proof of my assessment. Part of being educated and wise (which are NOT the same thing) are knowing when to admit you are wrong and learn new things. Ignorance and idiocy stems from only seeing your opinion and closing your mind to all the rest.

    I am all for standing by my opinion but I will be the first to admit when I’m wrong. I feel like by being so willing to admit when I am mistaken, it strengthens my position when I am right.

  345. Mommy Grizzly says:

    *mocking Melly* Now, you watch your attitude boys, get out of line and Mommy will feed your fingers to the plants!

  346. Redhead says:

    Delphinium was actually helpful many months ago when OM/autumnstar was ranting/bashing me in a shipping thread that sellers didn’t need to use DC and it was a waste of money.

  347. melmelly says:

    They will have me run around the house, with the plant in my hands, chasing after a fly. It hasn’t worked yet. We already had one plant last school year, but I killed it. I overwatered it, and it never had any bugs. 😦

  348. Mommy Grizzly says:

    WAIT A SECOND, MISSY… is that why we are friends, Redhead? am I a nutcase?

  349. Mommy Grizzly says:

    We all know OM is a farking idiot. Regardless of whether it’s a waste of money or not, it’s required to do FSOT on DS, so suck it up, Buttercup, and move on with your bad self.

    Poor Redhead, seems like you are a nutcase magnet!

  350. lil'mama says:

    Redhead, Delphinium has backed me up in threads before too which I guess means she either has a bad memory or she keeps her arguments in the threads they belong in.

  351. mommato2 says:

    Did anyone see what this was about??? It was a post in sensitive subjects, but she “nevermind”ed it before anyone even replied..???

  352. smartassmama says:

    She gets on my nerves. Seems to talk way down to people who don’t agree with her. But gawd, she’s not as annoying as pcjs. But that’s another day.
    And not as bad as that photomikey. Same down talking. That’s why I removed my age from my sig a long time ago, I was tired of being talked down to.

  353. smartassmama says:

    369- nope. I never saw that one. Nothing gets my curiosity going like an edited thread though!

  354. CJ says:

    Grizz, did you change your name on here? I thought it was momma or mama before?

  355. mommy grizzly says:

    I had to change my email and put a space in it because wordpress kept putting me in the spam box. It’s always been mommy though.

  356. Redhead says:

    No, I don’t think you’re a nut-case Grizzly. 😉

    I do have some pretty nutty people who latch onto me.. I think I have lived in Texas too long and need a change of scenery.

  357. Aj says:

    No freaking way:
    A 7 month old with a 13in inseam???? My 2 year old’s is 11, and I feel like that’s huge. Someone needs to learn how to read a tape measurer.

  358. Aj says:

    Or just a tape measure, damn quick fingers 🙂

  359. CJ says:

    Wow! DS has a 13+ inch inseam and he is 3!

  360. DocsNemesis says:

    My fiance said maybe they measured from waist to ankle? That’d sort of make sense, I think.

  361. Redhead says:

    WAHMs with Facebooks, watch out for this creeper “liking” diapering/baby related pages!;

  362. Redhead says:

    OOPS!! My computer just glitched me!!

    Not that page- this one!!!/profile.php?id=100001353181307&ref=share

    Sorry for the mix up, my mouse is going out. 😦

  363. Redhead says:

    here is the short link.

    William R Shady. Sicko who fans baby pages. Watch out, WAHMs!

  364. CJ says:

    I just scanned his list of pages….all 1300 of them. There aren’t many CD sites on there thank goodness but he seems to have a thing for Pampers.

  365. Redhead says:

    A lot of WAHMs have blocked him tonight, the word got around quickly! 😀

  366. mommy grizzly says:

    Ya I always blame it on my mice, too, Redhead. 😉

    Farken sicko. Cj, I got the yarn to teach Girl Cub how to crochet. Gunna have her make a tote type purse. She’s excited.

  367. shelbell says:

    Nice fake name on the pedo, Shady, for realz, c’mon now.

  368. sourpatchbabe says:

    What the heck! he likes “femininity secrets for transgenders” AND a few Kotex sites. He can’t be both, either one or the other; but last I checked transgenders that want to be more feminine don’t need to wear tampons…

    I loves me some CD but I don’t have that many baby pages fanned. He is a sick one alright.

  369. Redhead says:

    Hahah, it is my mouse.. Grizzy!! I broke the “clicker” when cleaning it the other day. It is 3 yrs old, so I guess it was gonna go sometime anyway. I am on my laptop now.

  370. CJ says:

    Sweet Grizz. Little munchkin was “crocheting” tonight too which involves him taking his 16 mm hook and using it to wrap wool around and around the coffee table.

  371. Redhead says:

    LOL cj!!

  372. Mommy Grizzly says:

    CJ, you DID say today is grow up day. Maybe it’s also mock your mommy day!

    My 3 year old likes to help me knit. He asks to help me ball yarn too but he’s really much better at unballing and knotting than he is at balling and knitting. He can uncrochet quick as anything, too. Talented kid. He’s lucky he had 9 lives to start with.

  373. Mommy Grizzly says:

    My keyboard is trying to join your mouse, Redhead. I just replaced it because the other bluetooth one died, and now, when I type and it takes about 45 seconds for the words to show up on the screen. WTF, over?

  374. CJ says:

    What are y’all doing tonight? I’m watching BB and I’m about to make some tea. Also working on a girly sock monkey hat.

  375. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Baby is wiggling all over the place. 2 youngers are seepin and I’m supervising the 2 older kids while they put the groceries away, pretending to do my reading and wishing I were fondling yarn.

  376. Snickerdoodle says:

    351- Yup! All my goodness is on the inside! 🙂

    Just checked out that dude’s profile. ERGH. A month or so ago I was trying to find out information about old fashioned flats and folds like in the “50’s so I googled that. HAH! Don’t EVER do that!

    I found lots of forums and websites dedicated to Adult diaper fetishes and looking at that guys friends and profile pics, it looks like that is what he may be into. However I didn’t look in depth cause it makes me feel a little sick to tell the truth.

    I have started crocheting but I’m having a heck of a time self teaching. Anyone have any online tute’s that are good? I finally got the single stitch down… sort of. 😀

  377. DocsNemesis says:

    390-that made me giggle.

  378. not me at all says:

    Aw man I though peanut YAGEd all over DS…

  379. Redhead says:

    what, she is back??

  380. CJ says:

    Snickerdoodle, I just used YouTube to learn. I can’t find the video series that I used but this one seems pretty easy to follow.
    The Stitch & Bitch Happy Hooker book is also very easy to follow.
    LMK if I can help at all. 🙂

  381. Snickerdoodle says:

    CJ- you taught yourself? I am very impressed. I had been looking around at videos but the CRUCIAL thing I need to see sometimes is blocked by someones finger! I just checked your link though and it looks like just what I need. Thank you! 🙂 I will check out the book next time I am at a bookstore… I will Let you know for sure if I need help! 😉

    397- I just checked Peanuts latest post and she posted in the two year old got run over by a kid on a bike thread. I don’t know about the whole pay not pay go to court thing but we have a kid next door who sounds just like the 9 year old who ran over the two year old. He is always smashing into my DD on her bike and throwing rocks etc and his parents keep saying oh he doesn’t mean it. ( he is five) When we go outside I have to be very vigilant for my children to make sure he doesn’t “accidentally” run over them or hit them with a stick or shoot them with his sticky dart gun, or throw a rock at their head etc… etc… etc…

    Anyway frustrating!

    Im going to go get my yarn and hook and get some practice in while babe is sleeping… 🙂

  382. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I don’t really have anything to say, I just wanted to be post 400. 🙂

    DH comes home tomorrow. I really cannot wait for the day he gets to stop leaving. I gotta say, that shit gets real old, real quick.

  383. CJ says:

    How long is he gone for Grizz? I think I asked you this before. We are in the same boat, about 2 more weeks and he will be home!

  384. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Right now, he is gone during the week, drives home (about 7.5 hours because of construction) Friday night, sleeps and helps me on Saturday and then leaves Sunday afternoon to drive back up for work. He is going through a medical retirement process though, so, we are hoping in the next few weeks to months, he will be home much more though.

  385. CJ says:

    Oh yuck, that schedule is terrible!

  386. sourpatchbabe says:

    This has nothing to do with anything, I just want to say that I HATE WINDOWS VISTA WITH THE STRENGTH OF A THOUSAND BURNING SUNS!

    I seriously cannot wait for this pc to die so I can get something that doesn’t have Vista in it.

  387. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, this has been going on for almost a year and I’m soo over it, CJ.

    Vista isn’t so bad if you have enough memory and RAM to run it. I tell you what, though, I love my MacBook… costs a ton but much less issues than with my PCs.

  388. smartassmama says:

    I think I’m going to have to opt out of sensitive subjects.

  389. smartassmama says:

    I have Vista on my laptop and I haven’t had a problem with it, thankfully. But I know that’s the exception.

  390. sourpatchbabe says:

    I have a TON of memory and RAM. The problem is that EVERYTHING that I buy (printer/wireless devices/games/programs/etc) I have to go through a gazillion extra steps to make sure it becomes compatible with Vista. It drives me crazy. I’ve been trying to install a new printer for A WEEK and it still not properly installed. I just now found the stupid driver I need to upload in order to get it to work.

  391. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, that is a PITA with Vista.

  392. DSDM2 says:

    Why is that SmartAss?

  393. smartassmama says:

    I probably just shouldn’t mention it. Not everyone has the same convictions I do about things. But how many abortions must one have before they realize what they need to do instead? I’m letting my morals & values cloud my fun. I won’t say anything else on the issue.

  394. CJ says:

    I’ll just say a big “Yeah That” to smartassmama’s post. I didn’t read the thread you are talking about but I agree with what you just said.

  395. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I totally agree with 411, too. I am pro-choice, only because I cannot stand the idea that someone else is going to tell me what to do with my body, but I abortion is not an option for me, personally. Really, abortion is NOT a form of birth control.

    SAM – I do not think you are wrong in wanting your fun and morals to play nicely together. I see nothing wrong with the morals you have shared with us and I would hope to say that a lot of us, here, share them.

  396. CJ says:

    I am pro-life BUT that being said I would never judge a woman for choosing to abort should she be put in a dangerous situation for example. I am just pro-choice for me. I don’t agree with abortion as birth control. Get a pack of pills, close your legs or be an adult and be responsible for your choices.

  397. mommato2 says:

    ITA smartassmama. I am pro-life, but I do not judge others choices. BUT….when you have had three abortions, I mean come on….you should have learned your lesson after the first and definitely after the second.

  398. CJ says:

    Sorry, I meant that I am pro-life for me, not pro-choice. Ugh, need food.

  399. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I wondered if you’d switched them, CJ…

    You know, it’s funny that you mention that you need food. I happen to know someone in your area that made some TDF pastries filled with gouda, cranberries and pears. You should ask her if she would share!

  400. smartassmama says:

    I know it came off as bitchy. And it came off that way because it is. I know it’s not nice to judge others, their choices, etc. I’ve not been there. I’m sorry if it’s mean, but talk about airing your dirty laundry. I understand that not everyone feels like I do, and I do have a couple gray areas that I hope I never need to make up my mind on, but it’s mind-blowing how some people can be so cavalier about it. So, “no big deal, pass the potatoes, gonna go browse FSOT” about it. I’m human, I judged them. I probably should have never said anything.

  401. DocsNemesis says:

    Only 2 of my 5 kids have been planned. I’ve never even thought of having an abortion (I am pro choice though…but yeah, I can’t do it myself). I’m very fertile and I still want one more in the future or I’d get my tubes tied, fiance would get snipped, and if I still got knocked up…I’d figure it was meant to be! lol

    BC doesn’t work by itself for me though. Found that out with the last one 😛 So, I’m getting an IUD. That better work or I’ll cry.

  402. smartassmama says:

    And I’m also *just now* realizing the negative connotation of my ‘name’ here, like when I’m addressed. I’m so freakin socially paranoid that I wonder if it’s just using the username to address me, or if it’s meant negatively. I think I should change it, but I don’t know what to. I don’t have a favorite sweet snack, my hair is not amazing, I have no experience with scary wildlife, and no good nicknames. I am just not clever.

  403. smartassmama says:

    We have one that we planned for a lot. Tried for two years, finally had her and was BFing her, thinking, “It took a while to get pregnant. It will take a while the second time.” WRONG! lol I got pregnant 6 months PP. haha Now I have an IUD. And you know what? I still POAS every month. Because now I worry I’ll be TLC fodder for not realizing I was pregnant because I was on BC.

  404. Mommy Grizzly says:

    You are a better woman than I, then, 418. Seriously, I know I judge people and I know that I am judged. You are much more understanding than I am. I really do not want to come off as a bitch, but, I am not going to lie about the fact that I do base my opinion on a person (as a whole) relating to their parts — decisions, behaviors, willingness to learn from mistakes and grow from them to name a few. I would expect people to assess me in much the same way.

    Having more abortions than most people have children is nothing to brag about. Kind of reminds me of a girl I went to high school with. She claimed to have been raped by 9 different times, in 4 different states by more than 9 men all before she was 16. It becomes hard to believe when the only common denominator in any situation is her.

  405. smartassmama says:

    I know in that “do you judge” thread on DS a couple days ago, most people seemed to feel that they do it less now that they’re moms. But for me, it’s the opposite. And no, I’m not better! I promise! I mean come on, you crochet! lol (j/k!)

  406. Mommy Grizzly says:

    CJ crochets more than I do. I am into knitting right now… 😉 One of the benefits of growing up in a Home Ec classroom, there isn’t much I cannot create with a little time. I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was 7, cross stitching since I was 5 and sewing since I was 9. I have won several FHA awards for sewing creations, though, I really do not have time to do ANYTHING as much as I’d like.

    After DH gets retired, we are going to rent out our house and buy property, life on site and build our dream home. THEN I’ll have a lot more freedom and space to do what I want because he will be home to take a lot of the burden off of me. We’ve been lucky that I’ll only have to work if I want to, because his employment and retirement will have us nicely set up. I’m working on my degree just because I want it and if I decide to go to work, it will be to help Vets and/or their families, especially dealing with combat related issues. Lord knows, I have enough personal experience with it!

  407. smartassmama says:

    I think that’s wonderful, especially the last part. There is a definite need for it. What area/degree are you working toward? Nursing or similar?

  408. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Psychology/Sociology and eventually, PTSD specific therapies, I think. I really do not think nursing will affect peoples lives on as big of a level or in the same way. I am NOT knocking nursing, it is an awesome calling, but, it’s really only hands on while people are hospitalized or in a one on one home setting. I want to work with people and their families to help them have as normal of a life as possible after traumatic combat experiences. The biggest need is for people that never get treated in an actual hospital because their wounds are not physical.

    My DH is having the hardest time right now because he does not LOOK sick. His chain of command is like, oh you will be fine, just deploy with us or stay back and be rear D. They seriously do not get how hard it is for him to do the things he does, because he doesn’t complain. He seems to have some really understanding Docs though.

    I am really not looking to work with guys that are still Active simply because I don’t want to fight with units. I want to work with guys and their families to help them figure out a way to embrace the life they have now, through talk therapies and stress management techniques.

  409. Mommy Grizzly says:

    SAM – do you have FB? I want to help you think of a new name…

  410. Mommy Grizzly says:

    After kids grow up a bit, DH and I have plans to open a Lodge and partner up with the WW program and VA to help wounded warriors and disabled vets get back into nature and hunt and fish. We want to set it up sort of like a summer camp, but for grown ups. It’s not realistic for at least 10-15 years but that’s sort of our long term goal

  411. Mmspirit7 says:

    428 that’s a great idea dh wants to work at the va when he’s done with serivce my dream is stupid really I want a diner that is also a drive in for movies you come for dinner and stay for a show. it will be hugely family friendly and everything.

    I was wanting to have homemade baby food on the menu for families what would need it. LOL.

    and fruit and veggies for the kiddos as sides instead of fries (though I would have them they wouldn’t be auto in the kids meals you would have to ask to add them LOL)

    I also want daycare on sit for my workers with a nursing room for those the bf or pump. It’s a dream.

  412. Mommy Grizzly says:

    That’s not stupid. I just sold off the second of my 2 shops and I allowed my girls who were nursing their babies to keep them in the shop with them. I also allowed moms with older kids to bring them to work sometimes as long as they could still get their work done. It’s a great idea, depending on where you are at. In Alaska, a drive in isn’t such a great idea, but if you live in an area that you could make it work, that’s awesome.

    The hard part of your plan is to make it work financially, the reason most places do the fries and stuff for kids meals is because it’s CHEAP and doesn’t go bad. Fresh fruits and veggies are neither, but, again, it really depends on your area. When your husband gets out, have him talk to the VA and ATAP about what grants and loans you guys can get because of his service. IDK what he will qualify for, but because DH will get out being a DAV and fully retired, we get a lot of benefits.

  413. Mmspirit7 says:

    Cool thanks yeah I know it would be hard to do but even in ny even if the drive in was only for half the year it would still be nice to do. I want a diner at least a real family place.

    LOL maybe one day.

  414. Mmspirit7 says:

    Oh and I get the price thing with fruits and veggies I do. might take some time to make it work and work out all the details but I think it would still be a good idea.

  415. Mommy Grizzly says:

    NY? Are you guys from there? We were stationed WAY upstate, almost to Canada for … ever. I was there almost 6 years and DH was there 9.

  416. Mmspirit7 says:

    Oh we were at drum for 4 years and I am from NY now in TX.

  417. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Dude, with a good enough business plan and contingencies, almost anything can be made to work.

  418. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Wow! Drum ROCKS! Nothing like getting married to be a single mom, ‘eh??

  419. Mmspirit7 says:

    LOL yeah but I was one before I got married we loved drum but family wasn’t fair and wants to move back at some time.

  420. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Ah, having family close makes a big difference. There are several drive in movie theaters in NNY, they are only seasonable and do not have diners so I don’t see why you couldn’t make it work.

  421. CJ says:

    Yup, I’m the hooker SAM. 😛
    I don’t take your name the wrong way, but I can see how it may feel that way to you. Let’s find you a new name. 🙂

  422. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I think her new name should be, not the hooker… 😉

  423. CJ says:

    mmspirit, we have a drive in 20 minutes away that could use a diner if you feel like a move to Canada. No military anything around here though other than a huge cadet training camp.

  424. CJ says:

    LOL Grizz. That reminds me of that show Dinosaurs. Did you guys every watch that? There was the baby dino who would hit his dad and say “Not the Mama”

  425. Mommy Grizzly says:

    That was my inspiration!!

    Every once in a while when the kids are being ogre-like to DH, I say, well, it’s just cause you’re “NOT THE MAMA!”

  426. Mmspirit7 says:

    Cool! I don’t mind Canada at all.

    and yeah we loved the couple little ones while we were there.

    Loved the show dinosaurs I had all them on DVD once before they were borrowed with out being returned. it was a great show.

  427. Mommy Grizzly says:

    The teenaged boy- his hair, *mock faint* he was so fashionable!!

  428. CJ says:

    What was his name, Robbie or something like that? I was really young but I had a dino crush on him.

  429. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I think so. Aww! Does your DH know he was second best in your mind and that he will forevermore share your heart with a rockin haired Dino-mate?

  430. CJ says:

    Oh DH came after a long line of crushes including Prince William, Leo DiCaprio, and other random celebs.

  431. smartassmama says:

    I had the biggest stoopid crush on Leo DiCaprio! mmM! I even got into Growing Pains when it went into big syndication, just to catch a glimpse. But Devan Sawa and Andrew Keegan were the big ones.

    429 – That is one of mine! I would love to do that. Or a mom & baby/natural parenting/AP/Cloth diapering store. But here, that’s just not going to happen. I would want mostly cloth diapering and BWing & BFing accessories, with some kids & moms clothing. With areas for moms to BF, like cushy dressing rooms. Because when I was a new mom I was so confused about taking her in public when she might get hungry.

    Ahh. dreams!

    And I remember the dinosaur show! It came on Fox in the afternoons when I was at my grandparents’. Cable didn’t reach there, so it was cool to see something kid-like on one of their 6 channels 😀

  432. Mommy Grizzly says:

    YAY! Great news! DH just called and he said his doc is FINALLY recognizing that his unit is not going to work with him and is setting up the referral to a WTU. The best part? He’s going to insist that it’s the WTU that is LOCAL to us instead of local to the unit. He is doing this for 2 reasons… so the unit cannot try to hey you him back into work AND because it will help DH in the long term for him to establish relationships with local providers since they will be the ones seeing him when he retires, anyway. Also, all of the specialists are down here so it eliminates the need for him to be going back and forth all the time.

    Thank GOD, it’s FINALLY happening! We’ve been waiting for the WTU referral for 14 months, his providers kept putting it off because they thought that keeping him ‘working’ would be better for him. They are FINALLY realizing that he’s about 2 twig snaps away from killing someone.

  433. smartassmama says:

    I am military-illiterate, but I am glad that someone is working with him, and that there is positive progress for him now.

  434. CJ says:

    That is awesome news Grizz! Happy dance!

    What is WTU?

  435. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Most of it should be readable, but Unit is the people he’s working for/with and WTU is a Warrior Transition Unit, it’s a place that wounded or convalescing soldiers go to (instead of a regular unit) to concentrate on the required therapies or whatever necessary to make them better. If they cannot process back into the regular Army, the WTU can help them re-class into another type of job within the Army or get them through the process that gets them retired for medical reasons. Does that help?

  436. Redhead says:

    SAM, I ♥ you and your name. If you want to change it, I am sure you can think of something awesome! I am always envious of your wit! 🙂

  437. Snickerdoodle says:

    Wow I had so much to say as I read through the comments but by the time I reached the end, I forgot them all. LOL

    So let me just say Yay Grizzly Mommy! It sounds rough with what your dh has to do and I am so glad that things are finally happening for him! 🙂 ( I am also military illiterate despite having had a brother in the Marines, and a mom and a dad in the Airforce when I was young. )

    Also my favorite treat is not a Snickerdoodle. *gasp* If I was going to call myself my favorite treat it would be:

    Reeses or
    Peanut butter and chocolate. ( I did name my Teddy bear Reese after Reeses peanut butter cups when I was younger)

    But those just don’t have the same ring to them. 🙂

  438. Mommy Grizzly says:

    That’s not really surprising, 455. I mean, wouldn’t it be paramount to cannibalism if you enjoyed eating your brethren or yourself??

    Plus, if you ate you, there’d be nothing left for us!

  439. sourpatchbabe says:

    LOL!! I have to confess that I don’t like snickerdoodle, I prefer cow tails although I imagine them being like snickerdoodle. Hard, carameley outer shell and a soft yummy center. num num.

  440. CJ says:

    Mmmmm, cow tail sounds yummy.

  441. smartassmama says:

    I have no idea why Slim Jims are on my mind.

  442. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I dont know but man the things I would do for a warm apple fritter with whipped butter…. nom nom.

  443. Just Peachy says:

    Abortion is one of the few things that make me show my crazy lately. I’m vehementaly pro-life. The whole medically necessary thing is a gray area to me so I won’t touch on that. The thing is if you truly do not want to get pregnant then take the appropriate measures. I don’t agree with getting an abortion simply cus “Oh my pill failed or the condom broke”. We all know or should know NOTHING is 100% and theres a reason for it.

  444. smartassmama says:

    That is my gray area. Well, medical and cases of incest/rape.

  445. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I make exceptions for those, also. However, my medical does not include selective reduction, it is only when there is significant risk to the mother or the child will be in agony between life and it’s guaranteed eventual death after birth. Something like, inability to breathe so it’s every breath is nothing but pain. Then I see it as merciful. Not just because “we are not ready” or whatever stupid excuse people give themselves.

  446. Just Peachy says:

    Rape/incest is my gray area as well. I really haven’t been able to decide where I stand on that because I see both pros and cons to it neither outweighing the other IMO.

  447. Mmspirit7 says:

    Sorry I bailed last night abortion is on I understand why with rape and insect (sp) I have been there and faced that choice. but I am pro choice just because I don’t want to tell someone what to do with their body.

    Robbie was the dino’s name they have a website too were you can get the dvd’s and watch clips I have seen the lost episodes that they didn’t air because they pulled it after 3 or 4 years on tv.

    I could kill for cheese cake but I can’t have it and GD sucks but I am doing well. Dread my OB appt today and just want to sleep.

    GM….yay for you DH and WTU we have been fighting to get jon in forever. His doc is getting to the point of putting him finially he has been hurt since 05 and been deployed twice with this injury he until just deployed again and he’s home. and we are about to do surgery as well. ON his neck can’t lie I am worried that it’s not going to be great but we need to do something.

    I hope he gets into WTU soon so that he can focus on healing and doing what he needs and everything. he has been set back so many times because they don’t care about his profile and doing what the doc orders. and well I am sick of CQ every 3 days makes it hard to have a life.

  448. Snickerdoodle says:

    457- What the heck is a Cow Tail!? And eating a snickerdoodle sounds cannibalistic… ?;)

    I agree with most of the sentiments above me on abortion. I do NOT think it should be used as a form of birth control and for myself I am vehemently pro life. Reading that abortion thread honestly made me feel a little bit sick. Just because the idea upsets me. But still, I don’t want to make that choice for others. So I don’t know what label I would give myself. 😛

  449. coffeehoar says:

    Snickerdoodle, I’m in the same dang boat.

    Also, is it wrong to get coffee in my pajamas? DH gave ds oreos as a snack last night, and I got to pay for it as ds is allergic to milk. The only thing that made him happy was to be plastered to my side, twitching all night.

  450. DocsNemesis says:

    463-Totally agree. There are situations where I might have an abortion but I think generally it’d be 20 weeks or more before they’d even find out and then I don’t know what I’d do. I guess I’d have to find out more about hospital procedure…one thing that pops out in my mind is Harlequin-type ichthyosis. I wouldn’t want to put a baby through that and if the hospital *had* to try and save a term baby, I don’t know. Otherwise I think carrying and having that time with my child in my womb might be very special. But the pain…oh those poor babies 😦

  451. sourpatchbabe says:

    these are cow tails oh so yummy and carameley.

  452. JustMe says:

    SUPER shady!

    09-14-2010, 01:13 PM #1
    emmaluv+1more’s Avatar
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    Refund question
    I bought an item from a member here on Sat morning. She messaged me today saying that there was an emergency and that she has no way of shipping my purchase. She has offered a refund but has apparently already spent the $$ I sent on Sat. She wants to send me $$ from her credit card instead of sending it as a refund. This doesn’t sit well with me. Can’t she still click “refund” on our existing transaction even if the funds aren’t actually in her PP acct…wouldn’t it still come from her credit card? If she sends me $$ as a new transaction wouldn’t it take out fees & appear that she is paying me for something?

    I think that she could claim that she paid me for an item and then file a claim saying she never received it. I hate to be skeptical (she has seen this post and isn’t pleased) but I don’t want to be scammed…again!

    So I opened a dispute and now she is claiming that she refunded me but that I won’t be able to see that until I close the dispute. What?!?!? Seriously, I am not that naive! I’m just supposed to take her word for it? I don’t think so!

    **I know she is reading this, so hopefully she’ll get the hint**

  453. DocsNemesis says:

    Wow, lame. Shady indeed.

  454. treeindawind says:

    it’s organicgem

  455. Snickerdoodle says:

    469- fascinating. I can’t believe I have gone thirty plus years without hearing about these. Thanks for the link, the stories on there are pretty funny too. 🙂

    472- you beat me to it! And I was feeling so proud of my sleuthing abilities…

  456. treeindawind says:

    473-I just so happened to catch it at the right time lol.

  457. Redhead says:

    OG? Seriously, she needs a big fat ban hammer.

  458. Redhead says:

    I was very tempted to buy some of her BEAUTIFUL yarn on spot, but all the negs in her FB there + the other stories kept me from it. It was hard to resist though. Hard, I say!

  459. DocsNemesis says:

    Damn, I need to work on my sleuthing skills, I couldn’t figure out who the heck it was. And I tried too 😦

    I am so bored. The house is clean. The kids are all asleep. And I can’t knit. SO NOT FAIR.

  460. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It’s OK, Redhead, this is your safe place. Say it with me, “Hello, My name is Redhead and I am a yarn addict!” You will feel better once you admit it!

  461. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Why can’t you knit?

  462. DocsNemesis says:

    I borked my circulars. The ones I was using. And I don’t have any extras. S’ok though, I think I’ll actually go to bed early for once.

  463. Redhead says:

    My purewool order filled my longing for a while.

  464. DocsNemesis says:


  465. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Dude! Duck tape??

    Good for you, Redhead. I really only tease cause you take it so well. I am a collector of all things I like, so I’m really not one to talk.

  466. DocsNemesis says:

    I don’t think we have any! (I know, blasphemy) We might have electrical tape though….

  467. Mommy Grizzly says:

    You should get yourself some of the interchangeable sets. I got the Addis and I :wub: them, but I hear the KP set is just as nice, with different length cords.

  468. CJ says:

    Good evening addicts!

  469. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Hey, CJ – I am not ignoring you about that yarn, I’ve been SO sick and trying to get my homework done. Got it in with minutes to spare. I want all but the sunflower cause MIL is allergic to hemp or something. DH was not really clear, just said she couldn’t/wouldn’t wear it.

  470. CJ says:

    No worries. I saw your homework post. 🙂 I’ll get you a shipping price for the other stuff tomorrow.

  471. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, I’ve been trying to read my crap all week and people wouldn’t let me. I skimmed enough to get it done and posted, so, better in and done than late!

  472. CJ says:


    Are you taking online classes Grizz?

  473. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yup, an awesome online only, very military friendly University. I took a leave of absense for a while after mom and sister died and I just started again. I feel so… mentally rusty? School is normally very easy to me, it will come back to me as I get back into the swing of things.

  474. CJ says:

    😦 I’m very sorry to hear about your mom and sister.

    I imagine that I will be mentally rusty if/when I ever go to school too.

  475. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It was a total surprise when they happened, and so close together, that life was about all I was able to deal with. I hated to do it but I put in for the leave of absence. It takes me a few weeks to get back in the swing of things, I love school, it’s very gratifying. If you can swing it, you really should take classes, even if it’s just one at a time.

    I normally go full time, at least, but since I knew stuff is super stressful and all on me right now, I’m only taking this one class. They are 8 week classes so I will be done by Halloween and then, I’ll reevaluate my course load. I’ve done most of my “cake” classes so it’s a lot harder for me to “walk” through them, now I actually have to STUDY!

  476. CJ says:

    I need to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Only 2 more years before the little one starts kindy.

  477. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Well, the great thing is, you can do all your Gen Ed without knowing what you want to be. By the time he starts school, you could have all your Gen Eds done towards a BA or figure it out as you go along and be done with your AA in something versatile.

  478. DocsNemesis says:

    486-I totally would but I haven’t found many (or any?) with 16″ and thats what I mainly use. It was my 16″ 8’s that broke…I think my LYS has some though. I hope. I’ll find out tomorrow.

  479. Mommy Grizzly says:

    DUDE!! Addi’s totally have 16s. 16, 32 and 40 with a connector to go as long as 72 without having to buy another cable. I’m using my 16 in US 5 and 7 for the hat I’m making right now. Seriously, I love the versatility of the Clicks.

  480. melmelly says:

    I don’t want to be melmelly anymore on here. I want my watergirl name!

  481. melmelly says:

    I was totally rolling around in some Pure Wool and Peacefleece earlier.

  482. CJ says:

    Oooh, that’s hot.

  483. melmelly says:

    Very hot indeed! I just wish I knew what to knit or crochet out of the peacefleece. I have had it for 6 months and no clue what I should do with it.

  484. CJ says:

    For sale or personal use? What colour is it?

  485. Mommy Grizzly says:

    What’s special about peacefleece that you cant figure out what to do with it?? I mean, if it’s paining you, you can always send it to me. 😉

  486. melmelly says:

    I have several different colors, that was supposed to be for scarves, but now I don’t want to use the PF for it. I have been using my PW for that instead.

    My name is Bobbi Beushea and I have a wool addiction.

    I swear I should be on intervention for my yarnz and fabric.

  487. Mommy Grizzly says:

    go read 479. Welcome, Bobbie.

  488. melmelly says:

    I might do an afghan, even though some of the colors would clash. I could totally make it work…I was that girl that crocheted little bags out of embroidery floss in HS for all the stoners. Orange and purple were a favorite combo. They go fine together now, but back in 1993-94? No way.

    The colors I have are: Baltic Blue, Superior Green, Siberian Midnight, Ancient Fern, Tundra.

  489. CJ says:

    I’ve never used PF. Is it similar to PW?

  490. melmelly says:

    Think anyone will catch on Grizz?

  491. Mommy Grizzly says:

    If you separate them well enough you could totally make it look intentional OR you could just save yourself the mental effort and mail it to me. 🙂

  492. melmelly says:

    Nooooo. PF is more scratchy. PW is so soft. PF has the occasional tiny stray piece of straw/hay/alfalfa, etc. The difference between my PF and PW: PF is two ply and PW is single.

    PF seems bulkier to me, a heavier worsted weight.

  493. melmelly says:

    Haha! Maybe I should make it an afghan for me to use on those freezing Alaskan nights. Yeah, yeah. Still working on my DH to move up there.

  494. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I think you should come to visit and then refuse to leave. 😀

    Or just say, every time you buy anything, “We will need/not need this when we move to Alaska.”

  495. melmelly says:

    Are the Northern Lights supposed to be good around March 25? I could come up for my birthday and not leave!

  496. Mommy Grizzly says:

    The aurora is most active late at night or early in the morning, when the sky is clear and the air chilly. The best time to watch is in spring and fall, especially February, March, September, and October. One of the best times to look for the Northern Lights will be when it is dark because of a new moon.

    Anchorage has a lot of man made interferences so we get mostly greens down here. Farther North and away from the city gets the pretty colors.

  497. melmelly says:

    It was around my birthday when I saw them down here in So Ore, back in 2001. It was Spring break and I could see the faint greens for about 20 minutes or so. That’s the only time I have seen them and want to see them again, but actually up close and “at the source”, AKA – ALASKA!!!

  498. Mommy Grizzly says:

    We get awesome sights up here. I will stand by my position, Anchorage is NOT the REAL Alaska. I live down here because this is where my family and the Army have seen fit for us to be. I LOVE Fairbanks, however, it is a rough fkn life with a gaggle of little people.

  499. Aj says:

    Awww look…Connersmama is up to her old antics, fabricating items in her signature syle:
    That poor baby must have appendages of different lengths! :yuck:

  500. DocsNemesis says:

    So like, I never knew that if there wasn’t a cottage license available, that meant you could go ahead and knit stuff for profit. Or is that not the way that works? I just always thought that if there wasn’t a cottage license and it didn’t say “sure, knit this for profit” that meant you were screwed.

    518-that doesn’t look *too* terrible, but I think the legs are kinda short for the body, yeah? I have a hard time judging by sight, especially when ruffles are involved.

    And now off to look at Addi interchangeables…I may have another item on my Christmas list…hehe.

  501. CJ says:

    Docs, cottage licenses have no legal standing and are merely a courtesy to the pattern designer. Once you buy a pattern you have the rights to sell whatever you make from it, you just can’t sell copies of the pattern itself. Now that being said, if you were to buy a pattern that has a cottage license available in the WAHM world and start selling on HC using that pattern without the license you would be shunned. I personally think it is ridiculous but that’s just my opinion. If you are just selling locally to a few friends though I wouldn’t worry about it.
    I know I will probably get flamed for saying this but it isn’t realistic to ask someone to pay $50 or way more for a cottage license when their profits are next to nothing. This isn’t big business, it is crafting for goodness sakes! SOme of the diaper cottage licenses make me want to vomit! Seriously, hundreds of dollars.
    So, ranting aside you can legally use any pattern that you buy and sell the items made from it. It is your item and your handiwork to do with as you please. It’s just a matter of what you feel comfortable doing with all of the rules that the pattern designers put out there.

  502. DocsNemesis says:

    Interesting! I never knew that.

    And yeah, I agree. I became a licensed EviePants knitter, but that was $25. For a lifetime license. I remember looking into some other cottage licenses that were $250+. While I’m sure it eventually pays itself off, if you knit enough of that item, its so much for your average WAHM to come up with. That and how many do you actually have to knit before you start making any sort of profit?

    I know better than to knit something without a license though. I don’t want to be the star on here. Haha. I have the gift wrap romper though and I’d love to make a newborn one…so tiny and squishy!

  503. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Well, you know, I just happen to know of a newborn that will be arriving about Feb, if you REALLY feel the need to make it, Docs… 😉

    My fellow yarn addicts, I need a earth tone colorway or a few. Dh’s BF and his wife are expecting their first in Nov. They are not finding out the sex but DH and I have decided earth tones would be good. LMK on here or FB!

  504. CJ says:

    I don’t have any colourways but I do have a camel coloured llama/wool blend that is squishy and would be good for a cap, cocoon for photos, etc. You could possibly use it for a sweater. Not sure if it is too floofy though with the llama. I think it may be in crochet but knit would keep the fibres laying a lot smoother.
    I need to get some earth tone colourways myself. I like nice neutrals.

  505. DocsNemesis says:

    I know of a couple of earthy MM colorways. Or you could go with semi solids. Malabrigo has tons of earthy semi solids.

    And I will keep that in mind. 😛

  506. Snickerdoodle says:

    Small DS rant:

    If I see another FREAKIN’ “Please explain wool to me” thread or “How does wool work?” or “Tell me about Wool” I am going to scream! Well not really but come on people! Have you heard of the search button? Do you know how many trillion threads there are on wool!? Even if the search button doesn’t work for you just go back about 3 or 4 pages and you will find another Wool thread! ARGHHHHHHHHH!

    When I first got into wool I was curious and so I searched Wool, and Wool and compression leaks, and wool wraps etc. I found SO MUCH information. I never started my own wool thread. There was NO NEED.

    K, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. 🙂

  507. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Sooo… who can tell me about wool? How does it work? I’m really confused, can you explain it to me?

    OOOh, better yet, can I just use the kind of yarn, like red heart, from Walmart? it’s yarn, it’s all the same thing, right?

  508. DocsNemesis says:

    I started a wool thread yesterday. *duck*

  509. CJ says:

    I have to admit that I had the wool dumz three years ago.

  510. CJ says:

    Oh and the car seat dumz too. I was a car seat idiot. I remember posting in a thread saying “how can they expire? They aren’t food.” !!!

  511. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Someone posted on FB that it was OK to make soakers and longies out of superwash, and I quote, “because lots of WAHMs on DS do it!”

  512. CJ says:

    You can make soakers and longies out of superwash. It just doesn’t hold lanolin so it doesn’t stay fresh as long. The scales from the outside of the fibre are pretty much gone too so it doesn’t have the same high level of repelling qualities that regular wool does.

  513. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I know, but she was insisting that Superwash was the kind you wanted and that you could just ‘lanolize it’ and it’s the same as wool. I explained that with the scales removed, superwash does not maintain the same sort of benefits as 100% wool and she seemed to get it. I just though the remark that “well, lots of people do it!” somehow justifies it. I bought a pair of longies that after I got them, it was obvious that it was an acrylic or acrylic blend. Thankfully, we use pockets and the longies are mostly for looks but they’d have sucked for diaper covers if I was actually looking for that!

    I figure, after a couple of wet laps, she’ll figure it out on her own, if she doesn’t believe me.

  514. Snickerdoodle says:


    527- I bet it wasn’t a “tell me everything you know about wool thread though! :)” I love wool threads because I love wool and I like to read about wool but threads that specifically say ” I know nothing and I don’t even know how/am too lazy to use my search function” Drive me up a wall!

    I like how the one person that answered that recent thread just reposted info from the LAST tell me everything about wool thread! 😀

    528- I had the wool dumz too! I still really don’t know much about longies and shorties. I was curious about how to lanolize, if they needed lanolizing etc… so I did a search for lanolize longies and BAM 14 pages of results! Maybe its because I’m a google nut who automatically researches EVERYTHING to death and loves doing it that it is just automatic for me to do that.


    I have some soakers made out of Superwash that my MIL made me. I just use them as “I want to let her go coverless but have it look cute” And it works out. I never never never leave the house with them on.

  515. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, knowing what you are getting into with super wash is one thing. This person was enlisting the help of a relative for their knitting services and she was under the impression that super wash was the type they were ‘supposed’ to be looking for for diaper covers. It’s totally different if you are aware of what super wash lacks, but to advocate, in ignorance, that SW is THE SAME as wool is, well, yeah…

  516. Redhead says:

    I hate superwash. It just feels flimsy and cheap in my hands.
    I have bought some from different HC sellers and love the colors, just not the thickness or look.
    Mine is going to be turned into winter mittens for my girls. I ♥ mittens 🙂

  517. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Docs, if you decide to get Addi clicks, you can get a really good deal on them from an Alaskan store, I’ll give you the info, if you decide to get them. It’s free shipping and $20 less than recommended retail.

  518. Snickerdoodle says:

    535- Yeah I didn’t have the heart to tell my MIL that what she lovingly made for her granddaughter were NOT the same as the wool soakers I was talking about. I just put them on her when she is here and change OFTEN. 🙂

    I hope the chick on FB figures it out before her relative gets to knitting.

  519. dundundun says:

    dunTOTHAdundun is bored.

  520. Mommy Grizzly says:

    How are your fingers, Redhead???

  521. Flat Stainley says:

    Docs, if you give me a pickle, I’ll tell you what I did when my bamboo circulars brokey. All fixed! 😀
    And Grizzly, the duct tape doesn’t work. It gets the wool all caught and it sucks. We were successful at fixing a bank card with clear packing tape last week, though.

  522. Mommy Grizzly says:

    NOOOOOOO, duct take fixes everything!

  523. DocsNemesis says:

    534-nope! It was mostly asking why the heck my child sweats and gets hot in her wool romper in 60 degree weather. And how to do summer woolies when she’s hot in 60 degree weather. Or something.

    536-I hate superwash too normally…but I noticed at the yarn store that cascade 220 superwash feels so much softer than regular. I just can’t bring myself to put DD in cascade 220, it feels so scratchy to me-but the superwash was nice and soft.

    537-Sweeeeet. I probably won’t be buying it myself though, I mentioned that I wanted them for Christmas and my fiance asked how much. I told him, expecting “oh heck no” but he seemed to like the idea. Hehehe. I haven’t gotten a Christmas present since I was 14, I’m excited. 😀

    541-my pickles aren’t ready yet 😦 (we made pickles ourselves last week, mmm homemade garlic dills….) Its ok though, I went out and bought a new pair. Though I am not loving bamboo. Its so sticky. Ok, how about I send you a pickle next week and you give me an advance on magic fixings of circulars.

  524. DocsNemesis says:

    And, my little one is driving me nuts. She has a fever, I know she feels like crap, but she randomly acts all great for a bit and I’m like yay! She’s feeling better. And then right back to screaming randomly. 😦 I wish they could talk, I want to know how to fix her!

  525. Mommy Grizzly says:

    The way I figure it is if you buy 15 different sizes of circs at $10, you might as well have bought a set of Addis and you get 10 sets of needles, 3 lengths of cords and it’s only another $15 per cord length but that buys you, in effect, 10 more needle sizes. Obviously, there are a lot of other brands that are not Addis, but, you want 16s and Addis have 16 inch lengths in the main package. I do hear awesome things about the KPs though. anAKmama on here uses the KPs and she swears by them.

  526. Redhead says:

    Mama Grizz, they are blistered & hurt. I think I have skin splints in my arms too from wrapping and wrapping! Is that even possible?
    I have pretty balls though … ahhahaa! 🙂

  527. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I love me some pretty balls… :flirt:

    On an awesome note, DD has taken to hooking like a PRO!

  528. Flat Stainley says:

    Docs, I posted the fixing up on your FB, but for anyone else trying to figure out what to do, just trim off the broken part of vinyl cable tubing, cut the cable so it’s flush, and plug it back onto the bamboo needle. I am thinking that something with a little more durability would be nice though. I don’t like that they didn’t last through a simple pair of longies, even if I am a newbie knitter with teh dumbz.
    Redhead, show us your balls! LOL.
    MommyGrizzly, send me some links for better needles on FB, please! 🙂

  529. Flat Stainley says:

    Now send me my pickle!!!! JK 😉

  530. Flat Stainley says:

    Does anybody want to trade some babylegs for yummy yarn? I have 2 NIP pairs…

  531. DocsNemesis says:

    Aww, I read that as trading my baby legs for some yummy yarn. I’m totally disappointed in myself.

  532. Flat Stainley says:

    Come on, you want MORE babylegs Docs! 😉

  533. DocsNemesis says:

    I don’t use the ones I have! And most of my yarn is boring and unpretty.

  534. Flat Stainley says:

    Well, I am determined to keep all 20 pairs of ours, because my 4 year old loves them as arm warmers, and my 18 mo can still wear his knitted capris with them. BUT we don’t need any more new ones, so I can part with them.

  535. CJ says:

    Geez, I go for dinner and I’ve missed pretty balls and a new pro hooker!

  536. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Do you knit them or buy them? I wanna knit them with self striping sock yarn, but IDK how many stitches I should start with for 3-9 monthish size…

  537. Flat Stainley says:

    Knit or buy what? Babylegs or wool balls?

  538. Flat Stainley says:

    LOL CJ!

  539. Redhead says:

    What color of BLs Flat? I need some

  540. Flat Stainley says:

    ♥Double Rainbow all the way♥ AND Spring Hippy dance by BumGenius!

  541. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I want to make babylegs, I know how to make wool balls.

  542. Redhead says:

    What kind of yarn you looking for?

  543. Mommy Grizzly says:

    She is looking for pretty yarn. Duh. 😉

  544. Redhead says:

    Pretty like.. GN, boyish, girly?!!!! It is all Pretty! Except the handspun today at our Farm-Market.. lord that woman can’t spin!

  545. Flat Stainley says:

    Did she spin a big old car seat strap???
    IDK… Enough to do a hat? My TV would be about $7ish each, I guess, so 1 skein of lovliness. Boy or Girl. Or something the color of an owl or a fox…

  546. CJ says:

    Oooh, oooh! Me, me! I have UGLY yarn. I am talking baby poop green. It would win awards for its ugliness. I have NO clue what I am ever going to do with it. I am hoping that it will take dye.

  547. CJ says:

    The ugly yarn was in response to the “all yarn is pretty” comment. 😛 I drank too much wine at dinner.

  548. Flat Stainley says:

    I know CJ! You could make a very hungry caterpillar! Who eats and poops? :/

  549. Mommy Grizzly says:

    And FLAT, just so HAPPENS to have a carcass of a callipiller for you to model after!

  550. Flat Stainley says:

    Ummm, nope, he is officially a part of the gravel now. He’s been rotting…:0

  551. Mommy Grizzly says:

    2 more sleeps till we find out Team Blue or Team Pink…!

  552. Flat Stainley says:

    I fail at smilies. 😮

  553. Redhead says:

    this woman was spinning alpaca. Man, it was SLOPPY. But she thinks it is nice.
    you could stick it on etsy and call it “art yarn”.. I hate that stuff.

  554. Flat Stainley says:

    Oh yeah! And HEALTHY!!!!

  555. Snickerdoodle says:

    Docs… So that is crazy did you get any good answers to your little one sweating in 60 degree weather? Which btw sounds like total bliss to me as we were in the high 90’s today. blah. Oh and your username has me curious, what is the story behind it? Also I hope your little one feels beter soon, it is so hard when they don’t feel good. 😦

    567/ CJ- hah! I got a little drank too much wine posting going on myself. Baby is in bed (older DD is with her dad for the weekend) and its just me and my dh… its nice. 🙂

  556. Flat Stainley says:

    Did it have a wide range in sizing so the knitting wouldn’t be consistant? ‘Cause if it was, maybe we could go and buy it to knit a sweater for the dead caterpillar…

  557. CJ says:

    Was there 10oz? Don’t forget the dead cat. It is still in need of a sweater. It could match the caterpillar.

  558. Flat Stainley says:

    Only if it was $4 though.

  559. Redhead says:

    She wanted like 30 per skein! It would suit a dead cat, one who had been run over by a dump truck.

  560. CJ says:

    Don’t make me choke Redhead!

  561. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Did you do well, Redhead?

  562. Redhead says:

    Not as well as I hoped, but I will just put the leftovers on Etsy next week.

    It was just so stinking hot today we didn’t have a lot of people show up. 😦

  563. Mommy Grizzly says:

    That sucks, Redhead.

  564. CJ says:

    Were you selling at the farmer’s market today?

    I need new dryer balls. I lost one of mine. 😦
    How much for a set plus shipping to Canada? I am too lazy to make more.

  565. Redhead says:

    I sell the balls for $5 each (scented or unscented), I can send you my etsy link on Rav — I actually closed my store for the weekend because I took everything I had in it to Market day!

  566. CJ says:

    That would be great. 🙂

  567. Redhead says:

    Oh, I know who you are on FB now too, CJ!! 🙂

  568. CJ says:

    eeeek! I’m out!

  569. Mommy Grizzly says:

    She’s the hawt mama that posts her food porn and makes us DROOL! EBIL!

    Redhead, are you on Rav?

  570. CJ says:

    You found me Redhead! 🙂 Just browsing your market photos now.

  571. CJ says:

    Oh Grizz, I made granola bars today. I forgot to take pictures but they are yummmmmers!

  572. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I made apple fritters and they were delich. I actually thought about you while I was cutting them up. I was thinking instead of cinn you could put brown sugar and instead of apples you could use a not overly ripe pear, and they’d be yummy! What’s with you and apples, is it an allergy or just don’t like them?

  573. CJ says:

    I love apples but the malic acid in them gives me migraines.

    I made the apple sauce for the boys. I just did apples with cinnamon and stevia in the crock pot. I will have to do some pear sauce too. I think it would be good.

  574. Mommy Grizzly says:

    So, you like apples, but they dont like you back? That sucks, apples are a great fruit. Pears are a good second though. I just can’t imagine eatin a pear dipped in peanut butter.

    I’m glad your apple sauce turned out. I think it’s awesome that you make stuff like that for them. I would, but honestly, it’s way too expensive to justify it, up here. I can buy a HUGE bottle of apple sauce for about what I spend on 2 apples.

  575. CJ says:

    Fruit and veg are dirt cheap here right now. I have been buying extras at the farmer’s market to freeze. I can spend about $40 at the market and get enough produce to last the week plus quite a bit left over to freeze. It is winter that kills me so I am trying to get ahead this year.

  576. CJ says:

    And no, pear with PB is no good. Pear and cheese is still tasty though.

  577. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Thats awesome. I’m jealous.

  578. CJ says:

    I’d ship you some but they would probably be mush by the time they get to you.

  579. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Um, yeah, that doesnt sound yummy.

    DH and I are going to watch “A Haunting in CT” on netflix. I’ll be back if I get too skarreyd.

  580. melmelly says:

    Hi! What are you lovely ladies doing today? I think I am going to work on my stash since I am a yarnz whorz. And I just wanted to be post #600!!!

  581. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Lets get to posting so I can be post 666! 🙂

    Melly, get on yahoo, pwease?

  582. CJ says:

    We just cleaned the play room and now I am working on the living room. Then I need to play with some yarn.

  583. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I started a cotton cozy for my camelback water bottle, last night. it’s super cute, and I can’t wait for my water bottle to stop leaking all over my tables!

    I also need to fit homework and a test into my crafting schedule some time today… 😦

  584. CJ says:

    Duct tape for the water bottle, Grizz, come on!

  585. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I TRIED that, but, they sweat sooo bad that it just made the duct tape all gummy and nasty. I have all this cotton Lily brand type stuff that will absorb the condensation so nicely…. I am excited to have it done.

    Actually, DD saw me working on it and asked if she could take it over. Hmm, heck yea?!! I love that she wants to do crafts.

  586. CJ says:

    Lily Chin? They actually have some decent non-wool yarns.

    Yay for DD doing the project for you. That is great!

  587. Mommy Grizzly says:

    No, it’s Lily Sugar’n Cream… it’s 100% cotton that a lot of people use for like dish cloths and face clothes. I’ve even seen baby booties made with it.

  588. CJ says:

    Ha! I was just looking at the poncho pattern on Rav that is in their banner. funny

  589. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Ha! Lily is pretty cool stuff, its just 100% cotton so it shrinks A TON, but, as long as you take into consideration the shrinkage, it’s great for a lot of projects!

  590. DocsNemesis says:

    Ugh, finally home! Busy day!

    575-nope, not really. Mostly just “thats weird, my kids don’t” and suggestions on other yarns to use. Its not like I used super thick yarn, its Cestari for gosh sakes. I think I’ll be using cotton and/or trying out worsted gaia for my summer stuff. 😦 I hate thin yarn.

    And my name has to do with butting heads with doctors for years. I have an issue with my head (too much spinal cord fluid) and had to deal with neuro’s who all seemed to have the same stick stuck up their butts, among other things. I like to research things to death and I’ve had way too many doctors who have the attitude that they are right no matter what and how dare I suggest something different with no medical degree! Hell, it took me going to the ER because my PCP absolutely REFUSED to say hmm…maybe your headaches aren’t migraines…before I found out that oh, look, my headaches are caused by something totally different. Its just irks me!

    Having said that, I do have docs I like 🙂 I love my OB, I love my kids ARNP and my own ARNP. I think I have a thing for nurses. lol.

  591. DocsNemesis says:

    Oh and don’t get me started on this hospitalist OB at my local hospital. She completely ignored the nurses asking her to get her butt down to the OB triage area when I had HELLP-it took her 3 hours to see me while I got progressively worse and was in terrible pain.

    And then I got stuck with her again this time…she was super negative the whole time I was in the hospital saying hope, you aren’t going home, no VBAC, you have diabetes (she had me do the GTT immediately after I drank a full pitcher of apple juice and I failed by 2 points…she insisted it wouldn’t effect the test results and the other OBs I saw decided I didn’t have GD and couldn’t believe she did the test at all under those circumstances.), your baby is too big (HAHA! She was 6lbs 9oz), etc. I finally got to go home once I got an OB of my own and wasn’t treated like a leper anymore. I hate that woman so.much.

  592. melmelly says:

    The spinal cord fluid thing…is that pseudotumor cerebri?

  593. DocsNemesis says:

    Yep. Or idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Pretty much the same thing. I’m ok now though, I have mild headaches all the time, but caffeine pretty much controls it-which is awesome since they had me on some really icky stuff before.

  594. melmelly says:

    What was the icky stuff? A friend has been dealing with the same thing since I think about March. Some of her doc’s think it was brought on by her being on some meds. Others think it was weight gain.

  595. DocsNemesis says:

    Mine was brought on by postpartum hemorrhage, oddly.

    I can’t even remember everything, but I was on diuretics and pain meds, mainly. I was also put on Amitriptyline, which made things a million times worse. Horrible stuff 😦 The diuretics made it worse too-I think because it made soda taste all metallic so I stopped drinking it. And with it, went the caffeine. >.<

    I kept going in and out of the hospital on Diloted and one of the docs had the idea to give me a massive dose of caffeine in my IV and it worked. Oh! And it got a million times better just quiting my job-I was around chemicals all day and they were making it worse too. I started off on caffeine pills and was able to just drop down to drinking a couple soda's a day. Might be worse for me but I like soda, lol.

  596. Snickerdoodle says:

    610- Yeah those kind of responses are always so annoying to me. Thanks for the explanation of your name! I had always wondered. I love it! Well, I don’t love the reason that you HAVE to be a docs nemesis, but i love the name.

    it sounds rough, but I’m glad you figured out the caffeine thing and it was able to help. 🙂 And your experience with the OB sound AWFUL! I hate that so often when we are pregnant and we should be focusing on ourselves and our babies health and our own mental well being and instead it feels like we are constantly fighting a battle to protect ourselves and our baby against the very people that are claiming to help us. So frustrating!

    Anyway, bit of a side rant there. 🙂

  597. CJ says:

    Hi ladies! I have been busy on HC all day. Anyone else spending play money like mad?

    Mommy Grizzly has a hard time posting here from her phone. U/S time has been moved and she should be going in for that in about half an hour!

  598. melmelly says:

    I want some play money!

  599. melmelly says:

    1 MINUTE until Grizz has her U/S!!! I am waiting on my email from her.

  600. melmelly says:

    Ack! I had a pattern from Knitty I was drooling over yesterday and now the bookmark is gone! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  601. CJ says:

    That shawl is beautiful!

  602. melmelly says:

    Very beautiful! Because it would probably take me 10 years to knit it up, someone has kindly offered to do it for me if I get the yarny goodness for her.

  603. Redhead says:

    How do you get HC$$$?

  604. DocsNemesis says:

    Grrr….Paypal sucks. Stupid website not printing my postage. This happened last time too, what the heck gives? It keeps saying the page isn’t available…last time it took a half hour and then finally worked >.<

  605. CJ says:

    Redhead, you can earn HC$ by chatting on the forums there. It is like monopoly money. Vendors can use it to buy advertising so it does have some value for them too in that sense.

  606. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Who has BOY goodness for sale?

  607. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I am. I have an Ergo I want to sell and replace. Suggest me!

  608. CJ says:

    The FCOL shirt will be coming straight to your door step.

  609. Mommy Grizzly says:

    OMG are you serious? You could be a donut you are so sweet!

  610. CJ says:

    Well, maybe not your door step. I don’t know where you get your mail. lol
    I love HC$ day!

  611. Mommy Grizzly says:

    what’s the deal with HC$, I need to get me some!

  612. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Oh, we finished my water bottle cozy. It’s cute!

  613. CJ says:

    Cool! Post pics on FB of the water bottle cozy. I want to see!

    What the heck is this HC$ stuff? :

  614. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Posted pictures on FB.

  615. MotherMoonPads says:

    Redhead, did I just buy dryer balls from you today?

  616. CJ says:

    LOL. Probably MMP. I did yesterday too!

  617. Flat Stainley says:

    I haz cherry cheesecake! 😀

  618. CJ says:

    Real cherries or cherry pie filling stuff? The cheescake part is making me drool no matter what though. I’ll just imagine you scraping the fake cherry part off.

  619. melmelly says:

    I want cheesecake! The Strawberry kind from Cheesecake Factory. It’s been at least 5 years since I have had it. 😦

  620. Redhead says:

    Yes, they were from MEEEEE!! I am sending them out tomorrow 😀
    Thanks ladies, I hope you love them! ♥

  621. Flat Stainley says:

    Um, the cherry pie filling stuff, but from Costco. It was good, but so bad for me, I’m sure. yummy! 🙂

  622. Redhead says:

    Ugh.. a relative of mine (by marriage, ha!), who is sweet, but dense… has decided she can make millions being a WAHM and bought herself a sewing machine to start sewing tutus, cloth wipes, bow holders and more.
    She doesn’t know how to sew, OK? AT. ALL. She has already started listing things FS online.

    I am thinking she will be featured here at some point in the near future.

  623. CJ says:

    Send her to DS Redhead. She will fit right in.

  624. Redhead says:

    I think she is already there! :/

  625. MotherMoonPads says:

    Lol #645. Isn’t that the truth?

    Thanks #642! Now I know who you are too, mwaahaahaa (bad attempt at a sinister laugh! 🙂 )

  626. DocsNemesis says:

    Anyone want a size 8 16″ bamboo circular needle? The knitting store won’t take it back and I hate them (I think I’m overly used to my metal ones)

  627. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Docs, Flat likes bamboo.

  628. DocsNemesis says:

    Oh yeah, I knew that….

  629. amessymama says:

    Drama/scammer drought?

  630. Redhead says:

    I will take it if Flat doesn’t want it.

  631. Redhead says:

    I got a huge box in the mail today.. of Peace Fleece batting. I am in ♥

  632. DSMBH says:

    Anyone know anything about SuchGreatHeights on DS?

  633. Flat Stainley says:

    You go ahead, Redhead. I have got quite a few sets, since I bought mine on ebay, and I think I might go for some Addis next…
    Redhead, I envy you! I might convince my hubby to let me get some wool dryer balls if there are any left by tomorrow. 😀

  634. Flat Stainley says:

    So , apparently I missed all the HC fun. Anybody got anything droolworthy spotted for boys size 2ish?

  635. melmelly says:

    Redhead, how often have you ordered the dyed colorways from Pure Wool? Have you found that the colors are the same on the site as what you receive? I have purchased some from a woman who has run co-ops, but she tends to have “problems” with Pure Wool. She said that the colors haven’t been as bright and vibrant on the site, and are more dull and muted when she receives them.

    She has also said before that a shipment was bad. Supposedly some of the yarn was still wet when it was put in the box and it bled onto other skeins.

    She is the only person that I have heard to have problems, so I was just curious as to your experience with them. I have a huge wishlist of Pure Wool, but what she has said scares me away from ordering.

  636. iken says:

    Need more drama please. I see steph_reynolds is back.

  637. Redhead says:

    melmelly, this is my first time ordering PW. I will let you know if any of it comes out weird or bad. I did the co-op with Carrie @ co-opMania.

  638. DocsNemesis says:

    I’ve ordered Purewool before. Its really hit or miss with the colorways-sometimes they look very similar to the site, other times its like uh…what??

    The good thing is, most people like PW and its pretty cheap, so if you don’t like a colorway you get, you can always sell it. And its kinda fun sometimes, as I’ve actually gotten some stuff that looked nothing like the site-but I actually liked what I got better 🙂

  639. DocsNemesis says:

    Oh and btw, if you order via email, you can get colorways for $6 on your own. No minimum order. The shipping ends up being a bit more but if you get impatient and don’t want to wait, its a nice way to get them without a coop at a nice price.

  640. Redhead says:

    Oh, cool, Docs!

    I don’t really care if my colors don’t look just like the site, they are all being knit up for family members for Christmas, so it isn’t like I NEED them to match anything. I am excited to see how they turn out!

  641. CJ says:

    Docs, what do you mean by ordering via email? You just message them with your cc number?

  642. Mommy Grizzly says:

    PEACHY!!!! Are you on FB? I finished a hat with one of the yarns I got from you… I loved every second I was fondling it! Thank you very much!

  643. DocsNemesis says:

    Email them your order, they’ll give you the total, then pay via Paypal. I think you can just pay via CC but I was paranoid….

  644. melmelly says:

    *sings* the devil went down to Georgia *end singing*

  645. melmelly says:

    Okay. Let’s get past that number.

  646. smartassmama says:

    No drama at all?

  647. Mommy Grizzly says:

    DUDE, MELLIE!!! I wanted that number! I was busy arguing with Paypal and my bank… and you STOLE it from me!

  648. melmelly says:

    I have been wanting that number for a few days just to post the Georgia thing. No offense to DODS mama’s from GA.

  649. melmelly says:

    I have some old LJ diaper drama I can share. The person who posted the stuff has actually commented on some of the posts here. She was willing to pull some really shady crap because the seller didn’t get DC.

    Let me get the link.

  650. CJ says:

    Shady buyers and yarn specifically NOT for a dead cat. Can’t get better than that!

  651. silvaheyes says:

    672 – Yup, That’s me and I’m not ashamed of it at all. I bought the diapers under the impression they were something totally different than what she sent to me. When I got them (18 days after I paid after being told she’d ship the next day), realized what size they were, and tried them on my daughter to make sure they really wouldn’t fit her.

    I obviously had no use for the diapers since she didn’t advertise them correctly. I wanted to send them back for a refund but she was unwilling to pay for shipping back due to HER mistake. (I still have the email from her stating that she has no intentions of refunding me fully plus shipping back)

  652. Mommy Grizzly says:

    So, because she fibbed/lied/deceived/misrepresented something to you, you feel like it is OK to intentionally lie to PP and possibly a mod because you don’t get your way? Seriously? WoW.

    I guess that’s ONE way of perceiving the Christian edict of ‘do unto others’…

  653. Just Peachy says:

    Mommy grizzly yup I am. You can look me up thru my email

  654. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I found you, Peachy, but your ‘add as friend’ button is hiding….

  655. CJ says:

    I can understand wanting your money back but lying to get that result is just nasty.

  656. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Are you on Rav, Peachy? I can send you my FB link that way.

  657. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Disregard my last post, I creatived a solution without lying. Hard to believe, I know…. Check your email, Peachy!

  658. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I :wub: CJ. Even WITH her especially graphic food porn… 😉

  659. CJ says:

    Is there any kind of food porn other than the especially graphic kind?

  660. silvaheyes says:

    I never said I was proud of it. *shrugs* I did what I had to do at the time to get my money back from the transaction since she obviously wasn’t going to work with me at all. We didn’t have a lot of money at the time so even though it was a small amount, any loss wasn’t acceptable.

  661. CJ says:

    You said that you weren’t ashamed of it though. That reads pretty close to being proud and boasting about it.

  662. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’m sorry, Officer/Mr. District Attny, I ONLY robbed the bank because I was poor and REALLY needed the money and that big, bad ol’ bank had so much sitting in their vault. I mean, I didn’t REALLY hurt anyone, right?

  663. silvaheyes says:

    I don’t regret it if that is what you mean. I don’t see how I’m boasting about it considering I don’t go around posting it on random forums, etc, but if that is how you feel then whatever floats your boat.

    You’re comparing apples to oranges. I hardly find robbing a bank the same. It was either get my money back or take a loss when I wasn’t the one in the wrong so I did what I thought was right at the time.

  664. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’m just suggesting that a little lie and a big lie are not separated by much. Especially when you justify it, then it’s always just a little lie, right?

    You don’t go posting it on random forums? How else would it have come to our attention? You posted it on LJ. We’d have never known if YOU had not posted it. And, FYI, the only difference between a random forum and a specific one is familiarity.

  665. CJ says:

    Where is that “like” button?

  666. silvaheyes says:

    Your comparision was a poor choice either way as they are not the same thing. Not even close. I fail to see the point you were trying to demonstrate considering robbing a bank is stealing other peoples money. This was actually MY money I was taking back.

    And no, I don’t. The issue happened on LJ so I posted it on LJ asking advice on it. You don’t see me talking about it on the other sites I frequent, do you?

  667. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Of course you don’t see my point, because you choose not to. In asking for advice on LJ, you really didn’t need to go so far as to publicly volunteer your willingness to lie to get your way.

    Someone took it from LJ and posted it here so we would ALL be aware of your deceitfulness and make our own personal choices as to put your name on our Do NOT BST in huge red letters if we choose to. I, for one, choose to.

    The irony, here, is that you have commented on this site in several dramarific threads knocking the very same activities you have publicly admitted to doing yourself. Hmm.

  668. silvaheyes says:

    Please do show me those comments. 🙂

  669. sourpatchbabe says:

    CJ, there’s the descriptive kind of food porn. You know, the one where you’re describing your lunch of mac and cheese with a side salad and instead of that you put:

    I’m eating some homemade organic wheat noodles coated with a mixture of brie, cheddar, and muenster cheeses melted to perfection with a crisp and crunchy coating of toasted breadcrumbs. It’s being accompanied by some slices of just picked strawberries and slivers of toasted almonds nesting in the center of homegrown baby spinach leaves. A few squares of fresh mozzarella peek out from underneath the spinach and it’s drizzled with a marinade made with only the freshest olive oil and gourmet sea salt.

    Now tell that to a coworker who’s eating ramen noodles without letting them see what you’re eating and yes, it becomes descriptive food porn.

  670. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Excuse me, Waiter? I’ll have what she’s having!

  671. Mommy Grizzly says:

    silvaheyes, you confuse my willingness to banter with my willingness to spend time going through nearly 1 million posts to prove something to you. You do not entertain me nearly enough for all that.

  672. silvaheyes says:

    695 – Even if you did (and I’m sure someone will due to boredom), you wouldn’t find anything. I think I have only commented here 10 or less times.

    Although don’t confuse it with me supporting what I did. I simply just said I don’t regret it and it was what I felt was right at the moment. While it IS your choice not to BST with me, that is totally fine with me. 🙂 At least I own everything I have done and said and my feedback on DS and elsewhere is 100% besides this transaction.

  673. melmelly says:

    Someone asked for drama and there appears to have been a drought of it lately on DS. I posted it because I have seen you comment on here before, and I was one of the people who commented on that LJ post.

    Excuse the ever living fucking shot out of me for posting it on “another forum”! This is a DRAMA BLOG, where drama is discussed. You posted that in “DIAPER DRAMA” on LJ. How much of a bigger DUH! do you need?

    I didn’t like you over there, and I really don’t like you here. Totally two-faced if you ask me.

    This right here>>>

    2010-05-17 10:40 pm (local) (link) Track This
    I’m not talking about doing an item not as described.. She didn’t buy DC on the package so technically she has no proof it got here. Like I said it’s not my first choice but I refuse to lose money.

    (Reply to this) (Parent)(Thread)


  674. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I :wub: me some Mellie, too! Lets get a Mellie and CJ sammich over Grizzly, THAT’D make some food porn!

  675. melmelly says:

    “shot” should have been “shit”. Damn, I hate when that happens.

  676. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It’s that damn spring sticking up your rear! So distracting!

  677. melmelly says:

    I :wub: me some food p0rn as well! My lasagna and bruschetta was fantastico tonight! The roma tomatoes, basil, and sun dried tomatoes were perfect. Didn’t even notice it was missing garlic.

  678. sourpatchbabe says:

    S’okay, I thought you meant to say snot.

  679. melmelly says:

    Yeah, that spring is going right up my ass and coming out the top of my head. I should get that looked at. HAHAHA!

  680. silvaheyes says:

    697 – lol, Quit getting your panties in a twist. I’m hardly upset that you posted it considering 1. it’s in a public place and 2 if I wanted to hide it I could have easily deleted it.

    I don’t recall saying it didn’t belong here since it isn’t DS drama. Maybe you should read before making dramatic posts that don’t even make sense.

    Nobody said you had to like me nor do I care if you do. I don’t even know who you are.

  681. melmelly says:

    WOW! You’re not worth my time. I just figured everyone here might want to take note of a person trying to be all chummy here, who has the potential to scam people if they don’t get a DC#.

    Buh-bye! Don’t let a shitty diaper hit you in the face on your way out.

  682. melmelly says:

    Oh, and panties can’t be in a twist if I’m not wearing any!

  683. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It’s really amusing that you feel the need to specifically say one thing, but suggest something completely contradictory in the rest of your statements. It makes me distrust everything you say, even if I did not have validation for my suspicions.

    Nobody here is gunna feel sorry for you, and even less of us are going to agree with anything you say since you’ve admitted yourself to be a lying sack of shit.

  684. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’m SOO not making space at the cool kid table with all the yummy snacks provided by Mellie and CJ. My purse is sitting in that chair, do you mind?

  685. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Is Sourpatchbabe on FB?

  686. melmelly says:

    I think I am going to wake everyone up in the house with all the “BOOYAH’s” I’m yelling Grizz. I :wub: me the whole the thing you say in 707!

    Damn girl! You don’t need to make space! You can sit on the counter in the kitchen while I cook!

  687. silvaheyes says:

    Like what? The LJ post was when it was fresh and I was quite honestly pissed off over it. Emotions change over time.

    Did I ask for pity? Nope. It was posted so I explained it nor am I denying any of it.

  688. melmelly says:

    Then maybe you should do like other have done before you and make a new post explaining what has gone on since that initial post back in May.

  689. Mommy Grizzly says:

    She probably thinks I’m being a big ol’ meany bear, too. She’s not even seen me start. I’m still knitting, when I get serious with my critical assessments, I’ll put the knitting aside. 😉

  690. silvaheyes says:

    712 – Why? I’m pretty sure most people know how it ended. It’s been almost 5 months now.

  691. silvaheyes says:

    Hardly, Grizz. I’m actually rather bored atm since the kiddos are asleep. 🙂

  692. melmelly says:

    Ugh. Whatever.

    I had a long response typed out, but I still don’t think you will understand what I am saying.

  693. Mommy Grizzly says:

    OOOH, someone that comes in and pisses people off because she’s bored. Isn’t that how TROLLS find their way in life?

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but when I find myself without something to do, I pick up a book or something CONSTRUCTIVE. I don’t go out of my way to show my ass to the interwebnet!

  694. silvaheyes says:

    716 – Try me.

    717 – I’m hardly a troll and if you get pissed off that easily then I pity you. Who said I wasn’t doing anything constructive? Just because I’m bored doesn’t mean I’m just sitting here doing nothing at all.

  695. melmelly says:

    Let me wipe that water off my monitor Grizz. Then I can finish reading your comment!

  696. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Pissed off easily? HA, right.

    So, Mellie, when are we going to work the details of Operation Northern Lights?

  697. melmelly says:

    I just won 10 Bonus Box Tops on the Difference One Makes on the Box Tops site! I am kicking ass on that this week! I won 5 last night and 10 just now.


  698. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I am going to start taking it personally if I keep making people throw up! LOL!

  699. melmelly says:

    *snort* When I get enough money saved up!

  700. melmelly says:

    I swear on my life, I will NEVER think of you when I throw up again!

  701. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I think you need to tell your husband your presences is required up here in Feb.

  702. melmelly says:

    Do you know how awesome that would be? If you had a huge freezer, I could bring my prized recipe book and make up some yummies to freeze for you.

  703. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I don’t have a huge freezer. I have 4. 2 stand ups, one chest, and one attached to a second fridge.

  704. melmelly says:

    If I am able to come up, that DH of yours better have ONE stand up ready for me.

  705. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It’s sitting there, with your name on it. I’ve not had the energy to shop to fill it.

  706. melmelly says:

    If you are really serious about this, send me an email for when and how long you would like for me to come up, how much for a Motel/Hotel/Holiday Innnnnn, car rental, etc. He has his annual vacation bid coming up soon, so I could get him to put in for time around then.

  707. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’m serious. If you want, you could stay here for a while to lessen your hotel bill, I don’t even know where to start with a car since our second truck got stolen, we’ve not bothered to replace it… We have other vehicles, but they are by no means family ones. Jeep Wrangler, Toyota FJ (Wrangler style, not new SUV style) and I drive our Excursion. The cool thing is the winter is the off season so hotels and stuff are cheaper than during terrorist season.

  708. melmelly says:

    Oh the terrorist season…how I don’t miss thee here in my little town. I will get to work on the DH in the morning. How am I supposed to sleep now with the excitement of possible going way up yonder?

  709. melmelly says:

    And with that, I need to go to bed. I just realized that it is 1:15AM! WTF was I thinking staying up this late, AGAIN? LOL

  710. Mommy Grizzly says:

    You aren’t, pick up your yarn and start a project!

  711. melmelly says:

    I’ve got a project on the needles, two inches behind my back! Purty colors too!

    It’s the Sakura colorway.

  712. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Those are pretties.

  713. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Isn’t it remarkable? You open the door and leave it open for a bit and the annoying gnats find their way out.

  714. melmelly says:

    Absolutely remarkable. I think we chased away some of the lovely butterflies while we were at it. Maybe they went to take a nap.

  715. Mommy Grizzly says:

    All the loverly Flutterbys live farther East… and they need their beauty sleep to keep their colors bright.

  716. melmelly says:


    q vcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

    Oops! That was my head hitting the keyboard. 🙂

  717. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Go sleep, already, I gots the babysomnia.

  718. melmelly says:

    😦 Sorry. I have to get up in 5.5 hrs to get DS1 off to the big, bad world of 1st grade. But I don’t have to fix his lunch. It is cheese pizza day, so he gets to have that!

  719. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I love sleeping in. 🙂 We’ll talk tomorrow. Go night night!

  720. Redhead says:

    Oh man. I missed the drama last night!

  721. DocsNemesis says:

    I think when we move, I’m getting a 2nd chest freezer. So I can stick all my wool in there. <.<

  722. CJ says:

    LOL Docs! That sounds like a good ides!

  723. DocsNemesis says:

    Seriously, I’ve seen two or three posts in the last month about bugs eating wool. If they get into my stash, I can live, since most of it is cheapie wool anyway, but once we move I’m gonna start knitting up stuff for the future bebe. That and my kids all have hats, dd has knitted stuff, stuff to sell, gah. If they get into my knitted stuff, I’ll cry. Plus bugs are just ew anyway.

  724. CJ says:

    I know a lot of people use lavender sachets or cedar chips to keep the bugs away from wool. I can’t do lavender but I have thought of the cedar.

  725. Redhead says:

    We looked at buying an old house nearby last year (before we bought the one we are in now) all the closets were made of cedar planks, it was so COOL!

  726. DocsNemesis says:

    Yeah-I can’t do cedar, I have a contact allergy which would make knitting rather unpleasant, haha. I do have lavender but I’m just paranoid now. I’ve never had any bug issues but…gah. I don’t want to risk it. All that hard work getting eaten, no thanks! lol

  727. sourpatchbabe says:

    Yeah, I’m on FB Mommy Grizzly.

  728. Flat Stainley says:

    All my inknitted wool is sealed in a rubbermaid bin. I hope that is sufficient to keep the bugs away.
    That was speshul, girls! Thanks for the break in the drought!

  729. Mommy Grizzly says:

    With just Mellie and I, it wasn’t as colorful as if some of the rest of the butterflies had not been SNORING!!

  730. Mommy Grizzly says:

    DH is waiting for an answer from the Div Surgeon to get him moved down here. SOOO close… Hope he answers fast!

  731. Flat Stainley says:


  732. Flat Stainley says:

    Ooh! That’s exciting Grizzly! I hope he is back and settled in long before your belly critter arrives!

  733. magpiedpiper says:

    Good to know about silvaheyes. It may have been 5 months ago, but she has been active recently on CDN, and I don’t think there is a statute of limitations on being shady.

    Also, I think maybe you were looking for this? (took all of a few minutes)
    post 105

  734. Mommy Grizzly says:

    My email sucks. I just got an email that was dated and time stamped 21 Sept at 9 something AM. hmm..

  735. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Awww, mag, you sweet! Thanks for doing the dirty work, for me.

  736. CJ says:

    Grizz, I just got that same JAR, also dated Sept 21. Very odd.

  737. melmelly says:

    Me too on the JAR.

  738. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Ok, glad it’s not just me. Obviously, email is as slow in Canadia as it is in the land of 32 degrees in September.

  739. melmelly says:

    Dood! Not in Canuckland. Just cuz my grandma was a Canuck until 196, doesn’t make this Oregon girl a Canadian.

  740. melmelly says:


  741. Mommy Grizzly says:

    You may not be a Canadian Goose but CJ is! I posted the same time you did, Rainy.

  742. melmelly says:

    It’s partly sunny today! DS1 was yelling at cars this morning, on the way to school. (We only live one street over, but route we need to take to walk is way too hard to get to school in the morning with all the traffic.) Anyway, he was yelling at them, saying maybe they should USE THEIR BLINKERS!!!, when they did have them going, he just couldn’t see them because the way the sunlight was hitting the taillights. I was cracking up!

  743. CJ says:

    At least they turn on their tail lights. People here don’t seem to see the need in head lights and tail lights. I guess they are just a luxury for those silly people who actually like to be visible on the road.

  744. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Sourpatchbabe, if you wanna link FBs, LMK.

  745. CJ says:

    Can you get on FB? It won’t load for me. Every other site is fine though.

  746. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I tried to swagbucks it, it wouldn’t work. I had to actually type in

  747. melmelly says:

    FB is loading weird for me. It has posts from 22 hours ago, Sunday, some from LAST WEEK. They are all very random.

  748. CJ says:

    Swagbucks isn’t working for me. I finally had a message come up that they are doing maintenance on it to upgrade some functions. Swag isn’t owned by the FB people is it?

  749. Mommy Grizzly says:

    There was an announcement on the SB home page that said they added another company to their search engine. Maybe that’s what they are updating.

  750. Redhead says:

    Fb is being weird for me and I can’t load my CC page, nor did my CC work anywhere when I tried to go shopping today.
    Must be the end of the world!!!! aghhhh

  751. Mommy Grizzly says:

    THE HORRORS!!! No shopping for Redhead? AaAAHHAAhhahhaaAHHH! stop the pain, I cannot handle the PAIN!!!

  752. CJ says:

    I can’t send text messages to DH either.

    Old emails, no Swag, no FB, no shopping, no text, no diaper drama. Surely this is the end. Nice knowing you ladies.

  753. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Next thing we know, we’ll be sending STAMP MAIL to stay in contact, *cry* *sob* I don’t know how to hold a PENCIL!

  754. melmelly says:

    But but but! Cj! I just got “meet” you on FB! Don’t go!


  755. melmelly says:

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! Grizz, I wub you!

  756. CJ says:

    Forget the pencils. We all have enough wool to needle felt messages in script using yarn.

  757. Mommy Grizzly says:

    LOL! I like the way CJ thinks! We need to come up with a code! Cant let DHs et al in on our gossip!

  758. melmelly says:

    CJ, I like the way you think. That is the way I would love to cozy up to some dramaz!

  759. melmelly says:

    Well, crap. I see my comment finally posted, like 10 years later.

  760. CJ says:

    My DH just shakes his head and rolls his eyes at the mention of diaper or WAHM drama.

  761. Mommy Grizzly says:

    My DH asks “So, what’s the latest with the diaper wearing drama queens?”

  762. melmelly says:

    Mine just rolls his eyes. I have a “friend” on LJ that has tons of her own drama that he likes to hear about.

  763. CJ says:

    Do any of you have BV sheet sets? Who makes those? (I am thinking that Closet on Queen Creek does maybe?) I would love to get a set of sheets and pillowcases.

  764. mommygrizzly says:

    PSA: I was using Safari with SB and it was giving me shittons of issues. I changed to FF and smooth sailing!

  765. CJ says:

    I’m using FF with no luck. But I’m not on a Mac.

  766. mommygrizzly says:

    I got on to FB and then it said Foff and now I can’t get it to load again. I really donno.

  767. CJ says:

    And you are back to having one long name without the space or capitalization. What is going on? I’m skeered.

  768. mommygrizzly says:

    I think that’s the way it’s saved on FF, and I didnt notice. Yeah, cause my monster is the guitar pick again…

  769. Mommy Grizzly says:


  770. melmelly says:

    “Just shaved my balls…they still look small.”

    ^^A FB update from a HS classmate of mine, and he is also a distant cousin. I guess he shouldn’t have used so many steroids in HS!

  771. Mommy Grizzly says:

    OMG! I’d bet he throws girls, though, I am not sure that’s how I want to get a daughter!

    (No offense to those with girls, this references a joke going around my FB!)

  772. melmelly says:

    Oh man! The comments are golden!

    His mom: What!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do guys really do that?

    A guy 2yrs ahead of us in HS: Manscaping, nice work tiny! 🙂

    Another classmate and distant cousin(female): Nice job charmer 🙂

    I feel so completely grossed out!

  773. Mommy Grizzly says:

    That makes me feel like I did when I watched the 80 dead cats on Hoarders!

  774. CJ says:

    Ewwwww! I read “shaved balls” and my mind immediately went to Redhead and dryer balls! LOL. Now my image of her has been ruined after reading the rest of that.

  775. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I know, I thought Mellie was talking about wool balls. Talk about disappointment!

  776. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Ok, so, DH bought me a holster for my .380 that I’ve been wanting. He calls me to tell me about it. It is a lower back C/C. Awesome! I ask how it stays put, he says, “You just clip it to your belt or the back of your pants where the belt loops are.”

    That’s perfect, except, all of my pants currently have ELASTIC BANDS. Someone forgot his wife wears maternity pants… that have no belt loops.

  777. CJ says:

    You have a gun Grizz? Fark, I am really scared now!

  778. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I have a few/lot. I prefer my .40 H&K, however, it’s cumbersome to carry in my purse, so I leave it in my truck, I keep the .380 in my purse (when necessary…) and I have a Mossburg shotgun, an SKS, and a couple other pistols, I take out to the range for fun.

    DH has WAY more than I do, though. He gave DD a 10-22 for her 9th birthday and he is going to take her hunting when he gets back around these parts on a permanent basis.

  779. CJ says:

    A gun in your purse!?! Mine has a diaper and some bee balm in it.

  780. Mommy Grizzly says:

    LOL! I dont always carry it in my purse, just when I feel it necessary. Big bank deposits, selling things to strangers on CL… times like that.

  781. Redhead says:

    I have never shaved my balls. They are pilly and fuzzy, but they still smell good. 😉

  782. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I wouldn’t mind playing with your balls, Redhead… I am so lazy with making my own. Can’t drag myself away from other projects!

  783. Redhead says:

    Several DODS mamas are gonna be playing with my balls this next week or so! 😀

  784. CJ says:

    Yay! My first American balls!

  785. Flat Stainley says:

    LOL! Redhead, I need to stroke your balls! I have a question, though. Will the new ones you’re making look more felted than the pretties you’ve had up lately, or what would the difference be, if any?
    Don’t mess with the Mommy Grizzly! If her swing doesn’t kill you, her .40 H&K will!

    I had problems getting FB to load today too. I had to go get my haircut though, so I missed out on the frustration.

  786. DocsNemesis says:

    I wanna make some balls…..

  787. Flat Stainley says:

    I have some scraps of wool. Would those work, or would they just hang like pubes?

  788. Flat Stainley says:

    Facebook is still being mean! I don’t feel so left out now. 😉

  789. melmelly says:

    Are they going to be any trolls we can poke tonight?

  790. melmelly says:

    Oh damn! That sounded naughty with all the balls talk I started.

  791. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Flat, I need to talk to you when FB comes back up…

  792. melmelly says:


  793. Mommy Grizzly says:

    You can sign onto YIM if you wanna talk to me, Mellllllllll, no pouting!

  794. Flat Stainley says:

    816- ROFLMAO!

  795. Mommy Grizzly says:

    FB is working for me now, anybody else?

  796. Flat Stainley says:


  797. Redhead says:

    Flat, the new ones won’t be yarny or striped.. so yes, they will look more felted. More like just a ball.

  798. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Except for all the blood spots/stains. You get your self a bona fide piece of Redhead!

  799. Flat Stainley says:

    Will you be incorporating pictures into them? I saw some really cool ones done about a year ago, but I think you would need to dye different bits of the fluff first?

  800. Flat Stainley says:

    er…Tattooing your balls?

  801. Redhead says:

    Haha! I might when I get more time to make some fun ones. I am using Peace Fleece now and it is pretty colorful as it is.. I think it is SO stinkin’ pretty!

  802. Flat Stainley says:

    I :wub: Peace fleece.

  803. DocsNemesis says:

    Mmmmm lasagna. And cheesecake. Drooooool.

  804. Redhead says:

    who is a good spinner that y’all could recommend?

  805. Flat Stainley says:

    Keep your drool offa ma cheescake Docs! 😉

  806. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Man, I could trade in my 2 oldest for new models right about now. They LOVE to take advantage of the fact that I’m a “single parent” and seriously outnumbered and it’s getting super farking old, super farking quick.

  807. Flat Stainley says:

    Time to pull out your famous punishment excercises, Mommy Grizzly?

  808. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’m so sick of it all, I don’t even want to mess with all that. uuugh. This decision cannot come fast enough.

  809. Flat Stainley says:

    😦 That bites smelly dipes.

  810. melmelly says:

    I also wanted to point out something about the guy I posted about earlier, the one with the shaved balls…his last name is Johnson. ROFLMAO!

    If you have me on FB, you can see that I commented on his wall. I said that as you get older, things shrink. I don’t think he is taking into account all the ‘roids he was on when we were in HS. He did them for football, wrestling, and track. He was also a big weightlifter.

  811. Redhead says:

    melmelly, you should add me on FB. I am friends with Mommy Grizz, Flat, SAM & the other cool people that hang here!

  812. dundundun says:

    Guess who’s gettin’ married?

  813. smartassmama says:

    who? you?
    (I’m bad at guessing)

  814. Redhead says:

    Dundundun? you?!

  815. onenonblonde says:

    So, a guy owns DS, I had no idea!

  816. onenonblonde says:

    I’m trying to understand, is lilyfish saying in her siggy that she is in love with someone that was banned?

  817. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Well, I’m not so that’s one less out of the pool to guess from!

  818. dundundun says:

    *raises hand and waves*

    I don’t know why I announced it here. I was bored, and I’m still in shock because we both swore we’d never get married. Weirdness.

  819. smartassmama says:


  820. melmelly says:

    I added you Redhead!

  821. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I need SAM to add me, since I don’t know which of Redheads friends SAM is…. I guarantee SAM would be able to figure out which one I am!

    I think it’s awesome, Dundundun. Getting married is an awesome step, with the right guy!

  822. CJ says:

    Congrats! We didn’t plan on getting married either but timing was right so we just did it. 🙂

  823. melmelly says:

    Congrats dundundun!

  824. dundundun says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    It’s hilarious. His parents did NOT believe us when we announced our first pregnancy because he “never, ever, EVER wanted kids or a wife.” He was very vocal about it. They were in even MORE disbelief when I became pregnant with #2 so quickly. When we announced the engagement they were just like, “Alright. You have superpowers. What did you do to my son!?”

  825. DocsNemesis says:


  826. Mommy Grizzly says:

    LOL! You must rock his former bachelor world!

  827. lil'mama says:

    I’m friends with a few of you on Facebook, including RedHead & DocsNemesis. It wasn’t until everyone at DS started adding each other that I figured out who some of you were. 😀 (before that I just read here, you kinda all freaked me out a little)

  828. melmelly says:

    *pulls out the prized “top secret” recipe book* Hmm…I wonder what foods can be used to bait a Grizzly bear?

    ONL is looking pretty good. Just need to check to see how much $$$$ this is going to cost.

  829. Redhead says:

    lil’mama.. I had NO idea you were on dods! I had to go check my FB and figure out which one you were– I added you from following your posts on DS, no idea that you were here too! 😀 Great minds must think alike!

  830. melmelly says:

    WTH is Momma Grizzly? I have mui important stuffs to spew out!!! 🙂

  831. Mommy Grizzly says:

    This Griz is about to eat a Monster in law.

  832. smartassmama says:

    I used to think I knew who you were Griz, but you went and changed things on me! I looked back through old comments & found ya.

    lil’mama, not a clue!

  833. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I am me. DUH!

    Yeah, I got outted, I have nothing to hide though, I just don’t like having the same name for everything. Gets boring!

  834. melmelly says:

    Grizz! I need some dates for Feb!

  835. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I am due on the 20th, I rarely carry to 40 weeks so your guess would be as good as mine!

  836. CJ says:

    Are you planning a get-together? I want in! Although I am not sure that I can brave Alaska in February.

  837. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Oh, shit, CJ, Alaska is not as cold as winnipeg, manitoba, just ask patooty!

    Melly is figuring out how to come up around the time I have the baby so she can fill my freezer and visit. Hopefully, we’ll see some Northern Lights!

  838. melmelly says:

    I have never been to Alaska, so that’s why this is being dubbed “Operation Northern Lights”, and is not talked about on my FB. I don’t want my MIL to find out.

  839. CJ says:

    I have no plans on going to Winnipeg, ever. And freezing my patooty off is just what I am worried about!

  840. CJ says:

    Is that where your MIL is melly? Or will she just want to join the trip?

  841. Mommy Grizzly says:

    There is nothing this state can throw at you that we cannot protect you from. Where I live doesn’t get a lot of time under 0… but, I have a huge truck with a great heater, front and back. Lots of jackets and winter gear. Seriously. You would be FINE! I bet I could even talk my brother into taking you out on his snow machine… you’d NEVER want to leave!

  842. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Her MIL will throw a fit because she’s daring to leave the area they live in. MIL doesn’t deal well with change.

  843. melmelly says:

    My MIL is in California, but she was up there on a cruise last year. She also doesn’t know that Grizz has ulterior motives of trying to get my DH to get a job up there so we can move up.

    I was telling DH earlier that I have never even been to Canada, but will (hopefully) be making it to AK in Feb. The closest I have been to either was when we flew over them to get to Japan in April 2006.

  844. CJ says:

    Is that 0 celsius or fahrenheit?

  845. Mommy Grizzly says:

    0 F.

  846. CJ says:

    Hmmmmm. That is cold, but not crazy cold.

  847. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I live in the part of the state where the climate is similar to Seattle or Vancouver, but less rainy. The crazy cold is way farther north. I mean, I’m not saying this area has NEVER seen crazy cold, but nothing like the -50 F that Fairbanks sees pretty regularly.

  848. melmelly says:

    I’ve been in walk-in freezers in grocery stores colder than that! And I was wearing a short sleeve shirt too…in the middle of a 100+F day. Ahhh…REFRESHING*!

    *i say that now, but come feb? I will be freezing my oregon balls off! LOL

  849. Mommy Grizzly says:

    LOL! I have lots of jackets. It’s not like we will be living outside though, I have a very well heated house, and the most of the outside stuff will be walking to the truck and back again. Unless you want to go play in the snow and I promise I know how to make hot chocolate to warm you up!

  850. melmelly says:

    Wait. You told me you lived in an IGLOO!

  851. CJ says:

    I would say that -5 to -10 is average here. (14 to 23) It frequently hovers around freezing or goes above freezing in the winter though.

  852. CJ says:

    No. The igloo is me. Canada, right? Igloos, sled dogs, and funny money. 🙂

  853. DocsNemesis says:

    I’d love to go visit Alaska and see the northern lights for real. That and snow. I like snow. My kids, they really like snow. And we didn’t even get any, booooo. But, alas, its too much of a drive for me 😛

    I’m secretly trying to save up for a cruise up there though. I want a honeymoon and told my fiance I was fine without one so now I get to do the surprising. I just hope he doesn’t try to surprise me too….

  854. Mommy Grizzly says:

    We use fur as currency. CJ’s dog says “arf, ‘eh?” when he barks.

  855. CJ says:

    We had northern lights up in northern Alberta but nothing amazing. The best ones that I ever saw were when I was pregnant with my oldest. Middle of summer in the rockies. They were not something that we usually saw there and it was amazing!

    I have a dog? Better go find him and feed him, eh? Otherwise he won’t be saying anything!

  856. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It wouldn’t have been as funny, CJ, if I said your neighbors dog says it! I’ve been saving it for Flat but SOMEONE is too busy with REAL LIFE to socialize with us on the interwebnet!

  857. Redhead says:

    Ladies of my FB, yarny pics are up & more is coming tomorrow… 😀

  858. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I love Redheads yarn. I wish I were having a girl!

  859. CJ says:

    They are gorgeous!

  860. Redhead says:

    Thanks! AF is coming on and I used my creative energy so I wouldn’t kill anyone today.. I’m surprised it didn’t turn out all rage-red and evil black, from the way I was feeling.. 😉

  861. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, dying yarn with blood doesn’t seem like it would appeal as much as the way you did it…

  862. CJ says:

    Ewwwww Grizz! As scary as it is I am sure there is a market for that. And I bet the dyer would earn fame via regretsy that way!

  863. Mommy Grizzly says:

    “Its for my dead cat!”

  864. MotherMoonPads says:

    I still hardly have a clue who half of you all are :blush:

    Anyone have toddler longies for sale (knit/crochet?) at a reasonable price? Play condition is TOTALLY cool with me, DS is going to ruin them anyways. 18″ rise, 12-13″ inseam please? Or do you know someone who has some for sale? If my 3 year old puts on my 6 month old’s longies one more time because he’s jealous he doesn’t have any… well it won’t be a happy day in this house!

  865. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Between SB, FB and WP taking turns being down, it is getting harder and harder to socialize!

  866. CJ says:

    Are we back up? I thought I lost you guys forever. It was a very sad couple of minutes.

  867. Mommy Grizzly says:

    A lot of us are on your MMP fb page, MMP.

  868. CJ says:

    And some of us are on your personal page but I see that Grizz is missing out.

  869. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, Grizz is always the last to know…

  870. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I have some, MMP, do you care about colors?

  871. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I should have said, I might have some. I have to measure. They fit my boy that wears a 3t, but I don’t know their actual measurements.

  872. MotherMoonPads says:

    #891, I figured that much, but I can’t put the names together 🙂

    So. Who wants to out themselves to me? 🙂

  873. MotherMoonPads says:

    #894, considering he is currently wearing a pair of pink size small longies, no I don’t care that much about colors, lol!

  874. Mommy Grizzly says:

    lemme conf. with CJ and I’ll put me on your personal page.

  875. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Ok, the ones I have are like a 3t with a draw string, because the waist is pretty big for a typical size 3.

    If you want them, I’ll trade you for pads. I have 3 pairs I think. Baby is sleeping in the room, but I know where at least 1 pair is. I bought them as play ones, they are sort of felted but are well done.

  876. CJ says:

    MMP, I am the crocheting one. 🙂

  877. Mommy Grizzly says:

    YAY! I got me a new FRIEND!

  878. smartassmama says:

    I’m on your personal page as well. 🙂
    I finally found Super Griz tonight. (that’s my pet name for you 😉 )

    and if not for my fear of screwing things up, i would have had my very first co-op experience with you last week. But I’m new to the idea & I was broke amyway. Might not sit well with the husband if I spent our last change on pads when I haven’t had a period in eons anyway. hehehe
    next time though!

  879. CJ says:

    I am enjoying my new friends from here. 🙂

  880. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I started AF when I was 9 1/2. DD turned 9 last month. I am expecting her to start about the same time I have my belly critter. That’s going to be an awesome month. I need to hop to with collecting MC.

  881. MotherMoonPads says:

    #899, he actually wears a 4/5 right now, but depending on the inseam we can make them work 🙂

    Gotcha #900 😉

  882. CJ says:

    Hmmmmm, I think I know who SAM is now.

    9 Grizz? OMG! I would have died!

  883. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, it rocked man. Mom was taking brothers and 2 friends to a basketball camp and I start with cramping and AF on the trip. IDK WTF is going on, Mom never imagined it would happen so early so she had nothing and we are in the middle of nowhere with 4 teenage, idiotic boys in the car. Ugh!

  884. Mommy Grizzly says:

    DD made me Lemon Zinger tea and got me German Honey… I a lucky Grizz! Too bad I don’t have any of Flats le Honey!

  885. CJ says:

    I’m off to bed ladies. Done crocheting and I’m exhausted!

  886. DocsNemesis says:

    906-I was not quite 9 when I started. They were debating doing hormonal treatments to stop it and I remember getting blood draws almost weekly because they thought something was wrong with me. Nothing was abnormal though and my mom decided that since 9 was the age they generally just let things occur, she didn’t want to do the hormones. I’m glad now, who knows what might have happened…I don’t like messing around with hormones.

    898-I’m Cari Wike on Facebook. 😀 I’m friends with a few people on here, though I don’t know who half of them are, haha.

  887. smartassmama says:

    Yeah. I don’t hide anymore. I’m pretty sure I have you pegged on FB, but I am completely without a clue on DS. I’ve not caught Redhead’s sleuthing prowess.

    908 – your daughter is awesome! I ask mine to do stuff for me and she just wrinkles up her face and tells me no. She’s a stinker. But she’s a toddler.
    Something tells me she’ll be that way when she’s a pre-teen too though.

    I got mine when I was 12, the day before vacation. I was in denial. I hid my panties in the trash and hoped it wouldn’t happen again. Errrm, not so.

  888. Mommy Grizzly says:

    and you found yourself hoping, again, every month, that it won’t happen again? and again? and again? lol

    My DD is 9. She has her shit head moments but she is pretty awesome, overall.

  889. smartassmama says:

    Nah, I gave up a couple hours later when I realized it was normal and I wasn’t dying. The next day my mom tossed a box of Tampax at me and told me that there was a diagram inside to figure it out.

  890. Redhead says:

    DSDM2 are you OK? I haven’t seen you post on here much the last couple of weeks.

  891. Flat Stainley says:

    I was 13, but DD was 12. I had such a hard time telling my mom. I am glad that DD’s experience was filled with a late night full of funny stories and lots of tricks on being discreet.
    LOL, Mommy Grizzly! My dog is now cowering under her blanket. I don’t think her fur would suffice for Alaskan weather. When we got her the new blanket this week, she was so happy, she nearly climbed it as I took it out of the bag. We call her our ‘pup perogy’ now.

  892. Flat Stainley says:

    Guess what? I am skipping out on work today to spend time with my net friends!

  893. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Flat, I’ve missed you!

  894. Flat Stainley says:

    I missed you too! 🙂

  895. DocsNemesis says:

    Omg, first time I used a tampon I didn’t realize you had to remove the applicator. It was…unpleasant.

  896. CJ says:

    I was 12 I think and at the beach. Not cool.

  897. Redhead says:

    Does anyone know who this seller is?
    She has 1 negative and several other positives saying that “packages got lost in the mail”.. just curious.

  898. CJ says:

    That sucks, her yarn is very pretty!

  899. melmelly says:

    I am wondering if it really got lost in the mail, if it took longer to get to the destination, or if she was slacking on the shipping. From the time the yarn was sold, to when the person would leave +feedback, it was only about 3 weeks. Like the one negative? It was only three weeks.

    Sometimes I wonder if the “slow shipping” is actually because the person paid with an e-check. So of course it would take longer to get to the buyer.

    That kwillingham1 sure must love her yarns. She is her top buyer.

  900. megs2486 says:

    I was in 6th grade and 11 years old. I was in history class when it started. I had piano lessons that night and told my piano teacher what had happened. ( I was very close to her, and still am. She is like a second mom to me.) I then later told my mom that night. I was just scared to tell her.

  901. CJ says:

    Kids for sale! Offers?

  902. lil'mama says:

    I guess I was a late bloomer, I didn’t start until I was 13. I didn’t tell my mom until about my third cycle, we were close but it just felt weird telling her. I wonder if she noticed all the missing pads I was taking from her bathroom? lol
    I think my girls will be more open with me. They’re are 9 and 10 and since I started using cloth pads they like to look at them online and pick which ones they would want. My 7 yr old son even asked if I would save one particularly pretty one I made for his future wife. 😀 My 4 yr old daughter likes to sit and pet my MMP velour pads. 😉

  903. Redhead says:

    Ok, so I had been HORSEBACK RIDING for 8 hours the day before I first started. I tell you, that was one H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS of a first period. It was 1 week before I turned 13.

  904. Flat Stainley says:

    928- That is so cute! I can just see him asking you to save it for his future wife. 🙂 My 4 year old loves to look at ours too. She can’t wait for a stash of her own.
    My oldest daughter’s friend pets ours if they are on the laundry table when she’s over. Weird I know, but I started a stash for her birthday. We checked first to see if she would be okay with it, and she said as long as noone else is around when we give them to her. 🙂 Now she can pet her own mamacloth. lol.

  905. Flat Stainley says:

    Redhead – You poor dear! 😦
    Mine was so mediocre when it first started. It was barely there for a year. DD was regular right from the get go. I think she gets that from her auntie, but she sure is happy to have MC to help with cutting back on the days!

  906. CJ says:

    Okay, on the girly talk… Have any of you used a diva cup? Good or bad? You don’t have to post details but I am just wondering if the general vote is good or not.

  907. Redhead says:

    I wanna know too CJ.

  908. DocsNemesis says:

    I want to try mamacloth. I have no idea how much I need though…and I can’t wash daily, so that probably means I need a lot huh? The fiance isn’t thrilled at the idea (not sure why, he’s totally pro cloth diapers but this weirds him out), so I probably won’t be able to get a stash together.

  909. Mommy Grizzly says:

    One of my friends swears by the diva cup. She’s tried to get me to switch but one of the benefits of pregnancy is no AF and I’d never heard of it before I got pregnant.

  910. Flat Stainley says:

    I’ve tried the disposable version: “Instead”. It took some getting used to, but I prefer sea sponges to those. I don’t like the rigidity of the DIVA, even though I’ve never tried it. It’s what keeps me from trying it.

  911. Flat Stainley says:

    Docs, you could start with about 10 and build up from there…My DH didn’t like the idea of it, but with 2 in the house using those things, we really save now that our stashes are complete.

  912. CJ says:

    Docx, I was completely weirded out by cloth a couple of years ago too. I just started getting a couple of liners here and there. It’s easy to build a “stash” slowly. 🙂

  913. CJ says:

    LOL Docx! I must have fat fingers today!

  914. DocsNemesis says:

    I think I’ll be brave and try to make one. I have PUL, hemp/bamboo fleece scraps, and I even have OBV and CV I could throw on top. I just fail at sewing, lol.

  915. CJ says:

    Do you have poly fleece or wool Docs? Sandwich the PUL inside the pad. The PUL makes a really slippery backing and pads can go walkabout that way. 😛

  916. DocsNemesis says:

    I’m doing it! I’ll stick pics on my Facebook when I’m done 😀

  917. Flat Stainley says:


  918. lil'mama says:

    Doc, I’m no expert seamstress, just a few shopping bags and other squarish things, but I have made a few pads from stuff I had laying around the house and it really wasn’t that difficult. The one my son wanted to keep was topped with a striped cotton velour shirt I had laying around and backed with fleece from a Lands End jacket. I used a microfiber cloth from the automotive dep. for the inner.

  919. DocsNemesis says:

    The curves are what scare me. That and the PUL. Grrrr.

  920. lil'mama says:

    Eh, the curves aren’t that bad if you just go slow. I didn’t use PUL because the Lands End jacket was pretty bullet proof fleece, I use that pad overnight no problems and my periods are pretty heavy.

  921. magpiedpiper says:

    The diva cup is awesome. You have to be pretty okay with some mess and your own body though, and there is a definite learning curve. But it severely cuts down on cramping for me and is way more comfortable for longer periods of time.

  922. MotherMoonPads says:

    Doc, OUCH at the applicator thing!

    Do you really, really want PUL in your pads? Most women tend to find PUL slippery, and it also makes the pads “hot”. Backing pads with something like anti pill fleece or wool allows pads to breathe while still protecting you against leaks.

  923. Flat Stainley says:

    I agree with MMP. I made a pad with PUL and it was way too hot.
    If you’re afraid of the curves, just clip little Vs in them close to the seams before you flip them right side out. It keeps them from getting bunched.

  924. MotherMoonPads says:

    Is it possible to look up a Spots seller if I only know their name? I want to see Dakine Knits listings (I don’t know if that is her exact name). I meant to bookmark one of her listings to go back to it but didn’t, and now I can’t find it.

  925. DocsNemesis says:

    I dunno, I wanted PUL cause I’m paranoid. I’ve never had good luck with fleece soakers so I guess I’m worried because of that. Plus is it really that much hotter than disposables? That makes me feel bad for putting my kids in pockets 😦

    I gave up for tonight, I messed up the first one badly and my back is already killing me, so I’ll try again in the morning after a good night sleep 🙂

  926. MotherMoonPads says:

    I think fleece soakers are a tiny bit different. Fleece soakers have to act as a waterproof barrier for a few ounces of liquid coming at it all at once. Unless you are using the pads for incontinence, or tend to leave them REALLY oversatured, the chances of compression leaking are pretty slim.

  927. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Looking at sewing machines. Who has an opinion on a Viking emerald 183 or 203?

  928. MotherMoonPads says:

    I don’t know that you can go wrong with a Viking Emerald 🙂 Are you buying new?

  929. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yes, mmp. I’m getting the 183.

  930. MotherMoonPads says:

    Congrats! I was contemplating an Emerald a few weeks ago (the 203 because of the dual feed foot). I think they are great machines.

  931. Flat Stainley says:

    I need a new one too. My Kenmore is so basic, it frustrates me to sew so slowly.

  932. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I got the 183 because the price difference did not really seem like it made up foe the minor differences. I have a singer right now I just don’t want to take in for service. It won’t keep up with layers of heavy fabric that I try to do. Needed a heavier duty one. Had to special order though so now I wait.

  933. Flat Stainley says:

    Hubby is always having me fix his work clothes. I caan’t stand the beating my machine takes doing that! You’re lucky, Griz.

  934. Mommy Grizzly says:

    One of the benefits of bein me, flat. 😉

  935. Flat Stainley says:


  936. CJ says:

    I’ve had to patch up Carhartts a couple of times and between the pants and the denim patches, wow it was noisy! ka-thunk, ka-thunk with every stitch. I thought that my machine was going to go up in flames!

  937. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Ya, that was one if the first questions I asked. She put 8 layers of denim and it didn’t even hesitate. SOLD!!

  938. Flat Stainley says:

    Carhartts! That is exactly what I wa spatching too, CJ! Our machines know one another’s pain. Every time I have to patch a pair, I keep hoping for him to just buy a new pair!!! I HATE IT!!!!

  939. Flat Stainley says:


  940. CJ says:

    I keep telling him to buy new ones too. I know they are $100 a pair, but a new machine will cost way more than that if this one dies!

  941. Flat Stainley says:

    Good point, CJ! I will have to remember that one.

  942. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Have you guys tried the iron on patches with the Carhartts? I know you can get some pretty heavy duty patches, IDK how well they’d work, but, it might be better than killing your sewing machine.

  943. Flat Stainley says:

    Tried it, but to no avail. It’s like putting a bandaid on a dipe and expecting it to stick through all the washes. It sure would be nice, though.

  944. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I used to use the iron on patches when DH’s field BDUs would get torn… I got tired of patching them the old fashioned way. They are not Carhartt but they worked well enough. DH went through a lot of BDUs in the field. Now, they are in ACU’s and patching isn’t an option…

    You guys wash your carhartts? I think, in Alaska, it’s required for them to be dirty and reek of gas and oil!

  945. sourpatchbabe says:

    Grizz, sure I want to! Wow, everyone was so young when you guys started! As always, I have to be the contrary one and I was15 and change when it came. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to have kids (I used to eat green prickly pears back in the Caribbean island and an aunt would tell me that those made you go sterile. I was afraid she was right). Do you have any idea what it feels like to have a job and earn money and still not get your period?

  946. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine that. I hardly know what it’s like to go to SCHOOL and not have my period and boobies!

    Ok, SPB, do you know who I am on DS?

  947. sourpatchbabe says:

    not a clue. I may be a delicious candy with a jelly like center but I am not the brightest crayon in the box (by a long shot).

  948. Mommy Grizzly says:

    lol! Get my pm?

  949. sourpatchbabe says:

    yup! I never knew!

  950. Aj says:

    SPB, don’t feel bad, I was 15 too. 🙂 Oh, and my sister started the week after I did, she was 12. I’m still waiting for those boobies….

  951. iken says:

    Speaking of menstrual cups, I have a Lunette and a DivaCup, and I much prefer the Lunette. I love my MC as well, though. 🙂

    I was 12 (7th grade) and playing in a basketball tournament when mine started. Sigh.

  952. CJ says:

    iken, what is the difference between the DC and the Lunette?
    I need to find something in the next couple of weeks as I am doing swim lessons with the little one. blech

    DH actually bought some stick on patches this summer and they seem to be holding really well. Could just be the caked on train grease that is holding them in place, idk.

  953. CJ says:

    I suppose it is time for me to make pancakes. I keep waiting but neither of the littles seem to be jumping on the task.

  954. DocsNemesis says:

    976-you can have some of mine (bewbies). Darned things are too friggin big when I’m nursing. I think I’m a DD right now, gah!

  955. megs2486 says:

    I’ll glad share my boobies! I’ve been a DD since forever. I was wearing a bra by the time I was 8 ( I was in a C by the time 3rd grade was over).

  956. CJ says:

    I’ll take some of the bewbies too if they are being offered up! I was a DD when I was nursing and looked like a freak show but I am down to my barely A cup again.

  957. Flat Stainley says:

    Yes we wash our carhartts Griz. DH would stink to the heavens if we didn’t. He welds and that stuff reeks!

    I just want boobs that match again, :sigh:

  958. DocsNemesis says:

    Hmm, so this lady that somehow doesn’t have her DC number and who said she’d give me a refund still hasn’t. Yesterday she said she couldn’t figure out which transaction I was, I emailed her back with all the info, and still nothing. Should I just go ahead and file? I’ve never done it before, I have no clue what I’m doing, lol. I don’t mean to be impatient but I’m well…getting impatient.

  959. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I’d file and CYA.

  960. DocsNemesis says:

    What’s CYA? I know I’m going to feel like a doof when you tell me but…yeah.

  961. DocsNemesis says:

    And now my swagbucks amazon gift cards aren’t working. I’m having a bad day 😦

  962. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Cover your ass. She’s not looking out for you, you cannot expect her to. You need to protect yourself.

  963. DocsNemesis says:

    Yeah, I guess I’ll file 😦 I feel kind of bad because she owns a business but well…that hasn’t stopped people from being scammers before. I still have 20ish days to file but this is getting ridiculous.

  964. Flat Stainley says:

    There’s a new thread up…

  965. Just Peachy says:

    Try being a G cup. Bra shopping is not fun. My wallet runs and hides every time I try to find a cute nursing bra.

  966. smartassmama says:

    I’m a G. I’ve never owned a nursing bra. 😦

  967. SillyGirl says:

    You all have opened my eyes about a lot. Beyond that, you are just entertaining! Thanks for a bit of fun!

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