Why are so many “well established” members and WAHMs starting to screw up so bad?


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Trade going wrong.. Well.. WENT wrong..

So I entered a trade with a mama who had 300+ positive feedback. I sent my part, but she was waiting on materials to finish her part. No worries, her feedback was stellar, her products had a good name so I had no reason to feel like she was ‘pulling my leg’. Well About 2 months went by I messaged her, she said she was shipping her end of the trade & I would have a DC. I messaged her two weeks later, was given a laundry list of things that have happened & was told I would get MY part back, not the items she was to trade with me.. about 2-3 weeks later, still no item & no DC. And she HAS been on to check my messages asking about a DC.

Should I just leave feedback, get a mod involved? Wait it out longer?..

I understand things happen, but this is now 3 months of no goods, and + time being out of selling or trading the item I mailed to her. I’m just a tad fed up.


Debbie, mommy to M 3.08, E 07.09 & W Due 10.10
  1. sourpatchbabe says:

    I want to see what condition the item comes back to the OP.

  2. Too True says:

    Doesn’t it seem to be the same couple WAHMs though??

  3. Alison says:

    Do we have any idea who it is?

  4. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    when i went to read that thread.. i saw this…

    YAGE?? With only 75 posts & 6 feedback but she’s been diapering triplets with a crazy huge stash?

  5. bittymomma says:

    Really now??? Someone is 3 MONTHS waiting for a trade item (or a return) and wonders…WONDERS…if they should get a mod involved??? Sigh.

  6. shelbell says:

    Mostly lurk but did Nikkiof5 really post in that thread from #4? Huge, huge balls on that one. I also thought this was weird.


  7. aekitty says:

    Ermm, the thread in #6? Weird. I’m not much for commenting, but I’m gonna guess the ’92’ part of the name is a birth year, so 1992, which makes the poster like 18-19… And collecting baby girl stuff for a child she won’t be TTC for at least 2 years? So, yeah, I am officially creeped out for the day.

  8. imasupernova says:

    Seriously check out disneygurls youtube channel…

    She has a reborn baby and this girl is just out of high school…

  9. silvaheyes says:

    8 – Those videos are just plain weird.. and sad.

  10. MeMA says:

    Umm thats creepy. I wonder if we will hear about that one on the news for stealing someones baby?

  11. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I seriously feel sorry for any guy she “meets” cause he may end up an unknowing associate to her “plan”

  12. imasupernova says:


    Exactly what I thought of the second I read her post.

  13. Redhead says:

    Man, sometimes I am glad I am not on DS.
    That creeped me out bigtime.. like Buffalo Bill creepy!

  14. reallytiredmommy says:

    Um that girl needs help. And thats not even a reborn. Since she seems to like Twilight so much maybe she should get this instead: http://www.regretsy.com/category/twilight/

  15. Redhead says:

    Aghhhh my poor eyes!

  16. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I may have just YAGEd my way out of CDN. We’ll see.

  17. shelbell says:

    OK, those reborn videos are sick. There are tons of women posting about their baby coming home and they’re putting them in carseats and cribs and taking them out. I’m so creeped out right now.

  18. shelbell says:

    **taking them out shopping, not just taking them out

  19. melmelly says:

    I wonder what people think when they see some girl out toting a baby doll around? It’s a little different if it is a school family living/parenting class, but I really don’t think this is the case. 😐

  20. Nacho says:

    DUDE. Yikes.

  21. Nacho says:

    “i got her some disposable bibs, becaues it is a lot easier to feed her using those”

  22. Persimmons says:

    Can’t. Stop. Watching!

    “She has a lot of onesies. She pretty much lives in those.”

  23. shelbell says:

    That chick if freaking me out. She really will be on the news for taking a newborn or hurting someone to get a newborn.

  24. melmelly says:

    Grizzly, I don’t think I am going to be getting to bed anytime soon!

  25. smartassmama says:

    I heard “this is my baby Bella” & saw that fuckin poster and closed it. I just knew I’d get mad at a plethora of things that are likely wrong with this gal & her YouTube-ing. And probably bang a noggin sized hole in my wall. She sounds off her rocker already. She’s Not ttc because she probably isn’t going to find a puny little 18yo twilight fanboy to knock her up.

    I’m totally taken aback by this form of weird. It’s scary to me. I worried about those while I was pregnant. I just, eeewww.

  26. treeindawind says:

    I wonder how a 13 yr. old can go from a baby alive to a reborn. Isn’t the baby alive good enough? Can you really go from handling the pottying doll to strangers asking you “is that yours”?

    Maybe it’s just me, or the alcohol, but that is hillarious to me lol!!!

  27. treeindawind says:

    Hey!! high five to me! I spelled all of that right!!!!!

  28. treeindawind says:

    Ok, so who here watches Chelsea Lateley??? Awesome!!!

  29. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Melly, sleep is for girls. Woman up!

  30. melmelly says:

    I’m trying Griz, I’m trying. I have the toothpciks right here, jsut waiting to get put in.

  31. mommaton says:

    Wow- That chick is totally off her freaking rocker! I watched a minute of that video and seriously- she has gone to the Mom to Mom sales to get deals on stuff- that’s cool IF YOU HAVE A REAL BABY! Wow. Just WOW

  32. shabbychic says:

    27, I do. She’s fabulous. Saw her live a few months ago. Hysterical.

  33. Too True says:

    Wow, that was disturbing…I don’t think that was a true Reborn doll either…It didn’t look real enough. Someone needs to get this poor girl some help!

  34. screenname says:

    Here she is getting “Bella” ready to go to BRU. Packed a diaper bag and everything.

    Seriously, wwyd if you saw someone pushing their doll around BRU?

  35. screenname says:

    “I only do like an ounce at a time because she doesn’t drink very much.”

    She has a Twilight poster over her bed. OVER her bed.

    I think I need some therapy now. Poor girl.

  36. Persimmons says:

    She “feeds” it real formula… the kind for preemies. If you’re going to have a fake baby, at least fake breastfeed it.

  37. shelbell says:

    #36, lmao I still think she’s sad and creepy. Has she been back on ds?

  38. reallytiredmommy says:

    Usually you see this kind of behavior in older people whose kids have grown and are getting a tiny bit senile.

  39. imasupernova says:

    Ok, she bought it baby food…omg

  40. imasupernova says:

    This is my favorite video so far…

  41. imasupernova says:

    omg it didn’t show up as a link …strange

  42. imasupernova says:

    DSDM can you delete that video I posted? I didn’t realize it would show up like that.

  43. audlovesm5 says:

    OMG is all I got!!

  44. Redhead says:

    WTH is up with all the Priority mail boxes in her room?

  45. DocsNemesis says:


    I wonder what her parents think of all this? I mean, if my kid-18 or not-was that obsessed with baby stuff, I’d be worried. And I understand thinking baby stuff is cute-heck, I bought a few things from the Goodwill when I was like 14 cause I thought it was cute. The difference? I gave them to my sister to play with 😛 Having boxes and boxes of baby clothes, dressing up and FEEDING (REALLY??!) a fake baby, showing your routine after school, going to BRU with it? Thats really really creepy.

  46. Redhead says:

    Um, she has videos of her toilet.. and disney princess wipes.. and maxi pads.

  47. DocsNemesis says:


    On a side note, I wish real babies were that easy.

  48. noisybean says:

    I just watched some of her videos. OMG. Seriously, I am sitting here mouth agape. She has all this stuff for a FAKE. BABY. And then she makes videos of her crazy and posts them on the internet for all the world to see?

  49. Amygamie says:

    I would NEVER let this girl babysit any child of mine in fear she would steal it. :/ I sure hope family friends say something to her parents and convince them to get her some kind of help.

  50. Mommy Grizzly says:

    49 — I was just thinking about how many people she has or currently babysits for and if she manages to hide her crazy from them. That is not the kind of thing that would show up in a background check, you know??

  51. Amygamie says:

    Oh I know but usually when a girl is in high school (which was not too long ago for her) usually they only babysit for family members and family friends. Not too often do they babysit out of that circle. She seems to be pretty open with her TTC baby plans/obsession so she would most likely bring it up herself in interviews for babysitting positions. Jobs on the fly though I don’t think anyone would really have a chance to notice.

  52. Mommy Grizzly says:

    That’s soooooooo scary. And psycho.

  53. reallytiredmommy says:

    At least she was smart enough not to take “Bella” to Disney with her. Although she did take a pic of a stroller.

  54. Mommy Grizzly says:

    For the love of god, are you Fn kidding me??

    Though, 3.14 is pretty heavy for a doll… and does she mean expecting as in like, a package in the mail??

  55. screenname says:

    So on the super-creepy-adoption forum post, she’s Dayva. On Twitter she’s Deva. o.O

  56. Redhead says:

    holy crap. Someone should send this to DS mods. Not that they’d care…

  57. Redhead says:

    Do you think maybe she is mentally retarded? I know a girl who this reminds me of, and she has several mental issues.. maybe this is just her “hobby” but her parents know she can’t really have a child. KWIM?
    The house looks clean and tidy, for the most part.

  58. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Wonder if they figured out her insanity and that’s why they banned her… hmmm…

  59. eeek says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she might also be significantly older than 17? She looks older than me, and she’s obviously living in a complete fantasy world. Her voice sounds younger, but that can be changed pretty easily.

    And eww, with the weird baby lies. I clicked on her posts in that link, she says she has a 6 month old, is pregnant, and also mentions another baby she moved out of an infant car seat at 18 months. And that post was 4 years ago, by her timeline she would have been 13.

    Though she could have been 13 and crazy, I guess….

  60. screenname says:

    Someone at the end of that thread on pregnancy.org said that she is that young and already in counseling. Of course, that post was from over a year ago. I don’t think it’s working.

  61. Mommy Grizzly says:

    “vegmom 06-28-2009, 10:09 AM
    Hey Ladies. I just wanted to let you know that her Mother has been notified and is taking care of this(I hope). I’ve known this girl personally since she was about 9 years old.
    I talked more about this with her and she did tell me she’s already in counseling. I’m not sure how true this is, but I hope she is. As far as the pictures on flickr are concerned. I honestly do not think she knew it was wrong to save them to her acct. Using them and passing them off as her own? Yes, I’m sure she knew THAT was wrong, but just saving some to show a friend…she didn’t know. She did apologize and she did remove them. This girl is 16 and obviously has some things she needs help working through. I’m hoping she gets that help.”

    hmm… in counseling? getting help? I don’t think its working!

  62. Mommy Grizzly says:

    suppose I should have refreshed before I posted…

  63. Mommy Grizzly says:

    She’s one of those that becomes a fanatic about the newest “fad”… seemingly, every single one!

    High School Musical, Hairspray (OMG, I’m SO totally in LOVE with Zac Efron, then the Twilight crap.

    She just graduated (or was supposed to) in 2010, so, yeah. blech.

  64. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    whoa. :o/
    i really wish she hadn’t disabled that ‘ask me anything’ link…
    coulda had fun with that!

  65. Aj says:

    Hey Peachy, what do you know…she’s from, Michigan!!!! 🙂

  66. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Melly, she may weigh 122 but she wears a size 10 bottoms and small to medium tops and she’s 4’8″. That would make her a bigger and oddly shaped girl.

  67. melmelly says:

    And size 13 TODDLER shoe? WTF is that? My 6 yr old wears a 13, but I wouldn’t call him a toddler. She doesn’t have her shit straight.

  68. Mommy Grizzly says:

    My 7 year old wears an adult 4 and my almost 9 year old wears an adult 6. I seriously cannot fathom a 13 on an adult woman. My kids wear a 13 at about 4 years old.

  69. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I really need to put my kids in a box to stop all the growing. ugh.

  70. DocsNemesis says:

    75-your kids have big feet! My 10 year old wears a 3, my 7 year old wears a 2, my 5 year old (almost) is in an 11 toddlers. And I have wide fairly large feet! O_o

  71. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yea, no kidding. We call the girl Sasquatch and the boy Little Big Foot.

    The girl went from a size 2.5 to a 5.5 in a calendar year. Now, I only buy shoes that can go on both kids feet because Mama would go broke if I bought them every kind of shoe they needed every time they changed sizes.

    I am lucky that the girl Ghillies stretch enough that we get a couple of months out of them but she still outgrows them before she wears them out.

  72. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Your 5 year old and my 3 year old could share shoes.

  73. mamatocuties says:

    I swear sometimes my mentally challenged neighbor (the woman) pushes a doll in the stroller sometimes to check the mail. Her husband offered me a dollar for my baby.
    IT IS SO CREEPY! I wish they would freakin move, like now.

  74. smartassmama says:

    I must know how y’all found all the accounts! They’re even different SNs, right? Y’all are sleuthy!

    My feet.are giant. I was a men’s 10 by freshman year. After two kids I think they’re bigger. I never wear athletic shoes. Honest to God, I could go 365 days in a Croc of one form or another. It’s the only way I can get feminine shoes for cheap and not look like a drag queen.

  75. Mommy Grizzly says:

    80 – I have not found the love of crocs but, have you looked to see if Sanitas fit you? You cant find all the sizes in the stores but if you look on Zappos or 6pm.com you might find a size and style that you like.

    OMG I love me some Sanitas. They are SOOO comfortable and after you break in the leather, you can easily wear them all day, standing on your feet and NOT get feet fatigue like with most shoes. There are TONS of styles in regular clog, mule, sandal and even some boots. Really, it’s worth looking into. Zappos is the best to try them out, but 6pm.com is usually cheaper.

  76. Mommy Grizzly says:

    $1? WOW. WTH? Did you report them? I think I would have just so there was a record in case they did something more serious, you know?

  77. Amygamie says:

    I got a stirke for foul language. For this post:


    Originally Posted by THBVsMama View Post
    Seriously, the jokes about Gary’s weight are pretty rude and tasteless. I’m sure there are obese women on this forum who would probably have really hurt feelings over the “he needs to wear a shirt” (or whatever) comments.

    ITA I never said anything about it bust the fat a$$ type comments on Gary got me a pretty peeved. My husband is around 290 right now (granted I never got to see the episode of him topless but I know it really isn’t that big of a deal) DH isn’t nearly as big as Gary (DH has a lot of muscle with just a little padding on top) but when I here the insults about gary’s weight and how gross he is topless peeves me off because more than likely if you are insulting Gary and his weight and think that way about him you will feel the same about my DH. Anyone that would hurt my DH’s feeling doesn’t sit too well with me, in fact it is a friendship deal breaker for me.

    Wow, I thought I could use a censored version of it to show that other comments offended me. It wasn’t like I was using it in a foul way or in a way that would hurt anyone’s feelings. What gives?

  78. Mommy Grizzly says:

    84 – I would write the Mod back and say just what you did here. Maybe they will turn it into warning or something?

  79. smartassmama says:

    I haven’t heard of that brand. I will have to blook at those. 🙂

  80. Mommy Grizzly says:

    They are a handmade Danish clog with very supportive bottoms. I have a high arch and a lot of shoes don’t work for me but these do. Almost every “business woman” I know in this area wears them, there are TONS of different styles and patterns. If you are into it, you can even buy them custom, hand painted.

    There are Danskos also, but I find that they are (overall) styled after people with less than wide feet. Like, I have a pair of Danskos that are brand new in the SAME SIZE as my Sanitas and I cant even get the Danskos on my foot. Anyway, they are a lot more spendy than crocs but they last and are super good for your feet, and I say, worth the investment.

  81. Amygamie says:

    I don’t want to. If they are giving out strikes over a post, they would of at least of read it. If they really believe I deserve a strike over that then so be it. I stand by my words. The fat a$$ comments offended me. Anyone who is old enough to understand what I meant right there would understand what I meant and would not be offended by that. Who are they trying to protect from my comment? The people who offended me? Or someone who was immature enough to report that as offensive? If that is how they feel, I proudly accept it. It only makes them look at a$$hats for all of their ridiculous strikes, hiding scammers, their love to handfeed and caress trolls.

  82. Amygamie says:

    I am not surprise to see that disneygurl92 has already kinda stolen a child, not an actual physical child but someone pictures and used them for her mascaraed. I really hope she does get help so she can live a truly happy life and not just a fantasy one.

  83. Redhead says:

    You tell ’em Amy!!! ♥

  84. Just Peachy says:

    #69 I noticed that and I went on her blog. Sure enough crazy lives about 20 miles away from where I live currently. I iz scurred!

  85. Just Peachy says:

    I am really uncomfortable now knowing that she is that close. Luckily I never really go to DS but I was going to post my birth story and pics of my newb on DS but now I am rethinking that. I don’t want crazy to steal my babeh.

  86. smartassmama says:

    Lord with the time my sweet angel.just gave me leaving the mall, I bet he’d kick her in the ovaries and run away and she’d probably not even try to catch him. He had his pissy pants on and learned the scream that’s code for “I don’t know this lady!” He is 15mo and almost overpowered me.

  87. screenname says:

    I think you’re safe smartassmama. She only wants preemie girls. She doesn’t have the clothes for a boy nor a baby over 12 lbs.

  88. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Yeah, and she doesn’t want to deal with a baby that cries or grows, I mean, then she will not have a little doll.

  89. smartassmama says:

    God forbid it shit like a toddler too. She’d be running for the Magic Kingdom. But I did read earlier that she has princess wipes. The boy. Doesn’t care as long as it wipes. . . And my girl likes those. :O
    She’s tiny too. But has a sassy mouth. I’m safe I bet.

  90. imasupernova says:

    65 – HOLY SHIT!

    69 – LMAO

  91. imasupernova says:

    My 14 year old wears a size 12 1/2 shoe…in Mens! There is no way this girl wears a size 13 in toddlers.

  92. smartassmama says:

    Amy, I quit reading that thread that first night when it turned into a shitfest over a paci.
    But I competely share the same feeling. My husband is a big guy. I think gary should use some of his MTV money to buy some shirts though. We have a closet full of 4 & 5Xtall shirts, so I know they exist. But like you, if they’re dogging him out, what do they thing of the man I lie next to at night?

    But Amber still looks like a fool when she paints herself orange. She looks like she’s eased up on that though.

  93. Mommy Grizzly says:

    I dont know anybody that is that 4’8-4’9 but my sister was 5’0 and she wore a 4-6 depending on the shoe and she weighed 96 lbs most of her life. I don’t see how this chick could have nearly 30 lbs on her and that small of a shoe, she’d hardly be able to stand up. For real, 13 toddler is like the size that people with bound feet end up with.

    Genetically predisposed to small feet or not, if she gains weight her feet would grow (like with pregnancy) in order to support her body weight.

  94. reallytiredmommy says:

    My kids have small feet and my 5 year old and seven year old both wear size 13 shoes. Crazy girl? No way she could support that weight in a size 13 toddler shoe.

  95. Amygamie says:

    Well from what I know of that girl the only time we can be sure of when she speaks the truth is of the videos of her in the blog with the “bella” (that is the name right?) Anything else she says I will always be wary on. She lies about being a mother and having children and she lies to herself, so why not about shoe size? She lacks credibility in my books. I sure hopes she doesn’t scam some guy into impregnating her, to me she most def. sounds like the type of chick that pokes holes through condoms while they are still in the wrapper or offering to throw them away for the guy and then flipping it out and inserting (heard about a girl in high school getting caught doing both of those things with different guys).

  96. Amygamie says:

    I mean youtube videos not blog

  97. Amygamie says:

    redhead how do you do the little heart thing? It is too cute for me not to know XD

  98. Redhead says:

    hit “alt” and 3 on your keypad on the right (if you have one)

  99. Flat Stainley says:

    Amy, let go at the same time and it will appear.

    Holy crazy lady Saturday! See what I miss when I go to the beach?

  100. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Flat — that should teach you to NEVER leave your keyboard. 😉

  101. madmom says:

    Started browsing for those Sanitas and came upon these

  102. Mommy Grizzly says:

    LMAO WTF are those? WOW. and that they were $30. I’d not pay the $13 much less the 30…

  103. Mommy Grizzly says:

    It says, “Wearing socks and sandals used to be an absolute fashion faux pas; now, it’s a chic statement!”

    say again?? Seriously?

  104. Nacho says:

    Those sock shoes would save my geeky husband the trouble of putting socks on under his sandals! He could just do it in one step!

  105. smartassmama says:

    Oh my God, those are uglier than my Crocs will ever be. I told my husband I wanted them. *snicker*

    Really, has someone bought those things? sandals with super long sockish things, what’s the point?

  106. Mommy Grizzly says:

    http://www.zappos.com/sanita-ingrid-oil-black-oil are my favorite summer time ones,

    http://www.zappos.com/sanita-cori-cabrio-black were my first pair

    http://www.zappos.com/sanita-beth-sandal-black or something similar are going to be my next pair for next summer

  107. Mommy Grizzly says:

    Once you know what size you need, 6pm is a lot cheaper even though you have to pay for shipping… ugh my other comment is in limbo. It has links.

  108. amessymama says:

    OMG!!! The fugnesss!! It’s too much!!

    Must look away from the Tube Flop!!

  109. amessymama says:

    Oh and I love me some 6pm!! Did a lot of BTS shopping there and got great deals! They had free shipping over $100 last week too. Maybe they’ll extend it so all of you can get Tube Flops for your friends and family. It could be a Merry Christmas for all.

  110. sourpatchbabe says:

    Notice how those tube flops are so fugly that they couldn’t find a human model for the picture. When no model will allow themselves to be photographed for eternity in the clothes, that’s when you know it’s fugly.

  111. DocsNemesis says:

    I used to wear footie socks under my flip flops. You know, the socks with toes? I had rainbow ones. I miss them 😦

    I also used to have blue hair. Yep, I’m one of *those* people. lol

  112. smartassmama says:

    Good point. There are people who do Valtrex commercials but no one will wear those.

    There’s a site I’ve used that has good prices and free next day shipping, but I’m drawing a blank.

  113. Sala says:

    Amy, I wouldn’t bother pming a mod over a strike for language. I got a “friendly warning” for using the word ‘shirty’ in a post (and they editted the word out of the post, too). It’s a Britishism and means basically pissy. I was warned that accidental or purposeful misspellings of verboten foul language was not allowed. I said, dude, it’s a real freaking word and doesn’t mean anything bad, got a pm back saying that the person who reported me was offended and I’m thinking, well, it’s not my fault they don’t read British lit.

    Because if I’m going to use shitty I can actually spell shitty correctly.

  114. Just Peachy says:

    #118 You and I must be kindred spirits. I loved the long stripey socks that go up to your knees and I’ve experimented twice this year with hair dye. Blue in February and pink last month.

  115. DSDM2 says:

    I like those too. I wear socks all the time. I hate to think what we have spent on seasonal and designer socks just to be hidden by jeans and long pants.

  116. not me at all says:

    Shabby I see you are back at DS.

  117. Redhead says:

    I love my rainbow toe socks!

  118. mamatocuties says:

    Toe socks should be sold in every store in America, imo. Even IGA and drug stores. Just in case.

  119. shabbychic says:

    I am?

  120. not me at all says:

    If not someone is using your identity

  121. not me at all says:


    It says “nice to be back” and has pics with your watermark

  122. Redhead says:

    Yeah, but she only has 13 posts..? I thought Shabby had been around longer than that?

  123. slugwaterbug says:

    does anyone know who the WAHM in the OP is????

  124. coffeehoar says:

    Wow, that’s not good. I hope there is a reasonable explanation for the Shabby sitch.

  125. shabbychic says:

    LOL. Semantics. I didnt consider myself “back”, just around. No worries.

  126. coffeehoar says:

    Good to hear. W/ all the crap that happens on the internet, you never know what’s possible.

  127. žába says:

    Why do you only have 13 posts Shabby?

  128. shabbychic says:

    I only have 13 things to say?

  129. žába says:

    I find that hard to believe *eyeroll* How is it that you got the create a new account or reset your account? I am just interested in what the deal is, no need to be all cryptic.

  130. Flat Stainley says:

    Zaba, don’t you know Shabby was the one behind DS being down on August 8th, was it? She’s got skillz, lol. 😉 Totally joking, BTW.

  131. shabbychic says:

    There is no deal. My account was deleted and recently I signed back up.

  132. DSDM2 says:

    I knew shabby was good, but to cause the massive down time of DS? Wow 😉

    Nice to see you back there Shabby.

  133. shabbychic says:


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