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Feedback or Contact???

Two issues here:

Issue #1

On June 2nd, I asked a seller if the Small Swaddlebees AIOs she had listed were Mini Econappis, which I was IDSO. I had never heard of Small Swaddlebees AIOs but they seemed similar and at a great price. I made the decision that I need AIOs for my NB and since I am not finding Mini Econappis on FSOT or Spots, these will have to do. When the 11 Small Swaddlebees AIOs and they seemed used and had EBF just like she mentioned in the listing.

On June 28th, I took out the 11 Small Swaddlebees AIOs out for the first time since the day they arrived. When I was taking pictures of the inside of the Small Swaddlebees AIOs I noticed 5 of the 11 had looser leg elastic compared to the others. I was not laying them all out side by side when I originally checked them over the day they arrived with the Mutts to see that 5 of them have loose leg elastic. When I realized the different conditions in the Small Swaddlebees AIOs, it was over 20 days since purchase and arrival so I was not sure what recourse I would have but I felt that I should leave relevant, warranted and appropriate feedback since the loose leg elastics were NOT mentioned in the listing. Price may reflect condition in the seller’s mind but the true condition was not conveyed in pictures or in words in her listing therefore again misleading and not fully truthful.

Issue #2:

On Wednesday June 2nd at 7:18pm EST, I purchased 10 NB Mutt Lot. I got an email from PayPal shipping at 3:08am EST on Saturday morning, June 5th, that the seller created a shipping label for 10 Mutts.

The package arrived on June 7th and I was FLOORED! The condition of these Mutts was horrid. EVERY SINGLE ONE had holes! The listing had ZERO mention of wear. It actually said all snaps and elastic are great. I contacted her and did not receive a response. I wrote her again and shortly after I did get an email apologizing and saying she would send PayPal immediately as soon as she got the babies to bed. Before I could reply, she sent another message retracting she would send a refund and told me she would refund only after having the Mutts back in her possession. I politely told her that I do not feel that is an appropriate avenue to go down given her dishonestly. She refunded me for the 10 mutts and the return shipping and I shipped them back to her.

The holes on the Mutts did affect the function since holes were near the snaps leaving it difficult to snap and unsnap without further ripping the already over bleached fabrics. Even though the lot of 10 Mutts was inexpensive, it was listed without true representation of the condition. Snaps and elastic were stated as great, which my photos prove is not true. No issues were stated in the listing. It is important to list EVERYTHING. What I expect to receive when I purchase $4 per diaper is to get EXACTLY what a listing states. Cost does not matter if the listing is dishonest, misleading or vague.

So, what if both purchases were from the same seller that became a combined transaction given they were shipped together on Saturday, June 5th? Would you contact the seller with what you found upon closer inspection of the Swaddlebees and voice your dissatisfaction? Would you just leave negative feedback without giving the seller a chance handle the matter? Would you share when contacting the seller that ideally a refund and return is beyond appropriate given a now pattern of dishonestly in their listings? After 25 days, it the choice of the seller to refund them or not but is it my right to leave appropriate feedback of the issues I recently found and were clearly not stated?

Here are VERY detailed photos of the 11 Small Swaddlebees AIOs and of the Lot of 10 Mutts

Loose Leg Elastics:

Click the image to open in full size.

Rips, holes and wear in detail:

Click the image to open in full size.

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  1. JustMe says:

    Holy Holey diapers, Batman!! (And holy pic heavy post!)

  2. Just Peachy says:

    While I get that the seller is an idiot and did not state the condition accurately is she really bitching because she spent 4 dollars a diaper for 10 mutts with somewhat minor issues. Ive had diapers with holes near the snaps last forever so its not a big deal as long as you are careful (which you should be anyways given that snaps can easily pull out regardless).

  3. Just Peachy says:

    And I see it only one is really ridiculously horrid and not even FFS worthy.

  4. dundundun says:

    I want the Mr. Bubble dipe so.friggin.bad.

  5. Just me says:

    Wow those mutts are in very poor shape. So what if she only paid 4 dollars a diaper they should have been free.

  6. Just Peachy says:

    Me too dundundun and that sweet treats.

  7. Smartassmama says:

    I’m assuming that Nikki is the prior owner of these items?

    This does help me though. I think I will just FFS the Mutt we have more than likely. If little holes knocks it down to $4, shot elastic must mean free. I was just wondering about that.

  8. shabbychic says:

    Peach said what I was going to say. Happens often, lol.

  9. mamaton says:

    I have one of the strawberry shortcake ones- too bad it’s too small for dd now. It was one of my favorites.

  10. kitty1163 says:

    So GGPD or whatever her name is, got a full refund, shipped the diapers back to Nikki and STILL left bad feedback?

  11. Just Peachy says:

    Um just me only one of them was in what I would consider unusable condition. They shoulda been free??????? No. The seller should have disclosed they were well loved but free I think not. I wouldnt expect diapers in that condition to be free (altho Id be pissed with the really ripped up one). However she got a refund Nikki did work it out with her and there is no mention of her having to fight for a refund like so many others and she left negative feedback on both HC and Spots??????? I wouldn’t have left negative but I would have noted that the condition was not stated.
    A friend of mine also said its GGDP’s fault because she took the pic at face value and ASSumed that everything was ok. On top of that I am pretty sure she is picky about the condition of things (just based on her posts on hc and on cdn n stuff not that its a bad thing). If I was that picky you bet your ass I’d be asking for more detailed pics especially since the price would set off alarm bells.

  12. DocsNemesis says:

    Heres my take. If I had gotten those Mutts in that condition, with the info I had, I’d be pissed too. However, Nikki made that part right by refunding and paying return shipping. At the worst she deserved a neutral, if not a positive because at least she made it right, and quickly.

    I don’t know what she paid for the Swaddlebee’s. They do look like they have slightly lose elastic on some, but not TERRIBLE. Now…if she paid a lot for those, I could see being upset. But if she got a good deal, well…I can see not noticing the lose elastic before listing/shipping. They don’t look unusable, at all…I dunno, I guess I don’t know what to make of that situation. I definitely would’ve checked them out though after receiving such bad Mutts, not put them away for almost a month.

    Oh and I agree, some of the Mutts were ok, I think those would’ve been a nice deal for $4 a pop. The REALLY bad one, no.

  13. ladylili says:

    So if I understand this correctly, the buyer DID get a refund (including) shipping for the 10 mutts but she is STILL complaining about them? And no where in her post did she mention that the seller DID give her a refund for the Mutts.

    It says in the HC feedback “Nicole refunded me for the 10 mutts and the return shipping and I shipped them back to her. ”

    Okay, then why are you bringing it up at DS? You don’t even have the dipes anymore.

    And the Swaddlebees really are not that bad. Why didn’t she check them when she first got them? I mean the Mutts she got weren’t to her liking, so wouldn’t she then check the other package to make sure everything was okay. No, instead she waits almost a month later to look at them and complain.

    I don’t think I’d give a refund for the swaddlebees either.

  14. JustMe says:

    I wasn’t saying anything about how it was handled, I was just amazed at all the holes. My screen is cutting off part of the post, so I couldn’t even read the thing and have it make much sense. 🙂

  15. DocsNemesis says:

    Oh totally, especially that first one. That thing was SCARY. The others were still usable, though the liners were rather ragged.

  16. Kimbella says:

    What’s not cool is that when Nikki relisted the Mutts (within the past couple of weeks), she still did not disclose their flaws! I remember seeing the listing and contemplated buying them until I saw she was the seller.

    No holes or other issues were mentioned, or else I wouldn’t have even considered them.

  17. Redhead says:

    ITA 17. I saw them too and thought about buying them for a friend who is rather broke at the moment- until I saw Nikki was the seller!

  18. shabbychic says:

    All she said was that the snaps and elastic were in working order. That appears to be true. If I contemplated a listing with $4.00 diapers, which is basically FFS, well at last for one, anyway, I would likely ask for some specifics. It’s hard to believe that anyone would buy $18.00+ diapers for $4.00 and expect them to be in perfect condition. However, it strikes me as odd the condition these ARE in. WTH happened to these? I have never seen a diaper other than hemp ones passed down for 3 children look like this.

  19. amessymama says:

    You should NEVER have to ask if a diaper has a hole or holes!!! But that situation was handled by Nikki. It’s done. No need to bring it up again. The fact that she relisted without mentioning the holes does suck though. Maybe that’s why GGPD felt she should say something.

    The Swaddlebees don’t look too bad, some are looser but they don’t look unusable. If she sends them back, maybe she should do it on her dime.

    My question is, why does she keep buying things from her? She should probably stop doing that.

  20. shabbychic says:

    I agree that condition should be disclosed, but as we have learned time and time and time again, not everyone has the same selling practices. That being said, I bought something from Nikki last week and the transaction was fine.

  21. screenname says:


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    So After carefully considering this, and finding out that my thread was leaked out to another site and be accused of different things… and realizing how much drama is actually on this site, even though there are some very amazing mamas on here that are very supportive…. ive decided I am leaving. And for any that said to get tested for PPP and PPD, I have been and both are a big fat no. any mamas that would like to keep in touch with me please give me a message and i will give you my email. I will be closing my account within a week. Thanks to all the wonderful mamas. and to any of the mamas that have a problem with me, take it up with me then talking crap behind my back!\

    and for the ones that think i dont bond with my son, i bond with him so much, most of the time he is in my arms, but i will NOT hold him at night unless im trying to get him to sleep and then he sleeps in his crib. I understand I made a stupid mistake by putting him in his carseat on the nightstand, and thats all it was, was a mistake. i wasnt thinking rationally. so dont be so quick to judge a decision i made. im pretty sure we all have made a stupid mistake as a mom

  22. amessymama says:

    Meh, she’ll be back with a different name, on a different day, with a different story.

  23. nu says:

    So Nikki was the seller of those diapers?

  24. Redhead says:

    Mom to Lucas or whatever her name is on DS is PMing me. Pretty funny.

  25. Redhead says:

    24- she probably will be. Since after she was banned on the military forum (while she was preggers with twins, supposedly), she came back under another UN having a 6mo old daughter – 3 months later.

  26. nu says:

    Sally just wrote a “warning”–I’ll probably get a warning or a strike–probably a strike since I complained about the last strike I got, and she gave me a warning instead.

  27. Redhead says:

    I saw her close the thread… ugh.

  28. nu says:

    Oh, she closed it?

    You know it seems like whenever I finally say what I’m really thinking, I get a strike. I’ve only done it 2 other times and both times a strike!

  29. Redhead says:

    Have you gotten anything from her since she closed the thread?

    I don’t have any strikes yet. I got a warning yesterday because I outed Mavericks Mom. That’s it so far.

  30. nu says:

    Nope. What is there policy? 3 warnings a strike? The last time I got a strike I asked about why I never got warnings but always a strike (that would have been my 2nd). I didn’t even say anything that mean…or to me it wasn’t.

  31. Redhead says:

    All I know is 3 strikes = ban

  32. amessymama says:

    Ha! For some people it is. In my case, it was quote someone’s post = BAN.

  33. Redhead says:

    Oh really? Crazy!

    Well see, I always heard the “3 strikes = ban” but figured they might be turds about their own rules since they are on so many other issues.

  34. imasupernova says:

    Figures…I see AA’s post and don’t comment yet and it gets closed down…DAMN!

  35. nu says:

    A messy-you got banned for quoting someone? Ugg
    I guess we’ll just wait and see. I didn’t think it was that bad. Maybe the fact that I agreed that she was bringin on the drama?

  36. Redhead says:

    Ok, I am NOT commenting on this thread because too many people are ticked at me ATM for the AA & RM situations… but this is just kind of weird:


  37. Redhead says:

    Nu, I’m wondering if AA and Mom2Lucas are the ones in trouble?

    They seem to be the ones wanting to start drama. Even after I PM’d M2L and told her AA was dramarific and had been banned elsewhere, she jumped all over me for “feeding” fuel to AA by questioning her. (??)

  38. DocsNemesis says:

    Wait, so AA somehow got *tested* for PPD/PPP since posting yesterday? Or does she mean she did before? And either way, she makes it sound like some sort of blood test or something, haha.

    Personally, I can’t see many doctors hearing “I saw a demon attack my son and it left scratches” and then not thinking huh, well then something is going on here….4 weeks postpartum, PPD/PPP would probably be the first thing that would pop in most doctors heads. And then if they thought that were the case, wouldn’t they then refer out to a psychiatrist? Or do regular MD’s generally make those calls?

  39. nu says:

    41–I agree with what you said. How do you get tested for it????

  40. amessymama says:

    nu-Yup. I quoted someone who was troll pokin’.

    The only thing I miss about that place is the faster moving FSOT. Well, I guess I miss the troll pokin’ too. 😉

    I very much prefer CDN!!

  41. amessymama says:

    I heard it’s like a pregnancy test. Pee on it and it says either “insane” or “demon”.

  42. Redhead says:

    LOL @ amessy!

    Well, another mama just PM’d me and said AA is messaging her about indian burial grounds ….I guess that is where the demon came from?

  43. DocsNemesis says:


    I’d assume its like most other psychological issues. You’d probably go see your doctor (either GP or OB), explain what was concerning you, if they felt there was a reason to be concerned (you know, like seeing demons)…well, thats where I’m not quite sure. Most doctors would refer out to a psychiatrist like I was saying, since it is a psychiatric illness, but on the other hand I could see some doctors just simply saying yep, I think you have PPD, here’s a prescription for xx.

    Either way, I just cannot see a doc ignoring what she says she saw and saying nope, you’re fine.

  44. imasupernova says:

    44 – lmao

  45. DocsNemesis says:

    Wait, so now she’s racist! Obviously Indian’s are demonic. LOL

  46. smartassmama says:

    44 – lol You made me laugh and snort!

  47. nu says:

    #43-I like the thrifty forum on DS, but I do like CDN better!

  48. Redhead says:

    so, did anyone get PMs from Fox? I wonder if she was just trying to be scary.

  49. Smartassmama says:

    Naughty language! Somebody oughtta report her. . .

  50. KickinItPioneer says:

    GGPD here 🙂

    When I purchased the Mutt Lot, it was listed, I believe, $65 plus $10 shipping. Oddly, when I went to BIN 25-30 minutes later the total came to $65.95. I had the page up while emailing her about the Swaddlebees and ultimately decided on the Mutts instead. In the end I paid $6.59 a diaper but I clicked BIN I was under the impression that they were $7.50 a piece. On DS and Spots I had paid between $8-$10 for a used Mutt and I think the NB Coop Mutt price is $14. With her listing stating all snaps and elastic are great at the $7.50, I was not see a massive red flag. When I stated $4 a diaper, that is in reference to her reply to me and Nicole’s relisting of them last weekend where they were I believe $4.

    Condition of an item being EUC, GUC, UC, or FFS is never identical to another person’s point of view on the issue. I had all 10 Mutts in my hands and the fabric was flimsy, over bleached and they were tiny NB rags. I am not sure I fully agree that I am picky but I respect opinions 🙂 I know that I would never want to be on the receiving end of that purchase for even 10 cents each nor would I want to be the seller either. Personally, any diaper that has holes, function affecting or not, I would not feel comfortable having someone pay for it. That is why I said FFS. That is just my opinion and how I would have listed it as a seller. At $6.59 each, the condition stated what I received do not match up. Again, that is just my opinion.

    The same day Nicole relisted the Mutts Lot on Spots without detailed photos or mention of the inner holes, she had a lot of Baybee Diapers listed with detailed photos of the outers as well as the inners. She was descriptive in her listing for the Baybee Diapers. From my point of view, it seemed like Nicole was intentionally not sharing any of the issues on the Mutts, yet again, given her other listing showed she does know how to give a clear and concise representation of an item/lot. I chose to leave negative feedback for the Mutts because I felt that it would help show a pattern. Nicole did refund me and neutral is typically the outcome of an issue in a seller resolving the situation. When the loose elastic issue came to light and then Nicole relisted the Mutts on Spot’s without detailed pictures or mention of the inner holes, I felt that as a buyer I would want to know more about this seller. Because of all those things, it felt like to me a pattern of not being completely transparent in listings.

    As for the Swaddlebees, I did look them over when they arrived with Mutts. I take full responsibility for not looking at them closer and laying them out side by side. My focus was trying to see if there were any holes and if the fabric was trashed. When I had the Swaddlebees individually in my hand on June 7th, I did not notice that the elastic leg lengths did not match each other. Laying them out side by side to get pictures of the inner on the 29th, then the looser leg elastic issue became more apparent. I did not look at them from the time I inspected them upon arrival until the day I took pictures because my baby is not here yet so they were packed away to go back to PA since that is where my husband has a house and where I will be delivering. When they were purchased, the box was shipped to our family’s beach house where I have my daughter and I stay for the summer.

    My intention with contacting Nicole on July 2nd was to inform her what I found upon a second look, how I felt there was a pattern given my experiences with her and that I would leave negative feedback for the Swaddlebees since the condition of the diapers was not as stated in the listing. I felt it was the civil and mature thing to write her first, give her a chance to share her point of view and come to some kind of resolution with her before leaving feedback. Just leaving negative feedback after over 3 weeks of receiving a purchase is not acceptable to me so I wanted to give her the same respect to share with her first. I wrote her in the closing of my email that “Ideally, a refund and return is beyond appropriate given the continued pattern. I have gotten a Moderator involved at this point and will be leaving very reliant and warranted feedback for both transactions whether or not you do choose to refund.” When stating ideally, I was conveying what is ideal not what will or what I expect to happen. That is also the intention of writing her, “whether or not you do choose to refund.” since it had been almost a month and she is not obligated to refund nor is a seller ever obligated or forced to refund.

    With the Mutts, she refunded and at that point in time, neutral feedback would have been the most optimal choice for feedback since she resolved the issue. With the Swaddlebees, to me, it seemed like there was a pattern of not fully disclosing issues in her listing so I was attempting to convey that even if Nicole wanted to refund me, which I was not asking her or demanding Nicole to do, I would still leave negative feedback because my only interactions with her have been listing not stating exact or true representation of the items.

    Lastly, Nicole already had 3 negative transactions before I posted mine. One shows negative, one is negative but is not highlighted pink and one posted directly after I purchased both of her listings. These transactions aside, Nicole should be banned since she has 3 negative feedbacks on Spots.

  51. mommaton says:

    Wow…just wow.

  52. Flat Stainley says:

    I would think twice about buying used from someone with so many kids simply for the fact that the diapers have probably been through alot.

  53. DocsNemesis says:

    55-I might ask a few extra questions but I know a lot of mama’s with lots of kids who have bought new for each kid for one reason or another or even switch systems multiple times for a single child. I have 5 kids and my diapers are at the most, from November of last year and the bulk are only a few months old. And I’m probably going to sell most of my BG’s to buy the new version too, as I hate velcro. I just have to see what colors they come out with before deciding on selling or snap converting my current stash, lol.

  54. DocsNemesis says:

    On a side note, I could NOT imagine having triplets with the number of kids I already have. I’d be a serious basket case and I don’t think I’d be selling anything, no matter how much we needed the money. I’d just end up tarnishing my rep and it wouldn’t be fair to whoever bought from me.

    And it’ll be my luck that we’ll decide to have one more years from now and bam! Natural quints.

  55. BloggityBloggity says:

    Hrm… All I have to say is that for whatever price, I expect my items to arrive in the condition they were advertised. If someone is selling Mutts for $4 each, then I would assume nothing other than I was getting a good deal.

    IMO, if someone chooses to leave out the fact that there are pretty obvious holes all throughout the diapers, then they clearly felt that admitting such would negatively affect their ability to sell said diapers for even such a paltry sum.

    Nobody should ever have to ASK if an item is covered in holes.

    I’m sure someone, somewhere, would gladly pay that much for those diapers even if they were listed in that condition. But the point is that the buyer should be given that choice. I don’t think that I would choose to use diapers covered in that many holes on my newborn. Mainly because I’m anal about they appearance of things. So personally, I wouldn’t even accept those at actual FFS prices. Other people don’t share the same sentiments as me, and that’s fine. But the point is we should all be allowed to make our purchases with FULL disclosure.

    Mistakes happen. Shit gets overlooked. But you don’t accidentally forget to mention that your diapers are covered in holes… nor do you accidentally overlook that whilst inspecting those diapers for elastic and snap condition. Come on!

  56. TaraC says:

    Aside from the hole FSOT issue with Nikki, the patterns on those Mutts are SO cute!

  57. Kirsty says:

    58- IMO it’s rationale like that that get’s buyers disappointed at best but ripped off more often than not. If the pictures are vague than it is the buyers responsibility to themselves to ask questions to protect themselves. I don’t know much about this chick other than her name has appeared here a million times and she seems all kinds of shady but she isn’t the first nor will she be the last to pull this kind of shit. Maybe buyers shouldn’t have to ask questions or request more detailed photographs but if they want to prevent getting ripped off, it may be a good idea. To me, taking a vague seller description and shoddy photographs is right up there with sending Paypal as ‘Payment owed.’ As far as I’m concerned buyers have some responsibility in making sure their transaction is a good one and usually in these cases when they go backward they plead, “I wasn’t mentioned in the description and I shouldn’t have to ask.” And for the record I do not sell- too much hassle- and as I buyer I cover my own ass.

  58. Kirsty says:

    “Get’s”- pffft…loser.

  59. BloggityBloggity says:

    Kirsty, I ask questions out the wazoo. I cover all my damn bases because people suck. But the point is that people should not be so fucking shady to begin with! Newbies come to a site like diaperswappers and expect that all the “mamas” are out to do the right thing. They get some crap like that (covered in holes or smelling of serious funk) and think that ALL used diapers are shitty. Then they travel on their merry way to buy their diapers brand new from online stores… or just back to sposies, and the FSOT forums become even slower than they already are.

    I stand by what I said. You think it’s okay for sellers to be vague in their listings and completely omit MAJOR flaws with their items? I say that’s fucking not okay. Yes people should learn the basics of how to protect themselves from assholes… But you are insinuating that it’s the buyers fault when an asshole screws them over. Score one for the assholes– they’ve just been absolved of all responsibility!

    IMO, it’s rationale like *that* which gives these crappy sellers the idea that it’s okay to misrepresent their crappy FSOT items. Just look at Organic Mama in the last thread. She thought she was completely justified in her bitchery… and came on here for asspats and support to that effect. “Yeah… Woot! I’m just gonna put a handy-dandy disclaimer on my listings and the it will be ALL the buyers fault when they aren’t satisfied.” Yeah, shit like that seals someone on my Do Not BST list quicker than anything. It just *screams* potential scammer.

  60. Flat Stainley says:

    I ask loads of questions when buying too, and if they aren’t answered after repeating once, I either move on to the next seller or keep looking. That said, I have still had at least one diaper (a BG) described as EUC sent to me with a major cut through both layers of fabric after going through all my questions and getting satisfactory answers. Failure to disclose all flaws is a big nono in my books. I guess that’s why I mostly sell my used dipes locally so mamas can see what they’re agreeing to buy from me. They can handle, inspect & smell everything to see if it is up to par. I do get irritated when sellers have a cute print or a popular brand and they think that that somehow negates the huge bleach holes or shot elastics, rendering them innocent for not putting those flaws in their descriptions. I wouldn’t put any of the dipes pictured above on my baby because I’m picky too. Some mamas don’t care though, and that’s why you can and should list those flaws. The few extra bucks a seller makes for the difference is simply not worth the extra hassle of accepting a return and the PR issues that most often will arise when somebody gets their dipes “not as described”.
    55- I would be/am one of those mamas who switch things up too. I like having every diaper in my stash to be as close to perfect as I can get it for used. Once it starts to show too many signs of wear, I sell it at a discount and replace it with a newer one.
    There is no way I would be selling on DS with that many kids either. I think it is way too time consuming to make accurate listings for the few bucks you get, so I like to sell locally with as little effort as possible. I would also be too worried that someone might try the switcheroo on me and say it wasn’t as described and end up with their ratty old diaper from accepting a return.
    I’m thinking about selling my converted BGs to fund a 4.0 stash too, because I heard they are bigger in the fit. 😀

  61. Flat Stainley says:

    That was supposed to say 56. :p

  62. dotdods says:

    You women are awful. You are hurting people and are acting like high schoolers.

  63. Kirsty says:

    Dude, unwad the panties- I’m not looking for a fight. Reread if you have to. What I’m saying is that it is totally important to ask the questions if descriptions are vague. So often the complaint shows up that they bought a shit batch that was disguised by distant pictures taken with cell phone cameras and nothing mentioned about the actual condition. It would be super duper if everyone was totally upfront and honest about their shit but if this blog proves anything it’s that they simply are not. Insinuated it’s the buyers fault? Bull shit I did! I said the buyer has to look out for number one and not expect people to be honest about the shit they’re posting- think about why they are displaying crap pictures with little to no description.

    What I said was buyers shouldn’t *have* to interrogate the seller on the condition and mechanics but it’s probably a good idea. I wouldn’t send cash to buy my purchase on good faith so I’m not going buy at a vague non-descript listing on good faith.
    maybe giving a newbie some heads up on what to look for in a shit listing the right questions to ask will help them avoid buying some assholes garbage.

  64. Taterbug says:

    #65-Yep, you’re right. We’re all horrible people, and you shouldn’t associate with us because you might be tainted by association. Bye now.

  65. Redhead says:

    LOL 65, who are you? OM? Nikki?

  66. Redhead says:

    Hmm, Airmans_angel is a good guess too..

    There is so many choices of fruitcakes, don’t know which one “dotdods” could be!

  67. BloggityBloggity says:

    LOL @ 65

  68. BloggityBloggity says:

    Kirsty, I’m not wearing panties. Everything’s good in this neighborhood. 😉

    I read your comment as many times as I needed. No you did not outright SAY that it was the buyer’s fault, but you are placing the greater portion of the responsibility on the buyer. I just don’t feel that should be the case.

    Feel free to reread my comment if you must. I didn’t say that buyers shouldn’t grill the sellers about their items before purchase if the listing is vague. What I said is that they *shouldn’t have to*. And they shouldn’t. Is it a good idea? Why yes it is. Because people are assholes.


    As far as the feedback issue… If the transaction was taken care of in the end (with proper refunds given and such) then I would have left a VERY detailed neutral. Not a negative.

  69. smartassmama says:

    65 – And now you’re horrible too. You’ve been tainted, just by reading here. Pretty soon, you’ll be lurking. Then you’ll come out of lurk and discuss, still a little bit leery. Then, you’ll be full on blogger, fat and not paying attention to your kids. It’s how it works. Promise. I was 120lbs and svelte before finding the blog full of horrible hateful ladies. Now I’m one too! muahaha.

    Srsly. Boohoo. We aren’t that bad. And I agree. Probably airmans_demon or something.

  70. DocsNemesis says:

    Oh. I’m that bad. I am.


  71. smartassmama says:

    Why do I keep forgetting to subscribe?

  72. hawt_tamale says:

    so whats the dealio with airmans_angel? She see’s demonic indians?

  73. Redhead says:

    Someone help me out- I can’t access DS anymore it says I am BANNED!
    I didn’t get any word/warnings/strikes from any admin… anyone else?

  74. dundundun says:

    Please explain to me how a website is “leaked” out?

    You leaked it yourself, honey. Public forums are pretty notorious for that.

  75. noisybean says:

    I was just coming to say, Red I see that you got yourself banned now didya?

  76. Redhead says:

    Yeah. Never got any strikes/PMs/anything though. :headscratch:

    Just all of the sudden I am banned. ??

  77. dundundun says:

    DS just can’t handle your awesomeness.

  78. Just Peachy says:

    Doesn’t even say why you were banned. I just checked. Thats odd.

  79. magpie says:

    Awww…WTH Redhead? They didn’t even let ya know? I saw that you were banned just now and came over here to see where ya really went off. I can’t believe they didn’t warn you or anything.

  80. Redhead says:

    I think I know why they banned me.
    Someone was reading my PMs.

    I msgd another member today who is running the DS cleaning group to let her know my psycho relative had followed me over to their “DS Housecleaning” Facebook group (which is a private group, btw).

    I asked her to remove her from the FB group because as far as I knew, she wasn’t a member of DS yet- though she might try to follow me over there (and I mentioned that nobody on DS would want her there anyway).

    Right after that, I got banned.

  81. noisybean says:

    No, why that can’t be! They don’t read PMs.

  82. coffeehoar says:

    I don’t understand how that would get you banned? It’s not inflammitory or anything?

  83. Redhead says:

    Probably because they are stupid and thought I was asking them to remove a DS member. Geez, I have no idea really. All I know is I got banned without any warning right after that.

  84. coffeehoar says:

    Actually, I haz the stupids. I read what you wrote wrong, I thought you asked them to remove YOU, not someone else.

    Yup, that’s probably it. Maybe an email is coming, but most likely they’ll never say a word to you.

  85. Just Peachy says:

    Maybe H2BAM will come to your rescue and explain? Thats harsh. I got a warning and then a strike and an explanation before they put it into effect.

  86. Redhead says:

    The group is for DS members only.. and my relative is NOT on DS. (thank god) So if they banned me for that, that is really whacked. Though I am not surprised.

    The mama PMd me on Etsy because she couldn’t get through DS (because they apparently were banning me right then) and she had no problem with what I asked.

    I just need to be able to inform the members of the weightloss contest because I’m donating a prize for that and they probably aren’t gonna want something from someone who is banned.

  87. DocsNemesis says:

    Thats lame. I hope they at least tell you why.

  88. Redhead says:

    Apparently I’m online now? Haha! Weirdness…

    They banned my IP from my laptop but not my desktop IP, so I can still read the forums here.

  89. Smartassmama says:

    B fuckin S! Diaperswappers won’t be the same without you 😦

  90. imasupernova says:

    Well TF that certainly wasn’t the BANG you were hoping for!

  91. Redhead says:

    Tell me about it. If I knew they just randomly banned people, I would have made my bang a long time ago. 😦

  92. Smartassmama says:

    No email, no nothin’? That’s sad. Hope it was a mistake, bur it was probably cause they can’t handle your awesomeness. :sadface:

  93. Redhead says:

    Nothing at all. I was on DS & had just sent that PM to n3w2cloth, and then suddenly was logged off to a DS screen saying I was banned until Jan 11 for harassment. But no mods msgd me or gave me strikes.

  94. Hexe says:

    Weird. Do you think it was the demon thread? Who else posted there? I want to see if someone else has been banned. At the very least they could have informed you, what if you have open transactions.

  95. DocsNemesis says:

    I think that lace chick…what the heck was her name…I think she’s been posting on here as dundundun? Maybe?

  96. Redhead says:

    Yeah, she is BayNLace

  97. Redhead says:

    A lot of members were much more “rude” than I was… not that it matters, since she is a troll.

    I have no open transactions, I do have some items listed FS.
    But- I am in that DS contest and a sponsor for it, and I can’t access anyone there to PM them that I can still give a prize if they’d like..
    Nobody is going to want to win a prize from someone who is banned, especially since nothing is listed in my siggy as to why.

  98. DocsNemesis says:

    I can PM for you if needed, just let me know who.

  99. Redhead says:

    Actually, I do have one transaction open. I just remembered. I sold some wool balls to another DS member- she should receive them this week.

  100. Redhead says:

    Thanks DocsNemesis. I had someone PM H2BAM with my email addy, maybe she can give an explanation at least and inform the contest that I won’t be participating.
    If I don’t hear back from her within the next day or so, I will let you know if I need PMing done.

    And a 6 month ban? Srsly, with no reason? Didn’t ol’ “you know who” only get a 3 month?

  101. Hexe says:

    It is bullshit that banning anyway, including the warnings and strikes. Seriously, on an adult board you are not allowed to say what you want. If someone scams you, you are not allowed to out that person. Doesn’t make sense.

  102. DocsNemesis says:

    I was going to post something trolltastic as an example of what is ok to post on DS, vs. calling said troll out, but well…I’m such a fail troll I can’t come up with anything cool enough.

  103. Redhead says:

    Well, it wasn’t a mistake. But I have no idea why.
    H2BAM sent this:

    “A member pm’d me (~happy2Bamommy~ on DS) and told me you needed an email about the ban.

    I didn’t put the ban in place but was told you were sent one explaining why you were banned? If you didn’t get that, JLMK and I’ll make sure an email is sent out.”

  104. Hexe says:

    I would contact her and ask for an explanation. I also wonder who banned you.

  105. DocsNemesis says:


    That is all. Hopefully they'll get an email out to you soon….I'd be highly annoyed not knowing why the heck I got a sudden ban.

  106. Redhead says:

    This is my reply:

    “I received no emails/PMs/strikes/etc. It would have been nice to receive a message with a strike or something, since I thought that was customary- 3 strikes = ban.
    I only rec’d that one warning from you mentioning I might end up on some do not BST lists, and I didn’t comment anything rude on that thread after then.

    I have an open transaction at the moment and am supposed to be sponsoring the weightloss challenge, so I need to message these people and let them know I can’t participate.

    I was banned right after PMing another member about a DS Facebook group that a relative of mine stalked her way into… is that why I was banned?”

  107. Smartassmama says:

    You know, I’m curious to know who banned you too. I thought it was not only customary to get three strikes, but also to receive enough notice to be able to download all your PMs and notify anyone you were in transaction with. That’s pretty fuckin shitty. I pm’d a different mod an hour or so ago to ask, out of curiosity.

  108. Redhead says:

    LOL, I wonder if someone hacked into DS and banned me?

    Who did you PM? Curious.. someone else PMd Cowmommy to ask her and all she said was the info should be in my siggy.

  109. DocsNemesis says:

    They’re being very helpful, it seems.

    I wonder if anyone really knows why you were banned. Maybe its just a big conspiracy. 😮

  110. magpie says:

    I just looked at your profile and It’s kinda odd that you are “logged in” right now. I think they are all up in your business!

  111. Redhead says:

    They are probably looking for leverage for their “random-ban”.
    I’d really like to know who banned me and why- and SOON.

    This is all very strange.

  112. DocsNemesis says:

    112-that is kinda creepy O_o

  113. Smartassmama says:

    I asked chrisnsteph, since I’ve only seen her be nice, kwim?
    And if you’re logged in now, they’re totally reading your PMs!

  114. Redhead says:

    Maybe that is why they banned me, so they can snoop through my inbox.

  115. Hexe says:

    That makes me not want to be on ds anymore. pms should stay private, it should not matter what is in there.

  116. Redhead says:

    Ugh crap! Now they are gonna know that me, DocsNemesis and Smartassmama were gonna run away together to have a wild 3-way and live in Austria eating pastries the rest of our lives!!! oh noes!!

  117. Sala says:

    Hey! Save some pastries for the rest of us poor saps!

  118. sheepthrills says:

    Totally OT, but when will somebody start a dramaofravelry site? Sigh.

  119. Smartassmama says:

    I know. And I hadn’t even told my husban yet!
    Blew my cover.

  120. DocsNemesis says:

    Mmmm pastries….

    And I never knew there was Ravelry drama. Do share! 😀

  121. sheepthrills says:

    There’s drama there just like anywhere else, apparently! I don’t spend much on the forums, admittedly. But my mom’s wool carding business is currently getting trashed by a somewhat ignorant new spinner, and it’s kind of difficult to know what is and is not allowed on Ravelry. (She was tipped off by another wool mill owner who saw the post.)
    It’s a pretty basic case of buyer’s remorse, blame the seller, but if there was a drama site, we could just throw up screen shots & pics and be done with it!

  122. DocsNemesis says:

    Yeah, I don’t ever mess around on the forums there, I just look at projects all day long. I’m addicted.

  123. Redhead says:

    So instead of emailing me, H2BAM pms the other member on DS who originally asked her to contact me, and told her to tell me to check my spam folder.

    There is NOTHING THERE!

  124. smartassmama says:

    I can’t Facebook this, and I just can’t take it anymore. I have to say something.
    My husband will NOT shut up. He’s gleefully reading something (out loud, to me) about dolphins. And their smiles. Srsly. I want him to stop.
    That is all.

    And really? She couldn’t just hit the reply button? That’s Weird.

  125. DocsNemesis says:

    Told you. Conspiracy. Do I get a cookie now?

  126. IHopeSo says:

    Lurker here, sorry. I’m so not into DS right now, I will miss you TF, I will admit that I *almost* stalk you. I’ve always agreed with everything you say… Okay, I don’t read everything you say but I’m so annoyed you won’t be there.

  127. DocsNemesis says:

    Omg, I just realized I can knit without looking. That means I can watch Bones AND knit. OMG!

  128. DSDM2 says:

    Redhead, are you sure she hasn’t emailed and that you are checking the right account? It seems odd that 2 supposed emails haven’t come through.

  129. Just Peachy says:

    Still active as of 9:37 and no explanation in your siggy. WTF H2BAM don’t continue to be a dumb ass. Just fucking email her already stating why she was banned.
    And that is bull shit because your first ban is only supposed to be 3 months. Then its 6 months, a year and then a permanent ban.

  130. Flat Stainley says:

    Well, I can say that I don’t get any emails people send me through DS, so I had to disable that feature.

  131. sheepthrills says:

    Fun trivia: did you know that if you’re upset about a transaction, you can say whatever you want about the other party’s business even if it’s not true? Yeah, I didn’t either. Mama didn’t raise no foo’.
    (Mama = DoDS. lol)

  132. Just Peachy says:

    Oh so she was upset about the transaction between her and your mom and proceeded to trash her business?

  133. sheepthrills says:

    Yep, inexperienced spinner, never even apparently looked at the paperwork OR the website to see what she would be receiving, never mentioned what she THOUGHT she’d be receiving so we could correct her…so when a big box of beautiful fiber came in the mail, she flipped and started spreading a made up story and trashing the whole business. Then her frenz on ravelry are trying to support her and say she’s allowed to vent and say whatever she wanted cause she was mad. We’ve seen it happen to WAHMs on DS a hundred times if we’ve seen it once!

    I know it will come out right in the end but my poor mom has never had a customer like this before and is freaking out. I’m having to talk her through it the best I can.

  134. Flat Stainley says:

    Sheepthrills, your mama thought the lady wanted unspun wool and the lady wanted spun, didn’t get what she was expecting and then went running her mouth like a broken toilet because your mom wasn’t a mind-reader?

  135. sheepthrills says:

    Mostly. LOL!

    The lady wanted top or roving but didn’t say so, just ASSumed that’s what she was getting, never bothered to look that my mom’s carding machine only does spinner’s web (cloud). Freaks that the fiber is “ruined”, it makes her cry to look at, lies up and down about who told who what and claims she got the worst customer service in the world.

    This after her emails to my mom fully admitting her own mistake and apologizing for her own ignorance. Guess she thought nobody would catch her spreading crap on Ravelry? Typical.

  136. sheepthrills says:

    Oh, also while openly admitting that she didn’t even know anything besides top or roving existed. You know, her ignorance is somebody else’s fault, of course!

  137. Redhead says:

    I only have 1 email account for DS and received other PMs over the weekend without any issues.

    It is the same account linked to my Etsy store and I haven’t had any problems with it.

    Supposedly (this is coming from the DS member that H2BAM talked to), some administrator messaged me this morning and then H2BAM emailed me tonight. I got the email from H2BAM and replied, did not receive anything else.

  138. smartassmama says:

    Aww sheep, I’m sorry someone’s doing your mom that way. I hope it gets resolved quick with no more harm done.
    Some people are just shitheads.

  139. sheepthrills says:

    That’s what I keep telling her. It’s nice to fantasize that the wool world is only filled with sweet wonderful intelligent people, but it’s just not like that unfortunately! This too shall pass, and crazies like that always get what’s coming to em eventually.

  140. Kirsty says:

    98- Nope, BayN’Lace is still active.

    Redhead- I wonder if it has something to do with outing MM/Erin/Kelsey hence the lack of explanation either to you or in your siggy. Like how would they pull explaining that one off?

  141. smartassmama says:

    143 – that’s a very good idea.

  142. Flat Stainley says:

    Redhead, I bet the reason they’ll give you for hitting you with the Ban Hammer will be HerAssMint. They’ll say OM didn’t deserve to have to change her UN so many times (I bet after her last YAGE she asked to change it again.) They’ll probably also say that they recieved a few PMs from other members who were disturbed by the comments in the confessions thread. Maybe throw in a few demons for good measure and say you had too many mints to go without a whack? Oh well, I’ll miss you on DS, but at least the Mods can’t hand out a hairpull & a smack, lol.

  143. Flat Stainley says:

    Sheepthrills, that sucks more than a baby on a paci.

  144. Redhead says:

    Hmm, maybe I went out with a “BANG” without even realizing it!

  145. Redhead says:

    That takes skill, you know! I even surprise myself!

  146. Flat Stainley says:

    147-Me thinks so! I think they wanted to “make an example” of you after that discussion on here about how many strikes a person gets before being banned, & it was too much for them and they couldn’t not ban you. Kind of a wasted thump if you ask me. Don’t they like to at least whack with a BANG? 😉

  147. Flat Stainley says:


  148. Flat Stainley says:


  149. Flat Stainley says:


  150. CJ says:

    Tumbleweed? lol

  151. melmelly says:

    :stinky dog snoring:

  152. monkey says:

    :dog farts:

  153. melmelly says:

    :that was the “stinky” part of ::stinky dog snoring::, he needs a bath, too:

  154. monkey says:

    LOL, my dog is in the same boat.

  155. coffeehoar says:

    Sheepthrills, I think there’s a gossip group on Ravelry called the Rubberneckers. I’m not sure how up in the Rav gossip they are, or how much they can discuss on the forums, but maybe worth looking into?

  156. magpie says:

    Any word yet Redhead??

  157. Redhead says:

    Nothing at all. 😦

    I checked ALL my email folders for anything from admin- there is nothing.

  158. Redhead says:

    If they went through my PMs like we assume they did, they will see I never received any PMs from any mods regarding a ban or strike- nothing. So hopefully they’d figure they made a mistake and forgot to notify me, ya think?

  159. magpie says:

    That’s nuts! How hard would it be for them to resend it to you IF there was one already sent. IF!

  160. Redhead says:

    I downloaded Thunderbird in case something is wonky with my web-based email. Then I emailed H2BAM again this morning and made sure my email had a “read receipt” stuck in it- hopefully I will receive notification that she actually read it.

    I don’t know what else to do.

  161. sheepthrills says:

    coffeehoar, thanks, I found them! Doesn’t look like they’ve seen it yet but I’m not sure I should link them to it. This morning I saw a mod said ‘this thread has been flagged so I am archiving it’. Shut down!!! At least it’s still visible. Someone probably couldn’t think of any way to make us meanies go away than to report her own thread.

  162. sheepthrills says:

    Oooh we can still post in it. What does archived mean, then, I wonder? The Ravelry forums are extremely confuzzling to me.

  163. Myself says:

    132 – my ban was for six months, and it was my first and only ban.

    for drama/harrassing another member :sigh:

  164. Redhead says:

    Myself, did you get an email or anything letting you know?
    I still have yet to receive ANYTHING.

    I guess I need some DS members to PM a couple of mama’s for me so I can get removed from the weightloss challenge sponsor thing.

  165. Redhead says:

    btw, who banned you? I don’t even know who banned me!

  166. DSDM2 says:

    Redhead, I think it is a group decision, not an individual mod/admin one.

  167. Redhead says:

    Oh well. It would have been nice if they had considered letting me know before hand.

    Or even told me why after. This ignoring or hush hush stuff is bothering me.

  168. Myself says:

    Redhead – I got a personal email from H2BAM , saying she hated to do it, but she needed to ban me after my PM was reported to them. Then she gave me 24 hours to tend to stuff . And download any PMs I needed.

  169. Redhead says:

    According to what H2BAM told another member, I was messaged yesterday morning by an “admin” saying I would be banned and then I was banned at 1pm. They didn’t give me much time, if that message was even sent.

    But if she could PM that to another DS member, why doesn’t she just tell them why I was banned? Or realize that somehow I am not getting their messages (if they are even sending them) and would still like to be able to take care of my stuff on DS?

    I guess I should just drop it and let them deal with the fact that I’m unable to take care of things there. Just frustrating.

  170. Flat Stainley says:

    Redhead, the email system on DS is not reliable. I have had members PM me that they emailed me and I never got those emails.Maybe it is just a glitch in their system and that’s why you didn’t get your email. Or, maybe they want you to squirm a little?

  171. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    172- I was banned by H2BAM for “harassing other members” and yet when I get unbanned (in 3 weeks), unless they deleted it, I will have the PM from H2BAM stating that I was banned for linking CDN in an emoticon in my siggy. Granted, I had received my first strike the week before for poking Cooter Shoes, but that had nothing to do with why I was told I was banned. When I confronted her about inconsistencies on her then-newest story, I quoted several parts of her various posts in the thread, then asked her to decided which was the truth because she was contradicting herself. That was my strike, then a week later the link in my siggy was noticed, and I got a PM saying that because of the link, I was being banned for six months and had 12 hours to download and save any PMs I needed to, as well as to contact anyone I might be in a transaction with to give them my email address where I could be reached to finish the transactions.

  172. Flat Stainley says:

    174- At least they were fair to you. So lame to ban someone for linking to a “competing” forum, though. :gag: As if people don’t know how to use a searchengine on their own.

    I think it’s totally obnoxious to do what they’re doing to Redhead, simply for the fact that it could cause big T/F issues if she is in any transactions. At least be considerate to those wrapped up in transactions with her, kwim?

  173. Kirsty says:

    Call me suspicious but i’m going to guess they’re buying some time until they get their story straight. Even if the email link is malfunctioning, they have access to everyone’s addresses in the database and can email directly.

    lmao @ Cooter shoes. That’s hilarious.

  174. Redhead says:

    This is was H2BAM copied and emailed me:

    “Here is what the admin says was sent.
    Because your of recent behavior on Diaperswappers you are being issued a 6 month ban. The ban was deem appropriate because of your continued rude comments regarding several members. While it’s fine to disagree with someone posting rude,hateful and cruel comments will NOT be tolerated.
    Please be advised that after this ban expires any further rude,hateful cruel comments will be meet with an immediate permanent ban from Diaperswappers
    Thank You
    The DS Admin Team”

    So, no time line to take care of anything. And no examples of “rude/hateful/cruel” comments. Just, “you’re banned, The end.”

    If they think what I wrote to AA was hateful, they ain’t even CLOSE! That was like “ducks and bunnies” compared to when I am feeling hateful!

  175. shelbell says:

    I’ve been on ds for more than two years and got my first friendly warning that’s not a strike. I got it for typing wtf. I really want to write back, WTF? Why can’t I abbreviate what the freak?

  176. mommaton says:

    Redhead- that sucks.

    I do believe that they are looking at all my posts now and trying to find things to “get” me with. I’ve had to pm’s today about posts- one of them at least 3 months ago that I posted on someones FSOT and then today a post I made that had “foul language” even though I KNOW FOR SURE it didn’t. She “had to edit my post because of the language” except my post was NEVER edited… WTFEver.

  177. Redhead says:

    H2BAM just PMd me again and said this:

    “I will pass it [the email I replied to her with] to the entire team.
    While I personally, did not do your ban, I was one of the admin who was contacted by members in several cases. I, in turn, did quite a bit of digging,requesting of proof etc.
    Your ban was handed down swiftly due to the nature of everything that was being reported. There is zero tolerance for members who stalk or harrass members from DS and fuel or feed drama on this site.”

    So, it WAS for being hateful, and the now it was for “stalking”?
    She has no “proof” from her digging, because I haven’t “stalked” anyone.

  178. mommaton says:

    178 I bet that’s what they sent me the message about even though my post didn’t say it was edited by a mod or anyone until I did just now to add an update. Seriously how lame is that?!?! Was it mOmof3?

    BTW, the first response after my post was from chrisnsteph1022
    Super Moderator

    so if it were so bad wouldn’t she have sent me a message about it?


  179. scissorattack says:

    Sounds like some mods haven’t gotten laid in a while and are taking it out on you all! Pretty shitty!

  180. shelbell says:

    #181 – it was m0mof3! The post was really old too, I just looked, from 7/5. Maybe I should YAGE in a spectacular fashion now.

  181. Redhead says:

    You should, YAGE for me too since they didn’t give me an opportunity.

  182. mommaton says:


  183. mommaton says:

    FWIW Redhead- that wasn’t directed at you. It was my thought about mOmof3. Maybe she needs to get off her computer and go try to seduce her dh instead of issuing “friendly reminders” just sayin’.

  184. Redhead says:

    I know, Mommaton! 😀

  185. sissy hankshaw says:

    Redhead say it ain’t so!!!! Man those people need to lighten up over there.

  186. dundundun says:


    I never received any strike or pm about the things I said to demon-mommy.

    I might get one tonight though because I’m a few drinks in to my evening and I just read the confession about the 5 month old CIO it out and STTN because of the wonderful it-was-right-for-my-family solution. At 5 months old!? Are you fucking kidding me? I so badly want to be a judgmental whore.

  187. dundundun says:

    5 month old CIO and STTN*

    I got a little repetitious in my buzzy state 😉

  188. Redhead says:

    I’ll warn you, the mods are ban happy ATM.
    If you have any open transactions, better save your PMs now if you post anything even slightly rude… because they aren’t giving me any chance to go back and get my info off my inbox.

  189. smartassmama says:

    Was that email verbatim? Did someone fail English class? Day-yum.

  190. dundundun says:

    Redhead, no worries. DS is my backup site when my other site is at a lull.

    192, I was thinking the same thing. “U GAT BAYUNNED CUZ I SAYED SEW.”

  191. Redhead says:

    I sent H2BAM a decent YAGE response and won’t be going back to DS, ever.

    If they just spontaneously ban like that without warning, that could be very bad for my (or anyones) Paypal if I was in a lot of open transactions. Thankfully, I was able to find another way to contact the mama who purchased from me and I think everything will be fine as far as that goes.

    I’m no scammer. Yet I am being treated as if I was one of the worst out there.

  192. dundundun says:

    Yeah, it’s total bull. Eff ’em, though.

    Your transaction was resolved so that ended on somewhat of a positive note. They didn’t fully screw you over like they were obviously trying to do.

  193. smartassmama says:

    I wish your YAGE could have been an out-in-the-open one. That’s really blows goats.

    You should come back under a different user name. No one will ever be the wiser. And on the off chance that someone notices, you can say, “Oh I didn’t know. Please have pity. Don’t ban my new personality!” and all will be well. I mean, ask KelseyErin or Crunch, right?

    And if they haven’t already, you should make sure they delete your signature. You don’t need your etsy page linked with a banned account.

  194. Redhead says:

    That’s what I told her. She at least agreed to do that, hopefully she was telling the truth.

    Y’all can let me know if it doesn’t get deleted, I’ll have to get fierce with them then.

  195. Redhead says:

    Hahah! No, if I came back under another U/N, they’d just ban me again. They only allow craptastic trolls & scammers to break the rules there.
    I can still sleuth anything trolls you post here for poking, though. 😀

    Y’all can find my Facebook store page (tangerineflamingo) if you want– post a comment on there and I will add you to my real FB page. (unless you’re one of the trolls!.. not allowed!)
    I’m rather awesome like that, and I promise I won’t send you a bazillion FB messages each day asking for freebies. 😉

  196. Syrinx says:

    Redhead, your post count is 1,666. After all those posts in that demon thread, some superstitious mod just HAD to ban you cuz ur teh devil. Or his redheaded mistress. Or something. I mean, who else could possibly figure out that DS isn’t all ducks and bunnies unless they had some sort of supernatural power? :/
    And as of 6:40 am central time you still have a siggy, complete with link to your store, on DS. And no reason for your banning. Maybe “super sleuth that discovers and outs trolls and scammers” just won’t fit.

    Oh, and hi to everyone else. I’m a long time lurker with not much to say-for the most part.

  197. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    180- Stalking and harassing? Sounds remarkably similar to the things OM was accusing you of before she YA&A&A&A&A&A&A&A&A&A&AGEd here. Hmmmmmmm……

  198. tootrue says:

    199, that’s what I was thinking…a little payback maybe? Hmmmmm….

  199. scissorattack says:

    197- it’s delted

  200. scissorattack says:

    ugh- deleted. More coffee please!

  201. Sala says:

    It honestly sounds like they are going after people who are ‘out’ on this blog, one by one.

    Well, think of it this way – they wouldn’t be reacting like that if they weren’t upset or scared or pissed off by the blog!

  202. Redhead says:

    204-That is what I told her in my “YAGE” email to her.

    I also said she had no proof that I stalked anyone, but was basing her accusations against me from things she read on the blog, and I showed each instance where anything I had discussed was already public info.

    She said “admin had a tough time making the decision to ban you”. I’m like, yeah right. If it was so “tough” someone would have been nice enough to tell me & let me finish up at DS before just knocking me off immediately like that. Jerks.

  203. DocsNemesis says:

    Lol, if they try to ban me because I’m on this blog, they’ll have a hard time explaining it. I play nice on DS. I don’t want to lose my daily knitting thread! 😀

    No really, I don’t think I’ve said much of anything that could get me in trouble on there….

  204. Redhead says:

    206- they couldn’t even give me an example of why they banned me. It was all vague.

  205. Just Peachy says:

    Same here cus I rarely go there anyways. I check on the due date forum and thats pretty much it.

  206. mommaton says:

    Redhead- I digured you did but just wanted to clarify since I’m in so many “interweb brawls” and all. Didn’t want to start one with you because I know you could crush me. LOL 😀

  207. mommaton says:


  208. Redhead says:

    LOL Mammaton.. it’s all good. Don’t worry, I won’t “crush” you. ♥

    I’m the one who +rep’d you on CDN, I didn’t know about the other brawls going on there (CDN is still new and weird to me!), I was just saying hi to a DoDS bud. 😉

  209. not me at all says:

    AA is saying her 1 month old has a temp of 102. She was told 20 minutes ago that this is a emergency and yet she is STILL on DS.

  210. Redhead says:

    Probably because she doesn’t have a child in the first place. :/

  211. not me at all says:

    yeah that’s what I figure. A troll too stupid to use invisible. LOL

  212. DocsNemesis says:

    Not to play devils advocate but I leave DS open on my computer most of the day, so its possible she left it open if she isn’t looking at a bunch of different forums or something. I dunno, just sayin 😛

  213. sissy hankshaw says:

    216 me too. I usually leave a different tab open for everything I’m keeping up with and just let it go to screen saver if I get up and go somewhere. I only close everything out and turn the computer off every couple of days.

  214. not me at all says:

    yes but it won’t show activity on her profile.

  215. not me at all says:

    it just updated to say her latest activity was at 3:14

  216. sissy hankshaw says:

    hmm, i guess I’m gullible and naive. my first thought is always that someone is just either dumb or crazy when they post something stupid or nutty. I know there are plenty of trolls out there but I don’t give most people enough credit to be one. It takes alot of planning to pull off a whole nother persona online.

  217. not me at all says:

    She is offline now

  218. not me at all says:

    Had to laugh at H2BAM’s post in her thread. LOL Very sneaky, expresses concern while subtly pointing out she stayed online for an hour after being told to take him in. LMAO

  219. Redhead says:

    So apparently she is at the hospital now? What’d she do, take her computer with her?

    I know people can check via cell, but come on.. who is going to be replying on DS while your child is getting IVs and what not? I know who- Airmans_angel. Wouldn’t want to hold the baby at the hospital — might start bad habits!

    Hope H2BAM uses her brains and traces the IP on that post. Because it was most likely the same IP she uses at home.

  220. not me at all says:

    Oh look she is back on

  221. Redhead says:

    She doesn’t want him to be poked for tests but he got IVs?

    She’s not even at the hospital. AA- you’re a stupid liar.

    haha, right as I typed that, she edited her post. Loser.

  222. dundundun says:

    She must be supermom.

    Both of my kids were hospitalized at young ages with unknown fevers. They have to do SUCH invasive procedures to rule out all the possibilities. I could barely function watching my baby endure so much shit. I wouldn’t be on DS all “hai guise. babbe geddin poked. nawt a demon this tyme!”

  223. imasupernova says:

    infant + fever = doctors or ER

    No effing brainer…

    WTF (this is allowed here right…?)

  224. mommaton says:

    I guess I could play devils advocate on that one- because mine is. We use a mobile broadband card so I take it with me when I’m at work ect and have the same IP. I have also taken my netbook with me to the doctor but that’s because I was taking dd to IHS (Indian Health Services) and they are ungodly slow. (Seriously an appointment at 10 means you’ll be seen at 130 UNLESS you have a private pay insurance and then you’ll be seen right away. Anyhoo… I will say that I was the bad mommy that didn’t know to take her baby in to the hospital and I just gave tylenol. 😦 It was before I had any forum to ask for help in and I just really didn’t know.

  225. Sala says:

    My child was hospitalized for 2 days and had to have IV antibiotics until the spinal tap culture came in clear. Drs. don’t mess with the possibility of meningitis in babies under 8 weeks old. BEcause meningitis in an infant can go from happy cooing baby to dead baby in hours.

  226. mommaton says:

    Oh and I did try to call my ped but he was out of the country. Thought I should add that I did try to call him. EEK

  227. Redhead says:

    I still don’t think she is at the DR. But then I also don’t even believe she has a son.

  228. tat2mommy says:

    Never posted here before…just found out about the big “secret” blog lol

    Question about an old post: Been doing some reading as my mom used to frequent DS and I just have to know…is my mom the Tin Foil Hat Lady? She did make tin foil hat comments on that economy thread…I have never heard my mom talk like that before and LMAO! WTF is a tin foil hat anyway?? lol

    Also wonder if anyone will be able to figure out who I am… get to work sleuths hahahaha 😉

    As for AA I totally think she is a FAKE! But I didn’t have the balls to post on DS…

    -225 MAN! I missed it and read after she edited Boo!

  229. Myself says:

    My daughter was admitted to the hospital for dehydration. She was 10 months old and running a 105 fever. They did so many tests it was all I could do not to cry (and I did cry after the nurses left) but it was to the point that she wouldn’t LET me put her down.

    She would cry, scream, arch her back, would not be put down, it was awful, she was normally always independent and then that.

    It took her over a week to let me put her down a decent amount and even now 5 months later, she hates diaper changes because of having to be cath’d twice.

  230. mommaton says:

    I am not defending or saying that she’s there or that she’s got a son either- just saying that it’d technically be possible. She’s strange.

  231. tat2mommy says:

    Can anyone see my comment? It says awaiting moderation…how long does that take?

  232. Kirsty says:

    I don’t know, surfing the net while waiting at a doctor’s office is one thing. getting tests done in the ER for a sick newborn? Very, very different. I can think of a million other priorities than DS.

    I have also left DS on the backdrop of my day but when my computer goes into hibernation mode, it cuts off the internet until it wakes up again. I thought all computers did that???

  233. DocsNemesis says:

    is that when the screen saver comes up or like actual hibernation? Cause my computer doesn’t hibernate if thats the case….even when I get on in the morning, its still ready to go, just with a screen saver.

    I do agree though, I couldn’t be posting on a board if something was going on. I usually won’t even post we’re going…though I guess I could see asking a question. I do however, find it highly unlikely that a ped would say to wait for an appointment tomorrow. Heck, when my 9 month old was acting dehydrated, they told me to go to the ER and get some fluids in her. And she was much older, didn’t have a fever, etc. A 4 week old? They’d either make room for her that day or send her to ER, especially with a fever.

  234. .bin. says:

    I don’t know if DS is the same way but I know on CDN if you don’t change pages within 15 minutes or so.

  235. Aj says:

    So, they’ve already said her son may have leukemia; bull-fucking-shit. No ER doc in their right mind would say that before consulting with an oncologist, and even then it would take days for someone to utter the C-word.

  236. Flat Stainley says:

    Mamas, if you bought something off of FSOT and it was supposedly the last thing of that type the seller had to offer, the seller should edit their ad after recieving your payment to say it is sold, no?
    What would you do if in that same thread you saw other mamas asking about the same thing you bought which was stated to be the last one or two, and even saw the seller answering their questions about that item, (as though you never bought it in the first palce) and that a mama sent PP for it? Would you think the seller was scamming or that they just had shady selling practices and that they were fooling you by saying it was the last item available? :headscratch:

  237. DSDM2 says:

    FS, I would assume scamming and file with PP.

  238. Flat Stainley says:

    Awwww sheeeeat! That’s what I thought. Booo!

  239. Redhead says:

    I wonder how many freebies AA will get now that she can play the leukemia card.

    I also wonder why nobody else thinks it is odd that nearly everything she posts is total drama.

  240. Redhead says:

    232, I have no idea about a “tin foil hat lady”…what’s her username?

    But I can see you comments now!

  241. hawt_tamale says:

    so whats up with demons_angel? she see’s demons,indians and doesnt have PPD? trying to catch up…

  242. dundundun says:

    This poor supposed child.

    I mean, really. I *was* told that blood counts could be used to determine possible indicators of cancers but I couldn’t imagine them ruling out the various other factors that could come in to play that quickly.

  243. .bin. says:

    Apparently her kid had a fever so while she was online the ER doctor discovered it may be cancer. Insert giant eyeroll.

  244. DocsNemesis says:

    Must…keep….mouth….shut. Gah, so hard!

    Ok, to fill you in-she said she saw a demon the other night, who then in turn scratched her baby. Now her baby apparently has a fever and hasn’t been peeing and won’t drink his bottle or something. So she took him to the ER…after an hour still on DS after saying she was going. Now a few hours later she’s saying they’ve said it might be leukemia…and then just now clarified saying that they “mentioned a whole list of possibilities, that being one of them.”

    Now…I have a kid that had a whole bunch of symptoms seen in cancer. He also had abnormal bloodwork. Never once was cancer mentioned. Ever. They started ruling out everything else first. Btw, he was fine, we never did figure out what the heck was causing the issue. He’s just weird.

    Anyway, my professional opinion: either the demon infected her baby with leukemia, which was clearly under its fingernails when he got scratched, or its the formula. Yup, the formula did it. Doesn’t she know thats evil stuff?! (I’m kidding btw, I have no issue with formula, lol)

  245. smartassmama says:

    Wow. Once again, I hope it’s total drama-created-BS.

  246. Just another mom says:

    If it comes down to it I can maybe take a little visit and make sure she is on the up and up….

  247. DocsNemesis says:

    Oh and apparently congenital leukemia has a rate of 1 per 5 million births. O_o

  248. smartassmama says:

    Did she ever say what the demon looked like? Cause I like to picture who is talking, and who/what they’re talking about. Anytime I read that she saw a demon, I’m picturing like a miniature Barney with wild black Phil Spector hair.

  249. sissy hankshaw says:

    232 ten foil hats are are thought to keep out radio waves or mind control beams by some…ahem special groups of people. conpsiracy theorists are often referred to as ten foil hat people.

  250. Redhead says:

    You know she is totally reading this blog, that is why her updates are edited every time we post something contradictory to what she is saying.

    Hi AA. Why don’t you come post some of your trollish filth over here, too?

  251. dundundun says:


    The demon is Adam Sandler. Y’know.. Little Nicky?

  252. piratebaby says:

    My son had a fever of 104 when he was 11 mos old, but he was acting really lethargic, breathing fast, glassy eyed so I took him to the dr right away. They did a cbc and his white count was 30k, normal is around 10k, so it was considered critically high. Xray was clear for pneumonia, but he was obviously very ill. The dr didn’t have hospital privileges so she gave me his file and sent me the to ER for a spinal tap. Stupid ER didn’t do it, sent him home with an rx, 4 days later he won’t wake up and was very dehydrated even though he was nursing. He ended up spending a wk in the hospital, his wbc was down to 22k, if it had been 25k or higher they were going to medflight him to the childrens hospital. His final dx was bacteremia, bacterial blood infection, he was septic and had I waited even 5 hrs until the next morning he would have been in a coma and more than likely died.

    There is no way in hell that they blew off a 102 temp in a freakin newborn, then said leukemia right off the bat due to a high wbc. The 2nd ER we went to was sooo pissed they hadn’t done a blood culture or spinal tap before giving him abx because there are many many syndromes/virues/infections that occur in children and they can go downhill so quickly. I call BS on the whole thing, seriously doubt she even has baby!

  253. Redhead says:

    NO WAY! Little Nicky wouldn’t skratch up her bebe!!

    I think it is Christopher Walken.

  254. hawt_tamale says:

    Formula demon! with Leukemia nails.Hope she sprayed it with raid.Salt water at the very least.
    what other forum was she talking about?

  255. Redhead says:

    Though Airmans_angel might be a popular user name (maybe?).. I have found at least 2 other profiles on MOTHERING type forums and they both have different ages of children, but still type in the same style she does.

    Look at that ol’ H2BAM, I’m still “stalking”.. even with my ban and all! :moon:

  256. Redhead says:

    she’s talking about here.

  257. sissy hankshaw says:

    she does seem to really have it together to be still posting while her newborn is sick. I barely had time for the frantic phone calls when mine ended up in the er at 2 months. I was there every step of the way when they were taking blood and trying to find a place to IV him. I remember the only time I wasn’t holding him for the nurses were when they gave him a spinal tap and I was pretty much hysterical at that point. If she really is finding out this could be serious and getting him all these tests beside him she is certainly handling different than me to be able to still even think about diaperswappers. She certainly is a strange one if she’s not a troll.

  258. Redhead says:

    ROFL @ Ajanele’s post!

  259. dundundun says:

    260, agreed.

    When my second was admitted with a temp of 103 at 6 weeks old I was a freaking basketcase. Kid apparently doesn’t have veins either because they had nurse after nurse attempting to get one and they never succeeded. They were talking about shaving my nearly already bald baby to put an IV in her freaking head. Do you think my first reaction was to to update a forum?!

    Once we were admitted I did have DF bring me my lappy. I mean, sick kids sleep a lot. I was in bed with her while surfing.

  260. DocsNemesis says:

    255-thats scary!!

    A lot of that can have to do with the doctor that you see though. As an example, I ended up in the hospital with my last because I got scared of some pain I was having (I had HELLP with my last and was a nervous wreck at the end when I started having a little swelling), failed my 24 hour urine protein by 2 points, and they decided to watch me. I didn’t have an OB at that point though, as I was hoping for a homebirth. So, I got to see whoever was on call.

    UGH. Seriously. I had one doc that was so freaked out about everything, telling me I wasn’t going home at all, baby wasn’t going to be full term, I was going downhill, etc, and then I’d get a different doc the next day who’d be like “oh, you’re doing really well, we might be able to send you home!” Then, the next day, I’d end up with the freaked out one again. Finally I got the same doc that actually dealt with my HELLP last time, he felt I was fine to go home (after a week of this!), and told me he’d get me out that night because he knew that I’d still be stuck if the other doctor came back in.

    So annoying! But anyway, it just kinda shows how much is up to the discretion of the individual doctor.

    Now back to shaking the jar…homemade butter is so tiring, but so worth it. lol

  261. dundundun says:

    She needs to be sure and tell the nurse to not put the bassinet on the night stand.

  262. Aj says:

    See, now I thought it had been overlooked by everyone Redhead! I tried my best to be nice.

  263. smartassmama says:

    263 – Damn you. Now I want to make butter. I read how, I just don’t have a marble. I lost all my marbles. 😦

  264. DocsNemesis says:

    rofl at the last post on there right now

  265. sissy hankshaw says:

    262 the same thing happened to mine. They finally got and old pro out of retirement i believe and she finally got one in on his head. He was stuck 28 times I believe before they succeeded. I remember the nurse who did it I don’t think it was even her job anymore or something, It felt like they were pulling out the big guns when they called her.

  266. sissy hankshaw says:

    267 concurred lmao at AJ

  267. Redhead says:

    what does she mean in post #46? Is she talking about the scratches?

    Today, 08:44 PM #46
    Registered Users

    they told me not to worry about them, that they didnt look like it was done on purpose or anything.

  268. sissy hankshaw says:

    ok well that’s a relief. evidently the demon scratched the baby by accident. must need a manicure.

  269. megs2486 says:

    I was coming to ask the same thing, Redhead. I think I’m going to ask her. 🙂

  270. sissy hankshaw says:

    270 yes, that’s what i got.

  271. not me at all says:

    OMG this is TOO funny!

  272. dundundun says:

    Oh, so it’s okay to admit to a forum of random ladies that your bebe was attacked by Christopher Walken but when you have a medical professional in front of you that could check out said wounds you lie about the “real story” to avoid looking CARAZAY.

  273. megs2486 says:

    So, she doesn’t want the doctors to think she’s a nut job, but she’s fine with a bunch of people on the net thinking that?!

  274. not me at all says:

    must not poke the troll…must not poke the troll…must not poke the crazy lying demon obsessed wackjob troll.

  275. dundundun says:

    I gotta throw in some encouragement here and there so I’m not labeled as a stalker.

  276. Redhead says:

    a warning from me, who was JUST BANNED:
    Y’all better start downloading your PMs now. The ban hammer is feeling especially active lately!

    But keep poking, at least if you go out – go out with a BANG in remembrance of me! 😛

  277. not me at all says:

    must go to bed, PLEASE take screen shots before the whole thing gets canned!

  278. megs2486 says:

    I’m in a feisty mood. Let’s see if I can earn myself a strike or two. Maybe a ban while I’m at it.

  279. Redhead says:

    I didn’t get any strikes. Just a ban.

    But the thread is cracking me up. Like seriously, she won’t let the DR give her kid Motrin for his fever?
    Sucky mom!

  280. magpie says:

    MM has some nerve explaining the banning process on DS. I am shocked she is still there and Redhead is not!

  281. megs2486 says:

    What?! You’d give your kid some Motrin if they needed it?! I can’t believe it. Ha.

  282. DSDM2 says:

    OK, so a fever means some type of infection, either viral or otherwise, correct? Am I missing something? WBCs rise over any stress to the immune system don’t they?

  283. Aj says:

    Good night ladies, have fun!

  284. dundundun says:

    Maybe demon infections don’t show in the WBC.

  285. magpie says:

    demon infections….lmfao

  286. shelbell says:

    I don’t even know what to say. AA is crazy. There’s either no kid at all and she’s a total troll whackjob or there is a baby, AA has Munchausen by Proxy or something. She’s a little scary.

  287. shelbell says:

    Oh, and if she was typing from her phone wouldn’t it say that at the end of the post?

  288. Redhead says:

    Someone should post in that ban thread that you can be banned immediately without any notification, too.

  289. megs2486 says:

    287- Last I heard they need more research on that still. They are thinking they don’t show. That’s how those tricky demons get away with scratching kids all the time!

  290. dundundun says:

    292, Ah. Must be what got Michael Jackson, then.

  291. magpie says:

    291..Chrisnsteph1022 wrote..
    “People can be banned for a variety of reasons. Most times, there’s a 3-strikes, then ban policy, but people can be banned without any strikes depending on the severity of the issue. It doesn’t necessarily mean the banned person is a bad person.”

    So rest assured, they don;t think you;re a bad person. Just a stalker!

  292. Redhead says:

    and if someone doesn’t mind, could you PM bdhutier and tell her why I am banned? She was a friend of mine there and I have no way to contact her. 😦

  293. megs2486 says:


  294. dundundun says:

    What’s the deal with the sensitive topics forum and why can’t I find it?

  295. amessymama says:

    I knew if she didn’t put Neosatan on those scratches, he would get an infection!

    If I wasn’t banned, I would have suggested that and the baby would be OK.


  296. Smartassmama says:

    I messages her for ya. Want me to link her to your Facebook? . . . Which I need to do myself.

  297. Redhead says:

    ChrisnSteph can shove it, along with the rest of the idiot staff there.
    H2BAM lied to one of my DS friends and told her (Mon evening) I hadn’t responded to her email that she sent Monday afternoon, so I thought something was wrong with my email server- I stayed up all night trying to download new software and what not, and then H2BAM tells me the next evening (Tues) that she didn’t know what my friend was talking about, she had just checked her email for the first time that night. They don’t have a clue what is going on 98% of the time.

  298. Smartassmama says:

    Now you know she lives in BFE. They don’t have stores that sell Neosatan for at least an hour drive. Unless it’s something you can DIY, it ain’t in her house!

  299. Redhead says:

    Yeah, you can send her to my FB. 🙂 Thanks .. and yes, you need to go over there too so I can add ya!

  300. Kirsty says:

    MM said she has a strike? Multiple accounts??

  301. scissorattack says:

    Neosatan! LMAO!!!!!!!

  302. DSDM2 says:

    RedHead, look, you were harassing people. Like it or not, you made a name for yourself as being bitchy and you got banned for it. Taking things from here to the blog causes trouble, you knew it. You overstepped. So you didn’t get the warnings, strikes, PM, or an email got lost in cyberspace. It happens. It is a private site who can ban over what they see appropriate. You were getting pretty big for your britches over there, and it was obvious that you were starting drama and bringing it back and forth.

    ChrisnSteph has never done anything to anyone on the blog, and has helped a number of members with transactions issues. And as much as we bitch about Happy, she has done more for outting scammers then anyone else ever.

    Obviously I am not a huge fan of the 1984 style Big Brother shit there. However, you need to learn how to not piss off everyone so quickly and how to keep things down. Running back and forth and poking everyone you don’t like (whether or not they are trolls) isn’t good for you.

  303. DSDM2 says:

    I had to get that off my chest… Back to our regularly scheduled drama now 🙂

  304. megs2486 says:

    303- If only she’d have read the ToS. She would have known that multiple accounts = a big no-no. That’s why it’s so important to brush up on them every once in awhile! Then, she can be on top of things when it comes to being the wonderful troll she is!

  305. Smartassmama says:

    Yeah, when she admitted to the strike that was a huge tell, IMO.

  306. mommygrizzly says:

    I just thought of something and I wanted to check it out. Does anybody still have the pictures AA posted of her husband in his uniform on the SOS website? I know it’s around somewhere but that’s a lot of comments to go through.

    I tried to search myself, some, and it appears there is 2 women that go by airmans_angel or, the same woman with a lot more pictures than the other. I’d say one is really who she says she is and the other is the troll. The one with a lot of pictures actually does have an infant girl with pictures of her holding it.

  307. DocsNemesis says:

    Hmmm…maybe motrin is the devil too.

    I don’t think even I could withstand the serious badgering you’d get if you had a feverish 4 week old and refused any sort of fever reducers. And I can handle a lot. Its also taken me years to get to that point.

  308. mommygrizzly says:

    Wow, she rocks!

    Registered Users

    Join Date: Jun 2007
    Location: So. Oregon Coast
    Posts: 18
    Feedback Score: 0 reviews
    Re: sick baby
    Originally Posted by airmans_angel
    correct, they said it looks accidental. we are just doing a cool wahs cloth on him right now, till we know more. that was our call
    So the THREE scratches from the demon that appeared in the middle of the night last week were…ACCIDENTAL?

    I’m sorry, but I really don’t buy a lot of the stories you have been feeding everyone here. I think what you don’t understand is that many mama’s here tend to get emotionally involved with other mama’s. When something happens to one mama, her children, or someone else in her family, the whole community comes together with support. I have seen on other sites where people get really hurt when a member is feeding a bunch of stories.

    I really hope you do seek some sort of help for your own well being. I have had a rough time in the past, dealing with both PPD and PTSD from a car accident where a fatality was involved. It was not an easy path to go down. So please, get some much needed help – for both you and your baby.

    If you are a troll, please just walk away from this site.

  309. melmelly says:

    Thank you 311! I will take a strike if they give it to me.

  310. melmelly says:

    Damn! They deleted it!

  311. megs2486 says:

    Wow, that was quick! I just read your response, and BAM…gone.

  312. dundundun says:

    They deleted it that fast!? So they obviously have reason to monitor her posts because the know she’s full of shit.


  313. melmelly says:

    7 MINUTES! That’s how long it lasted. Someone is watching that thread and this blog very closely.

  314. dundundun says:

    Too bad they can’t monitor all the demonz in her house that close.

  315. melmelly says:

    No shit! She would be demon free and wouldn’t be trolling DS!

    No one has mentioned it, but have any of you watched “Paranormal Activity” on A&E? They have dealt with demons, spirits, ghosts, hauntings, etc. They actually filmed an episode 30 minutes from me two years ago. It was the ghost of a man that died in a car wreck back in the 1970’s, and he was haunting his old house. From what I remember from past episodes, demons don’t “speak”. So how would this demon be speaking to them in a dream, or when they are awake in the room?

  316. dundundun says:

    I don’t know. I’ve dealt with ghosts. I’ve been touched and had all sorts of other crazy shit happen to me. I don’t doubt the supernatural at ALL. Regardless of all the random things that have happened I have never been harmed. I’m not even saying that it’s not possible for a spirit to harm anyone because really, who are we as people to prove that?

    BUT, as a mother, you can be SURE that if my baby woke up with random scratches on it’s back that I wouldn’t sit back and be like “oh, okay. i’m tired – we’ll deal with this tomorrow. in the mean time, let’s put the baby on the nightstand.”

    It’s ridiculous. She’s a troll or a psychopath. I understand that DS doesn’t want immaturity and or blatant hatred on their website but how are we as caring mothers supposed to sit back and shut up? I don’t feed off of drama, but I also don’t take too kindly to letting some woman feed off the reaction of a perfectly capable and caring mother. Furthermore, I understand that this woman probably feeds off of our responses but I just… I can’t NOT say something. I know it’s not true. I know she’s creating some life in her head for whatever reason but I can’t just sit back and not comment.

    I just don’t understand why established members are being banned and/or receiving strikes for stating the obvious.

  317. dundundun says:

    Here comes my ban but really, it’s ridiculous for the mods to let this individual continue to fester on the forums.

  318. Redhead says:

    The problem is, DSDM2, they let scammers stay on and/or give them multiple warnings before being banned. We all know this.
    I don’t care that I was banned. I care that they are biased towards scamming. At least, it appears that way to me. Yes, it is their site, but really.. what’s worse? Someone who steals your cash or someone who pokes trolls?
    And I was annoyed that I didn’t get a chance to finish up stuff, that could have been a major issue for me.

    Anyway. I was watching Dexter so I didn’t get to see the last bit of the demon thread. Did Airmans_Demon reply to Momma2boys post?

  319. melmelly says:

    When I was in HS, my parents decided to sell our house because it was getting too small, and so all three of us girls could have our own bedroom. We had five acres a few miles out of town, so we put a triple wide on there. We got to have input as to where stuff was going to be, how big we wanted our rooms and the bathroom. By the time the entire floor plan was complete, it was six feet longer than the shortest version of the original plan. There were some mistakes made along the way, so that put the completion behind three weeks by the time it was finished.

    The window in our bathroom only has one of those slim, long windows above the tub/shower, and it doesn’t open. We have been in there with the door shut and felt a cool breezy draft go by. Totally freaked us out. We have had knocking on one of the windows, on a dark and stormy night, yet there were no footprints out in the mud (our first winter living in there, about two months after we moved in – so no grass yet). And we had two of the three bedroom doors slam shut, and no windows were open. Seriously freaked us out at the time.

    We have come to the conclusion that one of the men that worked on it died not long after it was completed. It was his last home to work on, and he is “stuck” there. Of course, we haven’t researched any of it, but it is a good story for us to talk about when we get together.


  320. dundundun says:

    322, dude. Just… dude.

    I lived in a neighborhood that had a family cemetary at one end of the street. Now, I don’t know if that had anything to do with the shit that went down but I’m willing to bet it did.

    I woke up once in the night to my bed literally shaking. SHAKING. It wasn’t the first time that something had happened so I put on my BGP’s and jumped down to the floor to make sure my brother wasn’t underneath messing with me. No one was in my room.

    I woke up once to the feeling of something on my cheek. I reached up to grab whatever it was. It was a hand. When I placed my hand on top of it, it tickled my neck. I could clearly feel the palm against my cheek and the fingers that were dangling across my neck. I sat upright to scan the EMPTY room and then immediately booked ass to sleep in my brothers room.

    I can’t even begin to list all the crap that happened to my brother and I. If you slept in my brothers bed things would literally walk on you. Felt like a cat. We didn’t have any pets as I’m deathly allergic to dander so I know it wasn’t a real being.

    There is so.much.more that happened.

    Anyway, I’m bored and everyone else is asleep so yeah… you got a long reply about my fucked up paranormal past.

  321. melmelly says:

    Redhead, she hasn’t replied to my post. It was deleted 7 minutes after I posted it. I haven’t gotten a warning or a strike for it either.

  322. Redhead says:

    I lived in a haunted house once.

    One day, when I am feeling brave (or tipsy!).. I’ll share details on what happened.
    “Something” actually “talked” to me. But I don’t like remembering that night, so I will leave you all wondering in curiosity! 😛

  323. Flat Stainley says:

    A 4 year old boy drowned in the ditch out front of our house 40 years ago. My neighbour said her son used to talk to him all the time, and one day I saw this little boy (my neighbour’s kid) out in the field behinfd our house before we met each other. Apparently, her son who was 3 at the time was “playing with his friend”. Creepy! We made sure the neighbour’s kid made it home safely.
    Quite often in this house I get thumps & drafts without explanation & I feel a presence at times that I can’t explain. Hauntings freak the bejeezus out of me, so I block it out and don’t give it much thought. Other neighbours say our street is haunted, but who really knows?
    :insert Twilight Zone themesong here:

  324. dundundun says:

    I think saying ghosts don’t inhabit this earth in some form is equally as silly as saying airmans_angel isn’t bat shit crazy.

  325. melmelly says:

    323 That is way creepy! There were several parts of my college campus that are supposedly haunted, people went missing in the tunnels that go underground, etc. They would always to a tour at Halloween, but I was never able to make it because I was working. 😦

    Some things that have happened: suicides in dorm rooms, so they block them off completely…like the door is sealed shut and you can’t see the door from the hallway, but you can see in the room from the outside. A little kid drowned in a pond near campus, and supposedly roams the halls asking people for a towel. Creepy stuff!

  326. Flat Stainley says:

    I used to live near a cemetary. It was the dead centre of our city.

  327. Flat Stainley says:

    People are DYING to get in there.

  328. Flat Stainley says:

    These stories are creeping me out!

  329. dundundun says:

    I lykez da scurry.

    I’m gonna hate this shit when my kids wake up in the morning. Why am I still awake?

  330. melmelly says:

    Are you on the East Coast? It’s only 10:22 here.

  331. Flat Stainley says:

    I must git to bed. The beach made me haz teh tiredz, lol. G’night ladies

  332. dundundun says:

    Yeah, EST. It’s 1:23am. Oops.

  333. Redhead says:

    There is (supposedly) a goat-man who lives at a low-water crossing about a mile from my house..
    You go to the crossing, at midnight, shut your car off and flash your lights/honk your horn 3 times.

    After this ritual, he will leap from the forest and dance on the hood of your car before dragging you off into the brush to be.. murdered or something.

    At least, that is what everyone who survives has said!

  334. Just another mom says:

    I’m watching Dexter, reading about the troll and up way too late too!

  335. magpie says:

    Really? Y’all pick the night my hubby is out of town to be talking about all of this?? Ready for the baby to wake up so I can bring her in to feed her and sleep with me for the rest of the night.

  336. sourpatchbabe says:

    292, it was the SMURFS that did it! They probably left the TV on in the room the baby was in (I don’t think anyone who puts their child next to a glass of water in the nightstand will allow their child to sleep in the same room as them) and the smurfs came out and scratched him.

  337. nu says:

    I didn’t read all the posts–I’m late for work.
    I’ll come back later to do so.

    Now AA is really ticking me off. My dh’s cousin is sitting in a hospital room with her 2 yo who has brain cancer. Every day she prays his counts stay up.

    I hope the mods see right through here. Sally (SFF) has been through this–I hope she sees that AA is a troll.

    How awful for a person to say that.

  338. nu says:

    *her not here

  339. monkey says:

    I’m with the other mamas. DS had rotovirus when he was very young and was SICK SICK SICK. I was out the door and at the hospital in no time. I didn’t talk to anyone or do anything but hold my child and comfort him while they were testing him.

    I made one phone call. I called DH, told him what was going on and where we were and asked him to call my school and tell them the deal.

    There is NO way I would have been posting.

  340. Pork Slapper says:

    AA is definitely a liar.
    newbie/ –

    #1 Guest_airmans_angel_*
    Posted 06 February 2010 – 09:06 PM

    “So I was on MSOS, as airmans_angel…. and i registered here when everything went down, and for some reason i cant remember my account info. SO quick introduction, I am 19 years old, married to my airman. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant. My name is Leanne. any questions just ask”

    I’m not signing up for a username on that board just to view her profile, but part of it is in google: “Mar 25, 2010 … airmans_angel: I’m 19 years old. Been married to my husband since September 16 2009. I’m pregnant with our first. I have a step son, …”

    On MSOS, she introduced herself as Danielle. It was edited, but everyone is calling her Danielle. However, I guess she hated that name and switched back to Leann.

    12-18-2009, 11:07 AM #1 (permalink)
    Account Closed

    airmans_angel’s Avatar

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    thanks for the ecard. it made me smile, and it was a nice thing to wake up to.

    I hope you have a nice day!

    Leanne – This thread (which was deleted, along with a lot of her other posts) is her intro thread; several people are calling her Danielle.

    What’s interesting is that there are some photos still up using photobucket account lkorta1990. So, her name _is_ likely Leanne. That said, she was on MSOS under that username:

    I’m not even going to call into question the twin situation under that username.

    She’s a kid, though. She was born in 1990 and probably spends a lot of time by herself. Alone. She has created a lovely little fantasy world where she is the center of attention.

  341. imasupernova says:

    What do you think…could AA have Munchausen syndrome by proxy…?

  342. sissy hankshaw says:

    I’ve got tons of ghost stories lol. The house I grew up in was haunted I believe by the teenager that lived there before us. He committed suicide. Nothing big, it actually took years for me to realize the things going on couldn’t be explained by normal explainations. I’d hear coins spinning in the kitchen when noone was home alot, stuff like that. Once my blow dryer turned on by itself. I’d hear someone raking the front porch in the middle of the night, that was the freakiest because the sound was awful.

    the worst was when i worked at a Macaroni grill though. When it was being built one of the workers fell into the septic tank and died. It was being added onto a mall so it was a pretty nasty death since the septic system wasn’t new. On one side of the restaurant near the bathroom we had to close it off every other day because it smelt like a sewer. They had the plumbing checked out a bunch of times and there was no logical explaination for it. If I were to keep going I’d take up the whole page lol. I worked at a few places that are well known to be haunted around here also. Part of my job was to get people drunk and tell them ghost stories. It was an awesome job.

  343. sissy hankshaw says:

    I think H2bam agrees she is probably a troll. She basically said don’t poke her but no problem with asking the tough questions. Sounds like she wants her exposed also if she is one.

  344. Redhead says:

    Supernova- I think it is very possible.

  345. Redhead says:

    Did she PM you, Sissy? Or is there another post?

  346. sissy hankshaw says:

    QUOTE Mama, I see what you are saying. I knew this well before your post though.

    In this case, it will be the proof of her story that is required by me. I have been working on this and not only because it is members who are concerned. I am as well. I do have a heart. I am a mama too and I dislike my heartstrings being stepped on and the story turning out false. It happens a lot online though. You’d think I would be used to it by now. I am not. It beyond angers me to see somene use the story of a sick child or loss of a child. However, we do NOT know if that is the case here.

    I can’t go into everything on the open forum but please know, I am working on this ladies. I really am. I cannot and will not ever take action against a member on these forums without proof of things though… regardless of how I personally feel. That goes for any situation.

    I am digging. I will get to the bottom of all this. I promise you all, I will.

    FTR, I have seen nothing wrong with most of the post and questions presented in this thread. I’m also not saying “don’t ask questions”. I am saying, don’t start calling someone a troll and, if you really think they are one, begin playing their game with them.UNQUOTE

    this is the latest from her.

  347. sissy hankshaw says:

    That was H2bam if I wasn’t clear. So don’t poke her or play her game, but feel free to ask appropriate questions. Sounds like she’s not happy with these crazy stories either.

  348. DocsNemesis says:

    Its on the main thread, she said something on page 7 or so about it. She also just said though that AA hasn’t been on since last night…which I’m not sure means she maybe thinks she actually isn’t a troll or…??? No idea.

    And if theres an actual baby involved, yeah, she could have munchausins by proxy. In which case, poor baby 😦 I hope if thats the case, the doctors catch on quick and call in help.

  349. DocsNemesis says:

    I’m too slow. 😦

  350. tat2mommy says:

    -244 username was ceelynncee…wonder if she reads this blog LOL. I just think it was funny she sounds like a totally different person online, but she also never talks to me about religion or politics.

    -252 so was my mom making fun of the OP? I gotta go back and read. That was a weird thread.

  351. sissy hankshaw says:

    351 link? If she called someone else a ten foil hat person she was saying they were paranoid and crazy.

  352. dundundun says:

    I was sent a cautionary PM last night, which I expected, so I took that opportunity to express my concerns about this situation.

    One mod didn’t care and simply reiterated what I’d done wrong and reminded me that I was breaking TOU.

    The other was very supportive. She gently reminded me that I was being a bit forward but that she in no way felt the need to downplay my concerns. That’s a good mod.

    Out of respect for her, I’ll stop poking the troll. BUT, if I have a legitimate question you’re damn right I’ll ask it. She doesn’t have a problem with that anyway.

  353. mommaton says:

    All I can say about AA is wow. She’s seriously messed up in the head.

    I missed a LOT of the drama because I spent the evening at Urgent Care. I hit my toe on the vacuum cleaner and tore my toenail off. Had to get 6 different shots of local to numb it for the doctor to get it off. I’d rather be in labor again than EVER have to do that again.

    Off to read more of the drama. 🙂

  354. angelique says:

    305. what? nobody recognized your awesome post! I love that you are an equal opportunity hater. sometimes a member of the blog needs to be called out too. I don’t know anything about the Redhead situation, just saying that its cool that you can call out a blog member and even occasionally support a mod if necessary.

  355. tat2mommy says:

    -352 here is the thread link

    She posted a lot on political stuff too. I just can’t hear my mom making fun of someone lol or being mean.

  356. not me at all says:

    Honestly I sincerely hope that AA is a troll.

  357. mom2js says:

    Well I did some digging and it does look like AA does in fact have a newborn baby…

  358. Redhead says:

    358, what did you find?

  359. mom2js says:

    I found her myspace and I also found her birth pictures in another forum. I don’t want to post her priuvate life here, but her baby is real…I feel sick I was really hoping this was trolling.

  360. mom2js says:


  361. mom2js says:

    She also posted the demon thread on another forum with updates.

  362. tat2mommy says:

    -360 that is really crappy…I feel sad for that baby. I hope she gets some help for herself.

  363. Aj says:

    Peachy, it looks like she’s from Adrian. That’s your neck of the woods, right?

  364. Redhead says:

    Mom2js- if it is the myspace that is the same username as her UN on DS- it isn’t the same person.

  365. sissy hankshaw says:

    wow, I really hope everything is ok with her baby. I hope she’s just coming off crazier than she really is. My heart hurts for the baby if she doesn’t get some real help.

  366. mom2js says:

    No it isn’t I got it from the un of her account on another site. All the pictures are the same person.

    Anyone think it odd that 1 week later those scratches are still visable for the ER to see. Those have to be some deep scratches.


  367. tat2mommy says:

    -367 yea and supposedly they broke the skin, but didn’t bleed…BS

  368. sissy hankshaw says:

    Registered Users

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    Re: sick baby
    sorry ladies. its been a long night for both my husband and myself. After a long discussion with my husband, we did allow for a pain relief medication for him, it broke his fever. They did end up doing a spinal tap. My husband has called tricare today to file a complaint, as soon as the doctor that was on duty last night, left we had another one come in, and ease our minds that it could be as little as a cold or infection but it could be worse then that. we were told its more than likely an infection, since we did find out he had a cold in his eye, We thought it was just allergies, because I get all the eye crap that he was having and we were told to just keep his eyes clean, with a warm wash cloth and baby soap. We still havent had alot of wet diapers, he still isnt eatting as much as normal, but he seems to be going back to himself slowly but surely. we got back test results this morning, it was infection. The source is unknown, it could be the scratches, but the doctor said it could also been from his toes being ingrown and it finally broke the skin. (he has deep nails that were not past the skin like it should of been) and it also a cause for the high count was he has allergies to grass pollen, which has been very high and his body has been trying to fight off the cold in his eye.

    So all i have to say is thank goodness it was nothing more serious than just little things. it is serious because i had no clue what to do. I just thought our ped would get us in if it was something to worry about, but was i wrong. we will be looking for another ped.
    Last edited by airmans_angel; Today at 12:39 PM.

  369. sissy hankshaw says:

    I don’t know, sounds like a normal legit post to me. Maybe she’s just young(and has a crazy imagination).

  370. tat2mommy says:

    I think I found her myspace…does she live on an Air Force Base?

  371. smartassmama says:

    They told her to put soap in the baby’s eyes?

    And a cold in his eye? Is that some kind of slang I don’t understand?

  372. mom2js says:

    Her myspace is private, at least the one I found is.

  373. magpie says:

    No way did they diagnose allergies on a sick baby that young over night. And allergies don’t raise you’re white blood count. I am convinced she is a troll now. I had been giving her the benefit of the doubt (albeit barely) but her story is ridiculous! And a cold in his eye…if she got through a night in the er she would be using the medical terms.

  374. Redhead says:

    Yeah, I found the pics on the other forum.

    REALLY disturbs me. Infected toenails look “infected” from my experience. And she never mentioned his eyes being yucky in her first posting..

    Makes me sad they waited hours to give him Tylenol.

  375. tat2mommy says:

    Hmmm…this one isn’t private. I also found an AA spelled exactly the same as on DS on Military SOS…this may have already been said.

  376. Redhead says:

    So I am going to venture to say (since I saw pics of her and her baby, and know he exists) that they did not take him to the ER at all.

  377. Redhead says:

    and OH! The posts on the military forum I found are making me sick. She is just completely clueless. Completely. Someone needs to step in and get that child some help & parenting classes for the parents ASAP.

  378. Kirsty says:

    375- That’s what I was thinking about the soap.

    I’ve heard of eye colds though. It cause goopy, watery eyes. I’ve never heard of introducing soap to the eyes to clean it though. Fresh, clean water should suffice.

  379. mom2js says:

    Redhead, I too wonder if she really took him in, she was posting on the military forum while her child was so sick??

    And yes, sunscreen on a newborn??

  380. sissy hankshaw says:

    maybe I’m naive but i still don’t see troll. I see dumb kid with a baby.

  381. Aj says:

    Can someone please direct the clueless mama to the military forum you all are speaking of?

  382. mom2js says:

    379 I have found 2 profiles on the SOS site, one was closed the other was banned and she said she was pregnant with twins. ???

  383. tat2mommy says:

    The military forum I found is a closed account. But I can tell it is her b/c she talks about going to court for custody of her hubby’s other child. I haven’t been able to find the forum with the pics 😦

  384. tat2mommy says:

    -386 I didn’t see the banned one. What are her other usernames? This one MUST have more than one.

  385. Redhead says:

    She is on 2 military forums.
    The one 386 mentions she said she was pregnant with twins with her first UN, after that one was banned, she came back under another UN saying she had a 6 mo old daughter (3 months after announcing her twin pregnancy which was supposed to be her first).

  386. not me at all says:

    eye cold?

    BTW an allergic reaction CAN raise WBC.

  387. tat2mommy says:

    Ok I scrolled up…my bad I missed a lot last night. I usually don’t get online at night. Only while working hahaha

  388. mom2js says:

    391 I usually try to stay off line while my kiddoes are awake… oh well they seem content playing today and I must stalk at 11 am, hehe.

    389 I missed her saying she had a 3 month old daughter.

  389. sissy hankshaw says:

    she posted pics of her preggo belly also on ds, they are easy enough to find. She looks normal enough. I really think this is just a case of someone being so inexperienced and dumb when it comes to parenting it’s coming off as sounding unreal. Hopefully she’ll be able to get through these situations with that child intact. As far as the demon thing goes I’m still confused, as we’ve seen by all the people who jumped to her side it’s possible for her to actually believe it. I really hope she does get checked for PPD or PPP. I think there is a link on the last blog entry for her military sos profile.

    I’ve also heard of an eye cold btw. A warm wet washcloth with NO soap is how I’ve been taught to care for them. I really hope she’s not actually putting soap in that babies eyes.

  390. DocsNemesis says:

    Just curious but why would he still not be having wet diapers? Didn’t she say they had an IV going? He should be peeing like a maniac. lol

  391. tat2mommy says:

    -392 Yea I used to frequent a lot even after my 8hr day of work (sitting in front of the comp. surfing the net lol) but it was causing fights between my SO and I so I layed off a bit.

  392. tat2mommy says:

    -394 That is a good point and she doesn’t seem worried at.all! I would be scared to death if my babe wasn’t wetting more than 2 dipes a day.

  393. Redhead says:

    On her deleted account (AA, not Lkorta), her intro says she has a 6 mo old dd. That was last June.

    And yeah, he should be peeing with an IV. My DD came down with a horrid stomach virus when she was 16 months, we had to do the IV for fluids and within 30 mins she had filled a diaper.

    If she did actually take him to the ER, she is getting awful medical care and advice, but my thought still is she didn’t go.

  394. tat2mommy says:

    -397 ITA! She hasn’t said anything that I could hear coming from a doctor…I have experienced bad docs before but c’mon. I don’t think she took him at all.

  395. mom2js says:

    397, interesting, at the very least it is porabably fair to say we know she lies….

    OK, HC stalking done and now I’m off to have a fake ice cream party with the kidlets, lol.

  396. mom2js says:

    *probably Gah!

  397. tat2mommy says:

    Wonder why she isn’t answering questions anymore…still showing online.

  398. Amygamie says:

    I know I am really late to this but Redhead is banned? 😦 I totally missed all of that. When I do pop on here to distract myself I never know what is going on any more. I am not ready to get back onto DS just yet but now it won’t be the same now without you. That is how I knew if a thread was a good one, if you or cloth diaper kid have posted in there. Sorry you didn’t get any warning.

    385- yeah I am clueless as well about the military forum, is it the one that Felisha started or was it another one?

  399. Just another mom says:

    years ago I was on the ivillage forums and in the due date forum there was a woman who said she was pregnant with twins after being AI with her dead husbands sperm. He had been a Shriner. It all tugged at my heartstrings so much. I have a special place in my heart for Shriners, so the entire thing made me care so much. DH and I were having major issues and separated and she offered to adopt my baby! WHAT? She said she would raise them like triplets…HUH?????? She was just a nutcase troll. We also found out all her pictures were someone else’s that she had posted.

    I think she really DID want to adopt a baby, and was using her story as a cover to get some private information on people on the forums. Freak.

    could AA be using someone else’s pictures?

  400. tat2mommy says:

    Ok…do they really test for allergies that way?

    And how is 9 1/2lbs underweight for a 4wker?

    Also would they really send you home if the baby was still showing some signs of dehydration?

  401. Amygamie says:

    why am i in moderation?

  402. not me at all says:

    little containers of pollen and they held it under his nose???

  403. tat2mommy says:

    -402 I was wondering that about the preggo pics on DS.

  404. DocsNemesis says:

    Er…I have never ever heard of something like that. I should totally email my pediatrician and ask her about it, haha. Sounds totally made up though.

    I wonder if we can find her preggo pics elsewhere.

  405. Just another mom says:

    gotta go to work, dang, wish I could stay!

  406. Redhead says:

    “holding little containers of pollen” under a child’s nose is NOT mentioned here:

  407. tat2mommy says:

    There is a photobucket account under lkorta1990, but it is password protected.

  408. magpie says:

    I am calling TOTAL BS on the grass and pollen allergies. The first exposure will do nothing. It is the next and then more so the next exposure that will get ya. There are sensitivities..but that is a whole other topic. Her DR said allergies. This baby is not old enough to have gotten the exposure on multiple occasions and the immune system is so immature at that age that the protiens that attack the allergen (causing a reaction) are virtually nonexistent. And I have never heard of smell tests..blood test or skin prick is normal.

  409. sissy hankshaw says:

    her preggo pics match the person in the marraige pics on msos. It is weird she claimed to be pregnant with twins and with a baby girl before. Are we sure those accounts are for the same airmans angel. I’ve found more than two airmans angels out there.

    OT but I just found out the bank accepted our offer on the house!!! I get to move my family out of this crappy godforsaken duplex!!!! We are movin on up baby!

  410. hawt_tamale says:

    So AA really has a child then? Wow.
    Never heard of putting soap in anyones eye,a cold in the eye,or sniffing pollens. Maybe she is just bored,and her baby is fine?

  411. tat2mommy says:

    -413 Or she is really nutzo and her baby is in danger…could be anything at this point

  412. not me at all says:

    I think there is no DH and no baby

  413. imasupernova says:

    Here is a siggy pic from the military sos forum.

    looks like the same person in the other pics.

  414. piratebaby says:

    Why would they release the baby when he’s still not peeing and they still don’t know the source of the infection??? I mean, it takes 2-3 days for a culture to grow doesn’t it? I’ve dealt with some crappy military hospitals, including one last yr that sent my 6 yo home with the flu/pneumonia when he definitely should have been in the hospital, but I just cannot imagine them being that negligent with a newborn. If that was me, I would be taking him to a civi ER and getting help! I still call troll.

    Oh, and she could get in trouble for not taking him to the ER immediately. That’s the great (not) thing about the military, they know every single move you make. My 3rd had a slight fever, barely over 100, when she was 9 wks old and I had to drag all 3 into the ER that night bc if I waited until the next day saying she had a fever for 12 hrs and I didn’t take her in they would have gone off on me.

  415. Redhead says:

    Yeah. Lkorta claimed to be preggers with twins.. then came back as Airmans_angel saying she had the daughter- used same PB account to post pics later.

  416. imasupernova says:

    oh and her username on there is airmans_angel too and it is the banned account.

  417. DocsNemesis says:

    Well, I found out why she isn’t bf’ing. I was looking for any oddities and she said on her birth announcement thread that she was trying to breastfeed but her baby was getting really frustrated because she wasn’t producing much of anything so she was giving him bottles. At a day old. So if this is all legit, she both sounds like she doesn’t have a clue and, if the doctors at her hospital were recommending this, it sounds like the doctors at her hospital are idiots.

    Having said that, my cousins doctor/hospital told her the same thing and they’re in Portland OR. She is now bottlefeeding her son because he got nipple confusion and refuses to nurse 😦


  418. Kirsty says:

    402- It would be the first time someone creeped someone else’s pics and dropped them s their own. CWise rings a bell.

    405- Not according to Dr. Oz lol.

  419. piratebaby says:

    Also, how did they manage to get in and out of the ER in under 12 hrs with all the tests and medications? I want to go to that ER!

  420. imasupernova says:

    Crap I haven’t had enough coffee!!!!

    The siggy pic was from Military Spouses support with username airmans_angel…


  421. magpie says:

    At 1 week pp, I told our pedi that I was having all kinds of problems bfing. She gave me a few facts and said very point blank, “ tried”. WHAT? I told her that was not an option and I needed helpn and support. She gave me the name of the lactation consultant at the hossy. We ended up finding a new pedi and I am actually still nursing my 22mo, who is laying here as I type 🙂

  422. hawt_tamale says:

    Cant they check her IP? Maybe report to CPS or PD,about a crazy woman with a newborn. I really hope AA is just a bored troll,with no children.

  423. tat2mommy says:

    Found another profile on SOS…not sure if this one has come up yet though

  424. DocsNemesis says:

    424-I had something similar happen when my 4 year old was 9 months. My supply crashed for some reason and she got really dehydrated so her ped told me to take her to the ER for some fluids (it was the weekend). The doctor there-at Seattle Children’s-goes *well, at least you can just wean her now, right?* Uh…no? I mean, it was a childrens hospital and the AAP even says to nurse at least a year…yet he was acting like I should be happy? It really upset me at the time, as I was NOT ready to wean her. Until she hit 18 months and decided to try to bite off my nipple 😛

  425. Zitherandlute says:


    Same location, created within days of each other. Inquiring minds want to know. Who is the owner of these shops? Are they the same? If so shouldnt’ they be disclosing that they are under the same ownership?

  426. tat2mommy says:

    Some people put the weirdest pics online for the world to see…just amazes me.

  427. Pork Slapper says:

    She can’t seem to keep her stories straight unless these are different people, though the age(s) add up.

    On lkorta1990 posted this response about the age difference between her and her boyfriend/husband:

    posted: 07/03/06 at 9:12 PM

    lkorta1990 [more]
    IP: Logged
    Posts: 1
    Group: New Member
    Joined: Jul 2006
    Status: OFFLINE
    Make Buddy | PM User

    3 years and 10 months. i am 16 and he is 19 turnign 20 in december

    Yet on the link above she posted:

    ” Hello. My name is Leanne. I am 19 years old. I am married to an Air National Guard Airman. I married the love of my life, Galen. He is 20 years old. We have been married since the 16th of September. We did a Justice of Peace wedding. We will be doing a family and very close friends wedding November 28th of this year. We have a three year old son, Colton. Which he is such a cutie but at the same time a hellian (but aint all kids). We are expecting another child. (hoping for a girl this time, and so is he). We live in Ohio. If you have any more questions or are near Ohio and want to get together sometime, I would love to, trying to find some more ladies that are going through the same thing I am going through.”

    I stand by my original post in 344.

  428. mommygrizzly says:

    Someone really needs to ask her if her husband is AD or not. It would answer a lot of questions.

  429. mom2js says:

    402 I did wonder if they were somebody elses pics, all of them are in the “lkorta” photobucket and she has been using that PB account for years and looks the same in all the pics she posts, it is hard to know if they are hers or somebody else.

  430. mom2js says:

    412 All the accounts I have found for her have pictures posted all linking to that same PB account, so yes it is all the same person.

  431. tat2mommy says:

    -431 How are you guys getting into the lkorta PB? It is password protected for me…

  432. mom2js says:

    I can’t get into it, I just know all the pics are from that PB because of the addy when I click the links. I’m just saying that all those accounts whenever she posts pics theyall link to that same PB so I assume it is the same girl posting from those accounts. She looks the same in the wedding pics, pregnancy pics and birth, but whether they are really hers is questionable I guess.

  433. tat2mommy says:

    -434 ahh I gotcha now…thanks 🙂

  434. mommygrizzly says:

    After the posting that has her husbands name, I did a search for him on the a website that can search all service members (active, reserve, guard, DOD contractors and DOD employees). There are 2 Galen, both are last names, neither has an affiliation with the Air Force.

    Pretty interesting. She jumped right on the suggestion that she should file a complaint with TriCare, but she can’t have TriCare if he is only a National Guard Airman OR if he is not military at all… or his name could not be Galen. Regardless, there is a lie somewhere.

  435. .bin. says:

    So even the ones with different kids have the same PB linked? I wish I had my computer yo check this out. Grrr

    Have you pmed a mod at DS about that?

  436. sourpatchbabe says:

    The only time I’ve ever heard soap being used on the eye is for conjunctivitis. I would think a babe that small would be diagnosed as having clogged ducts before them saying conjunctivitis. I know Ducky had what looked to be pink eye but the doctor said it was a clogged duct, he was the same age as well.

  437. tat2mommy says:

    -436 Yea I am coming up blank with all searches for Galen…

  438. mom2js says:

    437 All those accounts she said she was pregnant, but only posted pics of herself, her wedding, her dog… and they are all the same girl. The only kid pictures she posted were her step son and the baby that was born in June, and she is in those pics.

  439. sissy hankshaw says:

    437 there are no pics of other kids. she claimed to be pregnant with twins at one point and i believe there was another pregnancy that either was false or ended in miscarriage. All of this is speculation. I’ve already stated I do not believe she is a troll but I really am not sure. I am sure that there is no proof that she is one. I was pregnant with twins last year also and I lost them, that could very well be what happened with her. She’s an interesting bit of crazy for sure but i don’t think it’s wise to throw accusations around when no one knows her story. There could be explainations behind her claims, I’d rather err on the side of caution and not delve to far into those things. If it turns out she miscarried those pregnancies that would be pretty mean to drag it out into the open just to have her prove she wasn’t lying.

  440. sissy hankshaw says:

    I do agree she probably could use some parenting classes.

  441. tat2mommy says:

    All these probing questions about her baby and his health and she is getting pissy over someone assuming they were in an AF hossy??

  442. Kirsty says:

    This news is old as crap but what happened to Tararaboomdea? Wasn’t she a mod?

  443. imasupernova says:

    The last known info was that she had just found out she was preggo with twins at 12 weeks. Not one mention of them afterwards. Not one word.

    I have NO idea what to think of all of this.

    She is young. This is her first child ( of her own )…

    Could be that she is just uneducated. All just seems actually awkward though. :confused:

  444. Just Peachy says:

    airmans angel is from Adrian? UGH WTF IS WITH THE CRAZIES IN MICHIGAN LATELY!!!!!!!!!!!

  445. Redhead says:

    I’m just wondering where her 6mo old daughter is.. who would be around 18 months I think, now?

  446. mom2js says:

    448 All her intro posts from that account just say “d” I couldn’t find where she says she has a 6 month old.

  447. Redhead says:

    Hey Peachy, you know AA congratulated CWise87 in her triplet thread? Maybe they are budz.. CWise is from Flint Michigan.

  448. tat2mommy says:

    -447 Adrian is where she “says” she is from…and on some boards she says Ohio.

  449. Redhead says:

    449, I’ll find it and post it, give me a sec.

  450. Redhead says:

    06-12-2009, 01:24 PM #2 (permalink)
    Account Closed

    Join Date: Jun 2009
    Posts: 396
    Classifieds: (1)
    Activity: 0%
    Longevity: 16%

    I am on McConnell AFB. and I have a 6 month old daughter, if you like to talk I would love to!

  451. mom2js says:

    Hmmm, interesting, I missed that but see it now, most everything on that account is deleted, I couldn’t see her original intro post. Hmmm, that is so odd.

  452. Redhead says:

    Sorry, I thought it was her intro but it is another of her first posts..
    Here is the link:

  453. imasupernova says:

    McConnell is in Kansas…

  454. tat2mommy says:

    -445 She was a mod…her account says “banned”, but doesn’t state a reason.

  455. Redhead says:

    Well, Supernova, she’s just all over the place, ain’t she?!
    Where’s the loony smiley when you need one for AA? 😉

  456. mommygrizzly says:

    She said her husband is 20 and Guard. You don’t get moved all around the fricken country as a Guardsman. She also says she’s ROTC and gets TriCare Standard and has for 2 years. TriCare is only available to Active duty service members and: (this is just a small section of the limitations, to see the rest, go here:

    Spouses and unmarried children of reservists and National Guard who are ordered to active duty for more than 30 consecutive days (they are covered only during the reservist Â’s active duty tour) or of reservists and National Guard who die on active duty.

    Spouses and unmarried children of reservists and National Guard who die as a result of a line of duty condition may be eligible for health care.

    So, if her husband isn’t active duty, isn’t activated Guard, isn’t dead while having been activated Guard or a MOH winner, how in the hell is she getting TriCare coverage? She CANT! She wouldn’t have the DEERS clearance!

  457. tat2mommy says:

    Geez! I so want to just ask her about the lies she tells on the other boards. What do these people get out of living so many different lives online-GET A LIFE AA!-

  458. DocsNemesis says:

    She also says on that site that shes in Monroe MI here

    And yep, McConnell is in Kansas.

    I mean, I know military can be moved around a lot but jeebuz….I find that hard to believe…

  459. hawt_tamale says:

    Someone should bait with incorrect tricare info,to see if AA catches it….

  460. mom2js says:

    455 odo she only mentions it that one time and later she posts family pictures of just her her hubby and his child like once she was really pregnant she forgot about her fake 6 mo

  461. mommygrizzly says:

    Yeah, some military can get moved around a lot, but he’s a National Guardsman, that means he is basically serving in a state militia, but they receive funds from the Federal Gvnt. That being said, they don’t get moved around every 6 months. And, if they did get sent for training, they don’t send them accompanied. Why would they? The military has set ‘terms’ for stationed (generally 2 years stateside and 3 years overseas when accompanied) so as to make it worth their while to move the service members family. It can easily cost $10,000- $35,000 to send a service members family with them, why would they spend that every 6 months on 1 National Guardsman that isn’t even activated?

    The answer is simple. They wouldn’t.

    And she said she was still going to ROTC but she wasn’t working on her degree anymore. That would mean she isn’t a student. So how is she ROTC? uuugh.

  462. Redhead says:

    462, I don’t see what difference it would make now- mainly because the mods are reading her posts and most likely are looking here too, so they have enough info to make a call to CPS or something. If she has a son, obviously some things at home and with her parenting skills are way off.
    I think someone should just PM a mod and beg them to please run her IP and have someone check on her.

    I’d think that she’d realize all the questions in the thread are because we think she seems trollish, but she doesn’t seem to be getting the point. Maybe she is strung out on drugs or something?

  463. imasupernova says:

    I found Leanne’s myspace and her main pic is of her and the baby in the hospital.

  464. hawt_tamale says:

    Will be interesting to see how this turns out. Will the mods investigate more? Will CPS pay a visit? Will the demon come back for his bath and dinner? Tune in to find out…

  465. tat2mommy says:

    -468 Is it private? I was looking earlier, but failed 😦

  466. imasupernova says:

    Found her facebook and her husbands and they are private but her pic is the same as her myspace from in the hospital and her hubby’s pic is their engagement pic or something. She definitely has a baby and now I am starting to think she is just young & naive. She graduated in HS in 08…


  467. hawt_tamale says:

    AA may be real, but is she fit to be a parent? Or even a threat? Wouldnt her DH have a chain of command? They could help,if she is real.

  468. amessymama says:

    She’s a lying troll who happens to have a baby. I don’t think it’s CPS worthy.

  469. imasupernova says:

    Ok under her husbands name I found a facebook post with Army National Guard Promotions listing what appears to be her husband as Private First Class.

  470. tat2mommy says:

    imasupernova! you are great at this investigative stuff…I spent most of my day at work searching for stuff and came up blank most times…lol it was a slow & boring day 😦

  471. imasupernova says:

    I was bored today…But I’m over the AA business now. She seems real to me. I have no idea what to make about this demon & ill infant business though. I’m just gonna wait it out to see if anything pans out.

  472. tat2mommy says:

    I agree. It took everything in me to not post on the demon thread and I never post in threads like this. But when this one came out… I am just in shock lol I just pray the baby is safe.

  473. mommygrizzly says:

    she said her husband is Air National Guard, not Army National Guard, and he is a SRA not a PFC. Thats a big difference to ponder.

  474. nu says:

    OT-I was reading through some old drama blog posts. It made me think of some people. CamAmCircus–never came back after ban did she? All the Goodmama Drama. Kim drama (although I always seemed to miss that drama). Makes for a good read when you are bored! LOL

  475. imasupernova says:

    478 – Well it said Missouri National Guard. I know nothing about any of this. It said his name, which doesn’t seem very common to me.

    “Below are the Missouri Army National Guard promotions since the final issue of Bear Facts came out this past summer.”

    posted feb 2010

    I am not aware that they have been in Missouri though.

  476. imasupernova says:

    Oh and same day right above that post they had the Air National Guard promotions list.

    “Below are the Missouri Air National Guard promotions since the final issue of Bear Facts came out this past summer.”

    Maybe they got it mixed up. Who knows…?

  477. imasupernova says:

    Oh and they are both on the Ohio national guard facebook page. So…

  478. imasupernova says:


  479. mommygrizzly says:

    Yeah, she said he’s in the Ohio ANG

  480. smartassmama says:

    I’ve stayed out of this one, mostly due to my own lack of knowledge on all things military related. I really don’t know much about the workings of, but the Tricare card picture – anyone zoom in on it? Do the dates usually look like a different font, and very digitized?

  481. mommygrizzly says:

    There is an actual PFC in the NG that is not him. I checked him on AKO.

  482. mommygrizzly says:

    That is a real TriCare card, it is not the most current edition but it is a real one. Now, whether it is hers or someone elses, that remains to be seen.

  483. smartassmama says:

    I know the card’s real. I was wondering if the date was. Just looked strange. Maybe just the photo

  484. mommygrizzly says:

    I zoomed as close as my macbook would let me on the card dates. The weird digitization looked typical. I didnt see any evidence of c/ping.

  485. hawt_tamale says:

    The date does look wierd. Isnt that the photobucket,linked to other forum accounts?

  486. hawt_tamale says:

    I zoomed in using photoshop, looks a bit different then the other font.Any other ways to tell?

  487. mommygrizzly says:

    I can post mine if you want to compare. Let me find it.

  488. hawt_tamale says:

    the date on AA’s still looks wierd,after seeing Mommygrizzly’s card. Super easy to modify the card too. bedtime zZzZzzzZzzZ

  489. mommygrizzly says:

    whoa, I was just reading some of her past posts, and get this…

    06-29-2010, 02:25 PM #6
    Registered Users

    Join Date: Apr 2010
    Posts: 180
    Ratings: 1
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood:
    Feedback Score: 1 reviews, 100%
    Re: extremely disliking WIC right now!!!
    Originally Posted by Kaci
    What state are you in? A few minutes of googling has shown me that most states have a form that you will need to get/fill out/possibly have your Dr. sign off on too and then give to your WIC office. WIC apparently has guidelines (varies by state I’m sure) for what they find to be an acceptable medical diagnosis for covering prescribed formulas.

    Have you checked into having your insurance cover your formula? It can be a hassle but many do.
    I live in Michigan. I havent checked into it, im not sure that medicaid will cover it, but ill check into it.

    I would hope that a acceptable medical diagnosis would be being allergic to enfamil and having serve vomiting, and rash from having it, and ending up in the hospital.
    Last edited by airmans_angel; 06-29-2010 at 02:26 PM.

    Why would she mess around with medicaid if she is PAYING for TriCare? And even if she’s on medicaid, why would they be like, oh yeah, we’ll pay to feed your kid, want us to pay for child care too??

  490. dotdods says:

    Redhead- you are a stalker…look at most of her posts and how she follows people around the internet digging up their business. Also, not to mention what DSDM2 said. THAT is partly why you were banned. As for the’ll have to figure out on your own. 😉

  491. noname says:

    Yes, McConnell is in KS.

    Wichita, Ks.

    I could see my best friends house from my back yard growing up. All the McConnell kids went to my elementary school too.

    TMK there is McConnell, Riley and Leavenworth in Kansas.

    McConnell is AF, Riley and Leavenworth is Army.

    Dunno if there’s any other post’s here tho.

  492. imasupernova says:

    486 – Did you use his first and last name?

  493. cdmom says:

    497. LMAO.

  494. Redhead says:

    I really could care less what you think. Anything I posted on here was already available to the public. That isn’t stalking.
    As for being banned, I’m not upset about that either, sorry to burst your bubble. Though I’m sure you had something to do with it, and what you said to admin most likely wasn’t true.

  495. Redhead says:

    BTW, I think you’re Stacie.

  496. Redhead says:

    This is OrganicMomma’s/Dotdods new blog everyone, enjoy the read.

  497. Just another mom says:

    Not sure why she is getting medicaid if she has Tricare, except maybe that there are no copays with medicaid.

    And yes, people can get childcare and WIC while on medicaid. I’m not sure if I missed something there, but in Michigan you can be on Medicaid and WIC at the same time plus get child care if you are working.

  498. DocsNemesis says:

    OMG Redhead, quit stalking! Gawwwd! 😛

    No really, I think its funny when people who used to hang out here all.the.time. suddenly think we’re all meanie heads and really just do nothing besides sit here looking for other people that we can be mean to. Or that we all have low self esteem or something.

    What bad is, if anyone actually legitimately uses that blog, it’ll be all the badies out there. Yay! You get all the scammers, the trolls, and the story tellers. Good job!

    Anyway, I’m not going to talk about her anymore, I don’t feel like dwelling on things, but I do think its kinda funny….

  499. DocsNemesis says:

    Oh and I could see the medicaid thing so she doesn’t have to pay copays. Its not the same, but 3 of my kids gets medical through their father when he’s working and I get medicaid to cover the difference. At least till I’m out of school, then I can actually afford my own insurance, yay!

  500. mommaton says:

    502- Too bad she can’t leave well enough alone and stop making herself look bad. And yeah I’m sure that she had a big part in getting you banned. Seriously if you wanted to “stalk” someone it’d be easy to do it without getting “caught”

  501. dundundun says:

    LOL, hi pot! Meet kettle!

    She’s all “oh noez, they do nothing on that blog but bash people and ruin their lives by talking badly about them so let me be a total hypocrit and make a website that does the exact same thing!”

  502. Sala says:

    I have two things to say to dotdods.

    First, I have excellent self-esteem and feel very good about myself.

    And secondly, and most importantly, it’s mamas, not mama’s. You do NOT use apostrophes to make a word a plural. Ever. Apostrophes are for signaling possession or contractions: “I’m sorry your mama’s cat got run over in a gory fashion.”

    So please go ahead and invite all the mamas that are discussed here to come to your blog. But please don’t ask the mama’s. Because that just makes people say, “The mama’s what? The mama’s cat?”

  503. Sala says:

    Although I suppose one could easily return fire on my posts because I am in love with commas and use entirely too many of them…Sigh.

  504. smartassmama says:

    I do too, Sala. 🙂 I hate run on sentences so I use commas to make sure my thoughts don’t string on endlessly together. I’d rather over-punctuate than not use any.

    And I just giggled at that link. Nothing else. I’m surprised she didn’t call us fat. You know, since we’re all fat.

  505. dundundun says:

    I’m totally fat. I ate 7 truffles before bed last night. I think I’ll have another one right now since they are right here in front of me on the computer table.

  506. Redhead says:

    Oh, and Stacie? It is really lame to try and side with something DSDM2 said when you’re saying THIS about her elsewhere:

    “Anonymous said…
    This is very interesting…dsdm2 is a fucking bitch. She calls people names that she doesn’t even know and knows nothing about. She thinks she is so great. I’m glad I fell upon this and now know who she is. Off to block her and do more digging.

    JULY 3, 2010 8:15 PM”


    What’s that? You’re “digging” too, Stacie? Definitely a case of pot meets kettle!

  507. tat2mommy says:

    Haha my fat ass is eating doritos and I like to space my run-on sentences with dots….all the time lol

  508. smartassmama says:

    Oh? Was that the day that she started throwing around the full name of the girl on DS?

  509. smartassmama says:

    I love Doritos. I had pancakes and homemade butter for breakfast though.

    Thanks to the person who mentioned homemade butter, btw. It is nice. 🙂 Fat chicks dig it.

  510. Redhead says:

    Yeah.. she discovered that blog after being buddy-buddy with Willow.

  511. tat2mommy says:

    U know I don’t think I have ever had homemade butter…but you really made me want to try it!….pancakes for breakfast tomorrow lol where can I score some of that butter?

  512. smartassmama says:

    I chilled a clean baby food jar, let heavy cream sit for a little bit to warm a little, put it in the cold jar, and shook. 🙂 Enough cream to half-fill the jar though, so there’s room to shake.

    And actually I didn’t just let it sit. I chilled one empty jar and sat on the couch with the other jar between my legs. It sped up the warming process.

  513. tat2mommy says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  514. DocsNemesis says:

    515-that was me, hehe. I made homemade butter and then used the left over buttermilk to make pancakes from scratch. Its amazing how much better they taste homemade!

  515. Redhead says:

    I’m recovering from food poisoning last weekend, I can’t eat this stuff! Stop tempting me! 😀

  516. Just Peachy says:

    #503 Ya that is probabaly why. The girls and I recently got medicaid because we found out our coverage on our primary insurance had changed for the worst. I use our medicaid to cover my copays for my prenatal visits and we use the medicaid for the girls to get mental health services for my 8 year old.

  517. DocsNemesis says:

    I made mine in a clean pickle jar, dumped a whole thing of heavy whipping cream in it. Then you just shake…and shake, and shake. Eventually it turns to butter and buttermilk. Then you drain off ALL of the buttermilk…if you leave any, it’ll go bad much sooner.

    This made just enough for me to use in the buttermilk pancakes recipe (I had to add in some more store bought buttermilk though), to put on the pancakes, and have just a little bit left to store in the fridge 🙂

  518. smartassmama says:

    Never thought of a pickle jar! That’s a good idea, and an excellent excuse for me to drink the pickle juice.

  519. mommygrizzly says:

    499 – yes. The PFC in the MO Army NG isnt her husband.

  520. smartassmama says:

    When I had private insurance through work and Medicaid (while pregnant) my OB’s office wouldn’t take the Medicaid as secondary. They accept it as primary (if it’s your only insurance), but won’t take it as secondary. How’s that for screwy.

  521. mommygrizzly says:

    503 – I think you misread what I wrote. I was implying that since she wants her insurance to feed her child a non-RX formula, that she would like them to provide for his child care too. As though, she is taking no responsibility for her son.

    It is absolutely possible to have both TriCare and Medicaid, however, Medicaid has a income threshold you have to meet, and if she’s that hard up for money, why is she paying the $200 fee plus co pays plus deductibles for TriCare?

    Bottom line, it doesn’t really make sense to pay for something you get for free.

  522. tat2mommy says:

    -526 Mine was the same way! They accepted my work ins. as secondary. BUT when I went to a new OB for my 6wk PP (long story reason to switch) they would only accept medicaid as secondary so I had to pay co-pays and use my work ins. as primary there. It was very confusing lol.

  523. mommygrizzly says:

    527 should say $200 A MONTH fee, plus co pays plus deductibles.

  524. smartassmama says:

    With the clinic I was going to, they didn’t do a thing with Medicaid if you had other insurance. It was as good as not having it. I think it would cover hospital fees though, just none of the prenatal stuff. But if I didn’t have work insurance it would be completely free. I ended up leaving work around 3 months into my pregnancy for other reasons.

  525. tat2mommy says:

    I’m bored…anyone else I can “stalk” LMAO!

  526. DocsNemesis says:

    The office you go to has to accept both insurances in order to bill both. And a lot of doctors don’t accept medicaid due to the craptastic amounts they actually get paid from it.

    Here’s how it works for me…my kids go to a pediatrician who takes both medicaid and my kids insurance (when they have it…their dad is unemployed again so they don’t have it atm). They bill their dads insurance first, then medicaid picks up the rest.

    Their dentist, on the other hand, doesn’t take medicaid if I go to the one the insurance company assigned. So, instead, I take them to a dentist that does accept medicaid. They also accept my kids other insurance, but heres the kicker-their main insurance wont pay anythng on it because it isnt their assigned dentist and they also refuse to change their assigned dentist. So medicaid ended up paying all of that bill. But, they will cover it if you need a referral to a specialist, so they ended up paying most of my 4 year olds work since they had to refer her to the university of WA-she wouldn’t let anyone go NEAR here and needed major work done. So they ended up paying for general and all of that >.< At least medicaid wasn't stuck with that bill!

    And yes, it is totally confusing. My other kids dentist had to hold off on my older daughters work because even they weren't sure what the heck would happen when her primary refused to pay.

  527. mommygrizzly says:

    TriCare has a TriCare accepted compensation, they don’t pay full fee either. There is not a whole lot of benefit to having TriCare Reserve Select and Medicaid. Really, it doesn’t open up the providers you can go to, it will be more expensive than just having Medicaid.

    TriCare has out of pocket deductibles that cannot be paid by Medicaid and the copays will not be offset by Medicaid either. The benefit of having Medicaid is really great. The point of TriCare Reserve Select is for people who make too much but are not offered insurance with their Civilian jobs.

    I am not saying she cant have both. She absolutely could. I just think it quite remarkable that she would say in one thread that she has Medicaid for insurance and 16 days later be trying to convince us all that she has TriCare for insurance, and had since Oct 2009.

  528. DocsNemesis says:

    Well yeah, if medicaid won’t even cover the copays, that seems really silly to have. And it seems like she probably wouldn’t even qualify for medicaid if they could afford the premiums for tricare (or whatever the $200 a month thing is). Actually I take that back, since she has a newborn, I think the requirements are different for pregnant women. But under normal circumstances, you can’t even get medicaid as an adult unless you go on welfare and then for a year after you go off. Thats why I didn’t have insurance for a long time.

  529. hawt_tamale says:

    Buttermilk pancakes,homemade butter,pots calling kettles back…I miss all the good stuff.

    How long do you have to shake the jar to make butter?Sounds tasty..

  530. Redhead says:

    For those who are bored, go poke OM at her blog. Such fun!

  531. Sala says:

    FYI, re: homemade butter. If you are lazy (as I am) or do not have children who will shake the jar forever, you can also make homemade butter in the food processor.

  532. Sala says:

    this is just one site of many I’m sure.

  533. tat2mommy says:

    -537 I totally would, but I am new here…so I have no clue about all that is being said on the other blog…some of the comments are from 2009.

  534. Redhead says:

    No, the one I posted on 503.

  535. tat2mommy says:

    -541 Oh…sorry so many links on this page lol. Reading now…

  536. tat2mommy says:

    LOL not sure if my comment will be approved.

  537. Redhead says:

    She deleted mine because I wrote “FAIL” in it. 8)

  538. tat2mommy says:

    FAIL!!? That’s it!? Aww Redhead you are so bitchy & rude! hahaha

  539. bugabear says:

    am I the only lurker who wishes all the pictures in this post would be cut? my scrolling finger hurts! (waah, waah, waah, world’s tiniest violin, I know)

  540. DocsNemesis says:

    I shook my jar for maybe 10 mins? I dunno, I kept stopping to type things. lol

  541. Just Peachy says:

    I posted a link to this blog. I dont much care either way but i think its stupid that shes trying to undo all the good that this blog has done because a few of the stupid asses who have been called out cant put on their BGPs and get the fuck over it.

  542. tat2mommy says:

    Yea she didn’t approve mine BOO!

    -546 I totally agree lol I think that every time I click on this page.

  543. DSDM2 says:

    Well, look at that. Yet another blog dedicated to this one. Thanks to whomever made it, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You even chose the same stock photos as me, how original of you!

  544. anon says:

    mommygrizzly, I read that post as her talking to someone (not her) who is on Medicaid. Not that she herself has Medicaid.

  545. Redhead says:

    Oh, I called her a ‘wacko’ in my first post. She had to remove that, too.

  546. noneyabiz says:

    People can defend themselves here. Why would they go to another blog where comments are edited or deleted to do what they can do here, uncensored?

  547. tat2mommy says:

    -553 B/C we are all bitchy, fat, & rude…didn’t you know?

  548. Ribbit says:

    546 – Me too. lol
    551 – That’s how I read it as well

    … ok back to lurking.

  549. mommygrizzly says:

    551 – I copied and pasted the whole section but the first part is her quoting someone else. Her actual words are (symbols added by yours truly!):

    “I live in Michigan. >>>*** I havent checked into it, im not sure that medicaid will cover it, but ill check into it. ***<<<

    I would hope that a acceptable medical diagnosis would be being allergic to enfamil and having serve vomiting, and rash from having it, and ending up in the hospital."

    When she is asked, "Have you checked into having your insurance cover your formula? It can be a hassle but many do."

    She replies with "I havent checked into it, im not sure that medicaid will cover it, but ill check into it."

    Do you still read it as she isn't volunteering that her insurance is Medicaid?

  550. hawt_tamale says:

    haha the scrolling is killing me too.
    I could see how what AA said,would go either way. But I think she was referring to herself and medicaid.

    Shall we ask her to clarify?

  551. hawt_tamale says:

    For having a sick baby,she appears to be online alot. Anyway to tell if its just idle online or activity?

  552. mommygrizzly says:

    Someone else should, I cant. If you read the whole post it really makes more sense.

    It starts with her bitching about WIC forgetting her appt and then refusing her ped RX for change in formula because her son is allergic. Different moms suggest they have had similar issues with WIC and it turns WIC bashing for a bit. Then a mom suggests the quote I posted. AA replies with the quote I posted. Another mom suggests she got denied because MI policy is not to accept RX anymore but get a specific form filled out by the ped. AA thanks that mom and that’s pretty much the thread highlights.

  553. Redhead says:

    She “forgot her log in name”. Yeah, right!

  554. mommygrizzly says:

    Kristy and Redhead —

    I saw that too. I chuckled to myself. She is still actively posting as Crunch, as of like 10July.

  555. hawt_tamale says:

    What was her 2nd user name?
    whats the dealio with that other blog?

  556. Redhead says:

    563- She is also Erin12345.

    The other blog was created by (most likely) OrganicMomma, someone we called out on the blog.

  557. Redhead says:

    MM is crunch? I thought she was just Erin12345?

    Maybe I missed something!

  558. mommygrizzly says:

    My bad, I think I confused 2 people… but it has been said that MM has 2 or 3 different names. There was some other drama involving Crunch and someone trying to imitate her to scam.

    I F*ed up. my bad. SS!

  559. sourpatchbabe says:

    I know that every time I took the kids to the old pedi on base I had to check something at the desk saying if I had other type of insurance besides Tricare. IIRC, it said that they would bill the other insurance first and Tricare second.

    535, the requirements for pregnancy medicare are more lax than regular medicare. The newborn automatically has medicare for the first year of life but she wouldn’t have qualified for medicare if she had been on Tricare since Oct 2009. I had my first with pregnancy medicare and I could not have any other types of insurance and be on that medicare at the same time. The pregnancy medicare is not to supplement existing insurance but to allow pregnant women with no insurance to have coverage.

  560. Sala says:

    Anyone else having issues accessing DS right now and for the last half hour or more?

  561. nu says:

    568–about 2 hours I’ve noticed

  562. treeindawind says:


  563. treeindawind says:

    Ya know, I really hate my monster. It looks like my mother and I am not fond of either.

  564. mommygrizzly says:

    Your mom is a blue squarish creature with her brain exposed?

    wow. My mom was too!

  565. DocsNemesis says:

    I don’t like mine either 😦

  566. DSDM2 says:

    How is that? They should be changing now.

  567. shelbell says:

    I can’t get on DS either. Wonder what’s up?

  568. Sala says:

    Awwwww, I liked my old one better.

  569. DocsNemesis says:

    HAHA, I look like a nerd. Er, my avatar does. 572….and 575’s are cool. I think I look like Shelbell’s a good part of the day, haha.

    And omg, I really wish DS would work again, I’m finding myself looking at spindles and roving…cause I sooo need another hobby.

  570. DSDM2 says:

    We are back to monsters b/c I like them better, lol.

  571. treeindawind says:

    572-I never realized that was the monster’s brains. I thought it was a mullet, which my mother does have.

  572. Ribbit says:

    556 – That clears it up. 🙂 It definitely sounds like she’s saying she has Medicaid.

  573. mommygrizzly says:

    579 – Mullet … brains. Same same in some parts of the world.

  574. treeindawind says:


  575. dundundun says:

    I just wanna see if I have the same monster..

  576. dundundun says:

    Yep. Her tail looks like a long, skinny penis.

  577. smartassmama says:

    Must be. Billy Ray’s loaded.

  578. imasupernova says:

    my son has a mullet and he loves hockey.

  579. dundundun says:

    585, I’m glad he is. I’m pretty sure being rich is the only thing that would make me feel better about having Miley Cyrus as a daughter.

  580. Rannensmom says:

    Random and OT but this has had me suspicious for awhile…

    You TTC when you are high risk (complete with suspicions of abdominal adhesions in Feb.) when you won’t have medical insurance until the Fall…irresponsible…. Then all of a sudden everything on the planet is wrong? Random spotting that stops and is replaced by puking and thoughts of HG…and yet you wont go to a dr?
    Paranoid, hypochondriac, troll, or just insanely irresponsible?

  581. imasupernova says:

    588 – all of the above…

  582. Rannensmom says:

    589-Thank goodness its not just me seeing it. For a bit I thought I might be seeing things

  583. mommygrizzly says:

    I ❤ Rannensmoms monster.

  584. Rannensmom says:

    I do too. Haven’t seen it in a long time. Goofy little thing. Very fitting

  585. Yadda Yadda says:

    I love that mine looks like a butterfly doing that Walk Like an Egyptian dance from the 80s. It’s better than my old av even, which apparently looked like a ballsack. 😉 lol

  586. Smartassmama says:

    I like mine. 🙂 Better than the one I had picked for myself before I realized they were given.

  587. Smartassmama says:

    Ooopsy. I think I might have posted under a different name before that 593 post. If so, discard.

  588. DSDM2 says:

    Yadda Yadda, that is what happens when you change emails. Stick to the same UN 😉

  589. Flat Stainley says:

    I like mine, except for my lips. Looks like I’ve been kissing a clown’s ass.

  590. Smartassmama says:

    Yeah. I changed it to post on another blog and forgot to change it. Wooops. That’s what I get for trying to be covert. Sly is something that I am not. To be clear, I didn’t intentionally post under a different name here, I just let my stoopid show.

  591. magpie says:

    I wanna see mine…

  592. sissy hankshaw says:

    checkin on my avi. holy crap my day has been hellish.

  593. magpie says:

    Drunk angelic ice cream cone with claws…NICE!

  594. sissy hankshaw says:

    yep, same weird octagon monster. I wish mine were more butterfly ish.

  595. Redhead says:

    except the blue part. Think more reddish-colored.

  596. Redhead says:

    Crazed lobster here. Which, ironically, is what I look like after being in the sun too long!

  597. treeindawind says:

    so where did the monsters come from anyway?

  598. imasupernova says:

    Rannensmoms looks like a turd…lol

  599. DSMBH says:

    I’m just lurking but wanted to see what my monster looked like.

  600. Smartassmama says:

    Dayyum. Look at those teef!

  601. Myself says:

    So all you need to make homemade butter is some heavy whipping cream?

    What about if you like salted butter?

  602. imasupernova says:

    608 – im seeing VERY large vag lips…not teef lol

  603. shelbell says:

    My monster is cute, it reminds me of dd. Kinda girly and a monster all at the same time. (said with much love for my spirited dd)

  604. Sala says:

    Once you’ve poured off the buttermilk (and rinsed the butter if so desired – keeps the butter from going bad longer), you can add salt.

  605. Rannensmom says:

    606…I’ve never shat a heart with googly eyes! Is it similar to rainbows and butterflies?

  606. Amber says:

    I am a lurker and have been reading for a few months. Can someone please tell me what YAGE stands for??

  607. Sala says:

    588. If it’s the person I’m thinking of, regardless of trollocity, she’s freaking annoying.! Or rather her her her. It just screams, “look at me!” Gah! I’m about to put her on ignore just for general annoyingness.

    I mean, really, doesn’t she understand that the world revolves around me?

  608. mommygrizzly says:

    share the gossip. who is stealing Sala’s gravitational pull?

  609. smartassmama says:

    Word. Cause I’m lost.

  610. Sala says:

    Heh, gravitational pull. I like that!

    No, I know the world doesn’t revolve around me; perhaps slightly off to one side. [/prima donna]

    The person I’m thinking of has a user name that is partly a common green japanese condiment.

  611. smartassmama says:

    I don’t know squat about Japanese condiments. I think I’ve seen another mention of that before. Now I’m off to Wiki. hehe

  612. mommygrizzly says:

    wasabbi (sp?)

  613. smartassmama says:


  614. Rannensmom says:

    There goes my neg rep cherry. Kind of exciting . Sans foreplay but nonetheless

  615. mommygrizzly says:

    617 – I looked up the 2 with that name and while I didn’t read everything, I didn’t see anything amiss.

    621 – I smell a story. Help a woman out.

    I’m pregnant and have been glued to my bed (and my laptop, thank GOD for this site, DS and Netflix) because I feel like I have food poisoning minus the food. Morning all day sickness sucks rotten eggs.

  616. smartassmama says:

    622 – if you search a user name & the keyword adhesions, you won’t find it. She uses an apostrophe in it. Now I found it.
    She’s never tipped me off as being anything. Although I did read her “how does this sound” letter to a provider last week. Everyone said it sounded great. I was tempted to respond as a proof reader, but apparently everyone else meant content, so I left it alone.

  617. Lauramaynot says:

    Lurker who wants to see my monster too 😉

  618. sourpatchbabe says:

    622 I feel for you. I had all day sickness up until two days before The Kid was born. It sucked big fat monkey butt as well. Are you doing horsepill prenatals? I tried about 10 different kinds of prescription and nonprescription prenatals and they all made me sicker. The only thing that didn’t was two Flinstone’s Sour Gummy Worms. The OB said that two of them equaled one prenatal. It was the highlight of my day at the time.

  619. mommygrizzly says:

    I was taking some Natures Wellness or something like that gel cap prenatals and they were fine — until the alien moved in and possessed me. Now, I’m lucky to drink water without wanting to puke. I’ll start the prenatals again as soon as I can stomach them, literally and figuratively.

    In the mean time, I’m practically bed ridden between the exhaustion and the nasty feelings. Thank god, I have older kids that help a lot around the house and the younger kids still nap a lot.

  620. mommygrizzly says:

    Ok yeah, after I got past all of her FSOT and WAHM testing crap, I see what you all mean about the nasty green stuff.

  621. DSDM2 says:

    You ladies were wondering about that other blog. Well check out the subject of this post

    Really look at her use of apostrophes.

  622. DSDM2 says:

    And for whomever asked:

    YAGE: Yet Another Grand Exit

    Flouncing off the board, likely to be back, but wanting the boo-hoo-me attention.

  623. Redhead says:

    IDK, DSDM2. I still think it is OM, the timing.. and the phrases she uses.
    I could be wrong, though.

    On another note- 623, I’m on day 7 of recovering from food poisoning and I feel like when I was pregnant with all day sickness. = MISERABLE! 😦 Hope you feel better soon!

  624. DSDM2 says:

    RedHead. I am 100% certain you are right and it is OrganicMomma. Getting the screen shot now 🙂

  625. TaraC says:

    Rannensmom that poster bugs the crap out of me as well, drama, drama, drama.

  626. DSDM2 says:

    OrganicMomma really should have used a different email when starting that account. Check out her photo in her older posts:


  627. DSDM2 says:

    IPs are confirmed too. 😉

    OrganicMomma, autumnstar is the blogger behind :

  628. smurfmeat says:

    How the mighty have fallen! OM thought she was pretty hot shit here on the blog. Thank heavens somebody called her out about all the annoying ranting and she has moved on.

  629. smurfmeat says:

    Meant to also say that I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling the photo overload from this post. 😉

  630. A Different Sarah says:

    Anyone else want to punch the person on Spots selling a billion “play condition” SKR shoes but using stock photos??? Methinks some buyers are going to be veeeeery unhappy when their idea of “gently used” and the seller’s differ.

  631. Sala says:

    Although I’m not regular contributor to the TTC section, it bothered me when she came on and two days later she had a huge positive (I’d almost say she knew she was pregnant when she first posted). It seems rude and careless and a ha! inyourface to the women of that section to flounce your fertility, some of whom struggle for months or years with infertility. That’s why I don’t post regularly there – I would feel like I was trading on the women’s emotions.

    But yes, every thread is “OMG! This is supercritical and I’m the only one this has ever happened to!!!” Um, your morning sickness is not HG if you only throw up once a day. When you can’t keep water down, then you can ask the lovely ladies for their experience with HG. If it’s just morning sickness, don’t try to get asspats by calling it HG for sympathy.

  632. DocsNemesis says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever posted in a TTC thread. Considering that 4 of my 5 are oops babies, I haven’t had much chance, ha. But even if I did plan another, I wouldn’t post anyway. Even if by some fluke I didn’t get pregnant right away (riiiight), I just wouldn’t feel right posting.

  633. Sala says:

    Yes, I understand, it’s hard to be pregnant with kids but this isn’t your first rodeo. Suck it up, buttercup. That’s what the rest of us have to do. But it’s all, this is the hardest thing ever, I’m a delicate flower, asspat me more, please.

    Maybe I’m a hardass but she just seems like she’s trolling for emotions – she’s not a ‘get people up in arms’ troll but more an emotional vampire.

  634. Just Peachy says:

    #637 You are welcome 😛
    I am very hormonal and crabby lately but I about lost it last nite with the HG thread. I did feel for her as I have been thru HG 3 times but she’s vomiting once a day????????? OMG I would’ve fucking murdered to only vomit once a day in the first trimester. Lord knows how many meds I had to take just to eat a freaking cracker or drink a glass of water. It really pisses me off because as it is HG isn’t taking very seriously amongst the general population and women like her make it seem like we are just whiney pregnant people when in reality HG is a very real and debilitating disorder.
    #627 I feel for you I really do. When you do decide to take prenatals again check the amount of iron in them. A friend of mine warned me the amount of iron in some prenatals can set your stomach off. This advice did not help me but maybe it can help you? *hugs* because I was the same way for most of this pregnancy.

  635. sissy hankshaw says:

    637 I posted a comment and am wondering if she’ll approve it, or if she’ll try to delete the whole blog again. I was taking up for her before also, I never thought she was a scammer but the blatant hypocrisy really pisses me off. She was just fine with talking shit about anyone when it wasn’t her in the hot seat.

  636. sissy hankshaw says:

    I saw the wasabi thread last night and remembered her from before. I can’t remember what was said about her though, anyone remember? She was mentioned here a week or two ago. Maybe it was the same thing, that she is just annoying. Her avi makes me want sushi really bad though, I love it with extra wasabi.

    I’m going to go look through my NEW HOUSE today!!! I’m sooo excited. I feel like a grown up, we will have our own house. NEW. HOUSE.
    did i mention we’re buying a house.

  637. Redhead says:

    632– I knew I had some brains! 🙂

  638. DocsNemesis says:

    643-I had the same issue with prenatals. I have to get a general vitamin instead, with no iron. Then I take Floridix to keep from getting anemic. I mean, I always have to take that anyway (the iron in pill form is hard to digest and not nearly as effective) but taking the vitamins without the iron is so much easier on my tummy.

    Which leads me to a funny story…with my youngest, I was in the hospital for a bit and my first day there, the nurse gave me a laxative because its standard…you know, cause a lot of pregnant women are constipated and such. Well, I wasn’t. O.M.G. My fiance was sitting outside laughing at me while I pooped everything I’d eaten over last two days in about 30 seconds. So humiliating. lol (And that was probably way too much info. :P)

  639. scissorattack says:

    610…I’m a little late in the monster talk but I have to say I agree!

  640. hawt_tamale says:

    monster check..

  641. DSDM2 says:

    Interesting that OM hasn’t responded or approved posts.

  642. Sala says:

    It _is_ the weekend. Maybe she’s busy with her family; you know how all those not-fat wimminz are always caring for their family and not screwing around online ignoring the kids like we are.

    Or something.

  643. Redhead says:

    She is probably making a new whiny blog which she will also claim is not by OrganicMomma. Stay tuned.

  644. Redhead says:

    OM deleted all the comments and now says DoDS people cannot comment there.


  645. altaem says:

    She sure didn’t approve my post, I must be one of “those” mamas. Let me go cry in my pillow.

  646. smartassmama says:

    Oh? Wwaaaaaahh! Bless my heart. She didn’t approve mine either. big surprise.

  647. sissy hankshaw says:

    hmm. I think the best action to take on OM.s blog is none. It’s pretty sad to me actually that she’s so desperate for attention. I think the more it’s discussed over here the better the chance people will go over there and give her attention. Ignore her or you take the chance of drawing attention to it to the wrong people. It’s funny that if people do start posting over there that have been on the wrong side of this blog there is a wealth of comments from her here about them. I guess that’s why she’s so afraid of admitting who she is, shes trying to befriend the same people she was talking shit about a few weeks ago.

  648. smartassmama says:

    Yeah. I bet we’re THE only traffic she gets, which is why she wanted it deleted at all.

  649. Redhead says:

    but don’t you know, Sissy.. she isn’t OM! Even if the Ip proves it! 😉

  650. Redhead says:

    I think the other 2 posters on there who are “liking” her blog are actually just herself under another name.
    It just shows how pathetic her life is if she had to make a blog like that, especially since she heartily joined in on convos here before she was called out on all her shady business. Screams scammer to me.

  651. sissy hankshaw says:

    655 656 me neither. It’s ironic also that I was defending her when all this was going down with her in the first place. I thought people were being way too harsh on her and I still don’t think she’s a scammer. I do think she’s an asshole hypocrit that needs some BGP. If you can’t handle yourself on the internet stay the f*** off the computer.

  652. sissy hankshaw says:

    660 I was thinking the same thing lol. It’s sad really.

  653. sissy hankshaw says:

    god I hope she’s young. If shes not that just means shes really dumb.

  654. Redhead says:

    She is the same age as me. =27.

  655. altaem says:

    You know, I had a harder time being 27 than I did when I turned 30. Not that that has anything to do with anything, but whenever I see 27 I think about that.

  656. smartassmama says:

    665 – Everytime I see your name I wonder what it is, then I realize that it’s “meatla” spelled backwards. Not that meatla is a word, but that’s what my crazy mind does.

  657. smartassmama says:

    And another post to get us off of that number

  658. altaem says:

    Meatla…that’s funny.

    When I was in HS, a friend of mine used to call me Alta – I’m 6’3″ – and it stuck for awhile. And my name is Emily, but most call me Em. So, altaem. Don’t know why I switched SN here.

  659. altaem says:

    Love, Janis. That’s why I had a harder time being 27 than 30. When I was 27 I saw “Love, Janis” in SF. I was pregnant and hormonal and realized I was then the same age that she (Janis Joplin) was when she died. Then I found out that a whole bunch of musicians died at 27. I think it was the first time I realized I was mortal. 😛 Note to self: Never become a rockstar.

  660. DocsNemesis says:

    I’m 28 and I don’t feel mature at all so that could definitely be it. 😛 Though I at least hope if I received some constructive criticism on here that I would be more graceful about it than she was. Srsly. All it would’ve taken was acknowledging that maybe she wasn’t be careful enough with her listings and saying she wouldn’t complain anymore on here about stuff that was probably her fault to begin with…and that would have been then end of it.

    Anyway, I agree, bringing her up just encourages her. I need to go clean anyway.

  661. sissy hankshaw says:

    I can’t listen to Janis anymore. It reminds me too much of when I still thought i was immortal and had all the answers. 27 wasn’t that bad for me. I’m happier now though. My 30’s are ok, I’ve had a few bumps in the road but I can handle things way better than I did in my 20’s. Turns out getting older isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My big 33 is in 10 days.

  662. sissy hankshaw says:

    670 I’m not sure if you ever feel mature lol. I’m almost 33 and I’m still waiting for that big revelation. ITA with rest.

  663. altaem says:

    670 – agreed. She got bitchy real quick, talking about fat-ass mamas who don’t watch their kids. I would love to see her daily post count before the train wreck.

    671 – I love Janis, but she always makes me a bit sad.

    I may feel mortal now, but not mature. And I’m almost 31.

  664. kitty1163 says:

    I’m 35 and still waiting to feel “mature.” My gray hairs and thickened waistline point to “maturity” but I still feel like I’m trying to grow up.

  665. Redhead says:

    I found a whitish hair on my head the other day.. so I pulled it out. There went my maturity. 😛

  666. Sala says:

    675, that’s unfortunately NOT how it works.

  667. DSDM2 says:

    Of course if the IP, Email, and photos match it can’t be the same person 😉 OM, have fun with the spin off blog.

  668. DocsNemesis says:

    Do ya’ll think the name “Cupcakerific” is lame? I’m trying to come up with a hyena cart/etsy name and I fail at it. That’s my name on etsy and my paypal name so it’d be handy….haha. But it doesn’t necessarily make sense with what I’m selling (preemie/newborn/small woolies). Blarg.

  669. smartassmama says:

    I’m all out of my zero creativity.
    Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Woolies?
    Wee Wittle Woolies?

    Yeah. I’m lamer. lol

  670. DSDM2 says:

    Warm wittle woolies?

  671. smartassmama says:

    Awe. I like that one better!

  672. DocsNemesis says:

    lol the first one is kinda long 😛 I’d be known as IBTTW. haha

  673. Just Peachy says:

    371 we share a bday!!!!!!!! I’ll be 28 on the 28th :D.

  674. sissy hankshaw says:

    683 Us leo’s are awesome aren’t we. I’m 5 yrs older and wiser than you;-)

  675. mamatocuties says:

    I just want to see if I have a monster or not. I don’t know if they are automatic or earned 😀

  676. altaem says:

    Leos are awesome…my favorite Auntie is a Leo, as is my girl child (she will be 2 on the 24th).

  677. žába says:

    Monster check

  678. žába says:

    I still have the same monster as always, what did I miss??

  679. angelique says:

    the only thing I remember about Wasabi is that she started a WAHM thread with really poor quality mama cloth. I see that the sewing has slightly improved but barely. She tried to trade mama cloth for some really nice items I had and I said no way. Then she got all huffy that I didn’t like her WAHM items. She is amateur at best.

  680. DocsNemesis says:

    Ugh, I hate people like that. I mean, I can sew ok, but no way would I sell stuff I made, unless its something I used and I always make sure the buyer knows I’m NOT pro. At all.

  681. Sala says:

    688 (žába) – all of our monster icons changed briefly to different, more geometric monsters. I didn’t like mine as much, though. I much prefer my cross-eyed buck-toothed, tv-antennaed monster. Although if I put it that way, I’m not really sure why I like my monster…

  682. megs2486 says:

    Now I’m curious to see my monster too! lol

  683. verucasalt says:

    Anybody else think this one is full of crap?

  684. DocsNemesis says:

    Either its an excuse or she has a terrible leak somewhere…there’s just no way…

  685. turkey lurkey says:

    #693 Someone is making up excuses for quitting CDs. Seriously, if you don’t like them, just sell your stash and walk away!

  686. Just Peachy says:

    I think its her way of announcing hey check out my stuff! I hate when ppl do that crap.

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