How is this even possible? A diaper cannot freeze to a child who is otherwise dressed properly and does not have hypothermia… can it?

frozen diapers (

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frozen diapers

We stalled our van in the winter on a bitterly cold day. I was wearing a fitted on her and it froze while we waited for help. My husband was so mad. He told me only pockets in winter when we are out. I had to thaw her bumbalino in the tub. While stalled and going through the hassle I never thought of her diaper once.

Any stories or thoughts on this?


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  1. Pariah says:

    yea, winnipeg is cold is the winter. but i wouldn’t think that the diaper would freeze to the baby before the baby got hypothermia. poor kid must have been blue.

  2. cheesewhiz says:

    I saw that. That is scary. WTH??? Poor poor baby! I don’t really understand how that can happen and the baby still be ok…and I don’t really think I would post about it and ask for thoughts and opinions if it DID happen. I would be mortified and feel awful. What does she expect people to say?

    Change your damn kid, woman!

  3. amessymama says:

    Awww, poor diaper. It must have been so cold!

    WTH! She seems so concerned about the diaper!!

    Are pockets equipped with little heaters or something?

  4. Myself says:

    Only way it froze is if she didn’t have pants on that child.

    And seriously, who calls a butt a bumbalino?

  5. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    maybe she is talking about a dipe in a wetbag?

  6. JustMe says:

    Hmm, the only way this makes sense and the baby isn’t dead is if the baby was in a fitted without a cover, soaked it through all the layers worn over it, and the outside got a little frosty? Nope, still doesn’t make sense.

  7. melmelly says:

    No, I don’t think the diaper froze to the baby. I think the freeze froze the necessary brain cells to think and see properly.

    But I do laugh at this:
    “I was wearing a fitted on her”

  8. verucasalt says:

    What scares me is that she homeschools, seems to me if you are too dumb to keep your kids diaper from freezing then maybe someone else should be teaching your kids.

  9. FunnyMama says:

    okay, let’s say the dipe did freeze on her. How pee-soaked must that sucker have been??

  10. melmelly says:

    But if the diaper did freeze to her, her butt would need to be frozen, or very cold as well. Any normal warm tush is going to keep a soggy diaper warm, or somewhat close. She would have to be very cold in order for a diaper to even come close to freezing. There is a big difference between 98+ degrees, and 32 and lower degrees.

    That baby would be suffering from hypothermia and in the hospital. We just had a little girl missing for about 28 hours on the 17th. The weather had been nice and warm during the day, and the only night she was out, she was wearing jeans, a tee, and shoes. The temp was around the low-mid 40’s. By the time she was found the next evening, her core body temp was 85. She was in the hospital for 4 DAYS. My common sense tells me that this baby should be in the hospital, not in a bathtub having her bumbalino thawed out.

  11. Myself says:

    9 – ASSuming that the child was properly clothed, ummm, yeah, don’t want to think about that. If it was that cold my child would be wearing like four or five layers

  12. Myself says:

    I love the comment

    “Did you stick her in a snow bank?”

  13. DSDM2 says:

    Yeah, I call LIE.

  14. Myself says:

    How bout instead of lie, you call INSANE or TROLL or CRAZY or …..?

  15. DSDM2 says:

    Feel free to add that link or quote it in the DS post. 🙂

  16. eeek says:

    Completely impossible. Baby would be dead if her body temp was below freezing and if a diaper was frozen directly onto her butt it would have to be.

  17. žába says:

    I don’t see how that could happen. If the diaper was frozen all the way through to the point it was stuck onto the kids butt, it would have frozen her toes, fingers, nose, ect. No way would a soaking the tub fix that. Is she lying?an idiot?both?

  18. No One Important says:

    The mythbusters tried to freeze urine at 70 below and it did not freeze.

  19. kelolsen says:

    I fail to see how pockets are somehow magically unable to freeze but a fitted is.

  20. FunnyMama says:

    16 – done and done.

    And is it just me, or does the father in that avatar pic look like Stefano DiMera from Days of Our Lives?

  21. melmelly says:

    21 – Totally looks like Stefano! I wonder if they live on Aremid? LOL

  22. Myself says:

    20 – maybe the thinking is the PUL won’t let it to the outside?

  23. Myself says:

    wow wifey, that post was Hawt!

  24. redfish bluefish says:

    Oh WOW. Someone is wanting attention, obviously.

  25. DSDM2 says:

    Her skin would have been frost bitten if the story were true. Frostbite begins to set-in, in a matter of minutes when a body is placed against ice or below freezing air temps.

  26. Messy says:

    Her creative writing attempt needs some grammar work. How crazy!

  27. FunnyMama says:

    wifey, my only goal in life is to please you!

  28. knittingfool says:

    #21 That explains everthing. Stefano can do anything. If he can bring people back from the grave, a frozen dipe should be easy.
    Another DS dramawhore without two brain cells to rub together. It just keeps getting worse over there.

  29. redfish bluefish says:

    too bad she didn’t have the 2 braincells to rub together or she could’ve saved her dd’s frozen bum. heh.

  30. redfish bluefish says:

    get it? becuz they’d get all warm and toasty…lame joke?

  31. knittingfool says:

    Then we would have a “my dipe caught fire” thread

  32. kukukachoo says:

    Thread closed already! I guess it was obvious nothing good could come from that one!

  33. Messy says:

    Oh, H2BAM to the rescue. She is a twat.

  34. knittingfool says:

    It was getting boring anyway with 6 pages of callouts and no reply. Maybe they noticed she was missing from the ward and her internet privledges were taken away as punishment for escaping.

  35. FunnyMama says:

    Now I’m pissed because I made myself look stupid by accident and I can’t defend myself to Science Girl. :pouts:

  36. FunnyMama says:

    29 – yes, thank you!!!!

  37. DSDM2 says:

    FunnyMama, I don’t think you did. I think she is mistaken on her numbers 😉

  38. No One Important says:

    If it were 28degrees, animals wouldn’t be able to urinate in the winter.

  39. redfish bluefish says:

    32-so true. LOL

  40. knittingfool says:

    It’s not 28 degrees when it comes out. It would take a while to reach that temp. I have visions of dogs stuck to trees by a thin yellow icicle. LOL

  41. tlouise says:

    She reads ‘Above Rubies’. I think that alone should tell you what you need to know about her.

  42. FunnyMama says:

    Off to Google “Above Rubies”…

  43. redfish bluefish says:

    44-me too

  44. redfish bluefish says:

    Above Rubies is a ministry to encourage women in their high calling as wives, mothers, and homemakers. Its purpose is to uphold and strengthen family life and to raise the standard of God’s truth in the nation.

    The name has been chosen from Proverbs 31.10 AMP, “A capable, intelligent and virtuous woman, who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far Above Rubies or pearls.”

  45. Myself says:

    Above Rubies AFAIK doesn’t have to do with The Pearls

  46. kukukachoo says:

    if the freezing point of urine was -120 there would be a lot more failed drug tests!

  47. FunnyMama says:

    Thank you, 46. I got sidetracked by Cougar Town and pizza-flavored Doritos.

    And what’s The Pearls?

  48. tlouise says:

    Hmm, I thought Above Rubies was associated with the Pearls. My bad. I just read their site and still find it majorly irritating, but I have butthurt issues with fundies.

  49. tlouise says:

    49- A link to the Pearls site:
    Apologies for possibly inducing vomit. (Basically, they’re child abusers who use the Bible to justify it).

  50. FunnyMama says:

    woo, I saw “Child Training” and couldn’t read any more

  51. Myself says:

    50 – fundies?

  52. Just Peachy says:

    Im assuming she means religious fundamentalists.

  53. amessymama says:

    53-Isn’t that underwear that’s funtowear?

  54. FunnyMama says:

    55 – IME no underwear is particularly fun to wear.

  55. Myself says:

    okay I guess I’ll go hide because I’m a fundamentalist :hide:

  56. FunnyMama says:

    Yeah, wifey, you are, but you don’t preach or proselytize. You’re confident enough in your beliefs to know that they’re right for you and your family but not necessarily for everyone.

  57. knittingfool says:

    I think fanatic is a better word. Some of those fervent arm wavers scare me just as much as the Islamic would-be martyrs. What ever happened to tolerance in religion?

  58. knittingfool says:

    I should add that fundamentalist does not = fanatic. Those people are in a league of their own.

  59. Myself says:

    okay as long as fundamentalist does not = fanatic then I won’t hide

    Yeah wifey, I see no reason to, if someone wants to know they will ask.

  60. FunnyMama says:

    59/60 – I agree

  61. FunnyMama says:

    And that is why I heart you.

  62. knittingfool says:

    #61 Don’t hide. Beliefs are a personal thing, IMO. If it works for you, then it’s right for you and you should be proud of it. It may not be right for me, but that’s where the tolerance comes in. I don’t like the ones who are always in your face saying if you(general you) don’t do it their way, then you are doomed.

  63. knittingfool says:

    And how the heck did we go from frozen baby butts to religious views? LOL

  64. FunnyMama says:

    ahh, thus is the naturally random progression…

  65. tlouise says:

    61- Yeah that is the kind of people I mean. The “you-will-go-to-hell-if-you-don’t-believe-in-Jesus” types. My in-laws are some of those. They also believe that voting for Obama means that you are not a true Christian, that dancing is a sin (except for square dancing, Jesus likes that apparently), that women should defer to their husbands decisions (even when they’re stupid…the decisions, not the husbands, lol), etc.

    It’s not that I can’t understand where they are coming from. I was a fervent born-again Christian until I un-saw the light and became an agnostic. But they still irritate the hell out of me at times.

  66. knittingfool says:

    LOL Jesus doe-si-doe-ing. Wouldn’t he trip on his robes?

  67. melmelly says:

    67 – I know what you mean. My bff from HS and I lost touch, and she found me on facebook last summer. She has herself listed as being a “born-again, born-again”, which is interesting to me, but we still don’t really talk, so I can’t just ask her without all that water under the bridge flooding.

    I un-saw the light after my car accident in 2002. My pastor chose to not come and help me because he “wasn’t dressed for the day”, and it was 11am.

  68. melmelly says:

    68 – I had a visual of Jesus dancing in a square dance hall with a woman in a huge skirt.

  69. knittingfool says:

    70 With Dolly Parton hair.

  70. melmelly says:

    We have a Jesus look-alike here. He walks around town in a track suit. One day I will have the guts to ask him what his name is! 🙂

  71. knittingfool says:

    I saw Elvis at the mall. Really. White jumpsuit, the whole nine yards. His girlfriend was dressed up like Priscilla in the early days. I’m still laughing about it.

  72. smartassmama says:

    We went to memphis a couple weeks ago and while ordering at Chick-fil-a I swear I saw Lil’ Jon.

    And I have a 2nd cousin who’s a Vegas Elvis. He came to my grandmother’s funeral with his Elvis hair. Our preacher’s a fan of the King, and he got all excited when they met.

    But I’m still seriously hoping that a ‘bumbalino’ (or whatev) is a WAHM fitted I’ve never heard of. It’s too early for April fools.
    And “I was wearing a fitted on her?” WTF?

  73. smartassmama says:

    Well she’s online right now. Just listed some fsot. I wonder, does it ship in a poly-mailer or an Igloo cooler?

    Let’s see if she edits/replies. . . *taps fingers impatiently*

  74. thewayhome says:

    I saw Santa Claus at the hospital awhile back. Really green and red clothes white hair beard the whole thing. I’m poking my husband to make sure he sees him too and then this little kid yells “Mommy, it’s Santa.” It was great.

  75. FunnyMama says:

    I saw a pirate at the gas station once. Peg leg, eye patch, parrot – the whole nine. He bought Mt. Dew and Cheetos.

  76. Mmmmm yeah, so if her child got SO cold that her diaper froze, the child has hypothermia. Just wow.

    67- I’m sorry you have “butthurt” issues with people who believe that Jesus is the way to eternal life, but please bear in mind that not all of us are as extreme as your in-laws. Far from it. That’s an incredible over-generalization that is really judgmental and hurtful. Please don’t try to put me in some kind of box because one time some one who called themself a Christian hurt you. 😦

  77. thewayhome says:

    It would have been better if he bought Pirate Booty popcorn stuff.

  78. FunnyMama says:

    or limes for scurvy, but I don’t think Sheetz generally carries citrus

  79. tlouise says:

    78- I realize that people of that particular religious persuasion behave in different ways. As I said, I used to be a born-again Christian myself. I was just explaining my knee-jerk reaction to that online newsletter.

    And I’m loling about the visual of Jesus square dancing with Dolly Parton.

  80. melmelly says:

    I know this one guy who used to be a Catholic monk. His dad has been one of the Santa’s at Macy’s in NYC because he enjoys it. He’s from Oregon and goes to NYC every year so he can make some little kid happy. White hair, white beard, etc. None of the fake beard stuff.

  81. Sala says:

    I have more of an issue with people who only believe that there is one true way to God or enlightenment, one true way of doing/believing anything. I have a problem with fundamentalists who believe others must conform or will burn or must die or whatever. You think Jesus is the way to life eternal? Great, I’m pleased that you are so confident and comfortable in your beliefs; please don’t want or ask me to think that way, too.

    So yeah, extremists and fanatics of every stripe are kinda scary to me, left and right, religious and not. If you think some religious fundamentalists are scary, just look up some hardcore atheists – they have some of the most closed minds I have ever encountered. I have an issue with the sanctimonious and the superior. I have a problem with people who will condemn large swathes of other people because they vote (whatever), because they wear (whatever), because they are (whatever religion), because they drink/dance/do Starbucks/have a kid out of wedlock, without every needing to actually converse with those people at all. The world is not black and white, it scares me to meet people who only see it that way.

    I mean, really, if you think about it there are so many reasons to hate any given person if you really put your mind to it; do you need to do it along religious lines alone?

  82. Sala says:

    Also, frozen diaper on bum. Baby urine tends to be more dilute than adults, I think, if only because their diets are so liquid, so maybe it freezes closer to the freezing point of water than salt water, but still. Maybe if the diaper was waterlogged from the outside and the kid was sitting on bare metal? But then the kid would be mostly frozen or at least frost-bit and badly hypothermic.

  83. not me at all says:

    H2BM locked it.

  84. volbaby07 says:

    I don’t have a problem with fundies. I have a problem with people who beat the shit out of their kids and use Jesus to justify it (the Pearls) or who starve and neglect their children and call it raising them Godly (Ezzo).
    Completely OT, anyone else found the F word’s new blog? Seems there’s some trouble in paradise. It almost sounds like someone cheated…

  85. interesting... says:

    SC recent blog entry:

    Wonder who the WAHM is that she’s referring to?

  86. Taterbug says:

    87-I dunno, but I’m willing to bet that the part of the e-mail that she didn’t quote is much more…enlightening than the part she did quote.

  87. Just Peachy says:

    Dude she irritates me with her superiority complex. You got found out so just stfu and quit trying to save face.

  88. knittingfool says:

    I doubt there is a wahm. And as for her being so successful. She never has anything for sale when she “stocks”. I emailed her once and asked her when she was actually going to stock something and not just appear on the calendar. She never replied. And very few people seem to actually own one of her magic diapers. However, it would appear that EVERYONE must have a knockoff since she is copied so often.

  89. Aj says:

    87, I didn’t even realize SC was still around. I can pretty well guarantee that the newbies in the cloth diapering world have no idea who Stinky Couture is.

  90. FunnyMama says:

    86 – Link a sister?

  91. volbaby07 says:


  92. žába says:

    When will she learn to make her blog private? Seriously?

  93. .bin. says:

    86: I didn’t see your post at first and only saw the link and was just about to say.. me thinks someone did a little cheating.

    FYI: Deployment doesn’t “do that” to you, you do that to yourself.

  94. volbaby07 says:

    that blog was not hard to find considering that was the name used on ds

  95. Just Peachy says:

    Yes exactly. I know many a deployed spouse who has remained faithful.
    Oh and btw we are having girl #4!!!!

  96. FunnyMama says:

    Congrats Peachy!! Yay for estrogen!

    And thank you for the link

  97. FunnyMama says:

    gah, for some reason her stupidity never ceases to amaze

  98. EM says:

    Haven’t posted in a while, hope I remembered my name correctly.

    #87–SC is still around? Haven’t heard from that one in a looooong time. It would have been nice continue thinking she dropped off the face of the earth.

  99. eeek says:

    I am positive SC is completely lying, she made it up to continue her crusade of trying to be a victim. No one would apologize to her, she’s always the one who’s the completely insane bitch. And I believe you’re correct, she hasn’t sold any diapers in a very very long time. She just “stocks” when she wants everyone to read her blog.

    I guess I don’t mind that as much as when she was selling her fake fitteds (they never leak! Oh wait they’re made of organic plastic!) and treating her customers like shit.

  100. žába says:

    101 – The whole SC thing was before I started using fitteds, I never really followed along, other than to know she was a huge snot rocket. So, her fitted were hiding PUL in the middle?

  101. Redhead says:

    Ugh- the Pearls. Our previous pastor told us we were too worldly and “child centered” in our home, so they sent us home with books and videos by the Pearls to teach us how to be better parents. After reading how Mr. Pearl pushed his baby into the pond to teach her it was “dangerous”.. I stopped reading and promptly took all the stuff back to the pastor and soon left that church.

    Above Rubies- a crazy sect of mothers who believe all birth control is evil and even publish stories from this woman who have husband with the mental capacity of an 8 yr old (after a work-related accident) 8+ children and praising her when she gets pregnant again.
    Even if you have health disorders which would make a pregnancy dangerous at the time, you should NOT use BC according to AR… because, well, it is EVIL!!
    Oh, they also are very pro-adopt ALL the children in the world EVEN when you’re living in basically an unfinished tree house, with no running water, electricity and the like! What children need a suitable place to live anyway?!

    Gah, these people make me sick.
    On a side note, Patooty has been msging me on and off trying to buy inserts & other items I had listed on DS.. I suppose because they don’t freeze in the pockets during winter months. Hey, do you think she thinks they are like those little packets that heat up when you crunch them?!

  102. Just Peachy says:

    More like cheap ass fleece. Which is what made them seem so “absorbent”. Rather then checking the inside of the diaper most of the ladies would be like oh the outside stayed dry. DUH CUS THE FLEECE IS IN BETWEEN THE KNIT PRINT AND THE INNER LAYER!

  103. knittingfool says:

    So that is her secret. I thought it was her super duper, patented, quilted soaker which she claims everyone is copying. Yeah, SC invented running a couple of lines of straight stitch over the fabric. Somebody drive a stake through her heart so she stops coming back. She isn’t even entertaining.

  104. Kelolsen says:

    “You’ll never have to work a day in your life if you do something you love”

    wow.. spoken like a truly ignorant, uneducated person… good luck w/ that. MOst of us love what we do, but its still WORK!

  105. yaddayadda says:

    #104- Why does it matter if it’s cheap fleece? It worked and it kept the outside of the fitted dry….right? Am I missing something?

  106. yaddayadda says:

    Ah, I miss ol’ Stinky Couture and the like kind. Sorry, but there are so, so, so, so many diaper makers/HC’s out there right now. Seems like any moron with sewing machine can sew up a million diapers and start a HC. I miss the smaller circles and the drama.

  107. Just Peachy says:

    Now please tell me why exactly you would want the OUTSIDE of a fitted dry? It would make more sense to have the inner layer to be fleece not the layer under the fabric next to the babies skin.

  108. Just Peachy says:

    Oh and in most of her listings nothing is mentioned about fleece. All they said were something about being 100% organic. Correct me if I am wrong but poly fleece is not organic now is it?

  109. Sala says:

    Poly fleece is made out of plastic., plastic cannot be organic. So by definition, poly fleece is not organic. Thus she lied; I don’t know if that’s the drama, I wasn’t around and wasn’t buying “designer” diapers whenever this happened.

    And yeah, I would think that if you want the baby’s skin as dry as possible, you put the fleece next to baby’s skin; OTOH, if you’re trying to pass your diaper off as organic with the accompanying increase in price, you can’t have fleece be visible.

  110. Just Peachy says:

    Oh and it also came to light she was using zorb in her diapers as well. Definitely not organic and definitely not the kind of diapers I would think would be associated with the word “couture”

  111. redfish bluefish says:


    72-I literally LOL’d. I needed that laugh so bad today. Thank you

  112. melmelly says:

    113 – When I get the guts to ask, and if he says his name is Jesus (Hey-seuss), I will either lol and turn beet red, and/or pee my pants!

  113. smartassmama says:

    Anyone else having a hard time not pming the OP on thus one? I’m still dying to know what happened to freeze tgis ‘bumbalino’.

  114. Erin says:

    Somewhere on this blog is the story about SC and what happened. Basically, she was claiming her dipes were 100% organic and they weren’t(zorb, poly fleece, etc). Plus, she was selling them at like $60 a pop, which is mighty high for a non-organic diaper. She lied, still hasn’t owned up to it and is scammerish.

  115. smartassmama says:

    Holy cow. $60 a diaper? Organic or not, no thanks.

  116. Myself says:

    Yeah 60 a diaper is crazy but oh well. People would buy it for that price so she could sell it that high.

  117. yaddayadda says:

    Yeah, ok, I got it….fleece is not organic. I had about 8 SC’s and thought they were fantastic that they were a fitted, breathable AND seemed to absorb more than other fitteds, i.e. didn’t soak through to the outside right away like a Mutt. I had no idea she was touting them as ‘organic’ and then putting obviously non-organic products in them. $60 a pop is pretty friggin ridiculous. I never paid that much for one, but I did pay $44 for one and about $25-30 for the others. I don’t have that kind of money anymore, and I would spend that much on a diaper anymore even if I did.

  118. smartassmama says:

    Oh I understand it’s a market driven situation. You can charge as much as people will pay. That’s just really expensive. My husband will let me buy whatever without asking, no prob. But if he saw that kind of paypal invoice, he’d want me committed.

  119. mamatocuties says:

    im cracking up at bumbalino wtf thats hilarious

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