Did we really expect her to stay drama free for long? She really is a drama whore… I wonder if her DH even knows how she acts while he is away? Even her title cries victim.

What really gets me about this post isn’t even the OP, it is her rudeness to everyone because they told her that it wasn’t the best idea to wash reds with your whites. DUH.We all make laundry mistakes, but we don’t all blame the maker of the wipes we bought.

The WAHM may have prewashed, but she isn’t required to. Honestly, you are a dumb ass for not separating your wash. It doesn’t cost much more to do your laundry properly. Maybe she should sue the detergent company because the color stay didn’t work?


Yesterday, 09:02 PM #1
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Sigh.. Ruined laundry..

You’d think people would prewash their stuff before you sew/send it right?Welpp 3 of my light colored shirts are now a hint of pink from the bright red thing I bought that ruined it.

So, An item that cost 6$ ruined items that cost about 30-40$…

Is there anything I can do about it? Or is it my fault for not washing it alone? (Which, you’d think they’d prewash.. UGH)


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Re: Sigh.. Ruined laundry..

I don’t think I should ask if the item would bleed or not…I think every WAHM should prewash before they sew..


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Re: Sigh.. Ruined laundry..

It wasn’t white..But I was all my clothes together and have never had this issue.


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Yesterday, 11:46 PM #14
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Re: Sigh.. Ruined laundry..

The person put red and cream together!!Do I need to unsew it to wash too!?


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Re: Sigh.. Ruined laundry..

I’m sorry, But it is just me and DS. We do not have enough laundry to sort everything out and that’s washing twice a week.If anyone wants to pay my water bill so I can wash 1 shirt at a time, go right ahead. But I’m not going to do that. I’ve NEVER had ANYTHING EVER stain/bleed on other clothes.


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Today, 12:09 AM #22
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Re: Sigh.. Ruined laundry..

Um, I didn’t get snarky until now that you’re being rude. Common sense would be to prewash your stuff before you make it and send it out! It’s not that I didn’t like the “advice” it was that I didn’t like the rude comments. But whatever.But, If you’d like to pay my water/laundry det. bill.. Go right ahead.


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Is it Tuesday already?

  1. naturalmamadot says:

    man shes a drama whoring twat

    next it will be why cant i wash my brand new black things with all my whites? I cant AFFORD to wash them separately….but were totally ROLLING IN IT.

  2. FunnyMama says:

    :sigh: she picked that shovel right back up and started digging again…

  3. Taterbug says:

    Nobody is interested in paying her water bill. Nobody honestly cares about her “ruined” laundry. It’s not like the red item ate her shirts. They just want her to shut up and drop it before she drags some poor, unsuspecting WAHM through the mud.

  4. smartassmama says:

    I totally wanted to point out that, yes, she had been snarky and rude in posts 14 & 18. But I knew it would just cause it to get worse, in walks H2BAM, and I’d get my third strike. So I just bit my tongue. Or fingers.

  5. reallytiredmommy says:

    Really? It does not cost that much to run an extra load!

  6. Messy says:

    They are rolling in cash but she can’t afford to separate her laundry to prevent it from being ruined… Ummkay.
    Just when I thought she couldn’t present herself as any stupider.
    FWIW, I have taught even my 8 yr old how to separate laundry and wash it so as not to ruin things.
    Although, one of my older kids ruined a load of her laundry by throwing a shirt she had soaked in bleach right into the load. I wonder which WAHM I could blame that on and get it all paid for??? Any WAHM’s running “ruined laundry” specials?

  7. MaeghanAlyson says:

    wow….is she really that stupid?

  8. smartassmama says:

    Two words: transferring blame.

    Or 3: something for nothing.

  9. Messy says:

    #8 Or 4: Attention whoring dumb ass
    Or 5: Needs to buy a clue
    Oh wait! If she can’t afford to run an extra load of laundry a week, then no way can she afford a clue.

  10. smartassmama says:


  11. DSDM2 says:

    I hate this comment:

    But the “gosh you’re so stupid, don’t cha know how to do laundry” comments aren’t right.

    No one called her stupid, although it was, and she is. She needs to fucking grow up. Just because people try to educate you, doesn’t mean they called you stupid (at least not to your face).

  12. JustPeachy says:

    Hey the shoe fits. No pun intended.

  13. FunnyMama says:

    bwahahahaha@the shoe fits

  14. Hillybean says:

    I just finished reading that whole thread. Now my face hurts.

    She even asks in the first post, “Or is it my fault for not washing it alone?” Um, it’s your fault.

    It also doesn’t help her cause that she makes a point to say, “I’m sorry, But it is just me and DS. We do not have enough laundry to sort everything out and that’s washing twice a week”…and THEN she says, “I’d be doing laundry for HOURS AND HOURS a week if I sorted everything out between lights, darks, reds, whites, jeans”. Good lawd.

    I would go so far as to say that this thread is a little bit funny to me, because this is how my dad used to wash the clothes…pantyhose with denim jeans and towels. But I don’t think he ever mixed reds and whites.

  15. FunnyMama says:

    I want to post just for the sake of being snarky but there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said. Strikes and bans be darned – I got my feedback screen shots this morning, I’m certainly not going to do any B/S/Ting on DS ever again, so I got nothing to lose. But I do want to go out with a bang, so I’m going to have to think about this so I don’t pull a George Castanza

  16. thewayhome says:

    I had a red shirt that was a hand-me-down from my sister so all together we probably had it for close to 10 years (yes, I take good care of my clothes) but that sucker still would bleed red dye after all that time. I had to be really careful, the last time when I washed it with dark colors and it still found some little patch to bleed on I threw it out. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if it was prewashed or not.

  17. DSDM2 says:

    LOL @ the Seinfeld episode… “Thank you, thank you very much”

  18. FunnyMama says:

    “Hey George, the ocean called – they’re running out of shrimp!”

  19. DSDM2 says:

    “Well, the Jerk Store called, and they’re running out of you.”

  20. FunnyMama says:

    good times. I miss that show – I had an ex who would watch every single syndicated episode every day on every channel – he literally watched about 4 hours of Seinfeld a day

  21. amessymama says:

    15-That’s what bugs me so much about my banning. If I had known I was going to be banned that day, I would’ve let it ALL out!! I told H2BAM that if I had said what I was really thinking, then I would happily take the banning!! As it would have made sense.

    I see things now and think, I wish I wasn’t banned so I could respond to this idiot and be BANNED.

  22. DSDM2 says:

    Wow! We watch it on weekdays, maybe once or twice a day… (mostly after the news and when I am cooking.)

    I miss it too.

  23. FunnyMama says:

    I don’t think it’s on around here locally. I know it’s on at night on TBS but by that time I’m in bed and watching something important, like “16 and Pregnant”

  24. lurking says:

    Totally stupid. I am a wahm and I am seriusly telling ya’ if she buys from my store I will definitely refund the money. She is not happy with anything. As far as Ds mamas paying her bill, come on! Wash as you like, if you dont follow the basics of laundering, DONT COMPLAIN!! Botton line, she does not even know how to wash clothes LOL, and not willing to learn (I did those mistakes too, but it served me as a lesson). Troublemaker!!!

  25. lurking says:

    16 . exactly! By the time the wahm prewashed that red fabric and makes the wipes they will look old and used and then fluffybutt will be complaining about a wahm that sold used items. She is a joke!

  26. DSDM2 says:

    Fox plays it a few times a day here.

  27. JustMe says:

    Lol. She just posted that these were testers.

  28. smartassmama says:

    One mama offered to buy them. What has Felisha replied? Nothing.

    And who the hell sits out FC, in a kid print, for guests?!

    We’re a fair bit crunchy. But if I’d walked into a friend’s or relative’s house 3 or more years ago and found out they wanted me to wipe my twat and ass with Dino print wipes, I would have either told them they were nuts, or I would have gone to the Shell station down the road. Mainstream people don’t get it. You shouldn’t expect them to.

  29. lurking says:

    28. I noticed. She is just there for the drama. She is NOT going to do any of the tips given to her to fix the shirts either. I s all about drama!

  30. FunnyMama says:

    28 – exactly! And even if you don’t use them in the bathroom, wipe your son’s rear with them!!

  31. FunnyMama says:

    she eats it right up! after everything she just can’t let it go…

  32. smartassmama says:

    I wanted to tell her “they’ll get shoo-shoo on them anyway” then I realized that would be the unintended pun that would get me gone, and fast!

  33. FunnyMama says:

    zomg, y’all are very “punny” today!

  34. Kristen says:

    I may get my first strike but I don’t care. I’m sick of her complaining about her own mistakes and grasping at things/people to pass the blame onto.

  35. Kristen says:

    And now it’s gone. I wonder if I will get a strike.

  36. Sala says:

    You know, she’s determined to hang onto the stupid. Puke. I’m sorry, she’s just making fuss over nothing. It’s not the WAHM’s fault if you’re a moron. Maybe a red and cream combo was a bad idea but if you buy something red, you should know that the color might bleed.

    Why do we reward her for being an idiot? Wouldn’t we all be happier to ignore her entirely? And wouldn’t that piss her off if people didn’t respond to her? God, she just like my toddler, looking for a reaction. Grow up Missy, before you’re more immature than your kid.

  37. JessicaNicolle says:

    I particularly liked that someone else should pay her water bill because she can’t do more than one load. One has to ask themself if she is really for real?

    I’d really love to see this chick up at target asking for a refund because she’s stupid and doesn’t know how to do laundry and a shirt she washed with whites ruined another shirt.

    I’d really hate to be that WAHM right now though, who actually sells to her anymore?

  38. Kristen says:

    Okay serioulsy…I am SO TIRED of H2B always coming in there and kissing F’s behind. That shows blatant favoritism and I don’t think she should be a mod. Once I finish up my last transactions on DS, I’ll be posting a grand YAGE post telling DS exactly what I think of them. I only hope it stays up long enough for you all to see.

  39. Kristen says:

    Also, does anyone know if she lives in base housing? Because if she does, base housing pays for your electricity and water. She’s such a troll.

  40. werd says:

    I’m so glad I turned her down when she wanted me to make pads for her. She seems like a hard customer who will never be completely happy with anything she is sent!

  41. sciencefair says:

    JessicaNicolle – your comments had me LOLing at 4am. I don’t think my DH appreciated it.

  42. sciencefair says:

    Kristen – I thought she lived with the inlaws. That = free water.

  43. JessicaNicolle says:

    Kristen- You better post that link and screen shot because there is no way in hell that it will stay up for more than 10 minutes…

    I had to SERIOUSLY bite my tongue on that one, who doesn’t know how to do their own damn laundry? “If someone else wants to pay my laundry bill”, because I’m sorry, if you can’t afford to pony up a whole extra $2 a month to separate your fucking clothes… you probably can’t afford the damn house you are about to buy or ANYTHING other than prefolds. Idiot. It added MAYBE $10-$15 to our bills when we started doing cloth… and that’s a friggin 4-cycle load of diapers every other day. You can’t really tell me that adding a one cycle load is going to break you.

    Although you know, in her defense, she is alone with NO help and she is ONLY 20 years old….

  44. JessicaNicolle says:

    Oh sciencefair, I’m sure I have a strike waiting for me at some point here, I noticed my “I should pay your water bill because you don’t want to do your laundry the way you should and it ruins your clothes?” comment was removed. I think that’ll put me at two strikes right now, I think I might do the above mentioned and try and pull a Costanza and just go out with a bang. The sad thing is I tried so hard to not respond. I just. couldn’t. help. it.

  45. sciencefair says:

    I just read the rest of the thread and come on H2B, why are you removing all the ‘rude’ posts but leaving all of fluffly butts threads.

    1. FC is for wiping poo.
    2. Testers aren’t supposed to be perfect.
    3. You are an overly defensive twat.

    Damn, I wish we were her DH and could be away from her for 6 months. (Yes, that’s a bitchy comment, but for realz now. I wouldn’t wash used FC in my regular clothes anyway. )

  46. DSDM2 says:

    What is she doing washing shit wipes with the regular clothing? That is just fucking nasty.

  47. Kristen says:

    44-My post was removed too but I have yet to get a pm strike. It sucks that it was removed so quickly too. I was quite proud of myself.

    So I am dumb and have no clue how to take a screen shot. If someone tells me how, I will def do so when I make my grand exit.

  48. Kristen says:

    46-Because she is nasty.

  49. lurking says:

    so it went poof!!!! as always, I dont know how Ds keeps tolerating a woman who is just there to stir up drama. I feel bad for all those mamas who took time to explain how to fix the garments. What a waste of time….
    She is the one who should be banned.

  50. lurking says:

    oh no sorry is there still.
    I agree, the color/print combo was sure to bleed, but still you dont wash those with whites or light colored clothes.

  51. JessicaNicolle says:

    You take a screen shot by hitting the “print screen” button at the top of the keyboard then pasting somewhere. I had SO much fun once I discovered that button, lol.

    I seriously have to laugh everytime I see someone call her a twat waffle. I just don’t get the point of about 90% of her posts… is she just trying to sound like a complete fucking idiot? I’m sorry, but the “I’m only 20” excuse goes so far… I guess there just isn’t a pill for stupid.

  52. naturalmamadot says:

    She isnt trying to sound like one, she IS a complete fucking idiot. Wanting her to make any sense is asking too much, her widdle brain might explode.

  53. naturalmamadot says:

    Oh and IM “only” 20 so she can shove that excuse up her ass and STFU. I would of NEVER put something washed and red in with normal clothing let alone brand new shit. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with that bitch. *shakes head in disgust*

  54. JessicaNicolle says:

    I washed whites with a red when I was 16. BUT, it was pretty much a direct attempt to ruin laundry so I never had to do it again in my house, my dad was a little weird like that *insert evil laugh*

  55. mamaofboys says:

    How much extra is it to buy those color catcher sheets if she’s too damn cheap to wash an extra load?

  56. naturalmamadot says:

    lol Im sure I have a leg up on ole felisha since I have been taking care of the entire house and everyones laundry since I was old enough to reach the buttons on a step stool…but come on its common fucking sense to not wash something brand new with other clothing let alone something RED.

  57. momofdivas says:

    She’s young ,Naive and a bit dumb.

  58. DSDM2 says:

    56, but common sense is not so common. Sad, but true.

  59. Pariah says:

    39- no she doesn’t and she doesn’t live with her inlaws either, just near them. but i don’t think she owns a home either, which means she rents… i’ve lived in three apartments in the last three years, and never had to pay my water bill though.

    and hell i didn’t do my own laundry until i moved out of my mom’s at 18, but even i knew better than to put reds in will whites.

  60. reallytiredmommy says:

    Was she the one complaining a couple months ago about her husband’s homecoming because sil didn’t take good enough pics at the airport?

  61. MonsterBabyMaker says:

    Common sense is really kinda rare these days anyways. It makes me sad that we have laws like “don’t shake your baby” and “put kids in carseats”… I know a lot of people feel like we shouldn’t have laws governing private things but we do because PEOPLE ARE FRIGGIN STUPID. I mean seriously?

    As an afterthought I changed my name (sorry)… I thought it *probably* wasn’t the best idea to use my DS name to make fun of stupidity…

  62. Myra says:

    By the time I was 20, which is when I married, I’d been doing laundry for what? Ten years? Good god almighty, if she can’t figure it out, I pity her kid. And screw the “not enough clothes” crap. It was just DH and me for 6 years, and I still sorted the damn laundry.

  63. You wish you knew me says:

    Did anyone else see this? Damn, talk about insensitive. That thread left me speechless.


  64. smartassmama says:

    I have a solution. I have a never ending, rarely dwindling mass of laundry. She doesn’t have enough. If she’ll (properly) do my laundry I’ll pay the difference in the bill. Ya-DUH. Good Lord. Be glad you don’t have a lot. Turn the water level down to low. Learn from your mistake, and deal with the fact that every person who responded told you that YES, it WAS your mistake.

  65. smartassmama says:

    That should have been “Ta-Duh” play on words to ta-da. Thank you, auto complete πŸ˜‰

  66. magpiedpiper says:

    Seriously – you can adjust the amount of water and detergent to do smaller loads. Voila! Not wasting water!

    I admit I cheat every so often if I need some things done and am short on time. But the key to washing lights and darks together is COLD WATER.

  67. smartassmama says:

    Oh wow. That’s not going anywhere good.

  68. magpiedpiper says:

    #63 – UGH. Someone tell that woman how to iggy threads. So she’s basically saying “Um, can you all stop posting about your losses so I can stay in my happy pregnancy bubble? I don’t have the willpower to not read your sad threads and they are making me unhappy.”

  69. reallytiredmommy says:

    I have learned when I am pregnant or even depressed to avoid sad threads. Not that hard.

  70. Madre says:

    ITA 69. You just don’t look at them. What a selfish twat.

  71. lurking says:

    She cant afford an extra load of laundry and have to beg us Ds mamas to pay for the water, but she have a diamond ring and according to her living comfortably. Set your priorities straigth Felicia!!!!

    I have lots of kids and a husband, and wash every SINGLE day of the week and I is not a big deal (the water bill).

  72. lurking says:

    63. what a horrible thread!!!! that lady is crazy!!!

  73. JustPeachy says:

    Wow what an insensitive bitch!

  74. smartassmama says:

    I totally love that she reads here, clicks any posted links, then contributes πŸ˜‰ *ThumbsUp* to you, Felisha.

  75. DSDM2 says:

    I was about to ask if anyone noticed that smartassmama.

  76. smartassmama says:

    For once I wasn’t slow on the uptake. Points for me!

  77. mamaofboys says:

    So what’s with the mama behind CushyToosh diapers freaking out on a milgroup and saying their kids should die?
    Has she always been this nuts?

  78. melmelly says:

    Okay. So I had a red Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt from Lake Tahoe that I got in 2001. I was able to wear it for over five years. But then I switched to a different detergent and it bled onto my jeans and a bunch of other clothing.

    Should I go after HRC for not selling a “pre-washed” item?

    It is flat-out common sense to wash reds separate from everything else regardless of having no problems before. It is a new garment. You don’t go and just throw it in with your other clothing! How about hand-washing?


    Seriously, her stoopid is hurting my pretty little head today.

  79. FunnyMama says:

    74 – I think she must have a form of Stockholm Syndrome

  80. sciencefair says:

    I actually think Fluffybutt has PPD. She has panicked about her baby being sick (many times) she is quick to go up and down in the hormone department. All around she should talk to a doc and probably be in therapy. But then what would we talk about?

  81. smartassmama says:

    77. I’m so confused.

  82. FunnyMama says:

    I can see PPD. Mixed in with some major immaturity, insecurity, and stoopid.

  83. Sala says:

    #77 – Mamaofboys – I’m not a member, I can’t see the post. Can you cut and paste or take a screenshot, please?

  84. Pariah says:

    78. I’m originally from Lake Tahoe.

    okay now back to the original topic.

  85. melmelly says:

    DH and I were married in Lake Tahoe. My parents also had a time-share there in the late 70’s-early 80’s. I have done the math and I think that is where I was conceived. :/

    I love that place and wish we could live there, but there aren’t any nearby Ca Dept of Corr for DH to transfer to. 😦

  86. smartassmama says:

    Why would someone who does not believe in God, higher power, or any form of religion ask for prayer? Or frequent the prayer section?

    I’m not saying one can never have a change of heart. But this person just doesn’t seem the epiphany type.

  87. MonsterBabyMaker says:

    Um, most likely because they are attention-seeking and want an ass pat. Maybe she found Jesus, but I’m going to guess more likely the former.

  88. Sammy Jo says:

    I haven’t posted in a couple of days but this girl is starting to annoy me now. How can she use being young as an excuse for everything? I am 21….my husband and I have 4 boys. (I know, tsk tsk). I was on my own at 17 when my oldest was born and didn’t act the way that she does. Its not her age…some people are just that way. I feel sorry for her ds, though. I mean, who is going to teach him responsibility when someone obviously failed to teach her any? And why would she have the post deleted? I mean, come on now! Put your BIG BGP on and deal with what you have started.

  89. cheesewhiz says:

    She was actually doing a decent job of being drama-free when he hubby was home…now someone needs to just disconnect her internet.


  90. altaem says:

    Look at all these customs and testers I’ve been ordering!!! We’re buying a house!!! I have no money, can somebody else pay my water bill so I can do laundry properly?!

    Gah. What a fucking moron.

  91. MonsterBabyMaker says:

    90- I’ve been thinking the same thing! Also, why don’t you STOP being a site supporter if you really can’t pay the extra $2 a month to correctly do your laundry? What really drives me crazy about her is that she is such a suck. I mean, all of her stories conflict… in one she has this horribly abusive family where her parents sell her for crack and the other she had parents that provided her with her needs and she had a part time job to buy fun things (per her post last night in the teenager job thing). She needs to write this shit down so she can keep her story straight. I don’t care that she’s a drama queen, but seriously making up some of the stuff she does for sympathy? I think all the people of the world who have ACTUALLY had that kind of life should get together and kick her ass.

    91- I think its funny that the original poster got banned (clearly within the last month). I’m surprised the thread hasn’t gone poof, isn’t it against TOS to out a WAHM?

  92. cheesewhiz says:

    #91 – The OP is Banned…I have no idea what that is about. But the poster below it who just posted with an “agreed” and has a similarly low number of posts made me go, “Hmmmm….” Almost like the OP had TWO user names, but maybe I am reading into it too much…

  93. kitty1163 says:

    No 91: It’s gone. 😦 Recap?

  94. MotherMoonPads says:

    Ack. I should have guessed it would have gotten pulled. It was a thread that said “do not buy from this seller” and gave the link to a WAHM in Canada. It didn’t have a ton of information though.

  95. FunnyMama says:

    Oh, I read that one! Very odd…

  96. smartassmama says:

    Did she give any reason why not to?

  97. DSDM2 says:

    They didn’t send her stuff, and that being a WAHM is a hobby not a job for her. Or something like that.

  98. Lori says:

    Smartassmama – I totally get that your avi here is meant to be a smart ass – graduationy hat & ass cheeks. I get it. But, All I *really* see is balls. Roundish, tight, awkwardly smooth balls. It makes me giggle every time I look at it.

  99. sciencefair says:

    I always thought it looked like a peach. Dang

  100. MonsterBabyMaker says:

    Okay Lori, I hadn’t ever seen it that way before… but now that’s all I’m going to see from here on out.

  101. smartassmama says:

    No way! lol
    now I will too. Dangit.

    When I made my account I thought I needed to add a picture. Then it replaced my monster, and I’m not sure if I’ll get my monster back if I delete it. I’ll try.

  102. smartassmama says:

    I don’t think I know what I’m doing. I guess I’m stuck with fancy nuts. Yay

  103. Nope, you’re back to a monster….

  104. smartassmama says:

    I guess it took a few minutes. I think I look like a butterfly doing that 1980’s “Walk like an Egyptian” dance. Tubular!

  105. amessymama says:

    I still see butt/balls.

    Can we please dig up some new drama, preferably NOT felisha related? I’m so sick of seeing her stupid, hideous face every time I come here. Makes me want to hurl.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  106. MaeghanAlyson says:

    What I don’t get is why the flip would she bitch about a TESTER item! It’s a tester for a reason. And she really expects to be a WAHM and sell stuff.

  107. sciencefair says:

    I second messy. Lets get some new dramaz

  108. volbaby07 says:

    Agreed 106! I’m sick to death of looking at her ugly face every time I come here.

  109. not me at all says:

    #106 there is always the circ thread from HB

  110. FunnyMama says:

    What about this post? Daycares are “neglective”, but the alternative is mean old granny (who she doesn’t thing she has to pay) because DS beats up other kids:


  111. FunnyMama says:

    think, not thing

  112. FunnyMama says:

    and all the kids beat up her DS, not the other way around – it’s early, sorry.

  113. RainCloud says:

    Geez look what I missed. Guess that is a good thing this early in the week!

  114. not me at all says:

    holy cow the healthcare thread OMG

  115. smartassmama says:

    Where is the healthcare thread?

  116. not me at all says:

    In HB on CDN… All I can say is WOW!

  117. smartassmama says:

    Ah. Heading there now I guess!
    Has anyone here read the announcement there? Talk about a lame ass. Having big bad hubby call someone at home?

  118. Myself says:

    Yup just read it. Appalled that someone couldn’t do it themselves. Well, appalled that they would do it at all, but even more so that they couldn’t have their BGPs on and do it themselves.

  119. FunnyMama says:

    Yeah, that is pretty messed up. I’m dying to know what exactly happened there…

  120. smartassmama says:

    I’d be satisfied knowing the topic that sparked it!

    Ok. Maybe not satisfied. But a little bit more of my curiosity would be fulfilled. πŸ˜‰

  121. JustPeachy says:

    Thats pretty fucked up. Its one thing to go all batshit crazy on a forum but a complete other thing to sit there and call someones home and pull that shit. Keep the shit on CDN where it fucking belongs you fucking piece of shit!

  122. DSDM2 says:

    ? Someone care to detail those of us who aren’t members?

  123. JustPeachy says:

    Someone called someone’s place of business and left a message I am assuming it was pretty nasty from the sound of it. Don’t know who it was or who was the recipient of said message.

  124. FunnyMama says:


  125. smartassmama says:

    Some unknown thread pissed someone off, and the unknown (as of yet) member had a male (SO, husband, brother, who-knows) call a WAHM who had evidently sparked the crazy in her. They found her number and called her and they were apparently rude, crude, harassing. Details are kinda fuzzy.

  126. smartassmama says:

    I was browsing the Parenting forum on DS, and that moron Crunch has another “hey let me rile you up” thread. She’s a troll. She might have several posts, but she is a troll. All she does is try to poke people. I haven’t read the whole thing, but I think she may have gotten her wish. But instead of a circ heated debate, she got a religious one instead. Troll.

  127. naturalmamadot says:

    125 that sounds like the situation, or at least what we can imagine with lack of details lol. I think its a bit odd that the person who was called hasnt said anything or hasnt been mentioned? I cant see anything they gain by staying quiet. *shrug*

  128. stacEy says:

    holy crap, Felisha is CRAZY. Her logic is so seriously flawed I don’t even know how to reach her. I never wash anything dark with my light laundry until it has been washed and dried at least several times. I like my stuff, so I make the tiny investment to keep it nice. I would never wash something described as “bright red” with anything that wasn’t also bright red or black.

  129. stacEy says:

    111: you now what I find so funny about that thread? She says that $44/day is too much and people are recommending she get a live-in nanny or au pair. Ha! That’s funny.

  130. FunnyMama says:

    129 – The whole thread is pretty funny (not ha-ha). Woman is clueless!

  131. treeindawind says:

    Wow, let’s see which WAHM she drags through the mud. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=944205

  132. monkey says:


    I can understand not wanting to a) draw crazy callers fire again and b) not wanting to get pm’d/email’d about it. And let’s face it, we’re all nosy… you know we would.

    I really just can’t believe it though. I did not realize that any thread had gotten to that point of crazy recently. I pointedly ignored the health care thread so I missed the crazy there.

  133. erinbeth says:

    I came here to see if anyone knew anything about the crazy phone call….

  134. JustPeachy says:

    Ya wool doesnt need to be felted to work properly. I made some recycled longies for Saedra and didn’t felt them and they work fine. AND she’s a super heavy wetter

  135. amessymama says:

    There are a couple of crazy loons in the HB area. I don’t usually go in there, but I did today just to see what everyone was referring to.

    People that fly off the handle like that, it wouldn’t surprise me *in the least* to see them take it off the board. They obviously have little self-control. That and they’re just slightly insane. I think I may even agree with some of the things they have to say, although it’s hard to tell because you have to read through all the crazy to see what they are really saying. It’s their crazy, take it way too personal, way of dealing with issues that makes me never want to meet them IRL. Or on-line.

  136. smartassmama says:


    How do you not know the religious (or lack thereof) feelings of a person that you are planning on marrying? I guess it’d be one thing if “my fiance just decided/realized/came to the conclusion that he’s an athiest,” but this reads more like “It just came up.” If it’s such a big deal to you that it would make you not eat (scratches head), then it should be a big enough deal that you ask it before the standard GTKY questions. jmo. Maybe I’m sheltered. But I’ve never met someone who fasted for any reason other than they wanted to lose weight. I don’t think God is going to speak to me *just* because I’m not eating. Unless it’s to say “Nourish the body I gave you.” just my 2cents.

  137. smartassmama says:

    Not to mention, that’s the only thing she’s posted in over 12 months. She posted twice in March of this year, twice in Feb. of 09, 4 times in 2008, and everything else is 2007.

  138. Myself says:

    anyone else wonder if it is HooahMomma? or whatever her username is?

  139. smartassmama says:

    139 I’m not familiar with that one.

  140. OneBoy says:

    137 – I started dating someone new a few weeks ago (I’m a single mama) and I already know his religious views. That’s crazy to not know the religious views of someone you’re engaged to. And yeah, why would you fast for that?

  141. Myself says:

    140- in the circ thread in HB.

    Let me look it up really quick

  142. smartassmama says:

    Oh ok. My train of thought got derailed. no biggie. πŸ˜‰

  143. stacEy says:

    137: She seems genuinely panicked about the effects on her pregnancy, so I do not find it strange that she would post that after being gone for so long. There are many places in the bible that talk about fasting. I know a lot of people who have fasted as part of prayer and applaud their dedication.

  144. not me at all says:

    ah yes the poor innocent newb we “ran off”

  145. Myself says:

    146 – yup, really suspicious this happens so soon afterwards

  146. mylilgirls says:

    132-I lmao about that one. “I’m getting overwhelmed by responses.” Really? She has 10 replies to that thread and 2 of the 10 are hers. So overwhelming!

  147. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao 146 I was just thinking too bad so sad waaaahhh

  148. Myra says:

    144- Freebirthing and circing? That’s a combo I’ve never seen before. (Not saying anything about either one, just something I noticed.)

    148- WTH is that about? I kind of thought the same thing about wool as the OP, so I thought the responses were really helpful.

  149. naturalmamadot says:

    I try so hard not to post in HB, I normally succeed too lol because I know the ban hammer would drop so fast on my ass hahaha I would prolly refresh and be banned to be honest so I refuse to even open my mouth. I do however lurk like a mofo haha

  150. eeek says:

    Ah yes.

    Us non-circ-ing parents all suck so much she doesn’t want to be part of our world, so much so that she must teach her children to check out each kid’s penis in the locker room to know their leanings- otherwise they may be exposed to us.

    ‘Cause WE’RE the crazy ones, obviously.

    I don’t get into circ arguments. However, that post of hers is not a circ discussion, it’s a ridiculous attempt to troll.

  151. MotherMoonPads says:

    #150, I don’t know what freebirthing is (I’m assuming it’s something close to unassisted?), but we’re homebirthing and circ’ing.

  152. naturalmamadot says:

    Wow HB has been turned off……..god I have no comment that I wont get huge shit for. sigh.

  153. eeek says:

    I should just iggy HB. It only makes me mad.

    There are a couple people I actively dislike in there. I have always tried to keep a respectful distance, because while they seem insane to me they can spout their rhetoric, if anyone else will listen, I guess. Lately it’s turned into vicious obscenity filled hateful attacks, though.

    There’s a fine line between protecting the free speech of members and letting people be complete dumbfucks. It’s the JDT argument- I thought that twat should have been banned long ago, simply for being such a nasty horrifying twat. I understood why they didn’t, but I was SO GLAD when she finally was banned.

  154. amessymama says:


  155. naturalmamadot says:

    See, I dont want those sort of ppl banned, I just want everyone to be able to tell them off lmao.
    I havent seen anything that would cause me as a board owner to get stressed out in the least let alone shut an entire section down but meh not my board and everyone is different so just because I dont understand someone elses feelings doesnt mean they are crazy or wrong, were just different.

  156. FunnyMama says:

    Circ’ing topics are just not my cup of tea; I never read them for some reason.

  157. FunnyMama says:

    157 – I think it’s a matter of preserving the welfare of the majority ass opposed to one person single-handedly wreaking havoc on a whole forum board

  158. naturalmamadot says:

    So, random but I have heard that the hyena forums are a) heavily moderated, worse than DS and b) not so bad/less moderated than CDN???? Anyone have a clue which one it is?

  159. naturalmamadot says:

    Yea but ppl typing snarky/bitchy/nasty stuff on a forum isnt endangering my welfare, or anyone elses welfare. If someone tells someone/calls someone and tells them they are going to come stab them to death tonight well obviously thats a bit different.

    Also I understand that someone like JDT going on all parts of the board was i dunno annoying…but it wouldnt of bothered me if I wouldnt get hand slapped for being snarky to her.
    I dont mean “omg go die bitch” every time she posted but its all “leave it in the thread it started in” um I sure as hell wouldnt leave it at the park if she said that shit there lmao.

  160. naturalmamadot says:

    but like I said I dont CARE its not like I want jdt around so I can be a bitch but shutting hb down just seems like a huge overreaction

  161. eeek says:

    HC forums are heavily moderated but differently moderated. What they have to get rid of, usually, is people spamming, people trying to slyly, or openly, criticize their competitors (think it’s-a-snap), stuff like that.

    They don’t have as much sex, at all. It’s just not that kind of forum, y’know?

    It’s a more grown up and smaller forum than DS. It’s more shopping oriented than CDN.

  162. eeek says:

    Maybe they’re going to make HB opt-in?

  163. naturalmamadot says:

    yea I dunno I have always hated mom forums, its just not my thing. I research my choices, go with them period end. I dont need support I dont need help with decisions I dont need a place to vent sooooo I just lurk haha. I add in a few things but other places I am really open and talkative.

    I just feel like I have wanted CDN to succeed since I heard about it being created and I dont want to leave that even if it means Im not real happy being there, I want to see it grow but right now I am just not comfortable posting there. *shrug* I dunno maybe mommy forums and me were never meant to be lol.

  164. smartassmama says:

    Hi Felisha! I see you’re reading me here. Why else would a non-prayer go to the prayer request forum and poke in the link I posted? πŸ˜‰

    But I will thank you. You said what I was thinking! If you want, you can also agree with my next thought.

    It just occurred to me that the girl is so distraught about his atheism, praying, scared, searching for answers. It’s obvious, she’s quite devout. Right? Then why was she having sex?
    Not trying to judge, but that’s one of the most prominent features I recall from my Baptist upbringing – zero sex before marriage. I’ll be honest. The way I was raised, I don’t know a lot about other religions and denominations. I did not know people fasted outside of Lent (which I know next-to-nothing about).

  165. melmelly says:

    There were a few people that rubbed me the wrong way in HB when I joined CDN last month. I had plenty to say in a thread they were spouting their crap in, but I was/am new, and I didn’t want to be called a troll, etc. They are the type that are so outspoken with their POV and it is their way or the wrong way.

    I really like the pic that ProudDomesticEngineer has in her siggy. Even the douche bags in HB need to remember that people that don’t agree with them are entitled to their opinion – which is something I felt they fail to recognize REPEATEDLY.

  166. smartassmama says:

    Have to clear up, I don’t care what someone does with their fiancΓ©. Has no bearing on my life. My DH and I were together before our wedding night. But I don’t think religion plays as big a role to me as this evermore girl.

  167. FunnyMama says:

    165 – I totally smell what you’re stepping in, and totally agree with you on the JDT-type posters. I think that shutting down HB today was more of a part of this investigation to figure out why there was such a gross violation of someone’s privacy because there are posters out there who don’t mind posting personal things, y’know?

  168. FunnyMama says:

    Unfortunately there are some who think that HB is totally gloves-off and are probably generally insensitive people, on- and off-line. Now I totally understand why so many people ignore HB and you really only see the same rotation of members posting in there

  169. Myra says:

    153- Yeah, freebirthing is unassisted homebirth. I really didn’t mean anything by it, it just wasn’t something I’d seen before. I was curious about who would have done it, since OB/GYN’s do it where I live, but then I realized that she could be Jewish. Idk, it was just a random train of thought. LOL

  170. FunnyMama says:

    geez, I used the word “totally” four times in the last 2 posts. totally sorry.

  171. amessymama says:

    172-Yeah, that was like *totally* annoying. πŸ˜‰

  172. DSDM2 says:

    Is hooah wife the same one that we blogged about here a while back? https://thedramaofdiaperswappers.wordpress.com/2008/02/09/stupidity-vs-obama/

  173. smartassmama says:

    I think the pediatrician here may do it. If your ped doesn’t, or if you see a family practitioner, then 2 of the OBs here do.

    I don’t get into the debate on it. I’ll be honest: it’s because I’m not 100% on my own decision on the issue. So I’d kind of be arguing with myself.

  174. iken says:

    The person created a username just to post this in Diaper Q&A. This thread is most definitely WAHM bashing, as she later states that she had to escalate paypal, blah, blah,…

    terday, 01:42 PM #1
    Registered Users

    Join Date: Mar 2010
    Posts: 4
    Feedback Score: 0 reviews

    green horn hyena cart? has anyone ever ordered from this place?
    hi i was wondering if anyone can tell me about this store.
    i placed an order last week but i have not been able to get in contact with store and now i see a message at the top of the website? does anyone know what i should do? i am very new to this.

  175. FunnyMama says:

    what a weird username – “vaselinecare”

  176. Myra says:

    175. You and me both, sister.

  177. smartassmama says:

    My next UN will be NeosporinCare. Haha

  178. JustPeachy says:

    And thats grounds for shutting down an area of the forum? I don’t get how it helps honestly but whatever they can do what they want with their forum.

  179. Messy says:

    Re Hooahmom ROFLMAO!
    She circ’s her boys because (HOPE YOU ARE SITTING DOWN): her boys will do exactly what her brothers did and avoid uncirc’ed guys!!! Yeah, she reminds us that there are locker room politics and apparently her brothers *checked out* other guys’ penises to determine if they were good guys to hang out with. And of course she is teaching her sons to do the same! πŸ˜€
    I have never read anything more ridiculous! And funny… And slightly pedophile-ish.
    I will NEVER be able to read her posts again without thinking about *how she teaches her sons to check out other guys’ junk!

  180. FunnyMama says:

    If there’s a particularly problematic sub-forum and something borderline illegal stems from said sub-forum I can see how it makes sense on paper to shut it down. I don’t agree with it, thouh

  181. JustPeachy says:

    Thats just dumb. Oh well if the circ’d boys dont wanna hang out with my un circ’d kid. Im sure my kid would be better off without that type of ignorance in their life.

  182. Messy says:

    #180 What were the grounds exactly? I know the banning circ thread was kinda wild but then the healthcare thread was supposed to be off track or something?? But was it the phone call that got the HB shut down?
    I hate to ask on CDN in case it has already been said.

  183. eeek says:

    DSDM2, she seems very much like her, in both self-righteousness and stomping off in mini-YAGEs.

    & I think they can’t do much about the call besides threaten. It sucks but that could have been anyone, with no number or proof it just has to be out there.

    HB is closed up because of the twatwafflery. Did you read the last heathcare one? it’s what I’m referring to when I say it went beyond being a glen beck love in to being a vicious, obscenity and hate filled creep-fest. It’s why people are so offended at PDE’s siggy, she quotes part that steps over the line.

  184. JustPeachy says:

    How does it make sense? Calling someone once is not illegal. Now if it escalates then maybe theres an issue. I don’t agree with what the person did but I dont get how shutting down HB does anything more than rile more ppl up.

  185. eeek says:

    at least that’s what I got from the announcement-

  186. JustPeachy says:

    Oh I should add making threats is illegal. But since we dont know what was said how do we know its not just someone name calling and acting like a stupid high school kid.

  187. FunnyMama says:

    yeah, that siggie was totally inappropriate. But hasn’t there always been twatwaffling in HB?

  188. JustPeachy says:

    I stay out of healthcare threads. I really dont even go into HB anymore because of the stupidity. Why not just block the twatwaffles stirring shit up?

  189. JustPeachy says:

    And yes funnymama there has been. Since the invention of that area.

  190. amessymama says:

    Oh, but wait, what PDE quoted was taken out of context, wasn’t it? :eyeroll:

  191. not me at all says:

    This will probably get me in trouble but shutting down HB is just another step in the duck and bunnification of CDN. Tis sad.

  192. FunnyMama says:

    193 – agreed

  193. JustPeachy says:

    Don’t dare say anything because the mods will have your head on a stick for that one. I like them for the most part but seriously they need to knock it the fuck off with being so goddamned sensitive. We are not robots, of course we are going to have opinions about how you guys do things. Sometimes we may actually even be right *gasp*.

  194. eeek says:

    I think her siggy was totally appropriate, actually, lol… I think people should know when others act like that. The thing that pissed me off most about JDT was when I was told I couldn’t bring up her nasty in threads she hadn’t been nasty.

    Like I’d put up with that IRL. If I meet someone at the grocery store and they’re an insane bitch, meet them at the park a bit later and I will NOT just act like that store part didn’t happen. That’s weird.

  195. FunnyMama says:

    I dunno – I think it’s counterproductive to shut down HB for things that are said in the threads but not censor PDE’s siggie which is a direct quote of something said in a HB thread. I’ve decided I’m pretty apathetic about the whole issue although I could argue both sides.

  196. FunnyMama says:

    the siggy was taken out of context. I don’t think it was up to PDE to announce to the world that someone said something out of line in Hot Buttons. Those who ignore the forum don’t want to see that in the forums they DO frequent and those who participate in HB have probably already formed their opinion about the quoted poster

  197. JustPeachy says:

    Well the whole story is her,and Karl have this ongoing feud where they quote each other in their siggies. Its kinda stupid and I wish they would all grow up and learn to act like mature human beings but I guess thats just wishful thinking.

  198. Messy says:

    I read the siggy after I took my LO to a presentation about birth defects 😦 What if people do look at him like a short-bus riding window licker? Now I am sad. Why would the OP say that???

    I have had quotes in my siggy (most recently was the quote about circ-choosing friends by Hooah) but I normally take them totally out of context and they are meant to be funny.

  199. eeek says:

    I think HB has taken a rather insane turn lately and they want to rein it in to keep the bubbling fountain of hate from flowing into the rest of the board.

    & what she quoted was very far from the most offensive thing said in that thread.

  200. JustPeachy says:

    Ah I see now why they did it. Changing the rules I guess is a good enough reason. I wonder what rules are gonna change tho?

  201. not me at all says:

    I think closing HB will MAKE the “bubbling fountain of hate” flow into other areas. JMO

  202. eeek says:

    I think they’ll open it back up soon and just tell people to quit with the insanity, respectfully discuss things or shut up. Maybe make it opt in.

    I hope.

  203. amessymama says:

    I don’t remember the whole post word for word, but this is what was quoted from it:
    Originally Posted by Dire Wolf
    You obviously still have no clue what you are talking about and you are acting like a short bus window licker.

    It may sound nifty to your friends up their in the frozen tundra, but it only makes you sound stupid when you talk out the side of your neck here.

    And I haven’t begun to get rude yet.

    DId she not actually say those words? Were they somehow not offensive when “in context”?

  204. not me at all says:

    I don’t know why her siggy is being called out of context. Temma DID say it.

    I see her siggy will be edited.

  205. Myself says:

    Holy Frack, this is the worse day ever and the crap on the forum is just making it worse!

  206. FunnyMama says:

    Either way I’m not defending what she said. You do have a point.

  207. not me at all says:

    I love CDN but ppl are getting WAY too sensitive IMO. I will admit to not being “nice” all the time but damn what adults are always pooping sunshine?

  208. FunnyMama says:

    lol@pooping sunshine

  209. JustPeachy says:

    #209 thats exactly what Im saying.

  210. Myself says:

    I wish I could poop sunshine, just think how much I could sell it for!

  211. FunnyMama says:

    I recently found out that rainbows and unicorns also poop, while we’re on the topic

  212. JustPeachy says:

    No you are mistaken. Unicorns don’t poop. They fart rainbows and other squeelicious stuffs.

  213. Myself says:

    Just think if I could get some rainbow sunshine unicorn poop. I would be a billionaire in no time at all.

  214. FunnyMama says:

    squeelicious, love it!

    I bet there wouldn’t be any pooper-scooper laws if unicorns were running around

  215. Myself says:

    Fine I’ll capture some unicorn rainbow fart with my sunshine poop and sell it

  216. smartassmama says:

    Oh. And I remember a few weeks ago I learned that bunny farts smell like carrot cake πŸ˜‰

  217. mylilgirls says:

    I want carrot cake…..

    OT, anyone else having trouble logging on to PP? It keeps giving me a security certificate error and I really need to get into my acct.

  218. FunnyMama says:

    riiiiiiight, bunny farts! we are so flatulance-savvy

  219. smartassmama says:

    I just like the icing. My grandmother apparently made great carrot cake, with homemade icing. I say apparently, because I never ate the cake. But I would sneak as much icing without getting caught.

  220. monkey says:


    I saw PDE’s siggy and was like, “WTF?” I kept trying to tell myself that it was just taken out of context so it looked bad, but then I thought about it… in what context could that ever be okay? It’s no different than calling someone a retard (and we all know that’s not cool). I didn’t want to get anywhere near that thread so I have no idea how it came up or if there was any way for it to be “okay”.

  221. smartassmama says:

    I try not to be the grammar police (out loud at least), but in one sentence she calls someone stupid and makes herself looks stupid at the same time. “It may sound nifty to your friends up their in the frozen tundra, but it only makes you sound stupid when you talk out the side of your neck here.” You can’t call someone stupid if you don’t know basic grammar. I don’t even know what context it was in (I never read the thread – we were gone all day yesterday), and I’m guilty of little flubs here and there too, but if I’m going to call someone stupid I at least spell shit right.

  222. smartassmama says:

    And damned if I didn’t just do it! look, not looks.

  223. .bin. says:

    Seriously, if PDE, Karl & Temma(and others) are being assholes, just ban them or boot them out of HB and leave it at that. Handslapping the rest of us who act like grown ups is silly. but whatever, their choice to make, not mine.

  224. .bin. says:

    And whether I agree with the siggy stupidness or not, that siggy was so not taken out of context. Bullshit. It’s exactly what she meant when she said it.

  225. piratebaby says:

    I’m confused. I thought the short bus/window licker comment was made by someone else and then PDE put it in her siggy? What was PDE quoted as saying and what was the other person’s quoted as?

  226. amessymama says:

    227- Your first sentence would be correct.

  227. amessymama says:

    Well actually so would your second one. lol PDE quoted Temma’s asshattery.

  228. Incognizable says:

    So who is Carly? And what does Carly have to do with this mess?

  229. FunnyMama says:

    Okay, the context in which it was said was the context of a Hot Button thread. The wuote was pulled out of context and used as a siggie, so theoretically it was taken out of the context for which it was intended. Once again, what was said wasn’t correct, but if everyone’s crying “foul” about the aggression going on in HB than it’s only fair to cry “foul” that the aggression is carried over into general forums where there are posters who want nothing to do with HB, its posters, or its issues.

  230. not me at all says:

    223 I noticed the same thing LOL

  231. amessymama says:

    230-Carly is urchin-grey, I believe. She took offense at the “window licker” comment and put it as a fancy blinkie in her sig. That’s the conclusion I came to anyway.

  232. Myself says:

    I thought she did Window Licker because her child actually likes to lick the window :looky:

  233. melmelly says:

    Temma and Karl drive me batshit insane! They are the married couple, or am I confusing them with someone else? PDE seems okay to me.

  234. piratebaby says:

    My oldest was a window licker as a toddler :blush: He also had a lot of tummy trouble, I’m assuming from the germs mixed with window wash. Luckily he outgrew it, lol.

    I’m still curious about what PDE said. It was the other person that said the window licker comment, right? What did PDE say that was so bad? Honestly, she does rub me the wrong way sometimes, but I don’t recall anything that was outright offensive.

  235. Myself says:

    235 – yes they are married. They tick me off. Always stirring up trouble.

  236. FunnyMama says:

    I don’t think it was what PDE said per se, it was the principle that she quoted the window-licker comment in her siggie

  237. piratebaby says:

    ohhh, ok. I have a teething toddler, so I’m a little sleep deprived and slow hehe.

  238. mom to 3 says:

    I think Karl and Temma said the worst on that thread (healthcare). Between the two of them they called the same poster: ignorant little bitch, rude little bitch, bitch, bus licker, idiot, and probably something else I’m forgetting.

    C’mon. I would be nothing short of happy to see them with dancing deodorant.

  239. Sala says:

    All I know is the circumcision thread got beyond nasty. I hate it when people call other parents child-abusers and mutilators over it. That’s not ok. I mean, can’t we say the same thing about people who get their kids ears pierced? Or almost the same thing about people who get their kids vaccinated? It’s not a choice all of us make but I don’t think it’s ok to call people who don’t consider foreskin the be all and end all of maleness abusers and mutilators. My husband seems to work just fine, ‘mutilated’ as he is. My kid, with his several extra inches of penis skin, doesn’t seem to glow or crap rainbows, either.

  240. Messy says:

    Dire Wolf/Temma said the “short-bus riding window licker” comment.
    Her and her batshit crazy husband Tacit-K both need smacked with a Clue-stick! Do either of them know that there are other parts of CDN than just HB? Blech, well if not, at least they keep their asshattery in one confined area.
    I would die of embarrassment if my husband came to a message board that I hung out on and started calling women vulgar names. Then again, I guess someone that can make fun of disabled children might not realize there is anything wrong with having such a douche as a bedmate.

  241. Sala says:

    #241. I agree. It takes a ‘classy’ kinda troll to make fun of kids with issues or at least use hateful terms used to describe them to label other posters with whom he disagrees. Tasteful all around. Not!

  242. melmelly says:

    I agree Messy.

    I have seen PDE be nice in other parts of CDN. But I haven’t seen Temma or Karl in other parts – just in HB. Granted I haven’t looked to see where they have posted, but when I am just looking around on CDN? They are always in HB.

    HB was closed down before I got on to look today, and before today, the last time I was on was on Friday, I think.

  243. I’m sure you guys will be happy. I got a short temp ban for posting in this thread


    and for the record.. I posted in it before I saw it here.. The title draws ppl in i didnt even see where it was posted. I never pay attention to that unless I am looking for something.

    I wasnt even on my last srike (had one for “language”)

    but whatever.

  244. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha, IIRC, you were warned about starting drama publicly by Admin, not to mention warned about abuse of the report system.

  245. werd says:

    243 I agree completely. While Temma does post in other areas and does somewhat contribute to the rest of the board, Karl is clearly only at CDN to stir up trouble in HB. I’ve seen him get pretty personal/downright nasty on more than one occaison, and I really wish he could move on to another forum and take his craptastic attitude with him.

    I know some people aren’t going to agree with me, but I see little difference between Karl and Holley (who got banned for her crap on HB)… I really don’t and I’m not sure why he is allowed to stay and continue to stir up crap. But its not my forum and its up to Sam and Melody who stays and who goes!

    I used to enjoy HB until the tagteaming started… its like impossible to have an intelligent debate there, now. 😦

  246. Its 2 warnings 3 strikes to a ban.

    I also told the Admin why keep secret what an Admin has told me and she did say she could turn it to a perma ban. Ugh. Whatever.

    I wasn’t even rude to that chick. How can you not kmow your S/O’s religion?

  247. me says:

    welp. felisha, i guess youre fresh outtah boards.

    too bad.

  248. naturalmamadot says:

    Funny, you wondering how someone doesnt know something so basic…

  249. Sala says:

    Sometimes spirituality is fluid; sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly people change. You might describe yourself one way on one day but perhaps with more contemplation, you decide that another way later.

    In any case, I made certain that my beliefs would not be an issue the first week my now husband and I dated, as they differ from his. His family is Very Christian, with ministers and pastors littering the family tree. Mine is not. I did not want to get emotionally involved if he thought lesser of me because I did not believe as he did; that ended up being one of the reasons a previous boyfriend had dumped me. It’s possible I’ve taken him further away from his beliefs in some ways but on the other hand, we have found a church that we both like tremendously and that I’m comfortable raising my kids in.

  250. naturalmamadot says:

    196 – OMG thats pretty much precisely what Ive been thinking! A) her SIGNATURE is not inappropriate the person SAYING that in the first place was B)yes I hate that we are supposed to pretend what happens in HB never happened. Im glad I can read there and find out who I never want to meet IRL who I sure as hell dont want aroudn my kids etc lmao

    205 – I know right, oh out of context changes her saying that? umm not unless she was quoting or mocking someone for saying that sort of thing.

    222 – ditto

    241 – I heart you

  251. naturalmamadot says:

    I make sure I know someones religion and how serious they are about it asap, I just cant see any productive relationship coming form me being with someone super religious. The basic disagreement on that between us would be enough to ruin anything good and Im sure if they are really religious the last person they want to be with is me lmao so its just best for everyone.

  252. DSDM2 says:

    You know, the fact that she didn’t know, and the reason she didn’t know was NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. She posted for prayers, nothing else. In a forum meant for prayers.. She didn’t post for your ignorant drama.

    Felisha, you were hanging by a thread. It isn’t 3 strikes. It is 2 strikes of the same kind, and up to the admin, it doesn’t have to follow the normal rules.. Go ahead and mouth off, or share the pm, really.. you will get banned.

  253. MonsterBabyMaker says:

    250- Thank you I needed a good laugh!

  254. Myself says:

    253 – WOW, I have to say I’m religious and pretty serious about it, and that you wouldn’t be my friend because of it is sad.

    My religion tells me not to judge, so I try not to do that.


  255. try me, i'm new! says:

    so how come when I click on the link to the thread, fluffy’s not banned? Is it in the works?

    and anyone notice how fb finds her way back here as soon as the focus turns away from her?

  256. melmelly says:

    256 – I read dot’s as being in a romantic relationship, not a friendship.

  257. Myself says:

    258 – ooops , sorry :hide: my bad. I’ve been trying to get rid of a migraine all day. My apologies to naturalmamadot

  258. MonsterBabyMaker says:

    257- I think Felisha is like the Lindsay Lohan of DS… no one really wants to see or hear from her, yet she’s damn near anywhere. And given that she rarely has anything to contribute we all wonder why…

  259. JustPeachy says:

    Ya well Felisha if ya do get banned then I got one thing to say. Karma’s a bitch isn’t she?

  260. MonsterBabyMaker says:

    *everywhere* oops….

  261. naturalmamadot says:

    Oh yea I DEFINITELY meant romantic! I have lots of friends from all different religions, some extremely strict and some that just believe because why not. I dont care at all lol. I just cant see a romantic relationship between me and somebody very religious going well, too much to disagree upon in that alone lol.

  262. Messy says:

    Felisha… No comment. You just suck *that* bad.
    Of course when we stop talking “Felishoe” here she comes whining and crying and blabbering to get some more attention.
    Hey, isn’t your poor kid sick yet? Time to run him to the ER for the things that don’t exist anywhere but in your own twisted fuckered up head.
    Now… Shoe-Fel-shoe!!!

  263. FunnyMama says:

    ooooooh, Felisha is part of the Cool Kids Club now ‘cuz she done got her some strikes and said something borderline snarky!! NOT.

  264. Myself says:

    263 – so sorry , I totally took it the wrong way

  265. Messy says:

    #265 Too bad she is so full of FAIL that she sucks no what she does… Hey ShoeFelShoe, go whine to Janine. She is full of your kind of crazy!

  266. Toaster says:

    They turned OFF Hot Buttons? That’s kind of deleting threads isn’t it? Sing it with me, duuuucks and bunnnnnys…

  267. melmelly says:

    Maybe FB’s son really DOES get sick because she is too busy upping her post count on forums to pay attention…

  268. Messy says:

    #268 @@ Are you more full of dumbass tonight or is it fucktard? I can’t tell. Wait, it is being masked by all those sour grapes you carry around in your ass cheeks.

  269. Messy says:

    #269 😦 That is a sad thought. Possible though. Or she has Munchhausen by proxy <—she reeks of it.

  270. FunnyMama says:

    271 – I’m convinced my MIL has Munchhausen

  271. naturalmamadot says:

    Messy – do you know why toaster was banned? or do you not like her? not being snarky but I really cant figure out exactly what toaster did to get banned but you seem to dislike her so I figure you know something I dont! haha Im seriously curious.

  272. Messy says:

    #273 Nope, not a clue. The thing about Toaster is that she shows up *only* when she can slip in a CDN bashing. That is the only thing she is interested in doing… Kinda like ShoeFelShoe is only interested in talking about herself (FAIL as it is).
    It gets old.
    Yeah, Toaster does not like CDN. Toaster is banned from CDN. Toaster is bitter about it. Toaster would not have a word to say if her ban was lifted and she was allowed back in. Toaster is just pissed that she cannot go to CDN. Toaster reeks of sour grapes and shitty attitude; obviously possibly connected due to her her ass clenching of all topics related to CDN. Noted kthanxbai!

  273. naturalmamadot says:

    Ohh okay. Damn. I was hoping that you could clue me in! haha. *pouts*

  274. Messy says:


  275. Myself says:

    268 – SHUT UP. They only turned it off while they establish rules of conduct not so they can delete things.

  276. Toaster says:

    Toaster does NOT want back on CDN, it obviously is not what it claims to be (we don’t lock threads, Mel just stomps her foot and tells everyone to stop posting in it) and I prefer to post on forums that actually let you act as an adult, and how you would in real life. The only reason I’d want to go back to CDN is to watch the train wrecks. It’s cheap entertainment.

    I am not the only person that thinks they are pulling out the ducks and bunnies. It has been mentioned above by other posters earlier in this post as well. I was not in admin’s favor. Meg can start shit all over the board while other posters would be slammed because they aren’t as buddy buddy with admin.

    I was banned because I had no problem telling it like it is, and saying what I thought. As time goes on CDN becomes more and more censored, it was only a matter of time before they banned me because I stood up to them. Members are not allowed to give any kind of negative feedback what so ever. I did.

    275 – I was banned because of something I said on facebook. I stepped up and said yep, I said that. I was banned from MCN and CDN is the sister site of MCN so much animosity from the fiasco there has carried over to CDN.

  277. mama says:

    Okay a couple of questions- first, who the heck is JDT? Second, who was asking about GreenHorn diaper wipes? I think it was a DS thread, but I’m scared of the viruses to go there and check it out. I had a seriously sucky experience with them.

    Also, what’s the word on HB? Is it going to be only for certain people when it comes up? I haven’t read it much since that whole piercing penis debacle.

    And do we know which mama got the nasty message? That is beyond effed up!

  278. naturalmamadot says:

    Well thats what I thought I heard, that you were banned for something you said on facebook? But I figured it couldnt be true because well taht means that Id be banned if they found out something I said in an email, IM, PM, text?? Really?

    You can see why I was and am confused as to why you were banned for saying blankity blank. I have no idea what the content of your comments were but I heard (or maybe read on the banning thread I totally forget) that you “spoke against the admins and mom” or something along those lines…just didnt seem like something CDN would ban you for?

  279. Myself says:

    278 – yup its all them out to get you.

    Don’t you read the rules? If you have a problem with admin/mods, take it BEHIND scenes. It says so in the rules, maybe you should have told them.

    Oh and FYI, behind the scenes doesn’t mean Facebook (what a high school thing to do) it means you PM them and discuss it, :doh:

  280. Messy says:

    #278 Yeah, ROFL, you are not bitter over your banning. WTFEver.
    The thing is, any time you have a board that is GROWING and getting more and more diverse, there are going to have to be “regrouping sessions” where they decide what makes the board flow more smoothly.
    And honestly, after some of the hateful BS I have read spewed on CDN (why? cuz they CAN say it on there), if you have shit that is so hateful that you would be banned over it, then good riddance, glad your gone, ta-ta (and not in the good bewb way).
    Get a grip, get a life, and get over your banning.

  281. nini02 says:

    Soooo, HooahMama is banned from CDN. I imagine it had to do with the circ thread, but did she request the banning? It doesn’t seem like her post, ridiculous as it was, was worthy of a ban.

  282. amessymama says:

    I bet it was HooHaMama’s brother that called. He wanted to let them know that he really did check out other dude’s penises in the locker room. Now he’s confused because he still wants to.

    When he brought friends home from school his parents probably instituted a penis check. Just to make sure it was OK to hang out with him.

  283. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao, I would like to know why hoohamama was banned though is there a thread on it? I am guessing they assumed or found out for sure that she had a part in the call?

  284. Stoner says:

    Just thought I’d bring a raincloud to your day and let you know that Felisha is starting drama again. I swear that SHE loves it!

    *raises white flag*


  285. smartassmama says:

    Wow. She looks so banned?

  286. MonsterBabyMaker says:

    Wow, have you ever known a person with more drama in their life? Seriously. Has some lady next door who beats her kids, drinks and drives with them, family who doesn’t help at all, no money, can’t pay for water, NEVER has good transactions, friends all need to sue, kid needs to go to the ER like every other day, husband flirts with other women and all the chicks on face book hit on him… seeing a theme here? I’ve gotta say that part of me thinks she’s a 13 year old girl making shit up for shits an giggles with her slumber party friends, sheesh. Next thing you know an gaggle of homeless people are going to take up shelter in her garage and want her to feed them and she’ll have to ask us all for advice on what to do.

    Can’t we do with her what E! did to Spencer and Heidi? Just pretend she’s not there anymore and maybe she’ll go away?

  287. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao she looks VERY banned, very banned indeed. She is SO banned shes not banned anymore, its crazy how that shit works.

  288. Pariah says:

    damn, i wish she was banned….

    hey fellatio, post that PM please. then they can ban your sorry ass.

  289. sciencefair says:

    I think the temp ban was for one EXCRUCIATING hour. Or maybe it didn’t happen. Fluffy was just sad she wasn’t the focus of the discussion.

    Oh and I read some of the other stuff about the HB craziness and I had never heard of some of these people. I think its cause I rarely get into HB. When I do I tend to read, laugh and move on.

  290. JustPeachy says:

    Well I have to disagree with all of you guys about Toaster. I can say honestly if I said something negative about cdn on another website and I got banned I would be pretty ticked about it. Even DS doesn’t stoop that low or else my ass woulda been long gone well before this recent ban.

  291. cdnation says:

    Is it so bad that we would like the crap in HB”s to stay in HB”s? When you see what goes on behind the scenes then you might think twice about leaving that crap there.

    And toaster makes it seem as if she’s not in the wrong, what she did was make fun of a mom who’s child was nearly kidnapped, making it seem that mom was to blame because toaster doesn’t like her, and that mom wasn’t even with the child at the time the child was with her dad and grandmother. That’s why toaster was banned from MCN, and that’s what she said on FB, add that to the crap she was spewing about some of our mods, all adds up to me not liking her one single bit.

    Toaster it’s too bad I can’t block you from me seeing you here too. You are bitter, if you don’t like CDN so much then you should be happy and not even worried about us. Me thinks you do protest too much.

    And with that I’m putting you on mental iggy again.

    If anyone has any constructive thoughts on how we can keep HB’s crap there, I’ll be happy to listen. Oh and the turning it off had NOTHING to do with the call thread. As I stated.

  292. JustPeachy says:

    See when we have all the facts then shit won’t happen. I had no idea. I just ASSumed that she was banned because she had beef with the mods.
    IDK how to keep HB crap in HB. But I have to say the majority of us that do post there can behave like mature adults and keep HB where it belongs. While I personally do hold some of the shit said in HB against certain members, I keep it to myself as I am sure other members do as well. Maybe the people who are repeat offenders at letting HB stuff spill into other areas can either be blocked from HB or temp banned if they continue to fuck up?

  293. cdnation says:


    That’s what we’re trying to implement. It was just easier to shut it down for now and let us cool down. Right or wrong who knows. We’re not trying to cencor, just trying to get a hold on a situation that was all around sucky.

    And yes, the problem I had with toaster was her that she took something on a private section of a private board and used it to hurt a mom. I can not imagine what that mom went thought to begin with, then to have it thrown in your face the way it was. I did NOT want that happening at CDN. Was it a good reason who knows. But it is our responsibility to protect our members.

  294. not me at all says:

    So wait we got yelled at for “scaring off the newb” on Sunday and that newb is banned today? Curiouser and curiouser?

    CDN did Toaster do any of the said bad stuff ON CDN or all on her personal FB page and another site?

  295. cdnation says:

    My mistake on the scaring off the noob thing. She seemed innocent when she was all whaa scary board. Then I found out who she was.

    I held against toaster what she did on the other board and on fb, then when she decided to make one of my mods cry by being mean behind her back I had enough. Again it may not have been the right thing to do or the right reasoning, but it’s done and I’m good with it. It would have been a matter of time before she took something from someone and used it against them.

  296. JustPeachy says:

    Thats cool and I totally ate my words from earlier. I had wrongly ASSumed (god I love that word) that it was due to the phone call which had me baffled. Now I see that its due to a changing of the rules for posters in that forum and it makes more sense.

  297. cdnation says:

    No worries Peach.

    I’m pretty approachable, if anyone has questions they can pm me too. I usually don’t bite, though I am still pretty pissy from yesterday today. πŸ™‚

  298. not me at all says:

    Thanks for clarifying!

    It’s your board you can ban whoever you want. I was just curious.

    Hmmmm no biting….

  299. Toaster says:

    Yep something I got banned for on MCN about 4 months before carried over to CDN. I was actually kicking it with one of the CO-owners when the decision was made to ban me, and they didn’t involve her in the decision.

    I said some stuff in a private chat conversation with Sunnie, it wasn’t even a post or anything and Sunnie shared it with the admin and mods. I don’t remember the exact wording but it was something along the lines of someone that had changed as a mod and they were kinda like the kid that became a hall monitor and didn’t hang out with the cool kids anymore.

    After the MCN fiasco I deleted a bunch of MCN members off my FB and Sam was one of them. She messaged me and asked me why I deleted her and told me that she didn’t agree with me, but when one of her friends makes an asshole move then she will tell them they did, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be friends anymore. I added her back and everything was hunky dorey. Months later she changes her mind, banned me and blocked me from asking why. A bunch of people contacted me on FB saying WTF happened, admin said to look at some of my past posts but they couldn’t see anything ban worthy.

    When Sunnie was un banned she didn’t apologize enough to the admin and kiss ass over letting her back on. She was told she had to thank the mods so that’s why she made the second thread about how she was wrong and admin is soooooo nice and she is soooo thankful for them letting her back.

    In my ban thread the only reason given was “we have our reasons”. I’ve mentioned a bunch of times with more than one person that CDN is turning more and more into DS as more and more people join. I know admin would have hissy fits when compared to DS, so I’m sure that was part of what contributed to my banning. Hmmm, The admin doth protest too much, methinks. Something to chew on.

  300. Toaster says:

    Yep, her board she can ban anyone she wants, for whatever reason she wants, I just wanted to be able to state my side.

    Reading Sam’s comments here that totally contradict things she has said to me in the past is rather enlightening.

    296 it was all from other sites, none of it was from CDN. It wasn’t my intent to be mean when I said what I said about Nicki, and I was answering the question how do I think she has changed. I didn’t know Sunnie was gonna run off and show her our private conversation. I contacted Nicki afterward, C&P’d what I said and owned it, and elaborated on it and apologized if it hurt her. I just wish I was able to save all chat convo’s on FB the way you can on Yahoo. Some things far nastier have been said by the other person.

  301. DSDM2 says:

    Toaster, from what you BOTH had posted (and I don’t have a dog in this fight)… You acted like a twat. Plain and simple.

    Stop boo-hooing over MCN and CDN kicking you out and get over it.

    I don’t think CDN did anything wrong if you were harassing a member.

  302. cdnation says:

    I said I was going to mentally iggy, I guess I lied.

    Yep I did ask to be back on her friends list, to keep an eye on her. I admit it. But I almost immediately hid her updates etc. And the more I thought about it the more angry I became with the comments she made.

    Live and learn.

    Iggy back on.

  303. Messy says:

    Toaster @@ Serioulsy, still???
    If they banned everyone that said “bad stuff” about mods, most of us would be gone at one point or another. I think the carrying it on and being self-absorbed enough to not realize that your actions were hurting a member who shared info in a private area of the board were most of your issue (from what I am reading today from everyone but you).
    Now, here, have some :asspats: and a few :goodvibes: and go hang out in all those places that are so much better than CDN.
    Suck it up woodchuck, the forest is made of other trees!!!

  304. zosiasmama says:

    I can understand the frustrations many of you have understanding the shut down of HB, bannings, change in thoughts on siggy stuff and such but until you are behind the scenes and get to see all the crap that we have to deal with you have no idea how hard it is to come to the decisions that we do. It is motherfucking tough and as an added bonus we get to miss out on all the positive parts of the board while dealing with all the drama. Seriously it sucks sometimes.

    All decision do not have to make sense or sit right with all of our members, but that is the way it is. Funny as I think on this when I was a member on other boards I felt like you all do. How can they just shut stuff down, not tell us all the details, ban people??? But I get it now. I get why many of the decisions made are made.

  305. zosiasmama says:

    And a bit YEAH THAT to Messy #305!!!

    Toaster you have had issues for years with these ladies. You can not be surprised when your past comes back and haunts you. It all adds up and people remember that stuff for a long time.

  306. not me at all says:

    Is bitchy an adjective?

  307. Toaster says:

    DSDM for the record I wasn’t harassing anyone.

  308. NotUrLovah says:

    Hey Toaster. You like boards where you can act like an adult huh? Does that include showing your nasty, crooked, and very fake looking titties to every Joe Blow on the internet? Or just the vacuum sales guys you like to get drunk with at like 3 in the afternoon?

    You are a nasty person and I am glad that you were banned from MCN and CDN, and wish you could just disappear from here as well. The situation you made fun of and threw around like it was no big deal just shows what a piece of trash you really are.

  309. Kelolsen says:

    HOnestly, I see the stuff happening in HB as getting out of control. A few bad eggs are ruining it for the regular people like me who actually enjoy the debates and discussions- they can get heated, but most people can be respectful and discuss something. The stupid siggies, the insult slinging, and the name calling, etc just clogs it up for everyone else. A few bad apples can spoil the bunch and I don’t see an issue with taking a time out to detox and make it a healthier place for the group. If the assholes that can’t discuss who the insults and the name callilng can’t shut up then the regular pepole can’t enjoy thep lace. its like the obscene drunk cousin at the family parties. Its better to just not invite him to everyone else can have a pleasant time.

  310. Kelolsen says:

    who means “without” πŸ™‚ without the insults.

  311. Kelolsen says:

    huh its still incoherent. I didn’t get enough coffee this morning.

  312. Sala says:

    #309 – Toaster, one person’s harassment is another’s interested conversation. What you consider harmless may not be read that way by the intended recipient or others. Something to consider.

    And for the record, I have no dog in this race, I have no idea who you are or were or what happened to whom, how or why. And frankly, because I don’t have the history, I don’t really care. It’s just tiresome to see you come here and bashbashbashbash. I get it, you don’t like CDN. Can’t you go find some other horse to beat?

    At the very least, wouldn’t your life be better and happier if you stopped focussing on the negatives and the whodunyawrongs? I know I have enough crap in my life I don’t need to resurrect old crap to drag me down again. Maybe I’m being Pollyanna-ish or obtuse but at least I try not to carry my own rain cloud around with me.

  313. Myself says:

    oh goodness.

    Fluffybutt is friends with HeWearsCloth.

    I can’t remember what HeWearsCloth did, but she is on my do not B/S/T list. (I really need to actually make a written list, cause right now its ALL in my head, lol)

  314. smartassmama says:

    hey emy_lou wants to adopt. Let’s hope she puts up those B DoubleE R’s first, sent’s they are wanting to bring another person into they”re home. “”

  315. sciencefair says:

    cdnation – I say, make HB an opt in after 300 of posts and if people get out of hand or take HB out of HB, they get removed from the group for 6 months.

  316. Myself says:

    Regarding HB – You could make it a 500 post 60 day rule so people have to be active members to post.

    I would do a one month ban, then if it gets out of hand, 3 months, 6 months, then perma banned from HB

  317. Sala says:

    Yes, but what defines taking HB out of HB? If I say I’ve chosen to not B/S/T with someone because of what they said on the circumcision thread, would the constitute taking HB out of HB? Because I don’t like it when people start slinging around words of hate like child abuse and mutilation around like hot cakes and pretty much telling people that their religious beliefs are abusive and unworthy of respect. That pissed me off even though I did not circumcise my kid and I’m not religious.

  318. naturalmamadot says:

    Ugh soooo anyways what happened to felishoe being banned?

  319. naturalmamadot says:

    (pretty bad when I want the topic to go BACK to her because its better than where its heading now)

  320. Cylon-Frakker says:

    I stopped visiting HB after awhile, when it was clear that people were letting their ass-hattery fly….

    @Toaster…. TBH, I’m not sure why I wasn’t banned when Sunny was, for the same reasons. I owned my words and apologized for bringing our YIM convo into the board, but still…. I kept expecting the ax to drop at some point…. Now I’ve moved on, and it seems that others have moved on…

    I try to remain blissfully drama free, as I have far too much in my personal life to bring it online too….

  321. Cylon-Frakker says:

    Maybe that’s why I fly under the radar so much… Hell, maybe people have me on iggy… *shrug*…. wouldn’t be the first time I ceased to exist.

  322. FunnyMama says:

    making a post on the drama blog about why you’re drama-free hardly constitutes as flying under the radar. :massive eyeroll:

  323. Incognizable says:

    :yawn: we need new diaper drama.

  324. amessymama says:

    318-Choosing to not B/S/T with an asshat from HB seems perfectly acceptable, to me.

    It would be posting and announcing it to everyone in your siggy that might cause an issue.

  325. not me at all says:

    There is just so much I would like to say…

  326. Cylon-Frakker says:

    @323 – Count the number of times I’ve ever posted here…. it’s rare. thanks

  327. amessymama says:

    I was going to suggest that maybe HB posters also have to have a certain amount of posts on the rest of the board. But then I thought about that a little more. Some of those people I don’t want to interact with anywhere. So keeping them contained to one area works for me. πŸ˜€

  328. amessymama says:

    326-Please do.

  329. not me at all says:

    I am afraid that I would get myself in trouble as too many ppl know my super secret super hero identity.

    LOL at 328

  330. dmeg says:

    Gah, this is what I get for dealing with kids while trying to post!

    @305 and 307, Messy and zosiasmama, you both know me and I know both of you and I really, really, really like you both, but please see post 297. Toaster WAS banned (well final straw to banning) because she ‘made one of [the] mods cry’. So Messy, when you said “If they banned everyone that said β€œbad stuff” about mods, most of us would be gone at one point or another.”, I guess the real issue is what you have done else where and more importantly, how much they like you that determines how long you get to stick around. There’s people guilty of doing or saying far worse that are still on the board. Yes, I get that its Sam’s board and she can ban whom ever she wants, but even she admits it was not because of things that ACTUALLY HAPPENED on CDN. If she owes that, why can’t everyone else accept it and admit that sometimes bannings ARE just because admin doesn’t like someone? Is it the most ‘fair’ way to run things? No, but life isn’t fair and its up to the site owner to make decisions for their site. However, for once if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, lets just admit its a duck instead of trying to convince ourselves its a swan.

  331. cdnation says:

    Nope it wasn’t things that happened on CDN, but we also ban people for scamming on other boards that haven’t scammed on ours.

    Seems about the same to me, protection of the board and it’s members from what may be.

  332. MotherMoonPads says:

    I’m totally confused to who Toaster is and what MCN is?

  333. smartassmama says:

    334 me too. I have been brainstorming what MCN could be. I’ve come up with some cute odd stuff.

  334. Cylon-Frakker says:

    @334 – MCN is misschevious.net (sp?), another forum, and Toaster was a previous member of both boards

  335. not me at all says:

    Isn’t scamming different from “we just don’t like you” though?
    MCN= waht used to be batgirls yes?

  336. Cylon-Frakker says:

    @337, correct, I believe it did used to be BatGirls…

    And yes, I would think that scamming is WAY different from “we don’t like you”

  337. Sunny says:

    OMFG! Before I read anything else….I NEVER went and ratted anyone out!!! WTF Toaster?! I never RAN to anyone….I was talking to Nikki about how she changed when she became a mod! And why the hell are you bringing me into this? We were both venting as to why we were banned? We were both pissed off. Jesus Christ!! This is insane! now off to read the rest…

  338. cdnation says:

    Not when she took stuff from a private area of a forum and posted it on her fb to be mean. AT least not IMO. If she’d do that there then she’d do it elsewhere. IF it was based on I just don’t like you, more people would be gone. I can guarantee you that.

  339. JustPeachy says:

    Yup MCN used to be batgirls. I don’t venture over there because personally I hate the BGs and their nasty attitudes.

  340. Incognizable says:

    Sadly, nothing is private on the interwebz. Even on forum private areas , opt in or not.

  341. Myself says:

    Just because nothing is private, does not mean that you take something that’s in an opt in private forum and spread it into the public arena.

  342. Incognizable says:

    I agree ‘myself’ and it happens here too. Both stuff from DS opt ins and CDN opt ins end up here, just sayin.

  343. Sunny says:

    ohhh and lucky for me I archive everything so if you want to spew shit…its on! I have our YIM that day, Nikki’s and everyone else I conversed with.

  344. Stoner says:

    Thought you could get a laugh out of this! Felisha is going to start CHARGING people for pictures. She’s opening up a photography biz! Wow, jackette of many trades!


  345. FunnyMama says:

    Mary, you need to look up the definition of “projection” in the psychological context of the word. You’re still a douche canoe, even if Felisha happens to be an even douchier canoe.

  346. Cylon-Frakker says:

    Sunny, I hope you’re not lumping me in there… I didn’t rat… I was actually wondering why you were banned and not me….

  347. Cylon-Frakker says:

    #346 – Oh good goddess, I hope her pics don’t involve shoes…. or twats…

  348. Stoner says:

    @ 347

    I’m working on myself. But thanks for your opinion. I guess you hate people for life even when you don’t know them. Good for you!

  349. FunnyMama says:

    I don’t hate you but I know that you’re not a nice person.

  350. Sunny says:

    nothing to do with you cylon, nothing at all. Im pissed because i was just thrown under the bus! Nikki asked me how she has changed and i told her what people said WITHOUT names. And I was also fighting with Nikki that day because I was banned and lumped with toaster in the same fucking thread! So everyone assumed I was banned for the same reasons which I was not. Toaster and I were NEVER told why we were banned. I know why I was now by figuring it out myself..but to put me inthe same thread was bullshit! Its over and done and I have build my bridge and walked on over it. I have no regrets or bitter feelings.

  351. FunnyMama says:

    talk about the pot calling the kettle black, too!!

  352. dmeg says:

    @333 Sam really?? So Toaster now is a scammer?? Because if you just banned her to protect her from being mean to other members or hurting their feeling, you have a lot, and I mean A LOT of other people to ban. People who are, have, and will continue to be MAJOR sources of hurt feelings and drama on CDN. Yes, you took care of one, and we ALL thank you for that, but there are several more. I can think of 4 that would be FAB places to start, and I don’t think anyone who’s a ‘regular’ on CDN needs clarification on who they are. Hell, I’d been gone for, crap, don’t even remember how long, only to come back and see THE SAME EXACT PEOPLE still being the sources of board wide crap. Previous credit gone for owning the banning of Toaster, you weren’t protecting anyone, you were keeping your friends from another board happy and getting rid of someone you didn’t particularly care for either. And getting back on her FB page to “keep track of her”…REALLY?!?!?!?! Wow, just wow. Big brother much? Why is Toaster such a big deal that you felt the need to keep track of her?? Seriously, people ON CDN have said much worse things, yet you let them be there. How about taking care of what happens onsite FIRST, then deal with the rest of the internet? Yes, you have banned people for stuff that has happened elsewhere, but they ALSO pulled shit on CDN.

    FTR-I don’t really care who gets banned on CDN, DS or anywhere else. I get sick of crap, I walk away. For example, I got sick of certain aforementioned people being allowed to say what ever vile thing they wanted on CDN and I could never, ever seem to get away from their posts even on iggy because people would quote them, so I just stopped logging in. No YAGE, no drama, just walked until I felt like dealing with it again, which was about 2 weeks ago (and I had been gone long enough to be in lurker mode). Just own that its your board and you are going to run it how ever in the hell you want to . If people cry “It’s like DS all over again!!” WHO THE HELL CARES?? If you can sleep at night with how you run things, why try and justify actions? Your board, your rules, end of story. You don’t, and really shouldn’t, justify your actions to other members, it creates entitlement issues and then they think they have the right to know and should be told and have a say in everything. Lee gets credit for one thing, he owns that he rules the roost and can do what ever he wants for what ever reason because its his board. You can say and do what ever you want, but at the end of the day, the same is still true of you and CDN, you are the boss and you can say and do whatever you want. Just own it and stop trying to justify stuff.

  353. Stoner says:

    I don’t hate anyone. I don’t even know your names, your ages, hell even what sex you are! I don’t hate any of you. I come off with a strong personality to people, and yes, even bitchy. But I *am* a good person. Maybe I don’t come off that way on a message board, but I know I am and so do the people in my life who DO know me.

    I wish you the best of luck, I have no hard feelings.

  354. Sunny says:

    354…toaster was banned for creating drama just to create drama. its in the banned thread. All the other issues just got thrown in there as well (i think).

  355. Cylon-Frakker says:

    @356 – I believe, yes, Toaster was banned for creating drama just to create drama, much like Holly was banned, much like certain other people were banned….

  356. JustPeachy says:

    What drama tho? All I see is a mod got hurt over some stuff that was said in a private convo and boom toaster was gone.

  357. cdnation says:

    #354, get your facts straight, I did NOT say toaster was a scammer, I said in my eyes banning her was like banning people who have scammed on other sites but not on cdn yet. In other words, she took something and tried to hurt someone with it from somewhere that was supposed to be private (yes I know about privacy but …) and I did’t want to have her ever do that to someone on cdn.

    Like it or lump it I really don’t give a shit about your opinions. Toaster kept going on about why she was banned, I told her.

  358. Sunny says:

    no it was more than that peachy. I hear there was alot more that went into her banning. The drama posts were the final straw (i think). Same reason, holly was banned and JDT.

  359. me says:

    346- I think she used to work at a photography place so she already has.

  360. Incognizable says:

    I’m confused. I just re-read post 333, toaster was not banned for things that happened on CDN. Her banning is listed as “trolling” on CDN. Maybe it should say trolling on other forums?

  361. cdnation says:

    FTR Megan, I agree that we don’t need to go around apologizing for banning people. And I don’t apologize for banning her. Nope doesn’t bother me one single bit.

  362. mom to 3 says:

    Of course Karl nor Temma have not posted in the Hot Buttons Closed thread…They don’t know there are other areas of the board besides HB!

    Really, IMO they were a big part of why it was closed down I would have expected at least an Ok, or I understand post.

  363. not me at all says:

    Well he has only posted in one thread this year outside of HB…
    just sayin

  364. Toaster says:

    I’m not asking for an apology. I just wanted to know why all of a sudden Sam decided to ban me. She stomped her feet, took her ball home, blocked me on FB and I think Yahoo too, and when I emailed her from the contact CDN link I got “i don’t want to talk to you, you’re not my friend anymore.” That kinda follows the whole high school “to keep an eye on her” comment earlier. I mean really?!?!?

    Can’t fault a girl for wanting answers. Enjoy DS lite, I’m finally satisfied I got a reason why. Now would that have been so hard to do when I tried contacting you Sam?

    It’s been fun but I am outtie y’all, the sunshine is calling my name.

  365. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Because I’ve been asked on FB by several people, I’m still me. I’m not this Dmeg character, mmkay? Just don’t want to be confused with someone else. :-X

  366. cdnation says:

    Toaster I did not say that I said you needed to talk to Mel and I’d be happy to give you her contact info. After the 3rd or 4th email I asked you to quit contacting me.

  367. MonsterBabyMaker says:

    Alright, OT again… (see first post by Terra)


    But um, I’m pretty sure that eating shit isn’t how you get polio…

  368. smartassmama says:


  369. werd says:

    let’s redirect, shall we? This is the Drama of DIAPERSWAPPERS, after all!


  370. werd says:

    PS guess I’m a horrible mom who tortured her newb too… I did “fluffy fashion shows” on CDN when X was just born, showing off his wool. Pure Torture!

  371. just_another_heather says:

    peachy-you do realize that a lot of well loved posters on cdn are also active om mcn?

  372. smartassmama says:

    So people were in her ass for posting some pictures of her newb in some wool? or am I mistaken.

  373. werd says:

    pretty much. she had a daily pic of her newb in wool and then someone posted in her thread and a bunch of douche canoes on POC started a topic about her… they loooooove to hate on ckck. I don’t understand why… who the hell cares what someone dresses their kid in. Its on a cloth diapering forum in “Extra Fluffy” FFS… are you seriously going to get your panties in a gigantic wad up your crotch because someone just had a baby and wants to show off her in her fluff?


  374. Messy says:

    I’m sad that I did not get to see the pics 😦 I love seeing babies (newbies or oldies LOL) in wool/CD’s/whatever!!! Some people are jealous assholes.

  375. werd says:

    REAL big of them to pick on her baby and call her and her outfits “ugly”. You know what, I spend a shit ton on wool for my infant, too. Because I like it and I can… do I turn my nose up at someone who only has a stash of a dozen prefolds and a few covers? NO because I do not care! Use what you want and use what works for you. I’m so sick of these people who think what is good for them, must be good for EVERYONE!

  376. monkey says:


    I’m just glad she has a chance to show of that wool yet again.

    I love wool, but there really is a place where wool and insanity meet.

    But yeah, the comment was uncalled for… she’s not torturing the baby.

  377. smartassmama says:

    Wow. I saw a pic of her newbie in her CDN avatar and while I don’t remember what she was wearing, it was ADORABLE! I love seeing newbies too. And in wool. I love how one person said something like, “Be still my ovaries!” Newb pictures make me want one. I wish I had normal size babies. They look so cute swimmin in wool!

  378. Lolanae says:

    They said Cheryl was torturing her baby by taking pics of her in wool? Dude…I must be a horrible mother because I took tons of pictures of Alison in her cute outfits. Still do.

  379. monkey says:


    Yeah, I had a fashion shoot of Jem in his birthday outfit yesterday. They’re tiny and cute… it’s really hard to NOT take 14 billion pics of them!

  380. zosiasmama says:

    I Pm’d ckck on CDN and asked her to show the pics to us on CDN. I would love to see them and I highly doubt she will get the kind of reaction that she got on DS and is getting on Poop On Cloth. What a bunch of catty beeotches.

  381. Messy says:

    #382 TY! I think it would be AWESOME if she shared with us on CDN!!! I wanna see!!! I ❀ seeing pics of new babies, wool, and the works πŸ˜€

  382. zosiasmama says:

    Me too Messy. If I had had the money I too would have went wool crazy. So good for her! It is her money what the hell do people care what she does with it??? One of hte last comments on POC was great she said that she used to cringe when she saw ckck’s stash pics, but that was because she was dirt poor. She came to a realization that it was her problem not ckck’s and that hating on her because she chooses to buy nice stuff for her baby is childish and stupid. So true.

  383. werd says:

    378 yes… there is like some sort of vortex surrounding wool in any form and some people fall through it and enter an alternate reality where they become raving psychotic bitches!

  384. amessymama says:

    Why would you willingly look at the pics if they bothered you so much? The way she said, “I just had to say something. ” Really? She had too? Why?

    If you saw someone in the mall that put a hideous outfit on her kid, and I certainly have, would you tell them? I hope not.

    I do think there can be too much of a good thing though. But it’s what *I* think, not say.

    I guess I did say it. πŸ™‚ But too each their own. Whatever floats your boat and all that.

  385. amessymama says:

    *to not too.

  386. werd says:

    Didn’t you know, if you see someone who is wearing a hideous outfit that *YOU* don’t like, you are supposed to run up to them and tell them how fucking hideous they look. Duh.

  387. amessymama says:

    I just re-read and the poster did not say “she had to say something”. She said, “she couldn’t hold back”, which means the same thing basically.

  388. smartassmama says:

    Oh me. I have seen SO many people looking ugly in public. Grown people even. Just go to Walmart on a Saturday! I might laugh to my husband once they walk past them, but I wouldn’t be mean to their faces.

  389. Myself says:

    386 – I agree. (with the HAD TO comment)

    I never understand when people say that someone MADE them, or they HAD to, or anything claiming they were coerced.

    Even if someone has a gun to your head you still have a choice, you might not like the one you make but it was still yours to make.

  390. melmelly says:

    Some people have balls to say shit online to someone, but would be so chickenshit to not say it to their face. There are some that have no problem saying something online, and saying the same thing to someone’s face. I have a feeling that a majority of the people posting on POC and bashing ckck would be the kind to bash online, but kiss ass to ckck in person.

  391. FunnyMama says:

    I couldn’t read the ckck thread but I’ve seen it in passing and never thought ONCE, “Oh, gee, I’m going to go in and give that horrible mom a piece of my mind for showing off pictures of her adorable squishy woolly baby.” What a bunch of twats.

  392. werd says:

    I used to really enjoy POC but after this I will not be going back.

    And people think WE are bad… we have our moments but I don’t see anyone calling someone’s precious newborn UGLY!

  393. Felisha says:

    Mary shut the fuck up and take the teapot out of your cunt.

    You’re no fucking better. Posting threads about me will not win you brownie points!

    You’ve never seen my photos. Take your P&S and shove it!

  394. zosiasmama says:

    werd…you have my heart. That was so well said.

    I think I will stop checking out POC too, it always just seems to be a big cut down fest on people and their cloth not about their behavior. To me that is so stupid and shallow.

    Seriously people need to get a life. I really hope ckck posts the pics to CDN!!

  395. FunnyMama says:

    What’s POC?

  396. treeindawind says:

    395-teapot? I find it strange that you think of really weird objects coming in and out of twats?

  397. treeindawind says:

    397-Poop on Cloth

  398. smartassmama says:

    Does she think that Mary is teacup?

  399. FunnyMama says:

    399 – thx

  400. Myself says:

    I was on POC, not once but twice. LOL πŸ™‚

  401. smartassmama says:

    I’d never heard of it before today.

  402. Myself says:

    I was directed there in response to a thread about Toothless Grinz.

  403. melmelly says:

    402 – as in you left comments, or they ragged on you twice?

    Was fluffy trying to say Mary is a teapot calling the kettle?

    Oh, I’ve done it now. Gone and confused myself real good.

  404. JustPeachy says:

    #373 Nope I didn’t and really I don’t care. MCN=BGs in my mind and I never did get wtf the fuss was about them. That and they are some hateful bitches. Oh yes I have seen the posts about me back in the day and the shit they said was so fucking absurd and low.

  405. Shabbychic says:

    Felisha, I would love to see your pictures. Please? πŸ™‚

  406. smartassmama says:

    bwahahahaha. I don’t think I would.

  407. werd says:

    I’d really love to know who “heretovent” on POC is. Apparently she is a WAHM and I want to make sure I avoid her in future purchases. You know, since I’m a horrible parent because my son wears expensive WAHM wool and all. And clearly because of that, he’s going to grow up materialistic and thinking life is all about what you have.


  408. Myself says:

    405 – I “featured” once and semi – “featured” once.

  409. Myself says:

    409 – She is essentially slandering Cheryl’s name and giving her no chance for a defense.

  410. werd says:

    yet she doesn’t have the balls to say who she is WAHM-wise. How about that. Its really easy to talk trash to a computer monitor!

  411. Myself says:

    Who the flip is anonymousme? Ugh

  412. melmelly says:

    Myself, I want to know as well. Bitchy much? Ckck said she had checked her pm’s on DS and there was nothing. Obviously “heretovent” has the wrong mama or is stirring shit up.

    I think I am catching your migraine! πŸ˜‰

  413. Myself says:

    melmelly – Feel free to have it, I’m going on 48 hours and I would love it gone. And I can’t find my debit card to go buy more tylenol so I’m up a creek as soon as this last dose wears off.

    You think “heretovent” and “anonymousme” are the same person?

  414. Anna says:

    I might be off here, but I’m thinking “heretovent” is the WAHM behind Pretty Pretties? She consistently says WHAM on DS and has done the same on POC aside from the first instance.

    Just my little sleuthing 2 cents!

  415. Myra says:

    Yep, I’m one of the douches that commented on POC. I absolutely think it’s ridiculous. I don’t believe for a second she’s showing off her baby. I’m entitled to my opinion as much as anyone else.

  416. werd says:

    wow. bitter much?

  417. werd says:

    well, at least you realize you are a douche?

  418. Hexe says:

    Trying to pick up.
    Why was Felisha finaly banned?
    What is POC?

  419. melmelly says:

    I almost bent my debit card in half this morning. I had left it in my butt pocket and forgot to take it out. Then I was throwing on the closest jeans I could find so I could get my son to school, and then I felt it. I yanked it out so fast! I didn’t want to have to replace it again – considering this is the replacement to the last one I bent in half.

    I always get a weird stomach ache before I get a migraine, and I have had it for a few hours now. I am just waiting to get knocked on my ass any minute now.

    Were you also thinking they are the same person? I was thinking that too. Either that, or they are two people that are good friends and can’t stand ckck for some reason or another and want to stir up some drama.

  420. Messy says:

    Yep Myra, you are totally entitled to your douchy jealous opinion. Trust me, nobody wants to take it from you…
    Does it suck to be so miserably disgusted with your own life that you have to rag on someone showing off her baby and/or her CD collection? Bless your angry jealous nasty heart!

  421. Myra says:

    Nope, not bitter at all. I don’t do wool. Apparantly, I’m not familiar with the line in the sand between what it’s ok to have an opinion on and what isn’t.

  422. melmelly says:

    But is there really a need to be a douche about it? It is hair/fuzz/fur shaved off an animal, turned into yarn and made into clothing. Is there really a reason to go apeshit and call her names and say her stuff is ugly? I am sure that each and every one of us has something in our closets that would be considered ugly. So is is necessary to point that out?

    Did any of you ever think that maybe, just MAYBE she is posting pics so the WAHM’s she bought from can see how the item turned out? I have made skirts for a few friends daughters. There are two that I have never seen an “action shot” of. I would like to see one, or even several, to see how the garment wears on the different body types (one girl is slender, the sister is a chunky monkey – very squishy and adorable). If I had made ckck something, I would like to see how it looks, even if the item is too big right now.

    :2 cents:

  423. Myself says:

    416 – Pretty Pretties actually makes some really nice stuff. I got some as a sample from Jae. But that doesn’t tell whether she is HTV or AM

    421 – yup that’s what I’m thinking. I checked the time stamps for both of them and they never post at the same time.

    417 – I didn’t call you a douche. Just because it is ridiculous doesn’t mean you have to say it. She had her baby what three weeks ago? I hate when people pick on someone who just had their baby. Even a silly comment can send someone off the deep end. She lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband gone a lot and even though she is completely stable that doesn’t mean that PPD couldn’t come into play. Plus, IMO, it is mean. But that’s just me.

  424. JustPeachy says:

    Eh I have to say I agree but you know what its her choice to post. She has to realize already that there are haters out there and she’s just giving fuel to the fire really.

  425. JustPeachy says:

    But thats my opinion. I don’t get it but I wouldn’t say its ridiculous. Her kid, her choice.

  426. melmelly says:

    So you don’t do wool…

    I did wool for a long time, and it can be addicting. I have a friend who had way too many pairs for her girls, but I never said that to her. But then again, I have boys. Boys don’t have all the frilly, cutesy stuff that girls can have out of wool.

  427. Myself says:

    Hi my name is ———– and I’m addicted to wool. Wool yarn, wool longies, wool shawl, wool, wool, wool.

    If I had the amount of discretionary spending money and/or credit that Cheryl has, you bet your balls I’d be having tons of nice custom wool.

    I don’t do ruffles so you wouldn’t see that but I love most of the outfits

  428. melmelly says:

    I pink, puffy, sparkly heart you Myself!

    I just bought 7 skeins of wool in a Co-op on CDN, ordered two different dyed rovings to spin, and have a huge stash that I have no clue what to do with it.

    My parents even have a bunch of 30 gallon garbage bags full of unwashed wool from their sheep that I would love to work with.

  429. werd says:

    I really despise this idea that if you know there are haters out there, that means you shouldn’t post pictures of your kid showing off her outfits. How is that okay?

    And I also fail tp understand this line of thinking that you are entitled to voice an opinion no matter what. Sometimes nasty opinions are really not necessary. And to ruthlessly go after a woman who is 3 weeks PP simply for the fact that she posted some pics of her newborn?? That’s plain psychotic.

  430. Myra says:

    I truly think she’s enjoying this as much as the adulations. Things are said all the time here and there that don’t *need* to be. These blogs wouldn’t exist without them because it’s not all about scammers, it’s about drama.

  431. JustPeachy says:

    I didn’t say that Jackie but its not a huge secret that there are those that like to pick apart things shes does. I never said it was ok or anything. But as I said thats my opinion and you know they say opinions are like assholes.

  432. melmelly says:

    I completely agree werd! I have a really good friend who is bi-polar and she was dealing with a nasty case of PPD. She had to be hospitalized for a few days because of some horrible things that were said to and about her on a forum.

    It’s like people fail to remember that there is a person on the other side.

    I know many in here have picked on Felisha, and she has egged it on. She needs help and fails to recognize it, unless she is feeding line of BS right and left just for the attention.

    All I saw ckck do when she went into that post on POC, was she was trying to defend herself. Who cares that she was using :goodvibes: all over the place. She was defending her right to buy whatever she wants. Who cares if it is ugly or not. Is it yours? Do you have to wash it, fold it, look at it, dress your baby in it? No. No one is forcing you to look at the pictures. You are looking at the pics and poking fun. Not cool. Not cool at all.

  433. JustPeachy says:

    And back to the original topic, Felisha you are not one the “cool” kids. Stop trying to act like you are and please stop being a douche bag. You and Mary are pretty much on the same damned level so stfu.

  434. Myself says:

    I’m not one of the cool kids either 😦

  435. naturalmamadot says:

    No shti 435 anyone care to fill me in on what in the fuckity “teapot” was about? She sure is one to talk about shoving nasty shit in her nasty crotch eh?

  436. naturalmamadot says:

    haha please dont put yourself down on a level like felisha, I think youre cool does that count?

  437. JustPeachy says:

    I think you are cool. There are only one or two ppl who post on here who I can’t stand but the rest of ya’ll are a-ok in my book.

  438. Aj says:

    Meg, are you coming out of lurkdom? πŸ™‚

    I too would love to see your photos Felisha.

  439. justabg says:

    Hey Peachy, Fuck off.
    Maybe the truth hurts but things were said about you because you post around everywhere acting like a fucking bitch. You bitch about every.damn.thing possible. Oh, the mailman didn’t deliver on time, just start a thread bitching about it, and not playful complaining, but downright mean shit.
    You didn’t like the freebies that came with an order, you start a thread bitching about it.
    Maybe people wouldn’t talk about you if you SHUT THE FUCK UP every so often. Or at the very least, didn’t act like such a bitch.

  440. Myself says:

    Woohoo, two people think I’m cool, I’m SPECIAL. :hapdance:

  441. cheesewhiz says:

    Eh…I think I’ve seen WAY too many of Felisha’s pictures already…:-0

  442. treeindawind says:

    443- Bwahahahahahahaha

  443. JustPeachy says:

    Right back atcha. My mailman is an asshat and Im more than justified in bitching about him cus he doesn’t do his fucking job. And fyi I don’t bitch every fucking where and the shit with the freebies was a looooooooong ass time ago. The shit you fucking stupid hateful bitches said about me was low and you know it which is why you had to bring your ass here to try and cuss me out.
    With that kiss my fat white pregnant ass and C U next tuesday πŸ˜€

  444. JustPeachy says:

    And me being a bitch is who I am. Granted I’ve toned it down a bit in the 2 years since shit went down. You don’t fucking like what I post then fucking ignore me its as simple as that πŸ˜€

  445. NotUrLovah says:

    Oh yes. All people on BGs were hateful bitches. It’s all about how much we hated you Peachy. That’s all we ever talked about. Peachpeachpeach. Get over yourself and your hatred for BatGirls. You’re not sounding any better than fucking Toaster. You can both fall in a ditch of muddy ass-water. And yes, that’s water of the ass that is also muddy.

  446. FunnyMama says:

    owning up to bitchiness is pretty admirable in my book. and bitching about yourself and your life is nothing compared to ragging on someone’s precious newborn child regardless of whether they wear custom woolies or nothing at all.

  447. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    JustPeachy, no one cares to hear your rantings on the big bad meanies who *gasp* called you out & invited you to participate. You don’t like being called on being a douche, don’t be one. Your e-feelers were hurt, we understand why you have a canoe stuck in your ass when it comes to the BGs. It’s okay, c’mere, there there, let it out, now STFU.

  448. werd says:

    awww Peachy you know you are my girl, I meant no disrespect. You aren’t the only one who have mentioned the whole she has a fan club thing, I was more referring to the others. I ❀ your fat (snort) pregnant white ass a your C U Next Tuesday!!!

  449. justabg says:

    See Peach, you were being ignored, and BG’s has been gone for over a year now, a YEAR.
    You want people to let your freebie shit go, perhaps you should let old shit die, too.
    You ran your mouth about a group that hasn’t talked about you in so long most of them can’t remember why they ever talked about you in the first place and you ripped us and you don’t expect us to say anything?
    Well, if we didn’t, we sure wouldn’t be living up to our reps as the meanies, now would we?

  450. NotUrLovah says:

    Oh snap! We meenies have long memories, so if you’ve been forgotten, complaining about us just makes you sound like a bitter bitch.

  451. just_another_heather says:

    I was on bg’s for a while and I have no clue who peach is and why she is all butt hurt and bitter about. The truth is if she’s on cdn then she is posting with those same meanies.

  452. scratchmybutt says:

    Why was Felisha banned from DS?

  453. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha was banned for her twat-like behavior. She had already racked up a bunch of public warnings, and she hung herself on that little bit of string they had given her.

  454. Raven says:

    Wow, I *own* MCN and I don’t even remember roasting Peach. Either my memory is just that bad, or she just ain’t that special.

  455. Myself says:

    455- It’s a miracle, they actually banned her!

    But why doesn’t it say anything in her siggy as to why she was banned like it usually does?

  456. justreading says:

    I have to laugh that Peach hates on BGs and MCN yet said C U Next Tuesday which was said the first time on CDN by one of the admin on MCN.

  457. 3timesamom says:

    Halle-freaking_lujah Felisha Fluffybutt has been banned. She is soooooooo annoying. Every time I open a forum she was asking a stupid question.

    Where’s her fucking sign??

  458. Booyah says:

    HOLY SHIT. Too bad it’s pitch black outside right now or I’m sure I’d see pigs flying past my window!

  459. piratebaby says:

    What was her photography thread about? I didn’t get to read it before it *poofed*

  460. JustPeachy says:

    I said BGs not MCN. I may be mistaken and they may all be good people. IDK because it was tainted once I found out MCN used to be BGs, Oh and look how many of the hateful bitches came out of the wood work to defend themselves. You guys are awesome! *sarcasm*
    And werd you know I love you too. ❀

  461. not me at all says:

    Boy I am convinced now that the BGs were all nice, sweet ladies who were never mean to anyone.

    And you know what my mailcarrier sucks too and I have bitched about it several times.

  462. Felisha says:

    Peach.. You need to practice what you preach. You want people to ignore you? Like wise.

    grow up.

    And it was all you fucking ladies that got me banned left and right!

    Well, at least its not 6 mo and a perma ban like some of you.

  463. Felisha says:

    Er * got me banned for reporting my posts left and right*

  464. not me at all says:

    Felisha YOU are telling someone to grow up? That’s rich!

  465. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha, you know what, I am going to put you back on block. I really don’t want you participating here.

    You are a Troll. It got you banned from DS. YOU did that, not us. It is the same way you were banned over and over from different sites. You act like a twat, you report everyone’s posts left and right, and then you play victim, you start fights every few minutes and give the mod teams more work then they deserve or need. No one got you banned.. Well no one except for you πŸ˜€

  466. Shabbychic says:

    Oh boo. I was hoping she would show off her photography πŸ˜‰ 440.

  467. Kelolsen says:

    I don’t get the saying crappy things to a mom who takes a tonf of pics in her baby that has a ton of wool. that means that alot of money went to WAHM’s rather than buying baby clothes from Target. Why is that wrong? that’s GREAT!! I took a bazillion pics of Lucas in all his newborn stuff too. Its fun to do. You spend all of this time collecting it and waiting and then the baby is here and you can try it all on.

    I would love to see that mom’s pics of her baby. This was in the extra fluffy section? isn’t that what its for?? its like saying someone on Wrappers Paradise on TBW is posting too many pics of new wraps.

  468. DSDM2 says:

    Meg, I think I have seen enough of her cunt and shoes already.. πŸ˜‰ But I’m sure she will be showing off before too long on her blog or elsewhere.

  469. Messy says:

    So… It is probably safe to assume that none of us are on Felishoe’s “Christmas Crotch Card” list?

  470. JustPeachy says:

    Felisha you need to fuck off. No one got you banned. Your own idiocy is what got you banned. And FYI my ban isn’t permanent. If I do choose to go back to DS at least I won’t have to worry about holding my tongue when you troll for a few months.

  471. Kelolsen says:

    I don’t think anyone on one of these boards coined the “C U Next Tuesday” phrase. I heard that in high school and i’m old.. or am I misunderstanding?

  472. not me at all says:

    @458 & 473 I first heard it on American Dad, for sure no one on these boards made it up. Puhlease.

  473. naturalmamadot says:

    Um yea 473 I lol’d hard when someone seriously claimed an admin/mod invented that phrase, did they invent the actual swear word too? Yea, I didnt think so.

  474. nicole says:

    Fun read…

    Now I’m going to go wash my eyes of all the lies I read.

  475. naturalmamadot says:

    Oh and thank you DSDM2 seeing the twat post here was making me sick lmao, it was fun to poke but then she started acting like she was BFF with everyone here and that was a little creepy.

  476. justabg says:

    Hey Peach, just to remind you, here is a c&p of what you said yesterday:
    JustPeachy Says:
    March 9, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    #373 Nope I didn’t and really I don’t care. MCN=BGs in my mind and I never did get wtf the fuss was about them. That and they are some hateful bitches. Oh yes I have seen the posts about me back in the day and the shit they said was so fucking absurd and low.

    You insulted an entire message board and name called and us being hateful bitches and all, we aren’t supposed to come in and say anything? I don’t think so. If someone was attacking your friends with NO provocation you’d turn the bitch even higher, too.
    No one there was talking about you before this, it’s absurd that you would come on and name call a group of people without knowing who they are. Ridiculous.
    You’d be surprised at who is included in that list of “hateful bitches”
    Fuck off Peach.

  477. JustPeachy says:

    Sorry guess I should have clarified since I have never actually gone on MCN. BGs= hateful bitches. There we go is that better?
    And don’t try to defend it because I’ve seen the shit that went on on BGs aside from the drama with me. People who think the blog is bad haven’t seen shit til they see the shit that was spewed on BGs.

  478. NotUrLovah says:

    I know. *wipes away a tear* BGs was awesome with the drama. Ahh the memories. We really could lay the smack down on a bitch.

  479. JustPeachy says:

    Ok and Im done with the whole BGs/MCN thing. Really I said what I felt and what I had been wanting to say for a while and its done. You don’t like thats fine. You don’t have to. Just like I don’t have to like the shit that was said about me or the various other random people that were torn apart.

  480. NotUrLovah says:

    Hey Peach, c’mere. You’ve got some..yup..it’s bitter, all over your face. Might wanna wipe that off.

  481. justabg says:

    It’s not going your way because you’re not getting high fives for blind insults and you’re done?
    You are name calling a group of people for something that happened two years ago yet you want everyone else to forget your behavior that landed you being talked about at all.
    You can’t have it both ways. You want people to move past things, you’ve got to do the same thing.
    FYI, BG’s was about way more than drama and tearing people apart, had you stopped in for more than drama and worn some BGP’s you would have seen that.

  482. Raven says:

    It’s always funny when someone talks shit and then says “oh, I’m done now”. Right, that’s always ended drama in the past. LOL

    Internetz. Serious bidness.

  483. redfish bluefish says:

    Bahahaha good reads and Congrats on your recent ban-ation, Felitwat. Even if you’re banned from the blog [not sure if you are or not] you’ll still see this.

  484. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Ash, you crack me up. ❀

  485. volbaby07 says:

    anyone see felitwat’s blog? her mil is threatening to call cps on her. go mil!!!!!

  486. Sharpie says:

    Now all we need is Jesus or a Phoenix to show up here and the thread of resurrecting old dead things will be complete.

  487. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    Peachy, you are so full of shit. You have NO idea what BGs was about because acting like an adult is not your forte. The board has been gone for more than a year, we didn’t want you. Deal with it.

  488. nicole says:

    No shit 488…Why is it the old shit always resurfaces? Isn’t there enough new out there to talk about?

  489. JustPeachy says:

    Nope and acting like an adult isn’t my forte? No one really even knows me save for a few random ppl so wtf ever.
    And I didn’t say Im done cus im not getting high fives. I really could give a shit less if I get ass pats or not. I own what I said regardless of what ppl think.

  490. eeek says:

    THANK you DSDM2. I understand the inclination to let anarchy rein & figure it will all work out. felishoe is really hard to ignore though, and OMG I’m tired of every post devolving into a discussion of her life. She is so fucking needy she can’t stop trying to poke people to beg for any attention at all.

  491. eeek says:

    & I’ve been posting here a couple years along with Peachy & I haven’t seen whatever y’all are pissed at. Sometimes people bitch, she’s never bitched more than the rest of the crazy bitches around here, lol πŸ˜‰

    And the way you MCN folk obviously all came & posted because she complained about a little piece of stupid (maybe on all sides, I don’t know or care) that happened years ago on a now-defunct board that evolved into your current internet home- well, do you really think it’s worth it? ZOMG, she haz no RESPECT for the institution that used to be BG.

  492. NotUrLovah says:

    I came because I’m bored and my kids are glued to the TV with their pixie sticks and Kool Aid. No need for interaction with that built in baby sitter!

  493. justabg says:

    The fluffy dog is watching my kids and eating their Cheerios. I needz more duct tape.

    she called an entire group of people “hateful bitches” without knowing who was actually in that group of people. I don’t give a shit if she didn’t like the BG’s. a lot of people didn’t. Everyone is entitled to their own asshole.
    Name calling out of fucking nowhere is a bitch move, plain and simple. Getting your panties in a wad because you can’t sling insults without being called out for it is classic Peach.

  494. not me at all says:

    493 but aren’t you convinced now that the BG’s are kind, mature, are/were not hateful in the least?

  495. justabg says:

    Taco salad from Calcunta, anyone?

  496. justabg says:

    I don’t think we’ve ever thought of ourselves as mature. Just sayin.

  497. amessymama says:

    Wow. BGs must have been a pleasant bunch. Peachy was obviously wrong, none of you are hateful bitches.

    Although the comment by just reading seriously gave me a good chuckle and has me pretty much convinced that you are all, at the least, a bunch of hateful, 13 year old girls.
    “OMG, my BFF made that up so you can’t say it, cuz, like, your not like, cool enough to be her friend. You must really want to though. Since you said her famous phrase that is now heard round the world and all. Too bad so sad.”

    Your woodwork is calling, it wants you back.

  498. volbaby07 says:

    BGs, I’m going to BB this TS and send her to CC. LOL

  499. FunnyMama says:


  500. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    Peach is right, we are hateful bitches.

  501. NotUrLovah says:

    ^ has never claimed to be mature. Or not spiteful. But I am not hateful.

  502. NotUrLovah says:

    Messy- I think you’d be surprised to find out that some of these hateful bitches are the same people you post friendly with on CDN.

  503. justabg says:

    Actually, not hateful. I’ve seen more of an outpouring of love and support and lack of backstabbing from them than any group of women I’ve ever been involved with in my life.
    I’m shocked that Peach came on, called us hateful bitches without provocation, it’s not like any one said anything to her recently and when a few people come to defend themselves, we’re still the hateful bitches.

  504. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    damn, erased the end of my own post. (this hateful bitch isn’t too bright either)

    We are hateful bitches. You should stay far far away from us.

  505. amessymama says:

    Any more DS drama? I need my fix since it’s difficult for me to get there anymore. Although, since fluffycrotch is gone, I’m sure it will die down a bit.

  506. justabg says:

    504, I was thinking the same thing.

  507. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    Messy, what 504 said and you should probably prune us hateful 13 year old girls from your FB friends too…

  508. justabg says:

    amessymama is not Messy
    I ❀ Messy, she is not amessymama

  509. amessymama says:

    504-I don’t know if you are referring to me, I’m not messy, but there are certainly some whiny, hateful bitches on CDN too. You really can’t avoid them. There are whiny, hateful bitches everywhere. It’s life.

  510. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    I stand corrected…wrong Messy

  511. scratchmybutt says:

    I had no idea who Peachy was and I’ve been on BG/MCN for years. I guess her twattiness was not memorable enough for me.

  512. eeek says:

    What’s weird is that you guys are still here -and no I’m not going with that tired “what kind of mom sits & posts, take care of your children” thing.

    I mean- I’m here because sometimes I hang out here, fun bunch o’freaks. You guys seem to be here because you care so much about some dumb little comment that you just can’t let it go, though. Maybe- and I’ll admit I’m a total self-proclaimed psychoanalyst & may be pulling this out of my ass- maybe, have you ever considered she was really young, with kids, stressed out (or whatever) and then it hurt her feelings when whatever that was went down? And so, YEARS later, she makes an offhand comment in a group where she posts a lot. She didn’t go on your site & say “hey bitches, it’s time for payback”, she commented in a group of people who know her that she felt like she had been treated hurtfully at BG. Then you guys have gone all woolhoarders on us.

    For a bunch of people who I just BET talk about BGP a lot, seriously, just get over it.

  513. Raven says:

    Erm. Considering the incestuous diaper world, it’s just frankly stupid to say “BGs was bunches o bitches”. Those BG’s are on MCN, or UF, or CDN, or DS or DP or HC or Etsy or Ravelry or Plurk or FB or.. you get the point. Most likely you got your ass butthurt by a few particular people, but instead of bothering to remember the names and keep any potential blame where it belongs, you decided to tar and feather a defunct forum of something like 300+ people. And I honestly don’t think 300+ people were bitches to you…. unless you really DID deserve it. Think about it.

  514. zookeeper says:

    Once upon a time there was a little gathering of “drama mama’s” on Fertility Friend, they were horrible people, talk about bitches! They would troll the boards stirring crap up and then they would swoop in (all of them) and attack poor unsuspecting women. Much like they are doing to Peach right now. I think they became “Bat Girls” . Please correct me if I am wrong.

  515. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    “Then you guys have gone all woolhoarders on us.

    For a bunch of people who I just BET talk about BGP a lot, seriously, just get over it.”

    Obviously you are from CDN so you are probably friends with most of us.

    BGPs has been ridiculously overused. It is so 2009 πŸ˜‰

  516. Raven says:

    I have no idea what Fertility Friend even *is*. I came to BG’s from DS.

  517. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    In case you missed it, Peach called a group of women “hateful bitches” of course we’re going to defend ourselves and our friends. Just as you are blindly doing for Peach without knowing what was said or why it was said.

  518. lurking says:

    I dont stop here for a day and I feel lost.
    What happened to CKCK? LInk?

  519. JustPeachy says:

    Lets see Raven what exactly was BGs known for? Cus IIRC it wasn’t their kindness or generosity. They were known for their tendency to rip people to shreds. And I mean far worse than anything that has ever been said on this blog or any other forum that I know of.

  520. justabg says:

    Forget it 519, the fact that Peach made the comment first is completely lost. FTR, I glad wear my bitch badge.
    I came to BG’s from DS, too. I don’t think I was ever a member of FF.
    I’ll put it out there, I thought BG’s was a big bunch of meanies before I joined, that was the rep they had. Then someone who I always thought was super sweet and nice told me she was a member there and I took a moment to realize that if she was a member, it may be worth checking out. So I did.
    I’ve made some awesome friends there, people who I can turn to in my darkest moments and get great advice from. Bitches who are so hateful that they bend over backwards to help someone in need. I’ve watched them hold people up through the some of the hardest times in their lives. Hateful bitches is not a term I would use for them.

  521. redfish bluefish says:

    :popcorn: anyone want some? Eh? I have lots….EUC.

  522. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    I agree 522 and I’m okay with people believing the venom that’s been spewed from bitter beavers. That just means that I don’t have to share you horrible hateful bitches with anyone else ❀
    So again, we are hateful. Stay far, far away from us.

  523. justabg says:

    ROFL, I want the bewbs all for myself.

  524. FunnyMama says:

    ZOMG, the UPS guy just delivered my new steam mop and I must have missed the name change of this blog from “DoDS” to “DoBG”.

  525. Pariah says:

    DSDM2, thank you for banning felisha. she’s getting so annoying. i do wonder how long her ban is though.

  526. volbaby07 says:

    BGs was only known as big meanies because we were and are fiercely protective of our own. We have long memories for people who fuck with us and our friends. The women on there are like family to me. They have stood by me, held me when I cry, helped me to smile through my tears, and rejoiced with me through the good times. They are not hateful bitches. They are my sisters.

  527. amessymama says:

    519-Honestly, I’m not really defending Peachy. I’ve heard her run her mouth a time or two. I’ve cringed. That’s how I usually deal with situations like that.

    And you may not be hateful bitches all time. But you sure do seem like you are now.

    People keep saying, “We’re on CDN too.” Yeah, so. Who cares. What do you want us to say? “OMG, I’m never going back there again. They have hateful bitches there.” Like I said earlier, hateful bitches are everywhere. I just deal and move on.

    I’ll admit, I’m a little curious as to who some of you are. I can guess some of you. My opinion of some of you may change if I do find out, so maybe it’s for the best if I don’t. I don’t like to carry around animosity. Plus, I’m in the process of making and putting together a gift for someone that may be one of you. I’d rather have good thoughts about that.

    There are former BG’s that aren’t hateful bitches. They still tell it like it is, they just don’t come off all hateful and bitchy.

    And really we are all hateful and bitchy at one time or another. I was, at least once, that I’m aware of.

  528. Messy says:

    I am Messy πŸ™‚ I have some BGs on my friends list I am sure LOL. I have been described as a hateful bitch a few times myself. I am good with it :p
    I don’t know anything about BGs… I don’t know anything about MCN either… I can barely keep up here and on CDN πŸ˜€

    And with that, I am staying out of this dramaz because I have no idea what is going on or who is who and am totally confused. I hate to be lost in dramaz 😦

  529. eeek says:

    OK, and again I say, one person, years ago, had a bad experience there. Maybe she was a little twat, whothefuckcares. She seems to have grown since then, if so. She posts ONE PHRASE- hurtful bitches- and it’s obviously inspired enough fervor to get a post going over there with people who actually care about this.

    How can so many of you feel so incredibly wounded by this comment that you need to keep posting about it? Really, wouldn’t one or two “screw you, we all know the truth about who was the bitch” type comments have handled the situation, conveyed your disdain?

    See, I would never have commented about THAT. But, honestly, this is kind of ridiculous. Why keep the passionately hurt thing going about such a bit of nothing?

  530. Incognizable says:

    Is it safe to ASSume that CDN admin/owner are former BGs and MCN members?? Cause the whole “we protect our own” sounds very familiar. I remember reading it recently on CDN when Kim got her ass jumped.

    Oh and I could care less re: Kim. Cause I don’t like Kim, she haz teh suck!

  531. volbaby07 says:

    Yes, Sam, Mel, and Shaine were all BGs. So were some of the mods. And they are all on MCN.
    And, FWIW, Messy (Cassie), we love you. We think you would have made a kickass BG!!!!!

  532. Messy says:


  533. naturalmamadot says:

    Wow, I was going to go and see what the fuss about was over on MCN, everyone seems to think its pretty kickass and I do believe Im not welcome there? At least it sure doesnt feel like it. Wow.

  534. Kelolsen says:

    Its not like its a super secret society where you get branded to prove your loyatlly and we haze you to see if you are worthy.

    Actually, the interview process isn’t that lengthly and I’ve never really had any worries or issues about being subjected to blood and urine tests.

  535. naturalmamadot says:

    I joined almost a year ago but forgot about it and I posted an intro just now. I said I found out about it from a few mom sites because actually I think I heard about batgirls FIRST on cafemom. But 2 ppl immediately (one being mom and i dunno who the other woman is) were all like “the blog and CDN right?” um I guess….yea ive heard about MCN on here and CDN but jeeze that being my first reaction on there made me feel like shit *shrug* maybe Im being too sensitive.

  536. Incognizable says:

    what happened Dot??

  537. naturalmamadot says:

    Its not like they actually freaked out on me or something…the tone though is like oh, its her…lets try and call her on something immediately. I have the same screen name all 3 places and have NO need or desire to hide so its not like I was saying that to be all mysterious lmao.
    I see tons of other ppl saying they found out from CDN and such…so I know it wouldnt be an issue to say that. There is nothing for me to gain by saying mom sites instead of CDN and the blog.

  538. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    Natural, you are being too sensitive.

  539. naturalmamadot says:

    Probably. Oh well no loss to them Im sure.

  540. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    *sigh* we were just stating the obvious for those who don’t read the blog. There is no reason to feel like shit if you came to join the board or even if you came to rubberneck on the board, we just want everyone to be in the loop when we have n00bs stemming from potential dramaz.

  541. Kelolsen says:

    Naturalmama- they are just cautious- sometimes people join to just troll and they are vague about where they heard about the board- I think its the same on any board. Usually people know how they found it- its when they are vague it can make some people nervous.

  542. volbaby07 says:

    Get a grip, Dot. No one’s trying to call you on anything. We are a private board and we have had issues with trolls. We just asked you a question. It’s sooooo NOT what you are making it out to be.

  543. ladylili says:

    I know it’s been said a thousand times but I don’t feel like searching for it. What does MCN stand for?

  544. naturalmamadot says:

    Alright, like I said I probably AM being too sensitive, sorry.

  545. Messy says:

    I joined! Woot!!! Ok, I can admit here that it took me about 25 tries to spell misschievous the way it was supposed to be to find the board LOL!!! I had to book mark it because it took me forever to find ROFL!!!

  546. thewayhome says:

    I joined awhile ago. I clicked on a link to a heated topic and got jumped. It wasn’t funny at the time but it only took a few posts for it to be funny. It’s just a smaller board and so things come to light quicker.

  547. Messy says:

    ZOMg! There is an arcade!!! :drool:

  548. cdnation says:

    Dot, I said from the blog and cdn so that the people who would have said what moms boards etc would know and not have to go throught that. So yeah, you’re being a bit sensitive right now.

  549. KAL says:

    I guess I’m one of the hateful bitches. I used to come around these parts more often, but haven’t been here since my pregnancy started off rough. I found “the hateful bitches” threw a good friend and have only ever seen caring generous individuals who have been a great support for me. The very few ripping to shreds that I’ve seen had to do mostly with Toasters TS!

    These hateful bitches care about their friends and go to bat for them.

    You’d be surprised how many of them are members on CDN and have been there since day 1 (me included).

  550. Messy says:

    ROFL! Found out the hard way by accident who Toaster was πŸ˜€

  551. scratchmybutt says:

    Kim got her ass jumped because she is a douchebag who is a drama queen.

  552. Cylon-Frakker says:

    Ok… joining….

  553. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    No truer words have ever been spoken Buttscratchlover.

  554. Kelolsen says:

    Its funny to love CDN but hate all the BGs.. the BGs named CDN. Sam said, “I’m going to make my own CD board’ and we said, “good! Do it!!” and then she said, “what about cloth diaper nation?” and we said, “we love it!”

    to love us is to hate us.

  555. smartassmama says:

    I’m thinking about signing up just to see what it’s about. hmmm. I can’t think of a good user name. . .

  556. smartassmama says:

    Somehow I think “ballswithhat” might be misinterpreted.

  557. Kelolsen says:

    I thnk that username would be well received.

  558. NotUrLovah says:

    FYI- lots of rubberneckers have stayed because they loved us so much. From one rubbernecker to another.

  559. monkey says:


    Yeah, I joined MCN a few weeks ago and I didn’t exactly have to complete the MENSA test to get in… I posted an introduction, a lot of super nice ladies said welcome and then bam! I had membership.

    I don’t post there much (it’s all I can do to keep up with CDN) but everyone has been super nice.

    And honestly, I like Peach and I like a bunch of the ladies I know are former BG’s. So I wish you would all STFU and get over it so we can go back to patrolling the steamy underbelly of the cloth diapering world (and OMG, how Buffy does that sound?).

  560. smartassmama says:

    I’ll bet a box of Thin Mints that Crunch will try to pick up the slack left behind by you-know-who.

  561. naturalmamadot says:

    I wasnt speaking about how easy/hard it is to get in. Only the tone I felt was there when I posted an intro, I was apparently mistaken though πŸ™‚

    I have to agree though I want some DS drama lol

  562. nu says:

    Fluffy is banned-FINALLY!

    I don’t know BG or MCN. Heck I don’t even know who Peach is on CDN or Messy!

    Let’s get some DS drama….

  563. sciencefair says:

    Messy – I can’t even find it. I guess I can’t spell or something.

  564. Sam says:

    i went wide eyed when i saw fluffybutt was banned O_O!

  565. sciencefair says:

    Sweet I found it. And the arcade has bubble shooter. I am obsessed with that game.

  566. me says:

    565- You can’t spell “Messy”?

    People were laughing at the woman making diapers and saying the inside is bubble velour on here, right?
    I found out why she calls it that a little while ago.

  567. chrissyb says:

    Ahhh reading this back and forth makes me feel young again…….just like being in highschool ::goodvibes::

  568. FunnyMama says:

    568 – you obviously need to hone your critical reading skills.

  569. smartassmama says:

    I don’t understand Joann’s referring to it as “new.” It’s not. It’s a good 5 or 6 years old. Some lady started making purses out of it, with ribbons and embroidered names/initials and selling them by word of mouth. It was a big ole hit around these parts 5 or 6 years ago, and a couple sweet church ladies made a killing.

  570. FunnyMama says:

    it’s polyester, too

  571. smartassmama says:

    most velour is poly, isn’t it? Like, the velour track suits that I used to think were hot (til I saw my butt in them)?

  572. FunnyMama says:

    right, but track pants are not the same as diaper inners

  573. FunnyMama says:

    imagine what poly velour would do to your kasloppis if you had it in your undies? oof!

  574. smartassmama says:

    Oh definitely! My son has a knack for pooping in his BV lined pockets. It’s disgusting and so hard to spray out. It would be yucky to have poop stuck to polyester stuck to your butt. That’s for sure.

  575. smartassmama says:

    O/T is DS emailing random thread subscriptions to anyone else?

  576. Lori says:

    558- I think that is a wondermous U/N.. and I do miss the awesome chuckle I got at your picture. Hate to see it gone! & No random thread subs for me.

    My newbie nose will be staying out of whatever other drama is going on, because I’m never the cool kid in the clique, nor do I want to be! It was a nice read while I was making dinner, though.

  577. Grogwench says:

    Zookeeper, bg’s had nothing to do with that group that spinned off of FF. I was one of them and I will say that they had concrete proof of what they were accusing before anyting was said.

    BG’s/MCN…completely different.

    …now back to my scheduled reading.

  578. Hayley says:

    I have nothing to say other then to the ladies using the phrase “I could care less” when you use it this way it means you actually do care and could care even more then you do. The correct term is “I couldn’t care less” Thanks Beyonce for saying it wrong in single ladies.

  579. MotherMoonPads says:

    #575, it’s actually pretty common to use that (it’s also known as minkee) in mama cloth.

  580. DSDM2 says:

    So, any new drama girls? I haven’t seen it.. link us if you see something.

  581. Cylon-Frakker says:

    573/576, What do you think suedecloth and microfleece are? Polyester….

    And no, most velour you see is cotton or bamboo/cotton… the “velux” (what those fuzzy blankets in the 80s was made from) that was polyester is no longer made, so unless you can locate one of those old blankets that is still intact, you’re SOL.

    And the “bubble velour” would be no worse than suedecloth or microfleece. I just think it’s too decorative to be INSIDE a diaper…. wouldn’t mind laminating it and using it on the outside, though

  582. Cylon-Frakker says:

    And it’s actually easier to spray poo off polyester…. it doesn’t stick like it does on natural fibers

  583. eeek says:

    Minkee is poly velour, & minkee works better than microfleece for pocket diaper inner linings. It wicks the same, but never gets the pilly look. I don’t personally like it on mama cloth, but lots of people do. I agree that the dot type would be weird on an inner, but the gelatos etc are perfect.

    & benartex has been making dot minkee for like 10 years (that I know of). There are lots of versions of it out there.

  584. FunnyMama says:

    I’ve never used any dipes that weren’t 100% natural fibers and I don’t use AIOs so I just didn’t know. I got schooled, and I thank you!

  585. FunnyMama says:

    any cloth dipes, that is. I used sposies when DS was a noob

  586. Laura says:

    CDN needs an arcade. πŸ™‚

  587. me says:

    583- If you are talking about those warm, fuzzy hotel blankets with the foamy stuff inside, those are sold at Wal Mart.

  588. naturalmamadot says:

    583 – I found a ton of vellux blankets? Was it fuzzier/better in the 80s or something?

  589. naturalmamadot says:

    yea they sell them a few places, maybe she was mistaken on the name/type of fabric no longer made?

  590. just_sayin says:

    I miss BG, it was an awesome board. I always felt welcome and well liked there. Sure there was dramaz, but it was part of the charm. One time I needed some support, and they really went to bat for me. I’ve never felt that at CDN. I finally just stopped going because it’s not the right place for me. I feel like I haven’t had a forum “home” since BG shut down. So, I think that is why so many people have come out of the wood work to defend BG when it was dissed like that. We were a really tight knit group, and we cared about each other.

  591. naturalmamadot says:

    Why did BGs end?

  592. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    The owners/admin of BGs were ready to move on and they set in place a new admin team and a new board. There was a meltdown & a split before the board change so a lot of the original BGs spread between 2 boards or just became frustrated and left both boards all together. It was a really sad time for all of us. *sigh* Anyway…since you joined you can find most of it by looking through the 3495849689 page threads LOL.

  593. naturalmamadot says:

    Ah okay, I only have like 4 posts right now. I am SO not a postingtype person lol so even 10 is hard for me in a short period of time. I feel dumb posting to an older intro or saying welcome to someone whenI jsut got there myself. I know, stupid. Anyways one day Ill have 10 posts and if I remember I can look it up haha

  594. 1ofthosehatefulbitches says:

    I believe you were set free before your 10 posts. Board is moving to a new server right now so it’s down right now though.

  595. Kelolsen says:

    the name changed to MCN b/c there was some complication w/ the right to use the name Batgirls as well.

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