DS has implemented some basic rules to help with spamming. No big deal.

Now there is a newbie that is going around complaining like crazy. She actually has made my do NOT BST list because her posts make me think scammer or attention whore.

The rules aren’t difficult or odd.

5 posts for PMs

10 for links

50 for a siggie

First she posts here: (where 4 different Admin and Mods explain the rules):


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Why so difficult?

Why is it so difficult to get “clearance” to PM or post links? This IS a forum for diaperswapping, right? So why so stringent on the guidelines for connecting with people looking to trade?!?!Frustrating at best.

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Then she posts here 10 minutes later: (Sweet Fantasy Fox tells her off a bit in this one, I got a laugh from her response):


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Anyone else comfused about posting requirements?

It seems to me like the board is intended to connect people interested in swapping diapers or trading other items for diapers, right?

Why, then, does the board make it so difficult for members to communicate at first? I understand “they” don’t want spammers and other nuisance posters to innundate members with garbage posts.

But good grief, I couldn’t even RESPOND to the PM that another member sent me.

And none of my thoughtful responses to other threads are counting toward my post count, either.

Seems to me like the board is misguidedly causing people to create unnecessary posts such as this one. What if I just don’t have anything important enough to post about and am only interested in responding or communicating via PM to arrange for trading?

  1. naturalmamadot says:


  2. smartassmama says:

    I’m so glad y’all are smarter than me. I would not have thought to Google her SN. Duh! *facepalm*

    She’s obnoxious.

    If someone’s on your do not B/S/T list and they have interest in an item you are selling, do you just make something up or do you say, “I won’t sell to you because you are scammarific/douche-y/stupid.” Because I have some from all of the above.

  3. JessicaNicolle says:

    Wow, I’m suddenly sad that she won’t be able to contact me via PM, sigh.

  4. smartassmama says:

    This is off topic, but something I have decided.
    Crunch!910 = shit stirrer. Of 200 posts, she has started 23 threads. She’s a Felisha in the making, without the offended uproar when her threads ‘suddenly’ go south. Definitely on my no B/S/T list. And probably going on ignore. I know I don’t always keep the peace, but she sets out with like, a list of stuff to piss somebody off with.

  5. sciencefair says:

    While I won’t trade with MyZoeJane (at least until she has been around a while and gets a LOT of good FB, then maybe) you have to admit she has a point. People probably go to Diaper Swappers for the FSOT. That’s why I went there originally years ago. I didn’t really know people got into threads and the like. Ironically, I didn’t buy squat when I was new from the FSOT because I was so confused by the whole thing. (PP can be sent between individuals??? What?)

    Then last fall I got into the Due Date group and spent some time in the forums and did some buying. But, honestly, for the longest time I didn’t really understand why people would hang out there. (I still don’t now that I know there are other, better options.)

  6. JessicaNicolle says:

    Smartassmama- I particularly loved her posts about how anyone who EVER looks at another man is not a pure person and does not have good moral fiber. Because her and her husband have never had an impure thought EVER about anyone but each other. Uh huh.

    Sciencefair- Until you find the better options it doesn’t seem so bad, a lot like most of the men I’ve dated…

  7. sciencefair says:

    #7, LOL. True that. I dated a loser for a long time, and he hurt me a lot. Then I got smart figured out he was cheating (and cheating HARD, the bastard) and dumped his sorry ass. I am not one to swear, but he just brings that side out of me.

    Then when a better option came along a year (and 2 guys) later, I married him lickity split; less than 2 months after we first met. You don’t let the good options get away.

  8. Myra says:

    7. Then I’m in trouble, because Jon Hamm is my imaginary boyfriend. My dh knows, though, so I guess we have an open marriage. LMAO

  9. sciencefair says:

    In a total side note, I noticed that emy_lou is on DS and totally coherent. But she is trying to use CDN smilies. :teehee: LOL.


  10. smartassmama says:

    HAHA! I missed that part. I saw the “planned pregnancies make good mamas, unplanned make bad ones” thread. Granted, she didn’t say that. Someone said it to her, and she disagreed. But she posts shit-provoking posts a LOT.

    And if looking at other people makes us unpure, uh-oh. lol
    I’m unpure every Thursday when Grey’s comes on.
    DH and I have both been ‘unpure’ about the girls from Cathouse. BFD

  11. FunnyMama says:

    yanno, MyZoeJane would be the first to cry foul if she got her ass burned in a bad B/S/T transaction and those rules weren’t in effect.

  12. Myself says:

    okay you all go look at the feedback on ebay that the OP left

    she said for a negative – (paraphrasing) I assume the seller has died because I had to file with pp to get my money back

  13. smartassmama says:

    Is that one she left when she bought something?wow.

  14. DSDM2 says:

    Yeah, her “left for others” feedback is just rude. Even if she had to file, or what have you, she could be factual and not bitchy. It is odd though, how many negatives and neutrals she left, (and one positive that she meant to leave as a negative.)

    Many members of ebay and DS have more FB then that and have left far fewer negatives.

  15. No One says:

    Yeah, I would hate to have a bad transaction with her, God knows what she will write about it in FB or on the board.

  16. No One says:

    10 negatives/neuts left for others in less than 400 transactions? So, that is what about 2.5% of the people she buys from who get negative feedbacks or neutrals from her… that doesn’t seem quite right to me… that is high, can you imagine the FB she will leave all over DS? Scary.

  17. smartassmama says:

    Yeah. She’s either scammy or has the worst.luck.ever. I pick choice A.

  18. Myself says:

    No way am I touching her with a 100-foot pole

    Off to mark her on my list

  19. FunnyMama says:

    I guess the guilty dog always barks first, eh?

  20. RainCloud says:

    well she just made it to my do not BST list on page 15!! Sounds like a repeat scammer to me.

  21. piratebaby says:

    did DS get rid of the military family board or am I just blind??

  22. Myself says:

    21 – page fifteen ?

    22 – it is an opt in forum but anyone can join

  23. naturalmamadot says:

    page 15???

  24. amessymama says:

    She’s got cute baby in her avatar though. It looks like he/she is thinking, “Yeah I know, my mom’s a twat!”

  25. JessicaNicolle says:

    25- LMAO, thank you… I needed that!

  26. monkey says:


    My husband refers to Johnny Depp as, “Your other husband”.

  27. JessicaNicolle says:

    My DH and I have the agreement that if some day Gerard Butler comes up to me and tells me that he wants me its not really cheating. The same goes for him with whats-her-face that played Lois Lane in the last Superman movie. I’m not sure ol’ Gerard is really seeking out those flabby Midwestern girls though….

  28. DSDM2 says:

    Tom Selleck is mine. There is something about that mustache.

  29. JessicaNicolle says:

    I totally see the mustache thing, I probably wouldn’t say no either.

    It used to be Tom Brady, but since he shacked up with that Giselle chick he just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I felt like he was somehow available before then, lol.

  30. melmelly says:

    Colin Firth. There is just something about him in the first Bridget Jones movie – the uptightness – that is so damn hot!

  31. sheepthrills says:

    Jeff Goldblum. My DH will never understand it. LMAO

  32. Messy says:

    Vincent D’Onofrio mmmm…. And Chris Melatoni (is that his last name? Stabler on L&O SVU) Yeah, I am an L&O man stalker 😀

  33. naturalmamadot says:

    Okay, Ill admit Chris Meloni isnt bad looking, I wouldnt mind him handcuffing me lol

  34. naturalmamadot says:

    Haha one google image search later, I am a tad disappointed but my curiosity is fulfilled at least!

  35. Kristen says:

    31- ZOMG YES! I puffy sparkly heart Colin Firth and would rock his world if given the chance. *swoooooooon*

  36. thewayhome says:

    Colin Firth but in Pride and Prejudice so drool worthy

  37. monkey says:

    I’m also with the Colin Firth crowd.

    When he’s in the bathtub in Pride and Prejudice… hooooo lord!

  38. justme says:

    DH calls Vince Vaughn my “other husband.”

    BTW, sorry for just jumping in here. I’ve been lurking for quite a while and get the idea that there’s a gathering of regulars here, but I decided to go for it anyway.

  39. SweetP says:

    I never thought I would find a thread where a fight might break out over Tom Selleck and his wicked sexy stash. Apparently, this is that place. 🙂

  40. smartassmama says:

    My first GYN had a poster of Tom Selleck playing beach volleyball above the exam table. Circa early 1980s. Ick.

    And Chris Meloni. . . He might be older than my dad, but he’s still hot.

    Currently have a thing for Justin Timberlake and James Lafferty. Mmmmm

  41. JessicaNicolle says:

    Oh I dig all the men of Law and Order… mostly though Chris Noth (Criminal Intent). I’m totally not kidding, my son’s middle name is Logan, as in Detective Mike Logan. Although my DH says the Logan is really for Wolverine, sigh…

    I’m apparently of some pretty crappy moral fiber and cheating on my husband emotionally with about 20 men, lol.

  42. just_another_heather says:

    older guys are hawt! i love me some Mike Rowe! and Chris is a stud

  43. JessicaNicolle says:

    I LOVE Mike Rowe. DH loves his show, I pretend like I’m watching the show but I think we all know what I’m really paying attention to (and its not the poo covered shovels).

  44. JessicaNicolle says:

    Alright, totally off topic but ??? Are we Serious???


  45. smartassmama says:

    Anytime someone types welp/welpp, I can’t help but imagine what happens to your skin if you’ve been hit really hard with something small. Like a belt on a bare leg?

    And yea. Your bad, not the seller’s.

  46. JessicaNicolle says:

    One would thing that the red laundry rule was pretty universal, but apparently not. And this is why we have to regulate common sense, because not everyone has it.

    I always thing of that too when I hear welp, like those things that I used to get when I’d get snapped with rubber bands, ouch.

  47. altaem says:

    2 things:

    1) I just gave Fluffyass a thumbsup. I know, I said I hate them. But she uses them and it annoys me. I tried being nice to her but her posts just rub me the wrong way – maybe it’s because I’m 39 weeks pregnant and much less tolerant than normal. Or maybe it’s because she’s annoying.

    2) Crunch really drives me nuts. Seriously, I think in every post she types she includes something like “my DH thinks” or “my DH agrees.” Get a life. My husband is the yin to my yang and I still don’t know every thought that goes through the man’s head. If your husband has ever seen a naked body other than yours, it has passed through his head on occasion. Quit lying to yourself.

    And now I outed myself. And I’m apparently leaving lurker status.

  48. Sala says:

    Welp makes me think of bitches having puppies (also known as whelping). Welt makes me think of raised red marks from hard smacks to one’s skin. Pink laundry makes me think that someone is a moron if they hadn’t yet discovered one needs to segregate one’s clothes before one wash them. Jeez. I don’t know how to use bleach when doing laundry but that’s just a forehead slapper. Just because you don’t know how to do laundry doesn’t mean the seller should pony up for your idiocy.

    For example. I’m a prefold and cover kind of gal. Say I bought a darling pair of wool longies for my child. I wash it on warm and throw it in the dryer with my dryer balls. It felts or shrinks terribly and now fits my child’s doll*. Is that the seller’s fault for not explicitly mentioning that wool can felt and shrink and should always be dried flat? I’m pretty sure that would be my own dumbass fault. *not a real example, I really don’t use wool.

  49. smartassmama says:

    DH is my other half. I don’t know everything he thinks either. But when I do, I don’t usually give a rat’s ass.

    And I am swearing NOT to comment after her on the facebook and nipples thread. Won’t do it. . . Won’t do it.

  50. altaem says:

    49 – Oh, but you don’t think he’s being unfaithful to you? :puke: As long as DH isn’t acting on the things that go through his head, it’s not my issue. After all, he lets me drool over McSteamy…

  51. smartassmama says:

    What?! McSteamy is fake-cheating on me?!

    Why, you dirty mistress. 😉

  52. altaem says:

    Yeah, and I used to think McDreamy was hot, but he’s not even on the radar compared to McSteamy. Damnit, now I can’t even remember his real name, I just keep thinking Mark Sloan! Hmmm.

  53. altaem says:

    Eric Dane. Thanks wikipedia.

  54. altaem says:

    We can share – are we nurses or drug company reps?

  55. JessicaNicolle says:

    I think I’d like to be a nurse. You never do see “naughty pharmaceutical rep” costumes anymore….

  56. Erin says:

    McDreamy in Enchanted. Colin Firth in P&P. Sam Worthington in Avatar(and Terminator!). I’m having many virtual affairs and my dh knows *nothing* about it. Muhahaha!

  57. FunnyMama says:

    I want to reach through my screen and slap a bish. Everyone – EVERYONE – knows to separate your laundry, and especially not to wash red with light colors. I learned that by watching the frickin’ Brady Bunch when I was seven.

  58. sciencefair says:

    I LOL’d at fluffybutt’s pink shirt thread. I think she expects WAHMs to do her laundry now to. Or maybe they just need to pay her so she can wash the items.

    Here is a better solution. If you frame the thing and call it art, you never have to wash it.


  59. altaem says:

    And as well as she can sew, why didn’t she make her own damn wipes? Measure flannel, cut flannel, sew together, t&t, done.

    The flannel wipes I made when I first started CDing were the first thing I had sewed in years and they’re not perfect…but they’re functional. They also made me remember how much I like using a sewing machine to create things.

  60. DSDM2 says:

    New post for the twatwaffle.

  61. monkey says:


    I sewed ALL of our wipes BY HAND during the last couple months of my pregnancy. I can’t use a sewing machine, can’t sew for crap and STILL managed to make 50 usable wipes. They weren’t pretty, but they did the job.

  62. mamaton says:

    This is the same one that came into a thread that I started and proceeded to pm me about responses and was rude and stirring up crap all over the thread. I have to love that she’s on here too…

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