Between the welfare mom comment, the screaming match, noise fights, and the fact that she comments over and over about the mom not being married with 3 kids/3 dads, we see how immature and judgmental this poster really is.

Her follow up posts are just as bad as the OP.

Shame on her. (And this isn’t her first appearance here: )

Troublesome, RUDE neighbor and we don’t want to move! (

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Troublesome, RUDE neighbor and we don’t want to move!

So if anyone has ANY ideas short of moving, I’m all for it!

The woman that lives upstairs from us is the picture of that *welfare mom* . Ya know, the one that has no husband but 3 kids from 3 different guys. New guys coming and going like her door is a turnstile.

Yeah, so anyway. She makes a TON of noise at night. We live in a *regular* apartment building with just 3 floors and she is on the second flr, we’re on the first, and the 3rd flr is empty. We tried living on the 3rd flr but couldn’t afford the increase in rent and we are happier on the first apart from her and her noise. In our lease is specifies that there is to be NO noise after 8PM to be considerate of your neighbors. Well, this *women* lets her kids tear around across the floor until like 10PM, meanwhile our kids are put to bed at 7PM. The very first night we moved here, she let her kids overflow the bathtub and our kitchen flooded and it destroyed our appliances! So our kids wake up from all the noise and you know what it’s like to try to get a cranky 16mth old BACK to sleep after being woken up!

So we’ve gone to her and asked her if she could keep it down after 8PM because our kids are waking up from the noise and we would like a little “peace and quiet” after a long day. My DH works hard, as do I, and we’d just like to have some quiet at night. Which isn’t too much to ask. Well she always has an excuse. Her kids are excited to see each other (one of her kids lives somewhere else ) or that she’s trying to get them to bed. She used to blame the noise on the 3rd flr people when they lived here, like we’re going to hear noise through 2 FLOORS! Right!

So a couple nights ago her *boyfriend* was putting together a $%#@# TV stand at 1:30 am in the @#$%% morning! Hammering away like it was the most natural hour to be doing that sh**!!

We have called and talked to the landlord a number of times about this and he does nothing it seems. Each night she is louder than the last, and whenever we try and talk to her she has an attitude. We think she had something going on the side with the landlord (he’s only like 33) but he’s married and maybe she’s blackmailing him. They are always flirty, but it’s not right for him to take her side. We are great tenants! My DH mows the lawn here for him, shovels the snow and salts the steps. He fixes things around and we are just generally good tenants to have. Always pay our rent on time and most times a week early!

So tonight, her kids were running around over our heads like every night and my DH gave a light bang on the ceiling to let her know it was getting loud. She proceeds to jump up and down on the floor to be a Bi#%^! So I went out into the basement which is the same level as our apartment and banged on my washer for her to hear the noise. (I think I broke my thumb )

So she comes out cursing and asking what the problem was, like she doesn’t know! I just couldn’t take it anymore and we had a shouting match back and forth. What would you do? I’ve tried everything I could think of.

We don’t want to move because we haven’t had much luck with apartments over the last 2 years. 2 places that we lived in foreclosed and we had to move 3 times in the past 2 years. We don’t want to uproot our kids again so any advice besides that would be great.

Thanks if you made it this far.

Mary, mama to Sean (6) Noah (4) and Piper (1)
Married to my best friend and soul mate for 7 years!
Catholic/Cloth Diapering/Homeschooling mama of 3 gifts from God
  1. naturalmamadot says:


    We all know that ones financial and marital status determines what they are worth as a human being.

    In her eyes I am not worth the air I am currently breathing. I may not be on welfare but I sure as hell would be if it wasnt for some wonderful help.

  2. magpiedpiper says:

    Aww, she and Miles are BFFs on that thread.

    *draws heart in the air*

  3. amessymama says:

    Maybe she should offer her neighbor some birth control?

  4. amessymama says:

    C&P form her other appearance on the blog:
    Why do some mothers on here feel the need to pick others apart? Why do they feel the need to start threads which they KNOW will hurt many, MANY mamas on here? What has happened? I am a grownup. I act that way.

    I think she should take a little time to answer some of those questions herself. Could you imagine meeting someone like her IRL? The words “justifiable homicide” come to mind.

  5. Myself says:

    Did anyone see what I posted about the newest member of CDN?



    Now if I’m doing my math right, her oldest child was born in 03, alternatively she has 3 children, and she acts like she is 3 years old.

    Just made me go *hmmmm*

  6. Myself says:

    What the flip?

    Why does she have a Night Owl icon in her siggy?

  7. piratebaby says:

    Wow, I wonder what kind of language she uses irl, I don’t know any devout Christians that curse like she seems to. Also, I guess I’m a horrible mother/person too… my 9 yo forgot to put the bottom of the shower curtain actually into the tub, the whole floor was soaked, it dripped through the ceiling on the main floor (luckily the 1/2 bath is right underneath and it went in the toilet!).

  8. DSDM2 says:

    She posts in nightowls a lot, doesn’t she?

  9. DSDM2 says:

    And if you are talking about it being against the rules at DS, report it.

  10. Myself says:

    I don’t recall her posting in Night Owls. Otherwise I wouldn’t mention it.

    Plus all legitimate Night Owls had them ripped from their siggies except a few that either were fooling around with smilies or weren’t on that day. Ugh. No response as to why either.

  11. DSDM2 says:

    I’ve seen her in the night owls.

  12. DSDM2 says:

    at least I thought I have.

  13. smartassmama says:

    Wow. Not even going to mention her thoughts and reasonings, but I’m loving the irony of her previous post here, compared to her completely different views on her neighbor.

    And I also hate how some people bring religion into everything. I’ve met people who could work religion into, I don’t know, talking about who makes the best sandwich. Because Jesus would make a wonderful sandwich.

    What denomination, or even what religion she is has no bearing (imo) on whether she likes/dislikes/screams at her neighbor. My mama sings in the church choir, but she will say all but the prohibited G-D, and she will do them in a yell if you get her mad enough.

  14. monkey says:


    Exactly, Jesus is not your landlord, it really does not pertain to this discussion.

    Besides, she’s not making religion look very good with her super judgmental posts.

    When DH and I were first married we lived in a duplex next to a stripper who did coke and had all kinds of guys coming into her apartment (and got fresh with my poor shy husband one night) and I never called her names, screamed at her or anything like that. And she used to put Green Day’s “Dookie” album on repeat and leave it playing the ENTIRE day.

  15. smartassmama says:

    I probably would have! Well, maybe not. Coke-heads can be a volatile bunch.

    On another note – I got another strike. For calling someone an Ahole for all-but outright telling me I should have put my son up for adoption. Boooo. I don’t take it back though.

  16. FunnyMama says:

    what a bish. You don’t like it? MOVE!!

  17. no one says:

    I so want to reply to her “hell is made for a reason” post saying that maybe god made her apartment living problems her personal hell for being such a stone throwing bitch! LOL!

  18. smartassmama says:

    I missed the “hell is made for a reason” post. But I am not up for it tonight, myself. That just sounds like a can of worms I don’t have the energy to read. Once my BP gets back down I will try to do this learning-how-to-knit thing. I’ll definitely be keeping up here, though!

  19. smartassmama says:

    And I totally just realized that there was a link to her previous appearance here! I knew I recognized the name. lolz She’s the “You guys are big mean meanies” lady. wow.

  20. FunnyMama says:

    I need to go to bed but I still can’t get over this. You really had to make a point so badly that you would actually break a bone? Your neighbor upstairs is on welfare and can afford the rent, but you can’t? And you “think” there’s something going on w/ the landlord? ASSume much? Maybe YOU are the twat in this equation and the landlord just doesn’t want to deal with you?

  21. FunnyMama says:

    This is like saying: “I have skidmarks in my undies but I don’t want to do laundry. What do I do?”

  22. smartassmama says:

    lol. I think the analogy carries over to the solution too.
    – put your butt somewhere new.

  23. Booyah says:

    Anyone else get the feeling that 90% of this post is made up?

    I mean, I don’t doubt that the kids are running around at 10pm, cuz mine do too. :hide: But the rest… just seems like stretching the truth.

    “OMG, she’s a WELFARE MOM and her kids are all ILLEGITIMATE BASTARDS which means she’s FUCKING OUR LANDLORD and OMG she let her kids FLOOD OUR KITCHEN and OMG she CUSSED ME OUT and then I BROKE MY THUMB.”

  24. smartassmama says:

    Either way, 10pm is not really that late imo. 2am, maybe. 10pm, not really.

    She’d hate to live below me if it were possible. When my oldest was a little younger she stayed up pretty late. That’s how you get a toddler to sleep til 11am/noon. You don’t go to bed til midnight. I’m awful. Egads. It’s quality and quantity of sleep, not it’s position on the clock. I like to say that we were on a 2nd shift sleep schedule. But my youngest, on the other hand, likes to wake bright and early. So we acclimated.

  25. amessymama says:

    I totally think most of the story is BS! It just keeps going and going. I personally can’t wait for her to try this crap at CDN.

    Oh and my older DS, when the late night news was over, would say, “Jay Leno, mama?”

  26. piratebaby says:

    I’m not seeing her on cdn?

  27. amessymama says:

    She was the newest member a bit ago, but I can’t find her name on the member list.

    Maybe the entire board has her on iggy and she just disappeared. :hopeful:

  28. monkey says:


    My DS is not a big talker, but he can say, “Daily Show”.

  29. smartassmama says:

    This isn’t the same, but it sparked a memory – the other day, leaving the local small grocery, DD said, “we go home? See daddy?”
    and I said, “no baby. We’ve gotta go to Walmart.”
    so she says, “Gotta goooo gotta to to Wah-Mart.” that’s wonderful. The 2yo says Wahmart. 🙂

  30. sciencefair says:

    Oh noez! Kids running around at 10pm at night. Let’s call social services. Dang, I am pretty sure that even if you made a noise complaint the police would tell you to shut it that early in the evening.

    I go to bed at 7pm cause I get up multiple times in the night to feed a baby, and if we don’t put the toddler ot bed early, she is cranktankerous the next day since she wakes up at 7am no matter what. Even then, I wouldn’t flip out on the neighbors if it were only 10 pm. Have your children switch bedrooms or something. Itwill save you from breaking you hand on the washing machine.

    What a freakazoid.

  31. Myself says:

    DSDM2 – it is possible she has been in NOs but the likelihood of her actually being part of instead of just posting a few times is slim.

    I didn’t even know her name until I looked in her siggy.

    Oh well, I’ve been known to be wrong before.

  32. FunnyMama says:

    Our local noise ordinance is in effect from 11p-7a. Ask me how I know. Okay, I’ll tell you: We’ve had a neighbor call the cops on us several times over a revving classic car in the late afternoon and the first time the cops came out they told us it was the last time they’ll respond to the neighbor’s complaints about noise, and it was.

    And if she’s a dang NO then why in the world should the time be an issue?

  33. Myself says:

    LOL FunnyMama

    Not all NO are actually NIGHT owls.

  34. FunnyMama says:

    33 – Oh. Well, good to know.

  35. Myself says:

    34 – Yeah I think I want to be a Snow Leopard. They are nocturnal too.

    I really have nothing to add about the original topic. All I can say is that the way she talks about religion and the way she acts are totally different, she leaves a bad taste in my mouth and weird tingles at the back of my neck which = BAD

  36. FunnyMama says:

    35 – niiiiiiiice, snow leopard!

  37. altaem says:

    29 – my almost 3yo tells me all the time he wants to go to Target. He knows if he’s good he’ll get a new Hot Wheels. He knows that’s where we get Hot Wheels. Smart kid.

  38. Munklettes says:

    Oh, Mary, Mary, Mary 🙂 She’s a nutjob, but she’s entertaining! lol

  39. Aj says:

    OMG, I can’t believe she said that!!!

    Originally Posted by fluffybutt
    I’ve known some GREAT women that fell on hard times and needed assistance!

    Also, my MIL who owns her own business has 4kids by 4 dads and she is NOT trashy.

    Gawh i hate that!

    You put shoes in your cookie! You’re going to tell me what’s trashy or not!

    Mary, mama to Sean (6) Noah (4) and Piper (1)
    Married to my best friend and soul mate for 7 years!
    Catholic/Cloth Diapering/Homeschooling mama of 3 gifts from God

  40. Aj says:

    If it’s not clear, Mary said Fluffy was trashy for putting a shoe “in” her cookie.

  41. naturalmamadot says:

    LMFAO … who is ajanele btw…is she on here? I cant believe someone would defend fluffy asses trashiness. Id like to hear ajaneles good reasons for putting up pics of a shoe up in your hoo ha on the internet.

  42. naturalmamadot says:

    I thought it was you, AJ, because AJ-ajanele but I thought id ASK instead of ASSUME haha

  43. Aj says:

    It’s me. I don’t think it’s right to put your vagina on the internet, but Mary’s a special kind of crazy. Felisha’s been quite calm lately–surprisingly–and I still think Mary’s comment was uncalled for.

  44. Aj says:

    Especially since Mary claims to be this devout Catholic.

  45. Aj says:

    Oh, and the shoe wasn’t in her vagina, it was next to it FTR.

  46. naturalmamadot says:

    lol next to it, in it, after she puts the pics up shes free game IMO even after shes stayed “calm” for a short period of time…maybe hubby is drugging her coffee? lol

    Felisha doesnt deserve any type of respect or restraint in my book, but I totally respect your opinion that she was out of line. I hate to defend the crazy OP but most ppl are the lesser of two evils when it comes to fluffy.

  47. Aj says:

    That’s fine, but Felisha wasn’t being rude to Mary. Mary had no reason to bring that up, she’s attacking Felisha for no reason. I don’t care how much I dislike a person, I won’t purposely take unwarranted stabs at their character just because I can. People can change.

  48. Startiger0607 says:

    Who is she on CDN?

  49. thewayhome says:

    well waiting to see how she likes my comment. My word I haven’t even commented on DS is months but I had to. UGH

  50. FunnyMama says:

    Now, what’s a good Catholic woman doing looking at internetz pron, hmmmmm??? Wonder how that confessional played out…

  51. thewayhome says:

    very good point. 🙂

  52. FunnyMama says:

    ZOMG, I quoted Mary’s comment about the cookie/shoe and a mod took the quote out of my post. :massive eyeroll:

  53. thewayhome says:

    looks like they took out where she said it to fluffy as well. Don’t blame fluffy for reporting that one.

  54. volbaby07 says:

    someone should clue fluffnuts in that it’s not slander when it’s documented fact.

  55. Lori says:

    People like that are why I can’t get my DH to go to church.

  56. thewayhome says:

    people like that are one of the reasons I am really questioning what I believe. I do not like who other people say God is.

  57. MaeghanAlyson says:

    Sad sad lady

  58. kukukachoo says:

    mrs. fluffster has probably only chilled out b/c she is on her last strike. that’s my guess.

  59. MaeghanAlyson says:

    yep…i agree #57

  60. Myra says:

    Awww, it’s my friend Mary!! Way to keep it classy, girl. Loves ya, mean it!

    Hitler Wohm

  61. naturalmamadot says:

    ding ding ding 57 … if shes banned from DS along with the what…100s of other forums…and her forum is a miserable failure…wheres she gonna go next? I can think of one place she isnt yet that anyone knows of…but at least 2 ppl have reminded me not to mention it here since she reads here haha.

  62. FunnyMama says:

    that thread took an interesting turn.

  63. FunnyMama says:

    60 – very nice, very nice indeed!

  64. me says:

    That lady actually said that to Felisha? :jawdrop:

    I think that F has been saying things that make more sense since her DH has been home, right?

  65. thewayhome says:

    Even with all the issues with Felisha, I really wanna post

    If you haven’t yet you really owe Felisha an apology. Just cause your comment to her was deleted doesn’t mean it wasn’t said.

  66. naturalmamadot says:

    so its okay when one of us on here says something similar?
    *I* think that even if the OP is a hypocritical bitch it doesnt make her less wrong if she says the sky is blue. Ive seen MUCH worse than that comment said to felisha and no one had a problem with it then.
    Shes on her last strike and all of the sudden starts acting HALF way normal…all of her behavior is forgotten?

    *shrug* I guess Im just not one to forgive and forget.

  67. naturalmamadot says:

    If felisha started judging ME and thinking *I* was trashy, slutty, etc you bet your ass Id be reminding her that *my* pussy, tits, and ass arent on the interwebz for all to see.

  68. naturalmamadot says:

    it doesnt make her less RIGHT if she says the sky is blue *sigh* Im going to go get something caffeinated 🙂

  69. me says:

    My comment was because I was shocked someone who isn’t generally a part of talking about her would say something like that on DS and when F hadn’t said anything all that bad to her.

  70. FunnyMama says:

    I thought it was pretty funny that she said it – not right or wrong, but definitely in line w/ the OP’s hypocrisy and overall nastiness. It was a definite “oh-no-she-din’t” moment, and a very clear projection my Mary to try and shift the attention to the first available target

  71. FunnyMama says:

    by, not my

  72. thewayhome says:

    I don’t disagree with you but Felisha didn’t attack her just told her what other people had as well. Having more then one baby daddy does not make you trash.

    I’ll admit I stayed away from Felisha while she was on CDN and this is the first time I have been back on DS to more then lurk in months, so although I think Felisha is a twat.

    Hmm, not sure where I was going with that. Lack of sleep been up since 11 pm last night as I had to work overnight so may not be making a lot of sense. So, yeah

  73. thewayhome says:

    FunnyMama, I think you may be right. Mary realized that the Sh!t had hit the fan on her and people were not happy with the way she is speaking about others, and did try to get the attention on to someone else.

    I did take it as more of a well look what you did it’s much worse then my comment/thoughts are.

  74. Myself says:

    Adding one more person to my do NOT B/S/T list.

    I would hate to be on the wrong side of her during a transaction, just think of all the mean things she would say about me.

  75. DSDM2 says:

    I think there is a lot of Karma moving around in that thread, lol.

    Fluffy is as judgmental as the rest (as we have all seen on her blog and here), and for her to be judged was a little funny, you have to admit, you chuckled… or at least I did.

    At least Mary has shown what she really is…

  76. mylilgirls says:

    I’m only on page 6 of that thread, but a few things have already really stood out to me:

    1) Quoting Mary: “I do struggle on a daily basis to do as the lord did with sinners.”

    So she doesn’t sin???

    2) She says that the neighbor sends her kids to daycare so neighbor can stay home and sleep. Then she says that it’s so loud cause of the neighbor’s kids that it’s tough to homeschool her own.

    If the neighbor’s kids are at daycare and the neighbor is sleeping, what’s the freakin’ problem with homeschool days?

  77. naturalmamadot says:

    She probably was just trying to take the focus off of her but she should of known it would get reported immediately…than back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  78. piratebaby says:

    I cannot believe the number of ppl telling her to call the cops every time the neighbors are loud! The OP would probably end up getting charged with harassment herself, lol. If it’s not against city ordinance and it’s not partying or her beating the kids then the cops are going to tell her to deal.

    And her lack of capitalization is seriously bothering me. She’s such a great example of a Christian/Catholic, but yet she types ‘lord’ and ‘bible’ and ‘christian’. I dunno, it bugs me!

  79. theinvisible says:

    Please don’t allow her to represent all Catholics. She seems to like the title but that’s about it. I feel like she’s looking for some kind of acceptance by waving that flag so hard. She’d do better to find it at church.

  80. Stoner (AKA MARY) says:

    Can I play? Hee hee

  81. mylilgirls says:

    Wow! OP in this thread and Fluffy are about to go at it!

  82. DSDM2 says:

    Stoner, AKA MARY, you need to remember to use your other UN from your other thread.

    We have not forgotten your threats from there. Please keep that in mind before you start bashing and slinging your biblical quotes.

    “Mary Says:
    December 13, 2009 at 7:36 pm e

    #44….That is sooo not correct. I am now contacting the authorities for slander. I do not take something like that lightly where MY children are involved. You’re all paying wayyyy to close attention to my daughter. I’m not a lunatic, you all are.

    Goodbye now while I contact the proper avenues.”

  83. DSDM2 says:

    Also, we remember you stealing another mom’s photos on WTE and getting yourself banned from there.

  84. naturalmamadot says:

    hahaha shes the “proper avenues” chick? *dies of laughter* that was one of the best threats ever! I remember thinking are you going to contact martin luther avenue or caesar chavez avenue.

  85. naturalmamadot says:

    martin luther king **** avenue

  86. DSDM2 says:

    I seem to recall that you never answered TDM’s question that day…

    “2009/12/13 at 2:38pm

    OK, so Mary, you had the nerve to steal someone’s photograph of their child and pass the child as yours? Then threaten to kill that mom and her children? That is why I heard you were banned. Am I correct?”

    I can go back and get more, even link the WTE board where they were talking about it and confirmed it…

  87. Munklettes says:

    Crazy…..I’m crazy for feelin’ so lonelyyyyyyyy

  88. DSDM2 says:

    Hehehehe. Munklettes, I was waiting for you to come over. Welcome Darlin.

  89. Stoner (AKA MARY) says:

    I never stole a picture of anyone. I’m not getting why anyone said that. But you all bought into it hook, line and sinker.

  90. naturalmamadot says:

    God I have such a big mouth…. I swear you cant shut me the hell up once I get up the nerve to post. I am just not a frequent poster so I guess I make up for it in length per post haha

  91. Stoner (aka Mary) says:

    Nobody is going to bait me into flipping out on here, so I”ll just bow out gracfully. I never stole and posted pictures of anyones kids or threatened to kill anyone. That is an outright lie. But I know the truth and I’m not going to go beserk over a lie. It’s not worth it.

  92. Booyah says:

    Cesar Chavez Ave! Are you in Austin??

  93. naturalmamadot says:

    nope southeast michigan lol

  94. naturalmamadot says:

    I WISH I lived by you booyah you are so kickass haha *pouts*

  95. DSDM2 says:

    You aren’t even a real Christian Mary. Really.

    You need to grow up yourself and stop judging and treating others the way you do (while claiming to be Christian.)

    At least I don’t make the claim.

    Have a great night. We never did hear from those “proper avenues”. (Oh, and we can see that you haven’t touched up on that grammar usage that you were going after us for).

  96. naturalmamadot says:

    Mary, ppl lie all the time so okay its possible but WHY? I dont even know who said that originally but why would they specifically say that about you? I see a lot of tiny lies like “oh they didnt email me to refund until AFTER I told youthat…but when you look at the time stamps it was definitely before they outed the person.
    The accusation on you though? That is like a really fucked up lie, what did you do to piss that person off THAT bad haha

  97. Munklettes says:

    Everybody is always lying about poor Mary. There’s more than enough proof posted on the web to prove otherwise. I just don’t get denying? :/

  98. Munklettes says:

    *denying IT – I’ve lost my ability to form complete sentences, lol

  99. theinvisible says:

    Hmmmm. Guess she doesn’t want to play afterall.

  100. naturalmamadot says:

    lol I guess not. I was asking a serious question. If I was her *ID* be the one asking the person telling those supposed lies. “What in the HELL did I ever do to you that you would make up something so insanely vile?” Unless she knows what she did….

  101. Stoner says:

    I don’t know who the person is. I used to be on WTE, I fought with some people on there. But I was myself, posted pics of ONLY MY kids, and left after a huge fight. I was banned from the fight with 2 women that picked at me for MONTHS!

    Personally I don’t CARE why they made that lie. If someone thinks it’s real, dig up the post and show it to me. I’d have a good laugh because I never did it. I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m crazy either. I am. In a sense anyway. Yes, I’m Bipolar. Yes, I take meds now. Which is why this is a lot calmer than posts in the past. Even my posts on DS have been very tame thanks to Zoloft. My chill pill *love*.

  102. thewayhome says:

    you are odd very night and day on postings

  103. Myself says:


    Everyone who will NOT ever B/S/T with Mary, raise your hand.

    :ohoh: Me me me me

  104. FunnyMama says:

    Poor, poor, Mary. LIfe is so hard, isn’t it? It must suck being the victim EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And you do so well defending yourself with judgments, dirty words, mud-slinging, and self-righteousness. Bra-vo.

  105. FunnyMama says:

    <—raising hand

  106. DSDM2 says:

    Hand raised.

  107. Myself says:

    I’m in a weird mood tonight.

    Anyone wanna come and makes some hot cocoa and just come and commiserate about stupid husbands blaming us for their own forgetfulness?

  108. Messy says:

    I wouldn’t b/s/t with either of Mary’s personalities!!! 😮
    What a freaking nut case non-Christian-wanna-be-always-da-martyr-bitch. And just FYI, all the zoloft in the world won’t fix that!

  109. Myself says:

    108 – LMBO @ the “either personality”

  110. FunnyMama says:

    Myself, I’m in. DH has misplaced his wallet at least 3 times in the last week and has blamed me every time, including once where he got mad at me for cleaning.

  111. Myself says:

    110 – For cleaning, LOL, I’d be like, okay I’m not cleaning anymore.

    He forgot to pick up the baby’s Gerber Puffs. She can’t eat cheerios and will only eat the Puffs. I’ve been without for three days cause he can’t remember.

    Off Off Topic, lol – Does Mary’s behavior classify her as a troll?

  112. startiger0607 says:

    *raises hand* Now can someone please tell me what UN this twat uses on CDN so I can avoid her like the plague. I wouldn’t want my heathen views to rub her the wrong way.

  113. FunnyMama says:

    There should be a sub-forum of the Hot Seat – “Twat Seat” – for instances such as these.

  114. redfish bluefish says:

    LOL-twat seat. Love it!

    Note to self: Avoid Mary and Felisha. I already knew to avoid Felisha but I figured I’d group ‘um together.

  115. Myra says:

    I’ll be damned if I ever give her any of my money. Although I’m sure with her high moral standings, she wouldn’t accept any money from those of us who work and/or are on assistance.

  116. JustPeachy says:

    This will teach me to be without my computer for more than 12 hours. My head is spinning with all the new posts LOL.

  117. FunnyMama says:

    Cheez it, you work and/or are on assistance?!? According to Mary you might already be damned. :massive eyeroll:

  118. FunnyMama says:

    CDN, will you have my babies?

  119. Myself says:

    119 – what about me? I thought I was having your babies?



  120. thewayhome says:

    116 wait what the crap she joins yesterday and can’t even make one post before she leaves. What a twat. Bye-bye don’t let the door hit you, it would have been fun to poke you.

  121. JustAnotherLurker says:

    My DH keeps *putting away* my things then can’t remember where. He is driving my crazy this week b

  122. Myself says:

    121 – Yup. I’m ASSuming a mod banned her but no idea why? :shrug:

  123. thewayhome says:

    123 well she has no posts, and no thread deditcated to her. Nothing saying she has been banned because. Hmm, for once I really wanna know what is going on.

  124. FunnyMama says:

    120 – you still are! I’m like the Bill Henrickson of the cloth diaper world.

  125. Myself says:

    125 – Ohh goody, when am I due again? LMBO!

    Maybe CDNation will pop in and let us know about the banning?

  126. FunnyMama says:

    After the jacuzzi and butter incident the other night, I would say October?

  127. Myself says:

    Works for me!!!!

  128. amessymama says:

    I’m going to assume that she asked to be de-registered ( or whatever that’s called) and since CDN doesn’t do that (I think), it was suggested she be banned instead.

  129. FunnyMama says:

    129 – very feasible.

  130. Booyah says:

    #94 I don’t live there anymore…I just have very strong memories of Cesar Chavez Ave because we got lost downtown once and kept winding up there. :rofl:

  131. Booyah says:

    Oh and I’ll join in the DH commisserating…mine keeps misplacing his XBOX controller and blaming it on me. Motherfucker I don’t play your goddamn XBOX! Or he’ll leave his work shirt jammed in a dirty ball under the seat in the car and then claim I put it somewhere where he can’t find it. Dumbass.

  132. naturalmamadot says:

    hahaha @ him shoving it under the car seat. Id be like *confused look* why the hell did you do that?

  133. Booyah says:

    Oh I don’t even try to find his shit anymore. 9 times out of 10 it will be someplace TOTALLY OBVIOUS and he is just too damn lazy to actually LOOK and just wants me to get it for him. And the other 1 time out of 10 it will be in some ridiculous place. So now when he says, “Where’s my _______?” I just say I dunno and ignore him.

  134. Sala says:

    #133, It obviously made sense to him at the moment… Don’t ask him hard questions like thaaaaat.

    But obviously it’s your fault to can’t read his mind or keep track of his crap.

    My husband loses stuff all the time and I often find it for him but to be equally fair, I lose stuff all the time too and he often finds it for me. He’s awesome at finding my stuff, usually. Thankfully he doesn’t blame me for his brainfarts and I try very hard to return the favor.

  135. mama says:

    Okay, I admit I didn’t read all the responses- I got sort of lost around the twinkle toes and her tweeter post, but I just wanted to say about the woman complaining about her neighbors, can you even imagine being their landlord????? I don’t care that the hubby shovels or salts- whatever- If I was their landlord I’d be screening my calls just to avoid her complaining. I’m sure she is relentless.

  136. Myself says:

    136 – What you said about the landlord has me laughing my butt off.

    DH losing stuff – my DH loses stuff all the time and 9 out of 10 its obvious and 1 out of 10 its because I moved it so it wasn’t destroyed by the children.

  137. Munklettes says:

    134- Oh My Gawd! Yes! I’m trying to sleep in this morning, and I hare “Baby, where’s the cheerios?” Yelled from the kitchen. “I yelled back “Are you freaking kidding me?! They’re one the damn kitchen counter!” – I had left them out yesterday. Big yellow box. Here’s your sign. lol

  138. naturalmamadot says:

    LMFAO did he like close his eyes, walk into the kitchen, pick a random spot (the ceiling) to look and then immediately yell to ask where they were?

  139. Munklettes says:


    back to Mary – at least in this blog post she’s admitting she was banned from WTE, she just kept denying it last time.

  140. Myself says:

    What is WTE?

  141. smartassmama says:

    O/T, but ironic. Today’s Sesame Street is about Mary Mary, Quite Contrary.

  142. Myself says:

    143 – ROFLMBO, that is quite ironic!

  143. FunnyMama says:

    We’re watching that right now!

  144. smartassmama says:

    I am a grown woman, and I get the Elmo’s World song stuck in my head. My husband is a truck driver who frequently get’s “Elmo has 4 ducks, four birds of a feather. . .” stuck in his head. While he’s driving. Just the mental video of that makes me giggle.

  145. FunnyMama says:

    We were in Target before I started bedrest and DS saw Elmo Christmas jammies. He literally started singing the song at the TOP of his lungs. The kind Target shoppers that morning have never seen an umbrella stroller move so fast in their lives.

  146. Myra says:

    sings Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayons, too…

  147. FunnyMama says:

    wow, that WTE thread got bish-y! Mary has spread her nastiness allllllll over the interwebz. She and Fluff have more in common that she thinks!

  148. JustPeachy says:

    Ya I got an elmo fan too.

  149. thewayhome says:

    I feel the need to remind or tell Mary that if she lets her kids watch Disney movies then she is supporting the *orn industry. As Disney also owns *orn studios. Would that be wrong of me?

    Side note, I don’t care one way or the other. I don’t really think they have much to do with each other but it would kinda be funny to see what her reaction would be.

  150. thewayhome says:

    Well never mind telling her that anyway the thread is closed.
    oh, well

  151. Myself says:

    It wouldn’t be DS if the thread wasn’t closed!

  152. werd says:

    I despise people using their apparent mental illness, as an excuse for letting their crazy shine through. REALLY irritates me.

  153. thewayhome says:

    But really “I” didn’t do it. It was my alternate personality. Yeah, Lenny did it.

    Singing It’s Lenny’s fault he broke the plate, he’s very naughty

    Veggie Tales

  154. treeindawind says:

    This just made me laugh, is she in 2nd grade?

  155. mama says:

    Just how was I to know he hated Art Bigatti?

  156. FunnyMama says:

    I’m drown your with with ignorance: who is Art Bigatti?

  157. FunnyMama says:

    going to drown. yep.

  158. FunnyMama says:

    Why would you not ASK if the PUL is in good condition?? Especially after you admit that you were “done” w/ FSOT?

  159. FunnyMama says:

    Okay. It was supposed to be “I’m going to drown your wit with ignorance”

  160. Aj says:

    160: Really, you think a buyer should ASK if the PUL is in working order on diapers someone has for sale? I think that mentality is ridiculous. When I put items up for sale I list every single detail about the item, I want my buyers to be confident in what they are getting.

    If the PUL on your diapers is shot it needs to be disclosed, otherwise you’re a shady seller. Those diapers should have been put in the ffs pile, no way around it.

  161. me says:

    I don’t think you should have to ask if a diaper functions as a diaper.

  162. FunnyMama says:

    162 – If I see an FSOT listing where no condition whatsoever is disclosed, dang right I’m going to ask before I spend my money. Especially with all of the very questionable sellers running around these days. At that point it’s on the seller to disclose any flaws, and if she lies then it’s on her and I’ve done my due diligence as a buyer.

  163. FunnyMama says:

    If she was a new buyer, I’d cut her some slack. But she clearly states that she’s had FSOT troubles numerous times before.

  164. Aj says:

    Has she said there was no condition disclosed?

  165. FunnyMama says:

    Quote from her original post: “Nothing was disclosed. They LOOKED fine in thread since neither of the issues can be SEEN… “

  166. Aj says:

    I took that to mean the seller did not disclosed the runied PUL or any other issues, not that she didn’t say I have xyz diapers in EEEEEUC.

  167. Aj says:


  168. FunnyMama says:

    168 – I would think that the OP would have said if the seller had misrepresented the overall quality of the dipes by saying they were in EEEEEEUC.

  169. FunnyMama says:

    If that were the case I don’t think she’d be questioning whether or not she should get a refund/contact a mod

  170. Aj says:

    I really don’t want to argue about this because it’s not all that interesting. But, how I interpreted her post was that she didn’t know if this was a normal fsot practice (selling useless dipes) and if she should ask for a refund. When enough people told her yes, she then asked if she needed to get a mod involved in case the other party disagreed.

  171. FunnyMama says:

    meh, I wasn’t arguing. But if YOU don’t think it’s interesting we’ll drop it.

  172. FunnyMama says:

    And really, even buyers with an ounce of sense know that selling useless dipes isn’t common FSOT practice.

  173. Aj says:

    Are you the seller FunnyMama? 🙂

  174. FunnyMama says:

    Ooooooh, you caught me. Heck no, I’m not the seller. If you get all Nancy Drew and check my DS name (Spud’sMom) you’ll see that I haven’t listed any dipes in months, if ever. Besides, I’m a fitteds-and-prefolds gal myself.

  175. FunnyMama says:

    I’m sorry, I take that back. I may have listed some DryBees before Christmas but I bought them from a friend and my son outgrew them before he could wear them (when he was 9 months old – he’s 2 now)

  176. Myself says:


  177. FunnyMama says:

    178 – is that for me? LOL!

  178. Myself says:

    no just for the entire last 20 or so posts. My brain couldn’t handle them so I sighed.

  179. smartassmama says:

    Yay me. Now I know who all of 3 posters here are. Yessss!

    This reminds me of the growing pile of small old style FBs that I would love to sell, but their PUL isn’t good. 😦 I hate to throw them in the trash, but I can’t sell em. booo.

  180. FunnyMama says:

    I would have told anyone who asked.

  181. smartassmama says:

    I kwym. I’m just generally clueless. hehe

  182. thewayhome says:

    FunnyMama Art Bigatti is I believe a bowler. Not real though, he is from Veggie Tales. It’s a song where Jr. blames others for something he did.

    I was being odd and going off the whole don’t blame a mental illness on your stupidity thing. 🙂

  183. Myself says:

    Anyone can find out who I’m am, I just refuse to post it on DoDS

  184. mama says:

    yeah, sorry about that. I was just trying to finish the above mama’s line. The veggie tales song says:

    It’s Lenny’s fault he broke the plate, he’s very naughty. Just how was I to know he hated Art Bigatti.

    Yeah, I’m a dork like that

  185. Myself says:

    I thought it was Arch Bagatti?

  186. Myself says:

    Okay I’m wrong, I looked up the lyrics :hide:

    Art Begotti

  187. monkey says:

    I hate Veggie Tales so much.

    Like seriously.

    Sorry, I just had to get that out.

  188. Myself says:

    189 – LOL.

    I love it SO much. That is one of the few things my children can watch

  189. thewayhome says:

    I don’t like to watch it. Never did but I like the CD’s

    There is an old fashioned sunday sing along, a road trip song one.

    Also, come on it’s funny

    Keep walking but you won’t knock down our wall,

    It’s plain to see your brains are very small to think walking will be knocking down our wall.

    Okay yes I am a dork. 🙂

  190. Myself says:

    I think it is funny that they were pouring slushy over the “veggies”

  191. thewayhome says:

    I’ve never seen the movie, but I remember something about the grape slushy


  192. thewayhome says:

    There is one song they sing that kinda skivees me out. Well a couple of them. When they are talking about food, and are thankful for their veggies. Umm hello can we say murder??

  193. FunnyMama says:

    194 – veggie cannibalism, ew.

    We don’t watch a lot of Veggie Tales, but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty funny.

  194. Lori says:

    We’re veggie tales lovers here 🙂

    – OHHHHHHHHHHHH everybody’s got a waterbuffalo..

  195. nu says:

    I bought a used FB and I knew the elastic was replaced and funky; HOWEVER, the seller didn’t tell me the pul was shot. It was very clear when comparing the two diapers. She was fairly new and said she didn’t even realize that they were any different.

    Anywho, I did get a parital refund (thinking back I should have sent it back). A mod did get involved, but only for advice. I couldn’t use the dipe for naptime/etc.; but it made a decent swim diaper.

    If the seller had a few of the dipes in question, then, I would *think* they noticed the pul.

  196. monkey says:

    Well I’m also a complete heathen so that might be part of the irk factor for me.

    I also hate most other childrens programming though… I really only like Yo Gabba Gabba, Clifford and Sesame Street.

  197. sheepthrills says:

    I’m a complete heathen too but Veggie Tales are so darn funny, I just love them. A friend of mine had a DVD of some singalong that wasn’t Christian focused IIRC, anyway it was awesome. Must find that!

    CeBUUUUU…Ahchoo moo moo, boo-hoo moo moo, boo-hoo moo moo, ahchoo moo moo, ahchoo moo moo, boo-hoo moo moo, cebu!

  198. Myra says:

    Yo Gabba Gabba (or Bagga Bagga as it’s called) is the favorite in my house. I read that Anthony Bourdain is going to play a doctor on it soon. It’s like Nick Jr. read my diary!

  199. startiger0607 says:

    I hate veggie tales too! Every time I see them I want to commit veggie genocide.

  200. Myself says:

    201 – Veggie Genocide is good! It means you are getting in your 5 vegetables a day.

  201. MotherMoonPads says:

    I just wanted to say that I lol’d at CDN right now. Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep, but the message is hilarious.

  202. naturalmamadot says:

    Me too! Messy made me go look! She said CDN gave her heart failure on FB haha

  203. smartassmama says:

    Well I’m sitting on enough sub-par FBs for Nadya Suleman to go to the pool daily, and alternate out everyday. It’s almost my whole smalls stash. I’m dissapointed, but in all fairness, DD wore them longer than the average bear. She’s still in them. At age 2.

    And I wish Veggie Rales came on regular here. I can remember watching it in youth group ay church when it first came out. And my husband can remember (in high school) getting stoned and watching it. “Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where is my hairbrush!” – classic.

  204. Myself says:

    I saw the message on CDN and said

    Totally, NOT funny!

  205. Messy says:

    #204 I freaked out at first!!! Then I was praying nobody messed up and put any zeros after the time frame on accident… I would go insane without CDN! Ok, maybe I would drive dh insane with me ROFL!!!

  206. mylilgirls says:

    Blah, another carseat thread. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for carseat safety, but this post seemed a bit harsh to me.

    IDK, there are so many people out there that really can’t afford new seats. There are actually people that don’t have the knowledge that there are programs to help low income families get new car seats. I’m just of the camp that a used car seat is better than none at all. So if all a family really can afford, I think the statement that the parents that purchase used car seats make their kids crash test dummies is a bit extreme.

  207. smartassmama says:

    If a new parent/first time parent shopped exclusively on Craigslist they would probably have no clue that – in a lot of cases – you can get a brand new seat for the same amount, less, or barely above. I’ve seen 10 year old Britax seats for $150. You can get a new RA for not much above that. You can get 3 Sceneras for that price. I think it’s really sad that so many people have zero clue about it. 😦

    FTR – I’m not that poster. And I don’t think I would have worded it that way either. just my 2cents.

  208. Taterbug says:

    #208, it’s more than a bit harsh. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing or being gifted a used car seat if you know the history. How would that be any different than using the same seat for more than one of your own children? Expired is a different story.

  209. smartassmama says:

    210 – exactly true! I never thought of it that way. But yea, if you know its history, and trust its history, it would be the same.

  210. naturalmamadot says:

    IF someone knew the history, no crashes (not even minor) never had the harness submerged in water, wasnt thrown around/checked at the airport etc etc. then a used car seat is safe. Obviously that its not expired.
    HOWEVER it Is using your child as a crash test dummy if you get one and you dont know the history, you have no idea what has happened to that seat and its not worth it when a GOOD convertible that will last quite a long time rfing and ffing can be found for 30-40 on sale and 50 not on sale.

    I agree that the way she worded it was snotty but I dont mince words or asspat when it comes to saving childrens lives. I still wouldnt sound as stuck up as her haha

  211. Sala says:

    Yes, but if you want your message actually heard and maybe contemplated, you don’t insinuate that the OP is more interested in saving a few dollars than safety and therefore doesn’t give a crap about their kids. However, if you just want to piss people off that’s the way to go about it. If you make people defensive they will not pay any attention to any underlying truths in your post. I have spent $$$ for 6 all new carseats over the last three years for just two kids and I’d be pissed.

  212. smartassmama says:

    I voted on that poll, read a few replies, then I just clicked the big X. I’m not going to bother with reading it 😦 When I read on the All Things Carseats, at least there are like-minded people there. I’m not feeling reading people talk about how the nice fireman said it was ok, and that some consignment store clerk said that it was ‘inspected.’ I’m already procrastinating today. I don’t need sad bangheads with it!

  213. smartassmama says:

    Oh and the money I’ve shelled out! We have a RA, a BLVD, and two Radian XTSLs. Three of those aren’t being used. In fact, one of them is sitting in my living room floor right now!

    The oldest has an EXP of 5/29/2014. And it will probably never be used again. lol

  214. naturalmamadot says:

    lol thats why I said I wouldnt word it or state it like that poster did

    and yea I am in the midst of getting a new seat, right now I have 4 for 1 kid and I dont even have my license yet (maybe friday haha) I also have 1 up for sale and am going to pick up a new cover for 1 in a few days lol

  215. JessicaNicolle says:

    Okay, I just had to interject…have you ever seen the Veggie Tales where they are singing about eating a bunny? That one is a little too weird for me.

  216. an AK mama says:

    Awww, it was a chocolate bunny! That’s not so bad. I will say that listening to the song without the video could be mildly disturbing.

  217. Lori says:

    I dont want no pickles, I dont want no honey, I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny! – Can I just ask how an Admin doesn’t know how to add pictures to a post?

  218. Sala says:

    Sooo happy my kids don’t watch tv yet. Not saying we’re better than you, I don’t really care if yours watch tv, I’m just really happy I don’t have children’s programming on for an hour much less more so I don’t have a clue what y’all are talking about. Of course, mine are both under 3 so it’s relatively easy to keep them in the dark so to speak.

  219. mary says:

    Wow, maybe I’m the odd one out here but I don’t see anything wrong with what or how she said anything. Yes, I do believe if you have three children by three different men and are unmarried to any of them you are trashy.

  220. naturalmamadot says:

    Could of been 3 marriages, could of been 3 very long term relationships, could of been ALL oopses from having protected sex in exclusive relationships (my aunt has 3 kids from condom spermicide and 2 of them the BC pill as well).

    Not everyone will wait til marriage or have an abortion if they get pregnant outside of marriage. Not all people having sex are fit to be together for life and provide a stable home for the child. Not all fathers stick around even after they said they wanted that life and that family.

    It doesnt AUTOMATICALLY mean shes trashy and you are a foolish bitch if you think it does.

  221. thewitch says:

    I can’t stand Mary, she’s on my ignore list since the formula thread. So much for the “lets all get along” bull huh? It blows me away that DS hasn’t banned her or fluffy.

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