There is nothing wrong with asking about a transaction, or even worrying about being scammed, but there was nothing wrong with Elf’s post either.

Check out the OP’s responses to Elf, I think my Do NOT B/S/T list just grew by one.


  1. Madre says:

    They both have valid points! OP did get a bit bitchier than necessary though.

  2. FunnyMama says:

    Half of these posts turn so drama-rific because the OPs are unnecessarily starting threads of “I got ripped off, what now?” I know for a fact that the OP has been around the B/S/T block a few times over so it’s not like she’s clueless. T&F has turned into the Land of Rhetorical Questions.

  3. Myself says:

    #2 – QFT

    Why don’t they put a sticky says “If you think you got scammed, DO THIS!”?

    And then write what to do so they stop clogging T & F

  4. FunnyMama says:

    I think the OP got her panties in a twist because someone actually told her – GASP – the truth and it wasn’t the asspattery she was looking for.

  5. Munklettes says:

    4 -I agree.

  6. Myself says:

    Wow, fluffy butt was actually right and civil and not in the middle of drama !

    Oh and the OP asked for her thread to be deleted, wahhhh!

  7. Booyah says:

    Damn lady, who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?

    Is it like a rule at DS that you have to be as bitchtastic as possible in order to post? Seems like everyone there has a pitchfork up their ass.

  8. FunnyMama says:

    she must have a cat hair across her ass from her mama pad.

  9. sciencefair says:

    Ok seriously. With 66 ratings, you should be familiar enough with BST protocol to not have to post this. Damn. I only have maybe 9 ratings on DS (though I have done more transactions, but for some reason people just don’t like to leave me feedback, punks) and I can figure out what to do when things happen.

    My guess, she has magically had lots of amazing transactions and never read the T+F forum. Cause she has no sense in her at all.

  10. cheesewhiz says:

    Exactly, sciencfair – you beat me too it! The “I haven’t been on here doing transactions for very long” is just a blatant lie. Nice try, though OP.

  11. Myself says:

    Ok, y’all, I need some spice to my day.

  12. mylilgirls says:

    6- Fluffy’s been doing great lately from what I’ve seen her post. I certainly have to say that I give her props for the amount of restraint she has shown the past few weeks.

    The OP in the T&F thread needs to chill.

  13. smartassmama says:

    Yeah. I can get along with her when she finds her BGPs. When they get up her ass and her head joins, we butt heads.

  14. DSDM2 says:

    Her lawyer probably told her to.

  15. werd says:


  16. smartassmama says:

    I was wondering why the law hadn’t called ne yet.

  17. just_sayin says:

    Switching topics, did you see that Elf has 22 and a half thousand posts, and she’s only been a member for a year? Wow.

  18. mylilgirls says:

    She’s an owlie if I’m not mistaken? Owlie’s rack up posts like mad!

  19. FunnyMama says:

    I heart Owlies, but that was already established. It’s almost stalkerish. Like that group of girls in high school that you used to stand near just to hear their conversation but not of them actually spoke to you…

  20. Myself says:

    She was an owlie, she isn’t any longer

  21. mylilgirls says:

    Back to topic at hand, I have to laugh about how much the OP in the T&F thread wants it to die/be deleted, but can’t.quit.replying.

  22. can't remember says:

    So, I have nothing to do with this post at all, but recieved a bitchy message on CDN about it. But I can’t remember my old username [I haven’t been on since I got a new computer]

    Can you use my email address to find my old name?

  23. newhere says:

    21 – isn’t she an owlie on CDN now? 😉

  24. Myself says:

    23 – No.

  25. piratebaby says:

    wow, I can think of at least 1 person *coughFluffycough* that should read this…a reporter from MSNBC is contacting ppl on cdn to interview for a story about living together, found them based on their replies to a thread about living together before marriage..was even able to get their contact info/phone #s from following links in their siggies

  26. piratebaby says:

    living together before marriage…baby fingers are trying to help

  27. DSDM2 says:

    can’t remember, I can’t find it, feel free to make a new one.

  28. Myself says:

    can’t remember – you were not send a bitchy comment. And you were apologized to not once but TWICE

  29. Myself says:

    sent not send – ugh

  30. cheesewhiz says:

    #26 – Reading that now…werd got contacted too…very weird.

  31. Munklettes says:

    29 – who’d you message on cdn?

  32. Incognizable says:

    myself …link or spill whatcha talking about re: ‘cant remember’ 😉 I iz lost.

  33. cheesewhiz says:

    Me too!

  34. Myself says:

    I thought she was someone else who posted and got on her case about it.

    I apologized to her TWICE for mistaking her for “just_sayin”

    She happened to post those words around the same time as “just_sayin” posted.

  35. can't remember says:

    myself messaged me on CDN and was very rude saying that i “outted her” here. i haven’t been on here in weeks. and yes she did say sorry, but that was AFTER i posted here. i just didn’t like the way she came at me being a bitch without knowing for a fact that it was or wasnt me.

    =] carry on.

  36. can't remember says:

    she thought i was talking about her because i posted

    “it’s 54 degrees here today. just sayin'”

    man, i must be talking about her 😉

  37. Myself says:

    Oh flip off – you are lying.

    I sent you a PM at 3:17
    You sent one back at 3:18
    I sent another at 3:20
    You posted here at 8:22 which would be 3:22

  38. can't remember says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOkay. Your so stupid. Honestly. Get a life. I have WAY more to do then worry about you. I actually take care of my kids.

    & With that. I’m going to clean my house.

  39. Munklettes says:

    aww snap!

  40. Munklettes says:

    I’m dying to know who “can’t remember” is now!

  41. can't remember says:

    i’ll tell you because i have NOTHING to hide. I am JadensMommy on CDN & DS.

  42. Munklettes says:

    39 it’s “you’re” not “your”… carry on

  43. can't remember says:

    well i have a baby on my lap so i could care less about the difference in your & you’re.

  44. Munklettes says:

    unless Myself owns a “stupid” then I guess it would be correct

  45. Munklettes says:

    You’re so charming! I guess that’s why I had no idea who you were on cdn and had to search for you. you appears to be pretty dramarific. I know to steer clear now. thanks.

  46. can't remember says:

    just curious, but what drama have i been involved in? i BARELY go anywhere except the owl chat.

  47. Munklettes says:

    your major overreaction to a pm that you got an apology for BEFORE you posted hear tells me all I need to know.

  48. can't remember says:

    i actually posted here before i got a pm. i posted here right after the first pm. & it went into moderation. but whatever. good thing i don’t really care.

  49. Incognizable says:

    I agree Munklettes, if she wasn’t dramarific she could have posted regarding her username without even mentioning the “bitchy” wrong identity email on CDN. Lame.

    And FTR I’m pretty sure I know who “Myself” is on the forums. She is a very kind hearted mama who DOES take care of her kids! So no need to bring up anyones kidlets into this hot mess!

  50. Munklettes says:

    then why are you still posting and reading? Me thinks you do care.

    sorry if i’m coming off too catty. maybe it’s the day for bitchy responses. *sigh*

  51. DSDM2 says:

    Moderated comments timestamp when you POST, not when I approve. Please do not blame the blog on the time difference.

  52. Incognizable says:

    We need new diaper drama…

    Oh and ‘can’t remember’ your house is calling…it needs cleaning 😉

  53. can't remember says:

    okay, this is the last post i will make because it’s really not worth my time.

    but someone who takes their children would never have to make a new years resolution to brush your childrens teeth everyday.

    now i am going to take care of my children, who are the most important part of my life. so have fun with your little blog.

  54. cheesewhiz says:

    Oh geese, there you all go again, making me hafta separate yas…now who wants the roof??

    FYI – The title of the post does not mean that the comments have to be in THAT vein…yeah I’m talking to you, can’tgetup. C’mere…it’s yer turn on the roof this time, durn it.

  55. DSDM2 says:

    Someone who takes their children where? And what does taking your children have to do with brushing their teeth?

  56. Myself says:

    She means that I forget to brush their teeth because I forget to brush my own and so because I forget to brush their teeth I’m a bad mom and don’t take care of my children.

  57. Myself says:

    Oh yeah and I made a New Years Resolution so I could try to remember.

  58. DSDM2 says:

    I think she needs to brush up on basic English skills. Just some little things, like making sure to use all the words you mean to, and the correct words.

  59. cheesewhiz says:

    #54 – Emmy Lou? Is that you?? I can smell the B double E r stank breath from here. Get back on yer corner of the roof!!!

  60. Munklettes says:

    whiz! lmfao!

  61. cheesewhiz says:

    #58 – I think she forgot to brush her vagina dentata.


  62. Incognizable says:

    WTF? This is a fun blog yo. Ocassionally we get to poke a troll. You aren’t a troll are you??? Fun times!

    “Can’t remember” I really hope your mama war drama with “myself” stays here!

    FYI: Don’t go drag this shit up on CDN. It will not be welcome.

  63. Myself says:

    Anyone who wants to know who I am, I posted in the CDN Who’s Who of DoDS thread in “The Good The Bad and The Ugly”

    It’s been there for 12 days now.

  64. Munklettes says:

    63 – she has over 1k posts on cdn, and I didn’t know who she was. I’m not thinking troll, just a self righteous bitch moment maybe?

  65. Incognizable says:

    Yeah ,I know she prolly isn’t a troll, but she still has “troll tendencies”, LOL

  66. Munklettes says:

    MMM, raspberry white chocolate ice cream in the bomb diggity!

  67. MaeghanAlyson says:

    Wow! Talk about an overreaction.

  68. JustPeachy says:

    Myself dont feel bad. I forget for myself and my 3 year old all the time. Im just super scatter brained nowadays.

  69. Myself says:

    The original thread has been Closed by H2BAM

    And ASSuming is out of line and not nice.

  70. Munklettes says:

    lawl. I think ASSume is funny. I always chuckle when I see it.

  71. MaeghanAlyson says:

    WTH is lawl????

  72. Munklettes says:

    it’s what lol sounds like when you say it out loud 🙂

  73. MaeghanAlyson says:

    really? lol I am so lame. I have seen that a million times and thought WTF?

  74. lurking says:

    I dont understand why so many experienced mamas post in T&F when they should know the asnwer to their questions.
    Basicly they are all the same:
    Yes, the item was poorly sewn.
    contact a mod
    Email the mama, use the same email you used for paypal.
    File and scalate!!
    Not saying not to post there but sometimes the threads are so stupid.

  75. FunnyMama says:


    Once again, someone must have gotten a bad batch of mama cloth and felt the need to unleash the kasloppis fury on an innocent bystander. :massive eyeroll @ twatwaffling bishes:

  76. DSDM2 says:

    People want validated. I think that is why T&F has so much idiocy.

  77. Munklettes says:

    I posted in T&F once, and that’s when i was brand spankin new to cloth diapering (and paypal, I didn’t even know you could make a claim) – I have had iffy transactions since then, but I knew what to do after havinbg the first bad one.

  78. Munklettes says:

    76 – I will from this day forth refer to my danger zone as a kasloppis.

  79. smartassmama says:

    Wow. I missed a lot.

  80. FunnyMama says:

    I love it, but I have to repeat that it’s not original. It’s courtesy of Chelsea Handler, of “Chelsea Lately” on E! Entertainment Channel. Credit where credit’s due, yanno?

  81. Munklettes says:

    I LOVE her! My husband hates all female comedians, that sexist! lol (he doesn’t really hate them all, just the few I like!)

  82. FunnyMama says:

    her books are freakin’ hilarious. I literally lawl’d the entire time I read them

  83. amessymama says:

    I’d much rather someone unleash their kasloppis fury, than their furry kasloppis!

  84. FunnyMama says:

    84 – BWAHAHAHA!

  85. an AK mama says:

    82~ I’m a woman and I hate most female comedians :hide: If they talked about something other than periods and how stupid men are I might find them more interesting.

  86. FunnyMama says:

    Chelsea talks about her obsession with little people and being drunk all. the. time. Nice change of pace, if you ask me

  87. an AK mama says:

    Now that sounds hilarious! I’ll have to check her out.

  88. Myself says:

    I would just like to mention that I want a jacuzzi, so bad!

    Back to our regularly scheduled program ….

  89. FunnyMama says:


  90. Munklettes says:

    A jacuzzi would be awesome! My mom has a hot tub, and I plan on using that baby when I go there next month.

  91. Myself says:

    Okay make that jacuzzi or hot tub.

    Anything with jets that I can aim at my lower back and the heat to take the tension from my neck and OOOOHHHHH.

    (*I am not sleeping in my imaginary jacuzzi, zzzzz*)

  92. Myself says:

    ugh, Now not not sleeping

  93. FunnyMama says:

    you need it bad, lady

  94. Myself says:

    94 – what do I need bad? The jacuzzi or :creepy:?

  95. FunnyMama says:

    either? both? I left it open-ended for interpretation

  96. Myself says:

    Well I could get the :creepy: in about five seconds flat, the jacuzzi isn’t possible yet.

    But come on down and we can hit the spa! Then we can both get the jacuzzi/hot tub at once. (I need to look up the difference between the two)

  97. redfish bluefish says:

    wowers at Can’t Remember. low blows. not nice!

    ahhhh I want a big garden tub…I’m not picky.

  98. Myself says:

    98 – both FunnyMama and I have them. I’m sure that I don’t mind sharing. (the tub, not me, lol)

  99. redfish bluefish says:

    I’m jealous :/ I have a reg skinny tub.

  100. FunnyMama says:

    I love my showers and baths super hot and that’s probably the one thing I miss being preggo

  101. Myself says:

    Me too – I still take them when preggo. My OB always allows it as long as I keep it short and sweet and don’t raise my body temp more than two degrees or something like that.

  102. altaem says:

    Sometimes, when I see the little :thumbsup: smilie, I wish I could just tell someone to sit and spin…

  103. redfish bluefish says:

    I think the :thumbsup: smilie and DS :goodvibes: smilie should hook up and make little passive aggressive babies.

  104. FunnyMama says:

    104 – LOLz!

  105. altaem says:

    If that happened, I’d end up with a strike or be banned for sure.

  106. smartassmama says:

    I’m openly jealous at your nice tubs. Mine is a regular short bathtub. And it’s pea green. U-G-L-Y.

  107. altaem says:

    My garden tub is a waste…no jets. And my kids want to “swim” with me in my “pool.”

  108. redfish bluefish says:

    LOL, pool. My kids would prob. be the same. And yeah you’d prob get a strike. Darn DS.

  109. altaem says:

    I’d end up telling someone to shove it up their ass, for sure. And I mostly stay away from getting in the middle of drama.

    I lurk instead.

  110. Myra says:

    I freaking love Chelsea, and I have a little crush on Chris Franjola.

    Don’t be jealous, but I have pink bathtub. Like, really pink. The master bath is grey and pink – grey and pink tile floor, pink jacuzzi and grey stand up shower. It looks like one of the Golden Girls lives there.

  111. FunnyMama says:

    I’m jealous, Blanche. So jealous.

  112. smartassmama says:


  113. Sammy Jo says:

    How does coming here and flaunting that you take care of your children prove that you actually do? “Look at me, I’m posting about taking care of them rather than actually doing it!!!!!!” Usually someone that has to point out their good doings, isn’t doing anything good to begin with.

    As far as circle_of_life is concerned….she can take her crappy leg warmers and shove them! I almost hope she doesn’t get her shoes…..and that her kids enjoy the awesome Christmas that I basically GAVE them! grumble grumble rawrr!!!

  114. Myself says:

    Sammy Jo – What do you mean? Were you scammed by circle_of_life?

  115. Myra says:

    Well, I’m wound tighter than a virgin at a prison rodeo!

    I meant to say, too, that I forget to brush my kids’ teeth, especially on nights when they don’t get a bath. Guess I’m a bad mother too.

  116. thewayhome says:

    I forget to bruch my sons teeth too. Sometimes it just that moment of he’s ready to go to bed right then if I do anything to delay it he’ll be up for hours more.

    So, forgetting to brush teeth makes me a bad mom. SWEET.

  117. FunnyMama says:

    I forget too. DS reminds me – “Brush, brush, BRUSH!!!”

  118. amessymama says:

    Yeah, well, I never brush my kids’ teeth. I just can’t seem to tear myself away from DoDS long enough.

    I’m the baddest! 😀

  119. Myself says:

    Thankfully even though my forget, not one of my children has had a cavity. And that’s with waiting with the first three to be seen at the dentist until they were 3.

  120. Myself says:

    ugh – even though I forget not my forget

  121. SweetP says:

    Myra — I simply must find a way to work “wound tighter than a virgin at a prison rodeo” into conversation today. With DH. 🙂

  122. Myself says:

    Myra – Could you take pity on me and explain “wound tighter than a virgin at a prison rodeo” ?

  123. smartassmama says:

    I forget too. Luckily, my daughter lives to brush her teeth. And floss is a new fun novelty too.
    I, on the other hand, brush frequently and have teeth trying to jump out of my head. They are awful. I’ll thank my Mama for the lovely genetics.

    Sammy Jo – you were scammed/shafted? Do share!

  124. smartassmama says:

    Loves to brush. Not lives. Though that could make sense too.

  125. Sala says:

    #107 – my bathtub is mint green and has a matching mint green toilet and sink. At one point there was a nice light pink stove and matching fridge but those are now long gone. Built in the early 60s, natch.

    At least there aren’t sparkly popcorn ceilings like a friend’s place that was built in the 70s (complete with, no joke, a bright red-orange room with matching shag carpet and drapes and a sort of lime/avocado green painted room with matching shag carpet and drapes. Truly horrifying.

  126. Sala says:

    My eldest only gets his teeth brushed once a day before bed. The other only has 1.2 teeth, so we haven’t even bothered yet. I’m sure that if you examined my mothering habits you could find something entirely more damning than my not brushing my kids’ teeth. Besides, that’s their dad’s job.

    Forgetting to feed/change/tend to the basic sanitary needs of one’s children – that’s neglect. Toothbrushing, eh.

  127. kukukachoo says:

    must. refrain. must. suppress. my. dental. hygienist. self.

    btw, how do you all do the lil’ smilies on here? please mentally insert a wink one at the end of statement above. (and how about a grin one here.) thanks!

  128. Myself says:

    Try : ‘ ) :’) or : D 😀

  129. Myself says:

    hmmm maybe :;) : ; )?

  130. kukukachoo says:

    🙂 😀 😉

  131. kukukachoo says:

    well i’ll be damned- i swear i’ve tried before and it didn’t work.

  132. Myself says:

    Holy mackerel

    Lailasmommy is already Orange and in the Hot Seat over on CDN.

    That was FAST!

  133. Messy says:

    Yup! And those people that were bitching about CDN, can shut up now. There really is not another set of admin on the face of the net that goes to the lengths they will go to on CDN to PREVENT people being scammed BEFORE it happens. Hell, DS won’t even stop it after it happens! You gotta give it to them at CDN, doing things this way causes them a lot of grief and bitching by people, but it makes spending our money and trusting our B/S/T’s a whole lot easier 😀

  134. Myself says:

    Who in the world was complaining about it?

    They have to have proof for goodness sakes!

  135. Munklettes says:

    Messy, you mean complaining about CDN in general, or about lailasmommy being on cdn?

  136. naturalmamadot says:

    I for one would like to know about the situation with 114

  137. naturalmamadot says:

    I dont recall anyone bitching about CDNs policy/actions when it comes to scammers…

  138. Messy says:

    I am talking about bitching about CDN in general 🙂 Some really said some nasty things about CDN but in the grand scheme of life on a message board, I think they really have it under as much control as it can be with as few rules as possible.
    It is just nice to be able to hang out somewhere and not worry that things are being hidden from me or that someone is scamming and nobody is able to tell etc. Admin might make some people mad, but at least they care!

  139. Munklettes says:

    I completely agree, messy!

  140. redfish bluefish says:

    I wanna know about the situation w/114 as well. Popcorn anyone?

    And a pink/gray bathrm? Awesome!

  141. naturalmamadot says:

    I agree that they try very hard and care 🙂
    I cant recall everything said about them in the convo a few days ago but I dont think I said anything NASTY, in fact they are a lot nicer and care a lot more than the other places I go to.
    Those places will tell ppl who are “sensitive” to GTFO while CDN tries to find middle ground and make SO many very different people happy at once.

  142. smartassmama says:

    I’ll have to read that one!

    I just read a rant in DS off-topic. I6t was full of so much ‘cuz’ that it made my eyes bleed.

  143. Messy says:

    Now I am sad. All this talk about brushing the kids’ teeth 😦
    I had to decide whether my kids would have clean teeth or I would spend all my time on here ignoring the kids… Damn. Maybe the chew bones I throw them while they are locked in their cages will help clean their teeth!!! Yes, that’s it!

  144. Messy says:

    LOL I have started using “cuz” a lot. I used to twitch when I saw it but now I just roll with it ROFL!!!

  145. FunnyMama says:


  146. FunnyMama says:

    lailasmommy is still grasping for straws. I don’t get what she doesn’t understand – after being in the Hot Seat, how could PMing Melody help her case?

  147. Kristen says:

    I LOVE how Mom just outs her on the board. I love that about cdn. Everything is so public. No hush hush, behind the scenes crap. And I also love how nothing gets deleted. Lovelovelove it.

  148. soluckyducky says:

    So this is random – pretty sure I just bought an item off of spots from someone who graduated from (and married a guy who also did) the same very small HS dh and I gradated from. What a small world sometimes.

  149. magpiedpiper says:

    Crap, I am so over wordpress and it’s stupidity. DSDM – the above post is mine. Stupid thing keeps autofilling my other account on here. I’m not trying to troll. heh

  150. FunnyMama says:

    TROLL!! but that is a small world. I just found out some guy that asked me out that’s now on a show in the History Channel is the cousin of another friend of DH’s

  151. FunnyMama says:

    on the History Channel, not “in”

  152. magpiedpiper says:

    For some reason, I imagine anyone who is on the History Channel wears a bow tie. I am sure this is a false assumption.

  153. smartassmama says:

    Small world.
    I didn’t know anyone who used cloth at all while I was pregnant until I posted stash pictures, Roy G. Biv style on MySpace and a girl one year after me in our -400 high school commented on them! She is also married to a friend that I met through ICQ while I was in high school. That’s a small freaking world!!

  154. FunnyMama says:

    He’s on a show called “Madhouse” about drag car racing in North Carolina. I’m not lucky enough to have men of the bow tie caliber to ask me out.

  155. FunnyMama says:

    not drag cars, it’s “modified race cars”

  156. piratebaby says:

    I am sooo glad I don’t live next to this woman! Yep, sometimes my kids are still up running around at 10 pm. In fact, most nights my 15 mo doesn’t go to bed until 11 or so, depending on if he’s having a growth spurt and taking longer naps during the day or we were in the car a lot that day and he slept there. I seriously doubt the police are going to care that someone’s kids are running in their own apt at 10 pm! I live in 4 plex townhouse and I hate always worrying about if we are bothering the neighbors, if the baby is teething and fussy, dh and the kids are wrestling, they’re upstairs and I have to yell at them, etc. I wonder what would happen if she was the one living upstairs and the neighbor was getting pissy because they were the ones running??

  157. Myself says:

    157 – my head hurts now

  158. monkey says:


    I know, judgmental bitch whore of doom much? Granted, I understand being frustrated and I have had shitty neighbors before… but she made herself look WAY worse than the neighbor. I love the, “well I’m Catholic so I see it this way” comment.

    Um, I have Catholic friends… being Catholic didn’t turn them into nasty twunts.

  159. Myself says:

    newest member of CDN is mommy2gr8kids03


  160. Check out the newest post ladies. You will enjoy it.

  161. Myra says:

    “Wound tighter” is my favorite Blanche Devereaux quote!

  162. Myself says:

    Man, now I have to look up Blanche Devereaux!

  163. piratebaby says:

    How do you not know Blanche Devereaux?? Oh lordy! She was the more…promiscuous…one on Golden Girls.

  164. Myself says:

    LOL, I watched Golden Girls not a lot so it didn’t ring a bell.

    :blush: :hide:

  165. treeindawind says:

    I am watching Golden Girls right now lol

  166. Myself says:

    Just an FYI, people are getting strikes for using ASSume on DS now.

  167. naturalmamadot says:

    LMFAO thats great! Next they will ban any word with a swear embedded whether or not the swear is bolded ROFL

  168. Sala says:

    I’m pretty sure that ‘dickering’ comes through as ****ering, which I think is stupid. Or maybe it was cockamamie, cockadoodle, one of those obviously dirty dirty words.

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