The OP is owed money. There is no doubt about that.

Lookie Lookie who is calling her out though… Shoe girl can’t get enough.

When will the Admin at DS learn that she is a troll looking for attention?

I am owed money…WWYD (

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Re: I am owed money…WWYD

Originally Posted by mycdsqueaker View Post
About 2 1/2 weeks ago a mama bought some stuff from me. She told me she had X amount of dollars for these items. When I told her that it would cover the cost of the time but not all of the shipping ($5.00 went towards that). She asked if she could pay me on the 3rd of this month at the latest as the $55 was all she had in her acct. (Come to see that she had a few transactions AFTER she purchased items from me so she had the PP).

I was a little hesitant but she explained that she was buying these for a friend in need. So I agreed to this. I mailed off the package and put close to $20 towards shipping. I contacted her and told her what she owed me. She again reassured me that she would PP me the rest by no later than the 3rd. On the 2nd I contacted her and asked if she could send the $$$. No response. I contacted her again on the 3rd, no response. I went through PP and got her email address and went this avenue. I told her that I needed ta a response on when I would get the $$$ and that if I didn’t have contact by yesterday (the 4th) thatI would be getting a mod involved. Sshe contacted me and told me that she knew that she still owed me money but that she was in the middle of a move and didn’t have acess to the internet and coudn’t access PP from her phone.

I replied and asked her when she would be able to send the $$$. No response.

Ok yeah I know I probably shouldn’t have sent it without having all the $$$. A small item wouldn’t be a big deal but shipping on the item was around $25 (and that is shipping parcel post).

I am not sure if I should do anything. If she had contacted me prior to the 3rd and explained the situation I think I would have been ok. But it took me 4x emailing her and pm’ing her to get a response.

At the start you said close to 20$ and at the end you said around 25$ so what was it? Maybe she doesn’t want to pay you shipping because you’re numbers are conflicting..

Usually when people say (at least me) close to 20$ means 18 or 19 usually rounding up.. and around 25$ would be 23 or 24.. just rounding up.. Just sayin…

But yeah, She owes you.. And it should say on the package what shipping is.

Originally Posted by SweetMother View Post
Just wanted to say that I use my iPhone to get on DS (like now for example) and can’t use pp. But she could go to a library and use their Internet. I would let her know that you need to hear from her and receive payment by a certain date or you will leave negative fb. I think future sellers might wantto know that she is dishonest.

I use PP on my iPhone ALL the time.. And I don’t use the app I use it on the site.


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Re: I am owed money…WWYD

Originally Posted by fluffybutt View Post

At the start you said close to 20$ and at the end you said around 25$ so what was it? Maybe she doesn’t want to pay you shipping because you’re numbers are conflicting..

Usually when people say (at least me) close to 20$ means 18 or 19 usually rounding up.. and around 25$ would be 23 or 24.. just rounding up.. Just sayin…

But yeah, She owes you.. And it should say on the package what shipping is.

I use PP on my iPhone ALL the time.. And I don’t use the app I use it on the site.

Ok…. she paid me $55 (true number). The items were $50 (exact number). That would leave $5 (exact number) towards shipping. In the start of the post I said that I put close to $20 (not exact) dollars towards shipping. I later said that the items was around $25 (not exact number) to ship, and she put $5 (exact number) towards the shipping….that would mean she owes me $20 (not exact).

50 (items)
5 (towards shipping)
$55 total

$25 shipping
$5 already paid
$20 left over.

Felisha, instead of trying to accuse me of LYING, maybe you can READ the post instead of trying to start drama. I am not using exact numbers. Fact is I am owed exactly $18.98 (Sweet niblets…..that would be CLOSE to $20 and that is EXACTLY what I said in my post. “I put CLOSE to $20 towards shipping). Yeah…one of the things I had to learn to get my college degree was rounding up numbers….thanks though.

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Re: I am owed money…WWYD

Originally Posted by *KaiMom* View Post

OP I’m sorry this happened. It really stinks when someone takes advantage of people’s kindness. I’d leave negative feedback from her in a few days if you don’t receive your $$.

I agree, wholeheartedly, with ALL of this.

Good luck, OP. She definitely owes you money, hopefully she does the right thing and pays up.


Married to Justin (12/05) and SAHM to Xavier (3/07) and Charlize (7/08)


So just who is the pot stirring drama seeker now?

  1. naturalmamadot says:

    What a twat, as usual

  2. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    LOL- FluffyTroll is trying to be a know-it-all, but her lack of braincells is making her look like an absolute idiot! SHOCKER! She lies so much, she literally cannot see the truth in a situation.

  3. Lolanae says:

    Wow reading some of her last posts. She won’t clean out her husband’s pockets for laundry, seems to hate her neighbor she keeps hanging out with, and the military overtime pay thread…

    And on topic…I got what Squeaker was saying. Felisha just seems to always want drama around.

  4. nu says:

    I found it very funny! Fluffy is such a b!tch. I actually felt sorry for her. Thought that she was probably so lonely, not feeling good about herself since she gained weight (I can relate). I was going to offer to send her dipes FFS. I so want to reply to her stupid self. I’m sure I’d get banned—not like I go there…I’ve finally settled into CDN.

    I have strike for……I can’t remember..some drama thread that I posted where I spoke my mind…something about the a troll and her lazy a$$ bf—(I think…like I care!)

  5. Who fucking cares? It didn’t sound right…

    And after ruining a uniform he can do his own damn laundry.

    Don’t you guys have your own lives to worry about??

  6. nu says:

    When I read what Squeker was saying…I just though she is owed money….no matter the amount.

  7. No One Important says:

    nu, she was fat before kids. There wasn’t a recent weight gain… You can look at all her old photos and stuff in google.

  8. JustPeachy says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine how irritated Felisha is getting not being able to post.

  9. DSDM2 says:

    Yeah, the weight thing looks like it was another one of her lies.

  10. Lolanae says:

    Not sure why I’m in moderation. Didn’t change anything?

  11. DSDM2 says:

    No, it is ok, we have a keyword moderation 🙂 Protects you guys from spam and people who are not allowed to post here.

  12. Lolanae says:

    Ohh gotcha =)

  13. FunnyMama says:

    For someone who didn’t have a clue about how to get on a waitlist she sure came up w/ those links fast

  14. Aj says:

    Seriously, why are threads like this started Soooooo annoying.

  15. teacup (AKA idontgetit, It’s A Snap, Newherebutwow, MilkMaid) says:

    what are all of felisha\’s screen names we\’ve found?

    isn\’t there another?

  16. lysol says:

    shrug. people who don’t know any better?

  17. volbaby07 says:

    OMG, has anyone seen the posts titled “About Fluffybutt”!?! I’m dying laughing here.

  18. ladylili says:

    It’s in 12 different forums threads!

  19. Aj says:

    Today, 07:19 PM #1
    Registered Users

    Join Date: Feb 2010
    Posts: 12 about fluffybutt…


    Fluffybutt is a stupid lying cheating whore. She cheats on her husband while he is deployed. She says it’s because he doesn’t love her because she’s fat. But really it’s just because she’s dirt twat with a loose *****. She’s got naked pics allover the internet. She’s also been banned from several other forums for being a know troll. Come on DS, jump on the bandwagon and ban this chick already.

    View Public Profile
    Send a private message to teacup
    Find More Posts by teacup
    Add teacup to Your Contacts

  20. Hexe says:

    who is teacup? Are you on here?

  21. kukukachoo says:

    i hate to distract from the good action, but if anyone could spare some diapers for this person it would be appreciated, :eyeroll: beggers can’t be choosers! geese!

  22. altaem says:

    Couldn’t stop laughing…they’re deleting it all over the place. Printed to .pdf in case it didn’t make it over here…

  23. .bin. says:

    bahahahahah did anyone reply before it was deleted? ah-mazing.

  24. ladylili says:

    #20 Yeah especially when the chick has 4 negatives and a neutral in the last month! Yeah, go ahead people send her dipes. Cause she’s not scamming at all!

  25. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    I want to know who the ballsy teacup is. LMFBO!

  26. Aj says:

    I feel as though I’ve seen the SN Teacup on Spots, but I could be totally mistaken.

  27. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    I need to stop poking the idiot. I’m smelling my third strike. :hide:

  28. Hexe says:

    #20,unbelievable the guts that person has!!!! But there are more and more posts of this sort.

  29. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Oh shucks, some body tell me they got screen shots of her string of lies before they just deleted it. I was too busy running my mouth. :err:

  30. žába says:

    awwww man, I was in the middle of reading it when it got pulled. What was the final straw?

  31. ladylili says:

    #20 the post just got deleted. WTH?

  32. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    I MAY have pulled a FluffyTroll and gone through and reported every lie she made on every post via the report button as, “LYING SCAMMER.” :-X

  33. ladylili says:

    #31 lol!

  34. justme says:

    fluffybutt wants to see a screen shot of the thread. did anyone get one???

    she is posting in the owls thread.

  35. No One Important says:

    teacup, ilyfel is another one.

  36. If you have a SS, email it over ladies.

  37. sciencefair says:

    Hahaha! Freaking hilarious. Just saying.

    As for the ‘about fluffybutt’ threads…I gotta say I love the guts on teacup. And i wonder if they used an IP address blocker.

  38. piratebaby says:

    she used ‘nameless’ on one of the more dirty sites

  39. piratebaby says:

    I’ve noticed that she was on a lot of sites in ’07, which would have put her at barely just turned 18…she’s been at this for a while and still has not changed at all. I know I matured a LOT between 17 and 20 but she just seems stuck. Now that she has a kid, she’s gone from trolling photo boards to parenting/military family ones. You would think she could find a more constructive hobby.

  40. magpiedpiper says:

    Seriously, what a rude GDB to stomp into the Owlies chat thread DEMANDING that someone send her a screen shot. Get over yourself, felisha. No one is at your beck and call, and there’s no need for you to see a screen shot anyway if they were pulled immediately and the person banned. It’s not as if it could hurt your reputation anyway – no matter what they said. You’ve already set yourself up as a dirty, vagtastic troll.

  41. nu says:

    I do sure love my cup of tea!

    not me, though….wish I would of thought of it though!

  42. Juliankenziesmama says:

    I really do try to stay out of the Felisha drama and ignore her posts but its kind of hard when she posts in every single thread and she is every other post.
    If I put her on iggy, WTH would I be able to read on DS?

  43. nu says:

    is CDN down? I keep getting a Host Gator page.

  44. Juliankenziesmama says:

    Those fluffybutt posts are popping up again. There are TWO in t and f right now!!!

  45. MotherMoonPads says:

    CDN is down for me too #43. I’m also getting the Host Gator page.

  46. magpiedpiper says:

    I have duhlisha on iggy, but it’s hard to ignore her when everyone quotes her all the time. Though I can’t blame them since if they don’t, she’ll go back to edit out her lies.

    And yeah, CDN is broken. Hopefully fixed soon!

  47. werd says:


    Screen Shot!

    alright, fess up. Who did it!?

  48. DeviateFromTheNorm says:


  49. thewayhome says:

    43 yeah, I’m getting a message too

  50. werd says:

    I can’t believe the post is still up!

  51. DSDM2 says:

    I love that Felisha is claiming NONE of it is true.. so she hasn’t been banned? I’m imagining banning her? TWAT.

  52. Kitty says:

    whoever keeps posting those should include the link to the shoe site LOL

  53. Messy says:

    ROFLMAO! I dunno but I like getting credit for what I have to day… I could never use a fake name.
    I think the person posting those messages is upset over having to bleach their eyes from seeing the shoe/crotch shot of Felisha’s twat; hence them saying she is a dirt twat LOL!!!

    Someone needs to make and devote an ENTIRE blog to Fluffyliar.

  54. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    52- YES! Whoever is doing this, DO IT NOW! The shoe fetish pics. LMFBO!

  55. piratebaby says:

    ewwwww, OP received poopy fsot from a wahm! (nak)

  56. sciencefair says:

    Mom has shut CDN down because the gator site is popping up for people. (a just in case measure)

    It should be back up soon. I hope.

  57. Hexe says:

    I would not be surprised if fluffybutt would post it herself, yes, I think she is that desperate for attention.

  58. teacup (AKA idontgetit, It’s A Snap, Newherebutwow, MilkMaid) says:

    To the person on DS who said they wanted me to not hide behind my SN. I am not hiding, I do not have an account on DS except the ones I create for spam.

    I do not have a spots account either.

    I do use a proxy server because they blocked my IP the first time obviously.

    None of you know me.

    I\’m just bored and have nothing better to do.


  59. MotherMoonPads says:

    #55, what WAHM?

  60. Kitty says:

    OMG 55! that is fucking NASTY

  61. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    58- You’re giving me a good laugh tonight. 😉

  62. piratebaby says:

    not sure who the wahm, in the last post the OP says that she received them from a wahm and what does that say for how she runs her business. the seller wasn’t responding to pm’s

  63. magpiedpiper says:

    Yeah, the poop on diapers T&F thread is interesting. Wonder who the WAHM is.

    And teacup, you should include links to the forums where she is banned and her various usernames. lmao

  64. MotherMoonPads says:

    Did I miss the story about the shoes?!

  65. kukukachoo says:

    teacup for president!

  66. magpiedpiper says:

    Fluffy posted pics of her vag with a shoe next to it, and they live in infamy on the interwebz. I guess for size comparison? Shoe fetishists? Who knows.

  67. sciencefair says:

    Oh man, if it were TWT this would be perfect.

  68. Incognizable says:

    oh holy hell!! THE. BEST. THREAD. EVER…..

  69. justme says:

    teacup, totally just curious.

    but how do you know of her or know her?

  70. kukukachoo says:

    The OP of the poopy dipes thread is calling it a federal crime for mailing hazardous materials.

  71. justme says:

    it was probably peggy. wouldnt surprise me.

  72. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    70- It is, technically. You swear that you’re not sending anything hazardous, but you lay poop down ANYWHERE, and it’s going to bring out the hazmat team. Who knows what’s in that dukey!

  73. kukukachoo says:

    so what’s the deal with CDN again? i don’t understand.

  74. treeindawind says:

    Ok, so I just found this blog. I am an infamous lurker and have been keeping up on the fluffybutt drama but have only posted about it once. Is this a closed conversation blog or am I allowed to join?

  75. werd says:

    Megan you are a saucy little wench!!

  76. DeviateFromTheNorm says:


  77. cdc3030 says:

    Ok, RE: poopy diaper thread….I know that is gross to get not clean diapers in the mail…but it is not like that diaper was worn, it looks like it touched a dirty diaper and got poo on it. I think I would just throw the damn thing in the washing machine and wash it . When I bought FSOT stuff….I always bleached everything anyway….the bacteria, including yeast, hepatitis, and whatever else can still live in/on the diapers even if you dont see the poop. I mean…someone else has crapped in the things. You know? All the OMG GET A REFUND IMMEDIATELY stuff just seems so over the top. But, everyone likes to have a little drama I guess. I am guessing there is more to the story (buyers remorse?) than we can see from the one sided thread. Whatever.

  78. werd says:

    I’m still waiting for the PM… this must be a LOOOOOONG one.

  79. Aj says:

    75, you can join, the more the merrier–as long as you’re cool 🙂

  80. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    79- LOL, I know! She’s been working on it for a while! 😛

  81. DSDM2 says:

    What PM?

  82. treeindawind says:

    80. awesome………so how come I just now found out about this. Been on DS for almost 5 years. You guys keep it very well hidden, good work ladies lol. Oh BTW, I just feel special because I caught the fluffybutt smackdown and got to post before it was removed hahahahahaha.

  83. Hexe says:

    #78 I don’t know, $110 worth of poop? Wouldbe drama for me.And she mentioned that the other items send were filthy as well.I would demand a refund as well.

    And teacup, sure you are not fluffybutt. She seems bored all the time….

  84. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    82- Oh nothing. Just a Snatch-wanna-be, buying WAHM items, then turning around and selling an identical product.

  85. werd says:

    gah, I just got it. She’s all upset over what you wrote in the thread!

  86. Aj says:

    I missed the smackdown–who has a screen shot?

  87. treeindawind says:

    87. I wish, I was too busy trying to find that damn smilie to post in the thread that would go down in history.

  88. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    I think we all took SS’s of the original post, then f5’d like mad until it was deleted. SS’s are linked in 47 and 48.

  89. treeindawind says:

    88. check 78

  90. DeviateFromTheNorm says:


  91. teacup (AKA idontgetit, It’s A Snap, Newherebutwow, MilkMaid) says:

    69- A friend of mine keeps linking this site on her facebook. I like drama, so I\’ve been following.

    I am not Fluffybutt.

    I figure, DS will eventually get sick of me and delete her in an effort to stop my madness.

    But I am done for the night. It\’s late here. But I will be back tomorrow with a vengeance.

  92. kukukachoo says:


  93. JustPeachy says:

    Its pooling and while yes there are ways to avoid it sometimes it cannot be avoided.

  94. cdc3030 says:

    96 – just curious whether it is that bad, or just a newbie not liking it. No pics make it hard to tell. She says it is up in the WHAMs gallery….but no clues.

  95. Hexe says:

    Can’t wait what you will come up with tomorrow,teacup!

    So who is the WHAM that sells poop?

  96. DSDM2 says:

    It is all opinion. I wouldn’t buy wool that is pooled. Other people love it.

  97. JustPeachy says:

    I wouldn’t either. If I knit its a different story because its my own damn fault but sometimes its the nature of the yarn. Certain dyers are notorious for having pooling issues.

  98. treeindawind says:

    soooo……..loverbugsmommy pmed me for a trade. Is she the “scammer” that everyone is referring to?

  99. Myself says:

    101 – yes, don’t trade with her

  100. treeindawind says:

    figured so…..she wanted to trade some custom woolies for 12 wipes lol

  101. magpiedpiper says:

    She making the wipes? Because those would have to be some mighty nice wipes.

  102. treeindawind says:

    I didn’t agree to the trade, that was just her offer. I actually had to read it over to make sure I hadn’t lost my own mind.

  103. newhere says:

    101 ~ yes, stay far away! I’m still trying to figure out how someone with 4 negs on DS and 1 neutral and 4 negs on their HC is allowed to be there.

  104. MelissaCoffey says:

    Are you watching the forums now? I wasn’t really up and up on this chick, but I am ready to cyber slap someone. What the hell is her problem?

  105. magpiedpiper says:

    I just meant that 12 wipes for custom woolies would mean she would need to be offering some ridiculously nice wipes. You know? Even if she wasn’t a scammer that sounds like a crazy offer.

  106. treeindawind says:

    the first sentence in her pm she stated that she new she had lower feedback and was trying to build it back up to where it should be. At what point is she going to just give up hope of fixing what she did wrong? it’s not gonna happen

  107. cdnation says:


    Ok we’re back.

    Teacup you are more than welcome to join us anytime you want.

  108. treeindawind says:

    107. who?

  109. MelissaCoffey says:

    111-The fluffy butt chick. Saying that the kid probably “took the diaper out of the box and scratched it’s butt with it..” WTH is that?? I mean, I’ve been watching a bit here and ther, but this person is obviously a troll and they do nothing about it?? How long has this been going on?

  110. treeindawind says:

    darn, it’s locked 😦

  111. amessymama says:

    The poopy diaper thing. Remember, a while ago, the same thing happened except it ended up being the buyer put the poo on the diaper because she was unhappy with it…..

    I’m kind of wondering if that’s the case here. In her first PM to the seller she didn’t mention anything about poo on the dipe. When she didn’t get a response all the sudden there is poo on the dipe. In a very strange place. How did it get on the edge?

    I call BS.

  112. JustPeachy says:

    Its been going on for some time. Shes the reason I got my 3rd strike and a 6 month ban so I harbor lots of animosity for that fat cunt.

  113. MelissaCoffey says:

    Some put POO ON A DIAPER?? Uhm. Wow. Just wow. This could get a lot more interesting huh?

    I shouldn’t be laughing about this at all. I know it’s not funny, but sometimes the irony of things just proves a bit too much, and this is one of those times. I do hope it works out. I would have been upset to have my PM ignored, but…Hmmm…

    You call BS. Baby shit right?? LOL!

  114. FunnyMama says:

    Man, busy day!! LOLz all over.

  115. Kitty says:

    I pmed happy2bamommy about loverbugs and she said “we’re working on it” with that stupid thumbs up smiley

  116. lysol says:

    facking disgusting.

  117. MelissaCoffey says:

    Happy2BMommy is on my good side at the moment, and I have to say, she’s up to her eyeballs in uhm…well….BS right now LMAO!!

  118. FunnyMama says:

    I just love those dang Owlies. I wish I had more desire to actually post on DS to get in on that action, ‘cuz those are some cool chicks. (snark-free comment, for clarification)

  119. RmeWife says:

    (DSDM2-I can’t remember if this is my name here or not. I’m abraswell on ds and RmeWife on CDN/MCN)

    T/F Poo diapers:
    Crappy diapers-$110
    Felisha chiming in-priceless

    Teacup is my new internet crush.
    So Fluffy is a site supporter…do you think that plays a role in her twatwaffleness being tolerated? I just don’t get it.

  120. Kitty says:

    121- I dropped a few hints for them to head to CDN to get away from the viruses

  121. newhere says:

    118 ~ I wonder what “We’re working on it” means?

  122. newhere says:

    anyone on cafemom? Apparently loverbugs has been called out over there for scamming

  123. FunnyMama says:

    Now a CDN Owlies thread I would be all over like pooh on a FSOT dipe.

  124. treeindawind says:

    114. I remember that and agree. There is no way I would pm her and forget to mention the poo.
    121. I gotta get in on it too, lurking is my livlihood

  125. treeindawind says:

    125. omg *snort*

  126. MelissaCoffey says:

    So this loverbugs person? How come her name was allowed to be used in a thread and it didn’t get whooshed in five seconds? Totally jealous!! 😉

  127. Kitty says:

    124- i am misanthropkitty on cafemom and banned her from my group… and im TRYING to get her scamming ass banned from DS but those stupid heads are taking their sweet time about it!

  128. amessymama says:

    Quick question. I think I already know the answer is no though. 😦

    Can you return tester items for a refund? If I don’t like it and it doesn’t fit well. I saw pics and it’s not hideous or anything, but uh, it’s lacking in a lot of ways. I’m going to have to ask my SIL to alter it for DD, if I can’t send it back.

    Is just part of being a tester?

  129. MelissaCoffey says:

    Man, here I have been trying to pimp my brand new wool over at Diaperswappers in a desperate attempt to rebuild my stash and get diapers I need. For trades. I think I am going about this wrong, but I really have no idea HOW to scam. Is there like an e-book on it or something, because seriously, I have been CDing for 6 years now and the amount of scammers I’ve seen is ridiculous. All this time I could have been CDing for FREE if I could just get the hang of the scam thing. Don’t you have to be like really bad at sewing, really good at lying, and spend pretty much all hours on the internet?? LMAO!!

  130. FunnyMama says:

    I’m so torn – Them Crooked Vultures is on SNL tonight but I already feel like I missed so much today…

  131. Incognizable says:

    Werd, Out the copycat bitch here please!! Lots of mamas read the blog! Get the word out on her ass!

  132. newhere says:

    128 ~ what thread is loverbugs mentioned on?

  133. treeindawind says:

    wasn’t she the one asking for free dipes because something happened to all of hers and she only had like 2 left?

  134. JustPeachy says:

    If anyone feels the need to give away shit, give it to me. At least you would know it’d go to good use LOL.

  135. newhere says:

    I know she was asking for dipes on HC…probably DS too though

  136. treeindawind says:

    131. The e-book is available for purchase in loverbugsmommy’s signature. All proceeds go to funding a diaper stash for the innocent.

  137. JustPeachy says:

    Oh ya I forgot she was on HC too. I saw her post and almost was gonna try to trade with her. Glad I didn’t.

  138. Myself says:

    121- why do you love us owls?

  139. Roxyrocks says:

    Did you see her blog post LOL I wonder if you husband has seen the nameless site?

  140. MelissaCoffey says:

    Shoot, if that’s the case. Send me diapers. I will send you wool. I knit like a mad woman these days since putting my sewing machine up in a moving box. Trying not to freak out about my NB stash just yet. Even though, you know, I have like what? Four weeks to go. I have had offers from super sweet Mommas and while I have no idea if or when, or what….I do know it’s no one else’s responsibility to make up for my screwed up trade. Big Girl Panties big time on that one. I decided to do the trade, and I am the one who needs to deal with the consquences, but my little basket with five newborn diapers is freaking me out. A lot. I have been trolling DS looking at fitteds and then thinking, “I ALREADY PAID FOR DIAPERS DAMMIT!!” and then get all calm again. Worst case scenario is disposables for those first couple weeks. Not the end of the world.

    I just can’t believe people get on there and actually ask for and EXPECT handouts. What is that? Try Freecycle people and past that, try paying it forward before singing a sob story abotu why you deserve anyone’s free diapers.

    Oooo…speaking of sob stories. I could DEFINITELY come up with one of those. Behind the scenes my life is kind of sucky right now!! That could totally get me free diapers right? Hmmm….;)

  141. Myself says:

    141- imagine when her son grows up, searches the web for her, and can you imagine the shock on his face?

  142. redfish says:

    I cant read the FluffyisaWHORE photobucket image…it’s too small 😥

    I thought she was “Felisha” on DS. When did she change her name?

  143. FunnyMama says:

    #140 – I have the utmost respect for the nocturnal, especially when they eschew drama and knit XXXXXL longies as Christmas presents. If that’s not awesomeness, I don’t know what is.

  144. Myself says:

    144 – you are kidding right?

  145. FunnyMama says:

    no, I’m serious.

  146. treeindawind says:

    144.bummmm bummm bumm lmfao

  147. Juliankenziesmama says:

    Feeback left for buyer in the OP titled thread.

  148. screenname says:

    #125 – LMAO!!!

  149. Myself says:

    146 – feel free to join

    Rule #1 – keep drama elsewhere
    Rule #2 – posts pics without asking
    Rule #3- no other rules yet

  150. FunnyMama says:

    Really, do you know how many times I’ve thought to myself that I can make a pair of grown-up longies and then I realize that there’s chocolate in the pantry?

  151. Myself says:

    151 – yup you are kidding

    and what does longies have to do with chocolate?

  152. trying2findmyself says:

    sweeeeeeeeet finally made an acct! I was Redfish (unregistered on here)

  153. FunnyMama says:

    C’mon, I’m really serious! It’s just an example that I get distracted so easily. I’m really not making fun! I lurk in the Owlies threads all the time.

  154. Pariah says:

    hold the phone, who messaged her mom?

  155. Myself says:

    153 – okay pop on DS and message me, and I’ll believe you. If you can’t figure out who I am , just take a gander

    154- she posted so much info that I’m surprised no one has done it before – and no it wasn’t me, I feel sorry for her.

  156. treeindawind says:

    154. anyone cuz you know everyone has her # ?!?!?!

  157. Pariah says:

    the nameless page has her address too.

  158. FunnyMama says:

    155 – done & done, hope I got it right

  159. redfish bluefish says:

    I haven’t been to DS since last yr-it fried my computer. I’m on CDN though 😀

  160. treeindawind says:

    157. are you serious?

  161. MotherMoonPads says:

    *snort* It totally doesn’t surprise me that is who the buyer is. I brought her up here a month or two ago. She’s completely scamtastic all around.

  162. Myself says:

    158 – yup, good guessing.

    I believe you now.

  163. MotherMoonPads says:

    #157, it appears to have her phone number too.

  164. justme says:

    Who are you myself? I am an owlie!

  165. Roxyrocks says:

    Where’s her address on there are you serious?

  166. treeindawind says:

    162. what thread are you two referring to?

  167. Myself says:

    163 – uh huh, I’m supposed to just believe you and tell you, uh not happening.

  168. Juliankenziesmama says:

    #160. Yeah I know. I might be a little more cautious in dealing with people when you guys have already called them out.

  169. MotherMoonPads says:

    #165, no thread. The nameless page has it in a screen shot.

  170. JustPeachy says:

    Oh you came back now huh?

  171. FunnyMama says:

    wait, how did we know that someone messaged her mom?

  172. justme says:

    give me a hint!

  173. treeindawind says:

    168. Ok so I am new and ultimately confused.

  174. treeindawind says:

    170. She posted it on her blog

  175. Myself says:

    169 – who came back

    170 – or

    171- if you are an owlie you should either now or already have a hint, start PMing and you will figure it out.

  176. justme says:

    link to her blog?

  177. Myself says:

    Why am I in moderation?

    nameless info site – don’t scroll down unless you want eye bleach!

  178. Roxyrocks says:

    Felisha just PMed on DS and told me to leave her alone LOL I PMed her back and told her she needs to think twice about what she posts on the internet and to get some medical help.

    She is a fucking nutbag

  179. Roxyrocks says:

    Why am I in moderation?

  180. MotherMoonPads says:

    #172, check out the link in #72

  181. Pariah says:

    she said someone messaged he mom in a blog.

    and here is the page with her phone number. and what looks like her mom’s address?

  182. justme says:

    wait fluffybutt lives in wichita? thats right by me.

    im sure people can guess who i am now lol.

  183. treeindawind says:

    Oh. My. God. WTH is that?!?!?! I am still confused. barf.

  184. FunnyMama says:

    WHY did I scroll down?????? Dang you, morbid curiosity, DANG YOU!!!

  185. treeindawind says:

    178..How did you find that? what is it?

  186. newhere says:

    fluffybutt is not in wichita, her mom is apparently.

  187. Roxyrocks says:

    Felisha just PMed on DS and told me to leave her alone LOL I PMed her back and told her she needs to think twice about what she posts on the internet and to get some medical help.

    She is a fucking nutbag

    She is now telling me she is going to forward it to a MOD and I told her to please do I am not the one that PMed her

  188. justme says:

    183. her ds says shes from springfield mo.

  189. Myself says:

    justme – only one I can think of is littlemisses, gonna go think some more

  190. Pariah says:

    lol we told you not to scroll down.

  191. justme says:

    nope not her.

  192. Myself says:

    188 – not ringing any bells

  193. treeindawind says:

    what did the shoe have anything to do with the photo? Had she just pulled it out?

  194. justme says:

    go read the owls

  195. FunnyMama says:

    I just don’t see how you KNOW your kasloppis is pasted all over the interwebz and you don’t try your hardest to get it removed

  196. Sweetpea says:

    If only these comments would show up in a google search of fluffybutts name. Wait? Maybe they do? Off to Google…do me proud google!

  197. treeindawind says:

    I googled and I didn’t see anything, but then again I didn’t dig too far because I was afraid of what i might see

  198. Pariah says:


    felisha martin
    felisha fouch

    the list of her screen names goes on.

  199. justme says:

    hmmm i think i know now! lol.

  200. Sweetpea says:

    :;Shudder:: that is true..

  201. Myself says:

    191 – You know who I am. You “talked” with me today.

  202. redfish bluefish says:

    Can anyone see me? I’m in moderation. 😥

  203. justme says:

    wait, did i text you today?

  204. Myself says:

    it is always possible

  205. justme says:

    HAHA. i figured it out! =]

  206. FunnyMama says:

    I know, I’m so proud for figuring it out. I’d like to say that pregnancy has robbed me of brain cells, the truth is that I wasn’t really that sharp to begin with…

  207. lysol says:

    oh you gotta be KIDDING me. i’ve had a pair of that same shoe for 6 months now. i loved them, but i can never wear them again without thinking of roast beef VAJ.


  208. justme says:

    ha. its taking me time to figure everything out today. not enough sleep!

  209. Myself says:

    201 – msg me again and tell me how you fig’d it out. Not that I really hide behind much except a name change.

  210. treeindawind says:

    201. eeeewwwwwwww

  211. treeindawind says:

    maybe that pic was a poster for a lost shoe and she had just devised a good marketing tool to get the word out. You could always send her one of yours…………….

  212. OneBoy says:

    175 & 179 – I’m another Owlie and I’m pretty sure I know who both of you are. I’m friends with both of you on FB too (not that that helps a ton.)

    Does anyone else’s anti-virus go nuts when the click on the nameless site?

  213. justme says:

    206. i have like 400 people on my fb. haha.

  214. treeindawind says:

    206. I didn’t have a problem.

  215. thewayhome says:

    206 yep my computer doesn’t like that site

  216. lysol says:

    i would have no problem getting rid of those shoes now that i can’t think “cool, love these shoes” when i wear them anymore. i’m pretty sure i have athletes foot though. heheh, yuck!

  217. RmeWife says:

    Am I still in moderation?

  218. Myself says:

    Yay! my fix is back!

  219. an AK mama says:

    It’s baaaaack!!! Yay!

  220. amessymama says:

    Got shakes. Need drama.

  221. DSDM2 says:

    We didn’t go anywhere. It was not a problem on our end ladies 🙂

  222. Aj says:

    Oh my gosh you’re back!!!!

  223. ladylili says:

    Yay!! You’re back!

  224. melmelly says:

    I am very curious as to why they blog was “suspended”. Is it safe to ASSume that it was the attempt of a certain person that has been mentioned here recently?

  225. an AK mama says:

    Nevertheless, it was excruciating!

  226. redfish bluefish says:

    SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!! It’s BACK!

  227. naturalmamadot says:


  228. DSDM2 says:

    We were NOT suspended. There was nothing wrong on our end, it was something that WP had to take care of.

  229. JustPeachy says:

    Its about damn time! I had half a mind to spork wordpress.

  230. DSDM2 says:

    LOL peach. WP was great. They kept in touch with us and worked hard to fix the problem.

  231. JustPeachy says:

    I’m still mad at WP tho. Took em over 24 hours to get this back up and running.

  232. melmelly says:

    Ah. Ok. I was having the worst dinner in the world last night after my boys went to bed because I didn’t have my dinner time reading. It was a sad night in Casa de Melmelly.

  233. noneyabiz says:

    Hallelujah it’s back! That was the longest month of my l…what? It was only day? Damn!

  234. DSDM2 says:

    So what went down while we were down? Anything juicy?

  235. naturalmamadot says:

    haha it DOES seem like more than 24 hrs, nothing juicy I know of but I dont go on DS unless its a link from here or I feel like attempting to sell something

  236. ladylili says:

    So what’s the deal with this loverbugs chick?

  237. zosiasmama says:

    Soooo glad your back!!!!

  238. an AK mama says:

    just a 3958I732 page thread on CDN of people going OMFG where is mah DRAMAZ!?!

  239. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Oh DSDM (and the rest of you fine, drama-tracking ladies), how I missed you so!

  240. werd says:


    seriously, I have like 4 websites that I check every day, in a circular-like motion. I have been a wreck for the last 24 hours!!!

  241. žába says:

    YAy! I was having major drama withdrawal.

  242. naturalmamadot says:

    Its odd but if I follow the URL I still cant view the site but if I follow a link from my email Im fine….:headscratch:

    anyways yea whats with the loverbugs chick

  243. melmelly says:

    OMG Werd! Me too! Etsy, Lj, DoDS, Gmail, and a few others. Except yesterday it was DoDS between every single site!

  244. JustPeachy says:

    I can get to it just fine by hitting my bookmark. Thats odd that some are having issues.

  245. noneyabiz says:

    My bookmark isn’t working, either. Only got here by following a link.

  246. JustPeachy says:

    Try clearing your cookies. I just reformatted yesterday so that may be why I am not having issues is cus I haz no cookies.

  247. melmelly says:

    My bookmark didn’t work at first. I had to hit refresh a few times. Now it works just fine.

  248. jmama says:

    239 are you talking about the HC forum post that got deleted?? I was LMAO at the call out!

  249. melmelly says:

    Peachy – do you need a new cookie? 😉

  250. werd says:

    ohhh Peachy, I got a cookie for you! *rawr*

  251. ladylili says:

    251 she is on DS too. People were calling her out there too. Then it got deleted. She hasn’t posted anything new yet.

  252. Schmoopie says:

    I would like to thank the little baby Jesus for brining back the Drama.

    Missed you, bubbies.


  253. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    Melissa – I’d gladly to a knitting/diaper trade 🙂

  254. Jacky says:

    Sweet! I was getting worried there. I normally read it at work. Today I had to WORK. Ewww.

  255. JustPeachy says:

    Got enough pink cookies in my life tyvm. Now if we are talking chocolate chip or girl scout cookies, its on!

  256. FunnyMama says:

    can. breathe. again.

  257. FunnyMama says:

    Perez Hilton is a very poor dramz substitute

  258. Myself says:

    okay, I’m ready for more drama

  259. redfish bluefish says:

    pass teh dramaz plz

  260. treeindawind says:

    Yay! It’s back, I had just joined and was immediately hooked.

    How are you ladies? Did I miss anything good?

  261. Hexe says:

    I thought teacup would be bored again today and post on ds….

    Glad the site is upagain

  262. treeindawind says:

    Did anyone figure out who teacup is?

  263. DSDM2 says:

    I’m fairly sure I know who she is. 🙂

  264. Hexe says:

    who is it? who is it?

  265. smartassmama says:

    I missed you ladies! I went to town and paid bills and grocery shopped in snow because I was all “there’s nothing to read.”. I even made code word pm’s out of curiosity. Glad you’re back up and running!

  266. DSDM2 says:

    I want to see what else she tries and go from there.

    I DO NOT condone what she did on DS. She is over the line as far as that goes. But she is also welcome to post here all she wants.

  267. naturalmamadot says:

    Oh, Melody on CDN made it sound like she was never welcome here again/that you blocked her. I wonder why she hasnt posted again then?

  268. DSDM2 says:

    The only person blocked is Felisha.

  269. chrissyb says:

    Ok, having a little trouble catching up. What exactly did teacup do that was over the line? Is there a thread somewhere I missed? I saw the screen shots from DS calling fluffybutt all sorts of things, is that it? And who the heck was calling fluffybutt’s mom? Too much going on here, lol.

  270. naturalmamadot says:

    SHe told her to go kill herself on here. I honestly think ppl calling her mom is a total bullshit lie. She saw that someone tried to email her husband and ran with that line of thought. I could be wrong but meh

  271. naturalmamadot says:

    or THEY told her to go kill herself, I guess I cant assume teacup is a she

  272. DSDM2 says:

    I doubt anyone called her mom. It would have been posted here. But telling someone to go kill themselves already is WAY over the line.

  273. treeindawind says:

    Where is the thread on CDN? I need to get caught up on what I missed.

  274. JustPeachy says:

    I wanna know who the fuck teacup is! Just cus im a nosy bitch.

  275. smartassmama says:

    I missed the message/call to her mom thing. But I guess that’s what I get for going on a shopping trip Saturday 🙂

    It’s hard to keep up on here with WP’s mobile optimization (for instance, no post #s so I don’t know who’s being referenced). I mostly keep up via email when I can’t use the desktop. It’s a lot of thumb flicking on a touch screen once ya hit a few hundred comments! I’ll have to reread to find this mama stuff though!

  276. naturalmamadot says:

    I wanna know who teacup is too, it seems everyone is pretty sure but for some reason doesnt want to out them? Or they dont want to be wrong and so they are looking at what else she does, but shes not doing anything lmao

  277. mmspirit7 says:

    Thing I don’t get about fluffy’s mom is I thought fluffy went in to foster care because of something and didn’t have a relationship with her mother.

    Is this not true or am I mixed up on her stories again. I mean if my mom let me get rape and shit done to me like she claims I wouldn’t give a shit if people called her because I wouldn’t be talking to her.

    Hell I am not talking to my own mother and she has done less.

  278. JustPeachy says:

    That’s probably a lie too. Who can keep up with the shit she spews?

  279. FunnyMama says:

    in all honesty, I’d be much more interested in who teacup is if s/he didn’t “go there” with the go-kill-yourself hoopla. Making fun of someone is so much funner without the morbid crap, yanno?

  280. mmspirit7 says:

    Ehh, I am over fluffy I missed a bunch of the teacup thing and read it after the fact. To be honest she sounds trolly as well and wants attention to me or is in fact fluffy ass.

    I need new and fresh drama

  281. Myself says:

    hmmm, could teacup be Miles?

  282. DBSBMH says:

    OK, I’m new around these parts but have been lurking for quite some time. SO….. I’ve never had a single problem with admin since I started DS in August. After I posted in one of the many threads calling funk-ass out, I got a PM about my siggy being too long. (I don’t think it was) and then tonight, I get a PM about not being allowed to have two postings in the same category of FSOT. Even though they have been up for nearly two months, they are just NOW saying something? And, I asked for the one to be removed almost 2 weeks ago, and it was ignored. I just find this a bit odd. WTH? Is DS admin like a mutant army of poo swaddlers on a power trip? :buttscratch:

  283. FunnyMama says:

    there was a thread (can’t find it now, of course) about vaccines and how often kids get sick that I was SURE was going to be a hot mess but everyone unfortunately behaved over the course of the first 3 pages

  284. FunnyMama says:

    is there a phrase that means “power trip x 10”?

  285. naturalmamadot says:

    280, I have thought the same thing. Really now your child hood was THAT fucked up but you talk to your mom still? You are either dumb or a liar, probably both lol

  286. FunnyMama says:

    I totally just outed myself by pulling the classic newb move of replying to a post instead of sending a PM. Smaaaart.

  287. melmelly says:

    Smartassmama – you can turn off the optimization. You have to go to the bottom of the page and do it. Mine usually resets after a few days and I do it all over again.

  288. DBSBMH says:

    “the powertrip you’re on could generate 1.21 gigawats of electricity, Doc Brown”

  289. FunnyMama says:

    huge dilemma: giant cookies outside in the car. Do I get them?

  290. mmspirit7 says:

    292 no wake the hubby tell him you heard a noise and since he is out there can he get them LOL..depends what kind of cookies

  291. Myself says:

    289 – outed yourself where?

  292. FunnyMama says:

    294 – On DS.

    Funny story – I decided to go out and get the cookies only to realize they were in my purse which was 3 feet away from me the whole time

  293. Myself says:

    295 – I am confused. How did you out yourself? :err:

  294. FunnyMama says:

    someone I know from my local mommy forum posted about an ISO and I hit reply and was like, “Oh, XYZ is my name on the ABC forum, I know you! I have what you’re looking for, sincerely, my real name”

  295. Myself says:

    oh LOL

  296. treeindawind says:


  297. zosiasmama says:

    So good to see all you owlies and other newbs at CDN, anyone whoo hasn’t joined feel free to come on over. You will be treated like an adult and your computer can be on a vacation from having to work so hard keeping away the DS e-herp.

  298. smartassmama says:

    out of curiosity – what’s an owlie?

  299. twiddling*thumbs says:

    I am just happy to see you all back here… carry on.

  300. zosiasmama says:

    An owlie is a nickname for those who are on a night owl thread. Those who tend to stay up late and chat.

  301. Mylilgirls says:


    I’m calling myself out here, but the poster in #13 is my DSD’s bio mom. MY bio children (ages 1 &2) have an order of protection filed against her in 2 states. She is internet stalking me and I want to scream/cry/throw things/hide in a hole. I’d like to think that I’ve never brought too much drama to the board, but I can’t reply to the post or I’m afraid it can be used in court. I’m so sorry to bring my IRL drama on here, but this is a really serious issue for me. I reported the post and put why, but I am hoping that if more people report it, it will get looked at quicker.
    Thanks and sorry for bringing this here.

  302. Sarah C says:

    304 – I saw that post yesterday and thought it was weird. Figured it was something like that. Sorry you have a crazy stalking you!

  303. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    304- How crazy! I reported for you. I have a cyber-stalker, too, so I can sympathize. She’s no relation, but she’s a seriously obsessive chick with documented mental issues. Ugh. Thankfully she lives on the other side of the country.

  304. bearista says:

    Reported it for you mama. ((((hugs)))))

  305. Mylilgirls says:

    the post is gone now, so I think it got someone’s attention. hopefully, she won’t push too far, but I guess I’m done posting on DS for a LONG time!
    Big thanks you’s too the mama’s that reported!

  306. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    I just saw the posts in the former mod thread about peggy having 100%fdbk… did anyone notice MelissaCoffeys fdbk was removed completely? I can’t find it…

  307. Hexe says:

    #308 which thread are you talking about? Can they realy remove someones fdbk, that is creazy. Do you have a link?

  308. Myself says:

    309 – here is bethsflutterby feedback page with no negatives

    here is MelissaCoffey without the feedback she left, so not cool

  309. Hexe says:

    Wow, so not cool. As if nothing ever happened….. so what is the fdbk feature for again?

  310. smartassmama says:

    311. for letting everyone know how wonderfully a B/S/T went down, even if that means there are negatives too – just omitted, just for a false sense of security, ducks, and bunnies. Duh!

    /sarcasm. 😉

  311. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Oh good lord. I wonder if Melissa knows it was deleted? That’s ridiculous.

  312. Myself says:

    Well someone can Rep her over a CDN and let her know

  313. Myself says:

    Okay, looks like Melissa asked for it to be removed because they are in mediation in a private room with all of the people who have had negative transactions with Peggy and it is actually looking like it will be resolved appropriately.

  314. smartassmama says:

    interesting. Hope it will be resolved well. Maybe this is DS realizing that be assholey and letting stuff slide is uncool? And people are noticing?

  315. smartassmama says:


  316. newhere says:

    oh boo – my post is awaiting moderation…is that because of the links?

  317. smartassmama says:

    A couple times today it has told me that I double posted here, but it ends up just fine. hrm.

    I’ll be refreshing for some tasty links to read though!

  318. smartassmama says:

    Speak of the devil, it did it again. lol “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

  319. newhere says:

    they’re just links to all of loverbugs FB – someone asked what the deal was with her 😉 Although I wish all of the people who *should* leave her FB *would*!!

  320. DSDM2 says:

    Yeah, links put you in moderation, but usually one of us is around to approve them 🙂

  321. Hexe says:

    I think even if something gets resolved the fdbk should stand. Or should mediation be involved in every transaction? I rather b/s/t without drama, I mean is it tomuch to ask for to have a smooth transaction? Mediationand removing the fdbk doesn’t change the fact that the transaction did not happen as it should have. Andit was not a communication issue in this case.

  322. DSDM2 says:

    MelissaCoffey shoot me a copy of the FB you left please.

    If anyone has a SS of what it was, I would love it.

  323. thewitch says:

    #325 ITA! I still wouldn’t want to buy from her, despite any resolution with the people she screwed.

    Did you guys see this? LOL, talk about leaving yourself wide open. Took every thing I had not to say yes, yes you are.

  324. naturalmamadot says:

    Weird about the snappis though I SUCK at pinning, like I only pin diapers on dolls and even then the doll would be in the ER if they were a real child, let alone if it WAS a real child that moved and stuff haha, I never had a problem with them but rarely used them I hate pinnable/snappiable dipes and prefolds never stayed on after he started moving.

  325. naturalmamadot says:

    And first of all, my snappi came in a packge with no directions on it and CERTAINLY didnt tell me to pull the rubber things over to the claw side. Secondly, I just tried that and it did nothing to cover the claws in any way, I did however almost take off a finger trying to get it off, I had to use the end of a comb to get it off eventually. Lovely. lolol

  326. Lolanae says:

    With the snappi thread, what kills me is the one mom saying it was funny her son getting so mad at being caught on his sheet or whatever. I want to straight out ask her, would it be so hilarious if that caught and ended up harming him?

  327. smartassmama says:

    I had Snappi’s for probably a year before my husband realized that the loops can be used to ‘cover’ (sort of) the claws. To me it just hinders a quick diaper changing.

    There was a how-to about pinning on DS that I found, and since I would much rather pin than Snappi. But we are a mostly-pocket family, so it doesn’t happen often.

  328. smartassmama says:

    I snagged my own belly with the bottom, slightly useless Snappi leg one day. It.Hurt. If my LO hadn’t already been crying I probably would have.

  329. redfish bluefish says:

    ITA Danni-Join us! Even if you’re not a nightowl, join us 😀 We haz cookiez.

  330. Lolanae says:

    I was terrified of pinning first. I practiced on a bear. lol. I’ve stuck myself many times, but I’d rather bleed than my daughter. When I pin, I put my hand between the diaper and her.

  331. redfish bluefish says:

    Can someone give me a rundown about the snappi thread? I dont wanna go to VirusSwappers.

  332. Lolanae says:

    Fluffybutt is talking about figuring out snappis or something and called herself dumb.

    And DSDM2 – I’m getting the duplicated message error as well.

  333. naturalmamadot says:

    334 – thats the thing, if i ever poked myself there would be huge issues like I would freak the fuck out haha. I can take shots or a blood draw but I refuse to put myself in a situation where I might stick myself in the hand, and it totally WOULD happen. The poor dolls with diapers on around here have a thousand pin holes lmao.

    I am also getting the duplicate message every single time I post.

  334. teacup (AKA idontgetit, It's A Snap, Newherebutwow, MilkMaid) says:

    Ladies, I tried. The staff finally wizened up and began moderating new accounts. So I was not able to spam the board over and over like I had planned. Sorry.

  335. noneyabiz says:

    *Posting just to see if I get a duplicate error message*

  336. noneyabiz says:

    Yep, sure did.

  337. redfish bluefish says:

    Thanks! And HAHA about Felitwat

  338. redfish bluefish says:

    I’m not getting a duplicate

  339. sciencefair says:

    I will say something if I get a duplicate.

    About snappis vs pins. We love pins here. Haven’t stuck a kid yet. Though our pediatrician was very quick to give recommendations on how to pin with out getting the kid. I laughed because we had been CDing for months at that point, but that was the first time we wore a PF to the docs, even though we used them almost exclusively at home.

    I hated that I would find snappis stuck in the carpet. And I swear they were stretched and then attached. Plus, I didn’t like the package saying they should be replaced every 6 months. I was afraid it would pop and attack the kiddo.

  340. sciencefair says:

    No duplicate message here.

  341. DSDM2 says:

    No Snappi injuries here either…

    I am also getting the duplicate. WP is having some issues, which they are working on (which is why we were down). It must have something to do with that whole thing.

  342. juliankenziesmama says:

    I am HIGHLY considering going to pins. This was after going to the grocery store the other night and having a lady in back of me point out that there was somthing stuck in my hair. Much to my embarrassment, there was a snappi.
    Not even sure how it got there

  343. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    No snappi injuries here! ROFL @ having a nsappi stuck in your hair!

  344. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    er- make that snappi*

  345. Aj says:

    Speaking of things stuck in ones hair…

    This evening my 3 yo pointed out, “mommy you have mac and cheese in your hair.” Sure enough, there was a noodle hanging out in there. Isn’t mommyhood great?

  346. EM says:

    No kid injuries. I got attacked once when I dropped a snappi mid diaper change and thought I grabbed it before it hit the carpet and yanked only to find that it did indeed hook itself onto the floor. Big ol’ gash running the entire length of my palm and down my fingers.

    I only use snappis with a cover. The bottom gripper never grips right and I’m afraid DS will get stuck to something…

  347. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    I always use a cover with snappis too. Isnt there a warning on the package?

  348. rainbow says:

    Does anyone know the real details behind this Spots listing: and the related dramariffic thread: on DS?

  349. Aj says:

    Ugh, Pipersmama gets on my nerves.

  350. naturalmamadot says:

    I remember some drama with her but cant remember exactly what

  351. JustPeachy says:

    Who is the knitter? Her name sounds familiar but its not coming to me.

  352. JustPeachy says:

    Im getting the duplicate comment error as well.

  353. DSDM2 says:

    Whomever it was that just requested me on IM, I’m online now.

  354. Myself says:

    I want you on YIM, what’s your email ?

    huh huh? I want to be in the IN club!

  355. kukukachoo says:

    well, the spots listing is now gone.

  356. Myself says:

    I wonder who bought it.

    I would have loved to but you know the principle behind it and all

  357. Pariah says:

    we never had any snappi injuries either. our problem was losing them.

  358. Pariah says:

    349. DS dropped a half eaten cracker while at the doctors office. i looked around for it but couldn’t find it. when i was undressing for bed i found it stuck to the front of my shirt.

  359. smartassmama says:

    Far more embarrassing.
    When my oldest was a few months old I craved some Chinese. Went to town wearing actual clothes instead of my mom tshirts (polo tube dress), got her out of the car, put her on my hip and strolled in around 12:30. Got seated, ordered my drink, made a trip to the buffet, sat us down and looked to my left and realized that my entire left boob cup was shining. My bra was black, my dress light blue. And the bra was a DDD. People saw this and didn’t say a word. I didn’t go back for a whole year.

  360. redfish bluefish says:

    teacup-what was up w/telling felisha to off herself? was that you that said that?

  361. DSDM2 says:

    OK, so I have been back and forth with this, and I apologize for any mistaken communications… but I am going to rephrase my stance on TeaCup…

    We do not and will not support Teacup or activites like what she is doing/did. She went over the line, by a long shot.

    She is only allowed to post here if she wants to come back by her ORIGINAL user name, she has 3.

    This is not her first time here (or elsewhere) attacking members of DS, CDN, and this blog.

  362. Myself says:

    Are you gonna tell us who she is?

  363. me says:

    It isn’t Snap, is it?

  364. naturalmamadot says:

    hahaha me! I wonder!

  365. Myself says:

    My guess was Miles but I’m probably wrong

  366. screenname says:


    Is there a reason why everyone who knows/theorizes the identity of teacup doesn’t want to share?

  367. DSDM2 says:

    Myself, DSDM2 is my YIM

  368. DSDM2 says:

    TeaCup matches 3 names here:

    And one on CDN.

  369. monkey says:

    You know that thread about the longies really irked me because I find Ladybenz to be such a giant flaming bitch.

    I agree that the comments about the transaction weren’t necessary in the listing.

    I’ve hated her ever since I saw a thread where a newbie referred to some longies she made as “silly stripes” and LadyBenz left her the nastiest comment about it being a trademarked name etc. The mama was obviously super new and just didn’t know, she changed the title as soon as she was told. But it was obviously an honest mistake, she didn’t need to get reamed over it.

  370. Aj says:

    369, it’s definitely not Miles, she’s dumber than a dorrknob. She thought a laptop was called a labtop for god’s sake. No way would she have the brains to pull that off. Plus I think she’s friends with fat ass. 🙂

  371. Aj says:

    And apparently so am I, *doorknob*

  372. sockrocker says:

    i bet it’s teacup who caused me to get questioned about IP addresses on DS via YIM….hmmm thanks…

  373. naturalmamadot says:

    Why do you say that sockrocker? sry if im missing something

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