The last post was edited by DS for outting, but I grabbed a screen shot first.

I’m not on the side of the OP for not leaving FB, but the fact that a former mod is the other party?

If you can’t say something nice..??? ( )

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If you can’t say something nice..???

Just wanted some quick advice. In the middle of a trade that has gone on far too long. Same thing you always hear “family issues” Trade started in August 2009. My part of trade was totally complete by November 2009 and was told other part of trade would also be done. November 19th was told “half done, other half will be done by this weekened…” and then little contact. After Christmas I checked in, still only half done. Waited. Checked in first week of January, no message back. Checked in this week, supposed to be mailed out this Saturday. Two months from “done this weekend” to actually saying they’d be mailed. That just seems like a lot to me

Trade was for diapers made of my materials, but that I still have to snap once they arrive back to me. My biggest issue is that at this point, I am having a really hard time snapping the diapers *I* am working on because I am hugely pregnant with pelvic dysfunction issues. I am in pain most of the time and I was hopeful I would have these in time for husband to put snaps on during his winter break. Now, that’s impossible. He’s only home for one hour between dinner and going to sleep due to his work/school schedule. I wouldn’t be as upset if these were a bigger size, but these are my NEWBORN diapers. Today I was offered that these could be sent to another WAHM to be snapped for me, but at this point it’s like “Uhm then when would I see them?” I am due in 7ish weeks.

Question is, if a trade ultimately ends well, but it caused grief and stress over the duration, do you leave feedback accordingly or just leave the feedback alone. I am not the type to want everyone to know how this went. I have been very quiet about my real feelings during the trade, even though I’ve been in tears over it. I don’t want to “get back” or cause any issues and this person is very sweet and has 100% positive feedback. However, I am just really, really unhappy with the timing and communication. Is just expressing this to the other person enough? I don’t want to cause any hurt or bad feelings….

Melissa, Momma to 5 on earth, one in heaven and one on the way! and happy to meet YOU! My knitting Show and Tell Album I love knitting for trades!
Tons of new wool for sale or trade!!!
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Re: If you can’t say something nice..???

Originally Posted by Skittle View Post
I would be upset about this and to be honest…..if it would take this long I would back out. Have you shipped your stuff already?

My part of the trade was totally and completely done back in November, shipped and all. And this is for sewing diapers out of MY materials, so I don’t know how to back out LOL! Sticky situation. I sent my already cut out diaper inners, soaker pads already made and outer fabrics….all the materials to assemble the diapers. I just needed them serged with elastic put in. She isn’t putting closures on. It worked out to being $5.25 per diaper in trade value.

I hope I am not being a huge big baby here, but my biggest, biggest issue is…two months ago I was told these would be done. I had big plans for my husband to sit on the floor with the snap press and snap them. The thought of snapping them now…is just excruiating. If anyone here has ever had SPD…and had to spend several months of pregnancy walking around feeling like you were going to split in two is shaking their head in agreement right now. I don’t have my press mounted and just cannot use it on the table, for fear it would slide off and fall on my foot, or worse, on a child’s foot, so I painstakingly sit on the floor to apply snaps to things.

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Re: If you can’t say something nice..???

According to other person, I should not have contacted a mod when my last PM of “When can I expect these diapers” went unanswered despite this person posting on forums and I have not waited any longer than she had to How does that work?

Don’t you hate it when you go along, being nice, and then the second you say “Hey I’m a little unhappy about this trade..” all the sudden it’s YOU that gets turned into the bad guy?


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Re: If you can’t say something nice..???

Apparently this person is taking a DS break now according to their siggy (is that okay to say?) so I don’t think there will be any chance of this happening to someone else. Because of how I’ve felt about leaving less than positive, I can’t be sure there isn’t someone else out there that hasn’t had a similiar experience, but she’s been quick to point out that she’s never had anyone dissatisfied with her before. I understand that as well, but I have to point out (and I know she’s reading this) that I am not those other people. I am not the people listed on your positive feedback page. THOSE are people that recieved what they needed to recieve in a timely fashion. I am not in that group and I think it’s really unfair to somehow expect the person who isn’t happy to somehow be satisfied with how well you’ve done in previous transactions. This is OUR transaction, not your 100% positive feedback that’s being dealt with. Your 100% positive feedback reflects that you’ve been active in trades and swaps and come through with other transactions, which does not make me feel better, it makes me feel worse. It shows me you chose to complete those other things ahead of mine.

I wish people would just own their mistakes. Own up to it, make it right and stop scrambling to justify it by giving a million reasons why it was okay to do this. It is what it is

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Re: If you can’t say something nice..???

I just got a tracking # this evening I will update when they get here. I don’t think this person would up and run or anything. She has a LOT of feedback, a TON of posts, was a moderator, etc. I think the “taking a DS break” is just one of those things where you are cruising along, everything is great and then you have one bad thing and can’t handle it. I don’t necessarily agree with ducking and running because we’re all human, and I am not a big jerk. I am not going to run this person, or her name, through the mud or anything. I just finally spoke up about the delay and she pretty much freaked.
  1. No One Important says:

    So which former mod is the other party?

  2. werd says:

    ooooooh, who is the other party?!

  3. Myself says:

    Yeah what #s 1 and 2 said

  4. tlouise says:

    Yeah, I’m curious (nosy) too…

  5. DSDM2 says:

    I have no idea who it is…

  6. werd says:

    c’mon, where are our drama blog SUPER SLEUTHS?!

    If I didn’t have sewn cloth pads coming out of my ears right now I’d do some digging!

  7. onehipmommy says:

    I typed in “taking a DS break” into my Google toolbar and it took me to a DS page by “sabrinas the mommies”. I’m not sure it that is it, I didn’t want to actually go to the DS page because of viruses. Could it be her?

  8. DSDM2 says:

    Nope, just got a message… it is bethsflutterby, and she has a Etsy shop:

  9. screenname says:

    bethsflutterby just posted an hour ago and doesn’t have anything in her sig about taking a break? She’s actually posted quite a bit today, so if it’s her then she really needs to get off the computer and into the sewing room.

  10. DSDM2 says:

    I am taking what I was told as true. There aren’t many ex mods who are still members.

  11. screenname says:

    She said 4 days ago that she’s taking a break and she’s still posting about the forums not finishing this poor mom’s diapers? So glad she’s taking a break. It must be hard work to NOT serge together newborn diapers she’s had since August.

  12. screenname says:

    bethsflutterby’s Avatar
    ~Just focusing on God & Family!~

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    Feedback: 100%
    Feedback Score: 297 reviews, 100%

    Re: Super Snowy Basic Wednesday

    Just wanted to say “Hello” and sort of “Goodbye”! LOL
    After I finish up a few transactions here on DS, I’ll be MIA 95% of the time!
    Not that I’m on the thread all that much recently anyways

  13. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    What a mess. Neg. feedback is MORE than deserved, no matter how the finished product looks. Poor Melissa, having to deal with all this on top of her pain issues in these last weeks. 😦

  14. amessymama says:

    If she wants to find out who she is, she should come over here. I’m sure we’d all be glad to inform her. πŸ˜€

  15. tlouise says:

    lol messy…that lady has always gotten on my nerves…not sure why…

  16. tlouise says:

    (I meant bethflutterby or whatever)

  17. Aj says:

    She’s always annoyed the piss out of me too, good riddance.

  18. .bin. says:

    She was a douche as a mod too. ugh. good riddance.

    Anyone know the deal with the whole Shyleigha(i think?) thing with her custody issues? It seems crazy that if it is as she post about it, that she can’t go back to court, petition the courts on her own or simply call the police with what is going on or is it just me?

  19. JustPeachy says:

    That bitch emits crazy troll vibes. I find it very hard to be sympathetic with her because it is far too far fetched. I mean her children being taken away because her ex h felt that she was sexually abusing them by breastfeeding them? And they weren’t way old (notthat we are gonna get into that) but maybe like 1 and 3?

  20. Lolanae says:

    It wouldn’t be Sabrina. She hasn’t had any transactions or activity on DS in ages. She’s over at CDN now. I don’t think she does snaps on diapers either.

  21. melmelly says:

    8-That isn’t a shop. Just a profile with some of her recent “favorited” items. If she did have a shop, it would have a box at the top that would have a link to “Shop Home”.

  22. smartassmama says:

    Wow! Recycle huh?
    I half expected to see something Beedazzled, though I’m not sure why.

  23. screenname says:

    I feel so awful for this mama right now. That is complete bullshit.

  24. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    oh my word. i was going to do a transaction with her but thank goodness i didnt have the funds!

  25. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Did anyone happen to see my post to Melissa? Apparently it rubbed some one the wrong way, because it was deleted. I seriously didn’t even tread a close line this time. I was straight-up within the rules, and just told Melissa that she needed to leave NEGATIVE, not neutral like some people were suggesting. I told her it happens all too often that people are afraid to leave appropriate feedback because some one is or used to be a mod/admin, because they are afraid of the backlash. Some one tell me how that is wrong? SERIOUSLY?! When I went back to see if there was resolution to the issue, I noticed my post had been deleted, so I posted this in Ask The Pros:

  26. Myself says:

    #30 – it was deleted because you gave out information that had been deleted from one of the posts

    They took out the info about mods and you mentioned it in your post.

    It is considered outing because there are not that many former mods, or so I ASSume.

  27. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    They’re so full of bullcrap, if that’s their reasoning. There’re several former-mods.

  28. iken says:

    She has pics up of the poor, chewed up diapers. It looks like her serger was hungry or something.

  29. adensmama says:

    I really had to LOL at that coastal creations thread, and I would so love to post something like:

    I’m sorry Coastal Creations, that someone said you were mean. They must be lying, because you have helped me and my family so much! I mean, come on- free eyeshadow! I honestly do not know how we would have gotten through the holiday season without my free eyeshadow. My husband was laid of recently, and we have two sets of twins, one set of triplets, two dogs, nine cats, a ferret, one hamster and 5 baby hamsters. We did not have any presents under the tree, but because I was wearing eyeshadow it was okay. Plus, Jesus reeeeeally likes it when I wear the free eyeshadow to church.

  30. amessymama says:

    I looks like she tried to serge by hand. πŸ˜€ Maybe that’s why it took so long. LOL

  31. amessymama says:

    34-lol You should!

  32. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    Deviate your post in ask the pros is gone too.

  33. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    37- Of course it is. I also received a PM from SFF, telling me she was the one who deleted my post to Melissa in T&F, because I was outing and stirring up drama. Whatever. Then, she gave me a strike because I was disrespectful by ‘yelling at them’ in my post in Ask The Pros. Yes, she’s right, my title was in caps. I was e-yelling at them to get their attention. Asinine.

  34. Not Me At All says:

    I don’t know who Shayne is but “alleged money” LMAO

  35. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Aaaaaah- Shayne rocks my socks. Earthmamatobe is right-on, too. Shocked that their posts haven’t been deleted. I’m SURE the cry baby reported the posts. :rolls eyes:

  36. Not Me At All says:

    Noticed in her military thread she now says they have 2000.00 a month left over from each check. How much does an Army private make?

  37. Messy says:

    😦 Why did she (a woman who uses her kid for attention and is abusively negligent AT BEST) have to throw in that the baby has life insurance paid for??? Why??? I know I promised myself not to comment on her anymore, because she is sooo not worth my time, but if her son has life insurance, and she is a nutcase who uses him for attention, then I hope like hell someone gets that kid from her soon. That crazy bitch loves money and spending and her son is just her stepping stone for attention anyhow 😦

    Originally Posted by fluffybutt View Post
    Didn’t ask for WHAT to spend I asked for ideas what to get.

    And YOU were snarky in your comment about me not getting a ring and put it in my sons college fund. If you MUST know my grandpa put a trust fund together for my son when he was born, paid his life insurance too.

    I also never said I’d spend all 500$ of it. I could just keep washing a lot and getting sposies and spend WAY over the 500$

  38. kukukachoo says:

    i kept my lips sealed on this chick till today. AF is here, kids are sick and cranky, house is a mess and so it was the wrooong day to read more of her BS.

    She’s crying for mods to lock the thread because we are just soooooo mean.

    On a positive note, her fluffyass did threaten to leave the forum.

  39. Messy says:

    She won’t leave.
    I wonder how many people have emailed the SPONSORS of DS to show them the type of posters DS keeps around to boost their numbers. Do these sponsors want to be drug into a huge catastrophe when this chick snaps? Because they will… Wahms, businesses, everything. The news channels are not nice. The sponsors (esp the big ones that advertise based on numbers not being a WAHM that frequents the site) should know about her and the viruses, IMO. A few C&Ps should help them out.

  40. noisybean says:

    Umm, is anybody following this?

    Why not share your butt cheek sex with the entire world.

  41. felishasjourney says:

    Oh I just LOVE the attention you guys give me. It makes me feel like a celeb how much you feel the need to talk about me.

    My great GRANDMOTHER paid for my sons life insurance because she paid for my brothers and my mothers and my grandpa paid for mine.

    If anything, You guys are stupid to not have life insurance on everyone in your family.

    Want my address to call CPS? I’d gladly give it to you because I know I’ve done NOTHING wrong and have NEVER neglected my son. So go ahead. πŸ™‚

    LMAO taking my son away because I have life insurance on him. what a joke.

  42. Lolanae says:

    My husband is an e6 with over twelve years in the Navy. We don’t even clear 2k extra after each paycheck. Hell, our check (allotments and all) is only about 2500. I’ve never dealt with an overseas deployment, but I know there are some extra allotments, but I can’t see it being THAT much?

    Her shit is sooo not adding up. And the Army might not have taken that money back yet, but they still could. Especially when someone starts book keeping for the end of the fiscal year in September.

  43. felishasjourney says:

    We also have hardly ANY debt besides our car and a loan we had to take out when our FIL died.

    My husband is DEPLOYED so we do have extra money. What do you care. Jealous I guess. And my husband isn’t a private lmao

    as much as you pry into my life you should know that.

  44. JustPeachy says:

    Go away troll!

  45. felishasjourney says:

    Oh peachy.. Don’t feed me if you don’t want me here.

    Like I said.. Don’t post about me and I won’t reply..

  46. Messy says:

    PURE EXAMPLE :::sigh::: I relate that she is abusively neglectful at best and worry that the baby has life insurance (that she obviously thinks about to throw it out there like that for no reason at all) and the only thing she discusses (yet, does not dispute the realization that she is abusive/neglectful/uses her son for attention) is the life insurance. Yep. So, every mother must think that way :::shake head sadly for a baby in grave danger:::

  47. Messy says:

    Hey Peachy, have you seen the “I love this yarn” acrylic? I am thinking of making woolies with it (cuz the colors are gorgeous!) and lanolizing them like wool… It is a totally different texture than regular acrylics. Whatcha think?

  48. magpiedpiper says:


    Can we please stop feeding the delusional, multiple-personalities, ignorant troll?

  49. felishasjourney says:

    If you’re so worried about my child, Why haven’t you called CPS?

    I’ve offered you my address.

    My child is in no danger. In fact, I’m pretty sure he has no diaper rash, gets food when hungry, gets naps, gets read to, gets cuddling and loving… If that’s neglect then HOLY SHIT I wonder what it’s called when a child goes hungry and is actually abused.

  50. Lolanae says:

    Acrylic has how much water holding properties again? lol

  51. felishasjourney says:

    Delusional, Multiple-Personalities, ignorant troll?

    Really now? LMAO. Okay.

  52. Messy says:

    #56 about the same as wool only in a fleece type way. Make sense? LOL! I have never lanolized the acrylic before, but this stuff feels so strange. I keep rubbing the skein ROFL!!! But a lot of people swear by acrylic because of ease of use…

  53. magpiedpiper says:

    Ooh, messy. I have a question. I’ve not used wool, but my MIL made us a few soakers from that wool you can throw in the washer. Woolwash? Whatever it is? We use them at night. Can I lanolize them and get more than one use out of them you think?

  54. Lolanae says:

    Felisha, since you are here –

    Really don’t see why you jumped all over Earthmama. She gave you a valid way to spend the 500 dollars. If you didn’t like the suggestion, move on. She wasn’t being snarky. You instantly took it as an attack it seemed.

    And I’m sorry, but if my kid needed diapers, I’d get that over a new bag made out of camo or cigarettes or whatever else you spend for fun. Who cares if you were told to spend the money on yourself? And also, just because your family keeps buying you sposies, doesn’t mean you have to use them. Return them to the store un opened and use that money for cloth diapers.

    Easy enough, right?

  55. Lolanae says:

    Speaking of wool…I need a shaver. lol. Thanks for the reminder mentioning wool, ladies.

  56. Messy says:

    #59 YES!!! I accidentally bought some super wash longies a couple years ago. I had stayed away from them for some reason ROFL! Anyhow, lanolizing them makes them last just exactly like regular woolies. Now, they don’t hold as much wetness, IMO, but they will dry and not need washed after every use just like regular wool if you lanolize them. I would not hesitate to buy superwash now. The colors are brighter on some anyhow LOL!!!

  57. felishasjourney says:

    If you return them to the store, they only give you credit.

    He doesn’t need diapers, he has diapers. They may be sposies, but he still has diapers.

    The bag was to be a diaper bag, that I have gotten half of the money back so far and I have already bought him some FOST dipes w/ the PP I received.

  58. Shaynethepain says:

    hey all… thanks for the props…

    i’ll take that address gladly..

  59. Messy says:

    #61 BUY IT NOW!!! They have them in regular walmart/kmart stores while sweaters are in season for around $4 per two pack!!! During the summer (when mine freaking broke!!!) I couldn’t find one to save my arse!

  60. mmspirit says:

    Messy I love acrylic I don’t know if you can use wool wash on it but I haven’t and one of autumns fav pairs are from the simply soft eco.

    I know what you mean about that i love this yarn and how it feels

  61. Shaynethepain says:

    well i guess my posts have to be allowed. maybe cause im new?

    oh well , i hope she comes back and gives me that address ..

  62. smartassmama says:

    Oh. My. Word.

    I think I. Oh. I just don’t even know how to reply! That should totally have been in Sensitive Subjects or something. And if my husband did that to me, he wouldn’t do it a second time.

  63. mmspirit7 says:

    Messy I love acrylic I don’t know if you can use wool wash on it but I haven’t and one of autumns fav pairs are from the simply soft eco.

    I know what you mean about that i love this yarn and how it feels

    sorry i messed up my s/n

  64. magpiedpiper says:

    Sweet, thanks. That would definitely help stretch sleepers and covers then. Now I just need something to lanolize. I have lansinoh lanolin, and I have wipe solution that I know has lanolin in it. Would either of those work in a pinch?

  65. smartassmama says:

    Guess that’s what I get for not refreshing. lol

    And all this talk of wool just makes me want to try it. Even more!

  66. Messy says:

    mmspirit, I *think* I read somewhere that you could use lanoline (I LOVE THE SCENT of Baby Grace from FOTW) and I was thinking it might make it a little more water resistant (from soaking it up) but I dunno… I have two skeins and think it is enough to make ds a XXL pair. It has pink in the color scheme (with purple, green, ivory) and I was going to make him a pink/dark pink tie dyed shirt that says “Tough Boys Rock Pink!” to go with them ROFL!!!

  67. Messy says:

    #67 Lasinoh is what you use. Take a blob of it (lima bean sized for the first lanolizing) and melt it in a little cup of water (baby food jar works great) in the microwave. Then add it to some wicked warm water (since it is superwash, you don’t have to worry about felting, so go for the hot LOL). Then soak them. I leave them in over night. Wring/roll out and hang to dry πŸ™‚

  68. Messy says:

    #68 It was the same subject. From shit catcher type one to shit catcher type two… ROFL! :::gag:::

  69. mmspirit7 says:

    Messy that sounds great! do let me know we are going to use wool and acrylic mostly with autumn and the bean. dh hates the idea or pul though we are going to try it.

    what I need to get my hands on is side snapping shirts and lap tees as I hope to have mostly longies or sleepers for the bean

  70. Messy says:

    Yeah, I want to use a lot of fitteds. I do need some PUL covers but not too many. However, the bulk is wool. My LYS carries the Malabrigo that I am now hopelessly addicted to LOL!
    I went to start a hat out of Pattons (that I used to love) last night and just put it down. I can’t go back just yet ROFL!

  71. smartassmama says:

    Nice way of looking at it Messy! I was thinking shit starter, but catcher makes perfect sense too.

  72. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL that’s funny I need to get shopping for dd and the bean right now i have been shoping for the bean LOL

  73. magpiedpiper says:


    Nice analogy.

    And thanks for the info! I’m going to do that tonight then. We’re PUL cover users so I’m a little wool dumb.

  74. Messy says:

    I said fitteds :::sigh::: I mean PREFOLDs and fitteds too. Not AIOs, ok LOL!

  75. mmspirit7 says:

    I want to try prefolds this time around and I love fitted already i am only getting pockets for dh because he would like to try them. LOL

  76. Messy says:

    Yeah, prefolds are sooo easy to use. I am going to embellish them with fleece so they are more useful though.

  77. ashley says:

    Ooh, I like the idea of soakers/longies made with the I Love This Yarn acrylic! I’m a PUL pockets girl just starting to get into fitteds, so am really wanting to try some different cover options (and I’m just too scared to ruin and too lazy to treat wool).

    Can you wash acrylic on hot (with dipes)? Or would it be easier to wash w/ normal clothes and use fabric softener instead of lanolizing?

  78. kukukachoo says:

    And Felisha obviously (and predictably) went and tattled again- thread locked. Is it just me or is this mod sounding like she is telling her to just shut up and deal with it? Me thinks so.

    fluffybutt, If you see a post that makes you feel the desire to defend yourself you can just skim it and choose not to repsond.

    I’ll check back in on this. ANY more posting by ANY member in an effort to stir drama up will be removed and warnings/strikes issued

    Locking this for the next little bit to let things cool off.. Will re-open later this evening.

  79. felishasjourney says:

    So a mod told you I “tattled’…

    Unless they did, Think otherwise πŸ˜‰

  80. magpiedpiper says:

    OMG. Messy, you are just a wealth of information today for me. Embellishing prefolds with fleece. duh. It would save me from having to put the doubler inside the trifolded prefold, then the fleece liner on top. Every little step takes time. lol

  81. Aj says:

    WOW, where are peoples’ filters? :jawdrop:

  82. Messy says:

    #80 Yeah, acrylic can go right in with the diapers just like fleece covers. I think they are nearly the same thing in reality… Just a much different look.

  83. kukukachoo says:

    oh no, but i’m sure you did. which is why she threw in the “i just saw this thread” line.

    it’s so obvious that she’s TRYING to cover you for reporting it- otherwise that comment would have never been necessary.

    it’s ob-vi-ous.

  84. smartassmama says:

    Either someone tattled (OP or someone else offended *for* her), oR the mod felt sorry for OP. And really, unless the Mod just came back from a 3 month vacay, I’m guessing the first option. . .

  85. Messy says:

    #83 Yup. I embellish BOTH sides of the prefolds. The reason being that the fleece on the inside keeps the baby feeling dry and the fleece on the outside keeps ME feeling dry ROFL! Also, it kinda holds the wetness in… I do it in a way that I attach it at both ends and leave it loose in the middle so drying time is not affected. Sometimes I throw a loose layer of microfiber in there too for over night use.
    Also, if you bikini twist, it makes it cute with the embellishment on both sides πŸ˜‰

  86. felishasjourney says:

    Who cares? I reported a post w/ a direct insult YESTERDAY. Not today tho.

  87. smartassmama says:

    Acrylics, now there’s another option I want to try! You’ve convinced me. If only I could knit! The 2yo steals everything I crochet, so I’ll have to scour for a WAHM!

  88. Messy says:

    Yeah, she is a HUGE TATTLER CRY TIT and has been banned from more than one forum for her abuse of the “report” button. All the forums that have banned her are on the list for info for the DS sponsors to look at…

  89. smartassmama says:

    Where are you able to get fleece tht doesn’t pil up, or thin out after 5 or so washes?

  90. Messy says:

    #92 Joannes. The stuff from walmart pills up really badly and fades horribly. Joannes is thicker and doesn’t pill and fade as much IMO. I am sure there are other options in bigger areas but as it is I have to drive 45 minutes to get to Joannes and the LYS.

  91. felishasjourney says:


    Do you really think the sponsors are going to stop sponsoring the site because of ONE person.

    Wow, I feel so proud. /sarcasm.

  92. magpiedpiper says:

    Do you guys feel like you are back in high school? You know, when you would be trying to hang out with your friends and some jerk nobody liked kept trying to butt in? Why wouldn’t that person use their energy to go find some people that actually wanted their company, instead of wasting it with people they knew didn’t want them around? It always seemed weird to me.

  93. kukukachoo says:

    89. actually i don’t *care*. at all. you are less significant than a fart to my world. and now that i think about it, farts, even though they stink still make me laugh- much like you! pfffffffft! oh, excuse me!

  94. mmspirit7 says:

    Hey I want an acrylic yarn coop cheap yarn for cheap prices LOL… the fleece idea is one i will have to look at i odn’t have a joann’s so i will have to check hobby lobby or drive to austin…well i am getting a new car…it’s so nice to have bills paid off

  95. juliankenziesmama says:

    here is an instance where you contradict yourself:
    “If you MUST know my grandpa put a trust fund together for my son when he was born, paid his life insurance too.”

    But here you say that it was your great grandmother.
    If you don’t want people all over you I think you need to try a bit harder to keep your stories straight πŸ™‚

  96. felishasjourney says:

    Maybe if no one talked about me here, I wouldn’t butt in.

    In fact, the shit talking on me is more high school than me defending myself.

  97. mmspirit7 says:

    since you are here reading did you call tricare and get the referal and call one of the many docs i gave you info for?

  98. Mylilgirls says:

    fluffy, can I give you some advice? Stop posting every little detail of your life on the web! Please. When you quit splattering your life, former abuse issues, preferred sexual positions, financial info, and how much state aid you’re on over the net, people will stop questioning you about it.

  99. sockrocker says:

    hey ladies πŸ˜€

    couldnt help myself

  100. JustPeachy says:

    I didnt feed you stupid troll. I said go away.

  101. Not Me At All says:

    Funny that a senior mod posts in the thread without feeling the need to lock it.

    Sorry, I know I should not poke the troll but DAMN!!

    So if you are military you can get government assistance AND have 2000$ a MONTH to blow on useless stuff? How does one blow 24 grand a year on useless stuff? I’ve known crack addicts that did not spend that month a month.

  102. Not Me At All says:

    *that much a month*

  103. JustPeachy says:

    Messy I absolutely hate acrylic. I have never tried that particular type but I do love their I love this Wool yarn. I need to snag a few skeins from hobby lobby for the newbie.

  104. verucasalt says:

    Felisha, you sound like a sad, unhappy, silly little girl who has alot of growing up to do. I hope you AND your husband manage to pull it together and be the grown up’s that your son needs you to be. $1200 on a wedding ring? Why? So you can impress the cashier who takes your WIC checks, or to show the world how “well” you are doing? I feel bad for you, and your son, because one day reality will bite you hard on the ass and you will wish you had done things in a different way.

  105. downy20 says:

    You know if everyone would stop poking Felisha, I truly think she would just go away. I hate to see threads of hers with a million responses and locked. You know she enjoyed all the attention. Ignore…ignore…ignore!!

  106. Not Me At All says:

    I have a huge chest full of acrylic yarn, I’d love to have some shorties made just for looks, I wonder if I can find anyone who works with acrylic…

  107. mmspirit7 says:

    106 i do i am isis on cdn if you need help but i crochet

  108. smartassmama says:

    But unfortunately there are several people that want to “poor baby” her and get the result that she is truly seeking.

    Isn’t she living with the ILs that she hates? Maybe that’s why they have an ass-load of surplus money. Maybe being an adult and being self-sufficient would resolve that “What to do with all this monthly income” problem. You’re the parent, the baby is the child.

  109. felishasjourney says:

    Yes, I talked to my DR.

    And NO I do NOT live with my inlaws. Jesus. You guys need to get your facts straight.

  110. smartassmama says:

    Well I’m sorry sweetheart. I haven’t been following you from day one. And it’s not like it’s easy to find, with many of your threads locked. I’ve been on DS 2 years and haven’t had one locked, removed, deleted, edited, reclassified, etc. Besides, I asked it. I didn’t outright declare.

    Anywho, I hope you take his/her advice. And maybe a real reliable support system before you TTC#2. You need it.

  111. kukukachoo says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my god. The girl said we need to have OUR facts straight. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh God- Help-I need air I’m laughing so hard.

  112. melmelly says:

    So last night when I last looked, there were only 37 posts. I get on today and there are 109. I think to myself that there must be something REALLY GOOD going on. But no. Just Felisha spouting whatever.

    Someone must have some good juicy stuff somewhere. Felisha is old news.

  113. MotherMoonPads says:

    I just cut 2 yards of linen wrong and ruined it. I guess that doesn’t count for juicy news though, does it lol.

  114. melmelly says:

    That is sad news. I am so sorry that happened.

    I should be cutting fabric as well because it won’t do it by itself. But instead and enjoying a quiet house and hitting refresh.

  115. melmelly says:

    *But instead I am sitting here and enjoying a quiet house.

    I am still having a hard time getting used to this new computer and keyboard.

  116. smartassmama says:

    I have a project I’m really wanting to do, but I think my toddler may have adjusted my thread tension. The one thing about my machine that I am clueless on. *sad

  117. melmelly says:

    What kind of a machine? My Singer was notorious for changing the tension all alone. I wouldn’t even look at it and it would mess up. My Janome is super easy to adjust. I ❀ that thing!

  118. smartassmama says:

    It’s a 40 stitch Brother. Pretty simple, and I love it. But I started my quilt the other day and the stitching is all loopy and loose. πŸ˜₯

    So the quilt I made for my son a couple months ago, I need to sew some decorative stitches through it to hold the batting in place, but I’m afraid if I do it will mess it up. It’s very cute and I actually did a good job (for once) and I’m worried I’ll make it ugly if I try.

  119. smartassmama says:

    And my daughter is notorious for climbing into the chair and touching the machine, trying to be like mama. lol

  120. melmelly says:

    Near the top, where the thread loops down heading toward the needle, do you have the little dial with numbers on it? Have you tried moving it around at all?


    Is your bobbin in correctly? I have accidentally put mine in backwards before, making it really loopy. On mine, the thread needs to be coming off the bobbin counter-clockwise. Sometimes it gets put in clockwise and then I have problems!

  121. MotherMoonPads says:

    #114, quiet houses are the best, aren’t they? There’s nothing that I love more than nap time. It’s a tiny dose of sanity in my day! πŸ™‚ (Well that and being able to listen to whatever type of music I want without anyone saying anything!).

  122. Myself says:

    You know. Out of curiosity, anyone have an estimate of how many threads Felisha has started? And how about a guess of how many of them have been closed or deleted?

  123. smartassmama says:

    109 that are still there. I don’t know how you would figure out how many are closed.

  124. Not Me At All says:

    11/19 to present 109. I don’t know how many locked or deleted.

  125. smartassmama says:

    I have the knob with the numbers on it, and I tried each setting on a swatch of fabric and three different settings were fine, then I tried it again (on what I was sewing) and it did it anyway. I think it’s just so thin.

    I should check the bobbin though, you’re right. But usually if it’s in backwards it locks up. I’ll have to try late tonight. Once DH gets home it’s supper then American Idol πŸ˜€

  126. melmelly says:

    I am only supposed to use 0 if I am sewing on lace or some other very thing material. But some of the cotton I have sewn on needs to be on 0. If I don’t, it gets bunched and loopy and eaten up by the feed dogs.

    Mine will lock up sometimes because the thread gets all wrapped around in there. I have to shove my seam ripper in there to dig it out.

  127. smartassmama says:

    I’ll try again tonight. But I want something to be solidly ok before I try to reinforce his baby blanket. I think I’ll make a stack of wipes. We’re low anyway. It took my 6 months of spare time to finish his blankie though, and if I get wonky stitches in it I will cry.

  128. Not Me At All says:

    #47 your great grandmother? Wasn’t it your grandfather in the thread on DS?

  129. smartassmama says:

    I saw that too, 128. I just didn’t want to even bother.
    And she says if we didn’t feed her she wouldn’t respond. But she must love the authors of the blog, otherwise she wouldn’t even know we were speaking of her.

  130. I never said he paid his life insurance i just said it was paid for

  131. smartassmama says:

    “If you MUST know my grandpa put a trust fund together for my son when he was born, paid his life insurance too.”

  132. Not Me At All says:

    I know I have to stop feeding the troll….she just makes it so EASY!

    She posts a bunch of bullshit and then hauls ass over here to see if she made the blog.

  133. smartassmama says:

    That’s like if I said, “I went to town and stole eggs and toilet paper Tuesday, a rhubarb too.” And then later said that I only said that I got a rhubarb, but my dog actually paid for it.

  134. smartassmama says:

    Me too, 132. It is easy. She’s kinda like that Mikey kid from the old Life cereal commercial. She’ll eat up any that she can get.

  135. mmspirit7 says:

    Great now I want life cereal. LOL

  136. kukukachoo says:

    130. YOU. ARE. A. LIAR. Period………………………

  137. kukukachoo says:

    LOL. you are.

  138. magpiedpiper says:

    I get my grandpa and great-grandmother confused all the time too!

  139. smartassmama says:

    Phew. And here I thought it was just me!

  140. Messy says:

    #139 & #140 Makes me feel so much better about confusing my OBGYN and the totally hot UPS guy. Yeah. Imagine his shock when he tried to make a *delivery* Uh-hem… Glad to know confusion is normal πŸ˜€

  141. screenname says:

    OMG Messy! LMAO! I big fluffy heart you!

  142. mmspirit7 says:

    lol messy

  143. kukukachoo says:

    Yeah- As a matter of fact I got confused about something today too: I couldn’t remember the definitions of fluffy and butt so I looked them up:

    Fluffy: Lacking depth or precision; fuzzy. Not very intelligent.

    Butt: A person at whom ridicule or jest is directed.

  144. kukukachoo says:

    Messy- you’re hilarious!

  145. DSDM2 says:

    Damn girls, I just got in, approved all of the posts, and am reading now.

  146. You can PM me on DS or email me for it πŸ™‚

  147. DSDM2 says:

    FluffyAss is a twat. We all know it.

    And felisha, we did stop talking about your skanky tramp of an ass, but you keep coming back trying to “post nicely” on this blog.

    Stay off of it and we will leave you alone. Really.

    Fuck off.

    And just so you know, I have never told anyone to “fuck off” of this blog before. Congratulations for being the first.

    I would love if we can please ignore her from here on out. We all know she is a liar and attention whore.

  148. JustPeachy says:

    Huh? I’m so lost. WTF happened?

  149. JustPeachy says:

    OOOOOH MAN YOU DONE IT NOW! No one not even fucking Snatch had the ability to piss DSDM2 off. You done fucked up Felisha.
    And I completely agree with DSDM so I will not refrain from even commenting on anything she says. Its best we ignore her.

  150. kukukachoo says:

    i’m gettin’ iggy with it too. tah tah freakazoid!

  151. Don’t give me attention if you don’t want “the attention whore” here..

  152. Myself says:

    Why is she saying we can PM her or email her? Why would we want to exactly? general we of course

  153. Someone asked for my addy for CPS πŸ™‚

  154. Messy says:

    #159 I think she thought she was on her dating sites. Kinda like confusing the grands and all that jazz. She not gotz da brightz!!!

  155. JustPeachy says:

    Felisha we did ignore you and yet you continued to try and buddy buddy up with people on another thread like nothing was wrong. If you could own up to being a douchebag and just apologize maybe we’d accept you. However since you seem to have your head wedged so far up your ass I think thats impossible.

  156. Messy says:

    #162 Peachy! I think you just figured out the reason her ass gets crotch rot! Her head is in it!!!
    Forget the desitin to get rid of the chaffing, use head and shoulders!!!

  157. Grogwench says:

    Skip this if it’s already been answered, but maybe someone can answer this.

    If Felicia has $2000 left over monthly for a family of 3,one being deployed, how can she qualify for all of this aid (and no, I don’t know exactly what aid you’re on)?

  158. No One Important says:

    FluffyButt Felisha you need to take the advice that the Mods on DS gave you, “fluffybutt, If you see a post that makes you feel the desire to defend yourself you can just skim it and choose not to repsond.”

    No one here wants you here or on DS. Get it? Even the mod told you to suck it up… and by the way, I know for a fact that the rest of what the mod said ” I’ll check back in on this. ANY more posting by ANY member in an effort to “stir the pot” will be removed and warnings/strikes issued ” was a warning to YOU more than others. YOU are stirring the pot.

  159. JustPeachy says:

    Hmm IDK. I was gonna say maybe because she is overweight but then i realized she isn’t bfing so that would negate everything.

  160. Grogwench says:

    Sorry DSDM2, I just saw your plea for ignoral… to ignore.

  161. DSDM2 says:

    No problem 167. I won’t get mad at the pokers. I’m just tired of her.

  162. Messy says:

    DSDM2, there is not enough Penicillin (and alcohol enough to induce a coma) in the entire world to make me want to poke her…
    I would not poke her with Carrot Top’s dick!!!

  163. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Messy, I :wub: you. ‘Nough said.

  164. werd says:

    my head hurts.

  165. JustPeachy says:

    Well Jackie some good news as I am done with the body of your i mean XANDER’S longies lol. They are working up very nicely and the trim is headed my way soon πŸ™‚

  166. werd says:


  167. DSDM2 says:

    So, anything else new ladies?

  168. No One Important says:

    I can poke the troll some more for you…

  169. JustPeachy says:

    I think I have turned a corner with my HG woot! I haven’t puked in two days knock on fake wood.

  170. DSDM2 says:


  171. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Peach- Hooray! I had HG with DD (4 years ago), and it was HELL! *hugs*

  172. JustPeachy says:

    Deviate I had it my last pregnancy as well and while it was no picnic, it was tolerable with meds. This time around the meds did nothing.
    Ooooh and I got to enjoy not 1 but 2 bowls of chocolate ice cream with caramel sauce and whipped cream. Be jealous πŸ˜›

  173. werd says:

    I’m up to my eyeballs in cut out cloth pads!

  174. JustPeachy says:

    How can you see to type then? πŸ˜›

  175. lilmama says:

    This mama was told NOT to leave neg FB byt the mod handling the situation & as also told to stop updating her thread WTF!!!!

    “Apparently the admin will only work with me to resolve this if I agree not to leave negative and not to “update” anymore. I guess it was hurting the other girls feelings seeing all the people comment on this issue. So essentially I have to shut up and let them handle it.”

    Are you F-ing kidding me!! No one was even that nasty in the thread…just realistic “she should pay for your materials…blah …blah …blah” if your feelings were hurt, must be b/c that was a crappy job…

    not trying to stir the post, I’m just shocked that a forum with so many f-ing rules ro “protect” its members, is letting this girl get screwed & telling her to shutty about it…

  176. lilmama says:

    “stir the pot” – sorry its late

  177. melmelly says:

    WERD! I DO NOT NEED ANY PADS! I really can’t get pregnant now because we would need a bigger house.

    I can’t get pregnant.

    I can’t get pregnant.*

    *This is all because we were at dinner at our favorite pizza place tonight and there were way too many pregnant women there, all due fairly soon. Both times I got pregnant, I had noticed the same thing a few days before ovulation. I really need my IUD to stay in place!

    I can’t get pregnant.

    I can’t get pregnant.

    But werd’s cloth pads sound really nice. But I won’t go there. Not now.

    I can’t get pregnant.

    I don’t need a cloth pad that is rumored, or proven to cause pregnancy.

    I can’t get pregnant.

  178. monkey says:

    I’m glad I saw this thread.

    Reminded me I needed to buy a shaver for DS’s longies.

  179. No One Important says:

    183, where did you see that? All I see is

    ” Originally Posted by MelissaCoffey View Post
    I have been asked by the moderator handling this not to post any more updates right now. She is trying to work with the other person involved to come to some solution in this. So I am mum for now, until we finally know what the end result will be.

    But I didn’t want to just drop the ball on this. I wanted to say thank you for all the suggestions here and in PMs. I have been walked through what I can do here with my home sewing machine to make these to where they won’t fall apart in use. I intend to do what was suggested and if I need any more help, I’ll post over in Craft Chat where I can ask advise on fixing these without the drama associated with this particular forum.

    Thank you SO much for all the input!”

  180. lurking says:

    maybe it was deleted…

  181. Jen says:

    werd – can I have a link to your HC? Im in the market for some pads….and a baby! lol.

  182. JustPeachy says:

    She doesn’t have an hc yet but there is a co-op going on for her pads on CDN πŸ˜‰

  183. werd says:

    yeah that, lol. I’m looking at opening a HC in February and carrying in-stock. I’ll be starting out stocking twice a month!

  184. MeMeMeME says:

    TWAT waffle felishsia is stirring up more shit on the MIL forum. She really is a moron isn’t she?

  185. MeMeMeME says:

    Felisha since you are reading here, maybe you have pissed off so many people IRL that you can’t ask people for advice. You are not wanted on DS, obviously. And you weren’t wanted on the other forums you have been kicked off of. Maybe it isn’t everyone else, it is YOU.

  186. MeMeMeME says:

    Sorry, DSDM2, had to do it.

  187. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    WTF? So she can’t leave negative fb or they won’t help her?

    DS is fucking DiSgusting!

  188. smartassmama says:

    That’s just wrong. Protect the users. . . who used to be mods. Shame Shame

  189. DSDM2 says:

    I went and read, and that is not what it sounds like to me, she just updated a few hours ago.

    (IT being the OT in this thread.)

  190. smartassmama says:

    ugh. 10 pages. As much as I’d like to figure out what’s going on, I don’t know Jack about military, and I don’t want to read 10 pages of her all CAPS.

  191. DSDM2 says:

    You mean ALL.HER.CAPS. πŸ˜‰

    She is just egging everyone on. She always will until she is banned.

    Mods at DS see it. She is on an eggtimer.

  192. Myself says:

    I feel bad for her. She obviously needs some friends and just really does not know how to go about it in the right way.

  193. Not Me At All says:

    Can someone tell me all the places she has been banned?

  194. DSDM2 says:

    CDN, a photography board I think?,, and if I could, from here.

  195. MeMeMeME says:

    Heck! She is over on MilitarySOS now, even though she is banned! LOL!

  196. felishasjourney says:

    Are you that fucking stupid 204??? Seriously?

    If you post a link about me I’m going to click it to see what it was so it showed me online. GET A FUCKING LIFE. all of you.

  197. Sweetpea says:

    201- Besides the names she used on DS and CDN you can google “ilyfel” and “banned” for more.

  198. Aj says:

    Should we start a countdown to when that thread will disappear? 3..2..1..

  199. felishasjourney says:

    What a life you guys must live to care that much.

    I’m SOOOOOOOOOO honored. /sarcasm.

  200. Jenifer says:

    AGH, im Jenifer. Felisha keep your trash and stupid ass self out of my thread. You really REALLY need help.

  201. MeMeMeME says:

    Fuffy, you bring up the abuse constantly on DS, your thread about being broke and stupid had nothing to do with it. WHY do it?

    I think you are a stinky little twat πŸ™‚ Everyone sees it, even your DH. He cheats on you for a reason.

  202. Lmao i just posted i got mine you and your little friends created the drama!

    Stay out of mine too

  203. My husband has never cheated lmao you’re fucking stupid

  204. kukukachoo says:

    Actually you created the drama by posted ANOTHER LIE! You didn’t get yours. You got a pending notification. WENCH.

  205. Jenifer says:

    felisha have you called for your psych eval yet?

  206. kukukachoo says:

    she’s probably been banned by all the psychs

  207. Jenifer says:

    exactly its PENDING. not relieved. moron. twatlisha you are a real peice of work.

  208. Jenifer says:

    recieved. sorry bout that naking an octopus.

  209. kukukachoo says:

    omg, lol- my 14 month old does acrobats while nursing these days!

  210. Jenifer says:

    LOL isnt it soo fun!? i love that he stands up while attached and bounces, makes mommys tata’s hurt, lol he apparently has more important things to do then lay still and nurse..
    silly little guy!

  211. felishasjourney says:

    Just stay out of my fucking life

    You guys don’t have your own lives to deal with? Or are they so fucked up you have to dabble in everyone elses?

  212. MeMeMeME says:

    No Assmunch, your life is so bad we can’t help ourselves! It is amazing how much of a whore and idiot one person can be!

  213. Jenifer says:

    @221. omfg. OMFG.

  214. kukukachoo says:

    DUH-lisha, why do you keep torturing yourself is what I want to know? It’s really strange.

  215. felishasjourney says:

    You can stop this now. Internet harassment is a crime. I will be contacting the correct authorities if it does not stop.

  216. kukukachoo says:

    221. What is that?

  217. kukukachoo says:

    They first thing they would tell you is to stop posting in the places causing you trouble.

  218. DSDM2 says:

    We are not harassing you Felisha. You come here just to fuel the fire and make matters worse. You participate. No one here is following you to different places and harassing you there (that I know of) and if they are, that isn’t my problem.

    I have asked you to leave my blog. I would like it if you could stop being such a fucking idiot and do so.

    In words you will understand:



  219. felishasjourney says:

    Stop posting about me and I’ll stop visiting.

    When your toxic blog spewes over into my personal life it is harassment. I will be contacting the authorities.

  220. DSDM2 says:

    I am blocking Felisha from posting from here on out. I have had enough of her.

  221. felishasjourney says:


    I can get a new IP and use a different email you fucking stupid bitch.

  222. DSDM2 says:

    You can, and I can still block you. You are toxic, not us. You are the problem, not us.

    You have been banned from a ton of sites, people don’t like you for good reason.


  223. felishasjourney says:

    Block me. I don’t give a fuck. Stop talking about me.

    If I’m such an attention whore why do you give me attention?

  224. felishasjourney says:

    Awww you blocked me DSDM2 you little fucking cunt. You can talk shit on me but I can’t talk back.


    Maybe if you didn’t have a blog CENTERED AROUND DRAMA i woudln’t be here.

  225. JustPeachy says:

    Oh god Felisha you fucking started it this time!!!! We fucking ignored your troll ass and you continued on. Go ahead contact the authorities cus you cant fucking delete the shit you type on here so they will laugh at your fat nasty skanky ass.

  226. DSDM2 says:

    Ladies, she can’t reply. She is blocked.

  227. JustPeachy says:

    THANK FUCKING GOD! Now I have to go scrub my eyes with bleach for clicking on that link.

  228. just_sayin says:

    No shit, I should never have clicked that link. Warning to everyone, don’t click on 221’s link unless you want to see Felisha’s girl parts. I’m going to go vomit now.

  229. DSDM2 says:

    OMG, I looked at that link. Jesus Christ I think I am blind.

  230. just_sayin says:

    Did I screw up my login? (my comment is in moderation)

  231. DSDM2 says:

    No, it is fine. It is something else that I am fixing.

  232. sockrocker says:

    hey all.. that nameless blog is effing hilarious.

    i loathe this chick , i keep my mouth shut for the most part but dang.

    btw, i love reading your guys posts…

    and i too have an acrobatic nurser.. not fun for me

  233. JustPeachy says:

    I would be more than happy to sell you guys some of my bleach for 100ppd. Email me at

  234. smartassmama says:

    OhmuhLord. Is that her vag?

    This is what happens when I take a nap?! Priceless! I needed the nap though.

    But ROFL! She seriously looks 14. Those cheesy Myspace “I take my own” pics. Where’s the bathroom mirror shot?

    #121, that was great, gross, and hilarious. All at the same freakin time.

  235. just_sayin says:

    OK, I was worried I messed up somewhere, lol. It’s happened before…

    I kind of find the Felisha stuff funny. I guess I have a sick sense of humor, but she is so stupid that it makes me giggle.

  236. Myself says:

    Are you all sure that is Felisha?

    And if so, WOW.

    I cannot imagine posting pictures like that so someone could grab them, eek.

  237. werd says:


  238. DSDM2 says:

    244, all the links from that page link to her info/pages/profiles/etc.

  239. JustPeachy says:

    Looks like a younger slightly trimmer version of her in the pics.

  240. JustPeachy says:

    Well shes obviously dumb so its no surprise she would post something like that all over the web.

  241. felishasjourney says:

    Wow, That is not me. The first picture is me.. But nothing else…. They took info from my dating ad I met DH but none of the rest is me.

    BUt I’m a huge lair so who’d believe that.

  242. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha might have taken the photos down, but we were just emailed a screen shot.

  243. werd says:

    I clicked on that link. I see no vagina?!

  244. smartassmama says:

    Doesn’t mean they aren’t still out there on the interwebz.

  245. DSDM2 says:

    She deleted the photos apparently. werd, if you IM me, I can show you the original in a JPG.

  246. smartassmama says:

    250 – you can be glad. lol

    I’ve never heard of that site before though. weird.

    I know she can’t post, but maybe she can read. Felisha – if you find no place to vent, complain, cry, find friends, other than DS and the like, then you need friends, or some Jesus. I’m guessing friend-making is hard for you. That might just be a shyness issue. But you can still go to town and get some Jesus.

  247. werd says:

    oooh i wanna seeeeeee! I dont im!

  248. smartassmama says:

    It’s like a bad car wreck, werd. One of those things that you rubber neck at. You know you shouldn’t look, that you should go on about your day instead. But you just can’t help it.

  249. smartassmama says:

    btw – how do you screen shot? Not for this, but in general. I just can’t seem to figure it out.

  250. DSDM2 says:

    there are a few ways, I use a FF add on that saves a screen as a photo.

  251. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao I was actually warned about *A* link but not which one, I still clicked *tsk tsk*

  252. TwatWafflesRUs says:

  253. sockrocker says:

    there is alot of info about her on that site. no wonder she offered her address out for CPS it’s already online… maybe some screen shots of all these sites send to her county CPS office would get her some help

  254. naturalmamadot says:

    lol werd if you dont have im I could link you to the pics

  255. sockrocker says:

    oooh , i’d almost be willing to do a YAGE with this link in it … it would so be worth it πŸ˜€

  256. MelissaCoffey says:

    I was just informed that my craptastic diapers by former mod who’s taking a break for GOD made it to the Drama site. HOLY CRAP! I’m famous!! LOL!!

    This has been a nightmare, seriously. The mod helping me is sweet, but I did have to call out a certain unwritten rule of “If you are going to leave a negative, we really can’t help you..” And of course, former mods have halos doncha know.

    This has actually gone from bad to worse and when it’s all said and done, I’ll update. Still in “negotiations…” which essentially means Craptastic Diaper Maker says she’ll do one thing, then backs out and give a really crappy solution, while blackmailing her “Friends” to help out, then going off on them when they refuse because they don’t want their name slopped through the mud.

    And here’s the kicker. I felt BAD about this. *I* felt bad. Go figure. I just wish that other people had left negatives prior to this happening because this is not the first time this has happened. Hopefully it WILL be the last.

  257. smartassmama says:

    If my husband ever “harped on my over my weight” I would bust him in his face. RightThenAndThere. If my fatass was good enough to screw and knockup, then it’s good enough not to say a word about. Hubby sounds like an uber tool.

  258. JustPeachy says:

    That sucks Melissa but I hope you get some resolution soon. Thats bs they are telling you if you leave neg they wont help you.

  259. JustPeachy says:

    #265 Felisha’s? Ya if my husband ever said jack about my weight, I’d tell him where to go. Thankfully he loves me no matter if Im a size 10 or 20 so its all good.

  260. smartassmama says:

    264 – I’m sorry they pulled that rule on you. That’s just wrong. If I knew had to serge or apply snaps, I’d do it for you! I had pelvic problems with both kids too. It hurts to move, and it hurts to be still. I’m sorry this has been a nightmare for you!

  261. werd says:

    I had a good teehee over the shoe and the vag… not gonna lie

  262. sockrocker says:

    okay, could have done with out that link lol, when i looked at it i guess i didnt scroll down or something, but the shoe? wtf? yea, diaper rash cream wont help that. gross gross gross gross gross and gross

  263. smartassmama says:

    How do you explain that one to the doctor?

    “Well, Felisha, it appears you have athlete’s foot. In your vagina.”

  264. Myself says:

    264 – I would leave the negative now, it is obvious that they are going to push you to leave a positive when it is anything but.

    Also, if you need fabric at all. I have like a bunch of yards of OBV and quite a few different fabrics of knit.

    I can’t do any of the sewing cause I really suck at it, but …..

  265. DSDM2 says:

    Ladies, let it die. She can’t respond (although she is trying) and I really am done with her and her drama. There are more things we can chat about.

    How is the weather?

  266. MelissaCoffey says:

    Eh, it’s a good thing right? I don’t have to snap these anymore because, well snapping is a PITA, and honestly, these diapers aren’t worth the time. I am going to resew over the edges with my machine (oh what fun….knit and catch up on shows, or resew someone else’s disaster…?? Hmmm??) and then use some diaper pins for using with my pull on wool and just wrap around I guess with my Thirsties covers.

    This is our first baby boy since Matthew died. Long time DS’ers know my story. Our son passed away because of having a fatal form of dwarfism. After he passed away, we got pregnant pretty quickly with a little girl, and for some reason, knowing she was a girl made me embrace the pregnancy with so much fervor and excitement. I mean, there was pink everything everywhere. I sewed and sewed, and bought and bought and was just on cloud 9 for months…and yeah, she’s pretty much the most spoiled 2 year old on the planet. Finding out this was a boy….it was just weird. Buying clothes, finding diapers…it just wasn’t as fun, not the same…sort of bittersweet. I am not a sobster type person. I don’t look for a whole lot of sympathy because it just is what it is. But this? It’s like you’ve got to be kidding me. Can I just have THIS? Can my freaking NEWBORN diapers be beautiful and fun, and squishy and pretty? Is that too much to ask for?

    No, I am a total meanie for hurting this person’s feelings and just “too hard to please…” Not the case lady. Just would have liked to you know, get what you said you’d do…

  267. werd says:

    OMG it is blizzarding like a sumbitch here!!

  268. sockrocker says:

    it’s about 50 here today , but supposed to drop through the day , high of 9 tonight, the grocery stores are a madhouse, people in TN dont know how to act when they say it’s gonna be cold and maybe wet at the same time

  269. werd says:

    Melissa I am dead for realz – I have like 15 boy diaper cuts you can HAVE. I was going to do a custom with a diaper maker for my son, but he pees like a fountain and the only diaper that will remotely contain him is GMs. And lucky for me, no one wants GMs anymore, so I went on a bender and bought a ton of GMs for under $15ppd each!

    If I didn’t have this big co-op going on, I would SO sew you some NB diapers!! But you can have my diaper cuts if someone will be willing to sew diapers for you!

  270. JustPeachy says:

    Jackie when I get further along you are making me diapers ok? You have no say in the matter ROFL.

  271. DSDM2 says:

    Please remember ladies, if you need to chat with me, I am on YIM at DSDM2

  272. MelissaCoffey says:

    You totally rock. I have taken a couple Mommas up on their offers, just not on the thread because the last thing I need is for people to think I am milking the situation. I made all my smalls out of t-shirts and my Lord they are ugly LOL! But I compromised. I was like okay, my newborns are going to be dazzling, and then my smalls can be ugly. Once I am done with those, I will be feeding my GAD addiction. They have been my fav’s since using them on my now 6 year old.

    I am really not at a point where sewing is easy. This is so embarassing. I walk like a duck and it feels like someone sucker punched me right in the crotch. Apparently…and I really am not up and up on WHY this happens, when I delivered Matthew….he came out breech and his head got stuck. Delivering a baby that isn’t going to make it is quite a bit different than a regular delivery, and so there wasn’t much thought given to his retrieval. It was fast. And now, I will always have this pelvic crap in pregnancy as things spread and move around. It’s totally worth the baby at the end, don’t get me wrong, but I do have to say I become a different version of myself at this point. It’s like if you sit and get up, it’s worse, but moving hurts so bad that you don’t want to move…but it doesn’t help. I am SO blessed in that it’s not near as bad as it was with my daughter, but she was almost 10 pounds. My midwife says this little guy isn’t quite that big…yet πŸ˜‰

  273. werd says:

    Oh yeah Peachy I totally will! I hate sewing diapers but I love to make NB diapers, I have no idea why!

  274. Sweetpea says:

    I should not open links or read comments in mixed company. I am DYING of surpressed laughter!!

    M- sorry you are getting the old DS treatment 😦 Boo on her and them

  275. werd says:

    Melissa – I’m madebymommy on DS and I posted on your thread. I had PSD with my newest baby, I totally feel your pain!!

    ZOMG I just outed myself! OH NOEZ

  276. MelissaCoffey says:

    I am seriously so pissed right now. This person involved someone else. Then totally went off on them for saying “No thanks…” and now the mod is trying to tell me that this person had no right to tell me *anything* and that it’s all just gossip. That is SO not the case. This person barely told me anything, just said “Hi, I am supposed to be helping you with new diapers…” She held her ground with grace, dignity and professionalism and now they are turning her into some sort of gossip monger. I am so pissed. So so pissed. Why can’t they just acknowledge that this other person is shady, and acting completely ridiculous?

  277. Not Me At All says:

    Melissa this whole situation sucks! I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. It really pisses me off that they don’t want you to leave honest feedback.

  278. Not Me At All says:

    DSDM2 has anyone else ever been banned from the blog?

  279. smartassmama says:

    The weather here is stupid. That’s what I want to say to the weather here. That it is stupid.

    It’s “Clouds and Sun, 35 F” (according to FF). It’s supposed to get really low tonight. And snow a shitstorm. Last year, this very week, we got the ice storm of all ice storms. We were without power for near a week. My 1yo and my pregnant self (and DH) had to stay with relatives. My freezer was a disaster.

    So I’m avoiding the grocery store like the plague. I don’t want to see that place right now. I’m hoping that this is just another one of those times that the weatherman/woman is wrong.

  280. DSDM2 says:

    No one has EVER been banned from our blog before. No one.

  281. DSDM2 says:

    How sad is it to be banned from a Drama blog for making too much drama?

  282. rainbow says:

    Melissa, I am so so sorry about the situation and that Peggy screwed you around like that. I really am. And based on your info here, I suddenly know why someone else I know is having a bad week…

    I hope everything gets resolved. Big big hugs for you.

  283. MelissaCoffey says:

    When I called them on the “Well you say to leave appopriate feedback in one breath, while sending mixed messages during moderation” I was told that I read the tone wrong, that wasn’t the case and I was entitled to leave whatever feedback I felt was necessary. Of course, you know when I leave negative, I’ll get one in return I’m sure. Fun, fun.

  284. MelissaCoffey says:

    The “someone else” in this is amazing. She is sweet, guarded in what she says and how she says it, and is all around a classy individual. The way she has communicated with me was in no way, shape or form gossiping and I am appalled that Peggy (oops, doesn’t outing count here?) turned on her the way she has. It’s not right. It’s turned into how this “other” person is gossiping and stirring up trouble….LOL. She was SO good about NOT doing that…that I was confused about why she was evening PMing me. I am like “Uhm, who are you?” And she’s like “Uhm, I thought I was SUPPOSED to PM you…apparently that was not the case, so when the moderation is done, could you get back to me so I can figure out if I am supposed to help you?” She never said anything at all that could have been construed as drama. And yet, Peggy decideds to tell the moderators this person is starting crap. Nice.

  285. magpiedpiper says:

    Holy crapoly. I go to get cat food and yobaby yogurt, and miss all of THIS?! If I had known all of this would go down, I also would have picked up some eye bleach though.

    What a tramp.

    MelissaCoffey – your situation SUCKS. I hope the mods at DS stop screwing around and get everything resolved for you.

  286. werd says:

    DSDM2 that is a cunumdrum, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in bacon and dipped in Maple Syrup. FO SHO.

  287. noneyabiz says:

    “How sad is it to be banned from a Drama blog for making too much drama?”

    That’s pretty pathetic. Hopefully DS will ban her ass soon and everyone can get on with their lives.

  288. Kimbella says:

    I get PSD in pregnancy too. Sucks! Things that help me (though mine seems mild compared to yours):

    ~Sit on an ice pack – I wrap mine in a towel so it’s not bitterly cold.

    ~Keep your legs together when getting into the car/bed/etc – sit on the vehicle seat with both legs outside the car, then swing them into the car while keeping them together. Do the same in reverse when getting out.

    ~Put on pants/underwear both legs at once and pull up from your ankles – instead of stepping into one leg, pulling it up, and then the other.

    ~Lay down as much as possible and keep from walking long distances.

    ~I have heard that swimming helps a lot, but I have never tried it.

    ~Oh, I almost forgot! If you get epis in labor: Prior to labor, assuming a pushing position. Find out how far back your legs can be pulled before the PSD starts to hurt. Remember that spot and don’t allow your legs to be pulled back any farther than that. Once you have the epi, you might not be able to feel that your legs are being pulled too far back/apart, and it can do damage.

    Great – I think I just caught my first virus from DS.

  289. noneyabiz says:

    What is PSD?

  290. amessymama says:

    OK, I know a lot of people like those newborn cocoons. I personally find them completely unnecessary. Kind of like blankets made specifically for swaddling. Just use a blanket, ya know.

    Anyway, how can you not get past the fact that it looks like you are going to shove a baby into a huge, knitted, wool condom?!

  291. Kimbella says:

    pubic symphysis diastasis – It means that your body starts releasing hormones (relaxin) BEFORE labor to relax the ligaments, etc in your pubic area. They aren’t supposed to be released until labor! So, your crotch gets all loosey goosey, and it’s really painful to move.

  292. MelissaCoffey says:

    So uh…any sex tips for PSD? LOL!! I didn’t know about the ice!!

    I am birthing at home, so I will be in my garden tub most of the time, and will probably deliver on my knees like last time. I am holding my legs together as much as I can, but my GOD, when you forget and just move a certain way…tears.

    So, I am reading comments and finding out posts went MISSING from the thread on DS? What is THAT?

  293. smartassmama says:

    297. I’m probably going to spell this wrong, but Pelvic (or Pubic :/) Symphasis Dysfunction. Or close to that. It’s very painful softening and separation of the pubic bones, and it feels like your lower half is going to snap in two when you lay your feet on the floor in the morning. Then it becomes worse and worse. And mine was totally made worse by labor. So def. take that advice from 298.

  294. smartassmama says:

    Ok. I knew I had some words wrong.

  295. MelissaCoffey says:

    I didn’t have pelvic problems until Baby #6…just starting getting all owie in what I call my “paddy part…” I am pretty sure (I read about this a couple years back and really am not up and up on it like I said) that something usually precedes it, be it injury, accident, bad birth, etc…though I am not entirely sure. I just know my chiro explained my breech birth is my personal culprit.

  296. kukukachoo says:

    i looooove the cocoons for photo ops but dont think id really use one daily or anything.

  297. noneyabiz says:

    Ah, thanks for the explanation. That sounds pretty painful!

  298. magpiedpiper says:

    298 – dangit. I’ve thought those were cute for photos, and never saw that they can indeed look like knitted condoms. At least, that particular one did. I’m going to try and forget that you said that. LOL

  299. Aj says:

    I think cocoons are adorable, maybe not practical, but soooo cute. It really bugs me though when people ask for spam for cAcoons–ugh.

  300. Myself says:

    303 – it may not have been the breech delivery, sometimes it can just be because you have so “many” children. I had the problem with my fourth and fifth and I’ve never had a breech delivery. The only thing that predates my fourth pregnancy back wise is a car accident with my second but ?

  301. MelissaCoffey says:

    My good friend had her issues after a car accident, so I really don’t know.

    And #183 LOL! That was a PM. I didn’t post that or I would have definitely been blocked or banned or whatever. I didn’t realize how many unspoken rules there were around DS.

    If you have issues over there, where else can you hang out…and you know, buy and sell?

  302. smartassmama says:

    cdn. Although I’ve never been there, I’ve read lots of niceness about it!

  303. piratebaby says:

    I had PSD with babies 3 and 4. With #3 I thought it was from having 3 kids in 3 yrs, getting pg 5 mos pp after #2. Boy was I shocked when I got it with #4 too! The dr said it’s probably bc my babies were all over 9 lbs, stayed posterior the whole pregnancy and delivered that way too. For me what helped was sleeping on the couch, a pillow between my legs and my feet on the arm. It seemed to relieve the pressure and increased blood flow through that area. If I slept in bed with dh I really paid for it for days afterward. Sitting on an exercise ball helped too, it gently stretched out the muscles and helped me relax. It’s also a good position for back massage too, opens up the hips/spine! I would put a bunch of pillows on the coffee table, sit on the ball and lean forward against them, then dh would sit on the couch behind me and rub. ahhh… Too bad he stopped once the kid was born!

  304. mmspirit7 says:

    I had a pelvic problem like that with Autumn and they told me it was in my head and if I was losing the baby they wouldn’t do anything until i was 19 weeks along…I am going to have to look into that

  305. smartassmama says:

    I had it with both kids, with no memorable trauma beforehand. I was working a job though where I was on my feet for 8 hours straight. Don’t know if that was part of it. But I got pregnant 6 months PP, and my second pregnancy was much more painful. And a couple days PP with my second I had to hold the wall to walk.

  306. kukukachoo says:

    So now we have 30-45 minutes to clean up our posts on Fluffster’s threads or we’re banned for 6 months. Just a heads up if anyone else here feels they might be an OFFENDER. Geeeeze.

  307. Myself says:

    Which threads? Why? Oh no! Banned, eek! LOL

  308. kukukachoo says:

    Locking yet ANOTHER thread that has gotten out of hand…. I haven’t read the whole thing yet but intend to.Maybe by the end things get back to the topic??

    It is looking like woman are trying to stir things up..

    Seriously. Move.On.Please.

    Can we blame my hormones for something real quick??

    My tolerance for what I have seen lately just bottomed out. The behavior I am seeing that has followed the OP around on this site is appalling. I am surprised she didn’t report some of the replies I have read so far.

    Don’t like her? There is a nifty IGNORE feature. Please, by all means use it. I don’t like having to check in on threads to be sure woman are acting like,well… grown woman.

    THIS IS THE POST C&Ped from this thread

    I am going to go eat lunch and then come back and continue reading through post. Anyone that was rude,hateful,just plain catty/ baiting or using language has all of about 30 minutes to get their post cleaned up.Maybe 45 if lunch makes me sick.

    As I read through this thread ANY poster that required me to edit due to the breaking of rules will be getting a pm.If you have already been warned in the past for unbecoming behavior, please be ready to download any needed pm’s you may need. You will be banned from this site for 6 months.

  309. piratebaby says:

    And fartass’s post is shut down.

    “I am going to go eat lunch and then come back and continue reading through post. Anyone that was rude,hateful,just plain catty/ baiting or using language has all of about 30 minutes to get their post cleaned up.Maybe 45 if lunch makes me sick” ~happy2beamommy~

    You know the sad thing about that? There are wives out there, both young AND old, that might find themselves in similar issues with pay mixups but bc she has to make everything a drama about her and lie out her ass to show off it’s now shut down. I dunno, I always figure that boards are out there to help others, that I’m not the only one wondering about something. Especially military issues, where it can be very confusing and ass backwards a lot of the time. Now any relevant info is buried under her drama and tantrums. sigh.

  310. sockrocker says:

    who’s definition of defender?

  311. sockrocker says:

    ugh meant to say offender lol…

  312. kukukachoo says:

    well, since she locked the thread- i can’t edit. oh well, i was gonna make an effort.

  313. mmspirit7 says:

    So she locks the thread and wants people to edit and they can’t

    I posted in that thread when it first came out I don’t think i was rude but I am not going to fix it

    i would pm her and remind her you can’t edit since she locked…you would think a mod knows that.

  314. Myself says:

    I PM’d her about it. I have nothing to edit but just for everyone who “might” want to edit.

  315. kukukachoo says:

    i pmed her too

  316. Lisa says:

    Omg, i seriously didn’t expect to see felisha’s vagina tonight o.0

  317. sockrocker says:

    lol lisa,

    okay side note, was it so far fetched for people to ask that the “very embarassing” thread be moved to sensitive subjects? some people’s comments on that one made me think

  318. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    229- I know you cannot respond, but you’re no doubt still reading. Let me put this quite simply for you, as I have had an official(My DH is in computer forensics) keeping tabs on this situation: NO ONE IS HARASSING YOU! You are the idiot who put every single bit of this information about yourself on the internet. No one is accessing anything that you yourself did not already put on public record. Yes, the internet is public record. You seriously screwed yourself HARD, and even if you ever ATTEMPTED to press charges or get an attorney in this matter, once again, no one would give you the time of day, because THIS IS ALL YOUR DOING!. ALL. YOUR. FAULT. Do you understand that part at least? Idiot.

    298- I’ve made several for photographers to use in newborn photo shoots. I, too, cannot see how they’re practical for every-day use. Adorable? Yes. Practical? No.

    Melissa, I’m proud to say, I had three posts deleted and received my first strike for you. I wear it as a badge of honor. This situation you’re dealing with is nothing short of ridiculous, and the mods/admin are scraping to cover the truth. I used to be a fan of Sally/SFF, but no more. She’s clearly being irrational and prejudicial in this instance, and you’re getting screwed so badly in the process. I’ve always known you on DS to be a kind, hard-working mama, and have EARNED better treatment than that from them.

  319. magpiedpiper says:

    People – seriously just stop responding to felisha on DS, as hard as it is to ignore such twatwafflery. Ignore her. She’s just an attention whore, as she herself admits. She feels like a celebrity. So ignore her until she says or does something so extreme in her quest for attention that even DS will ban her.

  320. magpiedpiper says:

    Not sure why my comment went into moderation?

  321. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    Ack Melissa! That sucks so much! I know the person who wanted to try and make this right was the momma behind Bumstoppers right?

    Peggy is despicable.

    I was lurking on the daily chat thread she used to post on and apparently there is someone else she was supposed to make someone else something in November and the momma just received it and the covers no longer fit her son!

    Her actions are just not right.

  322. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    ZOMG that can NOT be Fat-lisha’s vag?!?!?! GAG ME!

  323. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    Re: Thursdays are basically fun days!
    Fynn is just really grown a lot in the last 3 months. I asked Peggy to make these for me back in November and now it seems he’s out grown them already.
    Janine-I knit, crochet, spin and am a newbie sewer
    I’m Mum to Shannon (01/2003), Derry (05/2005), Cameron (12/2006) and Fynn (11.09.09)

  324. Janine says:

    hello, I am Janine. I am The person you have just mentioned. I am not here to get into any kind of drama but I did want to say that Peggy can not be held responsible for the postage problems or for the fact that my son went through a huge growth spurt. He is very very big. He is 72cm long and weighs 8220g. He is as big as a 9 month old. he was only just over 1 month old when I asked Peggy to make the covers. I just wanted to make sure that was clear.

    Please just leave me out of any other issues that may be going on. Its not necessary to bring me or my transaction with her into this.

  325. kukukachoo says:

    329. yep, and i bet those lips flap as much as the ones on her face.

  326. MelissaCoffey says:

    Oh no!! You got strikes?? For what? Having an opinion? Are you freaking kidding me?

    I don’t want to take over this board, or anything, but I’d be happy to give more details about what is happening behind the scenes if anyone is even remotely interested. I am about to explode 😦

  327. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Melissa, this post IS about your transaction. Feel free to divulge and vent any feelings and details you have. While it is the case 99% of the time, this is the ONLY way anyone knows who to avoid and why in this case especially. *hugs*

    As for strikes, I just basically said in your thread that this you NEEDED to leave appropriate feedback, that the former mod has been pulling crap and DESERVING negs for a while, but people have been refraining due to her position. It was deleted, and no one PMed me as to why, so I posted in the “ask the professionals” forum, that I was really outraged at the entire situation, demanded to know why my post was deleted, and that I thought the whole situation with you was ridiculous. SFF got back to me pretty quickly, deleted that thread, told me my post in your thread outed Peggy, and that I was getting a strike for being rude and stirring up drama when I posted the title to my thread, “ADMIN, IN HERE NOW!” She said I was e-yelling at them. LMFBO! If I outted the scamtastic seller by saying that she’d been up to this kind of crap for a while and people haven’t left appropriate feedback due to her position, then my gosh, she already has all the bad rap she needs for people to know immediately, without even hinting at her name, who the guilty party is. It was asinine.

  328. Munklettes says:

    331 – GROSS!! lmao!!

  329. MelissaCoffey says:

    #328- Yes, she’s the one. She said I could share that here. I have NO idea…and I mean seriously I am not some dumb cluck here, how she is now the bad guy with the mods. She did NOTHING expect say “Hi, I am supposed to be helping you with diapers…” That’s it. Nothing else. And the Peggy tells the mods that SHE told (Becky? is that her name) she no longer wanted to work with her because of how she went behind Peggy’s back to me. They are accusing HER of starting drama. This person did nothing even remotely like it. As soon as she realized Peggy hadn’t arranged it with me first, she was like “Oh wow, okay….I really just stepped into something I shouldn’t…I apologize…” If there ever was someone drama free it was this person. She didn’t ask for details, didn’t talk about anyone, she was just trying to “help” and then she gets turned on by the very person she was trying to help. That is sick.

  330. MelissaCoffey says:

    Oh no!!! I DID see that post. Holy crap! Okay, yes. I remember reading that to my best friend and saying ‘Is this saying what I think it says…that she knows who it is and they’ve done it before??” I didn’t notice it had been deleted. Unreal. Just ridiculous. Why do they protect people like this?? WHY??

    Okay, so moderation. I was asked not to post any more updates because it was “upsetting people..” No. I posted, and then all the other posts were really more about how *I* could fix the diapers, how did people think they’d hold up, etc. It wasn’t about the other person at all. I am very solution oriented and I do believe that’s quite transparent in every post I’ve made about this topic. I contacted a mod and they said, okay no more posting and are you dead set on leaving a negative, because if so, there’s really no need for moderation. Apparently, I “read that wrong” and that’s not what they meant.

    I was then asked, okay what do you think she can do to make it right. I told her well that’s pretty much a moot point dont’ you think? What I think and what Peggy thinks about what is “right” in any situation pretty obviously differs because, you know I actually came through on my end with nice products, and she mailed mine two months later than promised and sent me complete crap. I said I think Peggy needs to read the thread, put on her big girl panties and offer her own solution….and that didn’t include doing the bare minimum in order to avoid negative.

    She came back yesterday and said she was willing to pay for the cost of all my materials used to make her sets (not for my knitting time) and the cost of the fabrics she ruined. So I said okay, that’s fine with me, and here’s the cost. It ended up being over $100. She ruined 35 diaper cuts of my organic long cotton velour at $2.16 per diaper cut. That is based on $13 per yard of the fabric and 6 cuts per yard. Plus the yarn, t shirt and applique I used for her second set.

    This morning I get a PM saying “I can’t do that….here’s what I’ll do..” and it was just crap. She said now she’ll only pay for the yarn, t shirt and applique OR return the items to me to resell (Hello…you’ve had them since NOVEMBER…and while you say they haven’t been used, you flippin posted action shots dummy!!) And it’s not my job to resell anything. That ship has sailed. Oh and she’ll replace the diapers that have serging OFF the fabric, but none of the others.


    She’ll buy me $90 worth of diapers from another Mom on Diaperswappers. So she can’t do $100 refund in cash so I can pick who to buy diapers from, but she CAN do $90 from someone else? What is that?

    And now…she’s “out of town..” So I am sitting here stuck. The moderator is getting tired of me having an opinion and I’ve essentially heard ‘Well if other people had a problem with her, they should have left feedback then…” And I am like okay…but this person has made that a bad thing to do…she’s active here, all her “friends” think she’s just this angelic little nice Momma….and the unspoken, hint, hint, nudge, nudge is “Hey we’ll help you if you don’t cause any waves…” Why are earth does it benefit these people to let their users be scammed???

  331. SweetP says:

    Wow, I have never been so sorry I “scrolled all the way down” before. Is it normal to plaster cooter pics all over the Interwebs? Stay classy, Fluffyvage.

  332. Lisa says:

    Melissa, i think it is disgusting the way you have been treated. So sorry.
    #337, That was my exact thought…who posts pictures like that?

  333. MelissaCoffey says:

    Could someone give me a brief synopsis of this “other” drama that’s being discussed here? Something tells me it would have me laughing my butt off and quite frankly, I could use it. I have a pretty twisted sense of humor (I know I am supposed to be so appalled by the Asian Women Ads on DS and yet, everytime I see them, I totally crack up and think “Yes, that’s what *I* need…an Asian Single!!!” So I’d love to be in the know about this uhm…other…”stuff” (excuse the pun!! LMBO!)

  334. MelissaCoffey says:

    Well ladies,

    It’s done and over. My posting here was apparently not good….I just got a PM from the mod handling it. Going to kind of quote because I think quoting a PM is unallowed, so I’ll alter it a bit.

    Letting you know….P has been reading drama blog and has decided that at this point she is prepared to receive a negative feedback from you. Peggy’s final decision is that she is no longer offering any monetary compensation or other compensation….I can no longer help you.

    THANKS PEGGY! ENJOY YOUR WOOL and your time with God, because quite frankly, I’ve never met anyone who needed it more. You’re “no one has ever been dissatisfied with me” crap, is just that. You have NO idea how many people have come out of the woodwork with similiar stories of you delivering crap to the their front door.

  335. justme says:

    i just want to state that i have dealt with peggy before. she was supposed to make me some clothes for my dd and she just never did it. i was going to just pay for them, but i pm’d her several times and she just never responded. so i ended up buying clothes from someone else.

  336. Kimbella says:

    I’m so sorry. 😦 I would plaster negative feedback for her everywhere you can think of.

    I have been less than impressed with the mods too. I asked Happy2beamommy a question back in December, and she never answered it and just ignored me (probably because she knows the correct answer will make me in the right).

  337. Mylilgirls says:

    WTF!? I can’t really wrap my head around how you posting here should affect the outcome over there. I’m so sorry Melissa. I posted in your thread that I thought you should leave neg anyway.

    Pathetic that you can’t even vent somewhere else about the issue!

  338. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Peggy, you’re crap is a disgrace to christians. Seriously. Jerks like you shine such a dismal light for honest, hard-working christians like myself, and many, many more. I will be sure to tell EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know in the CD world what a liar and scamtastic jerk you are, so they aren’t screwed likewise. We all know exactly who you are, and can quickly and efficiantly spread the word so you are black-listed everywhere… Oh, except on DS with your fellow mods who are protecting your scamming behind.

  339. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Melissa, file a JAR. Seriously, if she is even a small-time WAHM who makes and sells ANYTHING, I BEG YOU! FILE A JAR!!!!!! Be sure to include the craptastic behavior of the mods and admin at DS.

  340. Kimbella says:

    Big ditto to everything you just said 343!

  341. MelissaCoffey says:

    Y’all link me to where to file and I’ll file everywhere I can. This is crap. This is also blackmail. I’ll pay you to shut up about how badly I run my business. Disgusting.

  342. kitty1163 says:

    Melissa: I don’t know you but I have been following this mess you are in. You must MUST put all of this behind you.

    If I had any boy things or even GN things, I’d send them to you. I have two girls tho …

    I’m glad you stood up for yourself. I’m glad you leaving appropriate feedback. I think others who had bad run-ins should too. And then Peggy SHOULD be banned.

    I’m just so so sorry.

  343. noneyabiz says:

    That’s really crappy of Peggy. I don’t see how it’s the mod’s fault since Peggy has made up her mind. But telling you that since you’re talking about the situation she’s no longer willing to refund you?? Not cool at all.

  344. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Melissa, If you haven’t already joined CDN, you should. There is a section called The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, where you can tell your side, and the facts of this situation (including mod/admin behavior) in it’s entirety. Also, JAR.

  345. MelissaCoffey says:

    I’ll put it behind me. No worries. I am honestly a very laid back, fun loving, no drama kind of gal. I know what’s really important in life and I’ll move past this. The funny thing is what bothers me is that this isn’t the only time this has happened. She has done it before. And she cannot wrap her mind around how that affects people.

    Seriously, Peggy, I know you’re reading this even though you said you were “going out of town…” You are stealing from people. You are taking other people’s hard earned money and then twisting and turning stories into something they are not. You had a friend that you asked to do something that wasn’t right. Mail me seconds?? That was crap. And when she told you no, you accused HER of not being a Godly person? If you want to be a Christian fine, great. But if this is who you are going to be in public, please spare people the Christian talk because you do not represent what it means to truly live and walk as Christ did. Your claims are disturbing on so many levels. You hurt people, you lie, you take from other people….all with the siggy of how much you love the Lord. Think about that for a second. It’s horriying.

    You have taken something away from me. You have taken a part of my birth experience away, part of my pregnancy joy away…..This is way bigger than a bad transaction or silly diaper drama. Just think about that when you go to sleep tonight.

    I’m going to do what I need to do to protect other women from your disgusting business practices. And then I am going to move on and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy, my birth and my son. All knowing that I live my life with integrity in a way I can only hope you strive for in the future.

  346. Messy says:

    MELISSA~ (((hugs))) The whole thing SUCKS! I am excited for your upcoming birth though!

    SMARTASS~ Cocoons are great for “passing around the new baby” because it keeps blankets inside and arms and hands and people from touching the hands πŸ™‚ Oh, and photo ops I have seen are spectacular! (But yeah, that one does look like a condom LOL)

    WERD~ I’m mad at you :p I want newborn diapers??? Hmmm… ROFL!!!

    PEGGY THE BALL-LESS VOYEUR~ YOU ARE A DISGRACE! Take the “God” reference out of your avi/siggy!!! I am sure He is about as thrilled with you as he is any other scammer who uses other people to better their lives. When you find in the Bible where Jesus used everyone to make His life better and screwed over His people, please feel free to follow that :::yuck::: I think you just suck.


    DSDM2~ I am glad that PEGGY is the only TWAT in this thread now πŸ˜€

  347. incognizable says:

    Melissa, that totally sucks! Another person here adding that loser Peggy to my do not B/S/T list.

    Oh and by the way “if” I’m not mistaken, if you do join CDN you can totally post about this experience in the section called “Questionable Transactions” and list your facts and her u/n so that ANYONE and EVERYONE will know about her scamming ass.

    You suck Peggy!

  348. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Melissa, *hugs*. I truly understand your story with Matthew, and the fear and associations you’re feeling with your pregnancy with this son, but I beg you: Please let this son (AND YOU!) have his own pregnancy and his own birth experience, not hampered in anyway by this selfish, cheating idiot. You and your babes deserve so much better. I know it’s easier said than done. Trust me, I know. My brother died shortly after birth due to congenital heart defects, coupled with prematurity complications (in the 1980’s), and ever since then, my mom has been dealing with serious anxiety and crippling fear over the pregnancy and births of her grandsons. I can imagine you feel similarly, in a way. I’m truly praying for you, regardless of the diaper situation. I cannot sew a diaper to save my life, but if I could, you would be receiving a nice little bundle from me. I hope the mamas who CAN, are able to bless you beyond measure. You deserve it, as does your amazing little son, soon to be born.

  349. MelissaCoffey says:

    I’m going to go take a bath, relax a bit and try to come up with something super exciting for dinner. My husband has to be at the university doing some big deal lab until 9 pm, poor guy!

    I am then going to type all this up so I have a “report” that’s accurate and with appropriate details. I just bookmarked CDN and JAR so I can find them again. I still need to leave my feedback on DS, but because it’s a one line thing, I am still working on that in my head.

    As far as the mods…no they cannot make her do the right thing, and I understand that. However, that being said, the way they stuck up for her rather than the other people she was trying to involved made me sick. Her former friend did not deserve to be turned on in the manner she was. If Peggy wanted to talk badly of me, fine, whatever, but when she threw her friend under the bus to save her butt, that was way uncalled for and the mod should have back the friend up rather than Peggy. I know they can go into your PMs, even though they say they can’t, and if they went into mine they would see that Becky absolutely did not do or say anything to implicate Peggy when she PMd me and yet Peggy tells a totally different story to the moderators. I guess Peggy thought her friend told me what REALLY went down in their private messages and was quickly backtracking. It all became clear when Peggy’s version surfaced about what her friend did and didn’t do, because Becky never said anything….Joke’s on her because that just proves she was trying to manipulate the situation….

    Anyhoo, that bath is calling my name!

  350. Not Me At All says:

    Melissa I’d say she never intended to compensate you anyway. Please leave a neg everywhere and file a JAR

  351. MelissaCoffey says:

    #353. I promise, promise, promise I will πŸ™‚ I will make this about Noah and not Matthew. Actually my daughter, she’s 2/5 now…she was born at home unassisted for the very reason that the doctors and midwives I talked to kept making the pregnancy about Matthew, and my favorite midwife (who delivered Matthew in the hosptial) wasn’t available. I cried on the phone to her “Can’t I just be pregnant and have a baby…” and she is the one who pretty much talked me into an unassisted. Her birth was AWESOME. The whole thing was awesome, and I am hell bent on this one being awesome too. It just has a whole weirdness about it that my pregnancy with my daughter didn’t. It’s really hard to explain. With Matthew, I didn’t sew anything. I never looked at baby clothes, I didn’t bond at all with the idea of having another baby, which is WEIRD for me. I am mega nester LOL! I kept telling my friend something really isn’t right and she would say “Oh it’s just stress..” (had two foster children at the time as well…another long story)…this time, I am bonding with the idea of another little boy, but in the back of my mind I can’t help but wonder…will he look like Matthew did, (aside from his dwarfism) or like he was supposed to? WIll he be like the other boys? I am pretty much past mourning because I truly believe things happen for a reason and Matthew’s life was all it was supposed to be. THAT was his destiny for whatever reason. There was just a distinct separation from that experience with my daughter that’s just a little…I don’t know…not so separate this time. I hope that makes sense. I *wanted* another little boy so bad. As un-pc as it is, because I know girls CAN play with trucks and all that good stuff, I like the boyness. The rough, tough, bob the builder watching, turning hair dryers into guns, knees in the holes of all their jeans BOYNESS….and I am excited about it, I really am, but there is a sadness there as well. I suppose that’s natural and normal…and with five chidlren that are all so different, I am pretty well versed at celebrating and enjoying the individuality of each new baby that we are blessed with.

    Even in ugly diapers LMBO!! I’ll be okay. This will all be fine. Drama, drama, drama!

    And I don’t know it seems the uhm, other drama, might have been far more interested and dang it, I missed it!!

  352. rainbow says:

    OMG! Seriously Melissa?!

    That just sucks sucks sucks. I do hope you’ll stick around DS some, as I think that a lot of mamas might want to help you out and send you a little something for all your trouble.

    The truth is out, and I hope that Peggy sees the error of her ways. Her behavior is very far from Christian. And from my not very Christian point of view, karma is a bitch.

  353. Kelolsen says:

    Lanolizing wool – back to that LOL- if you go on the Green Mountain daipers website, they have a GREAT video showing a 9yo lanolizing a wool cover with Lansinoh, warm water, and a sink πŸ™‚ It makes you realize if she can do it, you can do it πŸ™‚ check it out! that’s how I lanolized wool and then I’d take spray lanoline and spray it in my hands, rub them together and give a pat down in the wet zone after the wool was dry for a little extra.

  354. Kelolsen says:

    and when my DH deployed he was an officer (onlly an ensign but still..) our extra pay was only like $800 per month.. NOT 2K!!

  355. MelissaCoffey says:

    Ooooo….sending me something huh? I have a super great, even better idea. Let’s send a Bible and a “How to actually serge correctly” book to you know who, and maybe some really good books on business ethics, and hey, for Rainbow, let’s throw in a book about Karma as well πŸ™‚

    And I think that’s a bit snarkier than I intended. I need some chocolate, a scrapbook magazine and some Japanese Plum Blossom infused bubbles. Just have gotten way too many emails and PMS to get my butt off the computer just yet πŸ™‚

  356. Kelolsen says:

    felisha- if you want people to stay out of your life, then stop posting all the details. You put out there what you want people to read – if you don’t want them invovled, don’t post it. its very simple. You clearly want people to read it.

  357. Rika says:

    I don’t think she had any intentions of resolving the matter either. Whether it be the blog or her alleged gossip mongering pal, she was just going through the motions til she could come up with an excuse to back out.

    Is it possible to update the original blog entry with the lack of resolution and maybe photos, too? People who Google Peggy or her businesses and end up here probably won’t get past the roast beef (barf) to see the scam she pulled.

  358. smartassmama says:

    #354 – it wasn’t me posting about cocoons. They are kinda cute though! But my LOs were probably born too large for them. And I’m too cheap and scatterbrained to have a newb photoshoot! lol I think it was Amessymama

  359. Myself says:

    What pattern were you using for the diapers?

  360. rainbow says:

    363 – Hee hee. Snarky or not, it was still funny. I just meant that there are likely quite a few people who generally care and would love to make this better for you somehow. Even though only Peggy can make it right, and she chose not to.

    365 – Great idea.

  361. BFF says:

    It took Felisha to bring me out of my lurker status. I feel whole again.

  362. Messy says:


  363. MelissaCoffey says:

    Okay this is way too weird. A couple weeks ago I posted in the Ask The Forums section about a weird PM I got from a sex site. I just said “If y’all can go into my PMs and open this, I’d appreciate it..” because I didn’t want to open it, with all the virus crap there and whatnot.

    Then today I posted HERE about “Well if they could go into my PMs they’d see this other person didn’t start drama.”

    And just now, I get a reply to that first part “No we can’t go into your PMs…”


  364. BFF says:

    My computer was virused out and I lost everything and forgot all my links and log ins and…and…

    Ahhh, it’s good to be home!!!!

  365. Messy says:

    BFF, go debut on CDN! We were looking everywhere for you… We were worried!!!

  366. BFF says:

    I’ve been on CDN like every day!

  367. JustPeachy says:

    Melissa thats a freaking lie because they have an add on to DS that specifically allows mods to get into pms. I know one person IndieBambino I think it was, was banned during the great Mutt Catastrophe of 2008 for outing via pms.
    And Melissa I completely feel your pain with SPD. I had it with my last pregnancy and I swore that by 24 weeks it felt like my uterus was gonna fall out of my vagina if I so much as stood up. Sex IDK what to tell you because we barely had sex because of it and when we did it was usually from behind with my legs as close together as possible. Sorry to get so descriptive LOL.

  368. MelissaCoffey says:

    Now an admin is involved…wanting to know how it’s going. This might get interesting.

    My brain is fried. I’ve left my second negative feedback ever (finally just did it..) and now I can wait for the neutral or negative to be left in return, because you know, unless you kiss the butt of the person who did you wrong, it was negative for them too. Blech!

  369. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    Melissa I am so sorry for the way this ended for you! I can’t believe a Christian woman would behave this way.

  370. amessymama says:

    Are you confusing BFF with Diu? Can’t keep your girlfriends straight, eh? πŸ˜‰

  371. screenname says:

    Melissa, please don’t let Peggy and her scamming take anything away from your pregnancy, birth or son. Please, let the people who are offering help you. You can have a beautiful newborn stash that is 100X better than anything that Pink Cookie could make, because it will be built out of the kindness and love of women who support you. I know as moms we feel bad asking for or accepting help, but I have a feeling that this has the potential to be really healing for you. My best friend lost her first baby at 24 weeks. Infant loss is something that is very dear to my heart. If I had the ability, I would make you some diapers myself.

    DS mods CAN read PMs. I’m pretty sure there was a thread about that here, wasn’t there? Was that the one that made the 1984 reference?

    The other drama on here is about fluffybutt on DS. She’s a drama whore that compulsively lies and apparently likes to post vag shots on the internet. You can check back on a few of the other threads here if you’re interested in learning about her. I’d say you could check DS, but most of her threads get locked and deleted.

    (Sorry DSDM2! I’m not feeding the troll, just catching Melissa up!)

  372. MelissaCoffey says:

    LMAO. I’m trying to wrap my mind around the connection between a Drama Momma on a diaper site and her posting pictures of her girly bits….Does she appear to have some mental dysfunction or just someone that finds it funny to stir up trouble?

  373. Messy says:

    #378 No, I still haven’t found Diu 😦
    I just missed BFF on here and never seemed to be in the same threads with her on CDN apparently (because I remember her avi but am horrible at her name on there for a search for some odd reason). But I have no idea in the world where Diu has gone and that really bothers me 😦

  374. magpiedpiper says:

    I miss Diu too. I wonder what’s up with her?


    I don’t care much for crankypants, but am fairly meh about them. This pair, however, disturbs me. I think it’s the one eye. It’s creepy.

  375. smartassmama says:

    The other blog was before I found this place. That’s just disturbing.

  376. Aj says:

    Those are creeepy. Are they real crankies?

  377. amessymama says:

    Have you guys seen Pkat Pant’s post in The Answering Machine?

    PKat Pants will be leaving DS – contact info
    As of January 30th I no longer will be a site subscriber. Last time my site subscriber membership expired I was hit with two viruses almost immediately that almost destroyed our computer (sure it could be bad timing but as soon as I bought the membership again the virus attacks stopped). My computer contains everything I need for my business and for our personal lives so I cannot risk it. I apologize to my customers and the friends I have met while here but until the virus issues are fixed I will no longer be able to visit DS. Please contact me on CDN under the screen name mamapkat, through my e-mail link here on DS, or through my blog (link below).

    Thank you and I hope to be able to return soon!

    That’s awesome.

  378. thismelrocks says:

    Melissa- Leave negatives anywhere you can for Peggy. Disgusting!

    FelishaFluffyAss- If don’t want people up in your cooter then leave that nasty shit off the internet!

  379. amessymama says:

    Oh and those Crankys are hideous.

  380. melmelly says:

    Have any of you tried to email Diu thru her HC?

    Her HC was Tat2 Boutique, wasn’t it?

  381. MelissaCoffey says:

    I left neg on DS, but now am sort of up to my eyeballs dealing with an admin. Apparently they aren’t just looking at Peggy, they are looking at how the mod handled it as well. Am I delusional to think there may be more than just a piddly negative for Miss Peggy? I don’t know, but here’s to hoping….and this other gal is somehow, someway arranging diapers made for me. I don’t know all the details, just that I am sitting here thinking this can’t possibly be happening. How can people be so nice when they don’t even really know you….and be so nice that they clean up someone else’s mess? I don’t have words for this because it seems so surreal. It just proves for every bad person out there, there are 4 more good ones ready to make you believe in human goodness again.

  382. JustPeachy says:

    Those crankies look fake as hell. Look at the lips and how effed up they look.

  383. Myself says:

    Tat2 was elephantine on DS

  384. rainbow says:

    Oh Melissa, that’s great news. I do hope that everything works out. Really and truly.

  385. MelissaCoffey says:

    If you’ve had a bad transaction with Peggy or know someone who has, can you please let me know either on email or at DS? I am MelissaCoffey there.

  386. magpiedpiper says:

    Peachy, you’re right. It does look like those crankies have stroke mouth. Maybe that’s why they look so weird.

    Melissa – I hope they straighten everything out and find out why the mod was being all weird about the whole thing!

  387. mmspirit7 says:

    wow I missed a lot buying a car.

    won’t click the link to fluffy….happy to see her gone.

    to the lady scamed by a formed mod…I am sorry if I made diapers I would help you out I would.

  388. Myself says:

    what happened to this T and F thread for Melissa?

  389. DSDM2 says:

    It outted the other party and got pulled

  390. Myself says:

    Oh you mean from her feedback she left linking to it?

  391. DSDM2 says:

    That and once you leave FB, the thread is “supposed” to be deleted. It usually takes someone reporting it. My assumption is a mod friend took care of it for her πŸ˜‰

  392. Myself says:

    Okay, thanks, didn’t know that.

  393. MotherMoonPads says:

    Mmspirit7, what did you buy? We just bought a new car tonight too πŸ™‚

    “Ooooo….sending me something huh? I have a super great, even better idea. Let’s send a Bible and a β€œHow to actually serge correctly” book to you know who, and maybe some really good books on business ethics, and hey, for Rainbow, let’s throw in a book about Karma as well :)”

    *snort* Melissa, that’s hilarious.

    Personally, I don’t think you should feel bad at all about taking what is offered to you. I know I’m having fun making a few extra diapers πŸ™‚

  394. mmspirit7 says:

    we got a 9 seater ford expedition in a sage green. LOL i have to post pics for nikki tomorrow but I didn’t get them tonight it’s raining but I got to drive it and well now we need to hurry and get the crap car fixed or get dh another work car so i can have that one everyday I love it!

  395. MelissaCoffey says:

    I didn’t even realize the thread got pulled. Interesting. Probably because I left feedback already? But the crappy thing is I was told throughout the thread to link back to that thread in my F/B, which I did, so now where will it take them? To a deleted thread? That’s not going to do much good. My pretty pictures of gnawed up diapers really needed to be kept up.

    I was contacted by two other people who also had bad serging. They were given piece of crap Momma pads, and also had the same kind of deal where the actual items were mega delayed. I am now supposed to be forwarding any issues I run across to the admin team because they are “concerned” that her mod status kept people from leaving appropriate feedback. I do know the real issue is that this actually got a lot of attention and now if it’s ignored, it’s bad PR. That’s cool with me. One scammer down is one scammer down in my eyes.

    You know what just irks me though, seriously? If Peggy had ever asked for help…admitted something was wonky with her serger (still not sure if the serger she was trying to sell because it needed serviced was used on my diapers….that would be classic), SO MANY people would have helped her.

    If she had just come out and said I am so sorry, I thought the serging looked good and I will make this right, none of this would have happened. Own it, you know what I mean? And don’t even try to rank yourself up there with the many diaper makers out there who work their butts off to provide really awesome products. What kind of sew-tard thinks serging that doesn’t even touch the fabric is okay? I mean…come ON. We all have garments in our wardrobe with serged seams.

    And I suppose now I am going off a little more. Where’s that dead horse smiley when you need it?

  396. MelissaCoffey says:

    Oh Lord, y’all are going to be sick of hearing from me by now, but please, I am serious. If you have had a bad transaction with Peggy, please either email me at coffeybeanfamily AT or pm me at DS MelissaCoffey. I posted this before, and I just got this…I am not going to put it all on there…but this is just so bad…

    > Hi mama…
    > I saw your post about contacting you if we’ve had a bad transaction with Peggy.
    > At the moment I am unsure of what is going on. On Dec 31st I paid Peggy $25 for a dozen flats, a child’s chef hat and apron. I only got updates when I pmmed her.
    > On the 8th she said my package would go out the following day. On the 20th I pmmed her again because I STILL hadn’t received my package and she told me her husband had left my package in the car and forgot to mail them and she had sent them out on the 19th.
    > It’s the 28th and I still have not received my package. She DID offer me a full refund if my package did not arrive by this Saturday. I asked if she had a dc # and she said yes and she would get it for me but never did. So I pmmed her the next day and she said she only had the receipt and couldn’t find the dc. Only if I remember correctly from packages I have mailed, the DC# is ON the receipt and a friend reminded me of this.
    > At the advice of my friend I filed a dispute and escalated it to a claim because so many people had been getting scammed by her and my friend was worried she would clean her account out.
    > This is all really heartbreaking as I considered her somewhat of a friend since we were on the same daily chat thread and I spoke with her several times via pm.
    > Not sure what you can do with all of this information but I hope it helps you.

    Keeping her name, user name and other details anon because it’s up to her to come out…but seriously, this is just not right.

  397. lilmama says:


    This is total crap! I hope that you get something in the end, but don’t totally stress over it, enjoy your pregnancy.

    IDK who the scammer is (I mean I know, but I’ve not bothered to notice any of her crap for sale), but how classic that she spouts godliness & screws over other mamas. I get your point about just “owning” your mistake & I have a feeling that if she would have just let you know a month ago that she just couldn’t do it & sent your stiff back, it could have ended better than this.

    I don’t get the crap with the mods telling you not to leave FB, (had to make a note of that here πŸ˜‰ AND I don’t get how ANY mama (let alone a God-lovin’ ooh, I keep a notebook of scriptures & sermon outlines next to my bed chick) could do you as dirty as she did. Hugs to you, good luck, but don’t get totally consumed by this.

  398. melmelly says:

    Melissa- I am wondering if it would be better for people to email you, rather than PM you on DS, just in case some PM’s get deleted from your inbox before you get them.

    Didn’t they do that last summer? Admin going in and deleting PM’s?

  399. melmelly says:

    406- “I keep a notebook of scriptures & sermon outlines next to my bed”


    You know, I have had many people in my life be “Christian”, yet they act so un-Christian like. That is why I use “Christian” vs Christian.

    “Christian” people that I know personally are such hypocrites! My aunt is one of the worst. I don’t know if it is because she is a born-again, and keeps feeling like “the dark-side”* is still pulling her in that direction, or if because she gets up at 4am to read her bible before she goes to work at 8am, she thinks she is okay in the eyes of God.

    *Her “dark-side” is enjoying her beer and wine, letting loose and having a good time. Her “path with God” makes her remember all of the wrong-doings she has done in her life.

    But then again, her “church” is also well-known in the region for possibly being a cult, or teetering on the verge of a cult. Gotta watch out for it in So Oregon! πŸ˜‰

  400. me says:

    385-Yes. Unless someone did a damn good copy, they’re real.

    Melissa, I hope that your diapers are fixed somehow!

  401. piratebaby says:

    I’m sorry to bring up Felisha, but I am seriously concerned for the safety of her and her son, due to her own incredible stupidity and whore-ness. Felisha, I know you are reading here. Do a google search of your full name, including your previous married name. Right now I am looking at your home phone #, cell phone #, mother’s name, your full address, dob, where you graduated, links to all your different emails, and even more. THAT IS NOT SAFE. All I did was google the ifyel or whatever, so no I’m not digging into your past. You have some very serious issues that you need to get worked out before something happens to your son. And I’m sorry, but even at 18 (when I think most of this was posted) you should have known better than to post pics of what you did and then have all that info out there.

    Seriously. You need to get help NOW and you seriously need to grow the fuck up already. You are a mother and unless you want your son to have the same fucked up childhood you did, GET OVER IT, get help and make a better life than what you have right now. And I’m not talking money and objects, I’m talking priorities, safety, your general mental health and the safety of your child!! Seriously, what does your husband think of all the crap you have slathered all over the internet???

  402. BFF says:

    I am outing myself for the sake of Messy, who holds the key directly to my weeping heart for forgetting my name on CDN (even though I’m on her friends list and have sent her message after message professing my undying almost-stalkerish-but-just-short-of love for her).

    I am LoveMyBoys and I’m a Messy-aholic.

  403. newhere says:

    who is the mod who might be getting in trouble in this Peggy mess?

    I know of at least one other mod/admin and connection who should have neg FB, but the person was scared to leave it.

  404. Myself says:

    Who is the other mod/admin who should have had a negative.

    Someone suggested to me that it might be PaperPrincess – the other mod in this situation

  405. newhere says:

    Wearingtaci should have a neg

  406. JustPeachy says:

    I noticed PaperPrincess has come on to CDN recently. I wonder if that means anything.

  407. MelissaCoffey says:

    PaperPrincess never got involved. The mod dealing with this didn’t really seem to know Peggy that well and you could tell she was getting a little flabbergasted. Jacqueline something. My biggest beef is I was told right off the bat

    “Are you set on leaving a negative? If you are, I am going to advise Peggy not to try for any resolution..” And then I am told that I can certainly leave negative if I want, that doesnt’ affect moderation, but uhm….I do read and speak English pretty fluently, so not sure about that.

    There are FOUR admins that are now working on this LOL! So you can pretty much PM anyone you want if you have another name to give them. I have been forwarding them names as well, and each person that has contacted me has the same story…that they thought they were the first…the only…and felt bad because they were “Friends” with Peggy.

    I’d just like to say, that “friends…” even online friends aren’t just people you type to and joke with and hang out with in forums…they will also come through with transactions in a timely manner with good products if they are a FRIEND. No one, and I mean no one should ever (and believe me I went through this myself..) second guess leaving appropriate feedback. Especially for someone who is nicey nice to your face and then pulls this. That my friends, is called a scammer, not a friend.

    I left negative yesterday and quite frankly that does nothing for me. Big whoop de do. But it was one small step towards getting this person to a position where she will not take anyone’s money or trades ever again. She does not have the skill, the ethics, or class to be producing products of any kind for sale, or trade…

  408. MelissaCoffey says:

    408- I am a Christian and totally related to everything you just said. My closest friends here in New Mexico are Wiccan, Buddist and Unitarian. I had one Christian friend since being here and when we decided to go for an induction for Matthew at 32 weeks (I was already contracting and dialating when I got there though!!), she dropped me as a friend for “aborting” my baby. Nice. But God is good and I was very much aware that 32 weeks, while not ideal for delivery, is not for the most part life threatening for babies expected to live. My best friend had just had a 32 weeker a couple years back, and so I actually got to see and hold a baby at just that gestation. I had a really good mental picture in my mind and it helped so much.

    We have removed ourself from the church at this point because we’ve found there ARE two different sects of mainstream Christianity…there are “Christians” and there are “Churchians.” Our life is very simple. We follow the Bible. Not politics, or legistlature, or what the new thing to hate people about is. We don’t play the game and it really throws people off. You will find more and more people, who start really digging into their Bibles leaving church buildings these days because what is being taught is this weird, whacked version of Scripture teaching.

    I don’t mean to offend anyone who has an awesome, wonderful church they attend. I know they are out there. But in my experience church is about attending a place every week that you pay for a man/woman in a nice suit to make you feel morally superior to everyone else in your life. They preach about how everyone else in the world is wrong and oh so good YOU are for being there. It’s actually a pretty effective way to get a shot of self esteem. You’re in, you’re out, leave a little money in a bowl and everyone’s good.

  409. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    417- INDEED! We left a huge, thriving church in April of last year. There was so much GARBAGE going on, and no one cared. They just picked and chose what parts of the bible they wanted to follow, and threw out the rest.

  410. Katie says:

    I used to work at two different christian bookstores in college and the worst people who came in where “christians” and most were pastors. We would say that if anyone who isn’t a christian comes into the storeand just watches everything for a couple of hours would have confirmation why they shouldn’t be a christian. Those that came in that weren’t christians but were buying gifts for people were really the best examples of what christians should be.

  411. JustPeachy says:

    417 thats why I no longer attend church. I got sick of the constant cries for money yet when people I knew needed help they did nothing.

  412. MamaOf3Cuties says:

    My friend Ashley clicked on Felisha’s nasty site, and got a damn virus from it. Her computer is chock full of freaking porn now. Can y’all do something about removing that link before other people get the virus? It’s BAD. She can’t even get online with it, and she’s having to run scans in safe mode right now so she can try and fix it.

  413. DSDM2 says:

    No clue, I didn’t get a virus hit from it or any porn?

  414. thismelrocks says:

    If someone gave Wearningtaci a negative is it not there…hmmm?

    No virus from looking at Nastybutt pics for me.

  415. newhere says:

    No, someone was *afraid* to give Wearingtaci a neg.

  416. .bin. says:

    I didn’t get a virus from it either, is she sure it’s from that link?

  417. .bin. says:

    The only thing I don’t get in this whole mess, and don’t get me wrong, twats twat all over the internet is NOT what I wanted to see yesterday, but I do wonder about all those who talk about how they fear for her kid because a picture of her snatch is up on the internet. Now granted, I realize theres more information out there like phone numbers,etc. that pose a risk, but honestly BCD had lots of vag pictures. She really did the same thing, someone just hated her enough to make it public.

  418. thewhiteninja says:

    Peggy tried to sell me some of her food stamps for wool.

  419. mmspirit7 says:

    wow really

  420. amessymama says:

    427-Are you joking? I hope you’re joking. But I don’t see a little smiley by your name, so I don’t know.

  421. JustPeachy says:

    WTF FOR REAL????????

  422. amessymama says:

    I meant to say “by your comment” not name. πŸ™‚ Aren’t food stamps on debit card type things? How would that even be possible?

  423. me says:

    425-I got the crazy pop up “Wait! Your computer has a virus and we are scanning it for you!” shit that you have to click 200 times to get rid of from clicking that. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone got a virus.

  424. thismelrocks says:

    Ok I misunderstood about the Taci negative issue. πŸ™‚

  425. MelissaCoffey says:

    If anyone is interested in mediumish girly wool, I am doing a free lotto for a couple different pair on DS. It’s not much but I felt like I needed to do something to pay the kindness I have recieved back in some way πŸ™‚

    So enter for you, a friend, who ever….if you want to:

    I’m no CrankyPants, but I don’t totally suck at knitting either πŸ™‚

  426. zosiasmama says:

    So who is this Peggy?

  427. JustPeachy says:

    bethsflutterby is her username and i think she is on cdn as well.

  428. ESMommy says:

    421 – My spyware detected (and deleted) a Trojan as soon as I clicked that link too. I’ve never even had a virus from DS!

  429. Incognizable says:

    oy Peach really? I had no clue she was already on CDN :err:

  430. mmspirit7 says:

    I just checked and didn’t see that name on the members list

  431. JustPeachy says:

    I think she is. I thought I saw her post before on CDN. Im off to check now.

  432. JustPeachy says:

    I guess I was wrong. Hmmm maybe she isnt on cdn yet.

  433. naturalmamadot says:

    I hope not lol

  434. melmelly says:

    Did the virus all of you are talking about come from the Encyclopedia Dramatica site? I had never been able to get that site to load up when someone would link to it from another site. I was actually surprised that it loaded up for me yesterday, and no viruses.

    Or is it her blog that is giving off the viruses?

  435. amessymama says:

    I think it’s her crotch rot giving off the viruses. :puke:

    Actually, I think it’s the Encyclopedia Dramatica site. πŸ™‚

  436. butterfly16_f says:

    I got the virus. This morning I went on my laptop to work and it was like “pieces” were missing from websites. Like like login boxes etc. I rolled my Windows back and it seems to be working fine for now.

  437. Aj says:

    Wow, I can’t even begin to imagine what these households and families are like:

  438. bearista says:

    This is a ways back in the post now…but those are real crankies….I think they are about 3 years old…but I remember seeing the original posts on DS way back.

  439. JustPeachy says:

    So 73$ for 3 year old pants? Meh.

  440. amommy says:

    Melissa, I had a transaction that went badly- It was a switch and bait sort of thing and then the mama wouldn’t refund my money when she sent the wrong thing. The original mod I used was Jaqueline, and she was not very helpful. I remember she told me that there “were 2 sides to every story”. I don’t know what that even meant because first the mama sent me the wrong diapers and sold the ones I bought, and then when I had to return them- the ones I didn’t order, she refused to refund my money. Even though Jacqueline was nice, she was very inefficent at her mod job.

  441. Aj says:

    So, I was just reading fatasses blog (don’t ask why), and Janeen commented on one of her posts–she’s been banned. Weird, I wonder why?

  442. DSDM2 says:

    I saw that, but NattyBattyAss isn’t banned on DS, or wasn’t a little while ago? Maybe another site?

  443. Aj says:

    It doesn’t say she’s banned under her user name though…really strange.

  444. Aj says:

    She’s off her rocker too, so who knows.

  445. JustPeachy says:

    Cuckoo for cocoa puffs!

  446. sockrocker says:

    i cant believe someone wants to gift her a HH

    and the above mentioned mod Jacqueline is that JacquelineMarie? i had a transaction with her that was not so much shady but what i got was broken and i kinda think it was broken before she mailed it ( like not broken in transit ) but i never said anything cause i try to be non confrontational as possible …

  447. Aj says:

    Jaqueline has always bugged the hell out of me, not for any particular reason.

  448. ESMommy says:

    #443 – yes, virus was from Encyclopedia Dramatica site

    #444 – lmao

  449. amommy says:

    455- Yes, it was Jaquelinemarie- sorry. Not trying to start anything about her- just saying she wasn’t helpful with my particular issue.

    What’s a HH? Happy Heiny?

  450. amommy says:

    #427 about the woman trying to sell you foodstamps for wool- you should totally report that. That is soooo illegal. If you had the emails to back it up, she could be prosecuted I’d think? Or at the very least investigated and lose her privledges. Man that chaps my hide- people stealing like that.

  451. Myself says:

    458 – Hudson Hat

  452. JustPeachy says:

    HH= hudson hat= scrappy hat
    And wasn’t jacquelinemarie the nutjob who used to post on the ttc board about her husband jacking off into a cup and then using a syringe to try to get herself pregnant?

  453. lurking says:

    I missed a lot in a day! sorry to bring this back but what is the thing with Fluffyass vagina? What happened?

  454. smartassmama says:

    Wow. I can’t imagine there were any healthy psychological reasons for that.

  455. amessymama says:

    461- This thread has taught me way too many things about people I don’t even want to know a little bit about. Or know at all, for that matter.

  456. sockrocker says:

    458- not stirring anything up IMO , i just thought it was her, something about her was always a little off to me… ive been on DS long enough that ive seen quite a few nutjobs come and go , but she was one that stayed. like i said we had a trade a mom gifted me and some i had made before i came to terms with the fact that ai am not a diaper sewer lol newborn diapers for a kitchen item, and when i got it part of it was totally broken and the piece was not in the box and it was in an obviously used ( which i was fine with ) but it was like way used but oh well , i dont think i ever left fb cause i was just like ugh, i’ll just let it go .

    yea HH is a hudson hat she’s been posting all over ds about wanting to get one , maybe she should by one with that income tax check . or the rest of that “excess” money they have some months πŸ˜‰

  457. sockrocker says:


    *buy not by lol

  458. melmelly says:

    Didn’t she say she had a HH for him, but she lost it and can’t find it?

  459. nu says:

    Someone linked to a post about a new mom (11 days pp) and about the husband harping on her weight. Fluffybutt said her husband did too.

    My husband has never said anything negative about my weight…

  460. JustPeachy says:

    468 that is absolutely fucking stupid. If she had more 3 kids or something I could understand it as I had difficulty keeping Saedra rfing before I got her new seat. She has no excuse other than shes a douchebag.

  461. kukukachoo says:

    fe-leech-a is totally fishing for a fight is what she’s doing.

  462. TheOne says:

    461- WTF??????

    And whats up with this chick here? She cant be for real. Her story is to out there to be anything but made up.

  463. Aj says:

    472, we’ve discussed her before. She may be a troll, but I’ve never seen her ask for hand outs, so I don’t know. To me, it sounds like she is really uneducated and underpriviledged–it’s a sad situation. The only thing she posts about is this one ongoing problem, it seems to me like people who troll have story after story.

  464. TheOne says:

    Wow. I was actually hoping she was a troll b/c thats a fucked up situation for sure.

  465. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    ITA 464!!

  466. JustPeachy says:

    I do think she is a troll but definitely a different class. There was one chick on my BB when I was preg with Saedra who managed to keep up her troll story for quite sometime before she was actually found out.

  467. Rella says:

    Love how she says her husband would never cheat on her, and they have a perfect relationship, honest and open, yadda yadda yadda and then she turns around and posts amateur porn for the entire world to see (including semi-recent pictures on that photography forum which is why she got banned)… I wonder what her hubby would think about that… She’s so proud of him for being in Iraq and fighting for our freeding – guess he’s so proud of her for posting her “killer body” on the internet for all the interwebz to see…..

    Grrr sorry to mention the troll again, she just really, really pisses me off….. I posted in her thread that got locked – well, both actually – in EF and in the MIL forum. Makes me sick. Drama whore.

    Melissa – I’m so sorry you had to go through all that crap. ((hugs)) for you and for a safe, happy delivery of your precious boy. The DS mods/admins are all too stuck up eachothers butts to do right obviously – at least it seems the one’s that “helped” you were…

  468. StickFigureSushi says:

    You’d be surprised at how long a good troll can keep a story going and rope in a LOT of people. People who normally don’t get roped in easily. I posted for several years on a breastfeeding/natural parenting board where there was a member who’d been there longer than me. She had pictures (frequently posted over the years) of herself, her children, her home. She was accepted as part of the group (though a few remained suspicious of her over the years, most were not).

    Then, after about 5 years or so it all exploded. Come to find out, the pictures she’d claimed to be herself over the years were of an actress/dancer in California and not her at all. She apparently was a family friend of this actress/dancer, and the actress/dancer was going to marry a…relatively well known Christian musician. It was publicized in the news there and suddenly the troll was outed. Over the course of a few months it was discovered that she was a childless college student who had begun the ruse when she was still in high school! The pictures she presented as her children were actually the children of her family members! And she posted a LOT of pictures of those kids over the years! She even talked on the phone regularly with some of the board members and stuff. It was C-R-A-Z-Y!!

  469. smartassmama says:

    Damn that is crazy. I have a friend on a born in board somewhere else who picked up a stalker who has followed her to every site you can think of, stealing pictures, pretending to be her husband’s girlfriend, threatening her life. Crazy.

    And even if I weighed 300lbs., my husband better never say anything other than “your ass looks hot in them jeans.” if he called me fat he’d have a fist in his grill.

    Asshat’s latest post just cements that she’s a fuckhead.

  470. Myself says:

    472 – what is that thread about ? It says I don’t have access

  471. TheOne says:

    480 its in the Sensative forum. You have to opt in. Its about this woman eho lost custody of her children. Its CRAAAAAAAAZY.

    478 and 479- Wow!!!!

  472. naturalmamadot says:

    And even if I weighed 300lbs., my husband better never say anything other than β€œyour ass looks hot in them jeans.” if he called me fat he’d have a fist in his grill.

    Asshat’s latest post just cements that she’s a fuckhead.

    Ditto, ITA, QFT, yeathat lol

  473. Mylilgirls says:

    480 & 481….I stay far away from that one. Something just sounds really ‘off’ about it. IDK, I get a bad vibe.

  474. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    “Good” trolls can have fantastic, elaborate stories they keep up on, or they can just be present as a person, and leave little enough detail, while still dropping lines, making you think they’re something else, that no one questions them. For example, jessi4JC on DS. Absolute troll. Not married. No children. Never had any. Stalker- literally! Stalked a famous music artist! She has been on DS for quite some time, buying a huge stash of diapers and wool for children she does not have. When she’s had bad transactions, she blamed it on going through a bad divorce. She’s never been married. Ever.
    She frequently drops lines in posts like, “As a mama of girls, etc, etc,” and, “Of, that’s cute. I have a Jakob, too, so when you’re done with it…”
    The only reason I know she’s a troll now is because she tried scamming me. When a friend(reliable, long-time member) saw what she was doing, she told me she knows the person IRL, and told me the truth about jessi4JC. I actually put the pieces together when jessi4JC posted a link to her blog- a blog that talks about her childless, husbandless, lonely self who does nothing but work and run. She blew her own cover, if anyone paid close enough attention. When I brought her scandal to the attention of the mods, they said they had no reason to ban her, because she had not broken any DS rules. Just so everyone knows, Lying isn’t against DS rules! That explains a lot. LMFBO.
    Jessi4JC now keeps a very low profile since I squashed her scamming attempt on me, but she still pops in and posts on occasion.

  475. MelissaCoffey says:

    This is really messed up.

    I just got an admin message at DS. They are requesting that I remove “outing information” in my FFS Lotto. I wrote “After a crappy trade…” and that’s the whole freakin reason I put up the FFS Lotto, but apparently because I mentioned a bad trade, I am “outing” Peggy. That my comment will have women running to my feedback to see WHO. But who cares?

    I wrote back and said by that logic no one could EVER mention any kind of transaction at all because we all have free access to each other’s feedback. We could NEVER say “I had a bad trade here once and did have to leave a negative..” because that would be “outing??”

    Does this make sense to anyone else because I am honestly confused as to why I have to shut my mouth about something that happened to ME, when I am not stirring up drama or mentioning the other person. *I* chose to do a Pay It Forward kind of thing as a thank you to people who listened to all my bitching about it, asked to help…etc…it has nothing to do with Peggy at this point. That is DONE, and yet still I have to monitor what I say as to not “out” her?

    Is it me or is this just royally messed up?

  476. amessymama says:

    484-Your kidding! The only thing I knew about that person was her incredibly stupid avatar of Tweety Bird saying something like, “Get behind me Satan”. That alone raised my freak suspicions, but I had no idea she was that bad. Dang!

    Loony Toons and claims of Christianity don’t mix! IMO anyway. πŸ˜€

  477. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    485- Royally messed up. Royally. SS they continue to target you to protect that lying, destructive piece of work. 😦

  478. amessymama says:

    Melissa, that is totally messed up!!

  479. MelissaCoffey says:

    I just edited my post, not without expressing my dissatisfaction clearly.

    My fear is that anyone who replied with “Sorry about the crappy trade” is going to have their post deleted and not be entered, and that is completely unfair to me, and to everyone who wants to have a chance. I didn’t put that up there to out Peggy…I am not sure how their logic operates at all. And dammit, if someone is being “outed” it’s because they did something wrong in the first place. Why punish the member that #1- got screwed and #2-is just flippin trying to be nice and do what she can to THANK the members for helping her out? What IS that?

  480. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    489- It’s the logic of DS. Makes no sense to those who aren’t mentally warped and brainwashed by Lee.

  481. Mylilgirls says:

    Uggg, that’s a load of BS Melissa. I’m sorry this is happening to you!

  482. magpiedpiper says:

    Other words to use instead of trade (I used one in my post on your thread – thanks by the way!!):

    Swap, exchange

  483. MelissaCoffey says:

    I’m such a whiner. LOL! Why didn’t I come here in the first place? I am such a lurker. I always feel funny jumping in, but venting here has been a lifesaver. Several times I felt like I was going to blow up, and use not so nice words because the way this has gone has been so maddening. First, it’s all “well, let’s not jump to conclusions…” and yet that’s what happened when a girl tried to help. The conclusion was made right off the bat that she was trying to stir up trouble because it couldn’t be that PEGGY was lying to people….

    Then after it all came out there ended up being like 6 or 7 people who had issues with Peggy, either never sending stuff, lying about when they sent it or sending crap. Lying, stealing and ripping people off. Yeah, great qualities huh?

    And now…when I am seriously moving on from this (I had the BEST day ever yesterday, mainly because of the situation with my toddler’s teeth taking a much better turn…) and trying to get back to my usual bubbly, happy self, and wanting to pass that joy on, I get my wrist slapped over nothing. All to protect this person?

    My justice league self can’t handle it πŸ˜‰

  484. sockrocker says:

    sorry Melissa, not really sure what else to say that hasnt been said but i agree with it all about the situation

  485. MelissaCoffey says:

    P.S. And something else…I was just getting ready to post in Craft Chat because I am having trouble with the repairs on these crappy diapers, and need to be able to articulate what I am trying to do, and what happened when I tried to make my first repair, but will THAT be outing too? I am being totally serious. I need some advice on reinforcing the serging, but when I sewed over the edges with the zig zag, it went from worse to hellacious. I just got three diapers in the mail yesterday that are also serged and they are beautiful. They aren’t all stretched and wavy like Peggy’s are…When I went over with the zig zag, it made that lettuce edge, wavy, unstrudiness SO MUCH WORSE.

  486. chrissyb says:

    Melissa, thats crap what you had to go through, you do deserve nice newborn fluffy. That said, if anyone ambitious out there wants to serge some newborn stuff for Melissa, I have a yard of obv, and a yard of obf I would be happy to send, and I would be happy to put some snaps on too. Yes, the craptastic dipes will work, but everytime you use them it will remind you of the whole issue. I have gotten rid of some fabulous dipes and wool because the transaction left a bad taste in my mouth and I couldn’t handle it. Anyhow, email is if anyone wants my fabric to make Melissa some pretty fluffy!

  487. zosiasmama says:

    MelissaCoffey….please come join us at CDN. We will never protect scammers, we have cool down to earth people and our smilies will rock your socks.

    Why anyone stays at DS is beyond my comprehension. *shrugs*

  488. cubanita says:

    poster 41 is calling someone out… anyone know the story?

  489. naturalmamadot says:

    the story was just posted on here a few posts up 484 i do believe

  490. MotherMoonPads says:

    Melissa, don’t worry about the diapers πŸ™‚ Trust me, they’re not worth stressing out about πŸ˜‰

  491. cubanita says:

    O-O oh wow! thanks 499… AND 484 for the heads up on the troll.

  492. DSDM2 says: Gracie is her niece, I wouldn’t jump on her yet.

  493. MelissaCoffey says:

    I did just register at CDN πŸ™‚ So…I have a new website to learn about. I’ve had issues here and there with DS, but when you’re in the hot seat, you really find out first hand how backasswards things are run…And how people who really are, you know, somewhat stable and logical, are babysat, while those who stir up trouble get protected at all costs…

  494. amessymama says:

    I think I have jessi4jc confused with someone else. I just don’t know who I have her confused with. Oh well.

  495. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    504- Yes, she did used to have the Tweety Bird in her avatar.
    502- She could very well be her niece. My question is where she’s made multiple posts, specifically saying she’s a “mama of girls,” that she has a son “named Jakob,” etc, when it’s clear from her blog and some one she knows IRL that she has no children.

  496. FunnyMama says:

    (Relinquishing my lurker status)

    Here jessi4jc claims she has had a nanny.

  497. DSDM2 says: she talks about a Jacob. This is weird though… how she doesn’t have kids in cloth “anymore”.

  498. MeMeMeME says:

    ” Re: how many children would you want to have?
    Perfect world if no one fought with their siblings and they always listened to their mama? 5. But I think I’m good with where I am…LOL. (2)
    Always ISO GM Triple Switched, Luxe Fitteds, & Diaperaps Covers Retired Prints.
    Visit my Etsy store for Handpainted Children’s Clothing, Hairbows and Other Accesories:

  499. FunnyMama says:


    BTW, I’m loving my monster.

  500. MeMeMeME says:

    09-11-2009, 03:33 PM #38
    jessi4jc’s Avatar
    Registered Users

    Join Date: Oct 2006
    Posts: 1,127
    Ratings: 28
    Feedback: 93%

    Re: How old until LO is too big for knitted wool longies?
    My girls had woolies long after they were out of diapers. Last pair I bought were a 5T legging style with matching sock monkey shirt. LOL.
    Always ISO GM Triple Switched, Luxe Fitteds, & Diaperaps Covers Retired Prints.
    Visit my Etsy store for Handpainted Children’s Clothing, Hairbows and Other Accesories:

  501. magpiedpiper says:

    IIRC, she had two step-kids from an ex? And hasn’t seen them for awhile. So not really “her” kids. Something like that.

  502. FunnyMama says:

    Oooh, she’s from my neck of the woods! (Charlotte area). I saw her video from the YMCA marathon, right up (down?) the road from me. Anyone have a link to her blog?

  503. DeviateFromTheNorm says:
    This post says nothing of a marriage falling apart, an ex, step-children- nothing.

  504. FunnyMama says:

    wow, she gives some pretty detailed descriptions of her comings and goings.

  505. FunnyMama says:

    nope, it doesn’t, huh? troll.

  506. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    She does, which, when she was trying to pull one over on me and I read this blog(searching to see if she had feedback anywhere else of a history of dishonesty, scammy behavior, etc), it was really confirmed for me that her entire story she splooges onto DS is made-up. If she had a family, she’d write about it. Instead, she writes about friends and their children, and photos of them. She reminds of the LavenderDragonfly psycho. SOOOOOO desperately wants a family, that she buys a stash, diapers, wool, clothes, etc, is always ISO the same sized items, etc, so on DS, she makes up her fantasy family.

  507. FunnyMama says:

    excellent point.

  508. magpiedpiper says:

    That post does say something about her relationship being a disaster or something though. Not defending her at all – just saying that the best lies are usually based on some truth.

  509. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    521- True. Perhaps she had a man she WANTED to marry, etc. Who really knows, but her? No one, because she just lies about everything. On a smaller scale, she’s like unto Felisha- just wanting attention, and making stuff up to get it.

  510. FunnyMama says:

    Yeah, I read that too, but it still doesn’t explain the discrepancies re: her “children”: She claims to have 2 and refers to them as “girls” but also mentions Jacob. She says her “kids” are out of CDs but makes a comment that a certain item would fit Jacob. Etc.

  511. FunnyMama says:

    I just joined CDN and I’m fascinated by The Hot Seat. Such honesty, such maturity! What novel concepts.

  512. JustPeachy says:

    And isn’t amazing how we don’t get all crazy when shit gets worked out in the open???

  513. thewayhome says:

    I lurk here lots It makes me laugh, and at the same time I am oh, so glad that I don’t go to DS anymore. I’ve been wanting to post in the last few days and just couldn’t say anything nice, or that hadn’t already been said. So for now I will say this CDN is wonderful.

  514. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao it sounds like shes asking if anyone on DS has any kids they dont want

  515. kukukachoo says:

    holy shit, did she suffer some brain damage in that stroke as well?

  516. magpiedpiper says:

    People actually still use the term “mixed breed” in reference to people?

  517. thewayhome says:

    okay I risked DS and that post if just messed up. I read it more of I have a great family and we’re looking for the poor little (dirty word) to add to our family to make us look better. Oh, and I can’t spend any money to get him cause well you know I’ve had health issues and all that. But I wanna nurse him so it’s all good right?

    Excuse me while I go puke.

  518. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Wow, that’s sad. Does she want a puppy, or a human? Ugh. Her tone and message go beyond ignorance.

  519. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    WTF?!?! She sounds like she is posting a want ad!

  520. monkey says:

    I feel bad for the Jessi4JC woman. Sounds like she’s a little delusional. No kids of her own so she makes them up and creates this family life she wishes she had… it also says on her blog that she had breast cancer. I could see where if your life just took a totally different turn than what you had hoped it might make you go a little whacky if you weren’t a strong person.

  521. FunnyMama says:

    #527 – just hopping on to post about that – I wanted to throw my computer when I read that.

  522. screenname says:

    She changed her OP, that was (thankfully???) quoted beforehand where she specified that she wanted mixedish, but not black. I have no words.

  523. smartassmama says:

    Umm. Is there any gentle way to say “if you aren’t able to use one of your arms, how do you plan to hold & breastfeed an infant?!”

    And, how does Nana feel about adopting? Because let’s be honest, even if this woman is a spectacular mother and nurturer, with the kindest heart, she isn’t really able to meet the basic needs of a toddler & a newborn.

    And I’m not touching the race issue with a 10ft pole. She obviously edited out the more offensive words, and who knows what else, because the quoted post is different than the OP.

  524. FunnyMama says:

    posts like those that keep DS in my bookmark folder against my better judgement. I love the trainwrecks, what can I say?

  525. amessymama says:

    I’m just appalled by that post. I was at a complete loss for words. I would like to kiss the person that quoted her. Although, maybe I would be better to remain in my blissfully ignorant state.

    All I keep thinking is, if I didn’t have family and something were to happen to DH and I, that a POS like that might get a hold of my particular “breed” of children. :sickandsad:

  526. Aj says:

    Is it wrong that the picture she posted of her children creeps me out?

  527. FunnyMama says:

    not wrong at all. in fact, I don’t even know why she chose to post a pic in the first place? seems pretty apropos of nothing.

  528. thewayhome says:

    I love how she replied she didn’t make it about race so why are people replying and making it about race. So, only if you have something good to tell her please respond.

  529. screenname says:

    Ducks and bunnies, everyone!

  530. screenname says:

    I feel a little sorry for the OP. She obviously has some serious issues to overcome. Not just physical. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to have a sweet little newborn and to not be able to hold her or change her diapers. I would be heartbroken to watch someone else raise my baby.

    But the answer is not picking up a couple CHEAP (she specified that, too) “mixedish” babies to make it all better.

    This isn’t like when your toddler pukes in your fav shoes and you have to chuck them out and go buy another pair. This is a person…a life.

  531. sockrocker says:


  532. Lauramaynot says:

    Holy schmolie! What a bunch of messes we have had lately… I hope those who have been scammed can at least get some peace that by sharing their stories here they are helping alot of people who are here lurking. I have only had one close call transaction at ds where I threatened to contact a mod and I am glad I got my trade and didn’t have to – I doubt they would have helped me one bit. I am sure they have an inkling of who the problems are, but I wonder if that actually sways the way they mod. I’m sure they have dealt with Peggy before and maybe they believed her song and dance in the past and they are allowing that to cloud their judgement. They are just way too worried about the witch hunt. Instead they should be protecting their members. It is sad to be so distrusting of people, but time
    and time again people show their true colors. Whenever I see raves lately I find myself wondering if there is a personal relationship there :shrug:

  533. looking and lurking says:

    Hey all, any negative info on DiapeyDooDiapers/happymom83? I saw her thread on DS in WAHM wares and know someone who’s placed an order on Jan 1st who still hasn’t got her dipes and has been told twice that they’re being shipping and still no DC number.

    Anyone else been potentially scammed?

  534. MotherMoonPads says:

    #548, she contacted me about selling me some diaper cuts, and then just never responded. It was really kind of odd, I’ve ordered from her before without issues. Her store is empty though, which is really unusual for her.

  535. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    I ordered from her in mid-November. Took her almost two weeks to ship the diapers. She never communicated once to tell me she was running behind.
    Also, the quality of the diapers was not very good. Sewing isn’t great, and the snap-in soaker is only half the length of the unstretched diaper. Basically, it’s useless to us. I have to lay a tri-folded PF into the shell of the fitted to make it worth anything. Not something I would’ve spent money on.
    When I left her neutral FB (I was contemplating neg, and would now, if I could change it), she convo’d me, giving me attitude, telling me no one has complained before, her kids were sick so she was late on shipping, yadda-yadda-yadda. Not professional, and not great craftmanship. Clearly she hasn’t sent your friend’s diapers out yet, so I’d ask for a refund, honestly.

  536. werd says:

    OH GOD, my friend got some diapers from DipeyDoo whatever and they were AWFUL! Really thin, not the best sewing job – they are pretty much not useable. Cute, but won’t do a great job as a diaper!

  537. ladylili says:

    #528 I am just speechless from that thread. Reading that makes me angry!

  538. mamamia says:

    #473. Fluffybutt has asked for handouts before. She used to have a link in her siggy about “helping out a friend” and donating free diapers to her so she could give them to her friend who was a single mom due to having a boyfriend in jail. I knew it was a scam all along. A few days ago she posted something about how that same friend changed her mind about cloth diapering and didnt want to anymore.

  539. Lmao yeah I lied about my friend. /sarcasm

    what would I need small diapers for? My 6mo old that is 22lbs and 28in tall?

  540. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha, please stop responding. I will not be publishing your comments. You are not welcome to post on this blog. MKByeByeNow.

  541. kukukachoo says:

    Fuhleecha, it sucks to be you.

  542. MotherMoonPads says:

    Wow, I’m really surprised to hear that about her diapers. I’ve only bought one, but the quality of it was really nice.
    I bought from her in August. This was what I got

  543. melmelly says:

    556- Whoa! She lives two hours from me.

  544. melmelly says:

    548 –

    She was active on Etsy on Friday. Maybe have your friend send her a convo through Etsy to see what is up.

  545. sockrocker says:

    anyone seen this?

    i thought it was pretty interesting lol

  546. FunnyMama says:

    it’s only worth $62k?? the way the mods power-trip you’d think it’s work $62mil

  547. sockrocker says:


    CDN is on there too , every site ive searched has been on there. , i come across odd stuff while searching lol

  548. sockrocker says:

    also it says it’s been updated 56 ( or 58 days ) days ago … and wasnt before cotton babies started sponsoring, wonder if that made a difference

  549. sciencefair says:

    CDN only makes $4 a day in ad revenue and doesn’t have e-herpes, yet DS makes over $80/day for ads and is a walking eSTD? So so sad.

    (I can’t remember what I usually post my name as on here, but since I usually lurk I figure this one be fine.)

  550. try me, i'm new! says:

    lol, there’s an option to leave a comment about

  551. sockrocker says:

    did anyone notice this?

    it was the first post i saw when i went to “” ( the other site coming from same address DS is ) real nice….lol

  552. Pariah says:

    565, they is a stickied topic on a military forum i’m on. it say:

    Several members of The Womanhood have received a PM from TWH advising them to run a virus scan at the link provided in the PM. If you receive this PM be very cautious of clicking the link as it is a virus or a highly dangerous site. (My anti-virus program wouldn’t even allow me to click the link it was apparently that bad )

    So if you receive it, as usual, be very careful about clicking links.

    Also, make sure your computer has an up to date Virus scanner and that you are doing regular virus scans.

    Avast! is a pretty good free anti-virus and AVG is pretty good as well and helps prevent spyware.

    New Private Message at TheWomanHood Forum


    Dear XXXXXXXX,

    You have received a new private message at TheWomanHood Forum from LadyROOT, entitled “Important message from the forum administration”.

    To read the original version, respond to, or delete this message, you must log in here:

    This is the message that was sent:

    A virus alert was noticed on your computer. We highly recommend you to check your computer and perform online virus check at our site immediately:DON’T CLICK ME!!!! I KILL YOU!

    Forum Administration

    Again, please do not reply to this email. You must go to the following page to reply to this private message:

    All the best,
    TheWomanHood Forum

  553. Pariah says:

    here’s another fun fact. that militarySOS site that felisha got banned from was also owned by Lee…

  554. volbaby07 says:

    What happened? Did they pull that ERF carseat thread? I saw where people were calling she who must not be named out and telling her to stop taking things so personal, but I didn’t think at that point that it was worth pulling the thread.

  555. magpiedpiper says:

    567 – No, it’s still there, and has moved on from fluffynut and her lame excuses. Honestly, I seriously doubt that she will actually make the effort to keep her kid rear facing. You know, since that means she actually has to make an effort.

  556. volbaby07 says:

    #568 Thanks. I just couldn’t find it and wondered if fuckhead had come back to play victim some more.

  557. FunnyMama says:

    I read part of this thread when it had only a few pages, and rolled my eyes at the aforementioned post. I didn’t follow it because there’s only so many ways to beat a dead horse, yanno? When I clicked on the link this morning I almost choked on my Special K Chocolatey Delight, 50 pages??? I bet there are some well-loved soapboxes that are seeing some major action…

  558. FunnyMama says:

    FTR, I ERFd DS and believe very strongly in it, but I’m certainly not going to bash someone over the head with my Magic Know Everything Wand because of a choice they made.

  559. magpiedpiper says:

    Funnymama, that’s a nice soapbox you have there about other people’s opinions on ERF.

    See, everyone has one. lol

  560. FunnyMama says:

    Gee, and here I amended my first post so as not to get bashed. Hmm…

  561. magpiedpiper says:

    No bashing, just pointing out the humor in your posts.

    And if you were trying to be more gentle in the amendment, then the “Magic Know Everything Wand” part kind of ruined that.

  562. magpiedpiper says:

    Seriously not being snarky – it just made me giggle.

  563. cdnation says:

    I don’t know how we’re making $4 a day in advertising. That’s news to me.

  564. FunnyMama says:

    Okay, I think the the crotch of my BGPs need adjusting. Reading DS threads makes me a little over-defensive.

  565. magpiedpiper says:

    I know exactly what you mean! I think it’s that darn goodvibes smiley, tainting everything it touches with it’s passive aggressive rays. lmao

  566. Mylilgirls says:

    579- that’s not the one that gets me…’s the thumbs up one.

  567. FunnyMama says:

    I dislike the head-scratching one too. Like there’s a smiley to express your sarcasm that you REALLY get it but you want to play dumb? :headscratch:

  568. magpiedpiper says:

    Oh yeah, the thumbsup! I have to admit though, when I post on DS, those two smileys creep into my posts like passive aggressive little ninjas. They just feel so appropriate for DS.

  569. smartassmama says:

    There are people that make me get on my soapbox and offer helpful researched information. Then there are those people who walk up to your soapbox and try to tell you there is no box beneath you, and that soap is worthless. Because their neighbor said so. Then laughed her butt off. It’s those people that I throw my box at. And there’s only been one so far.

    I can never remember the code exactly for the thumbs up and the head scratch (they’re a little different from another forum I visit). But that P-A goodvibe guy sneaks in with my from time to time πŸ˜€

  570. adensmama says:

    Was that REALLY Felisha’s vajayjay? Because I think I’m blind now.

  571. amessymama says:

    Then there’s tristens1mom who apparently is waiting with baited breath to turn her DD around. She sounds downright disappointed that her daughter is below the weight limit @13 months.

    She just a big ‘ol ball of ignorance & stupidity. I choose not respond to her. I usually try not to respond to fluffycrotch also. But she said she had no alternatives and for the well being of her son, I had to let her know she did have one.

  572. smartassmama says:

    My sentiments exactly. What really gets me is the “leave the poor girl alone,” because that’s what she is begging for. Those women must be completely clueless, because they are caving to asspattery.

    And I haven’t seen a whole lot of tristens1mom, but what I have seen hasn’t been all that smart either.

  573. Mylilgirls says:

    then there’s this one:

    Give me a freakin’ break miss high and mighty. You mean people get passionate and heated about things that are close to the heart…gasp!!!

  574. FunnyMama says:

    She must have been jonesing for drama. “A simple yes or no”?? When in the history of DS has THAT ever happened?

  575. smartassmama says:

    That’s like if I handed my 2 year old crayons and said, “Don’t color on the wall.” Now that I’ve mentioned it, she’ll definitely want to color on the wall.

    I wish we could all be totally unpassionate about everything. not.

  576. amessymama says:

    Fluffycrotch wished there were no internet drama? She needs to log off then. Forever.

  577. Mylilgirls says:

    590- yeah, I mean there’s too much of an age difference for everyone to agree. According to her, it has nothing to do with maturity.

  578. Mylilgirls says:

    I’m getting a cheaper ring so I can take more coochy pics.

    I’m bad, I’m sorry DSDM. I’ll stop feeding fluffycrotch now.

  579. smartassmama says:

    Riiiight. Like she can’t join because of her email address. Right.

  580. DSDM2 says:

    It is more likely that it is on sale from the website she was banned from.

  581. monkey says:

    Thing is car seat are an actual SAFETY issue. I mean yeah, breastfeeding is best we all know, but it’s not going to kill your child if you don’t nurse. And there are legitimate reasons for not bf’ing (breast reduction, PPD, work schedule, seriously ill mother or child) but there is really no reason to not make your child as safe as you can in a vehicle. If you can’t afford an ERF car seat there are GREAT programs out there to help.

    I guess I feel like not being careful about car seat safety is silly. There are so many great organizations to help and you can always go to the fire department and get them to install your seat.

  582. smartassmama says:

    monkey – Uh huh!!

  583. FunnyMama says:

    I just don’t understand how someone on DS can have upwards of 5000 posts and still think that ERFing poses a leg-break risk. That grinds my gears – “We turned Junior around at 13 months because he’s tall for his age and I don’t want him to break his legs.”

  584. smartassmama says:

    Because their child is the tallest child, with the longest legs that ever lived! Duh!


    Broken leg, cast it. Broken neck, casket.

  585. lysol says:

    If safety is that big of an issue, and you feel that strongly, then don’t drive at all. Safety problems solved! Unless of course, in a freak accident a car comes crashing into the living room of your house. Sucks.

    I’m a safer driver when my kid isn’t screaming her head off in the back, and she tends not to scream when she’s FF. She’s three. That’s a legit enough reason for me, but I know there are others who will point the “bad mommy!” finger at me. Oh well

  586. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    597- I see so many comments about that, and everytime I want to ask them if they’d rather their kid was in leg casts for 6 weeks, or dead forever from violently snapped neck that can happen in a low-impact crash.

    In July, we were sitting at a red light when some one went straight in left-turn only lane. They hit us head-on, then drove up the driver’s side of the car. I (the passenger) was fine(a little body soreness from the jarring impact, but nothing major) as was my son, who was rear-facing on the driver’s side. My daughter, who was FFing behind me, complained of a painful, stiff neck and head ache for days. I cannot imagine if, an almost-three-year-old FFing in a top-of-the-line supportive car seat(Graco Nautilus) was jerked around enough to have a sore neck for days, how much more would it have affected my 23-pound son, had he been FFing and not had the RFing car seat to take the blow. He was even in a Cosco Scenera, at that time! $39 at KMart! He’s in an EFTA now, but I just cannot see how anyone could justify NOT ERFing as long as possible, using price as an excuse. Sad, really. I could have potentially lost my son that day, had he been FFing and taken the blow of the crash without his head and neck supported, and we were at a stand-still. The car that hit us wasn’t even going 25 MPH! Don’t tell me about being a safe driver, either. We weren’t even moving, and my daughter’s neck was injured. 😦

  587. smartassmama says:

    599. I won’t. πŸ™‚ My finger comes out when people are all sad that their kid isn’t 20lbs yet, or 1yr 1day old. I know that it’d be safer for even me to RF, but the difference in a 3yo and a 19lb 13mo is huge. That’s when I get up on my big ole box!

    600. That’s very scary! I don’t even know any words, other than thank goodness you three were ok in the long run.

  588. ΕΎΓ‘ba says:

    596 – lol I saw that too, was that a :goodvibes: at it’s passive aggressive best or what?

  589. lysol says:

    I turned DD around at 18 months. I can’t remember what her weight was then – a little over average because she was tall. But it wasn’t for a silly reason like me being worried her legs might snap off or something… She had these screaming fits so bad that she would vomit. The time that made me freak out and turn her around was when I was in heavy traffic and she threw up and started coughing and choking on her vomit (or what it sounded like, *cough gurgle gurgle cough*). It was very scary. I ended up having to throw on my flashers (still in creeping/crawl heavy traffic) and run around to her side of the car to check on her.
    I couldn’t do the RF thing with her from that point on, I was so paranoid because nearly EVERY time we got into the car she had throw up. As soon as she went to FF she was just fine, stopped her screaming fits and didn’t throw up except on long car trips.
    With the next kids, I hope to keep them RF longer though

  590. Jessi4jc says:

    Hi, not sure how I got brought into this, but just for the record. The girls live with my ex in TN. I do still see them several times a year. They were here in November and I am going there in May.

    I have not claimed that Jacob is my child. I have nephews Caleb 4, Jacob 2 and a niece Gracie 6 weeks who live in NC where I live now. I relocated back here a few years ago after the divorce when my grandfather was dying of cancer.

  591. lysol says:

    No my math is bad, she had to be 22 months since it was 2 months before her bday. Eh, almost 2 years then.
    Her throw up fits must have started around 18 months then. I don’t know why. Before then when she was smaller, she would just cry until she fell asleep in the car. I guess once she got older, she just got more pi**ed off. Heh

  592. FunnyMama says:

    I get on my box when I hear things like the leg-break theory or “I can’t WAIT until Junior turns 1 so I can turn him around!” or “Junior likes to see out the windshield so I have to FF him” or “The law says I can turn him around at 1 and 20 pounds, what’s a month here or a pound there going to change?” or “My cousin’s best friend’s step-mother’s dog’s previous owner’s said I could FF my infant bucket seat”. I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.

  593. lysol says:

    HAHA. Yeah, whats a pound here, a limb and an organ there? No worries

  594. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Back to the DiapeyDooDiapers- Have people received their diapers, or at least DC #’s yet? She just bumped her thread on CDN, trying to get more people on her customs list.

  595. looking and lurking says:

    607 I was just coming to say that DC# was indeed given today. So hopefully they’re on their way.

  596. naturalmamadot says:

    lmfao #605

  597. Lurker-galore says:

    I ordered some from her and got them after 2-3 weeks. They are alright. I think I paid about 7 something each for NBs. Sewing is not top quality and they are pretty thin. IDK how the snap down is going to work while overlapping the wings. And the insert seems like it needs to be a bit wider and longer. I guess we’ll see when my baby gets here…

  598. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    608- Good! Though it looks like she wasn’t the only one waiting.

  599. adensmama says:

    The ERF thing is one of my pet peeves. This chick on my facebook posted how happy she was that her DD was at the 20 lb mark, not EVEN at 1 year was she forward facing!!!

    I posted a link about the dangers of not ERF, and her reply was “well our DOCTOR said it was okay so we are going to listen to HIM”.


    I am about to buy two Radians with my tax return, partly because I need the extra room in the backseat, and partly because my DD keeps complaining that she wants to be “backwards” like her little brother lol!!! I thought that was so funny. She just outgrew the RF weight on her Marathon, and DS outgrew the RF height in his Roundabout, so I have them switched for the time being (only a couple weeks)

  600. ashley says:

    Hahaa! That website value estimator thing says that the now defunct music webzine I own is worth around $3300! Anyone in the market??

  601. JustPeachy says:

    I big pink puffy sparkly heart my Radian. I am just said I didn’t think to get one last year. Best 250 bucks I ever spent as this will probably be the last seat I have to buy (well until Saedra outgrows that).

  602. adensmama says:

    Peachy I have been wanting to buy one (or two) for a while now! I’m glad I waited though because now I can get the SL. The only thing I’m worried about is that they recline a LOT- I’m hoping DH and I don’t have to have cramped legs!

  603. naturalmamadot says:

    adensmama, depends on your car really. if you have squishy seats and if you know the install tricks you might get lucky and get a 40 degree install. it fits in between the front seats in a lot of vehicles though, so thats nice lol. if you want to know if it will fit in your car you can do a search on for “radian successful install thread” or ask about your vehicle πŸ™‚

  604. CJ says:

    I had open in another tab already. Here is the Radian Successful Install thread.

  605. melmelly says:

    Since we are on the topic of car seats, what are the requirements in your states for a child to be in the front seat? In Oregon, it is 13.

    However, I am seeing more and more kids riding in the front seat all the time and the police aren’t doing anything about it.

    Our former neighbor allows her 11yr old son ride in the front, and he is around 4’9″, and maybe 85lbs. The cousin of the neighbor boy is in kindergarten and is about 65lbs, but only 3’9″ or so.

    I am also seeing a lot of parents allowing their kindergarten and first grade age kids ride in the front – where there booster seat is installed, and there is plenty of room in the backseat. I have mentioned it to one mom on more than one occasion, but she has ignored me.

    It is so frustrating to see parents be so stupid. I would say ignorant, but they know better, they just choose to not abide by the law.

    Maybe I should talk to my neighbor who is a cop about this.

  606. melmelly says:

    Sorry, not a requirement, but a “best practice”. But I am still seeing plenty of people breaking the law and the streets around the school district are crawling with cops in the morning before school, and in the afternoon when kindergarten and first grade get out, and then an again an hour later when 2-12 get out. The cops usually patrolling the school district are heavy ticketers too, so I am just surprised about all of this.

  607. me says:

    “The back seat is safest for children 12 and under” is inside cars on the mirror pad thing.

    Lots of people have kids ride in there before though. Sometimes it can’t be helped. I do understand some people’s reasons.

  608. Myself says:

    In GA, if all the seats are occupied by a younger child, the front passenger seat can be occupied by someone under 12.

    When we only had a car cause our van was getting fixed, my 6 you sat in the front seat pushed back as far as it could go.

  609. naturalmamadot says:

    If all seats are filled the oldest HARNESSED child should sit in the front with it pushed all the way back. If all of them are in boosters then the oldest boostered child with it pushed all the way back. There are very few instances where a child under 14 should be riding in the front, and thats IF they pass the 5 step test there, it shouldnt be a long term situation.

    I too see a lot of kids ask as a “treat” hey since its just us can I ride in the front and the mom is like oh okay. *eyeroll* its sad but honestly that is such a well known thing to avoid that they probably arent exactly practicing safe restraint usage in the back either.

  610. JustPeachy says:

    I have had 8 yo dd ride in the front seat when we were still figuring out positioning of the seats or when I have had 4 kids instead of the normal 3. But I always move the seat back and she is always in her booster (which she hates LOL)

  611. Myself says:

    623 – He was in a safety vest and on a booster

  612. naturalmamadot says:

    yea I wasnt commenting specifically towards you, you obviously also had a situation that was not just oh the front seat is fun lets not even wear our seatbelts yayyyy haha

  613. mmspirit7 says:

    When I had my accident my oldest who was 8 at the time was up front….if he had been in the back in the middle like normal he most likely would have been hurt….I am not proud of it he is a big kid and it was a treat and he had his seat belt on and yes I know how lucky I am

  614. Myself says:

    626 – Yeah, my children and I have been in two car accidents. One my older two were in boosters, and right after we got x-rays taken I went out and bought much safer car seats. It is crazy the amount of damage that can be done at even low impact. Unfortunately deer don’t discriminate. And neither do 18 yr olds who are talking on their cell phones.

  615. CJ says:

    The general recommendation here is just that “the back seat is the safest” and I think common thinking for most people is that children under the age of 12 need to be in the back.
    That being said, a lot of vehicles have only a lap belt in the centre back seating position, so if you have children in booster seats, or past the need for a booster seat, that position is not an option and the front seat with a shoulder belt is safer.
    A front seat also does not have a tether anchor so it isn’t possible to put a FF harnessed seat there, and if there is an airbag, a RF seat isn’t an option either….so if seats are tight in the vehicle, it comes back to the older, unharnessed child riding in the front.

  616. CJ says:

    Charise, did the back middle seat have a shoulder belt?

  617. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah it did have one like I said i was stupid. I was very lucky with that accident and wasn’t as up on my carseats as i should have been.

  618. ladylili says:

    My cousin has a 2 seater BMW and his son rides in it in a booster seat. The kid is only 4 or 5. It is his only vehicle. His “wife” (they don’t live together, she supports them financially, and has part custody of the boy) bought him the car. I twitch every time I see it.

  619. CJ says:

    Charise, you weren’t stupid just uninformed. Now you can just be thankful, learn from your mistake and help others to learn too.
    I wonder if the BMW has passenger air bags that turn off, I know they do in my Mom’s Miata.

  620. mmspirit7 says:

    oh I have My kids are straped in and safe now and I helped a couple picking a new seat for thier little girl the mom wanted to turn her because she was a year but she was tiny (she was a premmie) mom had her heart set on a booster like seat that she didn’t fit and wasn’t safe I showed thme some others and the dad put his foot down. they walked out with a safe seat and she will rf for a little longer. at least and dad doing research.

  621. CJ says:

    Good for you Charise. It feels good when that happens…..keeping a child safe when they would have been in danger had you not intervened.

  622. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah dh was proud as well

  623. melmelly says:

    So I just picked my son up an hour ago from school. Ugh. I had to wait for the traffic to lighten up before I could get out of my parking spot, so I sat and watched all the kids get in the cars. 6 out of 20(!!!!) got into the front seat. These are all vehicles where there is a backseat that is empty, or has at least one seat empty for the child to be in.

    It makes me sick!

    The example I used above of the cousin in kindergarten? The mom takes him to school, and his booster seat is in the front seat. She has a Honda Pilot, and she has her 3yr old in the backseat. But the 5yr old is in the front The dad picks him up in the afternoon, and the same thing. Little brother in the backseat, kindergartner in the front in a different booster seat. There are two other seats in the back seat of his 4-door Dodge Ram.

    I just thought of something! One of the kindergarten teachers is married to the chief of police. Maybe I should say something to her about.

  624. nu says:

    Mel-it’s awful isn’t it? Our school sent home a note regarding carseat laws.

    A few years ago when I was in carpool, I would cringe when one family would come up with a NEWBORN on their laps. I brought in my son’s infant seat to give to them.


    I need to get a new seat for my 3 yo. We will be using our tax return on that.

  625. JustPeachy says:

    Whats worse is the small children I see not even in any type of seat at all. I remember Mena being one of the few 5 year olds who was actually still in a seat of any kind. Its sad how uneducated people are and in MI its illegal to have a child under 8 not in a booster.

  626. adensmama says:

    hey thanks for posting that carseat thread! From there I found another thread with my EXACT vehicle- a 2009 honda CRV. It was even the same color!

    Honestly it doesn’t look that freaking hard to me, but whatev.

  627. Pariah says:

    i believe for washington it’s backseat until 12. i cant remember though. J’s doc said they are also trying to change the law so that they have to be RF until 18mo.

  628. me says:

    629- It is plenty possible. There are holes for seat belts. You don’t have to use the latch tethers. If you did, lots of people would have problems due to not having any!

  629. Katie says:

    Here in CO the carseat laws are that a child only needs to be in a booster until 6. On field trips the parents drive and about half of dd’s class doesn’t have/bring a booster seat. There was a discussion about when the girls that I was driving on the last field trip had to use a booster. One little girl was proud and bragging that she didn’t have to use one at all. It makes me so mad at CO law is so relax. I can’t wait to move back to a state that actually has more strict laws.

  630. Grogwench says:

    My poor almost 10 yr old. He outgrew his high backed booster at almost 9 yrs old and passed the seatbelt test with flying colors (he’s a big kid!) He would see many of his friends not only not in a booster, but in the front seat. He kept asking why he couldn’t ride in the front and why he had to sit in a carseat. I kept explaining over and over and he finally understands.but still asks to ride in the front. But he’s say, I know I know, not until I’m 12!

    I hate car seat stupidity!!!

  631. CJ says:

    643 : Did they end up using boosters on the trip? I would refuse to drive them without….I can’t believe that the school even debated it. Granted our law here is booster to 9 years, and I am also legally responsible for the proper restraint of every child under 16 in my vehicle, even if their parent is present. Even if they were 10 and didn’t fit the belt properly I would still make them use a booster, but I’m mean like that. πŸ™‚

  632. try me, i'm new! says:

    i’m already having problems with dd1 at 4.5 – she’s harnessed, and all her friends are in boosters. we’ve had MANY conversations about why they’re allowed to be in a booster and she isn’t. she understands, but doesn’t like it. doesn’t help that i overheard her friend (another 4 yo!!!) making fun of another classmate in a harness – “why is she in a BABY seat???” kindy should just be a THRILL next year. she’s gonna stay harnessed, but the battle is just going to increase, I am afraid.

  633. Katie says:

    645: The ones that had boosters use them but the ones that didn’t bring them didn’t. All the kids are 6 or 7 in dd’s class so legally they are fine. I don’t have extra booster seats or I would have. The one kid I had that didn’t have a booster seat kept bouncing around and I had to tell her over and over again to sit still. I found it more sad as its a reflection of how she is being raised. I try not to judge but its does get hard not too.

  634. JustPeachy says:

    I admit my girls were in boosters from the minute they outgrew their harnessed seats. And not even in high backed one as I didn’t know any better. They still aren’t in high backed boosters but its a simple matter of fitting everyone in. Mena is none too happy as she knows the law is 8 years and 80lbs and she is nearly 9. I keep telling her when she reaches 80lbs and 4 foot 9 we will talk but right now she has to sit in a booster.

  635. DSDM2 says:

    Peachy, I personally think a booster is just as safe FF for an older child as a harness. The impact in an accident is more dispersed and not isolated to the neck region.

    As long as the child can sit properly and is old enough, which in my home is 6, I think it is just as safe.

  636. Mylilgirls says:

    Here in MT the law is that the child has to be properly restrained until the age of 4. That’s pretty much all the law says. It’s crazy and sad what you see. The only thing I can say for MT is that there are more cows than people. The entire state of MT is half the population of the city of Nashville. There aren’t as many drivers on the road (not that it makes the law better), but I hope you all know the point I’m getting at.

  637. adensmama says:

    I wish they would make the law that babies have to RF until 2 or 35 lbs instead of 1 and 20 lbs. You can get a Cosco seat at Wal mart that rear faces up to 35 lbs, and at $40 that gives people no excuse.

    My kids will be harnessed until the absolute max height and weight that they can be, and then boosters after that. Hopefully they don’t outgrow the height in the Radians too quickly.

  638. naturalmamadot says:

    I totally agree DSDM but if its between a backless boosteroutboard or a harness, most techs would push for the harness if a child fit in one and the seat fit in the spot. If a child is mature enough and its a highback booster I think 6 is a great age to start booster training and move to a booster, even booster training at 5 if the child can handle is is good.

    For the majority of people who cant even buckle a booster correctly or who forget to put their screws in their turbo booster (did you think they were there so you could throw them away?!?) its terrifying that their 3 yr old is in it lol

  639. DSDM2 says:

    Now, I agree with it not being backless, ours always use a booster with a back πŸ™‚

  640. naturalmamadot says:

    Yea, I know of 10 and 12 year old still in highbacks because of no side curtain air bags or no headrests in the car, its not about moving up to a “big boy/girl” no back booster sometimes it really depends on what car you have and if you can afford to get another one right now or use a highback until you can afford to get a new one. Under most circumstances a 10-12 year old would be fine in a no back booster but certainly not bad to be in a highback still, id LOVE a freaking high back booster haha im only 4’8″ and do NOT fit seatbelts correctly

  641. Mylilgirls says:

    Changing the subject here, I’m so tired of the T&F threads with people whining that they sold something to someone and the buyer of their item is selling it for more than they purchased it for. Wahhhhhhhh, too bad, so sad if you wish you’d gotten more out of it, but it makes me want to scream: IT DOESN’T BELONG TO YOU ANYMORE. YOU SOLD IT. IT’S NOT YOURS. WHY ARE YOU SO CONCERNED ABOUT STUFF YOU DON’T EVEN OWN ANYMORE?

  642. naturalmamadot says:

    I agree, this recently happened to me and I privately told a friend about it but in the end it was that persons item to sell for whatever price they could get for it. I gave the person a huge deal, and that was MY choice so them selling it for what I couldve gotten for it isnt that huge of a deal I guess.

  643. CJ says:

    I think it’s kind of dirty if the buyer talks you down to a reduced price and then turns around and sells it for more. That would rub me the wrong way. Otherwise, meh….no big deal I guess.

  644. Mylilgirls says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d be pissed especially if it was something I thought I was selling for cheaper to really help a mama out or something, but some people are acting like they want to call the person out in their FSOT thread or PM them about it or something. Really??? That seems extreme to me.

  645. JustPeachy says:

    I think its dirty if a friend buys off another friend who gives them a huge deal then they turn around and sell it for wayyyyyyy more than they paid for it but thats JMO.

  646. melmelly says:

    I agree Peachy. I dyed and embellished a premium prefold, listed it in my Etsy shop, and then had a local friend want to buy it. I had to delete the listing, and then she turned around and sold it for $3 more! She hadn’t even used the damn thing. That pissed me off.

  647. MelissaCoffey says:

    Can someone real quick do me a favor and get a screen shot of this post??

  648. naturalmamadot says:

    I got one, want me to put it on PB or email it to you?

  649. mmspirit7 says:

    got one for you

  650. MelissaCoffey says:

    Can you email? I am coffeybeanfamily @ To be fair, I know admin is discussing this right now and are actually listening to what I am saying in PMs. Thank God. Dont know if it will help, but now that I am all settled down about it, I want to move forward with doing SOMETHING that will at least move them forward in protecting their members. When a site generates revenue based on a FSOT format, there needs to be way more talk about member protection. THANKS GALS! πŸ™‚ Back to the drama that matters LOL!!

  651. naturalmamadot says:

    no problem, emailing now πŸ™‚

  652. sockrocker says:

    okay, im nosey, what was the screen shot … lol wouldnt let me access 😦 lol… just kidding you dont HAVE to tell me lol

    loving the “are you a drama mama?” thread on DS right now

  653. smartassmama says:

    Just getting the post # away from 6s!

    And wondering what the post was too. lol

  654. naturalmamadot says:

    It was melissas post on DS asking the mod/admin to make trades safer I THINK haha i havent read it all the way through but i cant get pb to upload it large enough to read the words, even with zoom. I might have to cut the pic up into a couple of different pics?

  655. melmelly says:

    668 – And basically making trade mediation stuff private because the way they(admin and mods) handle it now only stirs up drama.

    They are digging their own grave and don’t seem to care, IMO.

    I mean, come on. DS is so ass-backwards. I know a few Etsy sellers (one I purchased from several times, and another was in the same birth month group as me) that Etsy banned because they were flaking out on sales they had made.

    Why is it that the good people, the ones who don’t scam, are banned for a little while, because they chose to speak up? Why are the made to be the “bad guy” in the situation? That is just adding insult to injury.

    One would think that some sort of action could (we all know it should) be taken against Lee for allowing his site to do the harm that it does with allowing viruses, allowing people to steal from others, etc. I wonder if IC3 is interested? haha

  656. melmelly says:

    What? why is my comment in moderation?

  657. JustPeachy says:

    I only trade with people I know are reputable anymore and if I wasnt going to trade with a reputable person Id exchange paypal

  658. DSDM2 says:

    melmelly, not sure why you got in the moderation cue… must have had a “spam” word of some sort in there.

    Off to read/catch up.

    If you have a screen shot, send it on over.

  659. thewayhome says:

    going along with what #650 Mylilgirls said in MT even if you don’t put your kids in carseats there is not much law enforcement can do about it. They have to find another reason to stop you other then just not having a child properly restrained. Highway Patrol won’t even take call about it.

  660. zosiasmama says:

    Melissa…did you ever join CDN? I looked but didn’t see anyone new around the time you said you joined.

  661. Myself says:

    Did anyone else notice bethsflutterby Feedback?

    If you are just looking at her on the page, it says she has 302 feedback, 100% positive.

    But if you go to her iTrader page, it says 303 feedback, 99.7% positive.

  662. naturalmamadot says:

    ? link?

  663. Myself says:

    The only way to notice the difference is to compare the statistics under her username to her profile.

    I happened to go into swaps and noticed that it said she had 100% feedback and I was like “oh, you are kidding me, they deleted Melissa’s negative” but then I went into the iTrader and it was still there

  664. MelissaCoffey says:

    #674-(keyboard messed up,so this is short)

    On CDN now-just browsing-still posting on DS to stay in touch with my due dates gals and awaitng NEW moderation. After that, need a BiG DS break.

  665. naturalmamadot says:

    LMAO! Felishas posts are coming through my email but not to here, what a twat. Its happened a couple times before but now its becoming consistent, thank you wordpress for your glitches they are hilarious

  666. Kirsty says:

    This is old as hell but has anyone else noticed that the negative feedback left for bethsflutterby has been removed? Must be nice to be friends with the Mods- they’ll pull the strings for you to scam the common folk. Niiiiiiice!

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