So it looks like DS isn’t getting enough revenue from it’s members … not only did they re-direct members during the upgrade, but now there is a section in OT redirecting members to All you have to do is click it and you are redirected to their site.

My word of advice is, don’t join it or go. If you do, you risk even more viruses and are funding the viruses on DS.

  1. JustPeachy says:

    AWWWW Lookie Lee’s trying to beef up his shitty craft forum prolly so he can sell it off.

  2. ladylili says:

    That man is irritating.

  3. bearista says:

    Oh how I wish he would sell DS…though I would pity the person(s) who bought it. The only thing they could keep is the name…If it were me, I would rebuild it from scratch.

  4. Booyah says:

    Me too Bearista. I would bulldoze the whole damn site. And then seal the remains in a concrete bunker at the center of the earth!

  5. Rebecca says:

    He will never sell DS. I think he enjoys torturing people (as well as the revenue).

    I am just surprised he hasn’t removed the craft chat or show and tell to force people over to craftforum. Ugh. We need a diaper swappers revolution.

  6. DSDM2 says:

    Rebecca, I think people would just start posting pics in OT if he did. It would backfire on him.

  7. MotherMoonPads says:

    Oh Rebecca, please don’t give him that idea!

  8. bored says:

    I am a member of the new craft forum and so far I like it. Not a ton of members or ads!!

  9. try me, i'm new! says:

    I don’t care how nice, small, or ad-free it is, the point is, he’s trying to force ds members to go join his other site to artificially beef up it’s numbers. I like craft show and tell, but I am NOT giving that man more #’s somewhere else. What a douche – no one can mention “competing” forums, but he can go create a competing forum, close an existing and well-populated subforum on the board, and try to redirect members to it.

    Is there any mention of the redirect? Isn’t it generally frowned upon to redirect someone w/o their knowledge? Like, clickjacking or something? And if the place it’s redirecting to has viruses, ds has them, that site might, too…..that’s a big ball of bad.

  10. DSDM2 says:

    I was told that when you hover over the form link, it reads a DS link on the bottom of the browser, then opens the new forum in the page.

  11. smartassmama says:

    I know there’s at least one DS mama with a big honkin “cone to craft forum!” link in their sig. *eyeroll*

  12. magpiedpiper says:

    8 – sure you might like it now, but it will only stay nice until Lee has enough members over there. Plus, it’s kind of low and sneaky the way he’s going about getting those members.

  13. melmelly says:

    $10 for shipping? You could easily fit all four of those in a Tyvek Priority envelope and pay less than $10!

    But $30ea for stained diapers? No thank you.

  14. werd says:

    OMGZ stained crappy fitteds, sign me up!! *eyeroll*

    She annoys me, she is also selling GMs for over retail on DS. That shit doesn’t fly anymore… you can barely GIVE AWAY a GM, let alone sell one for $10-15 over retail!

  15. Aj says:

    Her prices are always ridiculous, and her stuff sits on FSOT forever.

  16. Aj says:

    The valentine longies that she has listed now on Spots were for sale last year and never sold.

  17. Hexe says:

    I am shocked about her prices, but she sold quite a few of them. Seems to work, I think I sell to cheap.

  18. JustPeachy says:

    Ya her stuffs cute but she sells for a few dollars under retail so I dont ever bother to check her stuff out.

  19. žába says:

    Lee is such an effing TURD!

  20. lurking says:

    LOL I have all those fabrics and can make 4 fitteds and charge less than her price for stained used diapers. LOL she is selling them as if they were antique collectible items. HEHEHE

  21. smartassmama says:

    imho, “EUC” means excellent. Stains aren’t excellent, unless your kid poops excellence. lol
    you wouldn’t buy a shirt that was EUC with a big ketchup stain on it.

  22. werd says:

    I don’t get why some of those are ZOMGZ HTF! I bought the Vroom fabric off of HC for like, $4. Same with Dotty Owls… and had diapers made with both of them. For under $20 each!

  23. JustPeachy says:

    I have a vroom mutt. Its a nb one and I paid like 8 ppd for it ROFL. I can’t imagine a 3sr being worth that much but knowing her she got it in an auction and is just trying to get back what she paid for it. Shes notorious for that crap as well.

  24. adensmama says:

    Wow…the mutts thing is insane. She MIGHT be able to sell them for like $15 each. What kind of fantasy land is she living in?

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