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What should I do about this custom

I offered up custom lottos for 15% off custom yarn. I had a winner who told me she wanted her yarn dyed a certain way I said that was fine. This was right prior to the holidays so I ordered the yarn as well as dye as I didn’t realize I was out of the color needed. I received both and dyed it up. I show’d her a picture and she said. I hope it would have more of one color. So at first I offered to redo it and add that color, however I didn’t realize by doing this that it would be like another WAHM’s colorway minus one color. I saw a picture of that colorway and realized that I am not going to over dye the yarn as I realized that it was going to be too similar and in my policies state I don’t copy other WAHM’s colorways. I emailed her again and told her that I thought more about this and that I found out the colorway she wanted me to dye was too similar and that I am going to sale the yarn I dyed her and when it sells offer her the refund. As when I do custom dyed yarn I ask for full payment upfront to cover the yarn cost. Because of the discount I actually dipped into my own funds to cover this yarn cost so I didn’t have any paypal. She didn’t even try to talk to me and has open a dispute and all the funds I have in there (FSOT) are now on hold and so I can’t ship out packages to people. What should I do?


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Re: What should I do about this custom

OKay, when I gave you advice, I did not realize it was missing one color, that color being missing means you do need to overdye it and send it to the mama


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Re: What should I do about this custom

Lisa, IMO you have to refund the mama, unless she already got it all from pp. You can’t hold someone’s money while you wait for something to sell. I’m glad you didn’t copy another WAHM, but you can’t make her wait for the money either.

And you have to ship your items. I’m sure those mamas already paid their shipping and would like their things.

Try your best to please your customers!

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Re: What should I do about this custom


Originally Posted by Treasures From Elf

OKay, when I gave you advice, I did not realize it was missing one color, that color being missing means you do need to overdye it and send it to the mama



Originally Posted by Bellibowbottoms

Lisa, IMO you have to refund the mama, unless she already got it all from pp. You can’t hold someone’s money while you wait for something to sell. I’m glad you didn’t copy another WAHM, but you can’t make her wait for the money either.

And you have to ship your items. I’m sure those mamas already paid their shipping and would like their things.

Try your best to please your customers!



Lisa, WAHM behind Toothless Grinz

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Re: What should I do about this custom

Imo if she asked for one color out of it then its not the same colorway. Theres only so many color ways out there. And its not nice to call people names on a public forum where other potential customers can see it. Im sure you lost a lot of business because of that.

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Re: What should I do about this custom

How exactly would you be copying another WAHM’s colorway if one color from that colorway isn’t part of the request? If you never dye colorways that include some of the same colors as other wahms you must only sell undyed yarn, I mean there are only so many colors to choose from. Not to mention, you did agree to dye this colorway before you started, if you weren’t willing to come so close to another WAHM’s colorway shouldn’t you have mentioned that before the customer paid?

If it were me, I’d take a loss and dye what the customer wants to avoid negative feedback, and I’d refund her some of what she paid for the inconvenience. If the requested colorway is missing one color from another WAHM’s colorway then you are not copying anything imo.

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Re: What should I do about this custom


by doing this that it would be like another WAHM’s colorway minus one color.

Well IMO then it’s not a copy of the other colorway. Adding or subtracting one color makes a huge difference in a colorway and there are a lot of colorways out there that are similar but not identical and it doesn’t mean anyone is intentionally copying anyone else. I think you should dye the customer’s yarn and send it to her.


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Re: What should I do about this custom


Originally Posted by Lynne

Well IMO then it’s not a copy of the other colorway. Adding or subtracting one color makes a huge difference in a colorway and there are a lot of colorways out there that are similar but not identical and it doesn’t mean anyone is intentionally copying anyone else. I think you should dye the customer’s yarn and send it to her.

Yeah that. I have in my own stash like 3 versions of a brown / green / blue / natural colorway. They arent copies, its just a popular combination.

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Re: What should I do about this custom

Well I have dyed it up different and she didn’t like it. Redyed it and she still doesn’t even want me to show her a photo. So I have sent her a refund.


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Re: What should I do about this custom


Originally Posted by littlemisses

Well I have dyed it up different and she didn’t like it. Redyed it and she still doesn’t even want me to show her a photo. So I have sent her a refund.

I’ll just hazard a guess here, but that might be because you called her an a*hole in another thread? I know that would sure put me off of your business!

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Re: What should I do about this custom


Originally Posted by TK10

I’ll just hazard a guess here, but that might be because you called her an a*hole in another thread? I know that would sure put me off of your business!

you know I am not going to respond and start drama. There is enough that elsewhere on here. I just asked for advice. The issue is resolved and done. Enough.


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Re: What should I do about this custom


Originally Posted by littlemisses

you know I am not going to respond and start drama. There is enough that elsewhere on here. I just asked for advice. The issue is resolved and done. Enough.

Bahahaha… she just said she doesn’t wanna start drama. Ookay, crazy lady. WTF ever. You called a customer an as* hole!!

That is starting some drama! And then sending ppl to your facebook so you can trash her over there is even worse.The sad thing is that there is a mod in the nite owl thread who saw it and did nothing.Diaperswapper dissapoints me once again!

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Re: What should I do about this custom


Originally Posted by oliviab

Bahahaha… she just said she doesn’t wanna start drama. Ookay, crazy lady. WTF ever. You called a customer an as* hole!!

That is starting some drama! And then sending ppl to your facebook so you can trash her over there is even worse.The sad thing is that there is a mod in the nite owl thread who saw it and did nothing.Diaperswapper dissapoints me once again!

The mod was not there at the time and you have no idea what was said behind scenes. She could have gotten a strike behinds scenes.


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Re: What should I do about this custom


Originally Posted by oliviab

Bahahaha… she just said she doesn’t wanna start drama. Ookay, crazy lady. WTF ever. You called a customer an as* hole!!

That is starting some drama! And then sending ppl to your facebook so you can trash her over there is even worse.The sad thing is that there is a mod in the nite owl thread who saw it and did nothing.Diaperswapper dissapoints me once again!

you know I really don’t want to respond but when you call me crazy that is just rude.

First I said this momma is BEING a
***hole. Never did i say that she was a ***hole it could have meant anything like a big hole I mean you let yourself fill in the blank. Plus I never said she WAS one just BEING one.

Yes I sent people to facebook however you don’t know what I said on there and don’t know I said anything about her.
Like the previous post said how do you know I haven’t gotten a strike for saying what I did.


Lisa, WAHM behind Toothless Grinz

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Re: What should I do about this custom


Originally Posted by littlemisses

you know I really don’t want to respond but when you call me crazy that is just rude.

First I said this momma is BEING a
***hole. Never did i say that she was a ***hole it could have meant anything like a big hole I mean you let yourself fill in the blank. Plus I never said she WAS one just BEING one.

Yes I sent people to facebook however you don’t know what I said on there and don’t know I said anything about her.
Like the previous post said how do you know I haven’t gotten a strike for saying what I did.

I don’t think there is that huge of a distinction between being an a-hole and is an a-hole. I would think we are all grown ups here and able to figure out that 3*’s in front of hole doesn’t stand for big.

Not very business-like practices regardless. Bashing a current customer on a public forum because you didn’t dye up what she asked for, so she asked for a re-dye or refund, doesn’t make you seem very professional.


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EviePants //

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Re: What should I do about this custom

Wow. Just…. wow.

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  1. Messy says:

    A colorway MINUS A COLOR is not the same as another WAHM. This woman is wrong. Period. She screwed herself. Then calling the buyer an asshole just makes her look like a bitch.
    I cannot believe all the asspats she was getting in the other thread! People are so busy kissing ass that they cannot see when someone is doing someone else wrong!!!

  2. TheOne says:

    Yeah, then she had the nerve to try to say she didn’t mean it that way. I guess we are supposed to be a bunch of idiots who don’t know the English language.

  3. DSDM2 says:

    Some one C&P the owl thread please, before she changes it.

  4. noneyabiz says:

    She deleted where she called her customer an asshole, but luckily, someone quoted her:

  5. DSDM2 says:

    Originally Posted by littlemisses View Post
    This momma just drained my paypal account because she is being an ***hole. She said she never received the item so I have no ground to stand on. I’m pissed.

  6. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    holy cow, that is insane. i would never speak that way of my customers

  7. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao Im cracking up so hard at “for all you know I could of been calling her a BIG hole” and seriously there is not that big of a difference between saying you ARE a bitch and you are ACTING LIKE/BEING a bitch. If someone says either to me they are going to get the same reaction.

    “Hey mom you are acting like a twunt!”
    “relax, I said ACTING LIKE”
    “ohhh okay then”

  8. noneyabiz says:

    First rule of customer service: don’t bitch about your customers. Especially on a public forum. Especially one your customer frequents.

    I really think some of those daily chatters think their threads aren’t read but anyone besides their buddies.

  9. DSDM2 says:

    i love how she tried to go incognito on her status. We can still see when you were online last 😀

  10. TK10 says:

    Also before posting to the daily thread about going to facebook so she could call me more names- this was the conversation on paypal dispute comments, “# Buyer: I would have been fine with you redyeing as that is what I first asked for in a very polite way. You then accused me of being shady which I was not. You THEN called me an as*hole on DS. So VERY unprofessional it takes my breath away. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=904347&page=13 I want a full refund immediately. You should rethink your business practices.
    # 1/9/2010 13:29 PST – Seller: Fine just give me a little bit and I can send it. By the way the way you are acting in this matter you are being and as*hole. And as far as my business practices go that is none of your business how I do things. You are being shady and are trying to get away with another mom’s colorway. To be completely honest with you you know you should have had the WAHM that owns that colorway to do it for you. I am going to make sure that people know all about you and your ways. Trust me there is ways of letting them know. I know apparently you have no negative feedback and what not, but the way I’ve seen you treat me in these communications I wouldn’t want to do business with you.”

  11. Booyah says:

    Um, wow. Been a long time since I saw a WAHM swear about and verbally slander her customers. That’s a one-way ticket to losing your biz.

  12. DSDM2 says:

    Nice. I love that you kept your cool in the T&F thread. Kudos mama.

    She is watching and reading here. Has been for an hour or two now.

  13. noneyabiz says:

    Wow, not only did she not apologize, but then she called you an asshole right to your face (email)?? Wow. There are no words.

  14. noneyabiz says:

    Oh wait, maybe by as*hole, she meant ash hole. Or askhole. We can’t know for sure. *rolls eyes*

  15. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    or ape hole or art hole?

  16. TheOne says:

    And she has been in business for how long???

    Wow. She really knows how to teat her customers! Call them an asshole and then threaten to bad mouth them at the same time!

    Kudos to her for kissing her business goodbye!!!

  17. monkey says:

    The WAHM is totally wrong. If the colorway is minus one color it’s not the same as someone else’s and you can’t keep someone’s money while you wait for something to sell.

    Methinks her WAHMing days are over after people see this…

    And here is an appropriate lolcat: http://trollcats.com/2009/06/reverse-troll-trollcat-attacking-troll-trollcat/

  18. TheOne says:

    Thread removed. Surprise surprise.

  19. magpiedpiper says:

    Oh, come on now. This poor WAHM is just trying to be ethical! It’s not her fault that she has diarrhea of the mouth, and no concept of what is and is not a certain colorway. You are all a bunch of bigholes.

  20. TK10 says:

    I actually snorted #20- thanks for the laugh, I needed it!

  21. Aj says:

    TK10, it looks like you seriously dodged a bullet–thank goodness because that yarn if fugly!

  22. Aj says:

    I’m confused, the thread had gone poof, but now it’s back. :headscratch:

  23. ABCDEFG says:

    It’s locked and closed. It’s still there. They did delete half of the comments though.

  24. Myself says:

    I reported it.

    When they deleted it, I asked that it stay up so others could be warned.

  25. TheOne says:

    They removed it for a while although I have no idea why they would. They should leave it open so people can continue to call her the dumb ass that she is.

  26. new here says:

    holy cow…

  27. zosiasmama says:

    Wow….I am just shocked…not. Yarn, yet again makes people go coocoo for cocoa puffs. Seriously, what is it about sheep fur that makes them go so nutso?

    TK10- you totally dodged the bullet on this one. That WAHM is a nutter. Come join us at CDN, there are so many crazies over there.

  28. zosiasmama says:

    Meant to say NOT so many crazies….but hey who am I foolin, we are all a little crazy…just not DS crazy

  29. Lolanae says:

    Wow. Just read the thread. Anyone getting flashbacks to when Connorsmama bad mouthed a customer in T&F?

  30. Not Me At All says:

    Ugh ConnorsMama, I accidentally (bought it from someone else) bought an outfit she made and HOW is she a WAHM. The hat would not fit a 2 lb preemie and the neck hole in the shirt had NO stretch and although NB size had no lap shoulders or snaps so it would not go over the head. I gave it to the neighbor girl for her doll. The sewing was WAY wonky like a third grader might do. Buying it was my mistake but who makes stuff like that and SELLS it?

  31. Not Me At All says:

    Felisha CrazyButt has a new thread in military, already asking for deletion b/c she did not get the ass pats she wanted.

    Tell me do you think this would get me banned if I post it? (Doj’t wanna be banned right now I have too many transactions going)

    “You know what Felisha, every post you make on DS is whining about something and when everyone does not jump to tell you what you want to hear you start screaming about hurt feeling and demanding the thread be deleted. You DO need to grow up. DO you think your husband would like to know while he is deployed that all you do is whine and cry? DO you think he wants you to be unhappy all the time? IF you are having problems accepting his deployment there IS help available to you, please take advantage of it. Have you looked in to joining a military wives group?”

  32. Looking and Lurking says:

    Does anyone have any info about Kimanalynn? Does she have a bunch of problems? I keep hearing that she may and I’m looking at a transaction with her.

  33. Just Peachy says:

    #32 yes because she will report you. Thats akin to what I said sans all the military stuff and I got banned.
    #33 I haven’t heard anything about her having any problems that would affect any of her transactions. I wouldn’t worry about going into a transaction with her because she is a sweetie pie.

  34. Messy says:

    Kimanalyn is sooo sweet! ITA Peachy! I have never ever heard anything bad about her at all…

  35. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    Kimalynn is a basket case of issues, stay away she has ic3s filed against her

  36. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    DS has kept it very quiet

  37. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    should say she may have ic3s filed against her, last i knew i t was being considered, she screw over quite a few people, maybe she has chagned ina few month though?

  38. DSDM2 says:

    Peach, I heard there were like 15 unresolved issues… I have been sitting on it waiting to find more.

  39. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    DSDM2 – I can let you know what i know if you need it

  40. Looking and Lurking says:

    Yea I heard she scammed about 15 people. Still trying to figure out what is right.

  41. Just Peachy says:

    15? I know shes had personal issues lately but I have heard not a peep about those issues affecting transactions with her.

  42. DSDM2 says:

    Momma, send over what you have, either YIM it to me DSDM2 or email it to me dsdramamama2@hotmail.com

  43. DSDM2 says:

    Is Kimanalynn the same person? b/c she is banned with



    in her sig.

  44. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    yep, i think so

  45. Just Peachy says:

    Yes her DS name is the same as her CDN name.

  46. Looking and Lurking says:

    Humm, that would be something I’d need to find out.

  47. sahmof? says:

    i was one of the mamas scammed by kimanalynn…please dont anyone else get roped in by her sweetness…you will be sorry

  48. Lolanae says:

    Seems she popped back up on CDN when the DS stuff came up?

  49. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    what is it about yarn that makes people go batshit crazy?

  50. DSDM2 says:

    the money involved.

  51. Incognizable says:

    Wow! So what are the issues with kimmanalynn? Do they have anything to do with that massive fugly yarn co-op that she hosted a few months ago?

  52. DSDM2 says:

    She is taking yarn to knit and then selling it from what I understand. I have had a number of IMs about it so far.

  53. Looking and Lurking says:

    Yep that yarn co op seems to have something to do with it

    I need to get my info to the right people.

  54. Munklettes says:

    DSDM – does the owner of CDN know that? I just checked, and kimanalyn doesn’t have a special buyer beware s/n color.

  55. DSDM2 says:

    She is being informed.

  56. cdnation says:

    Yes the owner knows. And it taking action.

  57. DSDM2 says:

    Peach, if you are here, shoot me a YIM please

  58. Just Peachy says:

    Sure thing:)

  59. cdnation says:

    Thread is up for her in the Hot Seat area. IF anyone has any other info please contact me.


  60. MotherMoonPads says:


    Kimanlyn was brought up on CDN back in November when the public outing on DS happened.

  61. monkey says:

    I swear… why does yarn give people the crazy/scammy?

  62. Aj says:

    HOW in the world do you, your husband, and your MIL not know if both your son & your husband are circumcised or not?
    Really? And also, why are you talking with your MIL about your husbands penis?

  63. mamaroo says:


    kimanalynn’s FB thread on HC – it sounds like she is at least trying to make that right.

  64. MajKitab says:

    not clicking the link but hey, whom else can one talk to about their hubs penis, if one was to have questions. . before i realized circ wasn’t for our family our oldest was circed >very loosely< and i wouldn't be surprised if one day his wife may have some ???s

  65. Myra says:

    Huh…been married a long time and I have never discussed my DH’s penis with my MIL. The universe could not handle that amount of awkwardness.

  66. No One Important says:

    LOL, I think that asking Circ questions to MIL is normal… but not knowing if your DS is, that is weird!

    Years ago, my MIL told me about FIL and GFILs (yeah both GFILs) when I was pregnant and was making my decision.

  67. Aj says:

    I guess my biggest issue is, how does a man not know!?!

  68. monkey says:


    I told me husband about that thread and he was like… “Really? How could you not know if you were circumcised or not?”

  69. try me, i'm new! says:

    #69, dh and I are here rolling over that thread….and now discussing the ramifications of our dd’s future dh asking dh about her boobs…..

  70. No One Important says:

    Fluffy is now making carriers. I hope she realizes the dangers involved.

  71. žába says:

    I guess I can see how she was confused about her son. If he did have a circ and was getting adhesion’s if could seem like ift was uncirc’ed. I think she hasn’t seen all that many penises and doesn’t know what she it looking at/talking about.

  72. DSDM2 says:

    No One – I hope her stitching is tight (and that there is enough).

    As for the circ thread… WTF?!

  73. Jen says:

    I was in the coop with kimanalynn and while we were all dissapointed with the quality I dont think anyone held her responsible for the quailty – she didnt dye it after all..KWIM? I think it was for other transactions.

  74. Jen says:

    75 – she already edited out the tester part, lol

  75. naturalmamadot says:

    I think we all should know by now to copy and paste everything she says because she WILL go and change it lol

  76. eeek says:

    Yikes. Sewing carriers is so much more involved than people think, I’d never do it without proper insurance & a corporate structure in place for my business. Someone could use it improperly, and still sue you when their kid strangled or something.

    The fact that she’d be willing to offer a tester when she hasn’t even bothered to test it herself for a few WEEKS or something- huge lack of foresight.

  77. amessymama says:

    79-Did you say “huge lack of foresight”? In regard to Felisha? Nooooo. That can’t be. :verylargeamountofsarcasm:

    I’ve never seen someone argue about things she knows *nothing* about more than she does.

    Seems to me, she has a huge lack of foresight, hindsight and presentsight.

  78. Thud says:

    OK, I am scanning the comments quickly.
    Something about circumcision and then I see
    “I hope she gets her stitches tight” and double back.
    And then…
    “huge lack of foresight”
    can anyone blame me for reading that as “huge lack of foreskin”?

  79. Aj says:

    81, I did the same thing! 🙂

  80. MotherMoonPads says:

    #79, it scares me to think of how many women sew carriers without any knowledge of them at all.

    I couldn’t not respond with help though. The thought of *anyone’s* baby in a shoddy carrier sends chills through me.

  81. Pariah says:

    whoa hold the phone….

    fluffynutts has a neighbor with a 2yo? omg, that would me that there might be someone in the world that she could actually develop a friendship with. so i guess that means that she was lying when she said she had a neighbor with a 2yo.

  82. Aj says:

    Get ’em while they’re hot, “whole” and all…

  83. downy20 says:

    Okay, what the hell is wrong with this lady. She has a blog about how to make the most of the welfare system. Seriously??


    Okay, seriously, can I pay for some birth control for her. How dare she feel bad about using the same items from one son to the next. Stop getting pregnant unless you can afford to give them the life you think they deserve. Stop sucking my tax money away from more responsible people.

    I am not too sure why this lady set me off but she sure did. I am sure there is a lot I am not understanding about her poor life. But she sure comes off as entitled.

    This is from her blog “I know that this will all be figured out and I will have a healthy baby with all of my bills paid”. Do you know how many women out there give birth and have to pay quite a bit out of pocket? Maybe those women could pay less if this person would stop sucking all your tax dollars away. Okay, have to stop ranting. Her siggie is so offensive to me.

  84. downy20 says:

    Oops…make the most off the welfare system

  85. iken says:

    So this is in diaper q&a, I wonder how long it will last and who the seller is.

    “Remember the mattress pad diapers? — Pics added in #10
    Remember the order I posted about where the seller replaced my PUL with mattress pad material and sent them without asking? Horrible. Here is what I sent her that basically sums up my problem:

    I received the diapers earlier and I must say I am not happy. First of all, I always feel when I buy an AI2, each diaper should have a doubler included as that is part of the AI2 system. The one doubler I received is very stiff. The diapers are very, very stiff. They are not a good fit on my son. They crinkle with every move he makes. I will be returning the diapers. I would appreciate a full refund including shipping.

    I also need to add a snap was broken when I received it.

  86. downy20 says:

    OMG, she is using GMD preemies (okay great) for her baby with NB Mutts and Sbish wool. Where can I get in line for welfare? I have been wanting to try Sbish wool for a year or more. AAAHHHHH!!

  87. Munklettes says:

    88 – I want to know who made those! awful!

  88. Aj says:

    Probably the shower curtain lady–what was her name?

  89. Just Peachy says:

    And that disgusts me. We are nowhere near well off and most of the nice stuff in my stash is made by me. It disgusts me to see her blogging about working the system and she should be reported to DFCS.

  90. Just Peachy says:

    Hey downy maybe if you tell a really good sob story someone will feel sorry and send you some SBish? I’ve had one piece of sbish wool (felted soaker bought of spots super duper cheap) and while I liked it I had to say wtf is the difference between SBish and other cheaper popular interlock makers. What makes her wool so elite?

  91. Aj says:

    I bought some sbish last year from the “bad” batch and was not impressed. Maybe if I had owned her good stuff I’d feel differently, but that experience has turned me off.

  92. mama says:

    HOW DARE HER!!!! First of all, YOU’RE FREAKING WELCOME! I’m so glad my tax dollars are buying you expensive diapers that you don’t deserve! How dare you milk the system and then waste the (our) money on things you don’t need. Maybe instead of buying fancy diapers, you could manage with some prefolds and pul covers and then use the money for feeding, clothing, and providing healthcare for your children.

    I wish someone would ask her that. That is so frickking wrong!

    and again- You’re welcome you moneygrubbing, lazy witch.

  93. Booyah says:

    86 I’m not clicking on the link (no herpes for me, thanks!) but my troll senses are tingling with that one. Welfare fraud is a very hot button topic and she is probably just hoping to stir up some drama. I can’t imagine why else someone would be so public about that, especially since it is illegal.

  94. magpiedpiper says:


    I wish I could say that I can’t believe that felisha is ranting on her blog about only having 6 cloth diapers, and not being able to afford more or having to wash them daily.

    Hello, then why did you just drop money on a sewing machine and cloth for making (unsafe) MTs? Why not use that money to BUY MORE DIAPERS. Or heck, even use your new sewing machine and use the cloth to sew DIAPERS which you need, rather than MTs when you already have a wrap!?


  95. Myra says:

    #86 – I don’t frequently want to punch people in the face, but I do her. She is what makes people who don’t qualify for assistance resent social services and those who do.

    #96 – And here’s a novel idea for her…prefolds!

  96. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha is a moron. I thought she was “living comfortably” and didn’t have money problems? I would guess not if she can’t afford another 6 to 8 diapers.

  97. DSDM2 says:

    Someone should let the seller know that she is talking about her… http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/member.php?u=85492 I assume is the seller? Maybe not.

  98. Just Peachy says:

    Im lost DSDM2 do share 🙂

  99. DSDM2 says:

    Check out her blog http://felishasjourney.wordpress.com/ She is bitching about a DS mom not selling her diapers.

  100. DSDM2 says:


    { January 12, 2010 @ 12:08 am } · { Uncategorized }
    { } · { Leave a Comment }

    I NEED more diapers! My water bill is SOOOO high from washing EVERY day! And I’m STILL not doing anything for the enviornment because I still have to use sposies in between washes! 6 diapers just doesn’t cut it!

    I found a GREAT deal on some prefolds, and I was waiting on the PP addy from a mama and SHE SOLD IT OUT FROM UNDER ME!!! WHY not tell me it was pending!!?? I’m so mad right now!!

    I REALLY needed those!! I can’t afford to spend 30+$ on 12d prefolds brand new.. They were 1$ each!! It would have been 25$ for almost 30 ppd !! (she threw in a few).. Paying off this debt sooner than it’s due (or car) is really hard when you need a lot of things.. especially expensive things.. Trying to live thrifty is hard.


  101. Just Peachy says:

    People who live thrifty dont blow money on sewing machines on a whim. People who live thrifty do not dream of spending 1500$ on a wedding ring. People who live thrifty do not wasted 7-8 bucks on a pack of cigarettes. My advice to her? Quit smoking and blowing your money on dumb shit and save the money for dipes for your son. Its a novel idea isn’t it?

  102. Just Peachy says:

    Oh and if she wasn’t such a twat waffle someone probably would offer to help her get enough diapers for her son.

  103. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    i was going to say i’d offer to make her flannel prefolds for the $1 per, but i don’t know if they are “nice” enough, lmao

  104. DSDM2 says:

    I wouldn’t offer to make her anything. She wouldn’t be thankful, and then she would complain.

  105. mama says:

    or better yet, hock the iphone, buy something cheaper and buy the diapers. Also, what does a pack of cigarettes cost these days? I bet she spends enough on those in a week to fund new dipes and even a couple of covers.

    I’d almost be willing to send her some free, but there again, I don’t know that she’d be thankful, so I’ll just save them for Spots.

  106. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    my sister and brother smoke, and i think they pay close to $8 a pack for newports (holy cow!!!) in PA!

  107. DSDM2 says:

    Smokes are about $5 a pack for Camel and Marlboro here.

  108. DSDM2 says:

    5 packs in a month would be a stash, let alone if she smokes more than that.

  109. Jen says:

    Yeah I bet she smokes more than that….most people that smoke go through more than 1.25 packs a week.

  110. Pariah says:

    hey have you guys seen this?

    didn’t she say her MIL lived like an hour away?

  111. Aj says:

    Maybe she shouldn’t be spending $55 on a hat when she can’t afford diapers. Where did she learn how to prioritize?

  112. Just Peachy says:

    She probably didn’t but I blame that on her age. I was a young mom and I had absolutely no idea how to prioritize and budget my money. Its a good thing I had help from my parents because IDK how the heck I woulda done it.
    #109 Newports are 7 here. I just quit smoking the minute I found out I was preggers and in one week alone saved enough money to get dd some diapers as well as buy some cheap newborn dipes.

  113. MotherMoonPads says:

    #98, I totally agree with you. It’s not many that sets me off, but she certainly does.

    She posted in our DDC about buying a coming home outfit for mom. That outfit included a $70 dress, among other things.

    I try my hardest not to be judgemental, but goodness gracious. Must be nice to use the system for all it’s worth so you can afford things like that.

  114. Just Peachy says:

    Thats disgusting. Ugh that really aggravates the shit out of me because although we would qualify for assistance, DH and I do EVERYTHING we can think of so that we don’t have to apply for it. And her blog title cracks me up. Who brags about their 3rd government funded pregnancy. If I was the government I’d tell her to get off her lazy ass and get a fucking job already.

  115. Are you for real? says:

    Same here, Peachy. We qualify, but refuse to take it (nothing against those who truly need it!).

    I would feel wrong taking it, knowing there were other things we could do to support or feed or family (like umm, sell off some slings or diapers! lol).

  116. Myra says:

    A $70 coming home outfit for mom? Wow. I believe strongly in social services, but not for people like her. What is she teaching her kids? Don’t bother to work hard! Your wants come first. I used to cringe when people would say welfare is a way of life, but she is the epitome of what angers people about the system.

    You know what, lady? If you’re smart enough to “counsel” people on navigating the system, perhaps you should apply for a position within it!

  117. melmelly says:

    Welfare system “working” mama is horrible for having a blog dedicated to showing people how to “work” the system.

    :sarcasm: I just love how she mentions that she kept forgetting to do the paperwork for the “renewal” during the holidays. And how she was holding off until she had the proper documentation for her DH’s change to “self-employed”. Way to raise your kids…showing them it is okay to be lazy and let others do the hard work so you can get your food stamps and WIC checks.

    Her blog name is absolutely disgusting:
    A Mother of two documenting her third government funded pregnancy**

    I don’t think anyone has posted the link to it, so here it is:


  118. monkey says:

    I commented on her blog. I had to. I tried to be polite.

  119. DSDM2 says:

    I can’t respond because I won’t be polite. There is nothing wrong with needing help, but abuse is another. Medicaid offers family planning, maybe that would be smarter.

  120. cloth mum says:

    um, I probably should’nt have posted what I did on her blog, but, she needs to see that not everyone embraces her lifestyle of milking the system. I probably should have been nicer though.

  121. Just Peachy says:

    Yes exactly 123. While I did find that some of her resources are helpful for those who need it but she is clearly working the system.

  122. Just Peachy says:

    123 Im glad you did post that. It really aggravates me because you know that there are people who desperately need help but can’t because of twat waffles like her working the system.

  123. monkey says:


    I know. I really did try to be polite because I thought maybe she would actually think about it if it wasn’t a mean attack. Probably not, but maybe.

  124. Just Peachy says:

    I dispense with the niceties when it comes to welfare fraud. I know too many people who struggle to get by yet can’t get assistance and yet there are those who can afford fancy shit and get TANF and Medicaid and FS. It really angers me to see people take advantage of the system when they could do well if they just tried to stand on their own two feet.

  125. Myra says:

    Did anyone else think her husband’s “stange” work situation is code for working under the table or working so much that they’d no longer qualify?

  126. Just Peachy says:

    Ugh I really cannot get over this. Seriously Ive been angry since I saw that blog. Mostly because when dh and I needed help, we were told we didn’t qualify because we made too much. Mind you we were a family of 5 living off 700 every 2 weeks and had a mortgage payment which left us with very little to pay other bills let alone put food on the table. I am just so grateful my parents and dhs parents love us and care for us enough to make sure we were able to get through at the time. We would’ve lost everything had it not been for them/

  127. Myra says:

    You and me both, Peach. I couldn’t stay home with mine because my family didn’t qualify…and believe me, my husband didn’t make enough to support us without assistance. So this bitch’s blog about how to work the system chaps my ass. I am trying to refrain from posting on her blog, but it’s a losing battle.

  128. Jen says:

    You know what irritates me? I feed a family of 5 (3 adults, toddler and infant) on $260 a month – this INCLUDES FORMULA for the baby!! Then I see stories of people with the same family size or smaller getting $500+ per month in fs….if I can do it – so can you! Sure its not super easy, but it CAN be done and we did starting a few years ago to avoid going on assistance…now we no longer qualify but keep the same amount per month so we can SAVE MONEY and hopefully never be in that situation again.

  129. adensmama says:

    And people complain about the Duggars…well at least they can AFFORD all of their kids!

    Maybe she should look into govt. assistance for birth control instead….wow.

  130. amessymama says:

    That blog is just unbelievable. You hear stories and sometimes suspect people of welfare fraud, but to actually see someone write a tutorial on how to do it!! Boggles my mind.

    She has a post about Miracle Diapers and at first I was thinking she was taking advantage of them. Then I realized that they aren’t giving away the fancy dipes, so she probably wouldn’t want what they have. Although, I could see her get them and sell them to have a little extra to spend on the fancy stuff.

    She’s probably one of those that try to get you to lower your price on fsot w/ her poor and preggo stories.

    What a sucky person.

  131. felishasjourney says:

    You know what, I’ve been fighting within myself to reply to you guys for several days now.

    You want to talk shit on me, but can’t even use your own damn names.

    For one, I got Christmas money from family. They TOLD me to order something for myself, because I do not buy for myself anymore.

    For two, No I can not afford to spend full price for something when I can get it cheaper used and it be the same damn thing.

    For three, We ARE living comfortably. We make damn good money, and are going to start living thrifty so we can hopefully pay off our car before the end of the year.

    For four, My MIL lives a mile or so away from me. My B&SIL lives 2 hours away from me. Saying “Didn’t she say her inlaws lived an hour or two away is false” maybe if ALL of my inlaws lived that far away, it’d be true. But it is infact not.

    I don’t give a shit if you flame me anymore, but jesus fucking christ get your god damn facts straight. And tell the fucking truth!

    Why can you guys not mind your own god damn business? Are you seriously THAT insecure with yourselves that you can’t butt the fuck out?

  132. DSDM2 says:

    Damn good money and you are on WIC?

  133. DSDM2 says:

    Are you THAT insecure that you can’t stop coming here? And are you that dumb that you stay on DS when so many want you to leave?

    I think you area liar. But when we point it out to you, in your own words, you don’t see it. But don’t worry, we all do. You are no fun to argue with because all you can do is yell and insult. A lack of intelligence doesn’t allow for a discussion or explanation.

  134. felishasjourney says:

    Yes because we qualify and our FRG encourages EVERYONE under E6 to get on the program.

    We only ise it for formula because the kind DS is on is EXPENSIVE and prescription only. I have to get a prescription from the DR ever 3 mo for it.

  135. DSDM2 says:

    Also, Bgkvdknv from this thread is Fluffy/Felisha under a second UserName.

  136. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    DSDM2. WIC has surprisingly high limits, we can get wic with a family 5 and the limit is $47,712.00, that is almost 2.5 times my husbands salary, lol

  137. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    BTW not defending her or bashing her, just provinding info, lmao

  138. felishasjourney says:

    139, Actually, That was my neighbor after I was reading her half the lies you ladies have posted.

    And I stand behind what she said.

  139. If you live comfortably you would be able to afford formula. Or try not smoking, you could BF your kid.

  140. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha, it was YOUR IP ADDRESS, WP ACCOUNT, AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. It was not your neighbor.

  141. felishasjourney says:

    143, You actually do not know the situation.. I DID BF for 6 wks until my DR had me stop and put him on formula.

    But you know it all.

  142. DSDM2 says:

    I want to add, we cross checked the IP from the other post and it does match your IP on other sites. (And yes, sites PLURAL).

  143. felishasjourney says:


    You’re so smart. Why do you think it was my fucking email? MAYBE it’s because she doesn’t have a COMPUTER or a phone that has INTERNET.

  144. Felisha, a good doctor is not going to make you stop BFing. Children with severe stomach issues do better on BM. But mom has to love her kid enough to do elimination diets and not smoke.

  145. felishasjourney says:

    164, Then I guess you’d know that if you’re using wifi from you phone it’d have the same IP..

  146. Good defense! We have heard it all on here before:

    Oh, my crazy SIL in the parking lot at the church down the road posted that,


    Oh, my DH did it,


    Someone hacked my IP,

    or… the ever popular

    “My neighbor did it”

  147. felishasjourney says:

    148, Are you saying I don’t love my son?

    If I didn’t love him, I would have gotten an abortion.

  148. 149: But it wouldn’t have your WP logged in or your email. I have a degree in Computer Engineering and know a little about this stuff.

  149. felishasjourney says:


    I don’t give a shit what you say, it’s all fucking lies anyway.

    But if you’re going to talk shit, Get your fucking facts straight.

  150. felishasjourney says:

    152, Um, It DIDN’T have my wordpress logged in, My phone has auto fill in for emails. That’s why it had my email.

    Get a fucking clue with your computer engineering degree.

  151. You need to get your facts in line hun. You spread so many lies you don’t know which end is your ass and which is your mouth.

  152. felishasjourney says:

    155, Really now? I do.

    I’m pretty sure you could look online, with your computer engineering degree you claim to have, and do a little research to back up EVERY SINGLE thing I’ve said.

  153. felishasjourney says:

    Are my IP’s matching?

  154. Not after you have changed your posts 😀

    And hun, I don’t CLAIM to have one, I do have one. You might need to claim to have a degree since you aren’t smart enough to have finished highschool, but my masters degree speaks for its self.

  155. felishasjourney says:

    158, I’m not smart enough to finish HS? I don’t think you live inside my brain to know if I’m smart or not.

    I didn’t finish HS because I wasn’t smart, I didn’t finish HS because I was in foster care and bounced from home to home so much I COULDN’T go to school long enough to finish. And then, I got married and I couldn’t get the 6 HS’s I went to to give me all my god damn transcripts.

    But, You know it all.

  156. You have an excuse for everything, don’t you?

  157. felishasjourney says:

    160, It’s not an excuse, It’s a reason. You should know that having a masters degree and all.

  158. DSDM2 says:

    Well, I don’t know about 160, but excuses and reasons are 2 very different things, and you are giving excuses.

  159. felishasjourney says:

    162, Oh so THEY WOULDN’T GIVE ME A TRANSCRIPT is an excuse?

    I’m pretty sure that if you don’t have a TRANSCRIPT you can’t go to SCHOOL…

    Or maybe the school I tried to go to lied. Yeah, They lied. I’m sure of it. /sarcasm.

  160. žába says:

    I kinda think it would be fun to listen in on a conversation between Felisha and Dava (crochetfrog on CDN) they both make me want to claw my eyeballs out after reading too much of the excuses…I mean reasons for all their crap.

  161. TheOne says:

    Felisha just stop already. Everybody knows you are a liar and an attention whore. Just admit it for the love a God! We know it. You just need to admit it.

  162. DSDM2 says:

    Hon, they are YOUR transcripts. Go to the school board. They cannot refuse to give them to you.

    You are making excuses and not trying to fix things. It isn’t that hard.

  163. felishasjourney says:

    If I were to lie about my life, I’d sure as hell lie and say it was a lot better than it was.

  164. TheOne says:

    Why would you lie to make your life better, when a good life doesnt give you the attention that you are desperate for????

  165. Aj says:

    Didn’t you know, everyone is out to get Felisha, nothing is her fault.

    Schools routinely lie because they don’t want to see their students succeed, because really they want high failure rates to brag about.

  166. Just Peachy says:

    Oh felisha you know EXACTLY who I am. I don’t need to hide behind a name.
    Seriously excuses excuses. Should’ve used your christmas money to get your son some diapers rather than bitch about it. You are an idiot and you just enforce the stereotype about young moms (no offense to those who are young and dont act like twatwaffles).

  167. lurking says:

    Many women dont abort their kids and still dont love them. They live through abuse and sometimes even kill them. Not saying you do this (Felisha) but not having an abortion does not equal = Love.

  168. Aj says:

    Everything is extremes for Felisha, it’s a little bipolarish if you ask me.

  169. Aj says:

    Oh and Felisha, you do lie about your life, making it sound better and worse. Example, you say you live very comfortably, but you cannot afford $25 for prefolds. Which is it?

  170. felishasjourney says:

    173, Why pay full price when you can get it for more than half off?

    No, I can not afford the difference when I can get it cheaper.

  171. felishasjourney says:

    What do I lie about. Please. Call me out.

  172. Just Peachy says:

    Why pay full price? Um maybe because you bitched about how badly you needed prefolds? Go littlelions.com and order some of their seconds then stupid. Its pretty cheap for a dozen.

  173. Just Peachy says:

    Your financial situation. One minute you are rolling in it the next you can’t afford to buy prefolds. Which is it Felisha?

  174. felishasjourney says:


    We ARE rolling in it, but we’re cutting back because we want to save money and pay off our fucking car.

    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST get the fucking dick out of your ass and read for one fucking minute.

  175. felishasjourney says:

    And really, You called me a liar LONG before “lying about my financial situation”

  176. felishasjourney says:

    That’s all you got, You don’t have any fucking thing else.

  177. Aj says:

    You’re “rolling” in it, and you rent an apartment and have to wait to buy an engagement ring?

    We just upgraded my engagement ring to a 2 carat solitary stone for $12,000, and paid cash. If you could do that today, then I’ll agree with you that you’re rolling in it.

  178. Just Peachy says:

    You can’t even keep your shit straight. Oh we are rolling in it but we are cutting back. I don’t think you would even know where to begin as far as cutting back.
    Oh and lets not forget how your son was having breathing difficulties yet you were sitting your fat ass online. Thought your MIL lived 2 hours away and now she only lives a mile away? This is why you should stop posting because you can’t even keep the lies straight anymore.

  179. felishasjourney says:

    181, I could actually go down and buy the one I wanted right now, but my husband wants to go with me to buy it and we’re buying it on our tax return so we don’t dig into savings.


    PLEASE PLEASE show me where I said my MIL lived 2 hours away! I’d LOVE for you to show me that. Oh wait, You can’t. Because I never said that.

    And for my son having breathing issues, He’s ALWAYS had breathing issues.. We had 3in of ICE and SNOW on the ground and my MIL has a truck w/ 4wd. SORRY if I don’t want to get out and drive in it and possibly wreck on the way to take him to the ER and make him worse off than he already is.

    AND I got online for a whole hm idk 2 minutes while he was NAPPING. I’m not going to wake him up until she is here!

    Haven’t you ever heard the saying “Never wake a sleeping baby” jesus chirst.

    Keep em’ coming. I haven’t lied about anything.

  180. TheOne says:

    Felisha, you have been exposed for lying so many times here and DS. SEVERAL times. You lie so much you cant keep them strait.

  181. Just Peachy says:

    You are definitely not helping your case continuing to post here you know that right? Each post just makes you look that more dumb and irresponsible.

  182. felishasjourney says:

    P.R.O.V.E. I.T.

    Oh wait, You can’t. Because I haven’t lied.

  183. Just Peachy says:

    I’ve already proved it. As have many others. Is the weather nice in that alternate reality you seem to be stuck in?

  184. felishasjourney says:

    Oh, You have Peachy..

    Really now?

    I don’t think you’ve proved it so far.

  185. Katie says:

    You didn’t say she lived two hours away. What you wrote was that it took your mil two hours to get to you. Most people would think that in that case that she lives two hours away not a mile. I don’t know of anyone grandparent who wouldn’t go rushing over to where their grandchild was living to pick them up that it would take 2 hours to get there. My 90 year old great aunt can drive in a snow storm a mile in less than 2 hours.

    I wouldn’t be taking the word of your FRG leader about her encouraging everyone under E-6 to get on WIC because they may not qualify. DH was E-5 and had something like 6 or 7 years in when dd was born and we didn’t qualify because he made $26 over the limit.

    You don’t live comfortably because if you did you would have your cars paid off by now, could afford to go out and buy what you want when you want and still have savings. I can see your point in buying used diapers but if you complain about not being able to afford diapers or diapers that another mom sold to someone else than to you then you aren’t rolling in the money. My family sends me money all the time and tells me to buy myself something and what I do is put it in the bank and save it or use it for something that we need as a family.

  186. TheOne says:

    Where is that headbang and rolleye smiley when you need it???

  187. Messy says:

    Bwahahaha! Felisha is posting here.
    You freaking psychologically fucked up freak of nature, how about you think about your kid for a few minutes. I know it is hard. Buy cigs or buy my baby diapers… Oh gosh.
    You are pathetic. If someone gave me money and told me to buy myself something and my kid NEEDED something, you can bet YOUR SORRY ASS that I would buy for my kid.
    You are a fucktard and some day we will be reading about your in the papers and seeing your face on the news because you will end up locked up somewhere. I hope and pray someone takes that baby away from you before it is for doing something to him. You use that kid for attention and some day you are going to take it too far. Yeah, you are an attention whoring bitch who makes her own kid suffer. Sucks.
    Get a life.

  188. Messy says:

    Peachy, it is always sunny when you are getting the attention you crave and who cares if it involves using a baby… Gotta get that sunshine blown up her sorry ass so people say what a good mom she is to that poor sick baby @@

  189. lurking says:

    Oh Gosh.
    Reading her posts reminds me of kindergarden girls quarreling. So inmature and not to mention the horrible language. I have a theory, and is that when someone try to defend themselves like that (agressiveness etc) is most likely lying. When one have the truth, one does not need to express like that.

  190. Aj says:

    Her arguements are akin to the age old, ‘I know you are but what am I’ it is like arguing with a 6 year old. Except my 6 year old has better sense and vocabulary.

  191. naturalmamadot says:

    This would all be really entertaining if every time she posted I didnt picture maddox unsupervised somewhere having one of his breathing episodes and not knowing why mommy isnt holding him or trying to help him.

  192. DSDM2 says:

    I would venture to say one outright lie you told is that you weren’t going to read here any more. And I have the tracker to prove you have, often. Actually, multiple times a day.

  193. DSDM2 says:

    And as I and others pointed out, we can’t prove lies when you go back and change your posts so it looks like we are all being mean to you.

  194. No one is going to prove a darn thing to this idiot, and we all know it. She is THRIVING on this attention right now. Her heart is pounding, and she’s getting a rush with all this chatter about her and only her, and she didn’t even need to have a sick baby for it. It’s all her this time.
    We’re not going to accomplish anything by putting her words in her face. She will deny, then go back to her posts on DS, and edit them to make her stories match. We all know the blubbering, bumbling, lying idiot she is. She cannot even have a confrontational conversation, sticking up for herself. All she can do is say the same curses 15 different ways, amongst, “Nuh-uh!!!!” She’s quite a hopeless case. Let her wallow in her scum over at DS, thankful that she’s banned from CDN, and just pray her Munchhausen by Proxy doesn’t kill her beautiful son.

  195. DSDM2 says:

    Oh, another one is the Military OSPEC thread and then the Deployment pay help thread in Military families. You were quoted your own words and denied it.

    Also in a few threads in SS. I won’t c&p SS threads, but other readers are welcome to.

  196. Aj says:

    Ha, did everyone see that Felisha edited all her posts, and her reason is ‘stalkers’ I just spit out my water laughing so hard!

  197. Aj says:

    Here are a couple contradictions that thank goodness someone had the sense to quote 🙂

    QUOTE 1
    Originally Posted by fluffybutt
    That’d be awesome

    The only time they watched him was 1 day where I could literally NOT get out of bed.. and 1 other time when they got jealous that my SIL and BIL took him.. which they live 2 hours away. They drove down there to get him and brought him back early, and I was sick then too. They are worthless.. It’s sad how I have to drive half way to AR to get a damn break because my in-laws are soooooooooooo busy when they both work for themselves.. out of their home.

    I have the flu. It quite sucks. Maddox’s aunt took him for a few days so that I might get some rest and start to feel better. I miss him SO much! It is for the best tho. They had him friday and saturday.. I had him sunday and then my mother in law took him monday.. and now his aunt has him again tonight.

    QUOTE 2
    I’m so thankful I have someone to take care of my son while I’m sick.. It would not be easy getting over this being this sick and having a 3 month old screamin’ for attention. I’m glad he’s where he can get extra love and attention.

  198. DSDM2 says:

    Oh, and don’t get me started on your posts in the Military Forum on PTSD.

  199. Aj says:

    I was juuuuust coming over to link that
    Felisha, when are you going to learn that no one at DS wants you there?

  200. Messy says:

    #203 FluffyassFelisha put in that thread that her dh LIKES BEING DEPLOYED. Ummm… Ding ding ding, I see a FLAG!

  201. naturalmamadot says:

    hahaha I was just thinking that messy. oh our relationship just gets better and better the further away from me that he gets! he just seems to get happier and happier. 100 miles, yea thats nice, 1000 miles, PARTY!!! I Love you so much! haha

  202. DSDM2 says:

    She is a fluffyass isn’t she?

    I think it is fine if you are overweight, but don’t get mad at your brother or other family for telling you that you are fat, LOL!

  203. Messy says:

    I want to punch that attention whoring Fluffyass in the face for the shit she said to Charise. She should have edited THOSE posts because she is a real POS 😡
    Or better yet… GO READ YOUR OWN WORDS FLUFFYASS! Yeah. Read that your husband is happier being away. Read that he likes being deployed. Read that your relationship is better the further away he gets. Yes, that is a divorce in the making… But nooo, you won’t be divorced 3 times in the next ten years; I amend my opinion to MORE than 3 times now, TYVM!
    The amount of drama that follows her is AMAZING! I have never seen anything like it. She cannot be civil to one person… It is crazy.
    Can you imagine the messages her dh must get about his “sick son”. His heart must break either thinking he has this sickly baby or if he is smart, knowing his wife is making him sick for attention. It is sad.
    SEEK HELP FLUFFYASS! Look at your gorgeous son and if for not other reason than for him, GET HELP!!!

  204. DSDM2 says:

    Don’t forget, he already cheated once, and then on top of that likes being away more then at home!

  205. Messy says:

    He cheated the once that he got caught… No telling what the number really is…

  206. naturalmamadot says:

    oh wow hes already cheated AND he likes being deployed? seriously I stick by what ive said in previous posts get on your feet independently felisha, for your sons sake, you will probably be on your own in the big scary world in the near future.

  207. naturalmamadot says:

    well for SOME reason she refuses to respond on the correct post (probably beyond her) so ill copy and paste her response over here.

    felishasjourney Says:
    January 13, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    Um my husband has NEVER cheated!! Lmao

    And he likes being deployed because he likes serving his country and takes pride in knowing hes doing it so you fucking bitches dont have to!

    We’re growing closer because we talk more and have more meaninful conversations..

    You guys need to get a fucking life!!!

  208. naturalmamadot says:


    she apparently cant figure out how to make it between posts lol

  209. felishasjourney says:

    211, my phone just pulled up the wrong thread.. geez.

  210. No One Important says:

    Here is my response to her there:

    You said that you have trust issues with him b/c of his contact with other women. Or did you edit that out too?

    Go away FluffyFatAss. No one here wants to hear your lies or any more about your pathetic life. I hope your son can make it with a pitiful, trashy, piece of shit mom like you.

  211. felishasjourney says:

    lmao 214.. get a life. for real.

    CONTACTING someone is not the same as cheating.

    And he didn’t message anything bad, I just didn’t like the bitch.

  212. felishasjourney says:

    And who cares if I’m fat? I wish I knew who was posting, but you bitches hide behind your anonymous screen names so no one can see into your lives.

    Who’s the pathetic one here?

  213. DSDM2 says:

    Please don’t forget that you tried to hide behind a fake screen name on here too.

  214. felishasjourney says:


    If I wanted to hide, I wouldn’t of posted here at all. Get fucking real.

  215. DSDM2 says:

    Sure Felisha.

  216. Aj says:

    you are felisha

  217. No One Important says:

    FluffyAssFelisha, YOU are pathetic.

  218. Messy says:

    ROFLMAO! Oh yeah! I TOTALLY HIDE!!! Yep. I be hiding!!! Don’t look!!! Shhh… Nobody knows who I am cuz it be a secret…
    FluffyAss, get a grip. You have some serious issues. It is YOU, not everyone else in the world. YOU baby, it be all about YOU!

  219. mamaroo says:

    Felisha –
    I’m guessing that your doctor told you to put M on hypoallergenic formula because he was reacting to something in your milk. I had the exact same thing happen to me with my DD, so I researched it and found that if I stopped eating all dairy, soy and eggs (her triggers), she then could tolerate my milk again. Not all doctors will give you correct info – sometimes you have to go look for it yourself.

    I make DD’s diapers and covers because while we can afford them, it is cheaper for me to make them. Flannel frequently goes on sale at Joann’s for 2.50/yd and you can make 2-3 prefolds out of a yard. I see that you have a sewing machine – that is probably the cheapest way to diaper. I trifold the prefolds into a cover.

    We are not “rolling in it” but we don’t qualify for WIC, so take that for what you will. I would never use WIC or welfare anyway unless absolutely necessary (i.e. DH lost his job and couldn’t get another one) – we stand on our own 2 feet here, and that is what we are trying to teach our children. We currently are spending 40-50 a week on groceries and eating well – and this is in Oregon where our price of living is higher than a lot of the nation. Our cars are paid off (in fact, we’ve never had a loan on any of them – we buy outright – sometimes this means we have older cars but it’s fine by me). If you are truly committed to cutting back, you should look into Dave Ramsey – he has a number of good principles.

  220. DSDM2 says:

    hehe. You and peach hide behind those fake names on here 😉

  221. felishasjourney says:

    223, thank’s I never thought I’d get actual advice from off here.

  222. Just Peachy says:

    As I said before I don’t hide. I don’t need to because I could give a rats ass what anonymous people on the interwebz think of me. Im not nice and I tell it like it is.
    Felisha you are so naive that it actually makes me sad for you. I second what naturalmamadot says and get your shit together cus it looks like your marriage isn’t gonna make it.

  223. felishasjourney says:

    My marriage IS going to make it, Do you think he’d be getting me a new ring if it WASN’T going to make it?

    We’re not even having issues.. get over yourself

  224. DSDM2 says:

    Lots of men put rings on a girls finger… while banging a skinny little hottie on the side.

  225. Messy says:

    You are not having issues because you have next to no contact. What did you say? A YIM here and there… Can’t *talk* bla bla bla doing it by yourself with not even the moral support from him since ya can’t talk? Yep.
    He is happier deployed.
    He has cheated once… that you know of…

    A new ring does not a good marriage make.
    Divorced at least 3 times in 10 years. Locked up. Hope your dh has a commitment to his son ‘cuz he aint commiting TO you, although he should COMMIT YOU.
    Just sayin’ ‘cuz nobody knows who I am… SHHH!!!

  226. felishasjourney says:

    You are a fucking idiot. lamo..


  227. DSDM2 says:

    OK Felisha.

  228. DSDM2 says:

    Whatever you say.

  229. Just Peachy says:

    Do you really think a healthy marriage has that little contact? I understand he is deployed but seriously little to no contact and your relationship gets better the farther away he is? Doesn’t sound like a healthy marriage and it looks to me like ya’ll are faking it. Do your child a favor and either figure out wtf is going on and why it is that your marriage is better for him being deployed or get the fuck on? Don’t stay married just for the sake of your son.

  230. felishasjourney says:

    We’re not staying married for our son, We’re married because we love each other. We talk sometimes several hours a day.

    Hell, We’re talking right now.

    Why don’t you join the military life and see how the fuck it is. Talk shit about something you know NOTHING about!? Get the fuck outta here.

  231. Just Peachy says:

    Ummm BTDT sweety. My dad was military and Im a navy brat :D. Keep on posting the lies!!!!

  232. naturalmamadot says:

    There are TONS of military wives on here, cdn and ds pretty much all of them think you are a fucking loony tune whiny ass bitch.

  233. Messy says:

    FluffyAss has the perfect life… Perfect marriage… A son that is always legitimately sick with not fake illnesses trumped up to garner attention… FluffyAss is up to her skinny thighs in money and just rollin’ in the gravy… Her husband wants her like no other ‘cuz he is just happy serving his country and his wife really is on his list somewhere of misplaced priorities… And that is not ‘cuz he is banging a hottie! The ring is proof beyond all other that her marriage is in perfect condition!
    Not to mention, coming home to her and her not fake sick son, will curb any PSTD he might have. Yeah Ladies, She is that good. MMMhhhMMM…

  234. felishasjourney says:

    I’m pretty sure that when your dad was in the military they didn’t have the techno we have here.

    Want me to PROVE I’m talking to him right now?

  235. Messy says:

    Oh, BTW, you bat shit crazy FluffyAss… I was BORN into the military. Try again.

  236. felishasjourney says:

    Good for you.

    If anything you should have more respect for our service members then and not talk shit on them you fucking smelly ass bitch.

    Jesus christ where did you whores crawl out of?

  237. Messy says:

    Hey FluffyAss, I respect all military and their families, except the weebles that can’t stop wobbling <—THAT IS YOU BTW HTH!
    You really need to look at yourself. Seriously hard. Stop blaming everyone else for your stupid shit.
    You are going to hurt that baby if someone does not get him from you. I hope someone sees what a wack job you are and helps that poor baby because you are an unstable child abusing twat.

  238. Just Peachy says:

    You aren’t a service member you dumb ass cunt!

  239. Messy says:

    Well, unlike other whores, we didn’t just wonder out of your husband’s bed…

  240. felishasjourney says:


  241. DSDM2 says:

    We aren’t talking shit on service members. Many of us are former military wives or current. TDM is a former military wife.

    We are repeating what you have said about your husband. If my husband told me I wasn’t worth anything, he would be out on his ass. You like the attention, you put up with it, crave it even. Have fun in that abusive relationship. It suits you.

  242. Just Peachy says:

    I didn’t say shit about your husband you fucking nutjob!

  243. monkey says:

    Wow. Poor Charise.

    You know, I’m not usually a Felisha hater. I honestly feel bad for her. I think she’s just young and obviously has some issues and a need for attention. I really hope she can find a way to make herself and her family happy.

    But that shit with Charise was NOT cool. NOT COOL. Charise is a sweetheart and someone I really like. She’s trying her best to do what a good wife does for a husband they love and Felisha makes it seem like her DH just doesn’t love them enough to not have issues.

    Until we do it ourselves it is impossible for us to truly understand what our men and women in uniform go through. No matter how much they love their families there can still be issues. There are lots of people who love their families greatly but are still depressed or even suicidal.

    I love my son and husband more than anything in this world. I have an amazing extended family that I am very close too. Yet I still spiraled into depression after the birth of my son. My mother was dying, I was 7000 miles away from my father and brother and I think I had some PPD. Does that mean I didn’t love my family? And I hadn’t even seen/lived through the things our fighting men and women have.

    Charise, I know you read here so I want to say, you’re AWESOME. I totally admire you for wanting to help your husband and standing by him.

  244. felishasjourney says:

    I’m done talking to you fucking stupid ignorant bitches.

    Have fun with your stupid fucking drama talk shit on everyone blog.

  245. naturalmamadot says:

    is that a promise? I dont wanna be disappointed later when you return

  246. TheOne says:

    *yawn* You’ll be posting/reading here in the next 2 min.

  247. Just Peachy says:


  248. lurking says:


  249. adensmama says:


    YOU- are a lying ass, pathetic excuse for a human being. Get some help, go to school so you can get a job when your husband divorces you because he can’t stand you either.

  250. DSDM2 says:

    ByeBye now, hope you stay gone this time.

  251. No One Important says:

    I have to say, I am so happy that I don’t have an abusive cheating husband who likes killing people ane being away from me.

  252. volbaby07 says:

    that fucking cunt Felisha pisses me off. i keep reporting her on DS just hoping to get her sorry lazy fat ass banned from there. i figure if she wants to play the report game, i can give as good as she can.

  253. TheOne says:

    They’ll never ban her, no matter how much drama she stirs up.

  254. Lolanae says:

    *gauges her eyes out*

    Felisha – Seriously…darling…you can’t keep your stories straight. Don’t ask me why that is, but several of your stories just don’t click.

    The stuff with Charise…beyond low. Weren’t you just talking the other day about how military wives should be supportive of each other? Ect.

    And I have seen many marriages here for the “sake of the kids” and many where guys are cheating while the lady is at home with a ring on her finger. And be thankful you can talk to your husband on deployment. When mine goes, it’s three months zero communication. (Yes, even with the technology we have today…I might only get a very rare email, if that.)

    Many times I’ve had birthday or Christmas money and spent it on my daughter or something I “needed” rather than “wanted”. It’s part of being an adult. And if you need diapers, hell buy one a pay check. BGOS aren’t that expensive, and if you would have paid more attention to what Peach said she mentioned little lions seconds, which are not full price and usually only cosmetic flaws.

    But then you hear and read what you want…just like when you were on CDN.

  255. Roxyrocks says:

    Fluffyass!!! I fucking love it! You are seriously the most pathetic person I have seen in a long time on any message board and I really feel sorry for your son(not your husband because he is happy to be deployed and is hopefully looking for someone new or at least a place to hide from you when he gets home maybe he can hook up with that chick from FB) I seriously worry about your son’s well being I think you are mentally unstable and you could hurt him for attention.

    Why would you take WIC if you didn’t need it? People like you make me sick I am all for my tax dollars going to public programs for people who need it but not people who get something just because they CAN. Also no doctor would tell you to stop breastfeeding at 6wks just admit you didn’t want to give your baby the best thing possible for him.

    You are nothing but a bunch of stories with big gaps and maybe you should move in with your parents till you grow up so your child can be safe.

    I am seriously waiting for a post about an ‘accident’ or something gone terribly wrong with her DH

  256. naturalmamadot says:

    god i heart roxy

  257. Booyah says:

    I would love to know how many mods/admins over at DS that Felisha is in bed with to keep her from getting banned. Srsly. She must be sucking some major cock/taint/something!

  258. No One Important says:

    Oh I am totally waiting for the “My DH was killed in action” lie. Remember the last one of those? She sounded a LOT like fluffyass.

  259. No One Important says:

    I doubt it Booyah. My guess is they haven’t found an outright reason yet, give her time.

  260. Booyah says:

    They ought to ban her just for being a pain in the ass. I wonder how much time they have to waste dealing with all her tattling and whining.

  261. mmspirit7 says:

    Thank you everyone! Fluffy one day you are going to look back at this and be shocked….I know I have done it about posts I have made in that past and it sucks when you try and work your way out of them.

    Thanks everyone

  262. Kelolsen says:

    I don’t hide my name.

    Feilsha…. seriously. Be a lady. Watch your language. Have you read what youv’e written?? I’ve always believed that when someone is swearing that profusely, its either:
    1) they don’t have a very decent vocabulary- not alot of words to choose from so they have to swear to get their point across
    2) they are lying.

  263. DSDM2 says:

    Or both… as in this case.

  264. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    i just feel bad for her…

  265. cdnation says:

    What did she do to Charise?

  266. DSDM2 says:

    Told her that her DH wouldn’t have PTSD if he was happy with his family when he came home.

  267. cdnation says:

    Oh good grief. Come on Felisha, from what I read on DS, Charise was never anything but nice to you. Why would you do soomething like that?

  268. DSDM2 says:

    So ladies, I advise you NOT to abuse the report system, but you can look and report her foul language on DS (if the filter grabs it or it is misspelled, is what you would look for).

    I would report her as much as you can, as long as there is a reason.

  269. DSDM2 says:

    Hi Felisha! Nice to see you are still reading 🙂

  270. cdnation says:

    So since you’re still reading, can you tell me why you would be mean like that to Charise?

    Without all the bad language, adult to adult?

  271. eeek says:

    247- monkey- exactly. Felisha makes me kinda sad, I think her whole existence is just an ENORMOUS cry for help. An annoying cry for help, but I don’t want to heap on more negative attention when she so obviously wants it. And she’s a pathetic sad child, in so many ways.

    But now, Felisha- the thread with Charise is enough to show what a true twunt you are, under your pitiful creepy shell. You are a crappy, sad little human being and I wish you and your stories of your miserable life would go far far away.

    Please…just go away. You suck.

  272. Booyah says:

    I’ll second that eeeek. Before, she was just an aggravating little troll. Now we see that she is not just that, she is a bad, bad person. And I wish she would hurry up and drop off the face of the earth already.

  273. Just Peachy says:

    Another fucking lie! What else is new?

  274. magpiedpiper says:

    Oh my goodness, that little girl needs her mouth washed out.

    It’s hard to prove someone is lying when they go around deleting posts that have the evidence of their lies. Felisha, if you truly believed that you were 100% telling the truth, then you would not have gone back and edited all of those posts that didn’t match up with your current stories.

  275. magpiedpiper says:

    Whoops. Sorry DSDM2. I forgot which email I usually use I guess?

    Oh my goodness, that little girl needs her mouth washed out.

    It’s hard to prove someone is lying when they go around deleting posts that have the evidence of their lies. Felisha, if you truly believed that you were 100% telling the truth, then you would not have gone back and edited all of those posts that didn’t match up with your current stories.

  276. DSDM2 says:

    Aww now Peach, She has no friends and just wants to be cool like us and hang out…


  277. adensmama says:

    She’s just trying to make other people feel bad because she knows that her husband would rather be miserable and deployed than miserable at home with her.

  278. magpiedpiper says:

    Btw, I can’t believe someone would honestly be okay with their LO staying away several days at a time, multiple times, when they are that little.

    Perhaps instead of pawning your child off on relatives so that you can “get the house ready” for your dh to come home, maybe you could just take some breaks from your internet twatwafflery to I don’t know, clean your rental? Or do it after your kid goes to bed at night? Why did your SIL need to take your kid for yesterday, today, and tomorrow just so you could clean your crap up? Especially when all you are actually doing is farting around on the internet instead.

  279. Just Peachy says:

    Its no wonder she has no friends. She’d probably open her fucking stupid fat mouth and they’d run away crying. Isn’t it hilarious what a big fat hypocrite she is?

  280. Just Peachy says:

    magpiedpiper that bugged me too. I used to be the type of person who looked forward to the trips to Grammas but after dd #3 was born that changed. She didn’t spend the nite with Gramma until she was 18 months old and that was only because I had some health issues (more than just a cold). I couldn’t fathom sending my 6 month old off to Gramma’s for a day let alone a few days.

  281. nu says:

    I thought she wasn’t going to have money if that money that they spent from an overpayment was taken out all at once. That doesn’t sound “rolling in it” to me. I for one, am not rolling it, but my son has diapers!

  282. magpiedpiper says:

    Seriously, while I personally am not comfortable with my dd having an overnight somewhere yet even, I know some may be. And a few hours here and there we’re fine with, and some others might not even do that much. But multiple days in a row? I just think that’s bizarre. Especially when it’s not even for any real reason other than she just felt like sitting on her butt for a few days, then probably frantically cleaning for a couple of hours before he comes back.

  283. magpiedpiper says:

    286, I think the “it” she’s referring to rolling in is not actually money…

    Because something about her stinks.

  284. mmspirit7 says:

    Wait send kids way to clean before hubby comes home two weeks before he comes home? wow first off must be nice as I can say this I honestly have no one that could take all three of them. I have a friend who is disabled that could watch the boys for a couple hours because they are older but to take them so i could clean…heck I am a night cleaner….once everyone is asleep

  285. Pariah says:

    ooo i’m waiting for the dead DH lie too. because chances are, she’s not even married. i mean hell, she’s lied about everything else. and if you’ve ever been on a military wife forum, you would know that people do it alllll the time.

    as for my DH, he enjoys deployments he like serving his country, and the extra $$. BUT given the opportunity he would always choose his family over a deployment.

    i feel the need to add this next part so fluffynuts can’t later say something like,”you don’t understand, because my husband has a dangerous job and yours doesn’t”… my husband is a vehicle operator. on his last deployment he drove supply convoys through iraq. in this next one coming up, he will be driving gun trucks in afghan. i don’t hear from him for weeks some times. i never get to know where he’s going or when he’s coming back, and sometimes i don’t even know when he’s leaving. all i can do is check casualty lists and hope he’s not dead. so don’t fucking bitch felisha. WE ALL HAVE IT HARD.

    and also for the record, my name is Brianna. that of course does you no good, but i wouldn’t want you to think i was hiding. and i’m 20 years old, which drives me insane, because when people learn that they compare me to people like you. you give our generation a horrible name, and i’m so ashamed of it.

  286. Aj says:

    Are you still wondering about what lies you told Felisha?

    I for one, do not believe half of what you said about your childhood. I think maybe you were sexually abused as a young girl, and for that I’m sad for you because no one should have to go through that; and it may actually explain a lot of what you are doing now. BUT I do not believe that your mothers boyfriend sold you out for hours at a time to his friends, no way. And I also do not believe that this created animosity between you and another 6yo because you didn’t get the sexual attention. That’s just sick, and as a mother I cannot believe you had the gall to pass that off as truth.

    Second, I believe that you may have been in foster care as a teen. What I do not believe is that it was because your mom was horrible. Methinks it was because YOU were an unruly teenager and your mom did it as a last resort. I worked in a teen crisis center for a little while, and you remind me of a lot of those kids that came through those doors. They thought they knew it all, and everyone else was out to get them. I feel bad for your mom.

  287. Aj says:

    What, am I the thread killer now? 🙂

  288. Just Peachy says:

    No I just had to go barf up my kitkat bar bleck.
    She never did answer my question about the weather in her lil alternate reality.

  289. amessymama says:


    Hmm, I think she’s looking for some new stories to add to her history.

    I like her disclaimer. She’s practically begging AJ to repost #291 over there.

    Looking for drama. Again. Shocking.

  290. Aj says:

    Wow! She’s really reaching now. I seriously haven’t really felt “involved” in this drama up until this point. It really takes a lot of balls to fabricate stories like this, and she is making me sick.

    Felisha are you asking for stories so you can add some to your arsenal of lies you sick twisted bitch?

    Abuse survivors don’t act like you, you’re a disgrace.

  291. magpiedpiper says:

    What a coincidence on the timing of that post! Why, it’s ALMOST like she’s still reading here despite her many protests to the contrary.

  292. DSDM2 says:

    #296. She is. 😀 I can see her 😀

  293. Booyah says:

    A-fucking-men AJ. That made-up child prostitution shit really just took the cake. I don’t even know if 90% of the shit she says is true and I don’t really care, but that is SICK. You don’t fucking make that kind of shit up to get asspats. That is bad fucking karma and you deserve your ass kicked.

  294. Booyah says:

    Wait, she’s trying to top being sold to her dad’s friends as a 6yo? Oh boy…I can’t wait to see what she dreams up that is worse than THAT. Maybe they also made her be in child p**n where she had to do it with housepets and eat poo….there ya go Felisha! There’s your idea!

  295. Just Peachy says:

    Copy and paste somebody please? I dont care who I can’t read it since its in one of the opt in forums. Or if you won’t c&p then recap at least PUHLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

  296. ladylili says:

    did you see that fluffytwat is getting pop up viruses from DS! Maybe we will get lucky and it will disable her computer.

  297. Aj says:

    FTR, I was not sexually abused as a child, but it is dear to my heart because I have people in my life that have been affected by it. This is not a subject someone should tread lightly upon. You want to make up an eating disorder, a mental disorder, a baby, alien friends–I could care less. But really, child abuse is just demented. It really makes me scared for her son that she could conceive something like this.

  298. magpiedpiper says:

    So, military wives, if according to Felisha on her blog, getting the house ready for her dh doesn’t ONLY mean cleaning, WTH else would that entail?

  299. Aj says:

    I’m sure the DS stuff is deleted, but here is an exerpt from her blog:
    When I was in preK to first grade I was raped by my mom’s boyfriend. He had a daughter my exact age and he’d rape her also. This went on for 2 years. He’d take dirty pictures of us and he’d sometimes have other guys come watch or have sex with us. It got to a point where if he’d only have sex w/ bri and not me then I’d get really jealous and be mad at her and vice versa. He’d tie one of us up sometimes and make us watch the other.

  300. Aj says:

    Post 302 should read I *couldn’t* care less, damn quick fingers!

  301. magpiedpiper says:

    I ask only because maybe I am honestly not thinking of something?

    I mean, I get an awful lot of cleaning and cooking and whatever else done all day while at home with my one child.

  302. Just Peachy says:

    Thats just disgusting and I cannot imagine that a survivor of sexual abuse would be that open with things that happened. I know I have told no one about what happened with me and I intend to keep it that way.

  303. Pariah says:

    302, she has an eating disorder now? anorexia might do her some good. and maybe then her husband would love her because she looked more like his skinny whore.

  304. Aj says:

    308 🙂 no, I was just saying that I would be okay with her making up a fake ED. I think it’s pretty low of her to make up being sexually abused as a child. It definitely wouldn’t hurt though if she decided to try out anorexia for a week or two.

  305. Booyah says:

    That’s it Felisha, that’s the ticket. Starve yourself. Starve yourself until you fucking drop dead.

  306. Pariah says:

    fluffynuts latest blog post:
    I do not understand people. I for one am NOT a liar. I think the last time I’ve knowingly told a lie was in high school over some BS and that was to help a friend out! Why would ANYONE lie about half the shit I’ve gone through in my life?!

    I honestly WISH I could lie and act like nothing happened. And in fact, I used to lie to myself ALL the time and try to convince myself that it never happened.. But it did.

    I’ve been mentally, physically and sexually abused my whole ENTIRE life.. It wasn’t until I met my current husband that things started looking up. Yes, We have/had our issues.. But every marriage does. I have said some things, and called some people things that I would NEVER normally do today. A person can only take so much abuse before they crack!

    I’m so thankful for my husband, and the fact that my son will NEVER have to live the life I lived. If I had to see my son go through what I went through it would tear me apart!

    It’s EXTREMELY pathetic of people to say I lie about having a husband, Lie that he’s in the military, lie that I have a son.. Lie about being abused.. Lie about being in foster care.. If ANYTHING I’d lie and never even mention it and never say it ever happened! But it DID happen! I try to open up and get some help and advice pertaining to my past and it get’s thrown back in my face like it never happened.. It’s bad enough that it DID happen, it’s even WORSE that people say I’m lying about it.

    Do people REALLY honestly enjoy picking on someone THAT much that they can call them a liar on one of the most sensitive subjects ever?!

    Jeez.. If I wasn’t feeling down already.. This just added 50lbs to my chest.. I need to not let this get to me as much..

    Pathetic really.. I can’t believe grown women would say such things… Brings out the worse in me.

    Felisha please take note, when you talk about things we say on here, it proves that you are still reading.

  307. Booyah says:

    Quick, somebody call the WAAAAHHHHHHHmbulance.

  308. Just Peachy says:

    Felisha typical abuse survivors bottle that shit up. Its not healthy but its what happens typically or they spill to a close friend or a therapist not random bitches on the interwebz. This is why no one believes that you were ever sexually abused and this is just another sick sad way for you to get the attention you so desperately crave. WTF is wrong with you? Please please PLEASE for the sake of your son GET SOME FUCKING HELP NOW!

  309. magpiedpiper says:

    Her poor son may not have to live HER life exactly, but the one he has ahead of him is pretty sad and messed up. Poor kid. His mother would already rather sit on her butt and do nothing for several days than be with him.

  310. Booyah says:

    314 I would say he is better off that way. Unless in some unimaginable way his grandma is even more nutso than his mommy.

  311. newhere says:

    well here’s one lie…

    you’re on WIC


    you’re living comfortably or “rolling it in”

    can’t be both! Unless you’re cheating the system…which just makes you a criminal.

  312. Booyah says:

    313 exactly. Shit happened to me when I was a kid. I never mentioned a word of it until a year ago and it was only to a medical professional. I haven’t talked about it since. My DH doesn’t even know. I sure as hell don’t go throwing it around on random forums on the internet to make people feel sorry for me. Who the fuck does that?

    Oh right, trolls making shit up. I forgot.

  313. TheOne says:

    That doesn’t even sound believable.

  314. Just Peachy says:

    Well she is a fat ass and they do have allowances for people who are under weight and overweight. So theres a chance even if they made too much she’d still qualify.

  315. Not Me At All says:

    Wow Felisha your language sure does show how intelligent you are…I’d say 15 year old street trash by your language.

  316. magpiedpiper says:

    315, you’re right. According to her, she has to go through lots of boxes in the cold, and runs lots of errands. Seems like all she’s actually done is sit on the internet. Why couldn’t her neighbor watch her kid for an hour while she went through boxes in the garage, and then, GASP take her kid with her to run these magical errands that somehow got done while she was trolling the internet all day.

    What a good mother she is.

  317. DSDM2 says:

    She posted over 50 times today on DS didn’t she? I don’t know how she is getting anything done doing that.

  318. magpiedpiper says:

    Plus here, and any time I commented on her blog she responded immediately. I personally spent a fair amount of time on the comp today, but I also got a crapload of stuff done, including taking care of and playing with my kid.

    Seriously, why couldn’t her neighbor watch her kid for an hour instead of her Sil taking him for 2 overnights? It’s just weird. I

  319. Pariah says:

    i found fluffynuts husband’s Myspace. Judging by his about me, he’s just as crazy as her.

    “Infantry. Living at Fort Riley KS. I enjoy things that start with the letter X, and calling my imaginary friends that live in a old mahogany desk in Quebec. I like artsy stuff… but not bleeding heart San Fransisco crazy about it. Books are neato. A sense of humor that is chaffingly dry, gives you rashes, and leaves you parched and confused of your whereabouts is best! I have blazing red hair, it gives me unusual drinking powers. I get pissed off easy, and my idea of funny is rarely shared by others. So I guess I’m either completely intolerable, or one hell of a guy. I can’t wait to get home and stab a homeless guy. Don’t talk to me unless you are interesting, otherwise I’ll fill your house with fleas.”

  320. Aj says:

    Wow, sounds like a winner. Link please.

  321. naturalmamadot says:

    yea I loved the “I get pissed off easy” (thats who you want as a parent or husband right?) and he cant wait to stab a homeless guy. seriously its pretty much impossible to offend me, and I get that he is not REALLY going to stab a homeless guy but USUALLY the ppl I know in the military have a better respect for joking about death, murder etc because they HAVE had to kill and they have seen others be killed. they arent going to go around joking about murdering helpless people for fun.

  322. BloggityBloggity says:

    Not done reading the thread…

    But @ 171-

    That’s so freaking true.

    And furthermore, constantly bringing up that you *could have had an abortion* as a means of proving how much you supposedly care for your son… Well that’s plain creepy. There is something not right about that line of thinking.

    I was a very young mom. I wasn’t married. I had my whole life ahead of me. [Read: I had actually graduated highschool (at the age of 17) and had college plans in my future.] Of course an abortion was an “option”, but it was one I chose not to explore. Making that choice does not entitle me to treat my daughter however the fuck I want for the rest of her life, simply because I “could have aborted” her. That makes no sense and it certainly doesn’t accurately describe a parent’s love for their child… or their merit as a good mother.

  323. Roxyrocks says:

    Her DH is a fucking nutcase like her someone needs to take that kid away and get it to a safe place. She is seriously crazier then that one chick who put a GM on her dog

  324. Lolanae says:

    On the military and house prepping question:

    Usually I’ll clean a ton, make welcome home signs with DD, and plan some type of surprise. It’s usually about a week long prep so I’m not rushing to do it all the last few days. But it’s nothing major outside the daily operating procedure of the house.

  325. mmspirit7 says:

    328 I agree about the same here. when he is home home I always get new sheets and pillows he loves this. other than that it’s just a clean home and a nice meal

  326. Pariah says:


    felacio is his top friend as well

  327. BloggityBloggity says:

    Did I mess up my email addy? Why is my comment in moderation? (I hate throwing off the counts *pout*)

  328. Just Peachy says:

    Just what I needed to see an immature boy’s pimply ass. Epic fail!

  329. Aj says:

    Ha ha, did it make you throw up in your mouth? Because I did!

  330. Roxyrocks says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

  331. Just Peachy says:

    A lil but it doesn’t take much these days LOL. I actually laughed at his about me. But I have a weird sense of humor. The stabbing a homeless guy “joke” was just stupid tho.

  332. TheOne says:

    How much you wanna bet she’s gonna say she told him to write his about me section like that to see what we say.

  333. naturalmamadot says:

    lol she made it all private now, funny that it took all this to get some sense knocked into her that you dont make topless pics public lol. even if WE dont have a reason to save those pics and use them elsewhere WE are not the only ones reading here. all anyone would have to do is right click save and your pics are on some pregnant porno site

  334. I couldn’t hold my tongue on that whole “victim vs. survivor” crap. She opened herself right up for it, and I’m hoping the Mods who hate me don’t see it as disrespectful…. though she’ll likely report it anyway. Boo.

  335. Oh Boy says:

    Comment on the Felisha finances thing. I recall not too long ago that Felisha started a thread about not having enough money to cover anything because the Army was going to take out money for over paying her. And believe me, I’m pretty sure I know what rank your hubby is, I know he’s been in for not that long so I can probably guess EXACTLY the amount of money he is making deployed. And hunny, you are NOT rolling in the money.

    You have a pattern of making off the wall comments. Huge crazyass off the wall comments. Then you expect asspats and when you don’t get them, you go ape shit and report people. You have been banned from SEVERAL sites. Certainly when the whole world seems wrong, perhaps they aren’t and it is YOu who is wrong. Take a good long look in the miror.

  336. žába says:

    Stab a homeless person WTF?!?! That’s not the type of person I would want around my kids.ever.

  337. DSDM2 says:

    She logged into his account and made the links private. My guess is she also changed his status, lol.

  338. Aaw, boo-hoo- She thinks I’m mean.

  339. naturalmamadot says:

    lol why does his profile say he will have kids someday?

  340. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Wow- I can’t decide if reading about this crazy chick is entertaining or just sad…..
    Though I admit- it kind of seems like my older brother- we just kept saying “maybe this will wake him up and he will realize what a mess he is making of his life”… but it never happened.
    So Felisha- if you see my brother in that other reality please let him know that he really should wake up and realize he has kids to raise too.

  341. mmspirit7 says:

    Ok so I did her work for her I even one that would cover everything she states has happened I really hope she gets the help.

  342. No One Important says:

    So she is banned from this forum too… but this thread caught my eye : http://www.militarysos.com/forum/general-support-chat/372940-i-almost-got-my-car-purse-stolen.html

  343. piratebaby says:

    Holy crap. Seriously, who is taking care of that poor little baby (if he’s even real)?? In 4 mos she posted over 2700x, or 13 posts/day until she was banned on the MSOS board. On DS she has over 1000 posts in less than 2 mos, or 16 posts/day. CDN it was 760 or 9/day. And not just smileys or bumps either. Plus I’m sure she’s on 100 other boards, unless she’s been banned from the entire interwebz. I read and post when my baby is nursing or asleep on me, but geez there is just no possible way I could post that frequently. Ohh and let’s not forget her blog, her posts here, or all the re-reading and editing she has to do to try and make her stories match!

  344. piratebaby says:

    crap…no more DS for me…malware warning just popped up. Dh will seriously kill me if another computer gets infected, he has ORDERED me not to get on DS bc last time we almost lost everything but thankful he was able to fix it without too much damage.

  345. Messy says:

    #349 FluffyAss might be banned from that site, but SHE IS ON RIGHT NOW. Yeah. She is reliving her lies and tail chasing on another board. She gets high from the attention she did have. This chick just never gets better. Same thing every single board.
    Well, DS is losing people left and right over her. I hope they realize that keeping her sorry fat ass around is going to harm them more than people allow her to annoy them…

  346. lurking says:

    In a way I feel sorry for her. She have a problem, a serius one. I wonder where are her parents or something. If I had those issues my mother would drag me to the madhouse and lock me there LOL.

  347. turkey lurkey says:

    I wonder if she even has a son. The picture on her blog where she was modeling her new mei tai was of her neighbor’s kid because hers was “sleeping”. Maybe he doesn’t really exist.

  348. turkey lurkey says:

    And and… she’s really on a roll. I think she’s really just trying to drum up more drama with this:


  349. lurking says:

    I hope she does not buy from my HC. I am sure she is a problematic buyer. Dont get me wrong, I highly respect all my customers even the difficult ones but I am sure she even cooks some drama when shopping.

  350. lurking says:

    354 – I am pretty sure she is a mama. If this is her (in the picture):
    the baby looks a lot like her IMO. Very handsome baby by the way. She is pretty too. Joking aside – I really feel sad for her and her son. I wonder if someone in her family (or his side) have noticed the “issues”. She needs help ASAP.

  351. Rocket says:

    Sorry DSDM2, I’m having firewall issues and now can’t log into wordpress, so I have to use this email.

    But holy shit, I just died laughing at that twatstain’s little performance. Bravo, twuntnugget, bravo. If you weren’t such a bad liar and a sucktastic person, I might actually feel bad for you. As it is, I just feel bad for that poor kid of yours who has to grow up with such a loose cannon.

  352. Sweetpea says:

    338- Besides the stabbing a homeless guy I’ll admit I thought he was kinda funny too.
    349- She’s banned from this one for over reporting and drama http://www.thephotoforum.com

  353. Kelolsen says:

    Fluffy you will have a hard time here. The owners of thsi blog can see you when you are online “pretending” to not care. also, there is no one to report posts to. No one to delete responses. Admin from DS can’t do anything over on DS for things said here. You will find this very different from DS. I can already tell you realize that due to your vile language. So good luck to you…. no one has your back here at all.

  354. Kelolsen says:

    I believe she has a child and is married to a military guy. I’m not sure what else I believe.

    I’m wondering if “rolling in it” is due to deployment money. Be careful, Felisha. I”m sure alot of us could tell you how easy it is to blow all that extra money coming in, but its not permanent and you’ll be wishing you’d used it better. I blew alot of it.. and 2K was spent on my cat, but that’s an entirely different story LOL….

  355. MotherMoonPads says:

    #350, it’s really not that hard (Not that I’m sticking up for Felisha)

    This is me on DS: Total Posts: 9,058 (15.69 posts per day)

    When my son was little, I used message boards to occupy myself during his 2 hour nursing sessions (no cable then, what else was there to do? lol) It’s not really that hard to make a dozen posts a day *blush*

  356. lurking says:

    362 – you guys are detectives!
    ugggghhh delete what I have said earlier, I dont feel sad for her anymore. She is a whore!

  357. DSDM2 says:

    What a mess. You know, I don’t care about her sex life other then the fact that her title is “felifreshh
    Lookin to have some fun while my husband is deployed…” 😦 So sad that she is willing to cheat on him. Cyber sex, emotional relationships, etc. are cheating.

  358. noneyabiz says:

    Some of these attacks are going too far, imo. I’m tired of her comments (especially on here), but attacking her for totally unrelated things (her weight, formula-feeding, her sex life), is out of hand. 😦 Though I do agree with DSDM2-if they’re swingers or whatever, that’s all well and good, but doing it behind his back is not cool. I hope he knows about it and gave his blessing to that.

  359. volbaby07 says:

    Her poor baby. I swear, she posts one thing, one tiny thing, that makes me think that baby is in danger and I will call Children’s Services where she is and report her ass. This bitch makes me sick and I hate to think what kind of situation that child is in.

  360. felishasjourney says:

    First of all, I know I said I wouldn’t TALK TO you ladies anymore.. I never said I wouldn’t read. If you want to count this as a lie I’ve told, what the fuck ever. I’m not even going to touch on anything but 361 and 362. I did not make that account. I have NEVER been on a sex site. Someone could have very well stole those pictures from my photobucket..

    But, I only have one email. It is Felifreshh@yahoo.com. You can email it and I would respond in a second.

    That is not the email on the account, because I tried to figure out the log in and have the account deleted.. because it is not me, and it did not work.

    You can still go to her links, and see it is up. But it is not me, Sorry.

    I know you don’t care, and you’ll throw it back in my face some how. But that is not me. I do not enjoy sex with anyone but my husband, and he has NEVER cheated on me and I would NEVER cheat on him.

  361. felishasjourney says:

    368, Do it. PLEASE do it.

    You know, If you make reports and it’s a waste of their time.. YOU will be the one that gets in trouble.

    So, Please.. Do it.

  362. Aj says:

    Once again, the world is out to get Felisha. Why would someone open an account like that in your name?

  363. noneyabiz says:

    So someone made an account 3 months ago with a screen name matching your email, using your pictures, and you had no knowledge of it. Riiiight.

  364. felishasjourney says:

    I have NO clue, but it was not me and I messaged the site about it.

    Why would it NOT have my login if it was me?

    I tried to retrieve the PW to delete it, but they used a different email and PW than what I use.. Which is the SAME for EVERY site I’ve been on for SEVERAL years..

  365. Myra says:


    That’s all.

  366. felishasjourney says:

    372 BUT IT DIDN’T match my SN or email. Are you retarded? Did you not look at the pictures I posted?

    Go type my email and SN in yourself. IT DOESN’T WORK.

  367. DSDM2 says:

    You know, the use of the word retarded is quite offensive and pisses off a lot of moms on here.

  368. DSDM2 says:

    And this isn’t the first time you have used it.

  369. volbaby07 says:

    Sorry, sweet cheeks, I could file a report and even if it’s unfounded, I would never get in any trouble. Actually, according to law, I would get in trouble if I did NOT report. Better watch what you post and where you post it. Cause you’ve put so fucking much info about yourself out on the internet that I can and will report you to your local police and/or Children’s Services if I think you are endangering your child.

  370. No One Important says:

    I think cheating on a deployed spouse is as low as it gets. There is nothing worse in my mind. Felisha you could not be more of a worthless waste of space.

  371. volbaby07 says:

    And, furthermore, reports can be filed anonymously so they’d never know who made a report and neither would you.

  372. No One Important says:

    As for the not reading/lying thing, you did say that on DS, you said you were deleting this site from your history and not coming back because you didn’t care what we said. So you are a lying and cheating twat.

  373. felishasjourney says:

    Retarded offends you?!?

    I can get called a fat ass bitch cunt twat and many other fucking names but THAT’S not offensive?!?

    Get the fuck outta here. Lmao

  374. DSDM2 says:

    Retarded applies to people with mental disabilities and some of the children that people on this blog have. If someone were retarded they wouldn’t be able to post here, that is a part of being retarded is the inability to understand. (Or at least most people with that disability.)

    As far as I am concerned, you are a fat ass, bitch, cunt, twat, etc. So no, that isn’t offensive, just descriptive.

  375. volbaby07 says:

    Well said, DSDM2! Someone with mental disabilities can’t help their condition.
    What’s your excuse, Felisha?

  376. felishasjourney says:

    LMAO I don’t cheat! I live in a city where I know only my MIL and FIL and my FEMALE neighbor!!

    I know NO one to cheat on him with!!

    Message my DH and tell him I’m cheating, IDGAF he’d laugh at you!!

    And call CPS I don’t care! They’d come to my house and laugh at your fucking dumbass!!!

    I know nothing I say will get through any of your thick heads and like my DH said when I told him about you bitches you wont get it, never will so leave it alone, and I will. Whatever.

  377. No One Important says:

    That profile shows you cheating, or wanting to… and telling us that it is a female neighbor means nothing since you have admitted to being bi, and DH liking that.

    There is a lot of doubt in your relationship. You will never make it, I hope you DH sees the profile, it is for MEETING LOCALS, so you wouldn’t have to know anyone, just meet them online.

  378. DSDM2 says:

    Deny Deny Deny. That is fine Felisha. You don’t ever do anything wrong, are a perfect person, and the world is out to get you. We get it.

  379. felishasjourney says:

    That’s REAL safe to meet someone online when I live alone with a child..

    REAL safe. I’m not that fucking stupid. LMAO

    This doesn’t hurt me anymore, it’s actually funny that you guys care enough to look me up online.

    I feel like a celeb being talked about so much on this site.

    I’m so cool, you guys go out of your way to look me up and shit. LMAO

    Message my DH PLEASE I need that laugh!!


  380. DSDM2 says:

    Isn’t that how you met DH? Online?

  381. DSDM2 says:

    I should have said, you have said on more than one site (including some you are banned from) that you met DH online. My point is, people don’t change, if you did it once, you will again.

  382. felishasjourney says:

    I met him on a DATING site not on a SEX site!! And I sure as hell didn’t meet him when I was living alone with a CHILD! My grandma was WITH me when I met him. lmao.

    LOTS of people meet their s/os online

  383. DSDM2 says:

    Whatever you say Felisha, whatever you say . You have lost all credibility with most members of DS, me included.

  384. Just Peachy says:

    Ya that ain’t shit cus I met DH online when I was 17. In hindsight I was damn lucky he wasn’t a psycho LOL.

  385. Just Peachy says:

    But the website thing ewww gross.

  386. DSDM2 says:

    Peach, I don’t have an issue with meeting people online, just don’t go denying it / saying how dangerous it is when you have admitted to doing it in the past. And then don’t come back saying you were smart.

  387. felishasjourney says:

    Well, Peachy.. DSMD2 says since you met your DH online your most likely to cheat on him and meet someone else online. lmao

    I don’t care what “credibility” I lost, You are a bunch of low life bitches ONLINE that I’ll NEVER have the “pleasure” of meeting.

    Keep talking about me tho, I’m LOVING ALLLL the attention!! LMAO

    I feel like lindsay lohan right now!! LMAOOO


  388. felishasjourney says:

    WHO CARES how I met my DH?!

    YES I met him online! NO I did NOT meet him when I had a 6mo baby at home and lived alone.

    MY GRANDMA was WITH ME when I met him.

    You’re fucking stupid if you meet someone online w/o someone else knowing or being there. They could be someone they’re not telling you about.

  389. DSDM2 says:

    No I didn’t Felisha. You are too stupid to understand what I did write.

    Now, if Peach had a web site looking for sex like YOU do, then I would say that.

  390. felishasjourney says:

    That ain’t mine! LMAO

    If it was, don’t you think it’d be deleted by now?

  391. felishasjourney says:

    YOU’RE the “smart” one here. LOL

  392. DSDM2 says:

    I know I am 😀 You sure as hell aren’t.

    And sweetheart, it is yours, it is your photo, your name, and your birthday/address.

  393. felishasjourney says:

    You can get the photo from my not private until yesterday myspace, you can bet my bday from there or FB, you can OH I don’t know get my name from there.. And if it has my address, I will be asking for IP to press charges..

    OH I just got an email from the people to delete it!

  394. No One Important says:

    Hm. Let us see if we can explain it to you Felisha…


    You said that profile just couldn’t be yours, that you would NEVER meet someone online like that b/c it is dangerous. (And yes we are paraphrasing)

    Then you are confronted with meeting DH online. Which does 2 things, 1 establishes a pattern of this behavior, and 2 shows what a lying twat you are.

  395. No One Important says:

    Oh, you are going to delete proof of something? What a fucking surprise.

  396. felishasjourney says:

    403, Nooooooo I said I’d never meet anyone online when I live alone and have a child.

    jesus you’re stupid.

  397. DSDM2 says:

    No Felisha, I think that you are the stupid one. You don’t even see what you have written or understand people. It amazes me how completely ignorant you are.

  398. felishasjourney says:

    404, PROOF OF WHAT!? Take a fucking screen shot and send it to my husband, I don’t give a fuck!

    I know it’s not MY profile, and He knows I’d NEVER cheat. SO fuck I don’t give a shit!

    I dont want a fake dating site out there of me! I don’t want someone to talk to people on there that’s NOT me and ME get in trouble if something were to happen!

    But thanks for adding to my ego. It’s awesome that you care so much to dig into my life! lmao!

    I feel like Paris Hilton! I’M SO FAMOUS!!!



  399. felishasjourney says:

    Since you guys care about my life so much, Want me to leak one of DH’s and I’s sex tapes!?

    You could make me MILLIONS!!!!

    I’ll be sure to edit the tape to look all green w/ the night vision!

    That’d be AWESOME!


  400. DSDM2 says:

    Do you know how much of a whore you are making yourself sound like?

  401. Just Peachy says:

    Im saying this as nicely as I possibly can Felisha. Please please please FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS SACRED, read your damn posts before you hit submit. Seriously thats all it takes is a moment of forethought to avoid shit like this.

  402. Violet says:

    I only live about an hour from FluffyASS felishia and I want to so bad go find her and kick her ass.

  403. Violet says:

    well .. I guess just see if she does in deed have a baby.

  404. BloggityBloggity says:

    Felisha, the bottom line is that that the “passion dot com” profile was created back in October and it describes you to a “T”… It fits from head-to-toe. From the extra padding, to the short stature, down to the medium-ish sized boobies. In fact that only thing that doesn’t add up is the fact that the profile says that you graduated high school… But I think it’s been well-established by now that you have no qualms about lying when it suits you.

    As far as meeting someone online: I met my DH online. (Myspace, actually.) I was safe about it. It can be safe if you’re smart and careful. In fact, it’s just as safe as dating someone you met at a grocery store or some such… Provided that you take necessary precautions in the beginning (as you should when first dating anyone, regardless of how you met.) Of course the difference is that I was *single* when I met my DH and I also… well… had intelligence and maturity on my side.

    IMO, this isn’t about meeting people online, Felisha. It’s about the fact that there is a profile out there that contains your very specific information… Pretty much requesting an affair while your DH is away. And then you want to fly all over other people for not respecting our servicemen enough? I would think being cuckolded is at the very bottom of every deployed man’s list of ways to show your appreciation.

    Cheat on your husband, IDC… But for the love of Pete please stop using the term “retard” as an insult. And please stop lying about dumb crap.

  405. felishasjourney says:

    Well, I know I’m not cheating on my husband, and he knows I’m not.

    You guys don’t have the balls to message him, so it’s whatever.

    After advice from someone on DS and what my DH told me.. I find it VERY funny that you guys talk about me here, now.

    I really do feel like a celeb… No one else gets their life tore into like a celeb.. They get lies splewed about them all over the place.

    It’s cool. I know I’m lying, I don’t care what you think.

    Call me fat, HA it’s true! You don’t think I don’t know that?! Maybe my DH likes that extra cushion for the pushin.

    Some of the shit you guys have said is heartless and cold. You have brought out the worse in me and you should be ashamed.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that curse words and names have been thrown at me left and right, I’d NEVER call someone half the shit I’ve said. I’m embarrassed I said it.. but not as embarrassed for you ladies that have to live with yourselves knowing you’ve talked shit on people, and dug through their lives to find any “lie” you can pin on them.

    Call me a liar. I don’t care. I know what happened in my life, and that’s all that matters. I love my husband, and he loves me. We’d never cheat. And do not use that I’m bi against me in this. My neighbor is NOT my type, and if she was I wouldn’t fuck her w/o my DH knowing or being there..

    And Violet, you little wah run to the mods cry baby…

    Want my address?! I’d LOVE to see you try and kick my fucking ass!

    Whats your email? I’ll give you my addy. When can I expect you.

    Wait, never. you fucking coward.

  406. Violet says:

    no one wants to see your fluffyass. Where was your child in the taping of said tapes, crying in his crib?

  407. felishasjourney says:

    No, silly. He was laying right next to us in bed!!

    DIDN’T YOU SEE THE /SARCASM UNDER. Jesus, you are stupid.

    And we were together before we had a child you know LMAO

    Violet, don’t make threats if you wont follow through. I’d LOVE to see you try and kick my ass!! What a joke!

  408. cdnation says:

    Freudian slip in that last post Felisha? You know you’re lying?

  409. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha, the language you used, you used on other sites like the SOS site. We didn’t bring it out of you, you talk like that everywhere you post.

    You are acting like a child, like a little spoiled brat who lies and gets caught and then doesn’t know what to do. (Oh wait! You are one!)

    Grow up, that is what it all comes down to, you need to GROW THE HELL UP.

  410. Just Peachy says:

    If that is not the pot calling the kettle black. For one felisha thats your MO. When someone is mean to you, you run like a little cry baby bitch to the mods and report posts. You got banned from CDN from overuse of that and I can’t wait til DS bans your ass for the same damn thing (and eventually they will).
    And you are just as heartless. Think of everything you posted on here as well as on DS. Right now Im specifically thinking of what you said to Charise yesterday about her dh not being happy enough about his family. That was just fucking straight up cold.

  411. felishasjourney says:

    typo, but whatever. use it against me. I don’t give a shit.




    is that what you want?

  412. Violet says:

    well.. when you non stop pm me and harrass me… I will go to Admin. Maybe they can get you to LAY off.

    and no.. I won’t be coming there.. b/c I have a child to take care of. Unlike you, I dont lock my child in a room and let them cry so I can create some internet drama lies.

    seriously felisha. grow up.

    Rather than kicking my ass, Im more worried that you’d sit on me while I gasp for air.

  413. cdnation says:

    What I want is still to know why you would be so hurtful to Charise when she was always so nice to you.

    I’d like to have a convo with you without all the cuss words.

    But that’s just me.

  414. Just Peachy says:

    No what we want is for you fade into obscurity. Really we would have no problems with you if it weren’t for the big red troll flag going up every time you post. Go post away at cafemom or some other mainstream parenting site and leave us crunchy bitches ALOOOOOOOONE!

  415. felishasjourney says:

    Did you NOT see what Charise said to me?!


    I PMe’d Charise and told her I was sorry. I didn’t say SHIT about her fucking husband. i could care less.

    Charise, if you’re reading this.. If you took what I said as I was saying it to you.. MAYBE you’re feeling guilty. Karma.. It does come around.

  416. DSDM2 says:

    Oh, and please, take some English grammar classes and get a fucking highschool diploma.

    You write so poorly, that you give me a head ache.

  417. DSDM2 says:


  418. felishasjourney says:

    Maybe I should sit on you for all the lies you’ve been spewing violet! lmao

  419. Violet says:

    and yes. you were the one to run to admin FIRST even though YOU pm’d me first.
    you dont know your head from your ass.

  420. monkey says:

    Oy vey.

    Methinks everybody needs to step back and breath.

  421. felishasjourney says:

    ACTUALLY I DIDN’T go to an admin. And I DIDN’T start reporting PM’s until AFTER I got pms saying posts were being reported.

    And peachy, for the record I NEVER reported any of your posts.

  422. Just Peachy says:

    What the fuck did she say to you? Oh wait are you talking about her attempting to befriend you? She was doing that because shes just that nice. Even though no one else could stand your ass she wanted to make a nice gesture and help you out in your time of need and you just fucking slapped her in the face because YOU DON’T FUCKING THINK BEFORE YOU FUCKING POST!

  423. felishasjourney says:

    DID YOU NOT SEE WHAT SHE WROTE ABOUT ME ON HERE?! I didn’t even say one god damn thing about her fucking husband.

    DO you want me to post the PM she sent me crying at how sorry she was for all the rude shit she said about me on here? and how horrible she felt and how she was NEVER coming back here?

  424. BloggityBloggity says:

    417- I was thinking the same thing. LMAO

  425. cdnation says:

    I’m going to be as nice as possible. I’m not going to stoop to your level here Felisha.

    You say you want friends. I can imagine how you feel right now. And yet someone, Charise, reached out to wanting to be your friend becasue thats the type of person she is. And you have the gall to treat her this way.

    I feel sorry for you at this point. You had the opportunity to make some friends. And you’ve shown who and what you are.

    I think it would be a good time for you to take a break and reflect on who and what you’re becoming. Is this the type of roll model you want for your child? Is this who you want to be?

    Lets not worry about everyone else, right now I’m concerned with you.

  426. Violet says:

    actually you did.. b/c well why would admin pm me and tell me to not pm you back? You went off on me and told me to stop being a bitch to you in posts. ran off to your worshiping admin and I got told to not respond to you.
    Then yesterday, you PM me yet again. after telling you to never pm me, you did it again.

    enough reports im sure will get you banned 😉

  427. Just Peachy says:

    Oh bullshit felisha. You can say you didn’t but considering everyone at the end of that thread AGREED WITH ME, I sincerely doubt you didn’t. Plus I have it on good authority that thats how you roll. You post something, things get heated, you get all butt hurt and hit report posts ont he things you didn’t like. You expect me to assume you magically grew out of that in the matter of a month? I think not.

  428. monkey says:


    Seriously. That is just wrong. Your comment to Charise was insensitive. I’m not saying you intended it to be, but it really, really was.

    And please don’t start cursing at me, I have not jumped on you or said anything except that I feel bad for you.

  429. felishasjourney says:

    436, if it wasn’t for the fact that PM’s are to be kept private, and I will not break that trust.. I could and would prove it to you.

  430. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    i agree with #367

  431. magpiedpiper says:

    Felisha, I agree with you that perhaps some things were said about you that were a little over the top. When you put yourself out there and attack others and act the way you are acting though, you really open yourself up for attacks of any kind in return.

    Take some responsibility for your words though. No one MADE you say the things that you have said. You made a choice. You cannot help what others do and say, but you CAN choose what your response is.

    It just shows how very immature you are that you would choose the response of anger and foul language, and then blame others for making you do so. No one put a gun to your head and physically forced you to do those things, so no, no one is going to be ashamed for “making” you do anything.

    That is the response that YOU CHOSE. You and you alone.
    Part of growing up is learning that you are the only one responsible for your actions.

  432. felishasjourney says:

    439, I agree with you agreeing with 367.

    It IS out of hand. I can’t believe you people care that much to dig into my life.

    If I were you I would have messaged that persons husband, linked them to the site and been done with it.

    Not break OPSEC by posting his myspace, posting his pictures from his single drunken days, not posting pictures of when I was pregnant and making fun…

    I don’t care if you talk shit on me anymore, It only boosts my ego that people take time out of their day to talk about me. (LOL) but seriously, Leave my fucking husband and child out of this! He and I both are faithful to each other. I don’t care what you think.

    If you don’t want me on here, don’t talk about me. You say I want attention, well feeding me only keeps me around longer.

    Stay out of my life, and I’ll stay out of your blog. Until then. Let’s be friends.

  433. Violet says:

    really. feeding you keeps you around longer? i sniff troll troll troll. feed the troll.

    and no.. lets NOT be friends.
    the only person breaking opsec is your and your husband for having your profile PUBLIC for everyone to see.
    blame yourself.

  434. felishasjourney says:

    And nothing I say can or will change any of your minds, and honestly I do not care.

    I know the truth. The fact that you guys would say I lied about being raped and abused as a child sickens me. I don’t know how anyone could ever lie about that. I WISH I could lie and say it never happened, but it DID happen and I can not deny that or hide behind it.

    I did not have a child hood. Not at all. And that is often why I am immature ONLINE. But I assure you, I am NOT a bad mother. If anything, I’d be a bad mother for NOT sending him w/ his aunt for a few days when I need a break. There were things I needed to do and needed peace and quite. To be able to breathe. I don’t have the help that a S/O gives. Sometimes, People need a break.

    Go ahead tho. Talk crap. I will put down the curse words and be the better person. I will not call people names and make threats I do not intend to keep.

    In the end, It only makes YOU look bad for talking crap and diging into peoples lives and spreading lies.

  435. monkey says:

    Felisha, I truly mean this with the kindest intentions, take a deep breath, step away from the internet for a few days. You have a new sewing machine, keep sewing. Try journaling, not blogging, something that is private for you. I do not agree with some of the things that have been said to and about you here, but I also understand why you’re frustrating others.

    I’m sorry for whatever events in your life led you to this sort of behavior and need for attention. But there comes a point in our lives where we buck up and try to change things. You had a shit childhood. That really, really sucks. But lots of people do. YOU can give your child the childhood you always wanted. YOU can create the family you longed for. No one can do it for you.

    My honest advice is step back, find a positive hobby, focus on your son, your husband and yourself in a positive way.

    Everybody has crap in their life they carry with them. Everybody has problems. We have to forgive others and forgive ourselves because otherwise what’s the point? I’ve been gifted/burdened with a terrible and wonderful 2 years. My son was born, my mother died, I battled depression, I grew closer to my husband and reveled in the joy of motherhood. I reached a point where I had to buck up and handle my own shit. Self-reflection sucks sometimes. There were days when I looked in the mirror and hated myself. But there were more days when I said, “At least I’m trying. And if I keep trying things will fall into place eventually.” And they did. If you can calm down, take an internet break and then come back reasonable and willing to listen and be honest, there are tons of moms on here and on DS that will help you and support you. These really are an awesome bunch of ladies. I wouldn’t have gotten through the last year of my mom’s life without a lot of these ladies support. All anybody on this blog really wants is honesty.

    Okay, enough touchy-feely group therapy crap from me.

    Felisha, I’m sure you’re not a bad person, you’re young, you’re confused and you’re afraid. But it’s time to butch up, you are the mommy now.

  436. magpiedpiper says:

    Seriously, Felisha, stop blaming others for what you do. Saying that people taking about you will just keep you around longer, is putting the blame on others for your choices and actions. Why don’t you get that?

  437. Violet says:

    felisha. I know a few moms who have been through hell and back as a child… and they came out on top, mature and wonderful parents.
    Im sorry to say, but im tired of seeing abuse and mistreatment as an excuse to your behavior now.
    Grow up. learn from it. teach your son how to deal with things properly.

  438. DSDM2 says:

    The only person looking bad is you.

  439. No One Important says:

    No one here is stalking you. All we did was a simple google search with your name. All the information is things YOU have put out there. YOU put out a profile looking for someone to cheat on DH with, YOU put out those photos, YOU posted on the sites where you have been banned.

    The internet is public, and it is easy to find things that YOU post.

  440. Pariah says:

    fluffynuts, i’ll message your husband i don’t care, but the fact is if i send it to his myspace then you are just gonna log on and delete it. give us his military email and then we will talk business.

  441. felishasjourney says:

    I don’t know his military email.. And I wouldn’t delete it. I find it funny.

  442. busybee says:

    You are always screaming OPSEC violation. How is posting a PUBLIC MySpace profile an OPSEC violation??? You lack such basic knowledge you NEED as a military spouse it’s scary. I feel sorry for any newbie wife you meet if you return to his duty station. There will be 10x’s more whole lotta stupid wandering around b/c of you.

  443. DSDM2 says:

    Violet, YIM me please. DSDM2

  444. TheOne says:

    Wow. Damn. Felisha you are really really busted with that sex site. Oh but that aint you. Somebody hacked into your Photobucket and made this account to make you look bad. Suuuure. And a unicorn is my Irish Uncle.

    These ladies have given you huge amounts of advise but you wont take any b/c you aren’t really looking for it. You want sympathy and attention. Attention you’re getting (for the moment) sympathy however, is something you will never get.

  445. stacEy says:

    wow, this felisha stuff is like a car accident. All this internet drama on multiple boards and multiple people and the common ingredient is FELISHA. But you know, its everybody else that’s mean and needs to get a grip. Sure.

    Felisha, not only am I a military wife, but I am also a veteran. You are an embarrassment to your husband, your son, and other women who proudly call themselves military wives. I challenge you to spend one whole day off of the internet and do something good for your family.

  446. Incognizable says:

    Ladies, it’s not Felisha on the sex site..it’s her pesky neighbor 🙂

  447. Munklettes says:

    449 – his military email would be his name, like this – firstname.middleinitial.lastname@us.miltarybranch.mil

  448. TheOne says:

    So Felisha, were the people of MiliarySOS picking on you too? LMAO!

  449. mmspirit7 says:

    Yes I pm felisha, yes I told her I was sorry for things and offered to be her friends I didn’t like the things I said about her. which i pretty much believe to be she was lieing and not as nasty has some…many of the times I called her on lying was because I couldn’t keep her timeline and stories straight.

    I am going to own up to something right now. I used to be that wife that no one knew what my live was like and it was poor me no one understands. I was the the girl that was poor me my first child did come out of love but other means. his bip dad is a jerk and I had the marks to prove. I used to live in my past. Dealing with things I had to because of my mother and every thing.

    Why do i share this because I was once a mild felisha and I hate that about me. I wanted to be her friend because I know what it’s like to not have many in the military and how lonly it is. I live were I know one couple that’s it and she’s disabled. I have no family near me. I know felisha’s loneliness. I stated in a pm to her that I wouldn’t post about here anymore. I don’t i know if I said I wouldn’t come back or not if I did then that was a lie. and I am sorry.

    I wanted nothing more than to befriend her and help her through her deployment and feelings. I still want to help her. That’s why I went and got a ton of info for her about counseling. and I have more to post to about natural things and products she can use to help her relax but I will only post them if she ask.

    Felisha….it’s not karma about your comment that hurt but it was my fear, see I have a past to one that has bearly been shared on the internet. and it’s a fear of mine that he doesn’t truely love me and something I have ti fight to over come. Everything you posted was my fear. well except the busy part we have three kids it’s non stop in my home until 2 am for me some nights

    you played on my fears, and if you had taken a minute to get to know me you would have learned I have a past as well different from yours but a past. and a reason I know you are lying about things and no I am not going to prove it sorry. Is my mother is the same way you see felisha you are a younger copy of my mother. I know how to handle you and be your friend as well.

    But I am over that I am going to say this though my offer to be your friend is over how ever I have no problems find info for you that you don’t seem to know where to look for.

    With that I want to thank the mama’s here for standing up for me and such but as it stands for me it’s now in the past and today I am moving foward hoping felisha calls one of the many numbers I gave her.

    ~~~side note took me a bit to type this with the kids so I hope it makes sense

  450. mmspirit7 says:

    for the sake in being honest you will find a sn of mine on a forum for a adult toy story with a story i route when dh was home unless it’s been pulled and a couple other things just being honest he knows it’s there but I do wish now I hadn’t done it and hadn’t used a name i used to use everywhere

  451. Not Me At All says:

    Felisha you have no class, none whatsoever. Please grow up for you childs sake.

  452. No One Important says:

    http://www.femaleejackulation.net/when-is-the-female-body-mature-enough-to-have-an-orgasm/ No, she doesn’t post on sites about sex… Look at the responses.

  453. stacEy says:

    good grief. Also, you may not have to put in his middle initial. It can also be first.last@us.branch.mil

  454. magpiedpiper says:

    I was thinking about all of this while doing dishes.

    Some kind people try to help Felisha, which is admirable of them.

    But look at all of the “Felisha has been banned” threads on various sites, or just ones talking about her in general.

    There are people who say good riddance, and there are people who say they are sorry she is gone because it seems like she really needed help and maybe could have gotten it on that site. A few said they will miss pictures of her cute baby.

    No one ever says they are sorry she is gone because she was nice. Or because she was their friend. Or a good person. Or had intelligent or interesting things to say. Or was a valued, respected member or the board.

    And this keeps happening over and over.

    Felisha, stop and think about this. For once. Stop and think.

    People either dislike you or pity you. No in between. Don’t you WANT people to like you? Not to please other people, but to feel good about yourself and the kind of person you are? Are you so afraid of failing that you don’t even try?

    And now I guess I’ve fallen into the pity group, because that is truly sad. Please do get help so that you can find a way to be a person that at least YOU can respect, and that will probably spill over into your real and online life as well.

  455. busybee says:

    I love how her MySpace has this posted 14 hours ago:
    I can’t wait until Michael comes home!Mood: excited excitedPosted 14 hours ago

    And then his 14 hours ago:
    Michael I miss my wife and baby boy! I can’t wait to come home! Just a few more weeks! Posted 14 hours ago

    Who are you trying to convince Felisha? Everyone else or yourself??

  456. magpiedpiper says:


    I hope no one falls for her blog post about her *cough* FRIEND *cough* who needs boy dipes, right after she posted about needing diapers herself for her son.

  457. hahahaha says:

    462 – her fiance? as of 1/5/2010?!

  458. mmspirit7 says:

    did she really post when they are suppose to come home…ghh that’s a no no.

  459. Munklettes says:

    467 – oooh! Are they not really married???

  460. DSDM2 says:

    http://nz.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081008232314AAzZKGR looks like it was an old yahoo c/ped to that site, but definitely her.

  461. Munklettes says:

    gotcha 470 🙂

  462. TheOne says:

    #470 No its not her. Someone hacked into her email and posted that. Right Felisha? 🙂

  463. volbaby07 says:

    Oh thank God, looks like she’s maybe going to get hit with the e-herp. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=907531
    And, she seems to think she can make Lee pay for her computer if it gets infected. LMAO

  464. Kelolsen says:

    I haven’t caslled you a name and I’d never say anyinabout your weight…. but yes, “retarded” is something uneducated people say or something people with out compassion say, iMO. don’t say it.

  465. kkozak says:

    #441 “Not break OPSEC” – I told you last night on your blog that its not smart to have the pic you have up right now. It shows his name tag. You have your full name on your blog, & your husband has his name on his myspace. Noone broke OPSEC by posting his public myspace.

  466. DSDM2 says:

    But she wouldn’t break OPSEC, she is the great accuser of people breaking OPSEC on DS!

  467. MotherMoonPads says:

    I’m really trying to stay out of this, I am 🙂

    BUT I like how she’s editing her blog in one of the tabs in the screen shot on DS 😉

  468. mmspirit7 says:

    Think it’s time to change my layout for my blog

  469. Aj says:

    What I find to be probably the funniest thing about this whole ordeal, is we had stopped talking about Felisha for quite a while and started talking about the welfare chick (around post 110). Felisha sees all has become quiet about her and comes and posts on this blog repeatedly just to stir up drama (post 135). What a twat. Not only is she a real life whore, but an attention whore as well.

    Felisha I hope you know that becoming a mother means you’re not the center of attention anymore, the world does not revolve around you. Your son is now the world and you should learn how to act accordingly.

  470. TheOne says:

    MMP, I saw that! LMAO!

  471. Kelolsen says:

    While I’m not a fan of the name calling on either side, Felisha, HOW is posting a public MySpace page a violation of OPSEC???

  472. magpiedpiper says:

    Also interesting about that screenshot she posted, are her bookmarks for “orGTFO” which bring interesting results when you google that…

  473. mmspirit7 says:

    i am missing the screen shot you are talking abot

  474. amessymama says:

    466-Funny how she has a friend now. Yet in all her other posts she doesn’t have any friends.

  475. MotherMoonPads says:

    MMspirit, it’s in the link in 473

  476. mmspirit7 says:

    ahh tnk you …nak

  477. “And Violet, you little wah run to the mods cry baby…”

    I know it’s a while back, but I couldn’t resist. Really? Violet is a crybaby, when you’re the ridiculous whiner who reports every post she doesn’t like? LMFBO

  478. DSDM2 says:

    Kelolsen, the OPSEC issue I saw was him in his greens with the full name showing, and the full names being published with it. You will have to ask a military mom for more than that, but I did recently see a post in the Mil. forum talking about social networking and why there are OPSEC issues with it. Not to mention FluffyAss said her profile and DH’s were completely private, and they weren’t, they were public.

  479. DSDM2 says:

    From what I have heard, Fluffy has reported so many, she is being ignored…

  480. Just Plain Me says:

    DSDM2, if this isn’t the same UN I used before I apologize. I can’t remember the one I was using. It is the same email though 🙂

    I’m leaving the rest of the Felisha drama alone, she makes my blood boil. But does anyone else find it funny that she posts so many pics of her “neighbor’s dd” on her blog?

  481. Just Peachy says:

    Ignored as in the mods on DS have her on iggy or ignored as in they just close out the reports when they see its from her?

  482. piratebaby says:

    “But my husband may of been stupid and dropped out. But he scored so high on his GED he got a full scholarship to college. They also wanted to send him to college at 11 and has genius IQ and plans to get his masters that he earned through being in the military.. LOL”


  483. DSDM2 says:

    Don’t forget her Big Screen TV and whatever else she mentioned she can afford in the smoking thread…

  484. DSDM2 says:

    So does he or doesn’t he have a college degree and masters? That sentence says both.

  485. Aj says:

    I don’t care how you spin it, smoking is not classy.

  486. Just Peachy says:

    They wanted to send him to college at 11 yet he dropped out? Does not compute!

  487. Aj says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t want to send him to college at 11 months, that’s more of a stretch and along the lines of the usual stream of shit that pours out of Felishas big mouth.

  488. mmspirit7 says:

    Ok i need new drama felisha is now out of my life….so anything else going on no new scamers or anything?

  489. melmelly says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Diu? I haven’t seen her on here for a few months. Just wondering if everything was okay, etc.

    As for the welfare mom blog…I was pretty pissed about that the other day and couldn’t say what I wanted because I was so mad. I decided to keep it as nice as I could.

    Now that I have cooled off, I understand that the programs are there for people who need help – HELP, not full-time, long-term assistance.

    When I was a kid, my mom was pregnant with my sister and my dad was laid off from his job for three months. The whole mill shut down and no one was being paid. My mom was receiving WIC, and that was it. We didn’t need to receive food stamps or any other assistance. We could have, but we didn’t need it.

    Just because you(general) may qualify doesn’t mean you need to use it. Just because you have $100 sitting in front of you, are you going to go spend it on stuff you don’t need?

    I really hope that woman will rethink having any more kids in the future, get her tubes tied, etc. And find a job!

  490. naturalmamadot says:

    I was just wondering about diu too! I have heard of a few problems with her diapers and that struck me as really sad because I thought they were SO cute and that she was really nice! I hope everything is okay with her!

  491. Annoyed says:

    Wow, if she can’t afford diapers but can make carriers, why not make some prefolds? Not too difficult.

  492. Lolanae says:

    OPSEC stuff – DSDM2 is fairly on point. Posting full greens, names, ect, isn’t all that smart.

    OPSEC becomes more about specific troop movemtns. The MCPON (Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy) just released some statements on this. It’s in the post DSDM2 is talking about. They’ve recently found postings that show folks like AlQuida and other terrorist looking at social networking sites to pull information about troops, troop families, boat names, ect.

    What’s the best way to get a servicemember to talk? Threaten their family. Even if it’s just an illusion of a threat, you’d be amazed what information and schedules of a person’s life you can pull from public domains if you aren’t careful.

    And on the topic of Felisha…please tell me that she is not smoking in the car with her child that supposedly has breathing issues?

  493. Aj says:

    I don’t think she smokes in the car with her baby. Buuuut, the fact that she smokes at all and has a son with breathing issues speaks volumes about the kind of person she is.

  494. Katie says:

    503 ~ She actually said in the smoking thread on DS that she cracks the window, even if it’s 2 degrees out. She is all up in arms that there are laws in some states against smoking in your car with a minor.

  495. Lolanae says:

    Well she got up in arms about it possibly being illegal to smoke in the car with a minor + her post about cracking the windows to smoke even if it’s 2 degrees outside.

  496. žába says:

    Oh noes! I hope everything is ok with diu 😦 We have some of her diapers and love them, I hadn’t heard that she was having problems with them.

  497. cdnation says:

    My nephew was hospitalized with pneumonia and RSV his parents smoked they told them at the hospital that they needed to quit, even though they went outside, the smoke etc stays on the clothes and causes issues for kids.

  498. mmspirit7 says:

    Aww what’s up with diu?

  499. Lolanae says:

    504 – I pm’d you back. Email me. Some of the answers I can’t post in DS PM’s. lol

  500. Pariah says:

    whoever posted the new military email format, thanks. i forgot that they changed it, so you don’t need the base any more.

    anyways i sent a message to michael.martin
    it still might not get to him, and i pray it doesn’t get to the wrong michael martin. that would suck, thinking your wife cheated when she didn’t. lol

    it’s a shame, this is the second time i’ve had to tell a military member that their wife was cheating while they were deployed.

    and felisha, you are the only one breaking opsec. since none of us know you or your husband, we are not expected to keep your info safe when you are the one that put it out there for all to see. so long as we are not posting dates/locations of troop movement, when are not breaking opsec.

  501. Kelolsen says:

    IMO emailing him is taking this way too far. It makes her the wacko, but you the stalker. If you found stuff easily, he can too. ahis n ame is pretty common – so the email addy may not even be right.

    Look, she wants to be the celebrity, the famous one. Don’t read her blog or post here to her. she wants it. If you want to enterain yourself, have at it, but you are givng her exactly what she wants.

  502. Oh Boy! says:

    Hey #462 — is she Felifresh??? Her FIANCE????? I thought she was married since 2007???

  503. Messy says:

    I don’t think I would have emailed the husband… Ever. I mean, he is deployed and that, in and of itself, no matter how much she says he enjoys it, is stressful. Putting this in his lap is going to make him so much more upset, whether he already knew or not. I think it was in bad taste and poor judgment to email him. JMO.
    It was never an issue of you “having to” tell him. You are not even sure the right man got the message? See, that is scary and crazy all by itself. Those men do not deserve to be harassed with crazy interwebz dramaz while they risk their lives.

  504. Pariah says:

    she dared me to, so i did. o well, what’s done is done.

  505. felishasjourney says:

    wow, Messy. I agree with you.

    I wasn’t going to get back on here, but it keeps emailing me saying its got a new reply.. I just happened to click on Pariah’s email saying she sent a message to michael.martin@blahblah.

    I just want you to know, you did NOT mail the right person. And a military wife of all people should KNOW that there are more than one “michael martin’s” in the army.. AND THAT’S NOT EVEN HIS NAME!!

    I seriously hope whoever you messaged is not married for 1, is not deployed for 2 and doesn’t believe a word you said! I would hate to see a divorce happen because of you being stupid!!

    I “dared” you in a sarcastic manner, and would love to see what my husband would say back to your ass!

    I hope I don’t hear on the news of a Michael Martin that’s deployed going crazy and killing a bunch of innocent people because of your letter.. It DOES happen!

  506. Messy says:

    #513 Honestly, that was one of the wrongest things I have EVER seen on here. Ever. There was no reason for you to do that. He is a soldier in a war zone! WTF are you thinking??? Is revenge of words that sweet??? I am just disgusted.

  507. žába says:

    Yikes! did you all see her fugly purse? IMO that thing wouldn’t have been cute even if the sewing were better. LOL good luck getting her money back, hasn’t she spent enough time online to know that item not as described never works if you didn’t buy it on ebay?

  508. felishasjourney says:

    Jesus christ.. It’s funny to see a rile out of people sometimes but that’s just stupid!

  509. žába says:

    I think if you look up a bunch of posts you will see that on his MS link Michael is middle name.

  510. žába says:

    “Jesus christ.. It’s funny to see a rile out of people sometimes but that’s just stupid!”

    What does this even mean? Who are you talking to?

  511. felishasjourney says:

    I’m talking about what pariah did

  512. Oh Boy! says:

    #494 Horse shit! That is EXACTLY what my husband said when I read that too him…. Seriously! Her hubby is like an e3 right????? I think I remember reading that. Anyway, he doesn’t have a BA or BS and he sure as HELL won’t get a masters simply for being IN the military. In addition, any literal geniuses I’ve known — one of which was my father — they NEVER just drop out of school. They have a need to know more information. She is so full of shit!

  513. stacEy says:

    his name is James. Its in his Myspace link.

  514. Taterbug says:

    Felisha- What Pariah did was not smart. Daring somebody to do what she did wasn’t smart either. If we follow your logic, it’s your fault she did it, because you provoked her. After all, isn’t it everybody else’s fault when you flip your shit because hey, they provoked you and made you do it?

  515. felishasjourney says:



    I hope for HER case he doesn’t go kill a bunch of people.. because she will be charged for murder…

  516. Oh Boy! says:

    #513, #516 I completely agree with you…..

  517. DSDM2 says:

    Taterbug, you are spot on. By her justification, this is all *her* fault.

  518. mmspirit7 says:

    wow you emailed a jon with a popular name and don’t know if you got the right one with info about a wife. Now that’s just crazy and wrong and I am sorry but you don’t do that now if you know for a fact it was her hubby and for a fact she cheated I might be on board.

    But what you did could be far reaching and have horrible affects!! our men and women in war zones don’t need random emails from people saying their so is cheating hell they get enough of that in briefing pre and post deployment. That was a line that shouldn’t have been done.

    Do not add stress to our troops unless it’s true.

    God that has pissed off you fucking with someones life maybe a marriage and maybe their mental health….damn you talk about her being young and dumb guess what you take the mother fucking award!

  519. Oh Boy! says:

    Felicia — you have no idea what you are talking about. None. You create this in your life. YOU do this.

  520. DSDM2 says:

    I do not condone emailing someone without knowing the correct email address. But it was stupid of Felisha to dare her to email her DH, but, she did give permission.

  521. felishasjourney says:

    I didn’t dare her to message Michael Martin, I dared her to message MY husband! lmao

    He would of laughed in her face.

    But she messaged a total stranger because she’s too much of an idiot to figure out his real name or email!

  522. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha, you are too stupid to know his email as well (as you posted above that you didn’t know it). Don’t sling shit when you are just as stupid.

  523. felishasjourney says:

    528 I agree…

  524. felishasjourney says:

    I just forgot the long ass string of numbers at the end because there are so many with his same name and didn’t feel like looking at it.

    He hasn’t checked his AKO email since we’ve been together..

    I offered his real email to her..

  525. mmspirit7 says:

    I don’t care if there was a dare it was fucking stupid to do with out knowing you had the right person….this isn’t doing anything to felisha but to someone else.

    Stop trying to condon it. Yes she dared…but damn put on your fucking bgp and own up that you just did a low ball horrible thing and you should email that person back and own up to it!!!!!

  526. mmspirit7 says:

    Dude I don’t know all of dh’s different military addresses or the pw because they cahange so much I think i know his AKO but not the pw I know his yahoo though.

    and I didn’t know his ako for year either…because it was his work address and I don’t email him there. Please don’t use that as a reason to dog on her. she knows the one she talks to him on. Hell dh doesn’t know all of mine either

    This is really just getting out of fucking and silly it when from pointing issues with her posts and being worried to no knit picking everything. Listen let it die…..The one that email the wrong guy FIX IT….don’t joke like that.

    Felisha I posted to you this morning it was long don’t know if you saw it.

  527. stacEy says:

    533: no you don’t. You thought your husband would find it funny. Apparently he’s the only one with that twisted of a sense of humor now? Now its suicide…or worse…homicide-inducing? I feel a whole lot of overreacting going on here.

    I always tell my kids, “You get what you give”. Nobody has to run off and tell Felisha’s husband, if somebody actually answered her ad and she cheated, it will eat its way through her marriage with no help from us.

  528. žába says:

    Wowza I have never seen Charise so mad. 😦 It is not like her at all to use such strong words. I think that this is getting out of hand. We all agree that Fluffynut is a complete troll, lets just not even talk to her or about her anymore. She is feeding off it, the only way to make her stop is to stop ourselves. As much as I love a round of poke the troll, when I see sweet people like Charise getting this worked up it just isn’t worth it.

  529. felishasjourney says:

    MY husband and I would of found it funny, Yes.

    The person she messaged could go out and kill himself, or others. It DOES happen. A family friends daughter almost got murdered by her DH when he came home.. and that was by PTSD!

  530. Messy says:

    #538 Yup. ITA!

  531. magpiedpiper says:

    Felisha, I’m glad you finally realize that no one can MAKE someone else do something. It’s good to see you owning up to your foul language and cruel words as being entirely your own choice! Since no one put a gun to your head and all.

    Good to see some growth in you, girl.

  532. Just Peachy says:

    *poke* Sorry couldn’t help it 😛

  533. mmspirit7 says:

    thanks guys sorry to get worked up but I have seen what stupid shit like that does it’s not pretty it’s one thing if you know for a fact and you have proof and the RIGHT email but this way so wrong it’s not funny

  534. Just Peachy says:

    And last I heard diu had health issues this was at the beginning of December.

  535. felishasjourney says:

    I like how she can’t post back on here owning up to what stupid thing she did.

  536. Nosy Nelly says:

    Okay, wow, I’m sad and pissed all at the same time.

    Pariah – wrong, so so very wrong — fix it, that’s all.

    Felisha – hun, unplug the computer and walk away. It’s really not worth it. Go hug your baby and enjoy your hubby’s homecoming – drama on the internet will not help.

    Cherise – hugs. Just lots of big, squooshy fellow army-wife hugs. I had a lot of those same fears, and when my dh came home a few months ago, I was terrified that it wouldn’t be MY husband anymore, that he’d have changed in that year and would have realized that he didn’t “need” us, blah blah. If you ever wanna chat – the DSD mamas know who I am. 🙂

  537. magpiedpiper says:

    Felisha, LOL. You pick and choose what you reply to ALL. THE. TIME. Hypocrite much?

  538. mmspirit7 says:

    546 thanks Right now in this moment I am doing good and so is he. but I will remember to do that if I need to thanks

  539. Just Peachy says:

    Shut it troll because your dumb ass egged it on so you are to blame as well.

  540. felishasjourney says:

    I told her to email my DH NOT a TOTAL STRANGER

  541. Just Peachy says:

    Doesn’t matter you never should’ve said shit. Im not saying you are more to blame than she is but your dumb ass didn’t help not one bit.

  542. felishasjourney says:

    I offered his email..

  543. mmspirit7 says:

    Chill lets face we all are to blaim in this mess for poking felisha and felisha for egging people to do it. I own my part but lets just drop it already we need to make this right!

  544. Just Peachy says:

    The only one who needs to make anything right in this situation is Pariah. We did not tell her to email him. That was on Felisha. As far as the email is concerned, my conscience is clear.

  545. magpiedpiper says:

    Charise, I completely and respectfully disagree with you. No one else is to blame for Pariah and Felisha’s actions. No one. Everyone should “own their part” because that means taking responsibility for their OWN actions.

  546. mmspirit7 says:

    Agreed but we all hand a hand in to it getting to this point with egging felisha on is my point.

  547. žába says:

    there must be some scamming wahm gone wrong out there. with all the super sleuths around here I am sure we can find some new drama!

  548. redfish says:


    I know it’s been said before but I don’t care to repeat. You’re prob going to skip right over this as you always do but oh fucking well.

    You’re a hypochondriac who feeds off constant attention. Sadly, a lot of people see it-you don’t.

    If you’re THAT bored then find a play group, do a crossword puzzle, take up a hobby (other than sewing carriers-that’s not a safe idea for you).

    Get a Netflix subscription & veg on the couch with your baby and some good (drama free) movies.

    If you’re depressed, see a doctor. Please. Not for anyone else’s sake but your son/yours.

    I worry about your son. You obviously have some issues that you’re in denial of.

    I’m not a professional shrink, I don’t claim to be. I’m just another mama on the outside looking in….watching you crumble and being concerned for your sweet baby.

    That is all. Kthanx.

  549. magpiedpiper says:

    Still don’t agree with you that. I don’t have guilt for what someone else decided to do. I did not “have a hand” in that.

  550. mmspirit7 says:

    ok fine.

  551. DSDM2 says:

    I have no guilt on what has gone down. Felisha egged it on as much as everyone else.

    I did not, and would not have emailed the DH. I did not encourage anyone to do so. The only encouragement for the email came from Felisha.

    I’m sure if the links were provided, the soldier is going to see that it isn’t his wife. Just looking here, he will see it all and know.

    Felisha, chill the fuck out and get off the blog. I have told you this more than once. You are egging it on, making it worse, and it is on your head.

  552. redfish says:

    Sorry if I stirred the pot, I didn’t intend to. It just takes me awhile to post due to my rowdy kidlets.

  553. DSDM2 says:

    redfish, you are fine. No stirring any more then any other normal post on here 😉

  554. redfish says:

    Thank you 🙂 I don’t reply often-I’m more of a reader/lurker but I remember Felisha…..I can’t help myself.

  555. DSDM2 says:

    Reply as often as you want 🙂 Felisha seems to bring the “worse” (as she puts it) out of everyone.

  556. Annoyed says:

    Wow, I only posted once & I feel guilty. Pariah, you need to e-mail that man again and tell him you f’d up. Like yesterday. That is completely none of your business. You said this is the second time you have told someone that he/she was being cheated on. Unless it was you or you participated, butt out!!!!!!!!!! Are you proud that you could have caused someone to hurt themself or others because it was your civic duty to tell a random stranger that his wife cheated on him? I can’t even wrap my head around the insanity of this entire situation.

  557. Just Peachy says:

    Who else did she tell that they were being cheated on?

  558. mmspirit7 says:

    I don’t mean to make anyone feel guilty sorry just that we all feed the troll.

  559. DSDM2 says:

    She came on her own accord. If she hadn’t, this thread wouldn’t be 569 posts long.

  560. redfish says:

    Is Pariah a member at CDN or just DS? I’m curious but I wouldn’t touch DS with a 10ft pole. I don’t want the e-cooties.

  561. nu says:

    Pariah’s actions were/are just as childish as Fluffyfel, seriously (referring to the language, posting to the blog etc). Are we in high school? Emailing someone (who might not even be her husband) a bunch of BS….yes….very much actions of 20 year olds. I believe Pariah made some comment about her being 20 and that Fluffy gave 20 year olds a bad rap (I could have my facts messed up). Who does that? Or even yet, who would do it to a person SERVING OUR COUNTRY? What was that going to do? Give you bragging rights, “she dared me, she dared me”–again….high school (wait…that’s more elementary)

    The excuse….”she dared me”—so what….if she dared you to jump off a bridge she would? Come on…have some common sense!

    Charise–class act…still offering to give Fluffy information AFTER all that happened. I have to say, I didn’t read the thread on DS but, HUGS to you. You have proven again what a large heart you have and how you care for others!

    Felicia—advice….stay off the computer. Really….unplug it. It has sucked so much of your time that you’ll never get back. Go strap that beautiful son of yours in your carrier and go for a walk (or to the mall if it’s too cold)–get some fresh air. Go to the local library…something….get away from the computer and all the message boards you seem to be a member of. Find local mom’s support groups (military or not).

  562. Rocket says:

    Amazing. Simply amazing.

    Can we just ignore the twatrocket and stop propagating this fucking trainwreck.

    As entertaining as it’s been, it’s starting to get a bit monotonous. Same shit, different day, if you know what I mean.

    Here is some sincere, honest advice, Felisha. Grow up, stop posting things that you KNOW will start a shit storm. Stop airing your crazy all over the internet and then getting pissypants when people don’t give you ass pats. ~If~ you really are an abuse survivor, get the fuck OFF the internet and into counseling. If not for you, for the sake of your fucking kid who has never done anything to deserve the disaster of a life you are creating. I hope you can find some clarity or sense and do SOMETHING constructive other than sit on your ass at a computer and feed on e-drama.

  563. nu says:

    *oops meant to say….if she dared you to jump off a bridge would you….(I’m sure my point was still understood).

  564. adensmama says:

    By now we all know that Felisha is bat shit crazy. I am of the opinion that giving her the silent treatment would piss her off WAAAAAY more than giving her all the attention 😀

  565. Not Me At All says:

    That custom purse is the most butt ugly thing…

  566. adensmama says:

    soooo true. Too bad she didn’t use the money to buy prefolds instead.

  567. lurking says:

    Not a very smart thing to do but if Pariah posted links (most likely she did) and the email was sent to the wrong person , he might just laugh and delete. I hope it reaches the wrong person, honestly. One never knows what a husband can do, specially someone that admits that have bad temper in myspace.

  568. lurking says:

    575. – Agree with you, is HORRIBLE! ALL OF THEM!

  569. Rocket says:

    Dude, the purse is hideous. Even the intended finished product is of questionable taste… Oy.

  570. adensmama says:

    I hate, HATE things made out of cammie material. Wearing it everyday for 5 years was ENOUGH thankyouverymuch.


  571. WishYouKnew says:

    I just want to know what that ‘orGTFO Forums’ in her screenshot is…. anyone with good interwebz skills wanna figure that out? I see it’s a vBulletin forum.

  572. BloggityBloggity says:


    I would like to point out that their actions and behaviors are not typical of “20-year-olds”– they are typical of immature idiots. Those come in all ages. 😉

    I became a mother at 18. I never for a MOMENT acted that way. Not only would I not have wanted something like that reflected back onto myself, I also wouldn’t have wanted that sort of energy (and idiocy) to be within any sort of close proximity to my child.

    By 20 I was the mother of a toddler. I happened to lose my only parent year. If I made any mistakes as a parent or a person, I would have attributed them to my grief– not my age. It infuriates me that age gets brought into these discussions. I feel that it takes a LOT of responsibility off the individuals in question. Being 20 does not give you an excuse for any-damn-thing. It is not acceptable, normal, or even conceivable to act that way at the age of 20. Not at all. And really, that extends to parents of *any* age…

  573. busybee says:


    You offered out his email address so people here could email him drama….

    Seriously? Your husband is in a WAR ZONE. Do you honestly think he has nothing better to do than sit around and read the backlash from your stupidity?

    Say you didn’t make that skanky profile on that site, and your not looking to cheat….do you not realize just planting the idea that it *could* have been you will completely consume him? What does that do for his safety? Or the safety of the other soldiers in his unit? Do you EVER think beyond yourself?? You really do have a LOT of growing up to do. At first this was funny, now it’s just sad…..

  574. BloggityBloggity says:

    581- I honestly think it is some gaming-related forum. Another bookmark was Evil Zone or something… which is also a game. “orGTFO” means “or get the fuck out”. It’s something a gamer might say, along with “STFU” (shut the fuck up.) I don’t think there’s anything telling in that.

  575. eeek says:

    Charise- in all this mess which leaves me feeling slightly dirty- I just have to say your compassion and forgiveness is amazing. You have a really big heart & I have a lot of admiration and love sailing your way right now. I hope Felisha can learn something about grace after seeing how you’ve handled yourself through this.

  576. Toaster says:

    A word on OPSEC. OPSEC is NOT just troop movements. It’s capability’s, weaponry, number of troops in a platoon/division/etc. It’s location of members, or what division they are in. Any of those even if you don’t think that is enough info it is more than enough. They can glean bits of information from here and there and this person and that person. Put it all together and they have everything they need to coordinate an attack.

  577. Lori says:

    *sorry, I can’t remember if this is what I’ve used… It’s been a while since I posted!*

    But, I just have to agree with Bloggity… Being 20 has NOTHING to do with that kind of immaturity!

    I’m embarrassed to be the same age as those dimwits.

  578. NavyWife1981 says:

    #586 – totally agree. Some commands don’t even want you to say that your husband is deployed (but I think that is more of an PERSEC issue than an OPSEC, though it does clue people in to the fact that the boat is gone, if they know what boat your husband is on).

    The funny (and slightly frustrating) thing is that if you go to each individual boat’s website (at least the ones I’ve been to), it gives a basic run-down of what’s on the boat and how many officers, enlisted, etc. are onboard. That is CRAZY, imo, especially with the huge facebook crackdown that’s happened in the past week, at least for Navy wives.

  579. nu says:

    I know many mature 20 year olds, so I wasn’t saying anything against them…it was directed at Pariah….she was the one making comments about her and Fluffy and being the same age.

    My half-sister is 20, has a 4 year old, graduated from high school, just completed her AA and transfering to get her BA–so by no means was I saying anything against that.

    If it offened other young moms, not my intention at all–it was for that Pariah chick.

  580. nu says:

    Again, Bloggy and Lori—nothing against you….sorry if you took that way.

    And yes…crazy comes in all sizes and ages!

    I’m done with the crazy Fluffy though (and to think I was going to offer her some diapers since we’re just about done using them). Time to move on.

  581. TheOne says:

    What is up with Nattybatt whining in Felishas Drama Intended Abuse thread?

  582. Not Me At All says:

    591 link?

  583. TheOne says:

    Its in Sensitive Topics. Not sure if I can post it or not so if I cant pls remove.


  584. naturalmamadot says:

    wtf is new? all she DOES is whine about her horrible past/life/experiences Im glad a few ppl called her out on that shit

  585. TheOne says:

    594- I’ve been noticing. Its constant. In every post seems like.

  586. Mylilgirls says:

    I’ll touch on this and then be done…..If Fluffy can sew, why purchase the purse. That thread in OT is driving me batty. Everyone has told her the same things over and over again about PP and the return policy and it’s still, whine, whine, whine…..me, me, me. My exH was military and I can honestly say that he didn’t give a flyin’ flip about what purse I had with me when he came home from overseas. He just wanted to see me and was happy I was supporting him. And while, yes, it was important to me to look presentable, I didn’t stress about my accessories. Aye!
    Starting 3 threads about the same issue is over kill beyond belief! Get over yourself.

    The crap in SS is beyond over-the-top.

    I’m also confused because Fluffy speaks of her exH, but she’s what, 20? She’s already been married, divorced, remarried and had a kid? That’s a lot to accomplish in 2 years, unless her foster parents granted her permission to get married before the age of 18????

    Sorry all, I’m coming in late in all of this.

  587. Violet says:

    dsdm2. I YIM you.. 🙂

  588. 594- I swear, the mods have me on their black list. I just got a PM telling me they deleted a few of my posts, because they were, “Bordering on pot-stirring.” Are you serious right now? I bordered on pot-stirring by calling her on her crap, and that’s not okay, but her constant trolling and “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!” Posts that cause endless drama or okay. I honestly want to know their logic.

  589. Lori says:

    Nu – it isn’t you that offended me, it’s them. To claim to be a mature “adult” at 20, who’s raising a child, and dealing with a marriage & pull that kind of crap.. it’s just ridiculous!

    I called Janeen out on the Felisha thread `cause I’m just sick of reading the same shit over & over. I mean, I get it.. you’ve had a hard life, and have seen horrid things.. but good God, every thread is not a chance for you to boast your issues!

  590. angelique says:

    Let’s not talk about Fluffy and she will be on in a second trying to bait someone…it is just so desperate and sad. I can’t see that link but I recall Natty being kind of annoying on occasion. We probably all are at some point but I have to say, Fluffy wins the crazy award.

    598-unless you are a mod, you can’t know for sure what all Fluffy has been told about her drama. She is surely about to be banned….there is only so much that DS can handle.

  591. 600- No, DS is certainly welcoming the crazy now. They defend Felisha like no other, and it’s insane. She IS NOT about to be banned. She is get butt-pats and cyber-hugs for her drama that is driving up their traffic.

  592. I don’t know who Felisha is, honestly I have not and do not plan to go around checking all the links (I don’t have the time nor care to follow anything that hard).
    I can not believe I actually read through 500+ comments
    *gouge eyes*
    Felisha, your language lacks a lot to be desired. If you want people to respect you and believe you, I would start there sweetie.
    Your young, and perhaps not totally aquainted with the ways of the world and cyber world. People only have as much power over you, as you allow them to have. Who cares what other people think of you? It seems you may have had enough pain in your life. Why are your torturing yourself? I gather your lonely and probably want some attention and friendship conversing of sorts. You need to let go of your expectations of people. Noone will ever know the life you have or have not led. Some people (and I speak from experience of my own consequences) have lived some hard to believe hard lived lives with a lot of drama. Sometimes it is self served and other times it is truely unfair. Many people have a hard time believing that some people truly have lived some pretty eventful dramatic things back to back. It’s even harder to believe when it is posted ambiguously and scattered about in strange dramatic detail. It is hard to gather online any real truth, so words are read and percieved differently by people. Choose your posting content wisely. If something upsets you- try thinking on it first before posting, this will make a world of difference in your posting attitude. Don’t edit your posts a lot because it makes it hard to believe you if people are calling out your posts. Don’t put so much of your life out there if you can not handle judgement because people do and will read it, form opinions and attack if they want to. I do not know your situation, but financial matters are touchy for people. Times are really hard, and I would bet at least 70% of the Nation is struggling. There are a lot of families unfairly turned down for government assistance, who clearly needed it, and deserved it. There are many who scam the system and live better than anyone who works their arses off to just barely get by. Bragging about getting what you want/playing the system or whatever (which I haven’t read any links or blogs posted by people here) if thats what your doing, simply put is pretty pethetic, and you can expect a lot of flack for it. It will rub many the wrong way.
    If I could give you the best advice it would be- to take a moment to read everything you have ever posted online, and try to read it from a standpoint of a stranger who doesn’t know you or your life. Taking things in from that angle can help put into perspective where people who are upset with you are coming from.
    I do not agree with hurtful bashing that people have done to you. “Two wrongs do not make a right” IMO
    Instead I want to suggest you sit down, try to make things right that you have done to others, work on your buisness ethics and really form a solid household budget. The goal of welfare is not to use it if you can. It is to use if you have to- and for shorterm use and not long term living. Smoking is really harmful to your health and wallet. Consider saying no to the things you want and instead focus on needs. A need is not something your heart would break over if you don’t have it. A need is something you would die or lose health ect over. Life and being an adult is hard, it’s not highschool. When you have children, the world is no longer about you and what you want. I can tell you in the past, I have sacrificed a lot of things, I have went months – years without ever going to a hairdresser because I couldn’t see the necessity of spending money. I have worn clothing that is pilly, out of date, not in style, and hand me downs. I have went without a purse for a year before, neglected my teeth for a year and half because the dental bill wasn’t as important as things we needed to survive. You learn to cut corners in your wants, and try to shrink your needs. Thats what being frugal is all about. It can be hard, very hard. Once you totally simplify, you learn to live. Really live. I worry about you and your children. You seem to have truly have some things that you are dealing with. I think some personal and family counseling would really benefit you and your family.
    I really want to just say to all the people here, as I have read many comments that called her crazy, nutjob, unstable, bipolar ect. If you all think she is so unstable and you all know she has children- what kind of people does that make you to push it as far as you have? I am all up for holding people accountable but where is the sensible and mature liine drawn?
    Did anyone ever hear about the Myspace girl years ago who committed suicide because of internet comments? You just really never know who you are bashing and their mental stability. When is it anyone’s buisness what her life is like or how happy she is? That is truly a personal matter that she should be advised to deal with. I have no idea of the people she has hurt. Obviously judging by the comments here- many.
    Seriously though- aren’t we all not better than this? From one mom to another, can we not just set examples for our children how we should handle situations like these.
    Sure she had a poorly handled transaction(s)- that most definately deserves attention and comments. Attacking people’s personal life, behaviors, reasonings, emotional state, ect- that we have no real idea of knowing what exactly goes on behind their monitor or in their head is just not a good idea to me. I just think if you want to call her a liar, fine call her a liar. If you want to call her out on her scamming, fine. If you want to tell her it’s wrong for what she is doing, fine. Seriously though- go back and re-read, some of the stuff said back to her was no better than anything she said.

    I FTR am not defending her, and I do not at all know her, have not read the links, her blog or anything anywhere other than here on her. I just couldn’t help but feel sick when reading the comments made back and forth, and wonder what good any of it is doing, and how much harm it could be doing on everyone’s end. I am sure a lot of people were offended. If there is any question of her mental stability why is this not being considered before first attacking her back? I am worried of the emotional toll these comments may take on her, and how it may somehow effect her children- whether she just snaps at them because she is more upset than usual, or whether it goes further as you all have stated your concerns for.

  593. angelique says:

    601- oh well, I guess we will see. Anyway, I am so over the Fluffy drama. What I want to know is, what is up with the sudden overflowing amount of newbies all over FSOT? I have had TONS of brand spanking new mamas trying to b/s/t to me and I see lots of their posts wanting like $300 for a huge lot of dipes and they have no feedback! Then some other newbie will post back “pm’ing you” and it is just scary to thing of that transaction. Yikes! I just have never seen such an influx of newbies….is that the sudden traffic 601?

  594. Aj says:

    I see she didn’t end up caring about copyright infringement:
    And really, why risk it on something so ugly? :yuck:

  595. amessymama says:

    604-That is unbelievably frightening! Why would someone put that on a baby? WTH is it?

    And the cake isn’t too bad. It does look like that tow truck character. It seems to be sitting in a pile of hummus though.

  596. DSDM2 says:

    I think the truck is cute :hide: better then most cakes made by mom.

  597. mamaroo says:

    604- omg – I totally thought that was Ron Jeremy!

  598. monkey says:


    It’s the character Murderface from the animated show Metalocalypse.

    Great show… but I don’t think I’d put Murderface on my son.

    Toki maybe.

  599. redfish says:

    Can someone copy/paste a pic of the purse and cake ya’ll are talking about? I don’t wish to venture to DS.

  600. Grogwench says:

    Ditto Redface! I’ve lost one computer to ds viruses, I’m not about to lose another. But, I must say, I am most curious.

  601. dirtyj says:

    fugly longies but I would so eat that cake. yum

  602. MotherMoonPads says:

    Aww, I think the cake is kind of cute, and better than I could do! 🙂

    #608, lol!

  603. Just Peachy says:

    Hmmm cake *drool*. It actually doesn’t look all that bad albeit Maters color is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY off and he looks a bit deflated.

  604. Messy says:

    I like the cake too 🙂 It is awesome that she wants to make her son such a cute cake!!!
    Now, the pants are strange. I have no idea what the cartoon was supposed to be so I thought it was the Lord Farquar (whatever off Shrek) ROFL!

  605. screenname says:

    I think the cake is kinda cute. But I’m a little biased. I’m way into making cute cakes for my kids’ birthday parties.

  606. Aj says:

    Seriously, how can you guys think that is cute!?! I think you’re turning into softies, it’s awful! 😉

  607. screenname says:

    I haven’t been on in a while, but this whole Felisha drama reminds me a lot of the drama from a few months ago. What was her name? Terra? Tessa? The one living with her boyfriend’s grandparents.

    DS can be pretty lame, but there are also many wonderful moms who post on there. There are many wonderful moms on here and on CDN. If you’re in need of advice, someone will give it to you. I remember personally typing out a long post giving her (Tessa/Terra) specific advice and links to help her financial and living situation. In response she pretty much told me and everyone else who tried to help her to fuck off.

    No one’s life is perfect. You aren’t a better person because you’re “rolling in it” or not. Frankly, I’ve never felt the need to share my income on the internet. Don’t you see that, Felisha? If you don’t share such personal information with complete strangers, no one will comment on your life. If you are lonely, please find a playgroup. Sometimes local libraries have story times for infants. Try going to one of those. Check out meetup.com to see if there are any groups in your area. If not, then make one. Call a tobacco quit line for your state and use the money you saved from not smoking to take a sewing class. Real life interactions with real people may help you to mature and may help you escape the loneliness that drives you to create drama on the internet.


  608. monkey says:

    I thought the cake was cute too. Definitely better than anything I could do.

  609. screenname says:

    I make this sheep cake from Family Fun for DD’s 3rd birthday. I wish I had pictures of it online. It was so cute!


    In fact, I’m making a bone shaped cupcake cake for DS’s birthday party tomorrow.

    I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for cake. 🙂

  610. SweetP says:

    @620 That is just about the cutest cake I have ever seen. 🙂 Sheep theme birthday has just moved to the top of the list.

  611. thewhiteninja says:

    The cake is fine for a DIY home-made type of thing.

  612. mmspirit7 says:

    My mom may have been a crazy lieing fool but she made some mean looking cakes…heck she did my wedding cake. I think it’s great she made it herself has more meaning that way

  613. melmelly says:

    I think the cake looks good. Even if the bottom looks like a bed of hummus, it does look like the color of the dirt from the Mater-National video game for XBOX. My boys and I play that game quite a bit, so the color doesn’t seem off to me.

    I made a Lightening McQueen cake for my oldest three years ago. It was hard! It took me two days to frost it because I was dealing with a back injury.

  614. melmelly says:

    Oops! I used my way old email account for the above comment stuck in moderation. Sorry DSDM2!

  615. Just Peachy says:

    And I guess she thinks because she took her blog out of her signature link that she’d be able to thwart shit. I do hope DFCS has ip trackers so this bitch gets busted.

  616. Just Peachy says:

    Ooops wrong thread LOL.

  617. felishasjourney says:

    Mountian willow, they were not talking abiut me when they were talking about being on welfare and playing the system..

    I am NOT on welfare.. I am on wic and only ise the formula from the program because it costs us about 350$ a mo in formula..

  618. werd says:

    Felisha, if you are “rolling in it” as you have said, why do you need WIC?

    We qualify for WIC. My DH makes about $40k a year and we are just under the income guidelines in our state. But we do not use it just because we are eligible. We budget for formula because we make more than most of the people on WIC do and feel its not right to take something just because we can.

    It’s pretty sad that you have no problem buying cigarettes for yourself but you need WIC to feed your son. I don’t know where you live, but here in NY, cigarettes are upwards of $7 a pack! That money could easily feed your son.

    You really should brag about how you are “rolling in it” and then in the next sentence, talk about being on WIC. Its shameful!

  619. werd says:

    Felisha, if you are “rolling in it” as you have said, why do you need WIC?

    We qualify for WIC. My DH makes about $40k a year and we are just under the income guidelines in our state. But we do not use it just because we are eligible. We budget for formula because we make more than most of the people on WIC do and feel its not right to take something just because we can.

    It’s pretty sad that you have no problem buying cigarettes for yourself but you need WIC to feed your son. I don’t know where you live, but here in NY, cigarettes are upwards of $7 a pack! That money could easily feed your son.

    You really shouldn’t brag about how you are “rolling in it” and then in the next sentence, talk about being on WIC. Its shameful!

  620. werd says:

    oops, sorry for posting twice!

  621. DeviateFromTheNorm says:

    Werd, you’re right on, as usual. 🙂

  622. werd says:

    true dat!

  623. Grogwench says:

    Who was it that said once the posting to this thread slows down, Felicia will be back?

    They called it!!!!!

  624. Oh Boy! says:

    Felisha — I understand the link in question was not about you, however, newsflash. WIC is a form of welfare — as is food stamps, cash assistance, housing assistance, etc.

  625. Edison Sepeda says:

    Thank you for the information. I enjoyed reading it. You have a very well-done blog.

  626. Self Esteem says:

    Great post! Thank you so much for all you do, i’ll keep reading.

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