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I have been asked by DS to remove this post, and while I cannot do that, I can say that it looks like DS jumped the gun with this WAHM and they are trying to clear her name. I will be adding more to this post soon.

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Need anyone in transaction with mommaof3

Please contact me through pm. Thanks

PLEASE make sure when buying on DiaperSwappers you mark payments through paypal as “goods”. NOT as payment owed. This is for your protection as a buyer.Delivery Confirmation needs to be purchased for EVERY package you mail when selling and trading.

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Re: Need anyone in transaction with mommaof3

Look this is getting out of hand.

I had issues with 2 packages getting lost/delayed during the holiday mail rush. This was a post office error not my error, however I made every attempt at my expense to correct the post office’s error for my customers.

I have been in constant contact with the mods and my customers. There was one period of like 2 days where I was out of town and away from my computer and could not reply to your PM. From my phone I can read bulletin board posts but can not access my PMs due to my small screen size and the layout of this board. Therefore yes, it showed me logged in but I did not reply because I could not. However I have been in great contact with you since.

I replaced yarn for 1 customer, and the 2nd customer received her original yarn, it was just delayed through customs. However I have already ordered her replacement yarn in case it did not show up.

I can not control the post office losing anything, as a business owner all I can do is replace what has been lost, and you have to allow me the chance to be able to do that without a huge public outing.

You have the shipping information for the one customer, and the other has her yarn, and ask her, it is post marked for Mid December, just as it was supposed to be.

In your PM to me, you said this “sounds good so far” so can you please shed some light as to why I now have a warning under my name, and this public thread here when I have done everything I can to replace the lost packages?

I feel that you have prematurely tarnished my business name without allowing me ample time to resolve the situation. After the holiday rush I did not have replacement materials on hand, therefore it had to be ordered.

According to USPS’s web site you can not file a claim for a package that is lost until it has been at least 21 business days. Today marks 16 business days, and that is not taking Christmas or New Years into consideration. Had the buyers paid for insurance the post office would not even allow a claim yet, therefore I believe I have gone above and beyond what would be required to resolve this issue.

Please help me to understand why I was not allowed reasonable time to resolve this issue before being accused of any wrong doing.


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  1. monkey says:


  2. try me, i'm new! says:

    let me get this straight. ds harbors and actively protects outright scammers through deleting threads/posts/anything that hints there’s an issue, yet a wahm who is trying to do everything right, is complying with an investigation, has provided everything requested in terms of proof, is in the process of setting things straight, and has been told everything looked good is given a public callout. B/c public callouts are so freaking common on DS. Bullshit.

  3. try me, i'm new! says:

    Can’t find the thread on ds – has it been deleted?

  4. TheOne says:

    That is seriously jacked up. Makes it hard for honest WAHM.

  5. CJ says:

    Wow! She did a great job of stating her case and keeping cool. I would have lost it and I don’t know if I would have been able to remain so polite in that situation.

  6. sheepthrills says:

    Yeah DS just deleted that in the last couple of minutes. Too bad for them that their asshattery got immortalized here first! That poor WAHM. Her composure is superhuman.

  7. werd says:

    good gravy, that was a little uncalled for. I have 2 transactions from hell going on right now, so I made sure to contact ~happy2bamommy~ about them, she is a pitbull without a leash!!!

  8. Messy says:

    They just closed Felisha’s email thread. She is such a raging moron. I feel so sorry for her baby 😦
    Of course it boggles my mind that DS bans some people for being honest with the twat when she is the trolling attention whore who can’t have a normal conversation with *anyone to save her sorry ass.
    Her poor baby 😦 No wonder her dh cheated on her. He probably just wanted a normal conversation with someone that wasn’t a freak show on parade.

  9. Messy says:

    Oh, Happy2bamommy is obviously lacking control in her own life and has to exert it somewhere… DS just happens to be the outlet for crazy.

  10. Messy says:

    OMg @@ Felisha Fluffybutt just started a NEW thread in sensitive subjects about how hard her pathetic freaking life is. WTF is wrong with her??? If nobody is ass patting the crazy twat, she is lost…
    Oh, Felisha, you freak of human nature, you should tell them all how you CAN’T COMPLAIN ON THE OTHER FORUMS ANYMORE CUZ THEY GOT SMART AND BANNED YOUR WHINY ASS!!!
    Poor Felisha… She is a 20 yr old mother living with family, not having to work and can’t figure out why nobody feels sorry for. She is the first woman to have a child with her husband deployed! They will write books about her and make movies… Oh, wait, those will be about the crazy freak on the internet who makes her own kid sick for attention.

  11. MotherMoonPads says:

    I totally agree that the WAHM did a great job explaining her case in a rational manner.

    I’m a bit disappointed with the way the DS mods are handling this one. Seems like she’s trying to make things right, no? And it also seems like post office issues, not anything she did personally.

  12. For Realz says:

    Unrelated, but look who’s researching diaper-making:

  13. iken says:

    I didn’t think ds allowed public outings, poor lady.

    Since when is something like this allowed to posted in Diaper Q&A?

  14. notmeatall says:

    I’d like to know WTH is going on at Cotton babies

  15. lurking says:

    14. – are you talking about the time is taking them to process the orders. Is taking them forever.

  16. CJ says:

    So, who is the WAHM in the OP? What is her store name?

    13 – can you c&p? I don’t want to click the link and push my luck! 🙂

  17. thewhiteninja says:

    #14- what makes you think something is up with CB? I’m nosy and haven’t seen anything else mentioned about them lol

  18. thewhiteninja says:

    oh n/m duhhhh

  19. CJ says:

    Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the link. 😦

  20. FelishasJourney (AKA : Bgkvdknv and asdfasdf) She has used 3 names. says:

    @@ messy..

    You need to get a life and leave her alone. She said sorry. Leave her alone if you don’t like her OR the site leave or put her on ignore.

    No one has a gun to your head and forces you to read her fucking threads. You say SHE needs to grow up? Look at yourself.

    Stop being a bitch and worry about yourself.

  21. iken says:

    I will cut and paste, kind of long, thought.

    “Follow Up To My Post Yesterday About Cottonbabies

    I am so disgusted with them. Holiday or not if you can’t offer decent customer service get out of business.

    I had 17 diapers returned to bumgenius due to faulty velcro (curling). I was wary of sending them all my diapers thinking it would take them forever to return them or they would mess it up, but I heard good things about their customer service so I took the plunge.

    It took them over a month to get diapers back to me- and even then it was only because I was calling once a day to check the status (their online status checker stopped working as soon as I sent my dipes in). Well finally I called and she said she would get them right out, but also said she didn’t know where my box was (which had my packing slip and dipes in it so she would know what colors I wanted).

    Today my package got here and, as suspected, she had just guessed on the colors. She gave me all moonbeam, clementine and ribbit- I hate clementine. And ya know, I know its not a big deal, its just the color, but I paid $17.95 a diaper originally and waited over a month for them to be returned to me, and paid shipping, the least they can do is get it right.

    So I called today and the voicemail says something to the affect of being closed for stocking. And the returns girls’ mailbox is full. WTH am I supposed to do? I am hopping mad right now and I just want to yell at her and now the phone is off for stocking. I refuse to pay shipping to send their diapers back. And I refuse to wait another month- I want them overnighted. And, quite frankly, I feel that I should use the diapers in the meantime just so they can’t resell them.

    Sorry for the rant but I am about to blow a fuse at cottonbabies. Worst customer service ever”

  22. Aj says:

    Did anyone read the newest stories felisha posted? I don’t for one minute believe all of that is true, she’s delusional. Rape, prostitution, abusive, baby killing–what is this a sick soap opera?

  23. Just Peachy says:


  24. Aj says:

    It’s in sensitive subjects under her “I’m sorry” thread.

  25. Messy says:

    Awe! Felisha has to complain in her new thread about what is being said over here about her sorry sad ass and pathetic mothering… Wahhh!!! Whatever getz da ass pats, right!!!
    I think your husband SHOULD find a WOMAN to be with instead of a cry baby girl that needs constant attention. Get that therapy! Tell the therapist the lengths you go through online to get attention so he/she has an idea of the hell those IRL encounter in dealing with you.
    This latest thread was just another shot at attention whoring and asspatting “poor baby” posts. Get a freaking life and stop begging for attention!
    Now, how long before her baby is sick AGAIN??? Yeah, Felisha, you suck.

  26. Just Peachy says:

    Seriously? I normally try to restrain myself but her stupidity is literally making me twitch now. GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU STUPID FUCKING TWAT WAFFLE!!! Oh and the risk of being flamed by you ladies she really DOES need to get off the internet and take care of her damn kid. Maybe if she did that she wouldn’t have so much goddamned time to fucking post 50 bajillion threads asking for asspats.

  27. Messy says:

    Felisha AKA Fluffybutt AKA Fucking Twuntcake Moron’s first post:
    I’m sorry..
    I am not looking for someone to come in this thread and tell me I’m a bad person, or that I need to “grow up” and do this and that. Just listen. We should live by the golden rule in this thread.. I just need to vent.. and talk..

    I have been having an VERY rough past few weeks and while I know it is no excuse, that is part of the reason I have been quick to jump on the defense.

    I by no means have the hardest life in the world, I’d be ignorant to say it.. But I do think I do have a hard life, and it is often ignored. I have been dealing with a lot of stress from my past, present and what is soon to come. Again, I know it is no excuse..

    I am sorry if I have been misreading things, and not using forum code for replying when angry. I am sorry if I have offended anyone with my recent posts.

    I get harsh PM’s and links to the drama blog of people talking crap on me, and it’s very much weighing me down. I have nothing to lie about. I have lied about nothing.

    I am 20 years old, I am very young and have gotten thrown into mother hood all alone. I am living in a city where I know NO ONE. I have NO family exc for my MIL and FIL who are worthless when it comes to helping me. I am doing this 100% on my own. While I do have a “paycheck handed to me” and I do not have to work, like most single mothers.. I do think it is just as hard. I do not get a break. I do not get to go out with friends, because I do not have any here. I do not have anyone to vent to. I do not have anyone to call and just cry my eyes out because the day was so hard. I have a lot of built up anger and sadness that I have no one to release it to. Normally, one would say, that is what your husband is for. But I can not vent to my husband, I can not call him crying. All of my issues and problems are put on hold for 15sh months while he’s gone. While he’s gone, I can not do it. When he comes back for the first few months, I can not do it because he’s adjusting and dealing with his own issues.

    I did not have a child hood. I did not have a mother that acted how a mother should act. I had to raise my younger brother until about 12 or 13.. I have had to grow up when I didn’t want to. So I may act a little immature on a forum, but you do not know my home life other than what I put out there. I have dealt with more things than ANY 20 year old should EVER have to deal with. Hell at the age of 10 I’ve had to deal with more than any 20 year old should ever have to deal with.

    I am not looking for sympathy, or judgement, I’m just looking for understanding.

    I have to go online and see people posting saying how stupid I am, How I’m lying about everything in my life. How I’m not really married to someone in the military, how I’m not living where I say I am. I’ve had people say I was a nanny.. I’ve had people message my husband.. I’ve had people stalk my myspace and facebook..

    People off of here, and another cloth diaper forum.

    I may need to learn of how to read, write, delete, write, delete, read again, write when it comes to posting.. But geez. Can people ease up a bit?!

    I had someone offer help to me.. And for ONE moment I felt so happy because it felt like someone actually showed they cared.. Only for me to go to the drama board and see her turn around and it really be a ploy to see if what I’m saying is true or not.

    So, To clear some things up:

    My husband is Active Duty Army. He has been in almost 3 years. His father died February 23, 2009. When he died, we got to take leave to go visit before and after. An incident happened which caused DH to lose rank, 2 days before a promotion.

    My husband deployed at the end of August to Iraq. We are stationed out of Ft. Riley, KS. My husband wasn’t going to re-enlist and stay in the Army so I moved to Springfield, Mo to be closer to his family, and set up our home for when he comes back. While deployed, He chose he was going to re-enlist after all. Which I support 100%. So we will be moving back to Ft. Riley soon.

    I have not lied about anything, And I am not here to troll. I’m sorry if my posts have came off that way. What I just posted could be found if you just look at my past threads..

    It is very hard for me having my husband gone, I know I should not use that against anyone, and for that I am sorry. I live in fear every single day, and I’m sure other military wives know exactly what I’m talking about when I say this. My husband is in a very dangerous area of Iraq that hasn’t had any soldiers in over 4 years until now. I’ve had to tell my husband to no longer tell me about him in VERY dangerous situations if it would upset me. We have had friends and people who were not friends, but we know die. A man got killed in my husbands truck when it got hit by a mortar and rolled. He was the gunner.. He didn’t get down in time and the truck killed him in the roll. That was supposed to be my husband. I am so thankful that it was not my husband, but at the same time I feel blame for that family losing their husband and father. If my husband would have been up there and the other guy driving, it might not of happened, or it might of killed him.. And I live every single day thankful for him being alive, but hurt because it happened to someone else. I do not know why his sgt told him to drive and not gun that day.. But I’m so thankful it was not him.

    My husband left when my son was almost 6 weeks old. We were in the hospital for a week and a half.. So we really only spent 4 weeks at home together. My husband has to watch our son grow up via webcam and facebook. It kills me every day to hear people say they only see their DH ___ hrs a day. I would KILL for ___ hrs a day.. The last time I saw my husband was in a little 3×3 in square box on the computer and 5 months before that.. And he had to get off in a hurry because there was an issue.

    To Kate (cutebluebaby), I’m sorry I misread your post, and I’m sorry I did not reply to you better the first and second time. I did not mean to make you feel bad by my post, I read yours like you meant my husband was crap.. After re-reading I realized that is not how you meant it, and I am sorry. I can not take back what I said, and if I could, I wouldn’t. All I can do is say sorry, and hope you accept my apology.

    Again, I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone.. I will try my best to read posts better and not jump on the defense all the time. I hope some of you understand why, I do it now tho.

    Then there is this gem:
    Re: I’m sorry..
    I still haven’t gotten over my childhood and anytime I get depressed i think about all the bad in the past and think about it until i make myself sick!

    My mother was very abusive and her bfs would abuse me and her. One of her bfs raped me and his DD that was my age from PK to 1st grade. He’d sell us by the hr to his friends and I never told anyone till last year.

    I went to councling and stuff and I’m still not over it. Anytime I get sad its like I depress myself further.. I don’t know..

    I got put in fostercare and at 17 my mom pratically forced me to marry my BF at the time so she didnt have to pay child support and he was very abusive and killed our baby when I was 4mo pregnant by pushing me down a flight of stairs. I lost a baby w/ My now DH before Maddox too..

    I have a LOT of problems and no one to talk to.. I’m going to get my DR to refer me to another councler because I have no friends here and I can’t really talk to DH about it..

    I’m not saying my life is the best or worse but I do try to make the best of it..

    And some of this shit:
    Re: I’m sorry..
    Sigh, Now they’re over there saying my DH cheated on me (lie) and they feel sorry for my son for having me as a mother.

    Some people need to get a life.

  28. Messy says:

    With her, it is a matter of having to be the worst experience of anyone in the world… Can’t get the amount of ass pats? Add on and make the story WORSE… Then if all else fails, throw out the “they’re pickin’ on meee on the blog!!!”
    Give it 10 years and she will have lost her son, a divorce (or three) under her belt, and some time spent in a good ole state lock up (or loony bin depending on the judge), and then won’t her story be saaaad :puke:

  29. Just Peachy says:

    Dude I got issues too but you don’t see me blabbing my shit all over the interwebz.
    She really needs to get the fuck over herself. Oh she’s doing it all alone? Bitch I did it all alone from the time I was 18 until I finally broke down and made my husband start doing shit and I did it with 3 KIDS. She really needs to woman up and get some thicker skin if only so she can better cope with the life she is living.

  30. zosiasmama says:

    Do people seriously ass pat her there?

    I thank the lucky stars our admin at CDN had the smarts to see right through her and banned her quickly. I would be twitching everyday if I had to read that much drama.

  31. Messy says:

    #28 Oh yes, her new thread is all azz pats. Poor poor Felisha. Her poor poor life :gag:

  32. Sweetpea says:

    In the end it doesn’t matter what went down in her life. Get over it or don’t let it spill over. She makes my eyes hurt and I can’t stop yelling profanities at the computer. My computer’s feelings are very hurt.

  33. Taterbug says:

    Felisha- here’s a tip: If reading this blog hurts your “feel-bads”, don’t do it. What you don’t read can’t hurt you. What you type can and will be used against you, so think real hard before hitting the “submit” button. Quit fueling the fire, and it will die.

  34. Sweetpea says:

    #28 Yup, patty pat pats. When they aren’t huggie enough she ups the ante

  35. Can I be honest here? As a sexual abuse survivor (that’s right, NOT a victim), I can tell you 100% that MOST do not just chat like that about their abuse to random strangers on the internet. It strikes me that she says she was abused but never told anyone until last year, and yet she’s smearing these newly-unearthed abuse details on the internet. THAT does not make sense. Not one bit. She’s a narcissistic tool.

  36. Just Peachy says:

    #31 I found that a bit odd. I too am a survivor but I don’t go smearing the gory details all over the interwebz. It just seems as if she is “bragging” about it in an effort to get more ass pats which absolutely disgusts me.

  37. Messy says:

    #31 First (((genuine hugs))) Second, ITA! Her whole demeanor is attention at all costs! Unfortunately, usually it is the baby that pays the cost in one way or another 😦

  38. Booyah says:

    Oh. My. God. She wasn’t getting enough sympathy before, now she has to make up wild shit like that??? I’m sick to my stomach. Felisha, I know you’re reading this. You need serious mental help. Now. Get off the computer and have yourself committed. You are a disgusting attention whore. Before, you were just annoying and weird. Now you have certified yourself as a sick fucking fruitcake. What is wrong with you???

  39. žába says:

    You know I used to kind of feel sorry for Felisha, she seemed lonely. Now, not so much, she is so desperate for attention that when her original poor me post didn’t get her enough sympathy she just had to pile on the drama and add the whole my mom’s BF story. That girl has diarrhea of the mouth, it just keeps on coming. I wonder if DS will ever wise up to her BS and boot her, or if they will just keep closing her threads. I agree Peach, she really does need to find something else to do than sit on the computer all day. I don’t think there is another person on there that causes so many threads to go awry.
    I wonder if she was always this way or if the isolation and new mommyhood changed her into a raging loon. I hope her DH doesn’t come back and find his somewhat normal wife has turned into a complete nut.

  40. Booyah says:

    Next we will find out Felisha is actually a transexual, and her baby was immaculately conceived and she had to carry him around in her brain because she has no uterus. And the baby smushed some of her brain cells and that’s why she acts dumb on forums sometimes you guys, geeeezzz take it easy on her, you’re all so mean!

  41. Aj says:

    I wonder what has happened in her life that she feels the need to make up stories like this just to get attention. I really hope that she’s never come across real abuse survivors, because by making all this up, all she’s doing is making them look bad. It’s really sickening.

  42. 37- Precisely my sentiments. It’s sad.

  43. cubanita says:


  44. TheOne says:

    That Fluffy chick is straight loony.

  45. werd says:

    31 SO true. I had a pretty shitty childhood, I was raped as a teen, I am dealing with a mental illness, my parents suck, etc… you don’t see me trolling on message boards. Lame ass excuse! And that was the MOST insincere “I’m sorry” post I have ever seen.

  46. magpiedpiper says:

    Wow. That girl just has no filter, does she?

  47. adensmama says:

    Yeah….I betcha anything that shit is allll made up. Obviously she is fucked up, so I bet her life was fucked up in some way. But jeez. My life was fucked up too but I don’t go around acting bat shit crazy like that.

  48. Rocket says:

    Dude. Lesson #1. Don’t want your crazy talked about, don’t air it.

    Felisha is a fucking trainwreck and I wish to high heaven someone would knock some sense into her.

  49. turkey lurkey says:

    Did anyone else notice that her spelling, grammar, and punctuation suddenly got MUCH better in the second half of the first post that Messy c/p? I am not sure she even wrote that.

    And oh WAH, poor me, I ONLY live with my MIL and FIL while my DH is deployed. Seriously? All my military friends do it by themselves. I’ve known two mamas who had to up and move duty stations while their DHs were gone. So, boo-freakin-hoo.

    Really, I wouldn’t be so hard on her except that I have seen other Moms go through the same situations with much more grace and, well, sense. It’s hard, yes. But she wants everyone to believe she is the ONLY mother who has EVER had to deal with these problems in all of HISTORY.

    For cryin’ out loud.

    And what the hell is this? ” I can not take back what I said, and if I could, I wouldn’t.” If I could, I wouldn’t? WTF kind of apology is THAT?

  50. Aj says:

    And the thing is…I REALLY think she actually believes that she is the ONLY woman who has had to deal with these things. She is completely self-centered and is living in a bubble.

  51. DSDM2 says:

    She should just leave DS, it is not going to end well for her. She is a child, and acts like one. It will be another 5 years before she has any sense of maturity. I know 13YO girls with more brains and maturity than Felisha.

  52. Rox says:

    I think she is just very depressed. I read through her blog and it just seems like she will take attention wherever she can get it. I don’t know if she is a liar or not, it isn’t my place to judge that, but she does seem like a really sad person. Maybe chronic depression or something like that.

  53. TheOne says:

    #40 – LMAO!!!!!!! lololololololol

  54. DSDM2 says:

    Why would someone be with a husband that treats them like that? And damn, she feels alone, but has people to take her kids for DAYS at a time? How lucky is that.

    She refuses to see the positive things in her life and instead plays the martyr. It will never change for her.

  55. TheOne says:

    OMG now this nutcase is trying to backpeddle after somebody pointed out a lie about no one watched her child for her in her Sorry thread. Start at post #44.

  56. stacEy says:

    Felisha, we are a military family. My husband has left us for long periods and I have 3 kids and a daycare to run. I don’t have anybody to give me breaks from my kids. But guess what? I love my life. I chose this life, I chose these kids, and I chose my husband. None of this was forced on me and I wouldn’t change one thing. I fantasize about having only one baby to take care of…oh the things I would do! I think the first thing I’d do is find a gym that offers childcare. Drop the kid off and work out some stress on a treadmill. You’ll both be much happier.

  57. Messy says:

    #1 I was going to brag about NuttyBat posting in Felisha’s thread without mentioning the murder…
    #2 But N/M because she had to come back with it :::eyeroll:::
    #3 Watching Felisha lie about what she has already written is rather pathetic. She NEEDS people to feel sorry for her…
    I feel sorry for her son. He is a victim in this. She is a lunatic with no sense of anything but a driving need to attention whore any way she can.

  58. TheOne says:

    #54 Exactly. I have no one to take care of mine when Im sick and even trying to recover from surgery and here she is whining about not having help and she HAS help who is willing to help her!! Wah wha wha. She needs to get a life.

  59. stacEy says:

    54: no kidding. I read that and thought that sounded like heaven. My husband was gone once when all 3 kids and I had the stomach flu. Nobody came over to help. Now nothing scares me.

  60. No One Important says:

    I feel bad that she is too ignorant to take the advice of the mamas offering it to her. I know that more than one mama PMed her with advice, (which was obviously ignored).

  61. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    I’m confused… a mod from DS asked that you remove this thread? How does anyone know who you are?

    Onto Felisha, she may be suffering from depression but her entitled attitude bugs me.

  62. magpiedpiper says:

    They probably just used the dramablog email. My guess is that it was happy2bamommy, since she reads here often and is probably trying to remove any evidence of her douchery.

  63. magpiedpiper says:


    Why do I always hear the sad Charlie Brown song playing faintly in the background of felisha’s “please don’t pity me even though I’ve had the worst life in the history of people having bad lives” posts?

    Seriously – “I don’t want your pity. I just want you to know every detail about my terrible life that is SO MUCH WORSE THAN YOURS.”

    I wonder if she’ll ever get it. I really, truly hope so. Even though today apparently isn’t the day.

  64. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    ahhh true. How cute to think they can control the drama blog too.

  65. DSDM2 says:

    61, they IMed me about the thread. I think they feel bad that this WAHM was outted before getting a chance to make right.

  66. Just Peachy says:

    Well then maybe they should’ve gotten all the details rather than jumping the gun. Seriously they waited it out for so long with mycrunchykids but this chick gets outted like asap?

  67. MotherMoonPads says:

    65, they SHOULD feel bad about that.

  68. cubanita says:

    They should publicly apologize to this WAHM the same way they publicly outted her.

  69. monkey says:

    You know, I genuinely feel for Felisha. There is some kind of pathology there. Seems like she really needs to see a counselor.

  70. sweetpea says:

    :Sigh: Fluffy… Please get off the computer. That many posts since November is not healthy. For you OR us! Do you KNOW how many brain suck headaches you’ve created for those who are subjected to your constant threads? Please, please please find a healthier outlet for your yammering.

  71. Lolanae says:

    #20 on here is Felisha. She’s changed her picture, but earlier it was the same picture she posted of her son in the First pictures thread.

  72. Aj says:

    How did I miss that post? I wonder why she hasn’t been back to defend herself, she seems like the type.

  73. DSDM2 says:

    Yes, #20 is Fluffybutt/Felisha. The photo is the same as the 3rd in her thread on DS and the email matches hers.

  74. Messy says:

    :::waving::: Hi Felisha, you freaking attention whoring mongrel!!! GET HELP! If for no other reason then do it because you are a flaming moron with the common sense of a zip tie who uses her son for attention when lying is getting you nowhere!
    Oh… :goodvibes:

  75. Pariah says:

    Hmmmm I’m 20, I’m a military wife, I was in an abusive relationship for two years from the time I was 16 to 18. I have a kid. I’ve lived so ewhere where I had no friends of family and was thousands of miles away from any. I’ve often felt like a single parent even though I’m married… But I’m not as tucked up as Felisha.

    And if she is intact a miltary wife. Then she would know that tricare would let her see a therapist without a refferal.

  76. DSDM2 says:

    Felisha, I thought you didn’t care anymore, that we were deleted from your history? I love that you have been checking the blog every 30 minutes all day! It does wonders for the stat counters.

    FWIW, I think you are a troll who doesn’t see her stupidity or lies.

    I just don’t understand people…
    January 8, 2010

    What is WRONG with some people?????

    I swear! I know I have issues, but jesus christ what the fuck has to be wrong with you for you to CONSTANTLY degrade someone?

    If I were to count the names I’ve been called by internet “hero’s” I’d have to spend ALL day doing so!

    I guess I’m just a HUGE fat liar! All I do is lie lie lie.. When in reality, I can prove almost everything I say!

    I could post online that I farted and someone would call me a liar. I mean GET REAL. What kind of sad pathetic life do you have to live to say rude things about people?

    A girl (or beast) actually said in 10 years I’ll have 3 divorces under my belt and Maddox taken from me! SAY WHAT?! Bitch, Please. With your attitude, I’m surprised your kids haven’t already been taken! AND to make matters worse, said she feels sorry for Maddox to have me as a mom! LMBO get a life.

    Bitches on the internet are nothing but sad pathetic pieces of shit that have nothing good in their life so they have to make others feel bad because them, themselves have TONS of issues.

  77. TheOne says:

    I tell you what. That crrazy chick has provided me with much comic relief today! Talk about a whiny brat.

  78. try me, i'm new! says:

    wow, i feel left out. I’ve never had “bitches on the internet” all up on me….oh wait, I don’t air my crazy online, constantly post attention-seeking drama-filled threads, and throw advice back in people’s faces…..

    to felisha: it is not normal to have “bitches on the internet” attacking you. Many, many millions of people live their lives relatively internetz dramaz-free. the fact that you are 20 and have already been banned from sites speaks volumes. you spread shit, you’re gonna get some of it on yourself….

  79. naturalmamadot says:

    Her blog is so ridiculous, if my husband spoke to me the way hers does hed be laid out before he could finish his sentence and lucky I didnt beat him to death with the suitcase before I packed all his shit in it. You sure picked a winner Felisha!!!!! I hope your “wonderful” husband deploys as much as possible during your sons childhood it might be the only chance he will have at growing up to be a good man instead of the pathetic excuse for one you married.

    You want to be a good mom? Use the deployment time to get your shit together so you CAN leave when you need to. You have no problem pawning your kid off when you are sick then you should have no problem leaving him in child care while you make a life for you two. You need to make it so you arent forced into staying in the relationship because its him or the streets.

  80. Just Peachy says:

    But we don’t have to try to make her feel bad. Her “life” does that for her well enough. Get a fucking clue you stupid worthless piece of trash.

  81. No One Important says:

    Ok, so now her Iphone is logging her into sites without her permission, and her life is all rainbows and unicorn farts.. Right.

  82. DSDM2 says:

    Yeah, she was active on DS just a few minutes ago too.

  83. Lolanae says:

    It amazes me how many people with money worries seem to have iphones and who knows what else technology wise.

  84. adensmama says:

    Her horrible spelling is killing me!
    I feel sorry for her baby, he’s so cute and he’s gonna end up messed up too if she doesn’t get her shit together.

  85. DSDM2 says:

    I wonder if she knows that you can see when she is online even though she is invisible?

  86. just_another_heather says:

    Uhg. Felisha listen up. My dh is retired army-Every wife I know has had rough times. The ones that say they don’t are lying. Its all in YOUR attitude. You can’t choose the situations you are put into but you can choose how you react to them. I have moved from family and friends. I almost lost my husband when his vehicle was hit by an IED. Now my dh has a “comfy civvie job”. He’s gone for 4-5 days out of 7. It sucks. But I don’t get on th interwebz and spew it for all to see.
    Grow up. Make some irl friends. Go outside. But for the love of all that is holy-stay off the fucking computer

  87. mmspirit7 says:

    dsdm2 thank you for answering my sons question!

  88. tlouise says:

    (I can’t remember which email when I posted before, sorry if that messes things up).

    I don’t understand the rage about Felisha. Sure, she posts a lot and shares a lot of stories about her life. But does she insult anyone? Hurt anyone? I don’t think so. There are some mean, vicious people on DS, but, IMO, she hasn’t shown herself to be one of them.

    Some of you have posted some cruel things about her…”stupid worthless piece of trash”. That’s just appalling to me. What has she really done to deserve that?

    If you really think that she has ‘something wrong with her’ or depression issues or whatnot, why would you write such hurtful, hateful things about her? If you think she needs to get help, you should share that with her privately, not in a berating, mocking manner on a public website.

    I have no dog in this fight, I don’t know who Felisha is. But I’m sad to see people acting in such a cruel manner for no reason at all. Her posts may grate on your nerves, but it’s very easy to just close the thread and move on.

  89. tlouise says:

    *which email I *used* when I posted before

  90. Sweetpea says:

    She has said dozens of insulting things… problem is once she gets a rile out of people and they backlash she hits edit and takes them out. It’s all about when you come to the show.

  91. Just Peachy says:

    Yup thats how she rolls. And Im sorry but in my eyes she is a worthless piece of trash. She lies like a rug and its about shit you should NEVER lie about. Shes an attention whore of the highest caliber and frankly I hope she disappears from the interwebz. Im sick of hearing about her and her “sucky” life.

  92. Just Peachy says:

    And yes I have a grudge against her. Because I posted basically telling her to chill out on posting, I was considered harassing her. I hate lil tattle tale whiny ass bitches.

  93. tlouise says:

    Oh, yeah, your comment on her thread got you banned, huh? I can see why you’re upset about that, but it’s not her fault at all. It was your choice to make that post.

    There’s no way to know for sure that she’s lying about anything. I don’t even think there’s a good reason to believe that she is. And if she posts things that grate on your nerves, just close the thread. It’s not a reason to be cruel.

  94. Aj says:

    Louise, if you’re trying to turn this into a “you grown women should be watching your babies rather than picking on this poor poor girl,” stop now, because it’s not going to fly.

    Just as you told us to close Felisha’s threads, I think you too would be better off to heed your own advice and step away from this blog.

    Felisha is toxic. I don’t enjoy reading her posts, her arguments have no basis, she is an attention seeker, and quite frankly a liar and a troll. I will not be run off from DS because of piddly little twats like her.

    How can it be that every thread she starts results in people being handed strikes? Why is it that the DS mods do not recognize her behavior is unstable, and that she is the cause?

    Maybe by us posting here Felisha will get a clue.

  95. tlouise says:

    I certainly wouldn’t say that people should be watching their babies rather than doing whatever.

    Felisha can’t run anyone off of DS. And the strikes that people get are their own responsibility.

    Really, I’m not uber-invested in this issue. I just think that there were some things that were said that should be reserved for people who are abusive or evil (that they are worthless trash, etc.), not for people who are simply seen as annoying.

  96. Just Peachy says:

    So I guess “bragging” about being sexually molested in an effort to get ass pats makes her a good person huh?

  97. Messy says:

    JUST LIKE I (da Beast!!!) predicted:
    Felisha’s son is NOW HAVING BREATHING PROBLEMS. Yup. Told ya this was going to happen. She is contemplating taking him to the ER.
    She should hope and pray that it is ONLY my predictions on her losing her son and spending some time in a lock up that come true because the road she is on is not looking very safe for that baby boy 😦

  98. Messy says:


    { January 9, 2010 @ 9:32 am } · { Uncategorized }
    { } · { Leave a Comment }

    Man, It’s early. I wish Maddox and I could go out and play in the snow but it is just TOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDD! Yesterday it was like 5d ALL day!

    I spit on the porch when I was out smoking, and it froze in like 30 seconds!

    I don’t know what we’ll be doing today… I might be taking Maddox to the ER if he doesn’t stop this weird breathing thing.. He did it all night. I got NO sleep because I was constantly watching him. 😦

    He had breathing issues before but it was more like he was choking, nothing like this!

    Ugh, well off to make breakfast.

  99. adensmama says:

    Maybe she should consider quitting smoking if her son is having breathing problems.

  100. Aj says:

    What an f*ing idiot.

  101. Booyah says:


    I’ll tell you why Felisha pisses me off. She is a troll. She posts inflammatory shit to get a rise out of people, then backpedals and plays innocent. That didn’t work out for her too well on CDN because we don’t have the option of editing the nasty out of our posts once they’re submitted. She is an attention whore who makes up disgusting stories in order to get people’s sympathy. You don’t fucking joke about that kind of shit and here she is spinning wild stories just so people will asspat her. If any of that kind of shit had ever happened to me I would be even moer pissed off that she would make it up just for attention. And to put the icing on the cake, anyone that calls her out for what she is gets handslapped by the almighty fuckwads at DS. For some reason, they are protecting her and her bullshit, and punishing the sane people.

    Gotta love her totally casual tone in the breathing post. “Ho hum, life sure is boring today. Guess I’ll take my son to the ER so I can get some attention.” I feel so bad for that boy that he has to be the pawn in his mother’s sick head games.

  102. TheOne says:

    I just dont see how ANYBODY can not see that this is an attention whore to the nth degree. On top of that she purposely tries to get a rise out of people then cry “Woe is me, they’re picking on me! Wah wah wah!!” Its sad and pathetic.

  103. eeek says:

    I think she’s a sad person who’s learned to meet her needs by being pathetic and crazy, swimming in the drama and adrenaline rush she creates on these boards. I choosing to put her & her whole life on ignore, it’s the only way to actually shut her crazy down.

    Better for all involved really, I don’t need the stupid and she doesn’t need the negative attention (even if she thinks she does).

  104. DSDM2 says:

    I can’t understand smoking when you have a child with a breathing issue? Doing it outside doesn’t eliminate the smoke, it just reduces it.

    I hope she realizes she could be causing his issues.

    Oh, and how nice that her MIL is willing to go with her, I mean when you don’t have ANYONE and aren’t thankful for the person you do have, it is amazing that they will still go with you.

  105. magpiedpiper says:

    Yeah, what an awful MIL she has. Willing to take a 3 month old baby for a day when her DIL is sick, or go with her DIL to the hospital. *eyeroll

  106. Pariah says:

    DSDM2- obviously her childs health isn’t THAT important to her since she is wait for her MIL who lives 2 HOURS AWAY! Hopefully the kid isn’t seriously sick. Because it would appear that his mothers stupidity and lack of independence might just cost him his life.

  107. piratebaby says:

    Felisha is just completely dramarrific. As a military wife, I got sucked into her stories, mainly because my bs detector was pinging off the chart. So much of her stories are just outright ridiculous, stupid and immature. I had 3 kids by the time I was 22 and NO help at all besides dh. I won’t get into a pissing contest, but we’ve been through many horrendous things with our children and it was just us, 1 with the whatever kid needed care and the other with our other kids. No one to go to the ER to get breathing probs checked, no one to help with the kids when we all had the flu, no one to help when I had 3 kids under 4 and dh was working 60 hr wks.

    If all she says is true then her son needs some serious intervention. Military insurance is FREE. It costs NOTHING to take them to the dr or ER and rx’es are also free (or $3). On CDN she posted all these sob stories about her son, got tons of advice and blew it off. She is the kind that gives young moms a bad rep, she’s too stupid/immature/know it all to take advice and then has a tantrum when ppl give her tough love. If her son’s latest issues are real, it sounds more like seizures than ‘weird breathing thingy’ and I can’t see ANY dr ignoring it, especially with what sounds like spastic arm movements. Pretty soon she IS going to get in trouble for medical neglect. It pisses me off because so many ppl don’t have access to healtchare right now, she does and she CHOOSES not to get her child treated. That is NEGLECT. But if anyone tries to tell her that they are just being rude, after all she is doing this ALL ALONE (insert eye roll), her husband is DEPLOYED, and after all is ONLY 20!

  108. Lolanae says:

    From her posts on CDN, she was hell bent on switching to Tricare Standard over Prime. So she probably does have co-pays now, since she didn’t listen to us about the downsides of Standard.

  109. ABCDEFG says:

    Anybody catch the crazy custom bullshit going on in the Saturday thread on DS today? Somebody fucked up a custom and wants everybody to give her ehugs 🙄

  110. .bin. says:

    Don`t worry 107, the kid isn`t really sick. Mommys munchausens(sp?) is just starting to kick into high gear.

  111. try me, i'm new! says:

    the wahm is really trying to say ***hole didn’t mean asshole, that reades are making the decision to fill in the blanks as such. that it could have meant big hole.

    rrriiiiiiiiggggghhhhhttt. pretty sure she just ruined her business right there.

  112. DSDM2 says:

    New blog just for her.

  113. noneyabiz says:

    “How can it be that every thread she starts results in people being handed strikes? Why is it that the DS mods do not recognize her behavior is unstable, and that she is the cause?”

    Unfortunately, they won’t ban someone for being an attention-whoring dumbass. That’s pretty obvious, going by the number of them running rampant there.

  114. Umm, where the fuck is the kid when she is smoking outside in the “CCOOOOOOLLLLLDDDDDD”??????????

  115. theinvisible says:

    Well, on her lap, of course. What kind of mom would leave her baby in the house alone?

  116. naturalmamadot says:

    id really rather him being left alone in a swing/exersaucer/hell on the floor than sitting anywhere near her outside lol

  117. angelique says:

    I am getting good at spotting crazies on DS. I sniffed out Fluffybutt from one of her first posts. There is someone else who’s random “help me” posts are getting annoying. I am sure she will end up on a blog post eventually.

  118. 120, I was the first to call her bullshit on CDN that led to her getting her first massive handslap before she pushed the wrong buttons again and got banned.

    She was reporting posts left and right and the admin told her to knock it the fuck off and her excuse was “I thought that is how you rep…”

  119. Erin says:

    For Felisha:

    I find that it is not the circumstances in which we are placed, but the spirit in which we face them, that constitutes our comfort.
    – Elizabeth T. King

    One of my favorite quotes, maybe she can understand it and learn from it.

    My neighbor is a older version of Felisha- sad, very sad. I’m sure her husband isn’t really such a villian as he’s made out to be on her blog. I wonder if he knows what she writes.

  120. cdnation says:

    I love DS new warning for FSOT issues. IT’s a great idea don’t you think?

  121. monkey says:


    It’s great. I wonder where they got the idea? 😉

  122. Erin says:

    What’s the warning?

  123. cdnation says:

    #125– they have B/S/T with caution under the username.

  124. try me, i'm new! says:

    pretty original.

  125. GabrielsMom says:

    hey, I know this is going to seem clueless but:

    Is the CDN you are talking about the section on Or is it another all together?

    I’m Canadian and want to check it out, LOL.

  126. felishasjourney says:

    Are they mow? 157 and this.. BOTH from my phone.

  127. DSDM2 says:

    No one questioned the IPs matching. We told you they matched.

  128. felishasjourney says:

    Aww messy.. What a sad and pathetic person.

    My son will NEVER get taken from me because I’m a GREAT mother!

    Maybe you could spend a little less time talkin shit and more time with your kids.. Or not. I bet they like the break.. I know if I was your child I’d BEG to get taken away.

  129. naturalmamadot says:

    Haha I love hearing the “why dont you spend this time with your kids” card being pulled by someone who openly admits to pawning her baby off on relatives for days and days. Oooh im sick wahh wahh im not an ADULT or a MOTHER or anything, so when Im sick I need someone to raise my child for me.

    Its called growing up. suck it up and shut the fuck up about how sick you are. I had to get surgery when my son was 4 months old and was in the hospital for a week. The pain was so unbearable I was unconscious more than not. The ONLY time I wasnt right there with him was when I was having the actual surgery.
    They tried to pull the “baby cant stay overnight” card because a mother across the hall had a formula fed baby that went with the dad. I told them I nurse exclusively and am a single mom so he stays or *I* leave and hopefully I dont die.

    No excuses, my son is not pawned off on or raised by ANYONE else so dont even TRY to come on here and pretend like you actually take care of him. You blindly follow whatever bullshit other people tell you and then use “oh well the doctor said” as an excuse.

  130. felishasjourney says:

    Um my husband has NEVER cheated!! Lmao

    And he likes being deployed because he likes serving his country and takes pride in knowing hes doing it so you fucking bitches dont have to!

    We’re growing closer because we talk more and have more meaninful conversations..

    You guys need to get a fucking life!!!

  131. No One Important says:

    You said that you have trust issues with him b/c of his contact with other women. Or did you edit that out too?

    Go away FluffyFatAss. No one here wants to hear your lies or any more about your pathetic life. I hope your son can make it with a pitiful, trashy, piece of shit mom like you.

  132. lurking says:

    You guys need to get a fucking life!!!

  133. adensmama says:

    hey thanks for posting that carseat thread! From there I found another thread with my EXACT vehicle- a 2009 honda CRV. It was even the same color!

    Honestly it doesn’t look that freaking hard to me, but whatev.

  134. naturalmamadot says:

    the install might not look hard, a lot of people go at car seat installs (in general and i dont mean you) as like oh you just push down and itll get tight and then its done. a lot of car seats or car seat/vehicle combos are hard and installing seats period is a learned skill. The radian can be tricky itself, any time I hear easy and radian install together I immediately want to get my hands on it and check the install haha, it makes me really nervous 🙂 They are totally worth it though, good seat if its compatible

  135. naturalmamadot says:

    oh and you may have replied to the wrong thread haha but i wanted to reply here otherwise itd be weird

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