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MotherMoonPads 12-22-2009 10:04 AM

Re: Is this normal??

Originally Posted by HeWearsCloth (Post 9157419)
I did a trade with a mama on here and I’ll be honest since it’s from another country I decided to wait to send out my item because you never know! Well it’s been about a month and I have yet to receive it! It’s coming from Canada and Im in PA!!!!! I asked the trader about it on the 10t of December and she said she mailed it but without a tracking number that she bets I will probably have it the next day or the next week….nope I still don’t have it. What should I do?? Keep waiting?? How long does this take??:headscratch:

Personally, I think you were REALLY wrong to wait to send your part of the trade, if the other mama does not know that you did that.

International shipping is S-L-O-W at Christmastime. Most first class packages take 3-5 weeks to arrive. So now you’re upset that your part of teh trade hasn’t arrived yet, how do you think the other mama will feel when hers will take 3-5 weeks longer now?

HeWearsCloth 12-22-2009 01:07 PM

Re: Is this normal??
Okay I simply asked a question everyone don’t need to be ganging up on me!

The mama does know I still have mine and I’m simply holding it because I’ve been screwed before so I alway’s wait until I receive the other item’s and I ship mine priority with a tracking number! I didn’t see the harm in this as a mama asked me to ship mine first because of her previous expeiences so I did, also I did NOT know it could take this long to receive an item from Canada or anywhere else or I would have shipped this sooner. To ship it today would just be dumb esp. cause of Christmas coming right around the corner, so I will be at the mail box first thing SATURDAY mornig as I live right across from the P.O.!

Besides I’m not going to scam her. I love this site and I wouldn’t do anything to jepordize my name on it. I’m just new at this and just because I was asked to do this before and I did and I agreed because I trust people I’m not going to live my life being paranoid, I take chances! Besides, until I knew that it took this long to ship I was thinking I was going to get scammed (if I was to send mine out) since I had yet to receive something.

Thank you to those who helped clear up my question’s and for the rest of you I’m not so thankful!


HeWearsCloth 12-22-2009 04:51 PM

Re: Is this normal??
The trader know’s I waited and as for the two who recently left a comment. You don’t even know what were talking about so theres no need for your two cents. Thanks!!
  1. monkey says:

    My do not b/s/t list is soooooooo long.

  2. Nosy Nelly says:

    quote * I alway’s wait until I receive the other item’s and I ship mine priority with a tracking number*

    SO, I wonder if she realizes that shipping to Canada Priority with tracking is going to cost her at least $15-20??

  3. Foo-man-choo says:

    IMO she doesn’t have enough feedback to say what she “always” does.

  4. werd says:

    oh for pete’s sake! I hate these people who are all “I’m going to ask you for advice but don’t respond unless you agree with me”. BGP’s stat!

  5. bored says:

    i posted on that thread before she deleted it. I can’t believe she waits to ship untill she gets her end of the bargain first! i woud be so livid if she ever did that to me! and I seriously doubt that she let the canadian mama know that she is holding her item untill she gets hers first. she probably made that up so she wouldn’t look so bad

  6. rainbow says:

    Has this thread piqued anyone’s interest?


    Is the mama pregnant or not? Is she having twins or not? Is she a scammer?

  7. adensmama says:

    Uh wow…so not cool! A trade is when you freaking TRADE, which to normal people means sending the items at the same time. So you like, get them at the same time? Duh?

  8. smithmom says:

    Ok, now this pisses me off…

    I just did a trade with this mama, and I have a lot more feedback than she does (my 334 to her 15) and she pulled this with me. I didn’t realize it though until she posted that thread and I went and looked at the package and sure enough she waited 5 days to ship my end. She shipped the day she got my end and she used parcel post.

    We agreed to our trade on 12/2, I sent my end out the next day and she got it on 12/7. She mailed my package out on 12/7 and I didn’t get it until 12/21.

    Man I wish I hadn’t have said she shipped fast in her FB, I just thought it was so slow because she shipped parcel post, but that she had took it to the PO the same day I mailed my end out! She was so nice in our PMs too. 😦

  9. Foo-man-choo says:

    #8 I would be livid after seeing her thread, too.

    That means she’s totally lying when she said that she makes sure that this holding items practice of hers is OK with her trading partner. Niiiice.

  10. Myra says:

    The trade thing – LAME! If you’re that skeptical about doing it, don’t!

    #6 – no way is she pregnant with twins. I don’t buy it for a second. Even before I read “the rest of the story”, my BS radar went off. No one who is full term with twins is that blissful. It is miserable. I noticed some other things that didn’t quite jive, but I thought I was being too nitpicky…and then I read the rest and it’s pretty obvious she’s not.

  11. smithmom says:

    OK, it’s getting harder to bite my tongue on the trade thread…

    She says “As far as my past partner’s not knowing, I gave the all DCs and told them when I will be shipping out so I’m not sure what that one mama is talking about.”

    She sent me the DC# on the 7th, after she asked on the 4th on my mailing address. This was after I had sent some PP (on the 2nd) with my shipping addy.

  12. Sharpie says:

    I don’t know if I’ve just been caught with the holiday spirit or what but it that woman would have told me “You don’t even know what were talking about so theres no need for your two cents. Thanks!!” I would have told her to shove her fucking computer up her ass.

    Just saying.

  13. Rebecca says:

    I left the OP a comment, and yeah. Its total BS. I like how she countered that the other mama ‘knew’ she was waiting to ship the diapers. I bet that hurts her trading options. I hope the feedback starts to reflect this as well.

    #8 – I was born 10 days before my due date (as a twin), and you can bet that my mother wasn’t all giddy about diapers. She was just glad to get a 6lb 8oz AND a 7lb 8oz kid out of her gut.

    #11 – yeah that really makes the link from #8 look like a lie.

    People are pooholes sometimes.

  14. smithmom says:

    I couldn’t bite it anymore. 😦 I know it will probably get the thread deleted but I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. Sorry guys!

    I posted this…

    Ok, so I’ve tried to bite my tongue on this thread, but I can’t do it anymore.

    You are seriously in the wrong here for keeping your end until you get her end. I just did a trade with you and left you positive feedback. To bad I can’t change it, cause after reading this thread you don’t deserve it. Had I known you were going to hold my package until you got my end, I would not have traded with you. You are a lot newer than me and have way less feedback but I sent my end out the next day, you sent yours out the afternoon after you got my package.

    I didn’t even notice what day you sent it out until I read this post. I just though that it took your end 15 mailing days to get it because you shipped parcel post, not because you waited 4 days to mail. You never told me you were waiting to get my end first or that there would be a delay in shipping for any reason. We PM’d about the trade on 12/2, I sent my end out on 12/3 and you got it on 12/7, you asked for my mailing addy on 12/4 (after I had already sent it with my PP) and then you still didn’t ship until 12/7 and I got it 12/21.

  15. Kimbella says:

    I bet a mod would let you change your FB if you asked. It’s worth a shot anyway!

  16. Lolanae says:

    Reading back over that thread, the OP even has holes in her story in her replies. She seems scammy to me.

  17. Cylon-Frakker says:

    Wow! That’s pretty frakking scammy. On trades, I always ship the same day as my partner. That’s what TRADE means.

    And there is a BIG difference between Parcel Post and Priority. If your item is that big/heavy, use a FLAT RATE BOX, that’s what they are for. Guarantee 9 times out of 10, a FRB will be the same price or similar as the parcel post shipping, and after I sent a customer’s items parcel ONCE, and they took 2 weeks to arrive and went the entire OPPOSITE direction, I have NEVER used parcel again. I suck it up and eat shipping cost before I will ever ship Parcel.

    And AT CHRISTMASTIME? Seriously?

  18. Myra says:

    If she were a scammer, would she out herself like this? I think she’s a dumb, selfish bi***h.

  19. smithmom says:

    #16 – I PM’d sweet_fantasy_fox and asked, I’m waiting on a reply back.

    #18 – It was 4 small pocket fitteds with inserts included. The inserts were the microfiber towels that you get in the auto section with a layer of flannel sewn on them. It cost her $5.70(not sure if that includes the DC or not, that’s just what the stamps add up to) to ship. I traded her 6 snappi’s (that had maybe only been used 5x each) +$2 in PP.


  20. smithmom says:

    Sweet_Fantasy_Fox reworded my feedback. It’s still a positive but does say that she held my end of the trade now.

  21. Cylon-Frakker says:

    She could have fit that in priority tyvek envelope and mailed it for $4.80 if she paid with paypal, and then DC would have been FREE

  22. DSDM2 says:

    21- That is good to hear.

  23. Lolanae says:

    SFF made the re-wording super obvious too….like all capital letters. Awesome. hehe

  24. mmspirit7 says:

    um isn’t she on cdn and been talking about issues as well?

  25. Taterbug says:

    #25, I think you might be confused. MotherMoonPads was responding to the OP (HeWearsCloth) by quoting her original posting, she isn’t the OP. Unless I’m the confused one.

  26. monkey says:

    #25… isn’t who on CDN?

  27. mmspirit7 says:

    oh 26 thanks ok i am sorry

  28. mmspirit7 says:

    ok re read and I was wrong i like mother moon pads and was sad to think this was her.

  29. MotherMoonPads says:

    Oh no, it’s not me!! I just quoted her original post before she deleted. The scammy trade chick is HeWearsCloth

  30. I honestly laughed SO hard when she told me I didn’t know what I was talking about, because she closed her topic and deleted the OP. I agree with 19- she’s just a selfish idiot.

  31. mmspirit7 says:

    30….please I am soo sorry I was confused I didn’t think you would do something like that and I know you have had a string of bad luck I am so sorry. Off topic but did you get your new doll?

  32. MotherMoonPads says:

    I have had a string of bad luck buying lately 😦 My new doll was shipped out Monday via Priority, but hasn’t arrived yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it still comes today, but I bet it’ll be after Christmas.

    I just hope no one else thinks it’s me though! 🙂

  33. Foo-man-choo says:

    MotherMoonPads – I don’t think anyone else thought it was you 🙂

    Smithmom – WTG! Good for you saying something. Her behavior is scammy, but I agree that she is probably not out to scam for $$, she is just a selfish liar. Her responses make it obvious she is super childish, too.

  34. werd says:

    Me too, Denelle… super bad luck with trading lately. And I’m still waiting on a camera that shipped Priority last Friday! It’s showing as scanned in, and that’s it. I hate USPS during the holidays!!

    I call BS on the twins lady. Who goes like 8 months without mentioning being pregnant, let alone having TWINS?!

  35. JustPeachy says:

    Jackie thats thing is NO ONE does! Even me who really wanted to keep it under wraps for a while because of the issues dh and I have had couldn’t keep my trap shut for more than a day LOL.

  36. BloggityBloggity says:

    25- Are you talking about Alioop?

  37. BloggityBloggity says:

    As far as the OP. That’s just fucking ridiculous. I would be so pissed if someone held my end of the trade without telling me. That is just plain wrong (and insulting, to boot!) I always try to ship at the exact same time. That way both parties have an equal amount of risk involved. How fucking shady to wait to ship with her feedback of a whopping FIFTEEN! Dumbass.

  38. Myra says:

    Also, twin mamas typically don’t say “bottom baby”, they say “baby A” or “twin A”.

  39. werd says:

    True Dat peach! I was going to wait until I was further along because I had a m/c the month before I got pregnant with Xander, and I ended up blurting when I was 6 weeks along, the DAY I got home from our honeymoon!! If I was pregnant with twins, I’d be shitting my pants and screaming from the rooftops!

    And if someone withheld my trade without notifying me first, I’d shank a bitch!

  40. monkey says:


    You know what’s funny? As long as I’ve seen you on here and on CDN I JUST put together who you are here and who you are there…. lol… I has teh dumbz.

  41. lollerskating says:

    Christmas brings out the crazies!

  42. MotherMoonPads says:

    #37, she was talking about me (I’m keepyourbabyclose on CDN, and my issues were from an Etsy seller who sent me a doll 4 inches too short (was supposed to be 12, it came 8″ tall) and basically told me I should just be happy with it because she said the measurements were approximate, and it was only a present for me anyways. She left me a fantastic retaliatory negative, and Etsy removed the neg I left for her because I used a direct quote, but left the one she left for me. It’s just been one fantastic transaction *sigh*

    BTW, the new doll came today and it’s gorgeous.

  43. mmspirit7 says:

    glad to hear the doll came and again sorry. It didn’t sound like you and I miss read. I am the dumbass here.

  44. werd says:

    LOL monkey! Yeah I’m not too hard to figure out!!

  45. JustPeachy says:

    Look who decided to crawl out from under the rock she hid under a few weeks ago

  46. try me, i'm new! says:

    that is one high class hyena cart. the graphics – so awesome, my computer isn’t cool enough to display them.

    remind me what her drama was?

  47. CJ says:

    Was she the one selling the scrappy longies which were made from wool that she had failed to return to a customer after a YYMN slot?

  48. Taterbug says:

    #48, yes, and not only that, she claimed they were made with all “premium yarn scraps”. Purewool is nice, but it is not premium yarn.

  49. CJ says:

    Ah right. That was a fun one.
    I was just looking at the past items and noticed that the grinch longies are there. Is that the same knitter?

  50. try me, i'm new! says:

    oh, i remember her now. lovely.

  51. MotherMoonPads says:

    Don’t worry about it, Mmspirit 🙂

  52. Aj says:

    Does flufflybutt drive anyone else crazy on DS, or is it just me?

  53. Roxyrocks says:

    Fluffybutt is Felisha and YES she drives me crazy….

    I really felt sorry for her at first and thought maybe she was young, dumb, and needed attention but I think it is more then that. She is nothing more then a shit starter and then plays dumb like she doesn’t know what she is doing.

  54. DSDM2 says:

    53 + 54, I noticed that lately too. I just cannot believe that anyone is as dumb as she pretends to be.

  55. cubanita says:

    she’s a dick wad… drives me crazy

  56. werd says:

    teehee… dick wad!

  57. Lolanae says:

    I swear Felisha just loves to hit all the buttons that rile people up. I love her comment about the no socks/shoes. People would give me shit for not dressing DD warm enough as an infant. She was(and still is) a heater, and over heats easily. I had her dressed just fine for her body temp.

    I love how Felisha will judge the would, but heaven help when someone judges her.

  58. cubanita says:

    aaaaaaaand it’s locked! didn’t take long. :\

  59. JustPeachy says:

    Whats locked?
    And yes Felisha does purposely post shit to rile people up. If you look at her past posts on CDN you will see it very obviously.
    Too bad its not Tuesday because I think we found our twatwaffle.

  60. monkey says:


    She didn’t last long on CDN did she? It was like, “Wham, bam, get the hell off our board.”

  61. monkey says:

    Question: If a store is inactive on HC does that mean you can’t see it’s feedback?

  62. JustPeachy says:

    #62 no you should still be able to view the feedback. I just checked 🙂

  63. JustPeachy says:

    WTF is wrong with this chick? Msg me for pictures?

  64. JustPeachy says:

    Does anyone else get that troll vibe feeling from that sheleighya chick? Her story is just beyond belief and each time she posts I just find it that much harder to swallow. I realize that there are men out there who are like that but why would you put all that out there in the open?

  65. Aj says:

    I don’t know if she’s a troll so much as just really really underprivledged and dumb.

    And I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one who can’t stand fb/felisha. She starts a new thread every 2.7 seconds and it makes me want to throw up.

  66. monkey says:


    If we’re looking at the same store it’s odd because I can’t see it.

  67. 67- There’s one particular store that NEEDS to have it’s feedback checked before people purchase, but she seems to have a convenient (for her) glitch, so her feedback won’t show up. I sent her a message regarding the ‘technical error’, and hopefully HC Support can remedy the situation. 😉

  68. JustPeachy says:

    email me the link to the store angel_eyed_temptress@yahoo.com .
    I checked another inactive store and I could still view her feedback.

  69. DSDM2 says:

    Go on and stick it up here. I’d love to know who it is.

  70. JustPeachy says:

    #68 probably the same store. I also emailed HCSupport about it too cus thats bull.

  71. JustPeachy says:

    Well its someone whos been on here recently so Im just gonna post it. Its Closet on Queen Creek.

  72. Aj says:

    Peachy, I saw you started the game “poke the troll.” Thank god, someone had to do it 🙂

  73. JustPeachy says:

    I couldn’t resist. I wanna reach thru my comp screen and bop her one so badly!

  74. JustPeachy says:

    Her feedback is fixed but she has all positives.

  75. werd says:

    niiiice. I left COQC (cock hahahah ) feedback on the The Wading Pool congo and its not showing up – that was where I bought the I Spy Bag from Hell, through. That sucks!

  76. JustPeachy says:

    Im getting banned again over that stupid twat ROFL.
    From power tripping happy2bamommy
    You have been asked multiple times to be polite when posting on these forums.

    I had reports come in again today on what is perceived as “attacking a member” by those who reported you.

    I will be deciding along with other administrators what needs to happen from this point. You have been warned far more than the normal amount for a member on here.

    Honestly, after looking over post that have had to be deleted, it appears as if you are intentionally trying to create drama in a few cases and fuel the flames in many cases.

    I’ll pm you again soon letting you know the outcome of your actions here on DiaperSwappers.

  77. DSDM2 says:

    Werd, let them know, it should all be combined.

  78. Messy says:

    They closed twatwaffle Felisha’s thread before I could comment :::wahhh!!!:::
    I GAVE MY SON MT DEW IN HIS BOTTLES!!! Yup. My now 8 yr old, had mt dew in his bottles, esp out in public.
    He is a diabetic. He refused anything in his bottle at all besides water. He still refuses to drink milk or juice :::sigh::: I was sooo over milk and juice by the time he was born (number 7), but did not realize that if you do not give a baby juice early on, he will not drink it in a bottle later.
    If we were out and about, his sugar was more likely to dip faster (not eating like at home) and it was during an ER visit that we learned he would drink mt dew in a bottle. And that is what pumped up his sugar!!! He still won’t drink juice. He refuses to eat candy. Hates chocolate (yes, I have considered getting a DNA test to prove to myself that he is my son… but this was a bad dh trait that he passed on to most of our kids!)
    So, if you (read: Felisha) were out and saw me pumping my kid’s bottle with mt dew, I would have loved to kick your ass for butting into my child’s health and my business.

    She is an immature piece of crap who has more issues than a tv guide!!!

  79. Aj says:

    Really, you’re getting banned? Do the mods not see a pattern with Felisha? Seriously, every other thread she starts get deleted or locked, wtf?

  80. Messy says:

    #82 EXACTLY! That is just nuts. I just have to realize, that as usual, DS has no idea WTF they are doing.

  81. Aj says:

    Has anyone invited Felisha here?

  82. monkey says:

    Messy, my son STILL won’t drink juice (he’s almost 2)… even from a cup.

  83. JustPeachy says:

    Apparently not and I tried to point it out but the admin I was dealing with has her head up her ass as customary for most DS admins (I say most cus there are 1 or 2 who are actually decent). That fucking cunt had the balls to pm me on DS and ask me wtf my problem is. My fucking problem is I hate judgmental twatwaffles like her and I hate that she had to go run and tattle cus I hurt her feelings. What I posted on that thread was NOTHING in comparison to what I could have posted.

  84. Myra says:

    Well, clearly there’s a need for a new smiley. A coke bottle with a nipple on it and an X over top of it. Then people can add it to their signatures so everyone knows where they stand on the soda issue.

    I don’t get why it was closed. That didn’t even get toasty, certainly not hot enough to close the thread.

  85. Aj says:

    Did everyone see tummymommy/liddle1 is leaving? What will I do without her 800 posts a day?

  86. sweet says:

    #88, I saw that thread and headed over here to see if it was up yet. Ugh!

  87. lurker7 says:

    and her good bye is creating a drama already LOL. What was said about her here? I am curious now.

  88. DSDM2 says:

    Not much. It is on this thread https://thedramaofdiaperswappers.wordpress.com/2009/07/06/if-a-baby-is-hungry-feed-it/ The OP isn’t about her, and there are only a handful of comments. Pretty tame really.

  89. werd says:

    I responded. I’m really tired of being lumped into the “gossipy bitches” category. And really tired of hearing “go play with your kids” etc. Ugh!

  90. Honestly, I followed the posted link and was seriously scratching my head, trying to remember where she was mentioned.
    Anyway, I think her reasoning is ridiculous, and I’m glad that so many other people are nipping the, “Quit neglecting your kids,” comments in the bud. People are idiots. I appreciate this blog because I can see what ACTUALLY goes down on BOTH sides of transactions, because DS won’t let you say a word, which is why people are scammed over and over and over.

  91. werd says:

    Lovely ban you got there, Peach. LOL.

  92. Aj says:

    How did you post there Peachy?

  93. JustPeachy says:

    Don’t ask! I guess Im not entirely banned yet? I know I can’t view any of the FSOT threads which absolutely sucks. I was just as surprised when I got on a half hour ago to realize I could stay logged in and still view the site. Maybe this is their new form of “banning”.

  94. JustPeachy says:

    Do you see my siggy?

  95. JustPeachy says:

    OMG IM DYING OVER HERE! I seriously think no one knows wtf they are doing. First they didn’t even activate my ban yet but yet it was in my siggy. So I went to edit my siggy and deleted it LOL.

  96. LOL- Peach, you baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad lady!

  97. JustPeachy says:

    I feel like a merry prankster ROFL. Its sad that I lead such a boring life that this is exciting to me LOL.

  98. JustPeachy says:

    Oh and I guess instead of putting me in the banned group they put me in the wagon group so I just took myself out.
    Anyone wanna guess how long its gonna be before they realize their fuck up?

  99. Peach, you’re crazy! Defying such authority. Tsk,tsk. 😉

    I’m pretty sure no mods have noticed it yet, or it’d be gone. My gosh, the entire thing discusses this blog, which is an ENORMOUS no-no.

    I’m just sitting here snickering, waiting for them to notice, and see if they can find my well-placed acronym for another website. =-X

  100. magpiedpiper says:

    Peach, Happy2bamommy just loooooves to exert her power, and must spend a ton of time here reading. Seriously, she closed the thread while “looking into” some things, meaning she wanted to see just who posted here and in that thread so she could ban them.

  101. JustPeachy says:

    I’ve noticed that. She hand slapped me over the whole mommy2gr8kids thing too.

  102. JustPeachy says:

    AWWW my fun is over with 😦

  103. RIP, Peach. You shall be missed in the troll-poking. See you in June! 😛

  104. Pariah1 says:

    peach don’t feel bad you can always make a new account using a proxy. they haven’t figured that trick out yet. thats how i view DS.

  105. monkey says:

    Aw Peach… you always have CDN.

  106. thewitch says:

    Man, Peach that sucks. Everyone I actually liked at DS has been banned. What does that say about me? LOL Ah well, CDN’s a lot more fun anyways.

  107. JustPeachy says:

    LOL Im not losing any sleep over it. I was angry at first but now I’ve accepted it and moved on. DS sucked cept for the FSOT but considering I don’t even use their FSOT too much, its not even worth it.

  108. kukukachoo says:

    111. :recordscratch: I’m still at DS :sob: LOL! just kidding- I don’t even know who you are. 🙂

  109. DSDM2 says:

    The Fluffy butt troll is working on 2 different sets of posts to be locked right now.

    Peach, so sorry about the ban. Poke the Troll hour was so worth it.

  110. JustPeachy says:

    Oh really now? Shes on the fast track huh?

  111. Aj says:

    Links dsdm2?

  112. DSDM2 says:

    Look in the military forum. 😉 One is a “help us, we are in trouble” money thread, the other is a military deployment pay thread where she calls a mama out for something that she said was ok in another thread. When she was quoted, she jumps all over everyone for jumping on her. I’m on my phone right now and can’t get the links really fast.

  113. Lolanae says:

    That money thread has gone full friggin’ circle…

    “OMG I don’t know what we’re going to do, they can’t take the money back!”

    *Insert a few people questioning the holes in her/her DH’s story about what happened*

    “My DH isn’t a liar. His captain told him everything was fine and to not worry about the over payment.”

    *Insert folks discussing the idiotic captain and how if they know it was over payment why didn’t they set it aside*

    “I don’t want to do a loan. We don’t need more debt.”

    *Insert folks telling her lots of ways to get help*

    “Oh we will just use our taxes and do it with our LES (paystub)”

    *Insert folks telling her that would be a LOAN and a bad one and to just wait for the W2*

    “Okay, sure. We’re getting back about 7k, so we’ll be okay.”

    *Insert CDMP posting about the wedding ring thread*

    “Oh, we’ll be okay to spend that money on that, then 2k to cover the over payment, and then who knows what with the rest.”

    *Insert more banter*

    Then Felisha starts getting pissy about random shit, women getting more uniform allowance (they have to buy more than men), people not agreeing with her, ect.

    The OPSEC thread she jumped someone about postings the specific day, but said it was okay to say “It’s been X days until I kissed him.” Some services don’t jump on you about specifics, but generally, it’s not a good practice to post that stuff on a public forum. It’s more than just the service members safety, OPSEC also covers your own ass.

  114. Aj says:

    She’s such a spaz!

  115. Aj says:

    DId anyone see the original post? I didn’t.

  116. MotherMoonPads says:

    Nope, I didn’t AJ.

  117. adensmama says:

    #118 She sounds like a complete fucking moron. And either her DH is also a moron, or she’s also crazy and just making shit up. Or all of the above.

    I can barely stand DS anymore just for the ads alone! I can never even read my PMs because of that shit.

  118. Nosy Nelly says:

    OP sent embroidered FB to someone else to add extra snaps, and was informed by them that there is now a hole in the FB, so they aren’t going to charge her for adding the snaps…. but she now has FB with a hole in it.

  119. Just Peachy says:

    Disclaimer or not that does not exempt her from responsibility in the event she destroys someones diaper. Winter needs to go pull her head out of her ass.

  120. werd says:

    WOW – this one has a craptastic attitude… and the do not B/S/T list grows…


    I’m sorry, but being the mom of 7 kids doesn’t make it okay to not ship something for almost a month.

  121. turkey lurkey says:

    #126, I was just coming here to post this. Nice YAGE.

  122. Just Peachy says:

    I hate the excuse well we are all mothers. That excuse don’t fly with me because even being a mom you should have time to take the 5 minutes it takes to print a shipping label on paypal. People act like it takes hours to go to the PO when in reality it takes like 10 freaking minutes. These ladies need to get over themselves.

  123. Messy says:

    I’ve got more than 7 kids and I ALWAYS send out anything I sell or trade within a day (or two on a weekend). Otherwise, when things are hectic, like they seem to have been for the last few months, I DON’T get in selling or trading positions. If I can’t ship and communicate, I don’t need to sell. Period. That’s with no kids, 2 kids, or 50 kids.
    Too bad they closed the thread…

  124. nu says:

    I wondered if that was going to make it over here.

  125. monkey says:

    I don’t get that. How do you not feel bad about waiting that long to ship?

    I recently shipped something four days late and felt just awful about it. The mama was super understanding, but I felt terrible (of course I also communicated with her).

  126. Munklettes says:

    Messy, you should post that! She’s really hanging on to the “Well, 7 kids is WAY different than 2 or 3” mentality. I’m not saying it isn’t, because I couldn’t imagine 7 kids in my house right now, but it would be nice to hear from someone who does have that many children, and still ships on time in that thread.

  127. werd says:

    oh goody… look who opened a HC?


  128. angelique says:

    126. I was so ready to post on that girl….every comment was “me, me, me” and “I feel this is right/wrong” and other people should be like me. If you can’t handle b/s/t AND your 7 kids then stop trying to. It was crazy she thinks everyone is going to cater and soothe her thru each transaction just cuz shes a mom?

  129. Aj says:

    I know, I really wanted to post on that thread before it got closed. Really, why is it my problem that you have 7 kids? Oh right, it’s not.

  130. Munklettes says:

    133 – her feedback is gone! :-0

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