Where was the co-op and who is the WAHM?


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So, if a coop goes “bad” (i.e. items not being received by most participants; items not really being shipped when they are said to be & lots of excuses on the part of the WAHM) BTW this is a drop-shipping coop NOT on DS for some big ticket items….

Anyway the coop host (who incidentally was one of only 3 folks to actually receive her stuff) seems very lackadaisical about all of the shipping delays & excuses but I just think that the WAHM didn’t complete items on time & called for shipping just to make it appear that stuff would actually be here by Christmas (I would not have ordered otherwise)

since coop stuff is paid to the host as “personal” is there any recourse to get $ back for these items which I do not believe have shipped or are even complete? It’s just about the 45 day pp window (for the original payment)…the best I could do is claim against the shipping I paid, but a tracking # will show in pp (it’s just a label was printed message, though)

  1. Roxyrocks says:

    It was one CC(crunchy cooperative) it was Queen creek I think?

  2. Roxyrocks says:

    opps I meant *on*

  3. Jen says:

    I thought it was the fabric one everyone always complains about through the yahoo group….cant think of the name right now, it is escaping me.

  4. DSDM2 says:

    There is another thread in T&F about a co-op too.. anyone know if it is the same?

  5. 3- Are you referring to Stork’s Pre-Order? I’m a member and get the daily digests, but have never ordered. I’ve been receiving more and more emails from them lately with complaints about stuff. This morning’s digest had a few complaints, one of which being a mom saying, ‘Hey, I paid for my shipping before halloween, but don’t have my stuff yet!’

  6. Thud says:

    Closet on Queen Creek

  7. melmelly says:

    Money paid to host as “personal” throws a red flag to me. Why would anyone pay for it that way instead of “goods”?

  8. kitty1163 says:

    8: Since the PP switch, all the coops I’ve been working on have taken orders as personal so no fees. Then you pay shipping with fees so host can print shipping label.

  9. adensmama says:

    I thought it would be Closet on Queen’s Creek (being run by CC) but I don’t know for sure.

    All the coops I’ve done on there you pay for your order as personal to avoid fees, and then pay for shipping as goods so they can print a shipping label for you.

  10. Thud says:

    YOu can get your money back… I did on a coop (another insanely slow shipping one, with no communication)~ the seller agreed and the coop leader refunded me.

  11. MotherMoonPads says:

    #8, it’s done to protect the host of the coop from chargebacks.

  12. Lolanae says:

    This screams of the stuff I’ve been hearing about Closet on Queen’s Creek co-op/in general.

  13. Erin says:

    I’m in this co-op. It’s getting bad, but it’s NOT Jodi’s fault! She has done everything she’s supposed to do- she is IN contact with Rhonda, who’s telling her things are being shipped, blah, blah. She’s(jodi) keeping in contact with us. I think they’ve run this co-op before and not had trouble, which is why I believe Jodi is not freaked out.

    I’ve not gotten my order. Have a PP ship email, but zero movement on that DC#. It will not get here by Christmas, whatever. Hoping it gets here by New Years. I will most likely not ever shop with Closet on Queen Creek again.

    While mail is incredibly slow(I had a Priority package take 6wks to get to me!!!), Rhonda’s ridiculous excuses are what have most people upset. It’s obvious she does not have her stuff together and she should not be doing co-op’s.

  14. Jodi says:

    I have been in contact with Rhonda of Closet on Queen Creek. I got one situation with Violet’s order and Billi’s order resolved and their items will arrive by Christmas.

    I am doing the best I can here and if items are not received by Christmas I will be doing what I can to get people refunded, but with that said she has until Thursday to get items to the correct people!

  15. Jodi says:

    Just wanted to follow up on this claim that her items are scheduled for delivery today according to her DC#. Think maybe she was a bit harsh and jumped to the gun when starting her thread. I outed myself over there and that thread was pulled, but wanted to follow up here as well.

    All items in this coop have been completed and mailed. All pictures of the items are in the coop thread. Rhonda did say she prints the labels and then does a bulk run to the PO so items may ship later than she printed, but she doesnt make it to the PO daily.

  16. werd says:

    I wondered if it was Closet on Queen Creek. I just had a really bad experience with her, posted about it on CDN

  17. adensmama says:

    So…this doesn’t have anything to do with the coop but I noticed something weird on HC.

    What is up with orange piggy’s little dog and her “signature” snake head i-cord? It kinda freaks me out, I don’t like snakes. I was looking at her store because she’s having a sale and found this:

    “***The snake head is my signature. It comes with all my drawstrings. I will not remove it. (If you want further explanation please contact me) Thank you for understanding.***”

  18. werd says:

    18 – weird! That sucks too because I like a few of her pairs of longies and want to buy them but I am TERRIFIED of snakes and hate them! And I don’t like the looks of them on that drawstring. 😦

  19. kitty1163 says:

    18: I hate hate hate hate HATE snakes. Saw that a few weeks back and thought NO WAY. Would never ever ever put anything snakelike on my kid.

  20. adensmama says:

    Right??! That’s exactly what I thought and I honestly wonder how much business she is losing because of it. It creeps me out so much that I would undo it myself if I could stomach it. It just seems weird that she would insist on selling everything with that on there.

  21. werd says:

    21 agreed. I bet she is losing quite a bit – I was ready to buy 2 pairs until I noticed the snake head thingy. And I don’t want o pay for longies only to have to take them apart KWIM?

  22. Myra says:

    I hate the snake thing, but more than that, I’m put off by her refusal to take it off. There are other ways she could use it in branding her shop without coming off as a weirdo with an attitude.

  23. monkey says:

    It’s a shame but I think QonQC may have killed her store with the fiasco of this co-op and some other recent bad transactions.

    It’s a shame because the item I got from her was super nice. I really wanted to order a couple of other things from her but after my first item took forever I didn’t feel comfortable ordering from her again. And now that all this has happened I’m really glad I didn’t.

  24. monkey says:

    oops, that should be ConQC.

  25. Thud says:

    ON the snake lady~ how are her bears baby friednly with a big long string on their neck? Just sayin’.

  26. monkey says:

    Ok… WTF is up with the pop out ads on DS?

    I barely ever go on DS anymore, but I was looking for some wool… these stupid ads keep popping into the screen (not pop ups, more like ads that are on the side getting bigger). Annoying.

  27. werd says:

    24 agreed – she sent me a replacement item and it was lovely! She really needs to get her stuff together!

  28. adensmama says:

    #27 that is annoying the crap out of me too!

  29. dirtyj says:

    I dont mind the snake thing personally

  30. CJ says:

    I love knit snakes, we have a good collection of them as toys. I do think that a snake hanging down the front of a pair of trousers may be poor taste on a toddler though. 🙂

    Sad to hear about CoQC. Her products always looked really nice.

  31. DSDM2 says:

    Neither do I dirtyj.

  32. Thud says:

    #28~ that seems to be the issue, but how long does that take? Sh ehas been at this a couple years and it is worse, not better…

  33. monkey says:

    I feel bad for Jodi. I’m not in the Closet on Queen Creek co-op but read the thread (I’m in two other co-ops over there). I think Jodi was trying to stay calm and keep everyone else calm and that came off as her not being concerned or caring. If you read the thread some of her responses do come off as taking it lightly, but when you realize she was in contact with all the individual buyers you realize that she is probably just trying to keep everything calm and not jump the gun.

  34. notmeatall says:

    I wanna know what a six hundred dollar wrap is made out of…
    T&F on ds (Copy and paste is not working)

  35. JustPeachy says:

    Wool perhaps? Ive never seen a wrap that expensive. I think 200 dollars was the most Ive ever seen one listed for.

  36. Lolanae says:

    35 – What is the post name?

  37. JustPeachy says:

    Im guessing from my research its a Didymos Pfau which is a wrap they made when they first started selling in 1972. I guess its highly sought after although it escapes me as to why other than they haven’t been manufactured since 1982 (correct me if I am wrong).

  38. JustPeachy says:

    Ugh for some reason wordpress ate my comment and says I am posting a duplicate comment so heres the link

  39. Myra says:

    What the what? A $600 wrap? For real?

  40. sheepthrills says:

    I don’t even know how I would convince DH I needed to spend $600 on a wrap, even pretending we had that kind of disposable income. WOW.

  41. MatildasMum says:

    A Pamir wrap would be a bargain at $600. There are many, many very expensive wraps out there – dependent on fabric, dye job, ease of finding, etc.

    Jen – I had a Pfau that I paid about $100 for. They can be easily found. Sure – some are worth more than others but I don’t think that’s it.

  42. monkey says:


    That’s just batshit crazy.

    But hey… not my money.

  43. monkey says:

    The $600 wrap I mean.

  44. Laura says:

    Has someone asked her about the snakes? What’s the reason behind it? Why won’t she leave it off? If I purchased something from her how easy would it be for someone to take the snakes off? They totally creep me out!!

  45. naturalmamadot says:

    what store is the snake thing on? I cant find it googling orange piggy or orange piggy’s little dog or adding in snake to the search lol

  46. naturalmamadot says:

    nm jen linked me

  47. anAKmama says:

    The snake thing is kind of bizarre. I don’t hate snakes, but don’t want one wrapped around my kid’s waist. even a fake one.

    I might be weird, but I wouldn’t buy from that store anyway, because the name annoys me. I also scroll by all the listings for the WAHMbulance congo without looking at them, because that name annoys me too.

  48. MilkMaid (AKA teacup, idontgetit, It’s A Snap, Newherebutwow, MilkMaid) says:

    I bought from Rhonda once and she is UBER slow…lovely work but very very slow.

  49. MilkMaid (AKA teacup, idontgetit, It’s A Snap, Newherebutwow, MilkMaid) says:

    Oh and so Closet on Queen Creek is now an inactive store on Hyena Cart? Does she sell elsewhere? Her Etsy Shop is empty.

  50. DSDM2 says:

    Well, damn, that is a huge price for a wrap!

  51. adensmama says:

    Someone should ask about the snake thing…I would do it, but I’m reeeeeally lazy.

  52. 51- Wonderland and The Wading Pool congos, plus co-ops she does on various groups.

  53. Meghan says:

    link to the snake thing? Or a name?

  54. Meghan says:

    Not a huge fan, but not awful, either. It’s a little distracting, but looks like really nice work.

  55. naturalmamadot says:

    lol didnt see the NM

  56. jeruco says:

    I have ordered from Rhonda many times and she always ships slow and has told me more than once that she shipped it and in reality she has not yet.
    Rhonda is a very nice person though and she will not scam anyone. I think she took on way more than she could handle. I am sure she paid for it trying to finish it all before Christmas and didnt sleep. So, I am sure it wasnt all nice an easy for her. Not that its any consolation for anyone, but I hope she learned her lesson on shipping so slow.

  57. Thud says:

    Honestly, though, I don’t get why people keep going back to someone who is slow and dishonest about it? Or why there is a double standard and someone pulls this crap at holiday time with people’s gifts and gets a pass where another WAHM would likely get skewered.
    Because people don’t say anything, or leave honest feedback about it, it keeps happening. Maybe if it actually had consequences she would fix the issue instead of exacerbating it.

  58. LilMama says:

    CoQC. Items were lovely but really not worth the hassle or $$. Back of blanket was not as ordered (not a real biggie, just another thing….)

    And golly gosh, sorry for starting a thread to get some info regarding what one can do to protect oneself in the event of a “bad” coop. I didn’t want to be out the $$ & just wanted to know IF I would have been…that’s all….

  59. Thud says:

    why are you apologizing?

  60. DSDM2 says:

    LilMama, there is nothing to apologize for, and you are not the target of the post, we were wondering who the co-op was with so we could warn people.

  61. lilmama says:

    #62 and #63
    (sorry, just a bitchy reaction because:)
    I just don’t think that my initial DS post should have been removed as it was not “dramatic” nor was anyone outed. I just wanted to know what recourse one would have if a coop went down the shitter.

    and #60, agreed.

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