You are right, you should have left it alone. Now you look like an ass, and a scammer. You can find the other side of the story on TF if you look 😉

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I should just let well enough alone

But I can’t. I feel like this folder is such a joke and I can’t sit on my hands hard enough to stop me from typing this post, even though I know it’s against the rules.

Not responding to a buyer’s PM about having sent the paypal does NOT mean that you are out and out ignoring her, it might just mean that you already knew that she sent it because you got an email notification about it from paypal. Telling the buyer that OF COURSE I apologized profusely only AFTER I had a paypal claim filed against me is ridiculous. I knew I was late with shipping and I was apologizing because I knew I was in the wrong. To turn my apologizing around into a reason why she should leave negative feedback is really ridiculous. Would it have been better if I hadn’t apologized for my own error at all? I had more than one transaction in the balance at the time of the one in question, and the other mama I was working with waited for a (timely) response to her PM about the shipping status. She and I agreed that priority shipping with an extra dipe thrown into her package would be fine, but the mama that you all advised filed a paypal claim just an hour after sending me a PM asking if I had a DC number. I know because I got the email notifications of both the PM and the paypal claim on my blackberry while I was driving to a job interview. If she still wanted to file a paypal claim after hearing that I had not shipped yet (which I was planning to tell her as soon as I got home), that would have been her prerogative.

And finally, ONE negative feedback that was left more than a YEAR ago out of 234 transactions is NOT “a history of this sort of thing”.


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  1. kukukachoo says:

    this chick has TWO HUNDRED & THIRTY FOUR feedbacks on DS and she still doesn’t know how to handle a transaction? sheeeesh.

  2. DSDM2 says:

    Yeah, this was 11 or some odd days after payment and she hadn’t shipped or contacted the buyer. I was reading her recent posts and she is claiming computer problems now. It’s the same old song, and not a good thing.

  3. Munklettes says:

    and *poof* it’s gone

  4. jenniferjunniper says:

    As far as I know this was not just an “oh, I did not get a chance to run to the PO today, I shipped a day later.” This was a “I dont care that I have your money, and you will just have to wait until I get around to responding to you.” Now I am assuming that is the transaction with kukukachoo?? Yeah, shady, is the word I would use. Well at least I know who to add to my do not b/s/t list!

  5. fashionista says:

    This mama is known to be a selfish bitch who only thinks of herself so Im not surprised she wouldnt have contacted the buyer about not shipping.

  6. fashionista says:

    I would like to add tho, I dont *think* she is a scammer. I think she is just an inconsiderate bitch 😉

  7. Just Peachy says:

    fashionista IMO they are on the same level. Im sorry I know we are all moms and everything but how hard is it to get a package in the mail within say 48-72 hours? Even when I was working part time, I still managed to get my packages out within that time frame.

  8. kukukachoo says:

    4> no, actually i had nothing to do with this transaction. i’m dealing with a different bitch.

  9. Meg says:

    Call me clueless, but what has this personal fight between two people got to do with Diaper Swappers, aside from their being unlucky enough to be the place where it occurred?
    Why is it the fault of diaper swappers?
    I’m not connected with them except that I browsed and bought some things 2 years ago, by the way. Just thought this was a bit odd.

  10. jenniferjunniper says:

    Sorry Kuku!!! I thought this was the same one!! Okay forget what I said!

  11. DSDM2 says:

    Meg, it is the stupidity involved in a bad transaction. Diaperswappers isn’t at fault for it..

  12. Aj says:

    #8, So wait, who’s the bitch?

  13. kukukachoo says:

    well, depends on who you ask! she’ll tell you i’m the bitch for wanting a refund on something that was never rec’d (and never showed any action on the shipping label).

    when a package never appears and the dc never gets scanned anywhere- it falls back on the seller, imo.

    now, had it been scanned at least one time somewhere then that would have been proof she did her part in mailing it and then it would have fallen on me as the buyer to have purchased insurance.

    tell me honestly, is that how you all feel too? i mean any one can print a label and never even stick it on a package. that’s why i usually take my to the po instead of pick-ups. kwim?

  14. downy20 says:

    14 – Many people will tell you on DS that insurance is on the seller. That the seller is completely responsible until the package shows delivered. So, especially in your case, it seems a refund is due to you. I agree that anyone can print a label and do nothing else. Sorry you are dealing with this. Will you name names because I really don’t want to deal with that seller?

  15. kukukachoo says:

    Until this is fully settled (as in my money back in my damn pocket), I’m not going to out her yet. I don’t want her to ba able to say I did one thing wrong.

  16. Myra says:

    I don’t think she’s a scammer, but I do think she is incredibly self-centered, too much to admit that she did something not so great and should have treated the buyer a little better. Has anyone read her posts? Her arrogance is astounding.

  17. fashionista says:

    Peachy- yes I agree that is just as bad. I was just stating that I didnt think she was actively taking the other mamas money with the intent of never sending it. Obviously Im not her so I cant say for sure whats going on in her self centered head, but I think its highly likely that she just didnt think to care about contacting the mama about when she would ship.

    Anyone that wants to search her posts can tell that she always only posts about herself and her fucked up life and doenst care what is going on with anyone else.

    Either way its a shitty situation for the buyer and IMO everyone should have her on their do not b/s/t list.

  18. žába says:

    Those two are a couple of odd balls. I would say it was one oddball scammer posting under 2 names, but really who would go so far as to talk to themselves? IDK…just weird.

  19. coffeehoar says:

    I’m the buyer who filed a pp claim against aranel7 because she was ignoring me. I also wrote the WWYD post on DS and was told to leave her a negative, although I haven’t left her anything as of now.

    If she was having problems at the same time with another buyer like she was with me, along with the one negative and two neutral that also cited problems with non-communication and late shipping, I’m surprised she had the balls to write that post on DS. I’m kinda glad I didn’t see it or I would have outed myself.

    She’s definately not a scammer, but I wouldn’t say I’d buy from her again. I had no reassurance she would have gotten back to me that night like she said. She may have ignored me (I have a feeling I was being punished for daring to ask her if she got my pp but no proof of that) until the cows came home.

  20. rivergoddess says:

    She sounds like a loon….She outed herself saying oh yes i never shipped it, then backpeddles then posts about the buyer wanting a refund…lovely!

  21. kitty1163 says:

    19: First one is poof.

  22. MotherMoonPads says:

    Sorry #23, guess you can’t link to a search.

    singlemomof3wannaCD is her name.

    #20, I thought it was the same person at first until I saw that they were talking to each other. They seem to know each other though, and they’re both on DS to beg for free diapers.

  23. CJ says:

    aranel7 rings a bell to me. I haven’t been on DS in ages and won’t go back but I am pretty sure that I bought prefolds off of her a long time ago. If it’s the same person that I’m thinking of, She took forever to ship and then when the “EUC, No Stains” prefolds arrived I found stains on half of them.

  24. Myra says:

    coffeehoar, I think you’re right about being punished. You dared to question whether her heinous (typo and it stays) got your pp and it annoyed her. She is nut.

  25. fashionista says:

    Cj- your probably right. Her stains are ungodly.

  26. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    oh my

  27. kukukachoo says:

    can someone give me a Juicy Apple 101 real quick?
    i posted a new JAR and got a response from the wahm who was the subject of the complaint. do all of the emails go out to everyone or how does that work? i’m new at yahoo groups. thanks!

  28. eeek says:

    No, if it’s not on the yahoo group everyone else can’t see it.

    & you’re JUST who I was thinking about posting to on CDN, so let me just do it here-

    I love a good scammer roasting as much as the next, but that’s not what your moronic cry for attention threads were. This was completely one sided and also, can I just say, I don’t even think the one side that was represented sounded that perfect?

    You didn’t get a package in 2 weeks. Sometimes the PO can take 2 weeks. Or even more. And if someone had filed a claim, gotten their money back at 2 weeks (when everyone knows sometimes things can get held up AND you have 45 days to file if it doesn’t show), and I knew I had sent them their stuff– I’d block their emails too, what else could be gained by trying to talk to someone who did that? She has to feel scammed and listen to you BITCH too?

    Also- paypal business names can be really difficult to change over. If you only saw celtic cloth on the last payment screen she probably had no idea at all that old business name was still on there. Before you go after someone’s business, you might want to make sure that you actually know what their business is. ONE click on the profile screen on celtic cloth creations would have told you the business was sold. If you wanted to make sure I’m sure you could have inquired more before slamming that business across the web, then just saying “well I guess she’s going to be mad at Jennifer”. No, I think she’s going to be mad at you, you’re the one slandering her business, the owner’s not the person you’re talking about.

    And you got her banned for long ago changing her UN on DS from her old business name to her new one? Huge victory for you. Wow. You’re like the scammer Sherlock Holmes.

    And I have nothing at all to do with three pears or celtic cloths- they might suck ass, I don’t know, none of either’s stuff has ever appealed to me enough to buy it- but YOUR lame drama side of the story was plain stupid.

  29. kukukachoo says:

    thanks for your help!

  30. kukukachoo says:

    yikes! i see i have a fan here! 🙂 looks like my lame drama side of the story was plain stupid enough for you to read it all.

    but really? i should somehow have the foresight to think that the business name on the account i paid my money to would be wrong? whatever- that’s ridiculous. i may be sherlock holmes- but i’m not clairvoyant.

  31. eeek says:

    Yeah, completely skip over that whole ridiculous pile of crap you posted and defend one small shred you can try to cling to. And yes, you didn’t have a transaction with celtic cloths AT ALL, if I’d seen a mention of the name in the paypal I would have checked it out before slandering the business that was never involved & is actually owned by someone else. Might have been pertinent, instead just makes your side look even weaker.

    I think soon the whole board is going to get a full story on this & we’ll see how it comes out, I’m looking forward to getting a full accounting from both sides, not just your side (as I said, your side was lame by itself). Have pity on us all & post your HC UN so we can avoid dealing with you and being the next people you smear to get ((hugs)) and ass pats.

    & yes, I was so horrified I read your whole cry for help. It was sad.

  32. kukukachoo says:

    the return address on her paypal account is:

    Celtic Cloths
    123 Some Street

    which means every package that goes in and out of her house that is a paypal transaction is bearing that business name. she knew- for a year now- she knew. no telling how many other unhappy people are associating her with celtic cloths b/c of her not changing the account name.

    i’m tuthguru on ds and i think i’m kukukachoo on hc too if you wanna look me up- we’ll do lunch.

  33. melmelly says:

    When I read those JAR, I had a moment of confusion because I had bought stuff from them right before they sold last year. I knew that the previous owner had been Jennifer, but was drawing a complete blank that Jamie was the new owner. I couldn’t remember her name, etc.

    Anyway, had I been that one to have written the JAR, I wouldn’t have made it look like Jennifer still owned Celtic Cloths. When one reads the JAR, it really looks like it is Celtic Cloths that is the “scammer”. If you have to absolutely include “Celtic Cloths” in the JAR, then just simply state that her email address is celticcloths, and her pp addy as well, or whatever. But don’t make it sound like SHE is the owner, when she hasn’t been for a year+.

    IT WAS AN ITEM BOUGHT OFF OF SPOTS! Not through Celtic Cloths, or Three Pears. I guess what irks me the most with this is how misleading the JAR is.

    OT, but two years ago SIL sent a large box with Christmas gifts to us. She delivered it to the dock of the post office when she was doing her work mail drop. She had already paid for the shipping, etc. We have never received the box! She had DC for it, but forgot to insure it. The USPS said they can’t track it because the delivery conf# my SIL had never existed in their system…so it was never scanned in.

    I bought some stuff on Etsy on Monday, and the guy was supposed to have sent it out first class an hour after I purchased. The DC has never showed where it was at in transit.

    I don’t know how many purchases I have made from different WAHM’s, or other CD’ing related businesses, but it seems that more often than not, I never am able to track a package. I only see when it departed the original location, and when it was scanned in here at my PO.

    My moral of the story, don’t get your panties in a twist because it may still show up.

    Man, I just love how everyone is jumping on the OMGZ!!! My stuff didn’t get here yet!!! I only ordered it a week ago! WAHHHHH! Do any of you realize what time of year we are getting into? I know last year my mom didn’t get any mail order catalogs or her bills for several days, because the USPS was too busy kicking out all the election info. The day after election day? Her mailbox was packed with mail order catalogs. Once those were all delivered, they finally delivered her bills. Nice of the USPS, huh?

    And has it ever occurred to you that maybe you should contact your USPS to see what they can tell you on your end?

  34. kukukachoo says:

    aww come on now. if she did still own the business no one would think twice about all of her store names being listed on that JAR. i mean they are basically just different user names for the same one-man-show.

    and why does the fact that i bought off spots make a difference? do store owners get to lower their standards behind the mask of spots transactions or something?

  35. melmelly says:

    You only mention Spots in there twice, in areas where it wouldn’t stand out. The Celtic Cloths/Three Pears is in the damn subject line!

    You should have put that if was a Spot’s transaction in the subject line, not CC/3P because she has nothing to do with Celtic Cloths anymore.

  36. kukukachoo says:

    I didn’t knowingly create the title. You have to email a form to the owner answering specific questions and they post your report after they have moderated it. I had no idea what would end up as the title, actually.

  37. downy20 says:

    Melmelly – are you kidding? I read the whole JAR with very little interest before I trashed it BUT IT VERY CLEAR THAT IT WAS A SPOTS TRANSACTION. “Areas where it wouldn’t stand out”…that is so funny.

    I am not on anyone’s side because I couldn’t care less but geez, there is nothing misleading about this JAR. What a thing to complain about…laughable!!

  38. amessymama says:

    This isn’t super dramarific, but it’s just so stupid I felt like sharing.

    Here’s the T&F thread about items not described.

    The OP left neutral FB already for the seller, gbryndi. Well gbryndi left retaliatory neutral FB saying, Did not pay for all of shipping. DO NOT B/S/T from!!

    We’re supposed to not buy, because she didn’t pay extra to send them but you sent them anyway! OK then.

    The stupidity of it all gave me a good chuckle.

  39. 40- Stupidity. She should have charged the shipping she wanted, and not sent the diapers until she got it. Looks like she was just scratching for something negative to say. Idiots.

  40. eeek says:

    downy20- the misleading part about the JAR is that celtic cloths was in no way a part of this transaction and is not owned by the person the transaction was with. I don’t care if someone’s business is brought up, if you actually had a bad transaction with them on FSOT or spots or anywhere. However, making sure that is actually THEIR business- since that business had absolutely nothing to do with the transaction, you should check if you don’t have any idea (& she obviously DIDN’T know)- would be important to a non-misleading JAR.

    Plus, she filed a PP dispute for a package way too fast with no actual reason to believe it hadn’t been sent, there was ongoing communication & the person has a store and feedback- & she will probably still get the longies, or probably already HAS since she claims to know what the return address looked like & if you don’t have a label you wouldn’t know that, would you?

    And she got her money back. Tell me something, if you had sent longies to someone, and after a week they started freaking out, and after 2 weeks they filed a PP claim- but you HAD sent them- would you refund & just give them everything just to get the bitchiness out of your life? Wouldn’t you feel like you were being scammed?

    I would absolutely not have refunded that soon either, she has no recourse when the DC suddenly shows up delivered to make this buyer send it back or pay again. I’ve waited almost 4 weeks for a package- which made me crazy, but not crazy enough to smear people’s reps for attention- and had others take 10-14+ days, it just DOES sometimes. It’s part of why they give you 45 days to file a PP claim, shipping is not instantaneous.

  41. Just Peachy says:

    So 2 weeks with no communication is fast? I’ve filed after that long and it was a package from Canada. Package never arrived and the mama I was dealing with ended up scamming several other women on HC in a swap.

  42. DSDM2 says:

    I would also have filed if there was no communication after 2 weeks.

  43. amessymama says:

    Two weeks and continual contact with the seller is one thing. Two weeks with no communication is worrisome. I’d probably file too.

    When kuku mentioned the return address, she was talking about the one listed on PP. Not on an envelope.

  44. žába says:

    I’m confused, was there communication during the 2 weeks? I thought there was not, and in that case I think filing with PP was fine. But, now am I reading that there was? I think the part that makes me the most uncomfortable is the canceling of the sale on spots for the purpose of not being able to leave feedback, that just doesn’t seem right at all.

    I do think the call out thread[s] may have been a bit hasty. Esp since there was a major misunderstanding on the whole Celtic Cloths thing, which majorly sucks for CC. I am sure that there will be many people who will be left with a lingering distrust of CC – which is apparently completely unwarranted.

  45. eeek says:

    yeah- she posted a long string of emails on CDN & in the JAR, they talked the whole time of the transaction. That was what first got her in trouble on CDN, copying emails someone else sent into a post. She said the seller stopped talking to her AFTER she filed a PP claim & got back the money. At which time I’d stop talking to her, too….

    If I had no communication for 2 weeks I’d be worried too, but that’s not even what she’s claiming. Per her posts, they were bought on the 29th, sent on Mon the 2nd, they emailed back & forth a number of times starting on the 5th, and then on the 13th she filed a PP claim.

    & like I said, if all she saw celtic cloths was at the last PP screen, there’s a very good chance that Jenifer never knew that was still attached to her PP account. I know one scammer & one ultra-crazy person who were found that way. That’s not seeing on the return envelope, which is what she said.

    I think the cancellation was wrong too, when someone’s wrong you just have to let them leave negative feedback & answer it truthfully. I guess I can understand the frustration, though- from her side, if she sent stuff, had someone flip out really quickly then get back her money and you knew you’d sent the stuff they’ll probably get tomorrow but now they don’t have to pay for- and then that chic who just did that to you gets to leave negative feedback besides all that?

  46. Cylon-Frakker says:

    Near as I remember, I thought the OP hadn’t received a refund until today? PP made her wait until the end of the week?

  47. kukukachoo says:

    Right, I still don’t have a refund or longies. PP told me to call back tonight.

  48. Cylon-Frakker says:

    #30, No, a pp business name is really NOT that hard to change over…. I had a pretty easy time doing it when I changed to my current business.

  49. eeek says:

    OK so that would be 18 days in the mail, which is a long time & I admit that. I hope they still show. I do NOT believe that this was enough for you to trash someone throughout the internet though, not even close.

    The extreme joy in being such a twunt and jumping on someone with such fierceness that I saw in your threads- filing a claim 11 days after she says she mailed it, then how you kept saying you needed even a second thread to gloat- and after the admin on CDN told you to stop, you kept posting untrue crap about someone else’s business. You think that was cool? Those whole call out threads you started- even though that’s not how it’s done and they TOLD you to stop- were just obnoxious and self-aggrandizing. You made it sound like she never talked to you- until later when you admitted that was just after you filed a claim with PP. You tried to make it sound like you were the hurt party, but I bet if we had both sides of that story you would NOT. However, since you started your pity party threads in a part of the board she can’t go in, we didn’t get that.

  50. eeek says:

    C-F- have you ever sent yourself money? You might be surprised, on that last contact info page there’s part that a lot of times shows up strangely. I don’t know why it doesn’t change over, but I know it keeps on listing the first business name the account was tied to, even though the emails & contact info stuff all seem changed.

    I found that out when a crazy person- someone I thought I knew- made up another identity and started selling on HC. I bought something from her & was amazed, she acted like we didn’t know each other but I had talked to her before on diaperpin dozens of times, had email convos with her. Her PP addy looked like it was all the new store info- until I got to the last page and it had her old business name tucked in there and I knew who she was. And I knew that she had something wrong with her, because she’d been pretending she didn’t know me.

    I also remember someone being scammed & tracing it through that….changing it might not be difficult, it might be just something that’s easy to miss and they don’t ever see if they HAVE missed it, KWIM? My crazy chic wasn’t sending out her old business name on her return envelopes, for sure, her world crumbled immediately after that when we all knew who she was & how many identities she had.

  51. kukukachoo says:

    i was absolutely acting immaturely and own it. its ez to get swept up in drama, no?

  52. žába says:

    Wow, I hope you made a profuse apology to whom ever is the current owner of Celtic Cloths. I am sure you have cost her some business.

    I get being swept up in the drama, but now you have to try and make amends. I think many reputations have been tarnished unnecessarily in this whole fiasco, yours included.

  53. Cylon-Frakker says:

    #52 – In post 34, K posted what it shows as her return address if she clicks details on the paypal receipt. This means EVERY package that goes in and out, has that name and that address. She’s not even referring to the name at the end of the transaction, which I’ve never actually noticed, and neither am I. All it takes is going into your settings and changing name to get that name off of there. I’ve done it.

    Sorry if this has been mentioned. It took me the better part of 45 minutes to write it, because I’m at work, and everytime I started typing, I got a call.

  54. kukukachoo says:

    right- the return address in paypal says celtic cloths. when i look at my history page of payments sent it comes up as celtic cloths. jennifer’s name wasn’t on there. i only found out her last name through emails. this was a freak accident and i stand by the fact that there was no reason for me not to think i was dealing with celtic cloths owner. that name was all over our transaction. and like i’ve tried to explain- this means every piece of mail going in and out for the past year has had celtic cloths as the return address name.

  55. just_sayin says:

    Does anyone know anything about Oh Bananas on HC? I bought some custom shirts from her, and it’s been over a month with no contact. I e-mailed her early yesterday morning asking for an update, and haven’t hard anything back. Does anyone know if she is out of town or anything?

    And on another note, is first class shipping for 8 oz of yarn really $8+? There is some stunning handspun on the Wonderland HC that I’m this >< close to buying, but the price of the yarn is a bit expensive anyway, and then add over $8 for shipping, and I just can't do it. But I really want it!

  56. just_sayin says:

    Oh, and I should add, I’m looking for someone to enable me! It’s hard to drop $200 on yarn when I should be just buying the kids more stuff for Christmas….

  57. DSDM2 says:

    8oz with FC, DC, and insurance should still only be $4 or $5 tops.

  58. jmama says:

    If you are talking about Paty’s Loveys handspun, it is coming from Canada, so $8 is probably right on!

  59. monkey says:

    I think one important thing is for the current owner of Celtic Cloths to put the boot down on Jennifer and tell her to get her business name off the PP. If I were a business owner I would not want another person who was now unconnected with my business sending out packages with my store name.

    And I do agree that Kukachoo jumped the gun (although if it’s now been 18 days without a package that was sent priority arriving it seems like she was justified). She should have waited longer.

    But canceling the transaction to avoid feedback and then admitting is just super scammerific dirty. It’s just sleazy and unethical and apparently HC thought the same thing since they let Kukucachoo leave feedback.

  60. kukukachoo says:

    monkey- i did ask for a refund at 14 days which seems to a lot of people to be too soon. it’s just that during those 14 days after she knew the package was MIA- she never bothered to check in with me to see if the longies had ever shown up and that made me suspicious. if i had a buyer out there that was missing a package from me- i’d be emilaing like every day to find out if they got it yet. but maybe that’s just me.

    but anyway, i went ahead and filed with PP at 14 days instead of obliging the seller with more time b/c she clearly stated that since i didn’t buy insurance she would not agree to a full refund. at that point i decided i need to go ahead and start a claim so that those funds would be frozen for me. i’m glad i did because jennifer said last night she was broke. she probably would have cleared out the account if i hadn’t done that. besides, pp claims take time so it inherently gave her more time for the package to show up.

    so, as of right now, the package still shows no action on the dc# and i still don’t have a refund (although i was told to call PP back tonight and they would close the case in my favor if there had been no action) i’m going to bed now, but i’ll call tomorrow. hopefully, that will be the end of this. there is still a chance that she didn’t have enough money in the account to cover it. we’ll see…

  61. kukukachoo says:

    Does anyone know if there IS anyone who knows?

  62. monkey says:


    Wow. That is crazy. And DS deserves to be humiliated for their scammer protection and general craziness.

  63. žába says:

    What was the Question? It just says “Question Deleted” now 😦

  64. monkey says:

    I knew I should have taken a screenshot.

    It was someone with the screename “ClothKat” asking if anyone knew who DSDM and DSDM2 were. She was whining about how the blog hurts peoples feelings and how she was a victim etc. And she made a comment about how the owners of DS would love to know who they were since they are “humiliating” DS all over the internet.

    There was one response with someone speculating on who DSDM was. I’m not going to post that here because she’s trying to keep her identity private. Plus there’s no way of knowing if the speculation was correct.

  65. Taterbug says:

    #67-That is some crazy right there. Lots of blogs hurt lots of peoples’ feelings. But only if those people give the bloggers that power. Letting someone else’s opinion hurt you (general you) is a choice. How exactly would revealing the identity of the DSDMs stop people’s feelings from being hurt? Try shutting off the computer, it’ll work better. If ClothKat is a “victim” of the drama blog, either she can come here and defend herself, or else she probably had it coming. This blog probably has a net positive effect on DS site traffic, so I doubt that Lee & Co. are losing too much sleep over the “humiliation”.

  66. me says:

    63- I saw that too and almost posted the link.
    It is very Interesting how after it is actually posted here, it was deleted!

  67. DSDM2 says:

    Can you guys email me what was on there? Thank you.

  68. monkey says:

    What’s the email DSDM2? I’ll shoot it off to you.

  69. monkey says:

    Ok sent it.

  70. DSDM2 says:

    Thank you for the email, very amusing, lol.. I have seen on DS where that same person is making claims all over DS about that. Very amusing as it is very incorrect. LOL.

  71. monkey says:

    LOL. Is she actually mentioning the blog by name? Isn’t that on the list of 12 billion no-no’s on DS?

  72. just_sayin says:

    Thanks #60. I wish Canadian sellers would put that something is shipping from Canada in the listing to explain the higher costs. I have no problem paying more for shipping from Canada, but I do have a problem paying super inflated US shipping, especially if it is already a really pricey item.

  73. moxy says:

    It says it right in the shipping instructions that it is shipping via Canada Post. What more do you want from her?

  74. DSDM2 says:

    monkey, not by name, but insinuating.

  75. monkey says:

    #78 Ahh, I see.

  76. kukukachoo says:

    DSDM2- just out of curiosity- IS there anyone who knows who you are? i mean, like, have you told a bff or anyone- ever? i’m just generally curious. :o)

  77. DSDM2 says:

    My DH and TDM know. Even DSDM3 doesn’t know.

  78. žába says:

    There’s a DSDM3?!? Hummm, guess I haven’t been paying attention.

  79. DSDM2 says:

    yeah, DSDM3 isn’t around much, but is here somewhere.

  80. kukukachoo says:

    🙂 neat 🙂

    what is TDM?

  81. DSDM2 says:

    The Drama Mama (DSDM1 or DSDM)

  82. LOL, I love all this mystery. I think it’s awesome that you’ve all remained pretty secret for so long. 😛

  83. Just Peachy says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out who they are for the past year and half with no such luck. I thought I had it figured out last year but I was wrong :(. If you ever decide to out yourself privately EMAIL ME!!!!!

  84. Lolanae says:

    I like the mystery. I do wonder and sometimes dream up conspiracy theories out of boredom. LOL. I do think it’s very cool that the DSDMs have stayed secret for so long.

  85. I like to think they’re Lee’s wife…. LOL

  86. just_sayin says:

    Moxy, I don’t read past the listing, obviously. I usually don’t read past the description because I assume it’s just tags. Maybe put it in the listing description? It doesn’t matter anyway, I ended up buying yarn elsewhere. The handspun is pretty, but I’m not in the mood for a $135 hat and scarf.

  87. moxy says:

    $135 is a little steep for me too. 😀
    I just think it’s a little odd to complain about what you did when you didn’t even read the information provided.

  88. DSDM2 says:

    In my defense about the response to the shipping, I quoted what shipping in the US is, I didn’t even go look 😉

  89. moxy says:

    Yeah, I know DSDM2. I was referring to just_sayin complaining that she wants sellers to put that info (shipping from Canada) in their listing, when that particular seller had it right there in their shipping info–which is exactly where shipping info should go.

  90. laughingmama says:

    93, I agree. It doesn’t get much clearer than that. The shipping info is written right there in the shipping info section. Why should it be in the item description? If you can’t be bothered to read the entire listing you shouldn’t really be bitching about not knowing the info.

  91. DSDM2 says:

    Not sure yet. The other feedback she left for someone doesn’t match her story. Poor things has had bad luck this month.

  92. amessymama says:

    I love the poster that says, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

    Hello, WTH is feedback for then?

    I was going to add her to my do no b/s/t list, but then I thought about these dipes I have that I probably won’t get a lot of $ for, because they’re stained. Maybe I should offer them to her for more than they are worth. Because she won’t leave me negative feedback. 😉

  93. monkey says:

    It looks like maybe she hasn’t left the feedback for that particular transaction… although she has left some other negative feedbacks.

    But you’re right, the most recent neg she gave does not match up with the situation in her thread.

  94. How many negative transactions before some one is banned? Isn’t it three strikes? It appears they’re desperate over there, and they’re borrowing ideas. Instead of banning, she just has a title that says, “**DO NOT B/S/T!!!!!!**”:

  95. DSDM2 says:

    Maybe she is in mediation? Dunno.

  96. amessymama says:

    99-I noticed her earlier. Those are some strange FBs too.
    She just sent everybody’s stuff back to them. Weird.

    She posted about a HC auction only having 2 bids and the 2 bids were from the banned laila’s mommy. It made me wonder if she is, in fact, laila’s mommy. Although I don’t know why she’d bring attention to that. Puzzling.

  97. DSDM2 says:

    Yea it never ceases to amaze me what people try to get away with anymore with b/s/t.. I wonder why she did that..

  98. monkey says:

    She has a “Wagon Member” logo thing on her profile? Could that have something to do with the Do Not B/S/T thing? I’m so rarely on DS anymore that I don’t know how they’re doing stuff.

  99. 103- likely. I have always been under the impression that “Wagon Members” cannot view any of the FSOT boards.

  100. monkey says:

    #104 makes sense.

    And the whole things being returned to seller thing almost strikes me as a husband who is pissed about his wife’s shopping habits. I don’t KNOW this, just speculation.

  101. Jen says:

    if it says do not b/s/t she is likely in mediation for a bad transaction. They probably dont want to ban until the transaction is resolved.

  102. amessymama says:

    Does anyone know who this is? I think I know, but I hesitate to mention names in case it isn’t who I think it is. I looked through the OP’s post history and it looks like she ordered fitteds from someone on DS about 2.5 months ago.

  103. Aj says:

    107, it looks like she’s on the waiting list for Banyan Tree Diapers. Wasn’t there some drama surrounding them before?

  104. me says:

    I think that they give put you in the on the wagon group with the do not b/s/t title.. Abbycadabby has it too.
    It makes it so that no one can b/s/t with them easily if they can’t see the FSOT, right?

  105. me says:

    Nevermind the “give” in the last post. I reworded and missed it!

  106. amessymama says:

    108-That’s what I was thinking. I thought I’d heard other drama, but I wasn’t positive. Other people were getting their diapers though. It’s weird.

  107. amessymama says:

    Her printer ran out of ink. For 2.5 months. Sure.

  108. žába says:

    Oh Good Grief Banyan Tree Diapers is sooooo slow. She has a million excuses on why it is taking her 2+ months to make the diapers that she told you would have a two week turn around. She does nice work and I have no idea how she is making any money, since by the time she finally sends your stuff she includes extra stuff and gives you a partial refund. The thing that irritated me the most when dealing with her was that she would bump her WAHM thread diligently, but only update me on the status of my order if I contacted her.

  109. Thud says:

    As for shipping from Canada ~ I can say from experience, it doesn’t matter if you had a purple dancing weiner holding a “We ship from Canada” sign as the thumbnail for your listing people still won’t get it. And they will still complain when it isn’t there in two days. And about the shipping.

    LOL No, I am not bitter heehee

    But you can say it until you are blue in the face~ people just don’t READ.

  110. kitty1163 says:

    I thought Banyan had a BST with caution at CDN? But no? I almost bought some things but had a vague recollection of drama and so didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t.

  111. riffrafflittleman says:

    I don’t think anyone ever brought up Banyan on CDN. Not sure if she hasn’t had issues there or what. I remember a post here where people talked about her, but that’s it.

  112. CJ says:

    LOL Thud! I want that purple dancing Canadian weiner logo. That is the one thing that I have not tried.

  113. DSDM2 says:

    How long is that woman’s sigg?

  114. Just Peachy says:

    There has to be more to the story than she is letting on. She could’ve had the aclu defending her ass if it was only for her not vaccinating and extended BFing her children.

  115. Just Peachy says:

    Or I smell a troll

  116. tlouise says:

    Has everyone seen this post?

    I’ve been reading this site for awhile, and know that y’all don’t seem to like Tiffany (though she seems fine to me), but any way you slice it, the WAHM is question is really being bitchy about the situation.

  117. monkey says:


    Wow. That is pretty bitchtastic. Anybody know who the WAHM is?

    That being said, I don’t think I would purchase an item that would take me outside of the 45 day PP window unless it was a WAHM I knew really, really well.

  118. me says:

    122- That is super bitchy!

  119. MatildasMum says:

    Well – it looks as though there are only two people with that many (1200+) transactions in iTrader.

  120. Thud says:

    #118 we may just have to work that one up, I am so tired of the people who don’t read sending suspicious notes about my intentions to ship their items after a few days!!

  121. downy20 says:

    117 – That lady is so annoying. She just seems completely helpless and clueless. You can’t represent yourself if the other party has a lawyer…duh!! I truly find it sad when a judge finds that the father would be a better caregiver. She must have major issues…

  122. downy20 says:

    125 – I’d hate to be “the other one” with 1200+ feedback. Talk about narrowing it down for us just short of outing.

  123. kimbella says:

    Looney Tiff has made up stuff about wahms before though. Remember the faked d-n-f diaper issue that was partially based on reality?

  124. monkey says:


    Is she talking about a DS mama or a HC mama? Because the two mamas with 1200+ on DS would both NEVER do such a thing. Also, I don’t think either of the DS mamas with 1200+ make any items that would cost that much.

    Strange. I hope it’s exaggerated at the very least, because I hate that a WAHM would act like that.

  125. kimbella says:

    I assumed it was DS mamas. Do any hyena mamas have that much fb?

    I thought the same thing about both of those DS mamas!

    I am guessing that she’s at least partially stretching the truth on this as well.

  126. MotherMoonPads says:

    She’s not talking about a DS mama. I asked her 🙂

  127. monkey says:

    I really hate it when people try to FSOT something using stock pictures.

    It’s like, “I might buy one of these items but I want to see a picture of the ACTUAL item you have in your possession.”

  128. Erin says:

    Great. Tiffaloony is back. This outta be good!

  129. Just Peachy says:

    Oh and look at who is stocking today!

  130. Munklettes says:

    Peachy – who is that?

  131. Peach- Who’s MyWhimsie? Did I forget something, or just miss it altogether.

  132. Just Peachy says:

    I forgot her name but it was Stacy something and she scammed a whole bunch of ppl on DS. Its on the blog somewhere.

  133. monkey says:


    Ugh. That post brought up bad memories. I was one of the mamas who had to fight little green elephant tooth and claw to get my order… and then got the wrong thing.

  134. itsmeallright says:

    Ladies –
    Came across a thread on DS today….mommyto8 is pregnant and due in May? I am just confused I guess. Not passing judgemnet but didn’t her DH just commit suicide in February?

  135. itsmeallright says:

    Apparently I can not spell…judgement.

  136. Erin says:

    #135- f*ing Stacy Walker. Bitch! Scammed me and a ton of others(on DS and Cruncy Coop to the tune of $1000+) and HC stills believes that new store is Stacy’s “mom”. Yeah, right and I’m the f*ing Easter Bunny!

  137. monkey says:

    Did you guys see the latest JAR?

    AGAIN with Blue House Soaps? Jeez… I figured they were sunk after the last couple of times.

  138. Erin says:

    I did, jeez. They haven’t reopened their store since the move and my DH wanted some more soap. I told him no way was I ordering from them after the BOGO fiasco.

  139. Taterbug says:

    142-It’s such a shame. They have great products, but can’t seem to get their act together on shipping and communication. There are plenty of good ways to deal with business growth, ignoring your customers is not one of them.

  140. DSDM2 says:

    Has anyone dealt with Marie of BamBootyBaby? She is posting here under 2 UNs, joined CDN, and got banned from DS for multiple UNs.. Just wondering if anyone knows the deal.

  141. Just Peachy says:

    Hey now leave Amanda alone. Did it ever occur to you that maybe during her time of need someone stepped in and this baby was just a happy occurence? Or perhaps her and her dh froze sperm? I wouldn’t rush to pass judgment until you know the full story and regardless of which what is it to you? Im glad to know she is doing well and healing from such a traumatic loss. I really truly worried for her.

  142. moxy says:

    DSDM2 – Shop Talk on the HC forums has a few threads started by her that may shed some light.
    This one:
    And then this one:
    which contains this nugget: “…next thing I know ds have banned me for no good reason, and I feel like a criminal on trial! I have all good feedback and all Im guilty of is trying to help my wanna-be-wahm best friend out (I admit I did give her fb but big deal imo).”

  143. DSDM2 says:

    moxy, I don’t buy the BFF thing.. there are too many people that lie using that one, and hers really doesn’t ring true especially coming here after that and posting/hiding under 2 UNs.

  144. moxy says:

    I had my doubts too…and as soon as I saw the “well, I admit I gave my BFF feedback, big deal”, it clinched it.

  145. monkey says:

    Peachy, who’s Amanda? Did I miss something?

  146. itsmeallright says:

    I didn’t say anything judgemental. Just wondered if anyone knew the story? Maybe it is a good thing but if you look back through her posts she said CPS took her children away recently and I am not sure if she has them back yet. Just seems like a lot of stress. I do hope she is doing well and healing from her loss.

  147. DSDM2 says:

    I can say that I got a few emails and from those emails I was told that the police were not so sure there was no other involvement in the suicide and she was not totally in the clear. But I am not going to, and did not write a blog on it because it is way too harsh of something to really jump on someone about.

  148. DSDM2 says:

    mommyof8 is Amanda. She is due May 5th.

  149. CJ says:

    DSDM2. I don’t “know” Marie but I have pm’d with her on HC. She seems like a nice person, but again I don’t really know her.
    Did you email her to ask why she posted under 2 UNs? That sounds like something I would do without realizing it…. were the posts right after each other or on different days?
    I recommended that she join CDN if she wanted to be on a diapering board.

  150. DSDM2 says:

    Well, I for one don’t believe her story at all.. after going through and reading her posts, and her “friend’s” posts, there are way too many grammatical and punctuational oddities that go between the two to be coincidence. is here where she came under 2 names.

  151. CJ says:

    In this thread on HC she was warned about posting on the blog….that saying anything bad about DS here could make her situation worse with the mods there.
    I wonder if that is why she tried to post incognito?

    I don’t go to DS anymore so I haven’t read the posts by her friend/neighbour…. but I know that my sister and her BFFs always had the same terrible grammar and particular way of speaking that was unique to them. They all sounded exactly the same.

    I’m not saying that she is in the clear…..I just hate to jump to conclusions. I’ll wait and see.

  152. DSDM2 says:

    CJ, All I can say is that we have outted a lot of scammers on DS hiding, and in MY opinion, it is her under both names.

  153. Just Peachy says:

    I knew CPS was involved in the situation but not sure why. I didn’t ask because it wasn’t my business and all I wanted to do was provide moral support. I will continue to do so because her kids are sweet and so is she and she definitely does not deserve to be torn apart especially now.

  154. Munklettes says:

    Amj I the only one who can’t read any of the HC links? It says I’m not granted access??

  155. Just Peachy says:

    You have to pm the mods to gain access to shop talk.

  156. Munklettes says:

    Ahhh! Gotcha!

  157. Thud says:

    Bambooty Baby~ all I know is that I am pretty sure she was the newbie who was all over T & F a while back answering every post, including all of her knowledge about customs and duties, which included saying that I was unethical for not giving mamas a break while choosing to act within the law. She’s been on my nutso radar for a while.

  158. Aj says:

    DSDM, I was searching for a friend on fb, and someone who shared her name had the same profile pic as your thumbnail on here…interesting…

  159. DSDM2 says:

    Which photo? They are all stock photos.. look in google images for “woman hiding” they are all in there somewhere 🙂

    Well this current one isn’t “woman hiding” I forget what it was called when I googled for it. Maybe woman teasing?

  160. Aj says:

    The one you currently have up, the lady in red 🙂

  161. DSDM2 says:

    LOL, maybe I will find a new one then, just because 😉

  162. Me, Myself, and I says:

    Am I the only one who thought those were you? LOL! I’m surprised how easy those are to find.

  163. DSDM2 says:

    Sorry to disappoint you ladies, I would never post a photo of myself on here. As much as people like to theorize who we are, no one has guessed yet and we are keeping it that way.

  164. nu says:

    #170—in my head I think I know who you are—ha, ha!!! Maybe because the mama I think you are seems cool–we had a few transactions. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Even if someone guessed—you would say it was you, would you? 🙂

  165. nu says:

    oops *wouldn’t

  166. DSDM2 says:

    171, I don’t know, it hasn’t happened yet 😀

  167. lurker7 says:

    would DS ban a member if they know they are here? just wondering…

  168. DSDM2 says:

    We thought so at one time, but I doubt it now. I don’t think they care.

  169. Messy says:

    #174 Nah. I am pretty sure it is obvious who I am LOL and they don’t do anything other than I got my hand slapped a couple times after “coming out” over here 😀

  170. Just Peachy says:

    Ya Im here pretty regularly and other than that snafu last year where I mouthed off to an admin, I havent been banned.

  171. Lollerskating says:

    Is Clothdiapermeplease a poster on here? Is she the one that has the stalker from DS? Because I saw her name popping up all over the place and I’m starting to think her post about having a stalker is real. Did anybody see it on DS?

  172. Just Peachy says:

    I didn’t see it per se but I knew she spoke about it on here. Wasn’t the stalker MadreJoyce or willowsmama?

  173. Just Peachy says:

    Why the hell are my comments in moderation?????????

  174. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    Peachy im pretty sure her stalker is willowsmama

  175. DSDM2 says:

    Peachy they aren’t? At least not that I see.. I remember that being on here.. off to look for you ladies.

  176. You Don't Know Me, but you wanna says:

    It is *Willow* (formerly MadreJoyce on DS and MadreJoyce and Cossairt on

  177. soOverit says:

    I was just thinking about Blue House today…how much I liked their stuff. What happened to them?

  178. Just Peachy says:

    Well she changed her name. It used to be something Joyce.

  179. Just Peachy says:

    No it was for a minute DSDM2. IDK what happened.

  180. DSDM2 says:

    Well let me know if it does it again… I checked all the settings and don’t know why.

  181. Curious says:

    Soooo….DramaMamas…who has it in for you ladies and/or CDMP???

    Do tell! Inquiring minds want to know!

  182. Lollerskating says:

    Curious, that’s what I was talking about. I thought maybe the blog was moving, then I googled that blog and somebody is putting it all over the place. The only thing I could think of was that stalker post she made. I think someone’s stalker is trying to ruin her online rep. Just a theory.

  183. Aj says:

    Ew, that’s really weird that I just brought up the photo and now I see that blog. I think this site would lose a lot of its appeal if we all knew who was running it.

  184. Aj says:

    Oh and besides, CDMP has dreads, that picture is not her.

  185. Just Peachy says:

    I dont think so Aj. I would still keep coming here regardless. I love the blog and I love what they do for the cloth diapering community.

  186. TheMamaOnline says:

    I doubt CDMP is DSDM2, she is way too mellow.

    So afetr reading that whole thing with CDMP’s stalker, and searching online, it looks like she is telling the truth! That willow chick is insane! It looks like she is just trying to get CDMP banned from DS.

    Looks like CDMP stopped talking to her in Jan or Feb:

    And the Willow started posting after her on DS: (a response to her thread on DS, and I have to say the :goodvibes: thing is creepy! :goodvibes:)

    Then CDMP posted about the stalking:
    And talking about her online: (Halfway down)

    Here are 2 sites that blog is spammed on

    As for that other blog, CDMPs photo is totally different, and the photo she uses is a stock photo… is CDMPs blog DODS is on there, but not at the bottom, the blogs are listed by when they are updated.

    CDMP might be a little bit of a conspiracy theorist, but nothing matches Willow/MadreJoyce’s crazy. I remember her from She was Cossairt, then MadreJoyce, and then told not to come back because she caused so much drama. She even called CPS on her now “BFF” Jackie. She is banned from a online community called too for her wackoness.

  187. DSDM2 says:

    Wow ladies, I’m flattered that there is a whole site dedicated to me and TDM! Thank You!

    No, I’m not CDMP, but someone should PM her and let her know that she is a topic here.

  188. Aj says:

    Peachy, I would still come here for sure; but I guess some of the excitement would be lost.

  189. You Don’t Know Me, but you wanna says:

    So I have an account that allows you to search criminal records. It looks like CDMP (Lisa Marie Gittings) has NO records, not even a speeding ticket.

    MadreJoyce, Joyce Pruitt, Joyce Olsen, on the otherhand has a FELONY record.. she has been convicted (pled guilty) to Felony theft in NC.

  190. You Don’t Know Me, but you wanna says:

    And it looks like Joyce has lost custody of her child to the father. She has a daughter, and doesn’t even mention her on DS in her sig with her other children. How sad that she has completely abandoned a child.

  191. Lolanae says:

    So the stalker was on The Mamas, too? Is she the one that was talking crap on people’s blogs?

  192. MeMeMe says:

    #199) I don’t know, has anyone emailed CathyTheGreat about it? She would be the one to know…!50!1!157179013!156010677 LOOK at all the posts Willow makes to her myspace page!

    Wow, CDMP picked the wrong friend!

  193. DSDM2 says:

    MeMeMe, your link is broken, but if you copy and paste it, you can see it all..

  194. kitty1163 says:

    Why is someone’s full name on here? That is a HUGE invasion of privacy …

  195. DSDM2 says:

    Names are posted here all the time, we just ask that full addresses are not. Both names posted are findable in an easy google search, and both have them posted online.

  196. Aj says:

    Kitty, it’s public record, you can find both their full names on various sites on the web without even digging that hard; although I do agree it’s scary.

  197. bearista says:

    IDK…posting people’s full names (searchable or not) creeps me out. 😦

  198. MotherMoonPads says:

    Me too, #205. I don’t think it’s right at all.

  199. Messy says:

    Holy confusion… I admit it. I am confused. Total confusion. Clicking links to try to find the meaning… GAH!
    I am impressed that there is a blog dedicated to this blog though! 😀

  200. Messy says:

    Eh last names are out there. Seriously. Not a big deal. Want censorship? Stay on DS. The “no addresses” rule is the only one that applies here.
    Better yet, don’t want your name (first and last) smeared all over a blog? Then don’t screw people over. Simple.

  201. moxy says:

    I’m pretty sure Lisa (post 197) hasn’t screwed people over, yet her full name is out there, and IMO doesn’t need to be.
    Not so simple. Nothing ever is.

  202. MotherMoonPads says:

    How did ClothDiaperMePlease screw over anyone to deserve this treatment though, Messy?

  203. theinvisible says:

    Oh wow. I didn’t know about the stalking issue. Crazy.
    ****Note to self: don’t ever invite any of these crazy bishes I meet on the interwebz over for dinner, hair styling or childbirth.***LMAO

  204. jenniferjunniper says:

    #209, Her full name is posted right on her blog, in the about me. She has her full name and where she lives, and her childrens name. If she is concerned about privacy, then maybe she should be more careful??

  205. lollerskating says:

    Doesn’t sound like someone with a blog with that much info would care if her name is on here. I PMd her on DS.

  206. moxy says:

    213 That’s great that she doesn’t mind. That doesn’t mean that it was necessary for 197 to post it.

  207. noneyabiz says:

    Wow…Joyce has a record. Not terribly surprised, given my experiences with her on I did notice she has dreds now-is that part of the whole stalker experience with CDMP?

  208. kitty1163 says:

    210. That is my question as well.

  209. jenniferjunniper says:

    So she was born in 1984?? And is 30?? Man, I am older than I thought!

  210. bystanding says:

    Yeah, #197 is icky–not necessarily the full name bit, but the criminal record check. Come on, who gives a rat’s ass? Do we really need that level of personal info on people?

  211. Jen says:

    Aww The Mamas was mentioned on here! 😀

    No, Joyce is not the one who was stalking blogs (as far as I know, though I have no IP to compare it to). That was woodsymama, whoever she is. I’ve heard some doozies about Joyce though, and used to peek at her forum (sadly gone now) for entertainment.

  212. monkey says:

    You know when I decided to cd 2.5 years ago I never imagined the world of crazy it would open me up to.

  213. try me, i'm new! says:

    no shit, monkey.

  214. monkey says:

    My husband is like, “What in the hell do you women get up to?”

    Whenever I’m really intent on the internet, he’s like, “Uh-oh, trouble in diaper land?”

  215. Mystery Mama says:

    Look at Willow trying to turn herself into LM! Interesting, huh?!

  216. Erin says:

    Seriously, monkey. I never would have guessed the diaper world is fraught with drama, scamming, stalkers, etc.

  217. Thud says:

    I think posting someone’s criminal record on here is a bit over the line~ people make mistakes, people change, that is really dicey.

  218. monkey says:


    It’s a public record. Yes, people do change, but that doesn’t mean your past goes away. If they put their full name out there then people can look up these things.

  219. sugar plum says:

    Can you even be a nurse midwife with a theft record? It can’t be that old if she was born in 1984… so it can’t have been that long ago. I think it sucks to have all this information out there, but I do admit that the criminal record is pretty scary. I would never hire this Willow or Joyce woman to come to my home.

    Not to mention the whole other kid thing? Where is her daughter? Does she even care? She isn’t mentioned at all.

  220. žába says:

    If you read all of her bio that is in the link from post #217, it sounds like maybe her theft thing is related to some money that her ex husband stole. It also sounds like her ex got custody of her daughter maybe due to her drug use/excessive drinking or because she went into the army. Probably a combination of factors, seemed like she was depressed too.

    I think every one can change, and there are 2 sides to the story…maybe she will come here and give us a run down. Then we can determine what what the deal is/was. I kind of feel like we have all gone a bit stalkerish here – I, just reading the links, feel like I am crossing the line a little.

  221. We received an email from CDMP today. We thought it might be appropriate to share with you all.

    While I appreciate you bringing this situation to light, and clearing my name, I want to please ask that you let this go. It is a hard situation for me to be in and I do not know what I should do or how to handle it.

    Willow or Joyce, or whatever you want to call her, is someone who lives near me IN REAL LIFE, and someone who I fear might be pushed over the edge by this attention. I know that most of you are not in danger from posting these things, but I am afraid that I may be and that this can become physical for me or my children.

    I have done my best to ignore her, to forget that she exists, and it seems to aggravate the situation further, and I don’t know what to do. I cut off all communication in January, and have been harassed and stalked since. I am choosing to ignore this situation, and if anyone wants to ask me about the situation or wants information, they can email me at or YIM me at lm_gittings.

    From what I have seen, all the information posted so far is true as far as I know , and I am being stalked by her. I do appreciate the links showing how far that has actually gone.

    You are welcome to post this email on the blog.

    LM – Clothdiapermeplease

  222. Myra says:

    So why did she post about it in multiple places if she just wanted it to go away?

  223. .bin. says:

    Wanted to go away? Thats why it’s posted on half a dozen different blogs, as well as a multiple page thread in the place where the person stalks her.. yup.

  224. LM_CDMP says:

    When I posted about it on DS, it was because I was at a loss on what to do. I have not posted about her all over the place, I posted about my feelings when it first happened, and it has escalated to a scary situation.

    I have talked to our local county Sherrif’s department and am considering filing a 50C for the stalking. I am sorry that this has become the drama it is, I am not looking for more drama with it because each time there is drama, it gets more retaliation from Joyce. That thread on DS was from August, and directly related to her posting after me on DS again. I actually had a panic attack over it that night. I hoped that maybe she would see it, understand what she was doing, and stop. Four months later, she hasn’t. She has continued to escalate things to the point of me fearing her showing up at my door.

    I hope you all understand where I am coming from and understand what is going on. If you have ever been in this situation, you should understand. Please feel free to email or IM me about the situation if you need to.

    Thank you.


  225. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    Wow Lisa that is some creepy shit! Sorry you have to go through this!

  226. monkey says:

    Moving on… surely somebody is being scammed or somewhere people are going nuts about a pair of longies…

  227. jmama says:

    Scary….Anyway, bring on the diaper drama! Where is Snap when you need her? I wish her blog wasn’t private, it was actually a pretty amusing read!

  228. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    hmmm well there seemed to be a little drama working up over a gift for a mama that had a mc but the thread got pulled by an admin saying those kinds of posts (asking ppl to donate $$ if they wanted to be part of the gift) were not allowed.

  229. Aj says:

    Miles of Smiles is spouting off some idiocies (sp?) in the alcoholism thread, her posts make my eyes hurt.

  230. RxRx67 says:

    #238…. Miles is a freaking idiot! Everytime I read something that she writes I feel like I lost brain cells. If I remember right from way back, she never made it past 9th grade or something to that effect. I want to smack her everytime I see her post.

  231. Im going to write, first off- I am screen shotting my response in pieces just in case anyone tries to edit it after I post it.

    After a friend emailed me about this conversation I was a bit confused as to why I came up here. I have no idea what the heck is going on with the other blog about this one, I have no idea why all of sudden everyone cares about the situation between me and Lisa except realizing she has been promoting it everywhere has drawn peoples curiosity I suppose.

    No I am not a stalker, have no time for stalking and honestly can’t for the life of me bring myself to care anything for Lisa. There are two sides to every story and that is probably the best I can say on the matter of our once friendship. Anything further people can feel free to email me at I have plenty of people IRL who saw the friendship and ugly breakup IN PERSON and know us both. So plain and simple. There are always two sides.

    Everyone has a past, people make mistakes, and facing that past is probably the biggest pill I have had to swallow. I have a past full of pain and things I am not proud of. Am I a thief? No. The situation of my criminal record is not only years old when I was very young, but a highly complicated situation, that I was not directly involved in. Point being “wrong place, wrong time, wrong people I knew at the time”. I actually have had jobs since, no other record, and a respectable job part time in the medical field right now as we speak. I won’t give further details as I do not wish to be harrassed through my work. I have loads of references ranging from nurses I have worked with, to doctors and other respected medical professionals who I am currently connected with outside of buisness or work on a very family and casual basis. I do not feel the need to defend myself, and I have nothing to hide. I am simply trying to clear up any ambiguity.

    My life has been complicated, busy with chaos, and many times unfair, and hard to understand if you haven’t lived through it. I don’t want sympathy, just stating the complexity.

    The situation with my daughter is complicated as well. I do not mention her, as it is a sore spot for me. I have shared custody of her, and I see her often. Anyone who has ever been in a very long lasting custody battle should know exactly how I feel. I feel the situation around her is too complicated for me to share with the world, so I choose not to blog about it openly, or otherwise mention her since it would raise questions with people why I hardly talk about her. I love her dearly. I have shared JOINT custody. Which does not imply at all I have lost custody. Far from it. I do blog privately about her, and have friends that I share my very personal life including details of my daughter with. I did not lose custody of her to drugs or drinking. I have been clean since spring 2002. I have shared/joint custody. The circumstances further I feel are none of anyone’s buisness.

    Once upon a time when I was younger, I had a big mouth, and didn’t care openly discussing my life on the internet or otherwise.
    After realizing my life was too much for most people to understand I have since hoped to have a little less open life online. I have made some people on upset after some fighting when I was immature and had not yet figured out how to handle conflict tactfully, I was never banned, just asked to move on since there was too much conflict in one of my birth boards. I was very young in 2002 when I joined and it has taken some time for me to learn to control my tongue in forums. I still have several members who I am friends with from my original birth board in there with my daughter who have never had any issues with me at all and we have spoken lots on the phone over the years. We remain connected currently and without conflict. Like many forums there will always be people who enjoy drama. Hence the drama blog here- no offense to anyone.

    I have never been a member of the mamas online. Sorry. I have no idea what that community is.

    I hardly have time to participate much in anything online, communities or otherwise anymore. I regret having my whole name out there, and was younger and a bit more careless (a few years can make quite the difference) when I put it out there. I can count, and have no idea why my old profile would say 30. Gosh knows Im not trying to rush my age at all.

    My mother is an RN, and I have been in the nursing field since I was 13. I used to volunteer at 13 in nursing homes and hospitals as a hospitality aide or candy striper, then at 16 started as a nurse assistant and now im going back for my RN. I am taking care of general studies now. I am also a Doula, have attended several births in 2009 and have plenty of references in that area. I maintain memberships with childbirthing organizations and volunteer in the local community feeding the homeless.

    I have a past, everyone does. Many people grow up and move on from them. Some people never do. I used to dance, do drugs, and have gotten caught up in the wrong crowd which landed me in the courts in trouble. All this is in my past, something I have moved far from. I am not perfect. I am not proud of my past, but I have however moved beyond it. I am ashamed of some of the things in my past, but can face them knowing I am not that same person anymore.

    Any beef I have ever had with the mamas on, is behind me and I honestly could care less. While some may not be able to move on from it- I certainly can.

    As far as any rumor of me calling CPS On a friend. I can tell you all, I am best friends with that girl, and we are like sisters, so that is plain and simple just a rumor. We are actually planning a trip together for the near future.

    To address my dreadlocks. Lisa and I became friends because of her dreadlocks. I had been thinking for a year of getting dreads and was reading through the dreadlock thread on DS. I found Lisa’s and thought they were beautiful. When I realized she was local I thought it was awesome. We met up and hit it off, she introduced me to her stylist and friend and I chickened out. Then later she talked me into it and helped me start my dreads, in which a week later I chickened out again. Then after my grandfather died this summer I started my current set and think of him everytime I see them in the mirror. My dreads have nothing to do with her other than she helped me with my first set. I have no wish to be like her, because I don’t think she is a good person, and I am happy with who I am. I have been here in Asheville locally my whole life minus a few months here and there where I travelled a lot, and am honestly weirded out that I am being targeted by her to be labeled a stalker and to spill my entire life out there. Although I can say, I spoke to the magistrate here (not the sheriffs department- because anyone who has seriously called over cyber bullying knows that the sheriffs department has nothing to do with anything) the magistrate here said I would have to get legal counsel to file anything against Lisa and it would be a grey area if anything at all could be done.

    Please anyone who wants my side of things can email me. FTR I can hardly understand why anyone who doesn’t know me would go as far as to search my criminal record, that to me is creepy and strange. While I have owned up to it- the only person who knew about it besides my closest friends was Lisa. It is really confusing to me why she is working so hard to call attention to the breakup of our friendship and me by claiming stalker. I have screenshots where we share the same yahoo moms group and a few weeks back she actually argued with me publicly when I posted to a topic she had not participated in originally. So does that sound like someone who is being stalked and afraid for their life? Please. She could shit diamonds and I would never wish to go near her. I honestly wish she would move back from where she came from. She is a selfish person and this is the reason I broke off my friendship. I guess she can’t move on or something?

    My husband is in the military and while I love my mountains here so much and am proud of them, I can’t wait to put as much distance between me and her as possible.

    Anyways there is too sides to every story I will say please to anyone who is interested, you can email me at I have nothing to hide and lots to show you my side.

  232. excuse my typos please, I am exhausted

  233. I forgot one last thing… My criminal record is misdemeanor and not felony.

  234. magpiedpiper says:

    holy long post, batman.

  235. melmelly says:

    holy long post is right, but she did a very good job of explaining her side of the story. Now I don’t know who to believe!

  236. Lurker says:

    There’s always two sides to any story, and then there’s the truth somewhere in between.

  237. MeMeMe says:

    Long post is right! You know, it doesn’t really sound right. Not like her other posts at all..I don’t know who to believe either (although I am leaning towards CDMP), but my gut says we should stay out of it, we might be making a bad situation worse..

  238. RxRx67 says:

    Eh, I don’t understand why it is any of our concern anyway. It is between the two of them as far as I would think. I think that two adults who post back and forth about eachother like that are both pretty juvenile to be honest and I would rather just not stick my nose in it.

  239. werd says:


    isn’t there some WAHM gone wrong we can discuss?!

  240. Aj says:

    I agree, lame.

    Question for you all though…have any of you had problems with See Kai Run soles splitting? My 14 month old somehow managed to rip 2 holes in his shoe today and I’m really bummed!

  241. DSDM2 says:

    AJ, I haven’t heard anything like that. Have you contacted them?

  242. Aj says:

    I just sent them an email, hopefully I hear back this week.

  243. Munklettes says:

    Congrats on your clean time, mountainwillow!

  244. kitty1163 says:

    247: Totally agree with you.

  245. CJ says:

    I just received an email notification that I received a PM on DS. The message is wondering if I sell car-seat ponchos, which I don’t. I haven’t been on DS in months, I don’t know where this member found me on there. I’ve already lost one computer to the DS viruses and I have no intention of going back on there. Is there a way to find a member’s email address without going to the site? Maybe by emailing an admin? I don’t want to be rude and just not reply.

  246. DSDM2 says:

    You could have a friend PM her… I would google her UN and the google her UN with the term email as well. You should be able to see if she is on another board or has an email posted anywhere.

  247. MotherMoonPads says:

    Can I just say, that if a seller lists a 2-4 week turnaround, it’d be REALLY nice if that seller would actually have the item done in 2-4 weeks and not make you ask about it 😦

  248. Aj says:

    So, in case anyone was wondering, See Kai Run got back with me today. They told me to first contact the store I bought the shoes from for an exchange, which is Wee Bunz, but if for some reason they won’t take care of it to contact them again and they will resolve the problem–yeah!

  249. nu says:

    Interesting about googling UN—i found a bunch of posts/un references!

  250. rainbow says:

    Does anyone know what, if anything, is going on with Lisa of Retro Baby?

  251. žába says:

    IDK, but I do want to know who kept the org posters yarn and never mailed her her longies …that she posted on her blog.

  252. CJ says:

    Thanks! I googled her UN and one of the hits was a DS post with an email address right in it. It showed in the preview so I didn’t have to go to herpeville at all! Hopefully it’s the right person. 🙂

  253. DSDM2 says:

    No problem. You can also hit the little link to the right that says cached and not get the herpies but see the content of the page. Glad you found her.

  254. kitty1163 says:

    260: ME TOO.

  255. Shabbychic says:

    260, 263 ME THREE

  256. Aj says:

    260, 263 & 264, could it be Windy Spirits Woolery? ajane posted she bought 2 custom longies slots & a kimono spot back in mid-September, and today posted she’s waiting on her kimono still.

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