Ok, so there were issues with the former owner, and supposedly all was fixed by Audra, the new owner. It now seems Audra is dropping the ball as well (Not to mention out right lying and apparently blocking costumers.)

Check out the closed co-op thread there are problems throughout, and now all kinds of people are emerging from the woodwork with complaints: (this is towards the end of the thread, but the most interesting part) http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=786446&page=34

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Re: Jennys Simply Clean Closed…Update in OP

Is anyone having trouble contacting Audra or maybe she has a new contact I’m not aware of?I placed and order with Jenny before she sold out to Audra. I never received all of my items. I emailed back and forth several times with Jenny all with promises to send my items. She eventually quit responding to my emails and then I learned she had sold the business to Audra. I emailed Audra about the incomplete order,(more than once) and she promised to get the items out ASAP. That was the first week in August. I still haven’t received my items and she isn’t responding to my emails.Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my items or to contact her?

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Re: Jennys Simply Clean Closed…Update in OP

Originally Posted by audrey597 View Post
Is anyone having trouble contacting Audra or maybe she has a new contact I’m not aware of?I placed and order with Jenny before she sold out to Audra. I never received all of my items. I emailed back and forth several times with Jenny all with promises to send my items. She eventually quit responding to my emails and then I learned she had sold the business to Audra. I emailed Audra about the incomplete order,(more than once) and she promised to get the items out ASAP. That was the first week in August. I still haven’t received my items and she isn’t responding to my emails.Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my items or to contact her?

pm’ing you

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Re: Jennys Simply Clean Closed…Update in OP

*sigh*Audra, I PM’d you within minutes of your last post here with details to the transaction. I understand how frustating it is for you to have to follow up where Jenny dropped the ball. I can chalk this up to a loss if you have no intention of responding to my emails or PMs. Just let me know if you have no intention of sending the items so I can quit wasting my time.

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Re: Jennys Simply Clean Closed…Update in OP

Originally Posted by jakob.makenzy View Post
so has everyone recieved their refund or product???

No. I have made 4 attempts at contacting Audra through email and phone for a local pickup. I have not received any responses. I have even requested a refund through paypal and still have not received any response. I’m getting very frustrated. And I’m posting here in the hopes that Audra will respond to this attempt.

ETA: I did not participate in this co-op. I made my order direct through the website. A friend told me about this thread and I posted to it in the hopes of getting some resolution. If this post needs to be removed since I didn’t order through diaperswappers, that’s okay.

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Re: Jennys Simply Clean Closed…Update in OP

I got my coop orderHowever, I placed an order through the site two weeks ago and have not gotten any contact and no shipment notification. I PM’d the person here ran the coop not realizing it wasn’t her duh – and she said she would forward it (and I’m sure she did) but I still have not heard from the owner of JSC.I just sent a PM to Motherto4 on here – I am hoping she responds – if something is going on in private life that you are too busy right now to fill my order that is fine – please issue a refund.


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Re: Jennys Simply Clean Closed…Update in OP

I just opened a case with the paypal resolution center.

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Re: Jennys Simply Clean Closed…Update in OP

Issued refunds to all that asked.

Wife to Timothy(6-11-99) SAHM to Israel 7, Ireland 3, and Iceland 2, Italy 3-5-09nursing bw mama
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Re: Jennys Simply Clean Closed…Update in OP

Just want everyone to know that Audra still hasn’t answered my emails or PM’s. I’m so glad she PM’d me asking about the transaction so I could spend more time looking up all the details *again* only for her to ignore me *again*.

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Re: Jennys Simply Clean Closed…Update in OP

Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Mama you need to file a pp dispute if you haven’t already.

I tried. Unfortunately, Audra or Jenny kept reassuring me that my items were being sent. First, they were out of the items Audra made (dryer balls) shortly after the birth of her last child, totally understandable, I had no beef with that. Then I wait, for weeks and weeks, followed up with promises it was shipping the next day— at least 3 different times, not once did I ever get upset. I was understanding of the situation to a fault. I’ve been very patient and I think considerate of the circumstances. I ended up believing them, that my items were being shipped, or made, or their email wasn’t working, or whatever the excuse of the day was. Now it has been too long to file a PP dispute. Totally my fault for having faith that someone would actually follow through on a business transaction or at least their word.

And now Jenny responds to my last post to this thread with this…….

Originally Posted by Motherto4
My email will not allow me to type emails to respond teh last week. I did not realize you were on DS or I would ahve emailed you.

I tried to respond to her PM but when I hit reply I received a message saying Audra had chosen not receive PMs.

So I’ll post my response here………….

Huh?? YOU PM’d me here a couple of weeks ago. I’ve PM’d you back a couple of times with no response. I’ve also posted to the JSC thread HERE at least 3 times, one of which you responded with an “I PM’d you,” then nada, no follow up, no buzz off, nothing when I got all the transaction info together (for at least the third time I might add). This is getting tiresome. Do you have any intention of sending my items or are you just going to continue to blow me off until I give up?

  1. The OTHER Megan says:

    Crummy. I loved JSC when she first opened her HC, and placed my last order shortly after it changed ownership. I don’t know if the recipe is the same or not, but the stuff is crap. I have 3/4’s of a 120-load bag that has been just sitting in my closet for months because it just doesn’t get a darn thing clean. Perhaps along with the shoddy CS, the new owner is shorting the detergent something, too.
    Anybody know what the “issues” were with Jenny, and why she sold the business in the first place? I always found her CS to be fantastic, shipping really reasonable and quick, and the detergent was great. None of those were the case with my last purchase in early summer.

  2. riffrafflittleman says:

    ugh this sucks. I got my whole family hooked on JSC last Christmas. Guess I better tell them to be careful now. JSC posted on FB yesterday that she was having trouble with emails and to have people message her on there. Stupid crappy people

  3. DSDM2 says:

    yeah, I saw the FB message, but the not accepting PMs and saying refunds were given shows what she truly is.

  4. riffrafflittleman says:

    My SIL just ordered on the 16th, she tried emailing and got no response about her order. Do you think she should file or wait it out? Somehow I doubt there will be any $$ there if she does file though. DAMN IT!!!

  5. smurfmeat says:

    Why is the problem always related to email suddenly not working anymore when the customer service starts to suck? Is that the default excuse?

  6. Kimbella says:

    now it’s saying she’s banned.. hmm

  7. hrm's mom says:

    does anyone know who this is? Were they talked about here once before I seem to remember a small little discussion about someone who just joined CDN about a month ago. I have been looking into buying some stuff but am too freaked out to do it right now.


  8. kitty1163 says:

    This is what the JennyS Simply Clean site says:

    We are currently behind oun our shipping. My Children have had the flu. I am hoping to get caught up by this weekend. Thank you

  9. DSDM2 says:

    #8.) But no mention on her blog, or FB page, and she lied in that thread and ignored the customer..

    Wahms who are “going bad” have a lot of great excuses for why things aren’t working out. PO, illnesses, divorce, DH dying, etc.

  10. tootrue says:

    wow, and I was just about to place another order….maybe not.

  11. Erin says:

    Why did Jenny sell the business to begin with?

    And who’s the WAHM from #7?

  12. Roxyrocks says:

    I always got confused between Bare Naked and JSC I did place a pretty big order with Bare Naked Cleaners on her HC and also in the co-op she did and I have been really happy so far with the stuff. Who did JSC sell too?

  13. diudiaole says:

    hmmmm… well this sucks… I am amazed how often this shit happens. I hope everyone gets their $ back.

  14. JustAMama says:

    #12 – BNC is awesome. Jen is an upstanding WAHM who stands behind her products and is worth your $$.

    JSC (IMHO) has crappy detergent, and always has even when it belonged to Jenny. Jenny supposedly sold to Audra (a friend of her’s on DS) b/c it was just getting to be “too much” and she needed to be with her family, etc.
    But Audra has run it into the ground worse than Jenny ever could’ve. Damn shame.

  15. JustAMama says:

    #12 – BNC is awesome. Jen is an upstanding WAHM who stands behind her products and is worth your $$.

    JSC (IMHO) has crappy detergent, and always has even when it belonged to Jenny. Jenny supposedly sold to Audra (a friend of her’s on DS) b/c it was just getting to be “too much” and she needed to be with her family, etc.
    But Audra has run it into the ground worse than Jenny ever could’ve. Damn shame.

  16. Jen says:

    #14 – yeah I heard she sold to Audra because it was too much for jenny to handle JSC in addition to working full time.

    Man would I be p*ssed if I spent time building up my biz, sold it and 3-4 months later it was totally tanked.

  17. JustAMama says:

    well honestly I don’t think she did a very good job with it herself, as the product seriously sucked. But apparently she did much better as far as CS/marketing etc than her “friend” she sold it to.
    Not the best judge of character, I’d say. Whoops.

  18. mom24babes says:

    I loved JSC, shows how much I’m on DS now, I had no idea that she’d sold it. What a shame.

  19. newhere says:

    what wahm is using the “dh dying” excuse?

  20. diudiaole says:

    #19 — there was that one scammer… ‘Brandi’… that said her DH died in Iraq

    If you do lots of business online, you’ll also hear those kinds of excuses from customers who don’t want to pay for what they have committed to buy. Someone is always dying of cancer or other disease or wounds from an accident etc preventing them from sending paypal. You just have to assume it is the truth as far as CS goes and be sensitive, but I doubt most of them are actually being truthful.

    Afterall, if you can get to a computer for e-mail, you can usually send a payment.

  21. Roxyrocks says:

    I saw the DH dying too and I don’t want to believe anyone would lie about that but I have seen it so often lately it makes me sick 😦

    I am glad JSC doesn’t have anything to do witn BNC because I love Jen’s stuff I bought a TON of it from her last co-op and also from her 2nds sale and I am beyond impressed.

  22. Pariah1 says:

    that sucks. i was also a fan of JSC. store bought brands just don’t smell as nice. but i guess i’m gonna have to start searching for new detergent. because i really don’t feel like need to file another PP claim. anyone have suggestions on good smelling detergent?

  23. Roxyrocks says:

    #22 I love BNC cleaners and the smell last I got the one with oxybooster in it and it works really great and she has about any smell you can imagine. I got Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey and Pumpkin Spice. I have also heard good things about Clean Green Monkey Laundry I know she does samples I believe and has a WAHM thread and a website and I think Jen does samples too

  24. DSDM2 says:

    There have been more than one that used the DH excuse..

    I’m not saying that the current WAHM who’s DH probably did die is lying.. but her posts were more about the money, and her store reopening and having to support her, then they were are about what to do, or her kids, or losing him. Not to mention she has had a lot of issues with her business in the past, and if this is true, people may very well get screwed b/c of her personal life, as they did when DH and she split. It is like she is waiting for someone to donate, to get sales, or to get a auction like others have.

    I really wanted to post on it, but as I am not heartless, I won’t.. She is all about the money..

  25. riffrafflittleman says:

    there’s a WAHM using that excuse now?

  26. tootrue says:

    I think “its a snap”? Is that right?

  27. riffrafflittleman says:

    I think my husbands cynical nature is rubbing off because I have a hard time believing it for some reason. I think it’s all the details and the insurance mentions and then her store info.

  28. tootrue says:

    oops, “oh snap usa”

  29. DSDM2 says:

    28, It didn’t rub me well. It may very well be true, (as I don’t know, and but felt the post was off) but her intentions in that thread were about the money which is weird to me.

  30. stacEy says:

    its weird that if you look at her feedback she has used “family tragedy” as an excuse in the past.

  31. DSDM2 says:

    So, what is the chat board “TheFirePit”? You ladies are coming over in a large number..

  32. riffrafflittleman says:

    DSDM2 -re:#30 I think that’s what rubbed me wrong. Maybe I’m wrong but if I just lost my husband, even if we were separated, I don’t think I would be posting about financial issues and talking about how my store is doing or whatever. I’ve been on boards for a long time and have unfortunately seen a few spouses passed away posts, and almost NEVER is money brought up right away.

  33. madeira says:

    I was waiting for someone to say something about the DH dying thread. As soon as I read it i thought “WTF! Who posts on a forum the SAME DAY as the death and complains about the $ situation?” I dunno, I guess everyone reacts differently but that just seems so OFF to me.

  34. knittingfool says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the dh dying thread was a little “off”. Who thinks of changing your DS siggy within hours of your dh dying? And the money angle kept getting mentioned over and over. I’m just waiting for her to post “my paypal addy is…” If he really did die, then I feel bad for her, but it seems like she was looking to get on the recent raffle and auction gravytrain.

  35. knittingfool says:

    I don’t know what the protocol is in her neck of the woods, but here, the police WOULD NOT phone at 5 am to give you the bad news. It’s always done in person. And the Oklahoma M.E. office is a light coloured brick and glass building, not an old, stone building like a warehouse. And bodies are on stainless steel gurnies, not folding tables. She didn’t do her homework very well.

  36. newhere says:

    I’m always surprised how quickly something like that gets into a person’s siggy…its not the first time…

  37. knittingfool says:

    Too bad she forgot to change her mood from Yeehaw!

  38. laughingmama says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw something not right with that post. She immediately started talking about financial stuff and seemed to being hinting at donations. In my experience, when a story has an excessive amount of details, it’s probably not true. I truly hope that she wouldn’t lie to take advantage of people’s generosity but something just sets off the cynical bitch in me about this one.

  39. Lolanae says:

    And what insurance doesn’t cover natural causes?

    Some of her details are too much. It could all be true, but if my husband just died, I don’t think I’d have the emotional capacity to go into THAT much detail on a message board.

    And harping on the money issue….

  40. me says:

    People were paying to OhSnap’s DH’s account, right? Or people who have bought from her. It shouldn’t be hard to look for an obit, right? I know she doesn’t have to do one but a lot of people do. Just search his name/state too. A lot of places also have an online local forum and they have a place to announce when people die.

  41. me says:

    39- She said he didn’t have insurance but she was wondering whether his work’s coverage for him might pay. I don’t know if it is because she says he was at work when he died or because she thought it is like normal insurance but the employer covers it or what.

  42. .bin. says:

    Don’t know that this lends any info to it, but the funeral homes obits were updated, and his still isn’t there

  43. me says:

    Would he definitely be at that one?
    I don’t know her name or where exactly in OK they are or I’d try to search more. A guy named David in Ok isn’t the easiest thing to search for!

  44. .bin. says:

    Thats just the one that was posted in the fundraiser thread as where the funeral was happening.

  45. DSDM2 says:

    Which thread is that?

  46. 1HotBitch says:

    Under calander of events on that site there was a pending service for a David Mathews.

  47. me says:

    Fundraiser thread?

  48. dirtyj says:

    Wow! Not saying she is lying but……….
    All she did was talk about the $. A bit odd considering they are “best friends” and all.

    There are a few holes to her story. The kind that I cant believe anyone would make. weird fo sho

  49. me says:

    47- I saw that too. Is that him?
    Who paid to his PP account? They’d have his name, right?

  50. žába says:

    I guess it is sad that there is some kids out there that no longer have a dad, but really wasn’t this *great guy* the same one that left her and cleaned out her PP? How can you be besties with some one who just did that to you? I bet there are a whole bunch of people who wont be getting there snaps anytime soon.

  51. dirtyj says:

    #32 what is the fire pit and what is OvuSoft or the SpeakEasy ?
    I am intrigued

  52. me says:

    Ovusoft is a fertility thing. The others I don’t know without looking it up.

  53. žába says:

    Here is someone a -former member maybe- who went off on who they are and the crap they talk[ed]. Sounds like it could be an entertaining read – but I already got you gals and you’re more fun 😀

  54. žába says:

    oh man my comment got stuck in moderation 😦 Wha Wha

  55. Thud says:

    I know!
    Ovusoft has forums, a few years ago they split and the SpeakEasy started. The FirePit was a Darkside from one and then the other (both).
    I miss the Fire pit! *waves*

  56. DSDM2 says:

    Now JSC’s facebook page has pissed off customers posting on it.

  57. .bin. says:

    51: so true, but did you ever have classmates die when you were in school? Instantly they were the most popular student, everyone suddenly had some great memory of them, even if they had been cruel and hated them the entire time they were alive.

    I’m not sure what she is expecting everyone(meaning, her x’s work, her xmil,etc.) to do? She talks about how awful it is that her mil was ‘taking’ her child support. uhm.. no. your douchy husband was choosing to send money to his momma and not you, thats on him. It might be easier to saint him now that he’s gone, but doesn’t make it true.

  58. Lolanae says:

    Off topic:

    But is it me or is It’s a Snap’s HC finally down? Apparently she caused drama at the My Great Retreat board too.

  59. DSDM2 says:

    59, yup it’s down.

  60. DSDM2 says:

    Interestingly enough, she is still posting in Bad hyena’s as of the 30th even without a store open..

  61. Thud says:

    what happened at the Great Retreat? Did she finally get a third negative on her HC? (IAS)

  62. werd says:

    I saw the post from Oh Snap – not touching that one with a 10 foot pole. I was the one in the middle of a transaction with her when her FIL died. And yes, her husband’s name is David Mathews. I hope she takes time off from her business to deal with his funeral/etc.

  63. žába says:

    I bet she keeps on takin’ orders werd, she sounds like she is pretty desperate for cash. So, I am sure she will end up in the same cash flow problem that kept her from mailing your stuff.
    Yeah, .bin. it is exactly like that. Just because the dude is dead doesn’t erase all the crappy stuff he did. But, apparently in her mind that has already happened. *sigh* If she want’s to idealize him fine, but does every one else really have to as well? The guy only worked at that new job for a couple of weeks, what is she expecting?

  64. Munklettes says:

    Doe anyone know where Oh Snap lives?

  65. melmelly says:

    Anyone see the JAR that It’s A Snap filed?

    Name of business: http://tuckerstaketennessee.blogspot.com

    Name of business owner/buyer/ trader(first and last): Meghan Tucker
    E-mail address:megtucker@comcast.net
    eBay user ID:N/A
    Date ordered: September 16th, 2009
    Products/services purchased: Meghan was suppose to review my product on her blog on September 16th 2009.
    Price paid: 19.69 worth of product and shipping
    Estimated turn around time: N/A
    Actual turn around time: N/A
    Was product as expected? Meghan did not review the product as she said she would. About 4 weeks after I sent the product she informed me she wasn’t doing that on her blog anymore but that she could use it for a giveaway on her blog which she was now doing. I said great. Then 24 hours later she said she didn’t want to use my product for a giveaway. I said fine, send it back or pay for it. She said she would mail it back to me. That was 2 weeks ago now and it has not been returned. She says it was mailed but has no delivery confirmation or insurance receipt for proof of mailing.
    If not why? See above..I got nothing in the form of a review or advertising and am missing my product.
    Did you contact the person about the problem(s)? Multiple times. My first few messages were completely ignored. When she finally responded it was as above. She now says that all the other packages she mailed that day arrived to their destinations and that she is not responsible for returning my product.
    If so, how did they attempt to resolve? See above. She refuses to acknowledge that she is responsible for the safe return of my product or that she needs to pay for it.
    Would you do business with again? No way.
    Today’s date: November 1, 2009

  66. knittingfool says:

    The woman probably didn’t want to be involved with IAS or her products. And isn’t the Juicy Apple for bad experiences with businesses? This sounds more like a personal issue.

  67. melmelly says:

    68 That’s what I was thinking as I was reading – that she probably didn’t want to be involved with IAS. It’s just a blog for pete’s sake! It’s not like this woman is going to lose a lot of business. Readers maybe, and any income she may get from sponsors because of her reading base. But Snap may have made it so that she is actually attracting more readers to the blog.

    I think this may be backfiring on IAS, all over a $19.69 product +shipping.

  68. Trojane says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with focusing on someone’s good when they die. It’s the good parts you miss when someone you love dies.

    I’m right there with you all on the other things. I can understand worrying about money after your partner dies. The children should be able to get social security benefits until they are 18 (I could be wrong, but my husband did when his father died). However, it’s bizarre her main focus has been money all around. I won’t criticize her for her grief, but, as a person, she definitely functions in shady ways.

  69. Thud says:

    Isn’t Meghan Tucker the spam queen who has been banned from HC for always spamming her message boards?

  70. The OTHER Megan says:

    Never heard of Meghan Tucker or her blog, but she’s in my bookmarks. Anyone who stands up for morals and tells IAS where she can take her scammy, unoriginal products can have a minute or two of my day to glance at a blog.:-P

  71. eeek says:

    Isn’t Meghan Tucker the one who started that forum with it’s a snap? I think they might just deserve each other, lol….

    & IAS’s HC is GONE, anyone know the story?

  72. MotherMoonPads says:

    Where does she sell now that her HC is gone?

  73. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    no idea

  74. me says:

    I found some things where she was promoting or selling but they’re gone now. I can’t find anything else but there are quite a few things called It’s a Snap or where people have said that.

  75. DSDM2 says:

    Ok, this is bugging me and I sat on it for the night.. The Nanny (Oh Snap) was PMing someone yesterday afternoon (according to her profile), when I looked at who it was, it was a mama ISO snaps.

    She should not be running a company right now, when her FIL died, she fell apart.. She is using sympathy for money.

    I’m going to say, I see scamming in the future :2cents:

  76. Aj says:

    Need your opinions please ladies.

    On 10-18 I ordered $36 worth of corker bows, within an hour the hc owner emailed me that she had been in an accident and her turn around time would be longer than the normal 3-5 days.

    I said no problem, but what timeline were we looking at?

    She responded with a week to a week and a half.

    11-1 I emailed her and wondered about the progress of my order since I hadn’t heard anything, and stated if it was going to be much longer than please just refund me.

    This morning I woke up to a paypal refund from her with a note that said her injuries have left her unable to do anything and to please forgive her.

    Should I just let this go, or leave neg fb? I’m really pissed off, I wanted these bows.

  77. just_sayin says:

    #78, I think she did just the right thing, and no neg feedback is deserved. If she can’t fill the order due to unforeseen circumstances, then she should refund you, which she did. She may be dealing with major issues right now, and is unable to continue to work. Some less than honest WAHM’s would have drug you along until your 45 days were up, and then you would be SOL. I have been in a car accident before, and some injuries take longer to heal than you think they will. I was up and about the evening of my accident, but was still in physical therapy 2 times a week 3 years later. It takes time for torn muscles to heal.

  78. Aj says:

    Yeah, I get that, and I hate to kick her when she’s down; but why couldn’t she have communicated that from the beginning instead of stringing me along?

  79. Rebecca says:

    I had something else to say, but a phone call distracted me.

    #78 – I would at least give it a neutral rating. if she refunded the money and responded to emails, that’s better than many people.

    Have you tried making corker bows? They take a TON of ribbon, but you can make a set of 2 from a roll of ribbon, so its going to be much cheaper than buying. Of course it takes time.

  80. amessymama says:

    80-It sounds like she thought she was going to be able to fill your order and then realized she couldn’t. Then she refunded you. I understand your disappointment, but I don’t think she deserves a neg or anything.

    If you do leave a neg, I hope you explain exactly what you did here, so others can judge for themselves.

  81. Lolanae says:

    I agree with the others. At the start, she probably thought she would be back to work shortly. 2 weeks is a time frame where she could have realized that her injuries were worse, or had complications. I doubt she purposely strung you along unless you have other reasons to suspect her.

  82. Aj says:

    #81, I think it deserves a neutral too, but on hc there is only positive or negative.

    I will probably just let it go, I just wish she had decided on her own to cancel the order because she couldn’t fulfil her end rather than waiting for me to contact her. It’s just poor customer service in my opinion.

  83. Melmelly says:

    84- If it were me, I would just drop it. I was rear-ended 8.5yrs ago at a stop light. It messed up my right foot because I had it on the brake and I am still dealing with it. As a wahm myself and I were in the same position, I would be upset to get neutral or neg feedback fir something beyond my control. At least she tried, and when she realized it was going to be too much, she refunded you.

  84. kitty1163 says:

    i would let it go. the woman is obviously having issues. i had a trans just like that … where we talked for weeks and then *poof* i had two refunds from her. i was sad but at least she was honest and didn’t string me along any longer. i didn’t leave any sort of fb for her.

  85. Melissa says:

    I would leave a neutral. Had SHE come to you & said “I’m sorry, I am not going to be able to fill your order” after you’d agreed to the longer timeframe, then I’d drop it completely, but the fact is that you didn’t get the info until you went to her, expecting your order to be almost done or on its way to you. Yes, she had a hardship in her life, but as a business it is her job to communicate with you, not your job to chase her down for answers.

  86. Taterbug says:

    #78. Has the WAHM made any sort of note on her HC indicating that she is taking a break from her business, or noting that there will be longer turnaround than usual due to her injuries? If she has done that since refunding you, I would lean more towards a positive FB, because it would show that she is concerned about good customer service, and is doing the best that she can. If she hasn’t taken any steps to inform potential customers of possible delays or a temporary closing, I would be more inclined to complain in feedback.

  87. Kimbella says:

    Oh Snap is also banned DS user shell015.


    Unless there is someone else who named their kid Brintson Mathews and lives in OK.


  88. Lolanae says:

    Interesting find Kimbella. Anyone tell the mods yet?

  89. Kimbella says:

    Don’t they read here?

    I still haven’t been able to find an obit for her husband. I found a tribute myspace page, but that’s it: http://www.myspace.com/bmsd

    In this shell015 thread, http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=160977 the PB linked in the thread have pics of a little boy, it really looks like the same boy in thenanny’s profile pic: http://s100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/carebearaddiction/Brintson%201st%20Birthday/?start=all

    Now everyone knows how I’m spending nap time today – lol!

  90. Lolanae says:

    The PB account Shell uses has pics that look to be the same kid in Nanny’s avi. Not to mention an older girl that could be the step daughter.


  91. knittingfool says:

    #91: That post was made the same month that she registered as Nanny. The mods must have been sleeping.

  92. Aj says:

    #87, it’s on hc so there’s no neutral fb option

    #88, I haven’t been back to check if there’s a note, there wasn’t when I purchased; and even if there is now, no way will I be leaving a positive. She wasted my time and held up my money for 2 weeks.

  93. kimbella says:

    Here myspace UN is also carebareaddiction, just like shell015’s PB acct:


  94. riffrafflittleman says:

    it’s a darn shame she has her comments sent to approval first.

  95. knittingfool says:

    “it’s a darn shame she has her comments sent to approval first.”

    That would explain the lack of comments! I imagine she has had a shitload of them. LOL Her “reviews” explain why her HC went poof. She must have a death wish businesswise.

  96. The OTHER Megan says:

    94- Wow, really? It sounds like she did exactly what she was supposed to. She communicated immediately upon purchase, and gave you an option. When it’d been just over that length of time, you asked for a refund and she gave it immediately. I’m not sure how she deserves a negative. I’ve always assumed that purchasing from WAHMs includes understanding that life happens. I’m in a transaction with the same person, I am quite sure (same type of purchase, and a very serious, debilitating injury requiring surgery a couple weeks ago), and have had similar communication. It seems quite adequate to me, and I feel for the mama. I’m sad you aren’t happy with her CS, both for her and for you.

  97. CJ says:

    @ Aj For the feedback….leave detailed feedback with everything that you have mentioned here. Keep it free of emotion and full of facts and other shoppers will read it. With HC feedback you don’t check positive or negative. You just leave details and if it is negative, you can check off the box for that. It then alerts HC and I believe the store owner so that they can respond. Leaving feedback doesn’t automatically indicate positive though, so i do think that you should still go ahead and leave detailed info of your transaction.

  98. MotherMoonPads says:

    Wait, are ya’ll saying that The Nanny is IAS?

  99. DSDM2 says:

    No, she is OhSnap, and apparently shell015

  100. DSDM2 says:

    Ban coming in 5..4..3..2..1

  101. DSDM2 says:

    Totally her.

  102. MotherMoonPads says:

    Thanks DSDM2.

  103. monkey says:


    The only mistake I can see that she made was not contacting the buyer herself when she found she could finish within the time frame she herself gave. I don’t think that alone deserves negative feedback, but it is something as a buyer that I would mention within my positive feedback.

  104. knittingfool says:

    Well, her siggy and store info are gone and have been replaced by a notice saying she is a previously banned member with her old UN.

  105. The OTHER Megan says:

    108- Yes, I believe if she has a bad taste in her mouth from the transaction, that a positive with a lengthy explanation should be left.

  106. JustAMama says:

    whoa wait I just noticed something weird – #14 is my post, but #15 quite a few hours later is not. ?? The part at the end is not even my style, wth is that about?!

    and yes this whole crappola with thenanny or whatever is sick. That’s a totally twisted sympathy game to play. I did notice she was banned today, and after coming back here it makes sense. I originally thought the “DH died today” post to be quite.. out there. I mean, who’s hubby dies and then that’s how they word it?!? WTF?

  107. DSDM2 says:

    111.) It was spam. Just saw the link it was hooked to. Fixed it.

  108. me says:

    It says that thenanny is banned but it says that she is online looking at the first page.

    She said that she just sent off the obituary so I guess look in the next couple of days?

  109. Tired says:

    New topic for a second, if that’s ok…but aren’t legwarmers with feet just socks???


  110. me says:

    114- Aren’t they thigh high socks?

  111. CJ says:

    Footed legwarmers! lol! Now that is creative marketing. 🙂

  112. monkey says:

    #114 HAHAHAHAHA!

  113. JustAMama says:

    #112 ahhh thanks 🙂

    Footed legwarmers! Genius! I can’t believe I never thought of this! (eyeroll smiley here LOL)

  114. Toaster says:

    Are It’s a Snap and Oh Snap the same person?

  115. knittingfool says:

    119: No, but there must be something about having the word “snap” in your biz name. They are both very dodgy.

  116. Aj says:

    #100, you really think she did everything she was supposed to do?

    I never assume that life happens when I work with whams, and I work with a lot. They are small business owners, and I expect from them the same things I expect from other business owners. If my stock broker told me “sorry, I couldn’t invest that $10,000 you gave me because my kid was sick” you bet I wouldn’t be working with them again, and I wouldn’t have anything positive to say about them either.

    It’s not the amount of money, it’s the principle. If you are unable to do your job than don’t accept orders, it’s as easy as that.

  117. Sharpie says:

    AJ, really in the grand scheme of things this isn’t a big fucking deal stop making it out to be. There is no comparison between a 10,000 dollar investment and buying some hair bows. You’ve gotten your money, now go buy some bows from somewhere else (preferably Walmart so no other WAHM’s will be subjected to your crappy attitude) and drop it. You are out nothing but 2 weeks without having some shit to stick on your DD’s head and you’re going to leave someone who is obviously having health issues a negative about it? Get a fucking hobby or go take a drink because you are getting way to upset over a nonexistent situation.

  118. žába says:

    OMG baby thigh highs! Funny, disturbing, and useful all in one.

  119. žába says:

    122 I agree with the sentiment – AJ you really do need to just move on, it wasn’t like she went and got injured just to inconvenience you – but Sharpie that was a little harsh. Maybe it just that i haven’t had my coffee yet the morning but that made me go whooa.

  120. Sharpie says:

    I agree that I was a bit harsh it’s just after these past 2 weeks and watching what happened with the NILMDTS fundraiser I’m just really getting sick of petty behavior and making drama out of nothing.

  121. Lolanae says:

    Not to mention if it’s the same WAHM mentioned in another post, she apparently had to have surgery. I’m betting you she got back to you as soon as she could. Aj, you are not out that much time. Two weeks. It’s not like you were coming up on the 45 day PP window. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  122. downy20 says:

    Well said, Sharpie!!

  123. mmspirit7 says:

    So Aj…she was in accident not something planed she told you. she’s recovering and maybe the found something later you asked for your money back and got it right away. you didn’t get excuses as to having to wait for it. You got it right back. My question is have you talked to her since and let her know how you feel? I don’t think it need negative feedback really.

  124. DSDM2 says:

    128: I agree.

  125. werd says:

    128, agreed. Seriously AJ, in your last post you are implying that she took your order knowing she wouldn’t be able to finish it. She got in an ACCIDENT… completely random and unplanned, and you are being really ridiculous about the whole thing!

    Yes, she should have let you know she wasn’t going to be able to finish your bows and not waited for you to contact her… but she refunded you promptly and apologized. She doesn’t deserve a negative by any means. You need to move on, seriously.

  126. Aj says:

    I already said I wasn’t going to leave a negative, I stated that many many posts ago.

    She had already been in the accident when she accepted my order–that is my point, she should not have been accepting orders at all.

    Maybe I am overreacting, but the shoddiness of wham products and cs is really disheartening lately and I’m sick of it.

    Oh, and Sharpie I could definitely use a drink, but I think showing up for pick-up at dd’s school drunk would be setting a really bad example 😉

    Didn’t realize this would get everyone up in arms, wow I feel so special!

  127. MotherMoonPads says:

    Sherpie, any chance you know what’s going on with the NILMDTS fundraiser? Raffle winners were supposed to be announced yesterday. Is Carmella just running behind? 🙂

  128. Just Plain Me says:

    Hey AJ, maybe if you think WAHMs have shoddy work and awful CS you should stick to buying from Macys.

  129. mmspirit7 says:

    sorry i didn’t read you first post as she was in the accident and then too your order but the other way around I will go back and re read it.

  130. Sharpie says:

    132. Carmela’s DD is sick right now so she will try and have the raffle winners announced today. Just a lot of work to go through every raffle and enter the number’s into random.org and contact the winners while dealing with a LO with a fever of 103.

  131. justlurking says:

    ohhhhh nooooooooo
    someone stole my idea!!! Damn it!!!!

  132. Cylon-Frakker says:

    128, well said…

    122, baby-thigh-hi’s, really? Still gonna have the “hiking up your nylons” issue….

    AJ, it’s entirely possible that she had the accident and didn’t know the extent of the injuries, like if the accident had happened that day or the day before.

    An example? I was broadsided in August 2005, and walked with what I thought was only minor bruising. YEARS later, I still have issues with my left hip (I was driving and broadsided on that side), especially if I walk a whole lot (trick or treating was horrid), in addition to panic/anxiety attacks when faced with making a left hand turn at an intersection without a protected left signal.

  133. Cylon-Frakker says:

    Should read WALKED AWAY with what I thought were only minor injuries

  134. MotherMoonPads says:

    Thanks #135. I donated something, and someone that bought a raffle ticket for my item actually contacted me and was wondering when winners were going to be picked. I’m obviously clueless 🙂

  135. Me, Myself, and I says:

    So, I forgot about this, thenanny was a Mod or admin at DT. You guys remember that whole thing during the snappi co-op stuff?

  136. knittingfool says:

    Just read crazy Snap’s blog again. Apparently, Glenn Beck is her hero. Now we have proof that she is nuts. LOL

  137. noisybean says:

    #137, Baby thigh highs definitely would cause the hiking up the nylons issue. You know what would be great, if someone would just invent something that went all the way up to the waist, and maybe put, say, elastic around the top!

  138. nu says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the WAHM who was in an accident, just wanted to keep going on with life…she probably wears many hats in her life and didn’t want the accident to stop her. Does that make sense?

    Personally, if I was fed up with WAHMs, I wouldn’t buy from them. Work at Home Moms–right…that means they have kids…so um…yeah….they have a life!

  139. try me, i'm new! says:

    #141 – no freaking way. that’s just perfect. an absolute nexxus of insanity.

  140. DSDM2 says:

    140- really? Interesting, so she was in bed with Dixie/Michelle, Sam, and Carol.

  141. CJ says:

    The NILMDTS Fundraiser raffle winners are posted!

    I won a couple of things….so excited!

    I see that JDT won the WAHM graphics package. I guess raffles aren’t that bad after all.

  142. monkey says:


    I didn’t win of the raffles I ordered, but I’m so glad I could support such a great charity! I hope they made a ton of money!

  143. monkey says:

    that should be entered not ordered.

  144. MotherMoonPads says:

    I won a few things on the raffle too 🙂

  145. DSDM2 says:

    So, I just got an email that there is going to be a raffle for Shellie Mathews, oh snapusa/the nanny/OhSnap. What are your ladies opinions? From what I understand, there is no proof of death yet, and she claims she doesn’t know/understand her banning.

  146. Lolanae says:

    Oh hell no. I don’t think there should be a raffle unless she can provide proof of death. That might sound wrong of me, but honestly. Even when the mod who’s husband killed himself, there was a proof of death thing.

    And if she doesn’t understand her banning, she needs to re-read DS rules. She’s already been banned once and came back. I swear that’s on the rules list somewhere.

  147. Lolanae says:

    I also don’t think a raffle should be done for someone with a shady/scammy past.

    Call my cynical or cruel, if you’d like. The raffles that have been happening lately have been for ladies that are long standing figures in the CD’ing community and have a good long history.

  148. knittingfool says:

    Absolutely not! She is crying about having no money coming in now. Well, they had split up and he wasn’t paying child support so her money status has not changed one bit. And how did she access his myspace page to change it to a memorial page? He is listed as single and all his previous messages are still there. If you are trolling for babes on myspace, you don’t give your ex-wife your password, kwim?

  149. riffrafflittleman says:

    DSDM2 – I say no way. Something about the whole thing seems off. I’d hate to see anyone’s generosity taken advantage of if this is BS.

  150. werd says:

    If she really is the former scammer that she was banned as – NO, she doesn’t deserve any raffles or help. Period.

  151. Lolanae says:

    Wasn’t Werd one of the one’s that had issues with her and snap orders?

  152. Cylon-Frakker says:

    #142, you mean, um, tights? LOL

    #156, yes. It was HUGE on here.

  153. dirtyj says:

    I dont think there will be many WAHMs willing to help with this one.

  154. žába says:

    Sure, she can have a raffle if she wants I for sure know that i will not buy a single ticket….but have at it. Oh, and who’s going to donate stuff? I think it is going to be the most pathetic auction/raffle ever, but hey every one is entitled to other peoples money right? Oh Snap has seen so many other upstanding WHAM’s benefit, why shouldn’t she.

  155. žába says:

    err WAHM’s

    I am so irritated I can’t even type

  156. noisybean says:

    #157. Tights! What a great name! That would be perfect for the new product someone should invent. Lol.

    I actually just recently read an article on what happens to your online life when you pass. Not sure about myspace, but with Facebook a family member can request that persons page be either deleted or set as a memorial. You have to, of course, provide proof of death. Anyone find anything about Scammy Nanny’s DH?

  157. Lolanae says:

    Zaba –

    What you said goes along with something I was thinking…

    Look at the timing of this:

    – OhSnap’s old drama had died down
    – Katie, Carmela and Maria’s raffles/auctions all happen this month with a HUGE out pouring of support
    – OhSnap’s post shows up end of the month focusing on money a little too much.
    – No one can seem to find proof of death and some details are a little off

  158. Cylon-Frakker says:

    #162, maybe my DH’s cynicism is rubbing off on me, but I was just thinking that….Coat-tails, riding them.

  159. riffrafflittleman says:

    162, 163 – completely agree!!

  160. werd says:

    yep, both I and diu had the transactions from hell with her…

  161. žába says:

    Oh fantastic, now she has other people trying to drum up orders for her when she has no business taking any orders. 1) she banned – hello bad idea to order something from a banned member and 2)from past experience she doesn’t keep her shit together very well while dealing with this sort of thing.

    Well on a positive note, at least she isn’t a lair and a money grubber…just an opportunistic money grubber.

  162. eeek says:

    Her husband was giving her nothing before, right? actually stole from her, per her own excuses?

    Now she’ll get monthly payments from SSA- I know my husband’s statements say I’d get like 2600/month if he dies, until the kids are 18. So she’s in a better financial state, and she obviously only cares about that. So now she can go away. Please, god, make her go away, she sucks.

    All evil snap-named businesses. must. go. away. Thankfully both are in a freefall, people have to work to pay attention to them as they’re both banned in their usual scamming spots….

  163. žába says:

    starts out pretty mundane, but gets more interesting in post 12.


    Who is she taking about?

  164. žába says:

    169 – exactly! I think SS will even pay for enough to get the dude cremated. Anyhoo, hopefully she just goes away.now.

  165. JustPeachy says:

    I resent the insinuation that all banned members are automatically dirty scammers. At one time I was banned and I managed to keep my reputation clean. Do not make assumptions just because someone is banned (although in this case you are correct).

  166. Lolanae says:

    I’d only make that assumption with proof, which is definitely there in this case. I know a few banned mamas that are very good business ladies.

  167. žába says:

    Sorry Peach – I totally get what you are sayin’ and maybe that was too broad a statement . I think most would agree with me that going into a deal with a banned member has a certain degree of risk, they may or may not have any intention of returning to the community. I would probably not go in to a transaction with a banned member unless I knew them pretty darn well and knew that the reason they were banned had nothing to do with crappy transactions. I guess it just puts me off that she has a history of bad CS and now has other members pimping business for her while she is in fact banned for being a shady member who was banned and returning under a different name.

  168. JustPeachy says:

    Ok just as long as we are clear. I know many mamas were banned on DS at the same time and were upstanding members that were a lil bit outspoken. Lets not forget DS likes to ban its more outspoken members whilst letting the scammers run free.

  169. Kimbella says:

    It was easy to find the scammer: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=860508


  170. žába says:

    well they made that pretty easy

  171. mmspirit7 says:

    I can’t get on cdn..

  172. Jen says:

    Hi Mamas~I just wanted to come on to say that I bought $65 worth of snaps from Shellie of Oh Snap last week before I learned that her husband passed away.

    She printed the postage pretty much straightaway, but after she was banned from DS I got nervous and filed a dispute with PayPal.

    I got my snaps today, the whole order, nothing shady about it. I’ve dropped the dispute and feel terrible about ever doubting her story.

    Anyway, I just wanted to come on to say that I do believe that her husband passed away and that she is trying her best to run a legit business.

    That’s all 🙂

  173. DSDM2 says:

    Jen, you need to use your same username that you used last time for me to approve the post. Sorry. We have very few rules, and that is one.

  174. Sarah says:

    Oooh lailas_mommy lives near me! I’ve always wanted to live near a scammer so I could deliver messages in person.

  175. Jen says:

    sarah / #181 who are you on DS?

  176. A Different Sarah says:

    The bish is back: It’s a Snap is back on HC in the Beau Modele congo as Soyfully Yours.

    Look at the knit hats here: http://hyenacart.com/onestore.php?vid=3245&category=14 and here: http://livinglinkstyle.blogspot.com/2009/11/speechless-saturday-knitting.html

    Ugh. How is this even possible???

  177. DSDM2 says:

    Report her to Karen. Really.

  178. A Different Sarah says:

    Errrr, how? Thanks. I’m not tight with Karen, LOL.

  179. knittingfool says:

    Will somebody please drive a stake through that woman’s heart! It’s the only way to get rid of her.

  180. Just Plain Me says:

    I emailed the congo leader as well as posted about it on HC. Will she never go away?

  181. CJ says:

    email support@hyenacart.com with the links to show proof that it is her. I don’t’ know if her shop was closed by HC or her….either way, shoppers should be allowed to make an informed decision when purchasing. Opening up under a different name is just sneaky.
    If you don’t want to email Karen, lmk and I will.

  182. me says:

    It is even more sneaky when she is hiding it and even her info is skewed!
    Her cart was closed.

  183. CJ says:

    Just Plain Me ….. wonder how long before that thread goes *poof*? lol.

    I pm’d Becky as well to see if she can add the new store to the feedback thread for Teresa.

  184. Just Plain Me says:

    The congo owner emailed me back. Its definately Teresa bc she called her by that name in her email to me. She says she had no idea about Teresa’s scamming and asked for info on her. We’ll see what she does with it.

  185. CJ says:

    And the HC thread is gone.

  186. Sharpie says:

    LOL Teresa is as dumb as a rock. Way to create a new identity and then blow your cover by posting brag photos on your blog moron!

  187. Just Plain Me says:

    Yea I talked to Becky. She had to delete the thread but she is editting Teresa’s FB on the congo to reflect who she really is.

  188. knittingfool says:

    She has been pulled from her new congo. LOLOLOL

  189. Just Plain Me says:

    Yep. I emailed the owner as soon as I saw this post and she was VERY upset, she didn’t know anything about IAS before I emailed her and she deleted her ASAP. Hope is extremely nice from what I’ve seen today talking to her, I hope her congo does well now that Teresa is gone.

  190. knittingfool says:

    I noticed that the store beneath hers is the same one she is raving about on her blog. Maybe that is how she got in. A personal reference.Rikraks needs to put some distance between herself and snap if she ever wants to sell anything.

  191. werd says:

    jesus… IAS is like a bad case of gential herpes! She shows up for a while, irritates you and you get rid of her, but she’s always lurking under the surface, waiting to make a comeback!!

  192. knittingfool says:

    198: LOL! Is that why she is called Snatch?

  193. CJ says:

    197: I have 2 OS diapers from Rikki (RikRaks) and she was great to work with. I flinched when I saw her being raved about on that blog b/c I knew it would not be seen as a good thing by most.

  194. Sharpie says:

    Did anyone else notice that Snatch stole the whole “Speechless Saturday” title from Meghan Tucker’s blog?

    And seriously the whole “good verse” posting has me LMAO.

    Biggest. Fucking. Hypocrite. Ever.

  195. knittingfool says:

    You’ve got to admit….she is entertaining, in her own twisted way. She has given me a few laughs over the last few months.

  196. knittingfool says:

    201: Exactly. She needs to run far and fast or Snap will poison her biz. Unfortunately, there are still a few people out there who don’t know the whole story behing this lunatic.

  197. Sharpie says:

    I think I’m going to start my own blog and just write about Snatchy all day long. I think the first post will be “Super Sneaky Snatch and the OBV Battle with Bonnie”

    Oh and if you think I’m not going to be adding Snatch as my FB friend and making her my neighbor on Farmville you are sorely mistaken. I plan on sowing fields of pettiness, hatred and self-righteousness with her at least until my cash crop of stolen ideas is read for harvest.

  198. Messy says:

    #205 Can I b a guest writer on your blog??? ROFLMAO~

  199. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    i know that IAS and RikRAks are on a co-op group i am and talk on there. she may not know how twisted she seems to be

  200. insomniac says:

    She is so freakishly insane. I mean really.

    Isn’t there a point when a sane person just realizes it is time to move on..you lost. Buybye.

    I mean shit, that stuff with Bonnie happened in the spring and she is STILL posting crap about her on her crazy ass blog.

  201. thesecret says:

    gah, gah, gah. I refuse to read anymore coop threads on CDN, I am not in. Random thought

  202. A Different Sarah says:

    She’s back on the Beau Modele congo? WTF? After being kicked off yesterday? SHE’S BACK AGAIN? Urrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.

  203. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    she is? i missed it!

  204. insomniac says:

    I cannot BELIEVE they would have her back at Beau Modele after learning all that crap about her.
    I will not shop there if they are cool with having a scammer in house.

  205. knittingfool says:

    But I just noticed that owner of the congo is not there today. She seemed concerned enough to dump snap quickly and now snap is back and she is gone. Something is up.

  206. monkey says:

    I gotta say, I won’t be buying from that congo if they keep Snap either. *makes crashing plane noises*

  207. insomniac says:

    So I wonder if the Leader was like..her or me?
    And well if they chose to keep Snap over the Ladder Hill Designs lady(who was the leader) then that just speaks volumes to me about the rest of them.

    I sincerely hope that is not the case.

  208. knittingfool says:

    Yup, that is the case. Just got a reply to my email. Ladder Hill has pulled out of the congo because she doesn’t want to be associated with snap and her shady practices. Methinks that congo is toast.

  209. knittingfool says:

    And I think we will see Ladder Hill getting trashed on Snap’s blog soon. And she had nothing to do with choosing the vendors on the congo. That was all RikRaks doing. Ladder Hill did the graphics, etc.

  210. CJ says:

    That is just wrong.

    knittingfool….did she elaborate? Did the other congo members stand beside IAS?

    I did receive a response from HC support yesterday and they were under the impression that she had been pulled from the congo. They did however mention that if needed for future circumstances, feedback to a current store could be linked from another store. I will email them back now to ask that they do this.

  211. knittingfool says:

    She never mentioned the other members so I don’t know how they feel. But I noticed that there are quite few more stores in “Past Items” than there are listed now. And Rikki apparently calls the shots re: vendors so….

  212. magpiedpiper says:

    Whoa, never buying from ANYONE on that congo now. I didn’t even enter RikRaks FFS when I saw it recently because she’s associated with IAS.

    Buyer beware of the Beau Modele congo, that’s for sure! A bunch of WAHMs who condone shady practices and questionable business ethics there if they want to be associated with Snap.

  213. ~*~Momma~*~ says:


  214. jmama says:

    I just clicked the contact link for Soyfully Yours and the email was: itsasnapdiapers@rocketmail.com

    You would think that she would atleast invent a new email address…LMAO What a twat

  215. eeek says:

    Who has their head buried so deep that they don’t know about IAS? How that congo thinks she’s OK to keep around is beyond me. Maybe they like the fact that while there have only been about 5500 hits EVER on the congo, it’s drifting between 4-8 shoppers in the store at any time right now. Bad attention better than no attention?

    To be quite honest- the stuff they’re selling was never anything I would have bought anyway.

  216. CJ says:

    This may be the final nail in the coffin for RikRaks. It’s a shame, I really liked Rikki and thought that she was really nice when I dealt with her.

  217. CJ says:

    Sorry, I just re-read that and it sounds bad. I didn’t mean to imply that RR has done anything bad in the past….it’s just all of the recent association that is bad to a lot of people.

  218. žába says:

    Sound like IAS is angling for a new home -Stalk Shop- when she finally gets kicked out of everywhere else.

  219. eeek says:

    RR just posted on CDN that she had no idea IAS was insane, and RR is stepping away from that congo (again). IAS has no home, lol.

    Good she posted. What’s wrong with the rest of the congo, that they didn’t?

  220. riffrafflittleman says:

    eeek, I just saw that. I can’t wait to see what Snatch posts on her blog now

  221. knittingfool says:

    Does RR not visit any forums? How could she have missed all the Snaps drama?

  222. insomniac says:

    I emailed hc support about her old snaps feedback and it has now been linked to her at that new congo. >:)

  223. insomniac says:

    riki posted at cdn and says after getting caught up the snap drama she left the congo too and is separating herself from teresa. SO I don’t know if she did actually realize everything in snaps history. Giving her the benefit of the doubt since she is making the effort to space herself from snap, kwim?

  224. knittingfool says:

    Insomniac- Damage control maybe?

  225. insomniac says:

    232. ha, yeah maybe,lol! she just kicked her off the congo again though so that is cool. so teresa is without a shop …….yet again. 😛

  226. A Different Sarah says:

    Eeek. There are only two shops at the Beau Modele congo now. KInda funny. Kinda sad.

  227. Messy says:

    The congo is closed now…

  228. Thud says:

    Nice work, Typhoid Teresa.

  229. cdnation says:

    AJ– will you please pm the WAHM with the bows that you had issues with.

    I’m trying to put something together. Thanks.


  230. cdnation says:

    Doh, email please AJ.

  231. hrm's mom says:

    haha Typhoid Teresa! I just spit out my drink!

  232. kukukachoo says:


    DS is making progress it seems…admin has posted a public outing of 2 scammers

  233. CJ says:

    Sorry, what was that? I was distracted by the pigs flying past my window.

  234. try me, i'm new! says:

    I like the way they out scammers on gymbofriends – a factual post about who did what, a call for anyone else who might have had problems with them, and an offer to help anyone scammed with filing, etc.

    I also of course heart the cdn style of outing.

    but I guess that does represent progress by ds. I just don’t understand why they would NOT publicly out scammers. but whatev. easy solution: don’t bst on ds.

  235. riffrafflittleman says:

    aww, Snatch changed her blog to read by invite only…where oh where am I going to go to be informed on such scammy wahm’s?

  236. Tired says:

    So…what makes those 2 scammers any worse than others that have scammed on DS? Anyone know more about this story?

  237. BloggityBloggity says:

    244: I’d like to know too! I’ve been scammed TWICE on DS. The first time there was a whole slew of us that were scammed… but they didn’t do a fancy “outing” or anything. :\

  238. .bin. says:

    What makes them different? They’re not giving Lee a kickback? That’s my guess.

  239. laughingmama says:

    Sorry to change the subject here, but has anyone ever dealt with MOM Designs before (the owners of the famous ooga booga)? I sent an email to them with my concerns about them collecting lists of names of customers who buy ooga licensed stuff from their retailers so they can keep an eye on them. I felt it was an invasion of privacy. I just received a not so nice email back from her telling me it was my loss if I didn’t want to buy from them. Not exactly the professional response I was expecting…

  240. melmelly says:

    When was it that MOM Designs finally showed up to the party about Goodmama and other diaper makers using their design? Was it during the summer? I haven’t been back to DS since the middle of July – got the eHerp – but I remember there being talk about it on there.

    I just did a quick google search of “MOM Designs LLC, ooga booga fabric” and came up with a hit for a post last updated 6 days ago on DS about MOM wanting to keep a list.

    An invasion of privacy? I think so. What happens if you (general you, BTW) go to a shop on HC and buy two yards of it, but the WAHM running the HC shop has a privacy policy in place that they won’t hand over your info? Is MOM Designs going to threaten them with a lawsuit?

    What does it matter to them? I can only see it being a problem if someone is buying the fabric and using it to make a profit and they didn’t pay the royalties to MOM for the use. (Like how Celtic Cloths has their licensing stuff: http://www.celticclothswholesale.com/fabric_25/Licensing.htm)

    But why the need to keep an eye on a mom who might be using the ooga booga fabric to make an outfit for her child?

  241. laughingmama says:

    I don’t know if the fabric sellers are required to pass along their customer info but the embroidery design seller and KAM snaps are required to. So, MOM Designs will have my name on her list so she can keep an eye on me, even though I’m buying it for personal use. And, if you buy the snaps decide you aren’t going to use them, apparently you aren’t allowed to resell them without paying her a $25 fee. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Once you buy something it’s yours to do with as you see fit, including selling it to someone else. She can’t enforce a fee to sell second hand snaps (which essentially is what they would be). In my opinion the only names she needs are the ones who are buying her licenses to sell items designs, not every single person who buys an embroidery design or snap to use one their own child’s clothing. When I emailed my concerns to MOM Designs herself she just got all pissy with me. Not exactly a great way to convince the customer to buy your stuff. I would definitely think twice before buying anything that has to do with MOM in the future.

  242. knittingfool says:

    The way I see it is, the sellers of the fabric, snaps, embroideries, etc. have paid MOM Designs license fees and/or royalties. When you pay them for the items, it is already license paid, kwim? You own them and can do what you want with it. Sell it, eat it, set it on fire. MOM Designs can’t double dip and dictate what someone else’s customers do. They give up control of their copyright when they take money for licensing. If someone else decided to make fabric or sell embroideries, etc. without paying the royalties, then they could go after them but these retailers are selling licensed items. None of MOM’s business what your name is. They only need numbers for collection of royalties.

  243. melmelly says:

    250-“And, if you buy the snaps decide you aren’t going to use them, apparently you aren’t allowed to resell them without paying her a $25 fee.”

    That is so incredibly ridonkulous!!! That would be like if Suzanne ever felt the need to go and track down anyone that ever resold a GM for way over the retail price and get a chunk of the profits.

    I sure hope MOM Designs LLC is reading this – she needs to get over herself and how popular her husband’s design has become. Just print more of the fabric and sell it! Don’t go after every.single.person in the world for a stupid snap, piece of fabric, whatever else. RI-DONK-U-LOUS!

  244. Munklettes says:

    OT again – Isn’t beautiful8 the person who sold a bunch of stinky couture diapers to another mama and said they were in better condition than they actually were? I noticed she has a thread on CDN about buying pf’s that weren’t described accurately.

  245. laughingmama says:

    #252 Yeah, if every company did that ebay would be out of business! LOL Could you imagine Gap or Gymboree contacting sellers and demanding a fee for the privilege of reselling their items? Or wahms demanding a cut from FSOT items?

  246. Melissa says:

    MOM Designs got on my crap list when they reprint all went down… the reprint was brought to the attention of the husband, who said it was NOT authorized. The reprinter was outed on the coops for this & people who dealt with this fabric source either severed ties or didn’t (or questioned printer). She was going to be printing MOM Design Ooga Booga, and Joann’s poly Ooga Booga. Within 2 days, it was suddenly an authorized reprint & husband said wife had authorized it, he didn’t know…so those who questioned the reprinter/supplier were now on her shit list & looking for another source. But the Joann’s reprint disappeared, and MOM Design was printed in various colorways. The logical guess is that it was NOT authorized at the beginning, from either Joanns or MOM Designs, but $$ talked & MOM Design signed over rights….and they did – they allowed this reprint to happen, they have NO right to dictate end use, or try to figure out who bought what (apparently they are now 2nd guessing their allowing the reprint? or images to be used?) They signed a deal with the devil & I don’t care if it bites them in the ass. No way would I give them my information – they threw a bunch of wonderful coops, WAHM’s, etc under the train when this went down, and could only see $$$ signs.

  247. eeek says:

    yeah. That’s the kind of crap someone can say but every single person should laugh at as it’s ridiculous. You’re going to charge me to sell something I’ve already bought? And how are you planning on doing that? It’s one thing if people are stealing the designs, it’s another entirely if they’ve PAID for it.

    And way to cling to a one trick pony, I’m so tired of ooga and I’m sure lots of other people are too. Ruin your rep over being insane & no one will want to buy your next fabric design. I know I would stay far away from those freaks.

    Anyone who put me on a list and handed it to those freaks saying I bought their fabric- also on my DO NOT B/S/T forever. And that goes for handing over other people’s names too. I’d really like to know if any person is complying with this fabric McCarthyism. Because THAT is a list of names I’m interested in.

    & 247- no loss. It’s bad karma fabric, they suck & no one should buy their crap anyway.

  248. Just Plain Me says:

    Rikki from RikRak and Hope from Ladder Hill were co-owners. Rikki was the one that added Teresa to the congo in the first place and when I let Hope know what was up she deleted Teresa. Apparently Rikki let her back in so Hope left the congo. Its a shame….

  249. knittingfool says:

    And now there is a “new” member trashing Rikki over at CDN. Maybe it’s true, maybe not; but it is just a little convenient, kwim?

  250. monkey says:

    I just noticed something about the Jenny’s Simply Clean that bothers me more than the rest of it.

    Here kids names aren’t actually Israel, Ireland, and Iceland and Italy are they? Those are just like nicknames right?

  251. monkey says:

    Her not here.

  252. me says:

    The girl who plays Adrian on Secret Life has sisters named Italia and Irlanda. Her name is Francia.

    It’s possible.

  253. insomniac says:

    257, I think rikki got snowed by teresa. teresa talks a good game and can be very convincing to how everyone is just against her and play the pity party game well. At least rikki finally woke up and ‘broke up’ with snap,lol!

    I do think that new person ‘marsh’ has snap written all over it.

  254. riffrafflittleman says:

    well, my SIL still hasn’t received her order and she hasn’t gotten any responses to her email or facebook posts….can some one tell me how to file with paypal 😦

  255. riffrafflittleman says:

    nm…got the info I needed. Still pissed about this though. If there is no money, then my SIL (and everyone else) is pretty much SOL right?

  256. cheesewhiz says:


  257. Munklettes says:

    lawl – oh, whiz 😀

  258. cheesewhiz says:

    tee hee 😉

  259. Just Peachy says:


  260. thewitch says:

    #258 Might be true. I had a co-op transaction with Rikki that left a very bad taste in my mouth. The co-op ran later than any I’ve ever experienced. She flat out refused to work with me, she already had my $$ and wasn’t willing to send me a different item or a refund. She told me she didn’t have my $$ anymore and I could deal with the new co-op host. I canceled my membership to the co-op and won’t ever buy anything from her again. Far as I’m concerned, she and its a snap have a lot more in common than you’d think.

  261. DSDM2 says:

    269, interesting.

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