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The thread is getting heated and long, and so far, no response as to why baby-wearing is bad… http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=852537

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Anti-Baby wearing?


I noticed in someone siggy that they are anti-baby wearing and it made me wonder why. I can see if you don’t want to but why would someone be against it?



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The offensive siggie: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/member.php?u=76733

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Cori Lynn, retired professional nanny, adoring wife to a punk rocker, Eric, mommy to baby Milo coming Oct 09, and soon to be Bradley birthing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, vaccinating, circumcising, ferberizing, anti-babywearing, Cali-lovin’ mama.
  1. werd says:

    dude – she doesn’t even have a kid yet. She’s still pregnant. How can you have so many parenting opinions without having an actual child?! Being a nanny doesn’t count, sorry.

  2. dirtyj says:

    super nanny complex

  3. kitty1163 says:

    weird …

  4. bearista says:

    Weird….I really don’t think Bradley Birthing and Ferberizing are quite compatible ideologically either.

  5. bearista says:

    And how can you have worked as a professional nanny for “many years” when you are 24? This is just me, but I wouldn’t classify even 5 years (assuming that one isn’t a professional nanny until they are a legal adult) as “many years.”

  6. Booyah says:

    It’s not the same person on CDN who has no kids and is “anti-homebirth” is it?

  7. Booyah says:

    Oh wait, I didn’t see that the actual siggie was in the post. D’oh!

    Doesn’t look like the same person, but I call troll also. I find that a lot of people who put that kind of stuff in their siggie (including the Ferberizing and circumcizing) in an attachment/natural parenting community are deliberately trying to get a rise out of people. Which is what a troll does, of course.

  8. žába says:

    She comes off more as an idiot that a troll if you read some of her posts. I think she will change her tune a bit when *her* baby gets here and this all isn’t some rambling nonsense from a former nanny. I worked in preschool and was a nanny before having kids, and while it does give you some insight, it is a whole different ball game when the kid is actually yours.

  9. mmspirit7 says:

    umm i am dumb what is Ferberizing

  10. DSDM2 says:

    “self soothing”

  11. žába says:

    Ferberizing = crying it out

  12. StickFigureSushi says:

    Yeah, it’s really easy to announce to everyone you know that this or that or the other is the best parenting philosophy when you don’t even have a child yet. It’s very common to find childless people who are very smug in their beliefs on parenting and how their children will behave – “Not MY child!” It’s funny how actually having that toddler screaming bloody murder in the floor of the grocery aisle can rapidly alter one’s pre-kids philosophy.

  13. mmspirit7 says:

    oh we don’t do that here

  14. Lurker says:

    #12, I was a good mom, until I had kids!!!

  15. Who Me? says:

    Some people claim baby wearing is dangerous- baby falling, mother falling, etc and that it delays physical development such as walking and crawling…. maybe that is her view??

    I baby wear and people say the stupidest thing “can they breath?” “they don’t look comfortable” umm yeah I’m smothering my kid…

  16. zosiasmama says:

    I don’t go to e-herpville. Anyone care to share what her response was?

  17. DSDM2 says:

    none so far.

  18. monkey says:

    You know… we wore the hell out of DS. He crawled at 4.5 months and walked at 9… so yeah… we really did delay his development by wearing him. Is there an eyeroll smiley on here?

  19. magpiedpiper says:

    #1 – werd – now I have that “Pregnant women are smug” song stuck in my head. lol

    And #14, I need a shirt that says that! I was the perfect mother until I had kids. Awesome.

  20. werd says:


    everyone knows it
    nobody says it
    because they’re pregnant

    LMAO! Love that song. And I am SO smug. I only have a week and a half left to be smug so I am getting my SMUG.ONNN.

  21. werd says:

    But seriously… I was all OMGZ cloth diapering is nasty and I can’t believe people don’t vaccinate how stupid and why the hell would I wear my kid like a backpack and omgz CIO is soooo the way to go blah blah blah… BEFORE I had my DD. Once you have the screaming, pooping bundle of joy IN YOUR ARMS/LIFE, things change, yo!

  22. magpiedpiper says:

    Yes! Rock the smug while you still can! LMAO

  23. ~*~Momma~*~ says:


  24. ora says:

    Some feminists have worries about attachment parenting – basically, that its an ‘alternative’ to ‘traditional’ parenting that has the effect of reinscribing ultra-traditional gender hierarchies.

    A thoughtful book about this is called _The Paradox of Natural Mothering_ by Chris Bobel.

  25. žába says:

    Ehhh, both of the parents wear the baby in our house…problem solved feminists. Is she not going to breastfeed since that would be to gender specific? I did see some weird dad on tv once that was able to produce milk from his little man boobies. I tell you it was freaky and I am still haunted by it years later.

  26. kukukachoo says:

    Good Lawd, I’ve talked till I’m blue in the face on that thread. It’s gone waaaay off track now, but I think it’s great people keep bumping it. The siggie-chick surely has seen it by now.

  27. Madre says:

    I actually just read a study the other day that babies who are worn tend to reach physical milestones earlier. I’m pissed I can’t remember where I read it. Maybe they’re trying to escape us?

  28. bearista says:

    Meh…I practice attachment parenting in part because I’m a feminist. But I also understand there are a lot of “flavors” of feminism and anti-feminism out there.

  29. not me at all says:

    I love all the “wah wah it’s mean to aask her why her siggy says that” What is with the niceness police in this thread?! LOL

  30. not me at all says:


  31. monkey says:

    You know, I thought the point of feminism was to let a woman make her own choices about how she wants to live her life?

    I got ragged on by some of my friends and co-workers when I went part time at work so that I could be a SAHM the majority of the time. You know what though, DH was a SAHD the first year of our son’s life. I just felt like it was my turn to be the primary caregiver. I WANTED to do it. I wasn’t thrust into or forced into it by gender stereotypes. It makes me happy.

  32. kukukachoo says:

    29. thank you!

  33. hrm's mom says:

    yeah my SIL told my other SIL she and I quote “was not a contributing member of society” because she was a stay at home mom. But she does not believe in Bfing and believes in CIO. Meaning they once let my very young nephew cry from 8pm to 5 am because they wanted the CIO method to work. UM ok.

  34. hrm's mom says:

    sorry it should say “she was not a contributing member of society”

  35. Booyah says:

    Babywearing isn’t feminist? Do-wah?

    I’m really turned off by any flavor of feminism that only does what it claims to abhor: forcing women to adhere to the one rigid role that they believe is right for them. That’s not feminism. That’s just keeping women down all over again, only this time it’s our girlfriends doing it to us instead of The Man. Fuck that noise.

  36. JustPeachy says:

    I couldnt agree more Booyah. I consider myself a hardcore feminist but I don’t subscribe to the idea that a feminist is one particular type. I’m of the mindset that if there is no one way to be a feminist.

  37. Roxyrocks says:

    I didn’t even step into that tread because I might of slapped a bitch and I can’t be banned right now I have too many co-ops going on.

    I have worn Max since birth and he crawled at 4 months and started to walk last week a few days shy of him being 11 months. Also the kid has a huge vocab to the point it almost freaks me out that she can say so many words so young and he can do 3 different signs, so I don’t think BWing delays anything.

    Now I didn’t BW with our oldest son(he didn’t like it) and he did everything several months later so if anything BWing helps speeds up development.

    If she isn’t a troll and really plans on doing the stuff she says I feel sorry for her baby. Hopefully when he is here she’ll change her mind.

  38. bearista says:

    Amen Booyah! 🙂

  39. insomniac says:

    ******standing ovation********
    booyah! #35 was an awesome post!!

  40. žába says:

    Oh boy, some one is an a rant.
    Apparently we are deliberately harming our babes and should just use sposies if we aren’t using wool covers like her.

    She goes off again in this thread.

  41. kukukachoo says:

    That thread kills me. WTF?!?! I just hope she’s not a vegetarian cuz she’s gonna get her ass handed to her on a silver platter.

  42. werd says:

    WOW… someone has her panties in a tight little wad over PUL! And in 2 separate threads, no less!

  43. magpiedpiper says:

    What I love is that as of around July she was still using PUL, so she moved up the ranks of the “Better Than Ya’ll” Natural Cloth Diapering Police quite fast.

  44. CJ says:

    monkey and Roxy…. I’m really glad that you wore your babies and slowed down their development. (wink) Can you imagine how early your LO’s would have been moving and grooving if you hadn’t delayed them? wow!

  45. me says:

    Damn, it poofed!

  46. Sarah says:

    I find it ironic that she’s on a high horse about wool and natural fibers but she feeds her baby jarred food.

  47. kukukachoo says:

    46. and she is selling a bunch of PUL dipes as well. i must be pms’ing b/c i sure have been intolerant and antagonistic this week.

    and here is her fsot thread where i felt the need to protect any other babies from PUL-poisoning. muhahaha.


  48. magpiedpiper says:

    ohhh, you gals are gonna get hand smacks for that. lmao

  49. magpiedpiper says:

    Wow, that was fast deletion even for DS mods. Let me guess? ~happy2Bamommy~? She’s an avid blog reader I do believe.

  50. kukukachoo says:

    that was pretty damn quick. is there a rule about posting on someones fsot?

  51. magpiedpiper says:

    Might have been WearingTaci. She did some editing in another thread that chick was posting in too.

  52. kukukachoo says:

    uh-oh, my comment has been removed. :teethchatter:

  53. CJ says:

    52: What did you write on her fsot thread? 🙂

  54. kukukachoo says:

    Man, I can’t remember verbatim but something like, “I’m afraid these diapers could be potentially dangerous to pass on to another baby. Just sayin'”

  55. CJ says:

    LOL. Maybe she could just send them a pack of pampers instead.

  56. kukukachoo says:

    I guess she wants us to all quit using PUL only AFTER we buy her pockets and AIO’s on FSOT right now. What a cornball.

  57. monkey says:


    LOL. We’d have been chasing him around the house at 6 weeks if we hadn’t delayed him developmentally by wearing him.

  58. žába says:

    LOL now there’s a whole thread rippin’ on her
    wonder how long it will take for that to go *poof*

  59. thewhiteninja says:

    anti-babywearing is such a lame thing to put in your sig, so are a few others like pro-infant ear piercing which I have seen a few times and just to be a bitch I will say so is pro-circumcising. Oh and lets not forget Ferberizing ::barf::

  60. StickFigureSushi says:

    #51, I wouldn’t be surprised. WearingTaci is a complete tool. I don’t even want to go into the details of how I know, it’s just that stupid.

  61. amessymama says:

    OK, I know this is a Diaper Swapper drama blog, but I need to link to thread at CDN.

    I’m sure some people here have seen it. Someone linked to an HC store for something they thought was an incredible, out of this world deal. It was actually a raffle for a fundraiser for the NILMDTS organization.

    So people were mad because they didn’t read it right and spent $1.50 on a raffle, but weren’t getting the $20 toy, unless they won. Most people were able to let it go, except for JDT.

    Here’s the link. I’ll let you read the vile, hateful, shit she spewed about the mama who ran the fundraiser in honor of her own precious baby she lost 4 months ago.


    Someone actually filed a PP against Carmela for their $1.50 back. Gee, I wonder who it was?! This was *after* Carmela came on and said that she will refund anyone that wants a refund!!!

    I’m just so sickened and appalled. I will never, ever purchase anything from JDT’s etsy store.

  62. insomniac says:

    totally agree #61
    just disgusting behavior that I really cannot wrap my mind around.

  63. insomniac says:

    the nasty letter and paypal claim I mean

  64. Incognizable says:

    JDT is a stupid ass ignorant BITCH!!! I will never ever buy anything from her. Period. I hope the snuggie people hit her up for copyright infringement. So un-original.

  65. CJ says:

    61. I have been really angry about this for a couple of days now, to the point of shaking and being in tears just imagining the emotions that Carmela is dealing with right now.
    To have to deal with this while trying to memorialize her daughter is unimaginable.

    Even if this situation did not involve a fundraiser or a grieving mother, it would still be in bad form. As a business owner JDT should realize that it would have been much more effective to send Carmela a quick email just to clarify the listing. Being rude on the first contact is uncalled for.

  66. Lolanae says:

    What is with the people wanting refunds in the charity stuff lately? There were similar issues with some of the raffles for Katie. Very sad.

  67. CrazyMamaANJ says:

    That whole mess over the raffle is insane. What person in their right mind would possibly think they were getting a $20 toy for $1.50 ppd? Ok yeah, the listing should have been more obvious, but only to protect the host from an influx of stupid people. Come on! And don’t blame your mistake on the fact that you have a “chattering 3 year old” to distract you. Get some common sense!

    And I hope the people behind Snuggie send JDT a not so nice letter asking her to cut that crap out. Not that Snuggie is the original backwards robe hideous blanket thing, but she is using their name in her advertising.

  68. myra says:

    And here I thought baby-wearing was the least controversial topic in the DS world. Silly girl.

  69. StickFigureSushi says:

    #66-Yeah, I’m starting to lose faith in humanity. There seems to be an overabundance of childishness and greed/selfishness lately. Common decency and true charity is becoming a thing of the past and it makes me sad for my kids growing up in this modern society. 😦

  70. Thud says:

    I am stunned that anyone can behave like that over $1.50, let alone to a mother in this situation.
    If your $1.50 is SO precious maybe READ and get a freaking clue before throwing it after something obviously too goo to be true.
    The women in that thread who are being nasty because they were stupid are beyond ridiculous.
    Admit you screwed up and moved on.

  71. mmspirit7 says:

    Hey thud fuck you i am not stupid guess you never misread or made a mistake must be fucking great to be prefect!

  72. DSDM2 says:

    mmspirit7, I don’t think you are stupid. You missed it, it happens. We have all done something similar.

    I read that thread and am sick to my stomach. Very sick. JDT was completely out of line. She misread, and should have sucked it up. The listing wasn’t fool-proof but it was in there. I saw it and didn’t buy b/c I didn’t have the extra for a ticket in my PP. It did say that it was a raffle.

    Calling her a scammer was bullshit and fucked up. JDT was a cold bitch in saying that.

  73. DSDM2 says:

    I encourage everyone to go to http://hyenacart.com/NILMDTSFundraiser/ and check out the fundraisers/raffles/auctions.

  74. mmspirit7 says:

    I will agree with you on jdt it was my misstake and i own that and it is a good cause so i didn’ ask for it back

  75. CJ says:

    Yeah Charise, no one was trying to come down on you for making a mistake. We’re all human and all make mistakes, such is life.
    It was JDT’s disgusting behaviour that has everyone up in arms. I’m *almost* to the point of feeling sorry for JDT. What has happened to her in her life that has made her such a hateful person? This is not normal behaviour.

  76. amessymama says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and make an assumption.

    I think JDT lost more than $1.50. I think she saw a way to make some extra cash, by buying a lot of those toys to turn around and sell for profit. I think her greed blinded her and that’s why she’s so mad.

    Or she’s just an evil bitch. Well, obviously she’s an evil bitch, but YKWIM.

  77. amessymama says:

    I gotta say, as much as the “no edit” feature on CDN sometimes bothers me (I hate when people see my mistakes). I am now very happy for it!!

    I think I’m going to make it my personal mission to keep that thread bumped so that everyone can see what freakin’ evil, bitch she is. Unless she makes it right. Publicly.

    I’m sorry if that will bother others that were on the thread, but oh well. It’s not about you.

  78. CJ says:

    76. Hmmmm. That is a very interesting thought. I wonder….

  79. werd says:

    shocker. JDT is the reason I still hesitate to come running back to CDN. She uses that board as her personal daily amusement, doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself and makes no bones about it, and that really bothers me.

  80. riffrafflittleman says:

    I’ll admit I didn’t see the listing as a raffle, but again I wasn’t looking carefully. I did think it was odd to have SO many at that price. I wouldn’t be surprised if JDT bought a bunch to turn around and sell. Nothing she does surprises me. I am actually more shocked at the amount of people who are surprised at her behavior. It’s not like it’s anything new. She’s a vile spewing hateful person who likes to make everyone else feel like crap.

  81. moxy says:

    76. You’re probably right on.

  82. amessymama says:

    You know, I actually thought she was just all talk. Being a message board, how would I know any different. 🙂 I generally just overlooked her drama whoring. Oh wait, I mean her tough, NYC, always tell the truth, personality. :biggesteyerollever: But I actually got to “see her in action” with this scenario. She’s just an ugly, unhuman being.

    Maybe now, if she comes back, no one will put up w/ her shit. I won’t.

  83. just_sayin says:

    I’ve had JDT on ignore at CDN for months. This kind of behavior is nothing new. Hopefully it is a wake-up call for her and she will make it right AND stop being such a snobby bitch.

  84. Thud says:

    mmspirit~ nope, not ‘prefect’ 😉
    Were you being nasty because of your mistake?
    My point is that people behave badly when they feel they are being shone in a bad light (ie your ‘fuck you’, perhaps?) and it would have behooved a few of the women (maybe not you, don’t know who you are over there) to apologize, even as CARM did.

  85. CJ says:

    Does JDT post here? I don’t know which UNs here match up with ones on CDN.

    I personally was surprised with her actions b/c…well, I am just shocked that anyone could find it in herself to do that! I was not aware of her previous nastiness over there. Why is she still there if this is her typical behaviour?

  86. mmspirit7 says:

    thud i was pissed off about something else and maybe shouldn’t have gone off on you. but I don’t feel i need to say sorry because i was confused. i fucked up and that’s fine.

    as for me saying fuck you i am sorry should watch my mood better

    PS i am charise820 over there

  87. eeek says:

    CDN, while trying to be “not pooping ducks & bunnies” has made a climate in which it’s OK to be somewhat nasty. I think JDT has just always fit into the edge of that, because people think it’s some “right” people have to be somewhat horrible if you “own” it. How about treating each other as fucking humans to start with? How about owning a responsibility to respect others?

    I’m glad I can just walk away. I really did like that board, for a while- but today just kind of freed me of the feeling that I need to go check it, or catch up…. which is good, ’cause like I need the stress & I could use the time!

  88. eeek says:

    & charise, I’m glad you’re doing better. It was never about you.

  89. mmspirit7 says:

    today has been a bad day

  90. rainbow says:

    Oh how I wish I had a CDN account just so I could read the NILMDTS thread.

  91. me says:

    So make one?

  92. eeek says:

    it’s been a bad couple weeks over there. I’m not saying I’ll never go back or something, I just suddenly realized how unhealthy it felt to be so upset at people I don’t even know. And how free it felt to realize CDN is just a habit, not my life, y’know? Nothing but my own curiosity makes me go back all the time. I know it sounds dumb but yet it’s true….

  93. CJ says:

    eeek, you’re right. It’s nice to not be addicted to online message boards. It is nice to take a break once in a while and enjoy real life.

  94. magpiedpiper says:

    Thud – who are these “few” women who need to make apologies? I don’t see anyone other than JDT on that thread who needs to apologize.

    Also, wasn’t there some issue a while back where JDT had some problem with a buyer, and it started to look like JDT might actually be the problem but then it all just kind of stopped being talked about? I have thought of that a few times but I don’t remember if I read about here – I think I did on CDN where she posted about it though. And I always wondered what happened with that…

  95. rainbow says:

    91 – I could. But I’m a member of quite a few boards already. I don’t really want to join CDN, yk?

  96. Pariah1 says:

    ya know, i’d much rather wear my 7 mo than carry him in his carseat. he weighs over 18 pounds, and my poor little arms have a hard enough time lugging him from the house to the car.

  97. DSDM2 says:

    95, you can read 5 pages at a time and clear cookies. You don’t have to have a membership.

  98. rainbow says:

    Thanks DSDM2. That worked great. As someone who lost a child, I just can’t even imagine how I would feel if I was Carmela in that situation.

  99. WOW! I knew there was a reason I was ignoring that thread. To be honest, nothing out JDT surprises me anymore, unless she stooped down to actually be NICE for a frakking change.

  100. newhere says:

    has JDT been back to the board since that thread?

  101. riffrafflittleman says:

    100 – she was on the board an hour ago, not sure if she posted anywhere, but she sure as hell didn’t post in the NILMDTS thread

  102. Kris says:

    She was on earlier, but I think she said she was putting the thread on ignore.

  103. insomniac says:

    I agree with so much already stated here I will just do a huge oooohh hell yeahthat to it all.

    JDT has always been vile…this time she just fucked with the wrong person.
    No way I could stand by and not just flat out say how disgusting it was. I figured she would come after me for it actually but I really did not care. I think enough people spoke up though that it sent her running for the hills.

    Hope she gets lost in them.

  104. JustPeachy says:

    Good riddance. I got sick of the bull shit on CDN so I rarely go on and when I do I wish I hadn’t.

  105. Sharpie says:

    Geezzz no surprise that she put that thread on ignore. Back when I was on CDN she’d pull the same shit, be a total bitch and then ignore what anyone had to say about it. Now she’ll go around posting everywhere like nothing happened and if you try to call her on it anywhere else she’ll say you’re stalking her around the board. JDT has always dished it out but she sure as shit can’t take it.

  106. insomniac says:

    well she can try and pretend it never happened but seeing that the thread got about 5500 views so far, I think there is no escaping the rep she has and thus the rep her etsy shop now carries.

    I like the idea of keeping it bumped. let the world know what a complete heartless bitch she is.

  107. monkey says:

    One good thing though, that thread, terrible as some of it was brought the fundraiser to a lot of people’s attention. I didn’t know about it and that because of that thread I sent a donation in.

  108. Kris says:

    107- I agree wholeheartedly!

  109. rainbow says:

    107 – Too true! I bet that some WAHMs donated stuff to the second round of auctions/raffles because of what went down on CDN too.

  110. CJ says:

    JDT said that she was putting the thread on ignore but after that still came back arguing when Carmela posted. There is one post that I can remember after she supposedly set the iggy, I don’t know if there were more or just that one. I think that she is still viewing it but just has chickened out of posting anymore.
    She acted very tough when I was the only one to argue against but now seems to be hiding out.

  111. thewhiteninja says:

    looks like I’ll have some reading material for tonight when the kids are in bed. I’ll have to remember the cookies tip

  112. Messy says:

    I did all I could without reopening the dramaz. I neg rep’ed JDT. I am sick that she would do that. Just sick. Esp when Carm offered her money back.
    A mama without a single pic of her stillborn son and who thinks NILMDTS is made of angels ❤

  113. rainbow says:

    Hugs Messy. My daughter came so early and had passed for several weeks before I delivered her that we chose not to have pics taken. But I love what NILMDTS does and think it’s such a blessing to families in an hour of darkness.

  114. Messy says:

    I do not think that CDN has more drama than any other message board. I think that people are shocked to see it being handled out in the open and not closed off and hidden. I am sure that DS removes more drama in a day than CDN has in a week.
    It is a matter of learning to deal with it and face it. People don’t have to ass kiss. They don’t have to smooth over what they think. They can be real and honest. Personally, I love it!
    If I do not want to deal with the drama, I know the areas to avoid. If I need support, I know where to post it without it becoming a debate. The mamas are awesome and so are admin and mods. They are real people dealing with reality all the way around. I would much rather see it out there, discuss it or whatever, than to have “TPTB” delete it all and pretend everyone is shitting roses.

  115. CJ says:

    Hugs Messy and Rainbow. I can’t even begin to imagine what you and other mamas in your shoes have gone through.

  116. Not Me At All says:

    Okay so what is the back story on this poster?


  117. DSDM2 says:

    She has a LOT of DH drama/family drama and has been called on it before. Search her threads.

  118. altaem says:


    This is her thread about DH not thinking the baby looks like him. Personally, I think the kid has Daddy’s nose…there’s no question about that!

  119. kitty1163 says:

    118. Holy Jesus. That baby is a stunning little perfect piece of heaven. Babydaddy is obviously very young. I hope he got over it.

    And as to the CDN thread: It disgusts me that anyone bothered Carmela over $1.50.

  120. žába says:

    Wow, after reading 12 pages of that crap I think I am short a few brain cells. I vaguely remember the Baby Daddy thread and don’t think I need to revisit that special variety of stupidity. The original poster is a ding dong, but seriously, MY Sweet Blessings bugged me more. And as always ((((HUGS)))sandy ….arrrgh, I want to gouge my eyes out every time I see that.

  121. monkey says:

    Oy stuff like the BabyDaddy thread makes me love my normal, non-Jerry Springer life sooooooo much. The biggest controversy here is who’s turn it is to walk the dog.

  122. Aj says:

    #120, I thought I was the only Sandy disliker!!! She drives me batty!

  123. Messy says:

    Gah! That BOY should be praying the poor kid does not look like him!!! I remember the first go round with their brand of crazy and opening the thread to that huge furry browed pic 😮
    Seriously, they both have a lot of growing up to do.

  124. amessymama says:

    Only you would say it, messy! 😆

    I did think the same thing though!! 🙂

  125. MotherMoonPads says:

    OMG Messy, I love your honesty! 🙂

  126. amessymama says:

    Evil bitch is back and posting like nothing happened.

  127. Incognizable says:

    @126 yeah, I noticed. What a twat. Unless she is stupid, how can she not see all the neg rep she has received? She posted that she loves neg rep…bleh. She is on my do not buy/sell/trade or support her business after her asshatery on the raffle thread.

  128. moxy says:

    127 Don’t know if you typed “assHATEry” on purpose or if you meant “asshattery”, but that was perfect.

  129. Messy says:

    Her offer to donate to the CDN fund comes with a list of demands ROFLMAO! She is a wacko dumbass.

  130. magpiedpiper says:

    I saw that and my jaw dropped, Messy.

  131. MotherMoonPads says:

    Messy, link? I can’t seem to find it.

  132. Not Me At All says:

    131 me either, do show us messy!

  133. amessymama says:

    I feel like posting on the CDN fund thread, that I think site supporters should be able to vote off horrible, evil, scumbag, pieces of crap from the site.

  134. amessymama says:

    Here’s JDT’s request. And Mom’s response.

    Originally Posted by JDT
    I am happy to donate. MY money comes with strings attached though. Do I get a say in how things will run!? Just curious?

    Here are my list of demands:

    – limit siggy size
    – more pm space
    – the ability to be a site supporter
    – I have a list of people i’d like whipped. Should I pm you?

    Mom’s response-

    No thanks. We don’t have any strings for people to post here other than not be an asshat. We’ll be fine with out the donation.

    What I want to know is, when is she going to cut the string that attaches JDT to the site?

  135. CJ says:

    Mom’s response made me laugh. I’m donating what I can for now as a thanks for the chuckle.

  136. theinvisible says:

    You know, for a minute I thought that we were going to be able to handle JDT like big girls. She posted a few threads today that got little if any response. Perfect. Totally shut her out and eventually she will stop coming. Sadly, it seems you can’t ever be too much of an evil bitch….everyone loves the mean girls. Why? Were her questions that inspiring that they just HAD to be answered? Ignore the bitch and she will go away.

  137. amessymama says:

    I know! I wanted to click on one of her threads just to see who posted to it. But I didn’t really care that much, so I didn’t.

    I guess there are some people that stay out of the drama loop and maybe just don’t know.

  138. werd says:

    omg LOVE Mom’s response!!! I’ll be donating on payday if my DH EVER gets his fricken raise (hopefully this Thursday)!

  139. werd says:

    Mom if you’re reading, post or email me the CDN paypal addy!

  140. Incognizable says:

    @ moxy…typo on the asshattery , LOL, I have the stoopidz today.

    Love Mom’s response 😉

  141. insomniac says:

    I was just coming to say how even MORE disgusting it is that she is laughing at the neg reps and says she has ZERO remorse for what she did.

    What the hell is wrong with her?! I mean seriously. Is she a sociopath? complete narcissistic personality disorder?
    I actually hope so.
    Than I can at least wrap my mind around someone so vile I feel physically ill.

    And the people just chatting with her like nothing but that I KNOW I saw posting to that raffle thread are really pissing me off.
    How can you chat with someone like nothing happened after they do something like she did? I just don’t get it.

    Times like this I really wish CDN could ban for being an insane bitch. I know that is just emotion speaking but damn JDT is VILE VILE VILE.

  142. rivergoddess says:

    #142 CDN doesn’t just ban anyone do they? Or will they? I would think that if she is that much of a drama starter any forum would ban her. After all DS did.

  143. CJ says:

    werd, you can click the green “Donate” link in the top bar at CDN. If you need the direct pp addy though and Mom doesn’t see this lmk and I will email you the address that my pp went to.

  144. me says:

    Oh my! That reply to her is crazy funny!

  145. Incognizable says:

    I know I will not be chatting it up with her, I have never responded to any jdt thread anyway…she is boring and thinks the world of herself. :puke:

    Plus, I would NOT want her to donate $ to CDN either, she may not agree with how they use her $1.50 to run the site and file with paypal..just sayin.

  146. Messy says:

    JDT neg rep’ed me ROFLMAO! She is a loser. Does she not realize that she can post all day long and people are going to only think of her as the cunt that screwed over a charity??? I just saw the neg and laughed! She is a real piece of work.
    Hey, how do I report her to snuggie for making copying them? Those companies go after people and sue them. Karma is a sucky thing to piss with.

  147. Messy says:

    Oh, the chick that makes the bloaks is big about going after people for infringing on her copyright as well. Violet asked JDT to make those and she was agreeable. Yup. JDT sucks ass.

  148. monkey says:

    I had already donated to the CDN fund yesterday. After seeing mom’s response I went and donated again.

    God I love Mom. If I were going to have a lesbian lover I would so want it to be her (or Messy).

  149. Not Me At All says:

    oops I am guilty of responding to one of her threads…I don’t always pay attention to who starts a thread, just the subject.

  150. mmspirit7 says:

    you know i got neg rep twice once by raven for being a bitch and totally fucking of the top…then another when i asked to point out were and really it doesn’t bother me.

  151. mmspirit7 says:

    should say being over the top

  152. Messy says:

    Ya know, even in all the disagreement, I never once even considered neg rep’ing Meg. Not once.
    JDT just makes me want to rep whore around so I can neg rep her over and over. I dunno why she still has such high numbers because what she did was VILE.

  153. JustPeachy says:

    I knew she was a cunt long ago when she was running her mouth about teen mom’s and how they should abort their babies.

  154. Incognizable says:

    @153 Well in that case, I’ll go help drop her rep a bit 😉

  155. Messy says:

    Peachy, no way. I never noticed what a bitch she was until this. Normally I ignored her… She is just a real POS.
    And ya know, for all the hubaloo brought up about WAHMs copying other people/companies, why does she get by with it? Even encouraged to make things that other WAHMs make and such? Nobody says a word. Why?

  156. Aj says:

    How is this EUC?:
    I wish there was a vomit smilie on here.

  157. Messy says:

    #157 Maybe it is sooo EUC that she didn’t even wash it! :puke: :gag: :grossashell:

  158. theinvisible says:

    No one says a word to her about anything. She acts like a total ass and then lays low for a few days until everyone forgets all about it. She’s cool (sarcasm implied) because she was on reality tv and “works” on Wall Street. Newsflash. Being a secretary to important people doesn’t make you important.

  159. mmspirit7 says:

    159 she was one reality tv?

  160. theinvisible says:

    a baby story maybe? one of those.

  161. mmspirit7 says:

    really huh used to watch them

  162. mmspirit7 says:

    see my link for the crochet snuggle

  163. riffrafflittleman says:

    yes she was on a baby story…she’s very proud of it and her behavior (which was apparently not so nice) the abortion thread was disgusting and caused a lot of people put her on iggy for a bit. Then she laid low and calmed down. Now she’s back 🙂 yay

    loved the comment about being a wahm when ideas are stolen, I’ve been wondering that for a while now. most others would have been called out wouldn’t they?

  164. Messy says:

    I would like to apologize to Meg here. Meg, I am sorry. You have no idea what the work you do with NILMDTS is worth in the hearts of mothers who have lost their babies. It is one of the noblest acts a person can do. When the mother realizes she no longer has her baby to hold, she has those photos to help her heal and remember…
    It is when a real POS rears her vile head that I come to realize that what I was bitching about was so unimportant in the grand scheme of things (or even small scheme LOL).
    For that I am sorry.

  165. theinvisible says:

    I just peeked in on one of JDT’s threads and oh, ladies of CDN, how I misjudged you. There was very little “we forgot already” type of chatter. No, you lovely ladies are relentlessly poking the notorious poker. CDN, have I told…you lately….that I love you? My goodness, I feel all warm and squishy inside.

  166. me says:

    She is the one who said if she got pregnant again, she would abort because she doesn’t want any more kids at all, right?

    Her kids are blessings and she is glad to have them healthy and all then why abort another one of those blessings? I’m confused.

    158- Yeah “I don’t know why the tag was cut.” Sure.
    Because it is a second, that’s all.
    EUC and stains don’t go together, imo either.

  167. Shabbychic says:

    Aw Cassie, thank you. I am sorry also. I baited you and frustrated you and that was wrong. I have a hot head. It can get the best of me. I try to be a good person despite it and keep working forward and trying. We all just need to try the best we can despite bumps in the road.

  168. CDNation says:

    Werd it’s owner@clothdiapernation.com.

    Thanks for the kind words ladies.

  169. Kris says:

    166 and 169: I’d say how nice it is to see you guys getting along so well, but I’m too busy looking for other signs of the apocalypse… LOL

  170. CDNation says:

    Yay a Cassie – Meg hug out.

  171. Messy says:

    Ok, so how lame is it that I seriously got teary and might have shed one or two thinking that there are people who would encourage JDT to keep being evil to the mama with the fundraiser? That breaks my heart in half. Thinking that people might think she was right to do this to this mama is terribly sad. It is one thing for the vileness to be singularly located in JDT’s frozen heart, but to think that others share that feeling bothers me more than anything on the board ever has.

  172. theinvisible says:

    I seriously doubt there was much encouragement. I believe the technique she is using is called “smoke-screening”.

  173. Funneh says:

    WELP. The good news is that I heard through the grapevine that it only takes water or some shit to melt her kind.

  174. mmspirit7 says:

    i have just ignored jdt…don’t like her. Love that meg and messy made up.

  175. princesshannon says:

    cass, i don’t think that people were really doing that. i think it was people like me (not always up on the latest drama) that saw cherise’s neg rep cherry thread and repped her with some laughs or something without even knowing about the other thread. tbh, until i followed that one for a bit i didn’t know about the drama.

    i feel stupid. and i’m mad at myself for assuming that everyone was pissed at her for something stupid like normal. i feel like an asshole. after i read magpied’s comment then came here and figured out what was really going on…i read that whole thread.

    i don’t think she’s (jdt) being honest about people repping her to get back in the fight. i think any rep she got was for another reason, and she’s just trying to do a little cya. i notice she’s posting a shitload more today than she has in a few weeks.

    gah, i feel like such an idiot. that’s what i get for not looking for drama. ykwim? when i make a vow to stop looking for it, i get bitten on the ass by it. i’m owning repping her without looking for her asswholery.

    dsdm2…i can’t remember if this is the name i posted under one or two other times. i have two accounts…the other could be littlesouthernmama.

  176. hrm's mom says:

    175 I LOL at that one. Haha!

  177. Blair says:

    #155, I came here because someone mentioned the drama blog. And I choked. My child is a blessing from God, despite what age I was when he was born. I have choice words for people who say things like “You should’ve aborted your child” or things similar.

  178. insomniac says:

    I want to post and agree with cassie about Meg.
    I really think it took something of this magnitude to put in perspective a little spat.
    Mucho respect for you Meg for what you do with that foundation and I am sorry I judged you so harshly when all that went down about the other.

    JDT on the other hand.
    there is no going back ever from how putrid she is. Posting all those bullshit excuses and that she *thinks* she maybe said sorry. EVERYBODY elses fault carmela is sad???is she out of her damn mind??

    actually…you now..yes yes she is. I am going to firmly believe that because I refuse to believe a sane person could be so disgusting. I just cannot deal with thinking a sane person could be like her.

  179. monkey says:

    Messy, I don’t think you have to worry too much. Most of us were just as disgusted as you were.

    I’m seriously tempted to have made dad send the cloth gift bags I ordered from her back. After what she did to that poor mama I’m afraid seeing them will taint my own Christmas.

  180. monkey says:

    should be “my” dad

  181. insomniac says:

    I would monkey.
    I would not want to see them either.

    and agreed, Messy, I was teary and sick to think people would have encouraged her and thought what she did was funny or entertaining enough to pos rep her. I really hope she is just lying.

    (aside from princess shannon who explained hers was a mistake before knowing what happened… ((((hugs)))) to you…don’t worry about it, you did not know and once you did know you totally recanted it)

  182. riffrafflittleman says:

    monkey, i wouldn’t send them back to her. if she hasn’t left you feedback, I can totally see her bashing you as a flaky customer or something. If you don’t want them, donate them to someone else or fsot them.

  183. werd says:

    this is the part that bothers me the most – JDT said this in response to Carmella when she tried to explain.

    “In the end it turned out well as you sold more raffle tickets so good for you. ”

    that’s just cold

  184. monkey says:


    I wouldn’t even want the money back.

    What I’m going to do is use the bags to hold the marble set and jack set I’m getting for the foster kids dad and I buy presents for, that way they aren’t tumbling around in the bottom of the stocking. That way no matter what my personal feelings they’re being used for something good.

    Also, I wasn’t even going to say anything, but after what’s happened:

    When I ordered the bags from her she sent me a message saying she didn’t have enough of the holiday fabric to make flat bottom bags (what I bought). She said if I wanted the non-flat bottomed bags she’s send me a $2 refund. I never got the refund (I’m sure she just forgot) and I never said anything about it. I figured I got my product quickly and she was probably busy and just forgot. I felt like I got a good price and good service so it wasn’t a big deal to me. Pretty funny huh? She freaked out over $1.50 to a charity and I let $2 slide. And I have PM to prove it.

    And you know what? I’m STILL not going to say anything about it because I choose not to be petty just because she was.

  185. monkey says:

    Obviously I’m saying something about it here… but I’m still not going to message her and demand the $2 or anything.

  186. JustPeachy says:

    I would! Then I would turn around and donate it to NILMDTS to make up for her stupidity.

  187. Sharpie says:

    Judging from JDT’s past behavior I’m at least 99% positive she didn’t just “forget” your refund. She really is one of the most opportunistic people I’ve ever seen and it wouldn’t shock me at all to hear that she’s withholding peoples money hoping they will just let it go.

  188. mmspirit7 says:

    man wonder if there are most people she forgot to refund. why do i see another hot seat thread in the works

  189. mmspirit7 says:

    ugh i meant more not most damn

  190. .bin. says:

    I would just write on the thread “well since you owe my X$ as per your email on x date, make that your refund from this and stfu” concise and to the point.

  191. riffrafflittleman says:

    Monkey, I think that is a great use for the bags. Even if you didn’t ask for your money back for the bags, I could see her starting a WWYD about a “flaky customer” thread where she would type out the scenario to make herself look good or something. And her keeping your $2, I’m sure it wasn’t an accident. she’s uber-aware of financial matters, remember she works on Wall Street you know.

  192. amessymama says:

    Is she a hot dog vendor? Or pretzels maybe?

  193. Messy says:

    I wanted to mention this in the thread Violet started about JDT making the bloaks. However, I have promised myself not to play in Violet’s threads because she gets all asshurt if someone says something she doesn’t like and we all know how easy it is for me to just cower down and say what makes others happy :::roflmao::::
    But why does nobody mention to JDT that she is stealing other WAHM’s ideas??? I will bring it up every time I see her peddle something now 🙂

  194. amessymama says:

    It is seriously pissing me off to see other people conversing with that bitch!! How could you even want to? I feel like putting all of them on ignore.

    I Just found out you can’t put mods on iggy. That sucks right now, because someone is pissing me off with there,

    “I’m done.”

    “I’m back.”

    “I’m not posting any more.”

    “I’m back.”

    “I’m leaving.”

    JUST GO!!!! You said what you have to say. Twenty-seven different way already. GAH!!

  195. moxy says:

    193 LMAO and 195 Exactly. Some of them are almost bordering on obsequious.

  196. amessymama says:

    BRB, I have to go look up obsequious. 🙂

  197. amessymama says:

    Yes, they are being quite obsequious. 😆 Fawners!

    Oh and WTH is a Bloak?

  198. theinvisible says:

    She always does that. She’s really quick to jump, too and when no one jumps with her she’s leaving the thread. I’m over her already.

  199. Messy says:

    When Meowzilla whines that she is not sure she can support a board that does XYZ, it ticks me off. Hello? You are a mod, not the owner, and if you are so damn wishy washy in your support for the board, then move on. It is like she has mini-YAGEs. I think mods should be supportive all the time no matter what. It is not something they control, but they are there to help lead.
    It sorta sounds *to me* like ultimatums: “Either Mom does this and agrees with that, or I am not sure I can support this board.”

  200. Messy says:

    #198 A bloak is the fleece cloak that opens in the back. It is an idea that a WAHM had (technically someone else had it originally for wheelchair bound people). Anyhow, she is nasty about making sure people do not copy her design. I have made my own (once prior to her even thinking of being a mama, let alone a WAHM LOL) but would not sell them because she has called that area her own.
    Violet asked JDT to make things that other WAHMs already make. Copying outright. We all know JDT is good for it because she has no moral compass and she already sells a lot of stolen ideas.

  201. riffrafflittleman says:

    I’m sure JDT will be making booboo bags soon too. I understand there is only so much stuff that can be made, but for crying out loud be somewhat original!! ]

    The baby bloak, I believe is copyrighted or trademarked or something. Patented (or however you spell it) that’s what she did!! Or at least was in the process of last year

  202. me says:

    Messy, where is the thread where Violet stated that?

  203. mmspirit7 says:


  204. monkey says:


    Peachy I already donated to the fundraiser and bought some raffle tickets. I’m just not willing to get into it over $2, it’s not worth it to me. At this point if I email about the money it’s obvious it’s just because of this crap and I feel like that makes me as petty as she was about the $1.50.

  205. Trojane says:

    http://www.thebabybloak.com is having 10% of all their October sales donated to NILMDTS.

  206. mmspirit7 says:

    i swear if i get compaired to or reped again as if i am jdt i don’t know what i will do but it probably wouldn’t pretty.

  207. hrm's mom says:

    you know when I saw that thread Violet started I did not understand that the stuff was copyrighted, Frankly I was going to make one but did not want to really spend the time figuring it out. Of course I was just picturing a sort of poncho type thingy nothing as cute or elaborate as the baby bloak. I really like the baby bloak they are cute but I also like the crocheted pattern that was posted and I think I am going to go with that for my DD.

    On the raffle thingy I must say I am very new to all of this stuff and have never bought anything off Hyena cart (well unless you count the thristies seconds so I guess I did once) but even I saw that the item was a raffle when the thread was first posted and I never went back until yesterday when I saw what was going on here. WOW is all I can say. One thing that bothers me was this statement “There are loads of charities that my family and I support on a regular basis. This is not one of them. Had I known that it was a charity event I could have done a bit of research into it to see if its something that i’d want to support.” Really this would not be one she would support???

    I should also mention that a few weeks ago there was a thread about mama pads and I said I was interested in learning more, she contacted me through PM and offered to send me one free, which turned out to be FFS. Fine whatever, I now feel icky about using it. I mean I know she did it to get more business from me but frankly that is out the window now.

  208. Messy says:

    Awe, now there’s a rave for JDT on there :::puke:::

  209. me says:

    Thanks. I thought you meant a call out thread.

    I laughed at the title after reading here.

  210. Messy says:

    That’s the thread I am talking about. So, I guess it’s ok to be a cold hearted cunt as long as people like the stuff you make them from stolen ideas? Gotcha!

  211. 1HotBitch says:

    And now that vile cunt has a threas started by someone titled JDT Rocks. Anyone want to point that woman to the proper thread?

  212. mmspirit7 says:

    ugh…i am sick of that seems many times someone called like her out there comes a rave.

  213. mmspirit7 says:

    any one having problems with cdn?

  214. mmspirit7 says:

    i can’t get cdn to load i get a white screen and everynow and then it will load.

  215. Finch says:

    I’m having trouble with it as well. I thought it might just be my computer b/c I visited ds earlier. Whew, i’m glad its not just me.

  216. Finch says:

    DSDM I’m not sure if this is the name I used before. If it’s not, I apologize.

  217. mmspirit7 says:

    it’s working now.

  218. Finch says:

    I keep getting an error message when I try to open my user cp

  219. me says:

    I see that someone said they sent a gift that JDT made for SS. Does anyone here that is participating have “Nothing from JDT” listed now?

  220. Messy says:

    #220 I am not sure what you are talking about???

  221. me says:

    Deanna said that she sent someone a gift that JDT made. I was saying does anyone have it in their lists that they DON’T want something from her because of how she is.

    It was supposed to be funny but I’m guessing that was just in my head! 😀

  222. turkey lurkey says:

    Anyone see this?
    Is anyone else surprised this didn’t go poof?

  223. turkey lurkey says:

    Oh, and on the subject of JDT, let’s not forget this gem:
    Self-serving much?

  224. TaraC says:

    Did anyone see the “What do you do all day” thread JDT posted? That one pissed me off, she has nothing to do because her nanny does all the housework? Play with your kid! I have a to-do-list a mile long every day and wish someone else would do my housework so I could do nothing but play with my son all day.


  225. Violet says:

    Messy, really?
    I feel so loved being talked about on here. its a good thing someone pointed this out to me..

    Thanks 🙂
    I feel so happy.

  226. mmspirit7 says:

    What i didn’t get is she got great ideas what to do with him but wanted ideas about what to do with herself more than anything.

  227. Jen says:

    hrm’s mom – can you post the link tot eh crochet ponch/baby bloak pattern? I am not on CDN

  228. Jen says:

    Sorry – should read “to the”

  229. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL jen hold i know what she’s talking about

  230. Messy says:

    Someone posted in Violet’s thread about why have JDT copy someone and someone DEFENDED JDT’s right to copy others because she has a customer base already. WTF?
    How is that ever right??? Why is it right for JDT? Not just because she is a twuntwaffle but because this has been hashed out on every.single.forum that it is WRONG. But since she is JDT, that makes it ok. I wish Violet had not been the one to post that thread. Anyone else and I would have been smack dab in the center of it.

  231. amessymama says:

    Why are so worried about offending violet, messy? Is it just because she seems sensitive?

  232. Jen says:

    thanks charise!

  233. Messy says:

    #232 Because she gets all asshurt if someone says something that disagrees with her. So, she starts a thread about whether or not she has been a bitch. I mention she gets all bent over disagreeing posters in her thread (admist a whole bunch of people asspatting the hell out of her @@) and she gets pissy all over again @@ So, I said I would just avoid her threads because she claims I just disagree with what she says no matter what… No, I disagree because she has a high percentage of being wrong LOL!!!

  234. Myra says:

    JDT is a cunt. She posted that thread to brag about having a nanny and try to convince herself that she’s better than everyone. Can’t she move along to urbanbaby or some shit like that?

  235. MotherMoonPads says:

    Darnit, I thought the “why are handmade items so expensive” thread was new and just responded *blush*

  236. Messy says:

    I never even opened JDT’s thread. I just cannot move from the fundraiser thread onto another one and speak to her like she deserves any respect at all. I think she is a horrible person with terrible ethics and a lack of a common moral compass. WIth that, I cannot look at any post of hers and not roll my eyes. It boggles my mind that people are able to talk to her like nothing happened and keep going…

  237. amessymama says:

    DId you see my informative post in the Baby Bloak thread? 😉

  238. riffrafflittleman says:

    That was a very informative post 🙂 I think that because I am a SAHM with nothing better to do all day, you know except everything, I am going to start making sandwich wraps and snack bags…maybe I should check out JDT’s for ideas and just go from there. That is the right thing to do right?

  239. Nicole says:


  240. Messy says:

    ROFLMAO! Everyone wave hi to Violet! She is reading and having new revalations about old things already said :::headpats:::

  241. Messy says:

    #238 Messymama (since I know there are posts in moderation aparently and our numbers will change)… I saw your post! I do like the bloaks. They are a little different than the ones I make (mine are circular) but they seem like they might work better too. I only have one kiddo still using mine, so I am not ordering a new one. He wears a coat a lot of the time now, being a big boy and all 😦

  242. riffrafflittleman says:

    I wish people would realize if they didn’t do things like ask someone to copy an existing WAHM’s product or copy a fabric or COPY anything their names wouldn’t be brought up. That is really the only reason V’s name even got mentioned.

  243. Dude, she’s just as frakking bad as Snap. Give it a bit, she will be stealing money, too.

  244. mmspirit7 says:

    244 she already did she stole 2.00 that she was suppose to refund. but asked for her 1.50 back LOL

  245. Oh good point 245… I almost forgot that. So I will never support her store, and I will tell all I know not to. As far as I’m concerned, she’s in the same category as It’s A Snatch.

  246. Messy says:

    Now the mod has a thread. This is ridiculous. If I wanted to clutter CDN with crap, I would have done it there. SHE BOWED OUT OF THE CONVO a few times and I said what I consider my take on her situation to be… Boofreakinghoohoo. If I recall, mine was not the only opinion.
    People just WANT to be asshurt and cry. And yeah, saying you don’t know if you can support a board that does/doesn’t do XYZ is a miniYAGE 🙂 Since it is over here, my comments are over here. Dragging shit back and forth is getting stupid. But I guess if you drag it to the board, you get more asspats than reality.

  247. Spoofer says:

    Wow. maybe people talk to JDT like nothing happened because…..they don’t know what happened!!!

  248. mmspirit7 says:

    you know vi did that thread and i am thinking back to the rep i got at 3 something this morning from a mod when the baby wanted to play. and that was i was parniod and no one told me in a rep that i places money over a baby or called me a bitch.

    it pissed me off. it really did.

  249. Messy says:

    First time ever… I just BANNED someone from my PM box. :::sigh::: At home I can throw away the junk mail.

  250. mmspirit7 says:

    lol really i didn’t knwo you could do that wonder if i need three guesses

  251. Messy says:

    How many times do you have to tell one drama whore to not PM you before she catches on???

  252. Messy says:

    #248 Spoofer, that is probably very true.

  253. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Some people haven’t read the drama-toy-raffle-thread. I had no idea what it was about until I was directed here just now by another thread. IDK if I’ve responded to any of JDT’s posts recently, but it’s no big deal if someone wants to iggy me. I just thought I’d point out that some people honestly may not know about the latest dramaz. 🙂

  254. Messy says:

    #251 mm, hell, you only get one guess ROFL! I keep typing short, sweet, directly to the don’t-PM-me-point and she does not seem to get it. I guess next time I will send some crayons and a road map.

  255. Messy says:

    #254 I am not iggying anyone for talking to or not talking to anyone else. That is their business, not mine. I have friends who are friends with people I can’t stand and visa versa. I am saying why I CAN’T MOVE ON to “normal” with JDT again. I just can’t.

  256. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL i bet my head is right one it who i think you are talking about.

  257. amessymama says:

    254-Gosh I would never iggy you. :wub: I sometimes forget that all eyes on a board aren’t always seeing the same thing.

    My thing is, there were people that did respond on the thread and still talk to JDT like she is a human being. And well that’s just odd to me. I can’t wrap my head around it. I never actually did ignore anyone, that’s really not my style. I just think about it a lot.

  258. Messy says:

    So, if you disagree with anything I have said, please feel free to go make a new thread about it! Especially if my post is heavy in the *to me* and IMO comments, marked as such!
    Why is it so hard to see that there will be people that do not agree with your every freaking breath? It is like people are jonzing for dramaz @@

  259. Messy, I don’t get it…. I never used to be into the dramaz before…. but now it seems…. just… wow…

  260. Messy says:

    I just bowed out of Meowzilla’s “boohoo Messy disagreed with me” thread.
    Ya know, I keep a clean cut between the dramaz that are here and the board stuff that is there. I do that to keep the dramaz down on the CDN board. But people are begging for a reason to start a “poor me, gives me da asspats cuz someone was mean” thread. Seriously… I refuse to feed drama on CDN. I love it over there and won’t do it. Meowzilla and Violet can roll in it for all I care.

  261. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Awww… :*

    (Where’s that flirt smiley when you need it. LOL)

    I understand where you’re coming from, though. I’ve been there before and it is hard to see why other people can’t see how twatastic someone really is.

  262. Cylon-Frakker says:

    I thought the damn asspats was the reason we quit posting on DS to begin with? Why do people want to bring the shit back? Seriously?

  263. Cylon-Frakker says:

    (continued) Hit submit too soon. You can’t on one hand pride yourself on ‘no ducks and bunnies’ and then on the other come running back to mommy’s skirt because ‘someone’ on a whole different board was mean to you.

  264. Violet says:

    aw messy. lets not forget that you responded to my pm’s. 🙂

  265. violet1983 says:

    apparently my visitor comments aren’t coming through…
    messy, i dont think you mentioned that you responded to my pm’s. and I left you alone after you said not to respond.
    state the facts.

  266. Kelolsen says:

    wow I never even read that “1.50 toy” thread.. I thought it was so big b/c tons of people were particpating. I guess I”ll go read it!

  267. Spoofer says:

    Where is that toy thread???

  268. Bloggitybloggity says:

    266- Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking too. I just wasn’t interested. Now that I do know what it is, I must say that I’m too lazy to read the entire thing. I just searched the thread for the pertinent information… and then I closed it. I’m so bad. 😉

  269. Incognizable says:

    search “raffle” on CDN it should be the first thread up.

  270. mmspirit7 says:

    Monkey more i think about the more i wish you would call jdt out about the refund it’s not right we got on snaps and others for the same thing. if you let her get away with it. someone else could be out more. I know it’s low to point out but if you don’t out her anyother place i would include it in the feedback because it’s wrong.

  271. Jacky says:

    Wow, considering JDT is supposed to be some big wig on Wall Street, she sure spells like crap. Maybe her nanny could teach her how to spell after she does the laundry.

  272. Incognizable says:

    Are you guys sure one cannot iggy mod(s) on CDN?? :err: Not talking about admin, I respect admin. But lately the drama is out of control.

  273. Messy says:

    Ya know, I have disagreed or had an intense difference of opinion with mods on CDN before and never saw even a flicker of dramaz. There is a mod who comes over here and throws in her opinion, never changing it to suite the masses LOL, and she has never started a thread about anyone disagreeing with her…

  274. me says:

    233- She is on CDN. Does anyone on that thread know that?

  275. hrm's mom says:

    Who is on CDN??

  276. hrm's mom says:

    um wow….


    post# 47

    Alright Chickas, i’m rolling out testers on this this week.

    If you’d prefer to support the charity, by all means, please do so.

    However, if you’re interested in testing my version as it rolls through several generations, pm me.


  277. theinvisible says:

    LOL who called the booboo bags?

  278. Messy says:

    INfuckingCREDIBLE! JDT is going to do that and it is ok??? WTF??? I feel like I am on a different planet :::sigh:::
    Hey Charise, I really love the ruffle sweater you made. I think I will copy and sell them!!! :::shake head:::: Clearly I am joking, though I do love that sweater, but why is it ok for JustDoingTheiving to do this???

  279. theinvisible says:

    She implies that they are for personal use but she posted them in WAHM sys. I think that says it all.

  280. Messy says:

    If they are for sale, then that is not personal use. They must be gifts @@

  281. hrm's mom says:

    Messy you make me laugh and I really needed that this week!!

  282. riffrafflittleman says:

    UGH I freaking knew she would do that with the boo boo bags…after all her “difficulties” with HC. My ASS she couldn’t figure out how to order. If she’s that freaking stupid, maybe she shouldn’t be a WAHM. What a freaking asshat! Well I let Jennifer from BabyBloak know about the thread. I would have contacted Snuggie too if I could find the damn information. I am tired of people asking others to copy shit for them. Isn’t that why certain WAHM’s get dragged through the coals? for copying shit that is already out there? I am spitting nails right now.

  283. theinvisible says:

    To clarify, she doesn’t have them listed for sale at the moment. She has them in “show your stuff”. It is WAHM show your stuff, however, which is where it is supposed to be if you intend to sell in the future.

  284. mmspirit7 says:

    i don’t know if anyone would want to copy that sweater LOL….I am thinking a few changes i can make to it though

  285. mmspirit7 says:

    oops sorry about that…messed up my email

  286. me says:

    281- I meant 226. Crap!

    Charise, that sweater is super cute!

  287. me says:

    282-Wow. Just wow.
    I am getting a kick out of the other posts though!

  288. nu says:

    Messy—the name for JDT, had me rolling!!! That was good.

    It shows that no matter how “high class” you think your lifestyle may be, you can still be class less!!!!! What a piece of work!

  289. theinvisible says:

    …..and “the baby bloak” is on the scene. This should be interesting.

  290. Bloggitybloggity says:


    I’m guessing that it was no coincidence that the booboo bags came after someone called it on here. Maybe her way of saying she doesn’t give a shit? Who really cares? BLEH.

    I won’t buy boo-boo bags from anyone. I paid $5 for some that I won FFS on DS and they freaking fell apart the first day. I had blasted rice all over my carpet. I’ll stick to my rice-socks thank-you-very-much. :\

  291. riffrafflittleman says:

    🙂 saw that invisible. She’s been super sweet in our emails

  292. riffrafflittleman says:

    sorry bloggity It shouldn’t have fallen about like that at all! I made one last year and use it ALL the time.

  293. Messy says:

    Where is she??? WHERE??? I can’t find the bloak lady :::pout:::

  294. Messy says:

    Found her :::shew::: I was all lost for a minute!!! LOL!!!

  295. riffrafflittleman says:

    LOL Messy 🙂 I had to laugh because someone asked her if she was the “original baby bloak” lady.

  296. werd says:

    hey peeps, if you hadn’t heard, I had my baby boy! I’m updating everywhere that I post while he is sleeping 🙂 He’s a moose – 8lbs 7oz, 20.5 inches long!

  297. CJ says:

    Congratulations Werd! What did you name him?

  298. werd says:

    his name is Alexander after my dad – we are calling him Xander!

  299. riffrafflittleman says:

    congrats Werd!!

  300. CJ says:

    Cute! I recognize the name….you probably mentioned it here before he was born?

  301. Sharpie says:

    Awe congrats Werd!!!

  302. Kris says:


  303. noisybean says:

    Hey congrats werd!

  304. Rika says:

    Congrats, werd!

  305. diudiaole says:

    Awww congrats werd — link us to some pics whenever you get the chance!! cute name too and a big boy! 😀

  306. monkey says:

    That’s awesome Werd! I’m glad you’re both ok.

  307. nu says:

    congrats Werd!!! Love Xander!!!!!!

    (not sure if you remember me—I’m the one who got the bills soakers from ya!)


  308. eeek says:

    Yay werd!

  309. monkey says:

    When do you start worrying about a package/transaction? Like 3 weeks? a month?

  310. riffrafflittleman says:

    monkey, with no communication, probably 2-3 weeks. I hate lack of communication.

  311. monkey says:


    Crap. I’m starting to worry I might have a problem. The seller has a ton of good feedback though. I sent her an email asking for some info so I’ll give it a day and see where it goes. Thanks, I was worried I was being unreasonable but it’s been over 3 weeks.

  312. monkey says:

    Actually it’s been exactly 19 days, not three weeks. And the shipping label was printed 10 days ago but the tracking number doesn’t show anything.

  313. riffrafflittleman says:

    how was it shipped? I hope she at least responds to you. If she doesn’t then I would probably get nervous.

  314. monkey says:


    Oh man, now I’m really pissed. The PP shipping notice (I don’t even know if it’s been shipped, just that the label was printed) says it was shipped first class… but I paid for priority. Now I’m getting really irritated.

  315. CJ says:

    monkey, if the WAHM or business isn’t responding to your emails, message them again and state right out that you are getting concerned that they are scamming you. Tell them if you do not hear from them by X date that you will be forced to file with paypal to cover yourself.

  316. CJ says:


    The last paragraph made me laugh considering who she was responding to.

  317. monkey says:


    I just sent her the first email today (I don’t like to be pushy or demanding so I try to give it at least a couple of weeks). But now that I noticed that I paid for priority shipping and the pp shipping notice says first class I’m really irritated. If I even knew for sure it was shipped I wouldn’t be as irritated.

    If she doesn’t respond by Monday night I’m going to be really really upset (I figure some people don’t work on weekends so I should give her that long at least.)

  318. monkey says:


    I’m pretty sure that was a pointed jab. I laughed hard.

  319. riffrafflittleman says:

    322 that cracked me up too 🙂 Monkey, if she doesn’t respond by Monday, message her again telling her if you do not hear from her by like Wed or Thur you will file. Put a read reciept on the email too if you can! I would be pissed about the priority/first class issue as well!!

  320. monkey says:

    I actually just sent her a second email saying I had just noticed the discrepancy between the shipping I paid for. I asked her to please look into it. When she responds I’m going to ask the difference be refunded.

  321. me says:

    I’m surprised that no one has said that she is getting all up in the fundraiser so that she doesn’t get her ass booted yet.

  322. me says:

    To the stuff with Monkey- First, :hugs: Second, why would you tell someone when you are going to file?

  323. CJ says:

    328. It doesn’t make a difference if they know or not….it doesn’t lessen the buyer’s case at all. Usually what it does is make the vendor take notice and actually respond. Most of the time they’re just being too lazy to email back and a threat of pp dispute makes them pay attention. Also, if the threat doesn’t work the buyer then can go ahead and file their pp dispute knowing that they gave all the warning that they could….did all that they could to try to resolve the situation. (Not that the buyer is responsible for that, but some vendors can get flaky and try to turn it on the buyer.)

  324. me says:

    It also is telling someone to be sure to have the money gone before whatever day.

  325. monkey says:

    I got an email from the seller. She apologized for shipping FC instead of priority and refunded my shipping. She said if it isn’t there early next week she will remake it and ship again. So hopefully it’s cool.

  326. riffrafflittleman says:

    That’s good Monkey 🙂 Just be careful as you get closer to the paypal limit

  327. monkey says:

    I’ll definitely keep an eye on the PP limit. I’m hoping it’s just a slow post office thing. The fact that she responded very quickly makes me feel better.

  328. monkey says:

    This listing cracked me up: http://hyenacart.com/prod_details.php?id=33150&vid=200001

    And it looks like she sold them for a really fair price.

  329. riffrafflittleman says:

    dang, those are some long legs!!

  330. monkey says:

    I know. My DS has a ridiculous inseam, but those are crazy!

  331. kukukachoo says:


    Sure- we all have our days where we’d like to just throw the kids away, but don’t we really expect it and deal with it like big girls? It’s obvious to me from her post and her UN, “Sleep Deprived”, that she’s a whiney wench and well, I just don’t like her. Oh, and I love the part where she calls her baby a bastard.

    OK, you can tell me to get my head out of the clouds if you wish, but I thought my quote in my first response was telling her that, “yes, we all feel this way which is why there is this common quotation about such feelings.”

  332. kitty1163 says:

    338: I almost posted to that thread. Sure we have our moments with our kids but to me it sounds like she doesn’t like her kid AT ALL. Not just at the 3 a.m. feeding time. Jesus.

    Parenting is hard. Deal with it on your own. Don’t make the baby the problem.

  333. Not Me At All says:

    338 and 339
    I fought responding to her but with all the ass patting I just had to.

  334. monkey says:

    #338 I just posted defending your comment. I think you made a valid point and I agree. And I think the other mama was kind of being shitty about it. I think she feels guilty for her own frustration with her child and fobbed it off on you.

    Yes, it is trying and difficult when they’re young, up all night and clingy. But once they get past that point and are independent little people you are better able to look back and appreciate that time. Don’t complain about babies whining when you’re whining yourself. Believe me, I understand being sleep deprived and frustrated… but buck up, the time does go by really quickly.

  335. amessymama says:

    She wonders why the kid cries when he sees her. Maybe it’s because she’s a whiny, miserable, bitch who calls him bastard.

    Although, I see how she got that when her mother would tell her she loves her, she just doesn’t like her. WTF!

    Let’s keep the dysfunction going, shall we?

  336. kukukachoo says:

    342- please copy and paste that to her thread!

  337. amessymama says:

    343-I’m not quite that brazen. 🙂 If I think of a softer way to say it, then maybe I will. Or if anyone else would like to, feel free. 😆

  338. kukukachoo says:

    so did you change your mind messymama? was that you posting? :thumbsup:

  339. Messy says:

    Other people have made a good point, that I totally missed with this mama’s overall post… She “closes the bar” and choses not to feed her baby when he “pokes” her to nurse. Ummm… That is so much worse than calling him a bastard 😦 That is her baby going hungry. Now might be a great time to introduce some formula and let the baby eat. He might be happier and not cry every time he sees his mama because she won’t feed him. Hunger is never ok and it just saddens me that the only person who can feed him thinks he is a little bastard that is just annoying her 😥 Heartbreaking.

  340. werd says:

    We’re home and here is a pic of “Bubba” as everyone is now calling him, LOL!

  341. amessymama says:

    345-Yep. I think I softened it up enough. I try to keep the emotion out of it. Well except for the little sad smiley face guy. 🙂
    But man, I feel like kicking the crap out of Spud’s mama! Yeah, telling people they live in glass house isn’t judgmental, at all. By sarcastically commenting on everyone else’s advice, she is supporting the OP. Whatever.

  342. amessymama says:

    Werd, he is absolutely gorgeous!! My goodness, I could just stare at his pretty face all day. But I have more judgment to spread around. 🙂

  343. kukukachoo says:

    348: It’s closed now. I was just getting ready to respond that Spud was equally perpetuating the drama .

  344. Messy says:

    Werd, I am so in love with Xander! He is beautiful!!! Amazing little guy!!! Every pic I see, he just gets more and more gorgeous!

  345. Not Me At All says:

    thread locked!

  346. kukukachoo says:

    Just checked out Spuds Profile and at 2:29 it says she is reporting a post. Crybaby!

  347. kukukachoo says:

    Werd, I have to say that’s one sweet cutie you’ve got there! Congratulations!

  348. Myra says:

    The thing about her calling the baby a bastard is the context in which she said it. People are defending her right to call him that, but did they read the same post I did?

    It also annoys me that people are mouthing about how earthmamatobe can’t talk because she doesn’t have a baby yet. Expressing her belief that she won’t call her baby a bastard doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. She didn’t say she’d never get frustrated or worn out. There’s a big difference between what she said and what the idiot up there put her siggy.

  349. hrm's mom says:

    weird I don’t recall thinking my child was a bitch when I was totally slept deprived. I wanted to call my DH some names as he happily slept next to me and even once suggest I take my crying self and the baby in the other room so he could sleep.

  350. anAKmama says:

    I’m gonna stick my neck out and say I don’t think it’s a horrible thing to have a “Milk bar closed” block of time in the middle of the night. He’s 9 months old, not a newborn, and it’s not going to kill him to go 4 hours without nursing. I don’t do it, because I’m lazy and i do whatever will get me back to sleep fastest, and that is rolling over and popping a boob out, but I don’t think that alone makes her a bad mom.

  351. JustPeachy says:

    I have to say that as frustrated as Saedra made me as a newbie, I never once got angry at her for being that way. I can see why she is upset and it sucks that she doesn’t seem to have a support system for herself but don’t take it out on your child.

  352. žába says:

    ahhh Werd that is one cutiepie 🙂

    Off to go catch up on the drama.

  353. soOverit says:

    Awww werd, he makes me want to have another. What a dollie.

  354. žába says:

    Oh good grief, why do I always feel like I lost a few more brain cells every time I go to DS? …oh I know, because people like Spud’sMom congregate there. She had nothing to offer that thread what so ever, but she just kept on stirring up the dramaz.
    kukukachoo – I thought your posts where right on and well said.

  355. monkey says:

    When DS was about 5 months I posted a similar thread on DS. People were super, super supportive and nice. I think the difference was that I said I was horribly frustrated (colicky, high-needs, reflux baby) but I ALSO said that it really upset me that my CHILD was upset.

    I don’t know. I had no issue withe OP’s original post, but her follow up posts I found distasteful. I did once call DS a “little shit” while laughing (but that was because he had just had an explosive EBF poop all over me) DH was gagging and running away and I yelled (cracking up), “He can’t help it! He’s a little shit(ter).”

  356. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    357 – if my DH said that, i *may* (would) have slapped him.

  357. monkey says:

    And werd, I swear I could just eat Xander up. He is such a handsome little man! I hope it’s my turn to have another son!

    Although right now looking at DS covered in yogurt and peanut butter…

  358. Messy says:

    Werd, PM me on DS 😀

  359. Messy says:

    DS. WTF is wrong with my brain??? SCRATCH THAT LAST POST WERD!!!
    Take two:
    Hey Werd! PM me on CDN!!!

  360. turkey lurkey says:

    RE: JDT and the Snuggie knock offs… Snuggies are a knock off of the Slanket. Funny…

  361. Myra says:

    Lordy knows I have been there and then some, but like you all said – I was more worried for my children, and her follow up posts didn’t help. Honestly, that age was the time when I truly felt bonded with them, felt human again, got my mommy legs…I guess I would be more sympathetic if the boy was 8 weeks old, you know?

  362. nu says:

    soooooooo off topic—i just need opinions.
    hair bows/clips?–anyone with advice on a WAHM? I have my niece’s bday coming up-plus Christmas (I found my half-sister on facebook—and she has a 3yo!!!–yippeee). Thanks

  363. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    nu, i have a recomendation, lol….me, lol

  364. hrm's mom says:

    364, the thought crossed my mind!!! Of course I was more afraid I was going to stab him!

  365. riffrafflittleman says:

    LMFAO!!! I know we’ve moved on, but this cracked me the hell up. In JDT’s work or pleasure thread in WAHM Chat, someone basically called her out. the 11th post


  366. MMspirit7 says:

    I hope and admin lets me in soon. I asked to be banned so i could get some longies done and now i have them almost done but need to pm the mama i don’t like the pooling on the second leg.

    and I want to read that jdt thread as well.

  367. Messy says:

    I couldn’t help myself :::roflmao:::

  368. riffrafflittleman says:

    LOL Messy I saw your post and almost spit my tea out! I have no clue who the person who posted that is, but I like her 😀

  369. MMspirit7 says:

    I am missing out on the fun come on admin let me back in LOL

  370. Erin says:

    I know we’ve all moved on, but I just had to chime in on a few things:

    1-never liked JDT. Not at DS, not at CDN and I avoid her threads. She’s always been an elitist-snobby-bitch and I’m amazed people are just now figuring this out.
    2-some of the people chosen to be mods at CDN make me shake my head and ask “why?”.

  371. mada says:

    #322 (and anyone else) – Yes, that was completely sarcastic. I knew exactly what I was typing about the raffles. Why in the hell would you suggest raffles right after the drama YOU started about a raffle??? And seriously, I’d think that most people would support a NILMDTS raffle over a CDN raffle any day of the week. Nothing against CDN, but if you had to choose, which would it be?

  372. amessymama says:

    I never even knew JDT was on DS.

    Anyone think that JDT is lying about her huuuuge custom orders that she has mentioned multiple times? I do. It’s like she’s trying to make us think her business (or should I say hobby) is not being affected by her assiness.

  373. nu says:

    #371–I don’t know who you are! what’s your store name/email addy?

    379–it is totally possible they won’t be repeat customers if it is a custom order. I’m not a WAHM, but I would think a WAHM would consider repeat orders from one customer as a compliment in the fact they like the quality of their product.

  374. monkey says:


    I know I for one by certain things from certain WAHM’S repeatedly because I love their work/customer service.

  375. theinvisible says:

    379 I was thinking the same thing. What a coincidence (eye roll). She’s obviously engaged in some desperate damage control right now.

  376. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    #380- i didn’t wanmt to SPAM here unless asked, lol. I make korkers, boutique bows and ponytailstreamers. I only have korkers on my site right now, but I make all 3:


  377. Lurker says:

    Regarding the JDT drama. I’m one of the ones that did NOT know what horrible thing she had done and was just chatting/repping away with her. I just want to officially apologize for that . . . and let everyone know that I’m sure there are other girls who were just as clueless as me.

  378. Lolanae says:

    Sorry if I missed it, but why exactly did the GM forums shut down? Or was it some random thing in their ever changing business plan?

  379. amessymama says:

    385-I think they all squeed too loud, all at once and the site just imploded on itself.

  380. moxy says:

    386 LMAO

  381. incognizable says:

    I am laughing that jdt bypassed the jabs and is still posting to her own damn thread, LMAO!! She plays stooopid nicely.

  382. kitty1163 says:

    385: No explanation from the TGM admin. Just “it’s something we need to do, right now.” Lots of butthurt from all the post-ers asking “why? why? WHY???” and some calculated jabs at some former Goma fans who have their own forum.

    Then *poof* away it went.

    It was a bad idea to start with. A calculated distance from your customers is a good idea … specially with all that squeepeeing.

  383. me says:

    Is she playing stupid or just like “You talk shit about me right here and I still get customers so ha!”

  384. žába says:

    386 – Hilarious! I can see that being the case.

  385. rainbow says:

    According to a tweet that came through yesterday, Goodmama closed their forums down for “legal reasons.” I wonder if they’re getting sued? I wonder if there’s some sort of copyright thing going on and that is what we haven’t seen any more serged diapers?

  386. indigolurker says:

    #376 Thank You

    I lurk a lot, because I no longer CD, but I still love me some diaper drama 🙂

    *back to lurkdom*

  387. Messy says:

    In the thread where JDT is complaining about her HUGE custom order and whether to do it or not bla bla bla, I totally held myself back from asking her if she considered outsourcing the work back the WAHM that she copied to start with. I was afraid it would come off as stalkerish though 😀

  388. Madre says:

    Congrats Werd!

  389. Messy says:

    OLD NEWS but going backwards for the drama whore.
    #270 & #271 Yeah, I replied to the first and put for you to not PM me again.
    Violet, the smart cookie, you then PM me AGAIN. I replied with one single phrase: DO NOT PM ME. Wowza, that is hard!
    You freaking psychotic bitch in need of attention continually, get it right. My first reply to you was short, 3 curt sentences and directly to the point answering you and then telling you to not PM me. Obviously your attention span couldn’t make it past three small sentences to the end where you were told NOT TO PM ME! My second was AGAIN telling you to not PM me, and not even bothering to respond to your whining BS attention whoring message.
    I do not care enough about any drama whore enducing word to come out of your fingers to have to read it in my PM box. Now, go hunt for someone to asspat you and give you that attention you crave @@

    Sorry guys, hated to leave the psycho without a reply on here. She seriously needs some help in ways that only a professional could even think about. Seriously, I went back and read what I said about this crazy ass bitch, and see that I had not even said anything bad. Strictly WHY I do not reply to her threads, and EXACTLY what I said to her in a thread on CDN. Same thing.
    Drama ho needed attention so she starts that moronic thread about getting mentioned on here. She needed the attention and head pats. Someone give her dildo some fresh batteries cuz goodness knows she needs attention from something with energizer bunny strength!

  390. twiddling*thumbs says:

    Was I the only one disturbed by JDT’s response to this poor Mama here:


    It just smacks of the whole Tom Cruise vs Brooke Shields stuff… or was it just me?

  391. twiddling*thumbs says:

    And congrats Werd, he is gorgeous!

  392. Messy says:

    I am taking an internet break… I have a zillion things to get done and need to concentrate on all of that along with enjoying the holidays with the kids 🙂 I am tired of feeding drama whores and even more tired of feeling jaded about how certain people can sleep at night.
    I am sure the blog will roll along just fine without me LOL!

  393. Violet says:

    wow. messy. I have issue? This is interesting.
    You are completely exaggerating it all. You make drama of slightest thing, and this clearly shows it.
    Maybe it is time you take a break when someone from the internet can rile you up so fast. I mean really.
    I need help? think that over again.

  394. mada says:

    Hey Violet, I didn’t even know you were the one Messy was talking about in regards to PMs until YOU said it! I didn’t think her original statement (the one that got you to start a thread on CDN) was slamming you, it was about JDT.

    There is someone stirring up drama, but this time, I don’t think it’s Messy!

  395. žába says:

    Where the Drama? and I don’t mean Messy and Violet hissing at each other. I want some juicy scamtastic drama.

  396. amessymama says:

    403-Heck yeah! I was just coming here to say that I will be gone for the next few days. And when I come back, I want some *legitimate* drama up in here!!!

    So you all better start digging around for some! 🙂

  397. turkey lurkey says:

    Um. Did we ever figure out why the anti-babywearer is anti-babywearing? Or why she put it in her siggy, if she won’t discuss it?

  398. CJ says:

    398: What forum is that in? I can’t view it.

  399. Violet says:

    #402, please like it takes a super sleuth to figure it out. seriously. common sense is a wonderful thing.

  400. Messy says:

    One final thought as I leave the blog to burry myself in yarn until I get these projects done…
    My bloggies, you know I lub ya’all!
    BTW, I’M PREGNANT!!! ❤ Due the end of May, so since I deliver really early, I don't have much time!!!
    I gotta get these projects done so I can come back to CDN and get my newborn stash booming!!!

  401. CJ says:

    Congratulations Messy!

  402. mmspirit7 says:

    OMG messy congrats. please pm me your addy i would love to make you something.

    and are you going to share on cdn too

  403. eeek says:

    How much more IAS-ish can JDT get before she gets a call out? Asking for info on bloaks?


    WTH? Does the whole board have her on iggy?

  404. eeek says:

    & congratulations Messy!

  405. MotherMoonPads says:

    CONGRATS Messy! 🙂

  406. mada says:

    Messy, CONGRATS!!!!!

    Violet, contrary to your belief, you’re not the only person on the board that Messy has gone rounds with. Didn’t realize the automatic assumption should be you. Thanks for filling me in, from now on, I’ll assume it’s you….

  407. TheBoredBitch says:

    Enjoyed the commentary.

  408. magpiedpiper says:

    OMG congrats, Messy! You said something about a newborn stash recently on CDN and I thought, whoa, where did I miss the POAS announcement? So I sleuthed a bit and didn’t see a mention anywhere else by you of being preggers, so I figured I took it wrong. LOL

  409. monkey says:

    Congrats messy!!! Yay! Yay!

  410. marthastewart2001 says:

    chiming in a day late, but holy shit! i never read the $1.50 toy thread and just assumed it was a really great deal or something…i feel like an ass for not having read it prior to today.

  411. Sharpie says:

    Congrats Messy! Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy:-)

  412. jenniferjunniper says:

    Since you are taking your break you most likely will not get a chance to read this, but CONGRATS Messy!!!!!! I am very happy for you!!

  413. žába says:

    Yay Messy! Congratulations 🙂

  414. Just Plain Me says:

    Is it ok if I spam some coops here? If not, someone delete, I don’t want to step on toes.

    AMH is running an Anamalz coop and a Crayon Rocks coop right now. http://www.amomshideout.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=256

  415. noisybean says:

    Congrats Messy! I’m due in April. 🙂

  416. werd says:

    HOLY CRAP! Congratulations Messy!!!!!

  417. Kimbella says:

    Congrats Messy! 😀

    Totally off topic, but does this soaker look like it has poop on the left leg opening?

    It’s from this thread on DS: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=863310

  418. me says:

    Congrats Messy! 😀

  419. nu says:


    RE: WOOL–does it stain easily? hard to get the stains out? I’ve never used wool, so I don’t know. I’d consider using it if we were going to have a baby again.

  420. CJ says:

    Kimbella: Could be poop, could be chocolate, could be dirt. I have found so many food particles in my son’s diapers it’s nuts. Whole food too, not things that he has consumed….rather food that missed his mouth and fell into the diaper or soaker. It’s a terrible listing photo though, no matter what it is.

    nu: The staining on wool really depends on what the stain is and how quickly you catch it. If you’re able to treat the stain right away it’s not much of an issue. The only real stains that I’ve had are from things like bananas which have oxidized and left a brown mark….i didn’t treat the stain fast enough. I also see a lot of lanolin stains on wool in photos. Those are the big greasy, patchy looking stains. I think that is just from people over-lanolizing. A tough grease fighting soap may take those out but I’m not sure. I tend to not use much lanolin at all so I haven’t run into that issue.

  421. Erin says:

    Messy!!! Congratulations!!

  422. The OTHER Megan says:

    I’m so sick-sick-sick of the ridiculous drama-whoring and catty, teen-age spats on CDN. Seriously, this blog needs a new name. Did anyone notice that the subject of chatter on this blog lately has been almost completely CDN? Sad. I quite seriously was about to leave the place, and had only been stopping in on the WAHM and Knitting boards, when this place drew the last straw from me. You see the true colors of quite a few little girls who come on here, spouting their immature, bratty crap. My iggy list has gone from 1 name to 11 in the last 24 hours. Suddenly, CDN is much more peaceful, enjoyable, drama-free place. Sad that a few idiots can turn an entire community like CDN into a zoo that people are fleeing from.

  423. smurfmeat says:

    Yes, if definitely does feel like The Drama of CDN now.

  424. Incognizable says:

    I agree ladies, I used to be on CDN 24- 7 and now I just log on to check co-ops, crafts and the knitting stuff. Sad really.

  425. monkey says:

    #431, 432 and 433

    I think you guys are being a little harsh. Anywhere you put that many women together there is going to be some drama. Just put people/threads on ignore and enjoy the rest of it. Yes, it has been a dramariffic couple of weeks… but it seems like it’s all pretty wrapped up now.

    I don’t know. I still think the good of CDN way outweighs any bad.

  426. The OTHER Megan says:

    434- I agree- CDN is a great place. I just had to put a dozen drama-whores on ignore before I could see that it’s the same old CDN I first came to. That’s the message I meant to convey with my post. I apologize I wasn’t more clear.

  427. diudiaole says:

    congrats werd he is beautiful!!

    and congrats, messy!!! I have some fitteds you *have* to try… LMK as soon as you know the gender!!!

    You say you deliver early — does that mean you have small newborns??? cause I got something for those too!!! 😀

  428. monkey says:


    Yeah, I found a little judicious iggying really helped. 🙂

  429. monkey says:

    All though to be fair… there have been times I wanted to put my self on my ignore list.

  430. Madre says:

    I’m tardy to the party, congrats messy!

  431. Messy says:

    Thank you everyone!!!

  432. cheesewhiz says:

    Congrats, Messy!!!!

  433. Susie says:

    **She has changed her avatar and her signature!! (she is “wearing her baby!! ha ha)

    Registered Users
    Last Activity: 12-23-2009 08:09 PM

    Cori Lynn, retired professional nanny, adoring wife to a punk rocker, Eric, mommy to Baby Milo born October 28, 2009.

  434. Cori Lynn says:

    Wow I don’t have time to read all of these comments, maybe that’s for the best… but my sig was mainly because I thought it was funny how people felt they needed to advertise all of their parenting beliefs in their sigs… a friend and I both did it… we thought it was funny.

    By anti I didn’t mean I didn’t think anyone should do it, but it’s not for me. It doesn’t go with my parenting philosophy, before I had my son and now. I am ok with using a Moby or a sling occassionally, I use one when we go out somewhere it’s hard to take a stroller, but I don’t believe in always wearing your child to prevent them from having to entertain or soothe themselves. I took this picture because I was so impressed that I was even able to get the Moby on right, I didn’t put together how I would look like a total hypocrite… go me. I deleted my sig because I did not have the Bradley birth I hoped and prepared for, and because cloth diapering is not working for us, as much as we want it to, so I figured I’d just delete the whole thing instead of editing bits and pieces.

    I love this blog, I think it’s funny that there is a post about me on it… and I’m trying to not be hurt by some of your guy’s comments. I didn’t consider myself drama. Honestly, I don’t even know what a troll is. I never saw the thread because I eventually only went to my due date forum and now I rarely log on at all. Had I seen it, I would have happily explained… I don’t think calling me names was really appropriate. But I’m on the internet so I suppose I’m fair game.

  435. AkayC says:

    She changed her signature as soon as this drama was first posted, yet you guys continued to talk about it for months. Get a life. She was just being silly, and you guys have nothing better to do than name-call? Grow up. She once said to me, “I can’t imagine carrying around 30 extra pounds for 6 months, then strapping it right back onto me as soon as I give birth. No thank you!” It was a matter of her personal preference, not meant to put anyone down. Of course we all have different opinions about things before the birth of our babies as we do once our babies arrive. You all act like you knew exactly what you wanted before your kids were born. It’s a learning process. You seem to be offended as if she were judging you for wearing your babies, when that wasn’t at all the case. However, you all judge her so quickly. You all make me sick, talking about how other people make you sick. Look in a freaking mirror.

  436. kukukachoo says:

    It was a really, really ignorant thing to say to begin with but girls- trying to defend it waaayyy more ignorant.

    her wording was offensive. period. she said she was flat out against something that probably 95% of the board do. she didn’t say she was choosing not to do it- she said she was AGAINST it.

    there is a difference and i’m sorry that she doesn’t obviously have the logic to comprehend that. poor thing.

  437. JustPeachy says:

    You two are morons. This shit ended months ago and you are bringing it back up. Hypocrites much?

  438. DSDM2 says:

    Trolling in this case would be purposefully putting something in your siggie to get people upset because you know they won’t agree.

    Coming here 5 months later… that adds to your troll quality.

  439. smartassmama says:

    Your friend’s handy explanation was equally offensive. Yes, I carried 20lbs of ‘extra weight’ while pregnant. twice. And I “strapped it right back on me” for a variety of reasons. One being that I love the little “extra weight” that I gave birth to, tyvm. And convenience. And rest assured, my kids can self-entertain just fine.

    Digging up an old thread = troll as well. And calling up your bff about it? Extra credit.

  440. Lolanae says:

    My worn sometimes, carried, often, co-slept, held almost all the time (go go reflux baby and early teething clinginess!) is happily sitting at her desk entertaining herself just fine.

    Oh I love a good hypocritical troll attempt!

  441. žába says:

    When this all came out my comment was that you where probably more of an ignoramus than a troll, at this point I would like to revise that opinion and say – nope just a troll. Why else would you and your friend come on here and rehash ooooold drama that nobody has thought about in months.

  442. screenname says:

    Most of the time, I just roll my eyes when someone that has never had children acts like they are parenting experts. But saying something doesn’t work with your family and saying you’re anti-something is different. If you are anti-whatever, then you are implying that you believe other people shouldn’t do it either.

    EC doesn’t work for my family. I’m not anti-EC, because I think that if someone else can make it work for their family then that’s great.

    I am anti-CIO. I don’t do it and I really wish other people wouldn’t either. I don’t put that in my siggy to start mommy wars everywhere I go, because as much as I wish other women wouldn’t leave their babies to cry I’m not interested in bringing that opinion into every conversation I try to have.

    I am also anti-troll. I don’t troll and I certainly wish other people wouldn’t either.

  443. Booyah says:

    The Fail is strong with this one.

  444. AkayC says:

    Ladies, I’m sorry. I honestly didn’t even note the date of the last comment, so I apologize for bringing it back up. You all kept asking for a response from her, and she was smart enough to not come in here and allow herself to be attacked by trying to explain herself. That’s what you wanted right? To attack her? You didn’t really want her to explain what she really meant, and that maybe that she used the wrong wording? I felt she should have a chance at a little defense, but I failed miserably. Haha, You guys have no mercy for anyone! I kind of want to give you a high five for being so hardcore. I am anti cigarettes, that doesn’t mean that I hate my mother-in-law because she smokes! My husband is anti-tattoos, but he is married to someone with tattoos! We are all allowed to express our opinions, and if you choose to take offense to them, then you are the mommy-war-mongers, not her. Isn’t that what this blog is all about, mommy wars? Anyway, obviously there is no way to get any of you to be apologetic or understanding, so I will stop trying to make you understand that she meant no harm. I will leave you alone to your drama discussions…and apologize once more for interrupting and stirring up the still waters.

    I feel bad for the ones of you who will be the subject of such a discussion someday. Hopefully you will be able to handle it as well as she has. 🙂

    I concede. You win. You are right. We are trolls. 🙂 We are the most horrid trolls you’ve ever seen, and don’t try to tell us otherwise (not that you would)! 🙂

  445. kukukachoo says:


  446. smartassmama says:


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