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**REDUCED HUGE mix Kissaluv, polar babies, wool, fleece, fitted, AIO

I have a mixed lot of diapers for sale. All prices ppd. Paypal Only. Thanks!100% Feedback on Ebay – barelyusedclothescompany

Hand Crochetted Wool Cover – size small (need a snappy or clips to use) $15 $12ppd…15f124fb55.jpg…21d2faaf26.jpg

Little Monkey OS – Snap Insert EUC $15 $12ppd…7ddeeecbb5.jpg…6bdbb43c63.jpg…c37416758c.jpg

Polar Babies Diaper Cover Velcro & Snap 22-27lbs – GUC some wear $13 $12ppd…511aaa56b6.jpg…b441064d36.jpg

Little Poopie Fleece Shorts/Diaper Soaker Small EUC – $15 $12ppd…f113940d52.jpg…008c269278.jpg

Kissaluv Fitted (tag is missing) Size 2 Medium – $11 $9ppd…a58a60e40c.jpg…c275ff594c.jpg

Babykins AIO Snap Diapers & 1 Velcro (think this one is Babykins also) – all 3 seem to be a size small – some staining and wear – $4 ea or $11 for all 3 SOLD…6f21d51782.jpg…1ddf179f14.jpg…94b15f957f.jpg…df773a579e.jpg

Small (10-15 lbs) Snapiwrap Diaper Cover GUC $11 SOLD…f6d239df8b.jpg…d090d16419.jpg

(2) Medium Snap Diaper Covers – $7 ea or $12 for both $10ppd for both…0178c30f24.jpg…6d3d38601b.jpg

AIO Wonder Works Green – Medium (some pilling & a little dingy on inside) $9 $8ppd…175024f0d1.jpg…924768765b.jpg

Bummis Super Whisper Wraps – Medium (some pilling) $8 ea or $14 for both $12ppd for both…7015d5ca03.jpg…402e5ae1fe.jpg

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so I freecycled some dipes this week and here is the emails between us. She now has them on here fsot and I am hurt and furious. I found more dipes and stuck them in the bag to give her too.
I have posted on each of her post that I want them returned so I can give them to someone in need. I tried selling them on here before giving them to her and they didn’t sell now she is selling them. I am just so hurt what do I do?> I would love these! They sound great! No problem. I am actually hoping
> to use them for my son now & hopefully our next one as well. But if
> they are still useable (which I am sure they will be) I will def pass
> them on. I can pick up this afternoon maybe after 3pm. Let me know if
> that works.
> Thanks!
> Pam
> On Oct 6, 2009, at 9:17 AM, Daphne wrote:
> > Hi I am also in Wolcott and have some small/newborn size covers in
> > white and a fleece soaker in green. I also have a few contour
> > diapers. Do you use wool? If so I have a wonky looking wool cover
> > I crochetted in pink, but you could easily redye it. You need to
> > use a snappi or pins to close it though. I also have 3 small aios,
> > a medium aio and 2 medium covers. My only requirement on giving
> > these to you is that you find someone to give them to when you are
> > done with them. Please do not sell them. What time would you like
> > to pick up .
> > Thanks,
> > Daphne
> > > >
> > — In, “Pamela” <gordon03@…>
> > wrote:
> >>
> >> I would really love any cloth diapers, covers, prefolds, wet bags –
> >> really anything to do with cloth diapering! Thanks for your
> >> consideration.
> >>
> >> Pam =)
> >>

Shame on you Pam! Of course there are the sympathizers, but I hardly think someone in dire need of $$ is going to be buying $14 snow pants and $14 wall mounts on Ebay.  Sounds like a Freecycle scammer.

  1. amessymama says:

    She has an ebay store where sells used clothes. I wonder where she gets them all. Hmmm.


  2. amessymama says:

    Someone w/ the same screen name joined CDN in Oct also. Hmmm. Again.

  3. amessymama says:

    Yep, it’s the same person.

    I feel this conversation is a little one-sided. lol

  4. werd says:

    soooo sleazy. There is a local lady here who wrote this sob story about her teenaged daughter being pregnant and got all this free baby stuff on freecycle… then was turning around and selling it on CL. So sleazy!!!

  5. Melissa says:

    Why did Daphne delete all her posts?

  6. diudiaole says:

    Yeah… it is taking advantage of charity and breaking the program rules.

    If you buy something and want to turn around and sell it — that is just business imo and completely different from this case.

    I mention that because a few posters on here tend to get worked up about the latter too.

    ugh and does her mood icon really say ‘amused’…

  7. žába says:

    I can not believe that of all that stuff she got for free listed not one thing worked for her child like she claimed….puhleeeze, she is a scammer, and not a very smart one. Maybe if she had off loaded the stuff a couple of thing at a time no one would have noticed/cared. To get it for free and then turn around and list it all FSOT a couple of days later, come on.

  8. jenniferjunniper says:

    She is on CDN. I actually PMed her about some PF’s?

  9. Sharpie says:

    Man there sure is a lot of Twatwafflege going on considering it’s not even Tuesday.

  10. downy20 says:

    How can people say that is okay? What is wrong with people nowadays? You don’t beg for free stuff, say that you won’t sell it and then turn around and immediately sell it. That is wrong. People seriously make me scratch my head when they tell the generous person to suck it up and get over it while saying the dishonest scammer is within her rights as the new owner of the diapers. Wow…

  11. MajKitab says:

    Here is her FS thread at CDN:

    Hmph.. I bet prices are negotiable! This sorta shit reaally pisses me off.

  12. Booyah says:

    What a douche. I hate people that pull this crap. And fuck all the “oh well it’s hers now she can do what she wants with it when you give someone something you shouldn’t expect them to do what you think they should do with it yadda yadda yadda” bullshit. She took that lady’s kindness and wiped her ass with it. Not cool.

  13. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Hmm… she sells quite a bit of formula and various coupons on ebay too. Coupons are obviously free, I wonder about the formula… She seems to be quite the huckster!

  14. Meghan says:

    Shame on her. Why can’t I post on the CDN thread? What a loser to take advantage like that.

  15. try me, i'm new! says:

    and what a great contribution she makes to cdn – a couple posts in chat and then all selling (or trying to sell). gross.

  16. Doodydee says:

    Spot’s scammer

    TGMF thread


    trxr4kids screenname on Diaperswappers

    Personal sneaking suspicion Us4&AngelCorey on TGMF is involved

    LOL, a NIP firefly

  17. MajKitab says:

    Well… I think if someone is choosing to list at CDN… then *that is a contribution* to CDN… whether they want to chitchat or immerse themselves in an online community, or not.

    But this persons actions are gross. Should the Admin. at CDN know about this?

  18. MajKitab says:

    Ah, I see Brandy has asked a great question 🙂

  19. diudiaole says:

    She sells formula? argh! I doubt she is a certified reseller! She must be one of those women that get WIC formula or beg free formula and then turnaround and sell it while either bfing, buying bulk cheaper instead or who knows hawaiian punch?? blech!

  20. The OTHER Megan says:

    Diu, that’s precisely what I was thinking. Gag.

  21. Monica says:

    I have never posted here, but yup, I got scammed on some orange edge prefolds on CDN. I need some super sleuth training from some of you. 🙂

  22. Monica says:

    I got scammed by “trixie”

  23. Aj says:

    That sucks, how much did she get you for?

  24. DSDM2 says:

    Interestingly enough, I am trying to find out if one of the photos in the larger account is mine. I can’t seem to find my thread though.

  25. Aj says:

    I thought a couple of the pics looked familiar…

  26. DSDM2 says:

    I’m 99% sure one was my photo, but I freaking must have deleted it off my ex. hard drive. I actually don’t have anything from when I sold that item. Fuck.

  27. Aj says:

    Monica, did you leave fb?

  28. Doodydee says:

    Amy Fitzgerald is the seller from SPOTS

    The samdancas has a lot of ripped pics, but I think that’s also her real PB account with her kids…

    That would be quite silly, right? Unless she stole 200+ images…

  29. Aj says:

    Well, I think most of those gm photos from her pb are also on this list:

  30. Aj says:

    So, her name is Amy Fitzgerald…in the large account I saw her first name, but not her last. It’s the same person.

  31. ~*~Momma~*~ says:


  32. Doodydee says:

    Amy Fitzgerald/samdancashun/fluff4five/trixR4kids has been banned from DS.

    Looks like she was a decent trader who went rogue as of late. I think she really may have been in hospital, and decided to scam when she came out?

    I don’t care what happened to her, scamming’s not the way to go…

    Kudos to the DS mods (yes, you read that right!) for moving fast to ban her.

    Also, my apologies to US4&AngelCorey. She’s not involved.

  33. insomniac says:

    wow…this is super low. 😦 I am really glad everyone caught this as fast as they did and banned her everywhere.

  34. Lolanae says:

    17 – What makes you think Gail is involved with the GM scammer? I can’t see the GM forum thread without registering.

  35. monkey says:

    Wow. That’s low. That stuff could have gone to a mama who actually needed it for her child.

  36. Doodydee says:

    #38 it was a hasty, snap judgement and Gail is not involved. My apologies.

  37. screenname says:

    So the seller posted on CL looking for free diapers with the intention of selling? What a jerk.

  38. SG says:

    Wow, it really is a small world…..after all……….

  39. smurfmeat says:

    She also a longtime member and frequent post on the American Pregnancy Association forums. Her name used to be samdancashun but is now CDingMama. She’s quite active in the cloth diapering area. Here’s a post explaining her recent hospitalization, upcoming re-nuptuals (is that a word?) and finding out she’s pregnant. Perhaps that explains her current need for funds.

    There was an issue a long time ago where she had another member’s photo in her signature. She said she had come across it while browsing Flickr/Photobucket and like it so much she added a quote and put it in her sig. It was a photo of two little boys. She took it down immediately when confronted by the mom whose photo that was and acted sorry and completely ignorant. I gave her the benefit of the doubt because I didn’t think anyone was stupid enough to use a photo belonging to someone else on the same forum that is a longtime active poster.

  40. smurfmeat says:

    Duh. Here’s the link:

    Forgive all the typos. Wow, that was bad. Trying to do too many things at once. Multitasking is apparently not my forte.

  41. BffMama says:

    Douchenozzle. People are really on my shit side as of late.

  42. BffMama says:

    Oh, and my computer is on my shit side, too. Inanimate objects are not even safe.

  43. Messy says:

    Wowza! Freecycle to selling them on DS? How did the original owner find out? Just see her stuff being sold by the other mama or did she tell her to see DS for some good deals?
    How strange! How can someone live with themselves after doing something like that???

  44. amessymama says:

    The latest update is that the CL beggar/seller sold 3 dipes and sent 1/2 the money to the OP.

  45. sassy1 says:


    omg WTH is up with the LEGO shit on DS??? is anyone else seeing the lego background?

  46. DSDM2 says:

    I’m not seeing it.

  47. Melissa says:

    smurfmeat, thanks for that extra info. Guess who has popped up in my due date forum on APA – lucky me!…I’d also seen her posting in cloth diapers. I will remember to steer clear of fsot from her (and also not post pictures of my damned kids even!)

  48. sassy1 says:

    I’m not seeing it when I go on with explorer, but I did earlier with my firefox browser….there is a thread in a ask the pros forum about it with a screen shot.

  49. sassy1 says:

    yep…still there with firefox and I even tried changing the background choice in options and its still there, AND I got a pop up…

  50. sassy1 says:

    oh for god sakes….*become a site supporter* yeah I don’t think so. I hate people who state the obvious (a shit sandwich) and then expect you to swallow it.

  51. DSDM2 says:

    sassy1, get no scripts, and ABP add ons.

  52. RxRx67 says:


    I read her post and if she is planning a renewal of her vows “with all the bells and whistles” I hardly think that she is hurting for money. Having a big wedding is expensive and not something I would think someone would take on if they didn’t have the money to do so, especially if they are already married.

    I think she is a scammer and got caught. I hope freecycle bans her 🙂

    “””””””DH and I have also decicided to renew our vows on 12/18 (his b-day). We we’re going to do it on 6/5 (my b-day), but i think we’ll be a little busy . Plus, I always wanted a Cristmas wedding and now I’ll have one. We are doing all the bells and whistles. Our first one was…ummm…measly (for lack of a better term). I already did the big wedding with my ex-h, but it’s really important to him.””””””””””

  53. DSDM2 says:

    Does anyone ever want to scratch their eyes out reading some people’s posts on DS? There are 2 people that make me want to jump up and down and scream at the computer.

  54. Not Me At All says:

    DS member sillygirl apparently offered a bunch of stuff FFS, never sent anything and has not logged in since 10/3. Another person with great feedback bites the dust.

  55. amessymama says:

    58-There are always *at least* 2 people on every board that make me feel that way. 🙂

  56. Aj says:

    Is one of them Miles freecycle ramble? I couldn’t understand 3/4 of what she typed.

  57. downy20 says:

    Just get Firefox with ad block and quit your bitching!! Boo hoo, I am leaving because I had ads and I am too lazy to do something about it. You don’t have to pay to be a supporter…geez!!

  58. downy20 says:

    BTW, I was directing that at a few drama whores on DS not at anyone here.

  59. RxRx67 says:


    I can’t ever understand what Miles types… I don’t even read her posts anymore because once I finish I seem to be dumber than I was before.

  60. chrissyb says:

    #62, is firefox a program you buy? I am a complete idiot when it comes to internet security, downloads, programs etc. Got antomalwayre through here, thats alifesaver. I have mcafee through my isp, but it sucks and bogs down both of our computers big time, and never picks anything up.

  61. soOverit says:

    #65 ` Firefox is an internet browser, like Internet Explorer, only wayyyyy cooler. You can get “add-on” that will block ads from showing and scripts from running. just google mozilla firefox.

  62. DSDM2 says:

    As for Mcafee, you can set what you want scanned when. It will keep it from being slow 😉

  63. chrissyb says:

    67- I have tried that, and it still just does it when it wants, it drives me batty. And will download add ons at random without asking. And it never catches anything, useless is what it is. Maybe becuase its the free version that comes with comcast, who know. Maybe because I am clueless, that could be too, lol.

  64. mmspirit7 says:

    i had firefox and all the addon’s and it still ate my system and i had protection. saying that is all you need is wrong

  65. Meghan says:

    AVG is a good free virus prot. software.

  66. amessymama says:

    Do you guys ever feel bad when there is something being auctioned for charity, but it is sooo hideously ugly that no one is bidding on it? And they started the bidding on it a little high, for what it is.

    There are plenty of other things being auctioned off, so it’s not like the charity isn’t making money. But I kind of feel bad for the person who donated it. Ya know.

  67. Not Me At All says:

    Sillygirl is banned now, if you had a transaction with her file with PP ASAP!

  68. DSDM2 says:

    link #71?

  69. amessymama says:

    I would feel really bad linking to it. It said it was made with love & prayers.

    It is not at The Charity Shop but it is an auction for Katie of Eni. I’ll let you find it, if you’d like. 🙂

  70. newhere says:

    there’s a few things not getting any bids at the other fundraiser for Katie…I feel bad for those donors.

  71. Messy says:

    I can’t find any listings for Katie 😦 Hmmm…

  72. amessymama says:

    Here is the page where the listing is located.

    I’ll let you try to guess which one I’m talking about. 🙂

  73. žába says:

    It’s kind of a sad picture, I bet it looks cuter on….well, I’m hoping it does.

  74. amessymama says:

    78-You should buy it and see. 🙂

  75. moxy says:

    Talk about bad pics…see if you can spot the roadkill. Not very far down. Probably a very nice item, but take a decent pic, will ya?

  76. amessymama says:

    kitty1163 guessed the correct items. She is now the unfortunate winner of both!!!!

    Woo hoo!!!

    This is a fun game. Let’s play more! 🙂

  77. amessymama says:

    And um, moxy, I’m thinkin’ that’s probably not a very nice item.

    It looks like fun fur. :shudder: Although, I didn’t read the description.

  78. žába says:

    79 – I would but it would be booty tight on my little guy, not sure that is the right look. LOL

  79. moxy says:

    84 I was trying to think of something positive to say.

  80. amessymama says:

    That was nice of you. 🙂

    I will say that it is probably knit superbly. But that fuzzy stuff just isn’t my thing.

  81. altaem says:

    Not trying to be naive here, but I need help.

    WOT gives DS a red ring, and now suddenly it’s giving me a warning. I have AdBlock for Firefox. I also have a Mac and have never (knock on wood) had issues with viruses. I have been told a couple of times that Firefox has blocked pop-ups on DS, are these the viruses/malware trying to load?

    Am I okay? (I’m a part of a co-op, or I’d probably stay away!)

  82. žába says:

    I have been getting that extra warning from WOT all evening. IDK, but it is kind of annoying.

  83. monkey says:

    I thought the little peach colored set was cute. I just wish the picture was better.

  84. Rhonda Drage says:

    Re: Mother of 3 sons. I am familiar with the the items this lady picked up on freecycle, it was last spring. I was the recipient of a rather large box of these items, which she GAVE me for our unborn son. She also GAVE me a booster seat for feeding. I was aware that she re-sold on e-bay, but she was buying diapers on DS for her own son, at the time she picked up this “free cycle” mother load, and drove almost 2 hours to pick it up, for use for her own child. I had received some items from her previously on ffs at DS, and she contacted me, asking if I could use the newborn diapers, that would not be usable for her own child. I do not believe she picked these diapers up with the intention of selling them, but did fall into the path of temptation “easy money”, when she no longer needed them. I do not know her current living situation, but at the time her husband had recently lost his job, and she was a stay at home mom, for her sons. While I do not defend her choice to re-sell items she had been blessed with, I do want to say that I do not believe this woman is a habitual leech, bilking people of money and belongings. I was very blessed with the items she shared with me, at only the charge of shipping. The responses in this “Suggestion” roam all over the place talking about 5-6 different people, whom I am not familiar with, but I felt the need to speak up on the original person, from my first hand knowledge of the free cycled items.
    This is an issue in itself. I am the owner/moderator of the local freecycle. Freecycle is NOT a charity. It is not just for the poor. It is a means to give material items another chance at being used before they become landfill. The biggest misconception of freecycle is that anyone can control what becomes of items they give away. Get real. When giving on freecycle, give and be done with it. If an item is so important to you that you track it down months after it left your home, you probably shouldn’t have freecycled it. I know we have people who pick up broken appliances for the purpose of re-selling the components, it is not feasible to even try to mandate a no-resale rule. If you want it gone from your home, and you can give it, no strings attached, freecycle is the place for you. Otherwise, have a garage sale, take it to a consignment place, you still will have NO controls over it once it is gone.
    Much ta do over nothing….

  85. Daphne says:

    Hi, I am the original Daphne who gave Pam Gordon the diapers on freecycle. I pulled the posts because she gave me back the dipes that she hadn’t sold and gave me 1/2 the money for the few she did sell. I have lent the diapers to a friend who will hopefully use them and then pass them on.
    I was looking for wool covers on ds when I saw the one I crocheted and gave to her only 2 or 3 days before. I was very hurt and pissed off and searched the rest of her posts. I called her out on it and she was apologetic (I don’t know if it was geniune or not, but I live in the same town as her and have kids the same age so I am probably going to have to deal with her again)
    What she did was just wrong and against the Freecycling rules.

  86. Daphne says:

    Also this happened in October 2009, not the spring as Rhonda said. My daughter was born in March 2009 so most of the items were still being used in the spring. Pam (motherof3sons) lives in the same town as I do. (ds actually attends a preschool on her street)
    Freecycles rules say not to get things just to sell them plain and Simple

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